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Welcome, everyone to the official kick-off of Stamp-a-faire 2014!  I know some of you are waking up at 4am on the west coast this morning to join us!  Now that's what I call dedication!

I wanted to share one of my favorite songs, which just happens to be appropriate for today's theme! 


Can you believe that the big day is finally here?  All of us have been busy behind the scenes making preparations for months and we are so excited to finally start showcasing everything we have been working on!  Today promises to be an amazing learning opportunity for everyone, no matter their skill level!  Not to mention the fun you will have rubbing elbows with other stampers from around the world!  To kick things off this morning, we have a Morning Timer Challenge to get your creative juices flowing.  


We are providing you with 5 color schemes and 5 sketches to choose from!  You can use the graphics below to make your choice, or you can download them in printer-friendly format to add to your binder.

Your challenge is to pick one color scheme and one sketch to whip up a quick project you can be proud of!  Gather a few supplies then set a timer for 20 minutes.  See how quickly you can make design decisions as you work against the clock!  A great way to warm-up for all of the stamping that lies ahead!  So put on some of your favorite stamping tunes (something peppy to get you moving, you know?), grab your cup of coffee AND LET'S GET STARTED!!!  












CLICK HERE to Download SAF 2014 Inspiration Cards


Create your own project utilizing one color scheme and one sketch of your choice from above in 20 minutes or less.  Your project must also incorporate at least one Papertrey product.

–Or use this as another opportunity to share links to photos, videos or blog posts of you arriving at your destination, how your day is starting, your set-up, the group of people you may have getting together or anything else regarding the kick-off of Stamp-a-faire day! 

–Post your project and/or SAF morning photos on your blog, in your gallery or on any other photo-hosting site (such as photobucket or flickr).

-Add your project and/or SAF morning photos to the InLinkz list below.

–You can also be eligible to win by leaving  a comment, stating your name and where you are joining us from!  Let us know if you are getting together with anyone or if you are going it solo!  And what challenge are you looking forward to most today?  

–You will have until 7am EST, Tuesday, August 26th, to add your link to the list to be eligible to win. And you can enter as many times as you like.

–Two of the participants who post here today (via the InLinkz list or posting a comment) will be selected to receive a $25 PTI gift certificate (one comment and one InLinkz list participant) and will be announced on our Tuesday night Stamp-a-faire winners post.  

We look forward to seeing what you share here as well as having you back here in just a bit for the next challenge!  We're also available in the forums for a chat if you need company while you're stamping!

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  • 1
    DebbyG says:

    Good Morning! I’m in hot, hot, hot SC! I’m looking forward to a whole day of papercrafting!

  • 2

    What a wonderful challenge. Love the colours and sketches. I want to do them all! Playing on my own for now (but trying to get my friend, Bronwyn to play too). We’re on the tiny island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean – can you find us?!

  • 3
    Louise Spiden says:

    Happy SAF! I’m joining you from Melbourne, Australia. It’s actually Saturday night here so I’ll only be seeing the challenges on delay because of the time difference. Can’t play along as moving house and all my supplies and SAF goodies are packed in a box :(. Look forward to playing along in a couple on weeks in my new craft room 🙂

  • 4
    Deborah Rikard says:

    Hi SAF crafters! I’m here in hot South Carolina looking forward to a fun day. Haven’t been able to sign in on forum. Can anyone help?

  • 5 says:

    Good Mourning crafters ~~~~Cindy Brown here from Gap PA I’m flying solo today and I pretty much looking forward to all the challenges it will be a fun day after a bit of caffeine kits in.

  • 6
    Leslie L. says:

    I guess I can’t say good morning since it isn’t morning to everyone…so Hello! I am joining from Cocoa Florida. Looking forward to the day of crafting and once my hubby leaves to go help his parents out for the day I will start cranking my favorite tunes. I hope everyone has lots of fun and shares lots of inspiration along the way. Lets get this party started!!!

  • 7
    Cindy R says:

    Happy SAF day! Looking forward to having a great time with my fellow stampers. I need a kick start to get my creative juices flowing…this is just what the doctor ordered.

  • 8
    Barbara M says:

    Good Morning I am Barbara from SF Bay Area, California . Looking forward to a crafty day even though I a solo team. Going to keep updated using my moible devices. Hopefully I will get to post a real card! But I know I am going shopping on the PTI store:).

  • 9
    Melanie MacKenzie says:

    Good morning from a dull gray day in Ontario, Canada. I live way out in the country so I am going solo today. Looking forward to a wonderful day. Cheers.

  • 10
    Barb Kirkwood says:

    Good morning from St. Louis MO this hot August morning. What a great excuse to stay in today as the temp is supposed to be 100.. I’m psyched to get started.

  • 11
    Joyce says:

    Good morning!
    Love the prompts this morning.
    I decided I needed a few minutes in the jacuzzi to get my body moving this morning. Then I’ll set my timer. Could make for an interesting start.
    Can’t wait to see all the get togethers posting their photos!
    One day I’ll get to hang with PTI friends for SAF! It’s officially a bucket list item as of today!

  • 12
    StephH says:

    Good morning! Am here in the Northwest Coast of Washington State; it’s 0430 and it is very dark and cold outside! I am stamping alone today, but that doesn’t deter my enthusiasm about what we have in store! Fortunately my DH is very understanding and knows how important this is to me and plans to just be my support system – yay for good men! 🙂

  • 13
    Kate says:

    Hello all. My name is Kate and I am joining you on a beautiful sunny afternoon just outside Paris, France. I have already put my PTI order in so am looking forward to playing in some of the challenges.

  • 14
    MargR says:

    Good morning from Wollongong, Australia! Looking forward to the retro ’60’s! I’m going solo but would love to get a group together for next year!

  • 15
    Barb Ghig says:

    Good morning, fellow SAF Crafters! I’m joining in today from central NJ, USA and I’m really looking forward to the 1960’s challenge since I was a teen at that time!

    I’ll be stamping solo, and can’t wait to get this party started!!!

    Thanks so much to Nichole and the Awesome PTI Team for this annual event…so much FUN!!!

  • 16
    Shaune says:

    Good morning fellow crafters! I’m going to be enjoying all the SAF events solo in Texas.hope everyone has a great day!

  • 17
    Jo R. says:

    Hi everyone! I’m joining in from Townsville, Australia and it’s currently 9:50pm Saturday night. I’m travelling solo but I’m so excited to be part of SAF this year.

  • 18
    Allison T. says:

    Good morning! My mom and I are joining you all from East Tennessee! Looking forward to a fun day!

  • 19
    Rebecca Lucero says:

    I second StephH’s comment about good men. Yesterday, my husband told his brother that sometimes we go out for lunch and then stop at the craft store. He said that is it is nice and easy. I live in New Hampshire and love being surrounded by all of my carding making ‘stuff’. I especially love the PTI selections of paper and ink colors, and well of course the stamps. Have fun, everyone!

  • 20
    Lona H. says:

    Good morning from sunny Arizona although in the northern part of the state we have actually been a bit cool the last few days. Going solo today too. Enjoy hearing from those of you in other parts of the world!

  • 21
    Denise C. says:

    Good morning! I am going solo today from southeastern Wisconsin. All the eras are interesting to me but especially drawn to the 40’s.

    Thanks PTI for planning such a fun event!

  • 22
    nienie says:

    Good morning from Portland!
    Glad you have a good support system in your man 🙂

  • 23
    Kim Wallace says:

    Good morning! I’m joining from St. Petersburg, Florida! Today is my birthday and I asked my hubby to go to our hunting property so I could craft all day! I’ve never treated myself to anything like this! Looking forward to the day!

  • 24
    Cyndie says:

    Wish I could participate today–maybe after I return later on! Awesome ideas so far–I have several ideas I want to try from these recipes!

  • 25

    Good morning from Austin!
    I will be solo today, but plan on going over to a friend’s house tomorrow with sketches and colour charts in hand to create some more cards with her.
    I am really looking forward to the 60’s. I was a pre teen and love that era of music!

  • 26
    pltaylor says:

    Good Morning from East Tennessee! Enjoying the start of a great stamping day in the “studio” (aka my garage).

  • 27
    Joanne Boys says:

    I am so excited. I anticipate this event every year. I would love a Christmas Stamp Affaire.

  • 28

    Good Morning from Bloomingdale, IL. So excited to have the day to spend with all you amazing women. Look forward to a FUN FUN FUN day of crafting

  • 29
    LaurieD says:

    Good morning from northern Wisconsin! Crafting solo today in the cool of my craft room as we are in the midst of some very hot and humid weather here. I’m most looking forward to the 40’s challenge. Love the colors, styles and elegance of that era.

  • 30

    Happy Saturday from the shoreline of CT! My friend and I are going to be busy trying to create some treasures! It’s unseasonably cool here today only in the 60’s so a perfect day for stamping!

  • 31
    Linda Lander says:

    Greetings from Glen Rose, Texas… ready for an
    inspirational day with everyone. Especially looking forward to the ’40 ideas. Loved the meet and greet last evening.

  • 32
    Vicki says:

    Hello from sunny Sebring Florida. Getting a late start but will get caught up. I love reading all the comments and feeling like part of a big adventure although I am all by myself. Love Papertrey Ink!

  • 33
    Nancy Penir says:

    Good morning, Stamp-A-Faire! Set the alarm for 4am. Enjoying coffee and quiet! Looking forward to a great day! Hugs to all!

  • 34

    Good morning, all! It’s a glorious day in Vermont and I might even try some “open air stamping” later today. Looking forward to playing with all of you, with a big thanks to everyone at PTI for putting this all together– what a labor of love! And, yes, love and yay for good men!

  • 35
    Bev says:

    I love the color recipes . They are a great way to inspire a project.

  • 36
    Colleen F says:

    Good morning from West Linn, Oregon!! I have my best friend here with me to spend the day at SAF. I am looking forward to the 60’s…loved that era as a kid!!

  • 37
    Polly Lemire says:

    I’m up here in Minnesota, visiting my sister. Next year I’ll block off the 3rd weekend in August! I’m having fun following along and watching everything on my trusty ipad!

  • 38
    Colleen F says:

    Good morning from Seattle (via West Linn, Or) visiting with Colleen, a yearly tradition. I grew up in the 60’s with the Beatles, hippies, (not me) etc. So it will be fun to re-visit that era.

  • 39
    Lori Y says:

    Good morning from central Iowa! I’m hoping to jump in for some of today’s festivities. I have enjoyed the last 2 years of Stamp-A-Faire and am looking forward to being inspired again today!

  • 40
    Helen F. says:

    Good Morning! Helen here joining from Merritt Island, FL
    It’s hot already at 86 degrees outside, but I’m nice and cool in my craft room ready to start having FUN 🙂
    Looking forward to learning new techniques from each challenge and absorbing all the fabulous inspiration from everyone!

  • 41
    Donna K says:

    I have to run out now for several hours but I’m so excited to see what’s happening already. Can’t wait to see what is planned for us today for the beautiful PTI team. I don’t know how to upload so I’ll just drool over everyone’s submissions.

  • 42

    Good morning from Vancouver, Canada! It is still very early here and I’m half dead to the world but I will be creating and posting a little bit later on …

  • 43
    Gina says:

    Good morning, sunshines!! I have had my first cup of coffee – about to have my second. It is hot and sunny here in Little Rock and I’m ready to roll!!!

  • 44
    Cathy K says:

    Good Morning, Everyone! I’m stamping alone today, joining from Arizona. The roaring 20’s always intrigued me so I’m looking forward to exploring the 1920’s with Heather.

  • 45
    Marty R says:

    Good morning. I’m in Gig Harbor, Washington. I will have a friend with me for part of the day. Then solo for the rest. Should be a creative day!

  • 46
    Kim Rendino says:

    Good morning! I’m Kim from Brewerton, NY. I’m going it alone today, but that’s just fine with me!! I’m just happy to be able to create at all….thd ice line from my fridge leaking upstairs caused water damage to the ceiling in my downstairs craft room last night!! Ugh!

  • 47
    Carol says:

    I would love to join in on the fun, but a construction project is on the list as winter will be settling in before you know it here in Michigan. I will check in through out the day.

  • 48
    sarah.boirin says:

    Good morning – well it’s afternoon here in sunny France 🙂 Just kicked off with the morning challenge. Looking forward to the Renaissance post – love that period in history at school.x

  • 49
    Amanda says:

    I am coming late to the party, but that’s better than not making it at all. We are headed into dinner time over here in The Netherlands now, but the house is together enough for some play time! I’m hoping today’s challenges get my creative juices flowing after this long moving process!

  • 50
    Rachel says:

    I love a quick challenge! I’m Rachel joining in from Connecticut! So far I’m riding solo 🙂

  • 51
    Jen Carter says:

    Good morning from Inman, KS! I am going solo today but looking forward to crafty time!

  • 52
    S. Molinari says:

    Hi! My name is Susan and I’m here in a little town in Alabama. I’m hoping to participate, but my grandaughter may make her appearance today for the first time, so we’ll see. Looking forward to all the videos. I always learn so much!

  • 53
    Patricia F. says:

    Good Morning from southern Ohio! Thunderstorms predicted throughout the day here so what better way to spend the day indoors crafting! Love PTI & all of their wonderful products but especially their design team! What talented women! So happy to be participating in this special event. Thanks team for all of your hard work & inspiration!

  • 54

    Greetings from Rhode Island! This one was definitely a challenge as I had to help 3 little crafters under the age of 9 as well as try to complete mine. Pheww!!! But we did it. Can’t wait for more.

  • 55
    Maureen P says:

    Good morning from beautiful British Columbia, Canada! I’m all by my lonesome today but have my fully stocked studio to play in! I love the time challenge and am itching to get started! Have a great day everyone!

  • 56
    Dana Kirby says:

    Good Morning from Merced CA. I will be working on projects throughout the day. It is my Husband’s 50th birthday so we have some fun things planned for the next few days. Thanks for all the hard work that has gone into today!

  • 57
    Linda E (uncbballfan) says:

    Good morning from North Carolina. I wasn’t able to order the SAF kit but am hoping to play along with some the challenges. I have family obligations today, but will be checking in from time to time to cheer everyone on!

  • 58
    Sam Simpson says:

    Hey Louise…I’m playing along too!

  • 59
    Sam Simpson says:

    Hi girls. Sam here from south west Victoria, Australia (not far from 12 apostles for those that know it). Shocking time difference for us. I have just finished challenge 1 and it is 2am Sunday morning. As fate would have it, my son is celebrating his 1st communion and confirmation tomorrow (um..later today!) and I will be restricted in time to play (wahhhh). But rest assured, I will find some hours in which to play catch up with the challenges. Looking forward to checking out all your creations.

  • 60
    Mary M. says:

    Hello, it’s Mary from NC! I’m ready for all the videos and projects!

  • 61
    Noelle says:

    Happy mid morning by now from Idaho!
    Phew just finished the time challenge and will be posting soon.
    I’m most excited to see the charming 40’s and then my young childhood days of the 80s challenges!

  • 62

    Good morning From Sunny Southern California:)
    I’m so excited because this year I will be able to participate!!!yeah!!!
    I have my iced tea,next to me and I’m ready to be challenged 🙂

  • 63
    Lynne says:

    Good Morning from Riverside, CA. I am solo today but hope to get a group together for next year. All of the posts from folks getting together look like so much fun! I am looking forward to the renaissance period – it has always been one of my favorites. Thank you PTI for all the hard work and fun.

  • 64
    Martha says:

    Good morning!
    -My name is Martha.
    -From Texas
    -Playing Solo
    -Looking forward to ALL the challenges.

    Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!
    Happy crafting to all!

  • 65
    Zena B. says:

    Good morning from Santa Barbara, CA. It is a misty day here today – perfect for getting out some stamps and paper to have some fun. I hope to join in as much as possible.

  • 66
    Linda says:

    off I go to create.

  • 67
    lainey says:

    This is a fun, quick challenge to get the day started!

  • 68
    colleenk says:

    Good Morning from southern California! I am so excited to get started with all these great challenges! I am also thankful that we can work (play) with them all weekend as I can’t really participate till tomorrow!

  • 69
    Joyce M. says:

    Hello from sunny Hawaii. I am just wrapping up our family vacation, so will only be participating as an occasional voyeur today, as we head to the airport and fly home. However, I did post a view from our hotel balcony last night for the meet and greet, and I have 2 stamping friends coming over on Wed. for our own, delayed Stamp a Faire. The linkz will be closed but that will not stop us from watching and participating together. Happy SAF-Day everyone.

  • 70
    Anna says:

    I’m playing along in Texas.

  • 71
    Kristen V says:

    I’m way behind but I’m going to try and do some fast catch up! Some wonderful projects already.

  • 72
    Kris says:

    Hi… Joining from Colorado while vacationing so can’t participate until I get I get home tomorrow!

  • 73
    Mariana says:

    oh, what a cool challenge!

  • 74
    lisa808 says:

    Hi, Lisa from NY. I’m a solo crafter today. Fun challenge to start the day.

  • 75
    Joy H says:

    Hi – sweet friends! I’m from Tyler, Texas – so excited to be stamping with friends from Dallas at my house!

  • 76
    Josiane says:

    Yesterday evening, a friend and I had carpooled from the Dallas, TX area to Flint (which is 80 miles east) to spend the weekend with Joy and her sister Debbie at Joy’s house.

    Happy SAF!

  • 77

    Hello! I am joining from Calgary, Canada. I am going solo today but am hoping to in a few challenges before the weekend is over! Looking forward to the 80’s!

  • 78
    Jen says:

    I’m going solo today and it doesn’t usually matter to me but next year I must have someone else to craft with for SAF!!

  • 79
    Luray says:

    Hello from St. Louis! Very hot here but with air conditioning we can do anything! Looking forward to all the goodies!

  • 80
    Linda Grady says:

    Great to hear/meet stampers from all over the world. Love the early morning challenge; stamping solo and loving it!

  • 81
    Judith Novak says:

    Hello from Morrison, Colorado! I don’t normally get up at 4:30 in the morning, but I have to say it was definitely worth it! A fun challenge.. to start off SAF 2014! I want to go back and try some of the other layouts and color inspirations.

  • 82
    Gloria says:

    This is Gloria, hanging out with friends in Flint (near Tyler) in the great state of TEXAS!!!.

  • 83
    Karina Beck says:

    Great Challenge! Love the Colors and Sketches!!

  • 84
    Marianne says:

    Hi, I’m Marianne. Yesterday, I enjoyed a hot and frantic but fun day on Crete,
    Greece. I’m on my own, which is a good thing, because I need the entire table to myself LOL, although it would be fun to be able to craft together. I’m hoping to watch the 60s and 80s inspiriration today and finish and create some more cards.

  • 85
    Penny Peters says:

    I wasn’t able to play due to some last minute out of town guests but I can’t wait to play with my goodies!

  • 86
    Val P says:

    Was out of town all day yesterday, but can’t wait to play today. Need to get my creative juices flowing and look forward to all of the challanges.

  • 87

    Love sketch and color combo challenges! Great start!

  • 88

    What a fantastic event, thanks so much! Sorry I won’t have much chance to play along … but I will enjoy all the inspirational videos and galleries! Anita 🙂

  • 89
    Manuela says:

    great fun challenge and a wonderful event!

  • 90
    Jackie L says:

    Worked in my studio in Blomingdale, IL solo. forgot to send a comment yesterday. Too excited to get started

  • 91

    Hello, I am crafting today from sunny Southern California! Looking forward to an awesome day of fun, fun, fun.

  • 92

    Stamp-a-faire is one of the highlights of the year for me. NOTHING goes on the calendar for this day! It is ALL about ME (well, and Papertrey Ink!)

  • 93
    Gwen says:

    Loved this challenge! Great way to start out the Faire!

  • 94
    Kristie H says:

    I’m crafting in Portland Oregon. Loved this challenge! The timer one was my favorite.

  • 95
    MRW says:

    Thanks for sharing the downloadable inspiration cards! I love having ready-made color combinations and card sketches for when I get stuck! 🙂

  • 96
    Victoria h says:

    Hello. This is Victoria from England. It’s great to be able to join in via the internet.

  • 97
    Pat Whitley says:

    These inspiration colors and sketches are awesome. It’s great to see what everyone has done with them. I’ll be trying them out, too!

  • 98
    Kelly says:

    Commenting a bit late, but my mom and I joined in from Central PA. Looking forward to all of the challenges, but I grew up in the 1980s so that particular era holds a special spot in my heart. Thanks for all of the effort in organizing! PTI design team is the best!

  • 99
    annheidel says:

    Hello from North Carolina! My daughter Emily and I have been spending Stamp-a-Faire together this weekend.

  • 100
    CarrieP says:

    Hi! It’s Carrie from Indiana! I’m lucky enough to be having a crafty friend join me for a few hours today! I am looking forward to everything today! Thanks SO much for putting on such a fabulous event!

  • 101
    Karen Wade says:

    That got my juices flowing!

  • 102
    Janis says:

    Janis here. I didn’t get to participate although I had all the challenges bookmarked. Grandma duty called and I, naturally, answered. 🙂 I really hoped to participate in the Regency era challenge. I am still going to go through the different challenges on my own because I love learning new techniques!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

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