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Driveway 4

Many of you have asked when the next installment for the Cedar Ridge blog would continue…just a little note to let you know that I updated it today with some progress made on our driveway.  

Have a wonderful, fabulously creative day!  

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    susan says:

    Congrats on the wonderful progress. Just reading about it made me feel good too! Enjoy the journey.

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    steph zerbe says:

    It sounds like a dream come true. You have such a way with words.
    I’m so happy for you and your 5 days on the market find! It doesn’t get any better than that.
    Best wishes!!

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    Elaine Moore says:

    Anyway to sign up for updates on Cedar Ridge on FeedBlitz??? or some other email server???
    I’m so excited for you guys – this is just a wonderful place.

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    Heidi S says:

    Congratulations and enjoy!!

  • 5
    Mish says:

    Ohhhhh, it’s coming along. It’s so fun to keep a photo journal of the progress. I’m so glad I got to see Cedar Ridge in person. I can picture myself there, Nichole. I’m excited for you guys.

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    I am excited to experience this journey with you. Congratulations on your beautiful new property.

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    Deebi27 says:

    To live out in the country with the best that nature gives…priceless! I know because my husband built a home a year before we started dating in the country. We feed the best of nature each morning and evening. Deer, raccoons, birds, skunks, fox, groundhogs, squirrels, rabbits all undomesticated animals are welcome. I eve talked my DH into planting fruit trees for for our friends! Buy finding this lot, I know you and the family also want that space where you can check out the stars at night (w/o city lights!)!!!!!

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    Sharon L says:

    You have taken such beautiful pictures. I hope you scrapbook this adventure! What an album that would be. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience.
    Sharon L

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    Juanita in Ohio says:

    I forgot – My son picked a lot so that the front of the house would face West and the yard would have shade during late afternoon and evening. Just a little tip to share with you. Of course I thought it was a fabulous idea because he’s my fabulous and smart 37 year old KID, LOL.

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    Juanita in Ohio says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to you, Dave, and the family!! The photos are sensational, they make me feel as though I’m there with you. I LOVE the photos and explanations. I’m as excited as you are and appreciate you sharing this journey with us. I LOVE anything to do with a house from beginning to end. TFS, TFS, TFS!

  • 11
    Julie Newton says:

    This looks so beautiful! Which state is this in??

  • 12
    Bee says:

    Gorgeous views! Enjoy! 🙂

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