A Passion for Papertrey in the UK

Passion for papertrey

Two very dear & dedicated customers, Kate & Steph, recently created an entire blog dedicated to Papertrey fans in the UK & the rest of Europe called A Passion for Papertrey.  It is a wonderful testimony to all of our wonderful customers abroad.  They put a lot of time into the design of the site and update it regularly with Papertrey projects and other chit chat. 

They even have monthly challenges with Papertrey Prizes!

There's also help available for finding someone to share orders with to save on the cost of shipping!

I think any of you that happen to live on that side of the ocean will enjoy the close-knit camaraderie found there! I'm truly honored that Kate & Steph invest so much of their time into the upkeep of the site!  It is truly destined to become an invaluable resource for our foreign friends!


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    kate lewis says:

    Thank you so much for the post Nichole and for pointing your blog readers in the direction of our Papertrey blog! We totally adore PTI products and are so glad we’re connecting PTI fans in Europe and even introducing stampers to your products – thank you so much for your amazing inspiration! Kate x

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    Deanna says:

    We have pretty much the same thing here in Canada! 🙂

    We just posted the Loonie Stampers Challenge this morning where we take turns posting PTI color challenges! You might even recognize some of the ladies as some of us have won GSS or honorable mentions!

    Part of our group is out west and they order together and 2 of us are in Ontario and we have a little PTI group and we all order together, ok maybe we push PTI on our friends… tee hee! We have another newbie for next months order!


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    Hi Nicole, I live in the U.K and love Papertrey Products and follow all the Papertrey Ladies Blogs and would you believe 3 days ago i found A Passion for Papertrey – it’s fantastic.
    Your blog is such an inspiration i Love it.
    Have a great 4th July Weekend – Julie xxx

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    Joyce Stewart says:

    Nicole…..yes, this is a great site to have and we are thankful it is there. I am going to ask through this comment facility if you would please consider opening a branch of Papertrey in the United Kingdom. You certainly have dedicated followers here and I would be grateful if you would seriously consider this. I’m sure your fans over here would agree wholeheartedly with this request! The International Shipping cost is prohibitive to a lot of us who would love to order every month. I await with interest hearing from you.

    I am afraid we will not be opening any branches in the UK anytime in the near future. The costs involved in doing something like that along with finding trustworthy individuals to run the facility while upholding our standards would certainly be difficult. Perhaps in a projected forecast of five+ years something along those lines may come into play, we’ll just have to see! Thanks for your suggestion and we certainly appreciate your interest!

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    Emma says:

    I would like to toot the trumpet for the most wonderful ladies Kate & Steph. Who now I call friends since we have all been brought together through your amazing company and creativity.

    I know they work so hard and have introduced many, many people here in the UK to your wonderful products. I will also let you into a secret, If it wasn’t for the distance I would give up my addiction to Stampin Up and convert to the Papertry side, but shh it’s a secret ..

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    Amy Hadley says:

    I just ordered from Papertrey for the very first time today! I’ve drooled over the stamps and inks for so long, I can’t wait till I get my package 🙂

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    Renee V. says:

    What an excellent blog that’s filled with so much beautiful inspiration. I had a great time visiting!
    Thanks for passing it along!

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    Susy says:

    what a fantastic idea. Hope someone in Australia does this soon. Love the idea of being able to find other Aussies to share postage with.

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    Steph says:

    Hi Nicole – thanks so much for the mention, I’m just thrilled to bits!! You have no idea how much pleasure I get from my PTI goodies, the quality & design are second to none – you are truely an inspiration 🙂
    Steph xxx

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    Nina says:

    I’ve been visiting the site ever since it launched and I love it! I think it’s great you mentioned it for anyone who might be interested but didn’t know it yet. Thank you and many greetings from Germany!

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    Margaret C says:

    Oh man oh man oh man !!!! THIS IS WHAT I@VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! SO EXCITED !!!

  • 12
    ValerieC says:

    I checked it out! Very cool!

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    CherylQuilts at SCS says:

    Wow, what a great blog! Always glad to get more inspiration…and so neat to connect with the other side of the pond! Thanks, Nichole!

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    Dana F. says:

    I stumbled across this blog in April and loved it ever since! Kate & Steph are such an inspiration!!

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    Taheerah says:

    I too have been following Kate & Steph’s blog and am thrilled that they’ve had this very worthy mention.

    I organise group PTI orders myself and it’s a lot of effort but well worth it and very rewarding, but to dedicate a blog to Papertrey and especially to keep it updated frequently with new posts, inspiration from the latest sets, and challenges with fantastic blog candy – that’s another level completely and a huge investment of time, dedication and money. Well done girls!

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    Amy Wanford says:

    Kate & Steph totally rock!! They’re just the most amazing gals! I feel blessed to have found them and their friendship!
    Needless to say I’m a HUGE fan of their PTI blog and it’s thanks to them both that I’m well and truly a PTI addict from across the pond!
    Congrats Gals *MWAH!*
    HUGE hugs!

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    Titta says:

    Thank you for featuring this blog! I didn’t know about it, and as a European customer it’s of great interest to me.

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    Thanks Nichole for mentioning this blog. I am a fan of PTI and love what you and your DT creates. Now to find someone to share shipping costs and I’ll be completely happy.

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    Monica says:

    Those two girls are amazing and they put a lot of work into this blog, they are also extremely generous in sharing their own PTI goodies with those wanting to participate in challenges but not owning any products. So a MASSIVE WELL DONE girlies is nice to see you are apreciated. Hugs M xx

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    this is the most beautiful fashion blog i’ve ever come across! thank you for your inspiration. what a great idea to look for shirts in the children’s department. yellow + polka dots = a very shiny day!

  • 21

    What a fantastic idea. Hope that someone in Australia done soon. The idea of being able to find other Australian share postage with love.

  • 22
    Morti says:

    Keep considering the UK branch, Nichole! We’re still interested…. At the very least, someone you trust to be a stockist – you can be VERY selective (check out The Craft Barn in Lingfield, they’d be my suggestion!) but it would certainly be a worthwhile venture because you would increase your sales tremendously….

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    Thank you for this blog! I don’t know anything about this, European client as much interest for me.

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