Introducing Moments Inked Memory Planner System


We're beyond excited to share a new collection of products with you that is sure to have your paper-loving (and maybe office-supply loving!) heart skipping a beat!!  Whether you want to keep track of your schedule, your blog posts or even your memory-keeping in the year ahead, we've got you covered with an entirely new planner system that we think you're going to love!  It's not just any planner system, it's a lifestyle!


The vision for this book is that it replaces every daily journal and notebook you may use.  Our planner has the capacity to be used as a meal planner, fitness/nutrition journal, gratitude journal, goal tracker, birthday calendar, schedule calendar, list keeper, sketch book and memory scrapbook all in one.  This book is all about simplifying and documenting life, all at once with very little effort for the busy lives we lead.  Once the year is complete, the planner can be kept as a keepsake, a beautiful book that summarizes another amazing year in your life.
5" x 7" Size + Spiral Bound- Our planner measures a nice petite 5" x 7" and measures about 1-1/2" thick.  The reasons for this are two fold.  It is small enough that it can easily fit into a purse.  Also, we are able to create full page dies for it that can accommodate most of the popular die-cutting machines that are currently on the market.  This size is something we will stick with, making it easy to use coordinating products for years, including swapping out the laminated covers.  A sturdy spiral binding holds this planner together.  Nothing compares to the nice flat surface that is created when a spiral bound planner is open.
70lb. Crisp White Linen Paper- We only selected the BEST materials for our planner, using the same linen paper utilized for our signature patterned papers.  It is a crisp white, which entices you to write upon its pages!    The 2015 planner contains a whopping 576 double-sided, full-color pages and 14 mylar laminated tabbed section dividers.
Here are additional details specific to the Moments Inked 2015 Memory Planner!
We are releasing three cover designs this year, all of which are bright and colorful, reflecting the color choices made for this years tabs.  There is a little something for everyone from vintage, to modern to trendy.  
These covers are heavily laminated for an easy wipe-off surface in preparation for those inevitable spills.  The spiral edge of these covers is slit so that the covers are interchangeable, just in case you can't decide!  You can easily swap them as frequently as you wish.
All 14 tabs in this planner are visible at once rather in several layers, making it even easier for you to flip quickly to the section of your choice. 
All of the tabs are laminated for longevity and strength.  Not to mention, the rainbow of colors is pretty to look at too!
The front section of the book has a few basics that will come in handy. 
First page
There is an intro page with space for you to add your name so hopefully the book can be returned to you if lost.  There is a Moments Inked lifestyle overview page (more about that below) and a 2015/2016 year at a glance calendar page to be used a s a reference.
I personally did a lot of research and self-exploration to bring together not only a well-thought out planner, but also a lifestyle that is broken into small pieces for each day.  If those pieces are completed every day, it will add up to you living your best life possible. 
The planner provides you with the tools to really DO this!  I will be going into more detail about all of this when describing the daily pages below.
There is a section for you to fill-in important dates to remember.  This could include birthdays, anniversaries, etc…  These pages can be used as an easy reference throughout the year, adapted to what your needs are!
Each month features an inspirational quote at the start using that month's special color scheme.  
Each of the quotes I selected are meaningful to me and I hope they inspire you as much as they have me!
This resolutions page, found in the front section of the planner, helps you to make this your best year yet.  With resolutions in a variety of areas like this written down in one spot that you will see often, you are bound to succeed!
Each month features a monthly spread in its designated color scheme.  This features the whole month at a glance for easy reference. 
The right hand column can be used for writing down tasks or things to remember.  A mini calendar for the following month is at the top of this column.
Holidays are labeled appropriately throughout as an extra touch.  The monthly boxes measure 1" wide and 7/8" tall, giving you enough space to jot down a few important events or appointments.  Again, all of these pages are in full-color, which makes it such a pleasure to use!
Each month has the appropriate number of weekly spreads, giving you plenty of space to detail your busy life and break everything down into bite size pieces. 
Morning afternoon evening
By dividing your days into three sections rather than an hourly schedule, it's easier to make a schedule you can stick to, since a lot of things in real life don't have specific "times".  The weekly columns measure 1" wide.  There are blank columns under each day for notes as well as two large areas on the left.
Week number
The weekly spreads are dated already so you don't have to.  The weeks are also numbered, which is a huge benefit to those of you who enjoy weekly scrapbooking.
This planner's daily pages are one of the things that really sets it apart!  These are also done in the specific color scheme designated for each month.  You are urged to spend the early part of each morning with your cup of coffee and your page for the day.   
Daily date
These are also dated for you which is one less thing you need to worry about!
Start by selecting three goals/tasks to focus on.  While you might have ongoing task lists that a bit more lengthy elsewhere in your planner, this space forces you to focus on the top three "to-dos".  As I said earlier, bite size, doable pieces always make things easier and more manageable!
At the top of the page, you can list three things you can do today to prepare for tomorrow to make it a bit easier and less stressful.  If you get in the habit of preparing ahead, it can make life so much more streamlined.  Since it is only three things, they will be quick and easy for you to complete.  Check off the items as you complete them!
Drinking plenty of water has multiple benefits (just google it!) so this little graphic tucked into the top corner of the page provides you with eight "glasses" to color in as you finish them.  Keep a colored pencil with your planner throughout the day!  The satisfaction you will have as you fill in the blanks will be a great motivating factor!  There is also space for you to do your meal planning for the day, with boxes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  If you like to plan ahead, you can easily go through and fill in as many days as you like in advance!
Be active indulgence
You can make an activity/exercise goal for the day.  Even if you don't frequent the gym, you can note the length of your daily walk, etc.  Of course there is a second box for you to fill in what you actually achieved at the end of the day!  This is also a good time to select your daily indulgence for the day, whether it be making time to read the next chapter in your book, 30 minutes of crafting time, or treating yourself to a bouquet of flowers at the florist.  A little something for yourself makes a world of difference!  Once it is in writing, it is easier to make it happen!
At the end of the day you can take just a few moments of reflection and fill in three things you are grateful for,
and one memorable moment that you want to document like you would in a journal. Each of the different components for the daily pages were selected to help you live each day to the fullest on every level!  This isn't just a planner, it's a lifestyle! 
In the back section of the planner are a few pages for you to add important contacts that you may want easy access to.
The back also has lots of blank pages for whatever you wish!  This includes regular lined pages and graph paper pages, perfect for sketching or planning!
The very last page of the planner allows you to fill in a year in review sheet.  A wonderful way for you to reflect on the past year and look at all you accomplished!
Here are some key points to note about the Moments Inked 2015 Memory Planner

The Details:

  • The Moments Inked 2015 Memory Planner will be available for purchase on February 15th.
  • It will retail for $45.
  • The planner  contains a total of 576 double-sided, full-color pages and 14 mylar laminated tabbed section dividers.
  • The Moments Inked 2015 Planner measures about 5" wide x 7" tall and 1-1/2" thick.  
  • The coil is large and roomy for adding extra pages with the coordinating die system.  It measures about 2" in diameter and is made from a heavy duty plastic that is slightly flexible to prevent dents and warping.
  • The planner does not come with a front cover, they are sold separately.  There are three interchangeable, sturdy, laminated cover styles to choose from (see above), retailing for $6 each.  
  • The back cover is made from super thick black chipboard, measuring a full 1/16" thick.

One of the exciting things about the size of this planner and the fact that it is exclusive to Papertrey Ink is that we are able design endless options for coordinating products!  We will be introducing all kinds of exciting things throughout the year!  We are kicking things off with a few basics for this month!  

A big thanks to Laurie Willison for all of her help in coming up with many of the concepts we used to jumpstart the companion products for this amazing memory planner system!



Mass produce custom banner stickers for your weekly planner spreads with ease using this collection!  First, stamp ten banners with just one impression onto adhesive sheets or cardstock.  Then use the clever die to line up the center stamped cross with the cross opening in the die.  No need to worry about running out of stickers of a specific type or color!  Make lots in one sitting to store and use throughout the year!

The Details:

  • Moments Inked: Planner Banners will be available for purchase on February 15th.
  • It will retail for $15.
  • Moments Inked: Planner Banners contains a total of 47 images.  A single banner measures about 1-1/8" x 1/4".  The multi-banner stamp as a whole measures 2-1/4" x 1-3/4".  The banner word frames measure a little over 3/4" x 3/16".  The words themselves all measure about 1/8" tall and average between 7/8" through 3/8" wide.
  • A coordinating die will be available for sale separately, retailing for $5.  This overall die measures 2-1/4" x 1-3/4".  Each individual banner measures 1" x 1/4".
  • Mass produce these ahead of time in an easy peel and stick form by using our white adhesive sheets!




This is a wonderful add-on to Moments Inked: Planner Banners with wording specifically geared towards busy families!  Mass produce custom banner stickers for your weekly planner spreads with ease using this collection!  

The Details:

  • Moments Inked: Family Banners will be available for purchase on February 15th.
  • It will retail for $5.
  • Moments Inked: Family Banners contains a total of 22 images.  A single banner measures about 1-1/8" x 1/4".  The multi-banner stamp as a whole measures 2-1/4" x 1-3/4".  The words measure about 1/8" tall and average between 7/8" through 3/8" wide.
  • This coordinates with the Planner Banners die, shown above.



This is also a wonderful add-on to Moments Inked: Planner Banners with wording specifically geared towards bloggers!  Mass produce custom banner stickers for your weekly planner spreads with ease using this collection!  An awesome organizational tool for those that blog for a living!

The Details:

  • Moments Inked: Blog Banners will be available for purchase on February 15th.
  • It will retail for $5.
  • Moments Inked: Blog Banners contains a total of 20 images.  A single banner measures about 1-1/8" x 1/4".  The multi-banner stamp as a whole measures 2-1/4" x 1-3/4".  The banner word frames measure a little over 3/4" x 3/16".  The words themselves all measure about 1/8" tall and average between 7/8" through 3/8" wide.  
  • This coordinates with the Planner Banners die, shown above.



Repositionable notes are one of the best companions for a planner, and this stamp set also you to quickly and easily transform inexpensive plain sticky notes into little bulleted lists.  You can stamp out a whole pad in one sitting and keep them on a dashboard in your planner to use throughout the year.  Or keep the stamps along with an ink pad or two right in your planner area and create them as you go.  These stamps will also cross over and work well with the Monthly Moments dies for even more versatility!

The Details:

  • Moments Inked: Posted will be available for purchase on February 15th.
  • It will retail for $15.
  • Moments Inked: Posted contains a total of 16 images.  The frame and lines block measures 2-3/4" x 2-1/2" to coordinate with standard 3×3 sticky notes.  The bullet point strips each measure about 1-7/8" wide and about 1/8" wide.  "Tomorrow" measures 1-3/4" x 1/8".  "Today" measures 1" x 1/8".



Depending on how much memory keeping you want to do in your planner, this stamp set gives you some basic tools to create your own memory pages to fill in throughout the year.  You can sit down in advance and make one page for each month or maybe even each week.  These images cover favorite 2×2 instagram photos, special highlights and even a quote from an inspirational pastor, hysterical child or perhaps a witty husband!  All of these items will also coordinate with the Monthly Moments pocket pages!

The Details:

  • Moments Inked: Remembered will be available for purchase on February 15th.
  • It will retail for $15.
  • Moments Inked: Remembered contains a total of 8 images.  The main photo frame measures 2-1/4" x 2-7/8".  The numbered journaling lines measure 2-3/4" x 2-1/4".  The quoted block measures 2-3/4" x 1-3/8".



This versatile, cost effective die collection allows you to create custom inserts and pages for your planner with ease.  You can use the largest page as a full page to match the existing pages in your planner.  This will work for adding memory/photo pages, etc.  It is very popular to add inserts that are smaller than a full size page for special notes, lists or reminders, even photos and quotes.  Every size you could want is all right here in one collection.

The Details: 

  • Moments Inked: Basics Pages die collection will be available for purchase on February 15th.
  • It will retail for $22.
  • Moments Inked: Basics Pages die collection contains a total of 5 dies.  
  • The measurements for the pages are as follows (largest to smallest): 4-1/2" x 6", 3-3/4" x 5", 3" x 4", 2-3/8" x 3", 1-1/2" x 2".

Of course we can't introduce this new product line without an amazing group of planner-loving designers to help show you how to use it!  I am pleased to introduce the 2015 Moments Inked Promotional Team!  Click through to each of their blogs to see their initial reviews of our planner and get a peek at what they have done with the coordinating products!



Amy says, "After many years of trying to go digital, this past fall, I decided to try going back to a paper planner. I can't believe the difference! I'm so much more aware, prepared, productive, and "together" when using a paper planner. The new PTI Moments Inked planner system is beautifully designed, carefully thought out, and highly customizable for individual needs. Visit my blog to see my planner in action!"

CLICK HERE to see more from Amy Sheffer.



Ashley says, "The Moments Inked Memory Planner System is the planner of all planners. The versatility alone allows you to replace all other planners, notebooks, and post-it notes you keep. It's small, but packs a lot of punch in thickness to cover everything you need to stay on top of all of life's adventures throughout the year. I've been using paper planners since college and this design will surely have you not only jotting down important appointments or birthdays, but documenting memories and setting goals all while keeping up with the daily grind. Why not make it fun and pretty too!  Check out the new planner on my blog and some tips on how to stay on top of using it daily."


Ashley also has another video going into more detail about how she is putting it to use!


CLICK HERE to see more from Ashley Cannon Newell.



Audrey says, "I have been addicted to stationary and planners since I was a little girl.  I think it started with my elementary school planner!  I am a note taker and list maker by nature, and I often find myself in a sea of post-it notes.  I have notebooks and journals for several different areas of my life – home, family, blogging, etc.  I am looking forward to working with a system that will allow me to put all of my important "stuff" in one place.  Something that is functional and fun, bright and colorful, and something that I can look back on remember every year of this crazy thing called LIFE!"

CLICK HERE to see more from Audrey Tokach.


Laurie S

Laurie says, "I can't even express how excited I am to be joining the brand new Moments Inked team!  When I heard that Papertrey would be releasing the Moments Inked collection, my papercrafting, color loving heart rejoiced!  I have long been a fan and customer of Papertrey, so to combine that with my love (well, more dire need of) being organized is a match made in heaven!  As a wife and mom of five, I am thrilled with the option of creating a keepsake and preserving memories all while keeping my family organized!  I am looking forward to exploring all of the creative ways to personalize my planner and am honored that I will get to share that with you!"

CLICK HERE to see more from Laurie Schmidlin.


Laurie W

Laurie says, "I love planners.  I love office supplies.  I love to make lists.  I love to keep memories.  I love all of these things combined.  This new planner from Papertrey Ink combines all of these in one spot.  This gorgeous new planner and all of the little details included will turn your planning/memory keeping upside down!  Stop in and see how easy and simple it can be!"


CLICK HERE to see more from Laurie Willison.



Lizzie says, "I could definitely use some help getting organized, so I am super excited about the Moments Inked Panner! I've tried using different planners and calendars before, but none of them felt very special and I eventually lost interest. This planner combines the function of a daily organizer with journaling, memory keeping, and overall wellness for an essential all-in-one that I am truly delighted to use. It's even color coordinated with all of my Papertrey inks and papers to make creating accessories a breeze!"


CLICK HERE to see more from Lizzie Jones.



Rebecca says, "I've mostly been storing all of my dates to remember in my head–yup, that's right, my head.  Along with index cards and keeping important emails filed on my phone, I rely on my brain to do the rest.  It's not pretty and nowhere near organized, so when the opportunity arose to try out the Moments Inked Planner System, I jumped on board!  I've been searching for a planner that has the month-at-a-glance, week-at-a-glance, and a page for each day.  To say I was happy that the MI planner has each one of those things is an understatement."

CLICK HERE to see more from Rebecca Luminarias.



Stephanie says, "Hi, my name is Stephanie. I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband and two children and work full time in an administrative position. When I'm not with my family or working, I like to spend my time paper crafting, reading, watching Nascar and keeping up with my favourite TV obsessions.  Family, work and everyday life activities keep me busy and constantly on the go, so having a planner to keep all of our schedules in one place is a must for me. I love organization and I love paper, so keeping a traditional paper planner is my favourite way to record what's ahead and look back on what we've done."

CLICK HERE to see more from Stephanie Klauck.



Suzanne says, "I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of Papertrey Ink's Moments Inked Team! I started stamping a decade ago, and Nichole and her team have been filling my heart with joy and inspiration nearly that entire time. I feel very blessed to be able to share my love of this hobby with you using this fabulous suite of planning products – incorporating them into my daily routine will be so much fun! I can already see how the unique features of this system are going to help me stay better organized, but what I really love most is the simple reminder that each page represents a fresh start."


CLICK HERE to see more from Suzanne Dahlberg.

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Just leave a comment here to be eligible to win.  Are you a "planner person"?  Do you love the idea of being able to customize and decorate your planner however you see fit?  Are you excited to get yourself organized with this new planner system?  What is your FAVORITE part of the new Moments Inked Planner?  (Just click the small "comments" link  beside the date in the footer of this post.  If you are reading this as an email subscription, be sure to click through to the actual blog to leave an eligible comment)

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Randomly selected winners will be announced on our February Release Winners page no later than noon EST, February 15th.



CLICK HERE to see more from Dawn McVey and her new products for this month!


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    Lisa S. says:

    Beautiful planner! What an effort of design and love this must have been. Can’t wait to get one and put it into action!

  • 43
    Martha says:

    What a lovely and unique line of products.
    The Banners & Basic Pages dies are excellent additions.
    I love PTI!

  • 44
    Kathy Camps says:

    Love this little planner! It’s a perfect size

  • 45
    Keri says:

    I am a planner by nature. Looks like quite a system. Cool idea!

  • 46
    Judy says:

    I use an inexpensive planner for appointments. I love this fun and colorful planner as a way to record goals and daily activities/appointments as well as a memory keeper.

  • 47
    Cindy O says:

    I’m a “planning person” but I’ve never been a “planner person.” I use running lists for to-dos, and a very basic calendar on my phone for appointments. This planner looks wonderful though. I love how it includes personal goals and memories/gratitude, not just tasks and deadlines!

  • 48
    Debbie P says:

    I love planners and office supplies and who doesn’t need a better way to keep organized. This new planner looks fantastic! I love the color and that Nicole has really thought out the page designs! Also that you can add pages with the new dies.

  • 49
    Diana K says:

    I’m a pretty organized person and I do so love my lists; this planner may be just the thing to add some oomph to my daily life.

  • 50
    abrash says:

    Love this planner system! Being able to customize it and mix stamping in the planner is wonderful!

  • 51

    I’m seriously impressed with the planner you’ve developed. I am a 100% planner but have been digital for years and done well. However, Erin Condron planners always have me looking!!! This is so much better :). If I ever came back from “the dark side” (digital) I’d definitely invest in this system!

  • 52
    Lisa m says:

    This is awesome I hope you have a lot in stock these will go fast can’t wait to get one and start planning I love that you included the health and exercise portion great job Nicole!

  • 53
    Diane says:

    This planner is just what I need.

  • 54
    Anja curvers says:

    Well I am not really a planner girl maybe just because I still haven’t found the planner. Thismight be the perfect moment for me to start using a planner because I think this system has all you can possible wish for. It just looks wonderful love the additional items so thank you.

  • 55
    Genevieve says:

    I am the type of brain planner but this is something to look into .

  • 56
    Rebecca B. says:

    Wow…it is obvious that so much thought and heart went into this planner. Thanks Nichole for truly thinking of every thing we could desire in a planner. But what I’m most excited about regarding MI is ALL THE NEW FACES joining the team!!!!! Welcome girls!! Laurie Schmidlin….I’ve followed her for forever! So glad she is joining the team!!! The other girls are new to me but Nichole only selects the very best additions to PTI so I know I will love them too. What a wonderful surprise to wake up to on this Valentine’s Day morning!!!

  • 57
    donna says:

    I am overwhelmed by the design and the talent. The elements are just so well thought out and useful. PTI has really outdone itself this anniversary! Just brilliant ideas and the design team execution is beyond what I could imagine!

  • 58
    Sharyn Polesel says:

    Love the size and the beautiful colors. For me to actually use a planner, it would have to fit into my purse, so I can take it with me wherever I go. This one looks great! Love all of the features and the great die and stamp sets to go with it.

  • 59
    Rose A says:

    I’m going to go make a second coffee and DEVOUR every single picture on this blog post
    IMaybe so excited for this product line!! I need it all…thanks PTI!!!!! Way to go Laurie!!

  • 60
    Kara says:

    I do keep a planner, but I like to keep it simple. No decoration, just utilitarian. Your new planner is beautiful and I can see many planner enthusiasts loving it.

  • 61
    PaperCrazy says:

    My favorite part has to be the stamps that look to be so well thought out! What a great addition to the PTI product lineup!

  • 62
    Sherry G says:

    My daughter loves planners, so this would be a wonderful birthday gift. My favorite part is the opportunity to be grateful.

  • 63
    Aunt Min says:

    It is like my favorite At a Glance weekly calendar that I use at work but prettier! I particularly love the “priority” list. PTI colors as a bonus? What’s not to love!

  • 64

    I have been saving dates in my head for decades and my head is about to go kaboom. After reading through this post and the new DT posts, I may have to buy into this. I like the idea of all of the customizable banners…remembering when challenges are due will be so valuable to me and being able to colour in the hydrate stamp reminder will be very useful living in this part of the country! Looks like we will have the tool to be organized now!

  • 65
    Terri Bills says:

    I am a planner person but am somewhat unsuccessful keeping it all on my phone. This is a beautiful planner. I love everything about it. I would use it to record appointments, keep a food journal, jot down reminders of things I need to do daily and weekly. Currently all of these things are in several different places. What a wonderful concept this is.

  • 66
    Birgit says:

    This was totally unexpected but so ingenious! I was looking for a planner in January and couldn’t find one that had everything I was looking for. This has everything and more! I’m a list maker too so this would really incorporate everything. Oh, I truly hope my name is picked. This release has been way too amazing!

  • 67
    Dolores says:

    I am an organized person and a planner. I can,t keep my busy life going without a calendar close at hand. This new product is intrigiung. I will have to take a closer look.

  • 68
    Lynne S in GS says:

    YaY!!!! I love taking and keeping a planner for work and home, and often tape journaling cards in it with expanded items or details. This is gonna rock!!!!


  • 69
    annheidel says:

    Interesting. Not quite what I was expecting today, but it looks like a very nice planner system. I like the colors!

  • 70
    Donna M. says:

    This planner idea is intriguing. Love the colors & the interesting add-ons. Hmmm… Could PTI really get me organized?!?

  • 71
    Kristie G. says:

    I have not gotten into the planner fad, just yet. You may change my mind though. πŸ™‚

  • 72
    DebbyH says:

    Those basic page dies are wonderful!

  • 73
    Kris says:

    I’ve used a planner for many years and have very specific features I use frequently. I must say, you have thoroughly researched and covered a lot of aspects that make a planner functional. Well done!

  • 74
    Felicia says:

    What a way to be organized with the PTI planner. I really like the water glasses to color in so you remember to drink your water.

  • 75
    Carol b says:

    Wow!!! Where was a planner like this when my kids were little and I had a full time job. Actually, using a planner now that I’m retired and involved in so many activities, is still a good thing. It will also remind me that I still have goals.
    Carol b (Cln crs)

  • 76
    see mary stamp says:

    Wow! Every year I wonder what Papertrey is going to surprise me with – and this year it’s the new planner system. Amazing! I have a paper planner that I use primarily for work, but also use some online tracking systems for calendars/dates, but haven’t found the one thing that works for everything. This is a very impressive line-up of products and it would be so nice to have such an attractive planner. I think one of my favorite parts is the inspirational quotes. I love quotes!!! Thanks for all the time that went into creating this product and a big welcome to all of the Moments Inked Design team!

  • 77

    I difentently like being organized and the to be able to decorate too….. Well that is the icing on the cake.

  • 78
    Roxanne says:

    Holy cow!!! This is just flat awesome!!!

  • 79
    Karen says:

    Definitely the most comprehensive planner I’ve ever seen, and what fun to be able to customize it!

  • 80

    I’m not a planner person, but I love this one. Maybe I can be a planner person.

  • 81
    Millie Burns says:

    I am a planner , and this one is beautiful! You’ve covered all the bases with this one – and in beautiful PTI style. Very nice!

  • 82
    Tami B says:

    I’m not a planner person, but if I was, I would want to use this system, it’s very functional & pretty.

  • 83
    Jessica Monte says:

    Wow this is a great way to keep a planner and also a journal for a year. What a great idea…

  • 84
    Nancy Wilcox says:

    I’ve been a planner user in the past but have been trying to go just digital lately. It really lacks that wonderful feel of paper and the ability to add personal touches. This planner makes me want to go back to paper!

  • 85
    Tracie C. says:

    What a fabulous idea. I love this concept and feel I would use it most to keep my blogging on track.

  • 86
    Sherrie M. says:

    Wow. I didn’t see this planner reveal coming but you’ve made this planner/notebook/office supply gal really happy. I love that the planner has good quality paper and that its so colorful. Definitely a great way to keep me interested later in the year. Congrats PTI! Nicely done.

  • 87
    Rachel P. says:

    What a beautiful planner! I really like the customization and convenient setup, and who doesn’t love rainbows?

  • 88
    Polly says:

    This is great! As a list maker this planner really appeals to me. I love the colored bright and happy…it would be a pleasure to use this every day.

  • 89
    Jamie says:

    Was not expecting to see this, but you have hit the mark on planners and what to include. My favorite part is the daily pages. I love the layout, the hydrate, the meals- all of it. What a great way to reflect on the day itself and record memories. This is great!!

  • 90
    Michele F says:

    I am not a planner-girl, but this certainly entices me to start!
    =] Michele

  • 91
    shimekko says:

    I don’t use planner right now because I failed many times, but those new products can be useful for a pocket album and card making, too!

  • 92
    Linda Gorman says:

    I love planners too!!! Especially this one. I love all the extras that are available. What a great idea!!!!

  • 93
    Colleen C. says:

    Really cool system – very well thought out!

  • 94
    Kelly says:

    I am a planner person, with 4 kids I find a planner indispensable. I love the colours you used. So many fantastic products this month!

  • 95
    Sarah white says:

    Love this! I just got a new job and this would be perfect to help keep me organized. πŸ™‚

  • 96
    Terri W says:

    To be honest I keep all of my important things in my phone and set reminders. A planner would be one way to get it all down on paper in one place. I really like that it is spiral bound as that will lay perfectly flat and make it much easier to write in/decorate. Fun!

  • 97
    Tammy Butz says:

    Really love this! I haven’t been much of a planner person. But, with three daughters that are starting to get very active schedule, I have found myself printing out monthly schedules and writing everything down. So, I really could use one of these.

  • 98
    Marybeth says:

    I love the new planner! I don’t like using my iPhone or iPad for planning….something about paper and writing it down …that I just love! I love the compact size too! I watched Suzzane’s video and I too….. like that it has the holidays.

  • 99
    Sharon W. says:

    I am not a planner person either…at least not in that way. But if I go that way this would be a good start. Also would make great gifts for those who already have it down!

  • 100
    SaraL says:

    Wow! I am so excited to see this planner. It looks like so much thought went into it and it has everything I need! Amazing!

  • 101
    adele says:

    Oh, my — I wish I’d had something like this when I had young kids at home and all sorts of activities and deadlines to balance. So much to love about this, from the beautiful design to the banners to the insert pages.

  • 102
    Irene S says:

    The planner looks great! I am a list person so this is right up my alley. Thank you for coming out with this planner. It will bring organization and inspiration to a whole new level!

  • 103
    Stacey says:

    How fun – organizing hearts of the world unite! Love the daily pages!

  • 104
    Marsha Stehle says:

    The planner is exactly what I need! Right now I use lots of sticky notes and pieces of paper. Thanks for a great idea!

  • 105
    Lynn Hardy says:

    I’ve never tried using a planner before, but this seems like a really good idea!

  • 106
    Angela Lemmons says:

    I’m not a planner person but this release might just turn me into one!!!

  • 107
    Nancy Penir says:

    I am never without a calendar (my form of planner), and can’t believe how much I’ve missed NOT having planned more. This looks so well thought out. A bit of something good throughout. Beautifully crafted too!

  • 108
    Pat Q says:

    This is a gorgeous planner. The colors are beautiful and inspirational. I could imagine how fun it would be to log all the healthy things in life into it, like walking miles or eating healthy food. Thanks Nichole for another great idea!

  • 109
    Dana Kirby says:

    Wow! I am blown away by this planner!! You have thought of everything. It is perfect, I love the color and design. Great Job PTI!!!

  • 110
    cranberry76 says:

    For looking forward and looking back, this planner has it all covered! One of my favorite things and that made me say “wow, that’s clever” was the space and graphic for keeping track of daily hydration!

  • 111
    blaquilts says:

    I have never kept a journal before, this one is beautiful and I think I will give it a try! You are all so inspiring!

  • 112
    Dgolly says:

    What a great planner. I love all the add-ons and extra’s you can add to it. So Fun. It really makes you want to use it everyday.

  • 113

    Love a good planner and this has one thing (at least) that makes it a winner. Those daily pages sectioned so perfectly with the colors and themes…Makes keeping everything together in this busy world easy and beautiful!

  • 114
    leah says:

    I am not a planner person…but this is definitely making me rethink things.

  • 115
    Jan G says:

    Great planner! I am a planner person, everything gets writtened down, keeps me going

  • 116
    Edie says:

    I’m definitely a planner. My house is full of “lists” of things to do. This would be another great way to stay organized. Love the colors!

  • 117
    Gina says:

    I have used a paper planner for about 30 years. I CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on this! That my PTI inks and cardstock will match my planner just makes me over-the-moon happy!!

  • 118
    Erin says:

    i have been on the hunt for the perfect planner for years and this looks like the one to finally fit the bill! I can’t wait to get my hands on this and start using it to keep me more organized. I also love all the ways you can customize it and look forward to all the fun stuff you will be sharing through out the year to go with this. Well done PTI!!!

  • 119
    Kim Kjerulf says:

    This is brilliant. I kept waiting for a stamp company to pick up on the planner craze. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us.

  • 120
    Lillian M says:

    It’s been so interesting reading about the planner, and seeing all the great pictures of what it looks like – now, I can’t wait to have one in my hands ! It’s the Perfect size, seems very functional, with a beautiful layout, can’t wait to get one !

  • 121
    Jackie L says:

    I don’t currently use a planner. But this looks very inviting.

  • 122
    Melissa Sibert says:

    I really like the planner. I like to make lists, I just don’t always get around to them. I like the idea of being more intentional with goals and steps to make them happen. I like the idea of everything being in one place. That being said, I am not sure I would be consistent in using a planner like this. Also, it would need tobe released at least in November to have time to get things set up or to give as a gift to someone else. I hope you release the 2016 planner before 2016 starts. This one is coming out too late for me to want to purchase it.

  • 123
    Sandy Davis says:

    I LOVE this planner. Both the planner and the accessories are very well thought out. My favorite part is the daily pages

  • 124
    Tabitha A. says:

    Cannot even handle it! I love planners!! I’m so excited for all the accessories! AAAGGGHHHH!!!

  • 125
    Margaret C says:

    Oh. My.. Word…..
    Yes, yes, yes, yes !!!!
    This is beautiful and so timely for me. After years of faffing, this year I have become more diligent about keeping my daily planner in an effort to be more mindful and reflective. I have scoured Pinterest and the Net to find my perfect planner and it looks like you pulled all my favourite ideas and then made it SUPER pretty !
    Love, love, love, love.
    Thanks for the opportunity !

  • 126
    Cathy Yamashita says:

    My favorite thing about the planner is that IT’S PAPER!!! I’ve tried digital. That’s fine on a full size monitor, but on a smart phone, you just can’t see enough at one time. And for birthday, etc., I want to be able to flip to a page and see them all. Great system!

  • 127
    Pat Baker says:

    Yes, like many of the gals above, I have been going back to paper planning this year -actually making my own planner that works for me…or so I thought! It hasn’t taken long to see that I need a little more ability to move things around as I go -an I think this planner fits that, with the dies and other options! Plus now I can add a little artsy stuff that just lined paper was not doing. Can’t wait until tomorrow to order!!!

  • 128
    Jayell says:

    This is a surprise! I’ve seen more and more bloggers post about planners recently so I’m intrigued. This look beautiful.

  • 129
    Kathy W says:

    This is an amazing realization of a whole lot of work and planning…what a great collection! I mostly use my phone, but have trouble sometimes keeping track of other family members’ doings, I think this system will work well for us…

  • 130
    Jill Norwood says:

    Wow!!! I love the concepts outlined for this wonderful planner!!! I cannot wait to try it!!! I love that it can do it ALL! And that as you all continue to use it and explore planning possibilities you can create products that can fit into it that utilize our existing die cutting tools! Add in the PTI range of colored products that we can design with and it is a match made in heaven! I am so excited to try this out! Thanks!!

  • 131
    Elizabeth Egg says:

    Can’t wait to get the planner!!!!!!! So cute!

  • 132
    Leah C. says:

    Eeeeeekkk! I love planning and this system looks amazing!! Wow! Love it all.

  • 133
    Irene C says:

    Sounds great. I used to use a planner years ago then I started using my phone. I would like to know if the pages would be able to withstand water coloring or mixed media paints. I also would like to know if the largest insert die is the size of the largest page. I sketch out my crafts and would like to be able to insert full size pages to draw on.

  • 134
    Kailash says:

    I am a planner and like everything thought out. This release is simply fabulous for being organized!!! Love it!!!

  • 135
    Erin says:

    I’ve never really thought about having a planner, I’ve just always used my phone. This planner makes me want to ditch the phone! It’s a thing of beauty that I’m so excited to try!

  • 136
    Diane says:

    Beautiful colors on the planner. As a former teacher I have used many planners but none as fun as this one!

  • 137
    Mindy says:

    I’m a list maker and love to organize so this planner looks like a dream come true!

  • 138
    Theresia says:

    I love the new planner idea, you surprised me but in a very pleasant way! What I have seen… Beauty, I love it with all the yummie. Colors! Great Job!

  • 139
    Amy McCue says:

    When I was working, I always kept a planner. It kept me so organized! I always knew what was going on. When I stopped working, I got away from that, but this inspires me to start again. The colors are beautiful and so happy. I love all the things that we can use to enhance it. We will be able to use them for many years to come. This is a great project.

  • 140
    Cynthia Beideman says:

    I love the idea of this planner. I am a serious planner and writing it down helps take away some of the stress in my life. Kuddos!!

  • 141
    Natasha Trupp says:

    I am definitely a list maker, I already have a 2015 planner and don’t have the budget to switch it up mid year. However, I am loving the coordinating stamp sets and look forward to using those with my current planner system. Maybe the 2016 PTI version will be in my future!

  • 142
    Jen says:

    I think my favorite part of this new planner is the daily pages with focus, hydration, everything right there and keeping memories to boot! I also love that there will be dies to use with it, totally awesome!!

  • 143

    What a beautiful, fun new product. Love all the thoughtful details, design and colour. I normally don’t use a planner but probably should start as my short term memory is starting to fail me.

  • 144
    Kristen S says:

    I have never really used a planner before, but I really like the way this one is laid out. I think I could really use something like this.

  • 145
    Carol (HB) says:

    I so wish I was a planner person… this is beautiful! I love the colors and the whole concept.

  • 146
    Bonnie Sharp says:

    I have been watching “everyone” on Facebook squealing about their beautiful planners…and they are very nice, but it just wasn’t what I was looking for. But now I know it is because I was waiting for the perfect planner for ME! Thank you for this release!

  • 147
    Elle says:

    I am not a planner person “yet”…..But, I have been sitting on the fence for a little while waiting to dive in. I had no idea PTI would delve into the planner world which makes my wait all the more better. I love everything about this new planner system and products. All that’s left to do is dive in & start planning!!!!:)

  • 148
    Heidi Patton says:

    This concept is so exciting for me! I am terrible at organizing, more fly by the seat of my pants. I especially like the idea of making it into a daily “journal” of my family’s life. I see adding pictures of special events throught the year. And at the end having an awesome history book.

  • 149
    Julie Call says:

    Be still, my beating heart! I have worked my way through just about every journal system out there, but I always wanted more than they could deliver. I need space, and lists, and color, and room for more lists, and more personalization than anything I’ve been able to find. After years of settling for boring empty notepads, I cannot wait to velcro this planner to my side and never let go! And I’ll never have to hoard my beautiful post-its or accessories, because now I’ll be able to make more! You’ve literally thought of everything I would want in a custom journal, and I am so excited to get this into my lifestyle! Thank you team!

  • 150
    Janet b says:

    I love planners and I definitely need one so I don’t forget important things. Yours looks really great and I can see all the thought put into creating an excellent planning system.

  • 151
    Laura O. says:

    I’m not really a planner person… But this looks amazing!! So many fun elements?

  • 152
    Natasha Kara says:

    No, I am not…. But I think I need to be. ? I tend to forget a lot and even bough my phone reminders has helped I love the idea of writing down not only goals but accomplishments too. I love this planner it’s so pretty and looks like it’s just fun to use. So I might be a planner chick soon enough. ?

  • 153
    Leanne S says:

    Superb idea! Loving it.

  • 154
    karen h says:

    These planners look like so much fun!

  • 155

    What a great product line for PTI – and complete with the gorgeous linen paper too!! So exciting!

  • 156
    Cathy Max says:

    Having a busy family I need to be organized. This planner is perfect for me. I am loving the die sets and looking forward to seeing the stamps.
    Beautifully done PTI πŸ™‚

  • 157
    Cindy H. says:

    Wow, what a beautiful and organized planner! Love the colorful aspect, it’s so cheerful and fun. I personally don’t see myself using a planner at this stage of my life. I wish it had been around when I did need it though.

  • 158
    Kelly Flaherty says:

    I am retired, but you’d be surprised how busy your life can be even if you no longer work. I’ve often said I don’t know how I had time to work with all the stuff I have filling my days now! This looks like the perfect system. As I was reading I kept trying to think of anything Nicole had forgotten, or something else I could add, and could not come up with anything! Wonderful “planning” on this new endeavor!

  • 159
    Melissa friedrich says:

    I am an organized person, naturally drawn to planners I think! I love the colors and 5×7 size and the page layouts are so efficiently done to see things at a glance, this planner looks remarkable!

  • 160

    I love planners and office supplies….anything to keep me organized and on top of my to do list for the day. With 3 kids I have to be on top of everything.
    Plus I volunteer for PTA which has a lot of tasks to keep track of so everything goes smoothly. This planner looks fantastic and I will be getting one.
    Love the colorful pages and everything it is capable of organizing for me….Thanks PTI for another great product!!!

  • 161
    Lori Y says:

    Holy Cow! This planner is beautiful! I LOVE the daily pages you have included. I currently use a paper planner that has monthly and weekly pages that I adore. My planner keeps me sane and I love that I can make it mine with color coding, stickers, etc. Way to go, PTI!!!!

  • 162
    Tami says:

    I can’t tell you how excited I am about the planner! I love, love, love planners and to be able to customize it competly is heaven! I can not wait to get started!

  • 163
    Yvonne F. says:

    I am definitely a planner person and thats why I allready have a planner for this year, itΒ΄s february. I love the concept and inspiration here; but for me it is a little bit to big and thick. I really like the banner idea and the additional stamps sets.

  • 164
    Linda Ryszka says:

    Filo cuteness!! I am so excited for this new planner system! I’ve been looking for something like this forever! Thank you PTI! Once again you out-did yourself!!

  • 165
    Janet Swofford says:

    Wow! This is a beautiful,well thought out design with the attention to detail I have come to associate with PTI! Looking forward to learning more about this system!

  • 166
    Karen says:

    Squeal, omg, in love! This is everything a girl could want in a planner. It’s colorful, fun, and has it all. Cannot wait to get it!

  • 167
    Mel H says:

    Love the new pages dies and the covers are so pretty

  • 168
    Richard says:

    I can’t imagine what you could have missed here–this is complete, gorgeous perfection!

  • 169
    Susan Roberts says:

    Digital will never be as effective for me as paper planners and journals. Especially for my private life, I prefer the creativity that a tactile planner provides. Can’t wait to start!

  • 170
    jeannine j. says:

    this planner is amazing. a couple times a week i make a list of things i have to do, i love seeing them checked off. i also make lists of things/supplies i need when i have an occasion or something coming up so that i don’t forget anything. thanks!

  • 171
    theCook says:

    I am a lover of all things paper and stationery, so I always drool over beautiful planners and that one is a beautiful one! However I am not a very good planner user, as I like to go with the day’s inspiration rather than with planning for my personal life, and I have digital organization tools for my professional life. What I love about this planner however is the ability to add you own pages, making it into whatever you want (art journal anyone?)

  • 172
    Jackie K says:

    I’m not normally a planner person but this is wonderful. I love all the thought and fun ideas that went into making this. It has made me a believer in having a planner.

  • 173
    Jill Wright says:

    I really love that everything is all one on page! Epic! I have lists for dinners, a gratitude journal,
    a to-do list…….now it can be all right before me! I especially like that there is a place to track how much water you drink and jot down memorable moments!

  • 174

    Have used a planner since college, briefly tried using digital methods and found I need a paper planner – sooooo I am very happy my favorite stamp company has jumped into the planner world. There is so much to look at with today’s post that I’m still absorbing it all however its lookin pretty amazing. I’d hoped Papertrey would come up with planner stamps and dies – another wish granted LOL!

  • 175
    F Bond says:

    I am not a digital person either. I love how this planner is set up and the choices of stamp sets. Best of all the size is perfect!

  • 176
    Kara Lynne says:

    You thought of everything in this planner! This would make an amazing gift for so many of my dear friends and family! The best thing is it’s all done with PTI style!

  • 177
    Keysha says:

    YES! YES! YES! I am a “planner person”. This new collection of products fits into my life perfectly! Being able to customize AND decorate it myself is what I like the most.

  • 178
    Susanne V. says:

    I love my Google calendar for appointments, etc. but I am totally intrigued by your beautiful planner… I wonder if it would help me be more organized?

  • 179
    Wanda M. says:

    I have never used a planner, but this has me to thinking I would really like to do so. This is SO well thought out. I like the addition of the basic pages die. This is really exciting.

  • 180
    Victoria Nelson says:

    I recently returned to using a paper planner after several years of using a mainly digital system and I love the paper method. It definitely helps me stay organized and focused on priorities and writing things down with pen reinforces what I need to do. I think I will be able to use the PTI planner stamps and dies with my current planner to enhance its functionality.

  • 181
    geri says:

    I’m not a planner person…but I NEEEEED to be…just ask my hubby!!! This actually makes it look FUN!!!

  • 182
    Karen says:

    I have not used a planner before. I love this planner. It is very well thought out. I would love to try it.

  • 183
    Sheri says:

    Oh my! I never thought I needed a planner. My girls have them but since I am a single now, I didn’t think I had the need. But I am also active in some stamping groups, active in my church, have a blog and have a life, I am rethinking it and have been rethinking it for a few weeks now. It would be wonderful to have one and just see how useful it would be. I can’t imagine that I would not be hooked in no time and of course have to buy all of the “goodies” that go along with it. Thanks for offering the most comprehensive planner I have seen out there.

  • 184
    June W says:

    Wow! The memory planner looks awesome! Now all my lists, notes, etc will be in one place and not scattered all over the place!

  • 185
    Mindy Stell says:

    I love a planner, especially at the beginning of the year, but find that I always seem to slack off a couple of months into it. This would be an amazing opportunity to try and stick with being a good organized planner.

  • 186
    Jeni says:

    It looks like you’ve thought of everything when planning this planner. Too much work for me though in all honesty. I’m an organized person but I would have to use my free time for cardmaking for completing this instead. I’m afraid it would mostly go unused. A smaller weekly type planner would be nice.

  • 187
    Heather Sudduth says:

    I never really thought of myself as a planner person, but you may have changed my mind!

  • 188
    Sonia H says:

    I am gob-smacked! Leave it to the best stamping Co in the world to come up with the perfect planner/life journal/everything book! I an somewhat planner-obsessed ?, as my husband will testify, and this post made my Valentines Day! I love the daily sheets, which really sets this planner apart from all others out there, and I can never have too many extra pages for notes!!!
    You have thought of everything – and the fact that I don’t have to search and experiment to find matching ink colours for each month is a dream come true! I love that I can add things into the planner, like invitations, etc…Mind. Blown. ?

  • 189
    Kim G says:

    Wow is all I can say! I think this is something I could use to keep better track of appointments, notes about what has happened on a certain day, etc.

  • 190

    I’ve never really been a planner person – I’m too likely to forget stuff at home that way, so I usually keep it on my phone! I am, however, a list person! And the more and more I see these planners, the more I want them – since they are so CUTE! May have to change my mind!

  • 191
    Aimee Johnson says:

    Love this! I can’t wait to get one

  • 192
    Lori B says:

    I am not a planner person, but maybe now I will become one. Love all the thought & planning that went into this. The colors & covers are so pretty.

  • 193
    vintagestampr says:

    Wow! This planner is the best I’ve ever seen and looks very inspiring! Love all the unique elements and fun, happy colors!

  • 194
    Julia Aston says:

    I usually have sticky notes all over the place to help me stay organized – this beautiful journal/book would keep all the reminders together in one spot! I love the little banners you can stick on the calendar for reminders of special events!

  • 195

    A life planner … wow, what a fabulous surprise! So colourful, bright and cheerful … and chock full of brilliant organising ideas and great prompts … who wouldn’t want to delve into such gorgeousness! Anita πŸ™‚

  • 196
    Vicki A. says:

    I use a planner now, plus my smart phone and sometimes lists to keep track of everything. There has obviously been a lot of of work invested to create this planner. I am looking forward to seeing more.

  • 197
    Rachel says:

    I used to use a planner than switched to the computer. I don’t find the computer. Have not been as happy with the computer as my old write in planner. Started searching to what was out there. I either find one I like but it’s way to expensive or the cheaper ones don’t fit the bill. Love the look of your new planner and the price is reasonable.

  • 198
    Teresa F. says:

    I am very much a planner and once again PTI has a unique product that is so versatile! Great anniversary releases!

  • 199
    Vicki says:

    For years I’ve toyed with the idea of making gratitude journals (and have the PTI stamp set), but I couldn’t find a journal that I liked. I think this just might be the one, and I hope you come out with ideas for combining the new journal with the old stamp set – I’d love to see that. Yes, I’m a consummate list-maker and an office supply geek, so this planner and its accessories appeal to me on many different levels. I hope we’ll be some cover design options, too, since the covers are interchangeable! Thanks for a well-thought-out product!

  • 200
    JudyI says:

    Love, love the planner system and those daily pages really set it apart. I can see using this for business and personally.

  • 201
    Karen B. says:

    This is a lifestyle. I love it. I have gone digital but it is hard to see the bigger picture – this is fantastic! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • 202

    I have officially become a PLANNER NERD this year, after starting homeschooling! This is amazing! I can’t think of one detail you left out!! WOW!

  • 203

    I’ve been thinking seriously of switching from digital to paper and this just might be the one that takes me over the edge! Not only is it stunningly beautiful, it’s so obviously well thought out and versatile. PTI knocked this one out of the park!

  • 204
    Nora says:

    This is fabulous!! I have been trying to keep all my stuff on my phone but it has not been working. I looked at planners but had not seen what I want. I definitely want his one!! Thank you!

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    Linda says:

    Uh oh I’m in trouble, i Love planners.

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    Kristina says:

    Wow! I love all the thought and detail that went into this beautiful and inspirational planner!

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    mandi says:

    this is a wonderful idea. I am a planner but I couldnt find the right one. I thought of getting the filo I think it was but I wanted more options. This does. I love the dies the banner tabs and the notebook ones brilliant idea.

  • 208
    Heather G says:

    I’d be lost without my planner…but this is an awesome way to ‘enhance’ my old boring one. Love it!

  • 209
    Bev says:

    What an awesome planner. So colorful. A fun way to stay organized.

  • 210
    Mary e says:

    Wow! Thus could ever get ME organized !!!!

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    Janet Sisk says:

    WOW! Now that’s being organized! I am not a very good planner and this is just what I need to help me out. I love the bright colors used throughout the whole planner!!! So cheerful! I also love all the matching dies. Thanks so much for the chance to win such great prizes. πŸ˜€

  • 212
    Amy O says:

    I have always been a planner person and switched to a digital version a couple of years ago. However, I’ve found that digital is not as effective for me. This looks like a great way to go back to the paper and pencil version.

  • 213
    Christine R says:

    I agree that this is the planner of all planners! I love the versatility, the color combinations, the color pages, the way they are organized. I could go on and on… I am so impressed!

  • 214

    Oh my goodness…. just genius! So well thought-out and so many options! #love

  • 215
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    Very cool! From college onwards, my planner was called my brain. I’m mostly digital now, but I still journal on paper, & important things still need a paper list to be checked off.
    Paper has been calling to me more & more!

  • 216
    Cassi says:

    The visual layout is my fav!

  • 217
    Grace says:

    Adore a good planner! My mom’s friend bought me a filofax many (many many) years back and 3 years ago, the clasp finally broke and I was devastated. I tried looking for something similar, but the quality and design of what was available made me feel so flat. I then tried the whole work diary thing, but the boring black cover, blue lines and boring pages made me stick it in the far corner of my drawer. This PTI planner is just the thing I’ve been looking for. Thanks for brining yet another useful yet lovely product out!

  • 218
    Jennifer T says:

    Wow! What a great planner. I’ve been keeping all that information in my phone-but my phone died and I lost all my appointment dates, and some contact info. Disaster! I’ve been thinking
    Of getting a paper planner.

  • 219
    Lai-Yoke says:

    Great planner with lots of possibilities. With a family of four, we can’t live without a planner! Love all the colourful pages which make it more attractive as compared to a normal colourless planner!

  • 220
    Christina says:

    I’m so excited!!! What a beautiful planner. I’m obsessed. Unfortunately I just paid big buck for EC Planner. Wish I would have seen this one first.

  • 221
    Patti K says:

    This is such a fantastic product!! I especially love the banners! It is all so colorful and bright I may have more fun updating my planner than participating in the events I log into it! LOL

    Thanks for the chance to win : )


  • 222
    crestajune says:

    I LOVE this! You have taken the best of all the planner ideas and combined them into one. It’s exactly what I have been looking for! Awesome.

  • 223
    Chris J says:

    This is beautiful. Looking forward to buying this system on Monday.

    Thank you again for your creative beauty.

  • 224

    I am really not a planner person but I do love this planner. So pretty!

  • 225
    sarah.boirin says:

    wow i am just blown away with this all, there has been a lot of thought go into these – amazing – i think the banner are awesome, fingers crossed i am lucky enough to get one.x

  • 226
    Alanna says:

    WOW! This lineup of products is simply amazing. I haven’t had a paper planner in many years but I’m thinking that might change now. Love it all!

  • 227
    Marilyn Park says:

    This is fantastic! Can’t wait to order mine!

  • 228
    Deb Else says:

    I have never kept a planner, but have often thought how much more organized I would be if I did. All too often an appointment makes it onto my calendar at work or home and is not carried through to the other calendars in my life. This product looks like tremendous thought and time were put into it, as all of your products do.

  • 229
    Nancy G says:

    Wow this is exciting! I would love to do more planning and to do it in style that is even more exciting!! Thanks Papertrey!!

  • 230
    Lori Weinberg says:

    In truth, I am not much of planner person, but THIS planner may change that. πŸ™‚ It is so well thought out. I like how it can be part journal too.

  • 231
    cindy says:

    I love the small size of this planner.The one I’m using now is full size, too big to take with me. Thanks for this well thought out product!

  • 232

    Planners have certainly become all the rage and it’s great to see PTI jump on the bandwagon. Great concepts and tools too!

  • 233

    I really really love this! I am totally a planning person and this makes it so much fun with all the tabs and options and what I love most are the colors! It not only looks pretty, it makes you happy every day! Grat idea!

  • 234
    jan metcalf says:

    Noticing the LOVE you put in this planner Nicole! Really appreciate the reminders to hydrate, exercise, eat healthy, have gratitude, setting goals and the like! Like the daily, weekly and monthly options too! Put one in my cart!

  • 235
    Rosa C says:

    Sorpresa! No esperaba una agenda,
    Me parece que no es practico repetir la informaciΓ³n,
    mensual a semanal y luego a diaria.
    Cuando se agenda se espera practicidad.
    Pero esta muy bonita,colorida y me encanto el diseΓ±o.

  • 236
    Dodie Whitley says:

    What a beautiful and well thought out planner! It would be a pleasure to use it!!

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    Pat A. says:

    Love the Moments Inked planner system! So stylish and well thought out. I love it!

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    Carrie_Crafts says:

    The new planner system seems really well thought out! I can’t wait to see more of it in action as well as all the fun goodies to be offered yet this year!

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    Carol D. says:

    As a retired person, I didn’t think I would need a planner, but it turns out I’ve found lots of fun classes, hobbies and projects to fill up my days. I LOVE the look and layout of the new PTI Moments Inked planner.

  • 240
    KathyC says:

    What an amazing planner and so many ways to keep me organized! And lots of work put into it……Love it!

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    Peggy Lamb says:

    Your Memory Planner is so well thought out- bravo!

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    Sheryl B says:

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    Angi Brown says:

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  • 246
    margie says:

    love the banners! they are very versatile.

  • 247
    Kathy says:

    This was just made for ME! I love to plan and journal…enjoy getting it down on paper (real paper, not the computer). THANK YOU for such a gorgeous, inspiring tool to use to do what I love!

  • 248
    Marianne says:

    This planner is fantastic!

  • 249
    TeresaRP says:

    Love the Planner! The daily pages are really super!!!!

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    Kris Van Allen says:

    Of all of the planners I have seen of late, and they are many, this is the very best for my life and lifestyle. I’ve out off purchasing any planners because as a mom of three, aged 19. 21 and 23, my life is considerably different now without school involved. This planner will help me focus on my family as a new entity, and save memories in a different way, as well as to help take care of ME after the decades of child care! Well done, team!

  • 251
    Pam Young says:

    I need a planner so bad!! I am a list maker, but usually can’t find the list!! So excited about this!! Can’t wait!!

  • 252
    Barb L. says:

    LOVE the new planner products and definitely need a new planner! I love how it seems to incorporate everything and it is so colorful! Great Job PTI! Welcome to the new design team members!

  • 253
    linda in NC says:

    I’m not a planner but maybe it’s time I start. The planner is perfect. I love the colors, the design and everything about it. PTI sure knows how to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. This would make a great gift for all the planners in my life.

  • 254

    I think my fave part is seeing familiar faces on the new planner team! Love that we have so many people to be inspired by. You girls thought of everything in designing and decorating these lovely planners!!

  • 255
    Jessica says:

    O.M.G!! I am SO excited!!!! PTI planners!!!! πŸ™‚

  • 256
    Judy says:

    This planner is so awesome. I cannot wait to get it in my hands and start filling it in. What a great keepsake as well.

  • 257
    LindaCC says:

    Wow! Yes, I like paper planners! Seriously! Where was this 2 months ago when I was shopping for one? They have been disappearing from our local stores as people move more and more to their phones….which I do not use that way. Gorgeous color and very detailed! My life is no longer so busy to keep a detailed schedule so the personal daily pages are nice! Just wish there was a smaller option. I came from a Franklin Covey mindset of writing it once and simplifying to only one calendar. Monthly and weekly pages seems like too much rewriting. Awesome system tho with the vesatility!

  • 258
    Jenny R. says:

    I am definitely not a planner person. BUT, I am a teacher and office supply lover, and the banner and post-it sets look like lots of fun!

  • 259
    Annette Snyder says:

    I do use a planner, but this one is absolutely fabulous!

  • 260
    Barb Foster says:

    This might actually make me even more of a planner than I already am! Fantastic… concept through execution… love it!

  • 261
    Cheryl Lea says:

    Wow! You’ve thought of EVERYTHING! And, not only is this planner super organized for just about anything, it is absolutely gorgeous, to boot! It’s hard to say what my favorite part of the planner is, since I love everything about it, but I think the way you’ve designed the daily pages is fantastic. I love that you included spaces as little reminders for things that are so easy to forget, like hydration and stopping for a moment to be grateful! Oh, wait…I just thought of another favorite thing–all the accessory stamps and dies, especially the page dies and those cute little flags. See, I told you it was hard to pick a favorite! I hope you’ve got plenty of these ready to ship out, because I foresee a huge demand, once word gets out!

  • 262
    Rosemary D says:

    I’m not a planner person at all… but everything looks pretty darn amazing and perfect people who do like to plan! I like that some of the products could be use for things other than planners.

  • 263
    Liz O says:

    I’m not a planner person, but after seeing how beautifully made and thought out this one is I just may become one!

  • 264
    Ted says:

    As a teacher, planning is just a way of life. We can’t get around it. πŸ™‚ This system looks extremely versatile, and I have to give a shout-out to Nichole for actually creating one of the covers be not TOO feminine. πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  • 265
    Amy R says:

    Such a cool idea! Perhaps this could push me over the edge to be more organized!

  • 266
    Carole says:

    I love the idea of a planner and this one with all it’s “bells and whistles” is awesome! It will make a wonderful gift for my granddaughter to plan her wedding.

  • 267
    Kathleen Curry says:

    I love paper planners, like to see and feel it in front of me. This one is gorgeous with so much customizability. Great new PTI addition.

  • 268
    Kari V. says:

    Wow wow wow!! This planner (and dies) look amazing!! I love all the inspiration and the delicious colors!!

  • 269
    Dee says:

    I LOVE the planner. I would love to be someone that uses a planner but I just don’t have enough to fill it with….lol. Yours is different with being able to track meals, fitness, hydration and memorable moments. Can’t wait to buy!

  • 270
    Sherry says:

    I have ever been a planner person but I think you have converted me! I love that everything is in one place. This is going to be so fun!

  • 271
    Rita says:

    Love planners! Love PTI! The two together….dream come true! PTI colors and daily pages are my favorite parts. Dies and stamp sets to create my own bells and whistles for my planner. Jumping up and down with excitement! Congrats to all the Moments Inked design team. You rocked the introductions! I’m in…..

  • 272
    Nancy M says:

    When planners started gaining momentum in the paper crafters world, I was relieved not to be pulled in by it. Adding another item to be made pretty, especially as a daily task, just isn’t where I want to be spending my time. Different colored inks for different people is as far as I go. But for those who do love their planners, this is a wonderful addition. Oh, I do like the banner die.

  • 273
    Hollie says:

    Definitely a planner person. I’ve been looking for one for months and this might be the one! No surprise w/PTI! Can’t wait to see the links and videos above!

  • 274

    I love witing my plans down-something about a pen and ink hard copy that helps me remember. These look very well thought out!

  • 275
    Lee Anne says:

    Wow! I have no other words…this is an exciting post, and now I need to go back and re-watch everything! I want it all!

  • 276
    Cindy T. says:

    Very impressive and though I’ve managed to avoid the whole planner rage of late, this may be the one to make me cave. Well done Nicole and PTI team! C.

  • 277
    Janet Goshorn says:

    I am a planner person for sure – love the size of your planner and all the different options

  • 278
    Katie says:

    I love the die for additional pages in add the sizes. One of the reasons I have steered clear of coil bindings was because I couldn’t add pages but this changes that.

  • 279
    Kim Heggins says:

    WOW!!!! This is so amazing….I love planners and this is just over the top fabulous! Congrats to all the new team members too, this will be so much fun.

  • 280
    Steph Hilt says:

    I have been a planner person most of my life, and tried going digital a couple years ago. That is not working so well for me, as it is just not visual enough to keep me on top of everything. I LOVE thus new system and the innovation only PTI can bring to the market. AND in PTI exclusive colors! Win-win for everyone!

  • 281
    June K says:

    Love this planner and all the components to the planner. Most definitely need to order.

  • 282

    I so need this is so amazing!!! Very nicely done!!!

  • 283
    Mandy says:

    What a beautiful planner system you have created! I love all the customizable features.

  • 284

    I am not a “planner” person BUT with all this new inspiration I just might cross over and become a planner. Love all the bright color and detail in this new PTI product.

  • 285

    Oh my word Nichole! You folks at PTI sure know how to get me to spend all of my hard earned money. Prioritizing this order is going to be HARD!


  • 286
    Cindy Otto says:

    What a great idea to organize our lives! Who couldn’t use the awesome planner these days with our fast- paced lives? Great idea, Nicole.

  • 287
    janelle says:

    OMG! You’ve done it again!! I love EVERYTHING in today’s relaese… I am a planner person. I use both paper and digital planners. & I LOVE what you have created. I can’t wait to use it and ALL the goodies. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  • 288
    Elizabeth S. says:

    I have always liked the idea of planners but never really kept up with one. This is one that would be perfect and easy to work with. Love all the thought that went into making a planner that would be easy to take with you.

  • 289
    Judy Stiles says:

    I’m not really a “planner” person, so don’t really know if this is a product I would use. But this looks very inviting!

  • 290
    katie Skiff says:

    This is amazing – I LOVE the daily pages, there is so much to write on them and all in one space. WTG girls!! Love this.

    Thanks for the videos too!!

  • 291
    JanetB says:

    This looks like a wonderful planner system, and beautiful, too! Would I be organized enough to use this system? We shall see:)

  • 292
    Mary Ann says:

    I am speechless!

  • 293

    I love planners – yours is so colorful!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 294
    Tiffany says:

    OMG, a planner. Wonderful!!

  • 295
    Nancy Ward says:

    SO PRETTY! I have a planner for this year, but definitely will try for 2016!

  • 296
    Marianne Blauvelt says:

    I like it and I’m definitely a planner person but I prefer a binder format over a spiral notebook. Then I can customize it to how I use it. This probably defeats its use as a lifestyle. I do like some of the accesories, especially the banner and family flags.

  • 297
    Penny H says:

    I am not so much into planners but I love the colours in these and would use some of the items as elements on cards πŸ™‚

  • 298
    Karen King says:

    This planner is great because it encompasses/addresses your whole life. I really love the add ons, especially that you can make your own customized page inserts.

  • 299
    Bori says:

    I use only my phone for planning but I always dream about the perfect “classic” planner. What I most like about this planner system is the die additions.

  • 300
    Amy s K. says:

    I have to use a paper planner, and this is beautiful and versatile, so PTI!

  • 301
    Lori Campbell says:

    Oh my goodness! It’s as if PTI has crawled inside my head and designed exactly the type of planner I’ve been dreaming of for a very long time. I’ve been dividing my days into morning/afternoon/evening for some time now and I find I’m far more successful crossing things off my to do lists each day as a result. You’ve built an outstanding product!

  • 302
    Sue D says:

    Very pretty and practical. I can’t live without my planner.
    I like the dies to cut pages.

  • 303
    Jennifer Delaurier says:

    I am a total planner, so this would be perfect for me and for a few other friends that I know!

  • 304
    SNAZZY JJ says:

    I have had so much fun with Papertrey’s 8th birthday celebration!!! And what a way to top it off!!!! Yes, I am very much a planner and organizer, but your system would add pretty to the mix. Love your new system.

  • 305
    Barbara Ann Cowan says:

    I’m not a planner person anymore, but these are simply lovely!

  • 306

    I am definitely a planner person! without my lists I have no clue what to do!

  • 307
    Wendy G. says:

    I’ve bought planners before but never seemed to keep up with them. I’ve been looking recently, thinking that I might give it a try, this could be “the one”! My oldest daughter will be starting school in the fall and life is getting busier. I feel this could help me keep up with my weekly scrapbooking as well.

  • 308
    Terri says:

    Love the bright colors and the morning, afternoon, evening layout for each day! Looking forward to this.

  • 309
    Donna says:

    Beautiful planner – so well thought out and so many helpful add ons. I’m not sure I’m ready to take on a project this big but I’m anxious to see it all in the release.

  • 310
    Leslie S. says:

    I’ve never thought about using a planner before, but it looks like you really put a lot of thought and effort in to making this a really valuable tool to stay organized. I might just have to give this a try.

  • 311
    Chera says:

    I’ve just gotten into the whole planner thing and am loving it!!! I can’t wait to finally get around to doing a bit more decorating in it!! Love the stamps and stuff you’ve put out!!!!! πŸ™‚

  • 312

    Oh my goodness!!! This is a dream planner ever! I love this collection. I am a planner and customize my own planner is something I always want to do. THANK YOU so much for all of this amazing inspirations and videos. This will be on my wish list!

  • 313
    peggysue says:

    What a surprise! Never expected a planner, but what a great idea! I’m so tired of turning on an electronic device every time I want to check someone’s birthday, yay for paper! This is a great idea and I can’t wait to see the embellishments that come out for it later this year. The only difficulty now is going to be choosing a cover. Wish I could have one different cover for every month of the year!

  • 314
    Diane says:

    I’m not a planner person, but after seeing all the amazing videos I think I would like to start using one. Thanks for sharing.

  • 315
    Barbara Martin says:

    Wow, gorgeous! I am amazed at all the details – the daily pages look amazing!

  • 316
    patonslate says:

    I wish I had this planner in December, as I had lists of things to do for the first three months of the new year. I am really excited about the dies to add new pages. I wonder if a punch and binding system is coming????

  • 317
    Mary-Anne V. says:

    I like paper planners but never found th right one…now that I see yours it looks great. Love the daily planning page….esp the water glass count.

  • 318
    Pat Whitley says:

    I am definitely a paper/notebook planner/calendar person. I might have dates on my Kindle or phone, but EVERYTHING is on my calendar. Thus one is so colorful and brings a lot more to the equation. Very well thought out.

  • 319
    Michelle says:

    I love how colorful and inviting. What a great tool to implement my favorite verse: “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

  • 320
    jamie Greene says:

    I am not a huge planner person, I use my phone for everything, almost. I really love the products and ideas though:)

  • 321
    Emma S. says:

    I need to get more organized so this would be great. I love all the color involved!

  • 322
    nina says:

    Wow, this is fabulous! I can’t wait to see more of the banner items as I can see myself using these in my scrapbooking.

  • 323
    Glorie says:

    Wow! This is one big announcement! Love the bright covers and the dies πŸ™‚

  • 324
    Joy says:

    Wow, wow, wow! I have loose calendar sheets all over the house — this is really going to help me stop that and get better organized and have it all in one place! This is FABULOUS!

  • 325
    Ivette says:

    Wow, what a great idea! Useful and very customizabe, yet still pretty to look at. What a great combination.

  • 326
    QP Levingston says:

    Not a planner person. But I’m sure I’ll be made into one now with all the cute supplies: dies and stamps, you have created for planners. The design Team have great ideas for the planner’s use.

  • 327
    Pam says:

    Wow! What an amazing planner! I love this.

  • 328

    What a great idea! I love notebooks and the ability to create portable art that I can carry with me. I am digital for work and carry some of my personal appts on that calendar but I see this as a great tool for a creative journal. I am wondering if I can use the dies to create a notebook for work — the size is perfect and if I could customize the pages it would be fantastic.

  • 329
    MichelleD says:

    Wow! This planner looks AMAZING! I am definitely a planner person! Always on the lookout for a planner that is functional by meeting my needs, yet allowing for creativity and style! πŸ™‚ Thanks for a chance to win!! Super excited!!!

  • 330
    Linda says:

    I want to be organized and this looks like it really would be easy to do it all in one place. It is very bright and colorful and coordinated with other products.

  • 331
    Vivian C. says:

    Unorganized is my middle name, so I probably should be using a planner. LOL This one is well thought out, very customizable which is cool. I like that the Basic Pages come in different sizes, so you can add layers.

  • 332
    Vanessa Cadman says:

    Oh my goodness, this planner looks absolutely wonderful! I am definitely a planner kind of person but sadly this may just have to stay on the wish list as the exchange rate for South Africa makes this veeerrry expensive! πŸ™ Maybe, I’ll be lucky this time round!! Love all the details you have included.

  • 333
    Leigh Penner says:

    Wow, these all look amazing! And welcome to the new team — can’t wait to see what they create using the new planner products!

  • 334
    Jessica H. says:

    Holy Moly!! I absolutely LOVE the Memory Planner System!! This is so well thought out and absolutely AMAZING!!!! I don’t use planners really but this is really tempting!!! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!

  • 335
    ruth says:

    I am definitely a paper planner person. I love that you included meal and exercise tracking spaces. Looks very well organized and useful for both work and personal activities.

  • 336
    Susie N. says:

    I just went back to a paper planner last summer… I’m still looking for THE planner. This planner on my research list. Love what I’m seeing so far!!! I especially love the daily pages and the coordinating dies to add pages and create banners. So fun!

  • 337
    Lisa K says:

    Wow! A planner. Not expecting that one. I’m not generally a planner person (but could always change my mind). However, I do know a few planner people. Love the colors! I’ll have to explore the possibilities. πŸ™‚

  • 338
    Jess K says:

    OMG, I love the planner!! I have been looking and looking for the perfect system too. This looks perfect.

  • 339
    Pat H says:

    I’m always interested in more stamps and dies, so I am anxious to see those, but I’m retired, so I don’t need a planner. i am trying to plan less and go with the flow these days!

  • 340
    SentSue says:

    I want to be a planner person. I have had weak attempts trying to be but this is inspiring. Thank you.

  • 341
    Amy says:

    I’m not a planner person myself but this is really beautiful. I’m sure it will be quite popular!

  • 342
    Marilyn says:

    I am not even kidding,my heart began to beat a little faster when I opened my email to see that PTI was going to offer a planner and planner accessories! So excited!,,

  • 343
    Kathryn A says:

    I used to be a journal keeper, and have often thought I should write things down. This planner might be a way to do that.

  • 344
    Linda Sodano says:

    I love planners. I was a planner for a large company before I retired. I always keep a calendar/planner. This system looks like it will be so much fun!

  • 345
    Cyndy G says:

    Great planner! I need to be more organized and this will defiantly help.

  • 346
    Carolyn Stoenner says:

    Love all the planner features. Makes me want to get organized. I love that it also serves as a sort of scrapbook to look back on the busy and full days of our lives. Great job PTI!

  • 347
    lisa808 says:

    Awesome planner collection! I am pleased so see such a well thought-out collection.

  • 348

    I tried using a paperless system but am so much of a hands on paper lovin gal that just using my phone really stifled my creativity! So I am back using a paper planner and am a bit of a planner junkie!!!
    So excited to see all the new things and keep it all in one system!

  • 349
    kelly says:

    i am so totally a planner person and this one looks fantastic! wow! i did not expect this but, really, you always exceed my expectations so i probably should have expected it!

  • 350
    Leslie L. says:

    Beautiful planner system. I need to go back and watch all of the teams videos and I am very excited to see the daily pages. I have a nice, simple, office store calendar/planner that I carry in my purse because of the thin nature but a nice, big, bright colorful one for my desk my be in my near future. Again, the daily pages are awesome…Maybe consider another option of just a planner of daily pages next year????

  • 351
    Dodie Northcutt says:

    I have tried many planners over the years and I have tried the electronic route as well. So happy to see a planner that has everything! Organization at its finest!!!

  • 352
    becky p. says:

    I have really been drawn to the idea of a planner, I just haven’t taken the plunge yet. This system looks great a t. I love to see new designers as well, as you always find the best in the industry. I am really excited to be inspired by them.

  • 353
    Deb D says:

    Your new planner system is amazing … both functional and beautiful… in true PTI style!

  • 354
    Fran says:

    I used to be a planner three years ago. I always had to purchase a planner every year. Once I got an iPhone, however, it’s all been on that but I really miss the eye candy of the hard planner. This planner is a beauty!!! Makes me seriously think about going paper again!! Love it!!

  • 355

    What an AMAZING planner!! I am a planner nerd…this is the holy grail of planners! I love the daily pages the most! The Basic pages dies are brilliant!

  • 356
    Lisa R. says:

    What a terrific planner system you’ve developed! Truly inspirational!

  • 357
    Carmen Sierra-Smith says:

    I really need to start using a planner, maybe this will be my first!!

  • 358
    Marie Mielke says:

    Love the memory planner. Being organized and on top of things is important to me so this is a great thing! Keep up the great work. Thanks.

  • 359
    Linda M says:

    I can see all the thought and love that went into the designing of this planner. PTI is truly an inspiration in everything you do.

  • 360
    Dawn H says:

    WOW! By far the best planner I have seen. I love all the thought that went into it – all the different boxes, prompts, etc. Will love to have one place to plan everything from my daily chores to dinner plans to birthdays, etc. Love love love the drinking water idea! Will definitely be buying this planner πŸ™‚

  • 361
    Joybells says:

    I am definitely a planner and a list-maker. So I love this planner system. A wonderful, beautiful item!

  • 362
    Teresa says:

    I love this planner! It’s so full of color and various sections all in one place! I can’t wait to try this oout.Thank you!!

  • 363
    Nadine (wahinelei) says:

    I am so beyond excited for this! You guys saved the best for last, lol! I love everything about the planner…how bright and colorful it is, how well thought out it is with the monthly, weekly, and daily sheets, as well as the attention to details (like the banners and post-it sized stamps). Best of all? It’s on PTI quality paper and using the rainbow of PTI colors! MUST, must have this!

  • 364
    TamiB says:

    There are lots of planners on the market but it always seems like something’s missing or they’re not very pretty or they’re hard to use. It looks like you’ve solved all of those problems!! I can’t wait to learn more about it!

  • 365
    Kristie H says:

    I’ve resisted the planner craze so far. But PTI might push me into it. Love how PTI has come up with a way to plan everything from family time to exercise to health. Love that it can memorialize the family’s year. Wonderful!

  • 366
    Fiona Cullen says:

    I want to be a planner, maybe this is just what I need. I’m going to pop one in my basket on the 15th just in case!

  • 367
    Teresa beg says:

    Love all the great ideas. I am not organized at all., but this looks like a great way to start.

  • 368
    Cammie says:

    Plan your work and work your plan has long been my motto. I love making lists, checking off completed tasks, and recording moments of my life. I can see this planner as an excellent way to organize and archive my life. I am very excited about this planner and coordinating products.

  • 369
    LauraJane:) says:

    Well life is getting REALLY busy with 4 young adults and 2 kiddos in the house!
    A planner would be a HUGE help:)))
    Excellent idea!

  • 370
    MaryB says:

    Wow – there’s a lot of information to absorb today! It looks like the team thought of everything when designing this planner line. The planners shown were pretty much works of art! Thanks for the chance to win a gift certificate – I’m going to need several!

  • 371
    Amy A. says:

    Loved the videos – thanks for sharing ladies!!! I think those little banners are my favs. Wondering if this will help me solve my sticky note dilemma. I have them all over. My husband teases me cause I have one or two on my phone everyday – why don’t you add notes on your iphone he says??!! Cause I am a paper to pen girl – that’s why!!!

  • 372
    JoAnn H says:

    Lovely day planner but as we are two months in to 2015 already ,I can’t see much practicality to using this one…a generic planner that we could add dates to would be more beneficial…

  • 373
    Chris Biljan says:

    What’s not to love about stylish organization? Gret idea!

  • 374
    Bernadette M says:

    I used to love planners, but I switch to electronic many years ago. PTIs planner is so beautiful and colorful that I might be persuaded to switch back.

  • 375
    Rebecca says:

    I’ve never been a planner person, but I might start now! Love all the little details!!

  • 376
    Julie Pike says:

    Fantastic planner! I have a planner binder that I made myself….. but this seriously has me rethinking what would work for best for me. My daughter is definitely a planner person and I’m showing her this as soon as she gets to my house to drop off her two wonderful girls to stay with Nana and Gramps for the weekend! Woot!

  • 377
    Linda S. says:

    Unfortunately, I am not a planner person. Such a beautiful Planner for those who use on.

  • 378
    k.martinsen says:

    …….I try to be a very organized person and this new planner looks amazing. I love all the extras that can be purchased to enhance the planner. I think it is a “must have” item that will be added to this month’s shopping list!

  • 379
    Kim Gyu says:

    …am I a planner πŸ™‚ YES! I have four calendars going right now. My life can get busy so I need to make sure the details are recorded so I don’t miss anything! I love that we can add to the new system. The colors are bright and fabulous. I love planners that make me feel like opening them throughout the day!

  • 380
    maria f. says:

    I’m a simple To-Do list kinda gal. But it sure looks like a lot of thought went into the making of this planner. Sure to be a hit.

  • 381
    Bonnie W. ( cardm8kr63) says:

    I have to say I am not a planner person but if I was this would be a great book for me. I would love to see a version that only included the daily pages that I could use that as a journal.

  • 382
    Flo says:

    I’m definitely a planner person. It would take a lot of disciple to use this one fully. It would be pretty though.

  • 383
    LindaM says:

    Wow! This so well thought out and has everything. I must admit digital just doesn’t work for me. I love carrying around a jounal book that holds everything. Just love it.

  • 384
    Kristii says:

    Whoooo hooo! I’ve been planning on purchasing a planner that I can also add a little artwork to and this is totally perfect with the basic page dies! I’m so excited I can barely contain myself!

  • 385
    Harriet Skelly says:

    What a well thought out and fabulous planner! I think going back to a paper organizer will be easier than digitally for me.

  • 386
    Colleen F says:

    Like so many, I try to use the phone for my memories and dates, but inevitably look at my calendar for what is really happening! I LOVE this concept! You all are amazing!

  • 387
    Peggy says:

    I am a planner person and like how this incorporates so many areas of life. I really like the covers and colors used!

  • 388
    Bonnie T. says:

    Wow! This planner has it all. I love the bright cheerful colors and compact size. I can already imagine myself toting this with me everywhere I go.

  • 389
    Audrey says:

    These ideas for planners are fantastic….thanks for sharing your creativity

  • 390
    betty lou says:

    Lists, color, organize, color…sigh. Love what Suzanne said about each page representing a fresh start!

  • 391

    BEAUTIFUL!! LOVING the New Products!! Yes, I’m a Planner!! I LOVE to see things and it helps me to get Inspired if that makes sense!!?? I LOVE the INSPIRATION that was shared!! THANKS for the chances to win and have a FABULOUS VALENTINE’S DAY!! =)

  • 392
    Isabel Z says:

    This newest addition has me written all over it. I LOVE planners and finally made my own because I could never find the perfect one for me. I love that you are making all the extras available which I can use with my current planner and will get a PTI one next year. One thing that I love about my current one is that is has lines in the calendar boxes because I can’t write straight. It would be great if PTI could include those next year b/c drawing them in myself would be too time consuming.

  • 393
    Kristyscraps says:

    I love the new planner and especially the well planned coordinating pieces. My only issue would be the blank jan & Feb getting it so late in the year–it would be impossible to go back and fill it all in. I wish there would be an undated option for those two months or something.

  • 394
    Maria C F says:

    This planner system is absolutely amazing. I love all the extras that go with it.

  • 395

    I know this is a very welcome addition to all of the planner lovers out there. VERY well thought out!

  • 396
    Kathy V says:

    I’m fairly well organized and always planning ahead. I do very little on paper, it just goes on, all in my head. And I’m good with that. So this planner is not for me, although it looks like the real thing for some others. My way is much cheaper.

  • 397
    Tee Tee says:

    I LOVE everything about this planner.

  • 398
    Lorraine says:

    I used to be a planner person…but somehow got off track, lol. This planner is beautiful and looks very inspiring!

  • 399
    Brandi R says:

    Love this planner! I try very hard to be a planner person, but most planners come up lacking, so I have a planner and notebooks and….and…..It’s hard to stay nice and planner oriented when “stuff” is scattered everywhere. This one looks VERY well thought out β™₯

  • 400

    I have never been a planner person but I’m definitely interested in trying after seeing these great samples. Lesley

  • 401
    Csinars says:

    What a great all in one planner! And I love the coordinating dies and stamps!

  • 402
    Kathy Mc says:

    I am a planner but not keeping track of things in a planner system. Through my working years, I needed to “plan” and “document” everything, so once I retired this ended. It looks like a great system with bright, cheery colors for those with a busier life. Great organizational tool ~ I’m sure it will be a BIG hit!

  • 403
    Lisa Stayman says:

    Congratulations on launching a new planner. It has so many usable components. Looking forward to owning a few!!!

  • 404
    Natalie Winterstein says:

    Ohh, this is so exciting! I am a total office supply, notebook, planner person! (I think most of paper crafters are!)This looks uh-mazaing! What an awesome release!

  • 405
    Maureen P says:

    I use a calendar planner but nothing like this! Wow! It’s just beautiful and so useful! i love the thought and attention that went into this πŸ™‚

  • 406
    Becky M. says:

    I love planners! I tried going digital, but that seems to be a lot harder to keep up with – I love this one and all the pretty colors!

  • 407
    Tracy says:

    wow, this is pretty cool, it looks you thought of everything you could possibly want in a planner!

  • 408
    Caroline says:

    You have thought of everything in this planner. Have to try it and see how it works for me. Great ideas!

  • 409
    Laraine R says:

    I love the planner! Great release!

  • 410
    Vicki says:

    OMG!!! This is the BEST of all the new planner systems out there. Cannot wait to get my hands on it. Would be even better if I was one of 8 special winners!

  • 411
    D.Ann says:

    I’ve been trying to go electronic with my planner, but still keep a wall calendar for a few things. However, I LOVE all the extra details you put into this FAB project and will be checking it out… I may go back to the format my old brain is used to. haha. I LOVE the gratitude section… I recently did a book to zentangles in and put a space like that… I think I’d find a space on the page for tangling and use this instead!

    Hope in the future there’s some animal banners coming!! I recently saw a planner with what I thought was a kitty sticky note peeking over the page and wanted it, but it turned out to be an owl.

  • 412
    Nadia K says:

    I LOVE PAPER PLANNERS!!! I can’t get enough of them and I think your basic pages die is a great way to get even more creative with your planner. Can’t wait to get one!

  • 413
    Linda Lipford says:

    Your reveal of the Inked Moments Memory Planner sure sucked all the oxygen out of the universe for me. I actually gasped. I dove really (really!) deep into planner waters this year and have not found a good fit yet. This one looks and sounds perfect. Now to touch…

  • 414
    Elizabeth T. says:

    I live surrounded by various sizes of sticky notes so putting everything in a planner would be great for me. I am especially intrigued by the memory keeping aspects. And, to top it off, the planner incorporates the wonderful line of PTI colors.

  • 415
    Christina S. says:

    I like to use a planner, but I prefer to go the simple route. This planner is really pretty and well thought out. The paper is my favorite part of the planner. It looks so luxe!

  • 416
    Colleen says:

    Obviously lots of thought gone into this planner. Beautiful colors and fun tools.

  • 417
    paula e. says:

    I was not expecting a planner system from PTI, but my initial impression is wow! I think having everything in one place would make organizing easier. What a great anniversary release!

  • 418

    I am not a planner person. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like them or want one! This seems very interesting and I will most definitely be looking into it πŸ™‚

  • 419
    Lori Nowlin says:

    I have always wanted a planner but never seemed to fit all my needs. This is awesome to be able to customize for my needs. Love it.

  • 420
    LR says:

    Wow! What an incredible planner!! You thought of everything and made it all pretty, too! Love it!

  • 421
    Jan says:

    I love the tabs and like the fact that you can add pages. You do seem to be a bit late for me to adopt yours for this year as I bought my new calender/planner in December and have already transferred my dates and other info. That’s too big a task to do again so soon! Maybe next year…

  • 422
    Deborah Rose says:

    Oh my goodness, what a great system! Seriously fun concept and love the new DT for this! Just wow!!!

  • 423
    Joani V Ramsey says:

    Love, love the planner. So many beautiful, colorful options.

  • 424
    Tammie J. says:

    I actually tried to move from paper to electronic planning system and I can’t do it! I must have the paper. Something about writing things down helps me remember them I guess. I have been looking at planner options and this new one from PTI tops my list! Very well done.

  • 425
    Susan says:

    I have been trying to use my phone as my planner, but I find that it isn’t working. I really like the idea of this colourful ‘hands-on’ planner. I would like to give it a try!

  • 426

    Wow! I am NOT a planner person, I guess actually remembering to check it everyday is beyond me. : ) And I really don’t have that many things to have to keep track of. But with all that said, this planner looks amazing!!! I think I could totally be organized (for once) with all the yummy goodness you’ve included in it. And I love the fact that you can have a planner and memory keeping in one. At the end of the year, you would be able to look back and see everything that took place during the year.

  • 427
    Rachael Burdick says:

    Very well thought out. Great idea! I’m definitely a planner and an organizer. I can’t wait to see all the products when they’re revealed.

  • 428
    Marcie Sharp says:

    I am definitely a planner person and I am excited about this one. It really looks like it is THE one to have. I LOVE how cheery and colourful it is.

  • 429
    S. Molinari says:

    I haven’t jumped on the planner bandwagon yet, but, this one looks awesome. I like the idea of a planner and a memory keeper all in the same book πŸ˜‰

  • 430
    Carolyn says:

    This planner is beautiful, every page perfectly designed. I love paper planners- tried digital planning but it just lacked something- this planner is personal, colorful, and filled with excellence. I recently read that it actually helps our brains to get ideas down on real paper, and this will make the experience a good one. I love the personal aspects it provides for: photos, notes, etc. I know this will help women everywhere to make their dreams and goals reality as time can planned and recorded so nicely.

  • 431
    Meghan says:

    Wow! A planner! I totally did not see this coming! I love having a planner full of bright colourful reminders and notes…seems you read my mind!

  • 432
    Farida says:

    Wow! I never thought I needed a planner but this one has been rethinking that! πŸ™‚

  • 433
    Lauren Y. says:

    The Memory Planner is a brilliant creation! Thank you PTI for bringing us such a well thought out product that encourages organization, creativity, memory keeping, self growth, goal setting, motivation,… I love a good planner & have used one for years, but can never find one that suites all of my specific requirements. What I love most about this Memory Planner is the ability to pop in more pages with the basic pages die, whenever & when ever it is needed. I am really thrilled about this planner & the fact that so many of my other PTI products can be used with it & so many more Memory planner coordinating products will be introduced to us in the future!!

  • 434
    Peggy Durst says:

    I am definitely addicted to planners and I love this one! I love the possibility for additions to the planner. My favorite item is probably the page additions, if not just the lovely planner!

    Thanks for continuing to offer lovely product.

  • 435

    Love all the ideas!! Congratulations to the new lucky DT members! I like planners a lot but haven’t found a favorite yet. These look perfect! Love the basic pages dies, the banners and all the colors you used!

  • 436
    Krystal says:

    I love this planner – it speaks right to my organized personality! My favorite are the daily pages. And choosing a cover that’s right for me. What an amazing tool and resource you’re offering!!

  • 437
    Julie says:

    what an amazing (and colorful) planner! as organized as I am, it still never seems to be enough (you should see my studio this morning!!!)

  • 438

    I am definitely a planner type of gal. I find making lists and planning is key to being productive, at least for me. I like to make lists to be sure I don’t forget things as well. I am anxious for this release. Thank you

  • 439
    Shannon N. says:

    I have started many a planner… But with this one I might actually keep with it the full year. Having everything in 1 place will help, and having new add-ons and accessories to look forward to throughout the year helps too!

  • 440

    This is so neat! I have to use a planner but I don’t get fancy!!! πŸ™‚

  • 441
    Anne B says:

    Love the planner concept, but I’ve gone completely digital now and just rely on my icalendar. Tempted though, by the fab range of products!

  • 442
    Tracy L. says:

    Oh boy I try and try to keep away from getting a planner, but you guys made it really hard not to want one, thanks lol.

  • 443
    Linda E (uncbballfan) says:

    I love having a gratitude journal, and this just fits the bill! So much goodness in one little package…

  • 444
    Tanya says:

    This looks so cool but I wouldn’t want to mess it up with my writing lol! Love the different sized page dies I will have many ideas for these.

  • 445
    Carolee McCaslin says:

    I LOVE using my planner and being organized!! Thank you so much for all these wonderful new products and inspiration:)

  • 446
    Eva Dobilas says:

    What a great idea to stay current with this planner. It’s a beautiful and well thought out planner for anyone. It has something for everyone!!! I love it!

  • 447

    I LOVE planners!!! I always have since I was in grade school… I learn/remember best by seeing things in front of me and planners just make my life less hectic, which helps me breathe! So excited about this! This planner looks soooo amazing and full of so much! Fantastic work, thank you!

  • 448
    Greta H says:

    I’ve never been so organized & especially not seen I moved to working very part time. I adore all the colors & versatility! Wonderful product!

  • 449
    Kim P says:

    I was so surprised to see this new product and the new (friendly-looking) faces. It took all morning to go through today’s reveal:) I use a planner and carry it with me, but it’s a simple one. This looks like a lot of fun to play with! Love how colorful it is!

  • 450
    Mimi R says:

    I am a planner person so I am very excited about using this very well thought out planner that you ladies have come up with!

  • 451
    Mateja P says:

    Awesome look. Love that it’s so colourful and you can do a lot with it πŸ™‚

  • 452
    Karen B. says:

    Wow! What a great planner system! I can tell you are a very organized person, Nichole, so I have not doubt you have thought of everything for this planner. It looks so nice! I have a small planner and am just getting into writing things down each day. Customization is so nice with your new planner.

  • 453
    Carolanne says:

    Yay! I was wondering when PTI would do a planner system! Great ideas here. Love the add ons so far. I am a planner person but like a little flexibility πŸ™‚

  • 454
    debby says:

    What a pretty planner! Lots of room to write down things I tend to forget.

  • 455
    Noreen says:

    What a great idea – to be able to create your own planner exactly the way you like and need it! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas, products, and prizes!!

  • 456
    Cheryl says:

    Love this planner, it’s the perfect size and it has so many wonderful add on too!!!

  • 457
    Lisa Davis says:

    I have been shopping for a planner to fit my needs and I think this one would be perfect for me. Thanks for coming up with such an awesome planner! Lisa

  • 458
    Luanne Ford says:

    Wow! Not what I expec at all today! You’ve been busy behind the scenes to come with all this! I’m not much of a planner, but I do make lists, mainly because my memory is going! πŸ˜‰
    Looking forward to seeing it all!

  • 459
    Kimberly Rendino says:

    Omg! I’m in love! So MANY customizable aspects make this planner a winner!

  • 460
    Wendy says:

    Never thought a planner would be for me but I do believe you have changed my mind and it is exactly what I need to get and help keep my life on track! Thanks again!

  • 461

    I am definitely a paper and pen kinda girl so this planner is right up my alley! The colors are beautiful and it looks like Nichole thought of everything, even planning meals! Love it!

  • 462
    Cindy Hanson says:

    I jot down notes, meal plans/calories, etc all the time, but it’s very loose. I love the notebook pages dies–those are awesome! I like the post it stamp set too.

  • 463
    Pat from sd says:

    Love this planner as I use one every year. Lots of different and unique ideas and so fun too.

  • 464
    Laura C says:

    I am absolutely a planner. I already have hotel reservations for my family for Christmas this year as well as flights booked for Thanksgiving. This planner is energetic with its colors and looks well organized. LOVE.

  • 465
    Ann says:

    I am a total planner type of person! Otherwise I wouldn’t get through the day. So super exited for this new product.

  • 466
    Krissie says:

    This is going to be a very organized year for many. The dies for the notepad papers will be a nice addition to be able to add in more little notes.

  • 467
    Bonnie Peters says:

    I have always asked, “why can’t there be a planner with all three features: month, week and daily in one planner”? Well PTI nailed it and with so many other features, LOVE IT and thank you.

  • 468
    Tosha says:

    This just creates a whole new crafting experience. I really like the page dies. Thanks for the share.

  • 469
    Patty says:

    Love, love and love. Love the post it note stamps and page dies too.

  • 470
    Jill S. says:

    Wow – I think this is the planner to get me back into paper. With the introduction of electronic calendars I have struggled with staying organized between a phone and post-its. I love all the ideas presented and just how gorgeous and versatile the planner is!

  • 471
    Susan says:

    Possibly the most well-thought-out planner I’ve ever seen. Plus, all the color and extras are exciting too. Great idea for the planners out there.

  • 472
    Lauren A. says:

    I am a HUGE planner person! If I don’t write it down in my planner I will completely forget all about it, so I literally have to have one! LOL! Now that PTI is involved in the planner business I HAVE TO HAVE A PTI PLANNER! Hahaha! Can’t wait for this release, you guys have totally outdone yourselves! It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚


  • 473
    Beverly Perdue says:

    This planner is amazing! One of the things that impresses me the most is the Basics Pages die where you can add pages and pictures. That is so cool!

  • 474
    Vicky B says:

    This is an amazing planner system. And so pretty too. I have never found a planner that really works for me, but it looks like this may be it.

  • 475
    Terry W says:

    OMG! So pretty. I’ve been thinking about getting a planner but can’t decide between digital and paper. These are very tempting! They may just sneak into my cart tomorrow night…..

  • 476
    Karen says:

    I am so excited to see a planner system. I have tried to use electronic planners and calendars but really really miss the feel of putting ‘pen to paper’. The anticipation for future additions/enhancements for the planner has completely peaked my curiosity. I can’t wait!!!

  • 477
    Betty says:

    After one year of being retired, I have found that I truly need organization back in my daily schedule. I’m very excited to work with the new planner. This months new products are amazing!

  • 478
    Debbie Archer says:

    I love this concept! I presently do not have a planner but after viewing this post, I want one! I love the beautiful covers, and that they can be changed!

  • 479
    Lani says:

    The planner is very pretty. I can’t tell from the pictures if the pages it comes with can be slipped off the wire binding. For example if you use the contacts pages, you’ll probably want to move those to the planner for next year.

    Love the colors!

  • 480
    Sandy Vincent says:

    I could be a planner person with this one! So many little marvelous details….it’s going to take me some time to look through all the design team posts, off to do that now!

  • 481
    Titta says:

    I love this idea, and really love the look of the planner as well! The dies and stamp sets are just great and my fingers are itching, but… I hope you’ll do a European version of the calendar part at some point (next year?). I think having Sunday being part of the wrong week would not only bother me but also confuse me, and that would kind of defeat the purpose of the planner.

  • 482
    Karen W says:

    My favorite part of this planner is the awesome colors. Nothing inspires me more than COLOR!!!! Great job and I look forward to new stuff for the planner over the next year!!!

  • 483
    Kari Linder says:

    I LOVE the planner! I’m a planner, list maker and calendar girl so this is WAY cuter than my current system. I love the month tabs, the covers are adorable and the whole package is so inviting. It just screams ‘Organize your life’ and I love that. What a COOL product! =)

  • 484
    Dragica W. says:

    I’m not a planner person, but I love this one.

  • 485
    Patt H. says:

    i am a planner but usually try to keep it all straight in my head. (Not working too well anymore!!). This planner seems to be a good way to keep it ALL in one spot. I’m thinking I need one badly!!

  • 486

    Oh my gosh!!! I am a total list maker, and I love these new products you’ve shared today!!! What an awesome concept!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  • 487
    Darlene Gabriel says:

    Oh wow…….this planner is wonderful. It covers sooooo much and I can see it truly replacing every other record keeping system. I love that everything will kept in one beautiful spot. I love the pages die. I would love to win one of these as I’m not sure my pocketbook would be able to handle the purchase of it at the moment. Thank you to all who have contributed to this planner.

  • 488
    Diana B says:

    I have never acclimated to the electronic planning trend and being a list fanatic, I am overjoyed to see you launch a planner! Bravo PTI!

  • 489
    Paulette S. says:

    It’s so well thought out. I am a Calendar girl and make them for 10 people every year. My daughter also presents me with a planner every year, since I’m day care for her toddler, which is a flexible schedule. I love just about every element of your planner, the extra weekly pages are not that important to me. I love the hydration and possitive thoughts, but at $118 for the planner and all of the stamp and die elements to use with it, it’s not doable for me or the other 1-2 people I would be purchasing it for as each of them would need their own sets of dies and stamps to accomodate their own planners on their own time. Even if we didn’t use the stamps and dies, $153 for 3, plu the pages die set at $22 is $175, which is unrealistic for me for a planner, but it is a fabulous idea. I love how you have thought of so many things to make it easy to use and work with, including being kind to yourself and recounting your blessings. If I were a working girl, I would definately consider it!

  • 490
    Malina Germanova says:

    I’m definitely a planer. I usually Carry 2 planers because they are not made to fit different type of information that i log in. But this might be the answer to my problems -an organizer that combines the daily meetings and to do lists with nutrition logs and much more -BRILLIANT! not to mention how adorable it is πŸ™‚

  • 491
    Brenda says:

    This is quite simply amazing! I couldn’t live without my phone calendar, but still love seeing the big picture. This planner would definitely be the answer to that!

  • 492
    Melissa Ladd says:

    This looks amazing! I love the planner and the coordinated products! Well done!

  • 493
    Veda Taylor says:

    I love the idea of a paper planner. Not everything needs to be digitalized. My favorite part is the new Basic Pages Die Collection. Love these dies! The could be used on cards and scrapbooks!

  • 494
    Rachael says:

    I love planners & journals! And I love that your new planner system is so versatile and can be customized with coordinating products!

  • 495
    AllysonA says:

    Ok, now THIS looks like something perfect for an organizing junkie like me! Wow. You all seriously have thought of every little detail, and it’s so pretty and fun, too. Beautiful work. I hope I win one of the prizes this year, because I’m going to need it in order to get everything on my wish list! πŸ˜‰

  • 496
    OmaGloria says:

    Oh yea this is my favorite of all time. Love the planner…Need the planner…Gotta have the planner. My favorite part of the planner would have to be the Daily Pages. Being a Weight Watchers member it will be fantastic to have a planner and nutrition journal in the same place.

    You are fabulous for this wonderful planner.

  • 497
    Diana F says:

    I am not a planner person, but would love to be one. I am what you would call a disorganized, yet functional person. I know where to go to see if I have a deadline or an appointment, but they are not all in one place, nor is that place organized. It is my goal this year to become better at getting to that place called organized. I am excited to see the full release.

  • 498
    KellyRae says:

    You’ve designed an amazing planner and I LOVE that you included page dies in various sizes…AWESOME. The banner dies and adhesive sheets seem the perfect way to colorfully highlight important tasks and events. Yay for this new product.

  • 499
    Sabine Edelmann says:

    I Love this planner with all its possibilities which are endless. Thanks PTI!

  • 500
    Sharon says:

    I am a planner and keep a small calendar right by my laptop and each month make up one for the fridge. What a great idea this is and what fun it will be to create! Thanks!

  • 501
    Maureen W. says:

    OMG!!! Shut the front door – I LOVE your new planner system!! I’m totally disorganized and have been looking for a while for the perfect system and this just might be it! Love that you’ve provided all the extra stamps and dies to make it really work! Thank you!

  • 502
    Catherine Milne says:

    I don’t think I am a planner person any more. I used to have one when I worked but went all digital as that was more convenient for my husband to be able to see what our plans were. When we had to write it down he would forget to and we got conflicts and surprises more than I care to mention. Digital fixed that. Be that as it may, this planner is a beautiful one. I love the colors. I’m sure some of the stamp options will be translatable to cards.

  • 503

    I have never had a planner but really need something to organize my now super busy retirement life. i am volunteering more and need some help! Love that PTI has added a perfect planner!

  • 504
    Amy White says:

    Wow!! What a fabulous planner system – you guys have thought of everything! My fave part is the everyday pages – in particular the ‘grateful for’ section and the handy meal planner… Am thinking I may need to replace my current diary!

  • 505
    mary lewis says:

    This planner is so nice. I love how you can change the cover

  • 506
    Mandy Salazar says:

    Oh my goodness! This is the most perfect planner ever! I’ve been trying to use pinterest and freebie planner pages to come up with something that offers all these options! Y’all rock! I sure would love to win one of these!

  • 507
    Dictionary says:

    Wow this is an amazing release, love the planner system. I am definitely a planner so this is right up my alley.

  • 508
    Jeni Jenne says:

    I am still in shock. I keep re-scrolling through all of the posts! I do love planners and have actually been thinking of going back to a manual planner rather than using my phone. The part of this planner that has me hooked are the daily pages and how you can meal plan and track water. I am most successful on my weight loss journey if I recored what i eat and drink. No more post its stuck to the kitchen counters:)

  • 509 says:

    i love that you have jumped on the planner train. i love all the planner things to go with the planner dies and stamps, im so excited to start using them!

  • 510
    Susan in AK says:

    What a very well thought out planner!

  • 511
    Gaby says:

    WOW lots of thought put into this planner… I use to be a planner (on paper) person and being techy I attempted to go into doing it on my electronic gadgets… but failed. Funny that I was just looking into going back to the touchy-feely like i call the paper kind.
    Yours is awesome and I love love the dies!

  • 512
    Deann Donohue says:

    I am definitely a planner and organization just makes me happy! I recently went through lots of medical stuff and it has affected my memory A LOT! I am super excited about this planner, it has something for every aspect of my life! I can track my daily medications, exercise, & water intake! Genius!!!!

  • 513
    Anika F says:

    I was wondering when you were going to release a planner! I love my planner but I hate making my own inserts, this would be perfect! Can’t wait to see more πŸ™‚

  • 514
    Lynda Marquez says:

    This planner is a beautifully thought out work of art…you have outdone yourself!

  • 515
    BeverlyBL says:

    I like the colors you have chosen for the planner, and it seems to have many good features.

  • 516
    Celia says:

    Total Planner addict! Want it all!

  • 517
    Donna Phelan says:

    Well I like the whole idea of being that organized and creating a Planner….but I wonder if I would? I’m truly a list maker, so yeah possibly! I just love all the accents you can add to each day….the colors everyone has used are just so bright and bold! Happy 8th Anniversary!

  • 518
    Melissa E says:

    I love planners and like how you incorporated so many different things into one planner.

  • 519
    Diana Fleming says:

    It’s so funny- I was just thinking last night about the goals and resolutions I need to start on this year, including drinking more water, and how am I going to fulfill them? How in the world did Papertrey Ink come up with a planner that would fit the bill?! I’m not a planner-type, but the new release sure would make me one!

  • 520
    Debs says:

    Now that I have retired and travel…I can see using the journal as a fantastic travel planner and memory book. Just jot down daily notes and add pictures or use the spiral dies for mounting memorabilia. Love this!

  • 521
    Marianne says:

    For all the creative women that I know, what better, more satisfying way to plan and document the hours and days of our coming year! I’m especially excited about the extra pages dies–so cool!

  • 522

    Very cool and unique idea! I haven’t had a planner in a while but this line of products may change that!

  • 523
    Renee says:

    What a gorgeous planner!
    Can’t wait to see what additions are in store in the coming year.

  • 524
    Cynthia says:

    Fun to see new design team members!

  • 525
    Cathie says:

    Wow! interesting idea!

  • 526
    Emily M. says:

    Wow! So gorgeous, not to mention functional! Fabulous!

  • 527
    Michelle (abzzymom) says:

    Wow! The planners look beautiful! i love the bold bright colors and the different pages. My favorite product of the planner system is the page dies. I love how Laurie added different pages to her planner. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for this system.

  • 528
    Dolores says:

    I am a planner,list maker,color coded,organizational nut- in a good way!! This will make a great binder to put cards that I have made in a pocket page for each month so they are ready to!

  • 529
    Mitzi says:

    Looks very interesting, seems it would help me be better organized. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful projects and ideas and the opportunity to win.

  • 530
    Paula I says:

    There’s nothing more gratifying than planning, making a list and being able to cross off completed task. I too want to get away from digital and having to use so many apps to help keep things in my life on track. I love that the idea of having all my wants, needs, ideas, health & fitness on in one adorable little binder. A binder that you can customize & fit to your needs. I can’t wait to see the add ons that are coming!

  • 531
    Mary says:

    Great planner! I’m a planner, but my system is kind of “random”—pieces of paper on my desk, in my purse, in the car….
    I love all the accessories that go with it!

  • 532
    Becs Attwood says:

    this looks like a great system – love all the colorful details. I’m not a planner person though – there’s really not enough going on in my life to make it worth the time & cost of a fancy planner.

  • 533
    Amy Papale says:

    Beautiful planner concept! I am trying to get into the planner thing and this may be the jumping off point I need. Love all of the colors and details that are included!

  • 534
    Himmelsengelkind says:

    Love the planner. I didn’t catch what months it covers though.

  • 535
    LillyB says:

    I just knew you’d come out with a planner! Yeah!

  • 536
    Robin in Washington says:

    I am not a planner type of person. But if I was, this would be a pretty one to have!

  • 537
    LaurieJ says:

    Wow, what a fabulous set of products. You have definitely put a lot of thought into this! It really appeals to my inner organizer/list lover.

  • 538

    Is there a video? I need more deets! Awesome!

  • 539
    Janet says:

    Completely unexpected but LOVE it! I have always had a fascination for planners. Diaries and notebooks! Fabulous details and l e the coloured pages!! TY

  • 540
    Audrey says:

    The laminating of different parts of the planner is a great idea since usually that’s when I would be doing my writing in the planner when I would be eating breakfast and planning my day.

  • 541
    LauraB says:

    I’m a planner addict!

  • 542
    brenda jaques says:

    Love the planner. Like how you can customize it, all the options, the size. Price seems very reasonable. Like how you so thoroughly demo’d it throughout the blog. Thank you. Love Papertrey Ink stamps there is just an elegance to your designs.

  • 543
    Amy Dann says:

    Wow! This is amazing! I love the daily goal sheet that is one per page. It has everything I could possibly want in a planner. I started using a planner last August and wished there was one a bit smaller…now there is! Love it! Thank you again for the opportunity to win!

  • 544
    Tosha D. says:

    I’m not really a planner person… But this planner is so amazing, with the fun colors and how easy you have made it to organize, I think I’m turning a new leaf!

  • 545
    Sue McRae says:

    I love the happy rainbow theme throughout the planner as well as its smaller size! What a fun and useful item to release!

  • 546
    LauraO says:

    Those tabs are amazing?

  • 547
    Mendi Yoshikawa says:

    I love to be organized, but unfortunately (or fortunately) my life is simple enough day to day that I haven’t needed a planner to keep on top of things. I think some of these products could still be pretty fun incorporated with my scrapbooking though. πŸ™‚

  • 548
    Sheri Elmont says:

    I used to be a big planner person many years ago and then life was such that I didn’t need it. But this year I am at the point in my business that it will be crucial. I’m excited to incorporate some of the stamps & dies from PTI into the planner I just bought yesterday! πŸ™‚ Oh my!

  • 549

    I am super excited about the new planner system, YAY!

  • 550
    Loretta says:

    I love the size of this planner and the fact that you can insert as many extras as your heart desires. yay. This is right up my alley!

  • 551
    Crisanne D. says:

    I am a calendar keeper! This is fantastic, it has everything I would need to take my calendar into a daily record keeper, and then into a journal! I am so excited to see the whole line!

  • 552

    Once again, you never cease to amaze me — I can already see what a huge success this will be for PTI!!!

  • 553
    Hilde says:

    Wow! This system looks so amazing! How do I pick a favorite thing? First,I am a flight attendant and this size is perfect to travel with. I love the thought put into the different sections. I love the now aspect and the planning aspect combined together. And the fact that this is also a great way to journal. Great job on this one PTI! Love it!

  • 554
    Hazel Parr says:

    I’m just getting into planners and unfortunately most of the best planners are in the usa and the UK just haven’t caught up. I’m finding the list section to be most useful so the new stamp for use with post it’s is essential for any planner whatever planner they have as are the dies for extra pages. Both on my wishlist.

  • 555
    TeresaAngelina says:

    It is very pretty – nicely done, ladies.

  • 556
    Nita K. says:

    I am most definitely a planner girl. I have been since I was in middle school. I’m an organizer by nature. I love this so much, especially he daily pages and the basic pages die collection. Adding things in is a great idea.

  • 557
    colleenk says:

    I just received a great planner for Christmas from my daughter! I think yours is amazing and will definitely get one for next year! (Now that’s planning in advance! ha)I love the little banners and the colors are perfect too! I also like that you added your favorite quotes…who doesn’t love a little inspiration?!

  • 558
    Joyce M. says:

    This planner looks so beautiful and is also fun and practical.

  • 559
    Tere Azua says:

    Words cannot express my feelings about today’s post. I have been searching for a planner that reflects me and my life style. I have used many brands for the past years until this year that I found a printable online and I thought that was it… UNTIL TODAY!
    You have created the perfect planner for me… I love you!!!!!

  • 560
    Linda Reilly says:

    This looks like a well-thought out planner. I like the idea of a page for each day and the size looks to be easy to carry.

  • 561
    StephInOK says:

    O.M.Gosh!!! You are going to bankrupt me!!!! I love this planner, and my current one ends in June, so I NEED (o.k., WANT a new one!) I love all the functionality this planner offers! Needless to say, I will also be committed to getting all the new products for it! Thank goodness for MasterCard, Visa, Discover, gift certificates and possibly some creative begging…. lol

  • 562
    C Flood says:

    Great products and inspiration! I love the planner/journaling combo!!
    Perfect for jotting down PTI card ideas while keeping my day organized!!
    Another must have, thanks PTI.

  • 563
    Betty Liehr says:

    When I was younger and had more going on, I used a planner a lot, but they are only as useful as they are used. This one really appeals to me because it combines not only the schedule, but taking care of yourself and growing each day, too. Love the page in front with the definitions of each “activity”. So much thought and love put into this product – just like everything done at PTI and why I love them so much!!

  • 564
    erin says:

    I am not a planner person, but I’m a list maker who has a digital calendar sinked with my husband, so we keep track of things… this one is gorgeous.

  • 565
    Susan P says:

    I am just blown away by all these planner elements! It’s going to take me a bit of time to go through all the details. I love the colors used throughout it – love the reminder tags, love the pages dies!

  • 566
    Donette Barry says:

    I love the Die Basics Pages so you can add ANYTHING to your planner. It’s fabulous! Happy 8th!!

  • 567
    Cindy Coutts says:

    OMG. I was wondering why there were no products for the current viral planner trend and now I know why. You just trumped the entire planner industry with this sweet baby. It’s an insanely brilliant and genius concept. Everything I need for my life and more in one place. This is perfect. I would love to see the spirals more “metal” as another planner. Maybe next year.

    My absolute favorite page is the daily personal page. Such a great addition to the planner. I definitely need to drink more and it’s a good dose of daily inspiration, which I personally need.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this and am very excited! WOW. You certainly saved the best for last! This is amazing! Awesome accessories, everything. It’s so pretty and colorful and it’s fun. You didn’t skip a beat with this planner!

  • 568
    Pam G says:

    Love the planner and everything that goes with it! I am much more organized with just one planner for work/life and I enjoyed all the presentations.

  • 569
    Connie G says:

    It is so obvious that alot of planning and inspiration went into this planner! It SHINES!!! Love the flexibility – the beautiful colors, the size, the purpose!! Oh my!! Well Done.

  • 570
    Lisa Dolson says:

    WOW! What an amazing system! I’m a planner user and have been for many years. I use them not only to stay more organized, but also to look back and see what I’ve accomplished and what our family has done. Moments Inked appears wonderful to use and very pretty to look back through.

  • 571
    Elaine (lainey) says:

    I’m a planner, but usually with notes all over the place! I like all of the options that are available with this planning system!

  • 572
    Marilou S. says:

    I NEED to be a planner person…as I am constantly losing things nowadays. I love the add in sheets, the banner stickers you can make, the sticky note stamp to make a check off list…so many good features! It is bright, cheery and so full of color.

  • 573
    Carey Wietharn says:

    Looks like this is perfect!

  • 574
    Sue McW says:

    Ohhhhh!! i love planners! I love lists! I love being organized! I love the new planner!! One of my favorite things about the planner is the daily pages. What a great way to get your day started and in perspective before jumping into the day.

  • 575
    Imke Ludwig says:

    I am definitely a planner person. Without, I am lost. I like the versatility of this planner.

  • 576
    Manuela says:

    looks great, good structured! and love the colors!

  • 577
    Terri E. says:

    Total planning person here! Love the new look and detail of the planner.

  • 578
    Steph says:

    PTI did it again!!!! What a great idea and it is so well thought out. I know it will be a hit!!!

  • 579
    Oreet says:

    Wow, you girls have certainly outdone yourselves this year– I can’t believe the quality and quantity of new ideas and ventures, be it petite villages, mini make it market kits and now planners! I can’t wait to get my hands on it: I love the specialized mini stamp sets for bloggers and family, etc. Very cool.

  • 580
    Sharon Jaeger says:

    Oh I am addicted to my dollar store planner! What a treat it would be use something this gorgeous and colourful! I love the idea of being able to customise everything and using all my favourite PTI colours.

  • 581

    I am a planning person, but don’t have an actual planner book. This might change my mind πŸ™‚

  • 582
    Cassey Nguyen says:

    I love all the colorful pages!

  • 583
    Karen V says:

    Don’t know if I am a planner person as I don’t use one now, other than a small 2-year calendar I keep in my purse and a wall calendar. Maybe I should try this.

  • 584
    jany-b says:

    At the risk of repeating myself, PTI is the bench mark for creativity and innovation.
    The planner and the planning that went into it is absolutely stunning. Hats off to all of you at PTI.

  • 585
    Angela NJ says:

    Wow…a new collection and a new team to share inspiration…that’s a win-win. I’ve started and abandoned so many different methods of collecting notes and ideas, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the tips this new team has to share! Thanks.

  • 586
    Pai says:

    i think it is so funny that in this age of technology, paper planners are making their way back into the limelight. I was into them about 15 years ago and everyone thought i was being a dinosaur!

  • 587
    Tammie Koehnen says:

    I love everything about this new Project Planner from PTI! What I love most of all is that you can customize it yourself! It’s such a great concept!

  • 588
    Penny P. says:

    I have never done any kind of planner project before but this looks like a great way to stay organized and document life’s moments!

  • 589

    As a mama of 4 I am ALWAYS having to jot down things that are in the agenda and THIS planner is BEYOND amazing! It’s JUST what I needed! I love the size I love how in depth it is. It’s AMAZING!

  • 590
    Jan Francis says:

    WOW, this is going to cost me, since I LOVE it ALL! Unless I win, of course!

  • 591
    jen shears says:

    I LOVE the idea of being more organized!!! Maybe a planner as pretty as this would make it fun!
    Thanks for the chance!

  • 592
    Cassandra says:

    Now PTI will really take over my life!! I don’t think I could function without a planner and this concept looks wonderful. I love the idea that all my lists will be in one place.

  • 593
    Teresa B says:

    How fun is this planner?!! Love that we can choose a cover.

  • 594
    Lori Oglesby says:

    Wow! I can’t get enough planners and this one is in my favorite colors. I love it!

  • 595
    Katey Fisher says:

    I think I’m dizzy from today’s post! I am so excited to hear that Papertrey is releasing a planner! I can’t even think about what my favourite part is (I love all of it), but I will say that all the bright colours really caught my attention and will be key in keeping me organized! Thanks so much Papertrey for all of your wonderful products.

  • 596
    Anne G says:

    I don’t use a planner but I think that this would be a great gift for someone who does use one.

  • 597
    Kelli says:

    Very exciting! Love all the thoughtful details! Beautiful!

  • 598
    Valerie Martin says:

    Oh YES, YES, YES I am a planner girl! I have been one since middle school. I am excited to see it have a big surge b/c the accessories that are coming out have been what I was lacking for all of these years.
    I prefer the ring bound options b/c I NEED to be able to customize to suit my needs. You guys have taken the only limiting issue w/ spiral bound planners out of the equation. I can not tell you how super excited it am!

  • 599
    Shirley says:

    I’m the queen of Post It Notes! I have some sort of planner, (or two or three!) around at all times and they are usually scattered around the house. This planner is going to keep it all in one place, I can add whatever i want…and be as simply creative as I’d like!
    My favourite has to be the daily pages! I can even save them to add to yearly scrap books. This has it all…wowsers!

  • 600
    laura mm says:

    This looks like a lovely planner – Love all the bright colors! πŸ™‚

  • 601
    Sarah Fisher says:

    Very cool concept, PTI! You’ve definitely thought of everything for this planner!

  • 602
    diana says:

    I’m looking for a great planner! I think I’ve found it. lol πŸ˜‰

  • 603
    Melissa says:

    I really like the idea of a planner that has the month-at-a-glance, week-at-a-glance, and a page for each day. I also like the beautiful bright colors too. I like to plan and have things written down and have used a variety of different tools to do so. This looks like it be very helpful, it’s a great product!

  • 604
    Susan says:

    So excited to see PTI’s planner!! I love that the colors are PTI colors. The layout is great and the size is perfect! I’m looking forward to seeing the stamp sets and dies. It will make planner so much more fun!!

  • 605
    Sylvia says:

    I’ve been wandering around , two months into the year, looking for the perfect planner… I’ve found it!

  • 606

    The planner looks beautiful. I think I really like the pages die to add on your own pages or patterned paper!

  • 607
    Kim Badelt says:

    Am I organised enough to be organised? I’m very tempted to find out. The thought that has gone into the planner is impressive as is the accompanying products that let you personalise it.

  • 608
    Jill DeRain says:

    Wow. projects

  • 609
    Bonnie Ditto says:

    How terrific to have all those notes I make to myself in one place!

  • 610
    Tracy Peterson says:

    Wow, this little planner has everything! Meals, exercise, etc. So very cool.

  • 611
    Christine N. says:

    Wow! The planner is a great idea to bring the creative world & business planner world together! What a fun surprise & concept from PT!

  • 612
    Kelly in Canada says:

    Oh My Goodness! I am an OBSESSIVE list maker, journal writer, exercise tracker, etc, etc. And the English major in me loves to write! This is my must-have product for this release! So pretty and it is obviously very well-made. Worth every penny!

  • 613
    Priscilla from CA says:

    I kind of gave up planning when I retired in 2004. But this is more like daily crafting…love it!!! The colorful elements you can create and use are very exciting.

  • 614
    Carrie T says:

    I am a planner and I love to have the paper planner in front of me. Call me old fashioned (my husband does!), but I find it easier for me to keep track of things with good old paper and pen or pencil. I am not an electronic kind of gal! I love that I can keep track of all of my life in one place! Awesome!

  • 615
    merryf says:

    It all looks beautiful! So much hard work and love went into this project and I’m sure all the releases coming up will be just as gorgeous!

  • 616
    SarahT says:

    Love the new planner! I haven’t found one that I like yet and I totally LOVE this one! πŸ™‚

  • 617
    Jane T says:

    I am just getting into planners. This one seems like it is just what I have been looking for.

  • 618
    Cherie says:

    This monthly planner system is so versatile and customizable. The coordinating dies and stamp sets are terrific and I’m sure the brilliant Nicole and the design team will continue to release coordinating products that will only enhance the organizational experience.

  • 619
    Mimi H. says:

    What I like is how you can stamp the banners and die cut so many at once, and what a great system of being able to line up the die. Genius!

  • 620
    Dido says:

    What a grand planner, thank you for this opportunity to become more organised…I need it!

  • 621
    Teresa says:

    Wow – what a wonderful way to art everyday! Fabulous ideas from all the team.

  • 622
    Alyssa S says:

    This is so exciting! I love planners, always buy one and tend to not use it, but this one has so much space to really USE it that it just may be a go! Love it! Love the team too!!

  • 623
    Gwen says:

    Love the look of this and that it would be a great keepsake! I feel badly throwing away a calendar! I have always kept a diary and could see this replacing that. GREAT IDEA!

  • 624
    Tonya Jastad says:

    I AM a planner person! This looks like the perfect planner too! This will be in my cart for sure!

  • 625
    Sera says:

    I’ve been stalling on getting the new planner I need for work. Turns out, there’s a reason for everything! Can’t wait to get my hands on this beautiful tool!

  • 626
    Barbara M says:

    I’m a planner person and have been looking at them , love your planner ideas! Very excited!

  • 627
    Anna says:

    I don’t really understand the planner craze, but this looks incredible!

  • 628
    Peggy Allen says:

    Love the planner. Yes, I am a planner. You won’t accomplish much if you don’t have things planned out. I love that so much can be compiled in one book as opposed to several books.
    God bless,

  • 629
    Lisa Henke says:

    Sooooo exciting! I am loving my planner. Really excited about the dies and stamps. So great!

  • 630
    Silke Ledlow says:

    Very cool idea…I definitely need to stay on task and this planner would do it for me!

  • 631
    Nicki Scheck says:

    WOW. Just Wow. This planner system is absolutely amazing. My favorite parts about it are the bright colors used in it, and the fact that it’s customizable. Bravo on a beautiful new product.

  • 632
    Raquel Unruh says:

    Wow! I’m soooo excited! Now I can be organized! I’m like Rebecca. I try to store things in my head. Then I end up forgetting halve of it! Love that it can fit in a handbag. It will be prefect for taking on family trips!

  • 633
    Pam Hollie says:

    I love the interchangeable fronts, very clever!

  • 634
    Brenda Kuder says:

    I think the size of the planner is great as it doesn’t take up too much space. I love the colors and the tabs.

  • 635
    Janet Mack says:

    My current planner is a calendar, a notebook and a bunch of pieces of paper so I think I need this new planner. But I have to ask if I write down Do laundry on the todo list, do I actually have to do the laundry?

  • 636
    Daisy Land says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m over the moon for this planner! Love the vibrant colors and design, it has everything I’ve been looking for! This is so going in my shopping cart!

  • 637
    Nancy says:

    Love planners! This has me really excited!

  • 638
    Becky Carafa says:

    I can tell a lot of thought went into this,, very cool! I don’t use a planner cuz I haven’t found one that fits in my purse. I just have a little calendar that I jot things in, plus a notebook at home for other lists πŸ™‚

  • 639
    Karen says:

    Oh my, this planner is just amazing. I need lots of organization in my life with 5 children, homeschooling, and a very busy husband!! It’s hard to keep us rolling along sometimes, and a planner would help for sure. What makes this so fun is the ability to make it uniquely your own, with stamps and ways to pretty it up – that would make it a joy to keep up with. Thank you for all of the inspiration and eye candy!

  • 640
    Emily says:

    What an amazing planner!! It’s perfect!!

  • 641
    D'Ann says:

    Wow! This looks like a very fun and pretty yet highly organized planner system with more detail than I could ever dream of! I like that you can choose your cover but mot of all the details that was put into the design! I am sure one will make it into my cart, now just to choose which cover I want!

  • 642
    Loly Borda says:

    I’m a planner, but I always use the cheap ones, I love yours!I love that I could channel my creativity decorating to my taste and making it unique. Thanks for the chance!

  • 643
    Renee M says:

    I’m definitely a paper planner person! I really like the pretty colors, the tabs, and the monthly layouts in these.

  • 644
    Julie Brusman says:

    I love the daily page, it was so well thought out. While I currently don’t use my daily page on my current planner much, I would actually use this one daily. Great job!

  • 645
    teresa says:

    I’m not really a planner person. I use my iphone a lot to help me do some planning/reminding. However, this planner looks really great and I love the basic page dies.

  • 646
    Thordis says:

    Oh wow. This planner is awesome. It has everything that you need… It is perfect. Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  • 647
    Shirley K says:

    I was definitely a planner person all through school. Once I started working after college though, I started to managed most things digitally (except for critical to-dos). I love how colorful this planner is though!

  • 648
    Lynn Put says:

    I haven’t used a planner in the last two years and actually miss it, so maybe the introduction of your new planner system is just what I need. I love the daily pages where you can jot down important info for the day.

  • 649
    Sally Gainer says:

    What a terrific idea!

  • 650
    Yvonne Ann Smith Vansickle says:

    Looks like a neat system!

  • 651
    Jaki says:

    Finally a planner with everything!!
    I think I love the daily pages that start fresh everyday…and of course the PTI colours and style!
    Looking forward to seeing each months additions.

  • 652
    kathyFL57 says:

    I always plan on being a planner person but never quite got onboard. I usually try to remember things and use a TON of post its. This will put me into the planner person category as now I can just add it to my PTI order and don’t have to fret about the quality, etc. Thanks so much for this!

  • 653
    Renee Deaton says:

    Love, love, love, everything about this planner. It is so cute and colorful. You’ve thought of everything, cannot wait to get one!

  • 654
    Liz R says:

    Wow! Looks amazing! Can’t wait to see more. My head is spinning with the possibilities!