September 2012 Release in Review & Release Contest

The September release has been full of some gorgeous new products and we hope the projects from the team have been beyond inspiring!  I've picked out favorites of my own, from each of the design team members, to share with you today!  Click the link next to each team member's name to see more details about the project shown here, as well as the rest of her projects from this release!  And be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the post… won't want to miss out on this month's release in review CONTEST!!!

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Now that you have had a chance to see all of this eye candy, how about a chance to win a gift certificate to purchase some of the amazing goodies used to make them!  

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for you to spend however you choose!

All you have to do to enter to win is to leave a comment answering the question below…


A big congratulations to you Betty Neville!  Please be sure to send a note off to Customer Service with the email address that you would like to have your gift certificate sent to.  And an even bigger THANK YOU to all of you stopped by to participate in tonight's release!  We appreciate you so much and hope you enjoyed yourself!

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  • 1
    Holly Saveur says:

    When it’s Christmas I prepare for the year ahead since I am in the spirit then…sounds maybe stupid..also make things during the year….but have it all ready before Xmas.

  • 2
    sheila says:

    i usually don’t start till late… but not this year with revamping my house…. i have already started…! A first! And i hope it continutes but i am so excigted already!

  • 3
    Margaret Ross says:

    I begin the year thinking I should start now and again mid-year, but I don’t really start making for Christmas until October when things quieten down at work.

  • 4
    Marilisa Voth says:

    Every year I try to create hand-made Christmas tree ornaments as gifts for family & friends. I usually begin preparing those in July or August if I can, so that I have time to spend making Christmas cards in November!

  • 5
    Roula says:

    It’s never too early for Christmas!!!! It seems I’m preparing the whole year for the season of magic!!!

  • 6
    Sofia says:

    I always have new ideas in my head about Christmas!!! But I finally get down to preparing around November… Although every year I promise myself that the following one it will be earlier!!!

  • 7
    Toni Storie says:

    I make Christmas cards all year long, but I don’t start on gifts or other projects until October or November!

  • 8
    Sue Plote says:

    I LOVE Christmas and the entire holiday season, and I prepare year round. No calendar date keeps me from cranking up the Christmas tunes while I settle in to get crafty for the most wonderful time of the year!

  • 9
    sano says:

    I start in July when QVC has their Christmas in July show. So exciting.

  • 10
    Amy Gutknecht says:

    My girlfriends & I have an annual scrapbooking retreat the first weekend of October. That’s when I really crank into high Christmas gear! I spend the entire 4 days making my Christmas cards! If I finish early, I create my gift tags for general gift giving and for the gifts from Santa. My son just started recongizing my handwriting, so the Santa Stationary set will really come in handy this year!

  • 11
    Penny Peters says:

    It depends on when the mood strikes me. Started a few already but for big projects in the past I’ve started in July.

  • 12
    Sheryl says:

    It’s pretty much a year ’round process. I always have needlework ornaments in the works and I usually start my cards in the summer. No matter how early I start I still seem to face a time crunch after Halloween when I realize how little time I have left to get everything done.

  • 13
    Tanja S. says:

    Christmas shopping usually starts around August as I have many to buy for. I usually start making cards for Christmas about 2 months in advance. However I only usually put up the tree and decorate the house around 10 days in advance as I am usually to busy with Christmas functions and end of year breakups for all our family’s interest groups.

  • 14
    beth says:

    I start Christmas shopping in mid summer. Tree goes up after Thanksgiving. Card making starts in the summer also.

  • 15

    While I will start stamping holiday cards just for fun in October or so, my REAL shopping/preparation doesn’t begin until probably the day after Thanksgiving. I seriously procrastinate when it comes to our holiday cards, too. I like to take a photo of our daughters in December to send, but I have waited until around December 20-21st to do it for the past few years. Some home, I still had most of our cards mailed out and received before Christmas!

  • 16
    Barbara says:

    I like to start in October. I do a set of10 of the same stamped cards each week. It takes me about 5 weeks to complete my cards. But, when I am done, I have 5 different Christmas cards to send to my family and friends.

  • 17

    I have started today! Unusually early for me as I like to start in November but the Cotswold Crafters have set a challenge to make a Christmas card today!

  • 18
    Amanda says:

    I have been starting Christmas cards in July for as long as I can remember. I try to start decorations and gifts by September. I try to have anything that seems like/feels like work done before Thanksgiving that way December is protected from stress. I would love to be able to work on Christmas in January as I always come away with tons of inspiration but with the littles it, as yet, hasn’t been possible.

  • 19
    Margaret says:

    I usually start during the summer. This year my son decided to get married on December 29th so I am swamped with wedding projects and Xmas projects. I may wait until after Xmas to send cards so I can include a wedding family picture.

  • 20
    fiona says:

    I begin thinking about it in August and then when the releases come out I choose a design for my cards. I usually start making things in October when I have all the new products!

  • 21
    Shirley says:

    I’m usually gathering ideals all year long, but I don’t actually get serious until August or September.

  • 22
    D Golly says:

    Unintentionally, I’m always doing things at the last minute, so I begin them around Thanksgiving, although I’ve bought my supplies much earlier!

  • 23
    Marion says:

    I usually leave it until the last minute…so early December!

  • 24

    I usually do all my cards in August, but this year I’m late and still have lots to do – good job there’s so much gorgeous inspiration here to help me!!

  • 25
    Betty says:

    i usually start with christmas cards in october sometime – after i’ve made my halloween cards.

  • 26
    Deb Else says:

    I try to start in September, but undoubtedly there are times and projects that are started at the very last minute.

  • 27
    Donna Bowman says:

    I try to make Christmas cards all year round so I don’t get so swamped during the season.

  • 28
    Cia Tate says:

    I start on holiday projects for craft fairs in June or July, but things for my own use don’t usually get underway until December.

  • 29
    Keri H says:

    I try to start making my handmade Christmas gifts in September, but a lot of times I don’t get to them until November and then I’m scrambling to try to finish them up by Christmas.

  • 30
    Vanessa S. says:

    Holiday projects start once my kids begin school, so September is usually the time I start thinking about treat baggie toppers, classroom favors, teacher gifts, etc. Making Christmas cards is the biggest undertaking. I used to think starting a few cards in July was ridiculous. Not anymore!!

  • 31
    dee says:

    When its officialy FALL on the calender, just a psychological thing I guess. but I dream of using all the Christmas goodies all year. these new items are really special cant wit to get a hold of them!

  • 32
    Lee Cockrum says:

    I always want to start early, like NOW!! But it is very variable, this year my sister is getting married in October, so Christmas prep will have to wait a bit.

  • 33
    Debbie says:

    I begin thinking about them in September, and will begin making my cards in November. I hope to have them finished up by December 1st.

  • 34
    Bec says:

    I think about things for ages, but don’t usually start them till last minute, so december is usually a mad rush for me

  • 35

    I usually start in early December – but with this stamp release, it may be a little earlier this year.

  • 36
    Hannah Mize says:

    Usually around October is when I get started with cards and tags, but I’m thinking about them throughout the year.

  • 37
    Krista Tracy says:

    I usually start in the summer when my mom comes to stay with our family for a few weeks. We make her Christmas cards and sometimes get started on mine.

  • 38
    Felicia says:

    I’m a procrastinater, so about 2 weeks before Christmas I start making my cards. But I buy supplies throughout the year. So sometimes the cards get mailed out a day or two before Christmas. My husband sometimes gets annoyed with this…so maybe this year I’ll start sooner on my Christmas cards or maybe not.

  • 39
    ValerieC says:

    Some years I’ve started way too late but, this year this girl is starting early…NOW! I want to make many of the gifts I give this year. I love when Christmas products are being released. All the DT’s beautiful projects are great inspiration to get going!

  • 40
    Jo Ann Mooney says:

    This year, I started making Christmas items in August in preparation for a holiday bazaar which takes place in November. I look forward to receiving my September release products so I can add so many more cute items to my inventory!

  • 41
    Jeannie L says:

    My family & I will start planning around 2 weeks before Christmas, on menu and decor and activities. It’s usually an entire family affair for us and we will gather at either one of my sister’s or my parent’s place for the occasion.

    Christmas shopping and cards will start around then as well or just slightly before.

    This release is just awesome as always! Really inspired by all the projects featured.

  • 42
    DeLisa says:

    I usually start in July.

  • 43
    Donelle U says:

    I always start late – November! This I am going to start earlier though – I don’t do my own Chrismas cards but I do make lots of Christmas gifts for family, teachers, etc.

  • 44
    Susan P says:

    I usually begin thinking about my Christmas papercrafting and sewing projects in September when PTI comes out with their holiday line – that usually reminds me that Christmas is just around the corner. Sometimes they don’t actually get started until late October when it’s cooler outside.

  • 45
    Steph648 says:

    Because of Operation Write Home,I begin Christmas cards in August and must finish by late October. I begin family holiday cards/decorations in November. Papertrey allows me to make exquisite items — in terms of inspiration as well as product.

  • 46
    Lee says:

    I tend to be a procrastinator, so I generally leave things until the last minute and then I work like crazy. I probably give myself two weeks before Christmas to really get going on the preparations.

  • 47
    Julie McCrary says:

    Not soon enough! I collect ideas all year round but don’t start actually making anything until the fall when a lot of the new holiday products are released. Can’t wait to incorporate the new PTI release. So many cute things.

  • 48
    Christine Dearinger says:

    I try very hard to be organized and ready early…I really do.
    I try to keep the expense down as I think that the days of big expensive gifts are over.I do shop all year and get those special things for loved ones when I see them.I try then to make lots of gifts for special people who appreciate the love that goes into them.

    Merry Christmas!

  • 49
    Deena says:

    We go on vacation every Thanksgiving and I just can’t get in the Christmas spirit while we’re basking on the beach in Jamaica! So I usually wait until after we get home and then realize how little time I have and work overtime to get it all done!

  • 50
    Linda monroe says:

    I start in October. I make ‘cards for soldiers’ and I spend all October making cards for them. In novemberbi work on my ‘gift cards.’. These are then on holiday cards that I box up in sers of 10 to give as gifts. Then I am scrambling in December to make my Christmas cards to send to family and friends.

  • 51
    Sallie says:

    I do my “B List” Christmas cards in the summer. For the dozen “A List” cards, for very special family and friends, I do those in the autumn. I find it easier to have the bulk done early and then work backwards to Thanksgiving and Halloween….since I don’t send as many of those cards.

  • 52
    Melissa Ladd says:

    I sometimes make a few cards in the summer for Christmas, but major preparations usually start in October.

  • 53
    Shelly says:

    I never start Christmas items as early as I should. I do have one Christmas made this year though and lots of plans for other holidays gifts! Hope the holidays don’t sneak up on me this year!

  • 54
    Dotty says:

    I always have good intentions to start in September, but usually I get started the beginning of November.

  • 55
    Dee says:

    I usually wait until November but recently I went back to work full-time so I’ve started making a few Holiday cards here and there to enjoy a more relaxed holiday season. I’m always searching for new ideas for co-worker gifts and of course new recipes to try!

  • 56
    Jessica Monte says:

    I will start my Christmas cards right after Halloween sometimes becuse i still have thanksgiving project to do with my daughters class.preparing for that takes some time….

  • 57
    Lemur says:

    I started in August this year! We went to Las Vegas and I don’t gamble, so for me, it was a trip to relax, and regroup while my darling boys were at Grandma’s. Now am I prepared for Halloween? No, but I have Christmas cards!!!

  • 58

    Im a late one (“,) everything last minute, then, panic, panic … LOL πŸ™‚ love all the projects and thoroughly enjoyed joining in all week and seeing all the new releases and inspiration from the ladies πŸ™‚ thanks a million for a chance to win β™₯

  • 59
    Marcie Rhys says:

    All year long. Sometimes it’s a little hard to get in the mood, but if I don’t start early, then I can’t get all the home made aspects of Christmas accomplished. Down side: Sometimes the cookies are stale.;)

  • 60
    clb says:

    I usually think I will start now, don’t get started until Thanksgiving, and plum run out of time to do everything I intended. I should start NOW – Nov and Dec are my busiest time of year at work. It would feel great to get on top of it for once. Its a nice brisk day day today and kind of perfect for getting started….too bad I don’t already have everything I intend to purchase this evening. : )

  • 61
    katevdp says:

    In all honesty, I never start until about a week before Christmas! Terrible I know! Every year I as good intentions, but t just never happens. With summer, end if school year & birthdays – December s our MAD month!! Maybe this year I’ll be better organised!

  • 62
    Karen B. says:

    I’m a late minute lucy, and start about a week before Christmas!

  • 63
    Sue Brownlow says:

    I would love to tell you that I start in January and work on them all year but I usually start after Labor Day when it cools down. Most get done before Thanksgiving but some on Christmas eve!

  • 64
    Lin says:

    There are so many Christmas releases and challenges “early” in the fall that I start making my cards beginning now and continuing up to the beginning of December.

  • 65
    Danie E says:

    I usually start getting the feeling around the 4th of July, this year though I’m making all homemade gifts so I started early at the beginning of June!

  • 66
    Kathy W says:

    The last few years I have started my holiday projects and cards in July. I am a teacher, so the fall season is quite busy. By starting in the summer, I have crafting time, and I have less stress by having cards made ahead of time.

  • 67
    Heather says:

    I start my cards in October which usually means I tend to make too many so family gets multiple christmas cards in the mail.

  • 68
    Sandy Kay says:

    I love Christmas, so it’s pretty much a year-round thing for me. When I come up with gift ideas, such as jewelry, jams, etc. they get made when the mood strikes!

  • 69
    Chrissy L says:

    I usually start my Christmas cards in Jan because the weather outside is still to icky to be out long. It keeps the Christmas season going a little longer for me!

  • 70
    Jaki says:

    I always start thinking about it nice and early, and plan to get creative about now. But it is usually November before I really make a start…I work best to a deadline! lol.

  • 71
    Barbara Ann Cowan says:

    Whenever the mood strikes! I like to make 8 to 12 of the same designs & Christmas cards are perfect for this. I made half of the cards for my grandma to send back in April or May

  • 72
    Celia Smoot says:

    Right after Thanksgiving. As soon as I’m home from the Friday sales, I start pulling out my holiday craft supplies.

  • 73
    StepH says:

    In early October when my husband leaves on his two week hunting trip, I start!holiday projects. I have uninterrupted time to do my own thing then. When we were first married I would pine away for him; but have learned to embrace this time as “me” time and make better use of it πŸ˜‰

  • 74
    Susi K says:

    I usually work on Christmas projects when I get inspired by seeing something else – no matter what time of year it is. This way I’m not scrambling at the last minute. However, I begin to decorate my home on December 1st to get in the spirit of the season.

  • 75
    Lisa Kind says:

    I’m a last minute person, so it’s generally in November when I’m crazed!

  • 76

    Christmas is my favourite time of the year so I believe you can never start to early.
    This year I started having a Christmas crafting day on every Thursday leading all the way into December , so far I have made 50 Christmas cards and made 4 Christmas stockings !

  • 77
    Lauri Gulotta says:

    Since I don’t make my Christmas cards (gasp!) I use November and December for those Christmas projects and have plenty of time to get them done.

  • 78
    lisa m says:

    I hate to say it but I usually wait to the last minute, I have lots of ideas, but get busy and cram it in at the last minute it’s still fun though thanks for a chance to win!

  • 79
    Heidi says:

    I start holiday craft projects early, September and October. The Christmas decorating begins after Thanksgiving.

  • 80

    In the past I usually would do them one weekend in November because I was always so busy …but I am a SAHM now so I will have a much earlier start this year lol! Or at least that’s my plan now that I’m so inspired by ya’ll!!! πŸ™‚

  • 81
    Jennifer Harvey says:

    I’m generally planning Christmas all year long and trying to put away a few gifts here and there. Once Fall hits I go into high gear with making gifts and cards as I have time. I plan for Christmas cookie baking well in advance and purchase the supplies in advance. Baking happens over a weekend about a week before Christmas. I look forward to that all year long.

  • 82
    Sue says:

    I usually prepare all my Christmas cards and ornaments starting in November. I can really get into the Christmas spirit when I know that Christmas isn’t too far away. I need a deadline and when everything else in the year seems to be coming to a close, it helps to have this to look forward to.

  • 83

    I usually start around thanksgiving

  • 84
    Sarah J. Moerman says:

    Wow! Fabulous release this month! So much I’d like to get my hands on. I usually start my Christmas cards in August…which means I’m behind this year. Thanks for the chance!

  • 85
    Melissa Sibert says:

    I usually start holiday projects now, otherwise they do not get done.

  • 86
    Maureen D. says:

    I usually begin in September when the kids go back to school and I have more free time!!! But, halloween crafts need their time too! It’s a balance

  • 87
    Tammy T says:

    I usually start after Thanksgiving but I don’t do a lot. I am a big baker at the holidays and I spend more time doing that. I make cards for my immediate family members and everyone else gets a store bought card that I will tweak a little :0)

  • 88
    Sharron A. says:

    I don’t have a set time of the year when I begin Christmas projects. It’s more when an idea pops into my head or I see a project that I like, then I begin. It could be any time during the year. The inspiration that I get from all of you is tremendous. Thanks!

  • 89
    Kim Edsen says:

    Oh, I’ve been working on cross-stitching family stocking since 1999! I’m down to the last one and I am determined to finish it this year – my 5 year old is counting on me!

  • 90
    Lori Y says:

    I’m a procrastinator! πŸ™‚ Sometimes I will start cards when I order new stamps because I’m so excited to play with them. But for the most part, I wait until after Thanksgiving to begin any Christmas preparation.

  • 91
    Jen Arkfeld says:

    My name is Jen and I’m a procrastinator (crowd says “Welcome Jen!) I am pleased to say that I’ve already been working on Christmas projects – the earliest ever! Usually I wait until after Thanksgiving…so I’m feeling like my 12 step program is working!!!

  • 92
    lainey says:

    Normally I start in October, but this year I have so much to do I started in July! I have all of my Halloween and Thanksgiving projects completed and about half of my Christmas ones done. It will be nice to relax a little more in December without having to stress myself out up to the last minute!

  • 93
    Isabel Z says:

    I always intend to start early but don’t really do so until November and then I’m rushed. Someday I’ll change that but maybe that’s part of the excitement:-)

  • 94

    Since I discovered card making and Papertrey Ink, I dare not start holiday projects until the September release! I always need something new to spark my holiday mojo. πŸ™‚

  • 95
    Helen F. says:

    Hello my name is Helen, and I am a BIG-TIME procrastinator!
    I make the same New Year’s resolution every year to get started on my Christmas shopping, card making and decorating projects earlier than Thanksgiving.
    Thanks for the inspiration to be ‘thinking’ earlier this year! πŸ˜‰

  • 96
    Connie says:

    I usually start thinking Christmas at the beginning of October. It allows me plenty of time to get cards made and gifts ready to go.

  • 97
    Melissa says:

    I usually start in early fall. This year I’m going to try making glitter ornaments that I found on Pinterest.

  • 98
    Vanessa Cadman says:

    Always have good intenetions and loads of ideas to start early but never get there until the last minute!!! :((

  • 99
    sandra m. says:

    And here i thought i had enough Christmas/Holiday crafting supplies! This release blew me away, so many fun new products. I prepare year round for Christmas getting ideas and squirreling away things to use. Usually around October start to put it all together.

  • 100
    Rochell says:

    I usually start making Christmas cards sometime in July. This year I decided to make gifts. (I think I got too ambitious)I have how many months?!

  • 101
    Annette Snyder says:

    I usually start christmas projects in September/October, but I don’t start making cards until November.

  • 102
    Pam W. says:

    I’m sad to say that I am a last minute gal. I promise myself each year that I will begin earlier next year, but sadly it just doesn’t happen.

  • 103
    Amanda says:

    I always have good intentions of starting nice and early but it doesn’t usually come to fruition. The year, however, I am already in planning mode and am going to start my crafting in the next week or so.

  • 104
    BarbaraB says:

    I usually get a late start, sometimes I don’t get serious until December.

  • 105

    The thinking process kicks in right around Labor Day weekend, but the creative process kicks in after Halloween and goes until Christmas! πŸ™‚

  • 106
    Marty says:

    I usually start at the beginning of November- just can’t seem to get into the holiday mood until then.

  • 107
    Tracy S. says:

    I start thinking about my concepts in July and August.I try to start in late October early November so that I can get them out around the first week in December. Well that’s the plan…

  • 108
    Mary M. says:

    I like to take a holiday card class. They inspire me.

  • 109
    Glorie says:

    I start preparing for Christmas thenday after, trying to snag presents and supplies while it is on sale πŸ™‚

  • 110
    Victoria h says:

    Usually I make cards in October. Last year my daughter left her cards until December which was crazily busy so she will be making them in October half term this year! Tags are made in January from Christmas cards sent to us.

  • 111
    Hope Jones says:

    I usually prepare a game plan starting now but then I lose the game plan and start rushing around like a mad woman first part of December to get it all done!

  • 112
    TracyK says:

    I think about projects all year, but usually don’t start until Thanksgiving. I have been known to make a gift for a family member on Christmas morning!

  • 113
    Sherrie says:

    For whatever reason I never get started until December. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 114
    Kathy Mc says:

    All year I think about people and finding the perfect gift with hopes of making it easier than waiting till the last minute. Cardmaking varies but the BIG push hits in November (aiming for earlier this year). Love to put up our tree and decorations early December so we can enjoy the season. Once December hits we’re always busy with fun, social events so the month is over before we know it.

  • 115
    Elaine says:

    I am always unfashionably late at starting Christmas cards and projects! Every year I say I will start early for the next Christmas…but then it still gets to December before I actually get down to it. At least this year I have already thought about it and we are only in September πŸ™‚

  • 116
    CC says:

    I begin in July. I live in the midwest where the temperatures soar and I escape to my craft room and think of cooler things. I totally get why people say Christmas in July. I end up making more tags and cards than I need, but there is always next year or so we hope.

  • 117
    theresa says:

    I start in October and try to have it done before December first because we have lots of December birthdays including my own. I really like to be able to enjoy the month of December.

  • 118
    Shelly says:

    Black Friday! πŸ™‚

  • 119
    Veni says:

    I usually start thinking about my Christmas cards in August and actually start to work on them in November, after my fall cards get made and all the mess cleaned up! I have quite a few busy hours working on my cards…one of my favorite things to do!

  • 120
    Amy R says:

    I start in January. I like to make them throughout the year so I don’t feel rushed. Also, there are so many great ideas that are fresh in my mind.

  • 121
    dina m says:

    For shopping its all year long. If I see that perfect gift for someone I grab it. But I start decorating and gearing up for dessert ideas and gift wrap purchases in Nov.

  • 122
    Sue in grapevine says:

    I buy gifts all year, as I find them. Crafty projects don’t really start until November, with a frantic flurry of crafting in mid-December!

  • 123
    misse336 says:

    I usually put my Christmas cards together while we’re on vacation. I do one design each year so I have all of the parts cut out before we leave and I just need to color and assemble them. It’s fun to work on them while the kids are in bed after a day at the beach when there isn’t any pressure because it’s July. I start to work on other Christmas things when the kids go back to school and we make an ornament with the kids in November or December.

  • 124
    Joanne Law says:

    I might make the odd card when I see a Christmasy inspiration on a blog. Otherwise it is all very last minute!

  • 125

    I generally start making my Christmas cards in October! I finish Halloween and then move to Christmas….thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • 126
    Cassie K says:

    I make cards all year long so I don’t feel overwhelmed. I don’t make too many gifts so those get started in October.

  • 127
    Teri says:

    I always have new ideas in my head about Christmas!mand tell myself i will create Christmas cards in July but that hasnt happened yet! I typically get down to preparing around November… Although every year I promise myself that the following one it will be earlier!!!

  • 128
    Leigh Penner says:

    I usually don’t start until November, but I must confess that this week, you and the DT, Nichole, have really gotten me in the mood to start earlier…. πŸ˜‰

  • 129
    Jen H says:

    As soon as papertrey releases sets like these to inspire me πŸ™‚ thanks for the motivation to get started!!

  • 130
    Suzy says:

    I usually try to start my Christmas cards in the fall…keyword “try” and it’s so nice to hear all the great comments after everyone receives my cards.

  • 131
    Trell says:

    Wow, well this is just my 2nd year into crafting, and I guess I’ve kind of already started this year! I’ve made a few cards that and some tags, and I do have some other things planned. However, I think I’m just going to make notes and wait until Thanksgiving because I don’t like rushing Christmas, it’s my favorite time of the year!

  • 132
    Karen B says:

    During the summer. Christmas in July works for me.

  • 133
    Christine P says:

    I usually start thinking about it in October, but sometimes I don’t get started until November! With family spending the holidays with us this year, I definitely need to get started much earlier.

  • 134
    Holly says:

    I usually get into the Christmas spirit sometime around Thanksgiving. There’s just something about the smells of cinnamon and the turkey roasting and the hustle and bustle of being around family that gets me in the mood for Christmas. I love planning the things I’m going to cook/bake and what gifts I’m going make or buy and how I’m going to wrap them up. Ahhhhhhhhh………..

  • 135
    Donna M. says:

    Usually after I purchase my first Christmas stamp set for the season- which is after PTI comes out with their first Christmas release!

  • 136
    Nancy Penir says:

    The day I put Christmas away, the planning for next Cristmas begins. how many trees will I put up, what cabinetry will get garland, how many of the doorways lighted?
    Years ago my husband built me a “Christmas” room which seemed to get smaller through the years. So the planning begins as I put away. I have learned it’s much easier to put up if it’ s easy to find!

  • 137
    katmarr says:

    I usually start in October because I have to ship everything.

  • 138
    Liliana Worley says:

    Around end of October….I wish I could do it earlier though!
    Love your release this month πŸ™‚

  • 139
    June C says:

    I’m usually a last minute person. I work best under a deadline. If I start too early I shop too much for me, lol.

  • 140
    Jgetty says:

    I usually have good intension of starting early each year. I would like to start now and surprise myself and others by being ahead of the game. Your website is wonderful and has given me many ideas. Love the beads and christmas card ideas.

  • 141
    Kristy says:

    I hope to have my cards done by October. I made a lot of gift tags already and about 6 cards. I have a long way to go!

  • 142
    Barbara says:

    I don’t usually start my holiday preparations (including cards) until early December.

  • 143

    Typically I procrastinate in creating my Christmas cards and start in late November/early December. But this year I have started early!!! I have already begun my cards. Sometimes I even put on Christmas music while I create to get me “in the mood”! LOL! πŸ™‚

  • 144

    I started in May this year, to prepare for my fall craft fairs. I made over 40 packs of cards and it felt great having that much accomplished so early! (I’m sure I won’t sell everything, and whatever’s leftover I will give to my mom or use myself!)

  • 145

    All year round…the moment I see something that remotely reminds me of Christmas, I make a note of it and translate it how best I can use it…be it a recipe, decoration, gift or paper craft. I’m obsessed with Christmas!

  • 146
    JoAnn D says:

    I will admit that I have great intentions to start early, but it always seems to me that I do my best work when I am running out of time and have a quickly approaching deadline! For me, I may start in October, but I don’t finish until the weeks before Christmas.

  • 147
    Sarah M. says:

    It depends on how crazy life is otherwise… Usually in October or November is when I start getting the holiday spirit!

  • 148
    Robin W says:

    When I see the PTI Christmas stuff released – then I know the season is upon me and I need to start getting my ideas together.

  • 149
    TammyButz says:

    I usually start making tags in October. I usually get a picture for our x-mas card in October too-love all the fall colors.

  • 150
    Wendy H says:

    That’s an easy one I normally start mid summer like July. I’ve already been making Christmas cards for the past 2 months. I need an early start. I loved everything this month.

  • 151
    Carol says:

    I usually don’t start until the first of November. I love to do hand made gifts for friends and usually have my ideas and supplies ready by then. I decorate my house Thanksgiving weekend, turn on the Christmas music and start my cards. I LOVE the Christmas season.

  • 152

    I holiday shop throughout the entire year. I usually use the summertime to create my Christmas cards because I actually want to enjoy the holidays. But this year I fell behind so I’m going to have to work like a mad woman to be finished before Thanksgiving!

  • 153
    Marcy says:

    I do throughout the year. When ever I see some cute paper or box that would make a great gift packing I make it up and then store it in a box so when I need it I can just reach in and grab one.

  • 154
    Lauren says:

    I usually do a few projects throughout the year but I don’t get really started until after Thanksgiving. I know I should start earlier, but it drives me bananas when stores start putting Christmas stuff out BEFORE Halloween! πŸ˜‰ I love Halloween, and Thanksgiving, so why do we skip over those sometimes, stores? Huh? πŸ˜‰


  • 155
    Luray says:

    I make several cards throughout the year, but if I’m sewing something for people I need to start fairly early, like summertime, to get it done in time.

  • 156
    Dhez says:

    I “try” to start doing Christmas stuff in October… doesn’t always happen though, lol! Although, I’ve made a pretty good start this year. The kids’ Advent Calendar is just about done, yay!

  • 157
    babies- Beth says:

    lol, I start right after Christmas when I buy wraps and decorations and baby things on sale. Then I start again in September when magazines and catalogs show up with Christmas things in them- it is so much fun to dream and plan…

  • 158
    Beverly Perdue says:

    I always have good intentions of starting early in October, but I am usually scrambling around Thanksgiving to get my Christmas cards made. I think I should start right now with all of these wonderful products and ideas! The creative juices are flowing!!

  • 159
    Meredith K. says:

    I seriously work on holiday projects all year long… I try to stock up on after Christmas sales as much as possible and the feverish crafting usually is from June through December. Thanks so much for the chance to win! This was a fabulous release!

  • 160
    Kelly Braund says:

    I start long projects now, but really kick into gear as soon as Halloween is over.

  • 161
    Lori Oglesby says:

    I have good intention–but it usually never happens until the last minute!!!!! At least I’m thinking about it!!!!!!!

  • 162
    Cindy H. says:

    I start planning my Christmas card in my head in August. If I can come up with something I’m happy with, I’ll make a prototype. If the card is very involved I will start right away. Probably I will start simpler cards in October or November.

  • 163
    binka says:

    so in love with your product πŸ™‚

  • 164
    Kelly St. Pierre says:

    I start making cards and Christmas shopping in October and try to have that completed by November. The decorations go up the day after Thanksgiving and after that the tradition of making whoopie pies, peanut brittle, and other goodies. Love the holidays!

  • 165

    I usually start as soon as I start seeing the Christmas projects and products coming out on blogs like this. It instantly inspires me and I start as early as possible since I’m slower than most at it!

  • 166
    Dhez says:

    I usually “try” to start Christmas stuff in October… doesn’t always happen though, lol! Although I think I’ve made a good start this year. The kids’ Advent Calendar is just about done, yay!

  • 167
    Cyndie says:

    If I am making mosaics or stained glass gifts, I have to do those outside because of the flying glass chips, so I can only do it in Spring or Fall when the weather is comfortable. Christmas cards are one thing I tend to leave until the last minute for no good reason, and I usually make about 60, so I really hold start those sooner…

  • 168
    Annie Rose says:

    I usually start thinking about it in June, when I fire up the holiday music for a while… πŸ™‚ But, I don’t actually start the crafty gifts/card until November.

    Annie Rose

  • 169

    I start Christmas shopping in January! πŸ™‚ When it comes to Christmas projects I usually start sometime around November.

  • 170
    beth h. says:

    I don’t usually start until December….I’ve got to be in the midst of the holiday season to get in the mood. Seems like it is part of what makes the holiday.

  • 171
    Kari H says:

    Every year I say I will start sooner, but I usually don’t start until two weeks before Christmas! BUT I think this year will be the year I start in October.

  • 172
    Kathy W says:

    Every year I resolve to make at least 5 Christmas cards each week….by the end of March I give up, with between 20 & 30 cards made, usually….then in late August, early September I realize that I need to get another hundred cards made…and I get motivated. This year, seeing the great projects shown for the September release has made me start cutting cardstock & paper so they’ll be ready to go as soon as my order comes!

  • 173
    Colleen says:

    Oh goodness! I think this varies for me year to year. With 2 little ones, I kind of plan my stuff based on the free time I have. I think for me it’s usually the day after Thanksgiving when I get myself in “Christmas/Holiday Mode”.

  • 174
    Aussie Emma says:

    Usually now with all the papertrey inspiration! I start making card sets for teachers and friends for Christmas.

  • 175
    Maria F says:

    I try to begin during the summer so that I am not rushed.

  • 176
    julie neal says:

    I have already began!

  • 177
    Chris Cross says:

    I usually start around October 1st. Many ideas really start appearing around this time and give me tons of inspiration!

  • 178
    Sharon says:

    right around now between halloween and thanksgiving

  • 179
    maryrose says:

    I start the Christmas projects right around the same time I start the Christmas CD’s…so mid-October? πŸ™‚

  • 180
    Sharon J says:

    Christmas preparation usually starts after Halloween, when the malls put Christmas stuff on shelf for my shopping!

  • 181
    Caryn says:

    I am a horribly last minute, work under pressure person, so if I’m really on top of things, after Halloween?

  • 182

    I usually start in September as my new holiday stamping goodies start rolling in. I start my shopping early too… less pressure in the end πŸ™‚

  • 183
    Deb C says:

    I start around September. Summer is over, fall is in the air, and the time just seems right.

  • 184
    SueB says:

    It really depends on what is happening in our lives. Normally around the end of September otherwise.

  • 185
    Jodi e says:

    Usually I start in November. Yep a bit late but that’s how I roll. This year I am knitting a bit and started earlier. Just a couple if weeks ago but I have lots to do to finish.

  • 186
    Barb says:

    I procrastinate until at least October and the papertrey designers have inspired me.

  • 187
    Mayol says:

    I start planning and sometimes immediately start crafting Christmas projects (cards and decor) in September. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 188

    For cards, pretty much all year πŸ™‚ They are my favorite kind to make. For other projects, usually around September.

    Love all the fun products this month!!

  • 189
    Cathy Lang says:

    I usually am a last minute person, but might have to plan a little early this year. I love this time of the year!

  • 190
    Kasha says:

    I try to start my Christmas cards in August.


  • 191
    Jan Pufall says:

    Unfortunately, I’m an under pressure person. Decorate early, scramble to finish cards. It is what it is.

  • 192
    Denise C says:

    I have my eye out for Christmas projects all year but usually don’t start anything until October and many times find myself working up until the last minute!!

  • 193
    Barb says:

    I hate to admit it, but I usually start preparing Christmas projects a few weeks before the holiday. I am really good at waiting until the last minute! It just seems like that with Halloween and Thanksgiving so close to Christmas, I don’t get a chance to get started until a few weeks before! I know, I know, it is just an excuse!!!!!

  • 194
    Becky says:

    I wish I could start a lot sooner. I ususally wait too late and then I’m in trouble!!

  • 195
    Coral says:

    I usually start any needlework projects in January. My Christmas cards are usually August/September.

  • 196
    Tanya Boser says:

    Well I always plan to start in September but it just depends on what I find to inspire me:)

  • 197
    Jade says:

    I plan on starting just as soon as my PTI order that I will place tonight gets to my front door! LOL

  • 198
    Preeya Stanley says:

    I start thinking about Christmas in September…Go shopping for my materials through October, But only get round to preparing late November! and with a new bub this year, I am really hoping I get to start a bit earlier so that I can fit some good crafting in!

  • 199
    Janell says:

    I usually start thinking about the holidays in August. Then I try to set one or wo days aside every month to work on projects, when November rolls around I am working in high gear to get it all done by December 1st so I can enjoy the month.

  • 200
    Emily says:

    What a great release!! I usually start in October but start thinking about it in September.

  • 201
    Francie says:

    Right now. I usually start my cards in August and September with a goal to be done by Thanksgiving. Then I have all of December to have time to do fun Christmas-related things.

  • 202
    Maureen Merritt says:

    I start right around the beginning of October. I do a little bit in July, then get really excited once the Christmas releases start!! Mass producing isn’t my favorite, I like to make lots of different cards so an earlier start is best. Though I’m usually work right up to the last minute πŸ™‚

  • 203 says:

    I usually start in early November. I like to enjoy the season and enjoy my making things and baking and decorating!

  • 204
    Vanessa says:

    I’m a procrastinator. I usually mean to start in October, but I always end up preparing in November and actually making stuff right after thanksgiving!

  • 205
    Tee Tee Z says:

    I try to start in the summer–TRY:-)

  • 206
    Diane Anthony says:

    Each year I say I will get started earlier, but each year I typically wait until after Thanksgiving.

  • 207
    Penny H says:

    About November, then I decide on a few simple but effective stamped designs. That’s the plan anyway!

    Penny H

  • 208
    Jessica says:

    Ohhh, I always try to start on October…but usually leave it until the last minute! πŸ™ Probably, I’m starting during the Thanksgiving weekend πŸ™‚

  • 209
    Kerry says:

    I start putting up holiday decorations the day after Thanksgiving, but as for cards and creative things I like to start around September-October. It’s a nice break from other cards because I have so many to prepare. I like to space them out!

  • 210
    Robyn McMurry says:

    I’ve already started :O) Since I make many of my presents, I must start early; this year it’s soap from scratch and hand-knit wash clothes :O)

  • 211
    Cindy C says:

    haha…last minute? I’m so terrible at my Christmas cards! I usually start early & get an idea & make a few, and then have to mass produce last minute!!

  • 212
    Beverly BL says:

    I don’t have a set time. I think I won’t do anything and then as the holiday gets closer, I see stuff that looks so cute I think I have to try it. So I’m usually down to the wire. Though for Halloween this year, my cards are done and addressed. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find them again to actually mail them.

  • 213
    betty lou says:

    My friend and I have already made some pretty ornaments and really cute snowmen tags/embellishments! I’ll be ready to start making Christmas cards soon!

  • 214
    Jen B. says:

    I normally get started sometime in October, and try to finish by Thanksgiving.

  • 215
    Jamie Greene says:

    I usually wait untill november to even start thinking about Christmas:)

  • 216
    Kim G says:

    Not soon enough!! My mind says I can make and sew some things, but in real life it can’t all get done!! I keep trying though!!

  • 217
    Barbara T says:

    I usually start right after xmas for the next year. I wind up seeing all these great ideas during the season when I am way to busy with general life

  • 218
    Trinka King says:

    Since I am a procrastinator…I would say a few weeks before. I always have good intentions of doing it earlier but never works out!

  • 219
    Sue D says:

    Unfortunately I never start as early as I want to. I usually start after Thanksgiving and it is never enough time–maybe this year will be different.

  • 220
    Erica M. says:

    I always have grand plans of having all my Christmas projects/handmade gifts finished and ready to go by the first of December so that I can just relax and enjoy the season. In reality though, I don’t usually start until November and then I either don’t have time to accomplish everything or I am working right up to the last minute!

  • 221
    jan m says:

    Throughout the year I gather ideas and supplies in anticipation of making holiday cards! The actual holiday greetings are usually last minute!

  • 222
    Laura S says:

    I work on cards every month of the year. I begin other projects whenever the feeling strikes. I love Christmas, so it’s fun to crank up the Christmas music and craft, whether it’s February or November.

  • 223
    Joyce says:

    I usually start getting ‘serious’ around the middle of October.

  • 224
    Jennifer K says:

    I start planning what I want to do in September/October and get all my supplies ready but usually don’t really get on the ball until late November/early December. One of these days I’ll have it all done before Thanksgiving and it will feel so great! πŸ™‚

  • 225
    Susan says:

    I always have good intentions to begin early but usually doesn’t happen. Usually around the week of Thanksgiving.

  • 226
    Jane C. says:

    Wish I could tell you differently, but I’m always a last
    minute fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl!

  • 227
    Viki says:

    November. I like having snow on the ground when I am Christmas crafting. Thank you for another great release.

  • 228

    Usually its not until Nov. or Dec., but this year I was WAY ahead of the game and have been working on Christmas cards every month!

  • 229
    Vickie R. says:

    I usually don’t start until after Thanksgiving, but I have actually already started my Christmas cards for this year!

  • 230
    Betty H says:

    I try to start in October but usually end up scurrying at the last minute!

  • 231
    Kelli C says:

    I usually start brainstorming ideas in Aug/Sept and then actually put them into practice after Thanksgiving.

  • 232
    jackie l says:

    I usually start in November. Just want it to feel more like the holidays are closer. I havestarted in July one year. Then I wanted to do more inNov and Dec.

  • 233
    Amy O says:

    I don’t usually start until November. I just can’t ever seem to be able to think about Christmas until after Halloween.

  • 234
    June K. says:

    I usually start “seriously” at the beginning of October. I did make about a dozen cards of one design this past spring but I have over a 100 more to go. And many other projects to complete.

  • 235
    Paula says:

    I usually start in October, but this year I will start when I receive all my new papertrey ink holiday stamps and dies!!! Can’t wait to get them!!

  • 236
    Beth says:

    First I have to say.. what a FABULOUS release.. then to answer the question (gulp…) would LOVE to say.. OH I start in Oct.. but um… well I may buy a few things early to start.. I usually REALLY get rolling in Dec.. (good thing huh! πŸ˜‰ ) Another GREAT release!! Cant wait to shop!!!! Have a GREAT day!!!

  • 237
    Cindy says:

    I start making cards around September or October because I make quite a few. I work on other Christmas projects after Halloween.

  • 238
    GinaE says:

    I start Christmas projects in October as soon as I finish preschool and Girl Scout Halloween projects.

  • 239
    Jennifer D says:

    It varies. I think about Christmas throughout the year, and often gather some supplies early. Simetimes I even get an early start. Somehow, though I always seem to add at least one last minute project!

  • 240
    Jodi V says:

    I usually start in the middle of October…but start earlier looking for inspiration! All these projects are amazing!

  • 241

    This year, a group of friends and I have been working on our projects all year long! We started a project called the 12 Kits of Christmas, and each month one person preps and mails a supply kit for each member in the group. On the last day of the month, we share our projects on our blogs so we can see what everyone else has made using the same supplies. This has allowed us to try a wide variety of products, get a head start on our card making and to stay in the Christmas spirit all year. πŸ™‚

  • 242
    Jill S says:

    I usually start after Halloween. With all the awesome PTI Halloween goodies – those start first and then I can focus on the magic of the season.

  • 243
    April z. says:

    Every year is different for me, but this year is going to be late. We will be traveling to China in November to adopt our daughter and I know I won’t even be able to think of Christmas until after we get her home.

  • 244
    julie coit says:

    I am always on the look out for christmas card inspiration but usually start making them in november I have made my cards for a few years now and when i think oh i will just buy them this year I just can’t do it, everyone that knows me would say What you didn’t make your cards this year!!!!

  • 245

    I am totally a last minute down to the wire crafter! With all the goodies that I make for the kids teachers and working full time AND volunteering at their schools, my crafting time is limited. I do want to make homemade tags this year so crafting will be more of a priority.


  • 246
    Debbie B says:

    I usually start thinking of my holiday projects in July when people have Christmas in July. I start working on projects right after that time, getting stalled out a couple times in between. It is the most wonderous time of the year after all.

  • 247
    Debbie Fisher says:

    I create projects all year long and keep friends and family in mind as I create and save them for the holidays. Then I can take my time wrapping them in a fun way and not feel stressed. I am one who actually loves to wrap gifts. Ü

  • 248
    Linda E (uncbballfan) says:

    November is when I usually begin; however, I have already started this year due to the wonderful releases you had last year!

  • 249
    Mandy says:

    Way too late!! I have good intentions of starting early every year, but I never seem to get going until at least November. Maybe this will be the year…

  • 250
    LeAnn says:

    I would love to do it earlier, but usually I begin just after Thanksgiving.

  • 251
    Candy says:

    I’ve tried starting in summer, but just doesn’t feel quite festive enough when you are all hot . So when the rains and cooler weather arrives I’m ready to pull out the red and green. I have to secretly play Christmas carols until after Thanksgiving though or there is a family mutiny.

  • 252
    Kristen A says:

    I usually try to get my cards out the Monday right after Thanksgiving and my sewing projects are usually always in a state of not being finished in time!!!

  • 253
    Sue Ann says:

    Does mentally count. I am always coming up with ideas in my head at random times and write them down through the year. For crafty goodies after Halloween but not hard core until Black Friday because I DO NOT get involved with that crazy day!!!

  • 254
    Linda E says:

    I already have ideas but if life gets in the way — as it usually does — it will be December before I put my plans into motion!

  • 255

    I usually begin thinking about my holiday cards/projects about now. However, implementation……. that’s another story. I try and figure out when I’ll have all of my children at home at one time, and in a good mood too, for a photo session (always a photo card!). And then there’s always the last minute tag making, which I am really going to try and get done WAY ahead of time this year!

  • 256
    Debbie Archer says:

    I start buying presents in August, card making in October and decorating in November.

  • 257
    Kat DS says:

    I always dream of starting now but it’s usually November that I start working on holiday projects. Love this month’s releases!

  • 258

    I usually do Christmas cards whenever I feel like it all during the year but I really start cranking them out in August. With the winter holidays I get really busy with the kids and grandkids and the time will go by so quickly. I have learned that I need to do it really early because I don’t like to get stressed making stacks of cards.

  • 259

    I ussally start some projects in September. i have a niece who lives in New Zealand and her daughter has a birthday in November. So I get their Birthday/ Christmas packages together early so I can send everything together. That gives me push to continue on with more projects.

  • 260
    Sunny Penn says:

    I don’t start on gifts until Thanksgiving! However, I make Christmas cards all year long!!

  • 261
    Sara Mac says:

    Sadly, I usually start Christmas projects at the beginning of December, but I don’t get too many done. Both of my girls have December birthdays so we focus our attention on that instead.

  • 262
    Jen Rzasa says:

    I wish I could say I start early like most crafters, but I don’t usually begin my holiday projects until November.

  • 263
    Jeni B. says:

    Every year I wish that I started earlier….but usually end up starting after Thanksgiving! I like decorating with handmade items for each holiday and after we have our annual Halloween party and then family for Thanksgiving, it’s time to think about Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!

  • 264
    sanketi says:

    I usually start my holiday cards in October, I am already working on it and I am glad I started early!

  • 265
    peg says:

    Well, I have 7 birthdays in Oct. plus halloween cards…3 birthdays in Nov. Need less to say I start my Christmas cards too late! I’m always going to do a few Christmas things every month, but it never gets done. I’d better get busy!

  • 266

    I don’t really have a set time scheduled to start my holiday crafting, but I would guess to say I generally start after Halloween, or when I get me Papertrey holiday stamps in the mail…I really start buckleing down around thanksgiving!

  • 267
    AllysonA says:

    I like to start around October. Thanks for all the fun inspiration this week! πŸ˜‰

  • 268
    Lea Ann says:

    I am generally a last minute crafter. I don’t start on Christmas projects until after Thanksgiving has passed.

  • 269
    Deb B. says:

    I love fall so I usually start after Halloween.

  • 270
    Alanna says:

    I typically only make Christmas cards and a few tags. I make my cards all year round.

  • 271
    samtha johnson says:

    I have already started my holiday card making. I make cards and sell them to my co-workers, make them for my mother-in-law and my family. I usually make around 100-125 in all, and that takes time so I start early. Still trying to deceide which new holiday set to purchase for my cards this year…. the choices.

  • 272
    Kay says:

    I start thinking about the holidays in September after the kids go back to school. Only now I have no more kids going back to school because they have all graduated. I guess I better get started!

  • 273
    Trinh says:

    I usually start in November but sometimes life gets in the way and it may be December before I start.

  • 274

    Because I adore autumn; visits to the pumpkin patch, Halloween costumes, etc. I usually don’t start thinking about Christmas projects until after Halloween.

  • 275
    Laraine R says:

    I usually start in October after Halloween & Thanksgiving cards are done! Great inspiration and love all the new products!

  • 276
    Lyn says:

    When the weather starts to turn, I start thinking about the holidays in earnest but I have been gathering inspiration all year long. Unfortunately, there is always something that I wish I would have done when the holidays quickly appear!

  • 277
    Hannah Aitken says:

    Usually pretty last minute! So far this year I’ve made 1 Christmas card!!

  • 278 says:

    I love Christmas and usually start thinking about it in July when it is too hot to be outside. I make at least one Christmas ornament every year for our tree.
    I start decorating the house and put the tree up right after Thanksgiving.


  • 279
    Lisa G. says:

    I usually start in the summer. I already have my Christmas cards done. I’ve already been working on handmade Christmas gifts. I like to have all my handmade gifts, tags, cards, etc… done before December so I can enjoy the holiday without the pressure and anxiety.

  • 280
    LaceyNB says:

    I have tried to be on the ball, but I just can’t get in the right frame of mind unless it is after Thanksgiving.

  • 281
    Tracey Kuzniak says:

    I LOVE making Christmas cards, so I am always eager to start in the FAll…I just need to have the perfect card idea and I am off creating πŸ™‚ Seeing this release I know what I want to do…THANKS!!

  • 282

    I usually make a few in July for Christmas in July challenges/ideas, but the bulk of them — honestly — end up being done in late November/early December and on into mid-December, sadly! If I already had all your GORGEOUS products, I’d be starting NOW!

  • 283
    Karen Ramsey says:

    A few years ago, I had my Christmas cards done in January! Boy was I on the ball. Usually I make my cards in October, when the weather starts cooing down and it feels more holidayish.

  • 284
    Gina Kozuch says:

    I have already started shopping and have cards and projects sketched out ready to start

  • 285
    Susela says:

    I start way too late each year… Around Thanksgiving… But this year, I have been gathering ideas, supplies, and gifts since the summer and hope to be done by Thanksgiving (one can hope!!!)

  • 286
    jayell says:

    Christmas shopping is usually a year round thing – when I see something I think would be a perfect gift I buy it then and there. And it looks like my Christmas card will be started the minute my Papertrey order arrives!

  • 287
    laura j says:

    it’s always been my intention to start holiday projects in August but somehow it just doesn’t seem right with the sunshine and high humidity levels in the area that i live! Christmas cards are always made in November when the air is crisp and I am truly in the holiday spirit!

  • 288
    Jan Marcham says:

    Way, way too late. Usually not until the first of December. Every year I tell myself I am going to start sooner, but never do. Maybe this year will be the year since I have recently retired and love all the products in this months release. The inspiration is there. Now I just have to settle down and start creating.

  • 289

    This year, I am in a Christmas crafting group, so we have been working all year round. Normally, I only make a few things, and I do it in December. Since I really don’t need as much as I made this year, I will just donate the cards. I make for the fun of it.

  • 290
    Janet B says:

    Usually I wait until November, but this year I have a head start and actually started last month!

  • 291
    Cassie T says:

    I’ve been known to start prepping in January, but most stuff gets done starting in September. Y’all have outdone yourselves this release. . .such great projects πŸ˜€

  • 292
    Anna M. says:

    A couple of months prior to each holyday I start browsing ideas, expecially when I wanna do small handmade gifts that go with the cards, that usually takes more time than the cards themselves πŸ™‚

  • 293
    Kristen Carpinello says:

    WAY to late!!!! But every year I vow to start a earlier… Last year I finally handed out handmade teacher gifts and tags like I had envisioned. Progress.

  • 294
    Kris says:

    I’m always “thinking” about what I want in the fall, but my rule of thumb has always been…no Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I want to savor each holiday to the fullest and I can’t do that 100% if I’m thinking about the next holiday before the present one is over. With our anniversary and two of the kids birthdays in December, December is always a busy and crazy time.

  • 295
    Chris Simon says:

    I tend to make a handful of Christmas cards and other items throughout the year as I get the urge, but I still always have that late-November panic when I realize that I don’t have nearly enough and then go on a card-making binge to get them all finished in time. Somehow it always works out.

  • 296
    Suzanne says:

    I have wisps of thoughts about holiday cards from July on, but, as the queen of procrastination, it’s usually the 2 weeks before Christmas that I actually get anything done.

  • 297
    Karen R says:

    Every year I think I’m going to start early and get a jump on things, but I usually end up doing everything in December!

  • 298
    Connie Moser says:

    Papertrey has helped me to get some things done earlier, but it always seems like I am still not ready. I do manage to have cards left over from last year and have done somemore this year. My New Year’s resolution this year will be to start earlier.

  • 299

    As much as I would like to start now, I don’t usually start my projects until the beginning of December! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 300
    Renee Brantner says:

    Every Year I think I’ll get a jump on it and then at the last minute I am scrambling! Just seeing all of your stuff has inspired me!

  • 301
    Kris says:

    I have started now, in Sept. I have a few sets of cards for work friends and some homemade vanilla doing it’s thing in my pantry that I might give.

  • 302
    mary lewis says:

    I always start projects and cards after Thanksgiving. It really puts me in the holiday spirit, christmas music, candles burning, glass of wine, crafting….can’t wait!

  • 303
    Kalyna says:

    Usually I wait until around Philip’s Fast (November 15th). I feel its a good time to start getting ready for Christmas, both spiritually and crafting wise πŸ˜‰

  • 304
    arlyn says:

    i am a procastinator and I don’t start my christmas shopping till a couple of weeks before. i seem to forget what i have if i start earlier than that and ended up buying more than normal.

  • 305
    Linda Hopton says:

    I usually begin in October and keep going right up until Christmas with pretty wrapping and such! I love paper crafting for Christmas!

  • 306
    Margaret C says:

    January = assessing last Christmas, what is worth making into a tradition and what not to bother with again (like Christmas Cake – no-one eats it )

    September = starting to think about what gifts I need to make (all the kids are getting personalised bunting this year)

    October = making cards (almost everyone gets the same design)

    November = PANIC BEGINS!!!

    December = trying to remember what it’s all about… and doing everything else !

    However, I Pin ideas all year round, and then forget about them closer to the time ! So, if I forget – Merry Christmas PTI !

  • 307
    Victoria Nelson says:

    I start in the summer time making calendars that I give as Christmas gifts to friends and family.

  • 308
    Laurel S says:

    I usually start making Christmas projects in the summer, sometimes I sneak in a few things in the spring as well. I like to alter garage sale finds for gifts so I have to start early!

  • 309
    Gabriela says:

    Usually December 1st…. We set up the tree on the 6th and start decorating the house that week. I love how my house smell and looks during that time.

  • 310

    Oh my. I’m so bad. I don’t start my Christmas cards until late November. And teacher gifts the week or so before school breaks.

  • 311

    Preparing for Christmas is a year long adventure!
    Stowing away handmade gifts and cards through the months helps keep November and December less frantic!

  • 312
    Liz (wifelady) says:

    I tell myself to start in September every year but that rarely happens – I get into full swing holiday crafting mode in November with cards, tags and treat holders!

  • 313
    Char says:

    I usually start to late! But this year I got a jump on things and started in August and that will be plenty of time πŸ™‚

  • 314
    Kim Rendino says:

    Sadly, usually not until December, lol! I wish I could be more prepared, though…

  • 315

    I am ready right now! I have already made 2 of Dawn’s cards, just waiting for the Sentiment stamps!
    These new supplies have me chomping at the bit!
    Thanks PTI

  • 316
    Vicki A. says:

    I start with Christmas cards in October. We send a lot of cards and also send out a Christmas letter. The cards are mailed to arrive right after Thanksgiving. Since I do all of the shopping, except my gifts, that is started the beginning of November to help relieve holiday stress!

  • 317
    Sarah Sills says:

    I like to have Christmas invites done by labor day (not this year), decorate the weekend after turkey day, shopping till Christmas eve!

  • 318
    Jessica Burnell says:

    I usually start in October, so I know that I will have them done in time! I usually make christmas cards & mini albums as gifts

  • 319
    Tina B. says:

    I give card sets as Christmas as ‘lagniappe’ (lil’ extra) to the girls in the family. I begin in mid-October. My goal to complete my personal cards by November 15th.

  • 320
    Peggy Nickelson says:

    I usually try to get started in October, but in reality I am usually working on something up until Christmas day.
    I am really excited about the paper beads. I will be making these for many friends. Great idea!

  • 321
    Karen says:

    I usually start gathering ideas in the summer. I make homemade gifts for my team at work. I also have 4 supervisors that work for me and I like to make “12 days” of gifts for them. It keeps me pretty busy. I don’t actually start though until September. Fall gets me in the mood to go up in my craft room and get all gluey and glittery!

  • 322
    Sharon J says:

    Each year I say I will start my cards on July 1st and create a few each week. But that doesn’t usually last too long!! So really, I start in October when the air turns colder and all the holiday products start to appear in stores. I am attending a PTI inspired Christmas card crop this year in late September, so that should kick start my holiday creating!

  • 323
    Brenda says:

    I start getting ideas in the fall but don’t start making things until the first week of December. But I do love Christmas and my family tends to go overboard on the decorating, baking, gift wrapping…and I don’t mind hearing a few Christmas songs in July!

  • 324
    JeanFB says:

    I usually don’t start Christmas projects until November, for two reasons – I’m a procrastinator by nature, and because I can’t bear to put down all the fun Halloween projects until after October 31st!

  • 325

    I work in a local scrapbook store and Christmas stuff comes out sooooo early it really gets me in the mood…however, I normally start thinking about what I want to do around Thanksgiving and then usually am scrambling 2-3 weeks before Christmas to get everything made, mailed and hand delivered.

  • 326
    Ted says:

    I’d have to say October is the month when I really think about Christmas cards. Other than cards, I don’t do much decorating, etc. πŸ™‚

  • 327
    Allison says:

    It funny, how I think about them all year and then start about October to decide which of the many ideas that I want to focus on for the year! There are just too many choices…that’s the hardest part for me!

  • 328
    Irene S says:

    I usually prepare around October or so. I have to get through Halloween first.

  • 329
    lauraz says:

    January 1st! I make around 250 cards each year to hand out as gifts so I allow myself the whole year to get to that needed number.

  • 330
    Nancy Guse says:

    I like to start my Christmas crafts the beginning of October. I do my fall crafts by the end of September then I go right into Christmas!

  • 331
    Scrappin' Aggie says:

    I gather ideas all year long and work on them when I feel inspired. Unfortunately, sometimes I wait too long and am scrambling in November and December to finish up my long list of cards!

  • 332
    Amy R says:

    I usually get started once school starts – there seems to be a few more minutes of free time then!

  • 333

    I start preparing for the holidays…right now! Time goes by so quickly that I feel like I need a good head start in order to get everything down properly (my way ;-)) so I can sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities!

  • 334

    Since I started submitting to magazines, I have to start early – around April! But for real life, I start in November…

  • 335
    NavyWyf says:

    I start preparing in September! For too many years, everything was last minute preparation. After yet another move and a new room to craft in, I made the decision to start earlier and be focused on future events instead of what’s happening next week. The results are incredible when you stick to it!!

  • 336
    Shannon says:

    I usually start christmas projects as a way to further procrastinate on shopping for gifts. Crafting is one the few things more fun than shopping anyway. πŸ™‚

  • 337
    liz says:

    I normally start in Sept/Oct, but if I see something (or hit a good sale) before that, I’ll pick it up! I try and make a lot of stuff, so I need to have time to be able to complete all that!

  • 338
    Ally V. says:

    I don’t usually start mine until late November! I totally precrastinate every year!

  • 339
    scrapthat/dolly says:

    I love the sets!! I really love the harlequin cover plate and matching stamps! The Christmas ones are totally getting me in the mood!
    When do I usually start with the preparations of Holiday projects? Usually at the start of November.
    My DD’s BD is in October so I have that to deal with along with Halloween so once I clear the decks from all that!

  • 340
    cathy says:

    Although I would like to be able to say I start to get my christmas ready at the end of the previous year, in actual fact i usually get into the mood after the summer CHA when everyone is previewing the new christmas ranges and you bring out some wonderful new stamps.

  • 341
    syeda says:

    Some times I get a head start but mostly it ends up being two weeks before the holiday. As I tend to get caught up in something or other.

  • 342
    Tammie says:

    I like to begin November 1st making hoilday cards and putting together a theme for my tree…So much fun!

  • 343
    Greta H says:

    I never really stop doing Christmas projects as it’s my favorite occasion for crafting. Usually really picks up in Oct/Nov, but this year I’m ahead of schedule–yah!

  • 344
    Janet says:

    I start thinking around May and start creating around mid-September — NOW!

  • 345
    Diana F says:

    Every year I have the best intentions of starting early and early for me would be November, but I am habitually a last minute Charlie and don’t get started until sometime into December and have been known to still be working on something Christmas Eve. However, I am improving. My Christmas cards never used to go out until after Christmas, but the last three or four years I’ve gotten them out at least three days before Christmas.

  • 346
    Dee says:

    I’m actually just getting started! Usually I start in November, but I’ve been so inspired by this site that I’m starting now!

  • 347

    I usually start at the end of the summer and finish off the first weekend in December at our girls weekend getaway. It is great fun.

  • 348
    Sue Symens says:

    Late September. The start of fall always gets me in the mood. Must be the cooler weather. Great release so many fab ideas.

  • 349
    angela says:

    Every year I have good intentions to start early but then before you know it Christmas is here and I am left wondering where the time went!

  • 350
    lisa808 says:

    I usually start my Christmas cards and projects in the middle of November. When will I learn to start earlier?!?!?

  • 351
    Kathy says:

    OK this is really embarrassing, but I usually don’t start until December. And everything is a mad rush. I am not good at making up my mind so last minute forces my hand.

  • 352

    I start looking around end of September to see what I need to make cards. I probably start buying a few things come October. End of October, while my husband is gone, I make my cards and the sets of cards I give away as Christmas gifts.

  • 353

    It usually varies from year to year how early I start. this year I have already started a couple crafty projects. I think the weather plays a roll in it too, as soon as the first chill in the air starts to come I want to get crafting.

  • 354

    I usually “start” my holiday projects around Thanksgiving…but sometimes do not finish until right before Christmas.

  • 355
    Janet says:

    I always have good intentions of starting right about now! (But then, in real life, I usually don’t get much done until after Thanksgiving!)

  • 356

    I usually start making cards in late October or November but start my shopping quite early. Thanks for the great release this month!

  • 357
    Carol says:

    I start on my Christmas projects in October when a stamping group gets together to make our Christmas projects or cards. I usually will make my Christmas cards for the next year after that, so that I am a step ahead for the following year as I make over a hundred cards for all my family to have. This gives me time to make other paper projects for gift giving. With building a new house this year and trying to get in before the snow comes, I am hoping I can get it all done.

  • 358
    Lorinda says:

    I begin preparing for Christmas late summer. You start to see “crafting” projects about this time and I begin to think about what I’d like to do this season.

  • 359

    I start thinking about my cards in September, but don’t actually go into production until November, usually.

  • 360
    KayA says:

    I try to start in October, but I always seem to have last minute projects. I never quite escape the rush.

  • 361
    Cheryl I. says:

    I usuually begin in late September or early October. I’m ready to jump into the whole Holiday spirit by then! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 362
    Detra Parks says:

    Some gift projects I start in January, start my Christmas cards in July, and finish shopping and wrapping by end of November, baking is done in December!!

  • 363
    MaryB says:

    In my mind, I plan to get started with Christmas projects in July, giving plenty of time to get them done and cards in the mail before Dec 1. In reality, I frequently don’t start till after Thanksgiving, and it is definitely a mad rush then! Usually only cards get made, pushing all the other projects till “later”. Maybe next year I’ll do better. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome gift certificate!

  • 364
    Casey Paine says:

    Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year..ask anyone that knows me and I’ve got Christmas on the brain 24/7 365 days of the year πŸ™‚ I am constantly on the lookout for things to use for decorating and cards and it does help that during all of the non Christmas seasons all of the Christmas stuff is usually on sale.

  • 365
    Doris says:

    Since I send out 100 Christmas cards, I start July 1st with my first design. My date for finishing all 100 is by Thanksgiving. While everyone else is at the mall on Black Friday, I stay home and address all my envelopes, sign cards and add postage to mail them out on Dec. 1st. Then I do my shopping at the mall on Cyber Monday after the crowds are gone, which also helps prevent my getting the flu!

  • 366
    Emma Bourke says:

    Usually I will start making cards around November. I bought all my supplies in good time last year, but I only made about a dozen cards as I was so ill with morning sickness! Really looking forward to getting use out of my lovely Christmas sets this year πŸ™‚

  • 367
    Ava G says:

    October and November is when i start getting into the spirt of christmas is coming…… I need that crisp fall air and color to get me going. Your release today is perfectly timed right!!! All the best and the DT did a great job showcasing the new product.

  • 368
    Carrie T says:

    I usually start thinking about Christmas and deciding on projects in late September, but I don’t start anything until after Halloween. I have too many family birthdays and then Halloween to get through first!

  • 369
    Kristii says:

    I totally love everything about Christmas!!! I love to post the 12 days of Christmas on my blog, so the big push begins in October! I have even been known to play a little Christmas music just to set the mood! Drives my family crazy!!

  • 370
    Jacqueline F says:

    My cousin has been hosting a Scrap Weekend every year at least 2 months before the holidays & most are doing Christmas cards.

  • 371
    Lori says:

    I usually start keeping my eye out for gift ideas by about the end of September. We are planning to start making Christmas cards now too because despite our best efforts to get together weekly all the other fall activities get in the way. I used to leave everything until December but now I feel too rushed so I’ve finally learned to pace myself!

  • 372

    I usually start around this time of year – September, October. You’ve been it easier with such a fun release~

  • 373
    Anne Hartschlag says:

    I make felt Christmas ornaments all year long and then on Thanksgiving I give them to my family. I have started my Christmas cards and because I get bored easily I only make two of the same card. This creates more work (play) for me but I love designing the cards.

  • 374
    Renae Roberts says:

    I start thinking about Christmas in spring, but I don’t start preparing until September. I should probably work all year to give myself more time, but sometimes I change my mind about what I want to do.

  • 375
    Therese says:

    I usually start thinking of ideas – Christmas cards, the calendar I create for our family members, Christmas tags – sometime in the summer. I actually start working on these projects late October.

  • 376
    Lilia says:

    With cards I start in September and other stuff – December only. ))
    And NO celebrating Christmas before Christmas Day. We celebrate it for a month after the Christmas Day. Helps to fight winter depressions. lol

  • 377
    Suzette Weber says:

    Last year it was Thanksgiving time. This year it will be sooner – hope to start the die cutting this weekend With all the new products hitting the stores now, I will be in the zone in October!

    Lovely release! Love the Santa Stationary!!!!

  • 378

    Whoops – you’ve MADE it easier with such a fun release. Sheesh~

  • 379
    Pam Sparks says:

    I’m always collecting ideas! LOVE the inspiration here and on the internet! I get serious about cards in November normally but this year I’m early! yea! oh, it’d be wonderful to win this release! I LOVE Christmas!

  • 380
    Kay Miller says:

    I do Christmas cards and ornaments all year long, but really get excited about them in September when all the beautiful new things come out. My excitement usually last through the cold months of January and February πŸ™‚

  • 381
    Kathy says:

    I started Christmas cards in June last year because I made all individual cards and you have the greatest ideas for Christmas cards. I’m late getting started this year but seeing these cards have me ready to get started!

  • 382
    Kristie H says:

    I tend to do Christmas cards through the whole year as I feel inspired. I don’t do the family calendar until the middle of December since I use photos from each month for the next year month and need to get some photos from December to use. It makes for a crazy December though.

  • 383
    Emily Anna says:

    I must say I wait until the last minute but with all the fun holiday items from this release I may have to get an early start.

  • 384
    Bethany S. says:

    I don’t normally do Christmas or other fall/winter holiday projects, but I want too this year! But if I did, I most likely wouldn’t start until November. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 385
    annheidel says:

    Last minute. I am horrible about planning ahead! I would like to change that though. I do have three Halloween cards ready. Does that count for something? lol

  • 386
    Rita says:

    I do holiday projects all year long. I love creating wintry tags and gift bags with snowflake dies and stamps.

  • 387
    Yvette S says:

    I usually start my Christmas cards, etc in October. Once the weather gets colder, it’s a perfect time to stay indoors and craft!

  • 388

    I am a procrastinator and don’t usually start til late October or early November. I wish I could make myself do it in July but that is so hard for me.

  • 389
    Margaret Peltier says:

    I Christmas Craft all year long – I already have over 150 Christmas cards and ornaments made! it is NEVER too early to start!

  • 390
    Rebecca says:

    I usually plan way in advance but don’t get to working on things until after Thanksgiving. I wish I could have it all done by Thanksgiving but it just never works that way πŸ™‚ BTW Thank You in advance if I win today. My wallet ran and hid when it saw my wish list!!

  • 391
    Karen says:

    I usually don’t start until October. I need that chill in the air to get my mood in gear.

  • 392
    Natasha says:

    I try to get my holiday cards started some time between August and October. Usually I sketch out my card plans and then orders any supplies as needed. It’s also become somewhat of a tradition for me to put on a holiday stamp day where my friends all come over and we make holiday cards together. It’s a lot of fun!

  • 393
    Wendy Gould says:

    I generally get started way too late and don’t get everything done. This year I’m taking a week vacation in November so I can get a lot done. My mom is going to come over, my sister is going to Skype with us, and we plan on having several crafty fun days!

  • 394
    Betty Benton says:

    I start my Christmas cards in January, with the Christmas card challenges that I find online. Merry Monday and 52 {Christmas} Card Throwdown are my favorites.

  • 395
    TinaH says:

    EVERY year, I plan to do “so many cards” each month, and I did actually do that ONE year. Usually, I don’t start creating until sometime in late October ~ unless you count buying Christmas items, that goes on year round! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 396
    Penny says:

    I usually decide on the design of my card for the next year right after Christmas. Then “Christmas in July” is always my intent for getting my cards made, but it rarely happens. The reality is that I start on my cards in October or November…..used to be December, so there’s been improvement!

  • 397
    Mary Beth Krakowski says:

    I used to start Christmas July 1st. But now I start thinking about my cards about that time but don’t finalized until about the end of September because of the release of new Christmas products. I make a prototype of my card by the end of October, so I have time to make them. I want to send them out right after Thanksgiving. I LOVE the products being released today, my ideas for my card are changing.

  • 398
    Chris L says:

    I usually start preparing for Christmas during the summer–even earlier if inspiration strikes! Thanks for all the great ideas this month!

    Chris L.

  • 399
    Donna Garvin says:

    I usually start thinking about it in August and September but something always happens and I am struggling at the last minute to get things done. I guess it is never to early to start working on your Christmas projects.

  • 400

    I like to be prepared when Christmastime comes, so I start making cards in the summer. That’s when I have lots of time to enjoy making them and not feel rushed. I Christmas shop all year, if I see something I know my children would enjoy I buy it early and hide it away until Christmas. I just have to remember all the places I’ve squirreled come Christmas.

  • 401
    Jean says:

    I usually start when my Thanksgiving cards are done, so that basically depends on how busy everything else is. On a good year, it is in October, this year it may the day after Thanksgiving ;)!

  • 402
    Terri Bills says:

    I ususally start right after Halloween. It always seems like I am cutting it too short but somehow everything always gets done. This year I will be doing a craft fair in December so I may have to get started earlier to get all of that stuff done plus my Christmas cards, plus personal paper crafted gifts.

  • 403
    Laurie says:

    For some reason once the fall weather hits, I turn my thoughts to Christmas. I usually begin in September and finish shopping and card making before Thanksgiving to allow me to enjoy the whole month of December relishing each Christmas moment.

  • 404
    Jessica H. says:

    This year I have already started on my cards. Shopping for gifts…not so much! πŸ˜‰

  • 405
    Angela NJ says:

    I feel like I’m always preparing for Christmas, so I’ll say the day after. It starts with holiday sales where I can get stocking stuffers and supplies for a discount and goes from there. Usually, I don’t get all of my projects done, so those just carry over to the next year, too. I’m excited to incorporate some of these items into my planning for this year – thanks for the innovation!

  • 406
    Amy says:

    i usually start to make the Christmas card in Ocotber when all new products for Christmas are ready

  • 407
    Kara says:

    I usually have grand plans about Christmas – I’m sure I’m alone in this, especially with pinterest to inspire us. But, I’m still usually doing things last minute. But this year, I have an extra incentive – my due date is the 23rd πŸ™‚ I’ll actually have the baby early so I can be home for christmas, but that means my grand plans better be done early, or not at all. But, getting a baby for christmas sounds like a nice plan.

  • 408
    Janice says:

    I always try to start in October since the holidays are crazy at work, but I’m usually still finishing up gift tags on Christmas Eve!!

  • 409
    Cornelia says:

    I am always late. If I am lucky I start at the beginning of December, but at times I have sent out holiday cards after the holidays – figuring better late than never, LOL πŸ™‚

  • 410
    Denise says:

    With cards, I usually make a few each month…but for really preparing like decorating and buying gifts I am a major procrastinator!! I have such good intentions too, but I haven’t mastered my goal in that area yet!

  • 411

    I usually start making cards around September and I start buying gifts around October and November so on December I am ready to go.

  • 412
    cindy vernon says:

    After Thankgiving. Its hard to think about it too early.

  • 413
    Laurie Hunt says:

    I usually begin thinking when I see something that inspires me. That could be December 26th or anytime after. When I actually start is something different. I usually start my Christmas cards around October or so and that takes me right up to Christmas. I’d like to report that this year I have 10 cards complete and 10 more ready for adhesive! Not to shabby.

  • 414
    Julia Diane says:

    Wow! Do I wish I could say that I’m one of those industrious bodies that spends the entire year preparing for the big event. Alas, I must admit that I usually don’t start even thinking about Christmas cards & projects until after Halloween. It makes for a busy time, but I actually find that I enjoy the process so much more when working feverishly to finish on time. And it definitely helps me get into the spirit of the season. My! Halloween will be over soon and it will be time to begin once again… how FuN!!

  • 415
    Maggie W says:

    I love Halloween so I start making fall items right after the 4th of July and right after Halloween I hit Christmas full steam

  • 416
    Tracey says:

    Well, I usually begin planning and preparing early (like July) but I don’t ever seem to actually get to work until the last minute (like December). Every year I say I will be better but it just doesn’t seem to happen!

  • 417
    MOI says:

    Oh my. Really depends on the holiday. Christmas usually October for cards and getting decorations and seeing what needs to repaired or replaced. But being in TX it is hard to get your heart into too much because it is still usually rather warm. :(…..I feel like a kid in a candy store with this release…standing at the door going OPEN OPEN OPEN. Thanks for it all.

  • 418

    I usually am last minute – but I have recently retired. I’ve already finished a batch of cards for the nursing home. Military is next. Christmas may become a year-round project. Loving the new release!

  • 419
    Stacy Buller says:

    Usually I would wait until after Thanksgiving to begin my holiday crafting (I don’t make my family holiday cards because there are too many to send out). But now that I have started making cards for Operation Write Home, I start all my holidays early and I am in full Christmas/Winter production right now (and it’s only September).

  • 420
    gay Ferland says:

    I usually start preparing in sEptEmber with holiday grand plAn. Everyday is a new thing to do. I love christmas!!!

  • 421
    JoAnn says:

    I always intend to start in October, but as usual I don’t do anything until after Thanksgiving. I guess it’s one holiday at a time for me.
    No matter what, I get it done.

  • 422
    Traci says:

    I usually make Christmas cards a little at a time throughout the year and then really start concentrating on Christmas projects in October.

  • 423
    Linda w says:

    Ok so in my mind I prepare for Christmas giving me enough time to comfortably finish projects. But in reality I never quite seem to get them out of the brain and start working on them until it is actually Christmas time or even later. Do thoughts count?

    gettin’ inky…

  • 424
    Tricia says:

    I think about Christmas, probably all year long! I don’t usually “do” anything about it until late October, early November.

  • 425
    April W says:

    I ususally start in November but should really aim for August, lol!! πŸ˜‰

  • 426
    Kathy H says:

    I’d love to say I start super early…but alas! I’m a wanna be when it comes to starting anything early. My projects usually get rocking somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve!!:)

  • 427
    Kathy V. says:

    When I’m asked if I’m ready for Christmas, I’m quick to reply “I’m ready all year”. For us, Christmas is like a Sunday. We go to church and spend the rest of the day reading special books and stories of the birth of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, which is the REAL,TRUE meaning of Christmas.The ONLY reason for Christmas.

  • 428
    Linda B says:

    I normally start around May. I like to get all my projects done early so I can enjoy the holidays with my family. No stress means an extra Merry Christmas!!

  • 429
    Pai says:

    I try to target starting in october and have my cards done around thanksgiving. Doesn’t always work out that way!

  • 430
    Bridgette says:

    I’d like to say that I start in July for all my ideas, but it’s really more like September when i gather all the tools/products, and then honestly 2 weeks before Christmas when I only finish 1 of the 43 ideas that I had. πŸ™‚

  • 431
    Michele B says:

    I always have good intensions of having everything done by the time December rolls around, but ususally I am hustling that first week of December to finish it all. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I’m not! Cheers!

  • 432
    Carol R says:

    I like to have all my holiday creations and packages sent out by Thanksgiving. Then I’m able to relax more and enjoy the festivities in the coming weeks ahead.

  • 433

    I like work on holiday projects in October and November so I can enjoy December with my family.

  • 434
    Danielle says:

    I’d like to think I prepare early for my holiday projects. And, to a certain extent… I kind of do. I buy my supplies a couple months in advance; however, when I finally sit down to do them, it always seems to be a week before the holiday and I end up super stressed :/
    Not this year though!! This year, I vow not procrastinate [ insert two thumbs up here] ;D

  • 435
    Kriss says:

    NOW! Because no matter when I start there is always something else I see that gets added to my list of projects to complete!

  • 436
    Mimi says:

    I really should begin my thinking about what do create for holidays but its so hard when it’s still 97 degrees outside. So, I’ll end up procrastinating till November and then go into some furious creating mode! Thanks the super fun holiday release!

  • 437
    Susan Santello says:

    September is when I start buying new Christmas crafting products. I’ll have to buy some of the wonderful stuff in this new release.

  • 438
    Miji1116 says:

    I usually make Christmas cards throughout the year. Holiday baking starts right after Thanksgiving along with shopping. Unfortunately, when it comes to wrapping I’m a procrastinator. You can find me in piles of gift wrap still on Christmas Eve.

  • 439
    tracy says:

    Depends on the kind of project πŸ™‚ For cards, I’ll be starting this month. We send a lot of cards (at least 100) so it makes the job doable.

  • 440

    I think about gifts for Christmas almost all year and if I purchase them ahead I almost always give them out ahead of time and have to start all over! I guess I need some discipline! A group of women I golf and scrap with each year shop and wrap Christmas gifts for deserving families in and around our areas, this typically begins in November.
    I do like to have my card design already in mind, but usually I’m last minute actually making them. Although this year I have already started on a few projects. With my September PTI order I should be in good shape.
    September release is lovely and adorable I can see a lot of time, work, and effort is involved and much appreciated, thank you all.

  • 441
    Dee Rose says:

    I generally start holiday planning in September and go into production mode in October. Thanks so much for all the beautiful holiday inspiration!

  • 442
    Tanis S says:

    I usually start buying a gift here and there in the summer, but don’t get too inspired for Christmas crafts until the weather turns a little colder in late October or early November.

  • 443
    Flo says:

    I always say I’m going to start early, but I don’t. You know the saying, Life is what happens when you are busy making plans. Right around December 10th. I start scrambling to shop, bake, wrap. and decorate. Didn’t use to be that way when the kids were little.

  • 444

    I usually start making Christmas cards months ahead of time and just do a few each month. I like to have all of my cards sent by December 1st. =)

  • 445
    nina says:

    Since I started knitting, I have to start planning now for small knitted gifts. Other than that, I don’t have a lot of shopping to do, and do all of my baking in Dec of course.

  • 446
    Dana says:

    I have to confess that I rarely do Christmas/holiday projects… I’m not much of a decorator. I only do a few Christmas cards probably starting around now and often doing some right after Christmas as well for the next year.

  • 447
    Francina says:

    I start preparing in October I have an awesome planning binder that tells me what I should be doing each week. It keeps me on track with no stress

  • 448
    Marilyn says:

    Usually last minute so everyone gets their christmas gift late! Hopefully this year it will be on time!

  • 449
    Kerri S. says:

    When Christmas is over I start thinking about next year. I don’t usually start working on projects until the end of Summer or early Fall when all the great new products start hitting the market.

  • 450
    Cindy J says:

    I try to do some Christmas shopping throughout
    the year at craft shows. If I make gifts I try to
    start making them in Oct/Nov, but am usually
    hustling in Dec to get them done!

  • 451
    Annette says:

    Actually I already started – having to do about 50 Xmas Cards. Xmas is somehow always on my mind looking at stamps and paper. You can’t have enough stamps for the holiday season…and looking at your new release I have alrealdy some sets in mind to add to my collection. Thnaks for the inspirations you are giving me.

  • 452
    Monika Davis says:

    Last minute! I used to be really good, but now it’s getting pushed back to closer and closer to Christmas, or last day of school. I need to be more organized.

  • 453
    voegelchen says:

    Usually I make my christmas cards in august or september. I love it to have them all ready when the busy time before christmas starts.

  • 454
    Cheryl M says:

    I usually start my Christmas projects in November. We love Halloween, so October is devoted to Halloween projects.

  • 455
    Crisanne D. says:

    I normally start planning Christmas as soon as the kids are back to school. We have so many holiday parties, and other activities that I start my deep cleaning and meal planning then. My shopping lists are begun and I start planning cards. I actually like to send out “Grateful” cards at Thanksgiving. This makes Christmas just a tad less chaotic!

  • 456
    Melissa says:

    I start getting ready for Christmas in July…I get my ideas all organized and start…I have been waiting for This release as I LOVE the Holly set and the Happiest of Holidays..OMG love these sets…this gets me in the spirit..thanks for an opportunity to WIn.

    Melissa from WA

  • 457
    Piali says:

    I make few Holiday cards all year long but actually start my holiday gifts and the remaining cards in October, after Halloween!

  • 458

    I usually begin my holiday projects in October, but this year I started in August!!

  • 459
    kelly says:

    i start in september…back to school time means i have time to dream and plan and think about it and i actually start to make things early in october.

  • 460
    Meredith says:

    January! I have a weekly post on my blog to keep myself on track. I create cards throughout the year, so that there isn’t any major dash at the end of the year, when I’d rather be relaxed and enjoy the holidays. This year, I am doing a craft sale, so I’ve been creating everything – cards, tags, treat packs, etc… all year. And nope, I don’t get tired of it!

  • 461
    Deb says:

    I usually try to start projects after Halloween. Since I do not do too much crafty stuff for Thanksgiving, it gives me just about 2 months to get Hoiday stuff done. I try to save December for last minute shopping.

  • 462
    KellieB says:

    I start creating tags for food gifts and giftcard holders now…..when there is so much inspiration from the design team-I just have to get started!

  • 463
    DEPM says:

    I am such a last minute person! In a perfect world, I would have my cards made, stuffed, addressed and ready to be in the mail on Dec. 1st. In my world, however, no matter how early I plan the card in my head, I usually don’t get them finished and mailed until around Dec. 20th!

  • 464
    Missy says:

    I start christmas shopping in august but my cardmaking doesnt start until after halloween.

  • 465
    Yvonne Hollman says:

    Well… It depends on when I get that brilliant idea for the project! I’m the mother of 9 kids so it pays to start early! However, I’m also one of those procrastinators too. So, in answer to your question… I start as early as September and go as late as just before Christmas to begin a project! Lol!

  • 466
    greyce says:

    each year i try to start in october but it seems like i run out of time so i’m scrambling in december. this year will be different!

  • 467
    Theresa A says:

    I start thinking about holiday projects in August and September. I get in the mood to gather materials, plan cards or crafty gifts. I normally do not start putting things together until October. I am inspired this year to maybe start a few weeks early!

  • 468

    I usually begin preparing Christmas projects in November, but really I need to get started I think earlier in October.

  • 469
    Susie B (United Kingdom) says:

    I usually start at the beginning of November. There’s a large Hobbycrafts show at the local exhibition centre near to where I live which runs for 4 days at the beginning of November each year. I usually take a few days off work, visit the show to stock up on crafty goodies and to get some inspiration from the wonderful card designs on show, then I get home, unpack my goodies and spend the next 3 days solidly making my christmas cards – with my christmas songs CD playing in the background!

  • 470
    Christine B. says:

    I don’t start preparing for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving.

  • 471
    cassi says:

    I like to start early. We usually take a family photo in October so I can start on cards. Then I start wrapping presents and making homemade gifts. Love the new Christmas stamps and dies this month!

  • 472
    Linda S says:

    I usually start a month before but this year I had an “alone” week at the lake so got the ball rolling! Yay!

  • 473
    MJ (good_day1214) says:

    Even though I print/snip/pin ideas months before the holidays, I procrastinate and start my projects 2-3 weeks before Xmas. I love the beautiful (and time consuming) projects I’ve seen, but always go CAS to make mass production easier.

  • 474
    Sue Alg says:

    I usually begin gathering my ideas and supplies around October. However, I look for ideas throughout the year and start a computer file with pics and ideas.

  • 475
    Roxann says:

    I am a teacher so my favorite starting time is August! Crazy early, I know, but “life” gets so nuts if I wait longer than that. Now that I am a new grandma… That may not have been early enough!

  • 476
    Kelly says:

    I start thinking about it in July but I don’t really start until September because I wait to see what new things are out to use…and this year PTI has lots of great things!

  • 477
    Rebecca says:

    For the past couple of years I have attended a Christmas in July card making workshop. I love it because it helps me get a head start on my Christmas cards. We go out the day after Thanksgiving to pick out our tree and start decorating. That’s when the real countdown begins!!

  • 478
    Emily M. says:

    Right about now… I start doing some sketches and getting some ideas for products I will need to complete them all. PTI has perfect timing!! πŸ™‚

  • 479
    Rita Fuja says:

    I try to work on crafty gift projects throughout the year but there’s still always a mad rush in December!

  • 480
    Suzanne Mooney says:

    If I am brutally honest, about December 1st and then I am in a tizz until it is all over. I keep telling myself that I need to start earlier, but for some reason or another, it just never seems to happen.

  • 481
    Michelle says:

    I would like to say that I start by crafting Christmas in July, but the truth is, I probably do most of my projects in December!

  • 482

    We have a tradition in our family that as soon as Halloween is over, it’s a go for the Holiday Traditions! I have actually started already in order to prepare for a holiday workshop I’m teaching at a local scrapbook retreat, Whitworth Ranch.

  • 483
    Betty says:

    I work on Christmas cards year round. Just like any card, I always have something ready.

  • 484
    Alice Golden says:

    I’m usually good about starting early – Sept or early Oct… but then the fall holidays take over and then it’s a mad scramble at the end with lots of late nights.

  • 485
    Jo Ann says:

    Never soon enough…always run out of time and have to send out some “store bought” cards.

  • 486
    Judy Stiles says:

    I usually try to have all of my Christmas cards/projects done by the end of October. That’s the plan anyway …. sometimes things don’t always go according to plan! lol

  • 487
    Angela says:

    I’ve already started planning next years card! I already have this years completed!

  • 488
    Barbara says:

    I usually start in July but this year I was moving in July so it is going to be October or later. I really need to get creative.

  • 489
    Ivy says:

    I always have good intentions to start early but usually land up preparing in early Dec. Seems that pressure against time is a good motivator. Thanks again for a wonderful release filled with great ideas.

  • 490
    Pat says:

    I usually start crafting gifts and cards in October.

  • 491
    Donna Simpson says:

    I am starting now since I have seen all our wonderful Christmas ideas! But typically I start working on my Christmas craft/cards in October.

  • 492
    Amanda S says:

    I begin in late August or early Sept when I can finally catch the first glimpse of the arrival of Fall! I start my Christmas projects to celebrate that I survived another summer! πŸ™‚

  • 493
    Joanne Bourgeois says:

    Most of my Christmas projects are finished by the end of September. With 8 grandchildren I always have a lot of items to make and buy. During the summer I help the grandchildren make gifts for their parents and siblings too.

  • 494
    Karen M says:

    I host Christmas card stamp-a-stacks in October with friends, so I start designing cards in July! However, starting so early hasn’t helped on getting my personal cards done – they ususally get completed the first week in December……

  • 495
    Naz says:

    I’d like to say July or Octoberbut most of the time its late November during Thanksgiving weekend. Though with all the goodies this month I may start earlier. πŸ™‚

  • 496
    Edith Burke says:

    My biggest Christmas project is usually making my cards. I make several styles that are suitable for mailing and then a different set that are usually quite intricate that I hand out to my special peeps. I start working on my cards in February or March so I am so excited when the new Christmas items come out in the fall. I have completed everything for this year so now I will start planning for 2013! And you have definitely given me plenty to work with this month! Thank you.

  • 497
    Magdalene Yeo says:

    I tend to make them year round whenever I get some free time, doing them bit by bit!

  • 498
    Carol L says:

    I make Christmas cards year-round since I make and send lots to OWH, but I get down to some really serious creating around July-August.

  • 499
    Monique says:

    It depends, but I usually start making Christmas cards in October! It’s almost time!

  • 500
    Anne G says:

    Usually around October and November but this year I’ve already started making some Christmas cards to avoid the last minute rush!

  • 501
    Debbie E. Baker says:

    Ha! I start my Christmas cards in April or May. This way I can take my time and I always make too many but then that gives me a great choice. My only problem is when the new stamps and papers and dies start coming out and I buy them, I start making all new cards again. What a dilemma.
    Have a great day and good luck everyone! Ciao πŸ™‚

  • 502
    Suzie says:

    About this time of year is when I start working on holiday projects…PTI always gets me in the spirit! πŸ™‚

  • 503
    Lauren Brekelmans says:

    I start thinking about it in July, start buying paper, embellishments etc in August/September, then start scrambling about 3 weeks before Christmas.

  • 504
    Sarah Fisher says:

    I have already begun this year! Each year, I make ornaments for my niece and nephews, the neighbor kids and friends’ kids. I completed this year’s ornament last month and now I’m looking ahead to making cards. I find by spreading it out, I’m less stressed as the holiday season nears.

  • 505
    Nancy says:

    I usually start preparing for Christmas projects in my head in August/ September. Actually starting the physical project October, all the while telling myself next year I’m going to start earlier…haha.

  • 506
    Holly says:

    When do I stop? I LOVE Christmas and I work on projects all throughout the year!

  • 507
    Glenna says:

    Right now!! I come here for inspiration and am never disappointed. It is so much fun planning each year’s Christmas card. Thank you.

  • 508
    Sarah says:

    I start my Christmas shopping whenever I see something that will be the “perfect” gift for someone I know. My cards are never made until the pressure is on (sometime in December)!

  • 509
    Lori Cullen says:

    I am a last minute lou! I don’t start on Christmas until mid-November at the earliest. I always plan to start sooner but the fall gets away from me.

  • 510
    Kim Badelt says:

    Since I’ve begun making all my christmas cards and quite a few of my christmas gifts I pretty much spend all year thinking about and making stuff for Christmas! Although I might take a little break in January just for a breather. Its kind of nice to have that holiday spirit all year round and to share it with others πŸ™‚

  • 511
    Maureen P says:

    I’m a season at a time kind of gal. I’m so busy with work and other design things that i don’t get my cards started until December. But I usually have a good idea what they will be. Special friends will get the more intricate cards I make for my blog πŸ™‚

  • 512
    jeannine says:

    i have so many november & december birthdays i usually don’t make Christmas cards. however the snowglobe & gingerbread boy & girl are calling my name this year. thanks.

  • 513
    Debbie G says:

    I usually start my Christmas projects on November 1st.

  • 514
    shari walker says:

    I usually start in oct, I find then I am not rushed and can take my time… I use to do it much later and with everything else, at the holidays never got what i wanted done..So oct it is and works well for me…

  • 515
    diane oliver says:

    I like to start in October so I don’t have to rush or do things in the last minutes. I want each project to look as perfect I as can make it.
    Can’t wait to use some these new exciting dies and stamps!

  • 516
    Lynne S in TC says:

    I like to theme my holidays each year,choosing something like holly, or snowflakes or candy cane stripes. All planning and shopping begins in earnest by october I enjoy the process, because everyday can be a crafty one!

  • 517
    Autumn C says:

    I usually start Christmas gifts during the summer months, or I would never get them all completed!

  • 518
    Debra N. says:

    In the summer! I married into a large family, and my husband likes to send my handmade Christmas cards to all of his relatives. I learned early in my cardmaking process to get everything designed and made in the summer so that I wouldn’t be up late at night during the Christmas season trying to get cards finished!

  • 519
    Betty Cash says:

    After Thanksgiving, my heart turns toward Christmas and I start thinking of projects I can do for my family and friends. This year my kids (which includes three grandsons) are coming home for Christmas and I can hardly wait to start preparing for them.

  • 520
    Jan says:

    I always have the best intentions of starting early, but it’s usually late November or so before the holidays seem “real” so that’s when I get serious.

  • 521
    pmm says:

    I start preparing last year, or even a couple of years ago- I have so many unfinished projects that sometimes by November I am ahead of the game!

  • 522
    Mary K says:

    A good friend and I get together to make tags and gifts early, so they actually get done, but there’s never enough time to make everything I dream up. The PTI team gives me so much great inspiration. I’m loving everything today!

  • 523
    Stamper Gail says:

    I usually start thinking about things as soon as it starts getting cooler then around October I start crafting for the holidays.

  • 524
    Cynthia Burke says:

    I formulate ideas all year long and usually start on gift projects in October. The edible gifts are made in December.

  • 525
    Colleen F says:

    Not in a major way, but I do randomly make Christmas cards throughout the year if I enter different challenges or for an MIM card! Wish I was more inspired…but really don’t you think I need to wait until at least September for YOUR big release to be able to use new Christmas stamps?

  • 526
    R.L. Hill says:

    I start gathering ideas in August and have an idea to work with, then keep hunting and gathering ideas (and supplies!) to go with it before I start my projects the first week in November. This is not just for my cards, but also gift tags, gift boxes and gift bags.

  • 527
    Judy says:

    I usually begin to plan for my Christmas cards in September or October but start making them after Thanksgiving. If I am making handmade gifts, I start making them before Thanksgiving so I have at least a month to finish.

  • 528
    HamDeb says:

    Decorating begins the day after Thanksgiving, but papercrafting doesn’t begin until about the 2nd week in December. Don’t like to be too early nor too late. Not everyone I send cards to celebrates Christmas, so I push the card making into the week following Christmas for New Year wishes too!

  • 529
    Donna S says:

    The day after Thsnksgiving. Every year I regret that I didn’t start earlier. Hopefully this year I’ll break the pattern.

  • 530
    Annette P. says:

    I have to be in the spirit, so I don’t start until Thanksgiving weekend.

  • 531
    Kathy McDonald says:

    I shop all year for Christmas gifts and really get into the projects part of it once school starts and the weather cools off a bit. I’m ready to start my Christmas cards NOW, as soon as I get the new Boards and Beams Die Collection in my hands!

  • 532
    Andrea Reynolds says:

    I usually start after Halloween. I’m so excited seeing all of these projects.

  • 533
    Pendra says:

    When I used to work I would start handmade gifts for my family in January. Now that I don’t work anymore, I should have more time to work on projects…but seem so busy, I don’t have enough time in the day!!! Funny how that seemed to work out!

  • 534
    Pat from sd says:

    I usually start my tags after Thanksgiving time. But I always would love to start earlier. Wish I had more time for cards too.

  • 535
    Beatrice says:

    I started last month. we are a big family. My pleasure is to give pleasure to each member. I like to think of them while I prepare personalized gifts.

  • 536
    Kate says:

    Normally I have a mad rush in December. However this year I bought the Wreath for all Seasons set and loved it so much, I made my Christmas cards straightaway (in May!) This felt a bit peculiar but I love my cards I made and for the first time ever I am all organised for Christmas!!!!

  • 537
    christianne says:

    I usually don’t start until after Thanksgiving. Then go, go, go.

  • 538
    jane says:

    i usually start in late Oct, but i start gathering my ideas around this time when Christmas projects start to appear!

  • 539
    Rhonda H says:

    I usually start in October. I need a little cooler weather to get motivated.

  • 540
    Lisa Bohler says:

    I start thinking and ordering now and then make them in December!!! I cannot stop myself from procrastinating!

  • 541
    Charmaine says:

    I usually start in October…I get all the things I need done for Thanksgiving…invites…decorations and party favors then I start in on my Christmas things…cards…gift tags and any packaging I might need.

  • 542
    Ann says:

    I usually start my shopping around Black Friday. Crazy time but there are usually great deals around that time.

  • 543
    Sara Jeanne says:

    I don’t start Christmas preparations until the weekend after Thanksgiving. Our first project is usually Christmas cookies… a tradition that my mom started when all of the guys in the family were deer hunting and we were at home with her starting the Christmas preparations. That’s when I start my craft projects or gifts too.

  • 544
    Kelle Williams says:

    It’s completely out of character for me, but I’ve already begun my Christmas projects. This year, my goal is to give as many hand-made gifts as possible. I’ve been working on various cross-stitch projects for months and at our Labor Day crop, I made a mini album, which is one of two that I will be giving as a gift. This is the earliest that I’ve ever started preparing for Christmas, but I’m still afraid that we may have to move Christmas to March in order for me to have all of the gifts completed!

  • 545
    Julie L says:

    I usually get going on my Christmas card making in November. There is so much Christmas craftiness to see, that I don’t always get started on those til after Christmas.

  • 546
    AngΓ©lique says:

    I make Christmascards all year long. As red and green are my fave colors, it’s really easy for me to make those cards all year round πŸ™‚
    Plus I totally love all the different Christmasstamps.
    I already got this year’s cards ready and now I’ve started, guess in May, making cards for others. Love it! πŸ™‚

  • 547
    Krissie says:

    I try to start thinking of card ideas in Oct to start planning for some Christmas cards/tags. I’m trying to start things earlier in the year, but that usually doesn’t happen.

  • 548
    keren says:

    I should’ve started already!! I normally start making gifts about now. Cards get shoved until the end of November when I’m running out of time!

  • 549
    Elle says:

    I have the best of intentions….and u know what they say about that right? I intend to start in October but I’m usually scrambling in December:(

  • 550
    Patty says:

    I try to start in July but that doesn’t always happen. But at least my intentions are there. πŸ™‚

  • 551

    Right before Thanksgiving. I guess Christmas cards get going sooner. Atleast the adressing of envelopes.

  • 552
    Alyssa Byron says:

    Hi Nichole!
    A round about now is when I think about it, order supplies and organise my workspace is preparation. The actual ‘making’ might start next month though, I get my mother and grandmother to come over and we spend the afternoon making a stack! Its a lovely time to spend together.

  • 553
    Jayne K says:

    I try to start my cards in October, but for sure I work all during November.

  • 554
    Miriam Prantner says:

    I’m starting to develop our Christmas cards now, but won’t start working on other projects until late next month.

  • 555
    Wendy says:

    When the cool weather and grey cloudy days return! Can not stay out of the garden right now.

  • 556
    Louise High says:

    When the Christmas season strikes me.

  • 557
    Samantha Burns says:

    Well, looks like its our turn to host the family Christmas get together, so I’m going to be starting on cards and decorations next week, because it will be here before I know it! πŸ™‚

  • 558
    maria f. says:

    Oh lordy, must I really admit this. About the last week of November.

  • 559
    Dru says:

    Because of my busy schedule I’m preparing for Christmas all year long ~ and even then I’m still doing last minute projects right up to Christmas Day.

  • 560
    J Tyler says:

    I generally start aroung the end of September, first of October. I really enjoy the whole process of deciding what to make and how many. The fun of handcrafting your own items is so much pleasure and seeing what others are doing just sets the tone for creative ideas. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE CHRISTMAS.

  • 561
    Debbie Ward says:

    Ha ha ha…good question this month…I start on Jan 2nd…I have a pinch of procrastination and a dash of ADD when I craft.

  • 562
    Anita J. says:

    Every year I am going to begin early, but it seems Thanksgiving is when I really get into high gear!

  • 563
    Beth says:

    Fall is a busy time for me at work so I begin in August, then put them away for September and October, and get back to them in early November.

  • 564
    BettyB says:

    I’m in the gathering ideas stage throughout Sept. & Oct. I usually don’t start making cards until end of Nov. & beginning of Dec.

  • 565
    Mia says:

    Each year I have high hopes of starting early (like now!), but the reality is, I don’t begin until the first part of December — yikes!!

  • 566

    I have been working on Christmas projects since June/July. I love doing it early so I have everything done and can enjoy all of the Holidays.

  • 567

    I start in Jan. Love the fact that I celebrate Christmas all through the years

  • 568
    Martha says:

    I always try to begin ahead of time, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

  • 569
    Angela Fehr says:

    I usually start my Christmas planning in October, but I’m already ordering supplies for my classes!

  • 570
    Sue McRae says:

    I usually start christmas projects after Halloween when the weather cools off and it starts to feel like winter. It helps get me more in the holiday spirit.

  • 571
    Amy Zwierz says:

    I actually have started already. I give a box of homemade cards to the kids teachers and my PTA volunteers. So there are many to make.

  • 572
    Kerri M. says:

    I usually start as soon as fall hits:) Once I start seeing pumpkins and fall colors all over the internet, I start thinking about all of the upcoming holidays!

  • 573
    Mary Lou Kemp says:

    I try to start my cards and projects the month before they are due.

  • 574
    Marisa says:

    I shop all year round for Christmas gifts and start making cards in October.

  • 575

    This year I started on cards in January–a first for me but it’s wonderful to know I have so many done. Gift purchases and decorating don’t happen until November. I always try to avoid the last minute panic and that rarely happens!

  • 576
    Meghan says:

    I usually don’t preparing for the holidays until at least the middle of November. I do have a few good ideas for gifts already so I might start early this year!

  • 577
    VikkiCH says:

    Not until November because I’m a procrastinator – then because I’m mostly retired I do a big push in a couple of days and get them done!

  • 578
    Jodi (Jodi&jade) says:

    I really do try to make Christmas cards for my family and close friends throughout the year, because I like to create a card special for each person. Then in October I work on cards for everyone else clients/friends and these cards are usually very straightforward and easy very little copics if any, basically cards I can make in a short amount of time. I also make gift certificates I can stick inside of my clients cards that gives them a small discount on their next hair appointment with me, to show them how much I appreciate them and their business.

  • 579
    Marty B says:

    Unfortunately I begin in November because now I’m under a time crunch with everything else I need to start for the Christmas season and every year I vow that I will start earlier so I can enjoy the season….maybe I’ll try for October. What a wonderful release to get me inspired.

  • 580
    D says:

    I try to start my Christmas cards in October, but it usually happens in November!! Thanks for a chance to win.

  • 581
    Anna says:

    I start in July. Around the same time that I start buying my ornaments for the coming Christmas Season.

  • 582
    Avital says:

    At the very last minute πŸ™‚

  • 583
    Connie says:

    I have a hard time getting in the mood, until we get a day or two of coolish weather. Then something inside me “clicks” and I’m off and running. My paper trimmer comes close to a meltdown and my die cutting machine goes into overdrive!!!
    — Connie C.

  • 584
    Jen says:

    Another fantastic release! You ladies really go above and beyond. It’s wonderful.
    My sister and I have 6 kids between us and live about 400 miles apart. So we start planning our annual Christmas ornament gifts in April or May and start creating them in July when both sets of kids are out of school.

  • 585

    I have a group of friends and we meet twice amonth to prepare for Christmas. We get really serious in late summer or early fall. Our goal is to be ready before the holiday festivities begin.

  • 586
    Robin says:

    Always too late! And then I have to rush! But I think I must enjoy rushing or I’d start sooner! A little pressure is good for my creative process!

  • 587
    Bernadette M. says:

    Honestly, I start my projects the night before the kids last day before holiday break. Yep, I procrastinate, and I am usually up till the wee hours of the morning finishing their teacher gifts. I hope to do better this year.

  • 588
    Jocelyn says:

    I have never made Christmas cards before. Hopefully this will be my first year!

  • 589
    Jacquie says:

    I start thinking about Christmas once the kids go back to school – I try to do something unique for our annual update & card, so I have my eye on the Santa Stationery this year!

  • 590
    sandygail says:

    I always hope to start in the summer with my paper crafting. But sometimes I end up waiting until November. I love that PTI starts releasing new sets in September for Christmas. Makes it so nice to plan ahead.

  • 591
    Sandy Vincent says:

    I plan to start early, but usually always end up scrambling at the last minute to finish up!

  • 592
    Mary Millar says:

    Though I don’t like to admit it, I tend to be a “last minute in the eleventh hour” person but this year I actually began in July. Didn’t finish–but I did get started!!!

  • 593
    Amy H. says:

    I usually start in October to prepare homemade gifts. We also have a house rule that we stop buying unnecessary things that could go on the Christmas wish list.

  • 594
    Tammy W. says:

    Unfortunately, I’m usually starting my Christmas cards in December sometime. BUT, this year I am truly motivated to start early. This month’s release has me VERY inspired!!! I even want to make my Christmas tags too this year! Let’s hope this motivation continues. ; )

  • 595
    Tonya Jastad says:

    It’s never to early for Christmas. I am making or planning something for Christmas all year long.

  • 596
    Jean Martin says:

    I’m always LATE in preparing for them. Usually late November early December. I keep telling myself I’ll do it earlier but I never do.

  • 597
    Paula says:

    As soon as the inspiration hits! Usually in August or September…

  • 598
    Cecilie says:

    As for Christmas cards I make them year round with an increase during late summer / fall. For Christmas ornaments etc. I usually only start during November.

  • 599
    pmm says:

    I usually start last year or the year before- I have so many unfinished or planned projects from previous years that by November, sometimes I am ahead of the game! ;o

  • 600
    conny says:

    It depends on what IΒ΄ll make. The begin for preparing the adventcalendars for my “little” ( 23 and 18 years old) girls is in September. I begin with my “normal” Christmas-projects in October/November.

  • 601
    Sue Lelli says:

    I usually start in September/October AFTER I see the PTI Christmas goodness that has been released! Then I am totally inspired to create my Christmas cards!

  • 602

    as soon as the Thanksgiving detritus is cleared!

  • 603 says:

    Usually I don’t start until late but this year I have been inspired by so many blogs, especially yours, and my goal is to start in October!

  • 604
    Cindy Welch says:

    I usually start over the summer, planning in June and then begin the prep in July. I make Christmas cards for myself and my family to use as well as for an annual Susan G. Komen silent auction fund raiser for breast cancer.

  • 605
    Cammie says:

    I usually start Christmas tags and cards in October.

  • 606
    Gloria says:

    I usually start making my cards in october, but end up finshing in December πŸ™

  • 607
    Cathy B. says:

    This year I started in late July during the Olympics. I couldn’t tear myself away from the games, but I could do crafting at the same time πŸ™‚

  • 608
    Linda in aus says:

    I usually start around July although I am late this year and have only thought about making them.

  • 609
    Sheila M Jones says:

    I start making things in the October holiday school break and then keep going until Christmas Eve!

  • 610
    Kathryn A says:

    I’m doing a few cards for Thanksgiving right now, then will start my Christmas cards. As for Christmas gifts, I haven’t got any ideas, yet, so I’m starting to panic!

  • 611
    Cathy Weber says:

    I do it all year round, I’m in a monthly card making club that makes our cards using a kit sent from a club member. I actually have all my cards done for this Christmas, but then I get started for the next year!

  • 612

    My Christmas shopping usually starts late summer, and card making is around October. I can’t wait to try out all these new stamp sets and die collections.

  • 613
    Barbara M. says:

    My family traditionally spends several days at our cottage over New Year’s. We love spending the long cold evenings making Christmas tags for the following year. But just so you don’t think I’m super organized, I start my Christmas cards right after Thanksgiving!

  • 614
    Alyssa S says:

    Last year I was on a Xmas challenge team so I created throughout the entire year. This year I haven’t been able to make myself start yet! Pretty soon though!

  • 615
    Lennie says:

    I shop for gifts all year long and I try to start making my Christmas cards in September because it takes me so long to make them!!

  • 616

    I always have intentions of starting early, but life has a funny way of making other plans for me! So in reality I usually get started sometime in October or November!

  • 617
    Laura K says:

    Usually around the middle of November but I am determined to start earlier this year. Thank you for the chance to win.

  • 618
    LR says:

    I gather ideas all year round, but usually don’t get to actually making things until November or December! I am so trying to get an earlier start this year and make it a new practice!

  • 619
    Dianne Jenkins says:

    I start my holiday preps as soon as the weather starts to cool off…this year (in Florida) it’s still too darn hot, so I’m running late! Thanks for all the inspiration.

  • 620
    Tosha says:

    It’s an all year event. I wrap nice boxes I get throughout the year for my boys (husband too) to use in their gift giving. Releives some of the stress for them and saves a ton on tape:)

  • 621
    Cathie R says:

    Holiday projects/plans are always in the back of my mind and thank goodness for Pinterest I can collect all year! I usually don’t really start anything until the end of October. I do try to purchase supplies early so everything is ready when inspiration strikes.

  • 622
    Deborah H says:

    I think about what I might want to make and what receivers might like to get all year long. I do get tons of ideas. I start making cards after Thanksgiving. I do have to start knitting projects at least by June because I am a slow knitter.

  • 623
    Amy Young says:

    I start making Christmas cards mid October, the rest of the decorating and projects don’t usually start til late November.

  • 624
    Bobbie Clinton says:

    I think about it all year, however begin in earnest in August. I teach poor women (who have been abandoned or widowed) in Nepal and India to create cards and quilted things – which they can sell to become self-sufficient. This year we are selling additional cards to raise funds for a children’s home/haven for women rescued from prostitution (human trafficking). Thank you SO much for the inspiring ideas and wonderful tools.

  • 625
    F Bond says:

    I try to start in September, but most projects don’t get started till October. Then there is a mad dash in November. Sometimes I am lucky if I am finished everything by the first of December. So much for good intentions…but every year?! LOL

  • 626
    Kelly says:

    I usually start sometime in October. Creating lists, cards & tags while watching football!

  • 627
    Linda S. says:

    They last 3 or 4 years I have started on my Christmas cards in February. Last year I struggled a bit with my designs, but have had them all done for several months.

  • 628
    Sew4kim says:

    I usually start in October some time.
    my kemma at gmail dotcom

  • 629

    I usually start Christmas cards in March, and then start hand-made gifts in September or October.

  • 630
    Karen B. says:

    I usually start my Christmas projects in November. πŸ™‚ I might start a little earlier this time since I can’t wait to use the new items I am going to purchase today! πŸ™‚

  • 631
    Mary says:

    I love Christmas so much that I work on projects all year, but I actually start my Christmas cards in October/November. I always wait to see what Papertrey has new for the season!

  • 632
    Helen says:

    When do I start? I always start too late. My well intentioned Christmas cards morph into Season’s Greetings cards. I figure as long as I get my cards out by the first of the year I’m golden!

  • 633

    I start my projects in October when I have a day where friends and family are invited to come and make cards and other handmade gifts using the supplies I offer.

  • 634
    Kimberli Sarsfield says:

    I always say I’ll start in Oct or Nov to do homeade cards. But in reality, I’m usually rushing doing them right after Tday! I decorate the house for Christmas Dec 1st.

  • 635

    I usually start in September or October. I have a hard time starting, but once I start, I am all wrapped up in it!

  • 636
    Pam says:

    I begin preparing in January and continue throughout the year gathering ideas, alterables, ribbon, new products, etc. By late summer I am ready to start on Halloween. Christmas begins early November.

  • 637
    Darlene Placito says:

    I prepare all year long! But really start cracking down around Halloween…..
    Darlene Placito

  • 638
    Heather R says:

    I usually start after Halloween. Since Halloween is my absolutely favorite holiday ever, I really can’t concentrate on anything else until it’s over!

  • 639
    Kara says:

    Usually in November, but this year I started way back in January!!

  • 640
    Susie W. says:

    I usually start my Christmas cards in mid-July. But, this year I started creating custom paper crafted items for customers. Business is good, but…that means I haven’t had time to make cards!

  • 641
    Laurinda says:

    As soon as summer leaves us, I feel the need to make a cosy home, candles, fire and ofcourse listen to X-mas songs! Then the inspiration pops up and I start wit the first christmas projects :-)) Love it!

  • 642
    Danielle Taebel says:

    I begin preparing when I start seeing Christmas stuff in the stores, usually around september or October. Thats when I start getting in the mood. And it’s easy when you have gobs and gobs of christmas paper and stickers and such from previous years! Who doesn’t, right?

  • 643
    Ivette says:

    I start thinking about it in August. Every year we have a Christmas party, and I make the invitations for them. So I have to start early so they can go out by mid-November. As for when I actually start projects, it’s probably more like late September/early October. I usually spend more time designing my Christmas card than actually making them!

  • 644
    Kirsten says:

    I usually start some in the summer when I have some time off, and then again after Halloween.

  • 645
    Laurie says:

    I try to start sometime in October, at least determining my idea for cards and supply list. It helps to take a class either at a local stamping store or online and I am an avid researcher online for ideas. Just so little creativity of my own. Sigh. That’s one of the things so great about your web site and products. It all helps to jump start my stamping and scrapbooking. Thanks for the luciousness (is that a word?)

  • 646

    I usually start my holiday prep in late August when the weather changes and moves into Fall. That gets me thinking about the holidays and puts me in the mood to decorate and create my Autumn and Christmas cards.

  • 647
    Donna says:

    I make holiday cards for others, such as Operation Write Home. The deadline is Oct. 30 so I will start making holiday cards this week.

  • 648
    Jennifer says:

    I start preparing and thinking about the holidays right after my Sophie’s birthday in August. I love the holidays and really can’t wait for it to be here already!

  • 649
    Kristinkat2 says:

    After Thanksgiving … But because i am a teacher who’s semsester end right before Christmas, it is an eve more busy time of year. So I usually do my Christmas cards late, and they end up getting sent a day or two before the big day.

  • 650

    Seems that October has to have arrived before I get in the “CHRISTmas spirit.” Then, I begin my handmade cards and “goody bag” creating for my co-workers and grandchildren.

    The September PTI “pillow box” and “tissue paper favors #1” dies have cheated the calendar for after viewing all the DT’s samples, my heart and head have ALREADY kicked-in to CHRISTMAS gear!!

  • 651
    Laura I says:

    I have the best of intentions to start making my Christmas cards early, mid-October, so I am not rushed. However, every year I end up squeezing time between Thanksgiving and the second week of December to get the cards in the mail!

  • 652
    Susan M. Hansen says:

    I start thinking about projects in July but I ususally don’t get started in earnest until September. Even then I’m often late. Susan

  • 653

    I started making Christmas cards in December last year but that was because I had had a small operation and wasn’t allowed to do any house work of lifting for 6 weeks( Yippie), so I started while the Christmas tree was still in the house. I’m on 43 now. Christmas crafts is a different story, I always start too late.

  • 654
    Marilyn in Michigan says:

    Usually I’m busy the week before Christmas trying to get my Christmas cards in the mail. This year, I at least started making my tags the first week of August when I was on vacation at my sister’s house.

  • 655
    Marsha says:

    Right now! The Halloween cards are done, there’s just enough of a nip in the air to remind me that summer is drawing to a close, and it’s time to get busy again.

  • 656
    Sara M says:

    I tend to start the day after Thanksgiving. Once the holidays have come and gone I tell myself I’m going to devote one weekend a month to holiday crafts so I can enjoy things more and I don’t have to be so rushed. Ultimately I miss out on something because I haven’t given myself enough time.

  • 657
    Amy H. says:

    I love that there are even more card ideas for release day!

  • 658
    Kim Heggins says:

    I start my Christmas planning on December 26th each year. I make most of what I give and I like having the entire year to get it all done!

  • 659
    Lori Mock says:

    The girls in my family go on annual overnight shopping trip the week before Thanksgiving. That trip gets me motivated for everything else Christmas! πŸ™‚

  • 660
    Laura M. says:

    I always plan to make Christmas cards and gather all the supplies, but somehow very few ever get made. I’m usually not in the Christmas mood until late November and by then it is too late because work, gift shopping and holiday get-togethers claim all of my time. Then I go to plan B and make a limited number of cards for a very few people who particularly appreciate them!

  • 661
    Emily W. says:

    Generally, I don’t make a whole lot of holiday projects, and when I do make them, it’s whenever inspiration strikes! If I do need to make something specifically for the holidays, odds are good it won’t get started til December!

  • 662
    Christine Sudmann says:

    November is the time, when itΒ΄s getting dark earlier and itΒ΄s cozier inside than out – thatΒ΄s the time whe I start thinking about Christmas – making and writing the cards, preparing the advent-calender for our kids (grown up now, but they still cherish them) and buying Christmas-presents. ItΒ΄s not exactly early and sometimes time seems to run short, but so far IΒ΄ve always made it.

    Thanks for all the great inspiration and stamps for this years cards – I guess IΒ΄ll have to make several different ones to use all the good ideas!

    Greetings, Christine

  • 663
    Julie says:

    I usually make a few things in the summer, but wait to see what fun things come out in the fall to really work on holiday projects.

  • 664
    Tosha O'Neal says:

    I usually start in November after Thanksgiving when the Christmas music is playing on the radio.

  • 665
    Martha D. says:

    I usually try to get my cards started in Oct. and done by Thanksgiving. But it still seems like I am rushing to get them addressed and stamped before Christmas.

  • 666
    Karen in RI says:

    I usually start my holiday projects after labor day. I’m working on some right now!

  • 667
    Bernice J says:

    I make a lot of my Christmas cards for the next year right after I have made the cards for the current year. The products are still out on my desk and as long as the Christmas creativity mood is there, I just keep on going until I have used up what is out. To keep things fresh, though, I also make current year cards starting in early November. Christmas presents and baking, uhm, maybe in mid December?

  • 668
    Renita Y says:

    I usually wait until after St. Nicholas’ Day to start on the Christmas projects & shopping (old family tradition) but that doesn’t mean I’m not in the Christmas mood early πŸ™‚

  • 669
    Ruth B. says:

    I try to get an early start, but usually end up rushing to get done in December. On a good year, Christmas cards are out by December 1.

  • 670
    Nicky Hsu says:

    Believe or not, I started in July when I submit to the magazines. The first time is weird to gear up for holiday mood in Summer but once you start you can’t stop. I just pick up ideas from the projects I’ve create in Summer when the holiday comes.

  • 671
    Lindsey says:

    Right now! September is hen I start realizing Christmas is going to be here before I know it. If at all possible, I like to have all of my Christmas gifts ready by the end of October, so I don’t have to worry about those things, and I can just enjoy the holiday season.

  • 672
    Pam H says:

    Just starting now to plan for the holidays. Getting ready for a make and take at the library in November.

  • 673
    Carol S says:

    I sometimes go to a Christmas in July craft event and make a couple of cards. This then gives me a false sense of security because I then think I am ahead of the game. Roll onto December, and I’m in a mad panic churning cards out without enough of the pleasure that should accompany the lovely activity

  • 674
    Lisa J says:

    The past few years, I seem to get an early Octoberish start on my holiday crafting. All goes well, until I hit a lull, thinking I’m ahead. Then it seems like, WHAM!, Christmas is here, I have half finished projects lying around, last minute shopping to do, and recipies that won’t get tried for another year!

  • 675
    Pat Whitley says:

    I have looked and looked at all the inspiration from the DT, but still am not sure where I am going this year. I just may go back to a set I have not used or ordered yet, a nativity. Then using Dawns Happiest of Hollidays.

    I am so late, I usually have a start on this in the summer, before school begins.

  • 676
    Lisa K says:

    I generally start making Christmas cards early since the holiday season is so busy. If I don’t get them done early they won’t get done. We usually decorate the house during Thanksgiving break so everything is very “Christmas-y” right after fall.

  • 677
    Carolyn says:

    I usually start in September making my cards and putting together my gift and crafty to-do lists.

  • 678
    Colleen says:

    I try to make all the Christmas gifts for both my family and my husband family and we both come from large families so I always need to start my gift making in August and I have started for this year already. Thanks for another great release and great giveaway!

  • 679
    Jessica S says:

    Some gorgeous cards on display here. You’ve not quite a nice line-up of Christmas stamps and dies here. I generally start making Christmas cards in November, when I realize how close the holiday is. I’ve been trying to make cards earlier so it’s less of a rush and began earlier this month. πŸ™‚

  • 680
    Ellen Cagey says:

    Typically I start around mid to late October (after Halloween stuff is all ready); however, over the years I’ve been dragging it out until a little later because, inevitably, PTI releases something just fabulous that I must have for my Christmas projects!!

  • 681
    laura strickland says:

    have to say how much i love PTI’S projects! i think i subscribe to all the desginers blogs! anyway, sometimes i start the year before because if i have a plan for gifts and decorating for the following year than i can catch sales, etc. to go with that plan. most projects get “mapped” out starting the beginning of october and then i start working on each season in order starting with “welcome to fall” and then so on. with the hopes to get most Christmas projects completed by the second week in december! the kids get out of school so i have to have teachers gifts and stuff like that done early! thanks for so manyopportunities to WIN!!!

  • 682
    Dee in NH says:

    I usually start my cards in October. It usually takes a few prototypes before I hit on the one I want to mass produce.

  • 683
    Jane says:

    right after halloween!!! i love christmas, but have to limit myself to that time period… compromise between me and the boyfriend.

  • 684
    Jenn Bishop says:

    Wow, in normal years, I start preparing sewing projects in April, other handmade large items in June or early July, scrapbooking calendars in July, and cards in August or September. However, I have had a myriad of major health problems this year due to my Lupus, so I am just now starting on cards. That will be it.

  • 685
    Jessica says:

    I am going to be making Christmas cards this year and have about 60 to make so I will be getting started very soon. Great release!

  • 686
    Elizabeth S. says:

    In my mind I start early especially when you start releasing your new products. But then I get side tracked and I am getting things together almost at the last minute.

  • 687
    Mendi M says:

    Usually in November, but every year I swear I will start earlier!

  • 688
    Harriet Skelly says:

    I usually start my holiday cards in October….it takes me a while to get into the holiday mood.

  • 689
    Cindy Otto says:

    I am usually working on Christmas cards and projects the middle of October. I have to get ready for Stamp Camps that I teach. Everyone loves making Christmas cards. That is also the time you start seeing cute projects to decorate with and create. Love the season!

  • 690
    Jennifer L. says:

    Ideally I’d like to start preparing for Christmas after Halloween. But I actually start preparing in early December and get my cards sent at the very last minute. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 691
    Leslie L. says:

    I tend to do my Christmas projects very late – sometimes cranking out cards on Christmas Eve for use that night with someones gift. I am hoping to be better prepared which would be a first for me…I want to make all of my gift tags this year.

  • 692

    I get ideas early but usually get started somewhere in between Halloween and Thanksgiving, and then I continue on after Christmas, especially making tags, so there’s often a good beginning for the following year.

  • 693
    Pam A says:

    I try to get started in late October so I’m finished before Thanksgiving. I always make the cards my mom requests first, then make mine. But, I think about them all year long. LOL.

  • 694
    marion says:

    Rather bizzarely I start my Christmas cards while the decorations are still up. I find I get lots of inspiration from the cards I receive and then I know I will have the next years ready and not have to think about making any the following year!! I don’t make Easter cards though as not many of my friends or family give them.

  • 695
    Ruth G says:

    I don’t usually start until after Halloween because it always seems like there’s something else that needs to get done until then and I feel like I can devote my time to Christmas from that point on.

  • 696
    Janet d. says:

    I usually start in October. This year, I plan on starting the day my sept release sets in!! Can’t wait!

  • 697
    Mandi G says: