Stamp-a-faire 2012 Scheduling Details

Today I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share more scheduling details with you regarding our upcoming Stamp-a-faire event on Saturday, July 21st.  

Customers have requested a specific die-cutting list so that they may die-cut in advance if they like.   There are individual downloads for each specific challenge containing this information, or you can download one multi-page document containing everything here:

CLICK HERE to download 2012 SAF Schedule & Supply List


July 16th 7am EST: Fun s'mores recipes shared for use Friday night during the Campfire Meet & Greet. We will begin accepting project photos from customers for Stamper's First-Aid through InLinkz List. (more details below)

July 20th 6pm EST- Friday Night Campfire Meet & Greet:
A blog post will be made live on my blog that will include a video pieced together of the entire team, introducing ourselves, stating our home state and welcoming everyone to the upcoming events that will begin the next day. Customers will be invited to add to an InLinkz List photo or videos of themselves through blogs, Instagram, YouTube or whatever outlet you prefer. You can show off your Stamp-a-faire bags/gear, share a quick photo of your Stamp-a-faire groups that might have gotten together early, where you are in your journey or what you are doing to prepare for the next day etc… And EVERYONE is encouraged to make (and eat!) s'mores.


All of the challenges provided will also have a coordinating InLinkz list for you to share your projects using your favorite photo-hosting site (Flickr, Photobucket, etc), gallery or your blog.  Each list will be open until Monday, July 23rd, so you will have ample time to particpate and photograph your projects.  Winner will be selected from each challenge and announced on that Monday too!

7am EST: "Opening Ceremony"

Another InLinkz list will be provided for everyone to share a photo or video of arriving at their destination, how their day is starting, their set-up, the group of people they have getting together or anything else regarding the kick-off of Stamp-a-faire day!  

Morning Make-n-Take- customers will be provided a simple card design to recreate along with complete instructions. Also gives you a chance to break in the exclusive Stamp-a-faire set, Natural Beauties!  A good way to get the creative juices flowing.

CLICK HERE to download printable Morning M&T Supply List

8am EST: "Knots Badge- Ribbon Techniques Challenge"
Team members will contribute various techniques to do with ribbon. Customers will be challenged to re-create one of these techniques or share one of their own favorites.


CLICK HERE to download printable Ribbon Techniques Supply & Die-cutting List

10am EST: "Memory Preservation Badge- Mini Book Challenge"
Team members will contribute various mini book tutorials. Customers will be challenged to re-create one of them or share one of their own favorites.

CLICK HERE to download printable Mini Book Supply & Die-cutting List

1pm EST: "Craft Conservation Badge- Limited Supply Challenge"
Customers will be challenged to create a project using limited supplies, which are listed below.  These items are included in the Stamp-a-faire Tote Collection for those that have ordered that.  Otherwise, you can easily assemble the supplies yourself using the list we have provided.  

CLICK HERE to download printable Limited Supply Challenge List

2pm EST: "Friendship Badge- Beaded Friendship Bracelets"

Customers will use a new die & paper pad that will be available for sale later this fall, but has been made available in Stamp-a-faire bags. The die will cut long thin triangles from the special paper pad to create paper rolled beads. Customers that are meeting up in groups are encouraged to initial the beads they make and trade them with one another to create a "friendship" bracelet.

CLICK HERE to download Beaded Bracelets Supply List

4pm EST: "Rainbow Badge- Tie-Dye Techniques"
Nichole will present a video tutorial for a few different "tie-dye" type techniques for paper.  These fun, out of the box techniques will add a unique twist to your paper crafting projects!

CLICK HERE to download Tie-Dye Supply List

6pm EST: "Correspondence Badge- Camp Card Set Challenge"
Create a set of cards for yourself and collect addresses from fellow camp mates or forum members and become pen pals.

CLICK HERE to download Camp Card Set Supply List

8pm EST: "DIY Badge- Homemade Embellishments"
Design team members will share tutorials for different kinds of homemade embellishments. Customers are challenged to try one of the team's creations or come up with their own.

CLICK HERE to download Embellishments Supply List

9pm EST: "Stamper's First Aid" 
Earlier in the week, on July 16th, we will have had customers post projects within an InLinkz list that they have created in the past that they felt needed just a *little* something; a project that needs a diagnosis for one reason or another. Each DT member will select a project to give "first-aid" to and re-make the project, making changes that they feel benefit the project while staying true to your original concept.  All of the team members "made-over" projects will be highlighted at this time and each of the customer's who had a card selected will win a gift certificate.

10pm EST: "Closing Ceremony"
A "Closing Ceremony" Team video will be put together along the same lines as the Friday Night Campfire Meet & Greet.  Just a chance for you to see everyone on the team in person again and the opportunity for us to say good-bye!

Another InLinkz list will be posted, allowing people to share projects they might of made that did not fit into a challenge or "departure" pics, with groups or individuals holding all of the projects they made that day, etc…

That is all of the information we have assembled for now.  As I mentioned earlier, the few challenges that I did not post supply & die-cutting lists for will be coming soon.  I hope that with the announcement of all these details, your excitement for Stamp-a-Faire 2012 is at an all time high!  We are really looking forward to seeing you all participate in this great event!

Before I end this post, I just want to remind you that the Stamp-a-faire Tote Collection in available for sale now with immediate shipping, while supplies last.  So, if you missed out on the pre-order and still want the opportunity to get all kinds of exclusive Stamp-a-faire gear, this will be your last chance!  As a reminder, here is what the Stamp-a-faire Tote Collection includes…


This is a basic set of the Stamp-a-faire exclusive items and does not include anything that we currently have available for sale in our store.  This collection includes the following items:


  • Exclusive Stamp-a-faire Recycled Cotton Canvas Tote with a zipper closure.  Measures 14" high x 17" wide and 5-1/2" deep.  The interior features a zippered pocket, mesh water bottle holder and key fob.
  • Quality 0.6L Stainless Steel Water Bottle featuring the SAF 2012 Logo.
  • Official Stamp-a-faire Lanyard & Name Badge holder


  • Special Stamp-a-faire issued Recycled Pen & Pencil set with sharpener & case (perfect for taking notes, sketching ideas, etc…)  Contains two wooden pencils, two pens made from recycled materials, a wooden sharpener and a special recycled cardboard container to store them.


  • Set of SEVEN 2" Stamp-a-faire 2012 exclusive embroidered badges


  • Exclusive Stamp-a-faire stamp set, Natural Beauties ($15 value).  Please note: this stamp set will be available for free on Stamp-a-faire day (July 21st, 2012) to all customers who make a qualifying purchase of $100 or more between 7am EST and 11:30pm EST, limit one per customer.  Also note that project samples created with Natural Beauties will be shared throughout Stamp-a-faire day and you can also see several HERE in this post.                           Beacelet & paper pad                                            BB-Pink-&-Orange-front-cover
  • Yet-to-be released Beautiful Beads die & paper pad ($16 value).  Please note: these items will be released for sale to the general public in September.  Each bag will include ONE Beautiful Beads paper pad, color of our choice, either the Blue & Green Mix or the Pink & Orange Mix.
  • Make & Take Kit ($3 value).  The make & take kit contains a few basic supplies needed for very specific challenges that will be given during the event.  The kit includes: 4 sheets Stamper's Select White cardstock, 2 sheets Hawaiian Shores cardstock, 2 sheets Aqua Mist cardstock, 2 sheets Simply Chartreuse cardstock, 2 sheets Raspberry Fizz cardstock, 2 sheets Vellum cardstock, 12" Hawaiian Shores Bitty dot Ribbon and 3 Simply Chartreuse Buttons.

All of the items listed above equal about a $100 value, but we are offering them to you at a discounted rate of $80.  The Stamp-a-faire Tote Collection is available for purchase now HERE for a limited time while supplies last.  Once they are gone, they are gone and we will not be restocking this collection.

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