We didn’t really know what to call this sale… the “Pre-Memorial Day Sale”, the “We’re So Sorry It’s Taken This Long to Offer This Sale (our new website is coming, we promise!), or “The Website Is Going Down for 24 Hours of Routine Maintenance Sale” (and it will be on Sunday, May 27th.)

Finally we decided to just call it “Papertrey’s Biggest Sale Ever”.  Now, CLICK HERE and go get some great deals starting at 12:00AM ET tonight!

This sale runs from 12:ooAM ET, May 24th – 11:59PM ET, May 26th. This sale does not apply to gift certificates or previous orders. No coupon code is required. No rain checks. Please expect longer than usual shipping times due to the increased order volume.

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    Judy Sander says:

    Been waiting for the 12:00 am hour to check out for your sale and whoa………website down. Didn’t know that was going to happen precisely when your sale started.

    BTW, I wanted to take advantage of free shipping for $80, which I have in my cart, but it’s before the 15% discount. So does the $80 total have to be AFTER the discount? I hope not.

    Thank you.

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      Heather Nichols says:

      Your total does need to total $80 after the discount to receive the free shipping. We definitely don’t plan for our website to go down and I hope you were able to place your order when it was back up!

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    Helen F. says:

    Oh so sad, three of the four items I wanted are “Out of Stock” again (tried to order these last time) 🙁
    That’s a great sale discount for the lucky peeps who were able to take advantage of it.

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    Debbie says:

    Thank you so much for your generous sale!! I must add, however, that SO many items were still out of stock, even at the very start of the sale. My understanding from your explanation several months ago was that you were waiting for your products to be full stocked. In many categories there are items that have been in the Notify Me status for over a year. Why aren’t these items simply removed if you no longer carry them. I love your products and designers but must admit the shopping experience sometimes gets frustrating. I thank you again for the sale and continue to wish you nothing but success.

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    Melanie A. says:

    yes will many of the items we’ve been waiting on be back before this sale is over in two days? It’s a great sale and we appreciate it, but right now it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to take advantage of it.

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    Nancy campbell says:

    I have been trying to order but Cannot login
    Tried having my password reset
    No email has been sent
    I am getting frustrated
    How do I reach someone

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    Lee Cockrum says:

    Will not complete my order. I sent a request via the “help me” tab. I do not want to miss out on items that I chose because the order will not go through, and I need to go to bed.

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    Stephanie Clapper says:

    I was so excited to take advantage of the sale! The things I ordered the MOST were inks, both cube and pads, although I picked up some of the newest items too. I was hesitant in ordering some stamp sets that I’ve wanted because I was afraid the coordinating dies would not become available. (Or visa versa). I’ve had my eye on a few items since last fall, when they were first released. I’ve wondered if I could find out more information, so I will try to contact customer service. What happens to me tho, is I’m drawn to the newest products and loose interest in the older ones. But time and time again, I turn to PTI-, as it’s my favorite company. Since I’m long winded here, the only other thing I want to mention is that I miss the idea gallery’s. The convenience of the gallery posted alongside the product was invaluable and added to my purchases. I want to sincerely thank everyone at Papertrey for EVERYTHING you do, to make our life and crafting experience the happy one it is. 🙂

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