Make It Monday #30: Colored Pencils

By August 29, 2011Make It Monday

Everybody is crazy over Copic markers, but we're kickin' it old school today with a video on colored pencils. Let Jennifer show you how inexpensive, blendable, and impressive projects can be using this coloring medium.

Stills of Jennifer's project: 



If you are joining along this week, here are the details concerning the Make It Monday Challenge.

–A new Make It Monday Challenge & video will go up every Monday morning at 9am EST.

–Create a project utilizing your take on the challenge.  Your project must use at least one Papertrey product and feature the use of colored pencils.

–Post your project on your blog, in your gallery or on any other photo-hosting site (such as photobucket or flickr).

-Add your project to our —>InLinkz List HERE<—

–You will have until 7am, Monday, September 5th, to add your link to the list to be eligible to win.  And you can enter as many times as you like.

–We will be tweeting and posting on our Facebook page every night (between 5-9pm EST) highlighting a Featured Project.  These tweets/Facebook postings will just be a shout-out regarding projects that caught our eye.  The tweets/Facebook postings no longer have any special merit regarding the actual contest.

–One randomly selected winner will be chosen from ALL the entries on Monday, September 5th, after 7am.  The winner will be posted here on this blog post, on Twitter and Facebook.  The randomly selected winner will get to select a FREE Papertrey stamp set of their choice!

 Good luck to everyone and we look forward to seeing your projects!


Karen Flores

Congratulations, Karen Flores!  Please be sure to email customer service with your free stamp set selection and your shipping information!  And thank you to everyone else for playing along!  There were truly some beautiful creations shared this week!

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  • 1
    Beverly BL says:

    What a wonderful jar full of Autumn. I never knew about the baby oil, much more economical. Thanks so much.

  • 2
    Rachelle says:

    thanks for the great tutorial. While i would love to have copic markers it is just not in the budget yet, so I appreciate this.
    Just wanted to say that I could barely hear Jennifer even with my volume all the way up…the music was plenty loud though.

  • 3
    Heather Chabries says:

    Jennifer! This is so pretty. I loved the video. But next time could you please adjust your volume levels so your voice is louder? I could hardly hear you with the volume on my laptop all the way up. Otherwise… great job!

  • 4
    trinka king says:

    Looks beautiful…wish I could here it!

  • 5
    trinka king says:

    Hear it would be better : )

  • 6
    diane mcvey says:

    Great tutorial, Jennifer! Thank you so much. I love my pencils, and before Copics, they were my go-to medium. This makes me want to go BACK and use them MORE! (and I too had difficulty hearing the video). THANKS!! 😀

  • 7
    Jessica reyes says:

    Really great tutorial on using colors pencils! I always wondered how do you make the lines go away to give it a more polished look. Baby oil! Had no idea! TFS & I love your colors on the card!

  • 8
    June K. says:

    Thanks for the great video, Jenn. I haven’t used my PC pencils in a long time and you inspired me to get them out and color away. Actually PC pencils is my true love as I feel I can control it better than Copics but I use my Copics more often as it seems to go faster. Thanks.

  • 9
    Gloria Reynolds says:

    Ditto on the volume. I did pick up on the tip using baby oil…I have always used gamsol. Thanks.

  • 10

    If anyone has any experience using Windows Live Movie Maker and dubbing narration successfully, I would LOVE to hear from you. I’ve purchased two different microphones and neither is giving me the results I’d like. If you have tips for that, please let me know and I will give them a try. I’m sorry for the trouble with the sound – if you have headphones, it might help.

  • 11
    Karen Brandt says:

    Oh I just love this project! I am a big fan of Jennifer’s projects and I love how she used the colored pencils Thank you so much for this Make It Monday!

  • 12
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    Can’t hear even w/earbuds in & everything turned up as loud as it goes. Video is pretty.

  • 13
    Aime says:

    There have been so many times I almost bought Gamsol to do blending and now I’m glad I didn’t. I’ll be trying the baby oil since I have that at home ~ thanks for showing us this!

  • 14

    Great coloring and card, tfs the video 🙂

  • 15
    MOI says:

    Beautiful & thanks for the tip re:gambsol vs baby oil. Also I have to concur with other comments re: volume. Tried 2 different computers turned to full volume and still could not hear.

    Sorry to complain I know this must be a lot of work. Thanks again for sharing.

  • 16
    Yvonne S. says:

    Can hear the music loud and clear but unable to hear more than a whisper with Jennifer.

  • 17
    Barbara Morris says:

    BABY OIL PURPOSE – Because the volume was so low, I didn’t hear the reason for using baby oil, but figured it helped to blend by watching your video – BUT I DO HAVE QUESTIONS #1 Does the baby oil leave a film on your cardstock? #2 What about bleeding through your cardstock, any problem with that? #3 What type cardstock did you use?

    Barbara in Bellflower

  • 18

    Hi Barbara, I use Papertrey Ink’s Stamper’s Select white. You don’t need much on your blending tool, and no, it doesn’t leave a film or soak through. I hope this helps.

  • 19
    Kathleen Miller says:

    Do you sell the colored pencils? Or does this technique work with all colored pencils?

  • 20
    Barbara Morris says:

    Thanks for helpful reply!!

    B in Blfwr

  • 21
    Liz Thomas (wifelady) says:

    Yeah – so glad to see you guys cover colored pencils — I don’t use Copics so I’m always looking for tips/techniques for using my Prismas – thanks!

  • 22
    Holly saveur says:

    GORGEOUS card it!Thanks for your tutorial!

  • 23
    Annie says:

    What an amazing technique with the baby oil! I had no idea. Thanks for the tutorial. That jar of FALL is beautiful. 🙂

  • 24
    Kathy H says:

    Wow! So very pretty and so very my colors!! Jennifer you did a fantastic job with the colored pencils.I was quite convinced I was going to jump on the Copic bandwagon since my dh said I could, but watching this video using the colored pencils is giving me a moment to pause and possibly reconsider…maybe a good set of colored pencils are more me:)

  • 25
    Heather says:


    Thank you for this wonderful tutuorial! Your card is soooo beautiful! I just ordered the pencils I needed. I love the blending technique!

  • 26
    Gabby says:

    Hi! Lovely card, beautiful coloring. I wish I could have successfully heard Jennifer on the tutorial video. I had to strain so much and was only getting bits and pieces so after a few minutes, I stopped watching it. Drats! Any way to techno-fix that on your end? I so love Jennifer’s videos because she presents them so comfortably and is so matter-of-fact and thorough. I certainly appreciated the effort. 🙂

  • 27
    Lori says:

    I loved the video! I was wondering what kind of colored pencils you used?

  • 28

    Beautiful project! Unfortunately I was unable to hear it as the volume was so low but I did have the volume on my computer on high. Could this be redone so that we could get all the instructions for the technique? I did notice that someone else had the volune problem also. Corrine Ann

  • 29
    Kelley Barkei says:

    I sure wish I could hear it.

  • 30
    Roberta says:

    The card is beautiful. The sound was not good at all. What type of pencil or tool did you dip into the baby oil to use on the design after applying the colored pencil shades? Couldn’t hear it. In fact, I gave up at this point. However, I’m really interested in this technique. Thx!

  • 31

    Your card is so lovely! I watched the video on my cell phone and volume was fine. I’m also excited about the tip on baby oil!
    Kindest regards,

  • 32
    Shirley Ano says:

    I could not hear anything at all and would love to see this again with the audio up quite a bit. I am so excited by this as I love colored pencils but have never used baby oil? Another video please!!!

  • 33
    Roberta says:

    Beautiful card! Beautiful colors! Having a most difficult time posting this!!!!

  • 34
    Laura says:

    Awesome tutorial – I learned a lot!

  • 35
    Holly says:

    I too had no volume with mine up to the max. I couldn’t make out anything she was saying.

  • 36
    Penny Reed says:

    I don’t know is it was just me but I could hardly hear Jennifer and had everything up as far as it would go! Loved the technique!

  • 37
    Lori Winters says:

    Absolutely wonderful!!! I love the technique since I think I am pencil challenged so am now inspired to give it another try. Such a great fall card too!

  • 38
    stefani says:

    What an awesome tutorial! Thanks! Beautiful card too! 🙂

  • 39

    Are these watercolor pencils or just regular colored pencils? Your project is SO gorgeous! I would love to try it out but want to make sure I know which thing to use! Many thanks!

  • 40
    Donna K says:

    As much as I love my copic markers I also like to keep fresh on other coloring options. The card was very pretty and very nicely shaded. I’m loving the MIM tutorials and often go back to check out previous videos. I’m sorry that this one was especially hard to hear because she obviously put a lot of effort into this project.

  • 41
    young c-m says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! Can’t believe I didn’t know about this technique, lol!

  • 42
    Dianne Johnson says:

    I loved your tutorial, and your card is stunning! I would love to know if a fixative or anything is needed after using the baby oil. Does it dry on its own?

  • 43
    iemke says:

    Great video. Just a few questions. Did you use watercolour pencils or normal ones? What was the white pen you used with the baby oil? I normally use watercolour pencils+ waterblending tool.

  • 44

    These are Prismacolor colored pencils (not watercolor pencils). There’s no need for a fixative! I mentioned it earlier, but I’m open to suggestions on microphones that are compatible with my system.

  • 45
    Pamela says:

    Very interested in this video, like other buying Copics (which I would love) isn’t in the budget. I could not hear the video which unfortunely left the video pretty much worthless. Using colored pencils would be a good alternative and would consider making this purchase – if I knew what she used!

  • 46
    Ree Donnelly says:

    Wow, great video! Nice job, Jennifer!!!

  • 47
    Gloria Reynolds says:

    Just a note: In my humble opinion, Prismacolor pencils are the best investment I ever made!

  • 48
    Maureen Chandler says:

    I love this card and the technique with baby oil is really cool – who knew? The sound was very difficult though – I had the volume turned all the way up and really couldn’t hear the commentary. I paid close attention though and am sure I can do this! Thanks so much!!!

  • 49
    carmen says:

    this would be great, if i could hear it!!!

  • 50
    Sonia says:

    I love, love, love, this challenge! I haven’t used my Prismacolor pencils in a while, and it felt great to get them out and play! Thank you!!!

  • 51
    Marlena says:

    Thank you Jennifer, you color beautifully! 😉

  • 52
    Kathy V. says:

    Lovely card. I watched it at least a dozen times trying to get which colored pencils you used.What are they?
    It’s very hard watching a silent video. And you-tubes take forever. I get 5 seconds of movement, then about 30 seconds or more of nothing. It takes over 30 minutes to watch this video.
    It would be very useful if you could list the supplies used on this blog after the “stills” of each project. I sincerely love your Make It Monday projects. It would just be nice if we could hear them. Thanks!

  • 53
    Kathy V. says:

    In my last comment, I asked what pencils were used. I know they’re Prisacolor. What I want to know is what number and names were they. The supply list went way too fast, couldn’t get the colors. (The only fast thing on you-tube). Sorry, I don’t mean to complain, you gals are really great!!

  • 54
    Alisa says:

    This is a great video with some great tips but I can barely hear you. It would have been much more valuable if I could. Thank you though. 🙂

  • 55
    Melissa says:

    First time entering. Bought PTI stamps & am now using them. Entered a Hawaii scrapbook layout. Used 1 PTI clear stamp “road trip” and a free digi image that I used pencil colors. Hope I read the challenge correctly that you have to have at least 1 PTI product which I do & use pencil colors so I hope that you do not have to use pencil colors on the PTI product since mine is a stamp that I ink stamped.
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  • 56
    jan c says:

    Picture beautiful… I only wish I could have
    heard it… Free styling was easy to hear..
    Please correct sound so we can enjoy this one

  • 57
    essays says:

    you have a talent!
    p.s. Thanks for the video

  • 58
    Cheryl O says:

    Lovely card, and so easy too! Thank you for sharing it with us….

  • 59
    Connie F. says:

    Great tutorial! I am definitely going to try this technique.

  • 60
    Ger says:

    I love all your ideas!

  • 61
    Carol R says:

    Loved watching this. Beautiful card and coloring. Pencils are one of my favorites to use when coloring and I learned more from this tutorial. Thanks so much!

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