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By November 15, 2017General

The website is down temporarily while the front page sliders are being updated. It will be back online in a jiffy. Thank you for your patience! 

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    Julie L says:

    I still can’t access website. I got in for a minute after 30 minutes of trying but got kicked out again and now I can’t get it. I hope the things I want to buy are still available once you get back on line…

  • 2
    DebraC says:

    It’s 11:15p and I still can’t get in. Won’t be able to try again until tomorrow night. Hopefully there will be some things left, if not, oh well, I guess. Good night.

  • 3
    Maria Calpe says:

    I can only access the website a minute at a time! I’m ready to check out but can’t get in. I’ve been trying for 45 minutes. So frustrating and disappointing on release night!

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    Yvonne F. says:

    Seems like the website doesn´t work yet

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