Stamp-a-faire 2012 Camp Memories & Winners

By July 23, 2012Stamp-a-faire

Well, I think it's official!  Stamp-a-faire 2012 was a great success and fun was had by all!  One of the best parts of the event was all of the wonderful memories made!  Some of you captured those moments and shared them with the world!  I have assembled just a few of those photos in a little slideshow to commemorate our first online event.  Also, to serve as a thank you to all of the wonderful customers who enthusiastically participated all day…


I also have a couple customer videos from the day to share with you.  They just made me smile ear to ear, and I know you will thoroughly enjoy them too!


This one is from Tracey & Linda, coming to us from Perth, Australia.  The slideshow they put together really summarizes their whole experience nicely.  Because of their location all the way on the other side of the globe, it makes it even more special to see their experience! 


The enthusiastic stamping duo Anna & Ginger from northwest of England created a fun video while they were trying the Marbleized Tie-Dye technique with shaving cream.  The video (as well as their fantastic accents!) reminded me that this event really brought people together from around the world.  How many of you were trying out this technique at the same time as Anna & Ginger?  Dozens or perhaps hundreds!  

As a reminder, all of the videos & tutorials from Stamp-a-faire will be permanently archived here on the blog.  They can all be accessed with the "Stamp-a-faire" link in the right side bar under Categories.  I have also summarized them below for you for easy reference…

Before I sign off, I wanted to be sure and mention that ALL of the winners from the Stamp-a-faire event have officially been listed.  You can find the link to the list below:

CLICK HERE for the Stamp-a-faire Winners Page

Thanks again to each and every one of you.  You have made this weekend truly memorable!  


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  • 1
    AOK says:

    Millions and millions of hugs. You are awesome.

  • 2
    Joan B says:

    What a great slide show! I had a blast at SAF this year. Thanks!

  • 3
    Kathy Mc says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! Fabulous videos from Australia and England, and Nichole’s was very well done highlighting SFA participants from all over. A job well done!

  • 4
    June K. says:

    What great slide shows. Nichole, great music to go with the slide show too. Tracey, Linda, Anna, and Ginger, thanks so much for sharing your day with us.

  • 5

    I wasn’t able to play on Saturday due to a busy schedule. What a surprise when I turn the computer on this morning and went to PTI to see what I missed and there was everything on your blog. I was home alone today and was going to do THE BIG CLEAN and instead I spent the day with all you, fabulous ladies. What a treat. What a well planned and executed event. You all made my day!!!Thank you.

  • 6
    Amy G. says:

    LoveLoveLove the videos! Thanks so much for putting that together! What a great job you did on this event. It was really a lot of fun. 🙂

  • 7
    janet wilson says:


  • 8
    Kelly Braund says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for putting that video together! Lots of fun memories from our MN group and everyone else!

  • 9
    Roxann says:

    THANK YOU for all the of time, effort, talent and laughter that you and your Design Team shared with us to make the Stamp-A-Faire experience so special. I really didn’t know how you could/would top last year, but you did!

  • 10
    Jennifer K says:

    Nichole, your video was simply the icing on top of an already fabulous cake. How fun to see the video montage of everyone throughout the weekend. And I even got a glimpse of me! 🙂 It was truly, truly a splendid weekend. I can’t wait until next year. Well done, Nichole. You throw a great party and should be very proud of your and your team’s accomplishments.

  • 11

    Such awesome videos! I, too, am smiling ear to ear! I had so much fun. Can we do this again next month?? LOL!

  • 12
    Jill Norwood says:

    Nichole your video made me laugh, giggle, smile, and then cry! I had a wonderful time and am so impressed by everyone’s inspiring spirits and the quality of this wonderful event! Thanks to everyone for making it happen! And to those that sent the videos and pictures in of themselves – thank you too for sharing! This reminds me of the quilting bees that my great-grandmother used to have – only with cards!!! So fun and I will never forget it! See you all next year!

  • 13
    Alex says:

    That truly warmed my heart, what a great day and event to have so many people come together without really being together! Thank you Papertrey Ink Design team, you all must have worked extra hard for this and I can honestly say I appreciate it, it was so much fun to participate, I cannot wait for next year! Thank you so much!

  • 14

    What a sweet video – and I was tickled to see my card in there too! Thank you to you all for your hard work to put this event together.

  • 15
    AOK says:

    What a lovely start to my day. I won a prize. Thank you so much.

  • 16
    Luanne Ford says:

    What a great video, filled with so many happy faces! You’ve brought more joy into our lives. Thank you for making such a wonderful day for all of us!

  • 17

    Thank you SO much for a great weekend of fun and inspiration! Your attention to detail combined with a genuine heartfelt connection to your clientele produced a remarkable experience for all of us. I don’t want to do this alone again next year so I am going to start making “friends” now who will commit to join me. The videos were all excellent, the camp theme was carried out consistently, and the number of projects literally overwhelmed me! I will definitely be re-watching these videos for a long time to come. I hope the archive includes the S’more recipes!!! BTW-Congrats on the wise decision to skip this week’s MIM ! All of you deserve a break. Highest regards always!

  • 18
    Vicki Davis says:

    Wow! What an event and what memories. I am a newcomer to Papertrey Ink and am already a committed fan. I attended Stamp-A-Faire by myself but in no way felt alone. I received my first order in the mail today and was so impressed when I opened the box. Someone actually wraps each stamp set!!! It’s so nice to feel that I am someone special. Now I’m going to have a stamp-a-faire with all my new stamps. Thanks for all the fun and for being a company that cares!

  • 19
    Holly Saveur says:

    Such sweet and funny video’s..really loved it…just can’t get enough of this super wonderful event…THANK You all again from the bottom of my heart!
    Ans so happy there will be a special link to see it all again and again……….

  • 20
    GB Stamps says:

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