April 2012 Release Product Preview

By April 15, 2012General

Here are all of the new products for the April 2012 Release…




Berry Basket Die: $21

Framed Up #3 Die: $3

Heart-2-Heart #3 Die: $3

Limitless Layers 3.5" Oval Die Collection: $30

Notched Flowers Die Collection: $9

Perfect Patches Die Collection: $5

Script Alphabet Die Collection: $16

Upper Script Alphabet Die Collection: $18

Seed Packet Frame 2 Die: $6

Strawberry Patch Die Collection: $8

Trendy Tree Tops Die Collection: $8

Tweet Talk Die Collection: $5


Melon Berry Pattern Pack (36 sheets, 6 sheets each of 6 patterns): $12

also available….

  • Melon Berry Polka Dot Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Melon Berry Bitty Dot Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Melon Berry Damask Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Melon Berry Leaves Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Melon Berry Gingham Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Melon Berry Stripes Singles (18 sheets): $6


Smokey Shadow Pattern Pack (36 sheets, 6 sheets each of 6 patterns): $12

also available….

  • Smokey Shadow Polka Dot Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Smokey Shadow Bitty Dot Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Smokey Shadow Damask Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Smokey Shadow Leaves Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Smokey Shadow Gingham Singles (18 sheets): $6
  • Smokey Shadow Stripes Singles (18 sheets): $6

New ink
New ink colors, available in full-size pad ($5), cube ($2) and refill ($4).

  • Lavender Moon
  • Hibiscus Burst
  • Ripe Avocado
  • Ocean Tides
  • Lemon Tart

Winter Wisteria

NEW COLOR! Winter Wisteria 

Winter Wisteria cardstock

  • 12 sheets- $3
  • 24 sheets- $5
  • 50 sheets- $9

Winter Wisteria ink

  • full size pad- $5
  • cube- $2
  • refill- $4

Winter Wisteria Vintage Buttons- $5

Winter Wisteria Ribbon- $3 each, available in…

  • Grosgrain
  • Satin
  • Bitty Dot
  • Swiss Dot
  • Twill
  • Stitched
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  • 1
    Rebecca W says:

    Awesome collections this month!

  • 2
    Jean says:

    WOW — just WOW — soooooo coooool.

  • 3
    jan m says:

    A mixed green salad with sliced strawberries, sliced green onions, carmelized pecans, and a basalmic vinegarette dressing! Another great release! So loving the designer looks, especially Melissa, Debbie and Betsy, but haven’t had a chance to see them all yet!

  • 4
    Allison L says:

    Mmmm strawberries! A favorite thing to make? I think there are just too many, I love spinach salad with strawberries, ice cream cake with a strawberry centre, strawberry pie, choco dipped, jam…wow, the list could go on but I believe the best is just a bowl of fresh delicious strawberries! Thanks for the opportunity at such an awesome prize and congrats at another fabulous release!

  • 5

    Such a great release.

  • 6

    My favorite strawberry recipe is Strawberry Rhubarb Almond Pound Cake with Lemon Glaze icing — yum!! Thanks for the chance to play along with this month’s release contest πŸ™‚

  • 7
    Helen F. says:

    GREAT release, PTI! Love the Strawberry Patch and Tweet Talk images! Such fun, summertime stamp images and dies πŸ™‚

  • 8

    Love the release this month!! I would have say that chocolate covered strawberries would be my favorite strawberry dish πŸ™‚

  • 9
    Lea Ann Tonissen says:

    Favorite Strawberry Recipe… Fresh picked out of my garden strawberrys with a glass of strawberry lemonade….nothing better on a beautiful summer day!!!!! I am a newbie to PTI, and I LOVE your goodies!! Can’t wait to order some.
    Lea Ann

  • 10
    Linda P. says:

    Congrats on another great release. My favorite strawberry dish is homemade strawberry pie. I also love to eat them sun kissed and warm in the strawberry field. MMmmmmmm.

  • 11
    JoAnn B says:

    My favorite is a frozen desert with graham cracker crust. Strawberries, sugar, whipped cream a little bit of lemon juice of course egg whites, all whipped and
    frozen in a spring form pan. Almost ice cream like.

  • 12

    I love strawberry cake with whipped cream. Very simple, with a plain biscuit but to die for! I just planted our own strawberries in the garden and hope enough will survive to make a cake before my little girl will eat them all!

  • 13

    My Grandma’s Strawberry Shortcake! (she was a baker & made the best desserts) She would have loved all the new stamp sets just as much as I do!

  • 14
    danijela says:

    My favorite things are chocolate covered strawberries. I can not make them but my dearest Aunt Dolores made the best ones ever! So much sweetness from both her love and CCstrawberries. I will LOVE using this set!

  • 15

    My face’s favorite recipe is to take a strawberry, cut it in half, rub all over, let dry and rinse with warm water- a strawberry facial.

  • 16
    Linda S says:

    My first thought was jam but recently I have been making a lemon mousse with sliced strawberries and granola that I think is fresh and delicious!

  • 17
    Karen F. says:

    I love fresh picked strawberries. I love making strawberry freezer jam and fresh strawberry pie. yum!

  • 18
    Dee says:

    My all-time favorite way to eat strawberries is to slice them and lightly sprinkle them with sugar and add them to a slice of angel food cake and “real” whipped cream. Yumm!!!

  • 19

    My favorite thing to do with stawberries is to EAT them!!! Especially in early summer when they are first in season. They taste so good after the long winter months. I also think they make a great focal for cards. Their color is so bright and pretty. Lovely new collection, thanks for the release. I see many possibilities!!

  • 20
    ondreacarinna@gmail.com says:

    The new releases, as always, are wonderful! My favorite thing to make with strawberries is strawberry shortcake. My mom always used the recipe on the Bisquick box, so that’s the only thing that is shortcake to me, LOL! I just can’t do the store bought spongy things, LOL!

  • 21
    Kim P says:

    What my favorite strawberry recipe is? Probably putting them in my spinach salad. I also love it when my husband takes the kids out strawberry picking every year, bringing home lots to eat and freeze. My second favorite is putting them in our smoothies. Really like the new stamps, dies and colors. thank you.

  • 22
    Beverly BL says:

    My favorite is Strawberry Pie. Yum. Though I love spinach salad with strawberries and feta.

    Great job this month.

  • 23
    nancy nelson says:

    This Strawberry dessert is a different combination of strawberries and pretzels but it is delish..you have to try it!

    Strawberry Pretzel Salad

    2 Cups Crushed Pretzels
    Β½ cup sugar
    ΒΎ cup melted Butter

    1 (8 oz.) pkg. Cream cheese (softened)
    1 scant cup sugar
    1 (8 oz.) container Cool whip

    1 (6 oz.) box Strawberry Jello
    2 Cups Boiling Water
    1 (14 oz.) Frozen Sliced Strawberries

    1. Crush Pretzel (not to fine)
    2. Mix pretzels, sugar and butter together
    3. Press mixture very lightly into a greased 9 x 13 x 2 inch pan
    4. Bake 10 minutes in a 350Β° oven. Cool.

    5. Combine the softened cream cheese and the sugar β€”then the Cool Whip
    6. Spread on top of the cooled pretzel crust

    7. Dissolve jello in boiling water .
    8. Add frozen strawberries.
    9 When 75% percent congealed, put on top of cream cheese and Cool Whip layer.
    10. Refrigerate for several hours or overnight.

  • 24
    Marcie Rhys says:

    Thank goodness tomorrow is a holiday (at least in Massachusetts). I will be able to stay up late enough so I’m not the last person in the order queue.

  • 25
    Debbie B says:

    I love all of your stamps and dies. They are of excellent quality and the packaging is the best. I can’t decide which ones are my favorites, I want them all!!

  • 26
    jan says:

    I love strawberry shortcake. And the recipe is the Bisquick one. Old fashioned and more substantial than angelfood or spongecake. YUM! I love the new ‘tree’ dies and the ovals.

  • 27
    Conil says:

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Soooooo happy.

  • 28
    leigh ann s says:

    I just love the new trees and birds collections – can’t wait to use them!

  • 29
    Judy says:

    My favorite thing to make with strawberries is to go back in time and have my mom’s sweetened berries poured on top of her homemade biscuits (soaked in butter of course). She use to freeze plenty of berries to get us through almost til the next season. I haven’t had that in a long time. Now, I like a spinach salad with strawberries.

  • 30
    KarenAnn says:

    Love the strawberry stamp and the alpha script dies! So versatile!

  • 31
    Val S says:

    Lots to choose from! I love the new color of paper, ribbon, ink and buttons! Can’t wait to get it. Perfect timing – Think Spring!

  • 32
    Moi says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. Makes one almost look forward to the heat of summer and being outdoors with strawberries and barbecue. And to think you can have it in your stamping treasure trove all year long. Would love to have everything I’ve seen. Thanks for bringing us such beauty.

  • 33
    Roxana Hill says:

    Without a doubt, strawberry shortcake is my all-time favorite. I quarter the berries, then mash just a tad (once or twice) with the potato masher to get the juices flowing. A slice of angel food cake, a small scoop of strawberries, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a bigger scoop of strawberries. Can’t wait to eat and use this set! …and not necessarily in that order!

  • 34
    Sharon Jones says:

    OOOhhhh my! Sounds absolutely the yummiest!

  • 35
    Kelli says:

    I love making Angel Food cake and then adding a little strawberries and cream on top. It is just a great, lite summer dessert.

  • 36
    dana says:

    Those trees! I need those trees πŸ™‚ The berries aren’t too shabby either. And the Winter Wisteria is the first “purple” color I’ve really been drawn to πŸ™‚

  • 37
    suependous from Wisconsin says:

    Great release!
    I have 2 strawberry favorites:. One: just freezer jam made with SureJell, and Two: strawberry/angelfood cake dessert with jello and Cool Whip. Both are favorites of our adult kids and grandkids!

  • 38
    Connie says:

    Strawberry shortcake is our favorite but Dad insisted it be with yellow cake. After all it is strawberry short cake and not strawberry and biscuits.

  • 39
    Janice Britton says:

    Great release, PTI! My favorite strawberry recipes? My own strawberry sherbet recipe, and fresh berries with sour cream and brown sugar for dipping. Yum!

  • 40
    Suzie P. says:

    My favorite strawberry dish would be chocolate dipped strawberries. Yummmmmmmmmmmmy!! I also love angel food cake topped with fresh strawberries. That is my birthday cake favorite!! Cute strawberry stamp set!

  • 41
    Gena S says:

    My favorite strawberry dessert is fresh-froze berries with angel food cake, whipped cream and vanilla bean ice cream! YUM!!! Love this months release, it is hard to decide what to order, might just order it all….

  • 42
    yvonne says:

    Love them all! Favorite is flower pack and die.

  • 43
    Theresa says:

    My favorite strawberry recipe is chocolate covered strawberries! Thanks for a fun release!

  • 44
    jan b says:

    a lot of creativity and, let’s face it, a lot of work. Outstanding.

  • 45
    Susan Santello says:

    Cut strawberries with sugar! Yum

  • 46
    Laura says:

    All is wonderful as usual – love the strawberry ensemble! Favorite strawberry recipe – making jam every spring.

  • 47
    Mary K says:

    My family loves strawberry shortcake… just the recipe on the Bisquick box. Of course, it’s the strawberries grown in the fields near my house in north San Diego county that make it so good!

  • 48

    Definitely my favorite strawberry recipe is fresh strawberry cake. We all love it, especially the icing. I love all the stamps and dies this month. Great release.

  • 49
    Elizabeth K says:

    My favorite is homemade strawberry jam. Once I started
    making this jam my family won’t let me go back to
    store bought. Love the whole strawberry collection!

  • 50
    Michelle M. says:

    I love making strawberry shortcake with strawberries! It always reminds me of my late-grandpa who was always so precise about how he would cut the strawberries and sprinkle them with sugar!

  • 51
    Lisa says:

    I like to make a simple fresh strawberry pie with strawberries. I cut up or leave whole some strawberries and add some sugar-free strawberry gel and mix together. Scoop into a pre-made graham cracker crust and top with some whipped topping!! YUMMY!!

  • 52
    Evie C. says:

    Such a sweet collection of ideas and new products. Really like them all. My fave thing to do with strawberries is to eat them fresh in a simple fruit bowl. Sliced, with a bit of whipped cream and brown sugar sprinkles

  • 53
    Pendra says:

    This has been my most favorite New Release month to date! The DT have outdone themselves and I am just spinning with all the creative and inspirational projects and idea’s! Love the new stamps and dies… I just love PTI!
    Crafty Hugs!

  • 54
    gardener says:

    Another great release. Your products are the best in the industry. Favorite strawberry recipe – goodness, hard to narrow it down. It is likely to be a tie among strawberry rhubarb pie, fresh strawberry pie and strawberry shortcake (my homemade shortcakes and, of course, freshly made whipped cream- non of this whipped topping stuff)

  • 55
    Chrissie says:

    Great release… so glad you made some alphabet dies ! My favorite recipe is simple: prepare the strawberries 1 hour before eating by adding a bit of sugar and a dash of lemon to the washed and halved strawberries. By the time you come to eat them they will have produced a ruby light syrup – yum.

  • 56
    Connie M says:

    My favorite strawberry recipe is for easy freezer jam (but Bisquick strawberry shortcake is a close second!)

  • 57
    Mary says:

    Fun! I’m looking forward to playing with some new stamps and dies this month!

  • 58

    These are super-super!!! Love the release this month!!!
    Hugs, Wendy

  • 59
    Louise says:

    I L-O-V-E strawberries just by themselves, but when I want to go fancy and impressive (i.e., for book group, etc.), I make Strawberry and Lemon Curd Trifle. You can Google the recipe. Takes time to make the ingredients, but it is delicious. I put it in those clear plastic cups that you serve punch in at receptions as individual servings; or you can use a regular trifle dish. My friend used the recipe for a family reunion and it was a hit. .. You’ve given us a lot of great summer ideas with this release–thanks!

  • 60
    Carol Mc says:

    Beautiful collection this month. Wish I could buy it all. My favorite thing to mix strawberries with is so simple. I love tossing them into my cereal in the morning.

  • 61
    Susan says:

    I have to say that my favorite is still an old favorite…strawberry shortcake. It brings back all of the memories of past summers. There is nothing like it! I love Papertrey Ink!!!

  • 62
    Beata K in Chicago says:

    I am absolutely diggin’ every single new item this month. Great job on this month’s new releases!!!

  • 63
    Mindy says:

    Love the backgrounds… looking forward to checking the entire collection!

  • 64
    Amy Kolling says:

    Can you believe that I do NOT like strawberries? The closest thing to using them is to top my yearly Jello Poke Cake for the 4th of July dinner we have! Even then, I pick them off! GREAT release PTI!!!

  • 65
    Melinda F. says:

    Another great release! Just love your stamps and dies.

  • 66
    Lura says:

    It’s going to be sooo hard to choose this month. I want them all! I also want you to know that I love your new packaging. Sometimes I couldn ‘t get all the stamps to fit in the CD case, so this works so much better for me. Thank you for all your great products. Love them!!

  • 67
    Jayell says:

    I love chocolate fondue with strawberries – warm, melted chocolate and that strawberry aroma, love it!!

  • 68
    Gaby says:

    LOVE it!!! all!

  • 69
    sheri says:

    Mmmmm. Love summer, strawberries and PTI. My favorite strawberry recipe is homemade strawberry ice cream.

  • 70
    Kolleen moss says:

    Such pretty things. Thanks for bringing us so many great tools to use.

  • 71
    Nicole says:

    My favorite “strawberry things” are to make a warm Strawberry Spinach salad with vinagrette dressing…and add pureed strawberries to homemade lemonade to make fresh strawberry lemonade!

  • 72
    SusieQ says:

    Wow!! Amazing new products. Can’t wait to order!!

  • 73
    Angie V says:

    My favorite thing to do with strawberries is to eat them fresh from the field!!They are so FRESH and juicy!! Loving the new releases too-my favorite is the new strawberry box die!

  • 74
    Nelia Wenokor says:

    Another gorgeous release! Yeah, I would like them all, but will have to pick and choose….
    My favorite strawberry recipe is a German Erdbeerkuchen with whipped cream – similar to a strawberry short cake.

  • 75
    Joy Hadden says:

    So many choices, so little time! Love all of it this month!

  • 76
    Diane Nikonowicz says:

    I really love all the new inks and the new Winter Wisteria is a must have. I’m in a lot of trouble this month because everything is great.

  • 77
    Luanne Ford says:

    Congratulations on another beautiful release!

  • 78
    Tanis S says:

    Ever tried dipping strawberries in sour cream or plain greek yogurt, then rolling them in brown sugar? So simple, yet divine!

  • 79
    Dionne says:

    I love to put strawberries in a salad.

  • 80
    Carolyn K. says:

    I love to make strawberry angel food cake with whipped cream!

  • 81
    angelina orta says:

    Strawberry with cream and sugar are always a great combination my kids are in love with them. Very refreshing!

  • 82
    Bev Karolak says:

    My fav is strawberries with whipped cream & ice-cream!

  • 83
    Nancy A. says:

    Always love all your stamps. Wish I could have them all but I don’t have a genie in a bottle. I just purchased you brown set of paper and I really like them also. God Bless.

  • 84
    Nancy A. says:

    Forgot my favorite thing to do strawberries is a fresh pie using Jello. Has a great cookie crust. Easy

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