Sneak Peek Day 4

By December 8, 2016General


We are extra excited to bring you a new and unique way to send interactive cards to all the little ones in your life. Do you remember the old fashioned jumping jack toys that used to be popular? You could pull on a string and a paper animals legs and arms would move up and down in an exaggerated motion. Now this element is being brought back to life in a classic yet modern way, making them so easy to make, kids can help make them for their friends! Can be used for Valentine's Day and beyond. We are so excited to show you all of this in action!



Betsy Veldman does it again with her Dress Up Dolls addition. This new "Puppy Love" set not only provides some fun elements for Valentine themed projects, it also gives you some great outfit options that can be used for everyday looks. Totally a must have addition to your Dress Up Dolls Collection.


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