Celebrating the Past, Present and Future: 2015


Today we are diving into the year 2015!


Viral dress photo divides us: Was it blue and black? Or gold and white? Or is something just wrong with our eyes?


Adele's "25" sells more than 3 million copies in a week.


Jurassic World was released on June 12, 2015 in over 60 countries. After a record-breaking opening weekend where it grossed $500 million worldwide, Jurassic World generated a total of $1.6 billion in box office revenue, standing as the fourth-highest-grossing film of all time without inflation adjustment, as well as the second-highest-grossing film of 2015and the highest in the franchise.



2015 Birthday Tags - A new set of birthday tags is here and you’ll love the variety of styles included in this set. 2015 Birthday Tags is perfect for all types of birthday cards from masculine to feminine, adults to kids, to teens and so much more! The beauty of these tags is that they coordinate with the Limitless Layers: 2 1/4” Oval Die Collection, which you may already have in your stash! Create your own birthday cards and gift tags with ease using the new 2015 Birthday Tags set!


2015 Birthday Tags - Laura

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Laura Bassen.

2015 Birthday Tags - Heather

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Heather Nichols.


2015 Birthday Tags - Nichole
to see more of this project from me.

2015 Birthday Tags - Ashley

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Ashley Newell.

2015 Birthday Tags - Dawn

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Dawn McVey.

2015 Birthday Tags - Dawn 2

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Dawn McVey.

2015 Birthday Tags - Betsy

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Betsy Veldman.



Dawn says, "Birthday tags are always a good thing to have in stamp form.  Whether you create actual gift tags with them or use them on cards, they offer lots of options for your crafting dollar!  I loved designing these to coordinate with other stamp sets that I've designed over the years.  It just makes these tags even more versatile when you can pair them with coordinating sets you may have in your stash!"

CLICK HERE to see more from Dawn McVey





Twig Wreath - This set features a rustic twig wreath that you can customize with flowers, berries, and foliage. The images are beautiful for fall, but can be used for so many other occasions too. 


Twig Wreath - Betsy

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Betsy Veldman.

Twig Wreath - Silke

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from customer, Silke.

Twig Wreath - Heather

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Heather Nichols.

Twig Wreath - Amy

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Amy Sheffer.

Twig Wreath - Amy 2

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Amy Sheffer.

Twig Wreath - Betty

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from customer, Betty.

Twig Wreath - Nichole

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from me.

Twig Wreath - Gerdine

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from customer, Gerdine.



Heather says, "The Twig Wreath set was a surprise to me at what the possibilities are with it – even though I was the one that designed it! It's amazing to discover a stamp sets true potential."

CLICK HERE to see more from Heather Nichols




With the new Brushed Blooms set you don’t have to be an artist to create beautiful artwork with a hand-painted or watercolor look! Let Brushed Blooms do all the work for you! Stamp the flowers and leaves with their two-step brushstroke layers to create realistic shading, or combine this set with your favorite technique to really bring it to life! Use the blooms with the large stem to create a pretty pre-arranged bouquet, or use the blooms with the individual leaves to create your own custom floral accents and backgrounds.


Brushed Blooms - Maile

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Maile Belles.

Brushed Blooms - Emily

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from customer, Emily.

Brushed Blooms - Laura

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Laura Bassen.

Brushed Blooms - Melissa

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Melissa Phillips.

Brushed Blooms - Laurie

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Laurie Willison.

Brushed Blooms - Michelle

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Michelle Leone.

Brushed Blooms - Betsy

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Betsy Veldman.



Laurie says, "I have yet to see a Papertrey floral set that I don’t absolutely love! As much as I love all of them, Brushed Blooms is at the top of my favorites list! Add in the coordinating die set, and you have a set that can stand the test of time!"

CLICK HERE to see more from Laurie Schmidlin




You've Been Framed: Hexagon - The You’ve Been Framed collection is the perfect basic to add to your stamp collection! The images in this set coordinate with the You’ve Been Framed: Hexagon Die Collection. Use the large label and coordinating triangle images to create multi-color frames for your sentiments. The elements in this set are also designed to coordinate with any of the Keep It Simple sentiment sets. The large label image is also ideal for creating tags!


You've Been Framed Hexagon - Betsy

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Betsy Veldman.

You've Been Framed Hexagon - Nichole

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from me.

You've Been Framed Hexagon - Ashley

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Ashley Newell.

You've Been Framed Hexagon - Dawn

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Dawn McVey.

You've Been Framed Hexagon - Betsy 2

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Betsy Veldman.

You've Been Framed Hexagon - Melissa

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Melissa Phillips.



Stephanie says, "My goodness! This die and stamp set is so much fun! There are endless possibilities and you can easily create very feminine and very masculine looks from the same set. I love it!"

CLICK HERE to see more from Stephanie Gold




Baker's Dozen is a collection of thirteen cupcake images, one for each month of the year plus a versatile extra! These little cakes can be used alone in the accompanying frame, or you can put several together in a pretty arrangement. Many of them feature small elements that are seasonally appropriate for their respective months, making it fun and easy to customize projects for recipients and the seasons. Pair the images in Baker’s Dozen with the Birthday Classics series for even more possibilities!


Baker's Dozen - Ashley

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Ashley Newell.

Baker's Dozen - Audrey

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Audrey Tokach.

Baker's Dozen - Dawn

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Dawn McVey.

Baker's Dozen - Betsy

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Betsy Veldman.

Baker's Dozen - Laura

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Laura Bassen.

Baker's Dozen - Nichole

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from me.

Baker's Dozen - Danielle

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Danielle Flanders.

Baker's Dozen - Laurie

CLICK HERE to see more of this project from Laurie Willison.



Wanda says, "This stamp set is pure perfection for making birthday cards! Who doesn't love a cupcake? I enjoy coloring these gorgeous images with my Copic Markers and it's so fun to put the pretty cupcakes on the matching cake stand. This is one of my all time favorite Papertrey Ink sets. "

CLICK HERE to see more from Wanda Guess



Lexi says, " The year 2015 brought another handful of fun Pieces of Confetti stamp sets, most notably Superhero, a follow up to Zappy Birthday which had been released in January, right before the anniversary celebration. These sets together are the most fun! And who says they’re just for superhero cards? With Mardi Gras gaining speed around here, i decided to create Mardi Gras masks instead. Warning: It’s Party Time!"

CLICK HERE to see more from Lexi Daly



Now it's time for the future of these sets, which is all up to YOU!

-Do you already own any of the five sets that were highlighted today? Time to dust them off and make an all new project using it!

-Don't own any of today's showcased sets? Draw inspiration from any of the projects highlighted in todays' post and adapt a Papertrey set that you already own.

-Share your new project with us in the Inlinkz list below and you will have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate! Only one project entry per person please.

For an alternate/additional way to win, leave us a comment letting us know what your favorite 2015 Papertrey stamp set is and why. It can be one of the sets shown today, or you can check out the "Stamps by Release" section of our store HERE. We will randomly select a winner from the comments for an additional $25 gift certificate. 

-You have until 7am ET, February 21st to add your project and/or comment. Winners will be selected that morning and posted on a special "Celebrating the Past, Present & Future: Winners" post the next morning, 7am ET, February 22nd. We can't wait to see your projects!

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  • 1
    Isabel Z says:

    So many wonderful sets were released this year that it’s hard to choose but if I had to I would say my favorite is Bitty Bouquets. I love the small scale of the flowers and the variety of images. This set gets lots of love.

  • 2
    Cheryl B. says:

    By 2015, I was buying more selectively ( still a lot!) instead of release night fever! I have many sets from 2015 but I don’t have You’ve been Framed: hexagon. I’m going to check it out now!

  • 3

    One of my most used sets is Good Times, it’s so awesome! Also loved Hooray with it’s fun streamers, Christmas Cheer, and the beautiful Guiding Light set! The Enclosed: Apple is so fun for teachers at the end of the year, and can’t forget sweet Petite Places!

  • 4
    Annette says:

    I’ve completely overlooked the Baker’s Dozen so far – it went straight on my wishlist. Thank you for highlighting those past sets!

  • 5
    Victoria h says:

    Secret agent- love making spy themed cards with the special glasses to decipher the hidden message.

  • 6
    Donna Phelan says:

    Hands down, Twig Wreath is my favorite form this beautiful list! Going on my ever growing Wish List. I never knew how many sets I do NOT own….sigh…..

  • 7
    annheidel says:

    Bitty Bouquets, the Petite Places series, and the Quilted series for sure! Pretty much anything designed by Betsy. 😀 I don’t have any of the featured sets, but three of them have been on my wish list since they were released.

  • 8
    jan metcalf says:

    I thought I had it all, as Adele and my pocketbook would say! What a great year 2015 was! Although I own a good share, love all that I have, my favorite has to be Gingham!

  • 9
    Pat A. says:

    I have to say I’ve made more cards using Brushed Blooms than any other set! My favorite of 2015!

  • 10
    Dee says:

    Twig Wreath is my favourite this year but I love all PTI sets.

  • 11
    Adele Holcomb says:

    I do have the Twig Wreath set and love the delicate look of it. I would have called it my 2015 fave until I realized the Quilted series was released that year. I have all 4 and use them a lot as I can always count on a card with warmth and charm. Swoosh is another set I use all the time. Oh, and Southwestern Style. Love these and I’m going to stop looking because I have a good selection of products from 2015!

  • 12
    Cyndie says:

    Bitty Bouquets is my favorite 2015 set. Those tiny, detailed two step bouquets are just perfect for tags!

  • 13
    Diana K says:

    Lots to love in 2015! If I have to pick favourites, I would say Fresh Floral Wrap-Ups for everyday and Treetops Glisten (though I don’t own it yet) for Christmas. And Guiding Lights was just added to my wishlist. 🙂

  • 14
    Joyce says:

    I’m going to say Wee Fold, but I don’t actually own it yet. I’ve been waiting for it to come back in stock but it just hasn’t yet.

  • 15
    Becca Yahrling says:

    I just adore a twig wreath – they’re so pretty and so versatile. So I love that particular set.

  • 16
    Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    I love the birthday tags. I do a lot of birthday cards, so I can always use more birthday stuff!

  • 17
    Iris Shubert says:

    HI PTI, I love “Twig Wreath”. I love anything with twigs and branches.

  • 18
    Leigh Penner says:

    Go 2015, it’s a tie between Twig Wreath and Brushed Blooms. They are both so pretty and fun to use!

  • 19
    Holly Saveur says:

    So much I love from this year..favorite ones..all the Petite Places sets and Brushed Blooms..on my wishlist is still Twig Wreath..each time one or the other is sold out..but will def buy it..when die and stamp are there when I order!

  • 20
    Annie D says:

    The Quilted: Autumn stamp set combines two loves of mine–quilt blocks and autumn leaves. Yes please!

  • 21
    Terri W says:

    I have the birthday tags and think I need to dust them off to use them again. I forgot how fun they are!

  • 22
    Barb says:

    Brushed Blooks was my favorite thus far as it was one of the first bouquets I had in my stash it gave the feeling of multiples as I was fuller than a singe flower and could also stand alone

  • 23
    Luanne Ford says:

    Looking through the year, I had many favorites! I loved the Quilted Series and the Tucked In Series. Stamp sets included Winter Woods and Guiding Lights! I’m going to say Twig Wreath as my favorite. I bought it a few months after the release, and now I wonder how I lived without it! I pull it out often, and it is a for sure favorite!

  • 24
    LaFaunB says:

    Baker’s Dozen and Twig Wreath are two favorites!

  • 25
    Marianne says:

    If I could buy just one set from 2015 it would be the Twig Wreath. I love the delicate look and the fact that it can be used all year round. I don’t often buy accompanying dies but I would make an exception for this set.

  • 26
    Debs says:

    March 2015: Petite Places Sweet Shoppe Mini Stamp set is my favorite. I love all the Petite Places stamps and dies.

  • 27
    Vicki A says:

    My favorites highlighted for 2015 are brushed blooms and baker’s dozen. Many of the cards I make are for birthdays, plus holiday cards. This has been a fun month of revisiting. Thank you!

  • 28
    Peggy S says:

    I ordered Easter Alleluias as soon as it was released. Love the ways you can group the stamps on your card andthe font and look of the set is great.

  • 29
    Cindy says:

    I love, love my Birthday Cheer stamp set. I bought that when I realized that I needed more “just words” stamps to go with the rest of my collection! They look good paired with other stamps or alone on over a simple background!

  • 30
    Cindy C says:

    I have Brushed Blooms & it’s still one of my favorite PTI florals!

  • 31

    This was an easy choice for me. Vintage Linens is my favourite for this year.

  • 32

    Now we are into the more recent years when I became a Papertrey Ink customer! My very first set was Big Hugs (Dec. 2014). During 2015, I added several new PTI stamps and dies to my growing collection. Twig Wreath is one of my very favorite sets. I just love its simple, rustic look! I use it so often, all year long. ♡

  • 33
    Nancy says:

    Gosh I thought I had a lot of PTI stamps, then you show me so many more with each highlighted year. The twig wreath is one I don’t own, gonna have to order it this time (hope it’s in stock). I don’t remember ever seeing the Baker’s Dozen set and it’s adorable.
    Love ’em all!

  • 34

    What a wonderful year with lots of Great stamp sets. I loved all of the tucked in just because I am always looking for that perfect sentiment to finish off my cards and those ones always fit .Beautiful Butterflies Layers. Just because I am a sucker for butterflies and i can never have enough stamp sets with butterflies. Then I really loved the Zappy Birthday stamp set. Perfect all year round for any boy or girl and for that perfect little sentiment to go into a speech bubble.!!!! Just absolutely perfect!!

  • 35

    I really like the Tucked In Mini stamp sets, they are very much needed for the inside of cards.

  • 36
    Katherine says:

    Love twig wreath!

  • 37
    Sue LD says:

    My favorite is the twig wreath–I like how many looks can be achieved.

  • 38
    Liz mcallister says:

    I love every single wreath stamp set. The twig stamp is perfect!

  • 39
    Laraine R says:

    My favorites are the Quilted sets, Scene it sets, Enclosed sets, Keep it simple & the tucked in sets. I can’t pick just 1!

  • 40
    Jeni says:

    My favorite set from 2015 is Brushed Off. This is a great set for backgrounds.

    I also love Winter Woods. The birds with the trees in the background are so beautiful.

  • 41
    Sharri Reeves says:

    2015 was my year. Spent way too much on beautiful PTI products. I’m always in the mood for floral stamps, and the Twig Wreath is awesome! Love the Cupcakes set, too.

  • 42
    Jen says:

    Definitely twig wreath. I just love wreath cards!

  • 43
    Oliverw says:

    I love the petite places sets and one day, hopefully, I will own at least one of those. It was also tempting to choose the Scripted stamp set as my favorite 2015 set. I just bought my first stamp set from PTI during the sale … Beautiful Brushstrokes. And I think that the Scripted set would go nicely with the BB set. However, the one set that I have just fallen in love with and is at the top of my wishlist is Choose Joy. I love the simple, yet straightforward message of the sentiments. Beautiful font and alignment of each stamp.

  • 44
    Terri E. says:

    I really liked graceful greetings. It is well used and loved.

  • 45
    Teresa Currie says:

    I really love the fun detail of the Petite Places series but always knew that the houses were too small for my abilities.

    Heather’s Good Times, Lexi’s Caution: Another Year Older and Maile’s Ahoy and Fresh Floral Wrapups are on my wishlist.

    I have a ball using Layered Banner Banter and Twig Wreath.

  • 46
    Teddra says:

    So many sets to love from 2015. Love, love, love the Tucked In series and the Holiday sets were amazing. And then there’s Winter Woods, Stacked Statements, Plaid Builder, Graceful Greetings and so many more!

  • 47
    Leanne S says:

    The twig wreath is the cutest.

  • 48
    Stephanie says:

    Bakers Dozen – Love this stamp set

  • 49
    Terry says:

    Love the Petite Places! I thought the mini kit Halloween Pinups was the cutest idea ever! Another favorite was the mini kit Holuday Folk…love the sweet animals!

  • 50
    Oliverw says:

    My long reply didn’t post… so let me just simply answer “choose joy” is the prettiest set. It is in the top 10 on my list out of every stamp set from PTI.

  • 51
    Lisa R. says:

    Looking back on 2015, I’d say I had two favorites. They were Bitty Bouquet and Twig Wreath. Both stamp sets that I continue to use today.

  • 52
    JanetB says:

    This year had many wonderful sets and series. Petite Places, Quilts and the Mini Markets. I think Petite Places: Happy Camper, comes out on top, for me. This is so fun, only one more year to go, oh dear!

  • 53
    Melissa Friedrich says:

    I LOVE the Twig Wreath set, so versatile for rustic, elegant, background, focal point, double or tripe stamped. I’ve had loads of fun with this set.

  • 54
    Vikki H says:

    So many from 2015 and I purchased a lot!? The Quilted series, Brushed Blooms and the Woods sets with birds are my favorites.

  • 55
    Paula e. says:

    Hard to pick just one set…I do love Brushed Blooms and Bitty Bouquets.

  • 56
    Amy Cooley says:

    Oh my, you had me at cupcakes! I just love the Bakers Dozen set! Fabulous inspiration cards with this set.

  • 57
    Megan Carroll says:

    I loved Zappy Birthday that was released in January 2015!

  • 58
    Kathy W says:

    Warmest Wishes (love that polar bear!) and the Winter Quilted stamp sets were my favorites from this year.

  • 59
    Jane Brubaker says:

    Love the brushed blooms. Had a beautiful water color look.

  • 60
    Mel H says:

    Twig wrest is one of the sets I bought that year.

  • 61
    Rita says:

    Baker’s Dozen is just deliciously fun to stamp. It’s definitely a favorite from 2015 and I was so happy to see it showcased today. Happy Anniversary, PTI.

  • 62
    Cindy H. says:

    It’s a tie between Bitty Bouquets and Twig Wreath for top honors but gee whiz I love so many more from 2015.

  • 63
    marcy says:

    The brushed Blooms set is just lovely. Elegant uses as well as casual. It is artsy yet easy to work with.

  • 64

    The Birthday Tags were my favorite. Quick and easy to add something colorful to a gift!

  • 65
    see mary stamp says:

    I’m lucky to count five of the six featured sets in my collection, so it’s wonderful to revisit the range of creative possibilities. Of the featured sets Baker’s Dozen is a favorite. There were a number of collections introduced in 2015 that were must haves – Moments Inked, the Quilted Season series and the incomparable Petite Places and companion Scene It sets. Other favorites include Swoosh and Bitty Bouquet. There were a few novelty sets that are still on my wishlist: Secret Agent and Cablegram. Hard to believe we’re through year 9 already!

  • 66
    Connie G says:

    I have twig wreath and love its versatility. It is fun to revisit other projects by the DT using it. Now i have some fresh ideas!

  • 67
    Kathryn A says:

    Twig Wreath surprised me. I used it many times and enjoyed it more and more each time! It’s very versatile–good for all occasions. One of my favourites!

  • 68
    emma S. says:

    I own Brushed Blooms and Bakers Dozen. Both are Great versatile sets.

  • 69
    Jayell says:

    2015 Birthday Tags are just fantastic for male cards, which I always find tricky to make. And of course they are great for tags too!

  • 70
    Crisanne D. says:

    Betsy’s Petite Places line this year was fantastic! I love Happy Camper! Also Secret Agent is a fun set for myself and the kids to use.

  • 71
    Debbie says:

    LOve Birthday Tags for its versatility in both card- making and tags.Bakers Dozen is so sweet!!

  • 72
    Helen F. says:

    Twig Wreath is a favorite for 2015. Love that you can make it folksy or contemporary depending on the variety of embellishments. Baker’s Dozen has been on my Wish List and just moved up a few notches after seeing all the sweet samples today :-p

  • 73
    Sheri Elmont says:

    Looking over 2015 I realized that was a low budget year for me as there are so many sets I don’t have and want. I love the Brushed Blooms, Baker’s Dozen and Vintage Linens among others. I do have Swoosh and that has been fun to play with.

  • 74

    2015 Birthday Tags and Brushed Blooms are two favorites!
    LOVE them both!!!

  • 75
    Denise Bryant says:

    Twig Wreath was definitely my favorite in 2015! I love all the possibilities with this set! No need for me to dust it off…. it has never gathered any dust! I use it often!

  • 76
    Maureen P says:

    I love the Enclosed series, especially the Apple/Thanks! I’ve made lots of shaker cards with it!

  • 77
    Cynthia says:

    Hard one…. Scene It: Celebration and Enclosed Cupcake!

  • 78
    Pai says:

    i think 2015 has way too many sets to pick just one. loved zappy birthday since i’m always looking for good boy sets. sentiment splits and swoosh sentiments are great general sentiment sets. lunchbox love is another favorite – love sentiments that raise our kids up!

  • 79
    Nazneen says:

    gorgeous Stamp sets, my favorite is Birthday Tags!

  • 80
    Donna Gourley says:

    I love Twig Wreath…I reach for it time and time again.

  • 81
    Beverly Perdue says:

    It has been great revisiting some of the older stamp sets. I have several favorites from 2015 — Bitty Bouquets, Craft Brew, and Quilted Summer. I have made many cards using these sets. The craft brew set is awesome. In 2015 my son opened a craft beer and wine tasting store so the timing of this set was perfect and I have used it many times! I also love the wine tag!!

  • 82
    Kathy Mc says:

    Spruce and Sprigs is one of my all-time favorites. There are also lots of great sentiment sets, too, like Graceful Greetings, Swoosh, Scribbled Sentiments and a whole lot more. Those are ones I own, but I’ve got a whole lot more on my wish list.

  • 83
    Monika/buzsy says:

    I don’t have any of those sets, but I love brushed blooms and the birthday tags… twig tag is pretty too.

  • 84
    AngPearcy says:

    Bitty Bouquet, Wee Folk and Nostagic Notions! Love love love them all!

  • 85
    Cheryl I says:

    Bitty Bouquets and Brushed Blooms were my favorite this year! Oh, Graceful Greetings is a favorite as well!

  • 86
    Rachael Burdick says:

    This is one of my favorite release years! My favorites are Keep it Simple and Tucked In.

  • 87
    LeeAnne says:

    2015 was a great year and I loved all the Super Hero themed sets! Zappy Birthday, its papers, and cover plate die are a favorite from this year!

  • 88
    Kathie B says:

    2015 was an exceptional year. There are at least a dozen that I would label as “favorites.” I love flowers and there were a number of great flower sets. I’ll with Flower Favorites mr choice for 2015.

  • 89
    MaryAnn N says:

    Wonderful to see all the options with the twig wreath set. I’ve looking at it for a while but think it will have a home with me soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • 90
    Miriam Prantner says:

    My favorite thing from 2015 was the quilted series with the Winter quilt being my favorite.

  • 91
    janet GOSHORN says:

    Another hard decision but I vote for Guiding Lights as my favorite 2015 set

  • 92
    Dana Kirby says:

    Such a great year and so many wonderful things were released by PTI. I have a lot of favorites but I think today I will use Brushed Blooms, one of my favorites!!

  • 93
    Jen shears says:

    Graceful greetings and the petite places sets were my faves from the year- but those cupcakes! Bakers dozen is so sweet!

  • 94
    Vicki Smith says:

    I have many 2015 products including Twig Wreath which I adore.

  • 95
    Anne B says:

    My favourite set from 2015 was Beautiful Butterflies layers. I do love it when PTI goes back and improves on sets already released – added all sorts of options for one of my all time favourites!

  • 96
    Victoria Nelson says:

    Graceful Greetings is my favorite set from 2015. I’ve made such beautiful card sets to give as gifts with that stamp set, and I love that it has coordinating dies!

  • 97
    Greta H says:

    I own Twig Wreath and Spruce & Sprigs–hard to pick a favorite, but I’ll say Spruce & Sprigs. Still a lot of 2015 sets on my wishlist–great year of products!

  • 98
    Carol Blaisdell says:

    Well, this was certainly a banner year! My absolute favorite is Choose Joy, followed closely by Twig Wreath and Brushed Blooms. Wish I had Bitty Bouquets, though!

  • 99
    Dianne S says:

    Twig Wreath and Bitty Bouquets are my favorites from 2015. They are both so versatile and the accompanying dies are great!

  • 100
    Becky Green says:

    This was a WONDERFUL YEAR of PTI products & there are SO MANY that stuck out to me! BUUUUT, the ones I simply fell in love with were, the Petite Places!!!!! SO ADORABLE & just DIFFERENT from anything out there! I do have my favorites of these, but I’ll be honest, I LOOOOVE THEM ALL!!!! 😉

  • 101
    Karen B. says:

    Twig Wreath is my favorite. Such fun sets!

  • 102
    Cindy O says:

    I don’t have any of the featured sets today, but I do have a few from 2015. Plaid builder, confetti toss, many of the keep it simple sentiments, and – my 2015 favorite – winter woods! All of them thoughtfully designed and easy to work with. Thank you, PTI!

  • 103
    DIANA L. says:

    I keep adding stamp sets and dies to my wish list- EEKS!!!! I love everything!!!!

  • 104
    DIANA L. says:

    Ps I love bakers dozen totally missed that one! Great inspiration from the DT.
    Don’t discontinue any of them.

  • 105
    pmm says:

    I just love Baker’s Dozen- such sweet little cupcakes! So fun to color!

  • 106
    Steffi H. says:

    The Twig Wreath is such a beauty, but I´m in love with baker´s dozen, too.

  • 107
    Kathy Krug says:

    I really like the brushed blooms set. It is a great layering set.

  • 108
    Sandy C. says:

    Well, I loved (and purchased) the Brushed Blooms set. It’s a great set and I use it often.

  • 109
    Judy Stiles says:

    I have always adored Twig Wreath …. a beautiful set!

  • 110
    dloates2005 says:

    CAN’T decide again! Twig It Wreath or Brushed Blossoms! Love them both and could pair well too!

  • 111
    Sue McRae says:

    The Swoosh set is a fave, love the flowing design of the sentiments. I really like the fun streamers in the Hooray set. The flowers are so pretty in Vintage Linens and I like that there are solid and outline images in this set.

  • 112
    Lori Cullen says:

    I really like Haunted Headstones. It is great for milestone birthdays as well as Halloween.

  • 113
    Rebecca Attwood says:

    Some really beautiful floral sets were released in 2015 but I think my favorite was Dawn’s Vintage Linens set – love the bold blooms and the mix & match options with the outline & solid images.

  • 114
    Cindy Otto says:

    After looking at all the sets for 2015, I love the Quilted Series, Petite Places, and Phrases and Praises. I use all of these sets and have received lots of compliments on the P&P cards I’ve created.

  • 115
    Joyce M. says:

    Definitely Brushed Blooms is a favorite. Although, it’s a really tough decision because I love so many of the stamp sets I bought that year.

  • 116
    Lisa V. says:

    Brushed Blooms is one of my very favorite stamp sets from PTI. I love to dig it out and reach for it time and time again.

  • 117
    Imke Ludwig says:

    Twig Wreath was a Set i had to have. I like wreaths anyway and I like these many different flowers and sayings from Twig Wreath.

  • 118
    Leslie L. says:

    I have to say the continuation of the Keep it Simple sentiments was great and my favorite set that I purchased in 2015 was Brushed Off. I have Baker’s Dozen on my wish list. So far through all of the past years I have only owned two of the featured sets; I apparently have different tastes than the majority.

  • 119
    Keri says:

    Baker’s Dozen, and Choose Joy are my two favorites from 2015. There are others, but I had to narrow it down, right? 😉 I love stamped images that I can color, and cupcakes…need I say more? 😉 I love the sentiments in Choose Joy.

  • 120
    Sandy W says:

    my favorite set for 2015 is Christmas Cheer and I made some pretty cards using the Christmas die. I also like Birthday Cheer. Thanks!

  • 121
    LindaM says:

    I have three of the sets shown today. I love them all, but I do love the simple design of the twig wreath.

  • 122
    Linda E (uncbballfan) says:

    My favorite from 2015 is Bitty Bouquets – it will be one of my forever favorites!

  • 123
    Linda Lander says:

    Hands down…the Twig Wreath my favorite this year.
    Keep it coming…tremendous inspiration throughout this release..

  • 124
    Jill S. says:

    My favorite set from 2015 is Graceful Greetings. There are a few sets I love from this year that are on my wish list, but after that killer sale, they will have to sit there a little while longer. (Thank you for the killer sale!!)

  • 125
    Kristie H says:

    2015 had so many great stamp sets with my favorites including Brushed Blooms, Craft Brew, Scripted, Mini Kit: Holiday Folk, Winter Woods! What a great year of stamps!

  • 126
    Jeanne H says:

    My favorite is the Twig Wreath. What versatility. Very well designed and the cards using it are wonderful, especially Heather’s card.

  • 127
    merryf says:

    Twig Wreath is one of my favorites from 2015! Also — Southwestern Style — I have used this so often for masculine cards, it is one of my go-to sets!

  • 128
    Marianne M says:

    2015 was a bonus year for amazing stamp sets! I’ve purchased three and still have many on my wish list 🙁 The Garden Gild dies and stamps are my favorite! Such lovely wedding cards can be created with this set!

  • 129

    I love the baker’s dozen — who doesn’t love cupcakes? and customized to months — ingenious!

  • 130
    Mimi R says:

    I love love love brushed blooms from Betsy Veldman. She has amazing stamps and dies!

  • 131
    Judie Attard says:

    OOOOhhh I love the baker’s dozen set!!! So much amazing inspiration!!!

  • 132
    Sarosa says:

    I had a little time to browse today through the entire collection from 2015, and I have to say the Quilted series is my favorite. I hope to eventually own them all!

  • 133
    Kristina says:

    I love every set from this year! But somehow missed Birthday Tags? Seems like it 2015 just yesterday. Is time flying for anyone else??

  • 134
    Carmela Hubler says:

    Love the Twig Wreath and all the cupcakes! Very Pretty!
    Seeing all these projects let’s me know that I missed a lot of great stamp sets. Thanks for the walk through the past.

  • 135
    Sarah T. says:

    Swoosh is one of my all time favorites. That and warmest wishes are probably my favorites from 2015.

  • 136
    Lorraine says:

    Of these, Brushed Blooms, Twig Wreath & You’ve Been Framed Oval jumped in my cart. Other 2015 favs – The Zappy Birthday & Superhero sets and Joyful Christmas!

  • 137
    Karen says:

    My favorite sets from 2015 are Twig Wreath and Painted Petals. I just can’t believe I don’t have Twig Wreath in my stash – it seems so versatile, and it is so beautiful. I have to rectify that with my next order. :0)

  • 138
    Vicki Finger says:

    “Scripted” is one of my very favorite sets and came out in 2015. I use this set over and over again. Although I had made a purchase or 2 from Papertrey in 2015, I wasn’t immersed in it as I am now.

  • 139
    Natalie Winterstein says:

    Again, sooooo many great sets and projects! I love the Twig Wreath set. I have made so many cards that I really love with it!

  • 140
    Rosemary D says:

    I don’t own this set (yet), but it is one of my favorites from 2015 and that is Deck the Halls! Beautiful, timeless set!

  • 141
    Kris says:

    Another banner year and hard to choose a favorite, but the the Petite Places series is an all time favorite. They’re so versatile. Retro Graduation ranks high as well. I use that set A LOT!

  • 142
    Sandy Dayhoff says:

    Twig Wreath is versatile and has so many possibilities. It’s one that I need to use more often. Will remedy that by using it for today’s challenge!

  • 143
    Kim Badelt says:

    Oh I loved lots of sets this year! I have to go with two this time round Brushed Blooms – love the effortless watercolour look and Secret Agent – so very fun and quirky and interactive!

  • 144
    Tanja S. says:

    I like twig wreath and brushed blooms the most from the stamp sets you highlighted today.

  • 145
    Kim Heggins says:

    So many incredible stamps this year…love bitty bouquets, it is a sweet set!

  • 146
    S. Molinari says:

    I love both Bitty Bouquet and Quilted Spring! Please don’t make me choose 😉

  • 147

    I love the Twig wreath stamp set, I just need to keep it in my cart on release night.

  • 148
    Kelly says:

    I’m a fan of 2015 BirthdayTags. Great creativity!

  • 149
    Noreen says:

    I love the Petite Places series – such a fun set! And because it’s so tiny, it doesn’t take much room to create a village.

  • 150
    Karen Jones says:

    I think Twig Wreath is my favorite because it can be used for so many occasions!

  • 151
    Cheryl F. says:

    Baker’s Dozen is such a cute and fun set. I like using it with the cake stand dies.

  • 152
    Amy Klin says:

    Flower Favorites, enough for the many options! Just used it last week for a birthday card.

  • 153
    Deb Hudson says:

    Twig Wreath for sure. But then there is Bitty Bouquet and Swoosh and how can I leave out Graceful Greetings. Fresh Floral Wrap Ups is on my wish list.

  • 154
    Michelle Michael says:

    Bakers Dozen! What a fun set- perfect accents for a celebration card as well as being the main focus of a card!

  • 155
    Colleen F says:

    I love Twig Wreath!! Such a versatile stamp fir all occasions.

  • 156

    I wish I had bakers dozen! It’s been on my wish list for a while. I do have retro grad and I love how funky and cool it is!

  • 157
    Linda R. says:

    For 2015, my favorites are the Quilted Stamp sets. Get sets for making four seasons card sets to be given as gifts to my quilting friends.

  • 158
    Penny J says:

    Again, way too many to pick one!
    Twig Wreath
    Brushed Blooms
    Bitty Bouquets
    Enclosed Series
    You’ve Been Framed Series
    Quilted Series
    Retro (both)
    Graceful greetings
    Good Times
    Guiding Lights
    Spruce & Sprigs
    Petite Places Series
    Warmest wishes
    Christmas & Birthday Cheer
    Winter Woods
    Tucked In
    Be Mine, Valentine
    MIMM: Holiday

  • 159
    Stacy Simpson says:

    For 2015, I have to go with Spruce and Sprigs!

  • 160
    Karen says:

    It’s clear I missed a couple great sets you’ve highlighted today. Swoosh! is one of the stamps I reach for often, and Winter Woods is another fave!

  • 161
    Rebecca F. says:

    I love Vintage Linens! Floral sets are my favorites and I loved the inspiration for this design!

  • 162
    Traci Major says:

    I have a few favorites from 2015; but the highest on my wish list is Brushed Blooms since I love the ease in which you can make a framed sentiment with this one!

  • 163
    karen h says:

    I think I would choose Craft Brew as my favorite 2015 set (though Winter Birds was a very, very close 2nd – we need more birds!!). I like Craft Brew as most of the men in my life drink beer so making cards for them is pretty easy.

  • 164

    Brushed Blooms is one of my top 5 all-time very favorite stamp sets! It is so versatile and easy to use to make absolutely beautiful cards! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  • 165

    Checking out the year, I found that I had a lot of the release in 2015. Love the Quilted Spring and I have been used the Swooshed Sentiments too.

  • 166

    My favorite from 2015 was Blue Skies and the coordinating dies! I love that set!

  • 167
    Pat Whitley says:

    I use Birthday Tags a lot. I always wanted Bakers Dozen, but it has never made it into my cart.

  • 168
    storymusicgirl says:

    How did I miss Baker’s Dozen?? Too cute! The tucked in and petite places sets are among my favorites too. 🙂

  • 169
    Melissa Sibert says:

    Love Brushed Blooms. So pretty.

  • 170
    Christine N says:

    My favorite sets from 2015 are the petite places sets. It is an adorable collection.

  • 171
    Sharon J says:

    My favourite set from 2015 is Bitty Bouquet. It has so many possibilities with the different flowers and my MISTI allows me to stamp them so perfectly.

  • 172
    Terri (Blindstamper) says:

    I have and love Graceful Greetings…useful and beautiful.

  • 173
    Janet Mack says:

    My favorites for 2015 Vintage Linens, because I love those old 50’s tablecloths and Spruce & Sprigs. But I am wondering why I don’t have Twig Wreath.

  • 174
    lainey says:

    The Tucked In series! I wish you would continue this one!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 175
    Heather says:

    I love the Birthday Tags!

  • 176
    D.Ann C says:

    I love the You’ve Been Framed Hexagon! It’s still on my wishlist!! Wish my budget could keep up with all my heart desires. lol!

  • 177
    Carrie Crafts says:

    Brushed Blooms is hands down my favorite stamp set from PTI in 2015! Betsy-made magic at it’s finest!

  • 178
    Mutzy Mia says:

    I do own a few of the sets highlighted today and in addition I would add some other favorites. The Secret Agent Stamp set is a really fun one both to use and for the recipient to receive. I had so much fun also with the Petite Places series and the Quilted series. Also on my list would be Guiding Lights and Winter Woods. So much variety offered with first class DT inspiration!

  • 179
    lisa808 says:

    Petite Places: Spook Manor Mini Stamp Set is my favorite 2015 stamp set because Halloween is my favorite time for crafting and this set is adorable.

  • 180
    Dolores says:

    I have a new love of Twig Wreath from all the great ideas you have shown. It is going on my Wishlist!

  • 181
    AllysonA says:

    Oh my goodness, now it is REALLY hard for me to choose a favorite! After MUCH deliberation today, I narrowed it down to Brushed Blooms. But the Graceful Greetings sentiment set is a very, very close second. I just cannot believe all the fabulously gorgeous inspiration this week! Wow!

  • 182
    Susan P says:

    My favorite set from 2015 was Graceful Greetings. I use this sentiment set all time time! The font is beautiful!

  • 183
    Deborah Rosenow says:

    I’m a sucker for anything with a wreath…thus twig wreath is a favorite from 2015.

  • 184

    i love “Good Times’, and I love all the beautiful work by the team! Happy ANniversary!

  • 185
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    I like Twig Wreath — especially because of the flowers.

  • 186
    Noelle says:

    So many great sets…I want Framed Hexagon and Brushed Blooms still =) Clipsters is one of the sets I have and hope to play with soon!

  • 187

    Bloomers stamp set was one of my favorites!

  • 188
    LR says:

    I have several sets of the Petite Places series and am working on getting them all! Everyone is blown away by the things I have made with them. They give me so much joy while using them! I recently purchased Bitty Bouquets and wonder why I didn’t get it sooner!! I also have and love In The Bag and Christmas Tree Change Up!. 2015 was a great year! Thank you, Papertrey!

  • 189
    Donna K says:

    the Quilted series were my favorite sets from 2015. I have them all and they are well loved and well used.

  • 190
    Catherine Milne says:

    For me the Quilted series has been a favorite.

  • 191
    Martha says:

    Bloomers is my favorite 2015 stamp set.
    I love its versatility.

    My other 2015 favorites:
    -Brushed Blooms
    -Southwestern Style
    -Good Times
    -Vintage Linens
    -Star Scribbles
    -Barnyard Sentiments

  • 192
    Janet Sisk says:

    I love the “Easter Hallelujahs” stamp set! I am always looking for more sentiments stamps. Thanks for the chance to win. 😀

  • 193
    Julia Aston says:

    The Petite Places sets came out in 2015 and I have every set – I was/am addicted! but I have to say I’ve only made a few so far – which has inspired me to get them out and make all those wonderful little Petite places!!

  • 194
    Karen Jones says:

    I like Twig Wreath. I think it is very versatile!

  • 195
    MaryB says:

    I have 3 of the 5 sets showcased today, and of those my favorite is Brushed Blooms, especially when the colors used are very close to one another. I also love You’ve Been Framed, but don’t use it nearly enough!

  • 196

    So many lovely sets were released in 2015 that I am completely confused. I like almost all of them! If I had to choose one, it would be the Twig Wreath. There are many wreath stamps available. I love this one because it is so easy to dress up or down. The design possibilities are endless and I think it will work well withe many other sets too. Of course the inspiration cards are fabulous!

  • 197
    Kristen says:

    The baker’s dozen is a fun set. I finally bought it last year and would love to have time to do more with it!

  • 198
    Annette Snyder says:

    I love Baker’s Dozen. All those yummy cupcakes are so fun to color!

  • 199
    Cindy G says:

    I have really enjoyed the Quilted series. The quilt designs are reminiscent of the handmade quilts my grandmother sewed.

  • 200
    PT says:

    I really loved the Rainy Day Sentiments stamp set. It made beautiful cards with lovely sayings… And of course the additional Petite Places and Botanical Blocks releases are always on my top list.

  • 201
    Jo R. says:

    I love, and use Graceful Greetings all the time!

  • 202
    Sharon D says:

    Oh, how can I pick?? Brushed Blooms, Bitty Bouquet, Guiding Lights, Spruce and Sprigs, Fresh Floral Wrap-ups, Enclosed Bell–so many I use over and over.

  • 203
    Angela W says:

    There are so many of my favorite stamp sets that were released in 2015. If I had to narrow it down, the best I could do is to say the Quilted Series are my favorite stamps and dies. I love quilts and the warm and comfy vibe they give off, so when I saw these on Pinterest, I had to investigate. I really found Papertrey Ink, became a customer and the rest is history!!

  • 204
    Linda F says:

    All the petite places were adorable, but I think my favourite was Birthday Cheer – lovely fonts to mix and match for many occasions.

  • 205
    Sherrie M. says:

    2015 brought my beloved Brushed Off stamps and Sentiment Split dies. Love the artsy look to Brushed Off and I use those stamps as grounding elements or in colorful graphic designs.

  • 206
    Bonnie W. (Cardm8kr63) says:

    My favorite stamps from this year had to be the Tucked In series. While I liked , and purchased, many other sets I find myself reaching for these the most.

  • 207
    DGolly says:

    I don’t know how you picked the stamps each year. I wouldn’t be able to choose. So many are incredible.

  • 208
    Sherry G says:

    My favorite stamp set for 2015 is the Quilted: Spring set. There’s something so charming about traditional quilt patterns, and it’s easy to change the look by varying the paper from nostalgic to contemporary.

  • 209

    My favorite for 2015 is hands down Choose Joy. It was sold out every time I tried to order and I’m so excited to finally have it (just came last week). Others sets I loved, though, are Brushed Blooms and Petite Places: Nativity.

  • 210
    Angela Vacinek says:

    I love the brushed blooms set. It’s just beautiful as a bunch of flowers,or a single stem!

  • 211
    Heather says:

    There were so many lovely sets from 2015 but Pumpkin Patch has to be an all time favorite. I had to refrain from pulling it out too early in 2016 but I could honestly design with those darling pumpkins everyday!

  • 212
    GinaEgg says:

    2015 – the year that brought Moments Inked into my life. It just doesn’t get any better than a PTI planner!!! 🙂

  • 213
    Lisa G. says:

    Graceful Greetings and Flower Favorites are on the top of my list of favs from that year.

  • 214
    Sandy S. says:

    The Hexagon version of You’ve been Framed is the only one I don’t have, and I think I’ll have to rectify that! I’ve used the Diamond so many times, usually as a background for my folded “tea bag” medallions. I love that it gives me an opportunity to use some of my patterned paper stash.

  • 215
    Rebecca B. from FL says:

    Scribbled Sentiments!!! I wish every word in the English language had a stamp in this style. And maybe some non-English words as well!!

  • 216
    Linda C says:

    My favorite would be Twig Wreath and the You’ve Been Framed. I don’t even remember the cupcake one and it looks interesting.

  • 217
    Jennifer says:

    Scribbled Sentiments is may favorite for 2015 definitely. I reach for this set again and again, just love the sketchy sentiments!

  • 218
    Rita Wright says:

    Twig Wreath! It’s another one at the top of my wishlist because of its versatility.

  • 219
    Lauren Yo. says:

    I love how delicate Twig Wreath is & Bakers Dozen makes me smile every time I look at this set!

  • 220
    StephH says:

    Petite Places Church and Nativity are two of my faves from 2015. The little church set is useful for a variety of occasions, weddings, Easter, Christmas. Love this entire series.

  • 221
    Michelle Benoit says:

    What a year! Among so many wonderful sets, Easter Alleluias is very special to me.

  • 222
    Dennisonka says:

    Only one favorite???? Sorry … I just can’t pick one. So, I will pick a bunch. It is a toss up between the Vintage Linens, Bibliophile, and Phrases and Praises. And this doesn’t include Betsy’s kits (All Throught the House and Nostalgic Notions). Love Papertrey and the great products and inspiration you regularly put up!

  • 223
    Sadie says:

    My favourite from this year would be Twig Wreath and I think Gerdine’s card is super nice! Bakers Dozen is pretty awesome too.

  • 224
    Lori B says:

    Ok, I have to choose 2 favorites from 2015: Choose Joy for the sentiments & Warmest Wishes for the images. This celebration is so fun-love seeing the inspiration from some of the older sets!

  • 225

    Love the Twig Wreath set. It can be adapted to just about any occasion, a fabulous versatile stamp set!

  • 226
    Betty N says:

    Fabulous projects! My favorite 2015 set is Bitty Bouquets – lots of possibilities with this set. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 227
    Joni M says:

    I love the cupcakes! It’s my “Go to” stamp for birthdays… young or old… guy or gal!

  • 228
    LauraJane:) says:

    The ease of using the layers in Brushed Blooms makes it my FAVORITE for 2015.

  • 229
    Jackie L says:

    I so miss the Tucked In series. They were absolutely fabulous!

  • 230
    Jacquie says:

    I have to pick Graceful Greetings Stamp Set as my favorite from 2015!

  • 231
    Karyn S says:

    Twig Wreath is my favorite by far. I love it and find it to be very versatile.

  • 232
    Titta says:

    My favorite from 2015 was Bitty Bouquets. I like the smaller sized images and the beautiful flowers.

  • 233
    Nancy M says:

    Brushed Blooms is not only my favorite set for 2015, it would also fall into my top five PTI sets. Love those stamps.

  • 234
    Nancy Penir says:

    So many favorites in 2015! And among them, a sentiment filled set, called, Phrases and Praises. I wish you’d do more like it! That set is timeless. Not to mention well used and loved. Thank you always bringing us the best!

  • 235
    Crystal M. says:

    Baker’s Dozen is my favorite for 2015… though, I don’t have it yet! My wish list is LONG!! Twig Wreath is another favorite… really, there’s just too many to list.

  • 236
    Rose Noelle says:

    Brushed blooms and Noted are my 2015 favorites.

  • 237
    Sarosa says:

    The birthday tags look really good to me … I get tired of making birthday cards, and these would provide a nice variety.

  • 238
    Linda (LSN) says:

    Can’t pick just one so will pick my favorite series….Petite Places. Pure genius that series was!


  • 239
    Mary-Anne V. says:

    Brushed blooms are stunning!

  • 240
    Cynthia Baldwin says:

    Twig Wreath is one of my favorite sets because of all the possibilities – different occasions, different seasons, all great looks!

  • 241
    Barbara Martin says:

    Brushed Blooms is definitely a favorite. I used it to make bridal shower invitations – so sweet!

  • 242
    Lori Lehanne says:

    I really love the Flower Favorite set. I also just adore the Petite Place series!

  • 243
    Donna M. says:

    Hard decision… Guiding Lights is up there, & Phrases & Praises. But I can’t forget Twig Wreath & Secret Agent. It was a good year!!!

  • 244
    Janis in ID says:

    I am hopeless when it comes to wispy branches and leaves, so I am loving the Twig Wreath set!! Beautiful work by all the creative team!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  • 245
    Diana F says:

    The 2015 Birthday tags are my favorite because I love tags of all kinds and there is always a need for something for a birthday.

  • 246
    Susan in AK says:

    Baker’s Dozen…HOW could I have missed this set??? It is now on my wishlist.

  • 247

    I have to say that the Stacked sentiment is 2015’s favorite. But I have to admit that Baker’s dozen is right next to it.

  • 248
    Penny P. says:

    Baker’s Dozen was my favorite, love those cute cupcakes!

  • 249
    Jennifer Thompson says:

    Guiding Light was my favorite! It’s so easy to make masculine cards with it.

  • 250
    maryrose says:

    Twig Wreath! Love it so much! Along with Cup of Cheer, and that sweet bird from the Anniversary set!

  • 251

    Betsy’s Quilted series is my favorite of this year.

  • 252
    Julie Payne says:

    The Twig Wreath set just makes me feel happy. I love wreaths!

  • 253
    Keysha Sain says:

    There were so many sets that I loved from 2015! But the one that gets the most use is Craft Brew…. it’s one of the few masculine stamps sets I have so it’s a go-to set for the cards I make for make friend and coworkers.

  • 254
    Jennifer T says:

    Absolutely love Bakers Dozen and Brushed Blooms! Two of my favorite sets from this year.

  • 255
    Marybeth says:

    I love Bakers Dozen ! I have the set and so wanted to make a card,time is not my friend these days:) Happy Anniversary Papertrey Ink!!!!

  • 256
    Rebekah says:

    I am a loyal Betsy fan & love everything she designs & creates. So it’s no surprise that Brushed Blooms is my pick for 2015!

  • 257
    Tammy W says:

    2015 Birthday Tags is such a classic!!

  • 258
    Emily M. says:

    2015 had some absolutely fantastic sets released throughout the year. Baker’s Dozen is definitely amongst my all time favorite sets, but Brushed Blooms is certainly another all time favorite. (And I am so excited that my card was used for the flashback! Thanks so much for making my day… week… month…!) Make It Market Wee Folk is also among my all-time favorites. That set is just perfect.

  • 259
    Becky M says:

    Brushed Blooms is definitely one of my favorites from 2015! Love how the flowers can be either a background or a focal point.

  • 260
    BarbaraB says:

    I loved the Enclosed Tags stamp and die series. The make adorable tags for all year round.

  • 261
    super stick chick says:

    My favorite set is the Brushed Blooms, so beautiful and so much creativity with this set. Love the DT examples too.

  • 262
    Rema DeLeeuw says:

    My favorite set was Twig Wreath.

  • 263
    Janet W says:

    My favorite is the Brushed Blooms set. Always makes a strikingly beautiful focal point and is such an easy set to stamp.

  • 264
    josiane says:

    I have Brushed Blooms and Baker’s Dozen from today’s post. My other 2015 favorite stamp sets include: Blue Skies, Bitty Bouquets, Retro Style Graduation & Birthday Sentiments, Graceful Greetings, Garden Gild kit. But my favorite 2015 stamp set has to be Guiding Lights, which is simply gorgeous.

    Happy 10th Anniversary! I have really enjoyed these posts revisiting stamps from each year.

  • 265
    Anne says:

    I wish we could have picked our top 10 or even top 20 from this year. But if it has to be one Brushed Blooms. It is so simple yet so versatile and looks so different depending on the ink used. Just love it.

  • 266

    Twig wreath is just fantastic! So versatile and beautiful.

  • 267
    Elizabeth Marie says:

    Twig Wreath is a great set. I also love Lexi’s suprising twist….using the Zappy Birthday masks in a Mardi Gras card. So clever!

  • 268
    beatrice W. says:

    brushed blooms is my favorite stamp set. love it

  • 269
    Karen B. says:

    I think Swoosh – and the dies that coordinated – were my favorites from 2015 – so versatile!

  • 270
    CathyL says:

    Love the Twig Wreath set!

  • 271
    Gerdine says:

    Thanks for showcasing my twig wreath card. Still in love woth that set!

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