It's time for another fun and informative episode of everybody's favorite stamping podcast. Ever think about starting your own custom inviation business? We talk to Dana (granolagirltoo) about her business and she gives some helpeful tips to get you started on your own.  

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The next podcast will air on November 5th. Please call into our Google Voice number at 301-799-8338 to answer this episodes discussion question and ask our designers, Jenn, and Nichole your questions.

For easy reference, here is Erin's discussion question for episode number 15:

This is a hobby has been one of the few that has stuck around. It wasn't a fad that I got into, but rather a lifelong activity that I will always participate in. And I see my stamps as a whole collection rather than a rotating inventory where things go out (buy, sell, trade forums, yard sales, giving to friends) as often as they come in.  And so therefore, now that I'm fully committed, I shop a bit differently.

So, tell me how you shop. How do you decide to purchase your stamp sets? And for you old timers who have been doing this awhile, how have your shopping habits changed? Can't wait to hear your answers. I've always believed that a percentage of the enjoyment in this hobby is the shopping. Feel free to spill the beans, because you are in good company. 

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  • 1
    janet wilson says:

    Hi there, this is the first time I have tuned into a PTI radio episode and would just like to say THANK YOU! I found it very informative and fun, sitting listening to the candid discussions. It is reassuring that even the hardiest of crafters, procrastinate – LOL
    I have picked up some very useful tips today and enjoyed the process, into the bargain, many thanks once again, especially Erin and Dana. Looking forward to next month’s radio episode :o0

  • 2
    Denise says:

    Thanks for this, I am a visual person usually, but listening to this has been just as helpful. Could someone advise if I would be able to email my answers for episode 16 – Nov 5th???? I live in Australia, so phoning isn’t feasible. Thanks 🙂

  • 3

    What a fun Pod cast!! This was my first time as well!!
    I guess I really feel a connection to the stamp sets that I decide to buy!! I usually also have an idea for using the stamp set so buying it makes it even more reasonible!!?? =) Or so I tell myself!! =)
    I am fairly NEW to stamping, but I do have some sets that I have had for YEARS!! I am really enjoying your products and wanted to say THANKS for having such a fun DESIGN TEAM and also an AWESOME BLOG that helps the NEW and the OLD stay INSPIRED!! =)
    Have a FABULOUS WEEKEND and I look forward to the next podcast!! =)

  • 4
    Linda in Aus says:

    Denise i was wondering the same thing

  • 5
    cathy says:

    I love everything christmas so I can’t wait to see the entire october release. love,love,love the snowmen and all the sneak peaks just leave me waiting for more. Bring it on.

  • 6
    cathy says:

    oops…wrong place

  • 7
    Laurie H says:

    The Snowman shape is so cute. Love all his little accessories!

  • 8
    Heather says:

    Super advice from Dana & Erin. As someone who has turned their love of papercrafting into a business, I found this extremely helpful – please keep them coming. Thanks so much!

  • 9
    Ohhh Snap says:

    I love listening to all the great information. And thanks for writing down the question :D.

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