Day 9: Introducing Friends ‘Til the End & Quick Kits

Today we are revealing what exactly Hint #4 meant last week.  Many of you guessed that we were going to be coming out with our own line of chocolate candies, which gave us quite a chuckle behind the scenes!

What we were REALLY referring to was kits!  Yes, Quick Kits to be exact!  The idea behind these all-new kits is to offer up a selection of our exclusive colored products at a discount.  Each kit will be designed to coordinate with a specific stamp set (available for purchase separately). Our first kit will be released February 15th and includes nearly $22 worth of product!  ALL of this offered to you at the special low price of $16!  Look at how LONG the list of contents is!!!  You can make SO many cards with what it contains!!!

Packaged kit

The kit comes packed in a sturdy kraft box bottom with a clear acetate cover that slides off and on like a matchbox, complete with one of our signature box bands.  The packaging makes it a perfect presentation as a gift and it also serves as durable storage.  The thing I love most about these kits is that if you have ever been overwhelmed with the selection of products at our store, you are now able to get a little bit of everything with just one click.  You KNOW it will all coordinate and that you'll have all the supplies on hand to make lots and lots of projects!

This kit was designed to coordinate with our new Friends 'Til the End stamp set which will also be available on February 15th.  The set will retail for $24 and contains oodles of fun images to play with.  Can I just tell you how much I LOVE this set?!?!  Seriously; the moment I completed the illustration work on the flowers included in this set, I knew that it would quickly become one of my favorites.  I can't even begin to describe how incredible it was to ink it up for the first time!!!  I just *know* that once you see the set in its entirety, you'll fall in love too!!!

I created a special card today that uses both the Friends 'Til the End stamp set and the new Quick Kit to help demonstrate what a great package deal it is!

Circle punch

I started by stamping the large and small (yup, there are two sizes folks!) flowers onto ripe avocado cardstock using vintage cream ink.  Aren't you just in LOVE?!?!?  Honestly, who wouldn't want to stamp that pattern on very shade of cardstock they own!  *sigh* I punched a notch from the side of the cardstock using a 1" circle punch (EK Success).


The stamped avocado cardstock was then adhered to a 4 1/4" square vintage cream card base.  I stitched around the edge with my sewing machine to help draw attention to the notch.  As a little quick tip, when stitching around small curves, like the notch, I like to turn the wheel manually on my sewing machine rather than press the pedal.  It is easier to turn your project just a bit after each stitch without going too fast and keep everything looking neat and precise.

Slot punch

I then pulled out one of my *favorite* tools, the anywhere slot punch from Making Memories.  I created a slot just inside the notch that I punched out earlier.

Threading ribbon

Ripe Avocado stitched ribbon was threaded through the slot.  Just a short piece is needed, about 4" or so.

Threading button

I pulled out my new stash of *vintage buttons* (I just get giddy every time I use one!) and selected one that was vintage cream.  I threaded it with twine and looped the twine around the two ribbon ends at the edge of the card cover.

Tightening twine

The ends of the twine are pulled to tighten the twine, therefore cinching the ribbon.

Finished accent

A little knot is added to hold the button securely in place, and viola!  A pretty little accent that you can add to the edge of nearly any card!  I've really enjoyed adding little details like this lately to my projects.  I have found that it is best to do them on a 4 1/4" square card so that even with the overhang, they can fit nicely into an A2 envelope.

Completed card

I added a fun little sentiment combination to a strip of cream cardstock along with a few brads from my stash as a finishing touch.  I love the simplicity of this card design and I look forward to replicating it many times in the future.

All three

What's fun about this type of project, is that you can make it in three different colors just with the contents of the new Quick Kit!  Nearly everything you need is right inside!  Ink, ribbon & cardstock in three colors, plus a neutral.  Talk about easy peasy!

Now, there may be a small chance that you aren't completely convinced that a Quick Kit could be in your future. I've got one more detail to reveal that just might persuade you!  Part of the benefits of a Quick Kit is a FREE Design Download!  The downloads contain full color photos, detailed supply lists, cutting measurements and complete instructions.  This month's download contains TWELVE project ideas put together by our design team using our very first kit!  And have they EVER knocked it out of the park this time!  In fact, they did such an amazing job, we have decided that rather than waiting until the 15th to make the download available, we would do so TONIGHT!  So hold onto your hats, ladies! Yeehaw!  

Download Friends 'Til the End Design Ideas

After you've downloaded the file and had a chance to take a peek, you'll have to let me what you think!  With all that inspiration in one neat little package that you can access anytime you like, how can you go wrong? If you ever lose your mojo or need a card on the double, you can use the download as an easy reference.  If you were to give the kit as a gift, you could even print the document out and include it in the box for the recipient to use as inspiration!

So, as an extra special treat, each of the ladies has shared their contributions to the download on their blogs as well.  Providing you with a few more details and tips regarding their amazing projects.  Click each of linked names under their projects to go directly to their individual blog posts!

CLICK HERE for Becky Oehler's blog post


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CLICK HERE for Niki Estes' blog post

Aren't they all amazing?!?!?  I still can't believe what an incredible variety of projects they designed, all with the same contents of the Quick Kit!  If that doesn't inspire you, I don't know what would!!!

Now to give you a little back story, when I was concepting the idea Friends 'Til the End, I was thinking about the fact that most of my card creations are made for girlfriends.    You know, REAL honest-to-goodness-down-to-earth-they've-seen-you-in-your-bathrobe kind of girlfriends.  The ones you've been through EVERYTHING with.  The ones that are there for you on bad days just as often as the good ones.  I'm sure at least one or two special people fill this role in your lives as well!  I wanted to create a set that
allowed me to celebrate friendships EVERYDAY, not just on birthdays and
special occasions.  I think the sentiments in this set are perfect for
just that and I am excited to have all of you use it for the purpose it was intended!  Let's here a woohoooo for girlfriends!

So that brings me to today's contest & challenge!


All you have to do is create a card for your dearest friend.  Post the project somewhere online, whether it be your blog or your favorite online gallery.  Then, be sure to come back here and link it up to Mr. Linky below!

Wanna know what's up for grabs?

If you win, you will receive not one but TWO prize packages!  One for you and one for your very best friend!  (Hey, you need something to send WITH the card you created, right?!?!?)  Each prize package includes a Friends 'Til the End stamp set AND the coordinating Quick Kit! The two prize packages together are worth $80!

There's actually TWO ways to win!

Perhaps you don't dig participating in the challenges but still wanna play for the prize?  Post a comment on today's post and tell me all about your best friend. Why are you friends?  How did you meet?  What is you favorite memory with her?  Posting a comment will automaticlaly give you a chance to win!

Now don't worry, participants that post a comment AND a challenge card with Mr. Linky will be entered to win TWICE!  That's right!  Double your chances just by playing along!

You have until 3am EST (midnight PST) February 10th to share your challenge project and/or post a comment.  The winner will be listed on our special Anniversary Prize Page
after 12 noon EST, February 10th. You can always access this list through the NEW!
Anniversary Quick Link list to the upper left sidebar here.  A copy of
the list will also be updated daily in our customer forum.

I hope you are all enjoying all of the festivities and I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow for even more exciting reveals!!!


Get the VERY first peeks at Dawn McVey's stamp designs being released this month!

Did you catch Heather Nichols' post that mentions a bit about her new February sets?

I'm testing you to see if you're reading all the way down here! Be sure and stop by the CPS Blog again today after 7am EST.  I mentioned earlier in this post that when you see Friends to the End in its entirety, you'd fall head over heels like I did…..well be sure to stop by CPS and be prepared to fall in love!


Stamps: Friends 'Til the End (available February 15th)

Paper, Ink & Ribbon: Friends 'Til the End Quick Kit (available February 15th)

Other: 1" circle punch (EK Success), slot punch (Making Memories), brads, sewing machine & thread

Fished size: 4.25" x 4.25"

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  • 1
    Debby says:

    Wow, the first to comment – advantages of being in the UK. My best friend, well I could spout on for ages, but when it comes down to it she is always there, ALWAYS.

  • 2
    Alyssa Byron says:

    I have been waiting and waiting all afternoon for this post, but *boy* was it worth it!

  • 3
    Alyssa Byron says:

    Opps I forgot to tell you what my favorite memory with my friend was—> We met on the first day of year 7 and I was so shy and so was she that we were instant friends! I love this girl to pieces and I love this set! Thanks Papertrey!

  • 4
    Lou says:

    Oh *swoon* this makes it so easy to choose now – I can just buy a kit! And it IS a PERFECT present for a friend too πŸ™‚


  • 5
    Laurence says:

    My best friend at the moment is one scrappy friend I met at my DD’s school. I introduced her to scrapbooking and she was hooked, now we spend good times together making pages. It was her Bday lately!

  • 6
    Mary says:

    It’s so nice to take the time to reflect on ALL the wonderful women who have decorated my life thus far — from my Mom and my sisters and then through grade school, high school, college, and beyond… HOORAY for girlfriends!! (I may need to make several challenge cards…). πŸ™‚

  • 7
    Becs Attwood says:

    Your card is soo lovely…would love to get the kit & try this. Don’t think I’m going to have time to make a card, so I’ll tell you a bit about my BFF. We met when we were 7 or 8 and her Dad came to my Church as the new pastor. No matter what changes have happended in her lfe since then, she always makes room for me & asks nothing in return. And a few years ago I got her hooked on stamping so she would love this set too!!

  • 8
    Robb_eeie says:

    Hey Nichole …. Brilliant concept regarding the “Quick Kits”, especially for those of us who might be on a [cough] bit of a [choke] budget these days.

    Ok my favorite memory of my Best friend ~ this is tough as I could share so many that would make you laugh. But honestly, for me, it was the day she gave birth to her only child ~ a son ~ and he was only an hour or so old, when she placed him in my arms and told him to meet his new Godmother ~ meaning me! Yikes! πŸ™‚ It still brings tears to my eyes 12 years later, and gives me those nervous-excited butterflies in my stomach. What a special honour and this gift from my best friend continues on, as we are included in all his school events, birthdays, holidays, summer vacation, winter skiing, and anything else you can imagine.

    My best friend along with her husband, and of course her son, have blessed me/us with the *Best* gift ever ~~~~ Unconditional Love & Family =)

  • 9
    Kim L says:

    One of my dearest friends is one I grew up with. We were inseperable through most of our childhoold. We don’t get to see each other much these days, but when we do it is like we were never apart!

  • 10
    Dizzy Broad says:

    My best friend and I met 18 years ago. On a blind date. And now he is my husband! Does that count? πŸ™‚ I’m so sure he’d use the card kit if I won!

  • 11
    jenink says:

    This set is drop dead gorgeous. I’m thinking DIY pattern paper, cut out flowers, great for resist, watercolor- so versatile.

    As for my best friend, well it is a cliche, but it really does have to be my DH. Noone knows me like him, or does as much to support me.

  • 12
    Paula says:

    My sister is my best friend.

  • 13
    Carolyn Y says:

    I met my best friend when we were co-workers. I was going thru boyfriend problems and she was there for me. She was also there for me when I had my son. I was dead tired with a newborn and she took him and cared for him for 1 week while I got some sleep. Even though we now live in different states, I still call her and keep in touch.

  • 14

    My best friend and I are cross-country stampin’ sistas! We met on-line on a popular message board, and last year she flew all the way to the west coast to vacation with me! We had such a great time. She’s my BFF b/c not only do we share a passion for crafting, but she’s a wonderful listener. I can tell her anything!

  • 15
    Roxanne J says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win without completing the challenge. No blog,no camera,no scanner makes challenges hard but I do case :).Love your card designs. My best friend came to me by marriage. She is my oldest brothers wife. She is the one who introduced me to my stamping addiction. I would love to surpise My “Stamp Pusher” with a free set.

  • 16
    Maryanne says:

    Other than my sister, my best friend is someone I have grown up with, work with and still friends to this day.

  • 17
    Lynne Phelps says:

    My best friend is my little sister, Janet! We fought as kids and gradually started coming together as adults, although we all lived in separate states. She has four children that are so important to me – I can’t have children so hers are doubly precious. When our mother was dying, I took family medical leave and stayed in New Mexico until the end. Janet visited as often as she could and still keep her family with four children running. Janet has been a stamping enthusiast for years. On one of her visits, she took me to a rubber stamping show at the Albuquerque fair grounds. I was hooked! I bought materials and set up a corner of the dining room as my craft area. Rubber stamping was my respite during that painful period. Since we lost mom, I have moved to the same state and town as my sister, spend lots of time with her family, and we are still stamping buddies. I would LOVE to give her one of the sets!

  • 18
    Edna says:

    I am lucky to have a number of besties, but this one in particular is my oldest friend… we met in our teens through our then current love interests and have been pals ever since. Our frienship is based on trust and reliability… There is no possible way I could list the best memory, it is one of those relationships where there are many… most of which we laugh about from time to time!! This set is perfect for celebrating friendship and I can’t wait to make it mine!!!

  • 19
    Jewels says:

    My Best Friends and I have been friends a looooooooong time. I have 3 and can not call one best over the other. The first…we met when we were 3 years old and 26 years later we are still best buds. I even got to watch her first son be born. The next 2 I met in Grade 9 (16 years ago) we laugh like there is no tomorrow til we almost pee, never a bad time to be had and life is good when I have them near me!!

  • 20
    mai H says:

    My best friend is my sister! we can be bickering and yelling at each other one minute and lovey, lovey the next. I love her and will be there for her always. I know she’ll do the same for me!

  • 21
    Katie Kerwin says:

    I met my best friend in grade school. We used to walk home from school, church, wherever and then stand on the corner–just to finish our conversation–and talk for ages. To this day, we still do the same thing–even if we’re not actually standing on the corner!

  • 22

    My best friends name is also rebecca! We met at church and my best memory is also a worst memory. My son was very sick and in the hospital and she came to sit with me when I really needed her. She was wonderful. She even thought to bring me drinks, food, a hair elastic,toys for my son – she was great! I can’t thank her enough.

  • 23
    Katie says:

    My best friend lives in a different state than I do, but we talk nearly every day! She and I met in 3rd grade and we’ve had our ups and downs but through it all we’ve stuck together. I can truly say that I believe that we’ll be friends for the rest of our lives.

  • 24
    Kathy says:

    My best friend is my sister–my TWIN sister! We talk on the phone every single day, sometimes twice a day. And although we live hundreds of miles apart, we shop together–we go to the same craft store at the same time and shop by phone. Not quite as good as being together in real life but still lots of fun.

  • 25

    awesome download!! And I HAVE to have this set! I adore the flowers- so modern, clean, and fresh! woo hoo! My best friend and I have been friends for over 20 years. We met when my family moved next door. We were only 7 at the time, but we have remained friends all these years!

  • 26
    Jessica says:

    Friends. I grew up in NYC in the tough areas. My dad was always afraid (and with justifiable reasons) of me getting to close to people I didn’t know. They always expected me to go from home to school and back. Needless to say I grew up not having close friends. I struggled with this but thanks to Jesus he led me to meet beautiful people who encourage me through my walk especially my Husband. And you ladies (Nichole and Dawn) somehow are part of that group. Someday we’ll meet :0) maybe at CHA!! Thanks for inspiring me!
    β™₯ Jessica

  • 27
    Carolyn G. says:

    What a WONDERFUL set! So glad to have a chance to win! I don’t have a blog, so that leaves me out part of the time.

    My best friend is someone I’ve known for over 20 years now. I met her through my husband, (who was friends with her husband) and so on. She has been there for me through thick and thin, marriages, births, deaths… It’s nice to have someone who shares your interests and who is always there for the bad times as well as a fun day at the spur of the minute!

  • 28
    Jeanie Nieva says:

    my bestfriend is my husband. i know it’s cheesy but it’s true. πŸ™‚

  • 29
    Dana says:

    I met my best friend during our first days of kindergarten and our frindship has grown ever since. She’s there for my whenever I need a helping hand or someone who listens to my problems. One of the favorite times we spent together was a four weeks trip to Australia to visit her sister. We had so much fun altogether! And well, just some weeks ago she honored our friendship by asking me to be her maid of honor for her wedding this September πŸ™‚

  • 30
    Jolanda says:

    I did it…… I’ve made a card for my best friend
    I love these challenges….. it’s getting me out of a scrap-dip. Thanks!

  • 31
    Holly says:

    Don’t laugh…. but my best friend is my mum! It’s true. She’s always there for me, and even though I’m grown up I still want to call her up and tell her everything.

  • 32
    Rachel M. says:

    I actually have 3 best friends from middle and high school! It’s so hard to choose just one! We enjoy cardmaking and scrapbooking, getting together for a girls’ night out, or just enjoying watching our children play together.

  • 33

    I make most of my cards for my girlfriends too but for my best friend Cathy I make “anytime” cards as often as I can. We met 16 years ago on the first day we dropped our baby daughters off at nursery so we could go back to work – both crying our eyes out and feeling the loss together. Cathy has had a hard time healthwise over the past few years and a set of this fabulous kit would cheer her up no end – what a great gift it would be!

  • 34
    Linda aka Oz says:

    I posted a card I made for a dear friend. My best friend in the whole entire universe passed away 3 months ago and I miss her everyday. I have lots of good and great friends but Dawn was….well my life. Everything I do, I do better because of her. She was loved greatly and

    I can’t erase this but I can’t go on either. Linda aka Oz

  • 35
    Loriann says:

    I met my bestfriend 15 years ago at work. We have had diff. jobs since them and don’t see each other much, but talk constantly. She loves me for me, through all my quirks and I would do anything for her as well. How nice just to be yourself, the good, bad and the ugly. Everyone needs a friend like her.

  • 36
    Joyce says:

    Can I say that this kit and all the others to follow will be a Godsend for those of us in the UK who want a ‘taster’ of all the colours etc….it is a wonderful idea. Well done – looking forward to ordering…and they are so beautiful to give as a gift.
    My friend, well she is just that…the best person, the closest person, the only person one can pour one’s heart out to….the true meaning of ‘best friend’.

  • 37
    Morgaine says:

    My best friend always listens when I am stressed out and is my voice of reason. We met in college and later became roommates. She helps me to see things from a different perspective and she encourages me everyday to strive for my dreams. Some of the greatest memories I have with her are staying up into the wee hours of the morning rocking out to crazy music and having a techno dance party in our PJs. She was my maid of honor in my wedding and she IS my very best friend.

  • 38
    jeni allen says:

    i have to say that my mom is my bestest friend ever! i have always had a wonderful relationship with her and i would choose spending time with her(and my sisters)over anyone else…she is the best mom/friend ever!

  • 39
    Lori says:

    My best friend was actually a year older than me in high school and we grew up about a mile apart. Unfortunately, I did not know her well all those years ago. We became friends when a mutual friend introduced her to Stampin’ Up! I did a workshop for our mutual friend and she decided to sign up to be a demonstrator. That is when our relationship began. We talk every day online…usually multiple times. We share so many of the same interests. She was actually the one that introduced me to PTI. How fitting you are offering this challenge! We have been discussing all of your posts in the last week, Nichole, on a daily basis. I send her cards and surprises frequently, but I would love to be able to send her my card with the perfect surprise…a PTI kit and stamp set! Actually it would be SO much better to be able to give her the items in person just to see her face and give her a huge hug! She has no idea how special her friendship truly is to me!

  • 40

    Oh thanks so much for posting two ways to win. I’m out of town this week for work and can’t do any stamping πŸ™‚ My best friend, Lisa, is an amazing person. We’ve been friends for over 20 years. I know I can count on her through thick and thin.

    Thanks for the chance.


  • 41
    Kelly A. says:

    Wow! Great idea!!

    I met my best friend in 6th grade. We only lived in the same town for three years. Ever since, we’ve been 3000 miles apart or more and we’re still best friends 18 years later!

  • 42
    Bianca B. says:

    I have so many good memories about my best friend…we met the first time during the first year of university: she saw me reading a fantasy book and simply asked if it was good. We talked during aaaall the lesson, trying not to be seen by the professor:) It has been so funny! And I found out that we had many interests in common! It has been the most wonderful morning in all my school-life – even if we didn’t understand what we should have done as homework for the next lessonXD And we had the chance to attend a course together: it has been sooo funny! The professor looked like a twin of Tom CruiseXD We has spent a whole lesson trying to take him some photos!!
    I wish I would only have met her before, because she’s the person I can always rely on, no matter what happens.

  • 43
    laura j says:

    Love the new quick kits! I met my best friend through stamping. Not only do we share a love for this craft but I know that we can count on always being there for each other!

  • 44
    Mary says:

    Being a brand spanking new stamper I thought to myself last night, I wish PTI offered some sort of kit to get me started. I don’t own any stamps yet, but I do have a couple sets in my cart to check out on the 15th!!
    My BFF, well what can I say? Love her to pieces. I live in a very small town and was going through a very hard time and she invited me to dress up with her on Halloween. She didn’t know me that well, we actually knew one another through a mutual friend. As of today we have been friends for YEARS!! I have tried to get her interested in stamping with me but she just can’t afford it. OH how I would love to give her this kit to get started with me!!

  • 45
    Karen Milone says:

    My best friends name is Sharon, I love her so much because she is a total nut and we laugh til we have tears in our eyes. She is also the most compassionate person I know.

  • 46
    Melanie says:

    I have a few friends from childhood and they are my best. We’ve been through lots together and it makes our relationship that much more meaningful. We never knew when we were kids what challenges would come– nor what joys!– and we’ve grown as people because of those challenges.

  • 47
    Nina says:

    Actually my mom is my best friend. She is always there for me. Unfortunately we live 400 km apart, but we call each other at least twice a week. We tell each other pretty much everything. Of course I have lots of fond memories with her, the best thing is her being proud of something I achieved, e.g. my A-levels or when I finished my year as an Au Pair. The next one will be my uni degree, can’t wait πŸ™‚

  • 48
    Stephanie Niavez says:

    My best friend is one I have known since I was like 6 or 7. She currently lives in another country but should be home by the fall. She is easy going, fun, and we can hang out and watch Lifetime all day and never get bored. Oh, and we both have the same first name.

  • 49
    Sheri Watts says:

    Love the kit ideas, I like that it would be really simple to send this as a gift to my other stamping friends. As far as my best friend I would have to say I have one that is always there to help me and always there to “stamp” with me….. I have known her and her sisters and brother my whole life since I was a newborn and they are my family. …thanks for the chance to win such great give a ways… PTI is awesome.

  • 50
    Kathy Jackson says:

    We met when our kids were in daycare, now their in jr. high!! We can laugh for hours when we get together! I swear my stomach actually is sore after a night together for laughing so much! What a great concept with the kit!! I love it!

  • 51
    Joan says:

    my nest friend is a person I cannot live without!!! She and I talk every day. She makes me laugh, cry and just enjoy all of lives moments all the more. Sandi…..if you read this……Thanks for being my BFFL!! πŸ˜‰

  • 52
    Mary says:

    I’ll be back with a card later but for now – I met my best friend when we were freshman in high school! That’s 30+ years ago and we’re still friends. We even fought over the same boy many years ago and although I won (lol – he’s now my husband of 28 years) we hung in there and will be friends for life!

  • 53
    Debbie Nelson says:

    My best friend is my sister. She is the first person I talk to each day….usually drooling to each other about the new PTI post and new products.

    She has been by my side through breast cancer, the loss of our parents, and the loss of my precious daughter. She is my rock and my pillow.

    My sister is also the one that started my obsession and passion for stamping and paper crafts.

    This set is awesome and I would love to have one for me and for my wonderful sister! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 54
    Jo says:

    I met my best friend when she emigrated to Australia in 1997. She moved here with her son to marry my then boss. We just ‘clicked’. She is the one responsible for getting me into stamping and cardmaking! We used to have a standing date for Oscar’s night where we would eat her famous chicken wings and be the ‘fashion police’. We don’t see each other as much as we once did, but I know that we will always be there for each other.

  • 55
    Elise says:

    nichole…thank you so much for this challenge… best friend and i have not been in touch much lately – she is in chicago and i am in nj….we just got back in touch in the last few days and she is having a hard time with life, so i am thrilled to make a card for her letting her know how important she is to me.

  • 56
    Angie J says:

    YAY 2 chances to win!! Love it. And love the quick kit!

    What can I say about my best friend. She is just the best friend that I girl could have. She is there for me no matter what and in the last 6 months or so its been ALOT! My favorite memory in recent months has been the trip to Cleveland we took. There were 4 of us that went to a Browns/Colts game it was a ton of fun! I love her to pieces and cant imagine life without her!

  • 57
    Amanda says:

    I just don’t know how to describe my best friend. She’s a little older than I am – like the mom I was suppose to have. We met through my son. She was our lactation consultant when he was born, almost four years later and we still talk all the time about EVERYTHING.

  • 58
    Melanie Bray says:

    Wow… that kit is amazing!! So much GOOD stuff for such a LOW price!!! It sounds and looks fantastic!! Okay… my bestfriend and I were in school together…there’s just something to be said about someone you can be with that you either can talk non stop or just be silent…the relationship goes so much deeper and these are rare and precious jewels to cherish!! Mel

  • 59
    mcbetty says:

    My best friend Rita … met her when she was 5 and I was 6. We’ve seen each other 3 times in almost 35 years. One delicious coincidence: in the mid 80’s, I called her to see if she’d be home in Georgia as we were driving down to Florida. She was leaving for Florida the next day. We talked and found out our motels were two motels apart at the same time!!! We wore a trail in the sand going back and forth. My kids said, “Mama, I see why Rita is your best friend.”

  • 60
    Cia Tate says:

    My best friend is Lisa. I knew her from work. When she invited me to her SU workshop, I told her I was already a demonstrator. From that point on she did everything to get more business for me. Now my best memories are whenever we can get a few hours for a trip to our favorite paper arts store and lunch together.

  • 61
    Andrea Scoville says:

    I have known my best friend since first grade… that would be 33 years ago now! We’ve been through EVERYTHING together! What I love about her is that she knows every little thing about me and loves me anyway! Our daughters are now best friends πŸ™‚

  • 62
    SueD says:

    My best friend is my little sister – and any time we get to spend together is the best time, and would she just love this set!

  • 63
    Pat says:

    When you’re one of 5 girls it might be hard to believe that one of them would be your best friend. My younger sister Laura lives in Cambridge Mass while I live in New Jersey. We talk every day (sometimes more than once!) She’s my only son’s Godmother and now my daughter in law’s favorite Aunt. She is – without a doubt – the BEST!

  • 64
    Kim M says:

    I met my best friend through her husband. We had grown up together and after they got married, they went through a bit of a tough spell and I became her friend during that time. She is the best!

  • 65
    Wendy Todd says:

    My best girlfriend and I met when we were 16 at a national youth convention. She’s the sister I never had (she even calls my mum “mum”!). A gift like this for her would be perfect timing if we win -her family is directly affected by the devastating fires in Victoria, Australia right now and it’s yet another challenge for her to face in a long line of setbacks in her life. She’s a beautiful person who gives of herself until she has nothing left to give and then gives some more. I hope we win for her!

  • 66
    donna calamari says:

    Febrauary 2009 will surely be a record breaking month for PTI! Every post and sneek peek reveals more and more creativity and beauty. Everything I’ve seen is a must-have! My bff is ALWAYS there for me. Besides the laughter and good times, there is no greater gift a friend can give than knowing she wants to help you when you need the help.

  • 67
    Stampin Pam says:

    I am blessed to have several amazing women in my life who are my best friends – “Best” implies only one but that just can’t be – because each of these special women is “best” at the moment of need – hers or mine. Most of my besties have been there for me for over 40 years – YIKES. (OK so we were friends from birth?!?! *wink*) BUT at the moment, my two best friends are my two daughters – they are there for me whenever I need them. They bring my joy and laughter and love on a daily basis even though they are grown and on their own. Life just wouldn’t be the same without them. πŸ™‚ Thanks, Nichole, for another amazing opportunity to show our friends just how much we care. Hugs n Smiles.

  • 68
    Jean K. says:

    My best friend is a friend I have had since high school. I do not see her as much now that we both have busy family lives to contend with, but she has been there when I need her and I will always do the same for her.

  • 69
    Julia D says:

    My best friend is Tora and we’ve been friends since 5th grade (we won’t talk about how long along that was!). We’ve remained best friends all these years because we just know how to deal with each other: when to complain along with each other and when to push each other to stop complaining and DO something.

  • 70
    Jean Dominguez says:

    Thank you for your amazing creativity & knowning exactly what we need/want! I met my best friend in college. She is smart, witty & beautiful inside & out. My favorite memory of her is her quote of our friendship “She is my most expensive friend – the best thing I got out of college”! Tears!

  • 71

    What a great prize to win. And since my best friend is a stamper as well…. woohoo! We’ve shared some interesting experiences together. SOme that can’t be mentioned here πŸ™‚ Yes we’ve seen the jammies and the lovely hair that comes along with the jammies. Can’t wait until I get home tonight to play in the challenge.

  • 72
    Sally says:

    I love the quick kits, and the cards were all beautiful!
    My best friend and I met when I was 5, she lived around the corner, and we always had the best times. She lives in another state now, and we try to get together twice a year and catch up.

  • 73
    Pam says:

    Oh my gosh Nicole, I love these new kits, everthing at your fingertips to make beautiful cards. I have so many memories of my best friend it’s hard to pinpoint just one. The best thing I can say is that she always made me laugh and was always there for me. Unfortunately she passed away on my birthday two years ago and although I miss her terribly my beautiful memories of her are still in my heart.

  • 74
    Suzanne T says:

    My best friend and I have known each other since 3rd grade – now we are 40! We have seen each other through heart break, child birth, the good times and the bad times – no matter what we are always there for each other.

  • 75
    Pamela C. says:

    I met my best friend at church…she is a pastor’s wife (they have since moved to another church) and even though we don’t get to see each other because they are in another state, we are still there to support each other. I miss having her here.

    This is an awesome set and I loved all the cards.

    pscole3467 at gmail dot com

  • 76
    Chris D. says:

    This stamp set is so beautiful!! I need it and I haven’t even looked at the download yet. I KNOW my best friend would love it too! We met in high school when I moved to town, and have been close since (a LONG time). We both discovered stamping at the same time and have really enjoyed watching it and our stamping lives grow! We are now separated by many miles, but enjoy chatting often about family and fun! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!!!

  • 77
    Nancy J says:

    My best friend is my sister who recently lost her 17 yr old son to brain cancer. I also have a daughter who is terminally ill with heart&lung & bowel problems.

    My sister and I weren’t always friends, though. We argued and fought most of the time we were growing up together. (I’m 3 yrs older than she is.) It wasn’t until we were both married and having children that we bonded and really became friends. We finally had something in common. Unfortunately we now have the being a caregiver to a very sick child in common too.

    We chat online a lot and of course call each other often too. I wish my sister lived close so I could help her through her trials but I know she LOVES to receive cute cards and crafty stuff in the mail. I mean… who doesn’t?!

    I love your challenges but haven’t had enough time to make a card, photograph it and then upload it online. So thank you for the opportunity to tell you about my best friend and to win a prize. You “guys” ROCK! (guys = girls & boys alike)

  • 78
    debb says:

    Great set – both the stamp (love it!) and the kit! And to make it for your best friend! My memories of my best friend are so many! We met in jr high school (we are now 50!)and have been through so much together. Even we we do not see each other often, we pick up like we talked yesterday. That is what makes us best friends! My best memories are talking together- being able to talk about things you would not speak about to anyone else. debb

  • 79
    Sara says:

    I have many great friends, but not just one best friend. Three outstanding women hold a special place in my heart. The one I’ve known the longest became my friend in 7th grade. We have managed to stay in touch and stay connected although we have not lived near each other for 18 years! We can drop everything and just pick up the phone and chat — as if we were right next door. That is priceless!

  • 80
    Aimee says:

    My best friend is my aunt… She and I like to take the kids out whenever we can, we work together at an embrodiery shop and we go to lunch many times a week. She has also been introduce to my stamping addiction and she and I love to find new stamping stores.

  • 81
    Angela says:

    Oh my goodness — just checked out the full set on CPS, and it’s so beautiful! It would be perfect for my two best girls from college — not only have they seen me in my bathrobe, they’ve worn it themselves! We’ve shared everything – including apartments! – and still come out friends on the other side.

  • 82
    Diane Hover says:

    I met my best friend at birth! She is my Mom. Honestly she is the very best friend I will ever have, and who could ask for a better one, right? Mom is 81, she will be 82 in May, she is in good health, lives alone, and I am scared to death of losing her, not only would I lose my best friend, but my Mom as well! I am hopeing to also make a card for the challenge.

  • 83
    Karen says:

    It’s hard to believe, but the news here just gets better and better. Thanks for the download since I already have everything I need EXCEPT the Friends stamps (and that I’ll have soon!). These cards are fantastic. I’ve been friends with my best friend for nearly 30 years. We’ve worked together, played together, shared family celebrations and family sadnesses. Of a group of eight who started stamping together nearly 15 years ago, she and I are the only ones still making all our cards. We get together regularly to share our love of stamping and scrapbooking.

  • 84
    Christine says:

    I met my bestfriend when I was three. She lived down the street from me we are now turning the 40 this year! We have been through so much together. Broken hearts, parent passing away, moving out of state,getting married, having babies, our children having learning problems, moving up state, lossing jobs, money problems and now she has cancer. She is only 4 hours away now so it is hard to see each other but we call and talk a lot!! Just thinking about how much we have went through brings me to tears. bitter sweet tears of coarse!

  • 85
    Linda says:

    Wow today’s cards are awesome….so inspiring. What a great set. I met my best friend at the school where she works, we are quite similar in many ways and are always there for each other, in laughter and tears and there’s plenty of both believe me:-)

  • 86
    lee says:

    My dear friend emigrated to Canada 8 years ago. I miss her terribly. Thank goodness for modern technology. We met while we were at college studying to become teachers. We have been friends for almost 25 years. She is very crafty and this prize would be just the perfect gift for her. She is the one who introduced crafting into my life. It all began with fabric painting. Once I realised that I did possess a bit of creativity I was hooked and able to attempt all different crafts.

  • 87
    stampngokaren says:

    I love the kit!! I actually have two best friends. They were friends of my husbands in highschool. After we got married, I became friends witht these two wonderful ladies. Now my husband teases me adn says”hey, they use to be my firends.” LOL!!

  • 88
    lisa Henke says:

    My BFF, I’ve know since we were in first grade together. She has been there for it all. We haven’t lived near eachother since college, but even though we have many miles between us, you would never no it. she is the strongest, smartest, and most beautiful (inside and out) person I know.

  • 89
    Beth says:

    My best friend really is my husband. He is always there to listen and laugh and hold my hand. There is nobody I would rather spend time with. However, if I was lucky enough to win, I would share this with my best stamping girlfriend. She is always there to talk, giggle, and share my day with.

  • 90
    Jennifer Bradley says:

    There are actually 4 of us who are my right now best friends. We all met about 2 1/2 years ago through a golf group we wer all involved in. We have taken two trips together and try to get together as often as we can. One of my favorite memories was our trip to Florida. They loves geting my homemade cards and I know they are also interested in trying cardmaking for themselves. If I win I will definitely share the two kits between the four of us. That would make for some more memories for sure!

  • 91
    Maureen L says:

    On of my best friends I met through my youngest daughter who loved all the singers in the praise band at a new church we were attending. She would always go up and hug 1 in particular. I was going through a divorce at the time and on the weekend I didn’t have the girls, Dee came up and asked where the princess people were. I said they were with their dad that weekend and she said , yeah I understand that. We became fast friends through the stressful time in our lives.

    Love all that I’ve seen of the sneak peeks for the anniversary and am really looking forward to the reveals this week!

  • 92
    ValerieC says:

    My best friend and I met in high school. We played field hockey together. I was a senior and she was a sophmore! Unlikely pairing at that age. There is noone else in my life that I have ever laughed so much with. My favorite memory is spending time in her parents cabin at the lake. She was going to a nearby college and lived at the cabin alone. I stayed with her frequently. We stay up till all hours drinking tea and smoking cigarettes(neither one of us smokes today!!!). We laugh and laugh. I miss that so much! She moved all the way across the country. While we’re still best friends we don’t get to see each other very often. She definantly a girl’s girl. She believes in women and believes in being supportive of each other. We’ve been friends for 23years and I have loved every minute of it. Thanks for letting me talk about my very best friend!

  • 93
    Regan says:

    I’ll be back later with my card but my BFF DEE is one of those girls you can tell anything to, she never judges.

    I am soo lucky that we live right accross the street and she and I share all our crafty habits!!

  • 94
    Michelle says:

    Being military we move around a lot I have a group of gals that I have been able to count on through thick and thin over my years. Some of which have been there for me at the toughest times in my life. You know your pals are true blue if they’re willing to fly across the country because you need them, or if they’re willing to sit in an emergency room for 4+ hours with you while DH is deployed, or take your call at 4 in the morning to take kids so you can be with DH in the emergency room, or that one person who is most like you and makes you feel most like yourself because they accept you for who you are, or of course your hearts mate the person who after years and years still makes you laugh and lights your soul on fire. I am so LUCKY to know all of these people and even more blessed to call them my best friends.


  • 95
    Katie L. says:

    My best friend is a special ed. teacher, just like me. We help each other out and keep each other laughing. She knows what goes into my days and never lets it get to me. I am very lucky.

  • 96
    Tanya Caudill says:

    I have know my best friend since high school, and even though we live 500+ miles away and haven’t seen on another in years. When we get together or to talk it is like we have never been apart! Thanks for the download, and the chance to win!

  • 97
    Jazy Girl says:

    I met my BF 26 years ago when we were assigned to be lab partners in a biology class in college. We’ve been thru everything (weddings, babies, and she still loves me after I was in an accident with her car). She is awesome!
    BTW, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you are coming out with….kits, buttons, amazing colors….I am in heaven!

  • 98
    Helen H. says:

    My best friend and I have seen each other though the ups and downs of life for 19 years. But we still laugh together…What a blessing!

  • 99
    Tracey C. says:

    I have a few best friends – but one that comes to mind is my friend Sue – we met in 1st or 2nd grade – and have been friends pretty much all along the way ever since. She and I were just talking yesterday about our teenage years, and she would come over and help me clean my room – things haven’t changed much – with me working full time and having two kids…I can’t always keep up with the house…yep – there she was, helping me put away toys and clearing off the table to have dinner together! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity Nichole!

  • 100
    Julie Smith says:

    the kit is wonderful nicole. i am super duper excited about the download too!! anyway my best friend lives in colorado and i am in tennessee. we meet when we were 12 years old. so over 23 years ago!! she lived in the house behind me. we had a chain link fence that divided our yards. that fence had a dip in it because we were constantly climing that fence to go to each others house. i watched one of her childrens birth. we have seen each other get married and i watched her divorce and get remarried. we were together when her mother passed away and took care of each other after surgeries. i miss her terribly living so far away but thanks to free nationwide calling and mobil to mobil we talk frequently!! thanks for the chance to talk of my best friend and the chance at this awesome package.

  • 101
    kara says:

    We met in high school and although we have lived apart from each other for just about 20 years, we remain close, close friends! She’s the best.

  • 102
    Jacque says:

    Love the kits! Now I’ll be able to sample all that Papertrey has!

    I met my best friend will we were coworkers. We just clicked and it has be so awesome since. She is the sister that God didn’t give me.

  • 103

    My best friend and I met when we were in second grade. She started going to my school and we realized we lived very close to each other. We spent most of our lives doing everything together grade school and later in high school. She is the kind of friend that no matter how often we see each other we click again when we get together. It is a no frill friendship where we are just as happy each reading our own books in comfy chairs as we are out on the town shopping and drinking peanut butter and chocolate milk shakes. I miss her dearly now that we are states apart.

  • 104
    Melissa F. says:

    My best friend and I met 5 years ago when my oldest daughter was in Kindergarten. We worked togheter on several PTO events at the small school our children attend. We immediately hit it off and have been best friend since. She is always there when I need her to watch the kids, do me a favor, go somewhere fun together. I can’t image my life with out her. I will try to get a card made fore her later today.

  • 105
    Tracy says:

    My best friend is actually a man, but we’re “girlfriends” close. LOL He was my “man of honor” in my wedding, has been there with me through thick or thin. An incredible guy and I’m lucky to have him in my life.

  • 106
    Tessa says:

    I have had many friends throughout my life, my current best friend would probably be my crazy friend Natalie. She is opposite of me in many ways. I am quiet and shy and she is loud and in your face – she says the things I can only wish to say to people! I guess you could say we balance each other.

  • 107
    Lisa Russell says:

    My best friend is the best because she listens to me and loves me with all her heart. She is closer than a sister and we love to spend time together. We talk almost daily and would do anything for each other.

  • 108
    Kearneykrafter says:

    my best friend is my Mom. She lives hours away from me, but always knows how I’m feeling when we talk on the phone. She’s awesome and I’m proud to call her my best friend. Thanks for the chance at some goodies for the both of us!!

  • 109
    tracy harp says:

    Great idea for the kits, they will make great gift ideas too! My friend from high school is my oldest and dearest friend. She knows too much to ever get rid of, lol!

  • 110
    jaime aldridge says:

    what a GREAT idea for a stamp set nichole!! i met my bff 28 years ago when i was just 4! my family was moving into our new house and this little 4 year old came riding up on her big wheel and asked my mom if she had any daughters that she could play with! we were inseparable since then! she is in almost all of my memories from childhood. now, we’re both married and each have 2 girls. we don’t see each other a lot. πŸ™
    but we email every day. my girls think that i am crazy when i’m with her because we just laugh the whole time! she brings out the best in me. she has been there for me everytime i have needed her. and i know we will be friends forever!

  • 111
    Stefanie says:

    Wow Nichole, I love those flowers and find the kit very cool!

    I met my best friend the first week at college freshman year. We were in the same major (civil engineering) which is a very male dominated field. We bonded instantly and were roommates the next 3 years of college.

  • 112
    Avril Tanner says:

    My best friends name is Kelley, I do not get to see her very often but one of the reasons I consider her my best friend is we just always pick up where we left off. We just have such similar backgrounds we hit it off right away! We met through my ex-husband and I am never so greatful for having met her and having her a part of my life!
    Avril Tanner`

  • 113
    Holly Field says:

    I have found that your friends come into your life for various reasons, but are usually there to go through that particular journey/moment in your life with you. Molly–for being my “older” sister I didn’t have as a litte girl, Stacy–she “encouraged” my husband to ask my to Homecoming, Sue–our trip to Nagasaki (look at the bigger world moment), Lynette — sharing in the joys of military life and bringing stamping into mine, Stacey–bond created in my church life and babies, Amy & Melanie–my Fayetteville girls and my stamping friends, Brenda, Jacki, Becky, Theresa, Laurie, Suzanne, Mary Ellen, Sherry and Kim. Love the set and would love to win to send some awesome cards to these ladies:)

  • 114

    :thud: Help?! Crafting ER, please! I don’t think I can stand 5 more days of this!

    My best friend…we became friends in high school (that was almost 19 years ago!!!), had a little rough patch when a boy got in the middle and then we ended up going to college together and became best friends there (and roommates and sorority pledge sisters). I dearly love her and have been sending her a card a week (almost) for the last few months because of some tough times she’s going through. I have the perfect card to share!!

  • 115
    Glorie says:

    What a great idea ! My BFF is my sister … even though we live far away from each other … we always have time for a quick chat … and sharing what’s happening in our lives …

  • 116
    Wendy Beck says:

    Love the kit idea! My friend is very wise. She always has the best way to deal with a situation. She is friendly and kind to everyone. She makes me a better person.

  • 117
    Laura S says:

    I love this set! I am going to be so broke, but at least I won’t be bored.

    My best friend? Wow, I have been so fortunate to have so many wonderful people grace my life – my DH, my aunt, my cousins, my PSFs. I’ll tell you about my oldest friend though. We met when she moved across the street. We were 8 & 10, both only children. That and geography is about all our families had in common though. Her parents were (and still are) die hard hippies. My dad had been there done that and preferred his bible to anything else. We’ve been there for eachother for everything from a impassioned love affair with New Kids on the Block to the death of my mother. We’ve drank too much tequila and danced with boys we didn’t know in the rain. We stood beside eachother at our weddings. I held her hand when her marriage came to an end. We’re different. Oh man are we different. But anytime, anywhere I know she has my back and I’ve got hers.

  • 118
    Karin G says:

    I met my best friend when we were children but it wasn’t until we were adults with our own children that we became such good friends. She has a great sense of humor and a wonderful perspective…she can always put me in a good mood, give advice, or just listen, whatever I need.

  • 119
    Leea says:

    I have several best friends, but one that I see all the time..I met 26 years ago in the 4th grade. Now here we are working together at our former school, with our 4th grade teacher. So many memories but one is our first concert..Bryan Adams, we got to go on stage at the that was eons ago but still fun thinking about it!

  • 120
    Monica says:

    I am soo exited about this kit!!!
    I submitted my card!
    Thanks for the challenge……


  • 121
    Deb says:

    I love the previews I’ve seen on your site. My BF & I met when we started at the same employer almost 20 years ago. We’ve been through children’s births, divorce, new jobs, new houses. It’s hard to pick a favorite memory because we’ve shared so many things over the years. She’s the person I call when I need a shoulder to cry on or want to share a new story.

  • 122
    Jeni Barbas says:

    I met my best friend when we were roommates in college. Now we both have children and trade babysitting and playdates. So wonderful!

  • 123
    Laurie Gelo says:

    My best girlfriend would have to be my daughter. She has grown into a confident, beautiful woman that I am so proud of. She is married to an amazing man and has given us 2 wonderful grandchildren. And now this amazing woman has gone back to school to become an RN while she juggles a home, her young children, her husband and life. We live 1200 mile apart but are still incredibly close and talk every single day.

  • 124
    Lauri GUlotta says:

    I am blessed to have many close friends, women who love me as I am, encourage me to press on and live life fully, and inspire me to love God more. THis set would be a perfect way for ME to bless them back with a card and note of appreciation. I albsolutely love those floral images, and the Quick Kits idea ROCKS!!

  • 125
    Terri E. says:

    My best friend changes on where I am at the time. I have a core of 5 good friends and then the bestie seems to rotate. Right now I would have to say my sister Dana is right up there. We have been working together on projects for both of our homes and there is something about working together that brings me closer to her.

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  • 126
    Marci says:

    My best friend is Lori. We became FAST friends 3 years ago when I went to one of her stamping classes! I was so inspired by her and still am!! We live hours apart but email daily…several times a day! I can’t imagine not sharing everything and anything with her on a daily basis. She has truly become my best friend and I am so grateful that she is a part of my life!

  • 127
    cknutti says:

    My husband is my best friend, but my best girlfriend, Sherri, is amazing. We can be goofy and serious within the course of just a few minutes, and I need that. We understand each other so well and compliment one another. She has cured me of gossiping and has helped me be a better person. …and we’d be really entertaining on the Amazing Race together, but she’d get us lost every time.

  • 128
    colleen Cass says:

    This set is beautiful!!! My best friend and I have known each other for 12 years. we were at each others first child’s birth. What a memory to share

  • 129
    Lee Cockrum says:

    My best friend is Terri. I met her at orientation for college. We chose each other for roommates since neither of us drank or smoked, and did not plan to bring guys to the room to stay overnight!

    We had some rough bits early on, as we adjusted to college life, being roommates etc. I have never regretted that snap decision at orientation. Even though we live 5 hours apart, and our lives have taken very different paths that do not allow us to spend much time together, she is still my best friend.

  • 130
    Julia Aston says:

    Love these kit ideas Nicole – a great way to get to try out the product and make some projects without breaking the bank!

    My best friend and I grew up 2 houses away from each other – we’ve played ball in the yard – Barbie Dolls on the lawn – rejoiced over children togeter – cried through divorces together – and always get together for tea! After over 50 years of living in the same town – She has recently moved away – and I miss her!

  • 131
    cindy e says:

    I think I will be going broke with this release:) Everything is so great. I LOVE the quick kits. How simple. Oh, and thanks for allowing those that cant participate in the challenges to enter the contest!

  • 132
    Kacey says:

    WOW – what a fabulous deal! As for my best friend… we really became friends at our junior prom. She had this strapless dress that was nothng but a nightmare, and I spent a good deal of our night helping her “keep it up” πŸ™‚ From that point on our friendship has grown stronger over the years. She is now going through a very bitter divorce and I have been her shoulder to cry on every day even though we are almost 300 miles apart. I know my day will come for her to be there in a similar way, and she will be there. She is the kind of person who always just gets me and makes me laugh even in the toughest moments of life. That kind of friend who brings tears to my eyes because I know how very lucky I am to have her in my life πŸ™‚

  • 133
    sandy says:

    My best friend and I went to kindergarten together and now we are 45 years old and still best friends… she has traveled the world in the Air Force and just now moved back to the same town I live in and just bought a house…our dream of spending more time together in old age might just come true now that she’s close by.

  • 134
    Heather says:

    I’m excited about the kits and the “sampler” set…can’t wait to see the new stamp sets in their entirety! I met my best friend at work about 10 years ago. We have a lot in common, but a lot of differences, too. We understand each other, and it’s nice to have someone you can count on to listen when you need it, and kick you in the toosh when you need it! πŸ™‚

  • 135
    nancyruth levine says:

    I met my BFF Kimberly in *juinior high* school and we have been fast friends ever since. 350 miles apart means nothing when the heartstrings that we share are so very unbreakable. My favorite memory with her was being part of her son Casey’s wedding last October and rooming with her and ner daughter mary at the Denver Downtown Marriot! We had a BLAST!

  • 136
    Penny says:

    My best friend is my sister! A favorite memory recently was the Stamp & Cruise. We were in heaven getting to meet Nichole and work with PTI products all week!!

  • 137
    Valerie says:

    I actually have a small group of best friends. We all met in high school, and although we all went to different colleges and live in different towns/states now, we still get together as often as we can.

  • 138

    Thank you for another fab chance to win Nichole!! My best friend also makes cards and is a PTI customer as well – I can’t think of a better prize for this challenge!!

  • 139

    I met my best friend when I was three and she was two. I have no memory of it! LOL! We lived across the street from each other until I was 8, when I moved across town. We stayed friend however, and we are still friends today! I love all our childhood memories and grown up ones too, she is more like my sister than anything else.

  • 140
    Brooke Payne says:

    Beautiful! Girls, you have done it again!

  • 141
    Stephanie Bleeker says:

    I met my bff in grade 9 – in 1984. She dressed cool and had the most gorgeous long wool camel-coloured coat that I envied. We shared a house in university and became even closer. Those years are my best memories – just living on Kraft Dinner and grilled cheese sandwiches, hanging out at the pub, trying to cram for exams together (and goofing off) – life seemed a whole lot easier in many ways. She’s going through a really hard time right now, which is why this challenge is perfect – I’m going to send her a card, even though she lives 5 minutes away, to let her know how much I care and that I’m thinking about her.

  • 142
    amber says:

    My BFF got me addicted to Papertrey. Ya can’t beat that!

  • 143
    Cindy Vernon says:

    I love the new set and kits! My best friend is my cousin. We’ve hung out together since we were small. We just always had so much in common and really are almost like the same person!

  • 144
    Gigi says:

    My best friend is a funny caring woman I have had in my life for nearly 40 years! We met not too long after my sister passed away. It was if God was giving me another chance at having a best friend because my sister and I were so close growing up. My best friend is also one of my biggest fans when it comes to card designing. She’s also been there through the tough times and the very best of them.

  • 145
    Laurie says:

    My best friend and I have been friends for about15 years! She lives about an hour away so we don’t get to see each other everyday but when we get together we have SO much fun! We have had so many fun times together, it would be hard to pick just one!

  • 146
    Megan says:

    My BFF is my sweet friend Linsdey. My favorite memory is when she told me she was pregnant. I was still in college and in shock, but she was so calm…we were pretty young. Anyway, it’s her baby’s fifth birthday coming up and I couldn’t love them more!! πŸ™‚

  • 147
    lori says:

    my best friend Kathy is the sister that God gave me. We are not related but we are sisters of the heart we say. She is always there for me and I don’t know what i would do without her.
    this stamp set is perfect for her!!


  • 148
    Martha says:

    I met my best friend in math class in high school. That was almost 30 years ago – yikes that is a long time! Since we live in different state we don’t get to see each other often. But when we are together we always just seem to start where we left off, without missing a beat.

  • 149
    Cara says:

    I really like the idea of the quick kit, although I already have most of this months supplies! I’m looking forward to using that option in the future! I can’t wait to see the rest of this stamp set, I’m getting it for sure!

  • 150
    Charlene says:

    I’m going to make a card, but had to share about my best friend. We were back door neighbors for 4 years. Our friendship has continued for nearly 20 yrs. She was the first person with whom I felt “safe” to share my “stuff” with. I can call her at a moment’s notice and know she’ll be right there to listen, laugh, support and love me. Love you, Gloria!

  • 151
    Lisa B. says:

    My best friend is always there for me. He’s the first person that I want to tell exciting news. He’s the one that I can’t wait to spend my time with…he’s my husband. I know that this set is intended for girls and I do have two best girl friends but I am blessed to have my husband as my best friend!

  • 152
    Stacey says:

    My best friend Ginny and I have know each other pretty much our entire lives. There are times when I am laughing about something and no one else seems to think it is quite as funny as I do. My kids will look at me and say “Mom, why don’t you call ‘Aunt’ Ginny – she will get it.” And it is so true!

  • 153

    Love this set! I have known my best friend for 22 years. We are inseparable now, even roomates. My favorite memory is how she used to climb the tree that bordered our properties and wave its branches to see if we could come over and play. =)

  • 154
    Jessie says:

    First Nicole thanks for letting us play without cards! My camera died and I can not up load at this time! My Best friend currently lives in Germany (coming back in June!!) she has been my best friend for the past 17 years! I cannot tell you in words what she means to me, she is always there not matter what. We laugh, cry and have a great time together. There are so many memories I have. One wonderful memory is when I went to visit her when they were stationed in Germany in the late 90’s I got off the plane and she said she had a surprise. She planned a trip to Belgium to the antique market just the girls! We left the kids and husbands behind and had a great weekend. Shopping eating and exploring!! That is just one wonderful memory there are much more I have and more to be made!

  • 155
    Margaret Peltier says:

    My best friend is my MOM – we are always together and still do lots of crafts and shopping!! Although she doesn’t stamp I would use her set to make cards for all occasions so she would have them to send out when she needs them – she loves all my creations so it would be a win win situation for both of us!
    Can’t wait for release night to see all the new goodies together!!!

  • 156
    Titta says:

    I don’t have one best friend, but I’m happy to say I have some good friends that I keep in touch with pretty constantly that I’ve known for 20 years. We got to know each other because of our interest in same kinds of music, but our friendships have endured through the years and the changing music styles. πŸ™‚

  • 157
    Peg says:

    Can’t wait to try out this set. I’m trying to get my friend interested in card making and because of her grandchildren I think it’s working.

  • 158
    Kat says:

    love the package. I met my best friend in college – he just visited this weekend – we painted, when winery visiting and just hung out. those are great memories

  • 159
    RenΓ©e K says:

    My best friend is Nikki. We met in 8th grade waaaay back in 1969. She has always been there for me. There are lots of memories but the best has to be the sacrifices she made 4 years ago to take me to almost every chemo treatment every other week for 6 months – this while her niece was undergoing chemo in another state, and her mother and sister were both diagnosed with breast cancer and were undergoing their own surgeries. I don’t know how she spread herself so thin. I love you, Nikki!

  • 160
    Ginny Schleich says:

    One of my very best friends lives on the east coast while I live in Michigan. We’ve been friends since the 3rd grade. I had my 45th birthday in Jan. and she showed up at my door to surprise me for my birthday. I was so surprised! We hadn’t seen each other for about 7 years and it was so sweet of her to come all this way to visit me.

  • 161
    Alanna says:

    Wow, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one specific best friend as I have a group of about 3 friends that I am very close with. There is one that semi-stands out of the group.

    I met her at church. We’ve got kids the same ages and have a lot of similar interests. She is always helping me out with anything I need and I love knowing that I can ask her for anything and if it’s in her power to do it, she’ll help me. I’d do the same for her.

    This kit idea is a wonderful idea and I absolutely love it. And what a great price.

  • 162
    Maureen says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your kit!! I WILL be getting one! My best friend and I met when our now 3rd graders were in Kindergarten. You know when you just know someone will be your friend forever. That is the way it was with her. She is the type of friend who is there no matter what, she picked me up (literally) when I fell on the ice and couldn’t walk, and she was there when my mother passed. I don’t think my life would be complete without her, AND she’s a scrapper/stamper too. A match made in heaven!!

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • 163
    Tamara L says:

    We met through work (when I worked outside of hm). She was the complete opposite of me til she was going through her divorce. Then me and my other friends helped bring her out of her “shell”, she opened up, became bubbly, chatty, and a few yrs later she was my maid of honor on my Valentines Day wedding. BFF’s for 10 yrs now. =) (shout out to u, Missy K!)

  • 164
    Julie Masse says:

    Beautiful set Nichole! I can’t wait to see the rest – all the cards I’ve seen with it have totally sold me!! I’m not sure if I have a best friend, but several very good friends. My very best friends growing up I still consider my best friends even though we don’t talk as much anymore – living in different parts of the country and lots of children between us have added to the length of time between conversations. But, the best friends are ones you can call even after months or years and pick right up where you left off! I’m so thankful to have those friends in my life!! πŸ™‚

  • 165
    sara says:

    I have 2 BF’s, my husband and my friend Karen. I’ve known my husband for 20 yrs and have been married for 11. It is through him that I met my BF Karen. Her husband & mine are childhood friends.

    Love the quick kit!

  • 166

    My bf and I met about 8-9 years ago. We were co-workers and got tasked with decorating 11 retail locations for the holiday’s. I learned how to make great bows and took away a great friend. She move to Denver about a year ago, but we still manage to talk about every day. We know each others strenght, as well as limitations and weaknesses. I miss my friend and this would be a great way to get her crafty mojo goin’ again.

  • 167
    Deb C says:

    I have been best friends with Mel since 9th grade. We have been through everything from band camp, to proms, to marriage, to child birth, to divorce, to a 20th high school reunion together. We are SO different, but yet we compliment each other amazingly well. I can’t imagine my life without her in it!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. Now to work on a card for her…….LOL~

  • 168
    Charlene says:

    My dearest friend is my friend Angela. She is an amazing woman who is the one of the kind and giving women you will meet. Just about 2 years ago, she was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer. She has been an amazing fighter and beat the stage 4 – but continues to battles some pesky spots on her lungs. But she has such tenacity and fight, that I am sure she will beat this too. We’ve been friends for over 15 years and I look forward/hope we get another 15.

  • 169
    Cindy Major says:

    My best friend is actually my younger sister. She knows everything there is to know about me, as seen me at my worst, and still loves me! We can do anything together and always have fun. She has the same kind of ironic sense of humour that I do, so we get each other. We’re four years apart, but we’ve always been close.

    I guess my favorite memory with her is our trip to Disney in Florida three years ago. It was our first road trip together and we had a blast. I hope we can do that again sometime.


  • 170
    Aimee says:

    The kits are great! What a great idea : Thanks for thinking of ways to help us with our budgets. The paper samplers, the buttons and the kits are such a great deal πŸ™‚

  • 171
    Loydene says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate without “putting oneself out there”!

    Best friends — plural!
    Longest best friend – Marty — who I met (and hated on sight) in the 7th grade! But … as it turned out, we had every class together, birthdays only 4 days apart, and (as we learned as we we became closer) almost a single mind! Though her family moved away, we kept in loose touch — and our lives paralleled each others in funny ways — college majors, learning to play bridge, marriage to men each of whom was the same year of year our senior, divorce.
    We are far apart geographically — but in contact constantly!

  • 172
    Crafty Math Chick says:

    My husband is my best friend, he truly is. If you mean my best girlfriend, I met Robbin through my husband as well. She was one of his classmates. We actually didn’t get along thefirst time we met, at a holiday function. She invited us all for dinner and we hit it off so well, laughed the whole night. She is terrific, so patient, understanding and supportive and loves me no matter what. I can tell her anything. My favorite memory was eating Oreos together on the bathroom floor of the Navy Lodge after I had just finished driving her husband’s car across country to their new assignment.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 173
    Karen U says:

    My best friend is the closest to a sister that I’ll ever have! We met through our congregation and the more we spoke the more we had in common. We can talk for hours about our deepest feelings or just sit on the phone during a show and randomly discuss some comment or guest, etc. We now live 800 miles apart and don’t see each other nearly as much as we would like. We both love paper crafting and try to make cards when we get together. Our husbands are good friends too and the 4 of us click very well! My favorite memory is from about a year ago when the 4 of us met in Las Vegas – amazing – just like old times!
    I would love to win so we can send each other cards from the kit/stamp set – that would be so much fun!
    Thanks! Karen U

  • 174
    Barbara says:

    Donna is my best friend. Our husbands are both volunteer firemen for our village. Donna got me hooked on “cardmaking” She has taught me sooo much. She introduced me to PaperTrey Ink! We are both addicted to your wonderful products and the ideas from the design team are outstanding! Thank you! And thank you too Donna!

  • 175
    Alyssa says:

    Not sure if I’ll have time today to do the challenge, so I’ll just post quickly here. My best friend is also named Alyssa, and we were the worst of enemies up until our senior year of high school. We don’t talk that often or get to do things together much, but she is always there when I need her (and vice versa). We always pick up right where we left off, no awkwardness here! :o)

  • 176

    Oh how fun! This set looks so cool! My best friend and I were randomly assigned as roommates in high school. Who would have thought that random roommate pairings do work out? We roomed together all of our years in high school and have continued to stay in touch!

  • 177
    Stefani says:

    What a great idea, a kit of stamping goodness!
    My favorite thing about my friend is, she loves me for who I am and laughs at all my jokes. LOL
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  • 178
    Pam Wilson says:

    I have 3 best friends. They are my co-workers and they have been with me every step of the way since my DH died 1 1/2 yrs ago. I just sold “our” home and bought “my” home. They spent all weekend helping me to move boxes to the new place, not because I asked them, but because they said that is “what friends do”. I love those girls!

  • 179
    Dana says:

    I’ve had the same best friend since I was 2. Our parents got us together for a play-date (did they have those in the 70s?) and we stuck! 30 years later she’s still the first person I call with any tpye of news, and just to hear a familiar voice. She’s been my “wing-man”, my maid of honor, and the favorite “Aunt” of my children. I love her dearly.

    And I love this kit idea too!

  • 180
    Amy says:

    What a fantastic set! I love the flower images and the sentiments.

    My best friend and I met the week before we both started college (15 years ago — eek!) and have been near and dear to each other ever since. She’s the sister I never had but always wished for.

  • 181

    My best friend Kara & I have been friends for 23 years now, we met in Grade 8 & even though we live in different Provinces now we have still remained like sisters – she means the world to me, we even got a butterfly tattoo together to explain how much our friendship means to eachother & I get to go visit her in less than 2 weeks for a girls weekend – we have sooo many fond memories & they continue each & every year!

  • 182
    Kellymb says:

    The best friend that I made my card for is named Mary. I met her while we were both stationed in Italy (Navy) and we were roommates for a few months. I was eventually moved to my own room, but we remained friends! Now she lives in VA, and I am in KS.. but we still keep in touch and I miss her so much!

  • 183
    Penny J. says:

    Oh, I love this set. The flower is gorgeous!

    My very best friend is my DH. But my very, very best friend is my SIL! We met 38 years ago when my brother brought her to NC to met the family. She and I sat up all night talking and it hasn’t stopped. She is a SU Demo who got me hooked on stamping about 3 yrs ago and she would LOVE this set. There are many, but one of my fondest memories was when she took me to my first Women of Faith Convention. It was a definite turning point in my life.

  • 184
    Tonya says:

    Dawn’s Damask Designs and Heather’s set are fabulous looking, can’t wait to see more!

    My girl best friend’s name is Amy, we met in high school and she has been a loyal friend ever since. We are friends because we care about the same things, we have fun together, we are loyal and honest. She is always there, never judging and she always has my back and I hers.
    I can’t list a fondest memory but one of the memories I cherish most is hanging out at the beach as teenage girls, chatting it up about school and boys.

    Fabulous projects from the DT!! Thanks for the download and another fabulous giveaway!


  • 185
    Sharon says:

    My best friend & I met over 20 years ago on the first day of college classes. We were both waiting to go into political science class, and had very similar purses…and started talking. We’ve also bought matching p.j.’s unbeknownst to each other while living 100’s of miles apart!

  • 186
    Lori Y. says:

    My best friend and I were college roommates for a while with a couple other girlfriends. After graduation, we both stayed in the same city and remained close friends. We had our first child two weeks apart, and all of our children are pretty close in age(she is pregnant with child #5 and I have 3 kids). We have so much fun getting the kids together to play and we get a chance to chat! Neither one of us have family nearby so it means so much to both of us to have someone we can count on. No matter how tough of a day I’ve had, I know that Tricia will listen and make me feel better. And, of course, I will do the same for her. In our very busy lives with kids and work, it is so comforting to have her close by.

  • 187
    Josee says:

    I met my best friend at the school bus stop when we were 12 years old, that was 35 years ago. Saddly she passed away suddenly almost 2 years ago. I miss her dearly and think of her every day.

  • 188
    Kenna says:

    What a great set! I met my best friend through another friend when I was about 5 years old. We ended up going to college together and now live about a 1/2 hour from each other.

  • 189
    Angela R. says:

    i would have to say that my mom is my best friend. she’s just amazing and has been through so much and through it all, we’ve remained so very close. i’d be lost w/out her!!! gorgeous cards, love those flowers!

  • 190

    I just see my money whooshing right out of my paypal account and into your loving arms. This is just what i need, a little bit of everything!

  • 191
    Melissa Cox says:

    My best friend is my little sister. We used to fight like crazy as kids but now we love to be together and talk on the phone a couple times each week. Unfortunetly, we live 5 hours apart so we don’t see each other often. It would be great to send her a fun little PTI stamp kit!

  • 192

    I met my best friend in the 6th grade. We were both military brats and immediately joined our own forces. Although we went our separate ways for college, we remain friends today, participating in each others weddings and (for her) celebrating babies! She lives in another state and we rarely talk, BUT we pick right up where we left off every time we get a chance to see one another. It’s like time has not passed!

  • 193
    Jenn says:

    I met my best friend during a continuing education class that we were both taking. We were both the youngest people in the class and instantly clicked. Since that class we have been inseparable. We are each others rock and I don’t know what I would do without her!

  • 194

    I met my best friend at hockey when our boys were 8, 3 years ago. The gang of mom’s were all scrappers, and I just a wanna be. She finally convinced me to try it, and now we’re inseparable. We are scrappy buddies. All day, one evening, play day’s when the kids are in school, retreats, and Nicole’s launch in July, nothing happens without the two of us. Besides I don’t know anyone else that can get as excited as me about glitter, ribbons and buttons.

  • 195
    Philomena says:

    My absolute-hands down-always gonna be there for me-best friend is my mom. I’ve always been close with my parents but as I’ve gotten older we have gotten closer. I know she is always there for me and I can tell her anything. Not to mention we have the hobby of paper crafting in common! She is the best mom/best friend ever.

    Now hopefully I can suprise her with new stamps and a Quick kit! πŸ˜‰

  • 196
    Holly Powers says:

    Best friends, because I have a few, you can talk and talk and talk. Love the new stuff.

  • 197
    Cathy says:

    I met my best friend in a tai chi class. We’ve since moved on from that. (She is the one who got me hooked on stamping). Even though we both are busy with work and families, we make sure to connect regularly, sometimes stamping, sometimes not.

  • 198
    April says:

    I met my best friend about 2 years ago. She’s the greatest person in the world. She doesn’t judge me, she loves my kids, she’s there for me whenever I need her. I love her to pieces.

  • 199
    chriss blagrave says:

    Hi Nichole. This is such a fantastic little kit! I absolutely love the stamp set and the colours are so beautiful. Amazing how different styles of cards can be created from the same kit! My friend, Yvonne, initiated me into the stamping world 8 years ago. We were looking for a way to raise money for our sons’ end of the year field trip. It was December. She told me about this cool stamping thing she had been to the previous Saturday. It was a SU demonstration. She found another one for us to go to and we decided that we would put up some money for supplies for the KIDS to make Christmas cards. They did, they enjoyed, Yvonne and I were hooked on the “hobby”, and the rest is history. We still have monthly challenges and meet for breakfast/lunch to share our creations. The SU demo, Lydia, is a great friend also from this truly amazing stamping world.

  • 200
    Stephanie (steffie1027) says:

    Beautiful set, Nichole…can’t wait to see the rest of it! I also love the Quick Kits!

    I have several best friends (all from different locations & phases of my life), but my best friend that I have known the longest is from High School. We have been BFF’s for 27 years. She is such an upbeat, positive, funny, lovable, beautiful person! Sometimes I feel like I am not worthy of her friendship! She makes friends whereever she goes & is truly loved by all! I am honored to have such a wonderful person in my life!

  • 201
    Tracey A. says:

    I just love this new set! And I know just who I’d give it to!! I have a very dear friend who is so compassionate, caring and just a wonderful person. We’ve been talking about setting up a “play date” in my craft room so I can teach her how to stamp and create beautiful cards, too. What a great way to introduce her to the world of stamps and paper crafts…with her very own PTI kit!!!

  • 202

    This is going to be my new favorite set, I can just tell!! Its a lot like a best friend. you can just tell when you are going to click. my best friend had changed throughout the years and I am comforted to say the right now my husband is my best friend. he has seen me in all forms of emotional and physical wellness. He cheers me on when I need encouragement and hugs me when I need love. He knows me inside and out and I am so grateful to have him in my life. I even think he will love this flower set!!

  • 203
    annette snyder says:

    I have to say that my best friend is my sister and although we live far away we talk almost every day. I love the new kit, stamp set and download. Thank you!

  • 204
    Courtney says:

    My best friend and I met at work! We actually started at the same time, and we instatly bonded. We no longer work together, but after three years of working 40 hours a week together, we learned so much about each other!

    I love the idea of quick kit and the new stamp set!

  • 205
    Angy Hughes says:

    I really have two friends who fit in this category. One is in Germany right now and over the years (about 13 to be exact) she has always been there. She calls frequently just to chat and understands when I can’t call due to time or money. We always just have this connection – and our boys consider each other their best friends. BONUS! My other friend I met while in Germany. Her dh told her that we would be instant friends and he was right. We are no longer in the same city but almost daily communicate via email. We listen to each others joys and woes. We loved having coffee together, stamping together (I taught her to love stampin’) and walking together. So much in common and so many stories I could share. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great Stampin’ Kit! I absolutely love it and the design pages too. Wow – you even have a way to help us through stampers block. You truly have thought of everything.

  • 206
    verna says:

    Lovely idea to have kits! I’ve never had many friends, but I would like some. πŸ™‚

  • 207
    Ann C. says:

    This is a fabulous idea! I have to say my sister is my best friend. She knows me better than I know myself and tells me what I need to know, no matter how painful – always in love. She loves me unconditionally and has stood by me through thick & thin.

  • 208
    Jackie says:

    Wow – what a great idea! This set is wonderful and thanks for the download as well. My best friend is my DH, too. We’ve been through thick and thin together and he is my chief enabler as well. He is so supportive of my “hobby”!

  • 209
    Edys says:

    My best friend is DΓͺ. She lives now in another state, far away from me!!! We always talk in the internet. But, we don’t forget to send a letter one to another. It’s not a email, but a letter!!! Yes, we do!!

    SAUDADE… this is the word that’s our feeling!!! I love her!!!

  • 210
    Debra says:

    Very cool set! My best friend passed away 15 months ago after a 3 year battle with brain cancer. She was an avid stamper as well, and we co-taught classes for 8 years. I cherish the times we spent in her barns with the llamas, sheep, goats and other critters. We talked about EVERYTHING out there. The tears are starting to come, so I’ll just close by saying I miss her like crazy and no one can ever take her place.

  • 211
    Julie says:

    I have a gal friend who has sat with mutual friends for the 5-hour chemo drip and would do the same for me, but ultimately my best friend is my husband, Mark. We moved over 1,000 miles from my home to live in his home state. There wasn’t even a close family member from either side within 3 hours distance. I stayed at home with the children and really did not get out much to meet anyone else except school moms! He has always been my sounding board and support system. Everything we do, we do together and still do not tire of the other. No wonder we have passed the 25-year mark!!!

  • 212
    Lacey says:

    My best friend is my husband. I can tell him everything and truly be my weird, goofy self around him. Almost every night we fall asleep talking to each other and it’s such a great feeling. πŸ™‚

  • 213
    TammyB says:

    My best friend is my sister. Unfortunately she’s in Texas and I’m in Wisconsin. But, whenever we get together it’s like we were never separated.

  • 214
    Tammy says:

    Love the new stamp set and the idea of the kits. Of course, I own all the paper, ink and most ribbons but see these kits as a great way to get product into hands of the newly converted PTI addicts! I am actually visiting my best friend right now. I flew from Spain to be with her in Florida before the birth of her first child. We have been best friends since an all girls trip we took to the mountains about 8 years ago. We were on a ski lift and I had no idea she was afraid of heights. She started freaking out and I started telling stupid stories to distract her. We have been best buds ever since. Even my move to Spain (thanks to the military) 2 years ago hasn’t stopped our friendship.

  • 215
    Mindy says:

    My best friend would be my husband, we have been best friends for over 20 years now! And he doesn’t even care how much I buy!!! (well within reason)

  • 216
    Vicki Sopcak says:

    My friend and I were travel buddies. We would go on vacation every year. We have a lot of great memories that I treasure!!!

  • 217
    Jan says:

    My best friend is ALWAYS there through think and thin!

  • 218
    Judy Walsh says:

    My best friend and I met through our sons. The boys went to the same school since kindergarten and are now freshmen in H.S. I don’t remember how it started, but I got her interested in scrapbooking and card making. The best times we have together are relaxing in my office and creating cards and projects. Or a few times we got to go to a weekend scrapping retreat and spend a bit of time away from the kids just for ourselves.

  • 219
    Becky W says:

    I am lucky enough to have two best friends. I met one in the 2nd grade and the other in the 3rd grade. We’ve been friends through many ups and downs, and have always been there for each other. Every year, we take a weekend trip together to relax and just be “girls”. I make a scrapbook of each trip for each one of us, so we will always remember the fun we had.

  • 220
    Adeline says:

    My best friend is my girlfren that I met in college. She has always stood by me during the worst times of my life. Sadly I was not around for her when she faced some struggles recently and I am still guilt stricken about it though she came out of the situation alright in the end. We were also roomies in uni, were there at each other’s first dates preparation, pubbing together and saw each other thru those ardous exam preparation periods. And of course, the hubster is my the other best fren!

  • 221
    Heather Byrne says:

    Hello love the card…My best friend is one that I have known for 14 years and we still talk lol…she is amazing and is one that I will keep forever.

  • 222
    Becky C says:

    My best friend and I met in first grade, finished school and college together, even taught together! Our kids play together now. She gets me.

  • 223
    Christine R. says:

    There is really not enough room to tell you about my best friend. She is a wonderful person. I feel bad for her though, because she has a bad husband. REALLY BAD! We have been friends for 6 years, and we meet in a restaurant we both served at. I love her dearly and always try to comfort her with home-made cards

  • 224
    Stephanie says:

    My best friend is the friend I grew up with. We did EVERYTHING together. We had the matching rainbow shirts that went with out roller skate patch jeans and wore them as much as our moms would allow us to. We lived down the street from each other when we were little until I moved across town. It was a VERY sad time for us. We still saw one another, but it wasn’t quite the same until…………….her family moved to the same neighborhood that I lived in and bought a house right behind ours. It was even better than down the street. That was our late middle school and high school years house. It is priceless to have a best friend in high school that was your best friend in kindergarten. We shared everything from dressing up, dance class, and Bluebirds to the first day of freshman year, boyfriend troubles, and prom. We don’t see each other as often these days, but she will forever and always be my BFF! Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing prize! Oh yeah, here’s your woohoooo!!! πŸ˜‰

  • 225
    Carmen says:

    I have known my best friend for so long, that I can’t remember when we met! I have so many great memories with her, that it would be almost impossible to pick a favorite… we used to go to all the 15th B-day parties (QuinceaΓ±eras)together, skip English together, and I have great memories of her visiting and playing with my kids…
    The best part is that no matter how different our lives have been sometimes, we have still managed to stay best friends.
    And to top it all… we are both named Carmen!

  • 226
    Sue Brandon says:

    My best freind is the sister I never had. We met in 1971 when we became neighbors, our saying is”chance made us neighbors, hearts made us freinds” we spent 8 years as neighbors and each others baby sitters until I moved out of the neighborhood. Our fondest memories are going to “Alabama” concerts and swooning over Randy Owens. In 1991 she moved out of state, until the computer came into our lives we talked on the phone every weekend, and visit at least once a year. TODAY…..we talk every day via IM!!! We have been friends for 40+ years.

  • 227
    Rosemary D says:

    My dearest friend is a special gal named Sydney. We met in high school and have now been friends for over 25 years! She is an amazing, caring friend and I am so fortunate to call her friend.

  • 228
    Amy S. says:

    My best friend is my mother, sister, and cousin. They know me well and I love to shop with them. We always do something new and fun and exciting together.

  • 229
    Carrie says:

    My best friend and I have been friends for over 20 years. We don’t get to see each other much since I moved, but when I need her or she needs me, we’re there for each other.

  • 230
    Anya says:

    I met my best friend in college. We hit it off right away, and I always felt like she was the sister I never had. It is always so nice to have someone that you can pick right back up with regardless of how long it has been since the last time you were together or talked. She lives across the country from me, but no matter what is going on, I know that she’s there!

  • 231
    Jackie says:

    Oh that kit looks lovely! I’ve known my best friend since Kindergarten, so we basically grew up together. We don’t live that close to each other anymore but every once in a while we plan a whole weekend of things to do that we both enjoy. I love it when we get together, we just understand each other so weel and that time is just wonderful.

  • 232
    Janet B says:

    Wow–love these kits! My favorite memory is of my BFF when we met out at the lake, after I moved away. Tons of fun, laughs. We were very goofy, silly, and just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. It was wonderful to connect!

  • 233
    Keyser Glancy says:

    Yipee! Now I have the PERFECT tool to get all my none stamping friends hooked..the PTI Friends to the End Quick Kit! And you even wrapped it for me how thoughtful!

    I met my best friend 16 1/2 years ago on the balcony of the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. watching the fireworks on the Forth of July in the rain.We’ve been together ever since that day. He’s my husband. (and that’s a true story!)

  • 234
    Sally says:

    My best friend and I have been friends for 36 years. I love her and my favorite memory is the winter in the 70’s when we had so much snow schools were canceled and we played for HOURS in the mountains of snow.

  • 235
    StΓ©phanie says:

    I met my best friend 21 years ago, on a teen camp. We wrote each other for 10 years before I could meet her again, but when we did it was like we had lived closed by forever. We even had picked the same swimsuit for the beach eventhough we were living 1000 kmw apart! We still laugh at that day. She was my witness/maid of honor at my wedding and everyone thought she was my sister. That was the best compliment I could have received. I love her.
    Thank you to remind us to cherish our best friends with everyday cards too.
    Love those flowers…YUmmy!!!

  • 236
    Deborah D says:

    Loving the previews! Well, I must say that my very best friend is my husband, but you always need a few girlfriends to fill the gaps!

  • 237
    Anne says:

    When I moved to a new state and didn’t know many people, I met my best friend on my first day at work 33 years ago. We have worked together all those years and are still best friends.

  • 238
    liz says:

    My best friend I actually met online while planning our weddings. We talk daily whether it be via email, text or just regular phone calls. I don’t know what I’d do without her!

  • 239
    laurie r says:

    My best friend is my husband. I would rather spend time and do things with him then any one else. We have been best friends for 25 years.

  • 240
    Bonnie aka raduse says:

    I lost my BFF 18 yrs ago to cancer and that was my mom. We crafted together, shopped, and I could tell her anything. I have a lot of best PSF’s whom I met through Lauren’s daughter Alexa a few years ago on splitcoast and they are wonderful.

  • 241
    Kristina says:

    My best friend and I met about 9 years ago when I lived in Minnesota. She is so easy to talk to and we can sit and talk for hours! I’m not a big talker either. LOL She has helped me through some rough times. We recently moved to Colorado. I was sad to leave her, but after a year they moved to Colorado, too! It has been awesome having them close again!

  • 242
    Tracy says:

    I have a best friend who has stuck with me through thick and thin. It can be months and we pick up the phone and it is just like yesterday! My friend is my pastor, and he always seems to know just when I need to hear from him. I met him and his family 15 years ago, and they have become like family to me. He doesn’t know a thing about crafts, but he loves the Lord and loves me!

  • 243
    Bev S says:

    Great idea with the kits, and I can tell that this “Friends ‘Til the End” set is going to be a definite must-have!

    I met my best friend about 5 years ago at a SU workshop. Since then, she became a demonstrator. We’ve been close friends ever since, talking frequently on the phone, getting together for lunch or coffee, and of course, stamping.

  • 244
    Mandy Kirk says:

    I met my best friend in college. We are like two peas in a pod, we could finish each others sentences and always knew what each other was thinking. Unfortunately we live in two different states, but luckily I get to send her cards all the time!

  • 245
    Diana says:

    WOW! there is lots of memories with this post!! I can’t just share one! but I can tell that we are friends for about 25 years! and we have lots of great memories! even bad ones! like when we was at 5th grade we have a fight! lol! then we remain best friends until now! she listen to me, she encourages me and I do the same for her! We take time to share old memories and have a good time building new ones! that’s what friends are for! Thanks for the question! and for the chance to win!!


  • 246
    karisa says:

    my best friend is my best friend b/c she’s been there for me through the years and would drop anything if i needed her too.

  • 247
    Paula Laird says:

    Dude! Your kits are genius! I was wondering what shape they would take and I am totally impressed! Can’t wait to see the set completely! I’m headed to CPS next! πŸ™‚

    I met my best friend through other friends in 4-H when I was 9. We have thrown each other surprise parties, talked for untold hours on the phone, done all kinds of things. One of my favorite memories was when we won a state competition doing a speech on Jane Austen that we wrote together. We had the best time!

  • 248
    Shannan says:

    My dearest friend is someone I’ve know for 3 or 4 years. She has helped me thru some very difficult times by giving me very wise council and telling me the truth even when it was hard to hear. She is a friend unlike any I’ve ever had and I feel so blessed that God has put her in my life.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this kit. I can tell the creative opportunities are endless!

  • 249
    Vicki Callier says:

    My best friend and I have been friends since the 8th grade, way back in 1972. We have come in and out of each others lives several times, always starting off where we left off like no time had past at all. Since the birth of my special needs daughter back in 1995 we have stayed in consent contact. She even moved to my town to be close. I love her like a sister. She puts the BEST in Best Friend.

  • 250
    Lynn Swanson says:

    I met my best friend over 30 years ago. Fresh out of college we both started work the same day. I think we looked at each other and said – what have we gotten into here and that was it. We have been through good and bad relationships, births, deaths, illness, laughter and tears together. We now live on opposite sides of the country but are there for each other in a heartbeat. I love her like she is my sister.

  • 251
    Bridget says:

    Best friends are the ones that get you through the tough times in life…are always there when you need them and of course make you pee your pants everytime you are together…I’m lucky to have a friend just like that!!

  • 252
    April Z says:

    I’m super exited about the new kit and can’t wait to see the entire stamp set! My BFF is a friend from college. Even though we don’t get to see each other as much as we’d like we can always pick up where we left off. She stuck by me through many ups and downs and has seen me at my absolute worst and still loves me.

  • 253
    Mandy says:

    My best friend Amy and I have been friends for 15 years and that’s over half of my life. We met when I moved into an apartment building that she was living at, and we’ve been pretty much insperatable since then. We talk every day and I can’t imagine my life without her. What a great way to celebrate friends because they are truly so very important.

  • 254
    Becky p. says:

    Just gorgeous. My best friend is my sister and we have been through everything together, unfortunately, she lives across the country from me, and I do not get to see her very often. She is now pregnant with TWINS! It was quite a shock to us all, but this would be a great gift for her, and me as well.

  • 255
    Sheryl C says:

    I am in awe of the amount of work you put into your releases and this month you’ve gone WAY over the TOP! I can’t wait to see the rest of the releases πŸ™‚

    My BFF and I met through another friend about 5 years ago and we are so close now we can hardly go a day without talking to each other. We know each other so well. I’ve helped her through the death of both of her parents over the last couple of years and seen her go from being unsure of herself to one of the most competent women I’ve met. I am so blessed to have her as my friend.

  • 256
    Tanya says:

    My best friend is the most giving, selfless person ever! She is always there.

  • 257
    Lisa says:

    LOVE this kit! What a great idea! My BF lived across the street from me when we were growing up. We have been friends since we were six years old. I have soooo many great memories that I can’t narrow it down to one. Now that we live far apart, we love to send cards to each other, so this kit will be perfect for both of us! Thanks for the opportunity to win two of them! *Ü*

  • 258
    Julia Diane says:

    My girlfriend and I met at a stamping convention five years ago. Every time we turned around, we’d see each other in classes, so we struck up a conversation and away we went. We’ve been friend ever since.

  • 259
    Teresa says:

    My best friend Toni is also a stamper, in fact – she is the one who got me started!!! We used to be neighbors and now even though we live 1,000 miles apart we still keep in touch and visit when we can.

  • 260
    Allison T. says:

    My best friend is my little sister! We spent much of growing up arguing and bickering, but now that we are grown I enjoy so much the time that we spend together!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 261
    Kim Faucher says:

    My best friends have been Dana, Patti, Susan and Marisa…. Throughout my life they have guided me, teased me,challenged me and supported me…Most importantly, they make me laugh, get out of bed when I dont want to and try to be a better person…
    I love them greatly… off to make them some cards!

  • 262
    Sue Strozyk says:

    OMG, it just keeps getting better and better!!!! I do not have any PTI colors because i didn’t know where to start and couldn’t afford to buy it all. This is exactly what i need!! Now i have to see if i can wait until the 15th ( i guess i’ll have to!) i’m so impatient!! UGH!! okay, lets see.. my bestest friend ever would have to be my sister. And that only happened around 7 years ago. She is 48 and i am 37. She has been there for me through all my pregnancy’s, and when i went through post pardom depression which was pretty severe. She works as a full time nurse, and even when she gets a call from me while she’s at work, she always calls me back ASAP. She always listens, and seems to completely understand. We both recently were together for the last week of my mom’s life, and they just was such an incredible time to experience with her. She’s ALL a best friend should and could be!! Gosh, i think I wrote too much!! But she’s the BEST!!! Off to make my card!

  • 263
    jerunge says:

    This is a must have when you wnat to try a color and ribbon. I can see the next version of this with buttons in stead of ribbon. great job.

  • 264
    Kristyn Sinnott says:

    Nichole, this is beautiful!!!! Again, a spectacular job. You amaze us all.

    My best friend( without being a relative…I have 3 fabulous “relative friends”) would be my friend Ginny. We met in HS, really connected the year I was getting married (2 yrs later) and that was it. We have been on the rollercoater of life together ever since. I couldn’t ask for a better, dearer, more trustworthy friend. I love my friend Ginny.

  • 265
    Patty J says:

    Gorgeous set! My BFFs are my sisters – always there for me no matter where I live!

  • 266
    Janis says:

    What beautiful inspirations in the download!! I can’t wait for this set to come out.

    My best friend came into my life 30 years ago…and I’m only 35 now. We took tap dancing together when we were five but then went to separate elementary schools and it wasn’t until highschool where we met back up again. We have been inseparable ever since!!

  • 267
    cathyl. says:

    I met my best friend 11 years ago. My husband and I moved in with my in-laws and she lived down the road from them. Our kids were the same age. I had a boy, she had a girl. Later we both had another child, again, me a boy and her a girl. Lost touch for a little while but when a tornado hit her road last year, we rushed over and couldn’t believe what we saw. Luckily, they were not home. In the past 8 months, we are closer than we have ever been. I lost my dad and she lost her grandmother. She helped me get through the hardest time in my life and I’m so thankful for her and her family.

  • 268
    Tricia T says:

    I met my best friend when we were in high school working at the same summer camp. We were married within 2 weeks of each other and have lived fairly close for the past 21 years. My life will be truly complete if one of my daughters marries one of her sons!! πŸ™‚

  • 269
    fiona y says:

    wow can’t wait to see the set in its entirety!! me & my best freind: our mothers were best friends! we hung out as kids back when our mothers hung out having tea and catch up. over the years, here we are and i hope our kids will play together too one day πŸ™‚

  • 270
    sally says:

    My best friend is a skinny version of me! OK, she is so much more than that, but we always are asked if we are sisters. Maggie or as I call her, “My Maggie” is the most steadfast and true friend, ever. I know her because she married a childhood friend. He is no longer in the equation, but our friendship is stronger than ever. Maggie meets me half way, she calls and checks in, no matter if she could easily say life is getting in the way. We have navigated across country friendship and gone months without seeing each other, but our commitment to our friendship has never waned. We are honest with each other, sometimes brutally and we respect each others opinions, our opinions don’t always match. Many friends have come and gone in my lifetime, but I have no doubt in my mind that Maggie will always be a touchstone for me.

  • 271
    Christine says:

    I know, I know same old story-but my best friend is my husband of 9 years this Valentine’s day. We got married on our favorite holiday-hearts day. We finish each other’s sentences and know exactly what the other one is thinking. We even know what food we both want. We have been through tons together in our short 9 years together, but I would not want to go through it with anyone other than him!!

  • 272
    Jean C. (naturecoastcrafter) says:

    Hey Nichole, first, I love the ribbon treatment in those cards. Thanks for sharing that idea! I have known by BFF since 1971. Her family sort of adopted me in college, we lived together for a stint, and still today we remain fast friends. We’ve always kind of been like peanut butter and jelly–okay alone, but much better together! In fact for many years we were both just known as PatnJean, we were together so much. When she became a demo for a stamp company, I became her best customer. During both of my marriages she was my “stander upper.” Through family and friend losses, she has been my guiding strength. We have definitely become more like sisters through the years.

  • 273
    Kelly Braund says:

    Wow, can’t wait to see these kits in new colors! Awesome!
    My best friend and I have been friends since kindergarten. In fact, in kindergarten we used to go into the playhouse and not let any boys in! πŸ™‚

  • 274
    Angie Hamill says:

    GREAT KIT, so my best friend.. and best memory of my best friend.

    Have to go with the first time my mom and I ever went to Paris. We had a blast. We did all the things you do when you go to Paris and we both think so much a like that we enjoyed the same things. Would love to share this prize with her.


  • 275
    Lorie says:

    Oh, my! I really like the quick kit option! I hope to be able to make a card today but just in case not I wanted to tell you about my best friend…my husband. No…I’m not just saying that. Who is the first person I want to tell things to whether good or bad? My husband. Who supports me no matter what but also reminds me when I might not be quite right on an issue (what? never!)? My husband. I truly cannot imagine life without him!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win and tell you a little about my husband!

  • 276
    sally says:

    what a great idea these sets are, have no time to create today so will tell you about my bf who lives just down the street, we met when we were building our house and she came down to offer help, that was 17 years ago and our friendship has only grown since.

  • 277
    Kris says:

    My best friend isn’t a “she” but in fact a “he”… my husband.

    From the minute we met, I have spent EVERY day over the last six years with him.

    My favorite memory is the day that I realized I was in love with my best friend.

  • 278
    Sarah H. says:

    I met my best friend at work about 12 years ago. She is the extrovert to my introvert. She moved away about 9-10 years ago but whenever we talk on the phone or get together, our conversations and friendship ease back into a familiar groove, as if we had never been apart. I think that is how you know who your true friends are.

  • 279
    ssweat says:

    My best friend is Glenda. We have been friends for 25 years. We met thru our husbands who were onthe fire department. The friendship has grown thoughout the years. I know that I can count onher for anything plus she is my papercrafting pal!

  • 280
    Jen Caputo says:

    Wow!!! That set is amazing (saw the sneak at the CPS blog). Can’t wait to pick it up!!!

    My best friend and I met on the day I moved into the house I spent most of my childhood in the summer of my 6th year. As we were moving in, she walked down the street (she lived 3 doors down) with her dog to say Hi. In the 22 (holy cow, has it been that long?) years we’ve been best friends we’ve drifted far and close both emotionally and geographically dozens of times. She was a year older than me so she went to high school first, and then I went away to college while she stayed at home trying to figure out what she wanted to do. Between us, we’ve lived in 7 different states since the first day that we met but today, our bond is stronger than ever and a phone call from her, always makes my day!

  • 281
    Christine says:

    My best friend is my sister! We use to hang out alot with our kids. Recently she has moved farther away but that doesn’t seem to stop us. Now we talk everday on the phone!

  • 282
    nancy l. says:

    Oh my word – I am soooo excited!!! I love this kit – the colors are fab! I love my friend Dana too. We met about 13 years ago when we went to church together. She’s a fellow scrap addict and cardmaker. We live on opposite coasts but talk and email many times a week. We share a love for all things scrapbooking and cardmaking, coffee, and chocolate. She’s the one that turned me on to Papertrey!! How’s that for a great friend?? : ) Some of our best times together are cruising the local scrapbooks stores in her area, hanging out at Starbucks and creating in her scrap room. Thanks for the chance to win. This kit would be so much fun to share with Dana!

  • 283
    Tasha says:

    My best friend and I have been friends since the second grade. That is a total of 25 years. She is still the one that I can call at any time of day and she knows with one hello if something is wrong or not. There are too many good memories to list one but the special thing about her is their are no pretenses. We can be 100% ourselves and always have a great time together.

  • 284
    Anne says:

    I have several bestest friends. Some of them are the four-legged kind, and some of them are two-legged. All of my bestest buds are there for me when I am in need, and are wonderful sounding boards for ideas, and issues in my life!

  • 285
    Theresa says:

    This set is adorable! My best friends are my two sisters. I am the oldest so we met when they were born!

  • 286
    Kayla T. says:

    my best friend’s name is jennie and we have been best friends since the first day of 4th grade (16 years ago). the teacher sat us next to each other and we have been inseperable ever since. we could literaly be sisters, we have the same hair color, we are the same height and weight, both wear glasses. she really is the greatest!

  • 287
    Heather Arsenault says:

    Ohh I love those flowers in this new set. Great card design too. TFS.
    My best friend is my roommate from my freshman year at university. We try to see each other once a year and it is so easy to pick up our friendship. I wish that she lived closer.

  • 288
    Sarah says:

    My best friend is my S-F… or my “Sister Friend.” We met in an odd way, she worked for my mother… after a while, our relationship grew, and grew and grew. We share ups and downs, and have a bond that is IRREPLACEABLE. She means the world to me… and another item worth mentioning, it was SHE who introduced me to the world of crafts! It’s HER FAULT I have this crazy obsession! πŸ™‚ I love my S-F so dearly.

    If I won this set, she may get tired of all of the projects I’d make for her with it! Ha ha!

  • 289
    Monika/buzsy says:

    Very pretty set and great kit! Love all the samples. So colorful and cheery!
    My BF is in my home country, in Europe. We grew up together as next door neighbors and best friends… would’ve been born in the same month but I was a preeme… Now we have a condo in the same building they live in, on the top floor. Just our 2 condos. When we go ‘home’ we share meals or whatever we have in the fridge, borrow things from each other, or just visit (often in our PJ’s) and all we have to do is go across the hall… it is so much fun because for that 2-3 weeks, we share our lifes like we were sisters. The only sad part is that it only happens once a year.

  • 290
    Jessica Purvis says:

    My best friend was with me the last two times I gave birth – those are very special memories. Not only did we almost lose our DD, but she was born on my friend’s wedding anniversary!

    LOVE the kit! Can’t wait to get one.

  • 291
    laurlynn says:

    BFF and I met in 5th grade (30+ yrs ago, gasp). After college we didn’t see much of each other as our lives went in different directions. But after having kids, we both got into card making and get together quite often again. Great reason to get together with friends!!

  • 292
    LaurieF says:

    I can’t wait until the release party to see all of the new PTI goodies and sets you will be offering!!!

    I met my best friend in our first year of University together. We ended up living together in our 4th year and have been through alot together. We live in different provinces and don’t get to see each other as much as we would like but we can always pick up from where we left off. She is amazing!

  • 293
    Melanie S. says:

    My best friend and I met when her family moved in across the street. We were 11 years old and have remained very close since. We sometimes don’t get to catch up for a few weeks, but it’s always as if we haven’t missed a day!

  • 294
    Cindy H. says:

    My best and dearest friend is my SIL. I feel more like she is my sister than my friend. My DH and I are God-parents to all three of their children. She has included us in all the holidays, birthdays and just because events for 37 years. She’s even rescheduled Christmas and Easter dinners because my DH had to work! Though she does not stamp, she is a trained artist and a talented photographer. I’d love to get her to stamp or start a scrapbook of her first grand-child. Maybe your beautiful kit would entice her:)

  • 295
    Chrissy Lux says:

    I met my BFF in college. She and I were suitemates and ended up joining the same sorority later. She has been there through thick and thin. Fortunately, we live about 20 minutes apart so we still get to see each other often. I’ve even been teaching her to stamp and make cards! πŸ™‚ These kits would be sooo perfect!

  • 296
    Kathi Silvia says:

    MY best friend is like the sister I never had. We met in high school, yikes that’s 25 years ago! OMG I feel old LOL! We’ve been through thick and thin from the death of her mom to breast cancer to the birth of my daughter. She has and is still always there for me. She is always amazed by my creativity and I would love to win the kit so I can make her some goodies. I could go on all day about how much I love her and what she means to me…this just scratches the surface! πŸ™‚ Kathi

  • 297
    Mona says:

    My best friends are my four sisters and two brothers. We talk or email all the time, keeping in touch. I’m so fortuate to have them as siblings and as friends. By the way, I read every sentence you type and I’m loving the new Friends stamp set. Everyday your posts reveal something I NEED!! I guess I’ll try and help out the economy this month!!!

  • 298
    Lynn Daniel says:

    I met my best friend about 6 years ago. She’s a fellow scrapbooker and cardmaker. I have to say that I thought she was a little wierd when I first met her, but after a while we did EVERYTHING together. 2 years ago she moved away to CA from MI. We keep in touch, but it’s hard to maintain a close relationship across the miles. I can’t wait to order one of your new kits just for her.

  • 299

    I met my oldest and dearest friend in middle school and I didn’t like her! Somehow we became friends and 22 years later we’re still going strong. I can tell her things I don’t want anyone else to know and can trust her 100%.

  • 300
    Sandi Ragusa says:

    I’ve known my best friend since the second grade when I was sitting alone at recess and she came to play with me. She likes to rub it in that I was the one sitting alone and she came over to “save the day.”

  • 301
    Sharon D says:

    The friend I would share the kit with is the one who introduced me to stamping. She has a severely disabled daughter, but she always has time to help other people. She is the most generous person you could imagine. We have a great time laughing together, and I would love to be able to share this prize with her.

  • 302
    Marjorie says:

    I have more than one good friend, not just one that I would call my “best friend.” I am lucky to have several friends, some related to me by birth or by marriage, some friends at work who have become more than just colleagues, and my scrapping friends, who share an interest with me but also have become friends beyond that. I know that there are several people who have and will be there if I ever need them.

  • 303
    Heather M says:

    This is such a wonderful opportunity you have offered us here today!
    It was only about 4 short yrs ago I met my best friend. We both recall the where but neither of us can pinpoint the when. I said it was like we had always known each other and she agreed! I knew when I met her she’d always be a friend and that’s something very special. So is she!
    Thanks for the chance to wine- and share!

  • 304
    Brenda Z says:

    My best friend is my sister! Like many people, we didn’t always see eye-to-eye as kids, but we’ve found common ground over the years and I wouldn’t trade her for anything! We’re always making new and fun memories when we get to spend time together, which isn’t as often as I would like! She lives in Alabama (temporarily) so the visits we do get are so treasured by me!

  • 305
    Sue Lelli says:

    My best friend calls me the sister she never had. The very BEST thing about her is that she accepts me unconditionally and doesn’t judge me. She loves me no matter what. She even told me if anything every happened to me, she would adopt my son and that’s HUGE! Even if I don’t win, I think I’ll make her a Friend to the End card right now! Thanks!

  • 306
    Sarah Fisher says:

    Another very cool product! This has been a very exciting 9 days so far!

    While I have many girl friends, my best friend is actually my husband. Girl friends have come and gone over the past five years as our lives have taken us in several directions, but my husband has been my constant best friend. And the best part is he loves making cards as much as I do since I introduced him to it. He even goes to the LSS to buy his own supplies!

  • 307
    Lori H says:

    This set looks beautiful so far! I met my best friend almost 10 years ago, as we were both preparing to travel to Cambodia to adopt our daughters. We live about 15 minutes apart and keep in touch all the time. I am so grateful to have shared this journey with her.

  • 308
    sherid says:

    I love kits and I am so excited that PTI will now have them! This kit and the new stamp set look amazing.

    I met my best friend 6 years ago when we were both working in the same office. There have been many changes in both of our lives since then, we both have new careers, 4 kids, and lots of shared laughs and tears. We’re both very busy women who both understand that we wish we had more time to spend with each other, but we cherish each moment that we have together.

  • 309
    Denise Rocha says:

    Brilliant idea!! I love the new Quick Picks!!
    My best friend have been best friends for over 30 years (we are 35). We met in our church Sunday School class and have been friends ever since!
    When we were 18, I found out that I could not have children. Without hesitation, she said to me “Tell me when and where and I will help you have a child!” This both blew me away and cemented our friendship more than I could ever know.
    A few years later we both got married, she had her 1st and 2nd child, and my husband (who knew what Tammy had said to me all those years ago) and I decided that we wanted to go down the long and trying route to have a child of our own via Donor/IVF.
    We had taken Tammy out to dinner… and time came to ask this life-changing question.. and without hesitation she said… “So when’s the appointment-I’ll be there!” And threw the tears all I could say was “Thank you & I Love you!”
    3 years later thru trials, tests and doctor appts… time came to do the transfer via IVF. We transfered 2 eggs. 1 egg took.
    She was the 1st person I called after the nurse told me I was pregnant!
    **Twist to the story… 1 week after I found out that I was pregnant-Tammy called Me and said “You’re never gonna believe this…” and I screamed… YOU’RE PREGNANT TOO!!”
    Our daughters (Morgan (mine) and Jericka (Tammy’s) were born a day and a half of each other, our hospital rooms were right next door to each other… we left the hosptal on the same day together.
    Our daughters who are now 5 years old, are now Best Friends… just like their mothers!
    Sorry for being long… it’s the most important story of my life… and don’t know where I would be without my Best Friend Tammy.
    Thanks for letting me share!

  • 310
    Melissa (smileytexan) says:

    Wow. . .wow. . .wow!! Nicole, you continually amaze me each month with all your new products and stamps! You are amazing!! I have too many best friends! πŸ™‚ I guess my very best friend would be Marilyn, cause I can vent to her and she to me and we won’t think any less of each other. We seem to understand each other so well. . .it’s weird sometimes. I know I can call whenever and she’ll answer. And she’s there if I ever need a hand!

    Thanks Nicole!

  • 311
    Diana says:

    Well, I haven’t seen her in 2 years, since we moved from Michigan to Washington, but we hav so much in common (homeschool our kids, have a handicapped child, and a workaholic husband), that it was so easy to talk to each other…funnest thing we did was have dh’s put kids to bed while we would go out for dessert & coffee and talk, talk, talk!

  • 312
    Linda w says:

    Amazing ideas Nichole. My best friend is Pat. We met over 14 years ago when she drove up for a stamp demonstration at the store where I worked. Being the dedicated stamper that she is, she drove right through a horrendous snow storm just to get here. The front of her car was totally covered in snow and you could not even see her bumper and grill. Her demo was awesome as usual and was well attended dispite the snow. I volunteered to have her stay at my house that night and we have been best friends ever since.

    Thanks much

  • 313
    Lisa T says:

    My best friend is my friend Pam. We have been friends since we were in 4th grade and were in band together. (We both played the flute.) Distance unfortunately keeps us apart (I live in MO now while she still lives in NJ) but we share a love of stamping (I blame, er, I mean credit, her with getting me hooked by taking me to an SU! party!) My best memory would be all the road trips we’ve taken together, whether they were band trips (DC and Toronto) or trips we took as adults (annual Christmas shopping trip or road trips to our friend Karyn’s house in PA). In addition to stamping, we share a love of Dunkin’ Donuts and Friendly’s ice cream!

  • 314
    Alma says:

    My very best friend is a person who I met through work in 2003. We both had the same work ethic and worked so well together. We were both executive assistants at the time and it is hard to find someone you can trust and work well with. We always laughed at work and when the going went tough, we pulled together and got the work done. My best memories of her were when we used to just laugh up a storm in our cubicles and we were the kind of friends who could kid around with each other (without getting mad – tee hee). I really miss her…Best of all, I could tell her about anything. Ok, now off to make a card to send her.

    Thanks Nicole for the wonderful blog candies you have been offering. Love all of the new stuff I have seen so far! YOU ROCK!

  • 315
    PennyH says:

    My best friend and I have worked together for the last 11 years. It’s always fun to be with her. We even think and say the same things at the same time.

  • 316
    Tabitha A. says:

    Nicole what a totally fabulous set! I love all the words and the flower looks so cool!

    My best friend is my sister. We don’t live in the same state but we talk to each other every day! We were really close when we were little but then once I went through my teenage years I wasn’t very nice! You know hormones!

    Once I was in college we became really close and I don’t think we have missed a day without at least some form of communication!

    I am excited there is a friend set b/c I mostly do send cards to my friends!

  • 317
    Jill Swanson says:

    My best friend is a terrific stamping partner. She makes me dinner every Monday night and we craft together. Thanks for a chance to win. Jill S

  • 318
    Katie says:

    What a great prize….thanks for the opportunity!

    My BFF is named Rebecca. We have been best friends for 20 years….since 6th grade!! I love her like a sister! We are so blessed to have husbands that get along great….and kids that are about the same ages too. Love her!

    Thanks again. I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to make a card too!


  • 319
    Kerry says:

    My best friend and I have been friends all our lives. Her family moved across the street from us when she and I were 6 and 4 months old and we grew up in those houses. How long has that been, you ask? 57 years! To this day, even though we don’t see each other often, whenever one calls the other, we realize we’ve both been thinking of each other. And we can always pick up right where we left off the last time we saw each other. I was an only girl with 3 older brothers, so she has always been the sister I never had.

  • 320
    Lisa T says:

    Ooh! I love the samples on Dawn’s site. That new damask set is very pretty.

  • 321
    Elizabeth Beasterfield says:

    Awesome new kit! Thanks for the 2nd option to join in the contest fun. I’m not mobile at this time, so I appreciate it. My best friend is my sister. Although we are 12 years apart in age, we say we are twins, lol. We’ve been there for each other through some good and bad times and yesterday was no exception. I took a bad tumble at her house by my car, and she was right there to help me into my car and drove me to emergency and pushed me around in the wheelchair all the while keeping my spirits uplifted through humor without a complaint. I truly love and appreciate her and would love to give her this set to show her in some tangible way just how much she means to me.

  • 322
    QC says:

    OK……my best friend is Krissy. She’s the most selfless person I’ve ever known. She took custody of her sister’s daughter (Krissy was single at the time) when her sister was going through a bad time and couldn’t be a good parent. She selflessly took on that child (of about 9 years of age) and became a stellar role model, something that girl had been lacking….

    Her sister died a few years later. The “living testimony” for me was reading that little girl’s comment on her webpage the other day saying she owes her life to her aunt…..

    Best memory? Krissy and our friend Todd and I driving back to BC from Manitoba….and tormenting that poor guy with our stupid (overtired stupidity) comments…”See that cow? I made it with string and paper mache…” THE ENTIRE WAY BACK…..we still laugh like loons!

    I love Krissy as if she were my own sister!

  • 323
    Lynna Demay says:

    My best friend started out as my personal trainer. We have so much fun together. With busy lives, it’s hard to spend time together, but once we see each other it’s like we were never apart.

  • 324
    Sara Paschal says:

    My best friend moved to town in the second grade and we have been friends since. She is the godmother to our Children, I think that is the higest honor you can give to anyone the care of your children. My favorite memory is Crusin’, then we have graduation night, and the birth of my first born. My list goes on. She has helped me through the death of my Mother and a deep depression that followed. She now lives in Ohio and we have the net to keep us connected. How great it is to have such a wonderful person in ones life.

  • 325
    MakiJ says:

    I really love all the projects from the DT!
    I don’t have anybody I can call as the best friend where I live now. I have to move many times due to my DH’s job and I met many people and became friends but I didn’t have a chance or enough time to become the best friend. The friends in Japan could be the best friends if I stil lived there but the distance makes us so difficult to see or help each other whenever we need. I still see them when I go back to Japan for a vacation.
    I hope I meet somebody who can call “MY BEST FRIEND” in the future.

  • 326
    Leora Henkin says:

    My best friend and I lived across the hall from eachother our first year of college…more than 30 years ago–EGADS! We have been sharing our lives ever since and now she has two girls in college and I have one on the way. I am having trouble picking a favorite memory, so let me just go with the most recent. We met for dinner on Friday night at our favorite restaurant (in a town halfway between our homes) and had a wonderful time!

    To friendship! Good luck to all,

  • 327
    Erin M. says:

    My best friend and I met in high school when we were 14. Needless to say we have come along way. My boyfriend broke up with me to take her to homecoming because she didn’thave a date! Then I didn’t have one! Needless to say we’ve been through everything together since then: relationships, marriage, kids, illnesses, etc. 19 years later she is the best friend any girl could ask for!

  • 328
    Kristin Z. says:

    I am so enjoying all your Anniversary Sneak Peeks, thank you for sharing your joy for crafting and your creativity with us! I met my best friend during our senior years of college. Senior year with her was so much fun and we both were sad we didn’t meet sooner. Who knows what hilarity would have ensued during those first 3 years of college??!!? Since college, our lives have taken us in different directions, but we talk all the time, laughing and crying together.

  • 329
    Gail S. says:

    My bestest friend is my sister. We have lived apart for over 25 years and just this past year, she moved 5 miles away and we have had the most wonderful time playing “catch up”! We are planning a trip together we call it our Thelma & Louise trip. We have been putting money away for it for the past 2 years and when we get enough money to pay for EVERYTHING we are going to put in a hat all of the names of places we would like to go to and we are picking one out and going!! Can’t wait πŸ™‚

  • 330
    joslyn says:

    i love my friends. i have a couple that i consider “best”. my favorite thing is just to sit and chat with them. really we don’t get bored of eachother. my dad always told us “you can never have enough friends”

  • 331
    Sharon Knitter says:

    My best friend is Louise and she lives in Lille, France. Because she is so far away, I email and mail to her more often than I get to actually talk to her. She has a very dry wit and so I love to surprise her with witty cards – especially those with a french theme.

  • 332
    Alyssa Walters says:

    My best friend (that is not my mom or my sister!) is my sister-in-law! I am so lucky to have her in my life! She is wonderful — she loves my kiddos like they are her own. We have so much in common, and we always laugh together! My favorite memory of her so far is a trip we took together to Key West, Florida — we drove there from Nebraska with our husbands (they are brothers) and I’ve never laughed so hard in my entire life!)

  • 333
    Elizabeth says:

    My best friend and I met about three years ago. One Wednesday night there was a new girl at church. I went up to her with my sisters, invited her to my birthday party that weekend and we’ve been friends ever since!

  • 334
    Cat Lail says:

    i’m going to find some time to complete this challenge, but i wanna tell you about my bestest friend! i absolutely ADORE my friend earline; while many wouldn’t think we’re much alike, we became friends 10+ years ago when we met hunting (yes, deer hunting!). she’s a sweetie, and our husbands are buds too. we spend nearly every vacation together!

  • 335
    Andrea M says:

    I love the idea of the kit!! My Bff and i met 10 years ago, after a move. She got me hooked on scrapbooking, i returned the favor by introducing her to stamping/card making. We both fell in love with watercolor painting, and have travelled across the province to attend workshops. We’ve shared the ups and downs, she was my rock when one of our 4 year old twins was diagnosed with Cancer. I admire her strength and dedication to her family and friends and can’t imagine a day going by without chatting.
    Thanks for the chance!

  • 336
    Ally V. says:

    Love today’s peeks, the set it absolutely wonderful!! My best friend and I have been friends for over 16 years and I would be lost without her. She recently moved to a new city and I **so** miss her!!

  • 337

    Wow! This is kind of a hard one because I consider a small group of girls to be my best friends. I can’t just pick one! They all have fantastic qualities and I just adore each of them in different ways. This kit will be just perfect in my situation…how could I just make one card for just one friend? πŸ™‚

  • 338
    Barbara V says:

    OMG…this stamp set and these cards absolutely took my breath away! My best friend shared many years as a military wife with me…we understand each other!

  • 339
    Lynn M Brown says:

    I met my best friend when she moved into the neighborhood 4 years ago. We hit it off after discovering that we both love scrapbooking & stamping.

  • 340
    Judy S says:

    My best friend is a scrappin’ friend of mine. She is the wife of one of the guys I work with and we were introduced through another mutual friend. She is the most generous person in the whole world! Always there for you … no matter what! My best memory thus far is going on a scrapbooking retreat with her … in fact, we are going on another one together in April. We always have a great time … even if it’s just meeting for a Starbucks!

  • 341
    pegg says:

    I love this idea of kits!! It’s perfect for someone like me who likes to try different inks/papers/embellishments!

    My best friend and I met at tennis lessons after school during Junior High. We weren’t really friends in school (we were in different cliques πŸ™‚ ) but our friendship developed after school. She is such a good person and friend – I just wish for her the best things in the world! We just have so many laughs together, about the silliest things. I feel like I am 13 when I’m around her πŸ™‚

  • 342
    Alice Roushia says:

    My best friend and I go back 43 yrs. together. Our parents were friends, thus we became friends. Ours is almost like everyother friendship, fought over boys, jealouse of each other, etc., but we could always find each other when we needed something. You ask, who was the 1st person my friend called when she was having her 1st baby, YUP, ME…I was called and on my way to the hosp. before anyone.

    I was her maid of honor and she was mine.

    She was there for me when my sister was killed and when my Mother passed away, as I was with her when her Mother passed.

    We still talk at least 2-3 times per week, thank goodness for cell phones. It seems like we know what is going on in each others life without having to say a word. She is like a sister to me.

    We have gone thru alot together, but have always stayed close to each other. Alice R.

  • 343
    care-in says:

    Moving around with the army didn’t lead to on BFF. I sometimes wish I had that one person I grew up with. My college friends are definitely my closest friends now. Even though we don’t live in the same town one of my closest friends and I still email and chat on FB and through blogging. It’s like we never left.

  • 344
    Carla says:

    I have two very best girlfriends, we’ve all been friends for over 10 years…we’ve been through deaths, illnesses, fights with hubbies, “pull out your hair” times with the kids, fun camping vacations, girl’s weekends out and we have loved stamping together! I love them and they are my sisters.

  • 345
    Katy Frame says:

    I met my best friend in High School. At first I didn’t think we’d end up being friends, because I couldn’t hear her when she talked (she’s quiet)! LOL but now many years later we have still remained friends. πŸ™‚

  • 346

    I’d have to say that my Mom is my best friend! She’s always there for me…I talk to her most everyday! She loves making cards just like I do. I know she would love this set! Thank you for a chance to win these wonderful prizes! ~~Pam

  • 347
    Lynn Osborne says:

    Well, I think you already described my best friend. She and I have been through the best and worst of times together. We’d both do anything for the other. We met when our daughters were babies but became really close about 15 years ago. She’s just amazing. Thanks for the chance to win through a comment!

  • 348
    Johna Gray says:

    My best friend is more like a sister to me than a friend considering that neither one of us have a sister. We know each other’s darkest secrets that we would never share with anyone else. I would have to say that my most memorable moment would be when we went to Texas to spend a week with her mother who suffers from alzehimers. I was glad that I could be there to give her the support that alot of people do not always have when they are going through something like this. I will always love her like a sister.

  • 349

    My best friend is Danielle. We met at church when both of our father’s were dying of lung cancer. After meeting, we decided to have coffee together. I was a bit nervous – it was kind of like a date. What if we get to coffee and we have nothing to talk about? In fact, the complete opposite occurred. We didn’t run out of things to say then, and we continue to talk everyday without running out of things to say. We don’t judge eachother, and we love eachother unconditionally. Don’t get me wrong, we have had our fights, but we communicate with one another and work it out. She is wonderful, and I am grateful to have a friend like her in my life!

  • 350
    itsterry says:

    What a terrific download! Other than my husband (of course) my best girlfriend and I have been friends for 25 years! Raised our girls together — oh the stories we can tell!

  • 351
    deb says:

    Another set to add to my wish list! As for my best friend… we dated 27 years ago! We didn’t make a good couple, but we certainly make the best of friends!!!

  • 352
    Tara Piper says:

    I met her in college 10 years ago and have had the privelege of staying in the same towns since then!

  • 353
    Tammy Dardis says:

    Is it the 15th yet? EVERY day I add something else to my PTI wishlist! Love, love, love the kit idea! My BFF is awesome because we can disagree on anything and it doesn’t change our friendship. It’s so great having a friend that doesn’t shy away from differences between us…she’s always there no matter what!

  • 354
    sonseeahray says:

    Oh my goodness! My best friend has been my very best for over 30 years and she is awesome, she is there when I need her and we don’t talk for months but we always know we are there for each other. She is a realist (when I am off in fantasy land), she is kind, she is compassionate, intelligent, physically fit (passionate about working out,and I am not), she is talented, hard working, passionate about life and her family, an angel amongst us she is my best friend.

  • 355
    Vivian says:

    My best friend is Pat and we met at the hospital where we used to work. I can tell her anything and she does not judge, listens or just holds my hand…whatever I need at the time, and is always there for me no matter what. She has seen the good, bad, and the ugly and still calls me Friend. I cannot wait to make her a card using this set.

  • 356
    Monica Jantz says:

    What beautiful cards! Love that flower! My best friend is a girl from childhood. We played together all the time and have stayed close through the years. My best memory with her is taking a trip with her on my 16th birthday! She’s the best!

  • 357
    Lauree Myler says:

    i have two actually… my hubby of course and my oldest and dearest friend sadie.

    sade and i met in 8th grade, we have lived together, cried together, and had a lot of fun! she is the closest thing to a sister i have and i love the girl to death. her family is my second family. we happen to live close again and we swap babysitting and making lunch together. she is the most genuine person i know.

    thanks for 2 chances to win. you guys have outdone yourselves and spoiled all of us and it isn’t even release day yet!!

  • 358
    Tiffany H says:

    I am friend with kell, because she is like my sister. We really get eachother and help eachother through tough times. Even if it has been months since we talked, it seems like no time has passed once we see eachother or talk on the phone. I met my bff my freshman year in college. I think one of my favorite memories has to be the time we drove 2.5 hours to go to a concernt and were so slap happy on the way home it was rediculous….what a fun time. I think we laughed the entire drive home!

  • 359
    Kris says:

    My best friend is my neighbor and running partner. We had known each other casually for a good number of years. I had been praying for an accountability running partner and boldly threw in the request that it would be nice if she lived nearby as well! God answers prayers in the most unexpected and mighty ways. Since then we have run two marathons and many other races together. My favorite times with her, though, are those daily runs where we talk about everything under the sun that’s important to us…and it all stays on the road…”road talk”. I trust her completely. She is a true gift from God!

  • 360
    Linda says:

    My best friend is from all the way back in elementary school—-since we’re now in our 50s (eek!) we go waaaaaaaaay back! We live in different states now but it doesn’t take long at all to catch up with each other.

  • 361
    Michelle in Mi says:

    My best friend is also my ‘partner in crime’ when it comes to stamping.We love to try out new techniques and share stamp sets-it’s not just about the cards-it’s about the time spent together!

  • 362
    Amy Ballard says:

    His name is Phil and somehow, I was lucky enough to marry him. He always laughs at my jokes in public (even if they aren’t that funny), listens to me when I have things to say, and is always SO fun to be around. Couldn’t ask for more.

  • 363

    LOVE everything about this! The kit is awesome and I’ll definitely be taking advantage of purchasing those! Now for my best friend – we met in college. We were in the same dorm on the same floor. I actually met her because I got very sick and miss my math class. She was in the same class at a different time. I went to her room asking her to borrow her notes and such as I had to make up the test that I missed. I ended up getting an A on the test and she was so bad at me because she got a D and I ruined the curve for the class!! We each had roomie issues so we grew really close that year and for the next 3 years we lived in an apt. together. Although we don’t live in the same town we still see each other and talk all the time. It’s so neat to see how far we’ve both come! We’ve both been through some hard times and we got through them because of our friendship! She’s the bestest!!!

  • 364
    Margaret C says:

    My BF and I met 1st year at Uni – and met our husbands (who are also BF’s…!) there too. We have been through a LOT togetherin the last 18 years – bad stuff like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, major depressions, seasons of unemployment, seriously ill children, both our very dear MIL’s died within a month of each other – and also the wonderful times – bridemaiding at each other’s weddings, celebrating retraining for our vocations, helping to support each other through the hard parts of heving kids (and celebrating the good parts !). Oh yeah, and stamping. We took up stamping because we wanted to do something together, to make sure we made time for each other in our busy lives. It worked. I am blessed with several dear friends, but she has the history that means we don’t always need to fill in the details. She rocks and I love her. This would be such a treat to win! Thanks for the opportunity !

  • 365
    Melissa Gregg says:

    I love this kit! I also love my best friend! It’s so fun now to be raising kids who are practically the same age. She is also a stamper…


  • 366
    Ketha says:

    My best friend and I have been friends for 54 years. We started kindergarten together, bonded and remained close ever since. We’ve been there together through the trials of dating, stood up for each other at our weddings, was the first to arrive at the hospital at the birth of our children and supported each other when we lost our parents. We’re separated by miles now, but call each other each week.. and fly back and forth to support each other during the trials of life and share in the joys of living. We truly can say…we love each other UNCONDITIONALLY….

  • 367
    Terri Scott says:

    My best friend is Laura! I don’t know a time I didn’t know her, but we started first grade together in a very small school, and even though we lost touch a couple times (at least once for many years) we still consider ourselves best friends. We still visit each other on occasion even though we live far apart, and we chat often on the computer and phone! Both her parents are gone and my Dad too, so we share my Mom and Stepdad. Best friends are basicallly like sisters!

  • 368
    Elizabeth S. says:

    Wow Nichole, these are great!! I met my best friend at church. We just starting hit it off when she became my visitign teacher. She would come to my house and visit once a month to see how things were going and if she could do anything that I needed. This rapidly became a friendship. Then about 2 years ago her family moved to Utah and we stayed friends (thanks internet) and keep in touch almost daily. She just told me that they are selling their house and moving back. My most favorite times with her is just being able to visit and talk about everything. We don’t judge each other and is very comfortable being around each other.

  • 369
    Jean in NH says:

    My best friend is Kimber! Don’t you remember us from the cruise? She is the tall blonde and I am Not The Tall Blonde. We have a blast stamping together and going for lunch when the kids are in school! I am totally in love with everything about this kit – the colors, the paper, the images. I am totally NOT a kit person but I am starting to clear some space for all my new PTI purchases!

  • 370

    My best friend is my little sister Kimberly. I say little, but she’s only 13 mos younger. Of course I’ve known her all my life and she’s truly proved herself to be my best friend time and again. I think the one that stands out most in my mind (besides introducing me to paper crafting!) is when my youngest was born premature – I checked out of the hospital the same day I had him because he was life flighted to a better NICU. I arrived home to pack so we could go too and she was waiting with my other two boys – she packed their bags and was ready to take them to her house so we wouldn’t have to worry about them as well. Talk about taking a load of my mind.

  • 371
    Kathy G says:

    My best friend is my sister. I got her hooked on stamping 5 years ago, and she received her first Papertrey set from me this past Christmas. We both love flowers, and would both love to have this set.

  • 372
    Karen says:

    Thanks for the download! Since I have these inkpads (the only PTI ink pads I have…talk about ironic!), most of the paper and ribbon, I will wait for the next kit. But, the next one will definitely go into my cart! As for my best friends, I’m lucky enough to have three! We live all over the country, but have managed to stay close and in touch often, thanks to the magic of the internet! Gotta love it!

  • 373
    Jenn N says:

    Wow, you had better have blog protection or something on the 15th because I think the site is going to be overwhelmed with all the hits for orders on that day. All these new products and releases are just too much! But all really good.

  • 374
    BarbW says:

    BRAVO! BRAVO! You get a standing ovation for this one!! I love the idea of a kit, because we have an opportunity to try out lots of different products. I love the assortment of goodies in this first kit! I am so excited!!

    I met my best bud at a Bible study. From the first time I saw her, I knew we would be great friends. We have a lot of things in common from Christ to crafts. I love her because she is funny, supportive, knows when to listen and when to encourage. She has a smile that can make my day and I trust her with things I barely like to admit to myself-KWIM-We can craft together and we can cry together. I don’t get to see her often, because she travels a lot for work, but we put in a lot of phone time. She’s super cool and I’m blessed that she found me.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such an awesome prize package. She would really love it!!

  • 375
    Jana Weaver says:

    My mom is one of my best friends. She is the one who started me crafting as a child since she was often crafting, and she has been there for me through some of my darkest times, always supporting me in whatever way she can. I feel so lucky and honored to have her as my mom!!! And, as a loyal PTI customer (and Mainiac!) I know she would LOVE this kit!!!

  • 376
    Debbi says:

    Thanks for giving us a chance to win this awesome prize without uploading a card! I don’t think I have one BFF, I have 25! The PSFs are the bestest friends anyone could ever want.

  • 377
    Debbie says:

    What a fab kit!!

    My best friend is someone i met through a crafting forum! She lives about 2 hours from me but thanks to her new job she comes to stay with me at least once a month now! YAYY real girlie crafting time!
    We have only known each other about 5 years but it feels like we have known each other forever. πŸ™‚

  • 378

    My best friend would have to be my sister we are two years apart and have been threw a lot together. This would be such a great gift to give her as her husband just lost his job. What a great kit to give to show your thinking of them.

  • 379
    Juanita says:

    It took me awhile to realize that my best friend WAS my best friend. She walked into my store and was beligerant, obnoxious, arrogant and loud mouthed. Over time we became friends, then room mates, then after she moved away, I noticed she was my BFF! I send her cards all the time. She needs the encouragement and the reminder of somebody cheering her on from way over here.

  • 380
    Mara says:

    Wonderful kits! To a newer card maker, I love getting kits that include everything I need. I met my BFF in 6th grade and we’ve been through it all together!! We now are both married with kids and get together every chance we get. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  • 381
    Christea says:

    I love my best friend Jennifer. She’s not just my best friend, but seems to be everyone’s best friend. She gives 100% of herself to all the people she loves. She is ALWAYS there for everyone. She’s such a loving and thoughtful person. AND she’s been a bridesmaid in more weddings than anyone imaginable.

    Well, she just announced her engagement!!!

    Her wedding colors – fuchsia and black – were announced the SAME month you released Raspberry Fizz. Quelle surprise!

    I’m so excited about everything right now πŸ™‚

  • 382
    Minh V. says:

    Another “cheesy” choice, but my best friend can only be my husband (of almost 15 years!). Gotta love him, especially if he’s okay with my newfound obsession — CRAFTING!

  • 383
    Kerry from PA says:

    I have to say, I’ve had several friends that I would describe as my “best friend”. My first one was in elementary school (that’s how we met) and we did everything together. There were major issues with our parents because even though we saw each other all day at school, when we got home, we would call each other and clog up the phone lines all night.

    One of my clearest memories with her is that we used to go out to the swing set and as as we were swinging we would sing a little 2-part chorus where she was “Chip” and I was “Dale”. I’m not sure whether we made it up or if it was actually part of the cartoon. It went like this:

    “I’m Chip.”
    “I’m Dale.”
    “Together we make the best corporate for we are Chip and Dale.”

    We stuck together through high school and had some major separation anxiety when we went to college. The first month her long distance phone bill was something like $150. We lost touch after college though. This makes me want to look her up and re-connect.

  • 384
    melanie buchanan says:

    I met my best friend 3 years ago. We hit it off great as friends and have been there for eachother ever since. We just mesh.

  • 385
    Jess says:

    Oooh, how fun! I’ve been friends with my best friend Laura for almost 20 years – since we were in 5th grade! We’ve been through so much together and even though she now lives in NC and I’m in CT, we’re as close as ever!

  • 386
    Christie E. says:

    My best friend I met when I was nine. We don’t live in the same city anymore or talk as much as we used to, but I know that I can call her up anytime and it will be just like it always has been.

  • 387
    karenannj says:

    My sisters are my best friends. We have so many fun memories together especially when we had to share a room together for so many years. Thanks for the chance to win….I love this set!

  • 388
    Natalie Wilson says:

    My best friend and I have been friends for 5 years. She and I stamp together, shop toegether and just enjoy talking to each other on the phone. she also has been two of my kids teacher. She is the kindest most giving friend I could ever want.

  • 389
    Amy says:

    What an awesome set! Right up there with the best of the best! Love the idea of kits, too… Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  • 390
    KathyL says:

    One of my most special friends is one I met in college. It wasn’t until we discovered that we took a job at the same company, in the same department and started work on the same day that we knew we would always be friends. That was almost 25 yrs ago.

  • 391
    Barb Moyer says:

    I love the idea of these kits! My BFF is a lifelong friend from childhood. We’ve always been there for one another – through good and bad. We always seem to be able to pick up right where we left off no matter how far apart we are. She was always the wild child and I was the calm, reasonable one who kept us out of trouble! We have complete and totally different interests/hobbies, etc. but we somehow are the best of friends. I can’t imagine my life without her.
    Barb M.

  • 392
    Amy says:

    Oh, I am so excited about these kits! This (as well as the combo paper packs) is just what I’ve wanted from PaperTray. I KNOW I’ll be trying some PTI colors this year.

    As for my best friend, she’s not a crafter but has joined me on a project or two because she liked the results so much! We were roommates way back in college. (15 years ago — ack!) We have a special Christmas tradition of getting together to do her Christmas baking. This year, we added a little stamping to that day as well.

  • 393
    Nancy N says:

    I met my friend in High School 38 years ago. We live a couple hours away from each other. We have been through many things together. She has always been there for me through the fun times and the difficult times such as the loss of my first child, my brothers sudden death and the death of my father. Sometimes we don’t talk for weeks, but we just pick up where we left off.

  • 394
    Rachelle H says:

    I met my best friend in college. We were assigned as roomates. At first I thought we wouldn’t get along because the first thing she brought into our dorm was a bucket of cleaning supplies. Turns out she is just as much of a slob as I am.:) Even though she moved across the country we are still bffs.

  • 395
    TaraG says:

    Love the kit idea! You all are BRILLIANT!!

  • 396
    Jennifer Delaurier says:

    Awesome set, Nicole! You are so talented, it blows me away! I don’t recall when I met my best friend, Heather, since we have known each other since birth. We were born only a month apart and have remained friends through 35 years. We have stayed constant through divorce (my parents) moves to new cities and schools (both of us), her becoming a minister and me becoming a chef, through miscarriages (both of us) to finally the joy of each of us realizing our dreams of starting a family. She is always there to listen, to offer advice and encouragement. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her in my life!

  • 397

    Love this set! And the kits are a fabulous idea…I’ll be buying them to give as gifts πŸ™‚

    As far as my best friend, we’ve been friends for over 30 years. We met in kindergarten! She’s fabulous and worth her weight in gold.

  • 398
    Nicole says:

    My best friend and I met the first day of high school and are still best friends 20 years later! We have been through so much together and have stood by each other in good times and bad, and I am so grateful to have her in my life. I could go on and on, but I won’t! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 399
    Barb B. says:

    My best friend and I have know each other for 46 years – since we were little girls. We still live in nearby cities and see each other quite often…especially to have stamping days! Love the new things you’re showing!

  • 400
    Stacie says:

    My best friend is Victoria. We became friends 15 years ago when we were both married to controlling lying cheating car sales men. We were only “allowed” to see each other at work events for our husbands. Once we both were going through our divorces we searched the other out and became great friends. We have since both met wonderful men and are happily married. I don’t think I could have survived with having her love and support. My favorite memory is our Vegas trips for our birthdays during the bull Riders conventions!!

  • 401
    Sharron Gregory says:

    My dearest friend and I met when I was recruiting zoo docents. She was an avid birdwatcher and got me involved. We have shared “birding” moments and stories ever since! My husband and I feel like she is like a special member of our family…..

  • 402
    Margaret says:

    I worked for my best friend. We are both sticklers for attention to detail, so we get along fine.

  • 403
    Kathy K. says:

    WOW…..EVERY day I’m more impressed with Papertrey (discovered you a couple of months after you started your oh-so cool company.

    My best buddy is Heidi – she and I have been friends since about January, 1987…we are absolute opposites!! Our friendship definitely has a beginning – one day she overheard me talking about about an up-coming surgery and took me aside to let me know that I would NOT be able to wear underwear into the operating room. I know, I know – this is weird, but I was profoundly grateful to her for sharing this news. Weirdly enough, once I returned to work, our friendship was firmly established – now over 20 years later, I know that Heidi is the sister my mom forgot to give birth to…..we’ve been through weddings, births (our kids are 2 months a part), death of parents, health scares for both spouses, ups & downs at work… etc. and our friendship continues to remain steadfast and true – I can’t imagine my life without her)….oh, and we are BOTH avid stampers – it’s our therapy!!

  • 404
    Angela says:

    I consider myself very fortunate because my best friend is also my sister. It doesn’t get any better than that!

  • 405
    Marica G. says:

    Love the Quick Kits and the new stamp set… WOW! As for my best friend, in all honesty, it would be my mother. We have always been close and now as an adult, we’re even closer than ever. We live miles apart but we talk to each other almost every day and I’m so blessed to have her as my best friend.

  • 406
    Kristi Z. says:

    After years of arguing, fighting, hair-pulling……and now that we’re older and wiser, I realize that my best friend is my sister. We’re 4 years apart, and we can *talk* to each other. You know the kind of *talking* that you can’t do with just anyone? That’s the kind of friend she is. :o) I’m really lucky to have a sister like her.

  • 407
    Jaclyn Neff says:

    Why are you friends? How did you meet? What is you favorite memory with her?

    My best friend is one I met in high school – we were actually in band together – I played the flute & she played the clarinet. We are friends because there is no one on this earth that can shop like me…BUT HER!!!! We used to pick a mall out of our immediate area & go once a month – all to different ones. We could take turns driving & make a day out of it complete w/ lunch and all. We got lost so many times I can’t even count!!! We almost had to get a hotel in PA once we were so lost!!!

  • 408
    Lea Lawson says:

    The DT cards are really gorgeous…such eye candy.

    I met my best friend on the freshman cheer squad in high school. We have been through everything together. Getting driver’s licenses, boyfriends, breakups, first jobs, second jobs, college, getting married, babies, deaths, job losses, moving, vacations….everything. We don’t see each other every day, we don’t even talk every day. But that doesn’t matter. When we do see or talk to each other, nothing has changed. We are right back in step with each other. Her name is Stephanie, and she is one of the most amazing people in the world. I love her unconditionally.

    Thanks for the chance to win this lovely prize…I would love to give her this set. I will be making up her card this evening!


  • 409
    Maryann T. says:

    My best friend and I met about 7 years ago when we worked at a coffee shop together. We have been there for each other through a lot of hard times. I treasure her as a friend because she is selfless and always concerned about others. She is a precious friend.

  • 410
    Karen Haman says:

    My best friend is my husband. We meet 15 years ago – but that is story for a different post πŸ™‚

    If I won, I would share this prize with Joyclynn. We ‘met’ on SCS a couple years ago and hit it off. We talk almost everyday (via instant message) and enable each other like crazy. She’s also very supportive of my creative endeavors.

  • 411
    Wendy says:

    My Best Friend is my lil sis from my sorority. I met her 11 years ago – I’ve known her about 1/3 of my life. I wish she lived closer, I miss her.

  • 412
    Sammie says:

    I met my best friend in college. We are very different in some ways, but alike in so many. She is someone who is a lot of fun to be around.

  • 413
    Misti says:

    My best friend & I met when I was a demo. She was first my customer & then became oh, so much more than that. She is part of the family! We’ve been best friends for over 7 years.

  • 414
    Susan in AK says:

    What a wonderful set! Thanks for the download too! My Best Friend lives about 4500 miles away from me. I’m in Alaska and she’s in Mississippi. We do visit quite often, but not often enough. We met in an internet craft chat room about 12 years ago and have been strong friends ever since.

  • 415
    Caren says:

    I know this may sound corny but my best friend is my Hubby. I can tell him anything and we have been friends since the day we met. What a great idea with the kits! Can’t wait to see more! πŸ™‚

  • 416
    Wahinelei says:

    My best friend is Maria. She was there when I met my husband, she was there for me when he passed away from cancer. She was there when my son was born and she was there when my daughter had to go into surgery when she was only 7 months old. She’s my best friend because she’s there to help during life’s major moments.

  • 417
    Loraine says:

    my best friend is my other half according to my hubby. he says we share everything, from brains to feelings even though we are miles apart (as i am in germany due to military and she is still in TX.) as we are in different time zones we both have the sixth sense about each other and just know when each other need to talk. She is truly amazing and she is what keeps me sane most of the time!! I am blessed to have her in life!

  • 418
    Jackie M. says:

    The “kit” idea is so cool! I am just in awe of your company products and how you are growing and expanding your business.

    It is hard to choose just one best friend. I worked with someone starting in 1982 and we became friends. We have gone through a lot over the years, but we have always been there for each other.

  • 419
    Terri Moore says:

    My best friend is my sister. I am very lucky to have her for both my sister and my best friend. I would love to win this stamp set. I already have all the papers, inks, and ribbons but I am sure I can put all the extras to good use.

  • 420
    v says:

    My best friend is my younger sister by 18 months. We were bitter enemies while we were young but as we progressed through life we’ve become like one. While we live far from each other keeping in touch has never been a problem. Just ask good ole AT&T, the usps, or skype….! There’s no better remedy than a best friend.

  • 421
    Sarah White says:

    I love this idea! I am so excited to see it in person. I have many good friends but I would have to say my best friend is my sister. She truly is there for me when the chips are down.

  • 422
    Carol says:

    Hope this is not so unsual, but I have had several best friends through these many years, my first true best friend being a high school class mate – we worked summers at a resort together and there are too many stories to tell about that – lord that girl has the most infectious laugh. Second best friend came in college – we lived in different cities after college but for a few years lived in the same city. Funny, no matter the distance, we always talk on the phone for hours. Third best friend was a co-worker – she has such a quick and ironic sense of humor and while too are long since living in different parts of the country, the occasional get togethers are always great. Fourth best friend actually lives near me (yay) and waits at the same bus stop each day. I noticed she attended my church and that, while we have a few areas where we are very different, we have soooo many areas where our views are similar. I feel pretty blessed to have so many ‘bests’! And, I DO love that set.

  • 423
    Lynn P says:

    I really, really, love the kit idea. This will make it into my cart. πŸ™‚

    Best girl friends. What would we do without them? I met my best friend when she was 16 and I was – hmm well let’s just say we’ve been best friends for 23 years. We’ve been through thick and thin with each other. Her Mom having MS and the years of care giving before her death. My divorce, the birth of her son, many other deaths in our families, the care giving of my Mom and the joys and heart aches that entails. We have the type of friendship that we have gone months without speaking to each other, living far apart, though when something happened in our life, the good, the bad, or the ugly we were always the first person the other would call. She’s more than a friend to me, she’s like my sister. I am thankful she’s still in my life after all of these years. Her Mom once told us that most people have a lot of “friendly” acquaintances but if you are truly lucky you will find a dear friend that will stick by you through everything that life throws at you. I’m truly lucky.

  • 424
    saral says:

    One of my best friends and I met in junior high. We are thousands of miles apart now, but still keep in touch. Our kids are all about the same age so we still have a lot in common!

  • 425
    Denean says:

    WooHoo! KITS!! I am so bummed that I will be out of town on the 15th – hopefully there are some left when I get home!!
    My BFF is Dawn, my roommate from college. We are so alike and yet so different. I couldnt make it in this crazy life without her – she always cheers me up!!

  • 426
    Dana Klinkner says:

    Love this set and the new kits look amazing and the download to go with it – I’m drooling already! πŸ™‚ My best friend and I met at church but really became close friends because of our shared love for stamping. She convinced me to become a demonstrator for CTMH and the rest is history 15 years later. We love to talk stamps, scrapbooking, paper, ink, ribbon and drink coffee at the same time which just gets us buzzing – I love her dearly and am so glad we share a love for the same hobby! πŸ™‚

  • 427
    Jennifer says:

    The thing I love about true friends is when you cry, they cry too.

  • 428
    Pamm Bonn says:

    I am just BLOWN away by the offerings this month. Can not wait for the buttons and the polka dots and ALL OF IT!
    I am happy to say that I am MARRIED to my best friend… I know, it seems weird to count your husband as your best friend, but that he is! I am blessed!

  • 429
    Ms. Aaron B says:

    Funny story about my BFF-she and I had a fist fight in the 8th grade, over a boy!! Who ended up being a looser! We laugh about it all the time! I could live with out my BFF~

  • 430
    Kerry A says:

    This kit is fabulous! And I am loving the new stamp set too! I met my best friend 7 years ago at work…we instantly clicked. Then when we got pregnant at the same time (our babies were born 4 days apart) it brought our friendship to a whole new level. I believe we will be friends for life and I am so grateful that I found such an amazing friend!

  • 431
    Deborah Long says:

    This is such a beautiful set and I love the download! My friends are great but my 22 year old daughter has become my best friend. Now that she’s married and is a mother, we have the most wonderful relationship. She has a sparkling personality and is so much fun to be around. She is also very thoughtful and generous. Love you Sarah!

  • 432
    jodie says:

    My mother is my best friend.

  • 433
    Linda says:

    First off thanks for the opportunity to win without needing to complete the card challenge. Although I make endless cards, many following your challenge, I don’t have a blog to post. One of my best friends came to me through our husbands that were working together. We hit it off immediately and still meet and talk regularly whether it is to go to a movie, hang out at Borders, shop, or just run errands and that was over 25 years ago.

  • 434
    Rebecca says:

    One of my best friends introduced me to the world of stamping. It’s crazy to think how different things might be if I’d never met her. I might get more done around my house, but I’d be missing out on a super fun hobby. Well, this morning I found out she is pregnant with her 5th, and just had to take time to make her a card. That’s my story!

  • 435
    Lori W says:

    I am blessed to be able to call my mother and sister my best friends. I am grateful for the way our relationships have evolved over the years. And who knows you better!!

    I love what I have seen of this stamp set so far! I’m not sure about the kit because I collect the full size stamp pads, paper and ribbon as they come out.

  • 436
    Christy B. says:

    My best (female) friend would have to be my mom! I love hanging out with her, shopping with here, traveling with her, going to movies with her, recommend books to each other. I have a really great relationship with my mom!!

  • 437
    Sara-Lyn says:

    I have a great friend who I don’t get a chance to chat with very often and have seen maybe twice over the past 7 years or so, but everytime that we pick up the phone or get a chance to get together, it’s like there was no lapse in time at all. She is so great and one of my dearest friends of all time.

  • 438

    What a great kit and wonderful way to sample a few of PTI’s great color products! I posted a Valentine card this morning (posted to Mr. Linky) that I made today for a sweet friend … thanks for the chance to win!

  • 439
    Avital says:

    My best friend used to be my neighbor when I was 4.5 and she was 3 years old. Our parents still live right next to each other.

    We’ve been together through thick and thin, and that includes some tragedies I won’t wish for my enemies to endure…

    We have grown into completely different worlds, yet we still love each other, like sisters.

  • 440
    Melissa McF says:

    Ive moved a lot and had to make new friends over and over and over… but I have one friendship I’ve cherished for nearly 40 years. Though we’ve lived hundreds of miles apart for 25 of those years he’s been with me through all the eras; the boyfriends, the breakups, the marriage, the births, the divorce… a special connection binds us ’til the end. Hey – I think I’ll go make him a card!

  • 441
    Melissa says:

    Just added my link for my card! I met my best friend in college and she has seen me through all of my important life’s moments! She was my maid of honor and was there for me when my son was born. I am so happy that she is going to married in two months and I will be there in her wedding to support her and celebrate with her! Even though we live thousands of miles away from each other, she is such a good friend and understands me so well!

  • 442
    Karlie says:

    Nichole- you had me at hello! Love the kit idea and can’t wait for more. My best friend is actually my brother. Most people who know me would not have thought that (including him) but it’s true! While growing up, we were more like cats and dogs (we’re 2 years apart) but when we both left for college we started growing closer. My brother is the funniest person I know! I know that he’s got my back and that’s so important to me. If I made him a “friend card” he’d probably snicker and say he’ll use it to fan the fire in his fireplace- but secretly he might tuck it in bed with him! That’s my best bud!!!

  • 443
    Kerry J. says:

    Love the kits!! My best friend lives on the other side of the country, but we talk every weekend on the phone and see each other twice a year. We met in high school, but didn’t become close until university (even though we went to school 3 hrs. away from each other). I miss her horribly and love her dearly.

  • 444
    Teresa says:

    Awesome cards! I can see the possibilities of this set already. Must have. My best friend is my college classmate. Even thought now we live so far away from her, we still get in touch via emails, cards, etc… We always get together whenever I go back to Taiwan. I’m so blessed to have a friend likes her.

  • 445
    Cindy says:

    My best friend and I met at age 2. We went to school from preschool through high school together. My favorite memories are of “cruisin’ the loop” together {in Puyallup} when we got our drivers licenses at age 16.

  • 446
    macy says:

    I met my BFF at college over 15 years ago: she lived across from me in the dorms. she is my best friend b/c we can tell each other anything and everything. I need her in my life as much as she needs me.

  • 447
    Linda O says:

    My best friend is actually my twin sister! We’re 23 years old. And shes always been by my side!! we talk everyday! we live in different states. i miss her alot. She also shares the love for stamping with me!!

  • 448
    Michelle says:

    I feel very lucky to have several friends I would consider “best” friends. The one I’ve had the longest I met in high school; we ended up on the same youth group trip to Disneyland and ended up being seatmates. This year celebrates our 21st year of friendship, and she’s bringing her kids down to visit me and so we can take them on their first trip to Disney. I can’t wait!

  • 449
    Sparkle says:

    I met my best friend in college. We were roomates all through college, starting in the dorms and in our sorority house.

    We did everything together those 4 years and it was so hard when we actually graduated and had to be apart, lol.

    We’re both from Oregon, but after college she moved to Washington, DC and I moved to Denver. Now she’s in West Virigina and I’m in Washington.

    So even though it’s been 5 years since we graduated and we’re across the country, we still are really close. We talk every Sunday and we see each other once a year. Usually when we both go home to Oregon to see our family.

  • 450
    Melissa D. says:

    My best friend is actually my husband but since he will have nothing to do with this giveaway. I wanted to talk about my sister. My younger sister and I have been good friends since we were teenagers. We had our ups and downs before then.
    She is younger than me but I seem to go to her a lot for advice and tips and she comes to me sometimes as well.
    We were in a car accident a while back, lost our friend and everyone thought we didn’t make it either. But we did and our bond has grown stronger since.
    When we were both still living at home I remember sharing a room, laying on our beds in the dark and talking about whatever came to our minds. We had a lot of fun together and since we live on opposite ends of the country we don’t get to see each other that often but when we do, fun will be had.

  • 451
    buzzy says:

    I consider my friend, Melinda, a gift from God. We compliment each other so well and our differences make the other stronger! After my hubby she is one of my most treasured people.

  • 452
    Holly Jordan says:

    Wow!!! I love all of the challenges and the product coming out is fabulous. I am sorry that I haven’t checked in sooner! If I get a chance I will try to link my card, but my BFF is amazing!!! She is always there for me anytime. She has enough of her own health problems but always makes time for everyone else and never complains about herself. I love her with all my heart!
    xoxo Holly J

  • 453
    Rieca says:

    This set is incredible! And so is my BFF. She lives in Hawaii, and is a crafter,seamstress, and a wonderful mother to 3 amazing children. She is so special she even donated her eggs(which is an incrediably painful and emotional task. She did this so another lady could enjoy the gift of motherhood, there could be no greater sacrafice and gift all in one. There could not be a better friend in the entire world for me. I treasure every phone call, letter and moment we have together.

  • 454
    Sue says:

    Thanks for the chance to win without creating a card. I’m in the middle of moving and all my stuff is packed up. My best friend…we met in elementary school and live on different continents now but when we get together it’s like we’ve never missed a day apart. We just get along so well.

  • 455
    Emilia says:

    I met my best friend while attending an American Literature course at Roma University.

  • 456
    Dana says:

    These amazing kits will make fantastic gifts! I can’t wait to order some for my best friend. So glad PTI is thinking of its customers.

  • 457
    Abby V says:

    My best friend Toni and I have been “best friends” since we were 8 years old. I’d like to say that she is one of the very few people who truly “get” who I am and loves and accepts me in all my craziness! We didn’t see each other for 10 years after we both left Guam, but we kept in constant contact. In 2006, she married a guy who lived in Florida and we were finally able to meet up! Can you say there were a lot of happy tears that day? She now lives two hours away, and we try to get together once a month to hang out. If I win this set, she would totally eat this up! I introduced her to the world of scrapbooking/card making so she would be in heaven since she is starting her “collection!”

  • 458
  • 459
    Anika says:

    My best friend and I met in High School. We were both on the Varsity golf team. She had several strange routines she followed before each meet. The strangest was this: She had to chew gum during the meet, but she didn’t like the strong flavor when she first put the gum in her mouth. So she would give me a piece of gum to chew during warm ups, then before she went to start the round, she would come and get the piece of chewed gum from me and chew it for the rest of the meet! She even did it at the State Tournament! The best part of our relationship are the goofy quircks we have!

  • 460
    Kathy Hering says:

    My BF is my sister…we are actually neighbors too…we live kitty corner from each other and our land attaches and we have a path that takes us from each house…We do have a forest that keeps us private. We talk on the phone everyday even though we live so close…Thanks for the chance!!

  • 461
    Sandy Thelen says:

    Love this new set! I have a group of best friends. There are five of us and we have been through just about everything together-dating, marriages, kids growing up, loosing a child, loosing parents, marital problems…We all know that the others are there for us day or night, good and bad. That’s a great feeling!

  • 462
    Frances says:

    My best “stamping” friend started out a client in our computer consulting business. We quickly realized that we clicked with the same sense of humor and cynical views of world events. She invited me to a stamping workshop and we have been crafting buddies ever since.

  • 463
    Amy says:

    I met my friend Christine shortly after I got married. My husband lived with Christine and her husband one summer during college. We both like to bike, cross-country ski, shop, do crafts, and drink red wine. She’s always willing to help me out if she can. She picks me up at the airport when my husband can’t. We’ve had some great times in Door County, Wisconsin where she grew up. We’ve had many garage sales together, and went to lots of garage sales together. We attend the same church. She looks after my cat when we are out of town for a spell. She would be thrilled with a fun set like the one PTI is releasing!

  • 464
    Renee Powell says:

    I meet my best friend on the first day of Kindergarten. We share so much history, and we can/have talked for hours about the past, present and future, and besides my husband, she’s always the first one I want to share my news with. 26 years later and it still just works.

  • 465
    Barbara Hale says:

    My very good friend is someone I met at my last job. I interviewed her for a position at our daycare and right away I thought that I wanted to know this person better whether she was hired or not. We seem to be connected in a way that seems to have nothing to do with how long we have been acquainted. Somewhere along the way we were destined to be great friends.

  • 466
    Kristy says:

    This quick set is fabulous! It is perfect to give to someone special, like a best friend. My best friends are my two sisters. They are the two most amazing women I know! They are both teachers, and are sweet, smart, sassy, and serve their family, friends and neighbors with all their hearts. I love them so much, and am truly lucky to have such special women in my life!

  • 467
    tobi says:

    My best friend’s name is Mark. He is the most special person in my life, and he has been there during the most tumultuous times. I was a single mother since before my son was born, and Mark was the father that my son never had. Mark is married to a man, and therefore cannot have a baby naturally, but because I love him so much, and because of all he’s done for me and my child, I have offered to be a surrogate for him and his hubby!

  • 468
    C Burke says:

    I met my best friend, Carol, when we were in sixth grade together. We shared many happy times together through high school, college and as young mothers. She’s always been a great friend in every circumstance.

  • 469
    Tonya says:

    I love this set!
    One of my best girlfriend was my daughters first grade teacher. We both have a love of late night shopping and will close the stores down together. After, we sit in a late night restaurant and chat for a couple of hours. Fun times!

  • 470
    Wendy says:

    I met my best friend 22 years ago on the school bus in high school. Some of our funniest memories are the crazy things we did back then, but Chrissy and I still have just as much fun getting coffee and watching the kids play as we did back then!

  • 471
    Jessica says:

    Oooh, great idea! I get a bit overwhelmed when I look at everything I can get from PTI, so a sampler kit is the perfect way to take the plunge!

    I’ve known my best friend for 21 years. We’ve been through a lot together, but we always get through it with a laugh. We just *know* each other, you know? Anyway, the funny part is that she’s not a card-maker at all, but her daughter is. So I know who would really be using that second kit! πŸ˜‰

    I’ll work on a card for the challenge tonight.

  • 472
    Sheila A says:

    My best friend and I have been friends for over 20 years. My favorite memory with her was a fashion show that we both particpated in depicting an Indian Wedding. She was the lovely bride and I was her sister. I have shown her my stamping and cards and now she has also become interested.

  • 473
    chrissy h. says:

    I love this new idea!! My best friend is from college-we were room-mates & did everything together- she lives far away now & I miss her too much!

  • 474
    Kim S. says:

    I met my best friend through church. She is a wonderful, kind and giving person. We’ve been friends for over 10 years. I really don’t have a favorite memory with her. I love spending time with her and cherish those times.

  • 475
    Helen says:

    My very best friend and I met 30 years ago at a company we both worked for. There was an instant connection and right from the beginning we both knew it would be a lasting friendship. We have been through just about everything imaginable and she has ALWAYS been there for me. Although we are separated by 1300 miles we still manage to keep close through phone calls, email, cards and visits. She has made my life fuller and richer all these years. I know that we will absolutely be friends ’til the end!
    Thank you Nicole, for giving us time to reflect on our BFF’s and for the chance to win this beautiful set of stamps plus I just love the Quick Kit idea~AWESOME!

  • 476
    annheidel says:

    My best friend is my sister Becca. She came out to visit me for a week two years ago and I got her hooked on stamping. πŸ˜€ We’re inseparable whenever I go home to visit family and I dearly wish that we lived closer to each other.

  • 477
    Christina C says:

    My best friend is funny, goofy and a crack-up to be around. Friends for the past 10 years and probably until we’re old and gray.

  • 478
    Patty D. says:

    I am SO excited about these quick kits! As a newbie stamper, this seems like a great way to get started!

    I am lucky to have a group of 4 best friends. We all met in college and even though we’re all VERY different, we are still the best of friends. Now that we’re out of college, we’ve spread out to live in Hawaii, Michigan and Colorado, but anytime we’re together it seems as if nothing has changed!! Hooray for cell phones with no long distance charges πŸ™‚

  • 479
    Banu says:

    WOW. Friendship is a blessing. I have been friends with my Best friend for a long time now. We complete each other’s sentences, we know what we are thinking of and we do things for just the sake of it. I am so glad she is in my “Block of Friends in this crazy quilt of life”

  • 480
    Roxanne says:

    Met my best friend taking our puppies to dog obedience training. She introduced me to my husband, and voila – the friendship has outlasted the dogs who lived full and happy lives! We’ve shared so many of lifes ups and downs together and although we often get busy and don’t get together as much as we both want, the minute the phone rings, we are right there for each other. There is nothing we won’t do for each other. That’s true friendship! Thanks for the chance. I consider you the kind of friend I love having! Always watching out for us and sharing what you do!!

  • 481
    Judith Novak says:

    What a wonderful way to introduce people to your outstanding products and SO affordable! They are absolutely lovely.
    I am so fortunate to have as my best friend little my sister. we are ten years apart but could just as well be twins. I live in Florida and she lives in Colorado. We talk to each other on the phone at least once a day and often two or three times. I can count on her to lift me up when I am down or be just as excited as I am with one of my new card designs. We often set up our web cams on the weekend and leave them running while we both work on projects. Its not quite as good as having her right there with me but almost. Love you, Sally!

  • 482
    Jennifer Bruce says:

    Well I met my best friend in the womb. My twin sister is and always will be my best friend. We are so different but yet love each other so unconditionally. We have been through so much together. I have so many memories, but it would take up this whole page! We live an hour and a half away from each other but talk on the phone as often as we can. I can’t imagine my life without her in it!!

  • 483
    Natasha says:

    My best friend is my sister. We became really close after she graduated high school (I’m the younger one). We have so much fun together, we have countless inside jokes, always coming up with new ones, but still referencing the old ones.

    It’s pretty awesome to not only share the family connection, but to be friends beyond that. It’s also funny how similar our thought processes are. Sometimes we’ll both say the same things, at the same time, but usually they are totally random. We end up looking at each other slightly confused, completely taken aback that the other had the exact same thought process.

  • 484
    Jean Peters says:

    Wow I just saw Lauren’s card on her blog and wondered over to see what the kit was….it’s stunning. Each month I look at Papertrey Ink and wish – just cant yet justify the postage and customs through the UK, but I have found a few people who would do a group order so I am getting a step closer.
    Now my best Friend…her name is Sarah. We met 25 years ago when we started senior (high) school together and have remained friend to this day…..I just spoke to her and hour ago. During our teens, we were lucky to both work on the same ship together which was wild and wicked…nights out clubbing etc etc. We never intended for this to happen but it just did. We both love the same things, and have almost the same likes and dislikes and we talk about everything. We both know that we are there for one another and through the years have been a rock for each other when life throws in its rainy days. Over the years, (she was given the task of buying my husband and I’s wedding rings 15 years ago) we have lived in different countries from each other, but somehow every few years, we end up living in the same country and we just pick up from where we left off. We both have kids and our kids get on brilliantly with each other. I moved away from our last location, in 2003 after spending nearly every day in each others pockets, and we missed each other dearly, but last year Sarah and her family moved to the UK, too, which meant we were able to meet up and carry on where we left off again. Our husbands work for the same company now, which is great for us, but we both now, that no matter where life takes us we will always be friends.

  • 485
    Mae says:

    My sister, Brenda, is my best friend. I don’t remember when this “best friend” thing happened. Brenda is 6 years older that me and, let’s just say that I was NOT her favorite person when we were growing up. Brenda says that our mom made her take me everywhere she went. YEP!!–I was the tag-along and Brenda did NOT enjoy having to always look after me when she was out with her friends.

    Now that we’re older, Brenda has become my go-to person for everything, good and not-so-good. A day never passes that we don’t speak by phone at least once a day. A few years ago Brenda moved to a farm about 45 minutes from me. We don’t see one another near as much as I would like. Thank goodness for toll free long distance!!

  • 486
    Shelly Kettell says:

    My best friend is Julie! We met in college and were roommates 2 of the 4 years. She has been then for me for everything since! (18 years!) I was there when her son was born and it was Amazing! She is an amazing woman and friend and I’m so lucky to have her in my life…although we are seperated by miles!
    I can’t wait for the kits!!! Yummy easy!

  • 487
    Julie says:

    Love the download sheets – that is a great idea! Lovin’ the new kits! I’ve known my best friend since 7th grade and we can always count on each other through the good and the bad! Even though we don’t live in the same town – we are always catching up with one another!

  • 488
    Jan Brooks says:

    (I think I put my comments in the wrong place, I hope it’s okay if I do it again here?)

    Nicole, I love the new stamp set, “Friends ‘Til the End”! The large flowers are so stunning!

    I had such a good time today with this challenge. My sister, (also my best friend), came over and helped me with the photography. So many laughs today! Good luck everyone,

  • 489
    Erin Bohland says:

    My best friend and I actually have something very special in common. Our maiden name. We met in 5th grade and couldn’t believe we had the same last name. We used to tell people that we were long lost sisters(like in the parent trap) and just found each other. And the funny thing is most people really did believe us. lol…

  • 490
    Bee says:

    I moved so much over the years, and several times overseas that I can’t say that I have a best friend anymore. It’s been hard to start all over again every time, especially as I get older! πŸ˜‰ My closest friend at the time unfortunately moved away last summer to another state! We used to scrapbook and make cards together once a week or so and I miss your little crafty escapes from everyday life!
    Thanks for a chance to win a set to send to her, with a brand new baby in the house there isn’t much time for the challenges!… πŸ˜€

  • 491
    Kristin O says:

    My best friend Donna has always been there for me! We grew up together and have red hair and big brothers in common!

  • 492
    Beverly says:

    My best friend is Monica (fellow PTI customer). She is my BFF because only though we have known each other for 6 months, it seems like a lifetime. She is constantly there to encourage, support, listen and make me laugh. The most important is that even though I am old enough to be her mother that doesn’t seem to get in the way, age is not a factor in our friendship. She is a great mover as well **wink wink**

  • 493
    Jenn Fontaine says:

    My best friend is not one person but a group of friends, most of whom I have never met. The PSF’s have been there for me over the past 2 years for everything- good times and bad. I share it all with them and know they are praying and standing by me at all times. I love these girls so much and am so blessed to know them! Love all the new stuff coming out!!

  • 494
    Kerrie L says:

    I’ve known my best friend for almost 30 years – we met in 5th grade. While we don’t see each other – or get to talk – as often as we’d like these days, I know that I can count on her support if things get tough.

  • 495
    Linda C. says:

    You’ve thought of everything Nichole! I predict an awesome year for PT! I met my bff at work. We were also neighbors. We can tell each other anything & we laugh & laugh whenever we’re together.

  • 496

    First off, I just have to say how adorable all of the cards are. Good work ladies!

    My best friend’s name is Rochelle. I met her way back in junior high when she was dating the boy I had the world’s biggest crush on (so of course I didn’t really like her, LOL). We started hanging out in high school because she was friends with a mutual friend, and the day that I truly realized what an amazing person she is was when I was 17 she came over with some flowers because my mom passed away. I didn’t consider us to be that close, but her gesture made me realize how special she is.

    We’re still as close as could be, and we’re both getting married in the next 16 months – and we’re eachothers maid of honor =)

  • 497
    Justine says:

    Whooo HOOOOO I have the very BFF in the whole wide world. She few all the way from Honolulu to Sicily to visit me. Talk about an Island Hop. Together we are Double Trouble. One of our favorite things to do besides getting into trouble is go to concerts. We were kicked out of the Band Camp Concert and when we were in Rome we received a FINE for riding public transportion without purchasing a ticket. Apparently the other faculty members at the school we taught at would place bets on whether or not we would get arrested when we had “Big Plans” LOL, it is all in good fun though. Surely we aren’t as bad as everyone thinks???

  • 498
    cynthia says:

    I met my best friend in Kindergarten. We have been friends ever since. 14 years ago she had a brain aneurysm and we almost lost her. She’s a little different now but she will always be my best friend. You inspire me to send her cards more often. She deserves them. Thanks so much Cynthia

  • 499
    inkypaws says:

    My best friend is sweet and kind, but has an adventerous side too. She is the one who got me into stamping.

  • 500
    Kori says:

    My best friend and I met through a mutual friend 11 years ago. Our personalities and desire to be Godly women continue to draw us together even though the miles between us are numerous. My favorite memories with her always include laughter and girl talk.

  • 501
    Janelle says:

    One of my very best friends lives 3000 miles away, but when we get together it is as if no time has passed. We met in 1964 in the first grade and have been friends ever since. She’s even a stamper, so winning the kit and stamp set would be just awesome! Thanks for the opportunity — I’m loving everything Papertrey!

  • 502
    Angela says:

    Thank you for the chance to win without posting a design; we just moved and I cannot find the cords yet to upload my camera photos.
    My best friend and I will celebrate 25 years of friendship this year. We were roommates during college and shortly after until I got married. We were born the same year three days apart and have not lived in the same city for 18 years. As I mentioned, I just moved – from TX to NJ – and now I am only 1 1/2 hours away from my friend. She is like a sister to me, which is nice since I left two sisters and a brother and their families and my parents behind in TX.
    What a lovely set to celebrate friends. I’m so excited about all of your announcements this month. Congratulations on achieving so much deserving success.

  • 503
    Tiffani Hughson says:

    My best friend recently moved to NH, so acquiring this new set and kit would be great to use in keeping in touch with her. We’ve had some great girlfriend overnights together…staying up late, eating junk food, laughing, crying and just enjoying good conversation…Time treasured, especially during this season of motherhood when we’re both raising little ones. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 504
    Debbie S says:

    I met my best friend in a card making class. We spend time together each week, most often making cards. One of my favorite times spent with her, is when we went to a stamp convention. It was my first one, and I was so excited.

    I love this stamp set. It is my favorite set ever!!

  • 505
    Emily W. says:

    Would it be super depressing if I said I didn’t have a “best” friend? I have lots of really great friends– some from online, some from work, some from childhood, some from my family, but I wouldn’t say I have a best friend.

    But one of my “fun” memories with one of my good friends was ditching calculus to go to her parents’ restaurant for lunch. No one really cared, and it was really good food!

  • 506
    Mary Ann says:

    My best friend and I sing in our church choir together, travel together, have fun, laugh and cry together. I couldn’t get through the tough times without her.

  • 507
    Victoria says:

    My BFF is one that I made just about 8 years ago. We have so much in common and to be honest she deserves to wins this more than I do. She is my cheerleader and is always supportive. We love to sew and craft together or just hang out and have coffee…I made her a “coffee date” card based on Nicole’s project.
    I am so fortunate to have her as a sister I never got…she is an only child too!

    Even if I don’t win this I am sure I will be buying her one for her up coming “big” birthday…40!!!!

  • 508
    Kay D. says:

    I know this is going to sound cheesy, and there’s going to be some eye rolling, but it’s the truth, girl scout’s honor.
    My husband is my best friend. I’m something of a loner, and don’t make friends easily (it’s difficult for me to come out of my shell), but once I do make a friend, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them.
    Anywho, my husband and I were friends for years before we became involved romantically, and I genuinely like the man! I like to be around him, just casually talking, and we go shopping together (yes, ladies, he LIKES to shop), and what have you.
    He’s the perfect girlfriend.

  • 509
    Riccia Trinanes says:

    My bestfriend Esther is in the Philippines, and i don’t know how we manage to keep our friendship there. Its like we have this underatanding that even if we haven’t talked for weeks, it still feels likes she was just next door the whole time. I can’t put it into words. My heart just knows, it just understands.

  • 510
    Kelly says:

    Posted a friend card already so hope this isn’t a double post! Just stopped in to say that set is so gorgeous, and love all the DT samples!

  • 511
    Joan says:

    Just loaded my card, thanks for the opportunitIES to win today.

  • 512

    My best friends is my best-est Craft Crazy Sisters. This woman is phenomenal. She introduced me to papercrafting over 7 years ago, and if she hadn’t shown me what she was up to, we would’ve never connected. We go away on card-making weekends, we love to just sit and talk “card shop”. She truly gets me and accepts me like no other. She’s one of the most thoughtful, gracious, caring and patient people I’ve ever met. I honestly don’t know what I would have done in the past 4 years, going thru a hard time at work, without her. She’d eat chicken wings and drink wine with me 7 days a week if I asked her to! She’s getting one of my anniversary sets and I’d so love to give her one of these. She deserves it!

  • 513

    I love everything about this kit. I love the stamp set can’t wait to get it. It’s so nice to see everyone’s take on it.


  • 514
    mary margeson says:

    Love this idea! I have known my best friend since we were toddlers…I guess that would put us at about 30 years, now!! Most people don’t believe that, but we really did meet when I was 3 and she was 2 and we have been besties ever since! I can’t wait to see if one of us win!!

  • 515

    I have three very dear friends. We’ve been friends since grade school. I make friends all the time, but those three I can talk about anything with. That’s very hard to find and I’m so glad I have my girls.

  • 516
    rebecca k says:

    My best friend Jenn has been my best friend since 7th grade band. We went to different colleges and then I moved across country but she has remained my best friend through all life’s changes. Even when our lives were very different we remained close. And now although we are far apart we have these parallel lives. We both have 2 children about the same ages and about 2 years apart. We talk every week and after our weekly conversation I always feel grounded and centered and understood. Since we have been friends for so long we have many funny memories, but just today I was thinking about the time in high school that we skipped out of the second half of classes so we go over to our favorite radio station and see two of the members of Depeche Mode come out after an interview. Of course I ended up getting caught, but we had such a blast and the pictures to prove it!

  • 517
    debpkim says:

    One of my best friends and I met as potluck roommates our freshman year of college. We called it “God-luck” :). Of the many memories together, the ones that stand out are our late night study sessions where we would get so slap-happy and have so much fun!

  • 518
    Cynde says:

    We’ve Raised Kids, Horses, Baby Chicks, and Vegetablels together. We supported and loved each other Through the very worst of times and the Very Best. We started as neighbors and remained dearest of friends even after we both moved around through out the years. Doesn’t matter how long it’s been since I’ve seen her. I can call her on any day and know that we start right back up where we left off last time and get caught up on things. We’ll be friends till one of us is gone and beyond…Were the Best of Friends.

  • 519
    Beth W. says:

    I met my best friend, Doris, 22 years ago, she went to high school with my ex-husband and guess what I got in the divorce – HER! The BEST thing he ever gave me!

    Do you ladies at PTI ever SLEEP? You are all so creative and have so many new things to offer – you all are a never ending source for creative inspiration!

  • 520
    Christy says:

    I have quite a few best friends but the one I want to mention here is my mom. Growing up, I never thought I would say that my mom would be one of my best friends but I’m so glad I was wrong. She has been a wonderful and godly example to me and I only hope to be half the woman she is. Plus, she totally rocks at making quilts and other quilt related crafts. So your quilter’s sampler sets were the perfect sets to use for cards for my mom. Thanks for the chance to enter! She’s not a stamper but I’m hoping to convert her so we can spend even more time together. πŸ™‚

  • 521
    Tricia Dee says:

    I have a few “best” girlfriends who are always there for me, support me in whatever I get myself into and always make me look good! I am so blessed!
    The Quick Kit is a brilliant idea! I love this first one! Thank you so much for the Friends ‘Til the End Design Ideas download – it’s wonderful!

  • 522
    Nadine says:

    Oooo! The kits are lovely! What a wonderful idea!

    My best friend Amanda and I met in kindergarten. We were in the same class right up until we graduated and even though we don’t live anywhere near each other now we’re still as close as ever. She’s the one that I can call up at 3am if I need to. We’ve laughed together, cried together and gotten into lots of trouble together. πŸ˜‰

    My favorite memory was probably in 8th grade. She was taking home ec and I elected to take music. Part of the home ec class was to care for an egg as if it was a baby for a week. I was named godmother of the egg. Walking to the bus after school I slipped on ice, knocking into Amanda in the process. Close call for the egg! Then a boy behind us called out “Hey, is this your egg?” When I hit her the egg must have come flying out of it’s “carrier” and landed with a big splat on the path. Oops. Boy was she mad! She told me “If I ever have a kid you’re not holding it!” Years later she gave birth to my godson (a real one this time) and all must have been forgiven because I have been allowed to hold him. lol

  • 523
    Harriet Skelly says:

    I met my best friend when we were pregnant with our first babies in a prenatal aerobics class. We went twice a week and she and I sort of just clicked and would talk while we were taking our pulses between exercises! We never even asked each other’s name. Then I delivered in April and did not go back to the class. Two years later, my daughter became best friends with a little girl named Katie at the preschool. Through their friendship, my husband and I became very close friends with Katie’s parents Tom and Carol. Carol and I were like sisters – twins – we learned to knit together, liked to take walks, liked the same clothes, etc. When our girls were 4 years old Carol was pregnant with her 2nd child and had a dream that I was pregnant too and we were going to a prenatal aerobics class together. That is when she realized that we had met 4 years prior at the prenatal aerobics class. She came over that day to tell me about the dream and we then realized that we were those 2 that talked to each other all the time but never knew each other’s name!! Now we are like family our families love each other and have great times together!!

  • 524
    quilter says:

    I really like your kit idea.
    My best friend and I send “best friend” cards, I just sent her a “home-made” valentine today. We met in first grade and for 11 years went to the same school and church, then I went to college and married an Air Force guy and traveled around the world, so our friendship has continued through letters and visits. She named her first daughter after my middle name. We had a fuss in the 2nd grade and that is the only one we’ve ever had. We are both quilters and love to share our hobby with each other. We live 750 miles apart right now, but we have been best friends for 65 years!

  • 525
    V Reed says:

    Wow oh wow!!! The kits and inspiration cards are just amazing! I can’t wait to see the whole set. I’d love to zip one of these kits off to my best gal. She’d be shocked! πŸ˜€

  • 526

    I met my best friend at work nearly ten years ago. We were both newlyweds and we got pregnant within months of each other. Now our boys (both named Jack) are the same age and are very close, as well.

    Love this stamp set! Can’t wait to see the whole thing!

  • 527
    Mary K says:

    I met my BFF when I was in 4th grade and our mothers were both working at the church bingo hall. It turns out her family had just moved about a block away from me and we could walk to each other’s houses. 25+yrs later she lives about 45 minutes away, but we are still best friends.

  • 528
  • 529
    Kat says:

    Ah my best friend. We met at University, and our meeting isn’t the best of stories for myself. I had expereinced a floor crawl the night before and wasn’t doing too well in the morning. She was getting ready for a rugby game and took care of me for the first few hours in the day. Even though we are 1000’s of miles away from where we went to University our jobs have actually brought us back together. We live 2 hours away from each other. Spend a lot of weekends together, and did I mention I am involved with her old boss (*hehehe), she did introduce us.

  • 530
    Dana G says:

    My best friend is a scrapbooker/cardmaker extroidinaire and she would LOVE the companion set! She and I met about 5 years back on a scrap retreat weekend. We were b y chance seated near one another and have become retreat roommates and fast friends ever since. One of the most extraordinary things about her is that we have all of these things in our lives in common. From the smallest of childhood memories to some of the largest most important moments in each others lives…as we compare notes we constantly find ourselves saying “No WAY! THat happened to ME too!” I adore her!

  • 531

    My best friend Sandy is my best friend because she has been there through thick, thin, richer, poorer, crazy and critter {like when my 4 year old brought home lice (!)from summer camp three weeks before starting school!! She helped me get rid of all of them, one by one! What a pal!! LOL!} She is always thinking of others first and she has God as her pilot, giving me an example to follow!
    Love her!!!

    Love the kits, too πŸ™‚
    Kim Marie

  • 532
    Leslie Caponey says:

    My best friend and I met in college, we were room mates freshman year. We get together to stamp once a month and always have fun!

  • 533
    CrazyCurl says:

    I love the kit! I was so curious what would be included and I think it is great!

    As far as friends go, my best friend and I met through playing volleyball. Then we both had a little girl about five months apart and they are best friends too! Its fun that we can get together for our kids to play and us to chat πŸ™‚

  • 534
    Alyssa says:

    My BFFL is so amazing! I’ve known her since I was almost five, and like all friends (i guess) we… ummm…. tend to have very different views on life πŸ˜‰ but i think that balances us out perfectly! Everything I’m not, she is, and vice versa. This one’s for my best friend!

  • 535
    Diane S. (momoffive) says:

    My best friend is always ready to listen when I’ve had a rotten day and always ready to smile with me when things are wonderful!

  • 536
    Efrat K says:

    You made me want this stamp set and quick kit so much! They look so fabulous! πŸ™‚
    About my dearest friend – my dearest friend is Tammy – my little sister. Seriously, I don’t think I have ever told someone something important about me before I let Tammy know about it (Ok, maybe I told my mother first and just later I told Tammy, but Tammy could be the second to know, just if my mother was the first. No one else before! πŸ™‚ ). She is younger than me in exactly (exactly! πŸ™‚ ) one year and seven months and we share a LOT of great memories: a lot of talking, telling stories, playing, pretending, staying late all night, reading “Sherlock Holmes” books at night, writing letters one to each other… In fact, we write letters one to each other till today! We don’t send them by mail, but GIVE it to the other, face to face. We just love the idea of writing letters and having written ‘conversations’ which we can read again & again.
    One thing that always made me proud was our lovely relationship – our friends were always jealous when they saw us together. They were always shocked when we told them we didn’t to fight. They saw how we were going to school together and before every one of us was going to her class, we were used to say one to each other things like: “Good day, good luck”, “Have a nice day” etc.. so once, after one of my friend saw us blessing one each other so much, she told me something like: “I am so not like you. On the last few days I didn’t talk to my sister at all. I am angry at her”. All those ‘little’ things made me understand our relationship is not something so common and it really made me happy and appriciate what I have.

    Wow. Thank you, Nichole, for making me think about all this. It really made me understand how much she is important to me.
    Really – thank you so much.
    Efrat K.

  • 537
    Mary Merrifield says:

    Love the kit. I appreciate not having to upload a card. I don’t have a website, so it’s fantastic to just be able to comment. My best friend Dotti and I used to work together. We met twelve years ago (I can’t believe it’s that long). I have too many good memories to count. We stopped working together around five years ago. Before that, with our jobs, we were under alot of pressure, but everyday we would see each other and just crack each other up. It relieved all of our tensions and gave us the energy to continue our day.

  • 538
    Malyssa says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to try and win without the challenge – I stamp in the morning and computer at night so don’t see the challenges until it’s too dark to take any pictures!

    My best friend is hands-down my mom! She’s there to love me unconditionally regardless of my faults. We’re best friends – shopping, talking, watching movies and having girls night in or out! And she’s my biggest supporter in everything I do!

  • 539
    Allison Cope says:

    What a fabulous project kit Nichole! I love the colour scheme you chose and the beautiful floral design. A true beauty… most appropriate for the special women in our lives for sure! Thank you for that! Thank you for the download!

  • 540
    Christi E. says:

    My best friend and I went to elementary school together. We didn’t become close friends until we were in a spanish class together in high school. We were partners for an assignment the first day and that was it, we’ve been best friends ever since.

  • 541
    Cindy K. says:

    My bestfriend and I have been BFF’s for over 30+ years, since we were about 4 years old. Her Grandparents lived around the corner from me growing up. We have lived 1500 miles from each other for last 16 years. Despite the miles between us we always have been there for each other, a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold during tragedy, and in the good times someone to laugh with. I don’t know what I would do without her.

  • 542
    Sharri Coates says:

    I have fallen in love… best friend is actuallymy husband we are both professionals and really enjoy spending time with each other.

    I do have girlfriends who would love to be gifted with the second set should I be solucky to win. Thanks and congratulations on your anniversary. SharriC

  • 543
    Janet Zeppa says:

    I have 7 girlfriends from highschool that I still meet with at least a few times a year to celebrate our birthdays. We graduated 34 years ago and we ar still friends! How amazing is that! We have been through births, deaths,divorces,weddings and everything in between and done it togeher.

  • 544
    Melissa Miller says:

    My best friend and I met at work. She is just the bestest!!!!! We have known each other for over 5 years and we talk everyday, sometimes many times throughout the day. I don’t know what I would do without her in my life…she keeps me grounded. I just love her!

  • 545
    Yvette says:

    You ladies just seem to outdo yourselves each and every release. I love the 15th of every month.Thanks for this great chance to win blog candy. My girlfriend and I met through our husbands we were all dating at the same time and became great friends since we have wine and craft together all the time. I know she would love this too.

  • 546
    amber says:

    my best friend, cindy, and i met in college. i can’t believe that was 13 years ago!!! she is a prayer warrior, an amazing mom, and not afraid to ask about the “hard stuff” in life. she’s a fabulous friend, and my life wouldn’t be nearly as good without her in it!!!

  • 547
    Tanya M. says:

    My best friend is a lady i work with. We met about 2 1/2 years ago and just rally hit it off. We can talk about anything and always making the other feel better. I like making her little gifts here and there just to see her face light up.

  • 548
    Kelly in Canada says:

    Hi there,
    My best friend is always with me even when we are apart. She is my biggest fan and I am hers. She is my mom and she is the best mom and the best friend a girl could ask for. She is with me hiking the highlands in Ireland and when I just need a hug and an encouraging word. I love her.

  • 549
    JoAnna says:

    My mom is my best friend. She is always there and it has been her and me for awhile since my dad passed away. It is kinda wierd that she is really my best friend, but i like it πŸ™‚

  • 550
    Marcy says:

    Thanks for giving those of us who don’t/can’t upload cards, to play for a chance to win. I have known my best friend for 21 years. We get together as much as we can, mostly to stamp. We like so much of the same things. I would love to surprise her with a new stamp kit!

  • 551

    My best friend and I met when we were 2. We both lived in a small farming community and our parents thought it would be good to have play dates. We’re both in our 30’s now and are as close as ever!

  • 552
    marycstamps says:

    Thanks for letting us play along, even if we don’t have the time right now to make up a card. Love the idea of the Quick Kits and the Friend Stamp set is wonderful. My best friend is also named Mary. We went to grade school together, but it wasn’t until high school that we became best buds. Our kids are stairstepped – hers, mine, hers, mine. She moved to Arizona a number of years ago, but is moving back to the midwest this year. Hurray! Michigan still isn’t as close to Illinois as I’d like her to be, but still a whole lot closer than Arizona. She is just the type of person who deserves a card made with this set. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • 553
    Daniela says:

    My best friend is away for work and I miss him so much. We met at work and clicked instantly. One of the best memories is when we were at work and the word rogue came up. I wasn’t sure what it meant and he told me to go look it up (he wasn’t nice about it). I did, and wrote the definition an a paper towel and handed it to him later. He thought it was cool (leter he told me).
    Awesoem card kit!

  • 554
    Heidi says:

    First off, I love the Quick Kit concept and the Friends set! I can’t wait to get this set! Other than my husband, my best friend is Paula. We’ve been friend since our early years in college and now our classrooms are next door to each other! We have shared so much through the years and we each know that we can count on the other one. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 555
    Cassi says:

    Even if I don’t win, I’ll be first in line to buy the sets! And I’d like to share my two best friends. I’ve known both since high school and they are very dear to me. We see each other at least once every week and have watched our families grow up together. Neither one thinks they are very crafty, but they support my love of all paper crafts and will occasionally sit down and play with me.

  • 556
    Cindy S says:

    My best friend has been that way since 7th grade. No matter where we live, or how little we get to talk to each other, we are just best friends.

  • 557
    Barbra says:

    My best friend I have know for over 30 years. What makes her the best? No matter how long it is between times we talk she never gives me a hard time, is always there when I need her. She is just an all around great gal. As we get older we are dealing with grown up problems and situations and I always know that she is there and she alwasys know I am there for her!

  • 558
    Rebecca says:

    My bestest bestest friend on the face of the planet, couldn’t live without her! She has saved my life (and my sanity) more times than either of us can ever keep track of (and isn’t that what friends are for!). We’ve beeen best friends since high school and although she lives across the country – whenever I pick up the phone, email her or visit – its like we live right next door.

  • 559
    Karie B says:

    The kit idea is fabulous! While I do have other friends, my best friends are my five sisters. They know everything about me and when I’m mad at one, I can always call another!! We exchange handmade gifts each Christmas and they are my most treasured possessions.

  • 560

    Oh boy is this release really gonna hurt the pocket book or what!! LOVING EVERYthing!

    My best friend, well, I dont call her my best friend, I call her my soul sister! LOL! Thats because she has touched my soul and is and always be a part of me. She moved away from me, the town we both grew up in, about 2 years ago πŸ™ . We met in 1st grade, her dad was military and had transferred here for his last stint with the army. We have been through sooo much together, from first kisses to the death of both of our Mom’s….I can’t even start to explain what she means to me. Even with us living apart now, we still stay in touch and see each other at least 3 times a year. Good thing for cell phone plans that include My circle! haha!!

  • 561
    Marge says:

    Best Friends, who could live without them. I happen to be blessed with two bestest friends! They are always there for me, no matter what. We are “Two Alike” and “Sisters at Heart”.

  • 562
    Jackie W. says:

    My best friend is Mari. We met while standing in line for Beanie Babies! We knew who each other was from church but it wasn’t until then that we became fast friends. We would often wait in EARLY morning lines, in the freezing cold to get our hands on the first beanies. We’ve done everything from drive in a snow storm to go shopping in Toronto, to skiing down the slopes in Austria together. Even though she’s far away from me now, when we speak on the phone, it’s like we haven’t been apart.

  • 563
    Marla says:

    Have to say Dawn is my best friend. We meet at work 8 years ago and we hit it off right away. We are so in touch with each other we finish each others sentence. This is weird but I call her my female husband. I swear she is the female version of my husband. I mean that in the best of ways. My husband and I will be married 23 years in April. The best time we had together was when we went on a Longaberger bus trip. The first time we every did anything like this and it was a blast.

  • 564
    Dana Jones (Stamp Maniac II) says:

    I met my best friend at a Stampin Class…But I have met so many wonderful friends at stamping events! I talk to my best friend almost every day… but the best time is when we stamp! The only problem is we are both enablers and constantly find stampin stuff we both think we “need”!

  • 565
    shannon says:

    Being a military spouse, sometimes it is hard to keep close friends. I have been very fortunate to have made a few very dear lifelong friendships in this situation. All I can say is they ROCK! Nuff said.

  • 566
    Sara Spencer says:

    I have four best friends that I would like to honor with the card I made for this challenge. I met them all through my husband’s best friends…who married these amazing four. When I first moved to the US from Sweden 10 years ago, these women made me feel fight at home. Over the years our friendships have grown far beyond what I could have imagined. They are truly outstanding.

  • 567
    Lisa H. says:

    My best friend is my little sis, Amy. She is the only person I know who is as crazy for crafting as I am. She’s a terrific paper crafter and she is really creative as well as talented! She’s just jumped into the beading/jewelry world and I’m very frightened!!

  • 568
    Lisa K says:

    My best friend is my sister, who lives halfway across the country, but is my soul mate in spirit. We talk the same, act the same, feel the same, but have different mothers (same father), are 7 years apart in age, and didn’t grow up together. We met at our dad’s funeral. We have been best friends ever since. Isn’t that amazing?

  • 569
    Carol Hinton says:

    The flower set is so pretty! Thank you to the design team for making all the beautiful cards. I met my best friend twenty-five years ago when I was living in Ottawa. Although we live in different cities now, we still keep in touch. My most memorable moment was when she got married two years ago. She always wanted to settled down and get married. She kissed many frogs before she finally found her prince. I’m so happy for her.

  • 570

    I love that new stamp set! My best friend and I have been friends since high school, when I was dating her brother. While the romance didn’t last, our friendship certainly has.

  • 571
    Maria M. says:

    My best friend always tells me the hard truth even if I am not ready or willing to hear it. He is with me throught thick and thin.

  • 572
    Jenn says:

    I am so excited that you have kits now! It would be a good gift for my BBF Heather. We met last year in Bible Study. I had heard she liked to scrapbook so I invited her over one evening and we’ve been inseperatable ever since!

  • 573
    Kathleen says:

    WOW—I’m blessed to have several great friends,—but probably my best friend is a dear friend that I don’t get to see very often. She’s loyal, and kind—honestly, she’s one of the kindest people I know—she would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this set—I’d love to win one and pass it on to her—I’m off to make a card and hope to post it in time for the contest!!! Nichole—thanks so much for all the peeks and give-aways—it has been SUCH fun!!!

  • 574
    Kimberly S says:

    My sister is my best friend. She’s just a year older and we have a lifetime of great memories. She is always, always in my corner.

  • 575
    Laraine R says:

    Awesome!! And a must have set!! My best friend is Sally. We worked together and just became best friends. She will do anything for you!! Lovely lady!! I am just heart broke, last week she found out she has cancer. Thanks for chance at winning!!

  • 576
    Stephanie Sheridan says:

    I do not have just one friend but have had many friends over the years. I traveled all my life so was not able to keep to many. They all have left a bit of themselfs in my heart and will never forget them again. To all friends out there-remember them often.

  • 577
    Suzanne Dean says:

    I’ve had my super, super best friend since I had my kids 13 years ago. We were both new neighbors and became very close. We’ve seen each other thru deaths, sickness (my MS), marriages, and everything else. I love her like a sister and she has ALWAYS been there for me and I for her!

    Suzanne Dean

  • 578
    Pat Myers says:

    The “Band Mom’s started to hang out together while waiting for our son’s or daughters to finish band practice. Then there were all of the committee’s we were involved with during band season, and of course the footbal games and competitions. We would have withdrawal after band season and couldn’t wait for the next year to begin so we could be toether again. That was when a group of us started to meet on Wednesday evenings. We’ve tried knitting, scrapbooking, card making and many other crafty projects, but mostly we just got together to talk about everything and anything. Our husbands have given up on asking what we have accomplished, and we often have many a good laugh over all of the things we have not accomplished. The kids are all in college now and we are still together through thick and thin, the good and the bad. The bottom line is we are best friends. We are there for each other and no one expects anything in return. We take turns going to each others homes for our Wednesday evening get-togethers or we just meet at Barnes and Noble for coffee. We have even had a sleep-over! I am so glad these seven women have come into my life. Everyone of them is a blessing.

  • 579
    QueenPam says:

    My Best Friend is Pat Hobson. We met at a stamping retreat for Ohio Stampers and when I came into the stamp store where it was being held she said “sit by me, sit by me”. Usually the most eager person is to be avoided but this was my lucky day. She is my champion and confidant. I have too many memories to pick a favorite but it would probably be of us racing to get a stamp a Stampaway.

  • 580
    esther says:

    I best friend and I have known each other more than 20 years in school. We have so much in common and, even as we age, our common interests keep us together and supportive of each other. We still meet regularly to craft, despite our demands at home and work.

  • 581
    Kristy says:

    My best friend and I met at college orientation. We were chatting in between meetings and decided to try to room together. We were roommates for four years and I consider her my best friend. We went through so much together and I’m so grateful that she is in my life. She knows me better than I know myself sometimes.

  • 582
    Theresa Grdina says:

    My best friend recently passed away with breast cancer…however, we met in the 3rd grade and became inseparable! She got my jokes – what more can I say? Nobody else before or after has gotten me like she did…how I miss her.

  • 583
    Melisa Hunter says:

    I’d love to win this and share it with my friend Maureen. We have so much fun sharing ideas and oohing and aahing over the new PTI product!

  • 584
    Paula says:

    MY best friend is my hubby. He is my soul mate. But my best girlfriend is my friend from high school. We live far apart, but when we are together, it’s like no time has passed. I remember when we went to a haunted house around Halloween and for some reason, we ended up laughing so hard (I can’t even remember why) that we literally wet our drawers! Thirty plus years later, it still makes me laugh!
    Thanks for the chance to win one of your great new kits.

  • 585
    Laurie We says:

    my best friend- currently I met at work- she is younger than me, but we get along so well, she reminds me that I have value outside of my job. she loves me for who I am, and she lets me snuggle with her kids!

  • 586
    Jamia says:

    I met my best friend on the 1st day of junior high school, she was wearing a red polo with denim jeans her hair was in two long braids. It was Mrs Kuppermans english class. So many memories in that class, we instantly clicked. She is silly and giggly just like me. She is down to earth, genuine and knows me so well.

  • 587
    Mindy says:

    I have several very close girlfriends, but I have to say my best friend is my husband. We’ve been married 3 years but have been friends for 15! I think the girlfriends would appreciate this cute stamp set and card kit more though!

  • 588
    SusanB says:

    My best friend growing up was 3 years older than me and lived across the street. We lost touch when I moved away when I was 10 years old. Last week – she found me! I got a call from her! I was floored and really pleased πŸ™‚

  • 589
    Rikka D says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this cool kit. My best friend is my husband. We met in college and just celebrated our 20th anniversary. I have lots of good friends, but none quite like him!

  • 590
    Chelle says:

    My best friend & I met at a mini-university course while in high school. We quickly bonded over our love of Monty Python, and were inseparable for the length of the course. 15 years later we live on opposite ends of the country, but have still managed to see each other every year since we moved away.

  • 591
    elaine says:

    I have a very dear friend that I met through my work that has truly blessed my life with good things. She is my confidante, my sounding board, my strength when life is tough, my sister in God’s eyes and she is my enabler in stamping!! πŸ™‚ I couldn’t ask for any more from anyone. She does and will always hold a very special place in my heart. She is truly my blessing! Hugs to you MS!

  • 592
    Andra Donbrook says:

    Wow – what a great idea to make these kits! Love them, love them, love them!

    I am fortunate to have several very dear friends whom I met in highschool. One of my best friends came over with her two daughters on the weekend and they played with my two sons. Our kids are very young but i