Introducing Quick Stitch Kit: Beaded Holiday by Erin Lincoln

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We are thrilled to continue the momentum of an exciting Stamp-a-faire weekend and present Erin Lincoln's third Quick Stitch Kit!  Just in time for you to get started on holiday stitching projects!


The third Quick Stitch Kit will be released on September 1st and it is entitled "Beaded Holiday".  This kit reminds us of days gone by.  When women spent quiet evenings by the fire, doing handwork.  A time when handmade was best.  The basic holiday stitching shapes in Beaded Holiday can be used for so many different types of projects, everything from keepsake gift tags, to tree ornaments, to holiday garland.  Think gift card holders, holiday party favors and more!  Erin even has you covered when it comes to decorating your holiday stitching projects.  The clever beaded motif dies pre-cut all of your holes so the beading process is a snap and perfectly precise.  Get your kit tomorrow night so you can get a head start on holiday projects!


The "Beaded Holiday" Kit contains:

  • Custom tote bag
  • Beaded Holiday: Mitten die collection
  • Beaded Holiday: Stocking die collection
  • Beaded Holiday: Star die
  • Beaded Holiday: Motifs die collection
  • Beaded Holiday: Garland die collection
  • Bead storage box, 3" x 5" (ten compartments)
  • 6mm Bugle Beads, Silver
  • 6mm Bugle Beads, White
  • 3mm Seed Beads, Red
  • 3mm Seed Beads, Chartreuse
  • 3mm Seed Beads, Teal
  • 3mm Seed Beads, Silver
  • 8mm Cupped Sequins, Red
  • 8mm Cupped Sequins, Chartreuse
  • 8mm Cupped Sequins, Teal
  • 8mm Cupped Sequins, Silver

Here are some additional details about each of the fabulous products individually!


This stitched stocking die set is perfectly executed down to every detail.  By stitching two layers together, the stocking can be completely functional.  It can hold small favors and gifts, gift cards or cash, sweet treats or even serve as napkin holders at your holiday meal.  Create a whole collection of them for an advent calendar or surprise co-workers or teachers with personalized versions for their desks.  Here are a few measurements for your reference:

  • Assembled stocking, 4" wide and 5" long
  • Top opening after stitching, 2-1/8" wide
  • Area that can be filled (not including toe), 2-1/8" x 3-1/2"
  • Cuff, 2-1/2" x 1-1/4"
  • Loop, 3/4" x 2-3/4"


Erin's clever design includes a separate cuff that can be cut from an alternate color or material.


This loop can be added in between the layers for a convenient, stylish way to hang the stockings.


And of course there is a separate heel & toe detail as well.  The little accents are what bring these projects to whole new level and Erin makes it easy to add them on, taking any guesswork out of the process!


This sweet mitten and all of its components are included in the kit as well.  It can be used for many of the same things I listed above for the stocking!  I'm thinking a little packet of hot cocoa, marshmallows and a candy cane would be a nice touch too!  Here are some additional measurements for you:

  • Assembled mitten, 3-3/4" wide and 5-1/4" long
  • Top opening after stitching, 2-1/4" wide
  • Area that can be filled (not including thumb), 2-1/4" x 4-1/2"
  • Cuff, 2-3/4" x 7/8"
  • Loop, 3/4" x 3"


When compared to the stocking, the mitten has a bit more room for embellishing the front.


It has a separate cuff as well, which gives you tons of different design options!

Here is a video that Erin put together that shows you how easy it is to work with both the mitten and stocking die collections!  She includes a few beading tips too!



This large stitched star is just a wonderful basic.  There is so much that can be done with it!  From ornaments for the tree to keepsake gift tags, the sky is the limit with this!  The star measures 4-5/8" x 4-5/8".


You can use them in singular form, or group several together like Erin did here!


The Garland dies below make it easy to link multiple stars (or any of the shapes for that matter!) together in a clean, professional way.


One of the most innovative aspects of this kit are the Motifs dies.  To some, hand-beading a design onto a felt creation can be intimidating, but these dies take all the guesswork and placement out of the process.  Just place the die on your felt shape, run through your machine and your are ready to go!  The thorough pdf instructional download that you get with the kit has more specifics on the process as well.  Here are some measurements for your reference:

  • Tree motif, 1-3/4" wide x 2-3/8" tall
  • Snowflake motif, 2"
  • Border, 1-3/4" x 1-1/8"


Since you will be most likely stitching two layers of your shape together, all of the extra stitching from the beading process will be hidden inside.   These projects end up coming together flawlessly!


The Garland die collection included in the kit is beyond clever as well.  You can cut these sections to build a garland of any length. Some measurements for you:

  • Loop, 6-1/2" x 1-3/4"
  • Long garland strip, 4-3/8" x 5/8"
  • medium garland strip, 3-1/2" x 5/8"
  • small garland strip, 2" x 5/8"
  • Holes only, 1/2" x 3/8"


Your creations will look like they are straight out of the pages of Garnet Hill or Pottery Barn!  Only you get to control the colors, length and special customization!  It's a crafter's dream!

Garland progress

You can also create "chain" style garlands without any additional shapes, just like you see in many boutiques as holiday decor!

Garland back

Because there is a small rectangular stitching hole only die, you can add the stitching holes to any shape!

Here is a video that Erin put together on how to use the Garland dies three ways!


What an amazing set of dies, right?  They can just do so much!

Bead & Sequin Assrt

*please note this photograph is not representative of the quantity of beads/sequins included, just the color/style assortment

There is a beautiful selection of high quality beads and sequins in holiday colors included so you will have nearly everything you need to dig right in once your package arrives!  The colors and styles are perfect for these projects, you will have a hard time knowing which ones to use first!


The sequins are slightly cupped and measure 8mm in size.  Because they are slightly cupped, they work nicely when nesting a seed bead on top.  You will receive sequins in Red, Chartreuse, Teal and Silver.

Seed beads

The seed beads are just as beautiful as the sequins.  They are 3mm, or 8/0 size.  You will be getting a selection in Red, Chartreuse, Teal and Silver as well!

Bugle beads

The bugle beads measure about 6mm and they are the perfect length to string between many of the holes in the Motifs dies.  You will be receiving these in silver and white.

Bead box

If you have ever worked with beads before, you know that it makes things much easier to work from a bead box rather than small bags.  Erin insisted on the best for all of our customers and selected a small ten compartment bead box to be included in the kit.  It arrives with all ten compartments filled with the various beads and sequins mentioned above!  Not to mention, they all look gorgeous int here together as well!  The box measures 3" x 5" and has a special snap closure so that when it's shut, your contents won't spill out.

Everything from the kit is packaged up in a custom, limited edition tote bag measuring about 15" x 15".  The saying on the front makes it the perfect thing to carry your projects in progress along with all of your necessary supplies.  Nothing makes waiting in the doctors office go by faster than a take-along craft project!  Not only is it practical, but it looks fantastic too!

Now that we have gone over all of the wonderful things included in the "Beaded Holiday" Kit, let's get to all of the details…


  • The "Beaded Holiday" Kit will be available for sale on September 1st at 10pm ET at Papertrey Ink.
  • We have a limited quantity of kits available.  
  • If a kit sells out of its original inventory within the first 24 hours, we will make additional kits available as pre-order items for a publicized length of time.  Customers should know that pre-ordered kits could potentially have small product substitutions of equal value.  Also, shipping times for the pre-ordered kits can vary greatly depending on the number of pre-orders received and how much inventory vendors have on hand. It can range anywhere from 4-10 weeks.  You will be notified via email when your pre-ordered kit has shipped.

The majority of the items are exclusive to the kit and will not be available for sale separately.  Below each of the individual items are provided again in two lists, noting which will be exclusive to the kit and which item will be available separately at a later date.

The price breakdown of each item is also included to help you see the value in these amazing kit.


The following items are exclusive to this limited edition kit and will not be available again after the limited quantity of kits is sold out.

  • Custom tote bag ($7)
  • Beaded Holiday: Mitten die collection ($20)
  • Beaded Holiday: Stocking die collection ($22)
  • Beaded Holiday: Star die ($14)
  • Beaded Holiday: Motifs die collection ($9)
  • Bead storage box, ten compartments ($3)
  • 6mm Bugle Beads, Silver ($1.50)
  • 6mm Bugle Beads, White ($1.50)
  • 3mm Seed Beads, Red ($1.50)
  • 3mm Seed Beads, Chartreuse ($1.50)
  • 3mm Seed Beads, Teal ($1.50)
  • 3mm Seed Beads, Silver ($1.50)
  • 8mm Cupped Sequins, Red ($1.50)
  • 8mm Cupped Sequins, Chartreuse ($1.50)
  • 8mm Cupped Sequins, Teal ($1.50)
  • 8mm Cupped Sequins, Silver ($1.50)


The following item is included in the kit, but will also be available for sale separately after initial quantities of the kit sell out and any pre-orders have been shipped

  • Beaded Holiday: Garland die collection ($15)

The total retail cost of the kit is $105.

PLEASE NOTE: This kit does not include felt.  Papertrey Ink carries an entire line of custom felt colors in 100% wool that can be found HERE.  Select your own custom combinations to be used with this fabulous kit!  You can read all about our felt and its attributes HERE.

>>>The price of the kit qualifies for FREE shipping in the U.S. Standard international shipping rates and discounts are applicable.  You can contact customer service with any specific questions.

>>>You will earn Customer Rewards Points for this purchase, just like you do with all of your other purchases with us.  You can learn more about our Customer Rewards program HERE.  

>>>Other items can be added to your order in addition to the kit.  

>>>If you have any other questions, please contact customer service.

Now that we have gone over many of the details of the "Beaded Holiday" Kit, let me share a few projects with you that that the team has created!



Erin says,"You might not even be feeling the crispness of fall yet in your little corner of the world, but that doesn't mean it isn't time to start working on projects for the holidays. You are going to love the easy and cozy projects that can be made with the tools in my first holiday-themed Quick Stitch Kit. With a little felt, some sequins, and some beads, you can get in the holiday spirit now by making simple and stunning projects for yourself, friends, and family. It's a homemade holiday wrapped up with a big sparkly bow. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. " 

CLICK HERE to see more from Erin Lincoln.


Hilary 1

Hilary says, "It's no secret, I love Christmas!  To me, it's never too early to begin crafting for the most joyous time of the year, and with this new Beaded Holiday Kit, you can create everything you need for that most festive time of year.  Erin has done it again with dies to help you create sweet little stockings, mittens, garlands, ornaments and much, much more, and with the addition of sequin and beads, there's no shortage on bling.  So bring on the carols, cooler temps and some hot chocolate and get ready to create the most fun and festive Holiday goodies this year!"

CLICK HERE to see more from Hilary Kanwischer.



Lizzie says, "Erin's new Quick Stitch: Beaded Holiday kit is truly a joy to use! With this kit, I've created home decor, gift packaging, even a little festive style for Yuletide entertaining. And Erin has made it so easy to add sparkle to the seasonal shapes, that these beautiful projects come together in no time at all. So I hope you'll cue up some holiday tunes, get in the spirit, and head over to my blog to see all of the fantastic details!"

CLICK HERE to see more from Lizzie Jones.



Rebecca says, "One thing I love to do with my Quick Stitch kits is come up with different ways to use the contents and the Beaded Holiday Kit was no different.  The garland dies, in particular, potentially have a plethora of uses.  How about stitching the loops to ornaments or gift card holders to hang on the tree?  I even made little decorative bows with them–because you can never have too many bows at holiday time!”

CLICK HERE to see more from Rebecca Luminairas.



Tracy says, "Working with this Quick Stitch kit definitely got me into the holiday spirit! I love the clever way all the pieces of the garland work together to make a one of a kind piece. All the included "bling" adds the perfect touch and coordinates so well with Papertrey's beautiful felt colors. I can't wait to have pieces from this kit all over my house this holiday season. And they are going to make great gifts as well!"

CLICK HERE to see more from Tracy Miller.

Aren't all of these projects just stunning!  We hope you are as excited about this kit as we are!  You should definitely treat yourself and order your very own "Beaded Holiday" Kit tomorrow night!  Be sure to stop by the store at 10pm ET on September 1st to place your order and reserve your kit before they are gone!  


Leave a comment letting us know what you think of this latest kit before 9:30pm ET, September 1st and we will randomly select one winner to receive a gift certificate in the amount of $105, equal to the value of the kit!  Winner to be announced on this post shortly before 10pm ET September 1st, right before the kits go up for sale!



Congratulations, Malina!  Please send a note customer service and provide them with your full name and email address you would like your gift certificate sent to!  Thanks to everyone for joining us and happy stitching!

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