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  • 1
    Sallie says:

    I jokingly told my then boyfriend, who would become my husband that I would accept nothing less than three carats. The night he proposed he gave me a bunch of REAL carrots…and said, “Now, you have your three carats plus”.

  • 2
    Pam says:

    My sister’s boyfriend dressed up as Santa one year and her son pulled his beard off. It was hysterical. Love this release!

  • 3

    The first time my daughter was able to successfully scare her father after many tries at jumping out from corners yelling BOO. Priceless.

  • 4
    Carolyn Picken says:

    We went away for afew days and my husband forgot his underwear…he wore mine!

  • 5
    Victoria h says:

    Dad dancing…at least he tries!

  • 6
    Karen says:

    My husband and I went to a summer concert and the humidity was real high that day . We took a picture and my hair looked like I had a helmet on my head and his shirt was too tight. That was the funniest picture we ever took. We still laugh at it today.

  • 7
    laura mm says:

    My grandpa was very fond of teasing his granddaughters-lots of fun memories of pranks & jokes! πŸ˜‰

  • 8
    Angie V says:

    Ice skating with my husband. He CANNOT skate! It was pretty funny!

  • 9
    Jan Pufall says:

    My favorite memories are going to weddings of relatives and seeing my husband dance with the brides. I have wonderful pictures, because they show the true love he had for each of them.

  • 10
    Nancy M says:

    The slide show of my dad, brother, uncle and cousin’s hike along the Appalachian Trail. The stories they told were priceless, but the funniest part was seeing their before and after photos. They planned to head to the Hilton on their next trip.

  • 11
    Melissa Ladd says:

    Hmmm, my husband and I have had a lot of funny times together…hard to choose just one!

  • 12
    Glenda Lee Nutting says:

    When my husband and I were first dating, we took a walk on the beach one day. We were talking about all kinds of things, strolling along dodging children with buckets of sand and tanners on blankets. I was watching him rather than my feet, stepped in a hole, and went down in the sand. He was a few paces ahead before he realized I was gone. The only thing injured was my dignity, but the look on his face as he realized I had disappeared was so funny.

  • 13
    Beth says:

    So many memories with my brothers but one of the best was the trip we took to New England in 2008. Two weeks of perfect, gorgeous Indian summer as we traveled through New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachussets, hiking and viewing the beautiful autumn foliage.

  • 14
    Miriam Prantner says:

    Probably when I managed to trick my brother (through a little subterfuge) into telling me that he had a girlfriend. He was not happy about it, but it was hilarious.

  • 15
    sarah.boirin says:

    Me and my husband were on our honeymoon in Hong Kong and staying in a posh hotel. We were having afternoon tea (as you do!) and my husband managed to hit his knife and it went straight up his shirt sleeve! We were in hysterics – I had tears on my checks from laughing so much and all the other guests were looking at us as if we were mad! There’s no way you could get your knife up your sleeve if you tried – such a great memory!!

  • 16
    Kelly says:

    My dad loved singing along to music in the car. He would play the same song over and over (such as Don’t worry Be Happy) it drove my brother and I nuts. Than a couple of years ago he was driving my kids somewhere and when they got home they informed me grandpa got a speeding ticket because he was singing and didn’t notice the speed limit!

  • 17
    Sandy Kay says:

    My uncle used to dress up really funny and tell hilarious “dumb” jokes at our family reunions! He had us cracking up! Kind of reminiscent of “Hee Haw”

  • 18
    Avonlea says:

    Once when I went camping with my brother and father, I was making spaghetti. I used to put a splash of oil in the water to help prevent the pasta from sticking. This one time, I accidently added a splash of dish soap instead of oil! Back to the drawing board! lol

    Great release! Thanks for all the ideas!

  • 19
    Rosa C says:

    Con mi cuΓ±ado pasΓ‘bamos muy buenos tiempos siempre que los visitΓ‘bamos, era muy ocurrente y hacia reΓ­r por cualquier situaciΓ³n.

  • 20
    Amy R says:

    My husband once ate a few too many hot wings and was desperate for anything to drink to cool down. He ended up grabbing handfuls of ice from the cooler bucket on our table. So funny and kind of gross, but we still laugh about it.

  • 21
    Karen says:

    When I was learning how to drive, my brother was along for one of the rides. When we reached the edge of town, he asked to be let out of the car. When we got home, he was lying on the floor with a lily on his chest! I was furious at the time, but it makes me laugh now every time I think of it! (The driving that day WAS pretty bad!)

  • 22
    cindy says:

    I won’t go into details, but it involved our 9 month old, a dirty diaper, and a fancy restaurant. OMG!

  • 23
    Debra says:

    The funniest memory was when my husband and I were dating, I was trying to make Oreo truffles. Things were not turning out so well, and he came to help me out. My food processor broke and he said he would mix them. He went to the garage came back in with a drill and away he went. It was so funny. Then a food fight started. I married the sweetest and funniest guy ever. So, blessed to have him.

  • 24
    Jamie says:

    I love taking photos wherever I go. My boyfriend is the biggest goofball and likes to pose and make silly faces in photos. He always makes me smile.

  • 25
    Pat H says:

    I would love to be able to hear one of my dad’s funny expressions again….like while waiting for a distracted driver to realize the light had turned green, he would say, “that’s the only shade of green they’ve got”. He’s been gone four years now.

  • 26

    I painstakingly chose Christmas gifts for a boyfriend I had in college…a Steelers jersey for his favorite team, and a soundtrack from his favorite movie. When I opened my gift, it was a “You Got the Right One, Baby” T-shirt…remember that Ray Charles Pepsi commercial in the late 80’s, early 90’s?!!! Needless to say, I did not have the right one…baby! He lives nearby and whenever I see him, I laugh on the inside ;)!

  • 27
    Isabel Z says:

    When we were first married, my husband and I took a vacation to a beach in South Carolina. He enjoys golfing but I have never been interested, however, one day he suggested I go with him. This course required you to rent a golf cart so my husband said I could drive it. Around the first bend, I almost drove the cart into the pond and if hadn’t grabbed the wheel, I probably would have! We laughed so hard.

  • 28
    Polly says:

    Growing up we would hold hands when saying grace. One time my brother put his hand on a hot baked potato before taking my sister’s hand….she was quite surprised when she took his hand and it was really hot!

  • 29
    Grace says:

    My husband and I were walking to the shops discussing our favourite tv shows. It went from favourite lines, to moments, to acting it out. I was gripped by the sudden urge to imitate a zombie and asked him to look out for people walking past. So my zombie imitation is under way and then I realise there is a kid behind a tree staring googly eyed at this strange lady. I turn to my husband with an accusatory look for the lack of warning, and all he said was “trick”. We both cracked up like loons.

  • 30
    Kathie B says:

    My dad was napping on the living room sofa and my brother put a bag of “self-starting fertilizer” on his side and took a picture. That picture remains one of my favorite to this day and always brings a smile to my face!

  • 31
    Julieann says:

    Mine was when my husband was cutting grass and he was on the hill trying to lean to not roll the riding lawn mower over and he fell off and the lawn mower kept going and drove itself in the wild life preserve behind our house. He was covered in mud and we both laughed so hard it hurt. He is the best.

  • 32
    Rebecca B. from FL says:

    My dad is so good at making me laugh. One day in high school I was having a particularly grumpy moody teen girl kind of day. I had been complaining about wanting to get my own phone line to my room and I had come home to see a string with 2 cans tied on each end thumb-tacked to my wall. I got that my dad was trying to make a “phone” for me but I didn’t know what the 2nd can was for. He said “That’s for call waiting.” I died laughing! Still do. What a great guy. And it is his birthday today!

  • 33
    LindaM says:

    My husband and I have moments where we finds something so funny it brings us both to tears. We laugh so hard we can hardly speak. It’s usually something really stupid and dumb, but we just lose it. It’s one of those that only we find funny and others think we are crazy!

  • 34
    Amy McCue says:

    When I was little, my grandfather would take us to this riverbank in Michigan. There was a steep drop with a very sandy bank and the river way below. We would run and jump off the bank and down the hill to land in the sand below. It was a blast!

  • 35
    Erin Bigler says:

    Any memory with my son involved!:-)

  • 36
    Kelly in Canada says:

    My grandfather was a quiet, serious British man whom I did not get to see often because of the distance between us. Not exactly the joking around type. But one time when I was young and we were visiting, he passed gas. In response, he started to tell an Andrew Dice Clay joke at which point my grandmother threw a tea towel at him to make him stop. It wasn’t until I was much older and heard the joke in its entirety, that I understood the hilarity of that moment.

  • 37
    Michelle O. says:

    Around the holidays each year, my parents usually recall a story about one of their first Christmases together. They bought a real tree for my grandparents for the first time, and they were having trouble getting it to stand up straight in the tree stand. So, my dad ended up nailing the tree to the wood floor! πŸ™‚

  • 38
    Rita says:

    I have a brother-in-law who is always the life of the party. Our family is fairly modest and shy. He’s is always bringing us out of our shells with his humor and willingness to say and do almost anything. The first summer at the lake, we were enjoying the sunshine on the beach. Barry was in a fishing boat a short ways from the dock and he mooned us while passing by, including my mother! We held our breath as we waited for her reaction. She laughed and waved. We all adore him. He not only brings the funny, shocking moments, but he’s brought lots of love and hugs, too. Can’t help but love him right back.

  • 39
    veronica says:

    My husband let me try to shoot the water pic into his mouth from a foot away. I kept missing his mouth. I was laughing so hard because he didn’t think it was funny. It’s a much longer story, but I think u had to be there. Lol

  • 40
    sarah t. says:

    My husband trying to use a hot glue gun while he and I helped our son with a science project. My son and I were trying so hard not to laugh. He did eventually see the funny side – but it took a while. It’s now a standing joke every time I get the glue gun out.

  • 41
    Terri W says:

    The night before we got married we thought we would get some alone time on the beach. We choose a place that had brambles. Try getting those out of your long hair and explaining to everyone.

  • 42
    Dana W says:

    When I was 8 or so we were visiting my grandpa in Michigan and it was my birthday. My grandpa hid a small flaws cat (in a box) in al hudge box filled will packaging peanuts!!

  • 43
    JudyI says:

    We went on our first camping trip in our new RV and at the first gas stop, our cat wedged herself under the gas pedal and we could not get her out! My husband finally pulled her out, but no more camping trips for kitty and much faster gas-ups now!

  • 44
    Cyndie says:

    I think it would be the time my husband pranked me on April Fool’s Day by wiring the sink sprayer so it would spray at me when I turned the water on. He got me good!

  • 45
    Margaret says:

    My newly married daughter-in-law borrowed some “flour” to make brownies. I was busy at the time and told them where to find it. She baked the brownies and called me to ask what kind of flour was that she borrowed? I asked where did she get it and she said the utility room in a plastic bag. She had used laundry detergent that I buy in bulk and put in a plastic bag.

  • 46
    see mary stamp says:

    A favorite childhood memory is a family trip to Brookfield Zoo. My Dad always loved going to see the sea animals and as we were standing at the walrus pavilion Olga the Walrus swam right up and let loose a stream of water right at my Dad. We roared – Dad – not so much.

  • 47
    Karen Wade says:

    My family was camping and we were eating graham cracker bears when small animals came up to get some. One ran across my brothers lap and he screamed and yelled and said a large animal attacked him. In reality it was a 3 inch chipmunk and that was counting the tail. To this day I still tease him about The “carnivous viscious killer 80 pound chipmunk” that attacked him.

  • 48
    Tammy Mohr says:

    My funniest memory was when my uncle came in from mowing the lawn and sat on the couch next to my aunt. He didn’t have a shirt on and his hands were behind his head as he reclined against the couch. He said something snarky to my aunt and instead of saying a word she just took the gum out of her mouth, stuck it in his armpit hair, pulled his arm down and walked away with a smirk on her face. He looked at me and said, “You would think I would know better by now. But this is a new one. Can you help me with it kiddo.”. But my aunt was already on her way back with peanut butter, baby oil, scissors and a big giant grin.

  • 49
    Christine B. says:

    When I got my driving permit I was so excited and ask my dad if I could drive to my friends house to tell her. Her house was on the corner of the street, so as I turned the corner I forgot to turn the steering wheel straight and I ran right into the curb. My dad starting laughing so hard that he had tears running down his cheeks, me not so much because when I looked up my friend was standing in the yard with her mother and father. I was so embarrassed that I did not want to get out of the car. But dad always had the right words to make me feel better when I did crazy things.

  • 50
    Edie says:

    My favorite is one Christmas when my son gave me a ring hidden as a prize in a box of cracker jacks.

  • 51
    Jennifer K says:

    My husband’s grandfather, God rest his soul, was always a prankster. At our wedding reception, he slipped a rubber mouse under my husband’s napkin. That startled both of us. When we looked up he was staring at us with that mischievous grin of his.

  • 52
    Kristie G. says:

    My husband and I have had a lot of funny times together…hard to choose just one!

  • 53
    Viki says:

    My husband is a jokester, so I have plenty of fun memories. Another great release. Thank you.

  • 54
    Mateja P says:

    Me and my dad used to watch a Slovenian TV show while my mom went on an aerobics class. One time it was so funny we were rolling on the couch, tears streaming down our faces and my mom walked in. Her face was beyond WTF. And we were not even able to explain what was so funny for another hour, because we would just start laughing again πŸ™‚

  • 55
    sano says:

    One Easter my dad thought it would be funny to put a colander on his head while coloring eggs. Well it was a hit and now everyone in the family does it every Easter. Crazy but fun and good memories of our dear dad and grandpa.

  • 56
    Jane Hogue says:

    My funny moment involved a friend when we were students at a Christian College. I worked in the library and my job was to place the magazines on the racks when the new issues came in. My friend kept bugging me about letting him know when the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated came in. (Being a Christian College we never really put that issue on the racks)Ha. But when it came in I took it to my room and made paper doll clothes for all the poor mostly naked ladies and taped them on them. I then placed the issue on the rack and when my friend came in the whole library heard his roar, “Ditmer!” (my maiden last name)

  • 57
    Terri E. says:

    My husband is hilarious and I love any time he is story telling. I know I will always end my time with a smile and sore stomach muscles from laughing so hard!

  • 58
    Terri Bills says:

    As my brother’s 40th birthday party was winding down and everyone was getting ready to leave I said goodbye and Happy Birthday. My brother said Happy Birthday back to me. Kind of a silly mistake but so funny and we never let him forget it. He is 51 now and we still laugh about it.

  • 59
    jan metcalf says:

    My grandfather used to joke that all they had in Wisconsin, where my family had relocated, was cheese and crackers. So every year for the holiday, as a little girl, I gave him just that, cheese and crackers!

  • 60
    Char says:

    When I was 12 we had a barbecue and my brother went and threw everyone in the pool with their clothes ! that was funny wonderful memory!! I hadn’t thought of that moment for a long time so thank you for the question !!

  • 61
    Doreen says:

    When my husband and I saw our first grandchild minutes after he was born! So exciting!

  • 62
    Karen C. says:

    I still crack up laughing when I remember the time that my brother and I were helping my dad and mom move into their new house along a golf course. My brother had a dog that loved any kind of ball. Well, we were all inside unpacking and my brother yells “No, Wilson come back here”. Well a golfer had teed off the green and when the ball landed on the fairway the dog had run out from under their deck and grabbed the ball. My dad and I just sat there laughing away while my brother had to go get the ball back to the golfer.

  • 63
    Carol b says:

    My husband was trying to teach me to fish. To make a long story short, I wound up in the stream, of course all tangled up in my line and he managed to take a photo of me which I laugh about now.
    Carol b (cc)

  • 64
    Ann says:

    My husband is a funny man. It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with him …

  • 65
    Michelle Benoit says:

    On the first day that we brought our firstborn home from the hospital, I awoke at midnight to lights blazing in our bedroom and my husband anxiously hovering over our sleeping son’s bassinet. My husband turned to me and exclaimed, “He rustled his blanket.” I love my man’s tender heart.

  • 66
    Tami B says:

    I have several hilarious memories of my daddy, one having to do with a runaway boat motor, and the other with a very mean rooster. I’m almost chuckling just thinking about the rooster.

  • 67
    Donna Gourley says:

    Probably a former boyfriend (we were in our teens), who took a very long time to get the courage up to kiss me…and then just about took my nose off when he did move in for the kiss (finally). We’re still long distance friends…and it still comes up in conversation periodically.

  • 68
    Jan B says:

    Another month of GREAT New ideas!

  • 69
    Allison T. says:

    I love to laugh with my husband – he always has a corny joke to tell and I always crack up which in turn makes him crack up! So much fun!

  • 70
    Cynthia Myers says:

    My husband and I were on a group outing before we were officially dating. He was trying to show off his comedic skills while standing on the table but he stuck his head in a ceiling fan instead(he’s very tall). Needless to say, the waiter cut him off…

  • 71
    Lercy says:

    Being on a water raft ride in Knott’s Berry Farm with my then seven-year-old nephew. Looked as if we were going to avoid the waterfall when the raft suddenly spun and a huge column of water came crashing down on him. The shocked look on his little face had me laughing uncontrollably…tears streaming down my face and stitches in my sides. Although we were wearing plastic ponchos, we ended up having to buy him all new dry clothes. We had a blast that day!

  • 72
    Margaret C says:

    My husband makes me laugh all the time – thank goodness, cos life has been tough recently!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • 73
    Leanne S says:

    The day my husband had to dress as a female character for a party.

  • 74
    Susi K says:

    My husband is a very funny guy, and enjoys humour, so there have been many enjoyable instances I’ve experienced with him. To pick just one time would be difficult, as so many episodes stand out in our 20+ years together. I can’t wait to see what the next 20 will bring …

  • 75
    Lynne Phelps says:

    My husband was making fun of the dance related events on sports TV as opposed to say, football. He floated down the stairs, gave several ballet leaps, jumped up on the coffee table, did a pseudo pirouette, then floated back upstairs without a word in his silent commentary. I was laughing so hard I fell out of my chair!

  • 76
    Amy Gutknecht says:

    My husband makes me laugh every day. I don’t think I could even remember what he says that is so funny – he makes days so much better by making me laugh.

  • 77
    Heather M says:

    I was the only grandchild on both sides of the family for a long time and only had 1 aunt, so I got royally picked at/on and roughly handled (in a fun way; throwing me in the air, swinging me around, that kind of thing!) by my dad, grandfather, and uncles… Can’t even begin to share all those memories! But a couple come to mind: My uncle Lennie (whom we almost lost a month ago to a surprise massive heart attack! Thank God he was in the right place when it happened, and he goes back to work on Monday!) taught me Joy to the World (the “Jeremiah was a Bullfrog” version! HAHA). My uncles used to also do this thing where they’d hold me close, then say, “Okay! you can go!” then I’d start to walk away, and just when I thought I got clear, they’d grab me back and go, “Iiiiii changed my mind!” LOL I did it with my own nephew recently, and he just laughed and laughed and laughed πŸ™‚

  • 78
    Shelly says:

    My husband and I were painting our bedroom. I slipped and spilled paint on the carpet. I started laughing and he joined in. The stains are still there in the carpeting and I smile every time I look at them!

  • 79
    Penelope Tucker says:

    I remember laughing so hard for an entire week when I traveled the English countryside with my friend Stuart. Such an amazing friend who knows the value of just being silly.

  • 80
    Linda F says:

    My dad when I was learning to drive used to have a stubbie (beer) clamped between his knees while he taught me to drive and I have to admit he was the best, calmest teacher ever and I past my test easily.

  • 81
    Melissa friedrich says:

    On our honeymoon my hubby forgot sandals, on a cruise. And he had to wear his “good” shoes WITH socks u TIL we could find a pair of sandals or flip flops in a port!

  • 82
    Natalie Winterstein says:

    One of the funniest memories involves my brother when he was very young – about three or four years old. He was the baby and the only boy and was very babied. Anyway, my mom asked him to clear the table or some minor chore and he looked at her and said “have we met”? It was so quick and perfectly delivered we all cracked up! I still laugh when I think about it.

  • 83
    Sally says:

    Most of the time it is just over some silly comment someone else makes on TV or whatever we are listening to, and my husband and I begin adding our own comments and it turns into a laughing jag!

  • 84

    I have many great men in my world and my husband is one of the funniest! We love to go to movies, we go all the time. It never fails that in the most dramatic/heart felt/saddest part….he will lean over to me and say something totally ‘wrong’…..which makes me snort….every.time!

  • 85
    Marcie Rhys says:

    Fifty five years ago, I had head my mother ask my father (every night for several years), “What would you like for dessert?” Daddy would always answer, “Kumquats or casaba melon”. (These were the good old days when any kind of fruit or vegetable was not available year-round.)

    Unbeknownst to my father, my mother’s parents had sent her a case of kumquats from where they vacationed in Florida. When they were produced, after the usual post-meal exchange, we all howled for a very long time. My father had been hoisted by his own petard.

    Must say also, that as I was reviewing this release, I started to tear up. To have so much great design in one place, can really be overwhelming. Add to that, the chance to use the same materials as your gifted design team uses, and the experience can be pretty intense. If Papertrey can always be a part of my creative life, I will be an eternally grateful camper. Thank you so much for the generosity of spirit.

  • 86
    Sandy S. says:

    My dad loved the movie, “Harvey,” with Jimmy Stewart. One of my fondest memories of him is the day we watched it together. We were laughing so much. After that, one of us only had to say, “Let me give you one of my cards,” and we’d start to laugh again.

  • 87
    Dolly says:

    Well…my Dad used to make me crack up on a regular basis but I remember the commercials were often funnier than the shows we watched. I remember this specific time when the commercial had the item and then asked “how much would you expect to pay for this fabulous item?” and my dad would low ball it “I don’t know say $10″ and they would say not $49.99 not even $35.99 but that’s not all act now and we’ll throw in a second one ” “Now what would you expect to pay for it?” and he would say oh in that case $8
    “but that’s not all…call within the next five minutes and we will also give you this fabulous LOL whatchamacallit”
    “:NOW what would you expect to pay for all this fabulous stuff?”
    $5 he would shout! LOL the more they were giving the less money he would be willing to pay. He would have me busting a gut by the end of it….toooo funny!
    Oh how I miss my Daddy. πŸ˜€

  • 88
    Kimberly O. says:

    Probably close to 30 years ago, I went with my two best friends (a guy and a gal) to visit another friend at college. We all stayed in the friend’s dorm room. (Funny #1) When I had come back into the room after showering (no makeup and wet hair) my guy friend made the comment “Wow! It’s surprising how makeup can make a difference.” What makes it funny is that he didn’t mean this sarcastically. When he realized what he had said, he was quick to apologize. (Funny #2) When we were getting in my car to leave, my girlfriend and I commented on how the car smelled like old farts. The guy friend started laughing uncontrollably and said he had farted in the car the day before and it apparently never went anywhere.

  • 89
    Lizzie T says:

    Ages ago, when my son was young (5 maybe) we played Monopoly Junior with him. Once he landed on the infamous high rent space that my hubby had hotels on and having no funds to pay the rent burst into tears! My hubby and I were never ones to just let him win because he was a kid and he learned this early on as well as our competiveness in playing board games. We laughed so hard that WE were crying!!!! Luckily it never traumatized my son and he is now the monopoly king! We all still laugh about it!

  • 90
    Dee says:

    Before we were married, my future hubby thought he’d surprise me with a birthday cake. He knew I loved chocolate so he baked me a chocolate cake. I think he was really trying to impress me as he made a two-layer cake and filled with marshmallow crΓ¨me and then frosted it with chocolate icing. Unfortunately by the time I saw the cake the marshmallow crΓ¨me caused the top layer to slide off. It was so funny to see my landslide cake but I loved him even more for his efforts. btw, it tasted great anyway πŸ™‚

  • 91
    Nancy Ward says:

    For an April’s fool joke, my son put a rubber band around the spray hose at the sink. Of course when I turned on the faucet, I was given an instant shower! He really took me by surprise. I thought it was a very clever prank, and have never forgotten!

  • 92
    Connie G says:

    There are probably many but one that first came to mind was when we got a belly dancer for my boss’s birthday at work. It was a riot!!!

  • 93
    Karin says:

    My husband never surprises me…on year at Christmas we went to look at Christmas light on Christmas Eve and he pulled into the parking lot of a club house in an a very upscale neighborhood. He told me to get our insurance card out of the glove box in case we got pulled over (in the upscale neighborhood). I told him that we don’t keep our insurance card in the glove box. After a few minutes of arguing,,,I told him that if he didn’t leave the clubhouse parking lot, we would get pulled over for sure. Finally to get him to leave the clubhouse …. I spend the glove box, and slammed it shut…and said see we don’t have an insurance card in there…I had seen something in there that didn’t belong and it was a beautiful ruby and diamond pendant with white gold chain….he has never surprised me again!

  • 94
    Quyen says:

    well, we ( me and my husband) got into an argument last night and he said “i’m going to divorce you…in 12 years”. Made me laugh and we stop arguing.

  • 95
    Karen S says:

    My husband and I are high school sweethearts and getting ready to celebrate 25 years of marriage! So needless we have had lots of funny times but the one that still makes me laugh hard is when we were first married. We were laughing at something while having dinner in our first tiny apartment. We had Italian sausage and when he laughed it came out his nose. Disgusting I know but the look on his face was priceless. I am laughing now as I write this because I can still picture it like yesterday!

  • 96
    Tracey says:

    Does mortifying count as funny? I was 10 and my Dad and I had traveled to Florida to see our favorite college football team play in a bowl game. During the weekend we went to see a movie one night and chose Saturday Night Fever. I just knew it had good music and dancing. I’m not sure if my Dad even knew that much. He definitely had no idea how inappropriate it was for a 10 year old. For those of you who don’t remember or have never seen it: there’s a LOT of talk about sex and a LOT of swearing. During the movie, I slunk further and further down my seat in embarrassment; I think my Dad did the same thing. There was a lot of uncomfortable silence that night after the movie, but years later – as an adult – it became one of our funniest stories to share.

  • 97
    Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    When I first got married, we were unpacking our kitchen and my husband decided to be funny and put a strainer on his head and used spaturlas as swords. Made me laugh! Still does.

  • 98
    Jan G says:

    My favorite time was when we went kayaking in a double kayak and we were racing to see who could get to the finish line first with others. I was in front rowing as fast as I could just to find out my husband was using his oars to hold us back from going anywhere.

  • 99
    Noelle says:

    When I was little my uncle tore a $10 bill into three pieces. He told my sister and I we would tape it together next time we got together and buy pizza. Then my uncle thought he lost his piece. This spring he came to visit and guess what he had found! He was doubtful that my sister and I had each hung on to our piece for 20 years but we had! So we taped it together took a few pictures and bought some ice cream!

  • 100

    We were on vacation in Colorado. There were five of us riding in a van when we saw a moose standing in the grass near the road. My son was 5 years old and told us to “Dink Down” so he could see!

  • 101
    Danielle taebel says:

    When I was little, my dad would take each of us kids out at Christmas to get a present for my mom. We would always do something fun after shopping, so we went to Castles and Coasters (mini golf games, etc). We were playing air hockey and I was laughing so hard (at what I dont remember) I wet my pants! After that we had to leave. I just remember have the best time with my dad that day.

  • 102
    Sue McW says:

    The time my brother and I were left behind at a convenience store. There were three cars full of my family. Standing at the check out counter we saw them drive away and I said to my brother “I think they’ve all just left us.” It was a good half hour before they all got home and realized we weren’t with them and another half hour to come back and get us. The lady at the convenience store kept saying “I don’t understand how they could forget you”. We would just laugh.

  • 103
    Melanie P says:

    My dad was always a good sport with his 3 girls. One evening shortly after the Christmas holidays my parents had a couple over for dinner. After dinner my Dad and the other gentlemen were engrossed in conversation. My little sister was about 6 at the time and was playing with a box of Christmas ornaments. She started to decorate my Dad. clipping doves in his hair, hanging ornaments from his ears, and stringing garland around his chest. All the while my Dad acted as if nothing was happening. About 20 minutes into this the other gentleman could no longer control his amusement and laughed until he cried. He continued to talk about this event for years to come.

  • 104
    Tammy Johnson says:

    Watching Jello wrestling in high school with my husband (then boyfriend)

  • 105
    Kathy says:

    My dad was always goofy and made me laugh all the time. One of my favorite memories was during a heavy summer shower when I wanted to go out and play, but didn’t think I could. Well, the rain didn’t stop him…he said “let’s go wash the car!” and we did! The rain cleaned off the suds on the car and on us!!

  • 106
    Sew4kim says:

    My favorite funny memory with a male family member has to be when my husband forgot he was camping on night, and got up to go to the bathroom rather urgently. He walked over to the port-o-lets, and what makes it hilarious, is he didn’t somehow notice that he had to cross a gravel road to get to them, but he somehow glided over the rocks on the way there, but you should have heard him coming back!

  • 107
    CHERYL L. says:

    My kids are VERY funny – not sure where they got their wit, but they always make me laugh.

  • 108

    I have a good friend who didn’t go to my high school but who did go to school with a guy I liked who I wanted to ask to my prom. But, I had to find out if the guy was dating someone so my friend found out, then called my school and left some coded message from me saying he was my brother, Bill! I grew up in a small community and EVERYONE knew I didn’t have a brother. I am an only child!!

  • 109
    Sue D says:

    My dad and I have fond memories of attending the home high school football games. To avoid crowds we parked in a neighboring store parking lot but had to cross a big field. One Friday night it rained really hard and the field turned into a muddy mess. My dad picked me up and carried me across the field. Only once did we almost slip and fall. We always giggled about that night. He has been gone 2 years now and I miss him.

  • 110
    Monika Davis says:

    Hmmm… things are usually pretty serious around me I guess… the only thing comes to my mind right now my youngest who had to go to the bathroom (number 2) during a car ride… hubby told him to pinch his cheeks and when I looked back, he was squishing his cheeks on his face with his hands. We almost peed our pants…

  • 111
    Maye M.L says:

    Our surrogate nephew was staying was us one day when he was a toddler. As he loved chocolate, he was having a piece after dinner. But, he wanted to run around the house with it in his hands. I promptly refused and proceeded to chase him with a wet washcloth to clean him up. later on, about two years ago we were celebrating an important occasion at his house with several relatives and friends, when he proceeded to tell the story as we were watching a toddler repeat the scene. I got sentimental that he remembered. Everyone else laughed.

  • 112
    Dee says:

    Before GPS the adventure was the journey, constantly trying to find your location on the maps, good times & great memories !

  • 113
    mary lewis says:

    We were going away to a water park for the weekend and my husband carried all the bags out to the car. When the kids and I started to unpack the bags at the hotel my daughter asked, “Dad why did you bring the garbage with us”. He had mistakenly packed it in the car instead of putting it in the trash can. We all laughed so hard.

  • 114
    JulieZ says:

    Ok, this is just silly…but I was just thinking about this the other day – just a funny picture – when I was pretty young, my uncle shaved off 1/2 of his beard (just the left side) & we posed for a picture with him that way. Really silly (I know), but it still makes me laugh when I see it πŸ™‚

  • 115
    Ruth G says:

    Well, I have to say that my dad and I are both really into puns and bad jokes and we’ve had times (yes, more than once) that we were laughing so hard I was crying and almost couldn’t breath! I’m continuing the tradition with my son (and daughter), who both bring me to tears at times from laughing so hard! I couldn’t think of a better memory to share with all of them!

  • 116
    Bev says:

    Lots of funny times sitting on the dock with my dad fishing for crappie. I miss him.

  • 117
    Keri says:

    On a rollercoaster with my husband…he does NOT like rollercoasters! I talked him in to riding one with me and he kept his head down and his eyes closed the whole time, had a death grip on the handlebars and screamed bloody murder! LOL. I have a hilarious keepsake photo to remember it by. πŸ˜‰

  • 118
    S. Molinari says:

    Back in the early 80’s, our family had been eating at a restaurant and it was now time to pay the bill. My Dad asked the waitress to bring him the “tab” for all eight people at the table. We waited and waited and still no “tab”. Finally my Dad a bit hot under the collar went up to the manager demanding the bill. At the same time we saw our poor waitress coming toward us carrying a tray loaded with eight “Tabs”.

  • 119
    Jessica H. says:

    Wow…what a generous giveaway to buy such fun new release items!! Hmmm…funny memory with a male figure…Christmas morning 25 years ago with my brother when we were half his height – he bought my twin and I supersoakers for Xmas and we had a water fight in the basement. Since his waist was at our natural arm’s level, we ended up soaking his sweatpants to the point that they fell right to the floor to which we followed laughing hysterically!! One of my happiest memories!!

  • 120
    Gabriela says:

    One that we talk about often…. It was years ago when I was still a teen…. My dad trying to get on a inflatable bed in the ocean. Imagine a man trying desperately trying to lay on this inflatable bed and it kept popping out or flipping down. All the while his smile was seem across the miles. He never gave up and gave us a great show. Lovely collection!

  • 121
    Kathy Curry says:

    One of my funniest memories with my husband is hiking in Hawaii on our honeymoon. We were chased by wild goats, it was crazy. I even stopped to grab a few photos of them. We always laugh about it.

  • 122
    Lyn says:

    The first time I went out after my son was born and left my husband alone to take care of the baby – during a diaper change, he squeezed the baby powder container instead of shaking it. My poor son looked like a ghost! When I got home, there was baby powder all over the place.

  • 123
    Leigh Penner says:

    For my 40th birthday, we traveled to BC to celebrate with my twin brother. We had been at my twin’s BIL’s for supper & a campfire and some of us decided to leave to go back to my twin’s house. My older brother & I ended up staying up late & playing crib (where I got the highest hand of my life — a 24!) and laughing. Not sure how funny it is, but it’s definitely one of my favourite memories!

  • 124
    Kate Temple says:

    I’ll never forget when my husband proposed to me on the boardwalk at the beach…the second I said yes it started pouring rain and we had to run for cover! It was a fun way to start our life together!

  • 125
    Cindy Otto says:

    One of the funniest times I remember was when our grandson, who was 5 at the time told my husband while he was helping him tie his shoes, “Grandpa, you”re gonna run out of hair!” Meaning Grandpa had thinning hair in top! We laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes. Kids say the cutest things.

  • 126
    Dawn Y. says:

    As the family memory keeper, I love sharing our old childhood photos with my two brothers. Oh, the funny stories we laugh about together! It’s funny to hear the memories we all have ~ often VERY different!! Such fun family times!! β™‘

  • 127
    sue (foleysfriend) says:

    Watching Blue Man Group in Vegas; I laughed so much, my sides hurt!

  • 128
    Amy White says:

    Mine would have to be watching my hubby try to get off a ski lift, resulting in a very comical wipe-out and me crying with laughter!

  • 129
    Teresa F. says:

    My father has always been quick-witted and has said so many funny things it would be hard to pick one out! But anytime he is around we always laugh πŸ™‚

  • 130
    sue (foleysfriend) says:

    oops adding that I was there with my boyfriend; we kept looking at each other and giggled; it was so funny

  • 131
    Dawn says:

    Oh, what I could do with $150! You’re outdoing yourself again with amazing designs and products!

  • 132
    Tracy says:

    My funniest is from my brother when we were at a campfire at a lake house. He used gasoline to start the fire, and this started the can on fire, so he threw it in the lake,and the lake started on fire!

  • 133
    Stella Upton says:

    My husband was napping in his favorite chair and our little dog was too. My hubby started snoring really loud and our dog turned around and gave him the “REALLY” look. I laughed so hard I was crying.

  • 134
    Lauren A. says:

    My favorite memory is when my husband and I went on our honeymoon to Hawaii. We couldn’t go until about 8 months after the wedding bc of both of our work schedules. It was so much fun, and we brought back a stow a away who just happened to join us 9 months later in the form of our sweet little boy, Z. πŸ™‚ That’s one of my favorite memories of all time. πŸ™‚ Cannot wait for tonight!!! Everything looks amazing!!! πŸ™‚


  • 135
    Debi W says:

    My favorite cousin and her husband live on the opposite coast. When we do get to visit, each time is so memorable as her husband always has some funny remark or comment that makes us laugh. So while there is not a specific moment, there are so many fun visits. I miss them dearly and we are hoping to live closer in retirement.

  • 136
    Debbie Nelson says:

    When my Uncle dressed as a baby wearing a diaper and holding a baby bottle. He was a hoot

  • 137

    On our first date, the waitress knocked the whole glass of water on me… my pants were wet, the chair was wet, so i had to move and sit next to my then boy friend, now husband. I was mad, but now we laughed about it.

  • 138
    Gay Ferland says:

    My husband at the time hit a telephone pole and totaled the car. He walked across the street where the police station was, opened the door, and asked if anyone was going to arrest him for hitting the pole and car!!! Not good!

  • 139
    Linda Lander says:

    The very best…when I demonstrated to a friend how unbreakable a set of dishes could be…Three weeks later, he chose to demonstrate the same to an entire party …. he says, “Hey, look at this”…he threw two plates down and both broke into a thousand pieces.. He says his friends still talk about his demonstration.
    We still laugh about it even though that was over 20 years ago.

  • 140
    Dawn says:

    Oops, need to add: when my little brother (who just turned 30) proudly declared “I’m not telling you that I got you stickers for Christmas!” He was soooo proud to have bought a gift and he was determined to keep it a secret!

  • 141
    Mimi R says:

    My husband always makes me laugh because he’s always telling jokes! He should go audition for the TV reality show called “the Last Comic Standing!” I think he’ll do great!

  • 142
    merryf says:

    When I was 16, my dad took me to lunch at the nearby mall for some father-daughter time. We thought we were so smart to note which store we came in near. But when we went to leave, we couldn’t find the car! we ran up and down the aisles frantically. Finally I said, “let’s go back in and retrace our steps.” Turns out — there were two of the same store at opposite ends of the mall and we went out near the wrong one! We used to laugh and laugh about that, for decades afterwards! My dad passed away 4 1/2 years ago and I miss him every day.

  • 143
    Keysha Sain says:

    The funniest moment with a male was when I gave birth to my son. His dad was a boxer at the time – Golden Gloves champion – a very macho,body building manly man. Well he fainted at the site of our son coming out of me! I really thought that only happened on TV! We videotaped the birth so I got to watch that over and over again and it was alwasy so funny to me!!! At first he was kinda embarrased about it but was eventually able to laugh at it himself. That was almost 23 years ago and it still cracks me up when I think about it!

  • 144
    Sherry G says:

    When our son was in elementary school, I was taking videos of him sledding down a hill on a light-weight plastic sled. When he was right in front of me, he it a bump and flew over the front of the sled into the snow, and the sled slowly ran over him front foot to head. It’s been more than 20 years, and we still laugh whenever we think about it.

  • 145
    Julia L. says:

    My favorite funny memory of my hubby is when he proposed, he was so nervous that he opened the ring box upside down. πŸ˜€

  • 146
    Natasha says:

    As a child, when I would ask my dad to tell a bedtime story, he was always willing, but the story went “Once upon a time, the end”. It just kind of became his thing and was part of the bedtime ritual and made me laugh.

  • 147
    Carolyn says:

    Distract- ably pregnant at the time, I poured my cereal into my morning coffee while enjoying a family breakfast on the deck. “Mom?, “said my children, my husband and his comments assured me it was time for this baby to come.:)

  • 148
    Ruby N says:

    Oh mannn the summer of 1998 when my whole family went to visit my relatives in our home country….it was a summer of fun and funny memories. One in particular was when my relatives tried birthday cake for the first time (they lived in a very small town) when we celebrated my brother’s 12th birthday. Unfortunately, EVERYONE threw up. we all laughed later because we knew that it was unforgettable. Another time, when all of my cousins and I got together to listen to like 80s folksy music and pretend to sing along, with all the props. It’s so funny now to see these same people who are married with kids…good times, good times!

  • 149
    Ty's Mom says:

    My favorite funny memory involving a man was watching my husband, who normally hates the beach, build a sand fort like he was nine on the beaches in San Destin when we were first engaged. LOL, I love my filly, funny, guy…

  • 150
    Jessica says:

    Going to get coffee with my grandpa.

  • 151
    Kiesa Salazar says:

    Awesome release!! So many great products to choose from!! My funny memory was with my dad. I was probably eight or nine and we were visiting the zoo. I let go of my dad’s hand for just a minute and ran to look at something. When i turned around to grab it again it just didnt feel right. I looked up into my dad’s face only to realize it was not my dad!! Luckily he swooped in to save me and the stranger πŸ™‚

  • 152
    Ohhh Snap says:

    My father was in the army and we were living in Belgium in the late 1960s. The first time we were going “through” Paris, I was very excited because I was going to see the Eiffel Tower. I was told no, we would definitely not be seeing it. Fast forward to the day of, we go past the Eiffel Tower so many times I stop saying “Look there it is!!!”. It seems hours have passed, and we are eating baked beans out of a can (we each have our own spoon). IN PARIS! I mean, Paris is known for it’s food and we are eating cold baked beans out of the can! My father finally asks a policeman, and finds out the map is wrong. But I finally got to see the Eiffel Tower (a lot of times).

  • 153
    Jeanne B says:

    Love the Garden Gild kit! My Dad, once my sister came to the dinner table in her bathrobe and he told her that “we dress for dinner around here”. He was wearing a threadbare white t-shirt with holes in it. We lost him 15 years ago, I miss his quirky sense of humor.

  • 154
    Susan K says:

    My Dad tells jokes very slowly so that by the time he gets to the punchline you’ve forgotten the beginning. He laughs while the rest of us just groan. And then laugh cause he thinks he’s so funny … he’s really not! πŸ™‚

  • 155
    Irasema says:

    For our first date, my now husband, invited me to an outdoor concert. Out of nowhere, a storm with high winds appeared and our lawn chairs and personal items began rolling all over the field. We began chasing them while getting completely soaked. After a while we couldn’t help but laugh at how silly we looked running everywhere. It was at that moment that we realized our relationship was going to be a good thing.

  • 156
    Noreen says:

    When we were kids, on the day the swimming pool opened for the summer, all of the boys wanted to be the first one in the pool. My brother went tearing over to be first in. The water was ICE cold, and he came out almost as fast as he went in!

  • 157
    Kristina says:

    I used to play volleyball twice a week from 9- midnight for many years. The team was made up of mostly men. It felt good that I could compete on their level, but we became great friends. After I had two back surgeries I had to stop playing. It was really hard because that was the only time I go to see my volleyball friends. But those are some of my best memories.

  • 158
    susan h. says:

    Many years ago my brother and I sat playing with my toddler. We were both having such a great time! My brother died a few years ago and this is a memory I will always cherish! Wonderful release!

  • 159
    schnypsel says:

    A friend of mine and my then husband made a very funny video for my 18. birthday with all the places I have been before

  • 160
    Rose Noelle says:

    I’m reading the other comments and cracking up! What a great contest question. My husband once showed me his impersonation of a newborn baby being born and he looked and sounded more like a pterodactyl! I happened to get a picture on the sly and it is both bribe-worthy and hilarious.

  • 161
    Audrey says:

    Years ago, my husband was trying to work the vcr, without his glasses on, nothing was happening. Our two year old grandson waked over and showed him to ” Press play, Grandpa”. We still use that line today and laugh every time.

  • 162
    Janet Nelson says:

    My boyfriend and I were in Cabo, first trip together. We walked down to the Beach to dip our toes in the water. Thought after the sweet kiss I better “lip up” but noticed my lipstick wasn’t in my pocket. We got halfway back up the beach and he bent down and said, here’s a tube of lipstick, Clinique brand. I said, is it Seasparkle Coral, and he said yes. Looked at it and it was worn flat, just like I do to my tubes. IT WAS MINE! We still laugh about it. Clinique doesn’t make that color anymore but found a place that will duplicate it. Good memories…

  • 163
    jeannine j. says:

    a few years ago, my Mom wasn’t home & i stopped to see my Dad, we sat on their breezeway & he told me stories about when he was a kid. it was really nice just the two of us talking.

  • 164
    Debbie Vasel says:

    My brother, trying to prove he could handle any hot food, emptied about 1/2 a bottle of hot sauce on to his French fries. As he began eating them, his face grew redder and redder, until he excused himself to go to the restroom. He was there a long time and came back still trying to convince us that he could handle anything, but the color of his face told all. We still kid him about it.

  • 165
    Mduffek says:

    Road trip from Washington state to wish and we got to eastern Washington and ran out of gas. We didn’t even notice til the truck stopped. Lol good times.

  • 166
    Lori Weinberg says:

    When I was six years old I put barrettes in my dad’s hair while he was napping on the couch. It wasn’t until after he went out to get the mail that he realized what I had done. He was embarrassed and I thought it was hysterical!

  • 167
    becky p. says:

    My husband having tickle wars with the kids. It gets everyone laughing. GreAt release!

  • 168
    Cindy Hanson says:

    My son was only six years old when he had to have a major surgery that left a seven inch, deep scar across his abdomen. One week after being released from the hospital, we went to see his surgeon for a follow up. After the surgeon checked Ian thoroughly, the surgeon said, “You look fine. You can get down now.” Before the surgeon was done speaking, Ian leapt off the very tall examining table, and landed Spiderman fashion on the ground. The surgeon and I looked at each other in horror, but Ian laughed, and was fine.

  • 169
    Sharon W. says:

    When our kids were young and playing out front, my husband heard a car squeal its tires. Thinking it might be one of the kids in its path, he jumped up, and ran outside, knocking over a small table as he did. Once outside and seeing the car was avoiding an escaped ball, not a kid, there my husband stood, totally relieved…and standing in the front yard in his underwear!

  • 170
    Liz McAllister says:

    My husband and I do bike rides. Long ago I drive 5 hours and then got on a bike for a weekend ride. (I was tired) Going up a long gradual incline I kept going slower and slower….. I eventually stop and just fell over sideways! 20 years later we are still laughing!

  • 171
    Michele F says:

    My Dad taught me how to “take my thumb off” which I shared with my kids, and now my grandchildren!
    =] Michele

  • 172
    Michele F says:

    My Dad taught me how to “take my thumb off” which I shared with my kids, and now my grandchildren!
    =] Michele

  • 173
    Chris Baker Cox says:

    My favorite funny memory is of my dad. When my family would get together for the holidays we would always play Tripoly after dinner. It’s kind of a fast paced game, and my Dad could never keep up, so of course we would all give him a hard time…which inevitably turned into laughter…the belly ache kind of laughter. He passed away 5 years ago, and a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about that laugh.

  • 174
    Pat Whitley says:

    I would love to hear my dad tell one of his corny jokes again. He has been gone 14 years, and I still miss him. I loved watching him with his grandkids, too. He always said if he had known how much fun they were, they would have had them first!

  • 175
    Lennie says:

    My funniest memory is of my brother on Christmas morning. He woke me up and when we got to close to the livingroom he picked up speed, jumped and as he was flying through the air he yelled, “Santa brought us bean bags!” and then he landed on them. This makes me laugh every time I picture it.

  • 176
    Marty says:

    My husband was hold our infant son and being a bit too playful after a feeding. I warned him not to hold him up in the air and move him around like flying, he continued as he knew better. And as predicted, he got a mouth full as our son “burped” his last meal. I had quie the laugh

  • 177
    Carolanne says:

    My son has a quick wit and a great memory for words.He is able to apply a Seinfeld quote or movie quote in almost every situation. Too many to name here. Let’s just say he has taken many an uncomfortable or stressful situation and been able to have everyone laughing.

  • 178
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    My husband & I LIVE to make each other laugh! There have been so many times he’s made me laugh ’til I’m wheezing. I think of a really bizarre wedding we were attending where we almost made a scene w/our laughing. We had to avoid each other’s glance until it was over

  • 179
    Sue F. says:

    My husband would always sing along with “what a Wonderful World” whenever it would come on and it would crack us all up to hear him imitate throaty Louis Armstrong. For my daughter’s wedding dance with her dad she surprised him with that song…hysterical!

  • 180
    Christy says:

    My 6’4″ tall brother is terrified of spiders. We went away to a chateau in France and the ceiling where we slept was covered with webs and spiders. My brother would not go to sleep and kept talking about what the spiders can do while we slept. We had to tell him to be quiet so we could all get some sleep. LOL. Thank you for the chance to win. πŸ™‚

  • 181
    Penny P. says:

    My son was around 8 and we were grocery shopping. We were in the soft drink section. He went over and sat on the cases of Coke and said “look mom I’m the king of pop!”

  • 182
    Kelly says:

    My husband loves the song “All about that bass” by Meghan Trainor and will break out in song spontaneously at the weirdest moments!

  • 183
    Elizabeth Marie says:

    What a great release. I love the beer set. My husband is so funny and we have such a great time singing and dancing together with the kids. I hope when our daughters are grown they always remember dance party nights with DJ Daddy.

  • 184
    Maureen P says:

    there are so many to pick from! When my son was about 3, before he could read, he was looking at a book in bed one night. When I went to check on him I asked what he was doing he said, “I’m reading, but it’s not going very well.” Too funny!

  • 185
    Suzanne Cox says:

    My grandfather was such a character. He loved dressing up as Santa. One year “Santa” requested an ice cream cone, so my sister made one with a raw hot dog in the middle. He was dancing the “jig” and as he bit into the cone he yelled, “Hot Dog,” not knowing we had doctored it. When he did discover it; the expression on his face was priceless!

  • 186
    Kim Heggins says:

    When ordering french fries for lunch one day, I ordered sweet potato, my daughter ordered curly fries and my hubby says he would like the ones from potatoes, my daughter says they are all made from potatoes!….we still laugh every time we order fries!

  • 187

    One time, my husband’s friend stay overnight at our place and when he made coffee in the morning, he told us that our coffee taste terrible and we all drank from the same pot. Turned out he put salt in his coffee instead of sugar! We still joke about it whenever we see him.

  • 188
    Barb Lee says:

    Many years ago I was at a friends house and we were watching TV but the reception was bad. Her and her Dad got up on the roof to turn the antenna while I stood in the yard to yell up at them when her Mom told me the picture was clear. Her Dad, who wasn’t wearing a shirt, sneezed and his pants dropped to his ankles. I am not sure who was more embarrassed, him, me, his daughter or the elderly neighbor lady who was watching. We have all laughed about that for many years!!

  • 189
    Chris L. says:

    My favorite funny memory was with my Dad before I went to college. He took me to see a movie–and fell asleep in the theatre!

    Chris L.

  • 190
    Mary Lindsey says:

    A favorite memory is when my dad was able to take a day off and fly kites with me and my sister all day at a community kite event. We won prizes for best flying and smallest kite, but the best part was spending the day together.

  • 191
    Gina Florencia says:

    Well long time ago, I was dating this guy, and he was going to introduce me to his family and I was pretty nervous, and upon deciding what shoes to wear, I put on 2 different kind of shoes but in the same color, guess how I came to their house dressed on? With 2′ different blue color shoes!!! I didn’t notice until I was seating down on the dinning room! I just started laughing myself in front of them, well I guess that’s why I didn’t end up marrying him, lol!
    Cheers….Gina F

  • 192
    Jeni says:

    Listening to my husband & his best friend tell stories from their “adventures” we will call them. Hilarious! Some of the things they used to do….

  • 193
    Elaine (lainey) says:

    A good friend just got a new car, we were driving home in rush hour traffic when the tailgate on the truck in front of us fell off. My friend had no choice but to drive over it and the whole time he kept saying “my new car, my new car”! Luckily he got no damage. l laugh every time I think of this and it was over 20 years ago.

  • 194
    Jen Gall says:

    I grew up next door to my grandparents, and I always loved going to their house and playing rummy with my grandpa. What I wouldn’t give for just one more game with him. Those are some of my fondest memories of growing up.

  • 195
    Sherrie says:

    Probably one of my earliest funny memories was when I was a kid, doing dishes with my brother (back before dishwashers). So many fun/funny times!

  • 196
    Kyle E. says:

    The day, many years ago, when I beat both my father and brother in bowling by having a perfect 300 game! They couldn’t believe it! I haven’t bowled since then!

  • 197
    BeverlyBL says:

    Can’t think of funny stories when under pressure to think of funny stories. I do like lots of things from this release though.

  • 198
    Denise Gollaher says:

    There are just so many stories about my rather prudish Dad and his four daughters, but you can just imagine what they might be.

  • 199
    Mary-Anne V. says:

    My husband makes me laugh when he gets all silly with little children esp. toddlers…you is a great dad and all kids love him.

  • 200
    Penny H says:

    My Dad always let me play the game where he was watering the garden and he let me turn the water off and pretended not to know and looked down the end of the hose to see what was wrong, cue me turning the water back on and spraying him! Happy summer memories πŸ™‚

  • 201
    Kara Lynne says:

    I’m head over heals about this month’s release! One of the funniest moments with my husband was while we were dating, I told him I loved him and he said, “thanks” (not so funny at the time, I guess). A couple of weeks later he proposed!

  • 202
    JoAnn H says:

    Dad trying to learn how to use drive through window speakers when they first came out… Giggling in the backseat with my brother and laughing about it years later with mom…

  • 203
    Vicki says:

    My husband and I staying up most of one night saying all the words/phrases that had the word “ball” in them. Right as one of us would drift off thinking the game was over, the other would whisper another word or phrase. I think I won from default because he fell asleep around 3:30, right after I came up with “red rubber ball.” He’s gone now, and I miss those middle of the night conversations and games.

  • 204
    Carole says:

    My husband’s from the East Coast and his heavy accent has caused some confusion during conversations. I find it quite amusing, he DOES NOT!

  • 205
    RedGem says:

    My mother often reminds me that when I was young I was a big pain for my brother. I had long hair and he helped my mother take care of it, remove tangles, make pigtails or braids. When he was with his friends I would ask him for a quarter and when he ignored me I would mention how wonderful he was in doing my hair… funny a quarter would suddenly appear! To this day he reminds me how much money I owe him.

  • 206
    Jackie says:

    When my son was little there were shoes that lit up when you walked, called LA Gear Lights. We were in the car, my daughter was chattering away, as usual, and from the back seat he said, “Mom, I want some LA Gear Lights”. What I *heard* was, “Mom, I want some alligator lights”. I tried to explain to him that alligators didn’t have lights….we still laugh about that to this day πŸ™‚

  • 207
    Sarah A says:

    Where to start? Given that I have to narrow it down, I would say that my favorite memory with my dad is from the time I lived in Seattle, and he would come out from Chicago to spend our birthdays together, which are a day apart. Since they fall at the end of Copper River Salmon season, he would eat that fine fish every day! We would always have a great time together, exploring more of the Pacific Northwest and going back to our favorite restaurants.

  • 208
    Teresa Currie says:

    My dad, William (or Bill) was in rehab after a fracture repair a couple of years ago. He and I were outside getting some fresh air when of the nurses came up to him and asked earnestly, “Do you prefer to be called Andrew or Andy?” My dad paused for a moment and replied, “If those are my choices, I prefer Andy.” After the nurse headed on her way, we cracked up!!

  • 209
    Angela NJ says:

    This memory involves my brother. When I send a card, I typically record the date inside out of habit, especially if the card is handmade or personal. I only have one little brother and I think he’s awesome, so he usually gets a personal message. One year, he comments on the date in the corner by saying “why did you put the date in my card? Do you think I keep these in a special box or refer back to them later on? They just go in the trash.” I don’t see him as often as I would like, but we still laugh about this memory, and you can bet every card he gets still has the date in it because one day, he’s going to keep one!

  • 210
    Jill Norwood says:

    i have so many good memories of my husband and Dad. Traveling in our car with the whole family and everyone singing Beach Boys songs at the top of their lungs! My Dad always played such fun music on those trips and when one of the songs is played on the radio today it takes me immediately back to those car sing-a-longs! My husband always had fun stories to tell about growing up during our road trips to his parents home in the country. He was always up to mischief or late for school because he was late feeding his pig for 4H. I miss his stories so much now that he is in heaven. He always had a twinkle in his eye when he would share them!

  • 211
    MaryAnn N says:

    The first time my husband went through a drive thru fast food restaurant …the way he ordered was so funny that we were all laughing so hard that when the attendant asked if that was all…he was yelling “no, no there are 4 more people here.”
    Great release. And thanks for reminding us of this funny memory.

  • 212
    Shirley Robelotto says:

    Picnics on the Blue Ridge Paelway on Sunday afternoons after church with my Dad, Mom, brother and sister. Such good memories!

  • 213
    Lynda says:

    Getting fishing worms for my grandfather and watching him chase my brother around the yard with them. Hilarious!!

  • 214
    Laura C says:

    The story is too long to tell here, but my Dad was being very silly outside the window of a fancy restaurant in England. My little sisters joined him and my brother, mother and I could hardly contain our laughter. I miss my Dad. He was amazing!

  • 215
    Diana K says:

    DH and I were on a roadtrip in France and stayed one night at a Fawlty Towers type inn. We hit the jackpot with the auberge’s manager/waiter/cleaner/chef. Not only was he John Cleese’s lookalike, but he would answer each of our questions, no matter what we asked, with a resounding “Non!”. We laughed out pants off.

  • 216
    Melynn says:

    Imagine a group of 20 year olds having a water fight. We had buckets, and other things to throw water but my brother in law was not to be outdone. Somehow he got himself on the roof of the house with the hose and thoroughly doused anyone and everyone who came in his path. It still makes me laugh when I think about how much fun we had!

  • 217
    Linda E says:

    What a fabulous release! Can’t wait to get my hands on these new products. My maiden name is difficult to spell and pronounce. So, whenever we went to a restaurant, my father always used Mr. Dale when giving our name for a reservation. It cracked us up every time the hostess would call for the Dale Party of 6!

  • 218
    April C. says:

    When we revisited the college town where our first son was born, my husband wanted to recreate a picture from the past where he was holding our toddler in front of a historic building. I had to move fast to snap the picture of my husband struggling to carry our now taller-than-Dad son because we were all laughing so hard. We still laugh when we see the side by side pictures.

  • 219
    Kailash says:

    My sons freshman year in college when his two roommates put posters up of their favorite baseball teams, him not being a sporty guy he put a pair of white socks ( as a joke to the white sox from Chicago) onto the notice board. Seeing that we are from Illinois that was pretty funny. He always cracks me up:-).

  • 220
    Julene says:

    The funniest moments come from my 4 kiddos, 3 boys and 1 girl. Examples Jacob on eating my homemade brownies that have lots of extras in them…”you’re eating and it’s a normal brownie, then ah there a rainbow in your mouth!” Or Jacob to grandma when she complained he and his friends played too rough in the snow…”grandma you just don’t understand 21st century horseplay.” I just can’t take the cuteness.

  • 221
    Debbie P says:

    My husband wanted to teach me to downhill ski. I didn’t have any ski wear so he loaned me a hideous red snow suit. I was pregnant at the time and I looked like Santa Claus on the bunny hill. I decided skiing was not for me.

  • 222
    Donna says:

    One Christmas, my husband who loves cranberry sauce was taste testing before our
    Family dinner. His strange face told the tale; I had forgotten to put the sugar in the sauce. LOL

  • 223
    Holly Saveur says:

    When my husband his chair broke down during a father started to laugh out loud so hard..and the man who held the speech got so angry….you should have see his funny…

  • 224

    My husband and I just had our first child in march and when we were doing family newborn photos the photographer had us do some with no diaper on our baby. Needless to say that got messy quickly when our son let loose on my husband’s brand new shirt. I laughed so hard lol.

  • 225
    Diane says:

    My Dad has dementia now but still has a good nature. I remember calling him and asking what’s new and got the answer- New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and New Mexico. He was always good at giving quick fun answers.

  • 226
    Cindi Loizeaux says:

    My husband ran from the campfire without telling me a huge skunk was lumbering toward camp. It’s very funny now but at the time not so much. Fortunately no one got sprayed and no husband was murdered.

  • 227
    Darla says:

    The funniest times in my life usually involve my 2 sons. They both love to see the fun and funny in each situation! I am so blessed to have them in my life since laughter truly is such good medicine!

  • 228
    Janet Swofford says:

    I am so blessed to have wonderful men in my life,a supportive loving husband of 35 years and a fantastic son! My father was the first wonderful man in my life and he,along with my sweet mother,taught me about love and respect and what a good marriage should look like. He has been gone for 18 years and not a day goes by without me thinking of him and missing him. He loved his grandchildren fiercely and he would be so proud of the fine adults they have become! If you are fortunate enough to still have your dad with you, go give him a hug and cherish every moment you can!

  • 229
    AllysonA says:

    Years ago, my brothers and I were stuck in a Las Vegas hotel, bored to tears while waiting for our parents. They talked me into doing some ‘bed jumping’ – running across the room to jump into the air onto the bed, maybe doing a silly little pose before hitting the bed. It was great fun. Thanks so much for the fabulous week inspiration!

  • 230
    Deanne says:

    My husband and I were shopping for an appliance in an appliance store that had been a bank. The vault area had toys for children to play with while parents shopped. Before we knew it, my son had closed the gate door to the vault. It may not have been funny at the time but it was after the sales person finally found the key.

  • 231
    Meg says:

    My husband prides himself on being very irreverent. At Cristmastime about 10 years ago we went to the liquor store to buy a specialty mead as a gift when we ran into my best friend, who at the time was nine months pregnant, buying wine for gifts as well. Not missing a beat, my husband said, loud enough for others to hear, “Well will you look at that? A pregnant lady buying booze! Now I’ve seen everything!” Another time we were meeting a friend’s new live-in girlfriend for the first time. My husband shook her hand, said it’s nice to meet you, then said, “Now Rich tells me y’all been living in sin.” She was speechless and all she could say was, “Uh, uh, uh….” Bear in mind she became one of our best friends.

  • 232
    Kristie H says:

    My husband is easy to scare and one of my favorite memories is scaring him when he came back late from studying. Scared the living daylights out of him. Nothing like having a scary woman rise from below a window in a door right in front of you at 1 am.

  • 233

    My dad was expecting us Girls (there are 4 of us and then my Mom) to be spending the Weekend away for a Softball Tournament so he had the House to himself!!?? Or so he thought!! HAHAHAHAHA!! We had gotten LOTS of Rain and the Tournament was Cancelled!! So My Mom took us Home and we Brought a Couple Friends to Spend the Night!! We went straight to bed so he wasn’t aware of the EXTRA Girls in the House!! In the Morning, my Dad was Enjoying his Breakfast in his Zebra Stripped Bikini Boxers when we all came running in the Kitchen!! Friends and ALL!! =) OMG OMG OMG!! I’ll NEVER forget it!! He dropped the Cereal Bowl and Jumped over the Back of the Couch and Grabbed the Cover that was draped over the back of the couch on his way over so he could cover up!! I NEVER knew my Dad was so Talented!! It looked like a move from a Movie!! He was like WHEN DID these Girls come to stay!!??!!?? We’ve JOKED Since that Cell Phones were just becoming Popular and how AWESOME it would have been if mom could have called to tell Dad what was going on!! =)HE NEVER WORE the Valentine’s Day Gifted Zebra Stripped Bikini Boxers again as it was a JOKE for a LONG TIME EVERYTIME he went somewhere if he had them on!! =)Infact, to this day Kayla and Danielle still JOKE with him when they see him!! =) I LOVE YOU DAD!! =)

  • 234

    MY precious husband had a great sense of humor! He loved to tease the boys and get them to believe outrageous things!
    On a cruise he told Colin that the dark spots the clouds make on the water were Sea Squalls… whatever those are…
    Colin believed him!

  • 235
    Noreen says:

    My best friend and sweetie has made me laugh every day for the past 18 years. I love making cards for him.

  • 236
    kim m says:

    My husband has a clever sense of humor. I am lucky that everyday he makes me laugh.

  • 237
    Becky says:

    Ha!! My funny memory will be the look on my husband’s face when he sees the massive order I’ll be getting after this amazing release! THANKS PTI!! πŸ™‚

  • 238
    Chris Cross says:

    My Dad planned a surprise trip to an amusement park for our family of 6 when I was about 8 or 9 years old. When we went to jump in our station wagon to leave, it wouldn’t start. We had a 1967 Ford Mustang parked in the garage. Dad dusted it off. We packed in like sardines (with me riding the gear shift all the way) and made the 3 hour trip full of laughter and great memories.

  • 239

    My daughter-in-law is from Brazil. Her mom was visiting. She only spoke Portuguese. After my husband passed her a plate of cookies she replied “Obrigado” which means thank you. My husband looked at her in a funny way and said. “She just cursed at me.” We all laughed.

  • 240
    Brenda Hall says:

    I have a grown nephew, in his twenties, Jordan. Last summer we went on a canoe ride at the lake and a big wave somehow knocked our canoe over and almost sunk the canoe! Jordan saved the day by somehow pulling the canoe onto a nearby dock and emptying the water out of it. We were both surprised this happened and it is our memory we share together and laugh!

  • 241
    diane oliver says:

    My brother loves to dress at Halloween and he was the Jolly Green Giant… and his two year old was a pod of peas… tooo funny. hugs.

  • 242
    Cynthia says:

    Many years back, I arranged a surprise scavenger hunt at Disneyworld for my husband’s birthday and totally surprised him!!!

  • 243
    Meghan says:

    On our wedding day, my husband was so sick with a nasty head cold. We laugh about it now but it was not funny at the time! Great release!

  • 244
    GingerJ says:

    “Years ago on a cross country car trip with my young sons, they became bored (of course), so my youngest pulled his t-shirt above his head, put on his cowboy hat and my large sunglasses over the shirt – he looked like cousin “it”. He began waving at other motorists as we passed them. Their reaction was priceless.

  • 245
    Laraine R says:

    What a great release! Mine is when my husband tried to get a kitty out of a recliner and got his arm stuck! It took over 30 minutes to get his arm unstuck. We laughed and laughed!

  • 246
    Chloe says:

    My boyfriend makes me laugh daily, so I’m lucky enough to have countless memories of laughing with him. This morning again he was being silly with the cat, having a full conversation with our furbaby without knowing I was hearing them! Too cute!

  • 247
    Mary Jo Stewart says:

    As a newly licensed driver, I was backing out of our long driveway. My mother was pulling weeds along side the drive and my dad said, “don’t hit your mother, I may need her later”. I don’t know why but 52 years later, I find that highly amusing and understand where I get my sense of humor.

  • 248
    Tracey C says:

    My husband always makes me laugh, and does silly things to make me laugh, but one night, we’re getting ready for bed, and I had just come from the kitchen with an ice cold glass of water… I came around the corner to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and my husband is there, he had a cup in his hand, and made a motion like it was full of water that he was throwing at me…there WAS a teeny bit of water left in it- got me in the face, and out of sheer automatic reaction, I flung the ICE COLD water at him….it was EVERYWHERE, and seeing my husband dance around freezing was pretty entertaining, too…all while trying not to wake up my girls since we were right outside of their bedroom…. I still giggle when I think about it. He certainly thinks twice before messing with me now, lol

  • 249
    Sharon says:

    The first time my son had sweet/sour chicken – he set aside all the “sour” pieces saying he didn’t like those.

  • 250
    Jayell says:

    I remember my son playing hide and seek when he was very young. He stuck his head in a holdall and was convinced he was completely hidden from us even though the rest of his body was hanging out.

  • 251
    Carrie Tatreau says:

    On our honeymoon 18 years ago, my husband went on a flight simulator that was on an aircraft carrier that we were touring. It was hot & humid, which was something we were not used to as we were in Texas but home is Michigan. I have never seen anyone look green, but he sure did getting off of that thing! I felt bad for him, but it was also funny. Once his stomach settled, we laughed so hard and then again after we developed our pictures!

  • 252
    sue says:

    Wow, my very FAVORITE funny memory? That is tough! The first one I thought of was with my dad. We were at the beach, watching the waves before putting an Avon raft in. I told him we couldn’t do it–waves too irregular that day. A man started putting his boat in. Dad looked at me, I mean Hey, THAT guy was doing it! Soon, though, very soon, the intrepid boater was swamped–rescue was nearby and everything was ok, but we did not attempt to “put in” that day! Afterwards we always joked about him saying, “Look! We can do it!” and me saying that we could NOT!

  • 253
    Suzanne A. says:

    My hubby was trying to get rid of a hornet’s nest under our deck and needed something to protect his face. He came out with a Snapple 12-pack case over his head, with the cut-out handles being used for eyeholes. Wish I had a video of him battling those hornets!

  • 254

    When my son was born, we got home from the hospital on Mother’s day in 1981. My husband asked me what was for dinner half kidding. I told hime to grill something and that there was a zucchini in the refrigerator which needed to be used up. I got up from the sofa to find a cucumber boiling away in a pot. Who’d have thought there was an Italian who didn’t know the difference between a cucumber and a zucchini!

  • 255
    Jill A says:

    I have two grandsons. They are 2yrs and 7yrs old. We have lots of funny moments and lots of fun—-I just wonder sometimes where they come up with what they do and say, but they sure give us good laughs and brighten our day!!!!

  • 256
    Karen B. says:

    I have a great memory with my Dad, but it is not exactly funny, just a great memory. He used to take us kids to the store every Saturday morning to get a treat. We got to ride in the back of his pick up and get blown away by the wind. It was great!

    Great release!!

  • 257
    Cindy H. says:

    My husband has a great sense of humor and knows how to tickle my funny bone. Some days when things seem to be a bit more on the serious side, he will do his Charlie Chaplin walk – he has it down pat:) It always makes me chuckle and it lightens the moment.

  • 258
    Colleen F says:

    Oh why can’t I remember all the funny stories that I KNOW made tears run down my legs? True story: SIL was flossing his teeth and instead of moving the floss forward and back, he was moving his head…O.M.G. I think I did have tears running down my legs that time too…funniest thing ever and I do believe I bring it up every once in a while…he is a good sport!

  • 259
    Dana Kirby says:

    My husband is full of funny jokes. One Christmas he put a hundred pink flamingos in our friends yard, the list could go on and on. Thanks for another great release!

  • 260
    Janell says:

    Enjoyed a trip to Colorado with my dad & mom a few years ago!

  • 261
    Nancy G says:

    My husband and son working on a damaged vehicle. They drove it down the road and the hood flew up and put a big dent in it. No one was hurt but guess which one forgot to tie it down? It was funny but only because no one was hurt.

  • 262
    janelle says:

    Wow, you really made me think on this one. I’m going to pick a memory that involves my husband and dear friend. The joke/laughter was at the expense of a comment made by our friend and their hair… or lack of hair. Had to be there. Thank you πŸ˜‰

  • 263
    LindaCC says:

    When we were kids we traveled with a small camper to California, stopping along the Grand Canyon several times. Finally my dad asks “where are we supposed to spit?” It was always said you were supposed to spit in the Grand Canyon, but it was so big he didn’t know where! So we all giggled and spit!

  • 264
    Glorie Alvarez says:

    My dad tried to drive a truck from work and instead of going forward, he went backwards. (We didn’t own a vehicle and he does NOT drive)

  • 265
    Jean R-T says:

    The funniest memory is when my mother locked my brothers and me out of the house one night after repeatedly telling us it was time to come inside. I can still remember our concern over whether she was really going to leave us out there all night. Of course she didn’t, and the way we laughed when she did let us in is a great memory.

  • 266

    Once I went over to my aunt’s house for dinner. We were all just eating pizza, talking, and laughing. My cousin, who was about 6 at the time, was really pigging out. When he was done eating, he burped so loud, he scared himself and fell out of his chair. Needless to say, it’s 30+ years later and we’re still laughing about it when we see him.

  • 267
    Jen W. says:

    Any visit with my brother provides endless memorable moments. Mom says we’re like a comedy team. We have a similar sense of humor and just totally get each other.

    Congrats on another great release!

  • 268
    Marilyn in Michigan says:

    When I first met my husband, we were hanging out with my sister. We spent the night laughing at the silliest things.

  • 269
    Renee says:

    We laugh a lot in this house…
    like so much I could write a book on funny things said and done with my guys and now that I think on it we probably need to actually be serious occasionally or else they could someday visit a prison as a long term guest…
    so I could never pick a favorite…
    that’s impossible.
    BUT two favorite’s that always make me laugh and embarrass my little men…
    when our oldest was a toddler one night he asked what was for dinner and when I told him “fried chicken” he suddenly burst into a stomp and clap with a little wiggle dance around the kitchen singing “Fried chin-nin-nin…Fried chin-nin-nin”.
    He couldn’t say chicken…it always came out chin-nin-nin.
    And then another night having breakfast for dinner when the baby child was a toddler he took a biscuit and just started talking to it…
    “Hey! Biscuit ‘ole buddy ‘ole pal!”…
    and then proceeded eat his pal.
    And yes…we remind him of it every time we have biscuits. πŸ™‚

  • 270

    My son’s hilarious version of our 1st vacation to AZ when he was 10. He’s in his 30’s now and LOVES to tell it by embellishing it a bit more each time so that very little of the true event is recognizable! Funny because he has a photographic memory — except for that ‘event’!

  • 271
    Sabine H says:

    We were on a trip and he got us lost and was so adamant that his way to get back was right. The females persisted and it turned out we were right- he was so embarrassed and quiet because he had the training and should have been able to work out the directions and he was familiar with the area and wee weren’t . To this day he won’t admit he was wrong!

  • 272

    Hanging out with my brothers thanks for the chance

  • 273
    Holly Havnaer says:

    I’ve had many funny memories with my dad and husband, but my funniest memories with a guy are with a guy named Tyler that I worked with in college. We worked at reception in a Best Western. We used to get so goofy and start laughing so hard that we couldn’t answer the phone or help customers who approached the desk. One time I answered the phone and started with the required greeting, “Good evening, Best We…….” and I started laughing and had to hang up! Good thing the boss never knew!

  • 274
    Leslie Scholes says:

    Sightseeing in Hawaii. Watching my husband wrangle the small stick-shift rental car thru a “Volkswagon-sized” pothole that snuck up on him…arms & legs going a hundred miles an hour, eyes bugged out, vocabulary…you know…Still cracks me up 30+ years later!

  • 275
    Cammy says:

    My dad was trying to set up a hammock between the garage and a tree (the kind you hang between two trees and we didn’t have two trees). He put the step ladder nest to the hammock with a cooler of beer to have a relaxing afternoon. It was hilarious watching him climb into that hammock!

  • 276
    Jamie Greene says:

    My husband is a regular everyday clown! I have so many funny stories it is hard to pick one.

  • 277
    Terri (Blindstamper) says:

    My uncle trying to teach me to two-step. Looking back, I’m not sure he was doing it right!

  • 278
    Jen T says:

    My dad once took me camping, just the two of us. On the way back, we stopped in Truckee for a break. I was swimming in the Truckee River and shouted “Dad, jump in, the water’s warm!” It wasn’t of course, it was melted snow but he believed me for some reason and jumped right in. Good thing my dad loves a good joke – he still talks about it!

  • 279
    Kathryn A says:

    One of my favourite funny memories is when my dad was trying to waterski, but the boat’s engine wasn’t powerful enough. He kept sinking up to his waist! I miss my dad…

  • 280
    Raquel Unruh says:

    Our family and some of our friends went to Colorado when all of us kids were little. I guess we kids were scared the bears might get us. One night the dads went outside and pretended to act like bear growling at the door. They came back and asked us if we got scared. We said “No. we hadn’t heard anything.” We figured they had got the wrong door!

  • 281
    Roshni Patel says:

    My dad trying to tell my sister and I jokes.. He thought they were so funny… us not so much! Love this release. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 282

    I grew up with two older brothers who I idolized! The summer of 1976 (the Bi-Centennial) my oldest brother was 16 with a car and drivers license. We stocked up on a TON of fireworks and had the most magical July 4th celebration ever! Now a days in Colorado Springs, having fireworks like that would be just plain stupid (with the drought conditions and everything), but back then it was OK.

    The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays and I wish weather conditions would allow us to celebrate like that every year!


  • 283
    OmaGloria says:

    One Christmas when I was a kid my grandpa and I had a contest on which one of us could keep a straight face after taking a sip of Peppermint Schnaaps. We sat cross-legged on the floor and both counted down and took our sips. Grandpa let out a holler and went backwards on the floor with his legs in the air. I will never forget how funny it was to see such a silly sight.

  • 284
    Lharris10 says:

    My dad is extremely healthy, but like most in their mid-70s is very (very!) hard of hearing. He will walk in at the end of a conversation and then ask if we were talking about some crazy, nonsensical subject he ‘thought’ he heard us discussing. My dad has a quirky sense of humor and loves to poke fun. So, instead of just correcting him, my brother, my adult kids and I now all just confirm that yes dad, that crazy thing you just asked about was exactly what we were discussing. He immediately sees the funny side and laughs harder than any of us. We love him and his wonderful spirit!

  • 285
    Rhonda H says:

    My brother and I always had to do the dishes after dinner. We had many a towel fight and arguments over who was doing what. Treasured memories.

  • 286

    My husband and I took our older boys to Lego Land for the first time and we talked them into going on one of the bigger rides. This particular ride took pictures on one of the big hills and the ride was so crazy and surprising to us that we all look TERRIFIED in the photo! My husbands face is SO hilarious in that photo (ours all are) He looks like he is going to explode with fear! ITs the funniest picture we have to date and we all laugh hysterically when we see it.

  • 287
    Gina says:

    Telling my husband I was pregnant with our 2nd baby was pretty funny. He was at work and when he called home, he could tell something was ‘different’ about my voice (I knew but didn’t want to tell him on the phone). Finally I said, “I’m pregnant again.” He was really quiet and then asked, “HOW did that happen?!” (our first baby was an infertility clinic baby – so we didn’t think we got pregnant like ‘normal’ people). “How did that happen?” we still laugh about that…because it happened a few times after that, too! We now have four blessings!

  • 288
    Jen says:

    My Dad, quite a few years ago when the family was together and he came into the room wearing his Mom’s fancy hat. I will never forget it! It was priceless!!

  • 289
    Caroline says:

    Before we got married my soon to be husband said he liked raisin pie. (I don’t) but made it for him. He took one bite and said this isn’t like my mother makes. Big mistake–haven’t made one since. Over 55 years. We still laugh about it and he never again said anything about how his mother made anything.

  • 290
    QP Levingston says:

    I asked my dad for a set of wheel for my high school graduation gift. I was hoping for a used car…I got a ten speed bike!

  • 291
    Janet B from WV says:

    During a road trip pit stop a friend thought he would be “cool” & show off by taking a running leap over a hedge. Unfortunately he didn’t see the curb on the other side – he cleared the hedge but tripped on the curb & made the rest of us crack up laughing. It was only funny because he wasn’t hurt (except maybe his pride).

  • 292
    Linda S. says:

    My grandpa was a great teaser. He used to call me Lindy Lou, although my name is actually Linda Rae. I have fond memories of him passing out Christmas presents to us.

  • 293
    Kathleen Lang says:

    Hunting with my Daddy at 14 years old I needed to go tinkle. Nowhere to go for privacy except a large round bale of hay. Just as I finished, my Daddy hollered “birds!”. Without thinking, I grabbed my shotgun I had leaned against the bale, turned around, fired and took down the bird. Feeling very proud of myself, I then saw my Daddy bent over, red faced and laughing. I had forgotten that my pants were still down at my ankles! I had shot the bird bare butt! Daddy is 82 and still says that is one of his favorite stories.

  • 294
    Carolyn says:

    We were on a family reunion sharing a very large room with my parents, brother’s family, and our family. My dad fell asleep and started snoring. He is a pilot, so my husband quipped, “Gentleman, you are cleared for take-off.” We all laughed so hard my dad woke up, heard the joke and went right back to sleep, still snoring. We still laugh thinking about it.

  • 295
    Harriet Skelly says:

    My dad and I were so much alike and once when he was going to meet me for dinner when I was in grad school we ran into each other about 15 minutes early at the convenience store buying Snickers! We just cracked up.

  • 296
    Susan G says:

    When my son was little, I made him a Superman costume. It looked fairly authentic and he actually thought he could fly, because of the cape. It took some lengthy explanations to convince him that he couldn’t.

  • 297
    Maxine says:

    My Dad had false teeth so he loved scaring my daughters when they were very young. He would turn up his eyelids(uck),stick out his teeth and extend arms overhead. Of course the girls screamed in fear and ran. He would laugh and laugh (*wink* me too)!

  • 298
    Colleen C. says:

    One of the funniest memories of a male relative was at my brother’s wedding when my Uncle (who is normally a very serious, buttoned up type of personality) was dancing with the bridesmaids with his necktie tied around his head. Priceless!

  • 299
    Sheri Elmont says:

    When I was 5, the neighbor boy and I would moon the cars going by his house. I really wonder how we came up with that idea. Oh my! Not sure if I have ever told my parents this story.

  • 300

    Early in our relationship my husband took me to his fraternity ball. Just as we were finishing our meal he excused himself from the table and went into the kitchen. He came out shortly afterwards with a napkin tied around his head like a kerchief and a pot of coffee in his hand and started serving. In short order he had everyone laughing and he has kept me in stitches for more than 35 years since.

  • 301
    Pam Hollie says:

    42 years ago my high school boyfriend called to say “Let’s get married”. I said “Yes” and then “Who is this?” (of course, knowing who it was) Our children and grandchildren were laughing about that last night.

  • 302
    Tracy K says:

    Back in the 70’s my dad was mowing and was wearing an old pair of plaid pants. He got hot, so he went to the garage and pulled out a pair of tin snips to make a pair of shorts. Needless to say, the legs were not even. My mom, sisters and I were not home at the time. We still tease him about that day. Especially since we all sew!

  • 303
    Amy says:

    My two brothers (college aged at the time) came home as a surprise on Halloween and pranked us by dressing up in several different costumes and repeatedly ringing the bell for candy. Finally my dad got fed up with “the hooligans” and demanded to know who they were. My younger brother, dressed as a Ninja Turtle, replied, “I’m Leonardo!” then took off his mask. It was hilarious! πŸ™‚

  • 304
    Lynn Hardy says:

    A few days before my Dad died from a heart attack we were visiting and my young daughter started playing with a seat cushion from a dining chair. She was trying to make all sorts of things out of it, like a hat, wings etc and I remember my sat holding his sides laughing at her antics.

  • 305
    Loly Borda says:

    My first language it’s not English, so even though I have lived in America for over 6 years I still have an accent, well my husband lost 40% of his hearing due to an illness when he was a boy, so we are always laughing at all the things I said and the things he think I said, lots of confusion but lots of laughter as well.

  • 306
    Becky Thomson says:

    When my husband and I went skydiving last year. I was scared and really didn’t let myself enjoy it until 1/4 way free falling then landing safely on the ground. While my husband was calm and happy and after seeing his photos he had a blast, and was on a “high” all day. I had the same “high” after it too. It was something new we did together loved that feeling.

  • 307
    Beata Kania says:

    Everything having to do with my 6 year old son is funny. He is a comic at heart, and a ham for the camera. I keep a monthly journal of his witty comments and photos. He is my heart!

  • 308
    StephH says:

    I had just met my now husband on a blind date. We’d only been out one more time when he showed up on my doorstep at 8am (after getting off night shift at the mill where he worked). In his hands was a carton of a dozen brown eggs from his own chickens. He says, “some women get roses, but here’s a dozen eggs”! I knew right then and there that I should marry the man! Lol!!

  • 309
    Sharon Jaeger says:

    My husband and I have so many funny memories that only we would understand. One favourite is getting giggly watching a very small truck go round and round a roundabout in Australia…must have been the jet lag getting to us!

  • 310
    wendy says:

    This memory came to mind right away , we were newly married ( almost 30 yrs ago now) and something was wrong with the kitchen faucet…hubby decided to investigate and it wasn’t long before water was shooting right up into his face , blew his glasses right off ..All I could do was stand there and laugh while he’s yelling shut the water off at the valve ..but neither one of us new where the water shut off was in the house…needless to say there was alot of water on the kitchen floor before we finally got it shut off…we still laugh about it to this day

  • 311
    Cheryl F. says:

    When my husband proposed, he wanted me to find the ring before he said anything. I noticed the box, but thought it might be his grandmother’s jewelry, so I didn’t feel that I should open it. As I went from room to room in his house, I started to notice that the ring box followed me. Finally, he got tired of waiting and handed me the box and said, “are you going to open this, or not?” Not very romantic, but we still laugh about it.

  • 312
    Sally K says:

    My Dad was teaching me to drive a car with a stick shift. I stalled in a busy intersection and that was the final straw. He jumped out, ran around the car and told me to get into the passenger seat! It has been a great story all these years.

  • 313
    Deepa M. says:

    When my siblings and I were little, my dad would make breakfast for us every Saturday morning. Pancakes usually but sometimes waffles too. We had an old reel-to-reel machine and every morning first thing he would load a reel and start playing it and then sing along as he cooked. He couldn’t carry a tune to save his life, so it was quite funny to hear him but he sure was happy. Fun memory – thanks for a great release!!

  • 314
    Michelle says:

    My extended family went camping together one weekend. My grandparents had had set up a tent over the picnic table. The tent had mesh sides to keep out the bugs. We are all sitting in the tent eating lunch when their yellow lab (who was with us & who was a lot like Marley from “Marley and Me”…naughty and mischievous) saw another dog across the campground and took off, burst through the mesh side, to chase it. The whole tent fell down, and my grandpa was chasing after him yelling, “darn you, Clancy”. At some point, the dog realized he was in trouble but he just stood frozen debating whether it would be better to come back and accept his punishment or keep running. It all happened so quickly that while we knew what was happening none of us could do anything about it. We still laugh about it today.

  • 315
    Suzy Girl says:

    On the 2nd date (after the 1st was a blind date) my now husband had asked me to marry him. He knew right away.

  • 316
    Nancy S says:

    When my sister and I were little and our mom was at her weekly card game with her friends dad was in charge of getting us to bed. He would make a pair of our footed pajama bottoms “dance”. It was so silly we always went to sleep with a big smile.

  • 317
    Susan Gosman says:

    Walking hand in hand with my dad every Saturday, on our way to buy the newspaper for him and a treat for me.

  • 318

    My favorite funny memory is one with my baby brother. We were headed out to a salsa concert, and as we were heading to the venue from the parking lot, one of his favorite songs came on (they were playing music live which could be heard even before getting to the hall), he stopped, grabbed me by the hand and proceeded to dance with me right on the spot! He couldn’t wait!!!

  • 319
    diana says:

    All the great times with my father, who passed away 5 years ago.

  • 320
    Shelly Greybeck says:

    Every day provides opportunity for funny memories with my husband. His humor is one of the things that attracted me to him.

  • 321
    Jeanne H says:

    I liked my husband’s furry chest and one time starting quoting the “Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear…” poem which he had not heard and it cracked him up. A good memory, as he passed away nine years ago!

  • 322
    Jacquelyn Harmon says:

    I love, love, love the kits; and a big THANK YOU for the Sketch Recipes.

  • 323
    Teresa beg says:

    My husband has a alter ego for our dogs. He makes up funny stories of different situations.

  • 324

    When I came home from college for a break, my brother, who was a teenager at the time said, “Oh, good, now we can have our family wrestling time!” And proceeded to tackle me to the ground. It was as if it was something we did all the time, only we hadn’t had “family wrestling time” since we were little kids. I guess he was just really happy to see me. : )

  • 325
    richard vd L says:

    My grandfather telling my grandmother that he’f painted the television set, when actually it was a completely new television set. And my grandmother was actually beleiving him

  • 326
    Jacquelyn Harmon says:

    That’s what I get for not reading the instructions (& I’m a retired teacher!)… My dad was a sailor, and some of my favorite memories involve being on the water, under sail, and having deep and serious, or light and humorous discussions. I miss him every day and look forward to a grand reunion in the future. Jacquelyn

  • 327
    Michele H. says:

    My Dad is a very funny guy! One time when I was about 10, my Dad bought an old Chevy convertible and he and my brother and and sister and I were driving it home and my dad said the horn didn’t work so we’d have to scream as a warning. So all four of were in the card screaming like lunatics, wind blowing in our faces and we raced down this old country road. My have times changed! It was a supr fun day with my dad I’ll never forget.

  • 328
    Wendy says:

    When all my three boys get together and remember the funny stories of their growing up years! I am usually the one they are laughing about.

  • 329
    Norma says:

    Hiding Easter eggs for my brothers and they couldn’t find them all. They were not happy campers.

  • 330
    ohkat says:

    Every single time my DH tries to dance. God bless him he is so uncoordinated. He has us on the floor laughing every time, so now when someone is in a bad mood that is his go to cheer up.

  • 331
    Megan Carroll says:

    It is hard to pick one, my husband and I were laughing over a quote in the newspaper together, that we couldn’t believe some had said!

  • 332
    Cynthia Rose says:

    Hubby tends to mispronounce certain words. We have a few we always remember and start laughing every time he says them.

  • 333
    Linda Gorman says:

    One of my best memories is seeing Dublin, Ireland for the first time with my youngest son who lives there!

  • 334
    Alisyn says:

    I will never forget the day I saw my younger brother for the first time after he was in a horrible car accident that left him brain-injured and in a coma for 3 weeks–(this is a happy memory, I promise! πŸ˜‰ I had been out of state and returned to see him awake, sitting in a wheelchair, with a Santa hat on his head singing along to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You.” One of the best memories of my life. We are so very thankful to The Lord for that miracle!!

  • 335
    Mendi M says:

    Mine is funny now, but wasn’t funny at the time! My husband rear-ended me on the highway during a really bad storm! It counted on our insurance as TWO accidents!

  • 336

    Hardly a day goes by without a big belly laugh courtesy of my husband! I have soooo many priceless memories of us laughing together I could write a book! One of the many reasons I fell in love with him!

  • 337
    JosieDeeDee says:

    After 46 years of being together there are so many things that made us both laugh over the years, but I think of the daily things he does that make me smile and lets me know that he really does love me. A silly little dance, a funny comment or perhaps a goofy pose….it has made our life so easy and relaxed. Just love my humorous husband!!!

  • 338
    Brandi R says:

    Oh wow. My favorite funny memory with a man…..actually occurred quite recently. Hubby and I were watching an after show that had interviews with some of the actors from the show. One of the actors talks with a southern accent in the show. Well, during the interview, they of course speak in their own tone. This particular actor is British. When he first started speaking, Hubby looks at me and says “Oh my! He speaks English!” My son and I howled for a god 30 minutes. It has now become the house joke anytime someone speaks with a British accent….LOL.

  • 339
    Jayne says:

    It would be lovely to hear the voice of my dad calling out for my mom to do this or that…unending tasks it would seem. Her selective hearing was employed judiciously. LOL

  • 340
    Melissa E says:

    The funniest recent memory I have is of my dad going down the water slide with my kids in Florida – he doesn’t like water/can’t swim so the picture of his face when the water was splashing it is priceless.

  • 341
    Dawn M. says:

    When my husband and I were first dating in the 70s, long hair and beards were “in”, he had both. Through the years, as styles changed, we would look back at photos and laugh (he had short hair and no beard). Funny how styles change, now he has a beard and longer hair again! Celebrating 40 years being married this weekend!

  • 342
    Vivian C. says:

    I am a slow eater. My mom was a slow eater and I thought that was the way everyone ate. When I was in college, my friend was watching me eat a salad. He asked “Do you get hungry between bites?” It still makes me chuckle.

  • 343
    Zena B. says:

    My dad hated to ask for directions and most times, he was able to figure out how to get where we needed to go. One time, we got really lost and he still refused to ask for directions. His one concession was to stop and let my mum to go in and ask for directions.

  • 344
    Lauren Y. says:

    My 18 month old cousin came for a visit one weekend. At 18 months he was so rambunctious & vocal. He couldn’t talk yet but made those high pitched shrieks & shouts to communicate. The door bell rings at 11:30pm with the police standing outside to investigate a call from a neighbor reporting child abuse! The little guy answers the door with me & it is the only time, aside from being asleep, that he was a quite angel! He’s 12 now & we still laugh at what a trouble maker he was.

  • 345
    Reva says:

    Heads I win, tails you lose– I had never heard this, when my boyfriend bet me about washing the dishes (yes it was eons before automatic dishwashers). Well it was after midnight and I washed the dishes. It’s 58 years later and he still bets me, heads I win-tails you lose.

  • 346
    Barb W says:

    I have such fond memories of our family going to a friends cabin for a weekend. We took our two very young daughters and watching them with Grandpa for the weekend, learning about all the nature around us was priceless. Our youngest daughter still talks about ‘Queen Anne Lace’ and what Grandpa taught her.

  • 347
    Bonnie W. (Cardm8kr63) says:

    I would have to say the funniest moment happened when my youngest son was 4 and we were vacationing in Florida. We happened to be staying at the resort the Harlem Globetrotters were staying at and we would see them every morning. One morning we were riding down the elevator with a few of the team and my son looked up at me and said I bet they play baseball! Now it was obvious that they were close to 7 feet tall but a 4 yr old would not have put 2 x 2 together. They guys were great but I could tell they wanted to burst out in laughter. Later that day they gave him some souvenirs that they signed. I guess they are bombarded with fans wanting things from them that this encounter was a breath of fresh air.

  • 348
    Hanne says:

    All quirky comments by my brother who is 3 years younger than me. Just thinking about them makes me laugh

  • 349
    Emily M. says:

    One of my favorite memories from my childhood is from when I was about 4. My uncle, a teacher, used to stay with my grandma over the summers to help watch my sister and I while my mom worked. He was an English teacher, and he had a typewriter. I would type gibberish on the typewriter, and then he would read the gibberish to me. I thought it was the funniest thing and would giggle until my muscles ached.

  • 350
    Greta H says:

    Many, many years ago my brother went water-skiing with us in the local river. Hubby was driving the boat & I was spotting. A barge passed us coming from the opposite direction &, of course, produced a HUGE wave. The boat came out of the water & I yelled for hubby to stop thinking my brother was down & going under. Then we realized he was still hanging on, hubby hit the gas & he continued to ski. When we did stop my brother just said “why did you stop?” We all got a good laugh & not sure we ever went skiing in that area again! A couple years after that my brother was diagnosed with a very debilitating chronic condition, but it’s fun to remember good times like that day.

  • 351
    Maria says:

    My boyfriend then (now my husband)thought he was helping me when I said I felt like I was getting a cold and gave me Tylenol with codeine. We were having supper and I couldn’t put the fork in my mouth, it went everywhere but my mouth. My eyes were super big and I just held the fork in my hand and said “I don’t feel so good”. Needles to say, he was scared to death at the reaction I had to the codeine.

  • 352
    Nancy L. says:

    My Dad taught us how to swim by throwing us out on the deep at the beach! We learned how to swim really quick!

  • 353
    Charmaine says:

    Riding in the car on a family trip or even just going to the store or church…my dad would keep time to the music by tapping on the brake! Thank goodness the times he chose to do this was when there were not many cars around. It wasn’t funny at the time…more embarrassing than anything if there were people around that we knew…but thinking about it now is hilarious!

  • 354
    Karen says:

    I just got together with all of my brothers to celebrate a birthday – they are a funny bunch – there were lots of laughs!

  • 355
    Betty Sue says:

    I loved my dad’s crazy sayings! Give me just a dash, I’d like some cow milk, fine as a frog hair split down the middle! Miss hearing that stuff and laughing with him!

  • 356
    Marsha S. says:

    On my brother in law’s 40th birthday I decorated the outside of his house with lots of black decorations. It took him some time to figure out who do it. He enjoyed it anyway.

  • 357
    Alyssa s says:

    When I was around 7 years old, I hated tomatoes. My grandmother had a huge planter area filled with cherry tomato plants. My uncle told me they tasted just like cherries, hence the name. I grabbed a huge handful and stuffed my mouth…needless to say, cherry tomatoes do NOT taste like cherries. He thought he was pretty funny though!

  • 358
    Karen Corbett says:

    At supper my husband handed me a bottle of salad dressing.
    As always I shook the bottle to mix the ingredients.
    My husband had not tightened the lid and the salad dressing went flying all over him, the table and his plate. We were both speechless for a minute and then started to laugh. Now, whenever we have a bottle of salad dressing on the table we always double check the cap before using! Lesson learned!

  • 359
    Kathy says:

    One of my favorite funny memories of my Dad is him doing the “One Shoe Bear” dance for his grandchildren! At 6’3″ it was hilarious… I’m so glad we actually got a picture to cherish that fond memory forever!

  • 360
    WENDY HOVDE says:

    So many memories!! Try to laugh everyday.
    One of my favorite ones is –
    we were shopping in a big department store, (Hubby”s fav. past time!!) He walked up to someone thinking it was me and tapped her on the should and said “Lets get out of here!”
    Needless to say we were done shopping when he did find me !!

  • 361
    Lynda Marquez says:

    I have the most fun at family gatherings with my youngest brother…when we start laughing, it is hard to stop! We like to tease our mom…and it just snowballs from there!

  • 362
    Lakisha says:

    When my little brother would use my boyfriend as the target for his homemade slingshot. Poor guy never saw it coming.

  • 363
    Candice L. says:

    During carefree college days, one late night with a friend drove aimlessly around the city and wandered into the hills….got lost in the dense fog and tried to knock on a door to find directions home….turned out the “homes” were burials for the dead in a cemetery. We ran and drove off so fast; not a word said to each other for a long time.

  • 364
    Patti K says:

    My amazing husband makes me laugh every! day!! It is hard to pick but one hysterical moment came when we were fishing and he lost his favorite fishing pole over the side of the boat resulting in “man overboard”, hysterical rescue and a fish story!!! I am truly blessed.

    Thanks a bunch for the chance to win : )


  • 365
    Heather Peterson says:

    When my dad dressed as a clown to play a practical joke on my cousin who is terrified of clowns. It was a funny night!

  • 366
    Rosemary D says:

    my dad liked to joke around and do funny things so I have lots of great memories of the jokes he would play on family and friends! I will never forget the summer he told my brother’s to light fireworks off on my uncle’s front steps! we (especially my dad) all thought it was hilarious, but boy was my uncle mad!

  • 367
    Barbara Schmidt says:

    When our son would get in trouble as a little kid, we would ask him what he was doing. His reply was “just messing!” Now our grandchildren use the same words when they are questioned about their behavior. If their uncle could use it, they figure the same goes for them too!

  • 368
    Annette Snyder says:

    When my son was trying to be cool and eat a really hot pepper. He was not expecting it to be that hot. It was hilarious to watch him try to keep his cool and find something to cool down his mouth.

  • 369
    Veda Taylor says:

    My husband and I were trying to get a plastic bag off the cat (the handle was around her neck). She was running in circles through the house scared to death and I was chasing her, trying to catch her and my husband was just laughing so hard that he couldn’t help. When I finally got it off her I collapsed exhausted on the floor and he did the manly thing – took that nasty plastic bag out to the garage, never to be seen again. Even though it was traumatic for the cat, we laugh about the memory and the parts we both played in it.

  • 370
    Amanda Christensen says:

    When I was a little girl, I apparently thought my grandfather resembled another old man who wore red, had a big belly and delivered Christmas present. One day I pointed at him and called him “Ho, Ho.” The nickname stuck!

  • 371
    Emma says:

    Sitting with my husband making puns until the other one cracked first and groaned.

  • 372
    Lisa Elton says:

    Our then 8 year old son and I tried getting our live Christmas tree in the stand by ourselves. The tree fell on top of us, we laid under it laughing and squealing!

  • 373
    Robin in Washington says:

    I was just a child when this happened, but my Mom had pneumonia and my father had to cook dinner. Well, he’d never cooked anything in his life. So he asked Mom how to cook hot dogs and she said to boil them. Well, he boiled them all right. When he served them to my brother and I, we couldn’t eat them because they were all rubbery. My Dad thought we were just being picky, so when he tried to eat his he found out we were right!!! We have laughed over that story for a lot of years!!

  • 374
    Audrey says:

    When my dad accompanied me on the roller coaster on Coney Island when I was 10 yrs old – he vowed after that experience “never again” to ride another roller coaster!

  • 375
    Brenda Kuder says:

    My husband was showing off for his nephews and went to slide on some light snow and fell on his butt. They have never forgotten it. It’s funny because he wasn’t hurt.

  • 376
    Kelly Flaherty says:

    After my husband’s strokes his left arm shook uncontrollably. While we were watching TV in his hospital room, he grabbed the large jar of peanuts in his left hand and before we knew it peanuts were all over the room!

  • 377
    Steffi H. says:

    When my hubby for 15 years and I started dating a long time ago, we went to a drive trough to grab some milk shakes before going on a walk in the park.
    He managed to smud the entire right outside of my white (!) car with a chocolate shake, even without realising it.
    Since then we have to laugh about the shake desaster several times every week. πŸ™‚

  • 378
    Karla says:

    Shortly before we were to be married, my husband to be decided to fix dinner for the two of us at his apartment. He fixed tuna casserole, something that he had made many times before. I think that he was a bit nervous about impressing his bride to be. The casserole was yummy, but after dinner we discovered that he had left out the tuna!

  • 379
    Karyn S says:

    My dad tried to water ski once. He kept turning (floating) around so his back was to the boat. I don’t think he ever got up on the skis.

  • 380
    Peege04 says:

    My dad was very bald and we took a picture where I was hidden behind his chair and my long teenage hair was arranged over his head to make him look like a long haired “Beetle”. It was really funny.

  • 381
    jamie says:

    Boyfriend falling in stream trying to hit golf ball!

  • 382
    Tanis Scott says:

    When my husband and I were dating, we had a 60th birthday party for my Dad. My then boyfriend was complaining to me about the rice crispy cake my Mom had made, asking if she’d put birdseed in it, or what. (She usually adds pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, raisins, etc. to give it a little more texture and interest). I tried a piece, and it was quite dry. Just then, my Mom walked in and I said, “I think you may have overdone it a bit with the “healthy” in this cake,” then my boyfriend pipes up and says, “I don’t know WHAT she’s talking about. I thought your cake was wonderful!”

  • 383
    LauraJane:) says:

    When I was a young girl I used to make my dad sandwiches and tuck tiny love notes inside them. One day I asked if he had gotten my note, he said WHAT NOTE?..he must have eaten it! HA! I learned from then on to just put the note on the top of the sandwich and NOT INSIDE:/

  • 384
    Connie Fisher says:

    Riding to work with my Dad to catch the bus for High School….many years ago. It was our special time. My Dad has been gone for a year now and I miss him so much.

  • 385
    Maureen W. says:

    You know that saying – “let’s just agree to disagree”? One time my hubby and I were arguing and he said, “Let’s just agree…” and I started nodding my head yes, and he finished, “that you’re wrong!” We both started laughing and it was a nice end to an argument!!

  • 386
    Penny Douphinett says:

    My first date with my husband and how nervous we both were. My dau and his son were good friends and our date was a secret. It always makes us laugh when we reminisce. Can’t wait to order!

  • 387
    Kathy V. says:

    My most memorable laugh was when our son at the age of 3 came out modeling his 13 year old sister’s undies.With the help of grapefruits, it was hillariuos.

  • 388
    Diane says:

    My 18 year old son is the funniest person I’ve ever met in my life, and he keeps us in stitches DAILY! I always tell him he should take his act on the road. He’ll be going away to college in the fall and I don’t know how I’m going to survive without my daily dose of Connor πŸ™‚

  • 389
    Lisa Ann says:

    I think the funniest experience we’ve had was during our engagement and the jokester my husband is kept taunted me about getting married and I had finally had it one night while going to get ice cream. I barked a bit and told him “unless you are going to ask me !!!! Then stop talking about it!!!!!” Well, I was in for a suprise ….he got down on one knee and gave me the most beautiful engagement ring. I sabotaged his plan with my tantrum but we will never forget that night….he certainly won’t let! It’s one of those stories that gets relieve each anniversary. We’ve been together for 12 years and more in love each and every day!

  • 390
    Diana B says:

    As a child my uncle took my siblings and myself for special dinners at a seafood restaurant nearby. One particular evening, as he recounted a trip to Martha’s Vineyard and my baby brother’s discovery of a peculiar sea creature, which surprised him by squirting water into his eye, my uncle began to laugh so hard he couldn’t stop. Within minutes the entire restaurant was laughing and didn’t know why. My favorite uncle ever! Thanks for evoking that memory. πŸ™‚

  • 391
    Janet Wilson says:

    Fantastic release πŸ˜€

    When I was little my uncle gave me fright – I jumped and said “oh, you gave me a fight”. he then said “well, give it back tome then”. It made everyone laugh for ages.

  • 392
    Patricia F. says:

    Several years ago my husband decided to teach our youngest son a lesson. He felt our son moved too slowly when asked to help with a chore. Sooooo….my husband challenged him to a race. Our son was about 12 & my husband was mid 40’s. If my husband won the race, our son had to complete several chores over the next week by himself. On his very first stride my husband went down with a pulled calf muscle! If that wasn’t funny enough, our son was running for his life so he never looked back to see what had happened! He never stopped for a second until he crossed the “finish line”. I can still picture this in my mind & laugh every time!

  • 393
    Kara says:

    My whole family went out to dinner. I was telling some sort of story about a jeep with a winch on the front, but I said “wench” instead. My dad thought that was the funniest thing ever. Now, whenever he sees a winch, he points it out to me – or even sends me picture texts of them πŸ™‚

  • 394
    Craftyfield says:

    My then boyfriend showed for breakfast at the hotel restaurant with the TV remote control (instead of the his phone). His embarassment matched my mirth…

  • 395
    Cindy O says:

    Before my first Christmas with my husband’s family, I went shopping with him for presents. He bought nice sweaters for his mom, daughter, sister, brother-in-law… everyone on the list. They loved their sweaters. The next year, we went shopping for his family again and he headed for the sweater displays. I said, wait, you just bought them sweaters last year! He said, that’s what I buy all of them EVERY year! We still laugh about that moment, but we bought annual sweaters for his side of the family and they really did like them!

  • 396
    Julia Aston says:

    My newest funny memories are being created by the cute little things my 3 yr and 4 yr grandnephews come out with when I’m babysitting them! such as when Landon said – “I have some bad news to tell you” and I said “oh, goodness what happened?” – and he said – “my airplane just went under the sofa….”

  • 397
    Pat from sd says:

    My husband is super funny in his own little ways; he likes to make me laugh a lot…which is a good thing.

  • 398
    Sue McRae says:

    My dad doing the Chicken Dance at weddings! He loves that song and really gets into it when it starts playing!

  • 399
    Nancy Penir says:

    Has to be with my husband.
    Visiting a relative we hadn’t seen in years, DH asked how his mother was… replied the relative, ‘Oh you know she died?” My bumbling hubby quickly tried to cover with, ‘I mean how’s her grave?” I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard!
    2 non-appropriate reactions!!!

  • 400
    Cathy Brose says:

    When we were first married we had a waterbed. One night hubby went to bed before I did. When I finally went in, I saw that he was asleep. I couldn’t resist! I ran and bellyflopped on my side of the bed, thinking it would wake him up. It woke him up alright! As I went down on my side of the bed, he went up on his side….up in the air and down on the floor! It’s a good thing he has a good sense of humor!

  • 401
    Krissie says:

    My son is such a funny little one. He tries to pretend he is doing something else, when we know he is secretly doing something he shouldn’t be doing. He is only 6.

  • 402
    Ann says:

    I have a twin sister and we played a joke on one of our best friends in high school. We switched seats in our class and everyone (including the teacher) knew and our friend (who the joke was aimed at) got so embarrassed. All in fun.

  • 403
    Patty says:

    My nephew is a funny little guy, always cracking a joke, trying to get a smile from others. it’s actually quite contagious. πŸ™‚

  • 404
    Lori Cullen says:

    There are too many to mention when it come to my husband. Perhaps the time that he swung our 10 month old by the feet and announced, “Owen “Wrecking Ball” Cullen!” as my son’s pro wresting name.

  • 405
    Deb says:

    When my husband was going on about a problem at work (that was highly technical) and I offered a reasonable solution. He didn’t know I knew so much about his field!

  • 406
    adele says:

    My husband and our two sons all have a quick wit, and to be around any or all of them is to laugh a lot, any time. I can’t say I have one special memory, but an impromptu sock fight comes to mind. These guys have kept me laughing for a lot of years!

  • 407
    Bette manning says:

    My husband bounced out of a tube on a ride at Disney….he thought if he sat on top of the tube he would go faster…he sure did..flew right out and had to hurry up and get back in the tube before the lifeguard saw him…as he was sliding down a ride! Too funny, we still laugh about it 20 years later!

  • 408
    Donna Phelan says:

    When our daughter was little she used to put those little Chiquita Banana Stickers on her Dad’s forehead. One day he forgot and was getting in the car to head to work…..luckily, for his sake, I ran after him! Now that little girl will be getting married this Fall….how does that happen? FUN Release! I am always amazed at all of the new wonderful products, I don’t know how you do it, but so glad you do!

  • 409
    Lynne in NI says:

    I’ve lots of fun memories with my Dad, but my favourite would be the two of us watching silly sit-coms on the TV and having a real good laugh, especially when ‘Allo ‘Allo was on. Thanks for bringing these lovely memories back … he’s been dead for 12 years next week and it seems like only yesterday he was here!

  • 410
    Diana Fleming says:

    My dad was alway very in control of his emotions when we were growing up- hard to do raising 5 kids! He laughed often, but we had never seem him just lose it and laugh uncontrollably until he told his favorite joke one night at dinner. He must’ve stopped and started it atleast 4 times before he even got to the punch line, he was laughing so hard. Us kids were delighted! I don’t even remember the full joke, and it probably wasn’t even all that funny, but the sight of my dad laughing hysterically is one of my favorite memories. We would beg and beg him to tell the “Heavenly Days, George” joke again, but he never did- but he always laughed about it :).

  • 411

    This memory would be when my very bald brother-in-law showed up at the cabin wearing a wig. He kept a perfectly straight face as if he was serious about this AWFUL hair. It was SO funny (guess you had to be there).

  • 412
    Kari says:

    A favorite memory of my dad that is so funny now but was so embarrassing then…when I was 16 years old my boyfriend and I were driving to the mountain to go night skiing. My dad wanted to check the boyfriend’s tires before we headed up to the icy roads. He found them lacking so required that my boyfriend change all 4 tires (dad had a spare set in the garage) before we left. So embarrassing at the time, now a memory of Dad’s love and concern for my safety! (The boyfriend changed back to his own tires when we got home!)

  • 413
    MoJo says:

    My great Uncle Aubrey used to begins all of his stories by saying “when I was a little girl” that used to crack me up as a kid!

  • 414
    Stephanie Walter says:

    My late father was a prankster. Once when my sisters and I went house back riding – we were stopped on the trail due to a snake. No problems – we get home and tell the story. Later that evening my Dad put a penny in a film container – snuck up on my sister and shoke it – it sounded like a rattler – she screamed – we all laughed – She did not think it was funny. It was even funnier when he did it to her again first thing the next morning.

  • 415
    jen shears says:

    When my husband & I were dating I was painting a room/ceiling & of course ended up wearing a lot of light colored paint in my very dark hair- the look on his face when he saw me was so funny & to this day he calls me Pepe whenever I pull out some paint!

  • 416
    Sandy Vincent says:

    Dancing with my dad at my sister’s wedding reception…I was 8 months pregnant, he had a pretty serious belly on him at that time. I asked him, “So when are you due?” LOL

  • 417
    Diana F says:

    My favorite funny memory was with my husband (before we were married). We had spent a month traveling out west and were on a very tight budget. We had a lot of meals that were Dutch Loaf and bread. To this day, I cannot stand Dutch Loaf. Any way we were at Lake Tahoe and decided to splurge and grill out hamburgers. We were at a picnic area at the beach and I had the hamburgers on a piece of aluminum foil and as I was carrying them over to the grill, the wind picked up and the hamburgers fell in the sand. We were so desperate for something other than Dutch Loaf sandwiches, that we scrapped the sand off and ate gritty hamburgers.

  • 418
    Michelle Laulu says:

    My Husband and I were still newlyweds living in a third-floor apartment. On a snowy day, I waited at the top of the balcony while my Husband threw the house keys to me. Being as strong as he is, he threw them onto our roof! After laughing, and wondering what to do, I created a contraption of potato masher and whisk tied to a rope, and I tossed it onto the roof and pulled down the keys. We will never forget that day!

  • 419
    Brooke says:

    My husband trying to scare the kids at Halloween by putting on his chemical gear and then the first kid said my dad has that stuff too. What a low blow. Love this die release.

  • 420
    Elle says:

    I was a daddy’s girl but u fortunately lost him to Cancer when he was only 35, I was 17. After that, my 3 uncles took on that role in their on special way and have always looked out for me. Prior to my dad’s death they were more like brothers to me, now I would say they are just so very special to me and I am blessed to have them. They have always enjoyed their “protective” role over me. So in a nutshell, any time spent with them is always a blessing to me:)

  • 421
    Karen says:

    Well, it involved an infertility treatment with my now ex-husband in the bathroom of a restaurant, with the husband of a couple of our friends who were interested in exploring infertility treatment, and one poor guy who had the misfortune to enter the bathroom at just the wrong moment… suffice it to say that we all shared in a hysterical fit of laughter once back at our table… (thanks for making me remember perhaps the funniest moment in my life!)

  • 422
    Linda E (uncbballfan) says:

    One of many memories involves 2 of my favorite men: my husband and my Dad. My Dad was a huge practical joker, and one year for Christmas, he drew my husband’s name. When we started opening Christmas gifts, Dad told Steve that the biggest box was his and told him to open it. This was a HUGE box, but Steve tore into it and paper was flying everywhere. He finally had to lay the box on its side and crawl into it. (I told you the box was big – it had contained a water heater.) Dad had started laughing when Steve started opening, and by this time, Dad could hardly catch his breath he was laughing so hard. Slowly Steve started backing out of the box… and proudly held up a pair of gloves.

  • 423
    Cele Schaffer says:

    When my husband and I entered a hat contest/parade on our cruise to the Bahamas for our honeymoon… and we won!

  • 424
    Leslie A Deering says:

    I was 17 and my friends and I went to the lake to walk around and see the boats my sister’s one friend brought her boyfriend who was very tall and strong. He was bragging and said he was strong enough to carry anyone of us girls on his shoulders so as always I took the dare and he put me up there and took off running tripped and I flew off landing on my chin, ouchh, everyone laughed because he felt so bad and was trying to help me , I milked it and acted like I was passed out ! My friend was so upset she broke up with him ….I married him and 35 yrs later I still have that scar and he now carries our 4th child on those shoulders ! You never know how God will find the one for you !!

  • 425
    Dorothy Hodgson says:

    On April Fool’s Day, my husband told me to expect a couple tractors and excavators in our yard to put in sprinklers and a lawn. I was completely shocked and unprepared! Of course, it was just a trick. I have returned the tricks since then, but I will never forget that day!

  • 426
    Barbara Martin says:

    My dad always joked around – he was the President of the “Silly Goose Club”. One funny fond memory I have is of my daughter and niece sitting on his lap with him telling stories of the fantastical adventures of two girls (with similar names to the two on his lap!). They loved the stories and we all laughed and laughed. My dad has Alzheimer’s now so those are precious memories.

  • 427
    Tracy says:

    One afternoon I heard this little voice crying “Stuuuuuck! Stuuuuuuck!!”. When I went to investigate, I realized my my 2-year old son had gotten his little bottom wedged into the space between the couch and the ottoman and his ankles were up by his shoulders and he couldn’t get out. Once I made sure he was OK, I laughed until I cried. He’s nearly 14 now, and we still tell that story and “stuuuuuck!” has become part of our family’s vernacular.

  • 428
    janet Goshorn says:

    My favorite “funny” times are watching old sitcoms with my husband. They make us laugh out loud sometimes at how “corny” they are even though we loved watching them when we were younger.

  • 429
    Karen says:


  • 430
    peggysue says:

    One of my funniest memories is when my ex husband tried to install a ceiling fan in our kitchen. He had a series of mishaps, including having the main shaft break, the sottering iron falling onto and burning a hole in the carpet. But when the project was finally done and he proudly flipped the switch, the fan blades stood still, but the light spun around quite merrily. Great release.

  • 431

    My favorite memory is going fishing with my dad during the summer when I was a kid. Loved it everytime!

  • 432
    Karen says:


  • 433
    Marisa says:

    The first year we were married I hid chocolate Easter eggs in our townhouse for my hubby to go on an egg hunt. He hunted and brought some of his findings to the table before heading out to hunt for more. At which time, I would take some of his found eggs and re-hide them while he was out looking for more. Took him about four trips to realize his egg pile was not growing in size and being able to watch the thought process on his face was priceless. Needless to say, I could not contain my laughter at that point. I have been known to do this to my kids too LOL!

  • 434
    Lori says:

    When I went snow skiing with my husband. Every time before he would fall fall I would hear Uh Oh……then he would crash. I heard a lot of Uh Oh’s.

  • 435
    Mutzy Mia says:

    Great release! My funniest memory was visiting a new boyfriend in the hospital and when he commented he was thirsty I offered to get some water for his glass. I reached for the “stainless steel pitcher” which turned out to be the urinal! Thankfully as I was about to pour he commented “you don’t want to use that”… I said “Oh…”, calmly took his glass into the hallway (where I died a thousand deaths)found a drinking fountain and filled his glass. I still laugh remembering the situation…we stopped seeing each other shortly after:-)

  • 436
    Jodi V says:

    My best friend and I doing a whirlwind tour of Paris, London, and Rome in ten days…some of my favorite memories are of that…great times!!

  • 437
    Maria C F says:

    My father dancing and singing silly songs with us.

  • 438
    Jenelle says:

    It’s not so much one funny memory as something that happens quite frequently between my husband and I. We’ll be watching tv or with family and someone will say something. We’ll both be thinking the same thing and look at each other with the same look on our faces. It makes me laugh so much!

  • 439
    Tee Tee says:

    My father trying to give us kids (all five of us) piggyback rides at the same time–so much fun.

  • 440
    Lemalie says:

    My brothers and sisters would always sneak out of the house late at night to go to a club. My Dad would always stay up to make sure the kids were home and asleep. He somehow always knew when we were sneaking back in the house when we came home. It was if he had a sixth sense! I miss him now ha the has passed, even those nights when we were caught. πŸ™‚

  • 441
    Helen F. says:

    My husband had a very infectious laugh and when he was watching an old silly sitcom on TV, he would start to laugh and in turn would set me off…no matter where I was in the house, I could hear him and was instantly put in the best mood πŸ™‚
    One of the many beautiful memories and joys I have missed these last four years…

  • 442
    ching says:

    Sitting in the back of a sun bleached mint green mustang, with no seat belt (Cuz those were the sign of the times), and trying to fit a huge piece of bubble gum that came along with buying the Sunday Times. My dad sitting in the front seat, turned around towards me in the backseat, trying to teach me how to blow bubbles. My dad has been gone for 2.5 years now.

  • 443
    Janet B from WV says:

    This made me chuckle ?

  • 444
    Luanne Ford says:

    It has to be the day my husband was building our first fire of the season in our fireplace. When he went to stoke it with a poker, something fell out of the chimney on fire. It scare him so much he fell backwards over an ottoman (luckily was not hurt). On further review, it was a squirrel! Because it was smoking, he carried out to the cold backyard and set it on the frozen grass. Needless to say, we had about a foot of snow overnight, and didn’t see it again until Springtime when our dog found a treasure! Yikes! We still laugh about it, almost like the squirrel in Christmas Vacation! πŸ˜‰

  • 445
    Emma S. says:

    When we were first dating, my husband for about 2 weeks pretended he was left handed. I thought? he was right handed and finally confronted him and he was waiting to see how observant I was.

  • 446
    Lorraine00 says:

    My husband has a weird sense of humor, lol. He is always saying the strangest funny things. And he always calls us by weird names. One morning I was tired and totally not into getting ready for work – he said oh, watch out for the grouchy squirrel! That was weird and made me laugh. He is always doing things like that.

  • 447
    Anne B says:

    My favourite funny memory would have to be ice skating with a friend a few years ago – we’re both as bad as each other!

  • 448
    JanM says:

    The complete story is too long to fully share… lets just say it involved my brother and a painted mustache! (hehe)

  • 449
    Kylie Z says:

    Wrestling with my two older brothers!

  • 450
    Beverly Perdue says:

    My sister wrapped up a rubber chicken in a beautiful box for a Christmas gift. She had it rigged so when it was opened, it would pop up. She gave it to my Mom. When she opened it, my Dad laughed so hard he was crying! I love that moment. The next year he wrapped up the same chicken and gave it to his grandson. He just laughed and laughed. It makes me smile to think of it. I love to see him laugh.

  • 451
    Frannie says:

    My son was talking to my granddaughter and it was a funny sarcastic comment. Well my granddaughter asked my son “daddy are you talking sarcasm”. I thought I would die

  • 452
    Geri G says:

    This is easy….when my husband dressed up as a ballerina for Halloween…complete with a tutu, tights, slippers, tank top, wig and make-up! He’s such a good sport πŸ™‚

  • 453
    Brenda says:

    telling my soon-to-be husband on our wedding day that I’d backed into one of my bridesmaid’s cars on the way to the church… πŸ˜›

  • 454
    Pat Baker says:

    My Dad was quite the quipster! He had a favorite joke to tell all the kids that would always make them giggle! He always use to kid me with the joke “do you know how to lose 10 lbs of ugly fat? Cut off your HEAD!” Yes, he did like the “groaners” LOL! I inherited his sense of humor, perhaps to the regret of my friends πŸ˜‰

  • 455
    Sarah white says:

    We were in birthing class for our first son. We were using the dolls to practice something and my husband accidentally tore the head off ours. We were they only ones who thought it was funny.

  • 456
    Kris says:

    OK…you asked for this one! My kids were elementary school age and one of them became ill at church choir so I needed to go quickly and pick her up. Unfortunately I had an apple pie in the oven that was almost done baking. I left a note for my husband who was out running to take the pie out of the oven when the buzzer went off. He came in from running and went to the basement to strip out of his wet clothes. As he was passing through the kitchen on his way to the shower the oven timer went off and he stopped to take the pie out of the oven…stark naked…just as we were pulling into the garage with a full view into the kitchen. Needless to say, my children were scarred for life by the sight of their naked Dad bending over the oven…and believe me…we are still laughing.

  • 457
    Alesa says:

    One winter I got the end of my neck scarf caught in a newspaper box which locked shut when it closed – with my scarf in it while still wrapped around my neck. Hubs tried everything to get it opened & nothing worked. We had to cut the scarf. We still laugh about it.

  • 458
    Vicki A. says:

    One night when my husband was working late, our kids wanted a fire in our wood burning fireplace. I opened the flue and started the fire. Smoke started coming in the family room, I had actually closed the flue. Our son ran upstairs and got his swimming goggles so he could watch tv through the smoke. He looked pretty funny watching tv with his goggles on!

  • 459
    shell says:

    My husbands laugh is contagious when he starts to laugh everything gets funnier.

  • 460
    Tammie Koehnen says:

    The funniest memory (with a male family friend) I had when growing up was when I 13 yrs old, and I caught the biggest fish in my life. My parents where so proud of me for catching a 12 pound northern pike, and a family friend asked where I caught it, and I said “why the hook caught him in the throat!” . He and everyone laughed pretty hard at that. I didn’t know he meant which lake I caught it at. πŸ™‚
    Great release!

  • 461
    Sydney Grace says:

    My best memory is of my friend from my class. He was always by my side and somehow could tell if my blood sugar was low and would get me a snack, sometimes he would give me his. He was and is a good friend and has don’t so much for me.

  • 462
    Debbie says:

    My favorite funny memory is with my dad when I was a youngster – me holding a gorgeous rainbow trout and him untangling my fishing line! Love my dad to no end.

  • 463
    Stephanie B. says:

    I would have to say one of my favorite funny (and most embarrassing moments at the time) involved my Dad and my first ‘steady’ boyfriend, Bryon. It was my senior year of high school, and Bryon came over to watch TV one weekend. My Dad was lounging in his recliner reading the newspaper. Bryon and I were laying on the floor watching TV. Some time had passed, and I think my Dad forgot we were there. He just let one rip — very loud and clear. I gasped in embarrassment, Bryon cracked up laughing, and my Dad – lowering the newspaper, said — “anyone hear that tree frog?”

  • 464
    Jennifer L. says:

    My dad is a LOUD snorer. For Christmas (decades ago), my brothers and I got boom boxes with tape recorders. We recorded my dad snoring, but he didn’t believe it was him. So funny for a bunch of kids. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 465
    Lee Cockrum says:

    So many memories, hard to choose!! When my husband and I were dating, one day he randomly asked me “would you be upset if I dropped your toothbrush in the toilet, and didn’t tell you?!” Of course he was just messing with me, but he often comes up with goofy things like that. Keeps me laughing.

  • 466
    Chris J says:

    I remember being chased by my brother up the street after putting a bowl of ice cream in his face after dinner. This was not to be mean but to be funny and entertaining to our younger siblings – all in good fun.

  • 467
    Beth M. says:

    My husband is always cracking me up. We both feed off each others humor to the point of it hurting we are laughing so hard.

  • 468
    Heather Ferguson says:

    My brother in law came out to visit and wanted to go to Venice for the day, so my two boys (ages 19 & 20 at the time), husband and BIL went and “borrowed” a dear friend (told him we were going to breakfast, just not where) and drove to the beach- had a terrific day, some interesting stuff happened on the way home (My boys & I were sober and I was driving) and the grown up “men” were not sober….. much hilarity ensued and we still remember back. We recently lost our dear friend and this is just a great reminder of him and our love for him

  • 469
    Heather says:

    Husband went to the store to grab a new pair of running shoes. When he returned home, I asked to see what he chose. He hesitantly pulled the shoes out of the bag and gave me a bizarre look. I asked him what was wrong and he said, “Well, I found these in the clearance section and when I went to pay for them, I noticed there was a sticker on the side of the box.” When he turned the box to face me, I died out laughing. There, in bold letters, read ‘WOMEN’S 10.5.’ I asked why on earth he paid for them and he said he was too embarrassed to admit he picked out women’s shoes for himself so he shelled out $50 bucks for a pair that neither he nor I can wear! To his credit, they were just black tennis shoes and I doubt anyone would know the difference…except maybe his ego. Best Husband ever!

  • 470
    cnixon says:

    My son, Scott, showed up for a holiday dinner one year wearing a Superman t-shirt emblazoned with the big “S”. I said, “oh, Superman!” and with a crestfallen face, he replied, “No, Mom – Scott!”

  • 471
    Giovana says:

    My brother and I have a excellent relationship!! We always teased the family around and got in trouble too. One day we were bouncing on my sister’s bunk bed and we broke it and ended up on the floor. We got scared but we laughed so hard after that, LOL.

  • 472
    Kathy Krug says:

    The men in my husbands family are all fun loving.
    Every few years we have a new family picture taken, and each of the five guys does something silly that has us all laughing so hard that it is difficult to get a good picture. The photographer might not be as amused as we all are. Somehow we always seem to get one good picture of all 12 of us.

  • 473
    Becs Attwood says:

    Oh that’s a hard question – my Dad & husband are both so hilarious! One of my favorite funny memories from my childhood was when we went to see the movie Robin Hood Prince of Thieves & when a character got shot in the hand my Dad said really loudly “Nice Catch”- the whole cinema full of people were laughing at Dad’s comment!

  • 474
    Vickie Davis says:

    My brother & I wanted a live tree for Christmas when we were teens. We decided to go shopping for one on our own & the salesman thought we were husband & wife. My brother was 26 months younger than me & of course he was mortified! Priceless & we bought the tree!

  • 475
    Caren says:

    My husband tilted his head back, used aerosol whipped cream, and filled his mouth with it, and then some, so that there was a huge “pole” of cream protruding out of his mouth. His mother happened to walk by, and at that exact moment, he burst out laughing, so she then got sprayed with all the whipped cream (that a few seconds ago had been in his mouth)!

  • 476
    D.AnnC says:

    Once we traveled to NYC & were on the Staten Island ferry & there was a special show with the fire boats using colored water… dad took a gazillion pics (back in the days of real film) before realizing he should have run out of film assume time ago… sure nuf…he had no film in the camera! One of the few events that we don’t have pics of that we do have vivid memories of! ; )

  • 477
    Andrea Jeanne says:

    Somewhere my Dad picked up this chain with a fake eyeball on the end of it. He wore to all parties, weddings, etc. He thought it was funny and so did alot of people (not inclduing me who had to ask him to take it off until AFTER he walked me down the aisle!). Sadly he passed away last year and my sibs and I could not give him a send off without his eyeball on a chain (and his tie with fabric that had sperm swimming on it — don’t ask!)

  • 478
    Julie says:

    when I delivered our 1st child, a son, the doctor told my husband, “here she is!” and my husband had to advise him that he better look again! (we had a “she” the third time:)

  • 479

    When my husband forgot he was a 40 year old man and jumped off a swing at the park with our girls. He did not land on his feet and lost his breath for a bit.

  • 480
    Michele W says:

    When we were kids we would fight over who got to wake Dad up on the weekends because he would pretend to sleep while we yelled and pulled on his shoulder. Then suddenly he would roll over, yell “Boo” or “Gotcha” and grab for us. We knew what was coming but he still always scared us and then we would start laughing hysterically. I really miss those mornings.

  • 481

    Wow cool cool ladies, loving all the inspiration and feeling a big NEED coming on! My favourite memory would be with my late Dad. He was a country man and loved his spuds (potatoes, I’m from Ireland lol) I was cooking meals for the family from a young age and was a real Daddy’s girl. He told me he liked floury potatoes so I put some flour into the pot when boiling the potatoes. You can imagine the gluey mixture it turned into lol but being the best Dad in the word he ate some just to please me. I have since learned it a type of potato and does not need flour added!

  • 482
    Nels Nelson says:

    I was learning to ride a bike without the trainer wheels, and rode right up the middle of my grandfather who was lounging in a lawn chair (the kind that stretched out like a fainting couch, so it basically had a ramp for my approach) not sure he ever completely forgave me…but everyone else had a good laugh!

  • 483
    Amy Kolling says:

    My Brother in law came home one day to hear “noises” in his house (older home). He was so scared that he called the police! We now tease him about calling Ghostbusters!

  • 484
    Lisa K says:

    I was fishing in a stream with my brother. He was a little ways up the river from me. My line ended up getting caught on a rock. When I waded through the stream to get my line out I saw his line in front of me. He was just standing there looking up in the clouds not paying any attention to his line. I yanked on the line as though he had a fish. Of course, I couldn’t get away without him noticing me (and my laughter at his sudden awareness of his line). Let’s say I was the only one laughing. Gotta love brothers.

  • 485
    Michelle Silva says:

    My dad singing the Battle of New Orleans song!

  • 486
    L. Sunn says:

    So years ago, back when you still had cassette tape players in your car, my had a new truck and wanted to play a song for me. So in order to get to it he kept taking the tape out and flipping it over to rewind and such. I started laughing and showed him the button on the stereo that simply flipped the tape for him.

  • 487
    MissAnn says:

    My husband misunderstood words to a song…He mistook “Looking for True Love” as “Looking for Tuna”. 20 years later it is still a standing joke!

  • 488
    Danny says:

    My brother and I used to try to make each other laugh while we were drinking. Totally juvenile but so much fun when we were little.

  • 489
    Carol S says:

    My fondest funny memory of my husband is when my young son accidentally locked him out of the house but into the locked porch, so he was trapped. Hearing how he tried to persuade my little son to open the door and let him in, complete with detailed instructions to a child who was having a whale of a time in the kitchen snack cupboard cracks me up!

  • 490
    Mitzi says:

    I was spelling my new boyfriends name and my brothers figured it out. I was so upset.

  • 491
    Victoria Nelson says:

    My boyfriend always has me laughing. From funny jokes to goof ball poses in pictures, he is a joker. Last year I was putting together a scrapbook page of our adventures to a NASCAR race, and every single picture I had of him, he was giving a goofy grin and sticking is thumb up.

  • 492
    Martha says:

    One summer, while on vacation, we rented a (white) vehicle at the airport.

    We stopped at a convenience store to get gasoline. After my husband completed his purchase inside the store, I burst out with laughter, as I watched him mistakenly get into the front passenger seat of someone else’s (white) vehicle. He looked over at the driver & said to him, “Oops, I’m sorry! You aren’t my wife!”, and quickly got out. My husband thought I had driven our vehicle to the front door of the store, to pick him up.

    As I drove away, I made eye contact with the man, and he laughed right along with me.

  • 493
    Deb Hudson says:

    I truly surprised my husband on his 50th. Family from all over flew in, old friends came, the look on his face when he arrived was priceless!

  • 494
    pat phillips says:

    When most of my family was together one night at our place and my Aunt and Uncle visiting from out of town. My Uncle kept telling story after story with his West Virginia accent – we laughed so hard that night it hurt (but how good it was to laugh).

  • 495
    Christine N. says:

    My Dad at the lake in hip waders. He jumped off the dock and ended up tipping over and getting all wet anyways! Love the release!

  • 496
    Betty says:

    I laughed so hard when I saw my Dad jumping on a trampoline for the first time. It was hilarious watching him bounce up and down. He was such a good sport!

  • 497
    Sandy says:

    After my daughter had an emergency c-section with complications I had to say with her in her room with the baby to help out. Her husband slept downstairs with the dogs to keep them calm. He would come up when he’d hear me get up with the baby during the night (their 1st) to try and help. He wanted to be involved so one night he came in to change the baby’s diaper with a head lamp strapped to his head so as to not have to turn the light on…..he looked so silly shining it on the baby’s bum! He’s a great daddy though! LOL

  • 498
    MTPatB says:

    My son-in-law is always doing something that makes everyone laugh. He is a number one goof ball. One of the incidents that come to mind is how he would make his basset hound howl to get a treat. He would howl too and they would sound like twins. I could not tell the difference between the howl of the dog from the howl of my son-in-law.

  • 499
    Laurie Baker says:

    Seeing my then new husband, who is every bit a manly man, jump up on a chair because a mouse jumped out of a sack at him is a priceless memory that I have told about often through the years.

  • 500

    My grandfather was a really big man, he wasn’t very tall, but he was very “round” around the waist. He didn’t really move around alot, as far as I remember, but one time we (my sister and I) played “The Wild West” with him. Being Swedish, I’m not sure we did it right, but we found some toy guns and rifles and shot at each other from the door posts. The doors led to the other rooms, like in a circle, so you could run around in the house, ending up where you started. I remember it being extremely much fun, we had lots of giggles and it still warms my heart thinking about how much he loved to play with us.

  • 501
    F Bond says:

    When my husband first went into the military and had gotten his first duty station, he decided to show our girls how he marched around. As he was calling out instructions to himself, he marched himself right into a wall. Everyone laughed so hard, which was great as we all were so nervous about being away from family and friends. And for years, every time we saw soldiers marching everyone would start giggling!

  • 502
    jengd says:

    My father is rather reserved and stays in the background normally. However, years ago, when he was a 7th grade history teacher, I went to see the Christmas musical production at their school (mom taught there too.) It was pretty much what you’d expect from a middle school production until the music teacher addressed the audience to let us know that we were in for a treat since a famous musician happened to be in the area and was willing to perform with them. Cue the ohs and ahs… and guffaws when dad walks the length of the cafeteria to join them on stage, in a Santa hat, carrying a triangle. In the middle of the song, everyone else stops, the teacher cues dad and he chimes the triangle. Once. Rinse and repeat. Once. At the end, she thanked him and he walked back out, grandly carrying the triangle. I’d never seen anything like it.

  • 503
    conil says:

    Watching my Husband playing ball with the kids while wearing flipflops. Seeing him try to run backwards with them on was so funny I almost wet my pants. The kids were laughing hard, too.

  • 504
    Patt H. says:

    The time my portable dishwasher rolled & I ended up inside it like a clam in a shell & he was laughing so hard he took 10 minutes to help me out. Luckily no injuries & no broken dishes! I’m so glad we graduated to the built in type!

  • 505
    Anja says:

    When we were kids, I lay on my bed reading a book and suddenly my younger brother bite me in my butt πŸ˜€

  • 506
    Evan says:

    When my dad would get home from work and chase my brother and me around the house!

  • 507 says:

    I was helping my husband in the flower garden and I was throwing away all these “onions”. I asked my husband “what idiot planted onions in a flower garden?” He said “honey those aren’t onions, those are flower bulbs!” We still laugh about this all the time. Obviously he has the green thumb, definitely not me. Lol

  • 508
    Susan says:

    My older brother would always make cookie dough with my sister and I……the funny part was he NEVER BAKED cookies. He just wanted the dough. My mom would get so mad when she found the dough in the fridge half eaten with tons of finger marks in it…..(seems a little gross looking back on it πŸ˜‰

  • 509
    Denise C. says:

    When my youngest son was in Tiger Cubs, my husband attended the meetings with him (required I’m sure to help keep the little ones in line). Anyway, the kids wore a special uniform and the parents would wear an orange Tiger Cub t-shirt. I purchased the t-shirt for my husband and left it for him as I had an event to attend with an older child. When he got home that night I couldn’t believe how he looked in that shirt. I had mistakenly purchased a “small” for a man who never wore anything less than a “large” and let’s just say he’s wasn’t a body builder. We laughed so hard at how tight that shirt was and how ridiculous he looked! He explained that he took it off but our son was so upset that he wasn’t going to wear it so he put it back on and away they went. Twenty years later, we still chuckle about the “little shirt”.

  • 510
    Janis says:

    Lots of great memories with my hubby. When we were in school before we were married, we had a lot of field biology classes together. Some really fun times on class trips!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  • 511
    Julie Rae says:

    My Dad and I were camping when I was a little girl in the early 60’s. He had mixed the pancake batter and poured the first one into the skillet (over open fire, of course) when he realized he had forgotten to pack a spatula to flip the pancakes. He quickly pulled a wide piece of cedar from his kindling pile and carved the shape of a spatula (flat, no curve to the handle) and flipped the now burned pancake into the trash bag. And with only a few colorful metaphors in the process!

  • 512
    Marie Mielke says:

    I guess when one of my brothers and I turned our white poodle into a bright purple with kool-aid iIn the tub.

  • 513
    Tammy says:

    Well it’s really not funny but I thought it was at the time. My uncles were in the back yard one time when we lived in Ohio playing Frisbee and I was about 6 or 7 and I when my one uncle that has a glass eye caught it I bite him on the back of his leg. And it was hot in the summer and he had shorts on. Needless to say my excitement was short lived. I got my butt smacked really good and sat in the corner. But I will never forget it and we all laugh about it now.

  • 514
    Joyce says:

    I would have to say our honeymoon. We decided Mr. Bubble would be fun in the jacuzzi. We both got in and it filled with bubbled I decided I was exhausted so got out and went to bed. We had se the timer to an hour and you had to step out to turn it off. The bubbles started overflowing and every time my husband tried to stand up the bubbles blew all over the room. And he didn’t want to wake me so he stayed in there for the hour until it shut off.

  • 515
    Lisa says:

    When we were dating, I realized just how much of a farm boy my future husband was when he told this Chicagoan that I had eyes like a cow. (Hmmm…is that compliment or not?) I married him anyway and this year we celebrate our 41st anniversary:)

  • 516
    Tiffaney in KS says:

    When I was a little girl, my Dad & brother took me fishing with them. It was my first time fishing on a boat. They gave me the junk fishing rod & reel. I showed them up by catching 3 fish before they caught a single one. Then, I broke the reel.
    It is still to this day one of my fondest memories of my Dad and brother.

  • 517

    My husband dressing up like a fairy to play with our daughter…

  • 518
    Rachael Burdick says:

    I’m lucky, my hubby makes me laugh every single day. I can’t choose a single favorite funny memory, they’re all my favorites. πŸ™‚

  • 519
    Betsy says:

    My sister is a hair stylist. She dyed her boyfriend’s to bright pink and finished it with a very edgy style/cut. Soon after, he met our grandparents for the first time and was called a punk. Till this day, that’s what they call him.

  • 520
    Krystal G. says:

    My husband makes me laugh quite often – it’s one of the things that made me fall in love with him and that keeps us happy after so many years. The funniest moment wasn’t so funny at the time but it’s become legend in my family and involves a glass of wine and me not sharing it with him. Still makes anyone who was there laugh when it’s told more than 10 years later.

    There have been some phenomenal PTI releases in the past months and this one continues the trend! My wish list is so very long this month.

  • 521
    Mona says:

    My husband & I were up late at night, i couldn’t sleep real well in the last trimester of my pregnancy, we both started looking up funny stuff on youtube & laughed & laughed, we stayed up until like 4 am. Such a great memory we still laugh about it when we reminisce πŸ™‚

  • 522
    Mary M. says:

    My cousin threatening the guy who was taking me out was pretty funny.

  • 523
    Katherine Cartwright says:

    pretty much every day for 3 months when our first baby was born was hysterical, because we were absolutely delirious!

  • 524
    Katym1 says:

    Well I’d say our stories about using the bathrooms at an art museum in Hobart in Tasmania. And that’s all I’m gonna say for this comment but, trust me, you could hear the laughter down the hall with the doors closed.

  • 525

    When he was little, my nephew asked his grandma why her face was so crumpled … had her and us in stitches! Anita πŸ™‚

  • 526
    Carrie_Crafts says:

    This one time my in-laws were having trouble getting their toddler-aged daughter to eat her dinner, so my FIL announced that he knew how to get her to eat and promptly placed a cupcake in front of her. She did gobble it right down, so technically he was right!

  • 527
    Betsy says:

    My sisters and I had a few of our friends over for a sleepover party when we were middle school (way back when…). My mom was away, so my dad decided to cook pancakes for us girls for breakfast. Never have I ever witnessed or heard of my dad cooking ever; this was the first! So my sisters and I got really excited, plus he was going to make us chocolate chip pancakes. As it turns out, the pancakes were not edible nor aesthetic pleasing to look at. We were soooo embarrassed in front of our friends!!! Since that time, we NEVER allowed dad to come back into the kitchen again.

  • 528
    Monica says:

    My son in law is a BATMAN freak! On Halloween each year he dresses up in his Batman costume. Last Halloween 2 little boys came to the door: Little brother was so shocked to see “Batman” he froze and couldn’t speak.. so big brother took over.. “trick or treat”… they both received their candy… just before leaving, little brother leaned over to big brother and said, “ask him for his autograph”..

    Making my son in law’s day!!!! It was the BEST!

  • 529
    Olga V. says:

    My funny moment was when I hinted to my then husband that we might want to try for a girl, after having twin boys. The twins were a big surprise to us, as neither of us had twins running in our families. So, the hubby said that he’s not playing these games with me any more, afraid that we might end up with triplets next time πŸ™‚

  • 530
    Deborah Rose says:

    My husband is usually the strong and silent type but he has a wicked sense of humor. Our eldest grandson looks and acts just like him and they love to play pranks on each other. Our last visit together was the best one. Hilarious!

  • 531
    Sally says:

    You know at my age just about everything I remember is funny, the problem is I cant remember what is was I wanted to write!

  • 532
    Jan says:

    My husband had me laughing on our first date and I’m still laughing after 43 years. We really have shared too many funny moments to name a favorite!

  • 533
    Christine R says:

    great release! Our honeymoon had some minor disasters that my husband and I still laugh about 12 years later.

  • 534
    MaryB says:

    One of my favorite memories is when our youngest was about 4 months old. Hubby was lying on the floor, holding our daughter as she sat on his chest. She had never laughed out loud at that point. She just sat there looking around, then looked down at his face and burst out laughing. It was a complete, full belly laugh. Then she would look away, stop laughing, then look down at him again and belly laugh again. It went on for about 15 minutes.

  • 535
    Simply Sassy says:

    One of my very first memory happened when I was around 4. I was fishing with my dad and he was catching sunfish. When I caught my first one, I yelled out β€œlook dad twins”. I can still remember the smile on his face as he chuckled. I would give anything, if I could go fishing just one more time with my dad.

  • 536
    Betty says:

    My husband answers the phone in goofy voices whenever his friends call. One time he answered the phone in such a way and it was the ADT rep. I’m sure the guy thought he was nuts! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 537
    Felicia says:

    The funniest moment had to be when my cousin, Rick and I decided it was a good idea to go out with the ATV and hook up a little red wagon behind. And of course I sat in the red wagon while he drove the 4 wheeler through mud puddles…okay only one mud puddle we made it through before the wagon tipped over and I was covered in mud. LOL We still talk about this some 25 years later.

  • 538
    LR says:

    I remember when we were little and went fishing with our dad, us girls would get our hook and line stuck in the bushes in the rocks and most of the time everywhere, but a fish’s mouth! We kept poor dad hopping trying to get our lines free!

  • 539
    Renee.L says:

    My Dad dressing up as superman for my tenth birthday because I told him I wanted everyone to be dressed up as a superhero. He is bald and lacks a super hero figure, but he will always be my hero.

  • 540

    My favorite memory of my Grandpa was when I was little girl, he would always tease me. He would ask what I learned in school. I would reply “my vowels” and he would say “your bowels” and I would say “no Grandpa, my vowels. You know…..A-E-I-O-U!” Then he would ask when I came home “where were you today” and I would answer “ballet lessons” and he would say “belly lessons”! He always had a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face. He has been gone for 43 years but I remember like it was yesterday!

  • 541
    Kathy Mc says:

    My Dad was visiting us over Christmas, and his brother in MN called to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and chat with my Dad. My Mom, DH and I are only hearing one side of the conversation. When my Dad said, “a stick-up at the bank?” We were all in awe, of course, waiting to hear more. Well, it turns out my Uncle told him he left his pickup at the bank…but my Dad heard stick up. We still chuckle over that one even though my parents are no longer alive.

  • 542
    Kerry says:

    I get my sense of sarcasm from my dad and we share lots of inside jokes. Love when we are together and he teaches me something new-and he loves getting cards & art made from awesome pti supplies!

  • 543
    Hlee says:

    My favorite funny memory is when my dad said grace at my sister’s bridal shower. He had to say it in our native language since his English was not very proficient. Because none of the groom’s side of the family understood what he was saying, when he finished saying grace, he told the guests, “God will translate for you later.” Everyone had a good laugh.

  • 544
    Kim Badelt says:

    My husband bargaining with the kids for a chance to tickle their tummies. The screams and wriggles and shear delight that ensue when tummy tickles happen can’t help make me laugh and smile.

  • 545
    Rema Timm says:

    Too many funny moments with family and friends that I can’t even begin to choose just one…

  • 546
    Julia H says:

    One of the funniest memories is my husband speaking with an Italian accent during our trip to Italy for one whole week…

  • 547
    Cathy Yamashita says:

    Fortunately, this one was captured on film. My dad was a trucker and had a cowboy hat for every season. There is a great picture from a family Christmas in which I was sitting on his lap, wearing his cowboy hat. I was about 34 years old, and just two years later, he passed away, way too young. It will be 30 years ago this year, and I still miss him.

  • 548
    SuzAnn Hertzler says:

    The first time my husband (boyfriend at the time) met my cousins (who are tricksters), they informed him that he would have to sleep on the divan. He hear that he would have to sleep in ‘the van’. He asked if the van was down by the river and was he expected to be alive the next day. My family and I burst out laughing when we realized he had never heard a couch referred to as a Divan. We still tease him to this day.

  • 549
    Carolyn Stoenner says:

    When my husband proposed to me with a giant stuffed mouse that had a vest with gold buttons on the front. The engagement ring hung from the middle button. So cute!

  • 550
    sharri reeves says:

    One Christmas, I bought my husband a new sweater. I wrapped it on our bed, where I had dumped a load of clean laundry. Christmas day, he opened his gift,held it up, and out fell a pair of my panties. Static electricity had made them stick to the sweater, I can’t repeat the comments I heard from the crowd of family members but I’m sure you can imagine. And, we have it all on video!

  • 551
    Leona says:

    The most recent memory is when we were moving into our new house. My husband had been up painting for 36 hours straight but was determined to come down and help me with the last part of moving. He totally sounded drunk he was so tired. I finally got him talked into staying at the new house and laying down. But he was just so boyish and completely sure that he had to come and help me tiredness be darned.

  • 552
    AOK says:

    I have great men in my family (women too) so life is always fun. Last summer my husband was clearing out the drainpipes in the front of our country house and I was holding the ladder. Somehow he slipped and was left hanging onto the pipe which had come away from the house.All the gunge and water poured down on top of me. Thankfully we were not injured but we laughed so much it hurt.

  • 553
    Tracy L. says:

    One day I went to get a hair cut and I came back with a mohawk, The look on my dad’s face was priceless. He didn’t want to go anywhere with me until it grew back.

  • 554
    Cynthia Baldwin says:

    I remember when my son was about three, we were talking about how good Grandpa was at fixing stuff. My son said, “yeah, he’s good, but my daddy’s not.” Lol!! My husband’s expression! I still chuckle about it.

  • 555
    KathyL says:

    My son tickling his Dad’s nose with a feather as he was sleeping. My husband’s hands went flying trying to move it away.

  • 556
    Debbi says:

    Calling my husband in a panic after he planned a 4th of July military tribute because the singer called me and said she was singing Acapella. I rushed to call him and tell him she was singing a song I’d never heard of for the troops!! He still kids me about it to this day.

  • 557
    Kristina c says:

    My favorite memories with my dad always include road trips. we have an inside joke where if our destination is Santa Barbara for example, will have made it to Tijuana Mexico by the time our vacation is over. My thought is, if you’re here you might as well go there if it’s so close! It’s taking a long time, but I think dad finally sees things my way. πŸ™‚

  • 558
    Irene S says:

    I used to serve play food to my father as a child and he would actually give me real money for the ‘meal.’

  • 559
    Joan K says:

    Growing up with my big brother. He had a neat way of sharing adventures, yet always looking out for me as his little sis!

  • 560
    Iris Shubert says:

    My Daddy had a sarcastic wit about him. There are countless memories of him finding humor in everyday situations. I sure do miss him. Then there was the time my husband realized he’d been walking around quite awhile with two different boots on. He had to stop and think where he’d been and if anyone noticed.He’s a cowboy so it was mostly funny to me πŸ™‚ Love all of the new release. You guys have the best ideas!!

  • 561
    Sarah Jay says:

    One night, my sister, friends, and I were getting a little rowdy at our slumber party. My very large father stomped into the room shouting “YOU GUYS BETTER QUIET DOWN AND… tell me what you want on your pizza.” I think almost everyone wet their pants, either out of fear, or giggles.

  • 562
    Susan in AK says:

    Oh my, so many…one of me and my dad when I was little: I was afraid of “things” under my bed so my dad would swish my giant stuffed snake under my bed to make sure no monsters were under it.

  • 563
    Alicia says:

    My favorite memory was when my husband came home from deployment and was able to hold our daughter for the first time.

  • 564
    Nan says:

    My husband taking a wrong turn on the way to the hospital when our daughter was born.

  • 565
    Melissa L. says:

    My funny memory involves my dad. A few years ago my family and I were visiting at my parents’ house. One night I awoke to something fluttering around my head. I woke up quickly and discovered that it was a bat flying around inside. Well! I booked it up the stairs and my Dad heard me and got out of bed. As the bat followed me and I streaked passed him He asked me what was going on. I squealed, “Bat,” and proceeded to head to the bathroom. He then started to squeal too and almost ran me over! (I’m laughing as I write this.) We both ran to the bathroom, bumping into each other and slammed the door. Then my dad started laughing his head off. My dad is the ultimate outdoors-man. He hunts, fishes and catches all sorts of critters, but he is not fond of bats in his house while he’s in his pjs. His laughter was contagious, so I started laughing too. We were so loud that we woke my mother in the next bedroom. My husband, who had been sleeping soundly downstairs, was awakened by our guffawing. He came to our rescue. We laughed so much that tears were streaming down our faces. I can’t remember how, but my husband managed to get the bat out of the house. My father and I were useless! My kids slept through the entire thing are were so disappointed that they missed the show. πŸ™‚

  • 566
    Cheryl B. says:

    We used to go out with a group of friends. We would go dutch but being young, we never asked for separate checks. At the end of the meal, Larry S., would gather everyone’s money and attempt to pay the check and the tip. Long story short, he couldn’t get it right. So he would say ” Everybody take their money back and let’s start over.” And this was Mr. Phi Beta Kappa! It was hilarious. Never learned our lesson. Always let him handle the money!

  • 567
    Sabine says:

    My grandfather had a tie that would fly up pulled by an invisible string. This is one of my funniest memories of him. He passed away over 30 years ago.

  • 568
    Cheryl says:

    My favorite memory is watching my husband and his friends trying to break dance one night after bowling. The videos are gut splitting!

  • 569
    Tina B. says:

    My husband’s family are practical jokers. When our state started the lottery, he recorded the segment that shows each number that’s pulled. He went out and purchased a lottery ticket with the same winning numbers. When his sister was visiting, he pressed PLAY and anxiously waited for the next number to be called. My sister-in-law couldn’t believe our luck. We kept her believing for a couple of hours.

  • 570
    Tricia Kolsto says:

    When my step sister had friends staying over night my dad would ask them in the morning (after a late night) if they were thirsty. If they said “Yes” he would bring them water and dump it on them – it was hilarious and often a huge water fight ensued!

  • 571
    Sabine says:

    one of my most recent fun memories was with my hubby and son at Disney. we were in Bugsland and I had him go on the ladybug ride with my 2 year old. it is much like a teacup ride. He looked SO unimpressed and I was laughing so hard watching his reaction as he would spin around and around. I don’t think he was too happy with me after that ride! πŸ™‚

  • 572
    Celia says:

    Recent funny story is my husband and I both brought each other the same Valentines gift – a juicer. Worse part it was on sale.

  • 573
    Gerry S says:

    My son left some chicken wings on the counter. When I came home, with the light off, I took one. What I thought were teriyaki wings were Buffalo wings. From that day on I cannot eat buffalo wimgs!

  • 574
    lisa m says:

    great stuff! awesome projects!

  • 575
    Jill says:

    My first date with my husband sobbing hysterically in the movie Champ. To this day, he always teases me, “Champ, Champ.”

  • 576

    My favorite funny male memory is one with my younger brother. When he was about 6 he loved to try and scare me by putting a fake lizard on my bed. One day I went into my room and there sitting on my bed was a lizard, just as I was thinking that this lizard would never scare me the lizard turned its head.YES, it was a REAL lizard, I screamed for my dad running out of my room. My brother loves how he scared me with a lizard.

  • 577
    cassi says:

    My grandpa always used to burn pancakes and I was the only one who complained about it. So to be funny he served me a raw pancake and I never lived it down.

  • 578
    M.Nadeau says:

    My husband’s dancing is always a hoot. Can’t dance to save his life but that doesn’t stop him.

  • 579

    Back when I was still living in my parents’ home, my favorite cousin David (who is now a missionary in Africa!) came to visit and brought a little (harmless) garden snake with him to show off. Of course, it got loose somehow, and ended up in our upright piano. I have visions of all of the girls screaming and jumping up on our couch, and my cousin pounding on the piano keys to make that little snake come back out!

  • 580
    Sharon H. says:

    I never get tired of hearing my husband tell stories of his grandfather. I was not able to meet this person, but from all the colloquial sayings my husband uses that are attributed to him I feel I know him.

  • 581
    Euna Sahng says:

    Probably dad waking me up in the middle of the night because he was locked out and couldn’t dare to wake mum up so he opted to throw his shoes against my upstairs room window until I woke up!

  • 582
    Jen Carter says:

    Oh goodness!! I am terrible of thinking of these things. One thing that I still tease my husband about after 15 years is when he was interning at a church and he was preaching. He was reading a passage that had the word pomegranate in it and he kept pronouncing it wrong. Every time I see that word I tease him. πŸ™‚

  • 583
    Sandy N. says:

    My brother-in-law, the golfer was showing my son how to swing a toy golf club…. My brother-in-law ended up rolling…on the ground.

  • 584
    Linda says:

    When I was a kid we used to go to my grandparents house every Sunday for dinner. The ride was about 40 minutes. On the way home my Dad would always tell us “spider stories”. I don’t know how it ever started, but they were always so much fun and he was so funny. My sister and I loved them.

  • 585
    Lisa Darrow says:

    We stopped at a Wendy’s while on vacation. My husband proceeded to go through the drive through. He stopped in front of a newspaper vending machine which was located a just a few feet before the ordering station and began ordering! he didn’t realize he was talking to a newspaper vending machine until I pointed it out. we still laugh about it today.

  • 586
    Eileen M says:

    It’s a bit of a long story about why I was in the back seat of a police car but everyone was safe, my youngest brother had a broken pelvis. there was no door handle to open the door. I asked my other brother to open the door to let me out and he just looked at me and said “this is no time for fooling around” and left me in the back of the police car!

  • 587
    Jo R. says:

    My husband & I were at a new friend’s place for a BBQ. My husband cut a piece of fat off the steak he was eating and went to toss it in a garden. His throw was terrible and it landed on top of a rafter in the gazebo. We laughed so much we nearly wet our pants!

  • 588
    Mary K says:

    My husband and I were having trouble assembling a toy, which should have been easy for most people, when our two year old son looked up at my husband and said, “having a hard time hun?” Apparently he was used to hearing me call my husband honey or just simply hun. A few years later, our son was well on his way to becoming a guy who can fix or build anything!

  • 589
    Meagan says:

    My brother is the cowboy type, boots hat and all. We took a road trip together last summer and I decided to see what country cd he had in the player but to my surprise he had been jamming out to Fergie. I could not stop laughing and I will never let him live it down!

  • 590
    Robin L says:

    When my husband came to pick me up on our first date I was very nervous and he called me at home saying he was very lost and then there was a knock on the door and I told him to hold on and when I opened the door he was standing there. I fell hook, line and sinker from that day on. 16 years later it’s all good.

  • 591
    Luray says:

    My brother is always emailing me hilarious jokes and pictures–does that count?

  • 592
    Silke Ledlow says:

    My husband Jerry likes to imitate an “Asian” accent…and it’s so super hilarious! We had so many nights rolling ourselves on the floor!!! He also likes to show off his “Spanish” vocabularies…which we recorded and love to listen to when he has to travel and we miss him! He is just a goofy person πŸ™‚ !!!

  • 593
    Marty says:

    This I think is a guy thing, their immediate reaction is to try to put blame elsewhere. We all traveled to a family wedding & my Dad showed up with 2 different color shoes, 1 black 1 brown. Of course it was Mom’s fault allowing him to pack this, wink! As we were laughing my husband reached across the table and knocked over his full glass of water & immediately looked at me like I bumped his arm. That set off the whole table into hysterics and the look on his face was priceless…point made!

  • 594
    JulieK says:

    Going to the Minnesota State Fair with my dad. My sister and I went with him and he told us all sorts of stories about him as a teenager going to the state fair with his friends. It was a very special day.

  • 595
    Janet Mack says:

    Every once in a while when we are out with friends my husband will get up and say he’s going to dance, everyone dives under the table because it’s the funniest thing. He can’t dance worth a lick.

  • 596
    Jenn Bishop says:

    The first time I took my new husband camping, I purposefully chose a site a bit away from things, but not too far away from civilization. I knew the grounds fairly well, but he was a newby and a bit clueless. I told him that the only way he could “do his business” was in the woods and handed him a shovel and a roll of toilet paper, while my daughter and I crossed the hill to the public restrooms! He was a trooper when he found out, though. We had a great laugh after he posed for a picture with his trusty shovel!

  • 597
    Judy Stiles says:

    The first time my son-in-law changed a dirty diaper … my daughter and I couldn’t stop laughing!

  • 598
    MarΓ­a Alba NegrΓ³n says:

    Hi Nichole,

    A funny moments with a male occurred with my best friend’s husband. He asked me for a Valentine’s day card for her and being that it was for my friend I made it extra special. When he called me to pick it up I raved about it and told him that he HAD to tell me the next day if she liked it because I had a feeling that he was going to get “lucky’ that night.
    When the next day arrived I received a phone call from him DEMANDING that from now on I should do AT LEAST a monthly card for him!
    Of course I said yes,proceeded to hang up, called my friend , told her and we started laughing so hard that I almost wet my pants!

    MarΓ­a Alba

  • 599
    Kelly says:

    While I was dating my husband he taught me to drive a stick shift car I had purchased. We can laugh now, but boy did I give him a hard time then.

  • 600
    Karen says:

    After many years of ballet attendance my husband and I saw a performance of Romeo and Juliet. When the curtain went down he turned to me and said “well that was a sucky ending”. I asked him if he thought the ballet version would have a different ending than the play. Crestfallen, he asked you mean they really died. I was torn between laughter and pity, but laughter won out.

  • 601
    Jelenzini says:

    My youngest brother use to run around naked after his bath singing “I’m a nudie”! Priceless!

  • 602
    NancyF says:

    After I mailed my very first batch of handmade Christmas cards, my brother called to thank me for the card. Chuckling, he says he assumed it is from me but it wasn’t signed. It also had no greeting. Basically, I had sent him a snowflake note card. That ‘note card’ has now been exchanged for the last 15 years.

  • 603
    Sandra Carroll says:

    My husband calling out for help at the restroom of a rest stop. He said he was locked in the bathroom. When I got there and pushed open the door, he was really surprised as he was pushing the door rather than pulling. It still makes me laugh out loud. Thankfully, for him, no one else was around to hear his pitiful call for help!

  • 604
    Carolee McCaslin says:

    When I was young our family went on a fishing trip. I stood too close behind my older brother and when he casted his line out he hooked me in the head. We always teased him about his big catch he caught that day:)

  • 605
    yoorah says:

    The funniest memory of my dad is, while my maternal granmother was visiting, he was asked to say grace, he he prayed she would go home soon. To this day, when my dad says grace, that memory pops into my head and gives me the uncontrollable giggles, which spreads to my sister and mom!

  • 606
    Speanburg4 says:

    Last summer we had a little family reunion at the beach. My dad was in desperate need of a haircut and beard trim. We have one of my nieces a little Webkinz orangutan and she named it Grandpa. We all got quite a laugh at that one!! Dad not so much! He cleaned it all up a week later!

  • 607
    Mindy says:

    I love to listen to my dad tell a joke. Most of the time, he makes them up and then gets so tickled with himself, that he laughs too hard to finish telling the joke! Cracks us all up!

  • 608
    betty lou says:

    Since I loved catsup on everything as a kid, my granddaddy gave me a case of the stuff for Christmas one year! Considering his sense of humor, it was funny!

  • 609
    Christina S. says:

    Some of the funniest memories I have are of my brother. He makes these goofy faces and does crazy dance moves.

  • 610
    Kathy D says:

    Drinking too much Tab on a drive back to college with my brother, we got delayed in a snow storm. I had to improvise on the side of the highway in a snowstorm, with my brother holding a coat to shield me!

  • 611
    Tema says:

    My husband & I dressed up as Rageddy Ann & Andy for a masquerade party.We looked so funny but had a lot of fun!

  • 612
    Liz R says:

    My brother dressing up in a bikini and having a tea party.

  • 613
    Angela C says:

    There are too many moments to mention, but it always involves my husband patting my head saying “you’re so pretty” ………because i said something totally dumb and usually takes me a minute or so to figure it out!!!!!

  • 614
    Ange Kelly says:

    My hubby makes me laugh every day!

  • 615
    Debi says:

    It would have to be various times where my brother has stuck his foot in his mouth. We still laugh about a few key moments that happened many many years ago!

  • 616
    Lady Gray says:

    My brother’s humor made life so much more fun for me growing up. People love being around him because he is so kind and so funny. He can make a table of strangers laugh. He doesn’t even try.

  • 617

    My husband used to work as a clownish character in his (former) life – my favorite memory is of him doing some funny pantomime for me

  • 618
    Sue Tayloe says:

    My nephew has a weird sense of humor and we were talking about how much brother liked to brush the cats. My nephew said, with a completely straight face, “it’s hair envy!” My brother is bald so we all fell about laughing hysterically.

  • 619
    Vanessa P says:

    My most funniest memory was me trying to be like my dad. To think of it now is embarrassing. I tried to shave my face like him, walk around without a shirt, and even try to use the bathroom like a man. Wow did I look up to the man. Even though I stopped try to be like a man, I still look up to him and love him!!!!!

  • 620
    Jan Marcham says:

    I guess it would be the time my husband bought me a kitten for Christmas as a surprise and I almost sat on it! I’ve never seen such fear and surprise on his face! No animals were hurt in this story!

  • 621
    Sharron A. says:

    On a very warm day while I was visiting my Dad, he was out mowing his lawn. I tried and tried to no avail to get him to stop for the day as the temperature was rising. He had on his “yard work” attire topped by an old raggedy hat to keep the sun off of his face and head. If he wasn’t going to stop, I figured if I helped, he would finish sooner…so I went in and put on my “yard work” outfit and went out to help. We passed each other going back and forth with the mowers and we both got hysterical laughing at what the two of us looked like! Dad has been gone for 9 years and I look back on that and it still makes me giggle.

  • 622
    Lori R says:

    My parents adopted me when I was in my teens and since then have had the best parents anyone could imagine. The thing I love so much and cherish about my father is how strong he always is but was sensitive with all of us kiddos. He has always told me that God wanted him to be my father forever even before I was adopted. He would tell me that God just wanted us to work a little harder to be together as a forever family.

  • 623
    Carol B says:

    The time we lured my always so willing brother in law to do a ‘broom dance’ at a clogging event. He was such a good sport with all of us laughing hysterically at him!

  • 624
    Martha B says:

    I grew up with 2 older and1 younger brother. We were always laughing at something and at one another’s expense.

  • 625
    BarbaraB says:

    My husband and I use to work in the same office. He often played jokes on new co-workers by pretending he had a thing for the techy computer gal (me) even though he was married.

  • 626

    My husband and I were going through a fast food drive thru on a stormy day. This particular drive thru did not have any over head covering. After my hubby finished ordering, he turned an looked at me with this “are you kidding me” look on his face, because his face was drenched. I laughed so hard, I was crying.

  • 627
    Rufus says:

    Without going into to much detail it involved my husband, a cat, a mouse and the paper boy. Love this release!

  • 628
    Tabitha A. says:

    Hmmmm….this is a tough one. A funny moment that just happened was with my brother and sister. My brother came over and we were asking him how his wife was doing, because she was just in the ER. He looked at us and said, “It has to do with a swollen vagina or something”. My sister and I just started cracking up!

  • 629

    My favorite memory with my dad is when he would take us out for pizza every Friday and we would have a contest to see who could eat the most slices. I think the most we ever ate each was 10… Definitely can’t do that now!

  • 630
    HeatherD says:

    My husband was working on an old vehicle, and was trying to get it to stay running. He asked me to start it up and give it gas while he tinkered under the hood…ok start it up…turn it off…tinker tinker…ok start it up…suddenly from the space between the hood I saw flames and heard husband yell “RUN!!!” – we both took off as fast as we could. He ran past me and into the house and all I could think of was why wasn’t he making sure I was getting to safety with him!?! I thought he was leaving me outside, but he was running in to get the fire extinguisher. It all turned out ok, but all we have to do is say RUN! to start a good laugh!

  • 631

    My father pretending to be a dancing/leaping ballerina……. hilarious!

  • 632
    Anna says:

    Trying to play an April fools joke on a friend. I told him that I got hit by a car and I gave him his license plate number as the vehicle that hit and ran from me. I thought he would of gotten the joke and say that he didn’t hit me. Instead he started to panic and run around not knowing what to do because he started to yell OMG OMG my car has been stolen! What do I do?! What do I do?! We had a great laugh once I got him settled.

  • 633
    Mary Brayton says:

    My sister & I were young teenagers & we rode with our Dad in the pick-up camper to buy a bucket of chicken for supper. I rode in the front with my Dad & my sister road in the camper on the back of the truck’s “pick-up camper”. My sister & I went in to buy the chicken, then came back to the camper…as we were driving away, I looked out the side view mirror and saw my sister in her shorts and sailor cap running behind the camper with the bucket of chicken! I laughed so hard I could hardly get it out to tell Dad to stop! He then looked in his mirror & started laughing too! When we stopped, my sister clearly was in a panic, but very happy she was not left behind.

  • 634
    Janet says:

    I have numerous funny memories with my husband of 29 years and our two sons, but the one that comes to mind is the time my husband and I made the mistake of arguing in front of the children. In a moment of frustration, my youngest son (about three years old at the time) piped up, “Dad, let’s sell Mommy!”

    Argument over.

  • 635
    Becky Carafa says:

    I love remembering my dad playing chase with me in the backyard!

  • 636
    Diane says:

    When my husband had to ride on the back of a motorcycle, with another man driving it. It was funny to me, but NOT funny to him.

  • 637
    Suzanne mooney says:

    My son singing in the shower! He has done it since he was a toddler, he just turned 16 and still does it ?

  • 638
    Sue S. says:

    One of my favorite and funniest memories was recording the song “Under the Boardwalk” with my then-boyfriend (but now husband) at the amusement park where we live. We did this while on a date and my husband’s singing was soooo bad we couldn’t help but laugh our way through it. That experience still brings a smile to our faces to this day! Great May release – products and projects!!

  • 639
    Nita K. says:

    When I was about 2, my uncle put an empty cup in my hands. He then poured water on a sleeping relative and ran. I looked like the guilty one. Iwas too young to remember, but we do have photo evidence that still brings laughs at family get togethers.

  • 640
    leah says:

    My baby brother, dressed up in my mom’s leather, fringe vest with his white boy afro lip syncing Jim Croce Bad Bad Leroy Brown. Priceless.

  • 641
    Deb Else says:

    Funniest memory with my dad, almost hitting the apple tree when he was teaching me to mow because I was too busy watching everything but where I was going.

  • 642
    Lona H says:

    My grandpa putting on one of my grandmas wigs and her robe and sitting in her chair waiting for us to visit.