If only I had a maid…

By September 8, 2006General

I promise I’m still alive.  Lots going on.  Tons of magazine deadlines.  Julie is coming this weekend to go over stationery line concepts, so I have been brainstorming.  Trying to get everything down on paper so I can execute my designs.  So much to think about.  And of course there is volunteering at the school, soccer, ballet.  Teething Ethan is no longer sleeping through the night. And there is normal everyday duties that multiply like rabbits when you get behind. So I promise I’ll be back soon.  As soon as I get a moment to take a deep breath.

Till then, you can check out my new post on the Paper Crafts blog here.


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    Diane McVey says:

    Bless your heart! Glad you are ok, but you ARE incredibly busy…so hard to do all that and have a fussy baby too! Sure hope he feels better soon..those teeth can be very annoying to little guys…Try to get some rest in there somewhere. Sure hope you have a great weekend.

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    Debbie Olson says:

    I have to tell you that I found your before and after stamp room pix on the other blog very comforting! Love your stamp space. 🙂

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    Gail Binette - Stamper Gail says:

    Come back Nicole, we miss you!

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