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I am absolutely smitten with all of this month's new releases and I can tell by the excitement that some of you have shared with me that you are too!  A big thank you to each and every one of you who have joined us tonight during release festivities as well as the last five days of countdown fun!  

To finish up this exciting celebration, we're giving away a fabulous prize package tonight!  Practically the entire August release!  All you need to do to have your chance to win is post an answer to the following question in the comments section below.


Congratulations,  Christina MaClaren!  Be sure to email Customer Service with your shipping information so we can get your September "I Want It All" package out to you!  And thank you to everyone else who played along!  All of your entries were so meaningful, they really made my heart sing!

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  • 1
    Chris Cross says:

    My mother passed away in 2009. Some of my favorite holiday decorations are ones that I have that belonged to her.

  • 2
    Kathy A says:

    It has to be the Angel on the top of the tree.

  • 3 says:

    I have a glass goose that mom gave to me..she passed away this year so it will partricularly special

  • 4
    Mary says:

    My homemade cross stitched ornament from my mommy :). God bless πŸ™‚

  • 5
    Leora says:

    Its not quite a decoration, but this has to be our menorah. It came from my great grandparents home in Germany!

  • 6
    Oralia says:

    The ones that my husband and I first purchased 21 years ago – including the tree. Each ornament has a little story to tell. πŸ™‚

  • 7
    Jamie Nania says:

    I especially love the ceramic Santa that I made for my grandparents. They passed away several years ago and so my mother gave it back to me and I put it out each year. I also love the baby first year ornament for each of my children. This year I get to add a new one for my baby girl that was born in February.

  • 8
    Jenny Renee says:

    As a kid I remember my favorite ornament was a Wonder Woman ornament my mother bought me. Each of my siblings got a super hero they liked and she was mine. She was fabulous then and still is fabulous now. Can’t believe the holidays are just around the corner. πŸ™‚

  • 9
    Kara says:

    My husband and I both have ornaments from our grandparents that are very special. They go at the top of the tree, away from toddlers, kids, and cats πŸ™‚

  • 10

    I have several items that are meaningful, but I think one of the most meaningful one is my stocking. It is made out of our old family quilt by my grandmother. When I was around 10 years old, she gave all the grandkids a stocking made from the quilt. I love it so much!

  • 11
    Jennifer T says:

    We have a star that used to belong to my great grandmother. It has to go on the tree.

  • 12
    Peggy Allen says:

    My most meaningful decoration for Christmas is a fabric nativity my mother-in-law gave us which is the true meaning of the season, Christ birth.
    God bless,

  • 13
    laurazitzer says:

    I have a small magenta glass ornament that my great grandma gave to me. It is old and the finish is cracking but I love it just the same

  • 14
    Sheila says:

    The ornament that means the most each year is one that has a picture of our daughter. She made it in elementary school for us so it’s a wonderful keepsake.

  • 15
    Rachel P says:

    I have several sentimental pieces, but one of my favorites is a needlepoint advent calendar that my grandma made…the calendar itself was all done by hand, as well as every single piece that you attach to each day…it is so beautiful and represents months of work on her part…and since I’m terribly close to my grandma, it means to much to look at the handiwork she did and know it was all done with such love!

  • 16

    There’s one specific ornament from my childhood that has to come out ever year. It is so beautiful I just love it. It has a skier on it and fake snow and its silver and navy blue with a tiny bit of pink on the skier.

    Thanks for a great release and sending me down memory lane.

  • 17
    Ohhh Snap says:

    It would have to be the stockings I made to replace our Christmas Lunch Bag Stockings that DD would decorate every Christmas eve while we were waiting to go visit family. She loves the stockings so much they have replaced the lunch bag as my favorites.

  • 18
    Ngan R. says:

    We put out the same 16 stockings we have used for the last ten+ years! My sister made them all by hand and it seems every couple of years, she has to make a new one. It is so lovely to see the same vibrant red and white on the stairway year after year.

  • 19
    Darla says:

    It would have to be my collection of Nativity sets, they all have special significance to me!

  • 20
    Anne B says:

    My favourite decoration is the angel that we put on top of our tree each year. She’s been passed down through my Dad’s family and is showing her age a bit now, but to me she’s priceless.

  • 21
    Glenda J says:

    I have the Christmas stocking that my mom made for me when I was a little girl.

  • 22
    Chunyuan says:

    I create one ornament for each of my kids each year and those are the most meanful decorations.

  • 23
    Anna Was says:

    Every year I hang all of the ornaments that my grandparents gave me as a child. Each on is dated and holds a special memory from where they were visiting that year. I love the memories that I can shar with my childen

  • 24
    Maria says:

    We have a 5 foot gaudy wreath, that I love and that will go up when we decide where to buy a house.

  • 25
    Donna C says:

    My sister hand appliqued a quilted nativity in 3 large pieces that hang on the wall. It it totally gorgeous and the centerpiece of all our holiday decorations. Each piece of fabric used on it has sentimental meaning because each piece is from something from our childhood.

  • 26
    pattylt says:

    Our family tradition of the Care Bear ornament being the first ornament on our tree began the year I forgot to place it on the tree at all. My daughter cried immediately over its absence (and raised a bit of a ruckus). So now, a big production ensues with the beloved Care Bear getting first honors. We still laugh over her distress… 26 years later.

  • 27

    I don’t think I can choose just one. My mom bought me an ornament each year and when I left home she gave them all to me. I have them all on my tree every year and I dont think I can love one more than another, each one has a special story.

  • 28
    Patty J says:

    Every ornament has a story and a memory, but my favorites are handmade ones from my kids in preschool. Just too precious.

  • 29
    Leigh Penner says:

    I would have ot say my Willow Tree Nativity set. It’s my absolute favourite!

  • 30
    LaceyNB says:

    My favorite decorations for our tree are the ones I’ve received from coworkers and friends, specifically the ones with little notes on them. I love reading these again as I decorate the tree year after year. The messages are so meaningful and this is a great way to for me to reflect on memories of these friends and to have a little self-esteem boost!

  • 31

    my mom gave me the angel that always sat atop our tree ever since i was little. it’s old but still beautiful and reminds me of what the season is all about…i love it so much!

  • 32
    Jessica says:

    The Nativity scene!

  • 33
    Jo Ann Mooney says:

    My most treasured ornament that I put on my tree first every year is a small ceramic bell that my daughter made for me in kindegarten 30 years ago. The bell was painted in various colors, and was dropped and broken into many pieces when she was still a child. I carefully glued all the pieces back together and we have used it every year since.

  • 34
    Jeannine says:

    i have a santa figurine that my mom put out when i was little, it’s worn in places, but it brings back so many of my wonderful childhood Christmas memories. thanks.

  • 35
    Lynn says:

    The ornament that we got in my dad’s memory the first Christmas after he passed away. Also, each of my boys first Christmas ornaments. I have a baby picture on each of them. Just adore them all.

  • 36
    Barb S says:

    All of the many ornaments made by me, my friends and family are special. But there’s a little angel that I was given as a very young girl that gets a special place on my tree.

  • 37
    Natasha Kara says:

    We never celebrated any holidays so we never had any ornaments etc…. But I had a few friends who did celebrate and it was fun to go over and help them celebrate πŸ™‚

  • 38
    Susan McRae says:

    I have a set of old german glass ornaments that we hung on the tree when I was growing up and now I have them for my tree. They are truly beautiful and I treasure them.

  • 39
    Karen Flynn says:

    The most meaningful holiday decoration we put out is the hand-sewn advent calendar that my mother made for us. The kids run to it every day and announce how many days ’till Christmas : )

  • 40
    Marilyn P says:

    I have a teeny – tiny holiday book that hangs on the tree that I received the year my twins were born. I have photos and a short journal of how they spent their first Christmas. They are now 20 and it’s always fun to read thru that little book, every year, when we go to hang it on the tree.

  • 41
    Rachael says:

    I have a beautiful glass ornament that a dear friend gave to me that means that world to me. The ornaments that mean the most to me are the ones that have been given to me by the people that mean the most to me in my life.

  • 42
    Shay says:

    The ornaments we each bring to the tree every year are meaningful…especially the little ceramic boys and girls I painted during college. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 43
    LindaH says:

    I have some simple stars made from straw that my grandfather made and sent me from Germany…I say they are simple, but yet so intricate at the same time..and so beautiful, because I think of my German grandparents who have both passed away…they are a joy to put on the tree every year.

  • 44
    Jen Rzasa says:

    Growing up we always had a cotton snowman that we put on the top of a tree instead of a star. My parents still put it up every year (my husband and I can’t convince them to give it to us! It’s sentimental for the whole family, and I guess mom and dad want to hang onto it for a while!). It looks grungy and old, but it’s the most special thing that gets put out each year.

  • 45
    Joani Ramsey says:

    I would say the most meaningful would be the stable for my Nativity. My dad (who is no longer with us) made it for me and I love it. Also I love the ornaments my children made in Sunday School and school.

  • 46

    There are so many special ornaments on our tree…and I love looking at each one as we take them out of storage. The most meaningful one is an angel we bought in honor of my grandmother.

  • 47
    Kat Gomez says:

    The ones that I have made myself are my favs it takes me back to when my daughter was little and we would make them together.. thanks for the chance to win.. Kat

  • 48
    Christine N says:

    The most meaningful decoration we put out for the holidays is a set of hanging snow flakes that my mom knitted. She has since passed away and they mean more to us than ever now.

  • 49
    Donna says:

    I have a few ornaments that my grandparents gave me when I was little. They mean the world to me. There’s also a few ornaments that my kids have made since starting school that are special.

  • 50
    Debbie P says:

    My sister died November 2000. That year I purchased a large, glass, animal print ornament, that reminded me so much of her personality. Every year it goes front and center on the tree. Every time that I look at it, it reminds me of her, and how much she loved Christmas.

  • 51
    Brenda Zeddun says:

    When I was little, my mom and I would put out a ceramic Nativity scene my aunt made. It was such an adventure finding all the pieces buried in shredded newspaper! In the last few years, my mom gave me that Nativity scene and that is my most meaningful holiday decoration.

  • 52
    Shannon says:

    I put up a glass pickle ornament every year that my mother-in-law bought for me at a gorgeous garden store in 1999! She died in 2006 (of breast cancer) and I loved her dearly! This ornament gives us joy at Christmas and it’s nice for my 9 year old son to remember his “grandmuffin” with joy and laughter over this “pickle” ornament!

  • 53
    Gwen says:

    A beautiful crystal cross, representing the true meaning of Christmas.

  • 54
    Kirsty says:

    One of my trees is decorated in angels in memory of my grandmother.

  • 55
    Lori Cullen says:

    I have a music box that plays, “White Christmas,” that I loved so much when I was a girl that my mother gave it to me when I went to college. Whenever I see it I feel like a little girl again. I love sharing it with my boys.

  • 56
    Barbara Joan says:

    I love the ornaments that my son made when he was very little. The glittered popsicle sticks and decorated baby-food jar lids are still precious to me.

  • 57
    Krista H says:

    It is a pair of glass bells joined together,and was given to me by my mother. She has bought me an ornament every year since I was little, for my first Christmas as a married woman. I will hang it on the tree this year for the nineteenth time, and for many years hopefully to come.

  • 58
    Maureen L says:

    I has to be the picture ornaments I have of my girls when they were in pre-school. My oldest is now in college and my youngest is almost finished with high school so seeing their precious little faces smiling out of popsicle sticks and fun foam just makes me tear up – remembering them as littlies and being a proud momma for how far t hey have come.

  • 59
    LINDA GERIG says:

    I have ornaments that my great grandmother gave me over 60 years ago. they are frist on my tree. linda Gerig

  • 60
    Kris Prokopec says:

    The most meaningful ornament that hangs on my Christmas tree each year are the ornaments that my two boys make each year to add to the tree. So precious!

  • 61
    Rhonda H says:

    My favorite are the ones that my children created in preschool. We also have stockings that I cross-stitched many years ago that we all treasure.

  • 62
    Hollie says:

    The stockings my husband and I picked out when we first got married!

  • 63
    Natalie says:

    Every year my father gave me a large Holiday Snowglobe during the holiday season. He passed away a few years ago and every year I display the Snowglobes in my living room. I think of him picking out a new one each year especially for me and it brings me comfort. Great memories!

  • 64

    Every year we buy a new holiday snowman where you push a button and they sing. The kids love opening that box when we decorate the tree!

  • 65
    Yvonne S says:

    So many but I do love the paper wreath with glitter ornament my high school senior made in kindergarten. It will be extra special this year as I know next year he will be off and away for college. Time goes by so quickly.

  • 66
    Tracy says:

    I have a set of snowmen that my Gram crocheted for me and my husband for our first Christmas nearly 20 years ago. We lost Gram a few years ago, but seeing her snow people keeps her alive in our hearts.

  • 67
    suzy girl says:

    Every year I put up all fish ornaments and it’s such a sentimental reminder of my father who passed and his love for the sport.

  • 68
    Stephanie W says:

    My fiance and I purchase a new ornament each time we visit Disney World, so each one reminds me of one of our trips together.

  • 69
    Mindy says:

    I love my Haitian nativity that my sister brought back during the time she was a missionary there. The stable is made from a coconut and all the figures came wrapped in banana leaves. It’s so unique and special.

  • 70
    Lisa G. says:

    Our tree is all homemade ornaments from the kids and myself over the last 10 or so years. I have kept everything the kids make. Each year we make an ornament at home and then whatever they make special at school. It’s so fun to pull out the ornament boxes and decorate the tree each year. The kids just love looking at all the stuff they have made over the years. Lots of memories and giggles πŸ™‚ So I can’t just pick one!

  • 71
    Alison W. says:

    When I was little, my Mom would read us “Winken, Blinken and Nod” to get us to go to sleep. Hallmark ornaments came out with an ornament that depicted the characters, and my Mom gave it to me when I got married and moved out. Has to be on the tree every year.

  • 72
    Cindy S. says:

    We collect glass icicles from places that we visit. Every year the kids have so much fun putting up all the glass icicles on the tree as we tell them about the places we were visiting when bought that particular icicle. It’s a great way to keep fresh all the great memories of our visits.

  • 73
    Sallie says:

    A small spindly artifical tree loaded with miniature, glass, Faberge-like egg ornaments….most are gifts from my dear daughter. I LOVE Faberge’s body of work and knowing this, she has gifted me with these through the years.

  • 74
    Kate Cordero says:

    I have an angel on top of my tree that i’ve had since I was a baby. My mom has kept it.

  • 75

    Mine are a set of bell ornaments my Mom and I made together one Christmas when I was about 10 yrs old, out of the cheap plastic jewerly beads. It was one my first ever handmade crafts and I will always remember the time Mom and I spent making them! What a wonderful memory!

  • 76
    Jeanne says:

    It really is Christmas in my home when I put a small angel band on my mantle with a primitive, wooden manger. I had these all when I was a child…and I remember them over the fireplace when I grew up. Wow, these have almost reached the official “antique” label. Joy to the World!

  • 77
    Miki says:

    I’m weird and dont have a matchy matchy tree. All our ornaments are handmade or come from our trips, so each one is special! I have all the ornaments my son ever made along with some from my husbands childhood that he made. Every trip we take I purchase an ornament (or two or three) and I always add the year if it’s not on it. It’s taken quite a few years to fill our tree but every single ornament has a special meaning to it and I just love pulling them out every year!

  • 78
    Kathy V. says:

    I have a Christmas village I’ve collected over the years. I put it up every year complete with little people, tons of trees, and lights. It take all day to set it up, but everyone who sees it loves it. I know I do–it reminds me of a similar village my parents had that was lost to time many years ago.

  • 79
    Amy Smith says:

    I have the very first Hallmark lighted ornament they ever made–it depicts Bethlehem. A light goes down inside it and it just glows. It’s very beautiful and reminds me of the true meaning of Christmas.

  • 80

    This is going to sound funny since I am Jewish, but my Mother didn’t want me feeling left out as a little girl and we made this personalized felt stocking together from a Bucilla kit. It has a little girl with her kitten and pup and a tree with presents on it in various felt shapes with sequins serving as the ornaments and lights. I love how colorful it is and the happy memories it evokes and hang it up every year. Terrific release – thanks for the chance to win!

  • 81

    All of the ones my parents have made. Each year for quite a few years, they would make wooden, lighted holiday decor as Christmas gifts. I love putting each of them out every year. They make our home so festive!

  • 82
    Shelley Palmer says:

    My most meaningful holiday decoration is I trace my kids hand each year and have their handprint cut into a wooden mitten. So fun to see their growth over the years.

  • 83
    Marianne Blauvelt says:

    Mine would be the nativity set we received as a wedding gift 31 yrs ago, and the stable my husband made that first year to house it.

  • 84
    Teresa says:

    The First Christmas Together ornament that was on our very first tree after our marriage. It was the only “real” ornament on that first tree 30 years ago and we still treasure it!

  • 85
    MJ (good_day1214) says:

    We’ve started a tradition of buying ornaments as souvenirs from our summer vacations. Granted we’ve only been married for 3 years, so we don’t have much of a collection (yet). My 10yo DS has picked out some nice ones and it’s so heartwarming to reminisce about our summer memories as we’re trimming the tree. I’m even more excited now that we’re expecting our baby girl in January. Can’t wait until she’s able to partake in our tradition.

  • 86
    Jamie Greene says:

    Well I don’t have anything that was passed down to me but we put all of the ornaments that our kids have made in school since kinderguarten on the tree every year along with all of the other ornaments. I love being able to look back at the special keepsakes my kids have made every year:)

  • 87
    Luanne Ford says:

    My Mom passed away almost three years ago, and I received her Christmas china. I can hardly wait to use them. They are a winter scene, so I start with the coffee mugs in November, and use them through February! It makes me feel like she is with me, having a cup over breakfast….

  • 88
    Mel H says:

    I have to put out my old red flocked plastic mouse with fake fur on his ears. I had him as a small child, and love him, even though there’s no flock left on his nose, and his tail is just barely holding on….he always makes my home feel like Christmas. He’ll always sit at the top of my clock…..

  • 89

    Many years ago, my husband was in Chicago just before Christmas and returned with a beautiful old world style santa music box that played Oh little Town of Bethlehem. this started a collection and I have received many Santa music boxes over the years. They end up on display covering the top of a chest in our living room. I can’t tell you how many times little ones visiting our home have stopped to stare and eventually discover the magic of a Santa music box.

  • 90
    Susan P says:

    Each year I hang the 5 quilted stockings my daughter made when she was 12-13 years old. She made one for each member of our family. Our family has grown now, with two husbands and 2 grandchildren, but I still use those stockings as decorations on our front staircase. I know it always means alot to her to see them hanging. I can’t imagine Christmas without them! My favorite ornaments are the ones we bought each year when the kids were born. They love looking at them!

  • 91
    Rosemary D says:

    the most meaningful decoration that i put out each year at christmas is the beautiful nativity set that my mother-in-law made for me. i had always wanted one and when she told me that she would make me one i was absolutely thrilled. it took a few years before i actually got it, but it was so worth the wait!!

  • 92
    Jamie Nania says:

    I especially love the ceramic Santa that I made for my grandparents. They passed away several years ago and so my mother gave it back to me and I put it out each year. I also love the baby first year ornament for each of my children. This year I get to add a new one for my baby girl that was born in February.

  • 93

    We have no family heirloom ornaments, neither my husband’s family nor mine ever did such a thing, but we have two ornaments that are very precious to us that we hope to be able to hand down to our daughter. She made them while in preschool. One is a decorate popsicle stick frame that she decorated and holds a photo of her at school, and the other is just a simple red glass ball with her fingerprints in white paint encircling the ball. She was proud of them, and they are very precious to us, indeed. : )

  • 94
    Tara S. says:

    This is probably cheating, because this ornament is not put out in my home. After my parents split, my Dad never put up a tree. He always told me he didn’t see a point. The following Christmas, I made him a holiday ornament. Nothing Fancy. I hung it on one of his wall sconces and he loved it. The following year he went out and bought a tree to put the ornament on. Now, every year, he gets a tree. The only ornament on the tree is the one I made him.

  • 95

    I have a HUGE collection of Possible Dreams Clothtique Santas. Many were purchased when my 3 boys were babies. The ones specifically for them have GREAT meaning!

  • 96
    Trell says:

    I’m building quite a collection of ceramic houses and buildings. I wish I could say that we had something many year old, but we tend to change our Christmas decor after so many years. I get tired of the same things!

  • 97
    Audrey T. says:

    My most meaningful holiday decorations are a collection of Vintage Santa statues that belonged to my Nana. When I was a little girl, I always admired them, and loved to help my Nana set them out. When she passed away, I inherited them, and I treasure them so much.

  • 98
    ceci o says:

    My colection of Nativity sets that I collected all over the world. Remembering the reasson for this seasson Jesus Christ is born.

  • 99
    Linda W says:

    A simple little embroidered heart that reads “Our First Christmas Together 1970.” The rest, they say, is history.

  • 100
    Connie Gregoire says:

    I have a collection of dated ornaments for each year we have been married. But perhaps the most special one is Our First Christmas Together ornament dated in 1977. It symbolizes the beginning of many Christmases together and the beginning of our family.

  • 101
    LynneZ says:

    I got my mother’s small wall Christmas tree (that I originally gave to her) when she passed away. It has all of the ornaments that she loved on it and am so happy that I have that as a wonderful keepsake.

  • 102
    Pam Young says:

    My favorite are the ones my children made for me each year. The have a special place on the top of the tree!!

  • 103
    Meagan says:

    My favorite ornaments are all the ones my Husband and I bought for our first Christmas together. It was the perfect way to start our family.

  • 104
    Laura Bassen says:

    We have an ornament with all the kids picture on it with a button that has recorded them saying, “Merry Christmas Dad!” My all time favorite ornament!

  • 105
    Jeannie L says:

    I don’t have a specific ornament that is meaningful but my sisters & I shop for new ornaments and do up the christmas tree together every year. That to me is meaningful as it’s one activity that we do as a family.

  • 106
    Ted says:

    I really don’t set out any decorations as a bachelor… but I do some little things, like tossing a Christmas quilt across the back of a loveseat. Does that count? πŸ™‚

  • 107
    Ellie A. says:

    We have a little antique baby carriage ornament the our kids picked out for our oldest little girl who passed away to SIDS. Each year the kids take a turn to put it on the tree for her.

  • 108
    Karen says:

    The one my granddaughter made me with her picture in the center. Love homemade things from the grandkids.

  • 109
    Lisa says:

    Dopey from the Seven Dwarfs…his nose is see thru plastic now as over the years, the colored plastic has worn away….if it wasn’t my first very own ornament, it was one of the first few–I was so proud to hang this ornament on the tree, and had to find the perfect branch to show it off!

  • 110
    Marcie Smith says:

    My son who is an artist by trade and works with several mediums, glass blowing being one of them, made me the most gorgeous set of hand blown ornaments several years back. I cherish these and they are my most valued Christmas decorations for sure. Everyone who sees them always asks me where I found them cause they are just that gorgeous.

  • 111
    Brittany says:

    On my first vacation with my now husband, we went to visit Victoria, BC and picked out an amazing handmade, paper mache ornament for our first Christmas tree together. Every year (for the last 8 years) we take it out and get to reflect on that special trip and our amazing life together ever since. It set’s the mood for sharing memories and stories with all of our family on Christmas Eve every year too.

  • 112
    Jan Marcham says:

    It would have to be the red felt teddy bear my daughter made for me when she was in kindergarten. It takes center stage every year!

  • 113
    Cheryl SD says:

    I have a simple wooden creche that I’ve had for years. I find a place to display it, whether I’m decorating a lot or just a little bit. Happy release party to all!

  • 114
    Marlena says:

    My family’s most meaningful decoration, is our huge stocking that contains letters from Christmas pasts. When the time comes to pack away decorations after Christmas, each family member gets a page which has pictures capturing their highlights. We write about what we remember most about the passing year. No one peeks at the letters. We fold it and put it in the giant stocking. When the giant stocking is brought out the next Christmas, we each read our letter and pass it around to let everyone see our pictures. It has become our most treasured family tradition.

  • 115
    elana k says:

    Every year as a child my grandmother bought each of us grandkids one ornament with our unique “theme”. Mine are all crystal, girly ornaments-angels, dolls, ballet slippers…they are all so beautiful and remind me of her every year when I put them out on the tree.

  • 116
    Suzanne F. says:

    I actually have four that are the most meaningful to me. They are four mice, each showing a particular talent (music, sewing, etc.) that represent the four of us in our family. Together we picked them out one Christmas season and I put them on the tree every year even though my kids are now grown and parents themselves.

  • 117
    Kathy says:

    My mother puts a little mailbox ornament for all of us with our names on her tree with a little money in it. We always love searching for our mailboxes even though we’re no longer kids.

  • 118
    Sue Woods says:

    My most treasured ornament is the one that my family picks out every year together. Each year it’s different, but we all go to the store, talk it over, and choose one that we all love. Between the family ornaments, and the individual ornaments my kids pick out each year, I’ll be able to decorate an entire tree with just those pretty soon!

  • 119
    Kelly says:

    I have a couple of tree ornaments that are really special. The one that comes to mind is the picture of my husband & me on a vacation to Colorado. Love this release!

  • 120
    Pam Alexander says:

    I have a set of reindeers from the 1930s that were used in my childhood home, they are still used although somewhat shabby, love those eight reindeer!

  • 121
    cissy says:

    after much thought, i would have to say the peppermint fairy ornament that came from my grandmother. my grandparents don’t put up a tree anymore so when they started getting rid of everything that was the only thing that i insisted on having. my entire tree is fashioned around that one ornament and my tree isn’t finished without her on it.

  • 122

    It’s an ornament of Iraq painted with the American flag- it’s from our first Christmas together when my husband was deployed to Iraq.

  • 123
    Kristin R. says:

    Every year we put out an old plastic light up Santa in our upstairs window. It has a red lightbulb in it. Santa is sitting on a chimney. It is the same one I had as a kid and I loved it. When I read this question aloud to my husband he immediately answered, “Your Santa!” with no hesitation :). He is right! Love him!

  • 124
    christine mcmullin says:

    When I was a little girl, my grandma gave me a sleeping angel ornament. The angel is very sweet – with her hands tucked under her sleeping head…but it has this CRAZY shock of bright yellow, fake fur hair sticking up in every direction. My grandma bought it because it reminded her of me (she used to say my mother combed my hair with an egg beater). It’s my little “troll angel” and every year it has a place of honor perched near the top of the tree.

  • 125
    Lori B says:

    We have on old wooden sled that belonged to my husband and his brother when they were little. We decorate it with bows and fresh greens and set it out on the deck. It has a lot a meaning to my husband as he lost his brother when he was 11, so seeing this sled always brings back special memories for him.

  • 126
    AnneSATX says:

    I have four glass reindeer ornaments that my grandmother brought over from Denmark. They are handpainted and very delicate. A couple have a leg or antler broken off, but I love hanging them up eachyear as they remind me of my grandmother and many happy Christmases spent at her house.

  • 127 says:

    A tiny Nancy Thomas wicker stocking given to me by a dear friend after a fire that destroyed our home and everything in it, including all my Christmas decorations.

  • 128
    Beverly BL says:

    I think my most meaningful decoration is my Precious Moments nativity.

  • 129
    tricia says:

    I think our most meaningful “decoration” is our nativity set. My son called it the “Christmas People” when he was two years old – he’s now 15 and we still call it the Christmas People!

  • 130
    Colleen says:

    My husband and I were married in Jamaica, and I made an ornament from a shell from the beach on which we were married, tiny blue ribbon flowers I’d sewn into the lining of my dress (something blue), and a bow from tulle from my veil. It’s really pretty, and always reminds me of our special day.

  • 131
    Colleen C. says:

    My niece made my husband and me a set of felt hand stitched ornaments when she was five years old and every year these ornaments have a place of honor on our tree. She is 16 and driving now, but every time I look at these ornaments – I can just picture her little hands making them with her mother’s help. These treasures absolutely make me smile every time I bring them out to hang them on the tree.

  • 132
    Lou says:

    In memory of a little girl, Mia, who was a little girl who attended my preschool but sadly passed away @ 7 years old – each year I send the family a *pink* Christmas decoration and also place one on my tree. So each year my favorite decoration changes – but it is always pink!

  • 133
    Cherie says:

    We have a really funny ornament that my daughter made at church when she was 3. It is like so many handcrafted ornaments that little kids make except the teacher took a picture of all the kids to put on their ornaments and she had something all over her face, her hair was sticking straight up and she was making the funniest face – We all still crack up whenever we see this ornament, even though my daughter is now an adult and married!

  • 134
    Deepa M. says:

    The most meaningful decorations we put out are our family photo ornaments on the tree. We can reminisce about the early days when we had our “charlie brown tree” and also look back at how we’ve grown and changed over the years. Not all of my family members are here on earth anymore, so it’s nice to be able to look back and see their loving faces.

  • 135
    Diana Fleming says:

    My son made me an ornament in kindergarten that I love- it has his picture and his handprint. Ten years later my younger son also made an ornament in kindergarten too. I love both of them

  • 136
    Kathy McDonald says:

    Each ornament I place on the tree has special memories attached and is meaningful to me. It’s so much fun to add a new ornament to the tree each year!

  • 137
    scrapthat/dolly says:

    I have two wooden canoes that were given to my parent’s when they lived up north handmade from the local Native Indians. They have always had a place on the tree since before I was born. πŸ™‚

  • 138
    robin orewiler says:

    I have a big collection of Santas that I love to put out.

  • 139
    Laura Isham says:

    I have a three way tie for the most meaningful Christmas decorations: the ornaments that celebrate my 3 childrens’ first Christmas. With each child’s first Christmas, my holiday became increasingly better than the years before they were in my life.

  • 140
    Kelly M says:

    I love anything with my kids’ handprints. I know they are cheesy, but I get a little teary each year when I look at how much they’ve grown!

  • 141
    Deb F. says:

    My ornament with my fur babies painted on it and my quilted tree skirt.

  • 142
    nancy faith says:

    A glass green dill pickle ornament… It is put on the tree every year (it represents good luck and prosperity for the following year) and the kids have fun trying to find it within all the other ornaments.. : )

  • 143
    Wanda McGhee says:

    For me it is the Nativity Scene. I have actually put it out several years and did not put up a Christmas Tree. It’s just something about Christ’s Birth that keeps the True Meaning of Christmas forever present in our home and in our hearts. I leave it up long after the holidays.

  • 144
    Charmaine says:

    It’s actually something I put up in my mom’s home. My mom bought a nativity set at some point when we were growing up…I’m going to say it’s at least 20 years old…I think it may be more like 25. I have always put this up for her…even when I moved out of the house I would go back and put it up. When I moved away for a few years…she didn’t bring it out…she just left it in her curio cabinet. Now that I’m back…I still go over there and put that up for her. It’s become a tradition for us.


  • 145
    Linda says:

    My Precious Moments Nativity set. It is the first nativity set I ever owned and my husband bought it for me for my son’s first Christmas.

  • 146

    The most meaningful ornaments I display every year are the individual memorial ornaments I had handmade for the critters in my life who have passed on. I look at each one of them and smile πŸ™‚

  • 147
    Lee says:

    I have ‘handprint Santa’ ornaments that I made with my children when they were still little. They are so simple but it’s amazing each year to compare the size of their hands and see how much they’ve grown.

  • 148 says:

    A tiny Nancy Thomas wicker stocking given to me by a dear friend after a fire that destroyed our home and everything in it, including all my Christmas decorations.

  • 149

    I have a beautiful hand painted Christmas bowl that I have on my dining room. Each holiday season I have either a poinsettia plant or a floral arrangement in it. until well into January, even when all the other decorations have been carefully packed away.

  • 150
    teresa says:

    All the ornaments that we have collected for my daughter. They all have meaning of all the years past. Also then when she moves out she will have a ornament collect.

  • 151
    Connie F. says:

    My mom passed away in 1994 at the young age of 58 and I love the ornaments that were hers – the ones we put on the tree every year as kids. And my second favorite is the christmas goose I painted with white poinsettias, leaves, ribbon and gold leaf. They remind me of all the Christmases that my parents sacrificed to make them special for their 3 kids. I love you mom and miss you with all my heart.

  • 152
    Deb says:

    A bird in a nest ornament. We always had it on the tree growing up, and when my sister and I moved out into homes with our own families, my mom got us both our own birds in nests for our trees. It always has a good spot on the tree: up high and right in front! Even though the one that I have is different, it always reminds me of my childhood!!

  • 153

    One that has special memories for me is the first homemade ornament my daughter made when she was 2. She painted popsicle sticks and glued them together to make Rudolph’s face. We’ve had to glue his eyes back on several times, but I still smile every time I see him!

  • 154
    Meagan Boyce says:

    Ours is actually a little wooden one that has a poem that my Husband’s Grandfather wrote him at his First Christmas. He was the first Grandchild and I think it is so very special and sweet.

  • 155
    Kathy McEntyre says:

    Oh, I have so many meaningful tree ornaments, it would be hard to pick. I have several that I’ve had since I was a little girl. Then, there are my kid’s 1st Christmas ornaments, and all of their little school ornaments. Each one has its own special meaning. But I think the decoration that has the most meaning for me is a candle and wreath that I bought the year my mom passed away. I bought it in her honor and every year we light it when we have Christmas and say that her spirit is with us.

  • 156
    Martha S. says:

    If I had to pick just one, it would be the stockings I’ve made for my family! But I love each and every Christmas ornament we own…they all have a special story!

  • 157
    see mary stamp says:

    The most meaningful decorations are definitely the ornaments for our tree. Almost every one was given to my husband or sons to commemorate a special event, milestone, or something else meaningful to or about that person. Congrats to the entire PTI family for the wonderful releases this month. I really don’t know how I’m going to choose.

  • 158

    Stockings are my favorite holiday decoration for my home every year. They hang on the mantle, which gives everyone the daily reminder of the time of year and also the anticipation of what’s to come and fill those stockings. I love the flair or tradition that one may select when choosing stocking designs to decorate their home.

  • 159
    Laura Boyd says:

    The beautifully cross-stitched stockings that my sister stitched for each member of the family, and that my mother did the finishing work on. Each design was picked out specifically for that person.

  • 160
    Janis L U says:

    When my son was 12 years old, we rode up to the Blue Ridge Mountains located in Virginia. He found a wooden star tree topper. What is unique about this star is that it has a circle cut of the center with a red wooden heart that turns. This star has graced our Christmas tree every year for the past 24 years. Even though Randall may not be able to come home for Christmas, his love is reflected on our tree.

  • 161
    Jo R. says:

    I’ve got a couple of special ornaments. I’ve got a styrofoam angel with paper doily wings crafted by my son when he was 4, and a paddlepop stick star made by my daughter when she was 4. These always get hung on our tree, front and centre. I also have a stocking sewn by by Mum for me for my 1st Christmas.

  • 162

    I have a sign that says “Santa please stop here” that I painted many years ago. It sits under the tree every year. I think it will always sit there even when my kids are all grown up. Oh how I love Christmas.
    Thanks for the chance.

  • 163
    Cara Booher says:

    My most meaningful items are ornaments I made with both my daughters when they were younger. For several years we would make different types…cinnamon dough, cross-stitch…all sorts of crafty fun. We have two trees now…and one of them holds all the homemade ornaments we made together. And when each girl has a home of their own, they will have a box of ornaments we made together for their first tree!

  • 164
    Marcia Truslow says:

    I adore the needlepoint ornaments my sister and I purchased together and worked on together many years before she got cancer. She passed away 9 years ago so they have sweet memories for me.

  • 165
    Julie Carlisle says:

    I love, love, love my Christmas tree skirt! It gives the tree and room such a cozy feeling. I almost hate to cover it up with presents…almost!

  • 166
    Elizabeth B says:

    My most meaningful decorations are the ones that have been given to me by loved ones. I am reminded of my loved ones each year when I put the special items out.

  • 167
    Dani C. says:

    I have two glass ornaments that my great-grandmother brought over to America from Germany. It was the only Christmas decorations that they brought here.

  • 168
    Becky says:

    All of the dated ornaments on the tree.

  • 169
    Glenna says:

    My mother-in-law made the Three Little Kittens who Lost Their Mittens and their Mother for our daughter many years ago. We hang these on our tree and treaure these ornaments for all the love she embroidered into each decoration. My Mother-in-law passed away several years ago and in touching these ornaments we somehow hold onto the love she shared with all of us.

  • 170
    Stampnurse says:

    I have a ceramic frosty hat that holds candy. When anyone sees it on the table they know I am ready for the holidays.

  • 171
    Kathy P. says:

    Every year I get a new Nativity ornament to put on the tree, but my most precious are the first glass booty ones i purchased for each of my children when they were born.

  • 172
    Daisy L says:

    My favorite and most memorable holiday item is actually several items..all that go on the Christmas tree. We have many wonderful ornaments that our 3 grown children have made through the years. We gather together as a family and decorate the tree and reminisce over each piece-whether new or old, laughing and enjoying each other company.

  • 173
    Jen G says:

    Every Christmas, the most important thing I bring out are our family stockings. My mom made stockings for me and my brothers when we were little from a pattern she designed. When I got married she made one for my husband. When I had each of my children, she made stockings for them. They mean so much to me, because they are a tangible reminder of the importance of family.

  • 174

    My favorite Christmas ornament is a very special “family” ornament. There are 5 snowmen…Dad, Mom, and 3 children all standing together with the names painted on each of the bodies. My daughter had it made a few Christmas’s ago…..LOVE it!

  • 175
    Kathleen says:

    My dad is a “Yankee by birth, Texan by Choice” guy—(his words—not mine!) and I have a beautiful white Stetson cowboy hat that dons the top of my tree every year—I absolutely love it. (one of his hats) I always look forward to decorating the tree and after every ornament is on we put the hat on the tree—I have LOTS of precious ornaments, but this has to be one of my favorites!

  • 176

    My Mother was a very talented needlepointer, and each year for Christmas she made each of my 3 sisters and myself beautiful heirloom ornaments that have been signed and dated. My Mother has since passed away, and each year I carefully unwrap each of her beautiful ornaments from their tissue paper wrapping, remember the year that she gave them to me and hang them in memory of her – a true gift of love.

  • 177
    Terri Bills says:

    My husband and I went to a cute little Christmas store in Maine (Perkins Cove) one summer when we were on vacation. We bought this little snow buddy ornament that was the first we ever purchased together. Every year I look for it first to put on the tree.

  • 178
    Becs Attwood says:

    It’s definitely not Christmas until I get out the stocking my Mum made for me when I was a baby. It’s pink (not very Christmasy!) and embroidered with Christmas images (holly, Candy Canes etc). It has been there for every one of my 34 Christmases to date & hopefully will be around for many more!

  • 179
    Allison T. says:

    My sister and I have been traveling together for years. On each trip we find a Christmas ornament for our trees. Every year when I decorate the tree, it is a trip down memory lane for all of the fun adventures that my sister and I have shared.

  • 180
    Beth says:

    Oh I cant pick.. I have ornaments from when my auntie first started giving me them as gifts.. she continues to this day.. AND she gets them for my kiddos now too.. THEN I have the fun ornaments we collect on trips.. and the ornaments I make each year with the kids… all I can really say is I LOVE the holiday time.. and all it represents, past , present and future!
    Happy Release Night!

  • 181
    Beverly Pollis says:

    Mine is definitely my beautiful gold and silver tree that my daughter and I put up each year. It’s positively magical!

  • 182
    Donna says:

    The naviety set would be my favorite,it is the full meaning of Christmas.

  • 183
    karen q says:

    My most meaningful would have to be the little sparkly angels that were given to me when I was a baby. There is a set of twelve sweet little angels. I am holding on to them because I want to pass them down to the grandchildren.

  • 184

    Stockings that my mom made when we were kids.

  • 185
    Kim Heggins says:

    It is a Hallmark mini quilted stocking with a teddy bears head sticking out of the top. My dad loved Hallmark ornaments and always bought a few for my sister I each year. It was the last ornament he ever bought for me, he passed away two weeks after Christmas.

  • 186
    misse336 says:

    The most meaningful ornaments are the Christmas ball I have from my first Christmas, the ornament my husband and I got the first year we were married and the baby’s first Christmas ornament that we have for each of the kids.

  • 187
    Alyssa Clawson says:

    My most meaningful decoration is a small train ornament my husband bought for my son for his first Christmas. It will always have a special place on our tree…and in my heart.

  • 188
    Iris says:

    The ones my grandma passed on to me a very long time ago. They are very precious to me and have survived many moves around the world!

  • 189
    Ann says:

    My brother passed away at 36 years old…we have a special ornament that we always put on the tree in his honor.

  • 190
    Tanya says:

    I have a cat shaped ornament that is a picture frame. In the frame is a picture of my cat when she was a kitten. I had to have her put to sleep September 13th because she had cancer. This ornament will always be my favorite.

  • 191

    I treasure the special ornaments commemorate many of our family moments – weddings, births, graduations, vacations… Every year the day after Thanksgiving we take our all the decorations and trim the tree. It’s a wonderful time… and we get it done in time to enjoy the rest of the holidays!

  • 192
    Marisa says:

    Love getting out some of the decorations I bought in Rottenberg, Germany from the Kathy store there. Many fond memories of our weekend there and my year working in Holland with Billy Graham. Wish I had bought more!

  • 193
    KathyL says:

    My favorite ornaments that have to go on the tree are the plaster handprints of my boy’s 1st Christmas. We love seeing how little they once were,

  • 194
    laura j says:

    a hand stitched tree top ornament has always been a family favorite -over the years each member of the family takes a turn in placing it on top of our Christmas tree!

  • 195
    Kate C. says:

    Every year I get excited about putting out a stocking that was hand knitted by my mother with my name on it when I was a baby. It makes me reminisce of my childhood years and brings about a Christmas nostalgia I love.

  • 196
    carol j (krillsister) says:

    The most meaningful holiday decoration is the Nativity Set I have. Not only is the Nativity the reason why Christmas is celebrated, but the set I have was brought over from Europe from my grandmother, and has been passed down 3 generations thus far.

  • 197
    kara says:

    My grandmother died a month before I was born. Everyone loved her and I have been told so many stories about her that I feel like I know her. Every year I put out a little candle holder that she put out every year. The candle is all burned down, just the way she left it. I love putting that out every year and thinking about her!

  • 198
    Jill Norwood says:

    My husband bought our son his very own little nativity scene (by playskool I believe) after he broke our glass one when he was just 1 year old. Each year it is the decoration that makes me smile the most. Our son spends hours arranging and re-arranging the pieces over and over again. The camel and the wise men travel to all different parts of our living room throughout the christmas season and it makes me smile when I spy them each day in a new spot. I love that my husband thought of the idea and found a kid version that would not break! It is a memory that I cherish! And just one of the many reason that I love him so much!

  • 199
    GinaE. says:

    I have quite a few that I love – but the most meaningful to me is the Willow Tree Nativity. I love it because it is just about the only nativity I’ve ever seen where Mary is *holding* the Baby Jesus…and as a mom, I truly love that picture.

  • 200
    Caren B says:

    It’s an ornament that I made when I was little, I couldn’t have been more than 5. It is a snowman made out of a roll of lifesavers, foam balls, and yarn. My mom kept it for all these years, even after the lifesavers melted! It just brings back good memories every time I hand it on the tree.

  • 201
    Karen Buck says:

    We have a glass ornament that is decorated like the American Flag. I bought it after 9/11 for our red, white, and blue-themed Christmas tree. Every year since, it has been front and center on our tree. This year, it will be the centerpiece, again, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9-11 and in honoring those who died and their loved ones on this significant anniversary. I believe in creating new traditions and this is now a significant piece of our family’s holiday experience.

  • 202
    Carla Grace says:

    When our children were born we began the tradition of hanging a photo ornament of them on the tree every year. I look forward to seeing those ornaments every year.

  • 203
    Jeni says:

    I have a homemade ornament that contains a picture of me with my Great-Grandparents. It’s very special to me & contains the only picture I have of the three of us.

  • 204
    Jennifer says:

    I have so many but I think it would be thevone from our first year of dating. It goes on the front of our tree every year! It has been 13 years now and means so much.

  • 205
    Gabriela says:

    My favorite decoration has to be the stockings that hang in our home. Each family member has their own stocking with their name embroidered on it. My mom handmade them for us, they are beautiful and so special.

  • 206
    Karen B. says:

    I have a spun glass ornament shaped like a Christmas tree that I gave to my great aunt before she died. It was given back to me after her passing and I hang it high on my tree each year.

  • 207

    Every year I put out handmade cross stitch stockings that I made for my two children and the one’s my husband and I made the first year of our marriage. It was so much fun teaching my husband to cross stitch, it was a way to involve him in something I have always loved to do.

  • 208
    Cynthia Burke says:

    The most meaningful to me are the cornstarch clay cookie cutter ornaments my daughter made and painted when she was three years old. I also treasure the photo ornaments of my grandsons.

  • 209
    AmyP (Brunosmom) says:

    My favorite holiday decoration is a large coffee table book I have, where each page is a door (literal doorway) and you open the doors as if it were an advent calendar. Under each door is a snippet of the story of Jesus’s birth. My children love opening the doors and it reinforces the lovely story. It’s a wonderful way to end the evening while we wait for the birth of Christ.
    The Advent Book, by Jack Stockman.

  • 210
    Robbie Baker says:

    My favorite things are some ornaments that my mother in law made for my husband and I for our first Christmas together. Being hand made by her they were always special to us, but now that she is no longer with us they are true treasures.

  • 211
    Sandy Handrich says:

    I have a little silver angel that was given to me by a dear sweet old lady when I was about 4 yrs old. She was known to me as Mee Maw, and was the elderly mother of one of my parents friends. I don’t remember much about her but that she gave me that angel and I have been hanging it on the tree for the past 45 years!

  • 212
    Deb Zaremba says:

    Handmade felt ornaments that my sister and I made with my grandmother when we were young. I remember sitting around a card table creating these wonderful ornaments. They are very special memories. Our grandmother is no longer with us, but she is in our hearts.

  • 213
    Mandy says:

    Every year, we trace our childrens’ hands, cut them out and laminate them. It’s wonderful to look back each year and see how much they have grown!

  • 214
    Felicia says:

    My future husband and I put up our hand-made stockings that our moms made us when we were little. One has Snoopy on it and the other one has Mickey and friends on it. And of course, they both have sequins!

  • 215
    Laurie H says:

    I have a violin ornament that my mom bought me after I purchased my own home. Mom isn’t with me anymore, but that ornament gets a front and center position on the Christmas tree every year.

  • 216
    Jackie W. says:

    Hands down – the little gold bells and tiny apple ornaments I received from a friend when we lived in Japan. She is in a religion where although they are Christian, they don’t celebrate Christmas. But she knew my husband and I did and that we wouldn’t be able to find a Christmas tree. She took a taxi to our apartment and brought with her a large plant, already decorated with little gold bells and tiny apple ornaments for us. Every year I put them on our tree to remind us of the true spirit of friendship and love. And I tell the story to my kids, who are teens by now and already know it, but I just love telling it.

  • 217
    Jenny Ward says:

    Our nativity set it the most meaningful decoration as it reminds us the reason for the season!

  • 218

    I collect photo frame ornaments so that I can place a picture of all the people I love on my tree. Rediscovering the photos of the loved ones that have passed away brings back so many precious memories.

  • 219
    Yvette F. says:

    this is a tuff question. we have a lot of sentimental pieces. my favorite would be the ornaments from my childhood and the memories they elicit!

  • 220
    Janice Moss says:

    After our Daughter passed away, I purchased a candle holder that has 3 Angels on it. We put a new candle in it every year and burn it every day through out the entire Christmas Season. This has become our favorite for my Husband and me.

  • 221
    Mindy says:

    I love the ornaments that the kids made when they were little. You know, the construction paper or popsicle stick ornaments they made in preschool or elementary school. They are now teenagers so their handmade ornaments are even sweeter to me now!

  • 222
    Trina Georgi says:

    It has to be my toilet paper roll angel…our first Christmas as a married couple was hard – my husband had just lost his job, and I was a full-time student…translation = dirt poor. For our first Christmas, we had a Charlie Brown Christmas branch, and an angel on it, that my husband had made with a toilet paper roll, using kleenex for wings, and a drawn on face. 15 years later, I still have it…it’s a reminder how far we’ve come, and how little we needed, because we were in love (and still are).

  • 223
    Char says:

    Every year my Aunt Tensie made me hand embrodery tea towels and ornaments! She is gone now and when I take out my ornaments every year it warms my heart and puts a smile on my face to see these wonderful memories of her πŸ™‚

  • 224
    Kim Horlander says:

    As an Orlando family, we make an event out of visiting Downtown Disney every year where my kids get a new ornament wit their name and the date on it. Those are my favorite ornaments because it has turned into such a wonderful family tradition for us!

  • 225
    Monique says:

    I have a set of ornaments my grandmother made. Looking them reminds me of how crafty she was, and how loving she was, too.

  • 226
    Nicole Wanvig says:

    Growing up my parents would buy us kids an ornament every year so that when we were married we would have a collection to start out with…I still cherish each and everyone of them!!

  • 227

    I have a rustic wire reindeer with shiny red jingle bells on his neck that I place on top of our television every year. It’s special to me because my dad bought it “on his own” for me; he was so PROUD of himself for picking it out. I love it because it reminds me of the small but sweet and sincere ways that my dad makes Christmas special for me and my sisters each and every year, even though we are all grown and married now.

  • 228
    Tiffany H says:

    An ornament that is the first Christmas ornament for my daughter.

  • 229

    My family exchanges handmade ornaments every year so we all have a symbol of what that year represented for each family member. Those are def the most special. I dream of having a tree full of handmade ornaments. We are going on year 4!

  • 230
    Perrie says:

    Growing up we had a “silver” tree…so I went tree shopping and purchased one and have made it replicate the memories of back as a child. LOVE it!!!!!

  • 231
    Natalie Winterstein says:

    My favorite decoration is an angel “light” that my grandma gave me. My grandparents lived far away growing up and my grandma has recently survived cancer, so even though she isn’t near by I have a gift from her that makes her feel near at the holidays. πŸ™‚

  • 232
    Heather says:

    My favorite Christmas decoration is one that my 9 year old made when he was 2. It has his hand prints on it with a little poem about how the size of his hands will change over the years. Brings tears to my eyes everytime I put it out.

  • 233
    Lilly B says:

    I love putting up all the new ornaments I bought last year on clearance. πŸ™‚

  • 234
    Theresa says:

    My favorite Christmas pieces are my Nativity sets. They are very special to me because – amidst all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holidays – they keep me focused on the true celebration of Christmas, which is the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • 235
    Cele Schaffer says:

    Our most special holiday decoration has to be our handmade needlepoint stockings made by my mom. Many hours of love went into all that work!

  • 236
    Deb says:

    We put the handmade ornaments that my mother made on the tree. She passed away 7 years ago from ovarian cancer. She had a huge love for crafting and I have obviously taken after her in this area.

  • 237
    Cindy G says:

    The ornaments my kids have made in school each year are priceless to me. When we unpack the ornaments each year, we all talk about them and reminisce. Just seeing the joy in their faces as we unwrap the ornaments fills my heart.

  • 238

    I’m so in love with the olive wood nativity scene that our daughter bought for us when she studied for a semester in Jerusalem. It is just elegant!

    (my second favorite is advent calendars–hoping that PTI will do something when them next year!)

  • 239
    Emily W. says:

    It’s not up in my home, but it’s a little mini tree that goes up in my aunt’s when the whole family gathers for christmas eve– one ornament for each family member, past and present.

  • 240

    Mine is a prek ornament that my daughter made for me when she was 4 yrs old. It has her prek pic in it and It is just beautiful. Oct 5th she will be 15 yrs old. Now I have a 5 yr old that is in kindergarten now so I hope he will be making me a very special ornament that I can hang on my tree for many many years to come. Thanks for the chance to win some really awesome stamps and dies. love everything.

  • 241
    Katie Gehring says:

    Almost every ornament on our tree has a story, but the one that means the most to me by far is a bumblebee made from chenille balls, pipe cleaner, and googly eyes. It was made for me the year that I danced (as a bumblebee) in my city’s production of the Nutcracker Suite. It was a truly magical experience and every time I see that ornament, it just takes me back to that happy time.

  • 242 says:

    I put out the creche that have figurines that were given to my children from their aunt when they were younger and lived at home.

  • 243
    paula laird says:

    Oh, gee. I don’t have very many things that get put out every year as we are still very much building our decoration collection. I guess the two things would be my hanukkiah that I bought in Israel when I was 18 and the needlepoint tissue box cover shaped like a present that my mother-in-law made years ago. It’s one of the only holiday decorations my husband has from his childhood and is very cherished here since his mother passed away several years ago.

  • 244
    Roni says:

    Mine has to be my kids’ photos of them with their first visit to Santa. They are 29,25 and 13 now-so it’s fun to look at them every year and wonder where in the world time went!

  • 245
    Goldia says:

    I have a paperbag, lunch size my great granddaughter painter a picture on. I hang it on the tree for an ornament.

  • 246
    Chris K says:

    I have a nativity set that belonged to my mother. When I put it out it brings back wonderful memories of holiday decorating with her as a child.

  • 247
    Cara says:

    My favorite ornament on our Christmas tree is the popsicle stick Christmas tree that I made when I was 5 years old. My mother has kept it ever since then and it means so much for us to share the memories each year we hang it up!

  • 248
    Maggie Wickersham says:

    I have a gingerbread man my niece Sophie made me at the age of seven. She made the paper she wrapped it with and even hand-made the box she put it in. She was so excited to give it to me knowing how much I would value it. Needless to say we always make something when we get together and I smile every year when I place the guy on my tree.

  • 249
    theJoy inMe says:

    The most meaningful Christmas decorations I put out every year are all of the tree ornaments and special decorations my girls made in school or spent special one-on-one time sewing for the family with my mom. They are absolutely priceless to all of us – we love the stories and memories that each one brings with it when we unpack them every December.

  • 250
    Ellie says:

    It is all the handmade stockings that I made for the entire family. Every year I get such a thrill out of seeing them and can’t believe I sewed them all!

  • 251
    Renee says:

    A set of porcelain snowmen.
    They are the first items to go out every year…
    the last to be put away…
    and the kids know it’s Christmas when they come out.
    They’re not very valuable…
    bought at Sam’s our first year returning home…
    with 2 babies and not a lot of money…
    but I treasure them.
    They remind me of that first year home…
    the first real Christmas for my babies…
    as their actual first Christmas was spent in a NICU…
    our first Christmas in our first home.
    one of my most prized possessions.

  • 252
    Dianne says:

    I would have to say the tumbling reindeers that I put on my fireplace mantel every year. They are the talk of the holiday every year and if I think I don’t want to put them out, my daughter always makes me get them out.

  • 253
    Monika Davis says:

    We always had missmatched ornaments at home so I don’t really have any from my childhood. When I moved to the US, I didn’t bring much and Christmas ornaments were not in my suitcase. My Mom has some of the older pieces in Hungary and she has a set of cheep gold angels that we put on our tree when we went home last year. That was our first Christmas with my parents since the kids were born so it was very special and even those not-so-pretty angels looks pretty.
    When we decorate our own tree, I like to put the ornament on that my first born son got from my MIL. It’s just a basic ball that says Baby’s First Christmas. I remember we had a really big tree that year and we put my son under it so we can take a picture. Good memories… wasn’t that long ago though… I can imagine I will be more sentimental as the kids get older and I will cherish their hand-made ornaments more. :o)

  • 254
    Carol R says:

    That would be our tiny Advent Tree. It is only about a foot tall and rests on a box with drawers. Each drawer holds a different ornament to decorate the tree with each day until Christmas Morning. Over the years we have added many more miniature ornaments, and even some tiny lights used in doll houses. The anticipation of seeing it all decorated by Christmas adds to the wonder and excitement of the holiday season.

  • 255
    Laura :) says:

    Our Christmas stockings. I made them all, starting with mine and dh’s the first year we were married πŸ™‚

  • 256
    Chris Simon says:

    Definitely our stockings. My mom is a wonderful seamstress, and she made them for us. They’re all made of different colors of real wool felt that she felted herself from old sweaters. Then she stitched various holiday decorations on them. Each of the four is a different color of felt, and no two have the same decorations. They’re true heirlooms!

  • 257
    Laura says:

    I have 2 ornaments that belonged to my grandmother which I love. They remind me of being a little girl at my grandma’s house at Christmas time, wonderful memories.

  • 258
    Lynne says:

    We put up a separate tree each year and place all of the handmade ornaments our kids made during their school years and each year at home. We have 6 children x 10+ years = alot of adorable ornaments!

  • 259
    Himmelsengelkind says:

    I love my star on top!

  • 260
    Sheryl B. says:

    My husband’s great grandmother lived to be 103. The first Christmas after her passing, each child, grandchild and great granchild got to pick out one of her ornaments to keep. That’s the one ornament my husband insists on hanging on the tree every year!

  • 261
    Teri Suliks says:

    My Mom gave me a set of angel candleholders several years ago. They are from when they were first married… the reds and white, sooo cute!! I have always loved them and when she gave them to me, I almost cried!! I love having them out each Christmas, it just reminds me of being a kid again!!

  • 262
    Holly says:

    There are so many to cherish. Our tree is like a timeline of our lives together. I’d have to say one that really stands out for me is a brass Statue of Liberty we bought shortly after 9-11. Every time I see it, it reminds me of the country we hold dear, the freedoms we have and the families that go on after that day in our nation’s history.

  • 263
    Kristii says:

    All the ornaments on our tree have special meaning as they have all been homemade by our family! Putting up the tree is very special in our home as it is a time of remembrance and reflection!

  • 264
    Aussie Emma says:

    My brother has created a beautiful tradition of giving my kids a new ornament each year to hang on the tree. Which I just love, its very special.

  • 265
    Becky Garoutte says:

    I have an angel tree topper that we used when I was a child that I inherited when my parents downsized.

  • 266
    Elizabeth V. says:

    I have some hand tatted snowflake ornaments that my grandmother made for me the first Christmas after my husband and I got married. They are the last ornaments to go on the tree each year and I cherish them!

  • 267
    Christie says:

    Every year I take the Santa photos of my boys and put them in a photo ornament with the year on it. So I have pics from every year since they were babies. My 11 year old told me last year that was the last time he was seeing Santa. πŸ™

  • 268
    arlyn mason says:

    i always buy hallmark ornament where you can put your family picture and it has the year on it. i started it the year i got married and has been doing it every year. i also make sure i buy ornaments from places i’ve been. so my tree has family pictures and travel ornaments!

  • 269
    Becky Carafa says:

    My grandma bought me (and all the grandkids) an ornament every year growing up so we would have a collection when we got out on our own. They are so special to me, especially since this is the second Christmas without her.

  • 270
    Kathy Hering says:

    The most meaningful ornaments on my tree at christmas is the picture oraments with the kids baby pictures.

  • 271
    Barbara T says:

    The most meaningful decoration is a simple hand carved nativity set by Willow Tree.

  • 272
    Mary says:

    A wreath that I made years ago is the first thing I put up each year. I made it years ago and can’t seem to part with it. It’s getting alittle tattered but I still love it.

  • 273

    2 years ago my 5 year old daughter Ellie passed away from a brain tumor. It is no question that the most meaningful ornaments that are put out each year are those that she made with her own hands. We have a tree dedicated completey for her creations.

  • 274
    Mary H says:

    German glass ornaments! Each year, my sister and I buy my several new German glass ornaments to add to our Mom’s ornament collection and she rotates different ornaments each year. Last year I found a Liberty Bell for her – she loved it! And we always put up the stockings that my grandmother crocheted for us when my sister and I were little.

  • 275
    Debbie H says:

    Tough one… I love them all!

  • 276
    Valerie S. says:

    My mother loved to collect water globes. I gave her one that had Santa with his list and a bunch of toys in the globe, and inside the base there was a train that went around. When my mother passed away my sister gave that water globe back to me. I put it out every Christmas and my daughter loves to wind it up and watch the train go around.

  • 277
    Meghan says:

    My most treasured Christmas ornament is one made by my son when he was 2. It is made from an aluminum tart pan and has bits of paper and glitter glued in the middle. It has been bent and folded over the years and he is always embarrassed when I make a big deal out of putting it on the tree but it means everything to me!

  • 278
    Nancy Ludwick says:

    We have many different nativities that we have out throughout the house. They are each special–they help us remember the true reason for Christmas and also the sweet people who gave them to us.

  • 279
    Sue K says:

    The Christmas stockings knit for each of us by my mother – each with a unique design – which we hang for Santa each Christmas Eve. They are a reminder of her love, as well as of the first Christmas for each of my children. The kids have their stockings in their own houses now – I just wish my mother was still alive to knit one for each of her great-grandchildren! Miss you, Mom!

  • 280

    I put out a small framed cross-stitched poinsettia that my husband stitched (yes, he did) for me before we were married 8 years ago. It’s absolutely perfect and I love it dearly! πŸ™‚

  • 281
    Isabel Z says:

    My favorite Christmas ornaments are the ones that bring back memories of places visited in years past.

  • 282
    Toni Storie says:

    My husband’s Aunt gave us a Christmas decoration as a baby shower gift. It was the most unique gift we received throughout all of the showers I was given. The decoration like a porcelain doll, only it is Santa all dressed up to make some toys, complete with his tool belt. Auntie Helen was right on the money because my daughter is fascinated with it from the time it comes out to the time it is put away. I remember being enthralled with some of my mother’s decorations too!

  • 283

    In 2005 when I visited NYC I bought three Swarovski snowflake ornaments for the tree. When I got home and taken them out of my suitcase, my youngest dropped them on the floor within 15 minutes. We went out to Kingston to buy new ones at the local Swarovski store. So, even though they are not the ones from NYC, they carry a story which get told every year.

  • 284
    Holly says:

    Hmmmm…. I actually have several, but I’ll pick just one. It is the “Our First Christmas” ornament that signifies my first Christmas with my husband. πŸ™‚

  • 285
    Shannon M says:

    The most meaningful ornament I put on the tree each year is a small simple wooden nativity scene that I was given as a child. I remember lovingly opening up the ornament box each year and looking for this one to hang up first. One year I added a bit of tinsel for the hay, and it is still there to this day. I make sure this ornament always hangs in a prominent position on the tree. Last year my daughter wanted to hang it and I just couldn’t let her–lol! Maybe this year she can!!

  • 286
    Denise says:

    My Nativity has a special place in my heart when it comes to Christmas decorations. It isn’t a family heirloom, in fact it was something I received shortly after I was married from Costco of all places! However, it reminds me of the true reason of the season. It brings back memories of Christmas’ from my childhood. It was always the last thing to go up and we always wanted to be the one that hung the angel above the baby Jesus.

  • 287
    Karen H. says:

    All the homemade ornaments have special memories – the ones I made as a kid, the ones my mom made as a new mother, and the ones my kids have made.

  • 288
    Helen Lebrett says:

    I have several ornaments that I made when I was little (and I’m 52 now, so they are REALLY old!!) and I love putting them up every year. There is a christmas tree and a candle and a little drum. they still even have the original string on them!!

  • 289
    Shari walker says:

    Our most meaningful ornament is our angel, purchased the first year we were married and now 40yrs later, it’s still like new…

  • 290
    Vin OD says:

    I love all the ornaments that we’ve made as a family.

  • 291

    The most meaningful christmas ornament for me I have to say is an elementary school picture of my daughter when she was in second grade.

  • 292
    Linda says:

    The ornaments that my grandmother made are some of the most special to me. I’m now starting to make ornaments with my kids. That way when they grow up, they will have special memories too.


  • 293
    liz says:

    All of my Nutcrackers. My mom used to get me a Nutcracker every Christmas until I was married. I have a two inch one all the way up to one that’s 3.5 feet tall! And, she even got me an authentic one from Germany.

  • 294 says:

    My most meaningful decoration is a lighted north pole santa house, my grandmother bought it and gave it to my mom when I was little and now my kids are fascinated by its changing colored lights…it just makes me remember my grandma.

  • 295

    My grandmother passd away a few years ago and I was lucky enough to receive her christmas ornaments. To me every single one of them is special because I feel like she is there with me like when I was a kid.

  • 296
    Dee in N.H. says:

    For me it’s all of the old handmade things. Always special!!

  • 297
    Becca Payne says:

    Mine would be my Precious Moments nativity scene. My mom bought it for me before I got married. I take down all my kid’s sports team pics off the piano and put the nativity there. That way we can enjoy it while looking at the tree.

  • 298
    Ivelisse Cruz says:

    Since my childhood my mom has had thesse decotations that were once her older sisters and they are little trains, pinwheels and such but they all have little teddys on them and I always remember playing with them wen little and last year my mom was thinking on replacing them and I was like: mom thesse will be mine one day and my kids will be playing with them in the future and so we kept them.

  • 299
    Ilina Crouse says:

    There’s this cute ornament of a character from Eastern European/Russian cartoon that I have had it since I was little. I used to watch the cartoon all the time back home, and this ornament is particularly special to me. I am surprised it has survived all these years, considering it’s a glass ornament.

  • 300
    Irene says:

    It is my daughter’s 1st Christmas ornament. Brings back so many memories.

  • 301
    joyce h says:

    I have so many that have been handmade or special gifts that it really is like getting gifts all over again whenever the decorations come out. One of my favorite collections, though, is the many crocheted snowflakes my sister made for me over the course of several years. They’ve been on the tree for at least 30 years!

  • 302
    CarolLynn says:

    My grandmother and aunt gave me a nativity scene over 25 years ago. Every year I place it under the tree.

  • 303
    Dotty says:

    The wooden bear ornaments that my dad cut out and painted. He passed away in 2000 but he spends every Christmas with us with these ornaments on our tree.

  • 304
    janet mack says:

    I have some old music notes and instuments that an old friend gave me some 30 years ago. She passed away years ago and I think of her when I pull them out of the decoration box. Memories are good things.

  • 305
    Betty L says:

    Just like everyone else it seems, my precious ornament is from my now-deceased mother-a really tacky pinecone elf that has pipe cleaner arms and is bent up and well-used. But it epitomizes my childhood Christmases-mostly handmade ornaments and whatever else my mom could do to make the holiday special on a limited income. Miss her even more with every year that passes.

  • 306
    Anemone says:

    I have a handful of ornaments that were made for me by my Mom and my younger siblings the first year I was away from home to attend university. They make an appearance on my tree every year.

  • 307
    Lesa W. says:

    I don’t have any ornaments that have sentimental value but I do have stockings that we put out every year. When my grandmother had to go into the nursing home and we were cleaning out her house my Mom and Aunts were going to throw out some old quilts that were torn up. I confiscated them all and we made stockings for all of her grandchildren. I also have part of one that I use for a tree skirt each year.

  • 308
    Betty Lou says:

    There. are a few, but one is the Our First Christmas Together from 1978!! The others are my sons’ first Christmas ornaments and my nativity ornaments.

  • 309
    Anna Adamiak says:

    A freshly cut Christmas tree! We go and drive out to a tree farm to pick just the right one – have hot chocolate to keep warm while we hunt, tie it onto the top of the car, and finally decorate it.

  • 310

    We always do our tree with a nature theme. Each year we have added an ornament that is a bird or something bird related. One very special one is a tiny pair of binoculars given to us by a very dear friend.

  • 311
    Margaret Peltier says:

    All my ornaments and decorations have special meaning – – most of them are from when I was a child growing up – everywhere we went on vacation we got to choose an ornament – my Mom gave us all our ornaments to take when we married. I have special ornaments that my daughters will take with them when they move on – ones the we purchased together and ones that I made – cross stitched, ones made form other crafting mediums – I have 4 sequined ornaments that I made from kits my Aunt gave to me when I was 10 yrs old and had to have my tonsils out! I have special ornaments that were my Grandmothers and a special star with an angel on it as the tree topper…that I chose when I was a small child that I use on our tree every year……

  • 312
    Vangie says:

    I love the strawberry ornaments that my grandmother used to put on the tree every year before she passed away.

  • 313
    Marlene Velasquez says:

    I love hanging the ornaments my children made when they were in grade school. Now that they are grown the ornaments are extra special.

  • 314
    Allyson says:

    The first year we were married, I cross-stitched a tree full of ornaments, to match our home decor and favorite things. Since I no longer have the keen eyes needed for cross-stitching, I always put those ornaments on the tree with gratitude that I was once in a position to make them, and grateful that I’ve been blessed with other talents to replace my beloved cross-stitching since then. Thanks for a fun week of release inspiration and fun. I really appreciate the quality products put out by Papertrey Ink – they really make my crafting so enjoyable! πŸ˜‰

  • 315
    LisaSoares says:

    My 1st year Wedding Anniversary ornament. Been married 19 years!

  • 316
    Mary E says:

    I have a collection of Margaret Furlong angels I love! They’re made of porcelain bisque so I keep them out all year long!!!!! They remind me of my mom because we collected them together years ago.

  • 317
    roni says:

    We bought ornaments for each of the kids when they were young with the intention of giving them to them when they got married or had their own place. Well that didn’t happen because we could not part with them. SOme have the paint peeling off or are partially broken but still are very special.

  • 318
    Karen says:

    Wow this is a toughie … I think it’s a beautiful embroidered cloth that I put in the centre of my table when not dining … I like seasonal decorations, so that’s why it’s tough to pick a favourite. πŸ™‚ Great release Nichole and all the PTI team and gang!

  • 319

    My mom is such a softie, she has saved every ornament I have ever made as a child. I just love that she puts them on the tree every year. They are very special to all of us. One day, I hope to do the same thing with my children’s handmade ornaments.

  • 320
    Debbie Wright says:

    As a child my family had a box of angel ornaments that we put on the tree each year. They are glass with some fake snow on the outside and cotton ball fluff and an angel on the inside. Only two have survived, I have one and my sister has the other. Such wonderful memories each year when I get it out!

  • 321
    Wendalyn H says:

    My favorite and most meaningful decorations are ones the kids made at school when they were little. They bring back so many grat memories.

  • 322
    Marjorie Henseler says:

    I have lots of decorations and ornaments, including a set of ceramic angels that my mom painted many years ago. I have her set because she now has the porcelain set that my grandmother painted at the same time.
    But the most meaningful for me is the ornament I get every year for my goddaughter, the most special “child” in my life. She is now 19, away at college, but every year at Thanksgiving she gets a new ornament for the year from me, with her name and the year engraved or painted on it.

  • 323
    KariLynn Litvinchuk says:

    My angel tree topper is my most special holiday decoration as it is the same one that was on my tree growing up. With my parents both deceased it is a nice sentiment to remember my happy childhood Christmases with them.

  • 324
    Lisa K says:

    My family always transforms the house into a Christmas house each year. Everywhere you look – it is Christmas. The one decoration has to be the decorations on top of the hutch in the dining room. We put garland on top with it hanging down on both ends. We then decorate the garland with ornaments that used to be on my grandparent’s Christmas tree including the hand-knitted white bells that my grandmother made. I remember them on her tree and I lovingly tie each one on every year. I miss them so much but remember them in my heart. πŸ™‚

  • 325
    Carrie says:

    The most special ornaments that I hang are the ones for my first Christmas together with my husband, my son’s first Christmas ornament and my daughter’s first Christmas ornament. These ornaments to me make the tree to be “our family tree” as it is the four of us that make up our little family.

  • 326 says:

    An ornament with a picture of our family . The kids were little then and so looking forward to Christmas–there was so much joy and excitement in their eyes. They are all grown up and have their own families now but that ornament is like it was just yesterday.

  • 327
    Sue says:

    It’s all my dog ornaments!

  • 328
    Pamela says:

    We were given a pair of ceramic rabbits that belonged to my husband’s grandparents. They’re so sweet, just like they were, I put them out with the beginning of each spring. I’m so happy to have them and to know we can share a little piece of them with each new spring. They would probably not mean much to someone else, but they mean the world to us.

  • 329
    Sarah M. says:

    My great-aunt was a woodworker who made a nativity that is also a puzzle. It remindsme of the real meaning of Christmas, and how nutty my family can be in the ways it gets set up every year!

  • 330
    Jennifer S says:

    My husband has a little bell ornament that his parents bought him for his first Christmas. It is usually the first ornament on the tree. I think it may have more meaning for me than him. I get a little emotional putting my sweet husband’s first ornament on our family tree!

  • 331
    Laura B says:

    I adore the ornaments that represent each of our family members.

  • 332
    Sarah Fisher says:

    My mom always gets us kids an ornament each year. As a kid, I thought it was lame, but as an adult I cherish those ornaments each year as I put them one-by-one on my tree. My husband doesn’t have many from his childhood, so I really appreciate the thought and effort my mom went to each year (and still does!).

  • 333
    KateT says:

    We have a 100+ year old ornament that was my great grandmother’s. I always love thinking about all of the generations that have put that ornament on their trees. Just think of the happy Christmas mornings that ornament has witnessed!!

  • 334
    Carol W. says:

    The first ornament we received after we got married-two reindeer looking lovingly at each other. It’s my favorite ornament!!

  • 335

    I think I would have to say all of the ornaments that our children have made over the years!! So many precious memories! Those paper plate angels are great for the low bare spots that our trees always seem to have πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to play!

  • 336
    Susan O says:

    Hard to pick just one, but what came to mind right away was an adorable decoration from a Christmas store we found on vacation. My husband and I were browsing separately, but each had been drawn to this one, so we had to have it. It has had a place of honor every year since then.

  • 337
    Mary B says:

    My favorite “ornaments” are the Christmas stockings I cross-stitched for my kids many years ago. They are on linen, very old-fashioned, vintage looking, and each took 6 months of full-time crafting to finish. I had intended to make 2 more for DH and myself, but never had another year to put into it. We just got a new daughter-in-law this year, so I need to get busy!

  • 338
    Kelle Williams says:

    You’ll probably laugh, but my most cherished Christmas “decoration” is a copy of Conway Twitty’s “Conway Twitty & The Twitty Bird: Merry Twistmas to you” album from 1985. I used to listen to this record when I was a child and made Christmas cookies with my grandma. The record skips like crazy because I would dance around the record player to my favorite songs, “Happy the Christmas Clown” and “Ding-a-ling the Christmas Bell”. My grandma passed away 14 years ago, but every year I send her love when I’m decorating the house and listening to our record. All of my friends think its too cheesy to bear, but it will always be my favorite!

  • 339
    Carla says:

    I have an angel ornament that my parents bought me when I was one year old. It is so delicate and pretty and I always find a special place near the top of the tree to display it.

  • 340
    Betty Bourassa says:

    The most meaningful decoration for me is a small ceramic Christmas tree that was my mother-in-laws. It has colored lights that light up. It reminds me of what a sweet person she was.

  • 341
    Cammy says:

    I have a collection of ornaments from when I was a child. My parents always did an annual ornament and when I was out on my own, they gave me all of mine. They all bring out so many wonderful memories each year when I hang them on the tree.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  • 342
    Carol says:

    I have a blue and white stripped ornament, that my Dad gave to my Mom, long before I was born. Both are gone now so it is very important that it goes on my tree every year.

  • 343
    Donna Maddy says:

    Fresh green fir boughs from our forested back yard!

  • 344
    Elise says:

    My Nativity sets – one my husband brought me from South Africa, one my mom gave me, one in a snow globe, one in the shape of a heart and one in the shape of a cross!

  • 345
    Luv2talk says:

    The cheap plaster ones I painted our first years together. They got me into crafting and helped forge a friendship that would last a lifetime. Pretty good for a couple of .20 cent ornaments.

  • 346
    Tracy says:

    Each child has a decoration that was personalised for their first Christmas. We love hanging these on the tree each year. πŸ™‚

  • 347
    Lisa Bohler says:

    For me, it’s the nativity setting…Without Christ, we can’t have Christmas!!!

  • 348
    Liz H says:

    I think that the most meaningful ornament to me is not one that goes on our tree, but goes on my Mum’s tree – now my sisters’ since she died – it is a little blue angel that goes on top of the tree. It was only very cheap, and is showing it’s age, but has been going on the tree for probably 35 years, and has many memories associated with it.

  • 349
    Sherrie M. says:

    When I was growing up, my family had a rustic little manger scene with all the figurines. When I got married I bought one for my new home because that represented Christmas to me. Now three kids and eleven years later, my family takes that out first to display it on the mantle before any of our other decorations to remember the real reason we are celebrating Christmas.

  • 350
    Ashley M says:

    I treasure our Santa pictures from previous years. It was always a tradition to display all of our pictures with Santa growing up and I loved looking at them over the years. I’m continuing that tradition with my kids and I hope they grow to love it too! Awesome release this month!!!

  • 351
    Harriet Skelly says:

    My grandmother’s menorah – It is very old and I am lucky to have it.

  • 352
    Carmen says:

    An Advent Calendar made out of felt that my husbands cousin gave us when our kids were little. It is in the shape of a Christmas Tree, and everyday we add an ornament. My kids are 17 and 13 now, so last year I decided not to put it out and they made me get it out of the box! I guess you are never too old to count the days ’till Christmas…

  • 353
    Liliana says:

    I have 3 special ones. We picked one when we first got married and one for each of our daughters. These are my favorite and most special ones.

  • 354
    Sherry says:

    Wow, it is a toss up between my nativity set and my Dicken’s Village. I searched for years for the perfect nativity set and just love the one I found. My Dicken’s Village was a gift from my parents. They bought me one item every year until there was no more room on the table for more. Both are so special to me!

  • 355
    Carol says:

    Our favorite Christmas decoration is the nativity set our Godchildren gave us piece by piece over the years. They were always so excited to see us open the new piece every year. It is something we will always treasure.

  • 356
    Leslie says:

    I have several meaningful ornaments given to me by my mom. She made them herself when I was just a little girl. They are tattered and worn but have so many memories.

  • 357
    Jamie Nania says:

    I especially love the ceramic Santa that I made for my grandparents. They passed away several years ago and so my mother gave it back to me and I put it out each year. I also love the baby first year ornament for each of my children. This year I get to add a new one for my baby girl that was born in February.

  • 358
    melanie says:

    My grandmother’s handmade ceramic musical lighted Christmas tree…these were all the rage when I was a kid…my mom used it after my grandma died,…and since my mom passed away, I now I use it every year…it gives me such a cozy feeling when it’s lit up and the “Silent Night” music box is wound up and playing.

  • 359
    Lori Y says:

    The nativity we bought the year we got married is the most cherished decoration we set out during the Christmas season. We bought a newer, larger nativity last Christmas for our mantle, but we still love the older, smaller, set and it has a prominent place on the entryway table.

  • 360
    Sallie says:

    It has to be the porcelain angel which I dressed in finely french hand sewing with antique lace I made for my daughter’s first Christmas. An angel to be sure for our new angel.

  • 361
    perrla Rodriguez says:

    pictures of all previous xmas celebrations.. I love looking back at our style and how much everyone has aged its pretty cool.. thanks Perla

  • 362
    julie coit says:

    i collect snowmen and they always get put out at christmas time and it just makes christmas seem more like a festive time!

  • 363
    Cindy Holshouser says:

    Every year my mom bought my sister and I a new ornament. My favorite one is a blown glass little girl on a swing. I love unwrapping her every year.

  • 364
    Sharon D says:

    We have two very large, old, glass ornaments that were always on our tree when I was a little girl. These are very special to me and remind me of childhood Christmases. I always hang them in a prominent–but safe!–place on our tree

  • 365
    KathyFL57 says:

    The angel on the tree is one of our most precious. I got it when my girls were small and now my daughter trys to talk me out of it every year for her tree!

  • 366
    Manda says:

    I love the decorations my daughters have made over the years in childcare and school. They remind us of how we’ve been blessed with their lives and how they’re growing up.

  • 367
    Melissa Sibert says:

    I think all the ornaments given to our family each year from grandparents and family members that go on the tree and were passed down to us and will be given to our children when they have their own families.

  • 368

    The first Christmas my husband and I spent together we bought an “It’s a Wonderful Life” pictured ornament. We will celebrate our 18th anniversary this year (12/27) and it has indeed been a Wonderful Life so far!!

  • 369
    Amy O says:

    My grandmother was a prolific quilter and she did all of the stitching by hand. She surprised me with a quilted tree skirt one year when I was newly married, and I will always treasure it. It is beautiful and it reminds me of her.

  • 370
    Jana Van Sistine says:

    A dried rose from my grandfather’s funeral. It’s inside of a clear ornament. We treasure it.

  • 371
    Bonnie Jean says:

    My favorite decoration is a set of Glass bells
    my mom gave me when I was younger. They belonged to my Grandmother. I can remember them on my Grandma’s tree.
    This year they will be on my daughter’s tree!

  • 372
    Cathy Weber says:

    Every year I look forward to laying out the raggedy old Santa Claus figurine my mother bought for my first Christmas. It has been set out for 57 years now and has faded and gotten a bit bent, but I always used to love when my mom told me the story of how I reacted to that Santa Claus the first time I saw it as a baby.

  • 373
    Vicki says:

    I have several ornaments from both of my Grandma’s who have since passed away. It always brings back memories when we decorate the tree.

  • 374
    Marge Sexton says:

    My Dad was/is a tough ole bird, but a real softy for Christmas. One year he bought our Mom and both of us girls a small handmade ornament that is a hollowed out egg, covered with glitter w/an angel nestled inside. It is very fragile, and we carefully get it out each year and place it high on the tree. It is a favorite memory of a very special Dad…Thanks Nichole for bringing this memory to mind!

  • 375
    Mila Ayers says:

    My most meaningful decoration is our Nativity Scene. It is the Willow Tree set. The pieces were given over several years from my husband, family, and friends. It represents the true meaning of Christmas and given by those who are the very dearest to me.

  • 376
    Char says:

    I have a solid white nativity set that my sister made more than 30 years ago. Every year it is the first sign of Christmas that I set up. The angel, shepherds, wise men, camels, sheep and my favorite, the tiny manger with the wee Babe.

  • 377
    Kathy Mc says:

    Since both my mom and mother-in-law have passed, we cherished the special ornaments they gave us through the years. Extra special are the “First Year Together” ornaments since my DH and I will soon be celebrating 27 years of wedded bliss. It helps me feel as though they are still a BIG part of our holidays even if only in spirit. Thanks for the chance again to win another awesome prize!

  • 378
    tanna says:

    Mine is for sure a broken-down nativity that was my mom’s. Each year it is journey and a pleasure to open each piece and explain it to my kids. I have such memories associated with it, that it sets the mood for the season each year. I am so looking forward to the Holidays.

  • 379

    I think it would be the small collection of hand blown ornaments that my great great great grandma brought back from Norway. There used to be a dozen but only 6 are left and I own 3 of them. I love them so much-I love holding something that is a part of my heritage.

  • 380
    Pam D says:

    One year my dad made me a poinsettia centerpiece for my dining table….he found out that you can’t spray paint styrofoam…well you couldn’t back then anyways. I lost my dad 16 years ago and I miss him every day. That centerpiece is used every year and it holds such wonderful memories for me.

  • 381
    Kristi Ferrand says:

    My most memorable ornaments are the ones that were hand made with love and care by friends and family! I am looking forward to make my own ornaments to hand out for the 2nd year!

  • 382
    Rhonda M. says:

    I have all my ornaments from when I was a child. When I moved out on my own, my mom boxed up all the ornaments that I had recieved over the years and gave them to me to start me off on my own tree. Each year when I pu them out, I enjoy thinking about all the times I put them on my families tree as a child. Brings back great memories of holiday decorating with my family!

  • 383

    The most meaningful holiday ornament that we hang is the one we bought our first year of marriage. It’s nothing fancy, but I remember buying it with my husband and how excited we were that first year for our first Christmas.

  • 384
    Joy says:

    We have made Jesse Tree ornaments for the Christmas Tree, symbols of many classic Bible stories from Genesis through to Jesus’ birth. We read a chapter of ‘The Jesse Tree’ as we hang one ornament up each morning.

  • 385
    Dianne says:

    Mine are the tumbling reindeers that go on my mantel. They are always the talk of the holiday.

  • 386
    Robin Walston says:

    Every year my husband gives me a small angel ornament for Christmas. I love having them all on display during the holidays as a special reminder of his love for me and mine for him.

  • 387
    nina says:

    It’s probably not any one thing, but the ornaments that my 2 boys have made in preschool (& now perhaps elementary school). They always love to see what they made in previous years!

  • 388
    Natalie says:

    It is hard to choose but if I had to it would be the Nativity set that was my grandmothers. It reminds me of her and how much I miss her.

  • 389
    BarbaraB says:

    It would have to be the Christmas stockings I bought for my daughters when they were little. Even when we traveled far to visit Grandparents for Christmas, we always brought them along. They have long grown up but I still fill them up for part of their Christmas presents when they visit.

  • 390
    Elizabeth S. says:

    Mine would have to be a glittery bird ornament that I was given when I was a small girl. I loved it and always looked forward to getting it out.

  • 391
    Susie Nam says:

    This will be the first year in a long time that we decorate a tree. One ornament I have been putting out each year though was a picture ornament I made of my daughter when she was one. A very simple one made of patterned paper and cardstock, but four years later, still in great shape for the tree this year!

  • 392
    Darlene L says:

    My most cherished ornaments are some crystal icicles that have been handed down for 4 generations. They will soon be going to my dd and then on to her son. I love not only their sparkle but knowing that my husband and his family have also touched them. They came with his family from Germany.

  • 393
    Lori Weinberg says:

    Oh I love the night when we go pick out our Christmas tree and bring it home to decorate. We put the Christmas music on, make hot cocoa and go to town decorating the tree. Every ornament has a history, new or old. I love watching my kids get excited over every ornament they pull out to hang on our tree.

  • 394

    I actually don’t decorate for Christmas but I do put out some seasonal decorations. I don’t have a favourite right now but I can’t wait to make a great snowflake wreath this fall for winter decor.

  • 395
    Cara Brouder says:

    Can I say all of our ornaments are my favorites? I have two boys and when we put up the tree each year we have a story to tell about almost every ornament. Each of us pick out a new ornament each year and each boy has to put their ownornaments on the tree. I plan to have each son take their ornaments with them when they leave home- which hopefully is a loooong way away.

  • 396
    Yvette S says:

    I have so many – I collect nutcrackers and the very first ones I bought (many years ago) always make me smile when they come out of the box.

  • 397
    Annie says:

    Every year I hang the rose ornaments on our tree that my father bought for me years ago. I always save them for last, and as I carefully remove them from their special place, they bring back such wonderful memories of my father.

  • 398
    Kathy says:

    My favorite Christmas decorations are the ornaments and bubble lights I have from my childhood. They bring wonderful memories to the holidays.

  • 399
    Greta H says:

    My grandmother made a framed Christmas tree out of felt (with batting, so it’s not flat) covered with buttons & old earrings, etc. It is one of my most cherished possessions. It goes up Thanksgiving Day every year.

  • 400 says:

    A little red wooden rocking chair that has “grandma” written on it. And her favorite ornament next to it a little teacup. God bless her, she has been gone 7 years now.

  • 401
    Jenna Hipps says:

    My favorite Christmas Ornament is “Our First Christmas Together”. It is my favorite because it takes me back to those sweet times when all we did was dream about our future together. My husband and I have been married 17 years as of this August.

  • 402
    Julie says:

    I love snowmen and one Christmas my husband and each of my son’s gave me a Jim Shore Snowman for Christmas. Each holiday season I look forward to unwrapping my snowman trio!

  • 403
    Susan P. says:

    Definitely all of my childhood ornaments….especially the homemade ones!

  • 404
    Sara Roberts says:

    An ornament that we got one year from Epcot Center when I was younger. It’s a really pretty clear glass ornament with an angel in it. Love pulling it out each year to put on the tree.

  • 405
    Laura says:

    It would have to be the crochet Christmas doilies that my grandma made. Priceless!!

  • 406
    Rebecca D says:

    While I was pregnant with my now adult son, I stitched a detailed panel that I’ve hung
    in our home every year since. He looked forward to taking it out and hanging it up throughout his childhood. When he marries, I will give it to him.

  • 407
    Lori Kistler says:

    after spending last December in a coma and waking up to find all of the Christmas stuff everywhere put away I find that there is nothing material that matters. It is the family and the spirit of Jesus and the togetherness that we all share. There is a magic to the season that does not require a single piece of anything materialistic. I will never want to be again without my family or that spirit again. Christ is the reason for the entire celebration with family and friends and that is the most important of all.

  • 408
    Rose A says:

    It’s silly but I have this little ( like 2″ high) Santa on skiis. It’s so old, Santa is wooden and the skiis are just cardboard-I can’t even remember where my mom got it. But we always got a kick out of putting them up- there were 2 – and it’s one of the first things I asked for when I moved out.

  • 409
    Deb Else says:

    My grandmother, who passed away several years ago, made me a ceramic Nativity scene which is the most precious decoration I put out each year. I leave it out longer each Christmas season because it gives me so much a warm feeling inside when I see it and know that she made each piece just for me.

  • 410
    Karen James says:

    My favorite tree ornament is a clay gingerbread man I made in kindergarten. We glued candy decorations and sugar dyed red to the front of them. I must have chewed and licked most of my decorations off my poor guy. I still hold onto him even after more than one hot melt glue job to put him back together again.

  • 411
    Sandra B. says:

    A handmade angel ornament made by my grandmother is very special to me and goes on the tree every year.

  • 412
    CBIljan says:

    My Christmas stocking – my mothers cousin worked for Disney Studios and its made from felt – I think I’ve had it since the early 1950’s – can’t imagine Christmas without it!

  • 413
    Kathy says:

    I absolutely love the ornaments my children made when they were in preschool. As they are all in their 20’s now I love seeing them when they were young.

  • 414
    Stephanie W. says:

    I have ornaments that I made with my Grandma when I was little – those are very special to me. My husband and I also started buying ornaments on each trip we take in addition to one every year that has some sort of special significance to our family. Last year we got a second tree for our “family memory tree”… This will be the first year it is out and I can’t wait. I want my child(ren) to have such warm memories when they look at their ornaments… It should be like a 3D scrapbook that makes you feel that family completely surrounds you. Thanks again for a fabulous release!

  • 415
    Kristy Smith says:

    When I was little, my grandma and sister and I used to do SO many crafts together. She is a big part of why I love crafting so much now as an adult. We spent TONS of time around Christmas making all kinds of handmade ornaments, and she always put them on her tree. Every year we would make a different kind the she’d seen in a magazine or at a craft show. When she passed away, my grandpa wanted me to have all of the ornaments that we made together. Those are so very special to me because they were made from the heart with my original crafting partner, and they always remind me that she’s still here and loves to see the life I’ve created with my family. =)

  • 416
    Joyce says:

    A Hummel Nativity set that was a gift from my children 30 years ago. Some pieces have been broken and repaired but it is my most precious gift.

  • 417
    Judy S says:

    My most meaningful holiday decoration is my Christmas stocking. I made beautiful cross-stitched Christmas stockings for both of my kids when they were very little, and they surprised me one year with a stocking that they made for Mom!

  • 418
    krissie says:

    My son’s handprint ornament (when he was little) has become a very special item for our family.

  • 419
    Louise says:

    A hand-stitched pillow ornament from my oldest son when he was in first grade. Also, all the handmade ornaments from the ornament parties I attended and hosted over ten years–so many memories attached to wonderful friends who now live far away!

  • 420
    Cindi Loizeaux says:

    My husband and kids bought me a ceramic Santa when my youngest daughter was about 3. That’s 18 years ago already. He is about 2 feet tall and sitting in a chair with his pants rolled to his knees while soaking his feet in a pail of water. The kids got such a kick out of this Santa that placing him in his spot on the hearth has beome a family holiday ritual. Some years I don’t drag out all the decorations but tired Santa always sits by the fireplace.

  • 421
    Cindy Otto says:

    Without a doubt, it’s the cross-stitched ornament my other made with her arthritic hands. I hang it on the tree every year. She has suffered with rheumitoid arthritis for over 40 years and her crippled hands can’t do much now, but she was determined to make handmade ornaments for me and my sisters. It’s a treasure to me.

  • 422
    Necola says:

    A wreath I created to hang on the front door of my first house. It was my first home decor project. It’s a little too tattered now, but I still put it up on my bedroom door for the holidays.

  • 423
    Mercedes B. says:

    I would have to say the most meaningful item we put up every Christmas is stockings. I don’t have any kids, it’s just my husband and I but we love Christmas and we picked out this matching pair of stockings that look like Santa Clause. I thought I lost them the last time we moved and I actually cried.

  • 424
    Allison says:

    I usually have an Angel tree every year. I put up ornaments of angels, hallmark, homemade, carved, all the ones that I have. I think of all the Angels in my life that are no longer here on Earth with us. I wonder what they are doing and how much I miss them. I specifically think of my Aunt Gloria and what an Angel she really was for her entire life.

  • 425

    I make an ornament with a picture of each of my kids every year. I plan to give it to them when they have their own family so they could continue the tradition. I love seeing how they have grown each year.

  • 426
    Becky B. says:

    A white ceramic Christmas tree with little colored lights on the tips of the branches. I always loved it when I was young and it was given to me a few years ago. My grandmother passed many years ago but my grandfather passed just this past March. It will just be one more thing that reminds me of them and all the happy family memories spent in their home.

  • 427
    Becky P. says:

    Of course the ornaments our son has made us in preschool and kindergarten. My parents gave us a gold star to put on our tree the first Christmas my husband and I spent together, and it is still the first ornament we put up every year. As our family has gotten bigger, it reminds us that it all started with the two of us!

  • 428
    Mary says:

    It is something I have from my childhood. It has little candles that you light and the heat from the candles make the little angels hanging above rotate very slowly. It reminds me so much of my mother who passed away quite a few years ago. She used to set it up for us and my sister and I would light the candles. I would spend hours just looking at the angels going around. When I look at it now I think how my mother is now with the angels.

  • 429
    Cyndie says:

    My mother made our stockings for my husband and me, and each of our cats over the years. Those will always be very special. And the ornament that goes on top of the tree was handmade by my husband from gold wire and gemstones, so that is pretty special, too! Now if we could just persuade the cats to stop climbing up inside the tree…

  • 430
    Lee Cockrum says:

    I think it is the angel that I put on top of the tree. It has been on top of my tree since I had my first tree. I also love the stocking that my mom made for me.

  • 431
    Michelle says:

    My aunt passed away two years ago and I inherited her figurine nativity. I love to put it out every year and remember her!

  • 432
    margie says:

    the nativity scene is the most important decoration in our house.

  • 433
    Deanna Jean says:

    I’m an ovarian cancer survivor and with all the chemo I had they didn’t think I could get pregnant. beautiful daughter is a Christmas baby..Dec 16th. My mom made an ornament that is a little mouse that’s an angel. It’s the first ornament put on the tree each year.

  • 434

    The most treasured and meaningful Christmas decorations that we have as a family would be the hand knit stockings a dear friend made for us the years my sons were born. She also made stockings for my hubby and I, so this set of four has been a special keepsake that I look forward to displaying each holiday season for the past 25 years because it was made with love by a friend!

  • 435
    Angela NJ says:

    Most every ornament we hang on our tree has a story – it’s either from childhood, from a place we’ve traveled or from a special event. The year my daughter was born, I made an ornament out of a simple wooden cube featuring outtakes from the photos we took while trying to make that first holiday card. It’s the one I hang first, and some years it’s been the only ornament hanging on the tree. Sometimes, it even stays out long past the holiday as a reminder to me of how very blessed we are, not just during Christmas, but throughout the year.

  • 436
    nkmac says:

    A spun glass angel tree topper that was my parents it graced our trees thru out our childhood.
    It’s exquisite.

  • 437
    Patty Chalas says:

    I have several items that are meaningful, but I think one of the most meaningful one is and old christmas clock that was the first gift from my USA family and I have had it since 1994, it doesn’t work but It’s the first decoration on top of my side table on the living makes me remember that even though we are apart physically we are together by heart and spirit. Is like they are here with us during Christmas time!

  • 438

    The most meaningful ornament that we put up every year is actually a set of clay hand prints of all 3 members of our family as children. It warms my heart when my daughter gets excited to see them…she is 14 now and the imprint is from when she was 4 years old. My husband and I had them done as 5 and 6 years of age. We all like to put our hand in our old imprints and remember what it was like to be little kids πŸ™‚

  • 439
    sano says:

    The most treasured ornament on our tree is a little sheep made of cotton balls that my daughter made when she was two. She called him “boo” and that is what we all look for each year.

  • 440
    Deborah Wilson says:

    My favorite Christmas decorations are the homemade ornaments my daughters made me when they were small(now grown and married). Some of them are starting to look rough but are so special I hate to give them up.

  • 441
    Elaine -the soil scientist says:

    My father was given an angel chime from his parents when he was a child. Daddy’s chimes are played every Christmas morning while we around the tree and breakfast table. This chime has been around for about 80 years. This makes Christmas for our family.

  • 442
    Nancy says:

    I have several ornaments that my mom made me before she passed away, I still look forward to getting them out every year!

  • 443
    Cheryl M. says:

    There are several tree decorations that my daughter (who is now 36, married, 2 daughters) made when she was in elementary school. They have her picture on them with the date. I love pulling them out and the memories that come with them! My tree isn’t complete without those ornaments.

    Thank you!

  • 444
    Laura says:

    It would have to be the crochet Christmas doilies that my grandma made. Priceless!!

  • 445
    Victoria Nelson says:

    My most meaningful decorations are some crystal snowball candle holders that belonged to my grandmother. I think of her every time I pull them out. I adore them and it’s so wonderful to have something that was hers.

  • 446
    Margie says:

    I made a felt advent calendar. It was a Christmas Tree and under it there were 24 pockets with ornaments in them. Each day one of us would take out an ornament and add it to the tree until Christmas Eve. The first ornament was alway the star at the top and the last one was the santa face. As my boys went off to college, they always enjoyed coming home and getting to put on the last couple of ornaments.

  • 447
    maria f says:

    A former first grade student made me a stocking ornament and filled it with shells she had collected at the beach. She passed away a few months later. She will always be remembered and missed.

  • 448
    Lyn says:

    My mom passed away a few years ago, and my brother and I divided up the ornaments that we used to put on the tree when we were children – they are old and some are in less than perfect condition, but each one brings back a memory of the wonderful Christmas celebrations we had during our childhood and how they were lovingly placed on the branches every year. I put them on my own tree now along side the many ornanments I have handmade over the years, hoping that my own children will one day cherish them as I cherish the ones from my mom.

  • 449
    janet wilson says:

    I have a small collection of my mum’s decorations! My mum loved Christmas and decorated the tree every year with such finesse, it is the hardest time of year now, without her – it isn’t he same but we do make the effort to carry on some of her traditions :o)

  • 450
    LouAnn V. says:

    I have a small collection of nativity sets that I look forward to putting out each year. I received one for my first Christmas and that one is extra special. Now I look for ones that are kid friendly and that my boys can play with.

  • 451
    Carol B says:

    My husband inherited a lighted church from his grandmother that is about 75 years old. It sits beneath our Christmas tree every year.

  • 452
    Anna K says:

    I have a blown-out egg that my great aunt painted for me sometime in the 90s. It has my name and a Christmas tree on it. She passed away not long after Christmas 2008. It’s so special to unwrap that egg and see my name in her handwriting.

  • 453
    Katey Fisher says:

    We have quite a few special ornaments on our tree each year but the most meaningful is one that is made of plastic baby soothers. The soothers are from our first son’s baby shower. A very good friend took the time to collect the soothers and make an ornament for us.

  • 454
    Kathy M says:

    My 3 children are adults now but I still hang their orignal hand made Santa stockings every year. These stocking have been hanging every Christmas for 30 years!

  • 455
    pat from sd says:

    We have started our snowmen figurine decorations that we put out every year now. We keep adding to the snowmen family every year.

  • 456
    Mary says:

    I have a little wax nativity set that I got when I was 3 years old. It comes out of the closet every year.

  • 457
    Renate Hill says:

    A tiny mercury glass bell. One of only 6 ornaments left from my grandparents tree. The ornaments are over 100 years old and the bell’s ring always signaled that the Christkind had just come to light the candles on the tree and leave gifts under it. Neither I, nor my children or grandchildren have ever seen the Christkind no matter how quick we were when we heard the bell ring on Christmas eve. I hope this and our other German traditions will live on along with the little ornaments my grandfather treasured all his life.

  • 458
    Joy Hadden says:

    It is our Navitity sets. I have collected them over the years and I love setting them out. I have big ones, little ones and even one that my husband’s mom use to set out when he was a child.

  • 459
    Jett says:

    Our 1st Christmas together ornament. It is two sweet bunnies smooching under the mistletoe. I can’t believe it will be making it’s 21st appearance this Christmas!

  • 460
    nancy nelson says:

    It has to be an ornament with my daughters picture of her 1st Christmas when she was 6 months old. It always brings me such joy when I unwrap it every Christmas and place it on the tree. She is now 22.

  • 461
    Katy B. says:

    A robin in a birdsnest that clips on to the tree with a clothespin. It isn’t really all that Christmas-y but it is my favorite ornament and the first one that goes on after lights and garland.

  • 462
    DeAnna L says:

    the stocking we purchased for our little girl when she experienced her first Christmas. what a joy to see that each Christmas since!!

  • 463
    Ruby says:

    This is an easy question because it is a porcelain nativity set I got from my sister-in-law on my first Christmas with her family. It has always been very special and it reminds me how I was welcomed into the family with open arms.

  • 464
    Pam A. says:

    For many years, we have collected souvenir tree ornaments on our vacations. Each year when the tree gets decorated, it brings all the special memories from these trips. Very eclectic, but special to us!

  • 465

    Our Christmas Tree. We box it up every year and then pull it out and put it together the next year. We can’t have a real tree due to my son’s allergies. Our tree is loaded with ornaments that we have collected. There are so many stories that are told and retold about our ornaments as we put them on the branches. My son is 14 and still looks forward to the Sunday after thanksgiving to put the tree up. .

  • 466
    Natasha says:

    The most meaningful is the collection of ornaments that myself and my siblings made when we were younger. It’s fun to pull them out every year and remember the work we put into them and the fun we had making them.

  • 467
    Terri J says:

    My Willow Tree Nativity, I love it’s simplicity.

  • 468
    steph zerbe says:

    My most meaningful decoration for Christmas is a set of handmade clay snowmen that my husband and i made during our first christmas together while dating. It was just so fun.

  • 469
    Suzanne E. says:

    You want me to pick just one?! Well if I have to pick just one then I would say the very first ornament that my husband and I bought together 20 years ago. I don’t use generic ornaments. We buy ornaments to commemorate special memories or our travels so they all have special meaning for each of us.

  • 470
    Rosie Lilya says:

    In 1998 we had a house fire and lost most of our stuff. In the middle of a very damaged box was an angel topper that my husband had bought while on a trip in Canada. To this day, she is a reminder to be thankful for all we have.

  • 471
    Sharon says:

    We have had the same two stockings that for the children since they were born.

  • 472
    Viki says:

    I think I would have to say my favorite decoration would have to be a ceramic winter house my mom made long before she even had me. It just reminds me of Christmas time when I was growing up. Looks like another great release. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 473
    Liesl Janse van Vuuren says:

    My favourite christmas decoration is an angel my kids and I made together about 15 years ago.

  • 474
    elsie says:

    we put out our stockings that we have had since the kids were born.

  • 475
    Carol says:

    The ornaments that our children made when they were little…in Sunday school, daycare, etc. I take this wonderful journey down memory lane every year.

  • 476
    Claudia Lapos says:

    My daughter makes an ornament every year since she was 2 years old and they are very special to me.

  • 477
    April Z. says:

    I have an ornament I received in 4th grade from my teacher for helping teach some younger children to read. It’s still my favorite.

  • 478
    Elena says:

    we have a wooden advent calendar that the kids are always excited to see – we have a great time leading up to Christmas opening a door each day, and seeing what treat is inside!

  • 479
    Linda Edwards says:

    A snowman carved by my husband…

  • 480
    Emily Keaton says:

    The most meaningful holiday decoration that I put out every year is the felt wall-hanging Advent calendar that my mom made for me when I was a child. It has the shape of a Christmas tree in green felt, and she made a set of 25 tiny Christmas tree ornaments out of felt (each one is different!) so we could hang one ornament on the tree for each day of December to count down until Christmas. I loved it as a child and now my kids love to hang the ornaments on the felt tree one by one to do their countdown, too.

  • 481
    coco says:

    They may look like playdough blobs, but I know they were carefully crafted and given with love.

  • 482
    Cynde says:

    I have hand made jeweled ornaments made by my Grandmother, (who has now passed.) She put all the beads and jewels and beautiful ribbons on them each year for us. The older I get the more they mean to me. I love the way they all sparkle and shine off the lights on our Christmas Tree. Priceless Gifts!

  • 483
    Lisa S. says:

    My Father gave me a very special Nativity Set when I was a teenager. I cherish it and the memories of my Dad each year when I lovingly take it out of the box for display.

  • 484
    Laurie D says:

    I felt like we should continue the tradition of riding around on Christmas Eve to look at all of the Christmas lights with hot cocoa and candy canes, but I also wanted to have something new for my family so we put out nutcrackers every year. One for every year from birth of our wonderful children until now. Our oldest is now 14 and youngest is now 9. So thats 22 nutcrackers! They are taking over our house lol. But, they make me think of the holiday’s and spending time with family and that is most important to me. I can look at each nutcracker that we have and it brings back a wonderful story that I hope to one day share with my grandchildren.

  • 485
    L. Lee says:

    We always put the ornaments that the kids have made first, and reflect on the ages the kids were when they made them.

  • 486
    Peggy Sue says:

    Many years ago my Grandmother made me a Mr and Mrs Santa Claus. They are old and falling apart, but I can not part with them. Every year I take them out of the box and remember my special loving Grandmother.

  • 487
    sandy says:

    I have a little glass angel that I hang on the tree. It was my grandmother’s. I love it when I unwrap it every year.

  • 488
    scrappeach says:

    Our children’s stockings. As our children were born, my mom would knit a new stocking. Then the stocking would stretch larger each year as we would stuff them with goodies and the traditional orange. Now as the children have grown, they are slowly taking their stockings with them and placing them in their own homes. Their spouses always comment on the fact that they are the biggest stockings they’ve ever seen! I tell them it’s because they were filled each year with more and more love.

  • 489
    Tamara says:

    I have a very tiny red glass ball that my dad used to put on the tree at his parent’s house when he was growing up. Then when I was old enough I got to put it on the tree at mom and dad’s house. Now it gets put on my tree.

  • 490
    Kim Palmer says:

    It is a star that my son made about 15 years ago when he was in elementary school. He used green construction paper and macaroni and pasted his school picture on the front of it. I absolutely love it!

  • 491
    Deanne R says:

    The most meaningful Christmas decoration I get out is a nativity. It is the first decoration I get out each year and it reminds me of the reason we celebrate Christmas.

  • 492
    Ruby Taylor says:

    My favorite ornament that goes up every year is an angel given to me by my BFF. She is absolutely beautiful. I collect angels of every kind, so she was the perfect gift given from the heart!

  • 493
    Marsha says:

    My dear mother in-law loved the holidays as much as I do. She never had a daughter, so Christmas was her time of the year to do “fussy” things. Their house was quite small, but she always had a little fresh tree, and every year she would add to her pink ornament collection. I was just talking to my husband this evening about this … I was telling him that I want to get some more pink ornaments and add them to the collection I inherited from her, and then I will have my very own Frances-tree. She was such a sweet, quiet woman. Sometimes when we went places, ladies in the back seat, we would just sit quietly holding hands. I loved her very much — she raised two of the finest men you’d ever want to know and I’m lucky to be married to one. I will always miss her and think of her fondly.

  • 494
    Donelle u says:

    I love the tree skirt I made when I was just out of college – I pieced it and sewed it even though I am not a quilter. It makes me so proud every time I take it out of the box!

  • 495
    Kim G says:

    I made these different Santa cross-stitched ornaments, with a name of a family member on each, when the grand-kids came along I would make another Santa ornament and put their name and birth date on it. The kids love to find the one with their name on the tree!!

  • 496

    Our little skiing tomten!

  • 497
    Gail genrich says:

    It would be a handmade quilted tree skirt made by mother’s loving hands using heart themed fabrics in christmas colors. It brings her magic to all of my Christmases now that she is gone. I will cherish it and her forever!

  • 498
    Linda says:

    My favorite decoration that goes out for the holidays are my Christmas books, specifically The Polar Express. It was always one of our favorites when the boys were growing up and still moves me when I read the end….hope you can hear the bell!

  • 499
    Dee Rose says:

    We have a large set of beautiful vintage ornaments that were passed down from my husband’s grandparents. They are very similar to PTI’s Vintage Ornaments set (one of my favorite sets). Unwrapping these precious ornaments and decorating the tree is a special tradition that connects us with past generations.

  • 500
    Sue S. says:

    Our wooden Advent calendar! I love to see the excitement and joy on my son’s face every morning when he runs down the stairs to open that day’s little door. The surprise behind the door is small but to him it’s so special!

  • 501

    In 4th grade, my son made a Santa head out of a bleach bottle, yarn and fabric…that Santa hangs in the entry of our home every year and has been for the past 11 years.

  • 502

    My most meaningful decoration isn’t just one decoration. After we got married, each year we’ve always picked out one special decoration, as a family, to add to the Christmas tree. On the decorations, write on all of our names and the year we added it to our collection.

  • 503
    Katie B says:

    I make an ornament every year of using a picture of my son. This year there will be 9 photo ornaments on my tree. These are the ones that I love the most.

  • 504
    Juli says:

    It’s a little church that plays Silent Night, that was a part of Christmas every year when I was growing up. Now I have it in my home and it is such a special part of Christmas!

  • 505
    Candice says:

    One ornament that always makes me smile each season I put it on the tree is a Hallmark one of a couple sitting on a crescent moon, and it says “our first Christmas” on it. If you pull on the string the couple kiss. The funny thing is that the guy had blonde hair when I first opened the package, but that quickly changed thanks to the help of a Sharpie!

  • 506
    Heather DG says:

    So many lovely memories come out for a visit at Christmastime! One of my most treasured is a Christmas quilt that my Mom made for me. Thanks for bringing to mind some precious memories-can’t wait for Christmas!

  • 507
    Jen Carter says:

    The Christmas Nail. It is a reminder about what Christ did for us. How He came to this world as a baby and then later died for us. It reminds us each year of the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate.

  • 508
    michelleo says:

    I have my Grandmothers ceramic tree…. The late 1960’s early 1970’s with the colored bulbs and the light inside. It is sort of corny…. Not at all fitting for my house… But I totally love it. There has been years where it was our only “tree”. My grandma is always part of my Christmas and I look forward to pulling that box out and plugging in her tree.

  • 509
    ann says:

    My husband brought me home a very tiny, tabletop Christmas tree for our first Christmas together as a married couple. At the time, we didn’t have much room so this was the perfect Christmas tree. Ten years ago, he surprised me with this and I remember coming home from a business trip only to find this very special tree he picked out for us. Now, we have it out every year on our console table. Happy memories.

  • 510
    Kendall B says:

    The large collection of Winter and Christmas trees that I have collected for 25 years.

  • 511
    Peggy Nickelson says:

    I have a vintage ornament from my late parents. It is one they had when they first got married. It is a silver bird with actual feathers on it. It is very meaningful every year when I unpack it.
    Peggy N

  • 512
    Dawn says:

    Amongst all the fancy themed ornaments on our tree is one that is so small but really sticks out and we are so happy that it does. It is an ornament that my Mom made when she was a little girl. It was always my favorite ornament on our christmas tree growing up and it is still my favorite today.

  • 513

    I have the Willow Tree Nativity that my Mother In Law gave to me. I absolutely adore it and it just makes me truly remember the reason for the season.

  • 514
    Kris A says:

    At our house it would be the lighted Christmas houses we received when my MIL passed away. My mom still puts the paper chain my brothers and I made as kids on her tree. MEMORIES!!

  • 515
    Barbra says:

    I love all of my “Willow Tree” Angel ornaments!

  • 516
    kathi says:

    Some of the most meaningful holiday decorations I have are the ones that my children made- my tree is filled with their handmade creations. : )

  • 517

    That would have to be the Christmas tree ornaments that I made as a child along with my brother’s childhood handmade ornaments…then of course the ornaments my two boys made when they were children also!! I LOVE pulling them out every year…I remember each and every one!!!

  • 518
    Wendy Gilbertson says:

    My favorite Christmas decorations that I put out every year without fail, are the two Christmas stockings that I made for my children, while I was pregnant with each. They are needlepoint Christmas scenes and they took months to complete.

  • 519
    Sammie says:

    The most meaningful decoration I put out is the nativity scene: a reminder of why we celebrate the holiday.

  • 520
    Sheila M Jones says:

    That would have to be a really delicate angel that hung on our family tree at home. Her skirt is made from a doily and she must be over 50 years old now! All the baubles are special and have a certain “oh , look at that!” feature as you take them out of their wrapping each year.

  • 521
    Mary says:

    I love putting all the ornaments my kids made in preschool and early elementary school on our tree each year. Even though they’re now teens and pretend to hate them, I know they are secretly happy that I still cherish their gifts.

  • 522
    Kelley Barkei says:

    50 years ago, when I was first married, I appliqued a Christmas tree skirt with white geese going all the way around the skirt. They are bending, and stretching and doing all sorts of stuff. I did this in anticipation of my first-born’s first Christmas and that skirt has been used ever since. I never thought for a moment that it would last this long or mean so much.

  • 523

    I have an ornament from the year I was born (1980) that my mom saved for me until I got married and then gave it to me to start my own Christmas traditions. I absolutely love it and since it’s made of glass, I’m VERY, VERY careful with it! πŸ™‚

  • 524
    Mel Tallman says:

    Each year we make a family ornament with the year on it. We tie it to gifts and keep one for ourselves. Each year when we add them to our tree we get to apriciate how much we’ve grown as a family.

  • 525
    Teresa Brada says:

    I have collected glass ornaments for over twenty years, receving many as gifts.several years ago I lost both of my sisters and my best friend within a three year period…so of coarse the ornanments that they gave me mean the most.

  • 526
    Kellie Ketchen says:

    I love the family collection of Nativity Scenes. Each one holds special memories of the time we discovered it and brought it home.

  • 527
    Nancy says:

    My most meaningful Christmas decoration is my daughter’s stocking, which I started stitching when I was pregnant with her. Each stitch carries my hopes, dreams and love for her. And the design of the stocking is charming, too.

  • 528
    Debbie says:

    Our inexpensive Christmas village is my favorite because my husband tells me that he stares at it every morning in the predawn light and imagines a “Norman Rockwell” type world at Christmas. It makes him happy and THAT makes me happy.

  • 529
    DebbieD says:

    The first ornament my husband and I purchased on our honeymoon 25 years ago. The tree is filled with beautiful memorable ornaments, but this one is still my favorite.

  • 530
    Shannon T. says:

    As I am a relatively newly married person, my husband and I have yet to establish our own unique traditions. However, in celebration of our recent marriage, my family members made us monogrammed stockings and a beautiful Christmas tree skirt that I look forward to displaying this year. It is the sentimental and thoughtful gifts and items that mean the most to us as we remember our families and those whom we love.

  • 531
    Michelle Leone says:

    We especially cherish the hand crocheted snowflakes that my SIL, who has since passed, made for us when we were first married 25 years ago.

  • 532
    Janet says:

    I have many ornaments that have sentimental value. My aunt made me red knitted bell ornaments before she died. I always think of her when I put them on the tree. I have other ornaments from special friends and family members. Each one I put on the tree brings them to mind.

  • 533
    Andrea McCulley says:

    My favorite Christmas decoration is my Willow Tree nativity set. It was a gift from my parents.

  • 534
    Alyssa S says:

    I’m working on building tradition and special pieces in my home. To me, a very special piece is a wooden elf stocking I decorated last year. That piece is something I am extremely proud of ms hope that I remain so happy with it!!

  • 535
    Karen Knegten says:

    The angel we put on top of our tree. I have had it since 1971!

  • 536
    Amy Dann says:

    My mother in law LOVED Christmas and adored angels. So much, that she used to joke that after she died, she wanted her ashes in a Christmas ball so she could come back for Christmas every year. Sadly, she died much too young and after really thinking about it, we thought of no better way to contain her ashes. A very small amount was placed inside a beautiful hand blown glass angel. But she is so special that she states on our mantle year round!

  • 537
    GinnaG says:

    There is a tassel doll on our Christmas tree every year. A friend of my Mom gave it to me 20 plus years ago and it is homemade and so simple. It is really nothing special but it holds a secret. The secret it holds is a silver dollar. The silver dollar is pushed in the middle of the body of the doll. It is so plain and simple I actually thought to do a scrapbook page about the doll and silver dollar and tell my kids WHY it is always on our tree. I honestly am afraid that some one will throw the doll away if no one knows about the silver dollar.

  • 538
    Kate aka stinkydudette says:

    On my first Christmas (I was about 4mths old), my mom purchased a small battery-operated Santa Claus toy (probably 8″ tall). I still have that toy, and it symbolizes our togetherness as a family. It doesn’t work anymore, but someday, I hope to pass that on to my children.

  • 539
    K.Rendino says:

    The most meaningful ornament I display is a hand molded, hand painted Santa Claus made for my entire first grade class by my Mom when she was room mother. It means so much that she put so much detail into it….x20!!!!

  • 540
    Anita says:

    A purple glass ornament ball with gold filigree that commemorates my first Christmas with my husband.

  • 541
    Jenny says:

    I’d have to say its the ceramic Santa Claus cookie jar my grandmother painted when they were stationed overseas in the 60’s. It’s has Santa tucked in bed, sleeping in the day after Christmas. It holds so many memories…from my grandmother painting it, to remembering out in her house during the holidays, and now my mom uses it every Christmas. Christmas was my grandmother’s favorite time of year, and having it displayed every Christmas is a wonderful remembrance of her.

  • 542
    Melanie L. says:

    My husband and I lived in a small apartment complex when we were first married. The owner/landlord gave us these simple flat ornaments shaped like Chinese dolls for Christmas one year. Our tree was so tiny that it could barely hold those ornaments. She was so good to us. She died the year after our first child was born and we moved to a house soon after. When I see those ornaments I think of her and remember those simple days.

  • 543

    Every ornament that my now teenage children ever have made outshine anything on our tree. There is also a paper Hallmark laser cut ornament that our dog Sam pretty much chewed up his first Christmas which we attached a small tag to that reads “Sam’s first ornament”.

  • 544
    Gladys says:

    It will be the Christmas socks to receive presents! it’s so fun and everyone get to open up their presents!

  • 545
    Bucky Katt says:

    Every year when we go on vacation, we buy one ornament as a memory, so when we decorate the tree we relieve the memories together as a family. It is one of the best time of Christmas for us all!

  • 546
    Cynthia says:

    Our menorah, it was our family menorah that we used since I can remember. I got it when we got married and we just celebrated our 20th anniversary.

  • 547
    Catherine says:

    All of our Christmas decorations are special in one way or another! I guess the one that is the most meaningful when decorating our tree is the hand painted one I made for my husband for our first Christmas together – 25 years ago this year!

  • 548
    BonnieR says:

    I have the Christmas ornaments that were on our tree the year I was born. Forty-two years old and a bit worn but I think it was wonderful that my mom saved them for me. I’ve done the same for my boys!

  • 549
    Helen says:

    My mother made a small angel ornament for my tree from a piece of her wedding gown. I put it on my tree in a prominent position every year. She died 3 years ago and it means even more to me now.

    This has been a wonderful release and a great start to the upcoming holiday season! Thank you for all of the ideas and the generous opportunities to win prizes.

  • 550
    Christine says:

    My most treasured decoration is the Angel that tops our tree that our sons made as a gift when they were small.Its a bit battered but is filled with many memories.

  • 551
    patty says:

    We love our tabletop decorations that spell out JOY. It’s just a reminder to us to be joyful for everything, and to be thankful for the Reason for the Season.

  • 552
    Jamie Nania says:

    I especially love the ceramic Santa that I made for my grandparents. They passed away several years ago and so my mother gave it back to me and I put it out each year. I also love the baby first year ornament for each of my children. This year I get to add a new one for my baby girl that was born in February.

  • 553
    Betty says:

    when my children were born (1962, 1963,and 1969) my mother decorated styrofoam balls with a picture of them on it. the white balls were covered in glitter first and then she used pearls,sequins and velvet ribbons – hard to describe – but they are lovely and they are the first 3 ornaments to go on the tree every year. the rest of the tree is all angels given to me by friends, former students, family – so the whole tree is one big memory.

  • 554
    Heidi says:

    It’s the Star on our tree. My brother and I take turns placing it each year on the family tree. One Christmas when my brother and I were young we calculated who would be placing the Star in the Year 2000. When the year finally arrived, we both did the placing!

  • 555
    Ericka says:

    My most treasured item is my altered scrapbook music tin box of my son’s 1st Christmas.

  • 556
    Michelle P. says:

    My wedding anniversary is December 18th and we had a Christmas shower way back then. The decorations and ornaments I put out every year from that shower evoke so many memories… they are truly the most memorable decoration I put out each and every year!!!

    Thank you for the opportunity to “win it all”!!!

  • 557
    Lizzie Jones says:

    Our first married Christmas together my husband and I didn’t have a lot of money. We both wanted to “deck the halls”, but we didn’t feel like we could justify the expense of buying decorations. So for Christmas that year he saved little bits here and there and pulled enough together to give me a small box full of decorations we had seen while shopping for the other people on our gift-giving list. I couldn’t believe he had remembered those ornaments or that he had gone back to the store to buy them for me. Those ornaments are some of the first ones to go on the tree every year and they always have a place of honor right up front.

  • 558
    Robbin Clements says:

    Every year since my kids were babies, we would buy one ornament with the date on it. The kids helped pick it out, so the ornament reflected where they were at that stage of their life. Some years we had Big Bird, or Dogs or Angels. Now, my kids have children of their own and these ornaments are even more special as they share them!!

  • 559
    Shannon says:

    My mom gives me an ornament each year for my tree. She began doing this when I was first born. When I moved into my own home, she gave them all to me. They always remind me of my mom. I still look forward to my ornament each year!

  • 560
    Michelle says:

    A number of my holiday ornaments and decorations have special meaning, but I think my favorite of them all is a small paper and fabric angel that belonged to my grandparents. When I was young, I would help them decorate their small tree every year. When they passed away, I was lucky enough to receive the angel ornament.

  • 561
    Donna says:

    My favorite ornament that I put on the tree each year would be our mailbox ornament. My father in law was a post master. He passed away before I met my husband and I have always heard great stories about him. My mother in law collected golden ornaments from the Danbury Mint. When my mother in law was getting rid of some things she said that the kids and I could take whichever of the ornaments we wanted. I took the mailbox because it made me think of my father in law and I think of him each year when I put it on our Christmas tree.

  • 562
    Erin says:

    Wow….that’s a hard question! I think every tree needs a topper but later once the kids are in school it will for sure be their handmade creations! I love the release items this month. Thanks for always being amazing!!!

  • 563
    Holly F. says:

    My have two cherished homemade ornaments from my childhood that go at the top of our tree every year. I always recall my Mom’s stories about when she bought them when I was a baby. As a child, I couldn’t wait to put them on the tree. Putting them on the tree now, reminds me of my childhood Christmases.

  • 564

    The Nativity set my mother gave me when my oldest son was born. It is 13 now, has a few broken/fixed pieces, but still every bit as special as the day it was given to me.

  • 565
    Sarah Doyle says:

    a small hand painted bear with gold elastic ribbon. During a year of hardship when I was a teen, my (single)mom and I painted these as Christmas gifts for everyone we loved because we didn’t have money to purchase gifts for friends and family. It reminds me every year the TRUE meaning of the season. Thank you for the chance..another amazing release PTI!

  • 566
    Helena says:

    I quilted each of our children and my husband and I stockings way back when all my children were small. We still use them every Christmas and the kids(the much bigger kids) still love them…and I love that!

  • 567
    Amy G. says:

    Okay, I’ll admit that calling my tree ornament “one thing” is cheating a bit, but they really are the most special part of Christmas decorating. When I unpack the ornaments, I remember the students or friends who gave them to me or the events of the year that we (or I) purchased them. Now I’m really beginning to enjoy the homemade ornaments that my little guy has brought home from Sunday school and preschool the last few years. I love seeing our tree get more full each year.

  • 568
    Debbie R. says:

    My grandmother made lots of felt and sequin ornaments for my Christmas tree. I always think of her and of all the time it must have taken her to make each ornament. She made ornaments for all five of us granddaughters, plus my mom and her sister.

  • 569
    Carrie Burke says:

    My muppet ornaments that my mother started collecting for me in the 80’s

  • 570
    Diane Jaquay says:

    I used to participate in an annual Christmas ornament exchange with a group of friends. One of my best friends, Laurie, passed away unexpectedly, and the ornaments she made always remind me of her, and how much I will always treasure the friendship we had.

  • 571
    Kristin B. says:

    My favorite is a colored glass nativity scene. I gave it to my grandmother when I was about 12. She passed away over 20 years ago. Every year when I pull it out, I am transported back to their house on Christmas Day and all the love and grace they embodied.

  • 572
    lainey says:

    The ornaments on our tree – some of them have been handed down for many generations so they have a lot of memories associated with them.

  • 573
    Kerri M. says:

    I have a little wooden horse ornament that I’ve had since I was a baby that has my name on it. It’s getting so worn, and the paint is chipping off, but it always brings back memories of Christmas growing up. My sister had the same ornament painted different colors and I loved “finding” our special ornaments in the box and picking that special spot on the tree. My horse still makes me smile every year.

  • 574
    Bree Delaire says:

    I love to display things my family and I have made but my favorite is a Christmas tree topper and skirt that my mom made 20+ years ago. I hope my children will appreciate them as much as I do.

  • 575
    Heidi says:

    This was an easy question for me… my most meaningful holiday decoration is my mother’s oil painting of a beautiful Christmas scene. I have hung that over my mantel every year. It has always been special, but after she passed away in 2005,I cherish this painting even more.

  • 576
    marybethL. says:

    I have what is left of a corsage that my grandfather gave to my grandmother for Christmas many years ago. The flowers are long gone but the rest of the decoration is still in tack. It must be over 65 years old. I set it on a branch next to a light . I think of how much in love they were. It is my most treasured ornament I have. I do love the ones my children have made us too.

  • 577
    Maureen Plut says:

    I have a few…the first is the gorgeous nativity scene I brought back from Texas to Canada πŸ™‚ The next is the little leprechaun ornament a former student made for me (I’m a St. Patty’s Day baby) and the third is a little puffy apple that says “#1 Teacher.” It’s special because the student died 5 years ago and it was heartbreaking…I think of him often, especially when I put that ornament on my tree.

  • 578
    Chong McAfee says:

    I have more than one actually. Some beautiful ornaments I got at Rothenberg, Germany, at the Christmas store. That store is open everyday no matter the season..

  • 579

    Without a doubt it is the needlepoint stockings that my MIL has made for each member of our family. They are so gorgeous and the work intricate. They mean so much to me and always will!

  • 580
    Danielle G. says:

    The first Christmas after we were married, my husband hid an ornament engraved with our names inside the Christmas tree box. I was so surprised when I opened the box to pit up the tree and found the ornament. It is definitely a special ornament and I get the same excited feeling every year when I put it on our tree.

  • 581
    samtha johnson says:

    I am tied between the ornaments my mother made with her mother as a child from old optical lenses (i work in the eyecare field) or the ornaments that belonged to my sister Holly.. since she is no longer with us.

  • 582
    Melissa Ladd says:

    My mom saved many of the ornaments that I received or made as a child which hung on our tree growing up. Now I hang them on my tree, along side my kids’ creations!

  • 583
    Lynne Osborn says:

    my most special holiday decoration is my advent wreath. I have had it since I married in 1975. It reminds e of the true meaning of the holiday season

  • 584
    Danell Harrison says:

    It would have to be the handed down decorations that my grandma made years ago and also my children’s stockings. I love passing tradtitions on to them. Love the holidays!!

  • 585
    Cynthia B says:

    The silver reindeers that sit on our mantle, holding each of our stockings is the most meaningful decoration we put out every year.

  • 586
    Cammie says:

    I set out the nativity set my parents bought over 50 years ago. I also set out a small Christmas storybook that my sister read to me when we were young.

  • 587
    Cassandra says:

    We have several ornaments which we have picked up whilst travelling and each time we take them out of the box, they bring back wonderful memories. But I think the most meaningful ornament(s) would have to be those my daughter made when she was much younger, at pre-school and her first school year. So precious.

  • 588
    peggysue says:

    Any ornament that has the kids’ touch on it, their handprints, their photos from an early age, because they’re all older now and their younger years are precious.

  • 589

    When I was 18, my Mom died on December 8th. The year after, I was browsing around a shop that had angels as it’s whole theme. I saw the sweetest (and silliest) little grey-haired angel. It’s face was soft-sculpture (like dolls my Mom made) and it’s body was a beanbag. I bought 3 of them, one for each of my sisters, and 1 for me. Those little angels looked so much like my little grey-haired Mom! We laughed and cried at the same time when they opened them…a special little thing to remind us all of her love at Christmas time.

  • 590
    Martha D. says:

    In recent years we have taken a number of family vacations. On each trip we have gotten a Christmas ornament representing the place we have visited. So, it is fun to hang those ornaments and think about our trips and our time together as a family.

  • 591
    Kelli says:

    We have a glass elephant ornament that is very hard to see once you put it on the tree and growing up there were several times that we almost put the tree out for the trash with it on it. We finally wised up and each year one of us is in charge of the elephant and making sure they know where on the tree it is and that they take it off before the tree gets taken down. That ornament has created a tradition in our family.

  • 592
    Makalah says:

    One of my favorite holiday decorations is the Christmas stockings we got as kids. My sisters and I each have a red velvet stocking with a little teddy bear and a bell on it. As kids, the bells were useful for my mom to know when we started snooping at the goodies in there. Now as adults, we tend to know most of our presents each year, but the stuff in the stocking is always surprising (and more fun!). πŸ™‚

  • 593
    Susan Wesley says:

    There is an ornament that I made when I was 4 yrs old. It’s a picture of me adhered to a styrofoam ornament. I’m sitting on our crushed velvet gold couch with the shaggy rug underneath pretending to play a guitar. Just seeing that every year brings joy to my heart. It reminds me of a time when I didn’t have a worry in the world.

  • 594 says:

    When my brother and I were babies, my grandmother (we called her Nanny) made us the most beautiful felt stockings. They were red and white and so beautifully ornate, with small sleigh bells, tons of hand-done embroidery, and our names spelled at the top of the stocking. Every year when my mother hung them, my brother and I were so excited that we would soon be seeing our Nanny. Mom gave them to us when we left home. I just love hanging mine each year and remembering my Nanny.

  • 595
    Erin O says:

    Every year I put two tall silver reindeer on my table as part of my tablescape. They were the first pieces of holiday decor I bought for my first house. I’ve used them every year since then- a total of 15 years so far!

  • 596
    Bette manning says:

    I made a cloth Christmas tree with strawberries that hang off the edges. We have been married 40 years and I put it out every year and it still looks pretty good!

  • 597
    DebbieZ says:

    The most important ornament to me is one that my Husband and I bought on our honeymoon. It is a Snowman and Santa. Each of our favorites.

  • 598
    Cheri Mosgrove says:

    My sweet boy made me an angel when he was in kindergarten. . .it’s made out of a styrofoam cup with bright yellow yarn for hair. I adore it and can’t imagine a more precious angel to top our tree!

  • 599
    Debbie G. says:

    The most special ornaments I have are a pair of felt stockings stitched by my son when he was about 4 or 5 and a stuffed kitty my daughter stitched around the same age.

  • 600
    Sally says:

    The most meaningful ornaments in our home are the cermaic figures that were made for us in the 70’s. They protray the birth of Christ. They are very precious to me because of the love that went into making them.

  • 601 says:

    My aunt dies of breast cancer 12 years ago, this is where I meet my husband at her funeral, we have been together since. She gaave me 4 angles. its a great meemorie and celebration for us

  • 602
    Joyce C. says:

    My husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2003. That Christmas was particularly difficult for us. To cheer him, and on a whim, I purchased a reindeer stocking. He loves it and we often will keep it out for a couple of months. It’s our reminder of his survival (cancer free-yea!) and how something small, goofy and inexpensive brightens our Christmas.

  • 603
    Kristen says:

    I have a blown glass tree decoration with little blown glass ornaments that an aunt gave to me when I was a little girl–so I love that. And the personalized ornaments my grandma ordered every year from Miles Kimball when I was little. And…I love the ornaments my husband and I have collected on trips–especially some glass ornaments from Austria and paper ornaments from Denmark.

  • 604
    Lori Campbell says:

    My husband’s family gives each family member a new ornament every Christmas from birth. He passed away unexpectedly in September 2010 so his ornaments are particularly special for my daughter and I. We have 2 wee kittens this year so we may have to display those special ornaments in a shadow box on a shelf for safe-keeping instead of on the tree, just in case our new kittens topple the tree over.

  • 605
    Janet W says:

    I always top the tree with the foil covered cardboard star that my son made for me when he was about 4 years old. It is bent on the tips and missing most of its original sequins, but is still beautiful to me!

  • 606

    I love the ornaments from my childhood. They bring back the magic of the holidays for me. πŸ™‚

  • 607
    Jeni B says:

    Handprints of my children painted onto plates. I just love to display them each year and it is so much fun to open up the box and unwrap them!

  • 608
    LorraineN says:

    It’s got to be the ornaments from my son’s first Christmas!

  • 609
    DiAnn says:

    It’s the ornaments my two boys made when they were very young boys. They are grown now, and looking at them brings back so many beautiful memories.

  • 610
    Sara says:

    My favorite holiday decoration has actually ended up finding a permanent place on the shelf in our entryway. It’s a framed photo of me at about three years old giving my grandmother a Christmas gift. Before she passed in 2007, she always placed the photo out at Christmas time next to the little angel on the shelf in her front entry. Seeing the photo always makes me smile!

  • 611
    Tammy W. says:

    Probably our Precious Moments nativity set that my husband bought for me our first Christmas together in 1983. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome and generous prize! (did I mention today is my 50th birthday?) LOL

  • 612
    Stacey says:

    We display special angel wall hangings my mother-in-law made for my husband when he was a child. My mother-in-law is no longer here, so they’re cherished even more.

  • 613
    Cindyc says:

    All of my kid’s homemade Christmas ornaments from school. Every year we take them out of the box & the kids are so proud of what they made & can’t wait to hang them up. This year they’re 6 & 8 yrs old & I’m so glad they will always have this holiday memory.

  • 614
    Catherine J. says:

    The ornament that means a lot to me is one that my husband and I received when we first bought our house. We had been married for a year when we bought our first house. It is a little house that says “Our House, Our Home.” This ornament means so much to us it reminds us about how we started a new part of our lives together. It also reminds us of all the old traditions we have merged into our lives and the new traditions we have created for our family.

  • 615
    Toni says:

    All of the ornaments I have from both of my Grandmothers. Very special to me!

  • 616
    Leanne S says:

    “Our 1st Christmas” ornament that my husband gave me the first Christmas we were married and “Baby’s 1st Christmas” ornament.

  • 617
    Heidi says:

    It’s the 30+ year old star. My brother and I take turns placing it on the family tree!

  • 618
    Susanna says:

    The most meaningful decoration I put out every year is the stocking my mother knit for me when I was a child. I remember waking up early on Christmas morning to always find the stocking at the foot of my bed filled with goodies and packages. My siblings and I were allowed to open these before waking mom and dad. When I was much older my Mom told me she and Dad started the tradition so they could have an extra hour of sleep Christmas morning. Smart parents.

  • 619
    stat geek says:

    A ceramic Xmas tree that lights up from the inside. My sons bought it for me when they were 8 & 6 after I told them it was just like the one my grandma had in her house ever since I could remember. Now they are 18 & 16 and they still set it up for me every year.

  • 620

    I have several meaningful ornaments. An old fashioned paper angel from my mother. Handmade ornaments from my children when they were small. They all bring back wonderful memories of many years passed.

  • 621
    Bevie Pearl says:

    The most meaningful decoration/ornament is our angel tree topper.It is always a memorable moment each year as we place her on top of the tree and then light the tree for the first time.

  • 622
    Sandi D says:

    My grandmother taught ceramic painting and made her own molds in her basement back in the early 50’s. Grandma used to give me lessons along with my cousin, Debi. A few years ago knowing that I didn’t have any ceramics from our deceased grandmother, Debi gave me a beautiful nativity set that grandma made. My cousin is the most giving, loving person I know and I will forever cherish it. The navity is the first thing I take out during the holidays and it always brings back wonderful memories of my grandmother’s love.

  • 623
    Cathy B says:

    My favorite ornaments are the ones that celebrated each of my son’s first Christmas. Each year when I hang them on the tree it reminds me of how much joy each of them has brought into our lives, and makes me feel truly blessed.

  • 624
    Jean says:

    It’s difficult to narrow it down to one. I have several favorite ornaments, each of which brings with it such special memories. Ornaments from vacations, special handmade ornaments received as gifts, all of the ornaments I chose for my son, as well as, the ones he made for me.

  • 625
    Suzi Foster says:

    I have a stocking hand stitched by nurses from my birth. The nurses handmade stockings for all babies born in Dec ’72. My mother and I were released from the hospital Christmas morning and brought home to my eagerly awaiting brother and sister wrapped INSIDE the stocking!

  • 626
    Christine says:

    Years ago I received a very beautiful Precious Moments angel that gets placed upon the top of my tree. My girls take turns each year placing this most treasured, finishing touch.

  • 627
  • 628

    The ornaments my mom gave me every year growing up. She passed away 8 years ago but when I see each of those ornaments, I have such good memories of her. Decorating the tree is my favorite part of Christmas.

  • 629
    Amy Zwierz says:

    Mine is a decoration, a manager scene I made in grade school out of popsicle sticks and clothespins.

  • 630
    charityc says:

    My granny’s hand crocheted snowflakes! They are so intricate & gorgeous!!!

  • 631
    Cindy Coutts says:

    A photograph of my loved ones who have passed away right on the foyer table next to the Christmas tree. That is the very first decoration that goes up every year and the last one that comes down every year.

  • 632
    Lee Anne says:

    My late husband made a tradition of buying me ornaments for my December birthday each year. Somehow he picked the perfect ones that symbolized the year for us – a school house for a wonderful year with my students, or a church that resembled the one in which we were married, a trike the year our son began to ride his, or a Handy Manny ornament the year he discovered that show. Digging out those ornaments was always fun, but I have to admit, I’m dreading it a little this year – our first since he passed.

  • 633
    Annamaria Miller says:

    Our family stockings hanging on our fireplace mantle is my most meaningful decoration. Even though my children are grown they still love opening all the little surprises in their stocking.

  • 634
    Tammy says:

    A ceramic Christmas scene that my husband’s grandfather made many years ago. Unfortunately, with our many military moves it has sustained some breakage but we keep super gluing and setting it out proudly on display.

  • 635
    Lauren M. says:

    My nativity scene. It always is a beautiful reminder of why we celebrate this season. It’s not about the presents or the decoration or the parties. It’s about the birth of Jesus. We would do well to keep that in mind a little more. πŸ™‚

  • 636
    ColleenK says:

    My grandma made all sorts of cute little crafty ornaments and I smile every time I place one on the tree and remember her. My favorite is an elf made with a large wood bead for his head and pipe cleaner arms and legs!

  • 637
    Noreen says:

    I have a special Santa ornament that my Dad bought me the last Christmas before he died – in 1990.

  • 638
    Sue Lelli says:

    I have a photo of each and every Christmas since our son was born in a different Christmas frame. I put them all out on a table every year, adding the most current. We LOVE, as a family, taking the time to look at every single picture and recall our wonderful memories. It is a great time for our family to reflect on where we’ve been and where we hope to be in the future.

  • 639
    Elle says:

    I can’t choose just one, my favorite part of decorating is getting out all of the Christmas ornaments and hanging them on the tree and remembering when, where, & why I got each one, or who gave it to me, each one has such a special meaning and I always enjoy the opportunity to reflect. Then once they are all placed on the tree it is such a joyous moment that makes me smile each time I look at it.

  • 640
    Cecilie says:

    At our wedding we received a golden ornament with a boy sleding down a hill and hanging that ornament in a window always makes me think of the wonderful day we became husband and wife.

  • 641
    Amna A. says:

    every time something new .. but mostly handmade quilled ornaments .. and a wreath ..

  • 642
    Hayley says:

    I have a porcelain ornament of Santa bowing down on one knee with his hat off in front of a manger with baby Jesus in it. I love this ornament because often times we get so caught up in the fun and fantasy of Christmas that we forget the true meaning of why we celebrate. This ornament always helps me to keep Christmas in perspective.

  • 643
    Suzie says:

    Each of my kids have a “baby’s first ornament” that goes on the tree every year. Their grandmother gave them each one when they were born. Since she has passed on, they are particularly meaningful to all of us.

  • 644
    Deborah S says:

    My most beloved tree ornament is a photo in a frame -the first Christmas picture of my first child. She just turned 30 this year!

  • 645
    Hannah Mize says:

    The tree itself. There is always a big tradition of finding the perfect tree. Those memories a the most special.

  • 646
    Gina Kozuch says:

    It would have to be a plastic Santa and his sleigh that my Mother has had since my son was 2 he loved to play with, he is now 34 and now his children play with it

  • 647
    M Lester says:

    My Grandmother, who celebrated her 100th birthday this past February, tatted several ornaments for me and they are on the tree every year. There is a snowflake, a snowman, and a candy cane. I cherish them because they are beautiful but mostly because she made them.

  • 648
    Margaret Sims says:

    The star on top of the tree. We’ve had it since we were married and the kids have taken turns each year to place it on the tree (remembering whose turn from year to year was a challenge!)

  • 649
    Linda Richmond says:

    I have an elf ornament that hung on our family tree. He’s shabby and worn, but reminds me of mom and dad every time I hang him. I would guess he’s at least 60 years old. He brings me back to my childhood when I see him.

  • 650
    Ivette Melzer says:

    My favorite ornament is the a hand-carved angel that was my grandmothers.

  • 651
    Cassie K says:

    I don’t have a meaningful ornament or decoration just yet, but buy favorite thing to involves ornaments and decorations. I love that my boys love to help decorating the tree with me and putting out their own little manger scene.

  • 652
    Walkermomdeb says:

    We have a special Angel that we purchased on our honeymoon 25+ years ago. Every year she holds a special place and reminds us of the special Christmas eve we were married!

  • 653
    Trinka King says:

    The Angel on top of the tree…It was a gift from my husband to put on the tree when he was deployed over to Iraq!

  • 654
    saral says:

    Without a doubt, my ceramic nativity set that my grandmother made the year my grandfather passed away as her “therapy”. It is one of my most precious possessions.

  • 655
    Renee says:

    The most precious ornaments are the handprints of my children that they each made when they were in kindergarten. They are 35 & 39 years old now and each year I can’t believe how fast the time goes! Thank you for the continued inspiration. Love, r

  • 656
    Kay says:

    My first born daughter lived only 32 hours due to a heart defect and at her loss I was given an angel. We as a family now buy an angel every year in memory of our Shelby and I truly treasure the short time we had with her and the angels help me to always remember that.

  • 657
    Barbara says:

    I do lots of trees every year, but one of them is a replica of my childhood tree–that would have to be the most meaningful to me.

  • 658
    Linda Friend says:

    An ornament my daughter made in kindergarten.

  • 659
    Geri Greening says:

    Hand made ornaments that my mom and dad made. They were both totally crafty and enjoyed a very short retirement together travelling to craft shows to sell their creations. Their love lives on in those decorations!

  • 660
    Karen Smith says:

    I love my eclectic collection of angels which usually surround our lovely Nativity creche, reminding us of the reason we celebrate!

  • 661
    Dori says:

    I have this gorgeous ornament I got when I was on vacation one year to one of my favorite places. It’s handmade and is a clear glass round ornament with a snowflake inside and snow painted on it. It also has a red ribbon on it. It’s perfect. Every time I put it up I remember that place and it makes me smile.

  • 662
    Laura S says:

    A stocking that I cross-stitched for my husband (then boyfriend) about 20 years ago.

  • 663
    Denise says:

    My mother cross-stitched stockings for us. Mine is from childhood. She made one for my husband when we were married and for each grandchild for their 1st Christmas. They are all special but the ones she made for my kids are especially sentimental because I know her arthritis made it very difficult for her – I cherish them.

  • 664
    Terri E. says:

    My Mom has ornaments that her aunt made that I adore and she gave me a few to put on my tree. I love those ornaments.

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  • 665 says:

    My favorite ornament is the “baby’s first Christmas” for my now 33 year old daughter.

  • 666

    Can’t do without a well decorated christmas tree

  • 667
    Tammy W. says:

    Probably our Precious Moments nativity set that my husband bought for me our first Christmas together in 1983. Thanks for this chance to win this awesome and very generous prize! (did I mention today is my 50th birthday??) **wink, wink**

  • 668
    Alice Roushia says: