You've let us know loud and clear that you're in love with the new Moments Inked Planner!  If you are still on the fence about purchasing yours, get it soon, because our inventory of the 2015 planners is dwindling!  You can find them in our store HERE.


Have you been keeping up with all of the wonderful things the gals are doing with their planners through the new Moments Inked newsletter?  If you missed an issue or haven't subscribed yet, you can do so HERE.

We are excited to be introducing a few new products to go along with it this month!  



When using this stamp set with the coordinating die you can create long narrow lists complete with a top tab for easy access and organization in your planner.  There is an embossed area at the top of the list die, allowing you to stamp it with the coordinating frame or add your list title.  Titles are included for nearly every kind of list you can imagine, helping you to reduce floating scraps of paper and keep things neat and organized.  With just two impressions, you can fill the length of the die with notebook lines.

The Details: 

  • Moments Inked: Listed will be available for purchase on March 15th.
  • It will retail for $15.
  • Moments Inked: Listed contains a total of 31 images.  The list lines measure 1-7/8" x 3-1/4".  The label frame measures 1-3/4" x 3/8".  All of the list tiles measure 1/8" tall and average between 1/2" through 1-1/2" wide.


  • A coordinating die collection (Moments Inked: Tabbed List dies) will be available for sale separately, retailing for $16.  This collection includes a total of 2 wired dies.  They measure 2-1/4" x 7-3/8" (tabbed list), 1-5/8" x 3/8 (label).




Use these section titles to create additional dividers for your planner.  When used with the coordinating dies you can create full page dividers, bookmark style dividers and even repositionable sticky note dividers.

The Details: 

  • Moments Inked: Divided will be available for purchase on March 15th.
  • It will retail for $5.
  • Moments Inked: Divided contains a total of 21 images.  Each circle measures just under 1/2".

The titles on each of the labels are as follows:

  1. Blog
  2. Budget
  3. Church
  4. Cleaning
  5. Coupons
  6. Decorate (keep track of paint swatches, room dimensions, furniture sizes, fabric samples, etc)
  7. Family
  8. Fitness
  9. Garden (contain planting schedule, garden plans, seed inventory, canning prep, etc)
  10. Health (medications, allergies, appointments, records, charts, etc)
  11. Holiday (upcoming holiday plans, decorating, events, party planning, gift giving, etc)
  12. Home (maintenance, ongoing fix list, service providers and/or reminders, etc)
  13. Meals
  14. Receipts
  15. Recipes
  16. School
  17. Shopping
  18. This Week
  19. Today
  20. Travel (itineraries, packing lists, tickets, reservations, important numbers, etc)
  21. Work




This collection of dies conceptualized by Laurie Willison and I as a team, can be used to make a variety of different kinds of dividers for your planner.  There is a scalloped divider that can be used as a bookmark of sorts or a divider with a decorative edge.



If you want to use this scalloped bookmark with the new Divided stamps, you can create three staggered tabs by trimming off two of the scallops and stamping the remaining scallop.



The single tab can be added to the full page die-cut.  If making more than one divider you can stagger the tabs as needed.  And obviously you can do them in a rainbow of colors as well!


The set of four tabs on a single die is actually sized perfectly for a standard 3" post-it note! If you put the squared ends on the side that is sticky, one cut will give you four sticky dividers to use as needed.

The Details: 

  • Moments Inked: Divided die collection will be available for purchase on March 15th.
  • It will retail for $27.
  • Moments Inked: Divided die collection contains a total of 5 dies.  They measure 5-1/4" x 7" (full page), 2" x 6-3/8" (tall scalloped), 1-7/8" x 1" (single tab), 2-3/4" x 1-7/8" (overall sticky note divider die, 1-7/8" x 5/8" individual), 1-7/8" x 1-5/8" (overall circles die, 1/2" individual).
  • This coordinates with the Moments Inked: Divided stamp set.





Create custom pockets for your planner to help organize any little bits of paper or photos that you want to carry with you.  You can create pockets from any color of card stock or patterned paper you'd like.  Put two die cuts together to create your pocket, or back one with a full size die cut planner page from the Moments Inked: Divided collection!


The Pocket Page is about 1/8" shorter than the full page die at the bottom once the holes are lined up, allowing you to position the pocket as high as you like on the page without any trimming and no interference with the spiral holes.  You can even layer more than one pocket on a page by staggering them!

The Details: 

  • The Moments Inked: Pocket Page die will be available for purchase on March 15th.
  • It will retail for $22.
  • The Moments Inked: Pocket Page measures 5-1/4" x 5-3/4".




This simple little set of dies conceptualized by Laurie Willison allows you to cut patterned papers, sticky notes or whatever else you wish to fit the boxes in the planner.  Perfect for adding emphasis to a certain event or item, and even covering up mistakes or last minute changes.


Coordinates with the weekly/monthly left columns, weekly day sections, weekly bottom blocks and the monthly days.  Cut several in advance for easy grab-and-go convenience to add to your planning station!

The Details: 

  • Monthly Moments: Boxed die collection will be available for purchase on March 15th.
  • It will retail for $8.
  • Monthly Moments: Boxed die collection contains a total of 4 wired dies.  They measure 1" x 4-5/8", 1" x 1-3/8", 1" x 1-1/8", 1" x 7/8".


Check out the team members have used some of these new products in their planners!


Ashley says, "Welcome to a new world of planner possibilities. Now, you will be able to mark important sections, make all sorts of lists, stuff important things into pockets, and so much more. Stay organized and on top of things by using these must-have planner goodies. Check out my post today to see how I'm using new stamps and dies to make my life a bit easier."

CLICK HERE to see more from Ashley Cannon Newell. 



Audrey says, "This month's Moments Inked release brings a slew of new planner stamps and dies to create everything from pockets to tabbed lists to dividers!  These new products allow for even more customization, making it so easy to find a system that works for you!  From organizing my coupons and grocery list, to adding bright colors and fun patterns to my weekly calendar spread, I am having so much fun making my Moments Inked planner my own!"

CLICK HERE to see more from Audrey Tokach.



Laurie says, "The Moments Inked Planner has been so much fun for me these past couple months.  I have loved the basic planning pages and adding in all of the memories in the daily pages.  The planner is also a creative outlet for me. I love using color and adding in these creative details, even while keeping it simple. Come check out the new additions this month in the Moments Inked series."

CLICK HERE to see more from Laurie Willison.



CLICK HERE to see more from Lizzie Jones.



Stephanie says, "The new Pocket Page die makes creating custom pocket inserts so easy! You can use any colour combination and add little touches to the pockets that make them unique. I added a laminated insert on the front of the pocket that allows me to change and label the contents easily!"

CLICK HERE to see more from Stephanie Klauck. 



Suzanne says, "I didn't think planning could get any better until I saw the goodies being released this month – they take Moments Inked to a whole new level of awesome. I am now able to carry checks, postage stamps, business cards, passwords, shopping lists and recipes with me at all times – I can't wait to show you how I've been using this fabulous book!"

CLICK HERE to see more from Suzanne Dahlberg.




We are pleased have some additional inspiration to share with you from our guest designer, Tara Anderson.  As I am sure you already know, she is a very talented blogger!  I admire Tara's work greatly and have been a long time follower.  We were thrilled when she agreed to work with the Moments Inked Planner this month and I know you will throughly enjoy seeing what she has done with it!


Tara says, "It's no secret, I love creating lists and by day's end I'll have quite the little stack compiled – everything from "things to do, stuff to remember,  grocery lists, and maybe a menu or two," lists are what keep my day moving forward! With the Moments Inked Planner there are coordinating die cuts to choose from for list making as well as some note taking and they easily fit right into the planner. My lists have never looked so chic!"

CLICK HERE to see more from Tara Anderson.



We want to see how YOU are using your Moments Inked Planner system!  Don't forget to use our hashtag, #momentsinked when you share your photos!  You just might see them featured here on my blog or in our newsletter sometime soon!!!

I hope you have enjoyed all these amazing tips that the team has shared today!  Are you excited about these new planner products? How do you think you might use them to help you get more organized?  Which new planner product is your favorite? 

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    Grace says:

    I am absolutely loving this! The level of customisation on this planner is phenominal. Heres to no more boring stationery ever!

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    Such great idea! Love that you are shaking up the planning world!

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    Wow! I hardly know what to say! These additions really turn this planner into a lifestyle planner.

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    Loving all the designer ideas! I think I will try a second custom planner for all crafty things!

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    What a great addition accessories to the Moments Inked Planner! You know what? If that binder comb can be purchased separately, I bet there are more projects I can make using these addition accessories such as handmade or custom notebook!

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    Ooooh, my budget is in trouble now! LOL. Such cool new dies for the planner! Now, off to look at the design team’s projects and work on my list for tonight!

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    Love this line! Although I do all my planning electronically, I would still consider getting some of these to make planners for my kids to help them organize their schoolwork. Very innovative designs.

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    Really fabulous details being added to your planner. I love the feeling of being that organized that you feel in control of your time instead of it controlling you.

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    Jo Eades says:

    I really love all the great ideas you have come up with. They only thing that would make them even better to appeal to an even larger market would be to release a range of dies with a straight edge, rather than the spiral to allow people to use a regular holepunch so these dies could also be used in a Filofax, Dayplanner etc. I’m trying to work out how I could die cut without cutting the spiral edge,but cutting everything else. 🙂

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