July 2012 Release Product Preview

By July 15, 2012General

Fabulous Frames die collection: $10

Floral Foliage die: $4

Framed Out #6 die: $3

Get to the Point die collection: $12

Heart-2-Heart die collection: $4

Little Hot Rod die collection: $6

Mega Gracious Vases die collection: $7

Modern Alphabet die collection (with magnetic sheet): $16

Modern Alphabet Upper die collection (with magnetic sheet): $16

Modern Numbers die collection (with magnetic sheet): $10

Shutterbug Special die collection: $9

The Sweet Life die collection: $10

Blueberry Sky Pattern Pack (36 sheets, 6 sheets each of 6 patterns): $12

also available….

  • Blueberry Sky Polka Dot Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Blueberry Sky Bitty Dot Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Blueberry Sky Damask Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Blueberry Sky Leaves Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Blueberry Sky Gingham Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Blueberry Sky Stripes Singles (18 sheets): $6

Winter Wisteria Pattern Pack (36 sheets, 6 sheets each of 6 patterns): $12

also available….

  • Winter Wisteria Polka Dot Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Winter Wisteria Bitty Dot Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Winter Wisteria Damask Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Winter Wisteria Leaves Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Winter Wisteria Gingham Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Winter Wisteria Stripes Singles (18 sheets): $6

Empty case
Quality Clear Stamp Cases: set of six for $5

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    Suzette Weber says:

    Really love the “Life is Sweet” set! The possibilities!

  • 3
    JoAnn Dettbarn says:

    I have eight sisters and all of us were together for a family wedding when we gathered around my Dad and sang “You are my Sunshine” together. It was my Dad’s signature song that he sang to all of us as little ones and all of our babies. He was in a wheelchair by that time in his life and shortly after he did leave this world but the memory of that day was captured in a wonderful picture of eight smiling faces, full of love for this gentle giant of a man!

  • 4
    Kerry says:

    I can’t wait! So excited for all these great products!

  • 5
    Cindy J says:

    There’s something to love about each new item!

  • 6
    José says:

    What a wonderful release!!!

  • 7

    My favorite photo is of my dad, taken at the conclusion of my wedding and he is yawning really big. He was so tired, after working all night, but rallied to walk me down the aisle. I never loved him more. He’s been gone for over 30 years now, but I smile every time I see that photo!
    Lovely new stamps and dies – would so love to win that gift cert!

  • 8
    MJ - Canada says:

    I have patiently been waiting to see the whole July 2012 launch, and I was not disapponted-thumbs up!

  • 9
    Myrna S says:

    I just placed a large order last week, and I see I will be placing another one today. Love, love, love the Shutterbug Special

  • 10
    Jane Ulness says:

    My parents weren’t much on taking pictures. I ha e one picture of myself. It is of me on santas lap. Saving it for my granddaughter.

  • 11
    Gerri K says:

    My favorite photo is of my Mom with our new puppy. She was living with us and was in the middle stages of Alzheimers. Our new puppy was afraid of our larger dog so when I went out I asked my husband to keep an eye on the puppy. When I came home I asked him where she was and he told me in my Mom’s sitting room. I ran up thinking my Mom couldn’t possibly know what to do with her. The pic was of my Mom with the puppy sitting on the chair peeking out from behind her. It proved that my protective Mom was still there. I treasure that photo.

  • 12
    Lynn Wild says:

    My favourite photo is one of my daughter taken when she was about two (she’s 19 now). She was dressed up as Minnie Mouse and was meeting a full sized Mini Mouse character at the opening of a new Disney store in out town. So cute!!!

  • 13
    Sharon says:

    I love the July release! And The Sweet Life is right at the very top of my wish list!

  • 14
    Julie Call says:

    My favorite photo is one of all of my siblings with me and my husband after our wedding. My brother and I were giving everyone bunny ears, which was always something we did as kids, with my sisters rolling their eyes and smiling and my husband just clueless why we “ruined” such an otherwise nice family photo. It’s my absolute favorite from such a memorable day, because it is perfectly “us” as siblings!

  • 15
    Eva Dobilas says:

    These are all just amazing sets!! I would love them all!

  • 16
    Tanis S says:

    My favorite picture is of my husband and I dancing on the beach at our wedding. Love was in the air, and it was amazing how that aura was captured in this photo.

  • 17
    jan m says:

    My favorite photo is of my twins dressed as minature bride and groom at our brother’s wedding! They would have married each other if they could! Ha!

  • 18
    Debbie G. says:

    My favorite photo is of my oldest daughter at about age 3 snuggled up to a newborn calf. We were visiting my parents’ farm in springtime. My parents have since retired and moved off the farm, but the picture still brings back memories of my favorite time of year on the farm and all those little calves running and playing in the pasture.

  • 19
    aggiesgirl says:

    My favorite photo is of my Mom and Dad in a swing. Mom will be 99 in Nov. Dad has been gone a long time but to look at that sweet picture is bliss.

  • 20
    Chris K says:

    Love all the new sets! My cart will be full tonight.

  • 21
    conil says:

    Can’t wait. I’ll have to get another juob to feed my PTI addiction.

  • 22
    Donna de Peyster says:

    It is hard to choose a favorite picture, but I think it would be one taken long ago shortly before my Dad retired from the Navy. He has his winter officer’s uniform on with all the accomanying gold braid and medals. My nephew, about 2 years old, is looking at his grandfather with awe and wonder and hero worship. Dad is looking back at my nephew with the same expression.

  • 23
    Nancy Sue says:

    Job well done again! Can’t wait to make my purchase.

  • 24
    Beata K in Chicago says:

    Simply wonderful! IN love with the roses. Absolutely beautiful.

  • 25

    My favorite picture of all times…was one my first anniversary. My husband and i dressed in our wedding clothes, went to the place we got married, and a stranger took our picture and it was the best picture ever!!! I carry it in my Bible.

  • 26
    Susan Santello says:

    One of my favorite pictures is a studio picture with my Mom, sisters and I. My Mom past away when I was only 24 and this picture was taken when I was in my late teens.

  • 27
    nancy faith says:

    my favorite photo would be when I was an infant.. and a picture was taken of 5 generations of females with me on my great great grandmother’s lap… in germany.

  • 28
    brenda valdez says:

    I love the fabulous frames & dies what a wonderful idea
    I can’t wait to use it my mind is racing with all sorts of ideas. 😀

  • 29
    Jayne says:

    Lots to think about. As always, great job team.

  • 30
    Lana K. Edwards says:

    My favorite photo was of my Dad on his 82nd birthday. As a special treat I took him to a Houston Astros game at Minute Maid Park. We had a lovely lunch at the ballpark and at the end of the 7th inning I asked if I could take his picture. I took it at his seat and in the background, on the scoreboard, it said ” Happy 82nd Birthday, John Edwards” It was my favorite picture ever and I placed it in his casket when he died 3 years later.

  • 31
    brenda valdez says:

    My favorite photo is the first x-mad photo of my daughters when they were little. From that day forward it became a tradition.

  • 32
    Karen says:

    My fave photo is one of all our girls (4) from our blended family at a wedding reception. It’s been a LONG time since that happened!

  • 33
    Sue Fuller says:

    Framed out #6 – THAT’S the shape I’ve been waiting for! Thanks PTI! (also love the signature greetings)

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