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Sit back this Labor Day weekend and take a little time for yourself as you listen to our latest Papertrey Radio update. If you are looking forward to our new ink, get all the details here.

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Please call in to 301-799-8338 and answer this episode's discussion question: 

This month, I'm interested in hearing about what you do to rejuvenate your creativity. I've found that if I take longer breaks between stamping spurts, I have no creative fatigue when I go back to it. It's something I've learned that really works for me after years and years of doing this. In particular, I find that nothing, absolutely nothing, ruins a good creative high than trying to ride that wave and force something more to be made. Isn't there a saying that goes something like "leave the party, when you are still having fun?". That's what it is for me. Disaster results whenever I go against that. Best to walk away, do something else, spend some time with friends and family, get some chores done. And come back to it in a few days. Wish it wasn't so finicky, but that's what I've got working for me.

So, are you continually creative? Or do you need breaks? And what do you do to rejuvenate yourself? Call into 301-799-8338 and let me know. If I use your response in the next podcast, you might be our randomly selected winner of a stamp set of your choice. Got nothing to lose, so call in and leave me a message.

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    Kathy says:

    GREAT podcast! This is awesome! I just discovered this, so this was my first one I got to listen to. Now I’ll have to go back and get caught up on the rest of them! I’m so excited about the new inks, they sound fabulous!

  • 2
    Lisa says:

    Oh my goodness I thought you were talking about me for a second! That’s exactly what works for me as well. Don’t rush through projects, step away, take a break and clear my mind. Time with my family is ALWAYS the best medicine for anything.

  • 3
    Joyce says:

    I love the podcasts:) I usually listen at the gym, but today I had to listen while cleaning once Joyce told me I won the drawing! Woohooo! So exciting, thank you so much!

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