Introducing Smokey Shadow & Soft Stone

We don't have any full fledged color spectrums to offer up this month with buttons, ribbons and all the bells and whistles.  But what we DO have are two FABULOUS-can't-live-without neutrals that you are just guaranteed to fall in love with!  Since I have started using them in my own projects I have fallen head over heels!

The two colors are Smokey Shadow and Soft Stone.

Gray color comparison
Smokey Shadow is a deep, dark charcoal color that can be found throughout fashion right now.  Some fashion analysts even claim that it is *the new black*.  I love the richness of it and how it has a bit of a softer edge to contribute to a project rather than the bold True Black we carry.  Smokey Shadow pairs well with many of our other colors.  I am anxious to play around a bit more with it and find some favorites.  The coordinating ink is the exact same color as the Charcoal Palette ink, so if you already own that, then you are good to go!  We are not presenting ribbons or buttons in this color, since they would be so close to black, however customer demand may change our decision!

Soft Stone cardstock is being sold as part of our Paper Basics line-up, so it has no other coordinating products.  It is a very light, beautiful powdery gray that can be used as a neutral in place of white or cream.  It partners well with Smokey Shadow for monochromatic looks.  I've found that it works well on projects that are more cool or blue-toned in place of a stark white or cream. 

I hope you are as excited about these additions as we are!

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  • 1
    Emily W (US) says:

    Lovely! But I am sad that the charcoal cube is sold out! And I would buy a smoky shadow satin ribbon, if you’re tallying votes. 🙂

  • 2
    Maureen P says:

    I love how you could make cards with your team’s colours! Great set! Congrats!!

  • 3
    Lori McAree says:

    Great colors Nichole!!! I would love to see coordinating accessories!!! *wink*

  • 4
    MakiJ says:

    These new colors are must haves!!

  • 5
    Kat says:

    love all the girls’s work! love Lisa’s girly take and usage ideas – all my friends keep workout and food journals….diggin the new colors

  • 6
    C Burke says:

    I love these great new neutral colors!

  • 7
    Jeanne says:

    Terrific new classic colors! I know that they will add a great touch of an understated elegance to many cards and projects. I really love your style and love for all of these great new sets and coordinating projects. You are the master of marketing each month…I am always so excited to see what is new but also to see your take and how you develop so many original ideas…Your Design Team is AWESOME!!!!!

  • 8
    Terri E. says:

    Love the new colors and I would LOVE new buttons and ribbons in these colors as well. In particular smokey shadow!!!!

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  • 9
    Mary says:

    Oh I love it! Since my lttle one is not in school or any spots yet, it is not a “must right now”, but more a “must right later”! I will definately be getting some of the new colors of c/s though. Just what I have been looking for everywhere! 🙂

  • 10
    Barbara Howell says:

    I really like that this set can be used for almost any sport–and other things as well. I really like Lisa’s journals for an example of how it can be used for something other than sports.

  • 11
    Sandy says:

    Hooray for these new neutrals–JUST what I have been looking for! Thanks “team” ;-D

  • 12
    Jacque says:

    Awesome neutral color! Perfect for layering. Can’t wait! Thanks for everything!

  • 13

    Thank you! I’ve been waiting for a nice, rich gray!

  • 14
    Stampin Pam says:

    Great new neutrals Nichole. We’ll see how they play out with the need for other accessories – but they’ll be welcome additions to the other fabulous colors in the PTI lineup.

  • 15
    Dawn says:

    I really like the set that Dawn came up with. It was a great idea to put together coordinating baseball items for a gift. Might have to CASE this one for my husband.


  • 16
    Tamara says:

    Both of these new colours are fabulous neutrals.

  • 17
    Diana says:

    I’ve been hoping for gray. It is a great neutral, but I’d also love ribbon, especially the satin or twill. Can’t wait for the 15th.

  • 18
    Lizzie Jones says:

    I am so excited about the Smoky shadow color. Can you imagine it paired with Lemon Tart and white? Oooh…happiness.

  • 19
    Bonnie aka raduse says:

    Oooh cool beans!! Can’t wait to get my hands on these two.

  • 20
    Shay says:

    I LOVE greys and am so thrilled and delighted you are introducing two new colors. Of course I would also be delighted with a grey variety of buttons (like the whites) and especially the smokey shadow ribbons, but I am still really excited by the fact that you have added those cardstock colors!

  • 21
    Lori W says:

    I’m trilled about Smokey Shadow! Please can we have ribbon too? I was just working on a project that needed dark gray ribbon and it was impossible to find. Button’s would be great too.

  • 22
    Allison T. says:

    Smokey Shadow is a great color – I would love to see ribbons in that shade!

  • 23
    Michelle A. says:

    I Love the smokey shadow & definitely would be intereste din ribbon & buttons in that exact color. It is one of my favorites.

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