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"Who was your favorite teacher and why?"

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  • 1
    Michelle says:

    Mr. Ziemba, my high school physics teacher, was my favorite teacher. He gave me the two best gifts: acceptance and time.

  • 2

    My grade 1 teacher,Miss Macdonald was without a doubt my favourite. I attended a one room school house, and there was myself and one other girl in grade one. Miss McD always let me participate with the older kids, if I had my work done…she was so cool to an innocent farm girl…drove a flashy sports car…I loved her.

  • 3

    My fav teacher is Mrs. Walker.
    She taught me high school history and for the first time HISTORY was InTeResTinG to me. She was amazing.

  • 4
    Julie says:

    Mrs. Fesperman in 2nd grade, because she took extra time every day to check in with me and see how I was and it always made me feel special!!

  • 5
    Tina says:

    I believe that the successful education of a child requires the combined efforts of both the school and the home. For this reason, I am thrilled to be able to say that my favorite teacher was actually a teaching team – my parents! What better role models could anyone have than an example of honesty, love, determination, integrity, I could go on and on about the reason they are my favorite, but suffice it to say they truly are the teachers who had the most important influence on my life, and the lives of my brothers. Thanks for asking, and also for the chance to win! I LOVE all of the new products this month, and cannot wait for the big reveal tonight! Tina

  • 6
    little.one says:

    My favorite teacher was my 1st grade teacher. It was the one and only year that I attended Catholic school. I was the only kid in the school who wasn’t Catholic. Even so, my teacher always made me feel included in everything that we did. She taught me to read and spell. She was the inspiration that started my lifelong journey of learning.

  • 7
    Kim Sheller says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Hitchcock, my 2nd grade teacher. She was from England and I just loved to hear her talk. Thanks Nicole for the chance to win your wonderful products once again πŸ™‚

  • 8
    Kiera says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Reed for 2nd grade in Queechee, VT. She was kind and gentle and a far cry from the meanie Mrs. McGrail in 1st grade.

  • 9
    Lisa T. says:

    My favourite teacher was Mr. Smith. When I struggled to find my place in the world – he gave me a voice by encouraging me to write. A lifetime of writing later and I owe those first sparks of inspiration to him.

  • 10
    Barbara Hale says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Draper, Don Draper to be exact. He was my third grade teacher (that goes back a looong way since I’m 62 now. He was my first male teacher and I had such a crush on him.

  • 11
    Lennie says:

    My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Kathy Willis. She showed me much love and understand, as well as taught me many things. I always felt safe and loved in her class.

  • 12
    Casie says:

    Mrs. Larsen my first grade teacher is my favorite. I was having a hard time learning to read and she really pushed me and made it fun. She started my love of reading!

  • 13
    Angela says:

    Mrs. Gunther 4th grade. I remember her as being the first grown up that made me fell valued.
    40 years ago and I can still remember the feeling she gave me.

  • 14
    Kim says:

    My favorite teacher has to be my son’s preschool teacher. I have never seen a more positive person who explains everything so that children can understand. I don’t remember teachers doing that when I was young. It just amazes me how much a little explanation goes such a long way with a child.

  • 15
    Kris reynolds says:

    My A&P professor. He was the best!

  • 16
    Mary Cook says:

    My favorite teacher was my 10th grade science teacher. I was never interested in earth sciences until then. I love learning about volcanoes, plate tectonics, and meteorology.

  • 17
    cknutti says:

    Mrs. Dann, my 7th and 8th grade English teacher. She was TOUGH, but I learned so much from her. I owe all of my fantastic writing skills to her. πŸ™‚

  • 18
    Wendy says:

    Ms. Trudee, my fourth grade teacher, was my favorite teacher. I remember that she made us work very hard, but she always went the extra mile for us. We had to turn in lots of written reports that year. If we did a good job, we were invited to a party at her house. She introduced me to a lot of fun books that I loved reading. She really loved her students and helped them to become better.

  • 19
    Gina Sisco says:

    My 4th grade teacher, Mrs Pratt, who got me excited about reading and my first series books were the Little House on the Prairie. She would let me come up her to desk and show her my favorite chapters in the book!!

  • 20
    barbara says:

    My favorite teacher was my home economics teacher. She stuck with me even though I was hopeless with learning to sew

  • 21
    Kim H says:

    I’ve had many wonderful teachers, all great for different reasons. My favorite teacher was probably my band instructor. He had such a great way of making us work hard and learn while having fun.

  • 22
    Latisha says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Mumphry, he was my 3rd grade teacher, and we also went to church with him. He started my hunger for learning and my education. He was an angel in disguise, now looking back on it as an adult. He knew my parents were going through a divorce at the time and he gave me extra attention. Teachers are unsung heroes in a lot of children’s lives, especially when the child’s home life is rough.

  • 23
    Sarah White says:

    My favorite teacher was my high school english teacher, Mr. Hanold. He also had my two older very smart sisters. He help me realize that being me and not my sisters was just fine. He is the reason I became a teacher.

  • 24
    Stephanie Sheridan says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs Dewitt in elementrey school. Soooo Long ago, but a teacher who had faith in me. Nice to remember her today.

  • 25
    Michelle in Boise says:

    Oh what a great contest.
    Mine has to be Mr. Gates.
    Mr. Gates was my drama teacher and I had a horrible (abusive) home life and I think somehow Mr. Gates knew that. I threw myself in to drama and being on the stage because it was such an escape for me. My mom never came to my school plays….Mr. Gates always gave me rides home so I wouldn’t have to walk home in the dark. He was just a really special person in my life.

  • 26
    Tammy W. says:

    My 4th grade teacher, Miss Greiten was my favorite teacher. Our family had just moved to a new area of town and starting a new school I was very nervous. She made the transition so much easier with her warmth and caring. We also did a lot of fun projects in her class – crafts! Another reason I loved her!! : )

  • 27

    I’ve had many wonderful teachers throughout my years in school, but my favorite would have to be Mr. Nall, my high school band director. I was the ultimate band nerd and even went on to major in flute performance in college. Mr. Nall, though tough, was a great man and truly loved his job and his students. And his best advice…”If you’re going to mess up, do it big!!”

  • 28
    Lysa says:

    My favorite teacher was my high school math teacher (yes math) Mr. Barkdoll. He made learning math so much fun and always ended the year with Math Olympics. Calculator tossing competitions integrated with solving math problems!

  • 29
    Jennifer says:

    My favorite teacher was my 6th grade teacher. She made learning fun so you actually wanted to go to school. She always had so many fun games and projects planned for us.

  • 30
    Kimberly O. says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Melbye in 6th grade. She was a sweet older (to me) woman who had very strict classroom rules. She was also one of the teachers who went on our three day camping trip to Itasca State Park. Mrs. Melbye taught me what “toe jam” was – I’d never heard of that term before – when we had to take our shoes and socks off so that we could walk across the headwaters of the Mississippi. πŸ™‚

  • 31
    Maureen says:

    I think my favorite teacher had to be Mr. Wolfe – my high school math teacher. He expected great things from me and saw my potential. He always answered my questions and would’nt have made it through geometry with out his help. He also always made it fun to learn.

  • 32
    Erin L. says:

    I had a great teacher for History when I was in High School. He made it so interesting. When we were studying about the slaves coming from Africa on the ships he had us lay on the floor for the entire class just like the people were stacked in the ship. Anytime you can entertain and teach at the same time it make learning fun.

  • 33
    misse336 says:

    Mine was my second grade teacher, Mrs. Kegel. She made school fun and really cared about her students.

  • 34
    Verna says:

    My favorite teacher is my husband of 38 years. Every day he teaches me about strength and stamina. He sets an example of honesty and integrity, kindness and compassion. It is wonderful to live with someone with so much patience.

  • 35
    MJG says:

    My favorite teaher is Mr.D.

    He truely loved his profession and it showed!

  • 36
    Kris Tolman says:

    Many teachers have touched my life. Some in positive and some in not so positive ways. The teacher I remember the most wasn’t a school teacher. She was a teacher I had in church. I was very shy and had little self-esteem when I was a teenager due to things that had happened in my life. This woman was like a mom to me. She took me under her wing and taught me how to accept compliments and how to feel good about my talents and about myself. I will NEVER forget the kindness she showed to me. She changed me forever in a very positive way just by being a friend.

  • 37
    cindy c says:

    I think my favorite teacher was Mrs. Holzhausen, who came in mid-way thru my 3rd grade class year. My original teacher had to leave due to illness, she was old & crotchety. I dreaded going to school. Then Mrs. Holzhausen came & it was like a gift from God! I still remember her to this day & how that whole year just turned around for me!

  • 38
    Toni Wever says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Meier for 10th grade geometry. She had a great sense of humor and cared genuinely for her students and was easy to talk to. She not only cared about how you did in her class, but really wanted to know who you were as a person. Toni W.

  • 39
    Julie Masse says:

    My favorite teacher was my kindergarten teacher Karen Aldrich! She was young and fun and just such a great teacher!! I remember the songs she taught us, I remember her laughter and smile! As I grew older I babysat for her children. She even came to my graduation from college! Sadly, she died last year after a battle with breast cancer but she was an amazing woman!

  • 40
    Amy says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Dial. I was blessed to have had her for a teacher two years — in fourth and fifth grades. She was an older widow, and since my grandmothers lived hundreds of miles away, she was like a grandmother to me. I hope my children have a Mrs. Dial in their lives at some point in school.

  • 41
    Melissa Cox says:

    My favorite was Mr. Chism not because of the class he taught (statistics – ick!) but because he encouraged us to have a study partner. My study partner ended up becoming my husband!

  • 42
    Angy Hughes says:

    Coach Brown was one of my favorite teachers. I could tell he really liked having me in his class. He was always so positive and encouraging. Plus, I saw him at church all the time. Fast forward 4 years or so and Coach Brown, his wife Lana and his oldest son (my classmate) all sang beautifully at my wedding. Wonderful man who helped me make wonderful memories.

  • 43
    melissa says:

    I have to say my chemistry teacher in college, Mr. Johnson. I had taken chemistry in high school but never really understood it. It was here memorize this and do your readings. But in college ,I needed it for my major and I had 8 classes to take, I think. I took him for 4 of the classes till he retired. He made everything so understandable. And was so patient even for us slow learners. To this day even though its been years and I am not working in the field I studied I can still apply what I learned, even in everyday life.

  • 44
    Linda w says:

    My favorite teacher would definitely have to be my Mom. She taught me how to be all that I am now. Now that my boys are all grown and out on their own I realize how much my Mom did to mold me into the Mom I am. And now I see things in my boys that came from things my Mom taught me. So more than things I learned in school, the things I learned from my Mom were so important to me.

  • 45
    Vicky Sitterly says:

    Ms Marjorie Schulte was my favorite teacher. She was my piano teacher, from age 5-18 and without her I would never be where I am today. I only hope that I can touch my piano students the way that she touched me!!

  • 46
    Laurie Weaver says:

    my favorite teacher was my kindergarten teacher- Mrs. Buhl- she had white hair, played piano and taught me right from left- when I get confused- I just remember sitting facing the piano and then I can remember which is right- yeah even at 50 i have trouble with that one!

  • 47
    MaryH says:

    My fourth grade teacher, Mr. Eberhardt, was my favorite teacher. He instilled in me a love of reading that I still have to this day.

  • 48
    Harriet Skelly says:

    My favorite teacher was my Latin teacher in high school. Can you imagine Latin to be an exciting language to learn? I didn’t think so. Well, my teacher, Mrs Wickel, made it fun to learn! She had us writing English sentences in Latin (like ubi o ubi est meus sub ubi – which means where o where is my under wear!) – see what I mean?!? She made it easier to learn than Spanish!
    I sure would love to win the entire November release and I wish I could say that in Latin!!!

  • 49

    My foreign policy teacher during my senior year of high school was the best teacher ever. He was smart and witty and just as much a friend as a teacher. His was the homeroom everyone hung out in and he was always there to let us vent about anything we needed to get off our chest and always gave great advice. Schools need more teachers like Mr. Gerry Golden!

  • 50
    Sibilance7 says:

    My favorite teacher was a college professor. Her name is Dr. Chambers, and she is the most amazing teacher I’ve ever had. She taught me so much about literature and was so helpful when I was applying to graduate schools to also become a professor. I haven’t quite reached that goal yet, but I’m working part-time alongside her now at my old college, and she is going to be a sort of faculty mentor for me next semester. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to continue learning from her even beyond graduation.

  • 51
    Amy B says:

    One that stands out is Miss Corn – 4th grade. She played the guitar and I used to love rainy days because she’d play and we’d sing with her during recess. She taught us “Me and You and a Dog Named Boo”! She was so cool!!

  • 52
    Charmaine says:

    I have fond memories from a lot of my school teachers. But I think the one that sticks in my mind is my 3rd grade teacher. I’m not sure what it was about her…maybe the warmness I felt from her…we just moved into a new home and I had to change schools…I just felt welcomed…not an outsider with all the kids that had known each other for years…she helped with that.


  • 53
    Kerry says:

    My favorite teacher was an instructor I had my senior year for office skills. The class was through the technical college, and she not only taught us skills, she taught us proper dress and demeanor for working in an office. I carry her teaching with me to this day … 38 years later.

  • 54
    Rhonda M says:

    My favorite teacher was my 3rd grade teacher. She made learning so much fun. She even inspired me to become a teacher!

  • 55
    Maylee says:

    My favorite teacher was Professor Halsey- my first college professor that took the time to help me understand calculus!

  • 56
    Amy says:

    I loved school and had so many favorite teachers that I became one myself, but the one who really stands out was my 1st and 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Davis. What I remember about her was how special she made me feel. I’m sure she made us all feel special, but I thought it was just me. I’ll always remember the day she arranged to take me home to eat supper at her house. I remember riding in her car, stopping somewhere to pay a bill, playing with her son who was close to my age, and eating tacos for supper. I think that was the first taco I’d ever had! I had a wonderful, happy childhood, but that afternoon is probably the most special and clear memory I have of those years.

  • 57
    veronica says:

    my fav teacher was Jacqueline Turner, in Marrowbone, KY. she really cared about all of her students. she taught my class in 5th grade, then when we moved on to 6th, something changed in my school, and we started changing classes(before middle school ever came along). so i had her for 2 classes in 6th. and again in 7th grade, 2 classes. then in 8th, she became our teacher in all but 1 class. so we really had her 4 years in a row. i loved her. she was a smart dresser too. she really tried to prepare us for high school, we were a very small school, and the thought of high school made me very nervous. i have been out of school for 20 years and still remember her kindness.

  • 58
    Deborah S says:

    My first grade teacher, Miss Olsen, is who I will always remember. She was so kind; always ready with a hug or smile. Sad that today a teacher could face a lawsuit for a hug.

  • 59
    moodyblue says:

    One of my favorite teachers was Dr. Brown. He was a history professor I had classes with in college. He liked to throw in lots of extra details that made things really interesting.

  • 60
    Barb S says:

    Oh, that’s easy. My favorite teacher was Mr. Addams in fifth and sixth grades. He taught math and encouraged me to believe in myself. How good is that??? πŸ™‚

  • 61
    Maryanne says:

    My favourtie teacher was Mrs Wright. I was a quiet child and she bought me out of my shell, at least a little out of my shell.

  • 62
    Karyn says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Jonker-he taught me OAC (Grade 13) English. He had a lot of genuine enthusiasm and was able to inspire me. In fact, I loved most of my English teachers.

  • 63
    Kelly Miller says:

    My favorite teacher was my third grade teacher, Mrs. Macateer. She gave us so many choices of things to do, allowing each student to learn in the way that suited them best. She really loved teaching and made her students love learning.

  • 64
    Tracy says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Stump in the 3rd grade. We had just moved to a new state and I was so lonely. She made me feel like I really mattered and she made learning fun. I absolutely adored her.

  • 65

    My Favorite Teacher was Mrs.G(thats what we all called her). She was’nt all about BOOK teaching. She would do creative things with us such as Make Clay beads, Foam/Felt Projects,etc. Just creative ways to make us learn some kind of Math, Science,etc during it all. I’ll never foreget her because she was what MADE school fun!


  • 66
    Amrita says:

    My favorite was my math teacher, Mrs. Biggs. She was inspiring, made class fun and provided me with many opportunities. I was fortunate enough to have her as a teacher for several years.

  • 67
    Acie says:

    My favourite teacher was my craft and design teacher. He was just a really cool guy and even though i was (and still am) hopeless at explaining things, he always just trusted my creativity and let me go do my thing.

  • 68
    Chris L. says:

    My favorite teacher was my high school algebra and calculus teacher. Not only was he a great teacher, but he also taught me to believe in myself!

  • 69
    Mel says:

    My 5th grade teacher, Mr. Carmichael. He was funny and made learning fun. He really cared about us!

  • 70
    Rosemary says:

    I have two favorite teachers. Mr. Hardwick my high school botany teacher and Mr. Johnson, my high school history teacher. I already enjoyed those two subjects and they made them even more interesting and enjoyable!

  • 71
    glorie says:

    My favorite teacher was my second grade science teacher … she made science interesting …

  • 72
    cindee says:

    My favorite teacher was in 5th grade and his name was Mr. Irons. He taught us to square dance and we even went to another school for a “ho-down” Too much fun!

  • 73
    Teresa says:

    My favorite teacher was my high school history teacher. He inspired me to become a teacher myself and I couldn’t be happier!

  • 74

    I would probably have to say my college English Professor, freshman year. He made reading classic novels enjoyable rather than a daunting task. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 75
    Wendy says:

    My 4th grade teacher was my favorite (of course, her name totally escapes me right now!). I do remember how kind and encouraging she was though – she taught us a lot and made it fun!

  • 76
    Jen D. says:

    Mrs. Mullins, my third grade teacher. She read out loud to us daily and that was the year I fell in love with reading. I love reading and read to my kids and students everyday, largely because of the experience in her class and others like her. Yes, I also became a teacher.

  • 77
    Michele says:

    Oh what I hard question! My favorite was Mrs. Drew. She taught GATE english 7th and 8th grade. I loved her, worshipped the ground she walked on. She was so fun and inspiring.

  • 78
    Elizabeth S. says:

    I would have to say my 6th grade teacher Mr. McGinnis. He was just the caring person and was there whenever you needed extra help. We I went to enroll my oldest daughter for kindergarten he was still a teacher and the same school. He remembered me and talked to me and so I even got to see him for a few more years eventhough none of my kids were in his class.

  • 79
    Jill H says:

    My favorite teacher was my first grade teacher. I loved school and she made it a lot of fun. I ended up getting sent to the nurse with pink eye the day of our Christmas party and missed the whole party. She felt so bad about it that she invited me back 20 years later, the year she was retiring, so I could finally have my first grade Christmas party! It was so neat to go back to that classroom and see how it had changed.

  • 80
    Kim Getchel says:

    I had lots of teachers I liked, but no one really stood out. I liked my girls kindergarten teacher and now she has one of my granddaughters in her class this year.

  • 81
    Karen Dombroskie says:

    My favourite teacher was my kindergarten teacher because she let me take the classroom rabbit home on the weekends.

  • 82
    Kathy says:

    My first grade teacher, Mrs. Lusenick. She was a tough lady on the outside but she really knew how to teach, and I wasn’t the best student in grammar school. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I love PTI!

  • 83
    char says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. B who was a business education teacher. She made me strive for excellence and made me pursue a major in business. I will always remember her.

  • 84

    My favorite teacher is from my college days, Dr. Munger. In fact I just talked to him today to see how he was doing. He’s been there for me through several tough times and has always given me the support I need and always knows just what to say.

  • 85
    Nancy says:

    My favorite was Mr. McGhan because you could tell he really enjoyed teaching and took a genuine interest in everyone in his class.

  • 86
    Jak says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr Williams my drama teacher and that was because he believed in me and taught me to see the good in people.

  • 87
    Sibilance7 says:

    My favorite teacher was a college professor. Her name is Dr. Chambers, and she is the most amazing teacher I’ve ever had. She taught me so much about literature and was so helpful when I was applying to graduate schools to also become a professor. I haven’t quite reached that goal yet, but I’m working part-time alongside her now at my old college, and she is going to be a sort of faculty mentor for me next semester. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to continue learning from her even beyond graduation.

  • 88
    Yvonne says:

    My favorite teacher is Mrs. Betty McGinn, 2nd Grade, Rockwell Elementary School, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. I had a tough childhood and Mrs. McGinn was the first person who made me feel special. She introduced me to Charlotte’s Web, The Trumpeter Swan and Stuart Little. She let me help decorate her bulletin board, which started my love affair with crafts. Looking back as an adult, I now know that she knew my life wasn’t easy at 8 years old, but at the time she just made me feel like I was valuable person.

  • 89
    Sharon Romine says:

    My favorite teacher was my high school English teacher, Mrs. Louise Bean. She was a very kind and compassionate woman who cared greatly about her students.

  • 90
    Becca McK says:

    My Favorite Teacher was my 8th Grade history teacher Mr. Handy. He made learning history real. He dressed up as a Civil war soldier when we studied the Civil War and setup a pretend archeological dig for us to experience what it would be like excavating. He made me want to be a history teacher.

  • 91
    Karen Wegner says:

    My favorite teacher was my high school typing teacher (1966) who encouraged me to become a business educator. I’ve taught on and off for 35 years (time off to raise my family). Thank you Mrs. Essig.

  • 92
    Sandy Kay says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. McElwain. She was my high school business teacher. She taught typing (wow, dating myself here!) and shorthand. She was just a wonderful person!
    Sandy Kay

  • 93

    My favorite teacher was my 10th grade English teacher……my father! Ha! He was a great teacher and never played “favorites” with me. I had straight A’s in that class and all my English classes! Loved the subject and loved my Dad. He passed away almost 15 years ago and I miss him every day!

  • 94
    Si Leong says:

    Mrs. Giannasio in 7th grade. I did not speak English when I first came to her class. She was so patient with me. She taught me how to announciate each words; speaking slowly so that I could understand. But most of all, took time to stay after school to go over stuff with me that she knew I couldn’t understand in class time. I am forever indebted to her.

  • 95
    Ashley says:

    My most FAVORITE teacher is my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Tobias. I have no clue why I liked her but we just clicked. I even spoke at her retirement. She came to my wedding and to my dad’s funeral. She’s so supportive. I always tell me she taught me the fundamentals of life, including how to address an envelope to mail (how fitting)!!!

  • 96
    Lori says:

    This is such a great question. I think teachers are so important. I would have to say that my favorite teacher has to be all of the teachers in special ed that have helped make my 18 yr old the person that he is. Without the help of these great people not only helping him but me navigate through the special ed world he wouldn’t be as advanced as he is. The words “thank you” are never enough to convey the way I feel about them and what they have done for my son and my family.

  • 97
    Tami Langley says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs.Lincoln she was my fourth grade teacher. She made everything we did fun I can’t remember her ever having a bad day she was the sweetest teacher she really cared.

  • 98
    Judy says:

    My favorite teacher was my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Ficken. She always had a kind word for everyone, and she made learning a joy!

  • 99
    Paula La says:

    I would have to say, Mrs. Wolfe, my HS English teacher. She was a bit unconventional, but she taught us it was ok to be ourselves. An important lesson for any HS student.

  • 100
    christinem says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Bloom. He was my high school math teacher. He always came to school with a smile on his face. After 19 years after graduation, he will still stop and visit with me.

  • 101
    sarita says:

    oh gosh – i can’t pick just one…i loved my 6th grade teacher.She was my first teacher when we moved to california. She was so inventive.Made learning exciting! a couple of months ago i read her obituary in the local paper. I had to make a special card and send to her family. I let them know how much she meant to me.

  • 102
    Regan says:

    mhy favorite teacher was my criminology professor , Harry Stavos- he was so super smart…and hot too!!

  • 103

    Mrs. Cole was my favorite teacher. She taught me in 6th grade and is just one of those special people that you will never forget. I went to a very small, private grade school. So in 6th grade there were only 10 people in my class. Mrs. Cole decided to not teach everyone the same curriculum that year, but instead let all of her students learn at their own pace. It really helped me succeed and made me feel like I truly took in everything. By the end of the year I was doing 9th grade vocabulary. It ended up being the same book that I went through in H.S. All of my classmates were the same way. She pushed us to do our best and gave us excellent one on one attention. She also scheduled many field trips. One at the end of the year where she took the entire class to New Orleans for the weekend. But my most favorite memory was Valentine’s Day. She had everyone bring their bikes to school and we road them to the park for lunch. She packed a lunch for everyone and then read a poem that she had made up about us. It was just a very special year and I will never forget her. I ended up writing her a letter when I was in H.S. letting her know how I appreciated everything she did that year.

  • 104
    Sharri Coates says:

    My favorite teacher was Miss. Amos, grade 4-6 art teacher, she encouraged and inspired my love of a;; things crafty which continues today. I met her again years later and she was just the same, very easy to talk to and be with; must be why I loved her classes. Thanks, Sharri

  • 105
    Crystal says:

    My daughter and son had THE BEST kindergarten teacher EVER!! Mrs Thornton is great and I am crossing my fingers my third and fourth will get her too! She is an excellent teacher because she makes it fun and she has a great sense of humor. My son told her (in a Plankton from spongebob voice- totally kidding of course) “Curse you Mrs. Thornton” and she just laughed!! Can you imagine the horror I was thinking as my son was telling me this!! Thankfully, she took it the right way and knew he was kidding.

  • 106
    Nicki says:

    My favorite teacher was my dramatic Literature teacher… she was very fun and made reading so much more enjoyable. I love to read and she encouraged us to read such wonderful books.

  • 107
    Kathi says:

    My favorite teacher was my granddaughter’s preschool teacher. I know this wasn’t exactly what you had in mind Nichole when you posed this question. My granddaughter has cerebral palsy and sending her to preschool was the first time anyone other than family had ever taken care of her. It was terrifying to turn her over to someone else. Miss Stephanie loved her, pushed her, protected her, and cheered her. We all love Miss Stephanie for taking such precious care of our baby.

  • 108
    Christine says:

    Mr. Dobrich, my high school history teacher. He made it fun to learn history, one subject that didn’t come easy to me. I was lucky enough to have him that year, it was the only year he taught at that high school.

  • 109
    Jessica V says:

    My favorite teacher would be my 7th and 8th grade teacher, Mr. Hall. He was just soo cool, no one ever got in trouble. Fridays were the best!! He always made sure everything was done! THE PERFECT TEACHER EVER!

  • 110
    Crystal N says:

    My favorite teacher was my third grade teacher, Miss Starbuck. She was VERY large and would threaten to “sit on us” if we didn’t behave. Of course she was joking, but I remember her making everything we did fun. Crystal N.

  • 111
    kellyv says:

    Hi there,
    Mr. Jones was it for me. He was my English and Media teacher in high school. He taught me how to write and how to laugh at myself. He also gave me enough confidence in myself to participate in high school musicals! What could have been better than that. Thanks for the chance to play along.

  • 112
    Mollie says:

    My favorite teacher was my 7th grade English teacher, Ms. Harper. I remember that she loved sports! Our homework would often include going home and watching some sort of sports game on TV. The next day in class we would have to act as sports reporters and use descriptive words to describe the plays, players, and score. A love of reading and writing was instilled in me, because of her passion for teaching.

    Sadly, she passed away from cancer during the school year. I will never forget the great times I had in her class, and the influence she had on me.

  • 113
    Vivian says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Bean. He was the kindest most caring person. He truly loved his students and strived to help each one of us learn to the very best of our abilities. He brought out the best in each student. He was a firm disciplinarian, but was respected by everyone…staff, student, and parents.

  • 114
    Tasha says:

    My favorite teacher was Ms. Leland. She was my high school Algebra teacher and at the time I thought she was the hardest teacher there was. But she taught me a lot about myself and what I can accomplish if I put my mind to it and actually apply myself which I had to do to survive her class!

  • 115
    emily davis says:

    My favorite Teacher was my Kindergarten Teacher. Doris Ballard – also my GodMother! It’s not so bad to have your GM as your Kindergarten teacher. She was a very kind and special lady! An older teacher… staunch, but kind hearted! Chubby and had typical 60’s hairdoos and flowery dresses… hee hee… not attractive (can I say that?)

  • 116
    Pam Crandall says:

    Have two favorites. Number one is Mr. Liming. High School Geometry teacher. didn’t do well at it but it kept me smiling anyways. Nicest guy ever….
    The second was my fifth grade teacher ” Miss Keetch” who taught me to “get Math” believe it or not. She was fired at the end of the school year but all the kids liked her and I believe she was a very good teacher that recognized each students faults or learning problems and brought them out and “fixed them”. Loved her.

  • 117
    Tricia Dee says:

    My favorite teacher in elementary school was Miss Lawhead – she was young and pretty and so friendly to a shy 4th grader.

  • 118
    Miki says:

    I think my favorite teacher was my High School Drama teacher. I always had such a great time in all the plays I did. She always made sure the cast did things together and nobody was too good to even do the grunt work. She had us all working together and to this day I remember those times. High School can be tough, but she created a wonderful environment for us!

  • 119
    Jessica says:

    My favorite grade school teacher was my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Ford. She made learning so much fun and she had the best voices for reading out loud to the class. Nobody can read Judy Blume’s “Tale of a Fourth Grade Nothing” like Mama Ford can! She was always positive and encouraging. I remember on St. Patrick’s Day, we all became Irish and adapted our names, ie., Mrs. Ford became Mrs. O’Fordy! And on field trips, she taught us the best (most annoying!) songs to sing on the bus. I’m sure the bus driver just loved us! LOL!

  • 120
    kisha says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Ogle, she was disliked by several students but was my favorite. She was tough but pushed her students and I could tell that she had deep love for her students. She taught the current events class and I learned more in that class than any other class. She made us subscribe to People magazine and we discussed weekly topics as part of the class. She was absolutely fabulous.
    thanks for the opportunity Nichole, I am so excited about the new stuff. Thanks also for adding the scor-tape at a great price.

  • 121
    Kimberly S says:

    My favorite teacher was Sister Pat who taught me chemistry in high school and was also my “coach” in a public speaking club. She had the perfect blend of encouragement and tough love.

  • 122
    Kacey says:

    I have had a lot of really great teachers, so it was hard to pick just one. I would have to say THE MOST FUN teacher I have had is Mr. Flannigan from High School. He taught history (which I hated), but he made everything into a song so it was easy to remember and relate to as a teenager. Most of his songs were sung with an Irish brogue so not only did we learn but we were entertained!

  • 123
    Kelly says:

    Miss Stanford was my gr. 10 English teacher. She was young, pretty, bubbly, fun and above all, she LOVED literature. I was two years younger than all of my classmates and often felt like “the baby” of the class but she celebrated everything I had to say, in front of the class and personally to her when we would talk at break times. She put me on the path I am on today.

  • 124
    Amber says:

    My favorite teacher was my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Stone. She was such a nice lady and just made us all feel so special.

  • 125
    Nancy N says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Bruce Clark, because of his excellent teaching style to reach students with all different learning styles, his dedication to helping his students and truely wanting his students to succeed.

  • 126
    Tessa says:

    My HS Social Studies Teacher I had him for several subjects since my school was very small and he always was able to make the subject interesting and push the envelope to really make you think. He assessed the students in a WIDE variety of ways as well!

  • 127
    Alyssa says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Haasche in High school. She taught me math, and I struggled with it. She was steady and encouraging, and I felt like I was really learning when I was with her!

  • 128
    Sara Paschal says:

    My favorite teacher was also our next door neighbor. We lived next to each other for many years. I remember her telling my Mother what I did in class and it was not always good πŸ™‚

  • 129
    Yvette says:

    My favorite teacher was my music teacher Mr Carr he taught me to not be so shy and have a lot more confidence in myself and that year he gave me a small part in the musical production and I turned it into the funniest most memorable part of the show and I had about half of the singing abilty of the others in the show. It was great it made me popular over night and junior high and high school that much better.

  • 130
    Cathy says:

    My favourite teacher was Mr. Ryan who taught me in grade six. He had a wonderful sense of humour and truly cared about our success. Although I’d always been good at school, he was the first teacher who pushed me to go further.

  • 131
    Mary says:

    Mr Johnson – he made me appreciate history!

  • 132
    Marci says:

    My accounting teacher. He was strict. However, he always challenged me and expected the best from each and everyone of his students.

  • 133
    Carrie says:

    My favorite teacher was my 7th/8th grade teacher Mrs. Covert. At the time, I thought she was too strict, but the lessons she taught in her classroom went beyond just the subject. I really came to appreciate what she did for me when I was in college. I was even lucky enough to run into her and to let her know that shortly before I graduated from college.

  • 134
    Becky P. says:

    My favorite teacher was my fifth grade teacher, Mr. McFarland. He used positive reinforcement, never humiliated kids, encouraged them to learn by making a fun and creative learning environment, taught young girls to speak up for themselves, and speak out against injustice. He was also a good friend, and I have always regretted not sending him a letter to let him know how much he has meant to me over the years. I hope he knew what a positive male influence he was in my life.

  • 135

    My favorite teacher was Mr Lindheimer, my HS math teacher. He instilled the love of math in me and now I do that for others.

  • 136
    Patty E. says:

    My favorite teacher was my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Spike. That year my parents divorced and my grandma died. Mrs. Spike gave me a ‘job’ putting people’s papers in folders during recess so I stayed inside and would talk to her about it all. It wasn’t until I was much older that my mom told me that she did that intentionally because I had been shutting out all of my family. She was an amazing and wonderful person!

  • 137

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Montecalvo (Mr. Monte for short) he was my Jr. High and then again in High school Wind Ensemble teacher. I ‘grew up’ with him teaching me, and he really gave me my passion for music. He truly loved what he did (though we high school kids sometimes drove him nuts – and he let us know all about it!) and we loved him…we knew we ‘got it’ when during our concerts you could see the tears well up in his eyes while he was conducting, because we really had made that piece of music what he envisioned.

  • 138
    Jan Brooks says:

    Judy Kane in second year nursing school. God, I admired her so much! She made me want to be the best nurse I could be. She hit us with an intense amount of dry information, and made it not only interesting, but fun! Love that lady! And I never lost my love of learning, I attribute that to her.


  • 139
    Serendipity says:

    My favorite teacher was Ms. Spicer. I had her in fourth AND fifth grade….NO, not because I flunked, but because she advanced. She was a woman who, as I look back on it, had a lot of patience and accepted everyone as an individual. She knew me and math didn’t always get along, but knew that I knew how to do math if given the proper setting. She helped me in a way that no other teacher could/would. And in appreciation, (okay – hold on to your hats here…) I ‘gifted’ her with my baby teeth. Yeah, I know it’s WEIRD to say it at the very least, but when I went back to visit her when I was in Junior High, she had MY baby teeth in her pencil drawer in her desk! I know….a kid reaction, but to me, at that time….it was the most meaningful thing I could give her. And to visit her years later and see MY TEETH in her pencil drawer….well, let’s just say I was humiliated and thrilled all at the same time!!!

    I know, I know – I’m a dork for posting this ‘out loud’ but she have been a mainstay in my life these 41 years! Now THAT’S a TEACHER!!!

  • 140
    Jerri K says:

    My favorite teacher was my college prep english teacher Hugh Shrader. He made you think out of the box and really challenged you.

  • 141
    Holly says:

    Mrs. Coon, she was my art teacher and was a true inspiration.

  • 142
    Holly says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Barta, 5th grade. I didn’t just learn reading and ‘rithmetic from her; I learned important life lessons from her. Who I am today can be attributed to her as well as my family.

  • 143
    Angelina Leonard says:

    Mr. Crawford. He was my TV production teacher in high school. We had so much fun in that class. He was so patient and let us use our creativity to the fullest. He backed us up on all our projects and really stood up for what we believed in that year. That Senior year was so much fun. Gotta love teachers that are willing to take a chance on you.

  • 144
    C Burke says:

    Miss Jackson, my first grade teacher, was my favorite. She helped us make fudge, organized a dance around the May Pole on May 1 and tacked our decorated paper Christmas stockings on the chalk board tray at holiday time. She was kind and was a great example of what a teacher should be.

  • 145
    Kristen says:

    My third grade teacher Mrs. Hovatter was my all time favorite teacher. She was just the nicest caring teacher and of course I was just her nicest most caring student as well! HAH
    She made such an impact on my life at an early age and I will always remember her.

  • 146
    pltaylor says:

    Miss Kitchens, my high school math teacher, was a favorite. She would retire and then get called back into “service” year after year. She was quite a character! Her favorite phrase was “I just can’t walk, chalk, and talk at the same time!”

  • 147
    Carla says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Gordon who taught chemistry. I just loved how he made the class come alive. That was my favorite class in high school.

  • 148
    barbyt says:

    My favorite teacher was Betty Hinds! I was a very shy person, and because she was so kind to me, I became a teacher myself. I wanted to be just like her! I went back to tell her that I was a teacher, after I graduated, but I found that she had died of cancer the earlier that year. I will never forget her!

  • 149
    Dianna D says:

    Miss Popham was my sixth grade teacher. I still remember so many of the great lessons she taught. I cannot believe how long ago that was! πŸ™‚

  • 150
    cynthia says:

    Mrs. Jakes was my fourth grade teacher and I will just always remember how wonderful she was to me. She was just one of those incredible teachers. Thanks Cynthia

  • 151
    Sara says:

    My favorite teacher was my high school English teacher, Mrs. Castillo. She had such high standards for all of us. She really pushed us to excel.

  • 152
    Lisa in TX says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Brown in the first grade. She was like a grandmother and we clicked right away. We stayed in touch over the years and I even went to her retirement party! I sure do miss her. She was one of those terrific teachers you will never forget. I hope my kids get a Mrs. Brown one day! Lisa K in tx

  • 153
    Louise Lemmon says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Marlow. She was my 3rd grade teacher. She was my favorite because she cared while I was in 3rd grade but also years later when I saw her, She remebered me and chose to spend some of her time to teche me again. She was unbelieveable person and teacher.


  • 154
    April Z says:

    My favorite teacher was my high school speech coach, Mrs. Bragg. We were required to take a speech class my sophomore year of high school and compete in one speech tournament. I was very shy and dreading this event. I would have done terribly if Mrs. Bragg hadn’t kept me after school to coach me. She was so encouraging and willing to give of her time to help. As a result I not only did well at the tournament, but discovered a love for public speaking. I went on to compete throughout high school and college and developed some much needed confidence. I am so grateful to Mrs. Bragg for the interest she took in me.

  • 155
    Holly Field says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. White, 2nd grade. I had a horrible 1st grade teacher who destroyed my reading confidence. Mrs. White understood and took the extra time with me. She really had a grandma feel to her….very nuturing.

  • 156
    Ann Lind says:

    My favorite teacher was my mom. She actually was a teacher though I was never in her class. As I look back on my life it was my Mom who taught me the most important things in life.ie: You can do anything you set your mind to,anything worth doing is worth doing well, treat others as you would have them treat you, the list goes on. These ideals have served me well in both my personal and professional life. Thanks Mom

  • 157
    Sharon D says:

    My favorite teacher was Miss Dietrich when I was in 4th grade. I wanted to be her! She was so stylish and beautiful, and her handwriting (that’s what she taught me) was so rounded and even and perfect, while mine was (and still is!) all squiggly and uneven and jerky. She was a good, young female role model for me, since my mother died when I was in 2nd grade.

  • 158
    Katie says:

    This is actually a tough one. I ‘grew up’ to be a teacher in part due to the example and love of many of my teachers. I think for today I’ll have to say it was Mr. Walker, my second grade teacher. I was a ‘Talented and Gifted’ student, and rather than turn his attention solely to the kids who needed help catching up, he also gave me many opportunities to excel. More than 20 years later, I remember taking apart a radio in his ‘office’ adjacent to the classroom. He also recognized I would be the only kid without a grandparent on Grandparents’ Day. Rather than have me feel excluded from the day’s activities, he had me lead one of them. What a wonderful teacher…one I hope I will have the chance to thank again some day.

  • 159
    Katy Frame says:

    My favorite teacher in school was Mr. Reed, my English teacher. He made things so fun and interesting. He made everyone look forward to coming to class every day. Not only that, but he was HILARIOUS! πŸ™‚ Thank you for the chance to win, Nichole!

  • 160
    heidilee66 says:

    Mrs. Kohlmoos – 5th grade. She accepted me for who I was and really nurtured me and made me feel special. I don’t know how much I actually learned, but she was a special teacher during a difficult time in my life.

  • 161
    Heidi says:

    Mrs. Zimmerman in fifth grade was my favorite teacher. She read to us every day and shared with us her love of reading and learning. One of the main reasons I became a teacher was because I wanted to make a difference in other lives like she does.

  • 162
    Cheryl R. says:

    My fav teacher had to be Mrs. Reineke. She was a typing and shorthand teacher and was a primary reason for me ending up with a Business Education degree. Even though I am not a teacher, I have used the skills she taught me for the last 30 years. I see her occasionally when I attend church back in my home town and she is still the sweet lady who inspired me back in 1969 – 1971.

  • 163
    Renee (happystamper05) says:

    My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. DuRousseau. She was a strict teacher and I seem to remember not too many students liked her – but I did. She always made me feel special.
    After the school year ended, she contacted a handful of her favorite students and treated them to a day at the Bob-lo Island Amusement Park. That was so much fun!

  • 164
    Margaret says:

    Looking back, I would say that my favorite was my home economics teacher. She made all of our assignments and projects so much fun — if it wasn’t for her, I would never have discovered my inner “Martha Stewart”! Til this day, I am still creating, making, and baking!

  • 165
    Penny says:

    My 9th grade algebra teacher–Mrs. Bennett. She was super organized and made everything so easy to understand!

  • 166
    Dianne says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Collet she always made me feel special.

  • 167
    Steph says:

    My favorite teacher was Emery Pence. He taught me science but also a class called “what’s inside?” At age 7 or 8 we brought in our parents old electronic equiptment and we took it apart and learned how to put it back together… it was awesome. I attribute my love of math and science to my beginnings in his class at a very special school.

    Can’t wait for the rest of the release tonight – It always amazes me how wonderful the product is and how creative everyone is with it!

  • 168
    Chris says:

    My favorite was Mr. Hilst, a fabulous high school math teacher. He taught all of the honors math classes at my school, and made the whole subject so interesting. Math was already my favorite subject when I got to high school, but Mr. Hilst made me love it even more. I ended up majoring in math in college, in large part due to his influence. I’m often surprised how many math facts I remember, and most of them I hear in his voice in my head!

  • 169
    Jane says:

    My favorite teacher was my forth grade teacher, Ms.Helf–we both had a crush on Michael Paul Glaser and she let me be her special helper during recess’ and lunch–she was great!

  • 170

    I can’t recall a specific reason why my first grade teacher, Mrs. Bertleson, stands out in my mind. I just remember being happy in her class.

  • 171
    Cara says:

    I loved Mr. Serrian from 2nd grade. He always made me feel like the smartest kid!

  • 172
    Jennifer Runge says:

    My favorite teacher was in grade school who inspired me to be anything I want to be. Never to give up. That is the teacher I hope my sons find.

  • 173
    Tracy Y says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Stanley in high school math and computer. She was the kind of teacher who made learning fun. I never liked math until I had my first class with her, Algebra 1. Then I took every math and computer class she offered throughout my high school education. I then went on to receive my BS in Computer Science. Many thanks to a wonderfully talented math teacher who made a difference in my life.

  • 174
    Jeaneen says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Fondessy, my fifth grade teacher at Gaywood Elementary. I still have a picture of her she gave me waaaay back then (that was in the early 1960s!)

  • 175
    Amanda says:

    It has to be my first grade teacher! Ms Green. She was the first one to make me enjoy school!!! And I’ve enjoyed it ever since!!!!

  • 176
    TaraG says:

    It would have to be Mrs. M – my business teacher in high school. I actually had her for about 4 or 5 classes throughout high school. She really took the time to understand each of her students. I just loved her!

  • 177
    Catherine says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Diaz, he was my english teacher/3rd year high school back in the Philippines. He always make everyone feel so special. 21 years later, he still keeps in touch with his students πŸ™‚

  • 178
    Kathy B says:

    My favorite teacher was Ms. Cincotta, my 5th grade teacher. She taught me to do research and I so wanted to emulate her that I became a teacher, too. Now I am a medical researcher, because she took my excess energy and directed it into something that changed my life. I wish I could find her and tell her. I’ve googled her to no avail. She only taught 1 year at my school and left to get married. I have no idea what her name became, but many people know how important she was in my life. I have thought fondly of her throughout the years.

  • 179
    Karen says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs.Messmer. She was my fifth grade teacher, and my sixth as well. She helped us learn through so many different means. I remember paper mache puppets that we wrote plays about (or maybe we wrote the play and then made the puppets), learned to stitch for another art project, sang songs with her strumming on her guitar, and her reading to us after lunch and putting her amateur theater to work using different voices for the characters in the books. I have a million memories of those years….she was a great teacher!

  • 180
    Marchelle says:

    My favorite teacher was in the 8th grade history teacher. He was so humorous! He made learning so much fun. I often wished that his class was more than an hour because it seemed like only 10 minutes!

  • 181
    Joan says:

    My memories of the teachers I had has faded. The only name I remember is my first grade teacher. Her name was Mrs Fernald.

  • 182
    Lori W says:

    Mrs. Cooper, my 7th and 8th grade speech and 9th grade drama teacher. Oh I loved this woman! She was spectacular! I truly wanted to be her. (I even wanted her smile wrinkles around her eyes. I thought they were so beautiful!) But the most wonderful thing about her was she believed in me. I was a very shy kid and have no idea why I signed up for speech classes to begin with. I’m sure I didn’t have a clue what the class was really about until the first day of school. I came home and describe with fear to my mother what was expected of us that semester. My mother, trying to be helpful, told me it probably wasn’t too late to change classes. But the Taurus came out in me and I said β€œNo mom, I’m going to do this!” It was a true turning point in my life.

    A few years ago she walked into the restaurant I was the general manager of. I felt so lucky to be able to tell her 20 years later what an impact she had on my life.

  • 183
    SHARI WALKER says:

    My favorite teacher was Miss Hall, she encouraged me to write and she made the pages of books come alive… I loved English because of her…

  • 184
    Kerry says:

    My favorite teacher was my 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Watts. She always let me erase the blackboard at the end of the day, which for some reason I loved doing!

  • 185
    Tara says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Sosa. He taught geometry my sophomore year. I have always loved math but really enjoyed his enthusiasm about this subject. He seemed to know how much I loved math and even encouraged me to think about becoming a math teacher.

  • 186
    Lea Ann says:

    My favorite teacher was Ms. Phillips, in 3rd grade. I remember the day I fell off the monkey bars, onto the blacktop below. I ended up passing out and when I came to, found my arm was broken in quite dramatic style. One bone came out one side of the arm, another bone out the other. Ms. Phillips, bless her heart, carried me to the principal’s office, splinted my arm, and stayed with me until Mom came. What was so funny about the episode is that, in 3rd grade, I was bigger than Ms. Phillips. She was a tiny slip of a woman who had a hard time moving desks around the classroom, yet she carried me across the playground and nearly the full length of the school to the office. I will always remember her kindness on that day, and so many others!

  • 187
    Kim Ross says:

    Mrs. Andrews was a wonderful teacher. She had such a way of encouraging us to do anything we set our minds to. She was fair and never raised her voice. My younger sister was lucky enough to be in her class, too.

  • 188
    Sarah Doyle says:

    Mr. Stokes.. my high school English teacher. He was funny and real. treated us as the young adults we sure thought we were at the time. I looked forward to his class and his stories. I will always remember him:)
    Thanks for the chance for these amazing stamps!

  • 189
    Susan B says:

    My favorite teacher was Corinne Morley who was my 11th grade American Literature teacher. By then I had already decided that I wanted to be an English teacher, and she sealed the deal. I am still teaching English today!

  • 190
    Rebecca says:

    My favorite teacher was my pharmacotherapeutics professor in pharmacy school, Mr. Thompson. He taught the most complicated material in the most laid back, you got this approach. I always walked out of his classroom feeling inspired and motivated to do more than what was required.

  • 191
    xiumaiyuki says:

    mine is Mr. Naito in the 6th grade. He made Math seemed so fun. He always encouraged us to try out for competitions, big or small. He’s the reason I’m loving my job as a book-keeper today! πŸ™‚

  • 192
    Micah says:

    This is an easy one–my favorite teacher was Mrs. Goodwin, my kindergarten teacher. She’s my favorite because I always knew I was her favorite!

  • 193
    Christie E. says:

    My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Beldo. She made learning so much fun!

  • 194
    Angela says:

    Though it took me almost 40 years to realize, my favorite teacher is my mother. Among many things, she taught me to love reading, to seek knowledge, and to learn something new every day. Thanks, Mom!

  • 195
    Maryann T. says:

    My favorite teacher was my human development professor in college. I had him for a bunch of classes in my major. He made the subject interesting and I really respected him!

  • 196
    Aimee says:

    Mr Jenkins… My Band teacher from 8th til I graduate…. He has influcence my life in so many ways and he is the one twacher I always try to make time to go visit when I can…

    Favorite Quote “To be late is to be on time and to be on time is to be early.”

  • 197
    SusanH says:

    My most memorable teacher is Ms. Wilson, my first grade teacher. I was a little chatter and she taught me how to stay focused on my school work and to not disrupt the others….

  • 198
    Cathy says:

    My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher, Sister Margarite. She had very high expectations for us and we worked hard to meet them.

  • 199
    Nichole Carbajal says:

    My favorite teacher by far was my English teacher my senior year of high school – Mrs. Weiss. She was not only a great teacher, but a great person who I still look up to. She taught us more than just how to write a good essay, she taught us how to succeed in life no matter what challenges you are faced with.

  • 200
    Chris Hauck says:

    My favorite teacher was definitely Mrs. Jacobs from the first grade. I went to a Catholic grade school and I can remember being awarded a reading reward with a really cool book.
    Chris Hauck

  • 201
    Emma Sleppy says:

    I went to all All girl’s Catholic High School in Freshman Year and my Favorite Teacher was Sr. Marie Catherine, she taught Geography, she was young and was beautiful. She was so unlike the other “older Nuns”! She was really cool.

  • 202
    Brandie Nellis says:

    I had a teacher back in grade nine. Her name was Mrs. Goode Gerow, and I wasn’t sure what to make of her at first. She was eccentric and goofy. She taught drama and english- my two favourite subjects. Anyways, one of the most touching times were when she graded a paper of mine and wrote on it that I had potential. She wanted me to extend my short story and try to get it published. The fact that she went out of her way to encourage me instead of just ‘grading’ me as was her job was really heart warming and stuck with me. In face WHEN I get a book published- I’m dedicating it to her for believing in me!

  • 203
    Angela R. says:

    1st would be my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Riechenbach. She adored me and always made me feel special. A very close 2nd would be my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Graves. (also, i tried getting onto your forum and it said i been approved yet, or something like that?) thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 204

    My favorite teacher is Dr. Coburn. He was my Remote Sensing Prof in University. A unique guy! I thought he was hilarious (maybe because I’m such a geek). But he valued hard work, and I appreciated that.

  • 205
    Tonya says:

    My high school US history teacher Mr. Urling was my favorite. He genuinely cared about the kids and believed in his job. He pushed softly to get what he wanted you to do, while still being firm. He was a great teacher.

  • 206
    Jodi says:

    My favourite teacher was one who I had for years. We went to a small school for elementary school and I had the same teacher in grades 4, 5, 7, 8.

    She was so caring and so kind and treated us like people, not like little kids. She just had a way about her that was comforting. Years later and she still asks about us(her students).

  • 207
    Tricia T says:

    The teacher that probably touched my life the most was actually a student teacher in my 1st grade class… Miss Kummer. We did a play and she gave me the lead, which did wonders for my self-confidence she made us each a painted ceramic ornament for Christmas. It made such an impression on me that she went to that much trouble for us. I still have it!!

    Oh – and then there was Mr. Zahn… he was my 6th grade math teacher… I had a crush on him. πŸ™‚

  • 208
    Lee Cockrum says:

    It is difficult to choose, as I have had some great teachers… but I really loved our Librarian, Mrs. Washington. I was in grade school with her as librarian from 3rd grade through 6th grade. She was a very petite woman, and she was a “griot”, an african story teller. She would sit on top of a filing cabinet and do story telling time in the library!

  • 209
    Jo says:

    My fav teacher was Mrs. Hickerson, my art teacher in high school. She was always encouraging me to use and develop my artistic talent. I really don’t have a creative family or friends. While they didn’t discourage me, they just don’t really understand the “creative spirit” I guess.

  • 210
    dougnat says:

    goodness, I don’t know that I have a favorite teacher. One of my favorite was Mr. Johnson, my HS art teacher. He was so encouraging of me and really all of his students.

  • 211
    Cindy says:

    My favorite teacher was my kindergarten teacher, her name was Mrs Kavisen. She had a way of making you feel really special. This past year I bumped into her for the first time in years – she remembered me by name, asked about my brother and my parents. I haven’t been in her class for over 30 years, I couldn’t believe she remembered me. She still has a way of making me feel special!

  • 212
    Teresa says:

    My history teacher in high school, Mr. McIntyre. I love how he taught the class it made learning very easy. I still like learning about history to this day and I graduated 26 years ago.

  • 213
    Cindy says:

    My favorite teacher was was my 4th grade teacher. She keep us interested and learning and reading lots of great books.

  • 214

    My favourite teacher was my 4th grade teacher, Mr. Talbot. He was a complete science nut and kept snakes and rats in the classroom which he allowed us to hold and pet during lessons. Funny thing is a few years ago, my husband (an electrician) was called to do a job at my previous grade school and the classroom he was in…was Mr. Talbot’s. Funny how you remember things as a kid…I remember him as tall with red hair and a beard and my husband said he was short and balding!

  • 215
    Maria M. says:

    My favorite teacher was my 5th grade teacher, Ms. Green. Being raised Catholic and going to a Catholic school, most of my teachers were strict nuns. Ms. Green was one of the first non-nun teacher. She was very pretty and very kind and never took the ruler out for punishment. ; )

  • 216
    babies~ Beth says:

    Miss Tillinghast! First or Second grade? She read the greatest books! The books had the greatest pictures!! I can remember those stories today, 50 years later!

  • 217
    Janine says:

    Mrs. Lane in Grade 3 and 5.. She just smelled nice and I can still remember that smell to this day!! Plus she was a really nice person!!

  • 218
    Tonya says:

    Mr. Lakey…high school science…taught the subject in such a fun and interesting way. I think we all always looked so forward to his class.

  • 219
    Ginny Schleich says:

    My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Wilson was my favorite. She had a way of helping kids be their best. I used to just watch how she would talk to someone about something special about them and how it made them light up. I think that she really made a difference with the kids in her class.

  • 220
    Lori says:

    My favorite teacher? Definitely my mom, who’s not only my mom, but a teacher, too. Watching and learning from her definitely had an influence on my decision to become a teacher!

  • 221
    Beth Puckett says:

    My junior english teacher, Mrs. Radloff, was more than just an educator. She discovered unique interests in all of her students, and created lessons around those interests. At the time I was interested in the anniversary of Woodstock and anything of that era. She let me borrow a copy of The Whole Earth Catalog which she had saved from her youth. It was a defining moment in my adolescence and created a special bond between us. As a teacher myself, I hope to inspire others the way she inspired me.

  • 222
    HOPE J says:

    My favorite teacher would have to be my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Bluestein-she taught us math. πŸ™‚ She was wonderful-and it made it so fun. Now that my daughter is in 2nd grade-she has a wonderful teacher this year who i know she will remember him for the rest of her life. He is awesome!

    Hope Jones

  • 223
    Mimi says:

    My favorite teacher was my first grade teacher (a nun) that taught me to read, her name was Lucila.
    She’s still alive and working in the convent.
    I got confused with her name, I called her “Axila” instead of Lucila…and “axila”in my language (portuguese) means arm pit…poor woman…

  • 224

    My favorite teacher was Mrs Melander. I had her for 2nd grade at Park Elementary in Spanish Fork, UT.

    It was her very first year as a teacher and she was the sweetest most loving person ever. Near the end of the school year my appendix were bad and she allowed my cousin to walk me to my aunts house thinking I just a bellyache. They actually burst on our walk and I dropped to the ground…had emergency surgery and was in the hospital for one week. Mrs Melander had the whole class make me homemade cards and brought them to the hospital for me and would come and visit me in the evenings.

    Through the years I would always stop by and visit her when I would be back in town after having to move away after that year. She always remembered who I was and in my eyes she was always so beautiful and never changed.

    She not only taught me in school, but she showed me love and compassion and that she truley cared, about me and the rest of the class.

    Teresa Curtis

  • 225
    Laurie G says:

    I would have to say my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Pender, was my favorite teacher. She even made a visit to my house when I was home recovering from Whooping Cough so that she could present me with a certificate for penmanship. Boy, did that make an impact on me.

  • 226
    Kay Tillman says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Helmly, my advanced biology teacher because he recognized that a girl could skin a cat (literally) just as good if not better than the boys in his class. I still see Mr. Helmly around town and still love to talk to him.

  • 227
    tracy says:

    How fun! I definitely think that my Grade one teacher Mrs Kowalski was my favourite teacher! She was always so patient with us!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • 228
    Quyen says:

    Mine is my History 151 professor in college, Mr. Brown. I hated history in school but had to take it anyway. He made them to to life and related all the stuff back then to modern life. I guess you could say he’s the reason I’m as informative about what’s going on with the rest of the world as I am today.

  • 229
    Suzanne says:

    My elementary school principal and high school maths teacher was my favorite teacher. He actually taught my Mom, my brother and I all. He was an amazing man who always knew the right thing to say – whether talking with me about something I did wrong or giving me praise for continued good grades. He is the reason I loved school and math and part of the reason I decided to go into accounting, which I love. I met up with him a couple of years ago in our small town grocery store and had the chance to thank him for the impact he had on my life – it was a very special moment that I am grateful for having!

  • 230
    Crafty Math Chick says:

    My favorite teacher is Ms. Noralee Cox of Sharon HS, MA. She was my teacher for algebra, geometry and BC calculus. I always liked math, but she helped me LOVE it. She was always so positive and supportive and has the most amazing sense of humor. She also really encouraged women to excel in math. Doesn’t that rock? I wish I hadn’t lost touch with her, I would love to tell her I followed in her footsteps…

    If anyone happens to know how I can reach her, I would be most grateful.

    Thanks for what looks to be a terrific release Nichole, Melissa & Lisa!


  • 231
    Marsha says:

    My favorite teacher was my kindergarten teacher; she was so sweet, kind and compassionate. What a wonderful way to begin my educational road to the future.

  • 232
    Sue D says:

    I’ve had a lot of great teachers but the one that had the most influence in my life was Dr. Miller, my college biology professor. He really pushed and challenged me to be the best I could be. Although his classes were demanding you always learned a lot and the field trips were awesome–Florida Keys anyone?

  • 233
    Beth Puckett says:

    My junior english teacher, Mrs. Radloff, was more than just an educator. She discovered unique interests in all of her students, and created lessons around those interests. At the time I was interested in the anniversary of Woodstock and anything of that era. She let me borrow a copy of The Whole Earth Catalog which she had saved from her youth. It was a defining moment in my adolescence and created a special bond between us. As a teacher myself, I hope to inspire others the way she inspired me.

  • 234
    Leah says:

    My favorite teacher was when I was a junor in highschool. His name was Mr.C and he was my chemisty teacher and he made chemisty come alive for me! I aced the class, even with all the math involved! I wanted to take his class again the next year:)

  • 235

    My choir teacher in high school was the teacher who influenced me the most and was probably my favorite. I liked what she did so much that I became a choir teacher!

  • 236
    Oralia A. says:

    Easy one!! Mrs. Reinke – i was sooo shy in elementary and middle school and Mrs. Reinke and her music class helped unleash the beauty inside of me. My world opened up when I joined her choir class.

  • 237
    Alicia says:

    Mr. Cox from 3rd grade math. I hated math but he made it fun and he is the only math teacher that has ever really made it easy for me to “get it. I wouldn’t have been to complete 3rd grade without him!

  • 238
    Carol says:

    My favorite teacher was my seventh grade english teacher. She made me feel very important with my handwriting and taught me a lot. She would alway ask me to print things out for her as I had nice handwriting. She made me feel very special and always told me I had a great talent.

  • 239
    Heather B. says:

    I have been so blessed with many wonderful teachers! My favorite was Mr. Niccoli…my government teacher. He made everyone in his class think and debate issues in every direction without telling us what side he was on. His class started in me a passion for following politics, something which I love to study (and debate, and fight about etc.)
    Thanks so much for the chance!
    Heather B.

  • 240
    Kristy says:

    My favorite teacher was my 5th grade teacher — my Dad! Really, he taught 5th grade at my elementary school. He was a fantastic teacher, and was a favorite of everyone’s. He still has former students visit him, bring him gifts, and send him cards. He hasn’t taught for over 45 years, so it is a wonderful compliment to him that students remember him. He made learning fun with his quick wit, sense of humor, math tricks, etc. He loved teaching, and that was evident in how he taught. He made all students (not just his daughter) feel special! I love my Dad, my favorite teacher ever!

  • 241
    Sheila says:

    My favorite teacher was Miss King in the 2nd grade. She was actually my substitute teacher since my regular teacher was out on maternity leave. I was quite the “teacher’s pet”, always volunteering to help after school and in class. I can still remember her smiling face. We had a special connection that I will always treasure.

  • 242
    Leea says:

    One of my favorite teachers was Mrs. Frantz, she had my older sister, then me, both years had a baby..yet I remember her introducing me to Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume, to this day can remember waiting for the next part to be read. I now work in the school I went to, and with her! Talk about full circle (I also work with 2 other of my former teachers) Thanks for the chance!

  • 243
    Genevieve says:

    I actually have 2. Mrs. Ponder in elementary school was first. She was always just so nice to me and very encouraging. She sold real estate during the summer in the area I lived in and I can remember her stopping by to say hi. What teacher does that unless they love you?

    My second favorite was my chemistry teacher in high school named Mr. Reed. I hated science, but he made it so interesting. He just had this quirky way of teaching. Anybody that had him loved him!

  • 244
    sandy says:

    My favorite teacher was my twelfth grade English teacher. She was tough and demanded that the class behave. I actually could concentrate in her class. There were several other favorite teachers, too.

  • 245
    Jennifer says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Unsoeld. He was my Civics/Economics teacher in high school and he was unlike any other teacher I have ever had. He was very active in our community and encouraged us all to fight for what we believed in, and to pay attention to the world around us. While we had a text book, he mostly taught from his own personal experiences and from his heart. He knew he had kids who would grow up to make a difference in our world. Or at least that’s how he made us feel.

  • 246

    My favorite teacher was my high school French teacher, Mr. Lawrence. He always challenged me and gave me the option to skip French 4 and go straight to French 5 since it didn’t fit into my schedule.

  • 247
    Steph says:

    It would have to be my first grade teacher Mrs. Hall. There wasn’t any one particular thing that made her my favorite teacher. It was the many many little things that she did everyday. She encouraged me to try new things even if that meant making mistakes, knowing that the mistakes would enable me to grow and stretch even more that if I had never tried in the first place. It is so important at that young age to encourage and support the trying of new and differnet things, to teach children to step a little bit outside of their comfort zone, and to learn how to make decisions on their own and not just do what everyone else is doing. Mrs. Hall taught all of those things and she did it with a genuine care and concern for her students.

  • 248
    noelani says:

    One of my favorite teachers was actually a history professor at USU. Ross Peterson knoew how to teach and make history matter to you know. He got me re-interested in history as my major again. I loved evey minute of all of the classes I took from him. I think I took all classes he taught except one in the 3 years I was there.

    There were also a lot of other teachers I loved, but he was the first one to come to my mind.

  • 249
    mcbetty says:

    My mother started teaching me when I was 19 months old … soon after they found out I was deaf. Then later she was my first grade teacher.
    I’m a 4th generation teacher, credit goes to my mother, my grandmother, and my great-grandfather. All three taught in a one-room schoolhouse called The Brick School.

  • 250
    Becky C says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Cline, my English/Lit teacher. He made lit enjoyable, and he prepared me so well for college. After I graduated, I had the privilege of being a coworker with him as I came back to teach at my alma mater (not English, though, lol!).

  • 251
    Ida says:

    My favorite teacher of all time was Mrs. Ludden and she taught English and Speech. She was so beautiful both on the outside and the inside. She inspired students to do their very best and always encouraged them. No one ever acted up in her class because we all respected her to much to do so.

  • 252
    Phyllis says:

    My favorite teacher was my second grade teacher. Her name was Mrs. Leeper and she was born in a leap year. We were eight and so was she! I thought that was really cool!

  • 253
    2stampis2b says:

    Mr. Donaldson was my algebra teacher in high school. He was also our confirmation leader and made learning interesting and fun, and memorable! He did goofy skits that made sure you’d never forget the subject at hand.

  • 254
    Anette Eakins says:

    I grew up in Germany and my favorite teacher was my English teacher Mr. Fritsch(everyone in Germany has to take English classes starting in 5th grade). He expected a lot from us, but was very fair and made learning English fun(he taught the American English as opposed to the British English most teachers taught, which all of us thought was so cool since we were living in an area with a big American GI population). I had him as my English teacher for 4 years. One year we had a different teacher for some reason and I remember that all my friend’s and my grades dropped dramatically that year. We were all just heartbroken not to have Mr. Fritsch and none of us put any effort into our English class that year. The next year he was back and we all became A students again.

  • 255
    KarenY says:

    Mrs Kuniyuki. She was my daughter’s preschool teacher who was able to calm all fears for both my daughter and me. Such a gift!

  • 256
    debbie207 says:

    My favorite teacher was a college professor. He taught Canadian studies courses, in Maine. I appreciated his teaching style, his storytelling, his sense of humor and his British accent.

    13 years after taking his classes I was able to travel to Nova Scotia. As I researched places to visit and as we traveled around I could hear his voice as I was remembering him talking about the events and people associated with these places. We went to a living history museum (Highland Village) and I asked one of the workers a question. She wasn’t sure of the answer but said she would look it up in one of her reference books. The book she had was written by my former professor. Cool!

  • 257
    Lisa Rogers says:

    Mrs. McAllister – 6th grade because she taught me to snap my gum! She actually taught the whole class that day because she was pregnant and trying to stop smoking so she started chewing gum and allowed the whole class to chew it…one rainy day she taught us all to roll the gum over our back teeth and “snap” it!

  • 258
    Mary Claire says:

    Mrs. Shryock Highschool English. She was one of those teachers who you just wanted to do a good job for. She wasn’t an easy teacher by any means and I think that is what registered with me. One the the most memorable things was how she had us write in a journal and no matter what we wrote she always wrote something empathetic in return – it really made me feel like she cared and was listening.

  • 259
    Jennie says:

    Mrs. Boviere, my first grade teacher. She was so kind to me and I was dreadfully shy. She is the reason I became a teacher. It is amazing how much teachers impact a young life. What a great way to honor them with a stamp set and a great contest!

  • 260
    Molly B says:

    Dr Farmer was my college advisor and nutrition teacher. She was the coolest. She taught with so much energy that you couldn’t help but get excited and learn from her. She made it a lot easier to learn the most difficult things.

  • 261
    Kriss says:

    Mrs. Marling was my 5th Grade teacher; and made the most impact in my education! I spelled the word “bouquet” wrong on my spelling test; not only did she point it out, she made me construct a bulletin board featuring “bouquet” for the whole class to see!

  • 262
    betty lou says:

    My 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Lowrey, was my favorite. At an elementary school with mostly very old, grumpy teachers, Mrs. Lowrey was young, happy, and fun! She made me feel special and love school. Now, I’m the old teacher (29th and last year), but I’m (hopefully) not grumpy:D! Oh, I teach 2nd grade…of course:)!

  • 263
    Donelda says:

    Mrs. Chapman was my favorite teacher because she was fair and encouraging all at the same time!!

  • 264
    Karen Q says:

    Mr Evers my high school english teacher. He made me want to be a teacher. He had a passion for his job and we all loved his class.

  • 265

    For me it was actually my first grade teacher Mrs. Fishberg I remember how wonderful she was with me as I was sooooo shy at that age and hardly would speak out and I remember that at that time I would write my name backwards -Elizabeth and she was so patient with me and helped me and I remember by the end of the school year I was so proud because I was writing my name as I should and it felt so good.. My mom and her worked so hard for me even though my mom didn’t speak english Mrs. Fishberg found a way to make sure my mom understood and she always made sure I was involved no matter what we did. I remember when I graduated H.S. I went back to my grade school and she knew from the moment she say me who I was and gave me a big hug and I was happy and had to show off my diploma and tell her that because she gave me the attention and help I needed I always pushed through all the trails I went to school. I always think of her esp. right now that my youngest son is in Kindergarten and he starts his journey into education and I see the love and care in his teacher with him and all the kids. I am so amazed all the love and care that goes to teaching as they take care of our babies and to watch then grow and learn with them is something that I will forever be in awe of.

  • 266
    Karen M says:

    My favorite teacher was my first grade teacher. I just adored her and wanted to be just like her when I grew up. When I would get home from school I would play school for hours and force my little brother to sit and learn everything I had been taught that day. My poor brother, he was so good about putting up with me.

  • 267
    Terri Moore says:

    That would probably be my mother since she homeschooled me. I also had a great tutor named Marilyn who helped me to graduate too.

  • 268
    Cheri says:

    My favorite teacher was my kindergarten and 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Kennon! She was very patient and loved kids! I remember when I messed up my plate that I was making for my mom for her Christmas present…I messed up and made my self-portrait with a pointed head. Of course I cried, but she told me my mom would love eating off of it!!!! She was very kind and caring and for that, I will never forget her!

  • 269
    Barb B says:

    WOW – since I just had my 30 year class reunion this year, this is going to really take some cob web cleaning!!! LOL!!
    I honestly had so many great teachers, but I have to say the best would be Mrs. Brannon. She was my 8th grade Algebra teacher I knew her on a teaching and a personal level. (I babysit her daughter.) She was just such a fantastic teacher and a wonderful person.

  • 270

    Mrs. Jeanetta was my favorite teacher. She taught me in second grade. She had a reading area in your class that was an old claw foot tub. I always loved to curl up in that tub with the pillows and cushions and get lost in the stories I was reading. Every since then I love to ready and believe she inspired that love in me. Thank you Mrs. J

  • 271
    Sue Strozyk says:

    My favorite teacher: Miss Berlinski!! She was the best. I had her for 4th grade, then when i finished 5th, she was moving to teach 6th, so lucky me got to have her again! She treated you like her own ( she never married,even until this day) she used to take each of us out to dinner on our birthdays (back in the day when teachers could do those kinds of things) and we always made the most awesome crafts for our parents at Christmas, and it wasn’t junk, it was the good quality stuff. Gosh, i could go on and on! I ran into her almost a year ago, and she looked exactly the same,with her beehive hairdo, and plastic on her seats in her cadillac ( she always drove a cadillac) Boy, i just loved her!! Okay, enough already!!

  • 272
    Shawna says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr Getten in the 11th grade. He taught Ancient History and literally made it come to life. He made everyone understand and want to be involved in learning… Shawna

  • 273
    Jennifer S. says:

    My favorite teacher was my Algebra teacher, Mr. Parker. I had him for both 7th(pre-algebra) and 8th(algebra) grade. He wasn’t my favorite at the time, but I have come to realize that he probably cared for me the most of all my teachers. He truly wanted me to live up to my potential. He forced me to do my homework, using every method he could think of until he found something that worked. I understood and loved math, but hated to to homework. He made me see how important it was, even though I thought it was “busy-work”. Thank you, Mr Parker!

  • 274
    Cyndi says:

    My favorite teacher, Mr. Bick, was my best friend’s dad. He taught drama, speech and debate. I was extremely talkative and social and he helped me channel all of that energy into developing public speaking skills that I still use in both my personal life and professionally.


  • 275
    Jamie says:

    My favorite teacher was my 10th grade history teacher. up to that point, i despised that topic, but he changed my mind completely!

  • 276
    Tina says:

    I would have to say my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Bowman. She always made me feel special.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • 277
    Kelly Braund says:

    Mine were our 8th grade Social Studies teachers. They made us interested in what we were learning, they used role playing and hands on teaching to get us excited and invested in our projects. I still think of them all the time as I try to give my kids that love of learning.

  • 278
    Kornkamol says:

    My favorite teacher is Dr.Nipon, because he helped me a lot to pass the exam.

  • 279
    Anna says:

    My favorite teacher was and still is my mom! As a single parent, she showed me how to be independant, strong and kind. I am so proud to be her daughter!!

  • 280
    Emily W (US) says:

    My favorite teacher… man, I had a lot of them… but I think one of the tops was Mr Baughn, one of my HS teachers. Taught AP English. Let us read whatever novels we wanted. Actually kind of a dirty mind, he’d probably get sued these days. But man, his class was a blast!!!

  • 281
    Terry says:

    I was lucky to have many great teachers – it’s hard to choose just one! I guess I would have to choose Miss Gallagher, my 10th grade Geometry teacher. She was the first person that made math make sense to me – the light bulb finally went on! She actually made math interesting.

  • 282
    valerie says:

    My 5th grade teacher was my favvorite. Her name was Mrs Ruben. She was one of those teachers that no mater color or ethnicity you were she treated everyone alike. She gave you that warm feeling inside of how much she cared.

  • 283
    Michele Swanberg says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Zumwalt. He always treated me like I was special in his class. He saw the potential in me that others over looked.

  • 284
    Mary Dawn says:

    Mrs Howell, 11th grade English, because she let me “be” Blanche when we read ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ out loud in class!

  • 285
    Jillian Winters says:

    Mr & Mrs Gilchrist, my sixth grade teachers. They were a married couple who both taught the 6th grade. They had the classroom wall knocked down between them and made into a hallway so you could go from one side to the other, they wanted everyone together rather than two separate 6th grade classes. Every day they brought us together for music hour. They played guitar and taught us to sing…they taught us to believe in ourselves and the possibilities the world has to offer. Thanks for making me remember….:)

  • 286
    Mary W. says:

    My favorite teacher was my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Johnson. She taught me how to tie my shoes! I also had my tonsils out that year and she gave me a little plant in a cute little ceramic bunny planter. I still have that little planter and that was 53 years ago!

  • 287
    Candy Farley says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Hall my English/Spelling teacher from the 5th grade. She was so kind and just a wonderful teacher that touched my heart. To this day we still keep in touch, even when I was in school she would send me cards for various holidays. She retired and began working at the coffee shop at the hospital where my mother-in-law works and my mom-in-law would catch her up on mine and my hubby’s life. She even sent a willow tree angel and a big hug with my mother-in-law when my mil came to visit us while stationed in Okinawa, Japan. So I would say she is my fave teacher. =)

  • 288
    Katie Skiff says:

    Mr. Moran, because he was so fun to be around. He was also the guidance counselor, so that made him even more special to all of us. He retired the year we graduated…so he graduated with us. And we hoped to have him speak at our ten-year and he paced away this last spring.

  • 289
    Kathy McDonald says:

    My high school French teacher, Frieda Kirk, was my favorite. She opened the world to me. With her encouragement and support, I saved enough babysitting money (at 50 cents an hour!) to travel to Europe the summer before my senior year to spend four weeks studying French at the University of Strasbourg and an additional two weeks traveling around Europe. I have enjoyed a life-long love of travel, thanks to her.

  • 290
    Vanessa says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Trela. She was always so positive and made learning interesting. She taught History, a subject I never liked growing up, and made me look forward to her class and assignments!

  • 291
    Kate says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. LeClaire. He was my 7th grade algebra teacher. He would play A Prairie Home Companion while we worked on our assignments. He would also play the guitar and sing to us. He was the first unconventional teacher I had which is why I think I remember him so fondly. I still to this day love to do algebra and when I think back it has always been the unconventional teachers that I have learned from the most.

  • 292
    Amanda says:

    Oh my, there have been so many wonderful teachers in my life and at different stages. My 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Moss has always held an incredible special spot in my heart because she was there to be a mom to me when I temporarily lost mine. Then there was my 8th grade science teacher, Mrs. Simpson who encouraged my love of science and who shared a quirky love of ketchup & mustard mixed together as the preferred dip for french fries. And lastly is Abby Kohler who was a math professor of mine in college. She is mostly responsible for me going on to get my Masters degree in Math and Science education and is the only reason I’m even able to teach math to middle schoolers. She taught me to love and understand a subject that I had always struggled with and filled me with strategies to help other young minds that also struggle with math’s difficulties.

  • 293
    Jeanne says:

    My favorite teacher was in high school, Mr. Prettyman. He taught many sciences…anatomy, physiology, medical topics and botany. Because of his interest and encouragement, I chose to enter a career in nursing and apply many of the things that I learned. Truly, he was a catalyst for me!

  • 294
    Charlene says:

    Mrs. Hotchkiss – I took a number of classes from her, as well as was her TA for a year. She set me on the path to field I work in today!

  • 295
    Robb_eeie says:

    Can’t wait for the release! ((I posted on the first entry you had so hopefully I’ve entered the right one now.))
    My Favorite teacher Mr. Cole ~was my Music & Band instructor from Grade 10 thru 13. His creativity and passion for music went beyond any borders.

  • 296
    Terri C says:

    Gee, it’s hard to pick just one. I’m going to have to say my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Kahn. We didn’t have public kindergarten at that time, so this was a private class. She would pick us up in a large station wagon. When my sister, who is 2 years older then me, started kindergarten, I wanted to go too. I would dress for school every morning and stand by the window with Amy to wait for Mrs. Kahn. If there was room in the car for me, she would crook her finger which meant I got to go. I would be so happy and I credit her for my love of education.

  • 297
    Jenny says:

    My favorite teacher was my 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Gooch. She was the most fun teacher ever by really making learning fun.

  • 298
    annheidel says:

    Mrs. Nicastro, my 11th grade English teacher had an impact on me. I still have the two assignments where she wrote notes encouraging me to write. πŸ™‚ Someday I’ll live up to her faith in me.

  • 299
    Candyf says:

    My favorite teacher was my 1st grade teacher Mrs. Brittan. She opened a whole world for me when she taught us how to read.


  • 300
    Helen says:

    The “All Time Favorite Teacher” Award goes to Mr Hennessey–English Literature. He made each class a pleasure to attend and look forward to. He was tough but fair and such a positive influence in my life.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win all these wonderful goodies, Nichole!

  • 301
    Ashley K. says:

    My favorite teacher was my freshman health teacher, Mr. Miley. He was so down to earth, and taught us about real life. I remember interviewing him for my journalism class, and he has such an interesting life.

  • 302
    MaryBB says:

    My music teacher Mr. Johnson. He was talented and compassionate. He taught his students discipline & the value of hard work all while staying connected to the angst of being a teenager.

  • 303
    Lizzie Jones says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Johnson. He instructed my AP US History and Government classes. He really worked us hard, but his efforts taught me to take extra care when studying a text or formulating an argument or opinion. I still remember pouring over Civil Disobedience for hours on end, searching for the significance of every word.

  • 304
    Phyllis says:

    My favorite teacher was my second grade teacher, Mrs. Leeper. She was born in leap year. We were eight and so was she! I always thought that was really cool! I was bummed because she was supposed to be my third grade teacher too. Her third grade class was all the same except for two of us who were in the other teacher’s class. She was probably my worst teacher!

  • 305
    Christy Compton says:

    The last memorable teacher was Mr. Roth for senior calculus – he was so funny and his stories and examples always made math come alive. You rock, Mr. Roth!

  • 306
    vanessa says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr Houston in junior high. He was my journalism teacher and was instrumental in my decision to get my degree in journalism. He was stern and encouraging at the sametime. He would actually count the words in each paragraph to make sure you were within the guidelines. He made junior high school fun.

  • 307
    Kay O says:

    My favorite teacher was one who was always there for me and able to make learning fun. What a wonderful gift that keeps giving.

  • 308
    Michele Swanberg says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Zumwalt. He always treated me like I was special in his class. He saw the potential in me that others over looked.

  • 309
    Joy says:

    My favorite was Dr. Barr because she pushed me beyond what I or anyone else thought was possible for me.

  • 310
    Sara Spencer says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs Freden. She was the mother of my very best friend so I got to see her outside of school too. Just a really nice lady that made school fun and less scary for a first grader. =)

  • 311
    Melissa says:

    Hi! My favorite teacher was Mr Kroner for eight grade history. He was so excited to teach us about US history and had an awesome way of making all of us excited too! I loved his class and have keep in touch with him on and off my entire life!

  • 312
    Victoria says:

    Mrs. Rouse was my biology teacher in high school, she used to tell us stories about her family escaping from Estonia.
    I have to say that my daughter’s kindergarten teacher Mrs. Seigel is my current favorite!

    I am a substitute teacher at the moment and love it!

    Pretty obvious I want the Teacher set!


  • 313
    Theresa says:

    I wish I could narrow down my answer to just one teacher. However my answer would have to be all of the teachers I had in Catholic school from k-8 grade. They were the most caring teachers around. When I was at my 8th grade graduation I cried (well just about all of us girls did) because I was leaving such amazing people behind that I knew for 9 years!

  • 314
    Janette Olen says:

    My favorite teacher was actually my grandmother. She taught me many things in my lifetime but the most valuable thing she taught me was how to be a better person.

  • 315
    Penny Heptonstall says:

    My favorite teacher was in Grade 1. Her name was Mrs Dieter. I went to a one room school house in 1961. She had 6 grades to teach but always had time for everyone. At the end of the year she gave all of us a book. I still have it and will always treasure it. She is now very elderly and not in good health and I wish her well.

  • 316
    Justine says:

    Miss King, my 5th grade teacher. She was so beautiful and single. As a 10 year old, I was able to get her and my soccer coach to go out on a date. That was sooooooo Cool. Sadly she ended up marrying our school principal….. Besides that, I still remember her reading to us everyday after recess. As a teacher myself now, I too read to my students after recess and think of her everyday.

  • 317
    Kristy says:

    My favorite teacher was SeΓ±ora Wilder. I don’t know if she knows it, but she is the main reason that I continued on with Spanish and am now a high school Spanish teacher. She inspired and motivated me in a way that gave me a passion that will last throughout my lifetime and hopefully I’ll be able to touch at least some of my students.

  • 318
    Kirsten says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Stamper. (Ha, shoulda known then! LOL) Anyways, she was a tough cookie, but had a heart of gold. She always expected the best out of you, and made you want to give it to her. And she we knew that she was always there if we needed to work something out personally.

  • 319
    Lois Noyes says:

    Mrs. Benson, she was my shorthand teacher in high school, but I learned more about proper sentence structure, etc., from her than in English.

  • 320
    Jill Coleman says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Schauser. He was my Biology 2 teacher in 11th grade. He really challenged me and would not allow me to skate by. He knew I could do more. He also made me laugh.

  • 321
    Stefanie W. says:

    Mrs. O’Keefe (1st grade) was my favorite teacher. I just remember her being very loving and encouraging. I remember her sending me the nicest letter during the summer after the school year had ended and I was just so proud to have gotten a letter from my teacher. It just really made me feel special – she had a wonderful way of making all of her students feel that way. She was definitely a one in a million.

  • 322
    Marge says:

    I attended a small Parochial School in our farming community from 1st through 8th Grade (no K for us). I had Sister Victorine from first through third grade. It was a classroom with first through third graders all together. She was not only very warm and caring, but she a great teacher. I still think of how she helped shape my reading, writing and spelling from the beginning.

  • 323
    elaine says:

    I think I would have to say my favorite teacher was Mrs. Smith from the third grade. I was shy and backward and she encouraged me to come out of my shell by inviting me to be in her Creative Writing club. I wrote a story titled β€œPokey Pup” and it was published in the Elementary School Flyer. That was the turning point for me and as my courage grew, I ventured on to different forms of creativity. Now I’m 57 years old and still creating! Thank you Mrs. Ellen Smith!

  • 324
    Natalie S says:

    Mrs. Conley She was my third grade teacher and I totally remember her teaching us cursive writing and our multiplication tables. She was a wonderful loving person who loved her students!

  • 325
    Tabby says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Clark. He was my teacher in 5th and 6th grade. I remember meeting him for the first time. I had never had a male teacher and I walked in the room to find a large, used to be professional football player. He was ginormous! (how do you spell that any how?!?) He was always very real and knew when you weren’t doing the best you could. He knew how to get you to do your best also.

  • 326
    Nicole G. says:

    My First Grade Teacher Mrs. Meritz. She is the reason I became a teacher. Being one of my first experiences in school she made it exciting and memorable.

  • 327
    Karyn Froelich says:

    My favorite teacher was my kindergarten teacher. She let us do fun stuff! Probably all kindergarten teachers do, but she was great! We had a party at her house at the end of the school year! Fun stuff!!!

  • 328
    Rachel Hope says:

    My favorite teacher was Ron Steele, he was my teach 3rd-5th Grade in a small town school in CO, without his influence and patience I would Never have figured out math and would have hated school…I am who I am today because of him!

  • 329
    Karen Rose says:

    My favourite teacher was Mr. Dyrkacz. I was strictly a science student and he made the art of “history” come alive to me … love it to this day, some 40 years later…
    Love your contests and love the releases this month (as always!) Karen

  • 330
    Ana T. says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Miles from my 11th grade physics class. That’s where I met my husband and Mr. Miles was very supportive of our relationship. He let us sit together and do experiments together. I always have great memories of his kindness. πŸ™‚

  • 331
    krista says:

    My favorite teacher was a college professor Mr. Len Gibbs. He was the quirkiest person I have ever met, but he was kind and considerate. He believed in each and every student and he always saw the good in every person. He believed in things that no one else did and at that time in my life it was really important to have those qualities modeled to me. He has since passed away, but I will always remember him and how special he was to me.

  • 332
    Dawn G. says:

    In high school, when a teacher can keep the attention of teenage kids who can’t see how any subjects could possibly be useful in “real life”, this teacher kept us engaged and always had a positive attitude and smile on his face. Thank you Mr. Case.

  • 333
    Rixey says:

    I was very blessed with many wonderful teachers, but I would have to say that my favorite was Mrs. Dennison, 1st grade. She really thought outside of the box. For story time, we had an old clawfoot tub that we could sit in to listen to stories. It may sound weird, but it was awesome!

  • 334
    Bao V says:

    Mine is Ms. Howard in the sixth grade. She would always give me a ride home from school when it was raining since I walked to/from school everyday. She’d make treats for us on Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc.,

  • 335
    Rebecca says:

    Mr. Thompson was my favorite teacher because he had an approach that made you want to go above and beyond what was required.

  • 336
    Lesa says:

    My favorite teacher was my high school business teacher Mrs. Warren. She taught me in my accounting classes and she was the first person to teach me to use a computer. That was back in 1978 so you know how big it had to be. If I remember correctly it was mostly keypunch cards. But that little bit of computer training helped launch my 30 year (so far) career in the technical side of the insurance business.

  • 337
    Debra Wood says:

    My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Meyer was my all time favorite teacher. She was such a sweetheart, just the nicest teacher there ever was. She also rented a room from my great-grandmother, so I felt like I had a special relationship with her.

  • 338
    Katie says:

    Not to be a downer, but I had lots of wonderful teachers, but I do remember the worst teacher I ever had. They too left an impression so yes – all teachers are very important!!

  • 339
    Mary says:

    My Mother-in-Law was an elementary school teacher for 30 years before she retired a few years ago… She was not *my* teacher, but she’s definitely my favorite! πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  • 340
    Michelle H in IL says:

    My 4th grade teacher, Ms. Guy, was my favorite teacher. She made learning fun and encouraged everyone to pursue their individual dreams.

  • 341
    Suzy says:

    Isn’t it so crazy that we can still remember our favorite teacher? I really think that shows how important and how much influence teachers have on children’s lives. My favorite teacher was my third grade teacher, Mrs. Anna. She was the best! I would stay after school to help her grade papers for cryin’ out loud! And can you believe I still remember her birthday is May 25th? My mom owned a flower shop as I grew up, so I made sure that she always had flowers when it was her birthday…I think all the way up until I graduated High School! Do you think teachers for our kids today have the same influence? I hope so! Suzy

  • 342
    Tami Brown says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Montgomery, my 8th grade History teacher. He had great quotes on the board that I wrote down everyday. I also loved all of the projects he had us do (except for the one where we had to make up a rap about a specific decade – I am not a rapper). His tests were always so much fun – which is so weird!

    Thanks for letting me “play” – I am so excited to see everything!

    Tami πŸ™‚

  • 343
    Peg says:

    My favorite teacher was an ex-nun I had in Jr. High English. She was tough,but ruled with a loving touch. I didn’t realize how good a teacher she was until college. She prepared us for what was to come in college and in life. Thank you, Miss Hansen.

  • 344
    gwen says:

    My favorite teacher was my high school orchestra director, Mrs. Rupert. She was awesome – she challenged us and believed in us and was willing to spend extra time working with anyone who needed help. We had a blind violist for several years and Mrs. Rupert would sit with her every day and read her the music so that she could play with us. Working with her for 4 years was awesome.

  • 345
    Steph K says:

    My favorite teacher was my HS physics teacher, Mr. Hoff. He was intimidating at first and I always feared that he would call on me to answer a question, but that just made me study harder and learn more!

  • 346
    Alessandra Loiacono says:

    My favorite teacher was my MOM! She gave me the most important lesson in my life: love!

  • 347
    Jen S. says:

    Mrs. Horchler, my 12th grade History teacher. She taught the class as if we were in college. It prepared me for what was to come at my university. If only all my high school teachers had taught the same…. Thanks!

  • 348
    denise says:

    Ms. Lahde. 5th grade. We all adored her. She was fun and fair at the same time. She was encouraging when we needed it, and she held us accountable in a way we never had been before. I say ‘we’ because it felt like those of us in her class were all her family, not just a bunch of students together for the year. She inspired us to get interested in politics, and I think that has made the greatest impression on me as an adult and that I can trace my political beliefs and interests all the back to her classroom.

  • 349
    Traci says:

    Ms. Shillinglaw, 10th grade English, was my favorite teacher. She was the first to recognize my writing talent and the first to chew me out for not doing my absolute best.

    The best teachers are those that push you to what you think is beyond your limits and encourage you every step of the way. Then they praise your efforts & give constructive criticism in just the right way. This combination is hard! But, boy does it make all the difference to students.

    It’s amazing how often I think of her and how often I want to thank her. Thank you Ms. Shillinglaw! I wouldn’t be the writer I am today without you.

  • 350
    Melanie says:

    My favorite teacher was my 6th grade teacher, Mrs Russell. She had breast cancer and taught until the end. I learned a lot about life that year. She was amazing!

  • 351
    chucksue says:

    My favorite teacher was a nun that I had in 2nd grade. Her name was Sister Josepha and she was as round as Santa. She was funny and loving and gave big hugs. It was so long ago, but she definitely made an impression.

  • 352
    Vickie S says:

    Mr Oliver was my favorite math teacher. Would break any math problem into simple steps.

  • 353
    Mindy says:

    My favorite teacher was my Mrs. Fulk, who was my elementary school music teacher for a short time, then ended up being my choral director in high school. I participated in several state and regional choirs so I got to spend time with her outside of class… she taught me a lot about life as well as music.

  • 354
    Janelle says:

    Mrs. Talent, 5th grade. She had two charm bracelets that told stories from her travels. One was all charms from the U.S. The other was charms from different countries around the world. She’d wear them and at recess let us look at them and she’d tell us stories about where she got the charms. Great way to get us interested in geography! (The girls anyway!)

  • 355
    Melanie Lower says:

    My favorite Teacher was my second grade teacher Mrs. Woods. She always took the time to ensure that we not only were learning what we should, but that it was enjoyable as well. She was truly one of those teachers who cared about a student’s education and wanted to see them succeed. I also remembered that the year I had her, a program was started at our school that would reward students who made straight A’s the entire year. I made straight A’s that year, except for one B at the very end, however, Mrs. Woods knew how hard I had worked that year, and she turned my name in anyway. Yes, it may have not been the most “honest” thing, but the pride I felt for being acknowledged for working hard that year, and that she noticed it, encouraged me to continue working hard at everything I did from then on out!

  • 356
    Sue Plote says:

    My favorite teacher was my third grad teacher, Mrs. Coffield. She was such a warm, friendly person, and she visited my parents and our home. I will never forget how she made me feel so special and not just one part of the group!

  • 357
    Denean says:

    Miss Wittick. She was my high school art teacher. She taught us that anything goes in art and showed us how to think outside the box!

  • 358
    Tanya M. says:

    My favorite teacher would have to be Ms. Costa. She was the best, it was the fun learning in her class. She always made learning fun, so every kid wanted to go to her class all the time. All of my siblings had her also. After 15 years or more actually, my step-son had her his principal. It was soo nice to go and see her. The funny thing was is that as soon ass she saw my sister and I, she knew EXACTLY who we were πŸ™‚ I was wondering if that was a good or bad thing. She reassured us that it was a GOOD thing since she said we were her best student and she loved having us in her class. That was nice to hear.

    I was thinking about making her your teacher gift and take it to her. I am sure she would love it alot, and since she really did make a difference in our lifes.

    Thank you for a chance to win.

  • 359
    Lisa H says:

    I don’t remember her name, but she was my 5th grade teacher, and this was back in the late 60’s, and she was pretty young and dressed in mini skirts, with a teased hair-do, and go go boots (so glam!), and she made us memorize all the words to Joy to the World. It’s a favorite memory.

    Actually, I feel I owe a lot to my high school English teacher because everyone thought she was weird and a really hard teacher, but she taught me more about writing (and vocabulary) than any other teacher I had before or since.

  • 360
    Mary B says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Spencer, my Geometry teacher. She had a brilliant way of explaining things that I remember to this day. She truly loved teaching. The new sets look beautiful – thanks for the chance to win!

  • 361
    Mona Yates says:

    My father was my favorite teacher. Retired in 1995 and deceased now for nearly one year, he taught Foreign Languages at Western Kentucky University. I never sat in one of his university classes but I learned a lot from him in life. His favorite motto was: Never let school interfere with your education!

  • 362
    Sarah Fisher says:

    Mrs. Baier was my favorite teacher. As an eighth grader, she encouraged me to be an extra on her high school journalism and yearbook staff. To this day, I think that early exposure helped shape my career interest (I’m in PR) and my interest in things like papercrafting.

  • 363
    Cindy says:

    My favorite teacher was a high school art teacher, Mr. Zarella. I took calligraphy from him. He always wrote cheerful nice comments on my papers along with the grade. He was 1 in a million.

  • 364
    Barbie says:

    My home ecomomics teacher Mrs. Alonso was my favorite. She gave me a B+ even when the shirt that I had to make had one short sleeve and one long sleeve. ( did I mention I CANT sew!!)
    Just to humor me, the next day she walked in to the classroom wearing, you guessed it, wearing a shirt with one short sleeve and one long sleeve =)

  • 365
    Eleanor Jenkins (aka nana jenkins) says:

    My favorite teacher was Ms. Law. She taught Home Ec and I loved to sew, cook, etc. (Not any more tho!).

  • 366

    oooo… this is such a good question.

    My fav teacher was mr bullock – my 6 grade teacher. He was just so cool. He made you like him, but at the same time, he was still very official. He was kind of like a father figure type. Very cool guy!! And he made learning very fun!

  • 367
    CarolLynn says:

    One of my favorite teachers was Mrs. O. She was my Math teacher and had a wonderful way of explaining the topics of advanced Math.

  • 368

    Mrs Horowitz, my 6th grade teacher. I was a BAD kid but she didn’t give up on me. By the end of the year I had made student of the month. I think she was as proud of me as my mom was.

  • 369
    Connie K says:

    I don’t know if he was my favorite teacher, but he was the best teacher I ever had. Coach Stutts taught me World History and US History in high school. He taught exactly like a lecturer in college, and he was probably the only reason I was properly prepared for college. Everyone else spoon-fed us what we needed to pass tests, but Coach Stutts truly taught.

    Connie K.

  • 370
    karenannj says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Wright who I had in 5th grade. She was such a sweet woman and I could tell she really cared for me not just because I was her student but because of me as a person. She genuinely showed me God’s love.

  • 371
    Linda aka Oz says:

    My fave is Nancy Jordan, she was my daughter’s third grade teacher. She lite a spark in my daughter that still shines today (33 years later). Thank you Nancy. Linda aka Oz

  • 372
    Anne says:

    My 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Turley, was my favorite. She had a way of making me feel so special and important. I always felt like she really liked me, not just because I was her student, but because she liked me as a person.

  • 373
    Tamar says:

    Mrs Carpenter she was this amazing Japanese teacher that taught me the love of languages and ultimately inspired me to go on to be a teacher myself.

  • 374
    Linda O says:

    My English teacher would be my favorite teacher, i had him for sophomore english and senior english. He was a little bit on the weird side. But he always had the best lessons ever! No body liked him, but they didnt understand what he was tryin to do or his way of teaching. Some did. I’m Glad i got the opportunity to have him as a teacher!

  • 375
    Anna says:

    My favorite teacher was my 7th grade english teacher. She know though my writing that things were not good at home and she was always there for me to talk to. I will ner forget mrs Nelson.


  • 376
    Amypcd says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Finley, who I had for both 4th and 5th grades. She cared for each student and we wanted to do our best for her.

  • 377
    Michelle Ip says:

    My favorite teacher was a university professor. He taught a zoology course, my favorite course out of all the courses I’d taken. Actually made me enjoy being in class for once!

  • 378
    Michelle Degener says:

    Mrs.Zacker was my favorite tacher She was always so caring and was their for you when you needed someone

  • 379
    Chrissy Lux says:

    My fav teacher was Kim Mathias – she taught Marketing and was my DECA advisor. In her marketing program, I learned a lot about business and I also developed my confidence. I spent 3 years under her wing. I am priviledged now to be her colleague … I now teach marketing and get to see her at our annual DECA competitions. When my students are winning awards and being recognized, its great to look at her and just smile!

  • 380
    Laura Sneden says:

    Sister Roberta – fifth grade – was the best. She was a hoot!

  • 381

    While there were so many teachers that touched my heart through my years of learning, it has been my son’s JET teacher, Mrs. Battle, that has been such a blessing. Jack is in an excellerated program and a super special little man (and yes, I’m biased). πŸ˜‰ Mrs. Battle has clearly seen how special he is and is working so hard to give him every opportunity to learn. And he can’t wait to get to school to be with her.

    Isn’t that such an amazing teacher?

    Thanks for letting me share!

  • 382
    Amanda says:

    My favorite teacher was, my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Archer. She really stood out compared to all my teachers all the way throughout high school. She felt like a second grandmother. She was a wonderful teacher that really cared about the children she taught. I truly looked up to her and will never forget her. She retired after my class.

  • 383
    JoAnna says:

    My favorite teacher so far would have to be my second grade teacher, Mrs. Ivory. When my fater passed away and she heard from the office that I was not going to be at school for a bit. She made a point to get ahold of us and just be there for me. She even sent flowers to where my father was buried. I still have all the little cards from them all, but hers always stood out since I barely meet her cause it was within 4 weeks of school starting. It was the best feeling. She also had the other kids in the class make me a HUGE card. It was the best.

  • 384
    Leeann says:

    I have wonderful memories of my 1st grade teacher Mrs. Foster. She and my mother also became friends (my mom was a kindergarten teacher) and had many things in common. So we were all together alot, especially during the Summer at the local pool. Mrs. Foster also had a daughter my age. I spent the night with her and ‘hung out’. She even pulled m loose teeth!

  • 385
    CraftyKJ says:

    Okay–I “know” this is not the kind of answer that you’re looking for, but…………

    ……….my favorite “teachers” are all the “awesome” crafters–including yourself Nichole–who take the time and effort to share their creative talents via the Internet!!! I’m all about learning new techniques–and of course staying “up to date” on all the new products available!!!

    I am constantly amazed–at what you all share!!! πŸ™‚

    KJ(a very happy online crafting student!!!)!!! πŸ™‚

  • 386
    shelly w says:

    My fav teacher would be Mr. Miller. He always had a way of explaining things that would keep it interesting.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 387
    Barb B says:

    My favorite teacher has to be my first grade teacher: Mrs. Sosnosky. She really instilled in me the joy of reading. I still remember proudly carrying library books home just about every night, reading with my parents and then giving Mrs. Sosnosky a verbal book report each day. I still have that same joy of reading today.

  • 388
    Eileen M says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr Druckenmiller, my 10th grade math teacher. he was a very sweet man, and also the football coach!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 389
    Libby says:

    WHAT AN IRONIC QUESTION! My mom suggested I go to a basket party with her tonight. There, I reunited with my 1st grade teacher, and little did she know that she was the reason I bedgan studying to be an early childhood teacher in college. She was FABULOUS!! I let her her knowonight, and she was truly touched. : ) hope that i can be just as memorable as she was

  • 390
    Natalie Wilson says:

    My favorite teacher was my Third Grade teacher Mrs. Cooper. She was an amazing, caring person. I actually became a Third Grade teacher because of her! I just hope that I have touched at least one child’s life like she did mine.

  • 391
    Lori says:

    My favorite teacher was my high school business teacher. She came to my high school when I was a junior and really made an impact on me! She was a brand new, energetic teacher ready to make a difference. I guess you could say her impact was so huge I decided to follow in her footsteps. I became a business teacher…just like her! She still teaches at my former high school and until last year, when I moved into a guidance counseling position, we attended many conferences together. She was a terrific role model then and has become a cherished friend through the years! I was very fortunate to have her!

  • 392
    Denise says:

    My third grade teacher, Mrs. Austad, was my favorite. It was a difficult year as my best friend moved far away. She was there and just seemed to know what to say.

  • 393
    Geralyn says:

    One of my favorite teachers was my 1st grade teacher, Sister Norbetine. Sister made the most beautiful hairbows and I always looked forward to receiving one when she gave them out to the girls in the class. I still remember how I treasured those bows. It wasn’t until I was several years older that I found out that the bows were made from the ribbons Sister took from the funeral sprays that were left at the church.

  • 394
    Amanda Pedro says:

    Being a bit of a brown noser and wanting to please all of my teachers, I had a few favorites. But one that came to mind immediately was my elementary school music teacher. She taught me so much and fostered my love of music. I am now a music teacher also. I recently came upon her email address and am getting the courage to make contact after 30 years!

    Thanks for all you teach us also!

  • 395
    Chris says:

    My favorite was Mrs. Karabinchek in 7th grade. She told me I was tenacious, and believe it or not when I was 13 I knew what that meant. Go Public School!

  • 396

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Sward. She was my high school English teacher! She was so funny and made learning fun. And you could just tell that she truly loved her job and I always felt like she REALLY cared about me!

  • 397
    Erin Bohland says:

    my favorite teacher was my 3rd grade teacher MS Nottingham. She really encouraged me to read and helped me thru my parents divorce

  • 398
    Joan E. says:

    My high school English teacher is one I remember fondly because she had high expectations of us. We really worked hard but in return we learned a lot. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 399
    lainey says:

    Definitely my college history teacher, Mr. Monahan. I had to take a few electives so decided to try history, and he made the class so enjoyable that I ended up taking 3 different history courses with him.

  • 400
    jenn says:

    Mrs. Servino 6th grade at PS27 in Jersey City, NJ. She gave me a very well loved copy of The Old Man and the Sea and told me to read it over the weekend and come in early on Monday to discuss it. I haven’t stopped discussing literature since, and one day, when my son is a bit older, I hope to inspire others in the classroom as she did for me.

  • 401
    Chris says:

    My favorite was Mrs. Karabinchek in 7th grade. She told me I was tenacious, and believe it or not when I was 13 I knew what that meant. Go Public School!

  • 402
    Kathi B says:

    Thinking way back I would have to say that my favorite teacher was my freshman art teacher Mrs. G. She inspired a lot of creativity in me and pushed me to my limits. Because of her I took every art course possible in high school and found a love of Renaissance painters. I miss those day and often wonder what she is up to.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these fabulous sets.

  • 403
    Janel says:

    I do not remeember the name of my favorite teacher. (how sad!) but he made me feel so special and helped me through a tough time in my life.

  • 404
    Leslie E says:

    One of my favorite teachers was Dr. Floyd,my college Anatomy Physiology professor. He was creative and passionate about teaching physiology making it really enjoyable to learn.

  • 405
    Alyssa Pappas says:

    My favorite teacher was definitely my third grade teacher, Mrs. Dickey. She is such an amazingly kind woman and she taught me so much in that short year. With her guidance I broke out of my shell and had a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the special needs children as well, reading, playing games, etc. I love Mrs. Dickey!

  • 406
    Wendy R says:

    I have lots of favorite teachers, but one that really sticks in my mind is my 6th grade math teacher – Mrs. Griffith – I think she made me really realize that I could do anything! (btw – I’d loved math already!)

  • 407
    Abby says:

    My high school English teacher (for all 4 years). She is an amazing teacher, pouring her whole self into her students lives and futures. I still keep in touch and count her as a dear friend.

  • 408
    Alanna Moses says:

    My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Stokes. She was so kind and fun and she is only one of a couple of teachers that I still remember, 25 years later.

  • 409
    Anya says:

    My tenth grade chemistry teacher, Mr. Schwilm was a great teacher. I learned so much, had fun, and still use what I learned now. I had such a great time that I took Chem 2 my senior year.

  • 410
    Beth says:

    I was blessed to have many good teachers in my life. But I think my favorite was my biology teacher, Mr. Gray. He let me and my friends clean up the old greenhouse and grow things in there. And he put up with me when I was mad at him for pithing the frogs. πŸ™‚ He made biology very interesting!

  • 411
    Melissa says:

    My favourite teacher was my 2nd year teacher – she let me read any book from the library that I wanted and set me up for a lifetime love of reading

  • 412
    Donna says:

    Easy…it was my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Beard. She was older, had lovely white hair, & told the most wonderful stories about her childhood. She encouraged my love for reading.I remember being spellbound when she told us no one in her home was allowed to work on Sundays. When her mother caught her doing homework that she had put off, her mother ripped it up! She was the best teacher (& I got straight A’s thru the year!)

  • 413
    Sue says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Paul in 5th grade. He was quiet and nice to the entire class. He treated us with respect and we would have done anything he asked us to because we all respected him so much.

  • 414
    Alanna Moses says:

    My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Stokes. She was so kind and fun and she is only one of a couple of teachers that I still remember, 25 years later.

  • 415
    Elizabeth Beasterfield says:

    My favorite teacher was in 6th grade, back in the 70s named Mr. Masuda and he wore Angel Flight pants to school and we had dancing on friday recess – he taught us The Hustle, and I was a good dancer, so I got to be his dance partner – it actually shaped my personality!

  • 416
    Michelle in Mi says:

    My favorite teacher was my high school drama teacher Mr. Reynolds. I’ll never forget his vivacity and enthusiasm for life

  • 417
    Theresa says:

    My favorite teacher was mrs. slauson, my 5th grade teacher. It was a new school and new city and she was just a great teacher to have for the first year in a new school.

  • 418
    Dawn says:

    Mr. Decker was my favorite teacher. He was scarey and strict but I respected him and learned so much. I really grew up the three years that I had him for all of my Biology classes.

  • 419
    Diane McCaffrey says:

    My favorite teacher was my 6th grade teacher, Miss Barrett. She was so nice and friendly. Everyone loved her. She made everything interesting and fun. Thanks for having us think back to our school days..it was a lot of fun to remember all my teachers.

  • 420
    Theresa says:

    My favorite teacher was mrs. slauson, my 5th grade teacher. It was a new school and new city and she was just a great teacher to have for the first year in a new school.

  • 421
    jackie M. says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Morford. She was very sensitive and really cared about her students. I still remember that she had me to her house for dinner. Of course, that was in a different day. I also had a seventh grade teacher who didn’t have the bias about girls and math and I thank him for treating the girls and boys the same.

    Looking forward to your release. The samples have been awesome.

  • 422
    Crystal M. says:

    My favorite teacher was my Science teacher in high school… Mr. Rogers. He was the only Christian teacher in my very secular high school. And being a Christian myself, it was nice to have a teacher with my same beliefs. He was very encouraging and always had a smile on his face.
    ~Crystal M.

  • 423
    Kimberly says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Waechster. He was so patient with me and my lack of math skills!

  • 424
    Amy says:

    I had a classics professor in college who taught me about the importance of travel. And because of him, I have learned more from people around the world than I could have ever imagined!

  • 425
    Kathy Jackson says:

    My third grade teacher, Mrs. Shrout. I just loved her and she always sent me a Christmas card up until she past away. All those years and I still have several of them. You never forget a great teacher!

  • 426
    Janine says:

    My favorite teacher was my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Kirkman.
    She made me want to be a teacher when I grew up. I would play school with my sister and I would mimic what I had learned that day in class. I think that might be why I learned so much that year.

  • 427
    catlover6 says:

    It had to be Mr. Smith, my Physics teacher and the Scholar’s Bowl coach. He was funny and made learning so much fun. When he passed away at age 44, I sent his wife (also a teacher) a note to let her know how much her husband had meant to me.

  • 428
    Debbie says:

    My favorite teacher was Miss Mueller. She was my home ec teacher. I spent many hours at her house as she taught me x-stitch.

    I was a loner, shy and came from a country school where there were two others in my class to 100 and I was scared stiff. She encouraged me all thru high school and made herself available any time I needed to talk or needed a friend.

    I have never forgotten her even though she moved away and I never saw her again. She was and will always be my inspiration. I am now a paraeducator at the same high school and I hope that some day someone will say that I was an inspiration to them. If one can, it will be because of Miss Mueller and all that she taught by word and deed.

  • 429
    Tabitha A. says:

    My fifth grade teacher Mrs. Tiano. She was from Germany and she taught us so much German! I loved her accent, and she taught everything in such a fun way!

  • 430
    Loydene says:

    My favorite teacher is Dr. Morgan because he convinced me that I could be better!
    Dr. Morgan gave me my first ever grade of “C” on a writing project — the first thing he’d ever seen of mine! When I asked why, he said, “You can do better.” No one had ever pressed me to “do better”! I ended the class with an “A” … and I was writing better!

  • 431
    Diane S. says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Shine. She was my 5th grade teacher and she instilled in me how important it is to follow your dreams and be all that you can be.

  • 432
    Janet says:

    I love the new stamp sets! You all come up with the best ideas. Mr. Olson was my favorite teacher. He really seemed like he wanted to teach and not that it was just his “job”. He seemed really interested in his students and took time to get to know us all individually.

  • 433
    Wendalyn says:

    My favorite teacher was my first grade teacher Mrs. Juola. We just connected and she was a friend and teacher. It was funny later on when I grew up and moved out I ended up living next door to her for a few years and she befriended my kids too. We still keep in touch even after all these years.

  • 434
    nina says:

    My fave teacher was Mr. Matheson in elementary school (he was actually vice-principal) – he always treated us with respect. Plus he didn’t get mad at me when I was caught out of bounds AND (*gasp*) way up a tree… πŸ™‚

  • 435
    Lori H says:

    Great question! I always appreciated Mrs. Pelz, one of my middle school teachers. She always had an encouraging word and pushed me to be my best.

  • 436
    Jodi Herchold says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Dempsey-8th grade english. He challenged me more than any other teacher and he didn’t put up with crap. I am a teacher now and I teach the way I do because of him!

  • 437
    Margot says:

    My favourite teacher: Mr Wills who taught High School English Literature! He was funny, charming and took an interest in me. I’m a teacher now, and I hope that I can make my students feel as special and interesting as Mr Wills did for me!

  • 438
    Cynthia says:

    Prof. Pepe, my favorite professor in college, who inspired me to be more than I thought I could be. Also, thanks for the great giveaway!

  • 439
    Kerry from PA says:

    My mother was my favorite teacher. I had her for 5 years of math in a row (6th, 7th, and 8th grade general math then Algebra I and Algebra II). She was tougher on me than anyone else in the class but instilled a real appreciation for math.

  • 440
    Katie D. says:

    My 5th grade teacher, Mr. Cook, was probably my favorite teacher. He and I shared a love for the Pittsburgh Pirates and baseball in general (I was a bit of a tomboy back then).

  • 441
    Deb Else says:

    Wow, great sets! I loved Men of Life when it was introduced on the cruise & I’ve loved all of the new releases. Hope I’m lucky!

  • 442
    Reynna Moses says:

    My favorite teacher was my kindergarten teacher, Miss Riggs. She taught me so many things and had the patience of Job.

  • 443

    My favorite teacher was my 10th grade math teacher, Mr. Brown. He taught geometry, which I really loved. He was very pragmatic, no fooling around, but was so clear in his enthusiasm and explanation of geometry.

    All teacher should be proud of their impact on so many lives. Kudos, teachers!

  • 444
    Amy Overmiller says:

    Mrs. C–I had her for 3rd grade and 6th grade. πŸ™‚ She gave me the gift of confidence and whenever I was struggling I knew I could do it because of her…she believed in me. She was also the person that inspired me to go on and become a teacher myself.

  • 445

    My favorite teacher was my 10th grade math teacher, Mr. Brown. He taught geometry, which I really loved. He was very pragmatic, no fooling around, but was so clear in his enthusiasm and explanation of geometry.

    All teacher should be proud of their impact on so many lives. Kudos, teachers!

  • 446
    Niccole -K says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Topping, my 5th grade teacher. She always had faith in me and seems to bring out the best in me. Even when I run into her now she puts a smile on my face.

  • 447
    Karen U says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Petusi, my third grade teacher. She made learning fun, challenging and interesting. She was tough in a way that inspired her students. We wanted to please her because that meant we worked hard and met her expectations. She was the type of teacher you kept in touch with and she always wanted the best for us. Many many years later, I still think of her and how she dedicated herself to teaching others.
    It’s so nice to be asked about her – nothing but great memories!
    Karen U

  • 448
    Courtney says:

    My favourite teacher was actually a teacher my son had on the Gold Coast. He was very tall as he came from the USA to Australia and used to play for a basketball team in the US. He was funny and the kids absolutely loved him. I left school myelf when I was very young and can’t think of any teacher that I liked. Good luck everyone!

  • 449
    Brenda says:

    Oh, what a hard question! I had so many wonderful teachers that it is hard to pick just one. I guess I would have to choose Mr. Hurley, one of my Middle School teachers. He had faith in me when few others did, and he also helped me find faith in myself too. Thanks for a great question, AND a great memory.

  • 450
    Julie/Rubbernecker says:

    My favorite teacher was my 8th grade history teacher Ms. O’Hara. She was a great combination of fun and strict. We knew where we stood with her and she gave so much of herself to the school.

  • 451
    Becs says:

    Have to think back a long time for this one…I think one of my favs was Mr Martelli in Std 4 (I was 10 years old) – he was just an all round great teacher and helped me feel it was OK to be smart.

  • 452
    Traci Major says:

    My favorite teacher is Mrs. Armstrong. She taught me how to dissect sentences and the hokey pokey!

  • 453
    Wendy (songbirdwc) says:

    My high school biology teacher — because she spent extra time to help me after class, teaching hands-on lab work, so I could improve my grades. It was the only class I had trouble with, and she cared about me.

  • 454
    Kristen Carpinello says:

    My favorite teacher was my college professor. He did his best to reach every student, and had a kind and gentle nature. I still keep in touch with him to this day.

  • 455
    Sara says:

    My favorite teacher is actually a pair: Mr. Walke and Mr. Pettis taught Humanities at my high school and they made history and English really fun. I learned a lot in that class.

  • 456

    Mr. Lynn Taylor in Jr Hi Social Studies and Mr. Kaz Tarui in College Calculus.

    Definitely a tie – loved them for very different reasons and remember them frequently in my daily life!

  • 457
    Samantha says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Yonkovich, my 5th grade teacher. She was a great lady! I liked her b/c she challenged me, but in a fun and creative way!

  • 458
    Kristi Lewis says:

    I think my favorite teacher would be my 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Lange. She had to be the funnest and goofiest teacher. She made learning so much fun.

  • 459
    Paula says:

    My favorite teacher was Sr. Josita. She was my eighth grade teacher and she help me through a rough junior high year.

  • 460
    Paula Laird says:

    My favorite teacher is Dr. Wooster, one of my history professors in college. His test were hard, his lectures were thorough and interesting, and he was easy to talk to. He had a fabulous syllabus and I actually took notes on how he ran the class.

  • 461
    Seleise says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Barrett. She was my first grade teacher and she had a smile that just went on forever. She was a good disciplinarian but also just had a great personality and made learning so much fun. We all felt loved and a part of the group. She’s a friend to this day.

  • 462
    Janet says:

    My favorite teacher was my kindergarten teacher — it was a long time ago, but I’ll never forget how kind she was.

  • 463
    jacqueline31 says:

    My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Coffee. She demanded a lot and I gave her everything I could. She selected me to be in a couple of school plays. She inspired me to be the best at everything.

  • 464
    Melissa in NC says:

    My 4th grade teacher Mrs. Warta was my all-time fave. She would let us earn points during the year and cash them in later. My favorite prize was getting to jump on her trampoline after school.

  • 465
    Q says:

    My favorite teacher was my high school environmental teacher as he pushed me to achieve beyond what I thought I was capable of. Because of him, I am working in a male dominated field and am working for one of the most prestigious environmental agencies striving to protect our natural resources.

  • 466
    Becky says:

    My favorite teacher was actually my mentor. When I became a teacher back in 1999, I was paired up with a wonderful woman, Karen Miller, who helped me learn more than I ever learned in college. She was patient, creative, open minded and always willing to share. Without her, I don’t know where I would be today.

  • 467
    Carol says:

    My 9th grade english teacher was my favorite. She was just out of college and had such a fresh prospective on things.

  • 468
    Barb says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Richards. She was my second grade teacher and she definately made a difference in my life. She knew that my mom had left me and seven other children behind a couple years earlier so she seemed to step up to the plate and be a mother figure to me. She even sent me a first communion card at home with money in it. And one day the sole of my shoe was just about falling off so the next day she brought in her glue gun and fixed it. For a mother’s day project, she had a special project for my dad so that I didn’t have to make a mother’s day project for the mom I didn’t have. I could go on and forever about the nice things she did for me. She is truly an amazing women and what a teacher was meant to be.

  • 469
    Aimee says:

    My favorite teacher is not my actual teacher, but she was my daughter’s. She is disabled and her teacher Mrs. Jameson in third-grade really taught her to believe in herself and that she can achieve her goals, even if it takes a little longer or she needs a little extra help. Mrs. Jameson died unexpectedly just before the school year ended and I was so sad that I never got to tell her how special she was to us. Thank you Mrs. Jameson!

  • 470
    Lora S. says:

    Mr Taylor, he was Vice Principal of my Jr High and then when I was in High School, he taught my film studies class. He was my favorite teacher because he genuinely cared for me and knew what a hard abusive home life I had. He was the only one at those 2 schools who didn’t judge me based on the holy he@@ my 2 older brothers raised. Mr. Taylor died in a car accident the year I graduated.

  • 471
    Bonnie Sharp says:

    My favorite teacher was my Grade 5 teacher Miss Fowler. I didn’t find out until years later that I had a special place in HER heart also. She was so strict and yet so kind. I thought she was so strange and yet she was my most favourite! Thank you!

  • 472
    Linda C. says:

    My home economics teacher, Mrs. Young. She was a Martha Stewart type. Ya gotta love a good thing!

  • 473
    Janice says:

    My favorite teacher — wow. there are so many… my ultimate favorite was my Western Civilization professor. He was such a good teacher, but ultimately delivered the Christian love and history for the class. It was a secular university.
    LOVE your blog.
    LOVE papertrey items.
    The designs are amazing.

  • 474
    Betz61 says:

    My best teacher was Mr.A he was my first Male teacher and I was in the fifth grade. When I went into the sixth grade I had my first bad teacher and was failing math because I just couldn’t understand her explanations. I went back and told Mr.A about the hard time I was having and he offered to tutor me for free 2 days a week after school. I finally understood my math and was able to got on to 7th grade. I may of struggled and quit school if not for his help and guidence.

  • 475
    Charlotte Gunderson says:

    My favorite teacher was my sixth grade teacher Mrs. Lyons. I was very shy and timid and she had a way of bring me out of my shyness. Just the way she would talk to you would boost your self esteem. She was such a special person and I thank God that he blessed me by bringing her into my life.

  • 476
    Callie says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Gates, my high school drama teacher. She was very inspiring and helped me to build my confidence and “find my place” in high school.

  • 477
    Kris O. says:

    My all time favorite teacher was from first grade. I think it was her first year teaching. She would give me extra papers to bring home so I could “play school” at home. I LOVED her!

  • 478
    Kellie Montgomery says:

    My 4th & 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Boyd. She was beautiful and kind. I often accidentally called her Mom and I was so embarrassed.
    She just gave me a hug πŸ™‚ She also would never tell us how to spell a word… she’d only give us the start and then tell us to look it up! I still remember those words!

  • 479
    Gerri K says:

    My favorite teacher was my American Literature teacher in High School. I loved reading books and couldn’t believe that was considered homework.

  • 480
    nancy says:

    my favorite teacher is one of the teachers that my daughter had. Miss Koch. I have said many times that she should be a saint. She teaches children with developmental disabilities. She shows so much kindness and patience with these children. She is just a wonderful teacher and she seems to really enjoy what she does.

  • 481
    Susan Hall says:

    My favorite teacher was my 1st grade teacher Ms. Parker, who comforted me everyday because I would cry for my mom, I was such a mamas baby. Susan

  • 482
    Sharron Gregory says:

    Mr. Green was my freshman algebra teacher–my most challenging year. I made the only D I ever got that year and really struggled. But he was one of those teachers who always had time and stayed after school to help anyone who needed it. Years later I was friends with someone who I found out knew him and his wife well. He had been diagnosed with cancer but always cherished the fact that so many of his students loved and never forgot his years of sharing his knowledge with them.

  • 483
    Linda says:

    My favorite teacher was my son’s history teacher, Mr. Abourne. He totally understood my gifted son. I will always be grateful.

  • 484
    Agustina G. Ortega says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Glass, he was my math teacher in college. He is super cool, smart (he works for NASA!!!), taught us math and made it seam sooo easy. He also made us return our book($150). He said we did not need a book to learn math; so, every class he come with handouts. Till this day I still have hundreds of 5X3 cards with all my notes. I will some day use them to teach my daughter Algebra.

  • 485
    LaurieF says:

    My Grade 1 and 2 teacher, Mrs. Slide. She had the precious ability to really inspire a student to want to learn more. She made learning fun and interactive.

  • 486
    cassandra says:

    My Grade 7 teacher, Mrs. Lamb was amazing. She took a real and sincere interest in her students, evident by the fact that she kept in touch for several years after I left her class. She always asked what I was up to and asked about my parents and siblings, who she also got to know. Even after I was married with children, we would still bump into each other on occasion and she would be happy to see me and find out how I was doing. I have had so many wonderful teachers, but she stands out as someone who really cared above and beyond.

  • 487
    Tracy Peterson says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Hecker. He was my first male teacher and he instilled a love for math in most students.

  • 488
    Callie says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Gates, my high school drama teacher. She was very inspiring and helped me to build my confidence and “find my place” in high school.

  • 489
    Vicki says:

    Miss Bullock taught me to step away from the crowd and let my true self shine through. Sometimes the crowd can hold you back. I will never forget her!!!

  • 490
    sarah says:

    I was home schooled, so it has to be my mom.

  • 491
    Joella says:

    I had many great teachers, but the one that stands out is my mother. I look back at the time I had with her and she taught me how to communicate and be independent and how to get things accomplished. She was the greatest teacher.

  • 492
    Carmen says:

    My physics teacher. He was very good at explaining things and making you love the subject.

  • 493
    Sarah C. (WAstamper on SCS) says:

    My favorite teacher was one of my high school English teachers. He not only cared about what we were learning, but about our growth as people. Ah – to be a high school student again!

  • 494
    Garnett Andrews says:

    My favorite teacher was Miss Badger because she is the one who pushed me in my writing and out of my shell in drama. She certainly influenced my decision to become a teacher.

  • 495
    Emmy says:

    I have so many favorite teachers. I really liked most of my teachers throughout school. I have two favorite teachers from high school that offered to write my recommendation letters. Mrs Dashner and Ms Merrill. I could talk to them like a friend and loved learning from them. Sometimes I miss those days way back when.

  • 496
    Suzanne Dean says:

    My fave was my senior year English teacher-he was tough but really taught me alot about the literature–loved him!


  • 497
    Skye D. says:

    My Fave teacher was my Mr. Cohelo. He was a great listener in a time when I need one!

  • 498
    Kendra says:

    Mrs. Smith is the teacher that made the biggest difference in my life. She made the transition from Catholic grade school – public High School much easier my freshman year. My Sr. year I had her again and also got to be her assistant another hour. That year my grandpas both became ill and passed away within 5 months. Add to that regular teen angst. She gave me advice, prayers, and inspiration for life.

  • 499
    Debbie says:

    It was Mr. Williams my high school geometry teacher. He was so gifted in teaching – I loved his class. In fact my own kids have met him, and we still correspond every now and then.

  • 500
    Kim P says:

    My favorite teacher was my Chemistry teacher in High School. He was a science geek, and I loved science – he made it so fun. He was also a very understanding teacher – one who could talk to students about every day stuff, not just chemistry.

  • 501
    Teresa says:

    My favorite teacher was my high school Calculus teacher. He was so good – he didn’t give up on anyone and was always there to help those that needed it – whether in math or in any other aspect of his life. He really cared about his students.

  • 502
    Pattie Brown says:

    Ms. Hightower my English teach my junior year of hs. She was the best! So supportive of our class projects.

  • 503
    Nancy says:

    I am fortunate to say that I have had many wonderful teachers throughout the years who greatly influenced my studies and my life. If I have to choose just one, I would say my 9th grade World History teacher. He was more than a teacher… he was my mentor and my friend. I was 15 years old and knowing him, learning from him, made a difference in my world. I’ll always treasure memories of my teachers.

  • 504
    Laura B. says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Cunningham, the high school band director. His passion for music still inspires me.

  • 505
    sandy dixon says:

    My favorite teacher had to had to have been my first grade teacher because she was so beautiful. I thought she was a princess an wanted to be just like her.

  • 506
    rosemaryeagan says:

    Sister Sebastian taught Shorthand, Typing, and Business Practices…sort of. She also taught an oblique ethics class: “You will go to hell for stealing. If your are going to steal and you will be going to hell for it, don’t steal stamps. Steal something big to make it worthwhile.”
    Sister Sebastian had entered the convent later in life and had a very worldly view of everything; she was very tolerant of our arguments against many of the Church’s teachings and as a result we were able to hear her positions with a more open mind. Now that I am a teacher, I realize that by listening to what we were thinking, she was better able to present her point of view in a way that we would actually consider.

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    janet d. says:

    Mr. Hakeman, my 9th grade Government teacher. He taught NOT to give HIS opinions around election time, I do not do this either. My kids HATE it! Each year we had a day of court, legislature, etc. where the students did EVERYTHING!! That was very eye opening. And, he was a snappy dresser – I hadn’t noticed that before!