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  • 1
    Natasha Kara says:

    Holy stink! I want everything in this release! How to choose? Well done. You knocked this one out of the park!

  • 2
    Annalize Breytenbach says:

    I love these stamps and dies! Thanks for inspiring us to be creative! xxx

  • 3
    Lou says:

    Love all the new products. I’ve gone coo coo for chevrons and herringbone lately and I can’t wait to get those diagonals!!

  • 4
    Jen says:

    So exciting! I love the fine details on Feather Finery and Doodlie-do! Very exciting release!!

  • 5
    Erika Hyde says:

    Another fantastic release! My wishlist contains pretty much everything! 🙂

  • 6
    ayn says:

    love the doodles stamp. you are so talented! good job again!

  • 7

    SO pretty!! All of it! TFS Your DT is always so inspiring I have enjoyed waiting for the release!

  • 8
    Tosha D. says:

    Holy Moley! I can hardly wait to order!:)

  • 9
    Victoria H. says:

    Oh my goodness this release is amazing! I want…need….have to have it all!!

  • 10
    Pat says:

    I am trying to hard to cut back on my crafting spending since I retired, but your products are so tempting!

  • 11
    F Bond says:

    Great release! I can’t decide what to get first!

  • 12
    janet wilson says:

    Oh no, what a marvelous selection – however will I choose???

  • 13
    Debbie P says:

    You’re breaking my budget! What a great release!

  • 14
    Laura B says:

    I going to have to give up eating this month so i can buy ALL that I want from this release. What a terrific collection. This will be a treat!

  • 15
    Becky Green says:

    One word, “AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 🙂

  • 16
    Dee in Oklahoma says:

    OMG! Those feathers! The word sayings are wonderful.
    Such a great release…I love them all.

  • 17
    Lyn says:

    This is a great release! Way to start the new year off! I love love the doodles what a great idea! Now to decide what I need and what I just want…

  • 18
    Betty Sue says:

    My best friend is Robin who I have known since I was 3. Which believe me is a long time…Ha! She is always there for me and me for her! I am truely blessed to have her in my life!!! I almost lost her once but God blessed us with letting us keep her! Our children are all great friends too! Family!

  • 19
    Joyce says:

    Love the feathers,with the added dimension so pretty! And the friends stuff is awesome! Another fabulous release!

  • 20

    Love all the new stuff!!! My best friend is my husband!

  • 21
    Joan K says:

    My best friends are my 2 daughters! Life is good!

  • 22
    Cindy Thompson says:

    My best friend is Barb who is like a sister to me! She is always there and has a heart of Gold! Plus she loves to get together and craft! LOL

  • 23
    AJ says:

    So many beautiful releases this month…my wish list is growing!

  • 24
    Pam says:

    My best friend is a relative newcomer to my life. Her name is Debbie, and she is the kindest, caring, most generous person I think I’ve ever met.

  • 25
    Jamia says:

    My husband is my best friend, we have been together for 30 years, married for 23 this spring. We know each other so well better then our own moms, he makes me laugh my head off, he listens, he tells me I’m beautiful and sexy daily. He never complains about my hobby and understands it. We compliment each other so we’ll. I will stop there cause I could go on and on.

  • 26
    Dee says:

    You must have read my mind with this new release. Now I have to wait until I can afford to buy all or most of the stamps in this release. You have outdone yourselves with the most wonderful stamp sets this time!

  • 27
    Jackie A. says:

    My best friend’s name is Linda and we have known each other since middle school, but we became the best of friends until high school. That was almost 25 yrs ago. She is the most loving, sensitive and loyal person that I have ever known. She has saved me from myself so many times I can’t even count. She is not only my friend she is my family. My life would be quite empty without her.

  • 28
    Leticia Landers says:

    LOVE everything from this release!!!!

  • 29
    Rea Custer says:

    Awesome new releases. Thanks for the new sneak peeks.

  • 30
    Jennifer Tatham says:

    My best female friend is Claire of 35 years. We are always there for each other especially in times of stress. Interests we share take us on trips together but we don’t have to be in each others pockets to know that we will always be friends. Best male friend? My husband of course.

  • 31
    Linda L. says:

    My best friend spent the night in my dorm room over 50 years ago (had to stand on the commode so the dorm mother would not know she was in the dorm illegally). We have been friends through thick and then..from that night in a college dorm so many years ago. Friendship comforts, supports, loves and holds one hand through life.

  • 32
    Sandy C. says:

    My best friend is Ruth. Tho separated by many miles in the last decade, we visited each other regularly. We could pick up where we left off the last time with ease. She was the one that introduced my to stamping. I lost her last year to Ovarian cancer and miss her so much.

  • 33
    BarbGhig says:

    Amazing release, Nichole ~ Bravo!!!

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