March 2015 Product Preview

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6 sheets each of 6 patterns, 36 (4-1/4" x 5-1/2") sheets total: $10





coordinates with the previously released Jar Labels 2 die collection: $6
































The Clipsters Kit includes:

  • Clipsters stamp set & index label
  • Clipsters die collection
  • Clipsters paper collection (eight A2 sheets)
  • Summer Sunrise paper clips (10)
  • Berry Sorbet paper clips (10)
  • Gold paper clips (10)
  • Zebra paper clips (4)

The Clipsters Kit will retail for $30


Read all about the Moments Inked Planner System HERE.

The 2015 Planner can be purchased HERE.







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  • 1
    Jen Arkfeld says:

    My proudest accomplishment: my kids! I have 3 wonderful kids – and while they try my patience some days, I think they are something to be proud of!

  • 2
    Vanessa Pena says:

    I obviously can’t pick one. My proudest accomplishment was graduating college. The first in my family. Then marrying my husband and as always having my children. What blessings!!!

  • 3
    Mary Lee says:

    My proudest accomplishment is surviving a devastating event and going on to become happy and independent.

  • 4
    Millie Burns says:

    My proudest accomplishment to date would be either marrying my husband, or completing my first marathon. Thank you for the chance to win -there is so much to love in this release!

  • 5
    ilina says:

    there are so many, first is packing my suitcases and moving half way across the world ( literally), then marrying my husband and latest one: my 3 kids (3 yr, 19 months and 1 month)

  • 6
    Tami B says:

    My proudest accomplishment….my 2 great kids and what wonderful, smart, funny & caring individuals they have turned out to be.

  • 7
    Steph says:

    My proudest accomplishment to date was graduating summa cum laude from NYU. Thanks for providing such great products and having such an awesome design team!!!

  • 8
    Kristin says:

    My proudest accomplishment are my 2 girls, 8 and 10. I love teaching them how to preserve their memories in scrapbooks as well as teach them the lost art of handmade items in this world of iPads and video games! Thank you for making such beautiful products that keep us inspired!

  • 9
    Mary Marr says:

    My proudest accomplishment to date is 55 years married to a great hubby and 3 very accomplished young adults! I like all the sets you have for this month. And to Betsy for her products!

  • 10
    diane says:

    My proudest moment was seeing my Granddaughter win a National Cheer Leading competition ! The business I am in I have proud moments a lot seeing people achieving their potential and succeeding. I keep scrapbooks on events as well as me life and I make cards for all of the people I care about. PTI my very favorite by far! thanks for all the great designers and awesome stamps and dies

  • 11
    Nancy M. says:

    Another spectacular release! Looking forward to playing with some new stamps and dies!

  • 12

    My proudest moments have been the births of my two children and what amazing young people they have turned out to be! Now, I get to be proud with them for all of their accomplishments too!

  • 13
    Tina B. says:

    We went to a family wedding last night. It warms my heart to see how my son and daughter love, respect and care for one another.

  • 14
    Sandy Stern says:

    I’m proud to have raised two wonderful children to adulthood, and also of building a happy new life for myself after my husband’s death.

  • 15
    karen b says:

    My proudest achievement- my 2 kids of course. And now a grandson. What could be better?

  • 16
    Lona H says:

    That would be my kids of course!

  • 17
    Sandy says:

    Enjoyed seeing the design team’s work with this release. So many great products! My proudest moment was graduating from court reporting school. The dropout rate is high for court reporting students. I started in a class of 10 and only two of us finished. That was back in 1987.

  • 18
    Sandye Curry says:

    My proudest accomplishment was starting college at age 35 and graduating at age 40. This was not an easy task with a husband, a house, a part-time job, and two teenagers. I then became a high scool teacher.

  • 19

    My proudest moment was when I learned we were going to have a baby. That was 42 years ago, and we worked very hard to have that happen. Now we have 2 great kids and 2 great grandsons. Oh, and I adore your little candy store elements!!!!

  • 20
    Angela Reeves says:

    I think my proudest moment was completing my first ever triathlon at age 42.Lots of support and encouragement from friends and colleagues, even my hairdresser came on running training with me. The sense of achievement and possibility changed my life!

  • 21
    Andrea P says:

    My proudest moment happens over and over again when I make my baby girl laugh or make my parents’ life easier in some little way.

  • 22
    Tammy says:

    Some of the new products are outstanding. I love the framed oval die. That is a very pretty die. Great job team.

  • 23
    Glenda Lee Nutting says:

    The moment I stood with the love of my life and vowed to be his wife.

  • 24
    Orsolya says:

    Lovely stamps and dies in this March release! Can’t wait to place my order tonight!!

  • 25
    Shirley Robelotto says:

    Watching our three beautiful daughters graduate from college and going on to become successful and faith-filled adults.

  • 26
    Gerry S says:

    I would say my two children and three grands! I guess that would be five proudest moments!

  • 27
    Doris R says:

    My proudest moment was raising my son. lots to buy tonight!

  • 28
    Rebecca says:

    My proudest moments of course involve my daughters. For myself personally it would be accomplishing different fitness goals that I set. 🙂

  • 29

    My proudest moment has to be my 3 children…2 boys and finally a girl, ages 13, 11 and 9. What they accomplish everyday amazes me! I am so happy to be their MOM!!!! Love this months releases….I am going to be broke by the time I order everything!!!! Great Inspiration as always…Keep up the good work girls!!!

  • 30
    Ranking Malhotra says:

    My proudest accomplishment is learning to be happy and independent and to raise a beautiful daughter. Great release!!

  • 31
    Dgolly says:

    My greatest accomplishment is my daughter who is becoming such an amazing adult

  • 32
    Meg says:

    My proudest accomplishment? My husband and I will celebrate our 20th anniversary this year. We’ve been together through college, the birth of our beautiful son, moving from our hometown to the city, job changes, breast cancer, the loss of his father, breast cancer AGAIN, and we are still as in love today as we were 20 years ago. He will always be my best friend.

  • 33
    Suzanne Cox says:

    Graduating from college and becoming an elementary school teacher. I taught for 31 years.

  • 34
    angela g says:

    You have out done your self’s again!!!

  • 35
    Barb Kirkwood says:

    Raising two kids as a single mom and having them turn out spectacular citizens. I’m proud of them and me!

  • 36
    kim m says:

    My proudest moment is every time I see my students who have a fear of public speaking, overcome their anxiety and deliver an amazing speech. The looks on their faces after they accomplish something they never thought possible is priceless!

  • 37
    Cathy Galloway says:

    My proudest accomplishment is my wonderful daughter who graduates from law school this May!

  • 38
    jeannine j. says:

    i am so proud of my 3 adult children & my 5 yr. old grandson. i also survived a major stroke when i was 40, but a lot of that was due to my excellent doctors.

  • 39
    Joan Schmaltz says:

    My proudest accomplishment was my husband and I celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary. We took the whole family all 13 of us on a Caribbean cruise. What fun that was!

  • 40
    Sue says:

    My proudest moment was keeping my parents alive when they were medically compromised. Without them, I would not have all the joys in my life now.

  • 41
    Linda R. says:

    Being content.

  • 42
    Chris Bijan says:

    Having great kids who have turned into wonderful people as adults – what could be better?!

  • 43
    Brenda k says:

    My proudest accomplishment would be my children. They are 21 and 24 have good jobs and live on their own with their girlfriends. They are the best!

  • 44
    Roxanne says:

    Love them! Love them all!

  • 45
    Lani Giovanetti says:

    My proudest accomplishment is yet to come. Today, I’m just working toward it.

  • 46
    Brehanna says:

    Receiving my Bachelors of business administration with a major in accounting.

  • 47
    Debra says:

    My proudest moments was the day my children were born. Being a mom is the best thing ever. Next proudest moments when my grand babies were born.

    I have been a STAMPIN UP stamper for years. I love PTI the creativity and building up products that work together. ?

  • 48
    debby says:

    My proudest accomplishment is watching my three sons grow into such wonderful young men and starting their lives on their own.

  • 49
    Jen T says:

    Weight loss! Just dropped 30 pounds and feel better than ever! It was hard work but worth it in the end.

  • 50
    Craftyfield says:

    My proudest moment was graduating from university, the hard work and sleepless nights paid off!

  • 51
    Olga V says:

    My proudest achievement to date is my graduate degree. Getting that done with a full-time job, toddler twins, and running a household was on the verge of sanity… Thank you for the fantastic release with a ton of inspiration! Looking forward to tonight to place my order!!

  • 52

    My proudest accomplishment is that I able to be an independence woman and do things on my own. Then of course marrying a supportive husband and having 2 kids who always trying on my patience!

  • 53
    Carol says:

    Having my two girls and seeing them grow to be great parents themselves, and also building our dream home ourselves was a great accomplishment. Great release this month!!

  • 54
    Lorraine Johnson says:

    My proudest achievement… beating cancer….

  • 55
    Lori Lewyckyj says:

    Definitely my children! I was blessed with 3 amazing, now young adults kids. Even though they are in different areas on the map, we are still very close! I couldn’t be prouder of their individuality and accomplishments!

  • 56
    Mimi R says:

    My proudest achievement is graduating from college! This was such a fabulous release!

  • 57
    Anna says:

    Passing my medical residency board finals with my daughter being 10 months old at the time (and my husband studying at the same time too!) It was an exhausting time, and our families were far away but we did it!

  • 58
    Janet Wilson says:

    Fabulous release – I’m in awe of the amazing products and all the incredible work – well done PTI Team 🙂

    Greatest achievement – without a doubt my sweet, wonderful and amazing daughter. It seems so easy for children to veer off the “right path” these days despite the love and support of their parents.

  • 59
    Ginger Benedict says:

    My proudest accomplishment to date? Being married to my husband for 45 years and raising two intelligent, responsible daughters. I’m 60, so yes I got married at 15 and no one believed our marriage would last-sometimes I doubted it myself. We’ve always been very focused on our goals and wanted the same things out our of lives. Our daughters now have children of their own and their families come over every Sunday to have coffee and read the Sunday paper with us. I never imagined we’d be so blessed!

  • 60
    Michelle Figueroa says:

    Becoming a board certified pediatrician after a couple of rough years were I lost my dad and my grandmother back to back and had my boyfriend break my heart. Life is good now, because I have the best mother in the world. I wouldn’t have accomplished anything in my life without her.

  • 61
    Eileen Lucas says:

    Love this release. My proudest moment is buying my home.

  • 62
    Amna H. says:

    Being nominated as the valedictorian of my grad school was my proudest achievement till now. The products are all amazing, cant wait to get my hands on some of them, this will be my first order, PTI just happens to be one of the very few websites that ship to my country, so looking forward! 🙂

  • 63
    ruth says:

    My proudest accomplishment: my wonderful, now adult, children and my 35 year marriage!

  • 64
    DonnaC says:

    Having a child who naturally cares for others from his heart. God gave him that gift, and I just nurtured it .

  • 65
    June K says:

    Great release this month. The retro is my favorite. Proudest moment is marrying my sweetie.

  • 66
    Renae C. says:

    My proudest moments have been seeing how my 2 children are growing up and becoming happy and successful people.

  • 67
    Corysnana1 says:

    My proudest accomplishment is my kids! They are now grown adults with children of their own – I love watching each of them parent their children. It’s one of those times in life that I can see the results of how they were parented by my husband and I and know we “done good”.

  • 68
    Sherah says:

    Why do I love paper crafting? It’s a way to feel accomplished, making something with my hands, but best of all I’m preserving those family memories for years to come!

  • 69
    Pam Hollie says:

    My proudest accomplishment is Sunday dinner when my husband, children, grandchildren and anyone else who might be around sit down and enjoy quality time with each other.

  • 70
    Barbra L. says:

    Everything is so exciting. What a wonderful release!

  • 71
    Simply Sassy says:

    My proudest accomplishment is the birth of my 4 children. Having them grow into adults that any parent would be proud to call theirs…

  • 72
    Karen says:

    Love this release, especially the little sweet shoppe!
    My proudest achievement to date – planning on not going to college at all, and ending up graduating summa cum laude from an Ivy League university. :0) Oh, and my five children are pretty great. Oh, and keeping my marriage together through everything.

  • 73
    Amy A. says:

    My proudest achievement to date would be my children. I am so proud of each of them. Each one has their own unique personality. They are outgoing, personable, caring and wise beyond their years. I am so grateful to have them in my life.

  • 74
    Veda Taylor says:

    Buying myself a house, on my own, at the age of 24.

  • 75 says:

    I’m proud to have raised two confident, socially aware, smart young ladies whom I feel will make this world a kinder place.

  • 76
    Peggy says:

    I have two wonderful sons (and daughter-in-laws) who have given us four delightful granddaughters!

  • 77
    Betty says:

    My proudest accomplishment would have to be my two children who gave me five of the most beautiful,talented, funny and lovely grandchildren.

  • 78
    Janell says:

    I was able to make a beaded bouquet for my daugerter’s wedding in June. Also did bridesmaids bouquet. It is something they can keep.

  • 79
    Manda says:

    Oh my gosh! So many cute and beautiful stamps that I’d like to add to my collection!

  • 80
    Manda says:

    My proudest accomplishment is seeing how successful my children have been in their endeavors… teaching them that intrinsic motivation is far more important than extrinsic motivation, and that they actually understand that is most rewarding for me to see!

  • 81
    Susan says:

    Watching my two grown children follow their dreams and succeed!!

  • 82
    cathy r says:

    My proudest moment was graduating from College.

  • 83
    Karen says:

    Seeing my kids smile…

  • 84
    Mary Anne Perlmutter says:

    I am proud that I am finally full filling a dream of mine. I have my handmade cards and paper goodies in an artisan market which I work at part time. The biggest thrill is when I sale my hand made goodies.

  • 85
    Mary-Anne V. says:

    My proudest moment to date is seeing my kids do well in school and be kind to those around them.

  • 86
    Martha B says:

    Greatest accomplishment………. becoming an RN and having worked for 34 years in my career most of which was in the Operating Room as Head Nurse of Ophthalmology!

  • 87
    Charlotte Canning says:

    My proudest accomplishment is my beautiful daughter who is teaching and enlightening the next generation about science. I am also proud for having taught art at the elementary level for 16 years and thereby inspired children to feel good about themselves and their abilities.

  • 88
    Jill A says:

    I would have to say going to college–becoming a Registered Nurse then going on and receiving my certification.

  • 89
    Jayne says:

    My proudest moment seems to be ongoing as our combined family members journey independently through life. It was not always so and we weren’t always “family” for each other. Keeping my fingers crossed that we will all come together in one place to celebrate our 40th anniversary. Like my beautiful family of many parts your family of designers always bring me joy and inspiration! Job well done.

  • 90
    Mary Ann Fry says:

    My proudest accomplishment is ongoing; that is to say, I am discovering my true talent which bring joy to me and my friends. It’s my crafts. I’m a happy, crafty lady that likes to share what I create. It brings a true inner glow to me and thru me.

  • 91
    carol says:

    My flourish accomplishment involves my family. I’ve been married for 40 years and raised two successful children who have good moral values.

  • 92
    Julie Webber-Collins says:

    The births of my twin boys! No question.

  • 93
    Kay says:

    I’d have to say my three kids. They are responsible loving and caring individuals. It’s hard to be a good mom and do what’s best for them when you want to protect them and shelter them from life’s challenges. We have to teach them to make correct choices to govern themselves.
    I’m proud of them!

  • 94
    Nancy G says:

    My proudest accomplishment to date would be my two wonderful sons who make my husband and I proud every day!

  • 95
    Caren says:

    My proudest accomplishment to date is my 2 awesome kids! They sometimes drive me nuts, but when I see them make the right moral decision, it makes me so proud of them! (E.g. the time my 9 year old son defended a snail, and didn’t let any of his classmates step on it or abuse it)

  • 96
    Sarah E. says:

    I guess, one of them would be seeing my daughter grow into such a wonderful and caring person.

  • 97
    Judy says:

    My proudest accomplishment was being a Mom to two wonderful kids and seeing them become adults that I am so very proud of.

  • 98
    Cindy Robertson says:

    I will ditto what so many others have said… my kids are my greatest accomplishmet! It took alot of work to get them here and it was worth all the energy and effort!

  • 99
    Patty G says:

    I would say raising my four sons to be self sufficient , kind, helpful young men would be my proudest accomplishment.

  • 100
    BethT says:

    My proudest achievement to date is surviving middle school years with two active teenage boys.

  • 101
    carol fun says:

    The accomplishment I’m most proud of is my two wonderful sons – such entirely different personalities but each is awesome in his own special way!

  • 102
    Kari D says:

    My proudest moment was when I was given an international award for leading a regional collaborative initiative. Proud because of the work the team had done and the results they achieved for members of our community, and also because they felt my participation was key to their success. I was humbled and honored.

  • 103
    Emily says:

    My proudest achievement to date is marrying my husband … I love him more and more each year. Wonderful release!!!

  • 104
    Kathy Krug says:

    My proudest moment is when my husband started asking me to make cards for HIS friends because he was proud to give them.

  • 105
    Julie Miro says:

    I don’t know if I have a “proudest accomplishment” because all of the credit should really go to God. There are many things that I am thankful for…my husband and children and my church family.

  • 106
    Michele W says:

    I am still living my greatest accomplishment to date and that is overcoming a devastating injury and working hard to improve while remaining happy, mostly independent, and very grateful to be alive.

  • 107
    Vicky Schmidt says:

    My proudest time is the birth of my daughters that have graduation from college & done some wonderful things themselves. And the birth of my 2 grandchildren that I thought we would never have grandchildren only grand dogs.
    Thank you for the change to win a gift cert.

  • 108

    My greatest achievement is my kids. I’m also proud to be the first college graduate in my family.

  • 109
    Deanne says:

    My proudest accomplishment was accomplished alongside my husband as we raised three children to adulthood.

  • 110
    Vernetta says:

    Amazing line up! Love the graduation sets!

  • 111
    Erin Yeager says:

    My proudest moment is being able to own our first business at the age of 22.

  • 112
    Patty C. says:

    Our children. They continue to amaze me when i see the adults they have become.

  • 113
    Linda L says:

    Marrying the best man I know and staying together for almost 30 years. And, of course, what comes along with all of that is two wonderful children!

  • 114
    Barbara says:

    I am most proud of my 3 beautiful children and how loving and compassionate they’ve turned out to be!

  • 115
    Kelli says:

    My daughter!

  • 116
    Cynthia Clark says:

    Just one? My 3 sons, though I’d have to share that with their dad. LOL My 5 grandsons? Though I had little to do with that. OK, when I was 30 I found myself a single mom of 2 preteen boys. I went back to college, earned my nursing degree, graduated 3rd in my class, held down a full-time job and still raised 2 pretty great kids.

  • 117
    Suzi Fohringer says:

    I am most proud that I was able to honor my 95 year old father’s wishes to die peacefully in his home. It was the most difficult thing I have ever done and the most cherished. He was such a wonderful father, it was my privilege to care for him.

  • 118
    Sherah says:

    Just being a wife and mom. There are other things too, but those are the most rewarding and lasting.

  • 119
    Karin says:

    My proudest accomplishment to date is actually using my PTI planner. I have been very unsuccessful at being organized throughout my life. I have faithfully used my planner everyday since I got it except one day…I was down with the flu. I leave it open next to my laptop and work on my tasks and lists first thing in the morning. Before my planner I would write things in my notebook and never look at it again. I had 7-8 notebooks. I also love how I will be able to look back over the year and remember where I was In Feb 2015 and see my progress for the whole year. I plan to order lots of the little stamps and dies to continue to keep it fun!

  • 120
    Pam Young says:

    Watching my children grow into beautiful people

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