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You've let us know loud and clear that you're in love with our Moments Inked Planner system!  We are pleased to bring you the 2017 edition with a few exciting additions!


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Now onto all of our big news!

We are excited to introduce a brand new addition to the Moments Inked line-up. Welcome to a whole new way to tackle meal planning in a compact and easy way!

These new Meal Planning Pages were designed based on the system I have been using for years in my own life. I would always take a piece of notebook paper and fold it lengthwise down the center, use one half to write down the meals for each day of the week plus recipe location, then the other half for the grocery list. When I was done, I would rip it in half along the fold and put the meal planning side in my planner as a reference for the week, and the grocery list in my purse to bring along to the store. I always wrote extra errands and such on the back of the grocery list side so I wouldn't forget them.

Now I have designed a pre-printed version of my method that is not only super functional, but pretty to look at too! Making it a joy to use!


You can choose to purchase the new Meal Planner pages in two different formats so you can select exactly what will fit your needs and your lifestyle.

Both options are identical in content. They each include 55 pages to cover all the weeks of the year plus a few to spare. Featuring a unique perforated grocery list that tears off so you can tuck it into your purse. Printed on our high quality white linen paper, showcasing full color printing.

Spiral Meal Planner

The Details (Spiral Bound Meal Planner):

  • The Moments Inked Meal Spiral Planner will be available for purchase tonight (November 1st) at 10pm ET.
  • It will retail for $30.
  • The planner  contains a total of 55 double-sided, full-color pages, featuring a folded and perforated grocery list extension to each page.
  • Measures about 5" wide x 7" tall, with the grocery list extension measuring an additional 4" wide.
  • The coil is large and roomy for adding extra pages with the coordinating die system.  It measures about 1" in diameter and is made from strong silver metal wire.
  • The meal planner does not come with a front cover, they are sold separately.  There are several interchangeable, sturdy, laminated cover styles to choose from on the front page of our store, retailing for $6 each.  
  • The back cover is made from super thick black chipboard, measuring a full 1/16" thick.

Binder Meal Planner

If you would prefer to keep a separate binder, or incorporate these pages into your existing planner between your weekly pages, there is an option for you too.

The Details (Binder Meal Planner Pages):

  • The Moments Inked Binder Meal Planning Pages will be available for purchase tonight (November 1st) at 10pm ET.
  • It will retail for $25.
  • The page collection contains a total of 55 double-sided, full-color pages, featuring a folded and perforated grocery list extension to each page.
  • It measures about 5" wide x 7" tall, with the grocery list extension measuring an additional 4" wide.
  • These pages are punched for use with the Moments Inked 6-ring binder (sold separately on the front page of the store).

As I mentioned earlier, both versions have the same exact features, the only difference is spiral bound or loose leaf. Let me show you some of the amazing details that these Meal Planner Pages include!

Meal planner

I am excited to use these because everything is already laid out to make your week run smoothly in regards to meal planning.


The pages incorporate the same bright and fun color scheme as the original planner. I have chosen to stick with this scheme for the last three years because it just makes me smile every time I open to a page using it.


The top of the page has two date boxes so you can fill in the week that the meal planning is for. There is just something satisfying about filling in little boxes like this too!

Recipe location

There three lines for each day of the week. You can use them however you wish. They could be used for the three main meals of the day, for entree/side/dessert, or anything else you dream up. With having the lines blank, you can adapt them to whatever fits your needs. The end of the daily section is partitioned off to allow you to make notes about recipe location. This is something I have always done since I have so many cookbooks in my collection. It helps to keep things efficient and organized.


There are three checkboxes for each daily section to serve as reminders if you need to do anything in advance for that day's meals. Whether it be setting out your meat to defrost in the morning, do some advance prep or chopping, or remembering to start up the slow cooker in the morning. Reminders when you are planning are always a good thing!

Grocery list fold

One of the great things about these meal planning pages is that they are almost two pages in one, with the grocery list attached and ready to prep for your weekly shopping trip.

Full spread

I just love the idea of sitting down each week and having the opportunity to use such an organized space for meal planning.

 Grocery list attached

The grocery list is broken down into the major sections of the grocery store so you can even be efficient while you are shopping!

Grocery list tear

Because of the perforation, you can just tear the list portion off and be on your way, while maintaining the actual meal planning page in your chosen filing/display method.

Full back page spread

Here's a peek at the back side of page. Instead of leaving this blank, you have lots of lined space to fill with meal planning notes, calorie counts, actual recipes or anything else you need.

Full page back

The back of the grocery list has space for errands and additional shopping you may need to do outside of the grocery store.

Grocery list back

Now that I have filled you in on the details of the new Meal Planner system, let's move onto the actual 2017 Planner! Just like last year, you have two options for your planner format. You can select the version that best suits your lifestyle.

To review briefly, our binders are beautifully made from easy wipe-clean faux leather.  All of the metal details including the reinforced corners, snap and interior binder rings are made from a soft gold for ultimate style.  Elegant top stitching provides a wonderful finishing detail.  They are a nice compact size, with a footprint of 7-1/2" tall and 7" wide and a thickness of 1-1/2".

The binders are available in four classic colors, allowing the colorful pages within take center stage.


Ebony will always be a classic.  This elegant deep black has an air of sophistication and a timeless appeal.

Ebony close up

All of the binders are elegantly debossed in the lower right front corner with the Moments Inked logo.

Stone gray

The Stone Gray option is another fabulous neutral, which many people claim is the new black!  This lighter tone is a bit more understated yet maintains that classic look.

Stone gray close up

You are going to love these reinforced metal corners.  This little detail not only looks great, but it helps protect your binder from wear and tear so you will get a long life from your investment.


There is just something about the crisp, clean look of the White option.  

White close up

The topstitching detail really shines with this particular color.

Natural tan

And for those of you who prefer a more earthy look, we have a gorgeous Natural Tan.

Natural tan close up

All of the gold details pair particularly well with this option.

Anatomy of planner

This binder may be compact, but it includes a sturdy 6-ring binder, interior pocket, pen loop and even a slit in the back for a notepad.  And the snap closure helps to keep it all together.

Metal corners

The snap closure has a debossed detail where it meets the main body of the binder to help prevent cracking over time.

Tabs side

The actual snap is gold to coordinate with the other elements of the binderFront pocket

All of the binders are available for sale in the store NOW!

Now I want to go into a few things about the actual planner pages.  Both the spiral bound and binder options have the same format as last year.

5" x 7" Size- Our planner pages measure a nice petite 5" x 7", with the overall 2017 planner measuring about 3/4" thick. This size is something we will stick with, so you can continue to use coordinating products for years.  

70lb. Crisp White Linen Paper- We only selected the BEST materials for our planner, using the same linen paper utilized in last year's version.  It is a crisp white, which entices you to write upon its pages!    The 2017 planner contains a whole year of double-sided, full-color pages and 14 mylar laminated tabbed section dividers.  

The following info reviews the features of our planners that you have grown to love!

All 14 tabs in this planner are visible at once rather in several layers, making it even easier for you to flip quickly to the section of your choice. We keep the rainbow of colors that you love!  And they are still laminated for ultimate durability

Specialty sections- The planners still include your favorite extras!

There is a section for you to fill-in important dates to remember.  This could include birthdays, anniversaries, etc…  These pages can be used as an easy reference throughout the year, adapted to what your needs are!  If using the binder version, you only need to do this once and then can carry the pages over from year to year!
This resolutions page, found in the front section of the planner, helps you to make this your best year yet.  With resolutions in a variety of areas like this written down in one spot that you will see often, you are bound to succeed!
Make a plan spread
We have also added a fun splash of color next to the resolutions page that we think you all will LOVE.
Make a plan
It may not  serve a function, but it sure is pretty to look at every time you open your planner!
Compare lists
We have also added this new page. Just to help gain a little perspective and help you budget your precious time wisely!
Each of the quotes I selected are meaningful to me and I hope they inspire you as much as they have me!
Quote 2
The monthly quote dividers are especially gorgeous this year. I think it is safe to say that we all love polka dots!
In the back section of the planner we kept a few pages for you to add important contacts that you may want easy access to.

Monthly spead

Each month features a monthly spread in its designated color scheme.  This features the whole month at a glance for easy reference.  This is exactly the same as last year's version since so many of you communicated how much you loved it.

Monthly page

The box sizes remained the same as well so you can continue to use all of the existing coordinating products. Holidays are labeled appropriately throughout as an extra touch.  The monthly boxes measure 1" wide and 7/8" tall, giving you enough space to jot down a few important events or appointments.  Again, all of these pages are in full-color, which makes it such a pleasure to use! The right hand column can be used for writing down tasks or things to remember.  A mini calendar for the following month is at the top of this column.

Monthly notes

Monthly notes pages- Each monthly section continues to includes a few blank notes pages.  These can be customized for whatever you are needing extra space for!

Weekly spread

Each month has the appropriate number of weekly spreads, giving you plenty of space to detail your busy life and break everything down into bite size pieces. The weekly columns measure 1" wide.  There are blank columns under each day for notes as well as two large areas on the left.


2017 Binder

The Details (Binder Edition):

  • The Moments Inked 2017 Memory Planner, Binder Edition will be available for purchase on November 1st.
  • It will retail for $30.
  • The planner contains a year of double-sided, full-color pages and 14 mylar laminated tabbed section dividers.
  • The Moments Inked 2017 Planner, Binder Edition measures about 5" wide x 7" tall and 3/4" thick.  
  • These pages are punched for use with the Moments Inked 6-ring binder (sold separately).

2017 Spiral

The Details (Spiral Bound Edition):

  • The Moments Inked 2017 Memory Planner, Spiral Bound Edition will be available for purchase on November 1st.
  • It will retail for $35.
  • The planner contains a year of double-sided, full-color pages and 14 mylar laminated tabbed section dividers.
  • The Moments Inked 2017 Planner, Spiral Bound Edition measures about 5" wide x 7" tall and 3/4" thick.  
  • The coil is large and roomy for adding extra pages with the coordinating die system.  It measures about 1" in diameter and is made from strong silver metal wire.
  • The planner does not come with a front cover, they are sold separately.  We have several styles to choose from in the store, with additional selection being released over the next few months.
  • The back cover is made from super thick black chipboard, measuring a full 1/16" thick.

This month we are introducing the basics to help get you started on your 2017 journey, with much more to be introduced in the coming months!  We didn't want to overwhelm you with too many new planner introductions this month.  However, we did have a little something up our sleeves that we just had to go ahead and make available now!

We are pleased to be carrying new Skinny Washi Tape Assortments from Doodlebug Designs! 


Each assortment features a single pattern in TWELVE different colors. Many of which complement the colors used in the Moments Inked Planner system. The petite 1/4" width is the perfect thing to use on the weekly and monthly layouts. Each roll has a whopping 12 yards, so these will be sure to last you for many months to come.

We will initially be offering three pattern choices as follows…

Chevron display

Chevron Skinny Washi

  • Chevron pattern in 12 different colors
  • Each roll contains 12 yards
  • Measuring just slightly over 1/4" wide.
  • The collection retails for $20


Gingham Skinny Washi

  • Gingham pattern in 12 different colors
  • Each roll contains 12 yards
  • Measuring just slightly over 1/4" wide.
  • The collection retails for $20


Scalloped Skinny Washi

  • Scalloped pattern in 12 different colors
  • Each roll contains 12 yards
  • Measuring just slightly over 1/4" wide.
  • The collection retails for $20
Hooray for skinny washi!!!
That wraps things up for our Moments Inked 2017 introductory post!  To celebrate this amazing new product line  we will be showcasing Moments Inked Team reviews and box opening videos soon and through to the first of the year!  So stay tuned here on the blog, Facebook or Instagram to see what's in store!  In the meantime, how about a contest?
Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the new Meal Planning system as well as the 2017 additions to the actual planner itself, and you will have a chance at winning a $75 gift certificate! That should cover a 2017 edition of the planner along with the coordinating Meal Planner that interests you! Let us know how much you have enjoyed your Moments Inked system from the last few years if you are a returning customer, and please note if you have any special planner tips or tricks to share with the rest of us! You have until 7am, Monday, November 7th to leave a comment for a chance to win. The winner will be announced here at the bottom of this post no later than noon the same day.
Happy planning!
Congratulations, Cynthia Daugherty! Please email customer service with your full name and provide them with the email address you would like your gift certificate sent to. Thank you to everyone for sharing your enthusiasm for this year's planner additions!
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  • 84
    Kym says:

    This is my third year with the PTI planner and second with the binder. Because I like my next year’s planner in September, I have been looking around at other planners to see if I wanted to switch. I couldn’t find anything that met my needs the way this does and the menu planner – well that just puts it over the top. My early New Year’s resolution is to be better with meal planning and this will ensure my success. Thank you PTI team!!!

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    Ooh and I can see using the washi tape on all sorts of things!

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    I see were your planner style will work so I have room to write details about appointments (things I may need to do, or take with). Plus being colorful and customizable.

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