Introducing NEW! Premium Dye Ink


After months and months of testing, we at Papertrey Ink are proud to introduce our new line of Premium Dye Inks!  Here is a short video introduction that explains a bit more about their attributes.

A full line of products will be available, including full-size pads, 1-inch cubes and 1/2 oz. refills.

Entire line up
1/2 oz. refills will retail for $4.

1-inch cubes for $2.

Duo one open
And full-size pads for $5.

This new pad shape fits naturally and comfortably in your hand.  The raised canvas surface makes it easy to use and works beautifully with direct to paper techniques.

The full-size pads are easy to store and they are even stackable.

Selective inking
The narrow end makes selective inking a breeze.

While the wide end gives you the ability to ink up larger images in no time flat.  The coverage with this premium dye ink is rich and will give your clear stamps amazingly thorough coverage.

Since these inks are water-based, they can be used for watercoloring.  Imagine having the Papertrey color spectrum at your fingertips for this beautiful coloring technique.


The new ink pads are slightly smaller than our original old pads, but the new shape and design is so much more user-friendly.

October 15th marks the official debut of four of our most popular colors, Pure Poppy, Aqua Mist, Spring Moss and True Black.  The remainder of the colors will be coming soon!

Summary of Premium Dye Ink Features:

  • Comfort hold shape
  • Raised canvas surface
  • Great for direct to paper techniques
  • Wide end for large surface applications
  • Narrow end for selective inking
  • Easy to store & stackable
  • Super quick drying time
  • Can be used for watercoloring
  • Cleans easily with water
  • Minimal staining of stamps
  • Available in Papertrey's exclusive colors
  • Acid free for scrapbooking
  • Made in the U.S.A.


-Since this new dye ink is water soluble it is not waterproof or Copic friendly.  This is true for all the colors, including True Black.  We will continue carrying the Noir Palette ink pad for these purposes.

-You cannot purchase the new Premium Dye Ink Refills and apply them to your older original ink pads.  The ink that is currently in those pads will not mix with the new Premium Dye Ink and will not provide optimum results since it is a completely different formula.

-Dye inks traditionally do not stay wet enough to allow you to heat emboss with them.  This new Premium Dye Ink works the same way and dries practically instantly.

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