Good morning! Welcome to this month's Moments Inked Planner feature. I'm excited to be back with a second post and a new printable, so let's dive right in!



I've been wanting to re-establish a few habits recently, so I created a mini habit tracker to help me focus on my progress. Are you up for a little personal spring cleaning with me? As with the Papertrey Days Dashboard last month, I formatted the tracker to fit on one of the Moments Inked: Binder Page Dies, this time the smallest of the three.


I've seen many monthly habit trackers out there, but I wanted something small that could tuck into my weekly spread rather than having a separate section or a larger dashboard. I personally don't like to have too many of the same size dashboards at a time, so the partial page was the perfect solution to keeping it front and center, but still somewhat out of the way.


Just like the past printables, you simply fit the die into the rectangle guides I've included and it's a perfect cut. And four print on one 8-1/2 x 11 page, so you can easily set yourself up to track the same habits for a whole month. Or mix it up and focus on different ones each week.


The size of the partial page allowed for a chart of seven rows and a "days of the week" header with room to reference the date. Simply write in (or stamp!) your habits and get ready to check them off. I opted to use an x from Moments Inked: Posted, leaving it out on my desk ready to fill my boxes each day. Of course, you could also color in or check them off by hand.


There's something about the smaller weekly grid that seems a little less daunting to me when trying to create habits. Even if I'm tracking the same ones over a full month, focusing on seven days at a time makes them feel more attainable. I've also found the days of the week set up to be a little more straightforward than the numbered trackers. Plus every week is the same number of days!


You can use the chart to encourage yourself to do something more often or to simply track a behavior you want to keep an eye on. Healthy habits, household habits, work habits, fun habits – they all deserve a little attention.

CLICK HERE to Download Weekly Habit Tracker


Clearly, I needed this handy tool – maybe I'll have more x's the next time I post a weekly layout! Until next month…


Happy Planning!
🙂 lexi

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