Day 8: Introducing Vintage Buttons

Many of you were completely stumped by Hint #9 from last week, but there were also many of you who hit the *button* right on the head!

That's right!  Exclusive newsflash!  Papertrey Ink will now be carrying vintage buttons!  When we decided that buttons were the next thing to add to our product line, I began thinking long and hard about what the perfect button package would be.  I kept coming to the conclusion that variety & value would be the biggest selling point to me as a stamper. So, the final product we've established delivers just that!

Button pile

There are approximately 225-250 buttons per bag, with a cost of a mere five bucks!  Yes, only $5 for all that button goodness! I was so excited with the final price we were able to achieve for all of you!  I've purchased cards of buttons in the sewing section for nearly $2! And that was for only six buttons at that!

No two bags of vintage buttons will be alike!  They are ALL uniquely different!  A complete random mix of tantalizing textures, unique shapes, dozens of sizes, various opacity levels, all in ONE bag!  The list goes on and on!  With the photo above I pulled out just a few of the different variations that were contained in my particular bag.  Ahhhhhhh, such a beautiful thing!

The buttons will be sold in single color bags.  Each month we will be
adding the buttons in the new color(s) along with one or two older
colors.  By the end of the year we are hoping to have nearly all of our
colors available in these GORGEOUS buttons!!!  This month we are introducing three varieties…



Isn't it just love at first sight?!?!?! 

Our new Vintage Button Collections will come packaged in a simple clear bag, allowing you to establish a storage system that works best for you and the space you have available. 
Button jars

I picked up these small 4-1/2 inch jars at Hobby Lobby for $1.50 each.  They perfectly hold the contents of one bag of buttons.  Dawn McVey discovered that the small 8oz. mason jars are a perfect fit as well!  I am SO excited about building my collection and displaying all of the jars together on a shelf.  I *labeled* the top of my jars with a punched circle of the coordinating cardstock.  I think this system will work well and make it easy to pull out the buttons often to use them.

I asked the Design Team members to share with me their first impressions of the buttons once they received them. I thought I would share their thoughts with you!  This is one excited group of gals!










So now you've heard opinions from the experts!  Now that we've got you excited about buttons (don't you think I can see you leaning in reaallll close to the monitor, trying to get a better look at everything.  Yes you, the one having heart palpitations as you dream of what wonderful things you will create now that you have matching buttons! *wink*), perhaps we should give a few of these babies away!
How many buttons

Take a REAL close look at this 5-1/2 inch tall jar of buttons. (And I know SOMEONE will ask about the width, which is about 4-1/2 inches!). It contains buttons in all three varieties that we are releasing on February 15th.  Today's contest involves a bit of guessing.  You know, like the estimation you used to do back in grade school?  Post in the comments section exactly HOW many buttons you think are in this jar, along with your thoughts on the new buttons!  The person that guesses correctly (or comes closest) wins!  In case of a tie, the person with the earlier posting time will win. 

And what will you win, you ask?

Why the ENTIRE jar of buttons, of course!!!  And trust me, there's A LOT of buttons in there!!!  (I'd give you the retail value, but those that majored in math would probably be able to figure out how many buttons are in the jar if I did!) I'll be shipping the jar out early next week, so you would probably be THE very first PTI customer to see, touch & feel our vintage buttons in all their glory!  Can I get a woooooohoooooo!!!

You have until midnight EST tonight (Feb. 8th) to post your guess.  The winner will be listed on our special Anniversary Prize Page
after 12 noon EST, February 9th. You can always access this list through the NEW!
Anniversary Quick Link list to the upper left sidebar here.  A copy of
the list will also be updated daily in our customer forum.


This would normally be the part where I politely end my post.  But I have ONE more little tidbit to share with you!  Are you familiar with the CPS Blog (Card Positioning Systems)?  It is an amazing resource where Tami Mayberry (the owner) posts weekly card sketches to intrigue and inspire.  I have been a huge fan for quite some time.  


Well, CPS is celebrating its anniversary this month along with us!  In honor of this happy coincidence, we have teamed up with them to sponsor today's sketch!  If you are one of those dedicated reader's who waits up until midnight to read my post, the sketch isn't available *quite* yet!  Their blog will be updated around 7am EST.  CPS has a VERY talented group of designers that take the sketch and give their own spin using the sponsor's product. 

So this is where I let you in on a little secret…

The CPS designers got some BRAND NEW, not-yet released Papertrey goodness!  Yes, that's right!  They will be using some products that won't be released until February 15th!  So make sure to stop by after 7am EST to closely analyze their work and tell them I sent ya!  I know all of you are SUPER sleuths out there and will enjoy every minute of your *investigation*!

I encourage YOU to play along with their sketch challenge as well.  Let's just say that those *NEW* products their designers are using will be offered up as a prize later on this week through their blog for people who participate!

There are full details & instructions on how to enter at the CPS Blog!  


Becky Oehlers has created a little project that really showcases our *new* vintage buttons!

Take a peek at how Michelle Wooderson decided to store her buttons.

The following Papertrey designers have played along with the CPS Sketch Challenge!

Betsy Veldman

Heather Nichols

Geny Cassady

Lisa Johnson

Dawn McVey 

Niki Estes

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