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By October 20, 2006The Industry

102006_projects I completed all of these projects a few days ago for Paper Crafts.  All in one day.  So happy to get them done and remove them from my to do list.  As you know, I can’t share to-be-published artwork with you, but I thought I could at least show you my stack.  I am putting the finishing touches on all of my write-ups to go along with them so I can ship the projects out.  Then I get to PLAY and design some stationery tonight. 

I go through phases of what my favorite aspect of this hobby is.  Sometimes it is scrapbooking; telling my stories, capturing moments on paper.  Sometimes its the techniques, maybe with focus on stamping.  Sometimes it is graphic design using the computer only.  And sometimes (although rare) I don’t want to touch paper at all and dabble in one of my other hobbies like sewing or knitting.  Right now my phase is designing stationery for my line.  I LOVE IT!  I could stay up all night, just me, the computer and my mouse in hand.  I love creating my own shapes and patterns.  All me and my creativity.  I can do whatever I want in any color I want.  Complete creative freedom.  Can’t wait to share some of the work with you.  I am so passionate about it.  Dare I say, moreso than chocolate!

I taught a class last night at my local scrapbook store, and one of the students asked me how I have done so much with my career at such a young age.  Well, I don’t think I’m all that young (27).  But I do know that I do what I love.  And I have a quote that hangs in back of my brain.

"No dream is too big."

I am a firm believer in this.  Anyone can acheive anything, as long as their heart is in it and they are willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen.  If you want it, you can have it.  It may not be handed to you on a silver platter, but you will get it with dedication and focus.  So what is your dream?  What are you doing TODAY to make it happen?  If your answer is nothing, than WHY NOT?  Life is too short to not chase dreams.  Dreams are made to come true.  My big dream has come true with this stationery line.  So now I need to dream even bigger.  What’s next?  Stay tuned! 

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    annemariez says:

    great question.. I went through a phase trying to figure this out..
    I think one of my dreams is to teach first year teachers how to teach better… how to be better at what they do.. to feel passionate about being in the classroom… I know this is far from scrapbooking, photography and stamping for me.. but it is my dream.. to have caring teachers out there… I have put my foot in the door of the classroom again by volunteering.. it’s an important step my kids see me do 🙂

    love your blog!

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