August 2012 Release Product Preview

By August 15, 2012General

Autumn Abundance Die Collection: $6

Counting My Blessings Die Collection: $10

Foodie Fun Die Collection: $6

Framed Out #7 Die: $3

Heart-2-Heart #7 Die Collection: $4

Happy Haunting Die: $3

Herringbone Impression Plate: $16

Mr. Bones Die Collection: $6

Shape Up Series: Pumpkin Die Collection: $16

Shape Up Series: Pumpkin Sections Die: $14

Spider Web Trio Die Collection: $20

Spooky Sweets II Die Collection: $5

Sunflower Bouquet Die: $6

Teacher's Apple Die Collection: $5

Orange Zest Pattern Pack (36 sheets, 6 sheets each of 6 patterns): $12

also available….

  • Orange Zest Polka Dot Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Orange Zest Bitty Dot Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Orange Zest Damask Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Orange Zest Leaves Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Orange Zest Gingham Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Orange Zest Stripes Singles (18 sheets): $6

Royal Velvet Pattern Pack (36 sheets, 6 sheets each of 6 patterns): $12

also available….

  • Royal Velvet Polka Dot Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Royal Velvet Bitty Dot Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Royal Velvet Damask Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Royal Velvet Leaves Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Royal Velvet Gingham Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Royal Velvet Stripes Singles (18 sheets): $6


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  • 1
    beth says:

    I love everything!!! This will hard to pick!!!

  • 2
    Cindy Obermeyer says:

    Love the changing colors of the trees. So pretty in Michigan.

  • 3
    Valarie says:

    I have never bought anything from your site, but am trying to purchase the pumpkin, pumpkin sections and orange zest paper pack this morning. However, I am not finding any of them on the site. Help please!

  • 4
    Barbra says:

    My birthday is in fall so I always look forward to that. As I get older not as much!!! LOL I would say the cooler weather is always a welcomed change, for a few moments, then I’m wishing for spring pretty quickly!

  • 5
    Donna says:

    Although Spring is really the season of rebirth, Autumn has always seemed that way to me. Everyting is new again. I love the change in weather and beautiful foilage, and the excitement of a new school year.

  • 6
    Vanessa says:

    Now that all three of my kids will be in school, I’m thinking of all the fun stuff I could make with the ‘Teach & Inspire’ set. And that web trio die will be so useful to spruce up my Halloween treats – awesome!

  • 7
    DiAnn says:

    I love the School stamps. Going to make a mini album for my grandaughters. Thanks for all the great ideas

  • 8
    jan m says:

    Summer is my favorite life, but once fall settles in, the regal colors, autumn smells, crisp days, evening fire pits, haunting Halloween and family gatherings closing with my favorite meal at Thanksgiving make it all worthwhile!

  • 9
    Kelly Braund says:

    These are new items for tonights release. They’ll be on the home page of the website at 10pm tonight.

  • 10

    So gorgeous! i love it all!

  • 11
    Kelly St Pierre says:

    I really look forward to the crispness in the air, the leaves falling, and the pumpkin patch visit with my grandkids.

  • 12
    Vanessa says:

    Every fall, I look forward to the change in weather. I love how crisp the air gets, how cool it is in the mornings. Perfect sweater weather!

  • 13
    Betty Cash says:

    A super release! I like it all and will have to make some difficult choices this month. I can always use more ways to say “thank you”.

  • 14
    ayn says:

    what a great collection! good job! can’t wait to order.

  • 15
    Karen L says:

    They will be available tonight at 10 pm EST

  • 16
    Sara Robey says:

    In the fall I look for a break in the heat. It gives me the opportunity to plant new plants, divide those that need it and spruce up things that couldn’t be done in the heat of our summers.

  • 17
    Pat Baker says:

    Everything’s “A-LIST” this month!!! Thanks Nichole & DT Members!

  • 18
    Chris Cross says:

    Love it all!! Must say this release is definitely putting me in the mood for fall.

  • 19
    Susan Rob says:

    I have a corner window in my dining area and outside of that window we have an Amur Maple tree planted. I love watching the leaves turn a beautiful red in the fall. Where I live the leaves on most trees go from green to yellow, so I am so happy to have one tree that turns a gorgeous fall color.

  • 20
    LOU says:

    Now I see why the purchases can’t be start till after 10PM, so that those who work, then need to run their kids here-there, help w/hm-wk, make supper, get baths in, get the kids prepared 4 tomorrow, backpks @ da door, lunch’s made in bags, w/names, et snacks, cloths laid out 4 the morning rush, et the bkfast setting is all laid out,…then we can start OUR RELAXATION, et buy buy buy,…clutter-up our world more, et more w/MORE STUFF! we MUST have MORE DIES, MORE STAMPS! After allthery ARE ALL JUST SO Beautii-ful, gosh how can one select which-one 2 leave out?
    2 B Honest I forgot about the purchase time, et I don’t know why I thought I read it started @ 7am, so I’ve been up since 5:30, it was sure quitte, so a shower, and a cuppa herbal tea, et i waited w/the laptop, & waited, et waited, till I started to get todays update,…eeek wow, then read thein-coming comments,…wow what a BIG fool! Oh I hope Imake it through past 10,oh dearest Guardian Angel Assist me!!!

  • 21
    Vicki A. says:

    What a great release, it is going to be difficult to decide! Love the Halloween items!

  • 22
    Charlene says:

    my list is overflowing…now to check the budget!

  • 23
    LOU says:

    There’s so many things, the bright colors changes as in the first few cards,(I esp liked thed the one w/the tiles) the cooking, et canning, gathering so as 2 have jars et jars 2 put-up, et the lable-ing fun,(esp with a few good sips of wine!But alas it’s Thanksgiving prep. et the days finally comes, after all the hallows-eve, coustumes, celebrating day of the dead, w/our So.
    & Cenral American Friends. Getting up early getting that beautiful bird out of the brine, stuffing it, going 2 Services,..but nost of all it’s the being together, gathering once again, giving thanks, et praying we will all be at table again next yr,…if it be so, all healthy Et stronger fm our times of trouble, et not bitter, but beautiful, liken 2 the vine of the bittersweet(ah now that’s an idea, could U design the bittersweet flower/die4 next yr) It’s really a virus, vine, et NOT a flower! but oh so so beautiful! Like all of the precious works this yr. This must be a bittersweet time 4 U today et all who worked so w/U, 2 now have it all ready and now 2 let it go, to do what it was created for! Thanks to You the handmaid of His good works, 2 U et all, for Ur good works. is it possible that there is one thanks left out, Thanks to the Creator, be it of whatever, we would thinks of who or what IS the Creator!

  • 24
    Karen Wedding says:

    Wow! Such great dies and stamp sets coming out. After the hot, hot temperatures this summer, I’m looking forward to the cooler temps for the fall. Halloween is my 2nd favorite holiday in the year. So it’s almost time to start decorating for Halloween and making the crafts.

  • 25
    JayneK says:

    What do I love about Fall? Where to start? I love the colors, the weather, the return to schedule, so many things, but probably my favorite is the crisp air with vivid blue skies. Love, love, love that.

  • 26
    ValerieC says:

    I just love the cool, crisp air and fall foods! I’m loving this release.

  • 27
    Lisa says:

    A beautiful fall collection, thanks Papertrey Ink!!

  • 28
    Jessica S says:

    Absolutely love the Foodie Fun set!

  • 29
    Jennifer D says:

    My favorite? Halloween!!

  • 30
    Amy Smith says:

    I love everything about fall! The way the air smells, and how blue the sky is, especially when contrasted with the changing leaves are my favorite things. I can’t pick just one!

  • 31
    Pmm says:

    I love the colors of fall- as a quilter, their shades are so inspiring, as is the crisp cool air and the sudiffer hangs of light. The challenge is to translate all that into fabric or paper, to share with others the beauty that only fall can bring!

  • 32

    I love the reds/oranges/yellows of Fall

  • 33
    Tanis says:

    I love fall colors, and the smell of the leaves when they fall. Gorgeous!

  • 34

    Another fun-filled release!

  • 35
    Roxana Hill says:

    LOVE the food set and sectional pumpkin, but will most likely order the Think Big set first, as I can do so much with it. I WANT the Foodie Fun, as it looks like so much fun to play, er, WORK with!

  • 36
    janet wilson says:

    Beautiful release again, this month! I honestly believe you and DT have a bottomless pit of creativity powers – YAY!!

  • 37

    Looking forward to all th ejewel tonesNature gives us 😉
    Thank You for a another FABULOUS release!!!

  • 38
    Cele Schaffer says:

    I love the smells of fall-crisp air,burning wood,cinnamon and apples.It is such a season of family and home.

  • 39
    Tanya says:

    Can you email me about becoming a demonstrator?

  • 40
    Lilia says:

    Incredible release!! As always!
    I look forward to fall colours, to warm and windy days… Indian summer is my favourite thing about fall. 🙂

  • 41

    I look forward to the crisp cool weather, the leaves changing colors, cider, jack-o-lanterns, football games and of course my favorite holiday “Halloween”. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  • 42
    Simply Sassy says:

    It’s going to be hard deciding on what to buy. I love and want them all! Great job!!!

  • 43
    sandycu says:

    I love the feel you get from the first cool, nip in the air — and of course, stamping with the beautiful colors of fall!

  • 44
    Mary C. says:

    I really look forward to Honey Crisp apples! I love them and they are the best in the fall! I also like having more time to stamp as Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday – kind of the kickoff for the holiday season of baking and crafting!

  • 45
    conil says:

    Decisions, decisions. This release is going to really be hard to choose from. They’re all so great.

  • 46

    Valerie, everything above goes on sale tonight at 10 pm EST.

    Information about release ordering is found here:

  • 47
    Lai-Yoke says:

    Love the changing colours of the trees and cooling off of the weather after the hot summer!

  • 48
    Judie Fralick says:

    I love the coolness in the air, the beautiful colors, and walking through the fallen leaves. Thank you for the chance to win.

  • 49
    Bonnie T says:

    The change of colors, hands down. The way nature shifts gears and creates a glow of warmth in the hues and colors all around is next to magical. I love the togetherness that comes with the season, the smell of woodsmoke on the air, the cooler (but not yet cold) temperatures (that is, when it’s not hitting Indian Summer here in California), the juicy apples and the homemade pies that go with them, family time…it’s no wonder it’s my second favorite season.

  • 50
    Debbie Archer says:

    Living in the south, definitely the cooler temperatures and lower humidity. It is also our favorite time of year to vacation at the beach.

  • 51
    Carmen S says:

    I think this is a great release, I am specially happy for the Halloween collection!!

  • 52
    Luanne Ford says:

    Another fabulous release Nicole! Congratulations!

  • 53
    Carmen S says:

    A fabulous array of stamps and dies, you make decision difficult for us when we need to pick because we would love to have them all.

  • 54
    Gaby says:

    Cant wait to get the sentiment dies and that pumpking… oh and the teacher set!!

  • 55
    Kathy McDonald says:

    Cooler days and nights, apple crisp, and football!

  • 56
    Joan M says:

    I love the cool weather. After the hot days of Texas summer, the coolness of fall weather is just wonderful!

  • 57
    Zehra says:

    i love the changing colors in the trees, my husband came to US the first time in fall so it always hold wonderful memories for me.

  • 58
    Valarie says:

    Thank you! I did realize that after a little while.

  • 59
    Donetta Sommer says:

    I live in Florida so there are no changes in the seasons. It is pretty much hot here all the time so that is not it. But I do love when the little ones get dressed for Halloween with all their spookiness. The falling and rustling of the leaves is so much fun. Then of course there is the burning of all the pumpkin, cinnamon and apple candles to make everyone in the neighborhood think that I am baking up a storm. LOL

  • 60
    Joyce Gerard says:

    I love the cool crisp weather spooky Halloween Boutiful Thanksgiving but the best time early
    October sisters weekend 4 days with my 5 sisters. This year we will be in what we refer to as Janel’s newly built Barbie Dream House. More than fun.

  • 61
    nkmac says:

    That first fire of fall…the smell and the rustle of the leaves, going to purchase the pumpkins and corn shocks…(hope will be pumpkins this year..other than my new dies!!!) Really I am a Leo, so I loved the summer except for the drought part!!!

  • 62
    dee says:

    Picking out pumpkins with my husbands and sons! luv

  • 63
    Bobbi Schesser says:

    What I love most about fall is when the leaves start turning lovely shades of gold, orange and red, when the days feel crisp outside and when the smell of a fire burning in the fireplace fills the air.

  • 64
    Jennifer says:

    I look forward to all of my children coming home from college for Thanksgiving!!!

  • 65
    Cynthia Burke says:

    I love crisp autumn weather and fall’s gorgeous rainbow of colors!

  • 66
    Steph says:

    There is soooo much I love about fall: going back to school, the gorgeous fall colours and crisp autumn air, comfort food, and most of all, Thanksgiving!

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