*Official* June Release Party Contest

Hello, everyone!  Welcome, welcome, welcome to the June release festivities!  All of us at Papertrey are sincerely glad that you are here!  You all have been so enthusiastic during the release festivities!  It has been truly a joy having the opportunity to share so much inspiration along with new product peeks to you over the last week!

Tonight, as always, we are giving you the opportunity to win the June "I Want It All" Prize Package!  You can enter by just answering the following question in the comments section here…

You have only until 11:30pm EST to post your answer and be eligible to win. Only one comment per person please.  One randomly selected winner will be announced before midnight, right here at the bottom of this post.  Thanks again for stopping tonight!  And good luck to everyone!



Congratulations, Nichol!  Please be sure to contact Customer Service with you shipping information so we can ship your package out to you!  Thanks so everyone for playing along!  Happy shopping!

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  • 1
    Katie Haymore says:

    I love to recycle and reuse old jars to store buttons, ribbons, etc…

  • 2
    Jaime Seiter says:

    We drink out of mason jars on a regular basis at our house

  • 3
    Cindy Holshouser says:

    I have a collection of baby food jars that I keep on hand. I like to use them for baby shower favors. I also like to find old quirky jars to re-purpose as containers for home-made jams and jellies that I make for gifts.

  • 4
    Sarah Fisher says:

    It’s not original, but I love making the jar cookie mix recipes around the holidays. They are super simple and economical and people always love them.

  • 5
    Karen H. says:

    My kids love using our recycling for science projects! Our recycling usually has a few lives before it actually gets out the door!

    Recently my daughter’s 4th grade class used jelly jars for sand art mother’s day gifts! They even made their own colored sand!

  • 6
    Mariah says:

    We use our old Mason jars as drinking glasses in the summer…they are nice and heavy and keep your drink nice and cold. They are perfect for a Gin and Tonic!

  • 7
    Brandi Hall says:

    I love to use old jars in my crafting room to hold my supplies (inks, stamps and etc.)

  • 8
    Annette S says:

    I like to paint them and fill them with gifts or use to hold little candles. Very excited about the jar set!

  • 9

    Right now I currently have all my embellishments in my old Ball jars. They look amazing with all the colors of buttons and ribbon in them.

  • 10
    Anna was says:

    I love to use old jars for cornbread salad or drinks. I also will prepare a gift in one, especially a stack of fudgy brownies to give a special someone. The set being released will provide the added punch to my jars that everyone will appreciate!

  • 11

    I love love love putting wildflowers in them! I think it’s so sweet and homey looking.

  • 12
    Sofia says:

    Well…… my favorite way to use old jars (when I’m not using them to keep my buttons in) is to fill them with homemade marmalade!!!!

  • 13
    Ngan R. says:

    I love to reuse empty jars by storing my embellishments in them. Also, I love to fill cleaned old jars with homemade cookies or candles, wrap them up in some nice cloth and ribbon and give them to friends as a hostess gift. I love my old jars and love the new Friendship Jar stamp set!

  • 14
    Sandi Kuhlman says:

    Storage, drinks, anything pretty!

  • 15
    Samantha Johnson says:

    I store ribbon pieces, buttons, or candy in them. I also use them as flower vases.

  • 16
    Kara says:

    I use them for loose change, flowers, buttons, shells I’ve collected, empty in a grouping on display, paint brushes….so many uses!!

  • 17
    Kim M says:

    If it is a glass jar, I love to use them to store ribbons and buttons. If it is some other type of jar, I like to alter them and either give them as gifts or use them in my scrap room to hold other supplies.

  • 18
    Leigh Ann says:

    I like to put extra buttons in old jars. I also have some very old marbles in some (old)jars. But I think my favorite way to recycle a jar, is to put colored strips of paper in them. Whenever my children say or do cute things I want to remember, I write them down on the cut papers already in the jar. We call it a Memory Jar…and my kids LOVE to re-read the funny things that they said and did.

  • 19
    Dana says:

    I’ve used old jars to store things like buttons and safety pins, but most recently I’ve used recycled jars to sprout beans in (like alfalfa)! It’s a fun hobby. I’ve used larger jars as packaging at Christmastime!

  • 20
    Kathy says:

    I hadn’t any clue how to before seeing your ideas and examples for the ‘Friendship Jar’ release – now I have a ton of ideas… especially a ‘Feminine Jar’ filled with all things a women needs! I am excited to make these up and give as gifts.

  • 21
    Elizabeth Jones says:

    I use them for EVERYTHING!!! My buttons, ribbons, beads…during the holidays I use them to make center pieces with candy, candles and flowers…I have lots of baby food jars & mason jars that get lots of use!!

  • 22
    Karen B. says:

    I like to use them for buttons, ribbon, fresh cut flowers, etc. They have a fun look.

  • 23
    Lee Anne says:

    I use them mainly for drinking out of and storing leftovers in! I love my jars!

  • 24
    Megan Lock says:

    I think it’s fun to use them as vases. I have a big one that says Harvest on it and I pull it out every Thanksgiving.

  • 25
    Karen Carlie says:

    We use old jars to collect our extra change and as scoops for the dog food. Probably could think of something prettier to do with them!

  • 26
    Toia Stevenson says:

    We use old jars all the time! Growing up, my Nana would save them and we would use them as glasses, now I use them as glasses and it always reminds me of her. I used them as vases at the last baby shower I threw and they were such a hit! Thanks PTI for another great release!

  • 27
    Barbara says:

    I use empty jars for a lot of things- storing …dried beans, pasta, jar mixes, and for my crafting_ ribbon, buttons, etc

  • 28
    Becky K. says:

    I haven’t done it yet, but I plan on using old jars to store all my PTI buttons… My fiancΓ© promised all the colors to me for next Christmas, hehehe. πŸ˜€

  • 29
    Natasha says:

    I most commonly use old jars for canning- mostly strawberry jam and salsa. I have also painted several and put together a festive bouquet or a themed collection of small gifts to hold inside.

  • 30
    Debbie says:

    Love them for ribbons and buttons. Great way to share soups and sauces with friends and family. But I guess my favorite is using as a vase for flowers out of my yard.

  • 31
    Jamie Nania says:

    I also like the cookie mix or soup mix for the jars. I also use one to keep pens/pencils in so they’re handy. Great for crafty items too! Thanks for the chance of winning this awesome prize.

  • 32
    Stephanie S. says:

    I put my buttons and knick knack items. Just the look of these is so fun to see and look at. What a way to have a vintage feel.

  • 33
    Martha S. says:

    I actually don’t reuse old, empty jars (unless you count the baby food jars that now keep my PTI buttons!!). But after reading Michelle’s post, I’m probably going to start looking for some to use somehow!!

  • 34
    Rene says:

    It’s hard to name one thing but here goes…I use old jars for placing fresh cut/picked flowers.

  • 35
    Holly says:

    I love to put crafty supplies in my old jars such as buttons, ribbons, brads, and flowers. I am also using old jars to store dried herbs from my garden (dill, parsley, thyme, and rosemary). We have lavender blooming right now, and I am in the process of drying it. Wouldn’t that look pretty in a jar in the sunlight??

  • 36
    Alison Yarrish says:

    I love to take old jars and fill them with little things and put them on my bookshelves. I have one with tiny pinecones, buttons, and sea glass. Fun and simple!

  • 37
    Jennifer says:

    I use them for organizing my buttons and flowers by colors right now.

  • 38

    I like to use old empty jars to keep my loose change in. πŸ™‚

  • 39
    Audrey T says:

    I use them for lots of things… packaging handmade gifts, recipes in a jar, to hold pens, crayons, paint brushes, etc. πŸ™‚

  • 40

    I love to put crafting supplies in them! I also use them for vases!!

  • 41
    Bethshaya says:

    What’s the best way to reuse old jars?…Why buttons of course! All the luscious colors, displayed decoratively in those cute decorative jars on a pretty white shelf. It’s a little bit of rainbow sunshine in my craft room.

  • 42
    Marge Sexton says:

    I use an old Ball jar as my “Sugar Bowl” – it is a quilted jar, and sits by our Coffee Pot…works perfectly. I keep one in our camper, and on my desk at work as well. Thanks for a chance at the Big Win!

  • 43

    The best ways I recycle jars are in my studio…. to hold brushes, buttons, flowers, beads, glitter and the list goes on! They are all sooo yummy to look at!

  • 44
    Kris says:

    Long ago I wrapped them in fabric and decorated them to use as pencil holders.

  • 45
    Maureen says:

    I love to recycle jars by putting homemade jam into them πŸ™‚ Nothing beats my raspberry freezer jam πŸ™‚

  • 46
    Latisha says:

    There are so many ways to use an old jar. Filling it full of punch, putting flowers in it, filling it with jelly beans, putting scraps of ribbon in it. Old jars are fantastic! Oh, I thought of another one, my children have them on their desks filled with school supplies, like pencils, pens & rulers.

  • 47
    Kelly B says:

    I love to use vintage jars as vases for fresh cut blossoms from the garden! I use newer recycled jars to store snacks, puppy treats, pasta, mix salad dressings and more. Can’t be without my jars!

  • 48
    Natalie S says:

    Jars=drinking glasses in our house!

  • 49
    Becs Attwood says:

    Storing craft supplies of course. My rows of jars with paper flowers and PTI buttons are lined up on a shelf right in front of my workspace – so easy to access that I never forget to add a button or bloom to my project.

  • 50
    Jen Barkdull says:

    I love using our old mason jars as vases, especially when my kids give me wildflowers – it’s a perfect match!!

  • 51
    Trinka King says:

    A have a full jar filled with Button, ribbons, brads, eyelets and candy in my scraproom.

  • 52
    Jamie Greene says:

    I use them for just about everything!! Pencil holders, make-up brushes, home decor. The list could go on and on. Love old empty jars and bottles!

  • 53
    Susan Fenton says:

    They are great for storage – seeds, buttons, ribbon, dried pasta, beans – but my favorite use is for holding my homemade strawberry jam!

    Love the new products!!

  • 54
    Rhonda R says:

    Buttons and flowers are the best for glass jars. I love the kind that have glass lids that you can find once in a while at thrift stores!

  • 55
    Ang says:

    I love to put candles in them for my patio.

  • 56
    Sallie says:

    It’s not very original, but I use them to store buttons and charms. I can see what I have at a glance. The buttons I keep separated by color.

  • 57
    connie G says:

    I like to use them to make gifts from the kitchen. I like the layered cookie mixes, etc that you can put in them. Then create a nice top for it and you have a great gift that is relatively inexpensive. I got one from my neighbor at Christmas that she layered a hot cocoa mix in. Yum!

  • 58
    Anne B says:

    I use them as vases and for storing supplies in the garage. Now I have a heap more ideas to try out!

  • 59
    BarbaraAx says:

    I use them for my crafting supplies – buttons, ribbons, string, tatting supplies, etc. They look so pretty as a functional display. I love to collect different sizes and shapes.

  • 60
    Susan McRae says:

    I have made candles in old jars and used them as vases. They’re great for storing buttons and beads and little doodads and also for storing my paintbrushes.

  • 61
    Alicia E says:

    I use jars in my craft room to hold ribbon on old-fashioned clothespins and buttons. I also like to etch monograms into glass jars for little gifts. Thanks so much for the chance to win.
    ~Alicia E.

  • 62
    Mandy says:

    I love using old jars to store small craft supplies such as premade embellies!

  • 63
    Elaine -the soil scientist says:

    I clean them up and use them as gift containers for something different. Then again I also use them to store buttons, brads, ribbons, and so many other embellishments that I seem to collect.

  • 64

    In addition to using jars as glasses or cups, I like storing things in my craft room in them. Buttons are my favorite. πŸ™‚

  • 65
    Erin says:

    One of my most favorite ways to reuse old jars to for flowers. The best part is I have inherited some old jars from my mom and grandma.

  • 66
    Jane S says:

    That’s a great question with this release, and after see all the great cards, I think I have more idea for jars. Mostly I like to use them for holding my crafting supplies or anything decorative like marbles, etc.

  • 67

    …For storing Papertrey buttons of course! LOL! Seriously, at this very moment my kitchen countertops and tables are covered with jars and lids that are drying and waiting for their new purpose. It is fun to fill them with ingredients and a recipe too! Or bath salts, haven’t tried that yet. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • 68
    Dianne K says:

    I use them for gifts. I always reach for them instead of a box. I’ve made a cross stitch gifts, coffee gifts, new baby gifts, graduate gift’s (stuffed with lots of ones, LOL!!. The presentation is so gorgeous. Love them.

  • 69
    Susan C. in NY says:

    Not very original, but storing small craft supplies and casual flower “vases.”

  • 70
    Maeghan M. says:

    I love to reuse empty jars as containers for buttons, but a close second is for vases of paper flowers, or to hold things like paint brushes, pencils, rulers (I have too many of them), or other long-ish paper crafting tools. They’re all just lovelier that way!

  • 71
    Melissa Ladd says:

    I’ve used them for layered cookie recipes to give as gifts and now I have inspiration for so much more!! Can’t wait!

  • 72
    ChrisTea says:

    If it’s my jar – I store bacon fat πŸ˜‰ If it’s for gifting – I make jam (we just picked 5 lbs. of apricots from our tree!)

  • 73
    Nora Guzewich says:

    I use glass jars to store buttons in my stamp room. I use plastic jars to decorate and fill with holiday treats as gifts. I have a ton of jars stored and ready to recycle. The new Jar sets should be very helpful in getting those jars out for reusing!
    Nora G.

  • 74
    Babies- Beth says:

    I have knitting needles standing in a bunch of jars in an old coca cola wooden box; one jar is our sugar holder; and we use the rest of them for drinking glasses, lol! At least I have a matched set of glasses, lol!

  • 75
    Dee Rose says:

    I like to clean out old, empty jars and use thme to make gifts. It’s such fun to make labels and tags, then add embellishments and ribbon. PTI has come out with a lot of great sets and supplies to make this easy as well as fun!

  • 76
    Janel says:

    I use them to store pens, pencils and I love to use them for organizing because they are see thru! Thanks for a chance to win. Good Luck everyone!

  • 77
    liz says:

    I use them for odds and ends. DH uses them out in the garage for nuts and bolts. After seeing some of the DT projects, I want to put some fresh cut wildflowers in one!

  • 78
    Karen says:

    I use my old jars for a variety of things, usually to gift something. My friends and co-workers love to see what I will do to recycle items. I like storing buttons in them for a colourful accent, I also use them in my kitchen to store dry ingredients such as rice, beans etc. Thanks, once more, for the contest!

  • 79
    Dixie C. says:

    Funny you should ask! I use canning jars as a great on-the-go cup for my breakfast smoothies. It doesn’t fit in the cup holder very well, but the size (large) and ability to shut down tight(once I am done I can stuff the straw in it and seal…or carry it around with me safely until I am ready for it!) make it a wonderful cup!

  • 80
    Patty J says:

    The jars hold a lot of dry pasta, popcorn and rice beautifully!

  • 81

    I have been finding a lot of uses for jars lately. I definitely use them in my craft room. lots of buttons, brad and things to put in them. But also I use them to mix new spice blends for my pantry and then there is always the one by the dryer to hold washed pocket items. I think I need to find creative and more fun ways to use them and give them as gifts. I am definitely inspired from the DT’s work this release!

  • 82
    Lori M says:

    I don’t have very many but the ones I do have are from my Grandmother and they are proudly holding my PTI buttons!!! πŸ™‚

  • 83
    Karen says:

    I use my jars for storing my craft supplies such as buttons, prima flowers, extra small die cuts, etc. They look pretty on the shelf with all the different colors. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 84
    Manda says:

    With two daughters there are always bits and pieces that need storing so some of the ways I’ve reused old jars are for hair clips, hair elastics, craft beads, glitter tubes, markers and pencils. I also use large coffee jars as packaging for homemade biscuits when giving them as presents. Not very inventive but I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with!

  • 85
    Amy Hadley says:

    My mom is a canner, so I have to give all of the canning jars back to her πŸ™‚ Other jars I either send off to recyle. My husband has a knack for breaking glass items, so it’s better I keep them away from him…don’t tell him I said that!

  • 86
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    Well, it’s not very inventive, but we use them for storing things in the fridge – no wondering which container the piece of onion or avocado is hiding in.

  • 87
    Nan H says:

    I embellish them and fill them up with candy. Who doesn’t need a chocolate fix every now and then??

  • 88

    I use mine to store ribbon scraps and have them organized by color. I also save my jam jars to store my buttons. They look so pretty!

  • 89
    Sue D says:

    I store dry goods in old jars in the kitchen and I have several blue mason jars that hold kitchen utensils. I have made candle holders out of baby food jars. We drink out of mason jars that have handles. There is nothing more homey than an old jar full of buttons and I have also used them as vases.

  • 90

    I like to put ribbon and buttons in them so I can see what I have at a glance! I also use them for vases when I bring flowers over to someone’s house. Can’t wait for the new jar stamp set tonight!

  • 91
    Tara says:

    Well I use them scrapbook buttons and ribbons, but I also love to get new life from antique jars by filling them with seasheells and some sand, or even small pinecones, or in my daughters room her little marbles and jax.
    Love the new release as always!

  • 92

    Right now I am using them to store my new PTI buttons as I get them…thanks for the great release Nichole!

  • 93
    Chris says:

    My daughter takes PB&J to school for lunch every single day, so I have a really nice supply of matching jelly jars. My Papertrey buttons look so nice all lined up in their jars. The colors of the buttons are so nice that the jars don’t need much decoration!

  • 94
    JackieL says:

    I use empty jars for change, screws, buttons, ribbon pieces.

  • 95
    Lori Oglesby says:

    I love to can so I reuse and reuse my jars. My favorites are wild plum jam, blackberry jam, strawberry jam and my secret recipe salsa–all from my garden of course!

  • 96
    Gini Cagle says:

    I like to use them for gift packaging, like for Russian Tea mix – so this new set would be so great to decorate the jars with!

  • 97
    Breeonna Delaire says:

    I love reusing old jars for fresh flowers! If I have no flowers I find good use for them in my craft room for ribbons, buttons, flowers, and so much more!

  • 98
    Denise M. says:

    I will store just about anything in glass jars but one of my favs is my husband (who is a cigar efficianato) stores cigar labels in them . They are like little works of art!

  • 99

    We use jars for anything and everything…. change, buttons, safety pins. Anything goes in our house! πŸ™‚

  • 100
    Sara Paschal says:

    Love to use them in the picnic basket great for almost everything you can put in there from liquids to breads, silverware and napkins.

    Organize small flowers for my craft space, just empty on a window to get the reflections of color.

  • 101
    Mary K says:

    They are pretty useful in the garage for holding nails/screws/etc., and in the craft room for buttons and other embellishments. I also have a small one in my kitchen holding my bay leaves.

  • 102
    kathleen pennington says:

    I have many of the really old blue canning jars with the wire bails that my grandmother had in the early 1900s. I store beans in them on my kitchen counter. I also have several button jars.

  • 103
    JenMarie says:

    Ooo…jars are FABULOUS for stamping embellies!
    …also as vases!

  • 104
    Laura says:

    I currently have multiple jars on my craft table holding small embellishments like paper flowers and even bottles of Stickles! I like that they are clear so I can see what’s in them. πŸ™‚

  • 105
    kristen m says:

    I use them in my craft room for buttons, ribbon, scraps, pins, and other miscellaneous “doodads”. We use them in the playroom for storing markers, crayons, colored pencils, and erasers. We use them in the garage for paint brushes, stirring sticks, and “favorite” screwdrivers.

    Thanks so much for the chance to “win it all”. Such a dream!!

  • 106
    Amy says:

    We recycle some, and use some for buttons and ribbons. My DH uses them for screws and nails and pennies.

  • 107
    bluemoon says:

    I don’t get many jars, but I like to put my flowers in them on my desk, sorted, easy to see. They’re one of my all time fave accessories.

  • 108
    Laura B says:

    The possibilities are endless. I use them as storage in the kitchen – they look great lined up in my pantry with things like brown sugar, oatmeal, pasta etc. They also make great candy jars as party favors for the kids birthday parties or for storage in the craft room!

  • 109
    Cindi Loizeaux says:

    In the kitchen:grated cheese, nuts, vases and pocket change on the counter.

  • 110

    Since the season has just begun, what we use them for at this time of year is firefly jars. I also love to put sand and candles in them as luminaries for summer night parties!

  • 111
    Christine N says:

    I like to put pasta, oats, beans and stuff in them. If they are unusual, I might even put them on the counter. Also, there is a meriad of uses in the craft room!


  • 112
    Sonya W. says:

    I have a friend who makes fabulous, italian “gravy” (sauce), so I give him my jars and he fills them up with sauce for me to freeze.

  • 113
    Amy C. says:

    I like using old jars for everything!! Buttons, beads, ribbon…and my favorite…drinking sweet iced tea!

  • 114
    Pam Douglas says:

    i use old jars in lots of ways….drinking glasses, vases, storage for buttons, etc., candle holders….i LOVE jars!

  • 115
    nkmac says:

    I love old mason jars and like to store beans, marbles, buttons- old and Papertrey buttons, use them as vases, roses look so neat in a blue jar, store some of my “tools”, my ice pick, etc…I just love jars!!!

  • 116
    Terri Bills says:

    I especially like to use recycled jars for candy gifts around the holidays. I usually fill with wrapped homemade caramels and decorate the outside with pretty papers.

  • 117
    steph zerbe says:

    My favorite way to use old empty jars is to fill them with embellishments.

    I kept every baby jar we bought and they now house many a’embellies!

    From sequence to those pesky leftover rub-ons, every last one of them is filled!

    Thanks for crafty goodness each month. I am especially loving the die lines!

  • 118
    Kerri M. says:

    Definitely to store my buttons! We also use them for change jars:)

  • 119
    Sue Plote says:

    There’s no such thing as an “old” jar at my house. As long as they’re washable they’re usable – as drinking glasses, as vases, as pantry storage. I can tons of goodies from our large garden and can’t have enough jars. I love them!

  • 120
    Judi Rose says:

    I love to put flowers in them, spare change, and all things crafty!!

  • 121
    Kristie H says:

    I love putting buttons and small embellishments in them. I keep my eye out on the prettiest ones for my scrapbook room. The rest seem to be used to sort the other odds and ends around the house.

  • 122
    Brittany says:

    If I’m not reusing my canning jars canning more yummy fruits or veggies, we usually fill them with pretty flowers to make our house always have a touch of Spring πŸ™‚

  • 123
    Dawne says:

    I use my jars for storage of buttons, ribbons, small embellishments, small die cuts, and around the house for candle holders, cotton swabs, cat treats,to hold paint brushes, and as flower vases. The possibilities with jars are unlimited!

  • 124
    Gina Kozuch says:

    I love to store my buttons and ribbons in jars and also my loose change

  • 125
    Samantha says:

    Well my newest way is using them to make homemade salad dressings – there are some great “jam jar” recipes in the new Jamie Oliver cookbook!

  • 126

    We do drink out of Mason jars and I have some old jars for my flour, sugar, coffee, etc. But, our favorite use of all time is catching insects! My kids always have some kind of critter in a jar to observe!

  • 127
    laura j says:

    I have lots of different sizes of mason jars and have used them to store odds and ends and bits and pieces such as buttons, screws, ribbon, coins, and pot pourri! In the summer I put tea lights and small candles in old jars to light up the deck in the evening!

  • 128
    Barbara Hale says:

    I use jars for so many things in my art and craft areas of my home. I have jars of buttons, jars of flowers and butterflies punched out of chipboard in various colors from product packaging that I like to recycle. I have used jars as drinking glasses and vases. I use the pint size jars to store homemade dressing in the refrigerator. I’m not sure I have the time or the space to list all the ways I use jars. LOVE THEM!

  • 129
    Tara says:

    I have an old blue glass jar (with a glass lid!) that I use to hold splenda packets on my kitchen counter. Even utilitarian can be cute!

  • 130
    Elizabeth S. says:

    I love to recycle jars for storing things. I will also use them to decorate and package up for a gift. This is another terrific release!
    Thanks for the chance to the “I want it All Package”.

  • 131
    leanne says:

    We have lots of uses for old jars! My shelf in my craft room is full of jars containing buttons, knitting needles, brads, tags, etc. We drink out of mason jars. We use them to keep seeds from our garden from year to year. We store change in them too. They can be used for so many things! Love all your new stuff!

  • 132
    Carol says:

    I use old jars for my art supplies…brushes in one, pencils in another…wrapped with a strip of fabric!

  • 133
    Jean Martin says:

    I like to label them and reuse them in the kitchen to hold baking soda, salt, etc.

  • 134
    Andrea S says:

    I use old jars for my scrap supplies like buttons, ribbon and homemade embelishments. My dad recycles his old jars by making his famous mayhaw jelly. We all love that recycling project!

  • 135
    Christine says:

    I just love old jars. They are great to store buttons and ribbons in, great for sipping cold drinks, and fun for filling with trinkets. My favorite use for them would be to fill them with homemade jam and share them with a friend. Thanks for sharing all of the fun tonight!

  • 136
    Carla Grace says:

    I love making gifts in a jar like layered cookies, brownies or soup mixes. The recipients always love to get something homemade and something that’s fun for them to put together too.

  • 137
    Melissa D. says:

    I am loving canning. I just gave a jar away as a candle holder too, my son’s kindergarten teacher. I hope she enjoyed it. I just loving giving away great gifts.

  • 138
    Shannon Reid says:

    I use old jars for pieces of ribbon… a different jar for each color.

  • 139
    Chris H. says:

    Buttons, and more buttons!!

  • 140
    Karen B. says:

    I have old jars in my crafting space to hold buttons, pens, markers and all the little scraps of die cuts! Love them. And they are so pretty.

  • 141
    Roni says:

    I use jars to give homemade gifts in. I usually decorate the outside of the jars and make them specific for the receiver. The new jar set would come in handy.

  • 142
    Linda w says:

    I love using old jars as vases to give my family flowers. They also make great penny jars.

    stamp on…

  • 143
    Wendy Todd says:

    Wow, I use jars for EVERYthing! My fave reuse for them would have to be storing my buttons and ribbons -I just love to see all of those gorgeous colours lined up along my shelves, screaming out to be used!

  • 144
    Martha D. says:

    During the summer I love to put wild flowers in old Mason jars. Perfect on the dining room table at our summer cottage. Love the ideas everyone is sharing.

  • 145
    mary dawn q says:

    this summer our back porch has a big old jar filled with Queen Anne’s Lace and my daughter put food coloring in to the water to change the color of the blooms, something i used to do when i was a kid

  • 146
    Candy says:

    I love to recycle/reuse all types of jars to store anything and everything!

  • 147
    Darla says:

    Old jars are great for keeping pens in and I also keep my buttons in some cute little jars.

  • 148

    I have one for putting all the coins, then a few for old buttons, flowers and all the little things my daughter collects from anywhere & everywhere and brings it home as treasures!!!

  • 149

    My husband and son reach for old Mason jars to drink from. They like them better than a regular glass. I also like to use them in the bathroom to store cotton balls, etc.

  • 150
    Tanya says:

    I love putting items in for gifting. My daughter loves little trinkets in recycled containers

  • 151
    Tammy W. says:

    After seeing the Friendship Jar and Fillers sneak peeks, my head is just spinning with gift ideas for so many people. I love to reuse/recycle all sort of items, but jars will be top of the list now.
    This month’s releases were totally awesome! Thanks for this incredible opportunity to win such a generous prize! PTI ROCKS!!!

  • 152
    lisa Garzona says:

    I collect change, rocks, shells in old jars. Im starting a collection of old Mason jars.

  • 153
    Lori Leng says:

    I love to use them to organize my scrap area.

  • 154
    Noreen says:

    I reuse jars to hold dry foods such as chili powder. I also like them to sort craft items such as buttons, small wood parts, and pens and scissors. They’re nice because you can see through them.

  • 155
    Lisa G says:

    I use my jars for homemade jams that I make and I also love to store my buttons and beads in them.

  • 156
    Erin Taylor says:

    I love storing my scrapbook supplies in jars. They are clear, so I can see what’s in them… and they are the perfect size for ribbon, buttons, and other embellishments. I love clear jars πŸ™‚

  • 157
    Shelly Guthrie says:

    I use them for sugar, kosher salt, rice, beans, etc. I keep buttons, cotton balls and other craft items in them. I also love to use them as vases, it gives my home such an old fashioned, cozy comfy feel :-)Some of my canning jars are really old and passed down to me from loved ones. These hold my special memories of them.

  • 158
    Hilde says:

    Fun question.. The first thing that comes to mind is using them to store art and craft supplies. I am constantly looking for ways to do this both in a way that will keep them neat and contained and out where I can see them. I can keep jars on my desk filled with pens or paintbrushes, ribbons, or other embellies that I have painted, stamped, or otherwise altered so they are ready to go when I need them. If I see it, I use it!

  • 159
    LorraineN says:

    I like to use them to store my crafty doodads. But sometimes my son likes to steal them for his “inventing of potions” or storing of his own doodads (small toys)! We also use them to make our own pickled veggies.

  • 160
    Julia Muscari says:

    Strangely enough, for safety pins!

  • 161

    I love Mason Jars, and I love using it to store scraps, ribbons and buttons in my craft room! I also love making myself a jar of Thai Ice Tea and sit at my patio to enjoy the evening sun!

  • 162
    Necola says:

    I use old jars to collect coins, for drinking, and storage of craft supplies.

  • 163
    berryblue says:

    I use mine for vases. And for giving soup to friends.

  • 164

    Hmm, i love using old jars for flower vases, for storing things like pens, buttons and ribbon.

  • 165
    Mary B says:

    I like to use old jars for craft projects and storage. They make great flower vases for my daughter to decorate with stickers and paint.

  • 166
    Priscilla from California says:

    My husband uses them for nails, screws, and washers. I use them for any kind of small craft items: pens, markers, flowers, small amounts of ribbon, tools like paper piercers, exacto knives, rulers.

  • 167
    Mariana says:

    We use them for storage and homemade presents!! During the summer they are great for picnics!!

  • 168
    Janis says:

    I love sipping on some freshly brewed ice tea, with lots of ice, on a hot summer day! Of course, I can remember as a kid, my dad had all his nuts and bolts stored in mason jar, which were hanging from the ceiling!

  • 169
    Cassandra says:

    My old jars are mainly used in the kitchen, to keep things like candles, cake decorations, or piping nozzles. You know, the stuff that would lie around in the pantry being a nuisance. My husband also uses them for nails and bits in his workshop.

  • 170
    Shay says:

    Completely unoriginal but I use old jars for organizing/showcasing small items in my studio.

  • 171
    Connie P. says:

    I really only use my jars for canning! Not very creative, I know.

  • 172
    Dani C. says:

    I put colorful jars in my windows. I love having the sunlight shine in and cast bright colors around the room.

    I use clear jars to store things. In my craft area I have ribbon, flowers, brads, buttons and other do-dads in different jars. In my bathroom I store qtips and cottons balls. In the kitchen I have rubberbands, small nails and tacks, twist ties and things the kids bring me.

  • 173
    Valerie S. says:

    I used a bunch of old jars for a craft project with my brownie girl scout troop. I had the girls decorate the outside of the jar with paper strips. And then we put artificial flowers in them with some Easter grass and the girls gave them to their mothers for Mother’s Day.

  • 174
    Kelly Pitzlin says:

    I love using old jars for storing my wonderful PTI goodies, especially buttons! I am always up for a unique way to pack a gift for a special someone as well!

  • 175
    Rosemary D says:

    I usually recycle jars to use for storing buttons and things like that. Not very original for sure!

  • 176
    CherylB says:

    I love them for storage of everything from grains in my pantry to buttons in my studio. Each color of PT buttons is in its own jelly jar!

  • 177
    nina says:

    My sister saves her perfectly-sized Bonne Maman jam jars for me – they have nice wide mouths so it’s easy to dig around for the PTI buttons I keep in them! Not that I have actually used any buttons on my projects yet… they’re just so pretty to look at!

  • 178
    June says:

    I love to use the antique blue jars as my cannister set. They look great in my kitchen and add a touch of uniqueness to my kitchen. I also use old jars to hold my ribbons and buttons.

  • 179

    Love this question…. I use empty jars in so many ways… I have ribbon in old pickle jars, buttons and brads in small baby food jars. Outside the scrapbooking room I made my kids 2 jars inside I put strips of paper with different rewards. At the end of the week they pick their reward for the weekend…. they have so much fun picking their reward (it could be anything from bowling, going to the movies, or going to their favourite restaurant).

    Thank you for the chance to win!!!!

  • 180
    Donelda says:

    I love to add the dry ingrediants for cookie recipies in old empty jars. Then you add the recipe on a tag and give it away for a gift. Now I’ll have a great stamp set to help out with the tag recipe!!!

  • 181
    Keisha H says:

    I give my empty jars to my mom so she can make jam. πŸ™‚ But after this release, I may have some new ideas…. πŸ™‚

  • 182
    Lori Kistler says:

    I use and reuse old jars by gobs in my stamp room for all kinds of everything. I also use them for potpourri. They look so homey around the house.
    Funniest Part: I use and reuse old jars for canning. In the coldest part of the winter fruits and vegetable from the summer taste so GOOD!

  • 183
    Leigh says:

    We use old canning jars for cookies-in-a-jar to give away as gifts. We put all the dry ingredients in a jar to make one batch of cookies and the recipient adds the wet ingredients.

  • 184

    Beyond the reusing the empty jars for collecting grease (probably not what you are looking for), I like most people use them to hold craft items.

  • 185
    Amy G. says:

    I like to use jars to freeze soup or chicken stock. I’m intimidated by the idea of canning, but I can understand freezing. Also, as a good southern girl, I have my jar of bacon drippings in the fridge in case I need some for seasoning. The jars work great because they’re so much easier to clean than plastic.

  • 186
    Mark says:

    I use recyled jars to cultivate seedlings to transplant into my garden.

  • 187
    Angela Harhikhanavala says:

    Buttons, spices, leftovers, flowers — you name it!

  • 188
    Rosemarie Gerencser says:

    I use lots of jars in my crafting room to hold buttons, ribbons, markers, etc.

  • 189
    Clouds says:

    I use glass jars to store coffee and sugar in them, it’s tight sealed and they don’t take that much space, if I don’t use them I recycle them, easy peasy!

    Clouds πŸ™‚

  • 190
    Kera Simpson says:

    Storage! I like to re-use jars and various containers for storage. Decorating them and making them into a cute decor piece πŸ™‚

  • 191
    cecilia chin-yet says:

    recently i used old baby food jars for etching.don’t know what i’ll use it for but thy were fun to etch. and i have one that i used alcohol inks to cover at summer cha last year that keeps my pens, scissors, and other odds and ends in on my craft table.

  • 192
    Lea Ann says:

    We store marbles in old jars, package up cookies & cake mixes for gifts, store scrapping embellishments and sewing supplies . . . whatever fits will end up in jars in our house πŸ™‚

  • 193
    piali says:

    I usually reuse them by storing things and for the little ones I like to make candles..baby food jar works the best.

  • 194
    Monica says:

    I love to give gifts in jars so you can get a sneak peek of whats inside πŸ™‚ but for the most part they hold my PTI buttons!

  • 195
    Susan T says:

    I love to take interesting shaped jars and reuse them for items in my fridge. I really do not like plastic. My husband thinks that I am container crazy. I also love to use them for flowers, buttons, and spices. Thanks for a chance to win it all!! Maybe tonight will be the night that I win it all. It would totally make my day. πŸ™‚

  • 196
    Rosanne says:

    I use them to store spools of thread and buttons!Pretty and colourful!

  • 197
    Roula says:

    I use old jars to keep all my embellishments in.I also like to keep the bigger ones on my counter with pasta and cereals…

  • 198
    Janelle says:

    I don’t keep many old jars — I know, I’m a disgrace to crafters everywhere. πŸ™‚ I do have one old jelly jar that I use to mix cornstarch & water for gravy. πŸ™‚ I do have a very old one that has some old buttons in it. But I LOVE the new stamp set — I’m sure it’ll give me lots of ideas and have me saving jars in no time. πŸ™‚

  • 199
    Pam says:

    Old jars have so, so much personality!!! I love to use them when I entertain……..for drinking glasses, to hold buffet silverware, condiments, use a super large one as a “punch bowl”…the possibilities are endless. Of course, nothing is sweeter than putting a few wildflowers in a jar as a quick and easy centerpiece. And then when dinner is over….make sure you have lids (with holes) available and catch fireflies!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win,

  • 200
    Trish says:

    I use them as outdoor lanterns. They look fabulous on a table, hanging from trees, or hanging from an iron stake. I love the way they light up my garden, patios and greenhouse. I use citronella votives in them and a long handled lighter to light them. This gives me more time outdoors in the evening enjoyng my family and our own private oasis, at least that’s what it feels like to us. Kudos to you Nichole, and the entire Papertrey Team. This is a magnificent release.


  • 201
    Jen Adcock says:

    I love using them to house my embellishments. But I especially love decorating them as if they were going to be given away as a gift first. It is how I spoil myself and show how much I value all the bits and bobs that go into making the craft I adore so much and that make me so happy.

  • 202
    Wahinelei says:

    It seems such a shame to throw out my jars so I wash them out and save them. Then I don’t know what to do with them! I have used some to store food (sauces, dressings, etc.) and I’ve used a couple to put flowers in. But other than that I have a a cabinet full of jars just waiting to be used!

  • 203
    Kimberly says:

    I use them to store buttons, embellishments, ribbon pieces, etc. All of the craft stuff looks so pretty in clear jars!

  • 204
    Jenny L says:

    I use them as candle holders, lol!

  • 205
    Jeni says:

    I love to put glass beads & a candle in the bottom with a little rafia around the top.

  • 206
    JoAnna says:

    I LOVE to give gifts in them. My friends and I are always putting gifts in them and giving them to new friends. Sooo much fun!!!!

  • 207
    Kimberly S says:

    I’ve used them to store home-made scented bath salts!

  • 208
    Tanya says:

    I have always been a jar collector. I use them for storing craft items such as PTI buttons! I sometimes just keep empty jars because they are cute!

  • 209
    Jessica says:

    My favorite memory for using old jars as a child was to catch fireflies on warm summer evenings.

  • 210
    Caroline says:

    I save mine and give them to my friend who makes the most wonderful jams, jellies, pickles and dilly beans. YUM!!!

  • 211
    Sheryl says:

    I love to use jars for candy for my girls and me in our craft room! They are also wonderful for storing homemade Salsa in the fridge, and for mixing up yummy brownie mixes to give friends as gifts. And, the little jelly jars and half pint jars make super adorable votive candle holders! Can’t wait to get the jar sets and extras and play!!!!!

  • 212
    Maureen W. says:

    We don’t have many jars, but I did get some great ones with peaches in them that I use to store all sorts of crafting supplies. They look great all lined up on the shelves in my craft room!

  • 213
    Rosemary Eagan says:

    Christmas gifting of my fabulous Cranberry Chutney.
    And then, the one use I really love–anger management. Broken glass recycles also.
    Of course, I smash fewer of these jars now than I did when I was young and newly married. But I highly recommend it. Of course, I do put down newspaper to save myself some cleanup time.

  • 214
    Susan says:

    I like to reuse old jars as vases, glasses for soda or lemonade, containers for old buttons, ribbon and old sewing supplies, and lamp bases, just to name a few uses. They are so classic and never go out of style. I’ve even see mason jars used as candle sconces in the Pottery Barn catalog. Can’t wait to get this stamp set! Thanks for your creativity!

  • 215
    Robyn McMurry says:

    I store things in my cupboard (pantry) like vanilla powder, bulk gelatin, etc. I’ve even got an old mayo jar where I store my 1# of yeast, in the freezer :O)

  • 216
    Nicky Hsu says:

    I love my jam jar and I use them for my PTI buttons and left over ribbons. Small embellishments. Foe a bigger one, I reuse them to marinate watermelon and it make a great cool and refreshing appetizer.

  • 217
    Bernadette says:

    I store buttons, ribbons, other embellishments.
    I use them as vases in the house as well as hostess gifts.
    They are recycled as decorated candy containers for the various holidays.
    My husband uses them to store all his ‘spare’ coins. If I could find where he hides them, I could buy some fun items from your store!!Thank you for this opportunity.

  • 218
    Carrie Croy says:

    I like to store pantry items. Since my kitchen is so small, they have to be stored in my basement, and that means everything has to be mice proof. I also like that glass jars do not react or inflict certain smells into those foods.

  • 219
    Jerri K says:

    I have collected old jars for a long time. Some of mine have been through 3 generations. I love to put flowers in them to decorate the table. I even have one that has lights in it with a doillie decorating the top.

  • 220
    AnneSATX says:

    I use jars for storage — for all sorts of things. I put all sorts of food into jars, store buttons, coins, sea shells, you name it. I’ve always found jars to be great ways to store things.

  • 221

    For quite a while I’ve been making our own cleaning supplies, toiletries, hand creams and such, so I reuse glass jars for that. Example: I currently have facial toner in a former soy sauce bottle, and body lotion in a former preserve jar, massage oil in a former black bean sauce jar… you get the idea.

  • 222
    Kay Tillman says:

    Wow what an amazing release!! We use jelly size jars to drink out of and I have a collection of the short Ball jars that I use for storing ribbon and buttons. Thanks so much for the chance to win. πŸ™‚

  • 223
    Tracey McNeely says:

    I recycle old jars to hold buttons, ribbon, safety pins, spool of string for easy access, bud vase, change and hair ties to name a few. Now what could I do with the new Friendship Jars & Fillers?

  • 224
    Jada says:

    Through the years I have used mason jars for vases, drinking out of, storing nuts/bolts, misc items that I have no idea what they go to….lol. Thanks for the chance to win a fabulous prize package! πŸ™‚

  • 225
    Vanessa says:

    I use old jars for a number of different things. Some I use in my craft room to store buttons, ribbons and other scrapbooking items. I also use my jars to make homeade jam. I love making jam and this year it is going to be my Christmas gifts to friends and family.

  • 226
    Cammy Wall says:

    I’ve reused jars for teacher gifts — filled with Skittles & paper flowers makes a really fun presentation.

  • 227
    Maria Luisa says:

    I use old jars to put flowers. for cold drink and I use for hold my bottons and some embellishment.

  • 228
    Eva C. says:

    I have embellishments in some, of course. I have a couple in one bathroom that have hair ties and bobby pins in them, great way to keep the two seperate. The other bathroom has a couple of jars FULL of hair decorations from when my 15 year old was a toddler and wore “pretties” in her hair. My daughter has some in her room with coins and her eyeliner/make up stuff.

  • 229
    Robbin Clements says:

    I use them as a pen/pencil holder, as a vase and to store things (like hair clips, ribbon, scrunchies and of course craft embellishments) in!!

  • 230
    Ellie says:

    I use my old jars for my flowers.. there is nothing sweeter then seeing some flowers in an old jar found in one of those treasure hunts and wondering the story behind that jar.

  • 231
    Deanna says:

    Some grass and dirt… a few hole in the lid… they make good bug collectors for my 5 year old Jackson!

    Haha I actually have 25 old mason jars on my desk at work. A friend gave them to me from her wedding!

  • 232

    I use old jars for storage around the house, like as a pen holder on my desk.

  • 233
    Beth M. says:

    I use them to hold my husbands change and also to store buttons and ribbon.

  • 234
    Suzy Coborn says:

    There are so many uses for old mason jars. We use them to hold nails and screws, bugs, use them to drink ice tea, pen and pencil holders, to store leftover paint, to hold pasta and other cooking supplies…I could go on and on!

  • 235

    I currently have old jars that store buttons, loose change (so I can buy more stamps! ;)), Boxtops for my daughters’ school fundraisers, more spare change, ribbon and lace trims, a couple shell collections, a big bottle of snow flake glitter, and a couple that serve as flower vases depending on what we are picking out of the garden today. I DO *love* glass jars and bottles of all kinds. Brilliant work by you and Mish to PTI-ize them! Bravo!

  • 236
    Emily W. says:

    We’ve had a giant glass change jar for just about forever. It’s fun to fill it, turn it in for some spending cash, then start over with the few coins that don’t round out to an even dollar!

  • 237
    jan says:

    I use jars for decorations, a collection of blues, for my ribbons, and my buttons!

  • 238
    Isabel Z says:

    How many jars do we reuse? Let me count the ways. We use them to hold flowers cut from the garden and to drink lemonade on a hot summer day. We use them to hold our paintbrushes and other crafting tools. Our latest use is turning baby food jars into snow globes. So many jars, so little time.

  • 239
    Kris f says:

    I use jars fo hold all kinds of embellishments…buttons etc.

  • 240
    annheidel says:

    Depends on the type of jar, but they make great packaging for gifts. I have several boxes of mason jars I was about to get rid of because of moving and no longer canning, but seeing all the Friendship Jar posts has me rethinking! lol I think I’ll save them now! I’m planning to use some for buttons too.

  • 241
    Katie M says:

    I love to keep buttons in them for crafting, clothes pins full of ribbon and other assorted embellishments. I also love to mix them into my holiday decor and fill them with small ornaments, easter eggs or something related to the season.

  • 242
    Kathy V. says:

    We use them to catch all sorts of things. Buttons, bugs, flowers, seeds, you name it.
    The grandkids like to paste pieces of wallpaper on them and use them for pencil holders, etc.

  • 243
    Jennifer K says:

    We actually can tomatoes, pickles, applesauce and more so most of our jars are saved for that. But DH loves using them to drink out of.

  • 244
    sherRae says:

    I use old jars for my vintage button collection and vintage trims. Vintage items need a vintage home and old jars fit the bill!

  • 245
    Darlene L says:

    In our home we use them for drinking, shaking up milkshakes and pudding, flower vases, and pretty ribbon. The most unusual use is I use the pretty blue one with a steel lid to hold Indian beads found along the railroad tracks my uncle had collected–just love them.

  • 246
    Chris L. says:

    We use old jars for making cookies in a jar and for storing buttons and ribbon. I am looking forward to seeing some wonderful ideas for some great Christmas presents! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • 247
    Kathy Mc says:

    Use as vase for fresh flowers, store buttons and ribbons, cookie mix in a jar, homemade salad dressings, and also reuse to vacuum seal grated cheese and also lettuce. And the most obvious is to reuse the jars for canning salsa, peaches, jams, apple butter, applesauce and jalapeno jelly with new lids. Love all sizes!

  • 248
    Mary Duffek says:

    I love to reuse and fill my empty jars with anything that I need to organize. I have buttons, art supplies, change, notions, notes, ribbon, etc…in my jars. Like Mish – I love my Mason jars…so excited for this months release. I also love using our jars for driking glasses and of coarse for canning!

  • 249
    Leslie W says:

    I fill them with the usual items like buttons, ribbons, change jar, etc. At Christmas we like to fill them with a strand of white lights and potpourri and then put a fabric doily on top tied with a ribbon and some flowers. The warmth from the lights helps spread the fragrance of the potpourri. Thanks for another amazing month of releases – you never fail to amaze and inspire me. Good luck with your new inks.

  • 250
    Beth says:

    Buttons, ribbon, dye for dying Easter eggs, and marbles. I have some of the old blue jars. They add so much to the shelf.

  • 251
    Sandy Kay says:

    I use them mainly for canning in the summer, but the really old ones (greenish-blue tint) I use for storing food in – leftovers in the fridge or foods in the pantry – rice, etc.

  • 252
    Jen Carter says:

    Sometimes we use the jars to put gifts in, other times I use them for change and I have several in my crafting area that I collect ribbon scraps and buttons in.

  • 253
    Connie F. says:

    We have used them for summer drinks, I have made gifts of soups, cookies, brownies, hot chocolate, etc. at Christmas time and I use small ones for crafting embellishments and I have some with nails in them. And I occasionaly use the large ones for flowers. I guess I use my Mason/Ball jars for just about everything “except” canning anymore! I can’t wait to see the entire “jar” release—it will be so fun!

  • 254
    Vina says:

    I tend to use old jars to store my vast collection of embellishments. It inspires me to see my craft shelf lined with jars filled with colorful flowers, buttons & ribbons.

  • 255
    Kelly says:

    I love Dawn’s idea of flowers – I’m going to have to try that. I’ve just used them for storage of supplies – pens, pencils, buttons, etc.

  • 256
    Janet says:

    Here in Australia, there used to be a brand of jam (I think you lot call it jelly) that came in glass jars designed to be re-used as a drinking glass. When we were young, poor newlyweds, we gathered quite a collection. Then we started a family, and with little ones around, decided there wasn’t much point replacing our freebie glasses. Throughout the years most of them have gone to God (sometimes spectacularly!), and it’s only recently, almost 13 years into our marriage, that we’ve actually bought “real” drinking glasses. Those jars have sure served us well!

  • 257
    iheartart says:

    I like to store buttons in them.

  • 258
    Christie says:

    My most fav use for old jars with glass lids is to fill them with sand and shells that have been collected by my kids while on vacation. Each vacation for the past 13 years has it’s own old jar and sits on a shelf in my bathroom. Its a fun reminder of vacations from yester-year.

  • 259
    Jen Gall says:

    I have a sanitizing dishwasher, so I like to take old jars and make cookie and brownie kits to give as gifts. And I love making whimsy jars, too.

  • 260
    Debra B. says:

    I like to use them for vases and fill them with zinnias and daisies. Reminds me of my Grandma.

  • 261
    Kathy says:

    I collect the blue mason jars for my bedroom. The clear ones I use for vases or pencil holders and sometimes drinking glasses.

  • 262
    Beth says:

    I usually fill them with candy and give them out during the holidays. My plans is to decorate and fill them for the men and women that work at the Armed Forces Recruiting office to thank them for the service to our country. I will deliver them for the 4th of July.

  • 263
    Karen G says:

    Old jars are FABULOUS!!! In the garage, store nails, screws, brackets, staples, and all kinds of other odds & ends. In the house, use them to display fruit, buttons, ribbon, store food, or use them to collect coins. Then use the ones that aren’t so pretty to mix paint or hook up to an airbrush. And save some to use for gift packaging!! :>

  • 264
    Marcia Truslow says:

    For flowerpots! And for collections of little things. Glass honey jars with handles become big salt shakers (poke holes in metal tops), food storage jars, iced drink holders, candy dishes. They survive the microwave and dishwasher with ease. You name it, I’ve probably got it in a recycled jar!

  • 265
    Danielle says:

    I always reuse glass jars by filling them with buttons, or ribbon. I love how I can see exactly what’s in them!!

  • 266
    Becky says:

    Hmmm, I really love putting mixes in them and giving them as gifts. Easy and fun!

  • 267
    luv2talk says:

    I fill them with chocolate/nuts/etc around christmas time and alter the lid. Of course, they make much better gifts if you exercise some willpower and don’t eat all the contents first!

  • 268
    Sara Spencer says:

    I recycle them in perhaps the most obvious way…to make more homemade jams. =) I would love to use them for buttons and embellishments in my stamp area but there just isn’t enough room.

  • 269
    Rose A says:

    We use our recycled jars and turn them into gorgeous candles or potpurri. My aunt crochets the most beautiful trims and toppers to pretty them up! I’ve got a cranberry spice scented one in my kitchen right now, smells divine !

    Thank you as always for the chance to win!

  • 270
    Jess says:

    Button storage! Rows of pretty colors make me happy!

  • 271
    Courtney K says:

    buttons and flowers!

  • 272
    Amy says:

    I use old jelly jars to store buttons. I love being able to see everything to find what I need.

  • 273
    Kathy says:

    I love to attach wire and hang them from the giant gumbo limbo tree right outside my french doors. With tea lights or those battery operated tea lights its like a party in the back yard all the time!

  • 274

    I like to use jars to hold little odds and ends (especially in my studio). Vintage buttons, ribbon scraps, small trinkets and even notes and scraps of paper that I jot notes with cute things my kids say.

  • 275
    Sue Woods says:

    We use old jars for screws, nuts, and bolts…not very exciting, but practical. I also use jars to hold some of my ribbon. Not terribly exciting…I know!

  • 276
    Ritu says:

    I have been collecting jars for some time. It began with baby food jars which I used for small crafting supplies. Since then, my collection has grown. Some I have painted and rest are as they are. These, I have started lining up on top of my kitchen cabinets. They look pretty and I bring some down for fresh flowers!

  • 277
    Vicki B says:

    I usually use old jars for buttons, screws things like that. I love the new sets but am just now getting a chance to view everything!

  • 278
    Jan Weigand says:

    We use old jars to store flour, rice,and sugar. They keep everything fresh.

  • 279
    Laura Boyd says:

    I use old jars to store my buttons and flowers. They make such pretty decorations as well as being useful.

  • 280

    I use them to organize my buttons and other small embellishments.

  • 281
    Ginette says:

    I use mine to hold supplies and food. I also love decorating them, putting stuff in it, and giving them away. Thanks!!

  • 282
    Ree says:

    Not out of the box but I use them to store buttons, ribbon, and small sewing supplies. We also store change in them. I had a couple of glass related accidents so, I don’t deal with glass too much.

  • 283
    mamajulie says:

    I store my coffee beans in a jar near my coffee maker to keep them handy for grinding.

  • 284
    Keva Brown says:

    Empty jars get turned into change holders at our house. My daughter, though, loves all things Twilight and she has tons of buttons and knick knacks so she uses them for her stuff. I can remember when I was a kid, we would drink out of mason jars. There is nothing better than ice cold lemonade in a jar! Yum!

  • 285
    Sandra Poarch says:

    I love using old jars for everything in my kitchen. Pasta, beans, etc. Love the look. I love using small jars for buttons, ribbons, eyelets, etc.

  • 286
    H. Field says:

    The green earth way..recycle them to catch kitchen grease. However, I have my fair share of older jars holding my craft collections:)I always wanting to make snow globes with the kids…might do that this dummer for a craft.

  • 287
    Sharon Scalise says:

    mason jars are tucked around our house….in the closet is a money fund holding change for the next trip……in the kitchen holding rice, oatmeal, etc.. and in the craft room storing buttons and bits sorted by color..

  • 288
    Ana Th. says:

    I use them to store my coloring pencils, markers and brushes. Also, I like to store dry food in them, such as crackers, pasta and cereal and I keep them in my pantry. I really hate to see all the boxes from the store in my pantry, so I transfer everything I can into jars and store food that way.

  • 289
    Pamm says:

    oh wow….let me count the ways, to hold change, buttons, ribbon scraps, cat treats, marbles, flowers, lady bugs, pussy willows, and my fav, lemonade!!!

  • 290
    Jessica says:

    I love using old jars for storage. Markers, colored pencils, pens… you name it! And nothing tastes better than an icy cold drink served in one of those old jars. I have great summer memories sitting on my grandma’s front porch (complete with a swing) drinking lemonade from a jar!

  • 291
    MJ says:

    My son is very creative even when he was a little boy – always drawing or coloring. So we have jars of pencils/markers/crayons with numerous notebooks & pads of paper stashed in seemingly every corner of the house. Of course one or two of those jars would be for my copic markers…. =P

  • 292
    Jeni Barbas says:

    I reuse old jars to hold craft and art supplies for my child’s art area: paintbrushes, crayons, scraps of paper, etc. It makes the table look so lovely and vintage!

  • 293
    Penny J. says:

    They make great drinking glasses. I also love to put buttons and ribbons, etc. in them. Oh and they make great vases!! They are so much fun and add lots of character!

  • 294
    betty lou says:

    My favorite use of jars is filling them with buttons…divided into color groups!!! Love looking at the colorful row of button-filled jars…so pretty and so easy when needing buttons for projects!! Thanks for the chance to win such a great collection!!!

  • 295
    Amber K says:

    I usually just put my jars in the recycle container. After seeing the post from this weeks peek I could see myself using them as vases or maybe storage of supplies. Congrats on another awesome release!

  • 296
    Janette Childs says:

    Today I used an old Ball jar to make a “Job Jar” for my girls, ages 5 and 3. I decorated it with some of their favorite scrapbook materials and then bought some glass marbles from the store. Every time they do a job on their “Job Chart” they can put a marble to the jar. As soon as the jar is full, they get to pick a fun family activity. I have a feeling we will be visiting Chuck E. Cheese in a few weeks!

  • 297
    Carol R says:

    All the baby food jars from years gone by, are now in my husband’s workshop holding odd pieces of hardware. I look at the thrift store for ‘pretty’ canning jars and have them in my stamp room holding beads, buttons, clips, etc.

  • 298
    sandy says:

    I like to put ribbons in them because it’s so colorful! And I put some of my extra die cut tags in them so I can see what’s available quickly.

  • 299
    Emily Keaton says:

    My favorite way to reuse old jars is to use them to stash treasures like marbles, buttons, etc. And they make great vases!! Of course, I don’t get to keep many of the old jars that come my way. My mother-in-law, mom, and sister want me to save my jars so they can use them for their summer canning. So I guess the BEST way to reuse old jars is to keep them in circulation in the food chain πŸ™‚

  • 300
    Danielle G. says:

    I think it is fun to stuff a variety of crafty goodies and snacks into a jar and give it to a friend to enjoy. It’s fun to see all the contents through the jar and also dump out the contents and sift through everything!

  • 301
    Sarah H. says:

    We reuse old jars to store snacks we buy in bulk from the whole foods store. They are just the right size to hold several serving sizes then we experience the fun of selecting the next sweet or savory snack mix to refill!

  • 302
    Julie Campbell says:

    I love displaying a group of antique jars on a shelf above one of my favorite quilt racks. It’s a fun, homespun collection that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  • 303
    Janice Melton says:

    I like using old time canning/jelly jars to store my buttons and other embellishments in.

  • 304
    Margaret Peltier says:

    I collect and reuse all types of jars for all sorts of things, fill with homemade jams, jellies, hand cream – I use them for favors and also to store embellishments in, in my craft room! Always looking for great ideas to use them for! Thanks for the opportunity to win some great PTI goodies!!

  • 305

    I don’t really use any right now, but I love the way they look filled with buttons all lined up on a shelf. Can’t wait to do this in my craft room.

  • 306
    Detra Parks says:

    I use old jars for storing embellishments in my scraproom. I also like to use them for drinking glasses and my husband uses them in his shop for nails and stuff. The June release looks awesome.

  • 307
    Paula Laird says:

    I love to send crafty friends dew drops, buttons, ribbon, etc in empty baby food jars. I like to fill big empty jars with salsa or olive oil bread dip and give them for gifts to the guys in our family. Jars also make great drinking glasses!

  • 308
    Andrea M says:

    We use them currently for storage in our garage (screws, etc) but after seeing this release, I’ll find some new uses *wink*
    We’ve also started gardening and we have a ton of tomatoes so perhaps we’ll stew some!
    Can’t wait for the release! Brilliant work, ladies!

  • 309
    Kelly Jo says:

    I love to re-use bell candles (taller ones) to collect matchbooks that I pick up whenever I find them out and about or on trips. It’s fun to pull them out down the road and recall the time when/where I picked it up from!

  • 310
    Linda L says:

    Living in Florida, I use them for stuff I pick up at the beach like shells, sand for candles to rest on and smooth beach glass when I can find it. Oh, and Bloody Marys…

  • 311
    Bonnie says:

    I fill my old jars with buttons, charms, ribbons, crystals, Alphabets, sea shells and also for different soaps. I find them to be very useful in my kitchen also for chocolate chips, rasins, nuts , etc.

  • 312
    cynthia says:

    I eat mainly a raw food diet which is fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. So I store all my nuts, dried fruits and seeds in my jars. Their way better then plastic and last forever.


  • 313

    I love to reuse old jars and put spices in them in my kitchen. It makes the shelves look so pretty and rustic.

  • 314
    Mindy says:

    I’ve got some baby food jars from when my kids were little (they are teenagers now!) that I use to store buttons & other sewing supplies. Can’t wait to read all of these replies to start utilizing jars more!

  • 315

    I love using jars to hold my crafting supplies! I just enjoy the “vintage” look it gives my studio.

  • 316
    Amy Dann says:

    I love to use them to organize craft items for my two girls. We love to craft together and having an organized area makes it so much easier for clean up! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a fabulous prize package!

  • 317
    Lori W says:

    I love storing crafting supplies for me and my kids in old jars. I often arrange a bunch of jars in a basket to sort things while still keeping them together (like my copics). I love using them in craft projects like snow globes. And doesn’t lemonade and ice tea just taste better out of a mason jar!?!

  • 318
    Lin says:

    For buttons, of course, then bits and pieces of ribbon or lace that I can’t bear to throw away, paper flowers (not packed too tightly), old wooden spools of thread . My husband uses our old baby food jars for his hardware stuff – nails, nuts, bolt, etc. We drink out of pint canning jars, and when I have a smallish bunch of flowers, they usually go into a jar, especially if it will be sitting outside on the screened in porch.

  • 319
    Marge says:

    I recycle my jars of all sizes, shapes for storing my buttons, flowers, and numerous other embellishments in my craft room, as well as for floral arrangements throughout the house. I’m especially partial to green recycled glass jars, as green is my favorite color.

  • 320
    Natalie says:

    I love jars to hold buttons and ribbon in my scrappy area. Cookie mixes as gifts. My church friends even made some stuffed with potpourri and those cheap Christmas lights, when you plug it in, the warmth of the lights makes the potpourri sent fill the room.

  • 321
    tinamarie says:

    I LOVE using old jars! I use them for ribbon, buttons, as vases, change and drinking glasses in the summer!
    Nothing is better than a mason jar filled with lemonade and ice cubes on a hot summer day!!!

  • 322
    Kathy R. says:

    I like to use jars for buttons, ribbon, flowers, to drink from, spare change, leftovers, etc. … the possibilities are endless. Love them!

  • 323
    Julie G. says:

    I use old jars for pens and such on my desk. But my favorite thing to do with mason jars is to give them back to my mom to refill with yummy goodness!

  • 324
    Cassi says:

    i like to use them for buttons, flowers, change, pasta, flour, sugar, drinking glasses, utensil holders for picnics (forks in one, spoons in another, etc), napkins. there are so many uses for jars they are so versatile. as an added plus when the release goes live, i turn another year older. here’s hoping i win a sweet birthday present! thanks nichole.

  • 325

    Glass jars are great for dry food items–pasta, popcorn & cookies. I would save all the decorate little jelly jars for craft projects. They are great to mix dyes for basket weaving projects. Our new favorite plastic jar is an Ovaltine jar (hubby loves it in milk). We keep them all to use for scoops–pet food, water for plants, endless options!

  • 326
    Pamela~ says:

    Aren’t unused, empty jars for craft supplies? Like baby food jars are great for embossing paste that’s been colored with paint. And old containers are always used for displaying flowers… of any kind, any time!

  • 327
    Colleen C. says:

    I keep my supply of PTI buttons in old jars. It is a great way to store the buttons because you can see all the great colors. It’s functional and decorative at the same time!

  • 328
    Sandi says:

    I love using them for ribbon. A different color in each jar is pretty decoration!

  • 329
    Kristi Lewis says:

    I usually use the used jars for holding coins for my boys or fill them with goodies to decorate and give out to friends and teachers.

  • 330
    Erin Bigler says:

    I use old jars for, what else, PTI supplies…buttons, ribbon scraps, etc.!

  • 331
    misse336 says:

    I love to store things in them – buttons, ribbon and other embellishments look so pretty on display in the jars.

  • 332
    Christine Rogus says:

    I do a lot of the usual things with them, like store buttons, ribbon, and things for my crafts, but I also have my kids paint them for crafts and decorate them for their teachers welcome back to school gift and their end of year gift. They Love to be involved and it keeps them busy!!!LOL Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize pack!!

  • 333
    Kristy says:

    The most uncreative way I use old jars is for canning again. It really is a lot of fun to take the old jars and fill them up with new peaches, pears, tomatoes, green beans, and jams. They look so pretty on the shelves.

    I also use jars for buttons, ribbons, paint brushes, knitting needles, pens and colored pencils. Love it!

  • 334

    I love to use old jars as vases! Especially old canning jars, the blue ones, with bright black-eyed-susans sitting in them :0)

  • 335
    Julie K says:

    Not super creative, but my husband loves using those beautiful square jars from Stonewall Kitchen to organize his screws and nails. He has the best-looking tool cabinet around! I may have to recycle his recycling and “downgrade” him to some less pretty jars and keep those for myself!

  • 336
    Anita Farrell says:

    So many uses…..I use them to hold treats in the pantry (M&Ms, Skittles, etc.). I dress them up with embellishments to match the theme, and use them to hold spoons and forks when guests come over. I use them along with vegetable cans without the labels to fill with flowers for centerpieces, and of course, they are used in the craft room for buttons and ribbon.

  • 337
    Annie says:

    I use recycled jars in the kitchen to store pasta, rice, etc. much like you would use plasticware. Recycled jars also house my PTI buttons, embellishments and other assorted craft items. I still use a recycled jar to hold my makeup brushes that my son decoupaged with tissue paper in kindergarten!

  • 338
    Teresa says:

    Putting stamping supplies in! Love to see the colors of ribbons, buttons and other embellishments. Seeing those supplies in the clear jars always inspires me and makes me smile too πŸ™‚

  • 339
    Joy Williams says:

    What a gorgeous release!

  • 340
    Linda Witt says:

    I use old canning jars to store tons of buttons, one is even converted into a lamp with all the lovely colored buttons showing. I love to fill them with cut flowers. In the bath, one holds cotton balls. We have the Ball drinking jars (like mugs with handles) and the large beverage dispenser. They’re such fun in the summer at bar-b-ques.

  • 341
    Cindy O says:

    I give them to my friends that like to cook … and hope they come back to me with homemade salsa or jam in them!!

  • 342
    Char says:

    I’ve filled them with spiced tea and hot chocolate mix. Flowers look nice and so do green onions with the whites in the bottom and the green looking like leaves. Great for summer tables.

  • 343
    Sandy Thelen says:

    I have old jars all over the house-to store ribbons and buttons in my craft room, I use them for vases through out the house, to organzie my son’s markers and pencils in his room. I love old jars, especially the old colored canning jars!!

  • 344
    LaurieJ says:

    I use them for things that go into the freezer (when a canning seal is not critical) such as my homemade applesauce, storing coffee and storing flax seed. They also make great storage for the herbs that I dry.

  • 345
    Teresa says:

    I use them in my scrap studio for buttons&ribbon. Also in my laundry room for extra buttons that come on new clothes,so I know where to look for a button when I need one.

  • 346
    Elizabeth B says:

    we use them for drinking glasses, and I use them to store craft supplies. I have a feeling that I will be finding all kinds of new uses for them now!

  • 347
    Sharon Romine says:

    I use old jars in my craft room for holding all kinds of crafting goodies!! I love the old blue jars.

  • 348
    Lee Cockrum says:

    I like to store all sorts of things in them. From stuff in the kitchen to things in my craft room. Seashells, flowers, just about anything!!

  • 349

    I love to put colorful small embellishments, like buttons and brads into a glass jar. It makes a pretty display, AND I can see what’s inside! Of course, sometimes I have to fight my husband for the empty jars – he likes them in the garage for his miscellaneous nails, bolts, and silly whatnots like that! πŸ˜‰

  • 350
    Stephanie Washburn says:

    I fill ’em with buttons of course!

  • 351
    Kelly Schirmer says:

    I love spacing older, empty ones in between other finds in my fave hutch. I have collected some cute ones from garage sales. Some are now full of PTI buttons!

  • 352
    Christina M says:

    I honestly hadn’t used them for much other than storing buttons and flowers for my craft projects, but the Friendship Jar release has inspired me to start looking for jars to use for things all over the house!

  • 353
    peggy lamb says:

    Well, since PT started selling buttons, I buy jam that comes in fancy jars with various fruits decorating the covers. I enjoy looking at my button collection in the jars almost as much as I like using them!

  • 354

    I use empty jars for ribbon scraps, buttons and small die cuts. I like them because I can see what’s inside.

  • 355
    Kristy says:


  • 356
    Julie Kaehler says:

    I found a mail order craft place that sells decorative tops for canning jars. I put christmas bulbs for decorating at Christmas, I use them for ribbon and buttons, nothing too original. I also use them to store markers and colored pencils. I absolutely love the jar set and would love to win the everything package. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • 357
    Lindsay says:

    I love the charm of old mason jars with flowers in them on the table or with crafty goodies inside. I love using them for those kinds of things.

  • 358
    Katerfly says:

    Well we drink out of mason jars, and we use all the old jam jars as containers for leftovers in the fridge. I also use a lot of jars at school for crafts. As for scrapbooking all my buttons are in jars.

  • 359
    Angela Person says:

    I like to reuse empty jars for my homemade apple butter and sometimes for storing craft items.

  • 360
    Tanya C. says:

    I use my recycled glass jars to hold buttons (and other small items), pens and pencils. Recently, I have also used them for gifts. I put dry cookie ingredients and covered the lid with fabric.

  • 361
    Barb S says:

    I keep my markers and colored pencils in old jars, organized by color. I also keep ribbon and buttons in jars. They’re great to keep things organized and looking pretty, too.

  • 362
    Diane S. (momoffive) says:

    Around here, canning jars are refilled and reprocessed. Our favorite contents, homemade salsa. The tomatoes, peppers, and onions are growing nicely in the garden as I type.

  • 363
    Julie Ruffcorn says:

    I like them for buttons and on top of my cupboards.

  • 364
    Sylvia says:

    I love to put my ‘pretties’ in them , flowers, buttons , seashells , ribbons — inspiration and memories.

  • 365
    CarolLynn says:

    I store ribbon or use them to decorate and fill with candy to give as a gift.

  • 366
    Lori B. says:

    I have two shelves in my craft room holding some of my jars. One shelf holds large jars full of ribbon sorted by color and the other shelf has mini jars full of buttons. They look so cheerful sitting on my shelves-I just love looking at the different colors shining through the glass!

  • 367
    Beverly BL says:

    Well of course to store craft supplies. They look pretty and you can see your stuff, important for me, cause otherwise it’s out of sight out of mind. You can imagine what my craft room is like. It all has to be visible.

    Thanks for this great release. Some really good stuff.

  • 368
    Glenna says:

    I fill old jars with homemade cookie or brownie mix and give as a gift with the recipe & a wooden spoon. I also reuse (for jams & jellies) the jars my mother gave me that were filled with her homemade jams and cranberry. I love looking at her handwritten labels and feel close to her.

  • 369
    Michele says:

    I use them to hold pencils, markers, etc.

  • 370
    Anika B. says:

    I find myself storing all sorts of things in jars. Buttons, ribbon, lace, ric rac, etc. I use lots of them for the craft supplies in my classroom too – shells, pom poms, colored noodles… Sometimes we use them for projects too.

  • 371
    Rhonda H says:

    I love to put flowers from the garden into them. Daisies just look wonderful in a jar.

  • 372
    Kathy McEntyre says:

    I have collected anything and everything in them. I put my sons’ Kindergarten crayons in them, pot pourri, dried flowers, old spools, and anything else that I could find that was old. I love old jars with the silver lids.

  • 373
    Stacy Simpson says:

    I use old jars to store ribbon, buttons and flowers in my craft room. I also use them for cut roses from our garden. My hubby uses them for storing nails, screws, etc.

  • 374
    Terri E. says:

    I really don’t havr a lot of jars hanging around. This is why I adore your design team and their creativity!

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  • 375
    Julie L. says:

    I most recently began using jars to hold the vintage buttons I have started to collect.

  • 376
    Stacy says:

    Anytime I have an old, empty container (including jars), I stick in my craft room just KNOWING that someday I will find the perfect use for it! I love to store embellishments in old jars – they look so pretty! I have a baby food container rack that spins, and all my PTI Vintage Buttons are stored in old baby food containers that sit on the rack. I love to spin it and look at all the pretty colors! I’ve had several people ask me if they could have any leftover baby food jars that I have, so that they can copy me!

  • 377
    Rieca says:

    I use to fill my jars with ribbons on pegs like many other crafters. But now I use my jars for buttons.
    I also like to make layered cookie jars for giving as gifts. Who doesn’t like cookies, right?

  • 378
    Julie B says:

    Besides the usual crafting supplies, I like to put homemade hot cocoa mix in jars. Also, glass jars are the ultimate in gift wrap, a true “gift that keeps on giving”!

  • 379
    Sue K says:

    I use my collection of old canning jars to store staples in my pantry – I get to see the pretty old jars every time I open the door, and it makes it easy to see what I’ve got in there! And actually – the best is seeing when they’re filled with homemade jams and pickles. Nothing original, but still the best way to use them!

  • 380
    Holly Allison says:

    My favorite thing to use the Mason jars for is to drink from them HOWEVER, I use them to store ribbons, buttons, shells, coins and food. I love being able to see my buttons and ribbon. It’s so inspiring.

  • 381
    Deepa M. says:

    I have a couple jars with snippets of ribbon – one for “less than 6in” and one for “longer than 6in” and they sit on my desk. I love digging through them to find just the right accent for a card! I also use them to repackage & store candy, crackers, bulk nuts, etc. so that they’re not sitting out getting stale once I open something.

  • 382
    MadMoose says:

    My husband likes to use baby jars to organize nails, screws, nuts, bolts, etc., but to save counter space, he glues the lids to the underside of cabinets and then screws the jar to the glued lid He can see what’s in each jar, they stay organized, easy to access and leaves lots o’ room on his work bench πŸ˜€

  • 383
    Jennifer in IA says:

    We have some for drinking, a few have old buttons, and cut flowers.

  • 384
    Lisa F. says:

    I decorate my home in primitive country, and use jars for everything from rosehips and cinnamon to filling them with homespun fabric balls! I have taken to Mish’s idea of using them for storing food items as well (currently…almonds!).

  • 385
    Stephanie P. says:

    old jars are a staple in my scrapbook room filled will all kinds of trinkets but you will find only mason jars to drink from on my patio becuase I wanted a down home relaxing feel for all my guests. Love them!

  • 386
    Marie O. says:

    I do glass painting on old jars and then fill them with homemade goodies.

  • 387
    TraceyJean says:

    I’d love to tell you all about the interesting and unique uses I’ve found for old jars, but the truth is I use them mostly for storage in my home office – paperclips, elastic bands, binder clips, whatever fits.

  • 388
    Sheila says:

    I love to paint on recycled jars. I probably have 200 jars put in my attic at this point that I have recycled with intentions of painting them all. One day I’ll have to recycle some I know but I just know how beautiful they can be once I am done with them so I hate to see them go. I paint bears, girls, Raggedy Ann dolls and all sorts of things on them for candle jars, pencil/pen holders, utensil holders, etc. People always seem to love them and it’s so nice to make something from an item that could just be thrown out. I have recently started making wraps for the jars too from canvas that I paint on. This way I can leave the jar clean and display potpourri or whatever inside to show and the wrap will be the only part painted. I plan on making lots of these for gifts this coming Christmas. I’m using my Ragu sauce jars and will make a set of 4 or 5 jars for each of the women in our family. I paint an adorable little girl on them from another stamp line so each jar they get will have a different girl and colors so they can alternate them…maybe for the seasons or holidays or something…haven’t decided that part yet.

    I’m anxiously awaiting the release tonight!!! I hope my ideas for jars might inspire someone else to try this. Oh, another idea is to glue tissue all over the jar before painting it…this will hold up even better for the paint since it won’t be paint directly on the glass. I’ve even glued some fabric onto the jars too…they’re too cute.

  • 389
    Andrea McCulley says:

    I buy quite a bit of food in bulk and like to store things like dried beans, spices, and flour in them. I also freeze leftovers in them, use them for storing craft supplies, and I like to drink out of them too!

  • 390
    Kathy Grimsdale says:

    I love using old jars for flowers. I also use them to store supplies for baking, like chocolate chips, and nuts.

  • 391
    Susan C. says:

    I use old jars for storing crafty items (buttons, ribbon, paintbrushes, etc). Also I like to put flowers in old jars!

  • 392
    Sandy Curtis says:

    Wow, so many choices but mostly for my kids hair ribbons, barretts etc. I will store almost anything in a jar if it looks cute! I’m big on recycling and love your new set! Thanks for all you do!

    Sandy C.

  • 393
    Amy says:

    I use them as vases. For wildflowers, especially!!!

  • 394
    Lisa H says:

    This is my favorite time of year to pour sweet tea and lemonade in chilled mason jars! I also use mason jars as vases for small flower bouquets, for buttons, pocket change, food products, AND, my new project….I want to use old mason jars for making PIN CUSHIONS…I saw the idea in Victoria Bliss magazine! You use the lid to make the ‘cushion’ and the jar for storing all of your sewing notions in the jar! I am SOOOOOOO EXCITED about the Friendship Jar release….thanks Mish for your ‘vision’!

  • 395

    I love using odd shaped jars for all my craftroom goodies. Really big jars are used to house my dehydrated fruits and veggies. I have some old jars of my grandmothers that I store my pasta and grains in. They look lovely on my pantry shelf!

  • 396
    Whitney Brown says:

    I have an old glass jar that I use to catch all my change when I am doing laundry. It looks pretty and is functional!

  • 397
    Laura says:

    My husband rolls his eyes at me when I tell him not to throw out the jelly jars that we go through like crazy around here. I use them for ribbon scraps, buttons, and holders for my pens, pencils, scissors, and other small tools. I wrap a piece of patterned paper around them and they become a stylish way of decorating my scrapping room. Because it is so economical, I can change paper any time I want for a completely different look. I change them for the seasons and holidays. So fun!

  • 398
    Kathy Hering says:

    We use them for loose change, craft projects, storing jam or jellies,etc. The kids use them for frogs and bugs… the list is endless!

  • 399
    TracyTracy says:

    My mom used to nail the lids of jars (babyfood) to the bare studs of our laundry room when I was a kid, and then put little things in there, safety pins, paperclips, Monopoly pieces, washers, etc. and that was always a good place to look when you were looking for something of that sort. And the problem of finding the jar was solved, as it was (mostly) put back its its lid on the stud instead of some random shelf. I should try this!!

  • 400
    Debbie says:

    We use and reuse empty jars for many things. Canning, beverages, storing leftover soups, etc.. Also, I love to display cut flowers in pretty jars.

  • 401
    Nancy Wolff says:

    In the spring I love to fill them with lilacs. In the winter I love to fill them with pine cones and tie pretty red ribbon around the mouth of the jars.

  • 402
    Caren B says:

    I make my own salsa, so I like to use old jars for that.

  • 403
    Katherine says:

    Of course using old jars for our goodies, like ribbons, buttons, bits and bobs. It’s so wonderful to see the beautiful colors and sparkly bits just waiting to be chosen for your next special project to share with someone you love.

    They’re like old friends at the ready until you need them, then they’re there and up for anything!

  • 404
    Juli says:

    My favorite jar is an old fashioned type jar filled with unpopped popcorn- I love that look! So excited about the jars!

  • 405
    C Burke says:

    I’ve used them a lot for gifts. Some of the “fillers” have been little handmade guest soaps, the hand lotion recipe from SCS, bath salts, chai tea mix with the recipe, chocolate truffles in little paper candy cups and the recipe, trail mix and old-fashioned hard Christmas candy. I also use them for storing food in the ice box and for freezing soups, etc. I use them to hold lemonade, iced tea and other drinks in the fridge and have a very large jar which holds cookies at times.

  • 406
    Suzanne says:

    I love using them in my scrapbook room – ribbons, flowers, colored pencils, odds and ends. Everything looks great in a jar!

  • 407
    christi says:

    Storing spices from Penzey’s and my homemade BBQ burger mix.

  • 408
    Kathleen A says:

    Almost all of my embellishments and ribbons are stored in jars. I also use on old coffee jar in the laundry room for laundry powder. So much better than that ugly old box! I love to put my fresh baked cookies ini a large antique glass pantry jar as well, so enticing and they stay fresh.

  • 409
    Julie E says:

    The latest use for jars was to turn them into vases for my daughter’s Girl Scout troop bridging ceremony. The girls all decoupaged recycled tissue paper onto the jars and then we put daisies in each. Simple, cute, and the girls got to help decorate for the ceremony.

  • 410
    Eileen M says:

    I use some jars to hold eating utensils when I am having an informal gathering. I also use them as vases, to store ribbon and buttons in my craft room. And I have few large antique jars with rice, beans, etc as functional decoration in my kitchen!

  • 411
    Deanna D says:

    I have mine full of my buttons..thanks to Dawn’s wonderful video showing how she stored hers.

  • 412
    Jamie Nania says:

    We keep one in the kitchen to use for change. They’re great for so many uses. Great in a craft room as well.

  • 413
    Karen says:

    I use them for storage in my scraproom and as decorations in my kitchen.

  • 414
    StephG. says:

    I reuse old jars to store craft items, as impromptu vases and as smaller storage for left overs, especially tomato sauce that stains my plasticware…

  • 415
    Dolly says:

    I love to store buttons, ribbons, doo-dads of all kind in them.

  • 416
    Liz Thomas says:

    I’ve used jars for the basics – to hold pencils, craft tools and coins but I’ve also used them as personal candy jars, an impromptu “water pitcher” for indoor plants and cookie jars. I like jars that aren’t “standard” like pasta jars — sometimes I will buy a product for the packaging!

  • 417

    I love using old jars to hold buttons, ribbons and other supplies. I love that you can see all of the beautiful colors sitting on my shelves πŸ™‚

  • 418
    Tami M. says:

    I love jars, I have all my PTI buttons in some small ball jars, and I also have some larger jars for my ribbon scraps and other small embellies. I love the way they look all lined up on the shelf in my stamp room.

  • 419
    Debi H. says:

    I also use them for putting a wildflower arrangement in, storing buttons, ribbon, lots of different silk and paper flowers for embellishing and I also love to fill up some with homemade chicken & rice soup. They’re great for just about anything!

  • 420
    Maria says:

    We use jars for a lot of things–buttons, odds and ends, coins, flowers, decorating, and the kids have even been known to play music on them.

  • 421
    karen q says:

    I love to use them as canisters. I have the old Ball blue jars with zinc lids and I have used them for 30 years.

  • 422
    Valerie W says:

    I use old jars for buttons, making salad dressings and I just saw an idea to use an old jar and lid for a soap dispenser.

  • 423
    Kari Linder says:

    I love re-using jars for flower vases! They are perfect for a handpicked flower bouquet!

  • 424
    Kelley Eubanks says:

    Hold buttons or as a vase!!

  • 425
    LeAnn says:

    Sadly, and truthfully, we do just that recycle. Maybe when I get more free time (ha!) I will take some of these suggestions and put them to use.

  • 426
    Ally Warner says:

    I love to use my jars to make “Cookies in a Jar” or some other treat for the recipient. Then you can decorate them using your great stamps and other supplies!!!

  • 427
    Lisa Kind says:

    I use them for buttons and scraps of ribbon. At our cabin, we’ve used them as drinking glasses (the ones with the handle) and as vases the flowers (weeds) that the kids pick! DH uses them for nuts and bolts! We put dog food in some of the REALLY big ones when we go for a weekend vacation or our dog has an overnight stay somewhere. My mom used jars to put bacon grease in them so as not to throw it down the drain. Whew! I didn’t realize I used them so much! LOL!!

  • 428
    pam reznick says:

    I’ve collected old jars for years. Even bought many of the 1976 commemorative ones when they came out thinking they would be worth something one day. lol!what they’re worth are my memories. And I do use them to hold all the things listed above.

  • 429
    Wendy says:

    We usually just put coins in them…and if I get too many they go in the recycle bin due to lack of space…

  • 430
    Jen T says:

    I stole an idea from a fun and funky photo website and use them for photo frames. I’d name the site here because it’s totally cool but no sure if it’s allowed.

  • 431

    I use pasta sauce jars as flower vases – they’re casual and great to use outside. I also use them for homemade gift yummies like Christmas Ketchup. Thanks for the chance to WIN!!

  • 432
    Crystal N says:

    Why buttons and other embellishments, of course. Thanks, Crystal N

  • 433
    Lori H says:

    I like to use them for embellishment storage and a little bunch of garden-picked flowers always looks lovely in a jar. It’s hard to find the older jars here, so I usually have to resort to store-bought ones. I guess I will have to “age” them myself.

  • 434
    Karen Ramsey says:

    I borrowed Dawn’s idea of storing my PT buttons in the small jars that stand up on end. They are so easy to reach for and all the colors just make me happy!!

  • 435
    Linda says:

    I use old jars to store everything from buttons, ribbon, colored pencils, leftovers in the kitchen, paint, drinks, plants, money, candles or even just candy. Jars are just the best accessory. What’s a home without jars? Would love to win!

  • 436

    I use them to store thread and buttons and other small items. they also make great vases for those bouquets of hand picked flowers the kids bring in.

  • 437
    Deneen says:

    I love to put sand and candles in them for a nice table favor for yard parties this time of year. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 438
    thaveka says:

    I love to reuse jars and containers!!! They have so many different usages. Right now, I’m converting a swivel spice rack to store buttons and other embellishments. With limited storage space, I love that the mini jars stack up nicely in its stand! πŸ™‚

  • 439
    Kellie B says:

    Well, I am a jar junkie! Not only do I can with jars, I have jars all over my scrap/stamp area. I have all my buttons and ribbon divided by color and displayed proudly in jars. I have made Easter baskets with jars & ribbon and given them to co workers. I love jars!

  • 440
    Meg says:

    We’ve used jars to watch a catepillar consume milkweed, become a chrysalis and then turn into a beautiful Monarch butterfly. Amazing!

  • 441
    Ginny A. says:

    I find myself using old jars more and more to hold my crafting gear. One jar for buttons, another for paper scraps, another for dies, another for ribbon scraps, another for copics, the list goes on and on! Thanks for a wonderful release and the chance to win it all!!

  • 442
    April says:

    Every Christmas we make homemade Peppermint Hot Cocoa. We save jars all year to put it in as gifts! Also, my son uses them occasionally to catch lightening bugs (with holes in the lid) and let them go. Of course we don’t use those jars for cocoa! ha ha.

  • 443
    Kelly R says:

    i use old jars for fresh flowers and also for my homemade salsa. i love finding unique jars of jelly and other foods at the grocery store to buy just so i can have the neat jar when the food is gone. πŸ˜‰

  • 444
    Lori Y says:

    I love using them to store buttons, ribbon, and brads. But my favorite project we used old jars for was to make fish aquariums for each of my kids. My mom had some old glass fish from her teaching days and we added rocks, sticks, water and the glass fish to the jars and the kids now have instant ‘pet’ fish.

  • 445
    Peggy Sue says:

    Using old jars as treasure keepers is what I like to do. They make great safe keepers for sea shells, pretty stones, buttons, flower arrangements and any other treasure that steals your heart.
    Must say the new jar stamp set has captured my heart as I am sure it has stolen others also.

  • 446
    Rebecca J. says:

    I use them for cookie mixes around the holidays. That is my favorite use!

  • 447
    Jennifer Moscarello says:

    Oh wow I use them for all kinds of things. The kids like to drink out of unusual looking ones especially if the are colored. I use them on my desk for pens. I have them in the bathroom for cotton balls and Qtips. I even have one full of river rock. I have some old beer bottles that have the old fashioned swing cork on them that we use when we go on picnics. Old jars are great for everything. Coins, buttons, sequins, ribbons, paint brushes and the list goes on.

  • 448
    Sandra B. says:

    I’ve been storing ribbon and buttons in jars. For the holidays I like to give homemade hot cocoa mix in jars. I can’t wait to see what others are doing with them.

  • 449
    Jessy says:

    I love decorating old jars and storing embellishments in them, or sometimes my daughter will pick flowers, and I will place them in an old jar! πŸ™‚

  • 450
    Trish says:

    We re-use jars as drinking glasses and for jam making.

  • 451
    Dana says:

    The only thing I’ve used jars for is canning but I love how Dawn stores her buttons in those little jars! I also like those recipes where you layer ingredients in a jar and then include a recipe for what needs to be added to make cookies!

  • 452
    Becky says:

    I like to use old jars to store odds and ends…but also food. For example, I like to use them for pens but also to store bacon drippings in.

  • 453
    Rhonda M. says:

    I have some old wooden marbles that are from my grandparents. They are stored in several Ball jars on the mantle in the basement family room. I also love to use them as vases or for cookie/brownie mixes for gifts. I’m also going to try to make some strawberry jam this year. Your stamp sets this month are amazing!!!

  • 454
    LMcBurney says:

    I found a fun idea from a blog to mod podge orange tissue paper on them and cut vinyl faces to make jack-o-lanterns. I put white Christmas lights in the jars and let them give the front porch a fun glow!

  • 455
    Aimee G. says:

    My darling grandfather had a delightful collection of vintage glass mason jars. He was an avid calligrapher, and stored his pens and brushes in these beautiful jars. He’s now passed on, and I use his jars for my own supplies. They now hold a special place in my craft area, holding my own supplies.

  • 456
    Sue Pardue says:

    I use old mason jars to drink out of in the summer and other jars to hold my embellishments, especially PTI’s buttons!

  • 457
    Tanja S says:

    My 8 year old uses jars for collecting bugs and storing all sorts of other treasures in, such as shells, rocks etc. When they are not off to the recycling depot ours get used for jams etc. Currently they are being saved for a BIG batch of olives!

  • 458
    Lana D says:

    I use my jars for jam – peach raspberry is my favorite!

  • 459
    Wendy F says:

    We use our jars for storing all sorts of things, from paint brushes to paperclips! We also use canning jars as summer drinking glasses – they are nice and heavy, they don’t tip over easily, and we [usually] don’t have to worry about them getting broken outside.

  • 460
    Moses' Mom says:

    I like to turn my large jars into terrariums…a little dirt, a few small plants, some colorful fish gravel. There’s an idea for a Friendship Jar Filler!

  • 461
    Kim Worthington says:

    I use them for my daughters hair things. I also use them for my buttons,brads,ribbon, etc.

  • 462
    Amy says:

    I have really seen some neat things to store in jars lately…..especially with this release! Buttons, ribbons, trims, etc!! I am going to be on the lookout now at garage sales!!

  • 463
    Maria says:

    I LOVE using old jars as a package to hold a gift! I can’t seem to be able to toss/recycle any of the jars! I still have a ton of babyfood ones and my youngest just turned 18!

  • 464
    DeAnna says:

    I use my jars constantly to make giant batches of spaghetti sauce and then freeze it in both 1L and 500 ml sizes (for when we want leftovers or just enough for the family dinner). I can give it away as a gift or just eat it all (since everyone in my household loves to eat pasta ;D). I have a few small ones (250 ml) that I use to store some of my buttons and short ends of ribbon. I’m trying to use both more on my layouts and cards.

  • 465

    I love to put flowers in them…and I have placed dry cookie ingredients into them and given as gifts!

  • 466
    MeShellaBella (aka Michelle) says:

    I use old candle jars for change and to fill with sand and seashells to decorate my house since we live @ the beach. We use them outside a lot when we have a party because I put a little sand in the bottom and put tealights in them to light walkways, etc. Just a simple way to reuse something…and people always say how nice it looks!

  • 467
    Nita says:

    Besides storage, I use them for gift packaging. We usually do secret pals at work, so they come in handy for those kinds of small gifts.

  • 468
    Lauree Myler says:

    i like to use old jars to hold buttons, bath stuff and ribbon. thanks for a chance!

  • 469
    Ryan says:

    We use jars to make gifts for our friends and family–homemade fudge for sundaes, cookie mixes, homemade salsa. This is making me hungry:-)

  • 470
    KimH says:

    I have buttons in old spice jars and I love making freezer jam which I freeze in recycled jars.

  • 471
    Michelle A. says:

    I love vintage jars & mason jars! I like to use them as storage for all types of items. In my craft room I like to store buttons, small embellishments, ribbons. In the bathroom, I like to put q-tips or cotton balls in them. I also have a few large jars that we use for loose change, beach glass, shell collections… And fresh cut flowers always look beautiful in a vintage jar!

  • 472
    Judy says:

    I love using jars for buttons, sewing notions, baking essentials, beauty essentials, vases, gift holders, making them into lamps and candle/potpourri holders. I am so excited about the Friendship Jar set to help make these practical ideas more decorative and attractive. PTI has done it again….super ideas for that extra special touch!!

  • 473
    jodiv says:

    My jars hold my ribbon. They are all lined up on the top shelf by color. They look like a rainbow and they make me smile!

  • 474
    Kathy Archer says:

    I keep my old jars filled with Mom’s homemade Chili sauce. Or to store bath salts.

  • 475
    Barbara M says:

    My mom used to make her own tomato sauce. We still have those jars! Summer Bar B Que glassware and flower vases for the decorations!

  • 476
    judy workman says:

    I never throw a jar away! For larger jars, I make granola and give it out year around. This is especially good for using spaghetti sauce jars. Teachers, neighbors, shop clerks that I always see, they all get granola. For smaller jars (like salsa) I give spiced nuts or GORP.

    I also save cans and decorate them. Teachers love pencil jars all year long. I often add highlighters and sharpies, too.
    You can also put wildflowers in them and food (sealed in a plastic bag first). I decorated matching cans and store my copics in them, so they all look so nice and coordianted on my craft desk.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the little paint cans for gifting ideas. I think they will be just the thing for spice mixtures, like homemade curry powders and BBQ rub. Yum!

  • 477
    charity says:

    i like to use them to keep change, drinking glasses, and storage. i am in the process of starting to use one to hold marbles…each time one of my kids receives a compliment on their behavior a marble is added. when the jar is full they receive a reward.
    i loved seeing all the ideas this week…can’t wait to try out some of them!! some really amazing gift ideas! thank you so much for all the inspiration. πŸ™‚

  • 478
    Charmaine says:

    I love saving jars! I’ve used them as vases, favor jars filled with candy or just holding odds and ends.


  • 479
    calliezant says:

    I store beads in my jars-I have loved jars for a very long time!

  • 480
    Aunt Min says:

    My fave recycled glass is a POM glass with lid that I fill with water/and or tea to take to work. It fits perfectly in my car cupholder, and the lid prevents sloshes when I make turns–not that I’m a race car driver!

  • 481
    Dawn Hoffman says:

    I buy old mason jars at auctions and use them as Christmas presents for the kids in my class to make for their parents–layer jar recipes and I use them personally to display old buttons and spools of thread on my “antique shelf.”

  • 482
    Vanessa says:

    We use our jars to collect loose change and we have some old glass milk bottles for vases.

  • 483
    KayS says:

    I like to fill with cookie mix (in layers) and attach the recipe to give as a gift! Fun to give – fun to receive!

  • 484
    wendalyn says:

    I love to fill them with mixed recipes and decorate them at Christmas time as they make fabulous gifts for friends and loved ones.

  • 485
    kim prakken says:

    My favorite resturant serves there Bloody Mary’s in mason jars and I use a mason jar when I make them at home. For some reason, I think it tastes better in a mason jar.

  • 486
    Steph W. says:

    I haven’t used jars too much for our house, only for gifts for others. I love all of the ideas from this release though and certainly hope to use them more in the future! What a great release!

  • 487
    Alyssa S says:

    I save old jars for paint samples. It’s a practical way to keep paint around for little nicks and scratches that happen.

  • 488
    Melissa F. says:

    I reuse old jars for canning stuff from our garden or jam that I make from berries we pick. I also love to use them to store all kinds of stuff in.

  • 489
    Marilyn says:

    I like to make ‘journal’ jars. I decorate them very pretty, add 30+ journal prompts and include a matching notebook and pen for the recipient to use. Inside the notebook I add a little write up on how to use the items. I love giving this gift. This gift is for all ages! I can email a sample anytime…. ;O)

  • 490
    Mary B says:

    Well, other than the obvious use of storing leftover food in the fridge…I use them for various embellishments. Ages and ages ago I had some antique jars on a shelf over a window. With all the DT posts, I’m getting excited to start making various gifts with jars. Thanks for all the ideas and for the chance to win this great prize!

  • 491
    Gail Genrich says:

    I love to separate my buttons by color and put them into different sizes and shapes of jelly jars. I try to find old medicine bottles at antique stores to put my Brads and eyelets Into them. Of course, there is always the star bucks frappacino bottles that I like to alter and fill with butter mints!

  • 492
    Brenda Lee says:

    I love to make jam for myself and to give as gifts. Each year, I go to a local berry farm and pick all kinds of berries. Sometimes, I will freeze the berries to make the jam in the fall or winter because it can be a bit much to stand in front of a hot stove for hours during the summer. So, I’m always collecting jars.

  • 493
    kryssi says:

    i use small jars to store buttons and big ones for dry ingredients.

  • 494
    grace says:

    I love glass jars. I love to lay a foundation of sand and place a votive candle for eliminating summer evenings. I also use jars to anchor balloons and place some food coloring into water for a festive look. You can make a beautiful garden border by turning your jar upside down and burying it and only showing about an inch above ground. This is a great with various colored jars/bottles.

  • 495
    Laura M says:

    I use them either for crafting supplies, mostly buttons, or as vases for fresh flowers.

  • 496
    Alyssa Clawson says:

    There are so many amazing uses for jars! The size definitely determines the application, but we have used them for candle holders, vases, drinking glasses, storage, bug catchers… Lately, my husband and I have been using ours to house our homemade infused olive oil. Yum!

  • 497
    Karen c/ny/fl says:

    I use some in my craft room for my special white pens, pointed sissors and tweezers always near to me. The bathroom has cotton balls and the kitchen many uses such as sweet corn holders, hummingbird food, oh the list is endless. I would be lost without my mason jars.

  • 498
    Jan Workman says:

    I use jars for everything! Loose change, kitchen canisters, buttons, ribbon, flowers and more! I especially love my old glass lid jars!

  • 499

    Oh wow, I re-use empty jars to make homemade mayo, do layered brownie or cake mix to give away as gifts, hold prima flowers or buttons, and to shake up homemade salad dressing. I save up most of my glass jars, but sometimes I can save TOO much, so some will have to go to recycling πŸ™‚

  • 500
    see mary stamp says:

    I’m not to creative with old glass jars. I usually recycle them. Some might serve a purpose for cleaning paint brushes and such. I had a friend who would buy colored glass bottles at flea markets and such and use them as part of her decor. Loved the idea, but never pursued it for myself.

  • 501
    Heather B. says:

    I use old jars as a simple vase for wildflowers from my backyard or as a pen holder. My hubby uses them to sort/store nuts, bolts and screws. Thanks so much for the chance to win πŸ™‚
    Heather B.

  • 502
    peggysue says:

    We’re not original either. We drink out of them. πŸ™‚ I can remember as a kid my dad using them to store different sized nails and screws on his workbench. AND I put my spare change in a pickle jar to save them up for a family vacation.

  • 503
    Judy S says:

    One thing I like to do for my stamping friends is to give a Starbucks jar full of little “crafty” items for their birthdays.

  • 504
    Sally W says:

    I try to use my jars over each year when I start making jams. I have used jars with sand to hold candles, and my q-tips, etc. I have also made the cake in a jars and recipes like that for gift giving.

  • 505
    Peggy says:

    I love to use jars for gift giving. Layers of colorful candies, mixes for cookies or embellishments for a crafting friend!

  • 506
    Carolyn G. says:

    My Dad saves these empty one serving jelly jars. Not sure where he gets them, but he just can’t throw them away. He washes them and brings them to me, great size for little embellishments!

  • 507
    Susie Johnson says:

    I have marbles, buttons, ribbon, candy, money in jars. I also have put chocolate chip ingredients in jars for our church bazaar. Fresh flowers are so pretty in glass jars, also.

  • 508
    Maria says:

    I love to decorate them and use them as nick nack holders.

  • 509
    Katarina M says:

    I used to love making my own candles with old mason jars, but my absolute favorite thing to do was make welcome lamps with them. I have a nice collection of really old, antique blue Ball jars that were pretty big, with the old zinc caps. I drilled holes near the bottom of a couple of them, and inserted one of those primitive little dripping candle lights, running the cord through the hole. I added a few pip berry sprigs, some rose hip potpourri around the base, some homespun ribbon and voila! A pretty welcome lamp.

  • 510
    Jen C. says:

    I like to use them to package small gifts. I tuck a little present inside and surround it with tissue paper or crinkle shreds…then I get to decorate the lid and jar to match the prize inside. You can attach the gift tag with a pretty ribbon right around the neck of the jar. Practical, creative, and environmentally friendly gift wrap πŸ˜‰

  • 511
    Bonnie Sharp says:

    A little unconventional I suppose, but my hubby like to drink Ceasar’s out of old mason jars……lol! Love the new stamps this month Nichole!

  • 512
    Jett says:

    I love to recylce jars to gift my friends with my homemade salsa and they’ll even recycle and bring it back for a refill. LOL
    I also use them (not the same ones) to hold paint when I’m doing touch ups around the house. Makes it so much easier than dealing with the big can of paint.

  • 513
    Kathy says:

    I like them for decorative purposes. Especially the colored ones, they look really pretty grouped together on a shelf for display. I also love to use mason jars as vases, they look so pretty down the center of a table filled with cut flowers.

  • 514
    Jennifer D says:

    We use them in lots of ways around here, but our recent favorite is giving them to our 13 month old to play with. He loves jars! (We only give him clean plastic ones.) Putting the cover on an off, dropping toys in and taking them out . . . This keeps him busy for a long time! πŸ™‚

  • 515
    Cari says:

    I love to use them to give gifts in. Such great packaging, and totally reusable! The new jars set will work perfectly with them!

  • 516
    Ginny says:

    I use small ones for storing glitter, and bigger ones to hold sewing or crafting supplies (paintbrushes, markers).

  • 517
    mindy says:

    our family loves to use old jars for catching any type of creature! a frog, a caterpillar and especially fireflies….

  • 518
    Robin Hayworth says:

    I use old jars to hold pencils and pens.

  • 519
    Donelle U says:

    Up until now I have only used them to put on the table with some pretty wildflowers but you can bet I will be using them for more than that now! I’ve always wanted to try this (cake in a jar):

  • 520

    I store nail polish (of all things) in old jars. All the colors look pretty jumbled together in a glass jar sitting next to my tub.

  • 521
    Erin K says:

    I keep buttons in mine. πŸ™‚

    Oh and simple floral arrangments, that’s always pretty.

  • 522
    Kayla T. says:

    storage for brads, eyelets, ribbon, buttons and other small things.

  • 523
    Cynthia says:

    what could it be but BUTTONS?! πŸ™‚

  • 524
    Stephanie says:

    I always use old jars to hold paint brushes and other things like breadsticks for entertaining.

  • 525
    Lori says:

    I use them for storage in my craft room. They look so pretty filled with colorful embellishments!

  • 526

    I’m smack dab in the middle of renovating the kitchen and I am obsessed with hitting garage sales looking for some great jars I can use for storage in the pantry. I can’t wait to be organized and re-purpose some good ol’ jars.

  • 527
    kym dufault says:

    i love to do all kinds of stuff with jars. my favorite jar has new crayola crayons hot glued all lined up around the outside. it sits on my desk to hold pencils in my first grade classroom. it makes me smile!

  • 528
    Linda C. says:

    To hold buttons.

  • 529
    Chrissy K says:

    I use them practically in the kitchen to store rice; flour; dried beans, etc. In my office to store ribbons, buttons. And of course a couple around the house to gather spare change!! :o) (i.e. stamp money!!)

  • 530
    Richard Cagle says:

    I like to put flowers in a jar – simple and sweet.

  • 531
    Kendall says:

    I love using my old wide mouth Kerr jars for drinking iced tea. Now my girls want to use them as well. Monkey see. Monkey do.

  • 532
    Rikka D says:

    I love the look of buttons in jars….although my son just requested homemade strawberry jam!

  • 533
    Angie Hamill says:

    I love to old jars as vases, and to hold my markers and pens. Love the sets this month.

  • 534
    Kelly Braund says:

    I save nice jars to use for flower arrangements and for the kids to decorate for projects. Their favorite is to use alcohol inks to decorate them or cool tissue papers!

  • 535
    Cathy Lathem says:

    Buttons, ribbon, paper clips, etc. I love to see the beautiful colors, especially my buttons, peeking through the glass jars. Makes it hard sometimes to use up buttons when they look so pretty in the jars.

  • 536
    Laurie W. says:

    I love making cookie mixes! Also great for button and random ribbon storage!

  • 537
    Suzanne says:

    I use baby food jars to store leftover house paint. Now when we get the inevitable chip or scuff on a wall, touch ups are a breeze. The jars are labelled and stored in a closet with a few foam brushes. The jars are easier to store than paint cans and easy to open.

  • 538
    LindaR says:

    I use them in my craft space for buttons and ribbons. I scrub them up and paint the lids white.

  • 539
    Barb W says:

    I love using different shaped jars for flowers and candles on the patio. Lots and lots of them….It is such an easy way to display those beautiful summer flowers and glowing candles. Love to sit out and enjoy lots of snacks and a bottle of wine with friends.

  • 540
    Michelle says:

    I love to store pretty things in old jars; I have one set full of shells, agates and other beach finds! I also love to reuse them to package gifts. Awhile back I made a couple of ribbon jars – I filled old canning jars with a bunch of ribbons of various lengths for some crafty friends.

  • 541
    Eva says:

    I use them to store rocks and shells my boys collect. They love filling them and I love seeing them.

  • 542

    It is sooo Ironic this is the question, because after making Fettucini alfredo today I washed out the jar and when I relized it was glass i decided to keep it and it is soaking in water so i can peel off the stickers. I intended at first to use for buttons but I dont have any extra buttons to store lol so i decided to use it as a Flower Jar!!! Im soooo excited to decorate.

  • 543
    Shirlann says:

    I love my old blue glass Atlas and Mason jars, especially from my collection that dates back to the early 1900’s. They have the glass lids and wire holders. Many of them are lined up in my pantry filled with dry goods like brown sugar, beans, nuts and rice. Another old one holds a collection of wooden spools from my Grandmother, one I use for fresh cut flowers, a smaller one is filled with my favorite tea, and my largest hold my collection of cookie cutters! Like many others, we drink from them as well!

  • 544
    Seansee says:

    I like to use them for storage and as flower vases.

  • 545
    elaine says:

    I use my old jars for all my scrapbookking flowers and ribbons that I have collected thru the years. Quite a few!

  • 546
    Gaylyn says:

    There’s nothing like watching my kids CATCH FIREFLIES in old jars with holes poked in the lid! My favorite way to use the jars, and to light up a midsummers’ night!

  • 547

    I used to use them for my stamping supplies before I found IKEA. Now I use them for drinks and my girls use them to store their random things that I won’t buy new storage for.

  • 548
    Sheila A says:

    pretty storage, vases, pencil cups… they are very versatile!

  • 549
    Lauren says:

    I have a huge stash of baby food jars. Mostly I keep buttons and other craft items in them. I like to decorate the tops to make them a bit cuter. I also like old wine bottles for things like cooking oils and favored vinegars. So fun to find new ways to use old jars. Oh, and I store my paint brushes in an old molasses jar that is tall and skinny. Love that one too!!

  • 550

    I know this isn’t very creative, but I use them for storing embellies in my scraproom. Also wanted to say “HI! This is my first release party!”

  • 551
    Jennifer L. says:

    We use jars for storing bulk foods – oatmeal, rice, etc. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 552
    Katie Skiff says:

    I am just like MIshie, as I like to use them for a lot of things. Food, snacks, storage, crafty things. And now with the new set – it’s going to be gift jars too!!

  • 553
    Janice D-P says:

    I use old jars when I make flavored vinegars as gifts and for holding craft supplies, mostly. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this really grand prize!

  • 554
    Janis says:

    My mom had a collection of antique canning jars in her kitchen. She displayed old marbles and other collectibles, plus used them for flowers. After she passed away last year, I got those canning jars and started to collect more. They will always have a place in my heart.

  • 555
    Lisa Cole says:

    I love to fill them with change from our pockets, sitting on the kitchen sill – I love the homey feel – when it’s full, we take it to the bank!

  • 556
    Linda E says:

    I use old jars to store ebellishments like brads and buttons. When my kids were little, I used them for painting projects and as a Girl Scout leader, I had my troop use them to make votive candles.

  • 557
    Hollie Christiancy says:

    I love to use them for vases but also use them for ribbon, buttons and pens.

  • 558
    Kathy Smith says:

    I mostly use them to store my embellishments, button, ribbon, etc. I’ve also filled them with shells collected from the beach. I have one filled with shells from the beaches in Aruba from when my husband and I first married over 30 years ago.

  • 559
    Helen Lee says:

    My sister helped me collect over 50 baby jars. I use them to store my embellies: buttons, brads, flowers, grommets…all kinds. The best part about using jars is that you can easily see what’s in the jar and quickly grab the one you want. I also use Starbuck’s bottles for altering and use them for gifts. So much fun and people really love them!!

  • 560
    Mary Ashby says:

    I haven’t been good at recycling old jars up to this point, but I do love the look of buttons stored inside, and I am inspired by this release! I also think using jars as serving pieces (for drinks, for example) has so much character…

  • 561
    Lindsaynspencer says:

    I reuse jars for office supplies such as paperclips and rubberbands at work. They are also great for holding buttons and tiny things on my craft table.

  • 562
    Cheryl M. says:

    Love to use them for drinking glasses. Especially in the summer.

  • 563
    Gerri K says:

    Recently, I’ve collected some glass jars that were filled with fruit. I’ve decorated with dog and cat themes and filled them with pet treats. They make great gifts for my pet-loving friends.

  • 564
    Steph says:

    We don’t have that many jars in our house but I usually use them for baking mixes to give as gifts!

  • 565
    Nancy Nelson says:

    We use them for homemade salad dressing, the dry ingredients for Beer Bread for gift giving, flower vases, a scoop for dry dog food and M&M candies Yum!

  • 566
    Shelly says:

    I save the jars for school projects. This year we covered them with pieces of masking tape and sponged on colored inks. They made beautiful “vases” for Mother’s Day!

  • 567
    Jaala R. says:

    We use old jars to hold our whole wheat flour, sugar and biscuit mix! I love the look and prefer it to plastic!

  • 568
    Dotty says:

    I use jars for many things, flowers, buttons, coins, leftovers. I love making a center piece using a variety of old jars with flowers in them.

  • 569
    Cristina says:

    We use them as paint jars for art projects mostly. I use baby wipes to clean my stamps while I’m working on cards, too, so I keep an empty jar on my work space where I stick the wet baby wipe as I’m working. That keeps it out of the way and off my paper (I ruined sooo many pieces of paper by accidentally laying them down on baby wipes before I figured out this simple trick).

  • 570
    Stephanie W says:

    I keep my used frappucino bottles to store my buttons and other embellishments in. We also used them for centerpieces at my cousin’s baby shower. Added a little ribbon and they made cute pencil holders for the games! πŸ™‚

  • 571
    Juanita in Ohio says:

    We use old jars as drinking glasses and to keep screws, nuts, bolts etc. organized.

  • 572
    Steph says:

    I grew up drinking ice cold sweet tea out of old Mason jars so that would have to be my favorite way to recycle jars, however because I’m an organization junkie needing all things containers, I use them for anything and everything………vase for fresh flowers, a jar for catching fireflys, craft storage, sorting small Lego pieces, a candle holder for the back patio, and too many more ways to name. πŸ˜‰

  • 573
    Deb Else says:

    Old jars make the best storage containers for spare change, buttons, safety pins, paper clips, and Copic markers.

  • 574
    lainey says:

    I’d have to say the majority of jars are in my craft room. I have a ton of canning jars that someone gave me and they are holding my ribbons, brads, buttons, etc.

  • 575
    Dee in N.H. says:

    Oh, I love storing all my pretties in glass jars. My pretty buttons, my pretty ribbon and so forth. Love old jars, the older the better! Thanks for a chance to win a dream package!

  • 576
    Anita says:

    I use faux old jars for my canisters…the real old ones I give to my mother-in-law who collects them. I’ve also saved them for the bean soup/russian tea/brownie mixes to use for gifts and fundraisers for my women’s group at church.

  • 577
    Tessa says:

    gifts – like mixes in a jar or altering them for containers, storage for buttons, etc. or at school in my classroom!

  • 578
    Jary Riolo says:

    I love to make “mixes” like for Russian Tea, hot chocolate,chai tea, etc.to give as gifts Old jars are perfect to put them in especially now that I have all the cute label and mat stack dies to cut cute labels!! Oh yeah! The new friendship jar set will be great for the cards to go along with the gift!!!!Hurray!

  • 579

    I use them for science in my classroom! So many great experiments can happen in an old jar.

  • 580
    Janice Marcham says:

    I love to use old jars mostly for my craft room. I love putting buttons, ribbon, paint brushes, pencils, just about anything that will fit in them. Sometimes I tie ribbons with tags around them and make them look like presents to myself!

  • 581
    Katie Renz says:

    I re-use jars for storage… can’t have enough storage.

  • 582
    Dana says:

    I can’t bring myself to throw away a useful jar. I use them for pens/pencils, flowers, my PTI buttons, other embellishments, for stuff in my classroom, all kinds of things!

  • 583
    Victoria S. says:

    I save pretty jars and candle containers to put buttons and ribbon and embellishments in and display them in my craft room. It gives me a pretty container & reuses and repurposes instead of throwing away!

  • 584
    Kim :) says:

    I love to put fresh flowers (cut from my garden) in them. I tie a fun colorful or seasonal colored ribbon around the top – beautiful!

  • 585
    Stephanie Steinman says:

    I have stored buttons and ribbons in them. I am looking into the baked cupcakes in the jars with the icing that you eat right out of the jar with a fork.

  • 586
    Catherine J. says:

    I love taking jars and recycling them by putting something creative in them like clear beads of clear colored beads and sitting them in front of a window. It showcases a nice rainbow effect in the room on a nice sunny day.

  • 587
    Karen says:

    I have some wonderful old Mason jars that I use for display and storage, but my favorite use is with summer bouquets!

  • 588
    Diane M says:

    I use old jars for buttons and change. My husband uses them for nuts and bolts. Nothing too exciting.

  • 589
    Suzie says:

    Gosh there are so many fabulous ways to recycle jars but two of my favorite are drinking out of them and using them for either fresh flowers or putting plants in for gifts. Something about them just says “classic culture” to me!

  • 590
    Kathy D says:

    I loooove party mix and the glass jars make a perfect container, and with a quick belly band they make a nice thinking of you gift.

  • 591
    Jackie W. says:

    I make jam!! I love being able to use my jars over and over again – in fact I don’t like buying new ones!

  • 592
    Debbie says:

    Great question…..I have seen some really god answers! I use lots of quart size canning jars in my craft room for storing guttons, flowers, etc. We also use them for drinking ice water in the summer! I have quite a collection of old depression glass jars and containers that were my mother’s.

  • 593
    Maryse N says:

    I use them mostly in the kitchen to store food or homemade salad dressings. I also like to put flowers in them. I love that look.

  • 594
    Amber R. says:

    To hold stamping supplies…is there any better use for them?!

  • 595

    When I got married my parents were preparing for a cross country move. I ‘inherited’ a few boxes of canned cherries, pears, etc. that had been in the garage for far too long. When expecting my second, (she was due at the end of November and I needed everything for the holidays ready before her birth), I made about 50 ‘brownie mixes in a jar’ to give out at the holidays. To think what phenomenal tags I could have made had PTI been around back then!

  • 596
    cardictions says:

    Old Jars are great for storing odds and ends but even better when given to my mother in law they come back with homemade relish

  • 597
    Jacquie says:

    At our house jars are used in the garage to store nuts & bolts, in the craft room for buttons & ribbons and for cleaning & storing paintbrushes – I also love a jar filled with sweetpeas sitting by the kitchen sink.

  • 598
    Dhatri says:

    I am a mosaic artist and love to store all my tile in old jars…i have all my tile divided by color and they look so pretty all lined up on a shelf…

  • 599
    Elizabeth K says:

    My husband uses baby food jars to store all
    kinds of nuts and bolts. I use them to
    store old buttons, papertrey buttons and
    all sorts of things in my craft room.

  • 600

    I like to use them as vases with a ribbon wrapped around the top. Such a simple, clean and lovely addition to the inside of our home πŸ™‚

  • 601
    Michelle Ward says:

    Home made cookies…yum!!!

  • 602
    Puggle Sweet says:

    My very favorite way (if the jar is a cute shape)is to put fresh picked flowers from my garden in them! there is just nothing so happy as the flowers and the spicy smell of the wild pink bush roses that are in bloom right now. I also use them on my creating desk to hold what not’s and a few I have turned into hand made gifts.

  • 603
    Diane Jaquay says:

    My daughter loves to collect bugs in old jars, and use them to play outside to “make potions” and such πŸ˜‰ As for me, I have a few that I fill with things like buttons and other sewing notions.

  • 604
    L. Brown says:

    I save plastic jars and my grandkids and I decorate them for their teachers sometimes at the holidays.

  • 605
    Lesa W says:

    I use jars is several places over the house. I keep them handy to stash change that I find laying around and I use them to keep loose buttons in. Sometimes I also use them as vases to hold flowers for centerpieces at church functions.

  • 606
    Amy P. says:

    I use small jars to make fruit fly traps. You put a piece of banana in the jar and put a piece of saran wrap over the top with a rubber band. Then you punch small holes in the top with a sharp pencil. The fruit flies will crawl in looking for the banana, but for some reasson they can’t get back out. You do have to keep this up for a couple of weeks to break their cycle. But then you will be rid of them!!! Yay!

  • 607
    Kris A says:

    I use my jars each year for canning…..use them over and over. Any extras get used for storing embellishments in my craft room. DH has one for throwing change from his pocket into each night. So many uses for a simple glass jar.

  • 608
    Harriet says:

    i use jars to make my tea in and also to store things in refrigerator in

  • 609
    Lisa J says:

    A nice, sturdy jar makes a great flower vase… Can’t wait to read back through the (hundreds! of) posts for other great ideas!

  • 610
    Beverly LoPinto says:

    I use them as vases with a little ribbon around them, pen/pencil holders and as a glass for drinking–thanks for the chance to win it ALL!

  • 611
    eva says:

    i don’t think i use my empty jars in any clever ways. made favors with my son’s baby food jars for his birthday. threw some water marbles in a jar for my daughter. they’re useful when i’m cooking too.

  • 612
    Amy Nemeth says:

    Ha ha ha! This is a subject of great debate in my household! I reuse jars as flower vases to pass on snippets from my garden to friends. My husband steals my jars πŸ˜‰ and uses them to jar up his own recipe of barbecue sauce to give to friends. Either way, our friends and neighbors win!

  • 613

    I love love LOVE using old jars to decorate and repurpose into candy jars and flower vases! Come on, Random Generator, pick me! πŸ˜‰

  • 614
    Lois Noyes - MN says:

    I have a few real old jars (blue) that I put cut flowers in during the summer months.

  • 615
    Yvette says:

    Recycled jars have a million different uses: storage, gift giving, making and saving food and when in a pinch becomes a great drinking glass. I love jars I dont even throw away used spagetti jars. My hubby thinks I am crazy but I would rather save things in glass than plastic…..

  • 616
    Rachel says:

    I store buttons, ribbon, pens, pencils, paintbrushes in old jars. And I use old baby food jars for beads and paint. But my special favorite is an old green jar I found in my mother’s shed with a “frog” lid – it is the perfect vase, especially for flowers picked by my boys.

  • 617
    Stampin Pam says:

    I use old jars for vases, storage of “things” like stamp embellies, screws, nails etc. If they are canning jars I use them for cookie recipes dry ingredients and give them as gifts.

  • 618
    Gail E says:

    I use them for everything and I accept any jar offered to me. Storing sewing and crafting supplies, filling jars with vintage buttons so I can just look at them, mason jars filled with iced tea in the refrigerator, –I could go on and on. One of my favorites is our “memory in a jar.” Every time we come back from the beach I fill an old jar with some sand, a few collected shells & other collected treasures, along with a picture of the family,and put the top on. I then make a tag, do some journaling and then tie it around the neck of the jar.

  • 619
    Shawn Wenrich says:

    I have a few around my scrapbook room with silk Gerbera Daisies in them. Luv the look!

  • 620
    Lynne Osborn says:

    I store buttons, ribbons and all those little extras in my jars. So much fun to sit and look at all of them.

  • 621
    Lynne S in TC says:

    We use jars for something in almost everyroom of our home! Ribbon, buttons, flowers, Qtips, cotton balls, change, m&m’s. And I can’t recommend enough “pie in a jar”! The most requested “gift” we make.

  • 622
    Maureen L says:

    Ilike to use them for storage … coins and things

  • 623
    Angie says:

    I like to use them to organize my craft supplies – ribbons, buttons, chipboard, everything! They’re so versatile!

  • 624
    Helen 4-nier says:

    I love to use old jars of any shape and size in my craft room for buttons, flowers, dies,charms, etc. Also like to use them as a ‘not so fancy’ vase full of my garden flowers ~especially out on the patio when having get togethers out there. Thanks so much for an awesome release ~ anything this month would make a fabulous Birthday gift for me on the 30th! hint hint hint :o)

  • 625
    Linda says:

    I love to use old jars to put pretty handcut flowers in from my garden. Thanks for the chance to win!


  • 626
    Lizzie Jones says:

    I often reuse jars as storage. Mostly I use them for ribbon and small embellishments. I especially love that they are clear so I can see and get inspired by the colors of my supplies.

  • 627
    Amjpls2 says:

    I store my collection of buttons.

  • 628
    Eleanor says:

    I re-use lots of jars — storage of craft supplies, add paper and embellishments to some and fill with hershey kisses, decorate lid and tie on ribbon, yarn — tags on jars and fill for gifts. You can also cover the outside with alcohol inks and put a voltive inside.

  • 629
    leish says:

    I’ve used baby food jars for party favors…but since i’m a pack rat, I’ve used jars to hold things from makeup and makeup brushes to misc. doodads that you just can’t throw away!

  • 630

    Canning jars have many uses in my house. Besides canning my favorite spaghetti sauce, salsa, and freezing pesto; I use one for bath salts by the edge of the tub! These jars come in handy for pantry organization. I filled them with flour, sugar, pasta, rice and homemade granola. Of course they have come in handy to use for homeade gifts too, they add just the right homade touch to them.

  • 631
    Jeannine says:

    i have an old jar displayed w/ old marbles. i also save cute or unusual jars for vases to give away bouquets of flowers from my garden. i tie a piece of lace or homespun around the mouth of the jar. my niece loves to pick flowers to take home to her parents in the jars. thanks.

  • 632

    I use them to store all those little embellishments, they are soooo cute!

    & my kids like to use them to collect bugs!

  • 633
    LaceyNB says:

    Jars have got to be the best packaging for gifts. You can usually find one the right size, they are reusable for the recipient and are easy to decorate to “cute them up.”

  • 634

    Oh goodness…so many ways. Giving gifts in them – stacked cookies….candies…pencils…. Drinking out of them… Vases…. Storing all the little things that the kids “collect”. Jars are just so old-school…so homey….adorable.

  • 635
    Ally V. says:

    I use our old jars for knickknacks and stuff. Oh, and cookie/muffin mix gifts. How fun!

  • 636
    Jewels says:

    Buttons, Buttons, Buttons!! I love to use my jars for Buttons, But i do also love to use them for bringing a friend a hot batch of homemade soup if they are sick, or a jar of cocoa and marshmallows in the cold winter!

  • 637
    Lisa says:

    I usually paint top covers in white or green and use them to save grains/cereals. Also, sometimes, I use them as candlesticks. You can make candles stand straight up after adding a few drops of candle at the bottom of the jars. They are so beautiful, especially at Christmas time.

  • 638
    April C. says:

    We used a dozen mason jars to hold handmade pinwheels for centerpieces at my daughter’s carnival themed wedding last week. We tied ribbon around each jar and set them on stacked rounds of tickets. It came out so cute, colorful and fun!

  • 639
    Julie S says:

    I love to see buttons and ribbons in jars….but they are pretty with flowers in also!

  • 640
    Susan O says:

    Years ago I cross-stitched designs to fit in the lids of jars, filled them with treats and gave them as Christmas gifts. I’ve also used them for vases or pencil holders.

  • 641
    Anemone says:

    I sometimes re-use jars for craft supplies or for gifts in a jar.

  • 642
    Karen Corbett says:

    I have a couple of “drinking glasses” from mason jars and I also use them to store buttons and ribbons. They’re so pretty sitting on the counter!!

  • 643
    Cathy Weber says:

    Not too original, but I love to display fresh flowers in jars. A display with several jars looks so pretty on a counter or table.

  • 644
    kerry davis says:

    I have to admit that I’ve not been a huge re-user of jars. I’ve got a few that I keep pens/pencils in, and one year for Christmas, I covered a bunch of pickle jars with doggie paper, filled it w/ treats, put a collar around it and added a tag to the collar. Super cute. I definitely am going to be using them a lot more now though. Great release, Nichole!

  • 645
    Dana says:

    Well, I use them for food storage. All of our dry goods (pasta, dried beans, grains, flour, sugar, etc.) are kept in large canning jars on open shelving in my kitchen. My flours are even in gallon size ones I found at a yard sale 7 years ago! It sure makes it easy to see what we are low on when it comes time for grocery shopping.

  • 646
    Carrie T says:

    I use them for flowers, gift mixes, and scrapping & stamping goodies!

  • 647
    mrsci says:

    I love to repurpose them for gifts if they are in good condition and if not, then they hold all my craft room odds and ends until I can get to them.

  • 648
    Nancy M says:

    I don’t have any old jars in my house. We literally recycle everything… in the green can with the triangular emblem. When I needed baby jars for a project I was doing with my students, I had to go out and buy baby food. Does this mean I’m a bad crafter? What I really think it means is that I don’t have any storage and there is already enough paper clutter in my house that I don’t need to add glass and plastic to the mix. My apologies to those of you who reuse everything!

  • 649
    rae barthel says:

    Vintage mason jars hold my vintage buttons and ribbon scraps in my craft room. New mason jars serve the same purpose with my newer supplies!

  • 650
    Pat says:

    They hold my buttons, flowers, and even cookie mixes as gifts.

  • 651
    Gladys says:

    I love to beautify it and used as a vase to put flowers! Or used them to put my left over ribbon, button and others.

  • 652
    Sara Kuberski says:

    For scrapbook storage of course! πŸ™‚

  • 653
    Kristina says:

    I love fililng jars with lots of yummy foods! Jams, syrup, layered mixes, nuts and dried fruit. They make such simple gifts that are easy to dress up. The jar stamps are going to be a huge hit!

  • 654
    glorie says:

    I love using old jars for storing everything … from the kitchen, to the garage, to the craft area.

  • 655
    MaryBB says:

    PTI button storage! Of course, I’d happily buy PTI button containers when (always hopeful) you start carrying them.

  • 656
    Arielle says:

    I use jars all over the house for different things. My great grandfather would nail the lids to the bottoms of shelves in the garage & store small nails & stuff… he would just unscrew the jars, use what he needed & then screw them back! I have a gnaat pickle jar that I make tea in!

  • 657
    Deborah Samuelson says:

    I take beautiful silver wire and with a few twists, voila – a hanging votive holder. It looks so ethereal to hang these among trees in the backyard on a summer’s night.

  • 658
    sarah says:

    i love to use jars in my crafting room to store buttons and ribbon…i just love the way it lets you see all of the color πŸ™‚

  • 659
    Ilina Crouse says:

    I love jars. I use them for buttons, ribbon scraps, embellishments, sometimes I make little vases out of them. The options are endless!

  • 660
    Barbara says:

    I’ve been using jars for years as canisters on my counter top for flour, sugar, coffee and tea. I store nuts in them in my fridge. I prefer them to plastic containers for food storage. I also use them to store buttons and other embellishments in my stamp room.

  • 661
    Colleen K says:

    I like to use them as vases outide on the patio. I also store some craft supplies in a couple. My husband uses small ones to store nails and stuff like that on his work bench.

  • 662
    Ellen says:

    I love putting in fresh flowers from the garden

  • 663

    I use them for buttons and as vases. Vases are my favorite way to use jars, but I’d love to use them the way Mish does.

  • 664
    Erica J-W says:

    I use them to old tools and ribbon. I don’t decorate them yet, but I am getting ideas on how to do it best from your site.

  • 665
    Kriss says:

    I love to make gift baskets for Christmas gifts. So, when I find interesting jars, I keep them for a new purpose in my baskets. Anything from bath salts, to cocoa mix, to seasoning mixes for cooking. You can’t beat a FREE container!

  • 666
    Carmen says:

    I like using them for the one jar soup mixes that I give away for Christmas presents.

  • 667
    Susan says:

    I love to put my buttons and ribbons in the Mason jar. I love the look of all different size mason jars lined up in a row on my shelves. I have used them to make the cookies in a jar for gifts and I used to drink Iced Tea out of them. I think I need to start doing that again!!

  • 668
    k.,m. says:

    I made decorative lids for several quart canning jars….and now use them to hold various items in my cupboard…..ground coffee, popcorn, homemade jelly…..

  • 669

    I have a collection of old antique massion jars approx 30 that I use for all my dry goods, I love the metal lids and glass tops. Everything looks so pretty in a jar neat and tidy!

    For my craft room I used to hold everything, buttons, ribbons, bling anything small goes into a jar.

    In my sewing room I use the for buttons, ribbon, zippers, thread, needles etc.

    For the bathroom, homemade soaps, bath salts and sea shells.

    In my husbands tool room they hold screws, nuts and bolts etc.

  • 670
    Diana Y. says:

    I collect old & vintage jars and use them for decorating, storing buttons, making really cute candle holders (with wire), paint them, use them for vases…they are so versatile and beautiful!

  • 671
    Deenie says:

    I like to put little flowers in them and put them around my home. Okay, so really they’re weeds, but they look pretty in a prettied up jar!!

  • 672
    Emma S. says:

    My mom makes the best homemade spaghetti sauce and we re-use jars of all sizes to fill with fresh sauce. Plus, I love to refill with colored M&M’s and give out for party favors!

  • 673
    Susan Berkhout says:

    I look for small jars especially so that I can use them for my homemade sweet/hot mustard. I especially like to find unusual shapes. I prefer storing left overs in glass to plastic, so I save and wash larger jars for that. I am not currently using them for storage in my craft room, but I am thinking about a makeover in there this summer, so it could happen!

  • 674
    PammyLou says:

    I use jars of all kinds in my pantry. I store rice, pasta, tea, coffee, spices….you name it. Sometimes I go in the pantry just to stand there and look at the lovely-ness!

  • 675
    CrazyCurl says:

    I’ve been keeping them for gifts, but haven’t used one yet! I need to fix that πŸ™‚

  • 676
    Deb C says:

    I love to can jams and preserves, so I’m always looking for neat old jars to put up food in to give as gifts.

    I also love to drink from them. Reminds me of summer days on my grandma’s swing sipping lemonade.

  • 677
    Jen A says:

    I have one that I use to collect change for my stamp fund!

  • 678
    Georgie says:

    I like to display the really pretty or unique ones. Aside from that I don’t get to use very many right now. They tend to weigh more and we move a lot with a weight limit. Some day I won’t have that issue and I can put my buttons and ribbon bits in them. I would love to learn to jar tomatoes. Candy! I would love to keep hard candy in my house in them. The ideas are endless if it wasn’t for that pesky weight limit.

  • 679
    Liz in MO says:

    We have them hanging in our garage, we have screwed the lids to the underneath of a shelf and then you can screw the jars on and they hang down. We store “stuff” in them, anything that needs to be stored!

  • 680
    Theresa says:

    I like to use them in my craft room! In fact I recycled 20 baby jars from when my daughter was little and used them to put all of my PTI buttons in πŸ™‚

  • 681
    Wendy H says:

    I like to use them as vases or for storing various things. I even have used them to drink some lemonade out of them on a hot summer day :).

  • 682
    Christine McMullin says:

    my favorite way has to be using old pickle jars as loose change jars – what’s in the jar can be used on my stampin’ obsession πŸ™‚ We also use mason jars to drink out of…and most of my embellishments are in various jars that I thought were too cute to get rid of. (sadly our recycling company won’t take glass jars so I keep trying to find new ways to repurpose them)

  • 683
    Mindy Eggen says:

    i love using them for buttons and making holiday decorations out of them.

  • 684
    Angela says:

    I don’t buy too many things in jars, but when I do get one that I like, I typically use them to store hobby supplies. My favorite current thing to recycle are the plastic Gerber baby food containers with the snap on lid – they’re the perfect size to store my small items and they stack nicely. Thanks for another inspiring month!

  • 685
    Amy G. says:

    My hubby laughs at me because I use our old jars for just about everything and anything! πŸ™‚ I use them to store odds-n-ends in my craft room, I use them to store pantry items, I might empty a storage jar and ‘re-gift’ it depending on my needs. I love jars! It is pretty ridiculous!!

  • 686
    Jaime O says:

    I use old jars for storage…scrapbook embellishments, nails, screws, etc.

  • 687
    Donette B says:

    I love to use old jars for my buttons and ribbons and occassionally it gets used as a vase πŸ™‚

  • 688
    Bonnie says:

    We use old jars for everything from my hubby’s workshop, my craftroom, the kids keep spare change in them, I make soup, brownie & cookie mixes for church and school sales, store leftovers, and my kids love filling them with thier friends favorite candy then decorating them to give for bithday gifts, the possibilities are endless really…

  • 689
    Pat says:

    Using jars in my craft room to hold various supplies – from buttons to ribbon.

  • 690
    Cindy says:

    I use recycled jars for everything. Craft supplies, flowers, fill them with candy for gifts……

  • 691
    Mona says:

    I use the old jars for freezing strawberry jam….so much easier than canning with them. Can’t wait for the dies and stamps, love them. I got so many more useful ideas from your DT this week….yeah!

  • 692

    I’m always on the look out for antique mason jars- the ones with the wire closure. I just love them so much. I also love the jars with the old galvanized metal lids.
    I use mine to store scrapping supplies- buttons, ribbons, etc. They looks so pretty sitting on my shelf with things from one color family in each jar.

  • 693

    I made my boys a “penny-saver-pig” (directly translated from german to english πŸ™‚ ) from old jars. I use them for button storage, flower vases, serving layer salad in it or just reuse them for another batch of homemade jelly :). Can you guess? I LOVE JARS!!!!!

  • 694
    Heather Arsenault says:

    I mainly use jars for storage of anything from craft supplies to office stuff – whatever needs a container! Some I decorate with rub-ons or vinyl die cuts. Others just need a bit of ribbon. I have lots of choice with all my craft supplies – teehee πŸ™‚

  • 695
    Lori Kistler says:

    Glass jars are great place to store cat toys. Glass is great for putting anything in. It is non-toxic for food or anything else that goes into it.

  • 696
    Meghan says:

    Right now I’m using some of my old jars to store Papertrey Ink buttons!

  • 697
    Donna C says:

    I have my father’s old marble collection in jars. They are very special to me.

  • 698
    Kerian B says:

    I just used them to store things in them and drink form, oh and used them for the to: candle holer, flower vase, soup mix, browni mix gifts etc.

  • 699
    Elizabeth K says:

    I use them to store buttons, buttons and
    more buttons.

  • 700

    I have a whole collection or jars/containers in my craft area. Some contain buttons, brads, cotton threads, etc and others contain little bits and bobs that have been leftover or that I started to put together and then abandoned, in the hope that they can be used on another project. Some old spice jars house all my replacement blades, PTI buttons and ribbon bits. πŸ™‚

  • 701
    Ali Feldman says:

    I love jars! I buy those adaptors that you screw onto the top and make lamps out of them…the greatest part…you can switch out what you have in there. At work (I’m a hairstylist) I have one that has rollers in it…at home in my kitchen I’ve had one that had marshmallows in it! So fun…I also just use them to decorate around my house…put dried berries in them…sometimes I add a rub-on to the side…so many possibilities! Did I mention…I love jars! πŸ™‚

  • 702

    I have been using them for storage of small do-dads that I use to scrapbook or craft with.

  • 703