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I am absolutely smitten with all of this month's new releases and I can tell by the excitement that some of you have shared with me that you are too!  A big thank you to each and every one of you who have joined us tonight during release festivities as well as the last five days of countdown fun!  

To finish up this exciting celebration, we're giving away a fabulous prize package tonight!  Practically the entire June release!  All you need to do to have your chance to win is post an answer to the following question in the comments section below.


Congrats to Laura for being the BIG winner tonight!  And thank you again to everyone else who stopped by tonight to celebrate along with us!

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  • 1
    Manda says:

    I’m not sure if this was the first but I can remember making a calendar using pretty paper and lots of different coloured textas. I must have lost intereste though, because while I never finished it, and I do still have it!

  • 2
    Jenn says:

    I think it was probably homemade Christmas cards. I hope I have it in a box somewhere, but I am not sure where.

  • 3
    erin thiem says:

    That’s an excellent question, I’ve played with paper for as long as I’ve known, but really launched into my card making after my children were born… do I have my eldest’s handmade birth announcement? Maybe… Now I’m going to have to go digging through boxes to see… Thanks for a chance to win.

  • 4
    Mary M. says:

    I made my first scrapbooking project when I was in high school. I scrapbooked my school trip to France. There was only maybe one aisle of scrapbook stuff in the store back then. I’ve been hooked on papercrafting since!

  • 5

    I have always been a paper lover and I cannot remember the first project I made since I’m sure I was very, very young. When I started stamping about 20 years ago, one of the first “projects” I made was a card that shot out a handful of confetti. I don’t have it any more, but it was a cute idea.

  • 6
    Anna Was says:

    My first paper projects were my twins scrapbooks. It was such a great outlet when the kids were babies. I still have those pages, even though my style has changed so much, I can’t get change or get rid of those first pages because I was who I was at that time!

  • 7
    Sallie says:

    most likely one of those paper chain when I was in 1st grade! Not too exciting…..and no, I don’t have it. It’s been in a landfill for 1/2 a century+! : )

  • 8
    Karen says:

    This is a tough question. I don’t think I can really remember a time early enough that I wasn’t crafting with paper. My mother was a school teacher, so we grew up crafting. I kept scrapbooks LONG before it was fashionable, and I do still have those books, so I will count that as my answer. Thanks to all the PTI folks for the great release and I appreciate the chance to win!! Karen

  • 9
    linda monroe says:

    My first crafting project was a creative memories scrapbook. I have no idea where it is, but it is probably in the basement somewhere with the other momento items from Sarah’s baby days. It had a lot of stickers and bright colors – very 90’s!

  • 10
    Cassi says:

    my very first paper craft project was a memory board for my dh’s father’s funeral. we were engaged at the time it happened. i made several of them, and they turned out wonderfully. my mother-in-law saved all of them.

  • 11
    saral says:

    The first I remember is making a scrapbook of our wedding and honeymoon pictures almost 15 years ago. Yes, I still have it. Not the way I scrapbook today, but still reminds me of the precious memories from that time.

  • 12
    Geri Greening says:

    My first experience crafting with paper was about five years ago! A friend of mine showed me her paper crafting magazine and “the rest is history”! My first project was a card and I do in fact still have it as it was for my husband and he actually saved it. Hmmmm, I bet he wished he hadn’t LOL!!! Thanks for an amazing few days of inspiration!

  • 13
    Ohhh Snap says:

    My first experience crafting with paper was back in the early 60s when I tried to make something out of construction paper (a card??) demonstrated on Captain Kangaroo. Old Skool paper crafting.

    I remember being terribly sad that my construction paper did not at all resemble the sound of construction paper being cut on the show lol. The project looked ok though πŸ˜€

  • 14
    Kara says:

    I’ve always loved paper and wrapping gifts etc., but the project that really got me started in this hobby in a serious way was a card I made for my husband. We were engaged at the time and I wanted to make a special card to send to him for his birthday. We do still have it in a special little box where we keep little notes and specoial cards that we give to each other!

  • 15
    Anne B says:

    Not sure if this was the first, but I used to make cards with pressed flowers and sell them to raise money for a charity. I think I was about 6!

  • 16
    Connie Kidd says:

    I remember making paper ‘chains’ for the Christmas tree out of construction paper and paste…does that count?

  • 17
    Maureen L says:

    I bought a little school bus stamp, stamped it on white paper (pre cut and scored) colored it with colored pencils and put it in my oldest daughter’s lunch bag for her first day or kindergarten … she probably saved it … she does that. She also just graduated from high school. My that was a long time ago:)

  • 18
    Lori Weinberg says:

    My first project was making baby announcements for my first baby!

  • 19
    Marlo says:

    I think that i will say that my first experience crafting with paper would be when I started scrapbooking. I made a scrapbook of our trip to Chicago…. but that was ALL I was going to do! I was not ‘scrapbooking’!!!! And then I had the stuff, so I thought I would do another page of different pictures. lol. That was 4 years ago, and I still have it, along with many other albums and creations and supplies that I have accumulated over the years! lol

  • 20
    Dawn says:

    It was this front door decoration I CASE’d from Better Homes and Gardens – I printed out a big “Welcome” in some nice font at the bottom of some preety orange fall like paper then went outside (this was in the fall) and picked some leaves and glued them to the paper, put it in a black frame and I hang it on my front door with some preety ribbon every fall – I made it over 6 years ago.

  • 21
    Tanya says:

    I made a scrapbook for my sister and brother in law for their wedding. It had all the pics from when they first met up to the day of their wedding. I am sure they still have it πŸ™‚

  • 22
    Candy says:

    Creating origami ornaments for the Christmas tree. While I’m not sure I have the first ones I ever made, I do have some that I made when I was a child!

  • 23
    Catherine J. says:

    My first crafting experience was trying to make a scrapbook page using pictures from my wedding. Let’s just say that I did not do too well with that and look at my work then and now and boy have I come a long way. I no longer have the project, but I have to say that thinking about that project has made me really work hard on perfecting a craft that I love so much!

  • 24

    I was a really lucky child because my mom was (and still is!) incredibly crafty! I can’t remember what my first project was, but I can assure you that it was adorable (she loves whimsy crafts). I mean what other kid do you know whose room was decorated in lambs? πŸ˜‰

  • 25
    Debbie says:

    I was visiting my sister in another state many years ago. She had a party in her home to demonstrate and purchase rubber stamps. I made a checkered background and added a lighthouse to be layered above it. I still have the card and am still loving the cardmaking craft.

  • 26

    I do have a fond memory of a huge paper mache giraffe..I think my mom still has it..LOL

  • 27
    Tamara says:

    My first ever project was a scrapbook I made in college. I was actually just looking at it the other day and can’t believe how cheesy it was! I have taken a long break from papercrafting and am just now starting to get into card making.

  • 28
    tabby says:

    The first things I can remember doing is as a little girl, maybe 6. I would stamp images and color them and then try to sell them. I don’t have any projects, but I do have some of the stamps I used. I’ll have to dig them out! Thanks for the chance at winning and bringing back a great memory!!

  • 29
    Jamie Nania says:

    My first experience was really with scrapbooking about 10 years ago. My sister was doing a monthly crop and I was babysitting her son but decided to get in on the fun! I’ve been hooked ever since. My first scrapbook pages were of my nephew who is now 16.

  • 30
    Gina Kozuch says:

    My first paper crafting experience was a scrapbook page, and I still have the page in a scrapbook

  • 31
    Kristie H says:

    My first paper crafting project was a scrapbook from junior high (6th grade). As a kid, I always kept everything and it was a good way to keep the things that meant the most to me. It didn’t have a lot of accents, mostly small mementos and writing. It’s so fun to look at it now and see how different your perspective is at a child. It’s a great reminder when I look at my own children and encourage them to keep their mementos.

  • 32
    Bernadette L. says:

    As a child, I used to make my own paper dolls and clothes for them. And no, I didn’t keep any of them? That should count as paper crafting right?

  • 33
    sandygail says:

    I bought my supplies at JoAnn’s Fabrics and the paper was thin and I bought some little image punches of palm trees. It was really not pretty…but I thought it was at the time. I don’t think I sent it to anyone. It might be hidden away in some box around here. So glad I found PTI and a lot of bloggers who showed how to make pretty cards and where to buy quality supplies.

  • 34

    My first crafting experience with paper that I can remember is being very little, maybe 5-7 and gluing elbow macoroni onto something that I colored. I’m sure it was your standard art project in school, but it sticks out for some reason.

    In fact my mom did save it and gave it to me several years ago!

  • 35
    Carol R says:

    I believe my first experience crafting with paper was as a Brownie in the Girl Scouts. But I remember making ‘cards’ to send to the grandparents around Christmas time when younger too. My mother was very artistic and had us kids ‘make’ things for our grandparents that lived far away. Do I have this stuff now? Not at all. But I have made certain to keep my children’s art work made for Mother’s Day and other holidays.

  • 36
    Laurie Hunt says:

    I would have to say it was making pom pom flowers with tissues. I remember doing that when I was really young. There was always a senior car parade at the end of the school year. So everyone used those pom pom flowers to decorate. I remember decorating my older sisters car when I was just a little one. Now I am just an old one!

  • 37
    Meredith K. says:

    WOW! The first papercrafting project I recall making was a paper Torah in Hebrew pre-school. We had to draw different scenes from the Bible, tape them together and then roll them up and tied it together with ribbon. Yep, still have it in the closet, felt funny throwing something religious away… even though it is far from my finest work, LOL!

  • 38
    Marjorie Henseler says:

    My first paper crafting was a two-page scrapbook layout – of a family Thanksgiving – and I do still have it.

  • 39
    Jamie Greene says:

    Twelve years ago my friend introduced me to scrapbooking and I fell instantly in love. I still have all of the scrapbooks that I made back then and I love looking at them, my kids also love looking at them all the time.

  • 40
    Denise says:

    My first paper crafting project was a scrapbooking page with a Creative Memories consultant (16 years ago). I trashed the layout many years later. However, that was the start of my crafting days…. soon after, I discovered stamps and wow that has been FUN!

  • 41

    My first time crafting with paper, must be a long time ago. I’ve always had a fetish for paper ever since I was a baby. I’ve created several projects at school involving paper too, which I still have.

  • 42
    JoAnna says:

    My first paper crafting project was some cards and little scrapbooks.

  • 43
    Debbie says:

    My first paper craftying project was a 12×12 layout of my grandson’s first trip to Disney World. I only had a few sheets of cardstock at that point, stickers, and that’s about it. I do still have it, displayed in the front of the first scrapbook that I completed. That’s where it all started for me.

  • 44
    Donna C says:

    In third grade I spent days or even weeks making a box for our class Valentines. I used lots of red, pink, and white, doilies, and scissors, glue, glitter, and bits of pretty things. One of the reasons I became a teacher was so I could be the boss of glue and glitter πŸ™‚ I don’t still have the box, but I do have a pretty clear memory of it.

  • 45
    Jennifer L. says:

    The first project that I really remember was our wedding invitations, and I still have a couple. I’ve been stamping ever since. I actually did a little stamping a few years before that, but I never got that involved.

  • 46
    Kerri M. says:

    My first project with paper was a scrapbook I made while my husband and I were dating. I laugh everytime I look at it now, but I just love that I was able to capture the memories we shared together back then. Thirteen years later and I love him even more today than I did then:)

  • 47

    I was always a crafter as a kid, but my first papercrafting project as an adult was a scrapbook page that I made for my daughter’s album. I started on it before she was born, and it is still at the front of her album!

  • 48
    Sarah says:

    The first paper project I ever did was a scrapbook for my parent’s 45th wedding anniversary. My dad had just been diagnosed with cancer and we were pretty sure he was not going to make it to their 50th. I wanted to give my mom a special book that she would always have. This was ten years ago and although my scrapping has changed and the style is very dated it still holds a special place in my heart.

  • 49
    Chris S says:

    I can’t remember my first papercraft project, but I do have vivid memories of several different projects from way back in elementary school. Woven paper baskets for May Day stick out in my mind, because after learning how to make various types of baskets in school or in girl scouts, my family made them every May Day and hung them on neighbors’ doors filled with flowers and candy. It’s so wonderful to have found a “grown up” outlet for those same types of fun crafts!

  • 50
    Keva Brown says:

    Unlike most people who craft/stamp/scrapbook, I didn’t grow up with it. I never touched crafty stuff until 2003. I was invited to a Stampin Up party and went against my will..lol. Before the night was over, I was hooked. The card I made was TERRIBLE, but I loved it. It was a plain white card base and we could either stamp stars or circles on it and then add a sentiment…lol. So basic, but sometimes that’s all it takes. I do not still have that project (for good reason), but I atill love stamping and learn more every day.

  • 51
    Becky says:

    When I was a kid, we made these large octagonal ornaments from used Christmas cards. I think I still have one somewhere.

  • 52
    Sandy Kay says:

    I have been papercrafting ever since I was a child. The first thing I ever remember making was when I was in 2nd grade! I made little boxes to keep my desk organized! I made one for my eraser, one for my pencils, etc. I’ve always loved papercrafting and do even more so to this day! Of course, I don’t have those projects I made so many years ago!

  • 53
    Leslie C says:

    I tried scrapbooking about 8 years ago and never finished. I still have it unfinished but took up cardmaking so at least the paper has been used!

  • 54
    veronica says:

    before i got into stamping, my mom bought me a lighthouse stamp to use my watercolors with. little did i know, that i would have over a hundred stamps and playing with them.

  • 55
    Jennifer R says:

    My first experience papercrafting was making a small scrapbook for my daughter’s birthday. I had NO idea what it would turn into and it’s funny to look back on that book and see how far I’ve progressed.

  • 56
    Barb S says:

    Boy, I was so little that I probably can’t remember the first one. But I do remember having some letter stamps when I was little, stamping them on some paper, then cutting them out. I then glued them to a “raft” I made of flat toothpicks that I then taped to a paperclip. My poor Dad proudly wore this “tie bar” to work – what a sport!!

  • 57
    samtha johnson says:

    My 1st paper crafting project was a scrapbook apge made at a creative memories party …hmmm not sure how many years ago . it was so plain , back then everyone used stickers on everything. i do still have it, helps me to remeber how far i’ve come in my crafting.

  • 58
    Babies- Beth says:

    I bought paper long before I knew how to use it, lol, and I still have some of it!! I bet I bought scrapbooking paper for 5 years before I really figured out what to do with it!

  • 59
    Laurie says:

    Cutting snowflakes for decorations and accordion folding paper dolls, still cut snowflakes every year .first ones long gone…

  • 60
    Linda Craig says:

    I can’t really be certain since probably did arts in school. I do remember working with Mod Podge and making a project with paper that is a plaque about 20 years ago. I made them for vacation Bible school and still have one hanging on my bedroom wall.

  • 61
    Miki says:

    I’m sure I was crafting before this, but I remember spending hours & hours with fashion plates. I loved choosing the patterns and just the right colors to draw the dolls on paper. I wish I still had all those creations and I wish I still hady fashion plates! I used to spend hours drawing with spirograph too.

  • 62
    Cathy says:

    My very first project was a birthday card at our local papercraft store. We made 4 different cards and I loved each and every card I made. I was hooked. I still have two of the cards-I simply couldn’t part with them. Since that day, I have literally made over 5,000 cards.

  • 63
    Sue D says:

    I used to make cards and envelopes and write notes to my mom and stick them in the mailbox (I drew the postage stamps on them too) as if they were really mailed but unfortunately do not have any of them.

  • 64
    Ashley says:

    My first paper project was a quick and I mean quick scrapbook I made after a trip to Washington DC in 2002 when I was in 8th grade. I had to make a scrapbook for a presentation, for the group that helped pay my way. I still have it and look at it sometimes and wonder why I made it the way I did, it is very simple basically just pictures and a little writing.

  • 65
    Paula I says:

    As an adult I would say that was a card I made when I was first introduced to stamping. I don’t have the card, but I still have some of the old catalogs from the home parties we hosted and still some of the old wood block stamps. Once I was introduced to this wonderful hobby about 10 years ago, I never let go. I love today’s format with all the wonderful blogs and generosity of others. So much talent and I love finding new blogs each day.

  • 66
    Annette Snyder says:

    It would probably be scrapbooking and I still have that “special” album. My how things have changed.

  • 67
    Kristin says:

    I made a scrapbook in 9th grade of all of my friends and all the things we did that year. Girl sleepovers, 9th grade banquet, TP in the neighbor’s tree, the “big” NYE party that was soooo famous :), and of course my sweet boyfriend at that time. I still have that first SB with all my handwritten journaling, stickers, tags, and papers that I made. At *some* point I will bring it out to show my kids… but not before they are “old” enough to see some of the crazy things their mom did back in the day. And, the hair… let’s not forget the hair of the 80’s

  • 68
    Mindy says:

    I went to a scrapbooking party years ago where we used stickers & cut out our pictures in all kinds of shapes with different edged scissors (ewww….). At the time, I thought it was neat so I have all of those early scrapbooking pages. Guess it was a good thing because it got me scrapbooking for years & years which led into cardmaking.

  • 69
    jcasaldi says:

    My very first project was a scrapbook for my Dad for Christmas 2007. I started with just a kit from WalMart and my addiction grew from there! So glad I found PTI!

  • 70
    Rose A says:

    My first serious papercrafing project was my bridal shower invitations
    They were pretty basic, but opened my eyes to all this beautiful paper, stamps and ink
    I ended up hand making many of the elements for my bridal shower…and never looked back!!

  • 71
    Barbara Hale says:

    There is no way I can remember my first paper crafting project. I’ve loved everything about crafting with paper since I was really young. Back then (way back then) my brother and I would go to the dime store and spend a really long time in the section of the store that had paper, paste, crayons, etc. Now I have gotten him addicted to paper crafting all over again – we are both in our 60’s now and love it as much as ever.

  • 72
    NancyL2648 says:

    Wow…that’s a very good question and one that I had to stop and think about. I believe my very first papercraft project was making the matchbook slider boxes…the one we put wrapped nuggets in. I still love these little boxes. They are great gifts.
    Thanks for the chance to win anything from PTI!

  • 73
    Chunyuan says:

    The earliest memory was that I made a copy of newspaper with alot of drawing and short articles I wrote. I believe my mom still has it somewhere.

  • 74

    Ok…I remember making a book mark for my Dad when I was about 5 and yes, my Mom does still have it.:)

  • 75
    Stampnurse says:

    As a cardmaking stamper my first project was a chipmunk I found in a store and had to buy since I lived on Chipmunk Lane. And that was all it took to get me hooked. That was 1992 or 1993. I do still have that stamp and won’t part with it. It is a PSX and they aren’t around anymore either. Have a great night.

  • 76
    Audrey T. says:

    My first papercrafting project was a scrapbook that I started when I was pregnant with my oldest son in 2002. I went to a Creative Memories party, and spent a fortune and discovered that CM wasn’t really my style so I didn’t really do anything with the products that I bought. In 2004, I started and finished a scrapbook of my husband’s career in the Marine Corps. It was a surprise for him, a labor of love, which took me about 6 months to complete. He still has it and pulls it out quite often to remember his days in the USMC. πŸ™‚

  • 77
    jett says:

    My first experience was creating a 50th anniversary scrapbook for my in-laws. Talk about pressure!!! This was 12years ago and they loved it and still look through it now.

  • 78
    Mel H says:

    I’m sure I made stuff in school, but I really remember taking the Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs and cutting them apart to create rooms and furniture…my family still remembers some of the rooms I created, but sadly, I don’t think any have survived over the years. But, they were fun to make.

  • 79
    LorraineN says:

    Hmmm, think what really drove me into crafting is when I decided to make photo boxes for my nieces/nephew. I quickly moved on to scrapbooking from there, and then when I was stumped on a particular layout, I became obsessed with cardmaking, lol!

  • 80

    My first experience with paper crafting was an attempt at a scrapbook for my wedding about 4 years ago. It was a small project, but never did finish it. I still have it and plan on adding a few things to it, now that I know what I’m doing. Since then, I’ve decided that cards are my thing… a lot quicker and easier!

  • 81
    Crystal says:

    My first project was just this past Christmas as I am brand new to the world of papercrafting!!! πŸ™‚ Yes I have a sample that I can reference back to with instructions! Love your beautiful stamps, dies and goodies!!! Very inspirational!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win! Have a wonderful night ladies!!!

  • 82

    My first experience with paper crafting would be making Valentine’s Day cards when I was in elementary school. I don’t have any of those projects anymore – sadly. Who knew that one day I would’ve loved to look back at how I crafted as a kid?!

  • 83

    Don’t laugh, but my first crafting experience w/ paper was probably as a child when you made those chain garlands for the Christmas tree….lol I don’t have it, but I bet my mom does! πŸ˜‰

  • 84
    Meredith says:

    My wedding invitations…. so I definitely still have some! And if I were to do it now, I would have completely different invitations! I almost wish I could have a do-over just for the better job I would do on those, the thank yous and the paper goods we used at the reception!

  • 85
    Lee Cockrum says:

    I cannot recall! My mom always did projects with us as kids, and she still has the paper Christmas ornaments we made, so that probably counts as the first. In adulthood, I started scrapbooking before card making, and I do still have all my scrapbooks!

  • 86

    One of the first projects I remember making was a picture frame. I used an old tissue box to make the frame base and top. Then I covered it in wrapping paper. I thought I was the bomb. LOL. It sat on my desk for many years (I was in 6th grade when I made it). It went to the trash can when I left for college.

  • 87
    Meagan says:

    My first experience with paper was a store bought scrapbooking kit. I put the kit together with pictures of my niece and nephew for my in-laws and haven’t stopped since!! However, I must say I have graduated a little from the store bought kits : )

  • 88
    Cibele says:

    Myl first experience with paper crafting was at a home demonstration and I made a card which I still have. Ever since then, there was no stopping me…I am a card making maniac. LOL

  • 89

    In the 5th grade we had to do a project where we tought the class how to do something and we had to write detailed instructions on our project. I chose to teach the class how to make a pop up card so I guess not only was this my first paper project but it was also my first tutorial and my mom kept it so I do still have that card.

    Love this release!!!

  • 90
    Deb C says:

    Goodness, I have no idea what what my first paper crafting project was and I’m certain I don’t still have it. But it was likely a paper chain that I made in elementary school. I remember making LOTS of those, LOL~

  • 91
    Cari Lundell says:

    My family isn’t craft at. all. So my first experience crafting with paper was at school. We made pinatas out of newspaper, balloons, and covered them with little bits of tissue paper. So fun! I have always loved the versatility of paper! Of course, I no longer have this pinata, because we destroyed it soon after we made it…which is exactly what it’s for!

  • 92
    Katie Fediuk says:

    My aunty got me hooked on paper crafting. I am actually sitting in her craft room as I type and my good friend and I are busy making a scrapbook for our friend who is getting married this weekend (better late than never). My mom has kept all my paper projects which are mostly cards. I would love to win this package so that I can share all these great goodies with my aunty.

  • 93
    TraceyJean says:

    Aside from the cards you make for mom and dad when in school, the first paper project I remember was from my early teens. Of course, I was too young for a job so I had no money, but I wanted to give my mom something special for Christmas. So I made her a coupon book. I filled it with great offers like “good for one dishwashing with no complaining” and “good for one clean room”. She absolutely loved it. I’m pretty sure she still has that book today…

  • 94
    Karen H says:

    The first papercrafting I remember doing is my wedding shower scrapbook. I was invited to a party and was told to bring pictures. I never really took pictures, so even though my daughter was just a few months old at the time, I brought the pictures of my wedding shower. I definitely still have the book!

  • 95
    Emily Keaton says:

    My first experience with crafting with paper was to make thank you notes when my first child was born. They were nothing at all fancy, but it was a first step. πŸ˜‰ And, no, I don’t still have them–they definitely were all used: sent to fabulous friends and family who made sure we had everything we needed to get our lives with a baby off to a good start!

  • 96
    Brenda B says:

    My first project was a card. And yes I still have it, it was my baby creation. LOL

  • 97
    Darla says:

    Well, I have loved paper projects since I was a kid, but just got seriously into card making a couple of years ago. I think my first cards were birthday cards for my daughters and I think they still have them.

  • 98
    Teresa H says:

    I made a wheel barrow card – and thought I did a fabulous job on it. I sent it to my MIL for her birthday that year. She still has it – and looking back on it vs what I make today – I’ve come a long way!

  • 99
    Chong McAfee says:

    I made card for a baby shower. Unfortunately I didn’t keep it nor take a picture of it but I can clearly remember what it looked like. That’s how my crafting obsession began.. with a simple baby shower card..

  • 100
    Lee Anne says:

    I created a scrapbook for my sisters of our little town we grew up in. On a trip with my late father, we went around and took pictures of houses and significant landmarks around town, and I put them together and included his stories about our town. It was my first experience in paper-crafting. I don’t have my own scrapbook, because I didn’t make one for myself yet, but I “borrowed” one of my sister’s to copy.

  • 101
    Aussie Emma says:

    Doing my mums photos from her overseas trip! Now I love making cards.

  • 102
    Kim H says:

    I remember making big paper flowers with my mom when I was a kid. She was making them to decorate for a dance. They are long gone now, but I remember how pretty they looked!

  • 103
    Kelly says:

    My first notable paper crafting experience was helping my aunt make some cards for a craft show. I kept one of the card sets and still have it. It was the beginning of this wonderful hobby and addiction!

  • 104
    Jackie w says:

    I simply cannot wait to see the big reveal! Β I love all the dies and stamp sets this month! Β Your projects are always so inspiring, too!

    My first project would have been in grade school, and I do have many of those! Even before I started papercrafting as an adult, I used to make my own envelopes out of magazine pages and such. And I used to stamp the backs of my Christmas card envelopes with a simple stamp and ink pad when I was younger. I think my heart has always loved crafting with paper!

  • 105

    My son’s scrapbook was the first paper project I ever made.And yes I still have it. It’s so funny to look back at it. I hand cut everything with scissors and a ruler!!!
    I really enjoyed doing it and I was so proud of my results. That’s been 16 years ago and I’m still creating with paper.

  • 106
    Cathy Weber says:

    My first experience crafting with paper was two years ago and it was a wedding book for my soon to be daughter in law. When I look at that book I realize how far I have come. I have often thought I should re-do some of the pages, but then it wouldn’t be true to where I was at that stage, so I think I will just leave it be and laugh when I look at how simple and plain some of the pages are.

  • 107
    Lisa says:

    I had been introduced to rubber stamps several years ago now but never gave them much thought. Then, I saw someone else’s stamped images and wanted to learn more! My first coloring experience wasn’t pretty but it didn’t help that I chose a very detailed flower bouquet image. I did not keep that work. Fast forward a few months from my bouquet experience and I learned how to make two cards which I still do have as a reminder to measure how much I have grown in this hobby that I love (even on the days when I have no mojo or mess up)! When I have no mojo, I can always straighten up–if your craft room (table, whatever you have for your hobby) never needs tidying, you’re not working in your crafting room enough…I’m just sayin’…LOL!

  • 108
    SuperJen says:

    The whole reason I am a papercrafter is that I wanted a Hawaiian themed wedding (I live in Utah) and wanted to make the invitations. The Save the Date cards were handmade postcards featuring a photo of his and her dogs wearing Hawaiian shirts. From there, I made the invitations and “Mahalo” cards with origami Hawaiian shirts. Best fun I ever had and I was HOOKED! So, yes, I still have them! Scrapbooked them and everything.

  • 109
    April W says:

    The first project I ever attempted was a layout after my daughter was born in 1999. I had absolutely no idea what scrapbooking was but I knew I wanted to try it. It was a very sad page, lol, but I was such a proud Mama! That page was covered in stickers and had about 3 deco scissor cut frames on it…eeeek! Sadly, I don’t have it anymore, because I’ve long since remade it. I wish I had kept it so that I could see how far I’ve come, but it will definitely always be a fond (sort of, lol!) memory. πŸ™‚
    – April W

  • 110
    Gabriela says:

    I did a lot of things as a child, but I am not going to count that. My first “adult” craft was scrapbooking my engagement photo, the terrible thing is that I used construction paper (insert universal gasp here)! I still have it inside my wedding album. It is not perfect but I still love it, construction paper and all.

  • 111
    Regina M. says:

    When I was in first grade, we made funny little owls out of paper bags. Mine was pretty bad, but my mom still has it! I remember making it and I’ve loved paper crafting ever since. Thanks for keeping our love of creating alive!

  • 112
    Kris says:

    Tough one since it makes me think back farther than last week! :0 One project I do remember from grade school was tearing pieces of magazines out and making them into the shape of fruit trying to use the appropriate colors! I don’t have that gem but wouldn’t it be fun to see it now?!

  • 113
    Kate aka stinkydudette says:

    My earliest memory of paper-crafting is when I made cards for my parents for birthdays when I was 7 or 8, probably. Then, we had single-sided colored paper and tearing them (I wasn’t allowed scissors then). I remember them clearly cos I used to put wet glue on the COLORED side and pasting them down. lol.. When it dried, a bit of the color would show through the white side (does that make sense?) Strangely enough, I still apply adhesive on the right side of my papers! Thank goodness for adhesive removers now. lol… Some things never change, eh?

  • 114
    D Golly says:

    It was a scrapbook page and I still have it in the album. When I look at it I can’t believe how far I’ve come from that simple page.

  • 115
    Kelly B says:

    I was just a little girl in elementary school and we had an exchange student from Japan. Her name was Yoko and she helped us make little origami swans. It was paper love at a young age!!

  • 116
    Bette manning says:

    I started scrapbooking about 5 years ago and I did a wedding book for myself. We had been married 35 years at the time so I had to find all my pictures, not a easy thing to do as all my pictures were in boxes in the cellar, but it came out great and I have it in my living room and my grandchildren love to look at it.

  • 117
    Pamelamma says:

    My very first scrapbook page was about the first trip my husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) and I took to Newport, Rhode Island. I was so proud that I traced and cut out each letter of the title. Looking back, the page was very simple, but I loved it and was thrilled to have a new hobby! It is still the opening page of my very first scrapbook.

  • 118
    Diane says:

    The first I can remember – a necklace made from gluing construction paper circles together – punching a hole in the top and writing a friendship verse for a friend. It had a braided yarn chain and then was painted with a shellac? of some sort. This is a 40 yr. old memory…and yes I still have the necklace my friend made me. We lost touch for over 20 yrs. and recently reconnected through facebook and were even able to meet. We are both hundreds of miles from where we grew up…but now both in the same state! Those necklaces were made by jr. high girls!

  • 119
    KariLynn says:

    My first time was making my own homemade Christmas cards with rubber stamps and embossing powder. I remember it was a Santa mouse on an ornament. I don’t have the cards but I still have the stamp. That was in 1986 well before stamping became popular.

  • 120
    peggysue says:

    Very, very first paper project had to be a house I built out of shoeboxes for my Barbie doll. I cut paper curtains, paper bedspreads, cardboard furniture . . . except for the rocking chair, I tried to get fancy with that and used a pocket knife on popsicle sticks. I don’t have the Barbie house anymore, but I do have a scar where the pocketknife accidentally snapped shut on my finger.

  • 121
    Cindy Holshouser says:

    It was a paper Santa that I made in 3rd grade. His arms and legs are connected to his body with brads so they can move. I don’t have it but my mom does, and she puts him out every Christmas.

  • 122
    Ellie says:

    For me it was my oldest sons baby book I had been up in the middle of night and had grabbed a pregnancy mag I had gotten in it was an ad circa baby scrapbook that was to record all of babies memories being it my first baby I had to send in my check 1st thing in the am 4 weeks later I received my box full of stickers and pages. I put it together and that is where I noted everything for my son during my pregnancy and his 1st yr. That was 12 yrs ago and yes I still have it and now giggle looking at the stickers oh times have changed for the better. Thank goodness!

  • 123
    Caren B says:

    I’m sure my first paper craft project was while I was in vacation bible school. I have no idea what it was though. However, I do remember helping my grandma teach vacation bible school and the two weeks before we would cut out hundreds of things for the kids to put together. This question brought back this great memory, thanks!

  • 124
    jhopper2k@comcast.net says:

    I am sure there have been several smaller things along my life but my first real paper crafting project was about 13 years ago. I decided to make a 50th anniversary scrapbook to surprise my parents. It was so much work but they really loved it and it got me into scrapbooking!!!

  • 125
    ann says:

    One of my first paper crafting projects was creating some beautiful handmade covers (decorating with paper and stamped images) for a baby shower encouragement notebook (to be filled out by guests for the mother to be).

  • 126
    Ted says:

    My VERY first experience crafting with paper was probably in kindergarten, creating star ornaments with cardboard stores and gluing beans and rice to it! I don’t have the project, but I do remember how much my mom loved it as a gift. πŸ™‚

  • 127

    I was always a fabric sort of girl until I went to my first stamping party in the Spring of 1997. I was amazed at the possibilty of rubber stamps and paper! I started making cards that very week and have been addicted to rubber, ink, paper and all the toys that go along with it since. Do I have my first cards…no. I give what I make to others. Makes me happy and I hope the recipient recieve joy in return. My best bubby has a favorite saying, “I love you like I live paper!” That says it all πŸ™‚

  • 128
    Pat A. says:

    I don’t know if any of you have ever heard of Captain Kangaroo, but it was a TV show in the ’50’s and the Captain always did a craft project with paper and glue, cutting and pasting. I had a cigar box full of paper supplies and I remember making sailor hats and fans and colorful turkeys for Thanksgiving. Whenever I hear that familiar sound of scissors on paper, I think of Captain Kangaroo!

  • 129
    Vanessa says:

    I made a scrapbook of our wedding pics. Looking back it was pretty awful but of course I still have it.

  • 130
    Ginny Schleich says:

    My mom used to buy me all kinds of craft kits when I was little. The first paper craft I can remember making were big puffy flowers out of tissue paper attached to wire stems. I think I made hundreds of them and gave them to everyone. They looked like big peony flowers in all different colors. I don’t have them anymore, but it might be fun to make a vase full of them now. Thanks for triggering that memory.

  • 131
    AnneSATX says:

    My first experience was at a Stampin’ Up party and we made some cards that I thought were SOOOOOO cool. And now they look so … elementary. And yes, I still have them. But the experience got me hooked and I’ve been enthralled ever since!

  • 132
    Nita says:

    My first project was a scrapbook page of my trip to Las Vegas with my boyfriend at the time, now my husband. Looking back on it, it is ridiculous looking, but it’s all about the memories.

  • 133
    Leora says:

    Long ago, in high school and college, I went through a decoupage phase. I meticulously cut out black and white words from magazines and pieced them together on cigar boxes, pencil cups, trash cans, etc. And yes, I still have those “works of art” today!

    I hadn’t thought about those projects for a long time. Thanks for the memories…

  • 134

    My first attempt at crafting was making invitations for my 1st child’s 1st Birthday. It was a clown theme party and I used basic shapes like circles and triangles to create a clown face. It was so much fun I was hooked!

  • 135
    Jamie Nania says:

    My first experience was really with scrapbooking about 10 years ago. My sister was doing a monthly crop and I was babysitting her son but decided to get in on the fun! I’ve been hooked ever since. My first scrapbook pages were of my nephew who is now 16.

  • 136

    When I was a kid, I made a basket out of construction paper and filled it with paper mΓ’chΓ© eggs. My mom and I did it together to earn a badge for Girl Scouts. I remember enjoying it so much – it was so gratifying to pop those small balloons and see the paper mΓ’chΓ© work! A few weeks after that, our Girl Scout Troop (my mom was the leader) actually made paper out of the pulp from a tree. I thought it was the coolest thing ever – I guess my mom knew early on I liked paper. I know she set that trip up to complete the badge. I don’t have the basket and eyes anymore, but my mom still has the paper I made!

  • 137
    Cyndie says:

    Great question! We always were involved with paper crafts as far back as I remember. My dad, who worked in a technical field that generated lots of paper, would bring the throwaways home for us to draw and paint on. I remember the walls of our bedrooms being covered with our masterpieces. If any of them survive, I don’t have them. Will have to ask Mom! (this was about 50 years ago so it seems unlikely…)

  • 138
    Jen Adcock says:

    My first experience crafting with paper was when I was about 5 years old. I collected 3 of the old brown paper grocery bags, some newspaper, a few hangers and some masking take and somehow managed to fashion myself a great big ant! I had that ant for many years, but unfortunately it hasn’t withstood the test of time. Perhaps if I had better supplies *cough* PTI* it would still be with us now. Golly, how fun to think back on my paperbag ant and my first foray into papercrafting. Thanks for that!

  • 139
    see mary stamp says:

    My first experiences papercrafting were at home sales parties – one with rubber stamps – although at that time the demonstrator demoed and the guests observed – and one with scrapbooks. I have the first page I did at that show. Scrapbooking has come a long way since then.

  • 140
    Roxanne J says:

    Over tens years ago I started making my own stationary for snailmail with rubber stamps and colored pencils.I still have some of the orignal product-a waterbased black ink pad and of course the rubber stamps

  • 141
    Kathy V. says:

    My first experience was when my daughter-in-law had a Stampin’ Up party. Yes I still have a few of those cards. But I didn’t get into it until I got on one of your Dream Team members blog. And then I found Papertrey, and I am now on a roll.

  • 142
    carol H says:

    My first experience was making Valentine’s in school. I had fun cutting out hearts and adding glitter.

  • 143
    Teresa says:

    Love this question! I went to a scrapbook party for a bride-to-be and thought I would buy something to be nice and by the end of the party I was completely and totally hooked! And that was about 15 years ago! I still have and cherish that first scrapbook and have branched out into cards and other fun paper crafting projects.

  • 144
    Rhonda H says:

    My 1st experience was diving head long into Creative Memories and scrapbooking. I have since abandoned that for cards, though not the diving in part. My husband can attest to the fact that I don’t do things in a small way! πŸ™‚

  • 145
    Karen says:

    I’ve always done paper crafting. I remember making paper chains to decorate our Christmas trees as a very young girl. No, the paper chains didn’t survive πŸ™‚

  • 146
    Kathy W says:

    The first one I remember was a Santa Claus ornament made in kindergarten–a Santa hat made from paper and glitter-glued onto a round ball ornament, with paper eyes & nose & beard added…It was in the family Christmas ornament box for many years, but finally got broken 2 – 3 years ago…

  • 147
    Shay says:

    I did quite a few craft projects when I was little including making stationary and handmade cards in grade school which I would make with friends when we had sleepovers. I still have some of the stationary in my stationary box. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 148
    Karen Osborn says:

    Wow. I had to think back a LONG way to remember making those gum wrapper chains. Remember??? I made MILES of them! Thanks for taking me back to the ‘good old days’. I think that was about 40 years ago…I won’t say how old I was then…

  • 149
    Chinnu says:

    My first project was very ambitious – a huge scrapbook for my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary. I collected photos and memories from their friends all over the world and spent over 400 hours making the scrapbook. My Dad called the huge scrapbook a labor of love, and the scrapbook has a special place in my parents’ home.

  • 150
    Tammy says:

    My first real crafting with paper experience was a D.O.T.S home party. We made Christmas cards and I fell in love with stamping. I do not still have the cards. I’m sure I mailed them out with pride.

  • 151
    Sharon Holden (Shazaussie) says:

    The first papercrafting I ever did was about 10 years ago with my neighbour. We had lots of fun making cards with double sided sticky paper, stencils and glitter. It unfortunately ended up with my friend visiting the Doctor to flush glitter from her eye. I fell in love with papercrafting then but my neighbour lost interest understandably πŸ˜‰

  • 152
    Kathleen says:

    My first experience with paper was a Creative Memories scrapbook page at a party—I LOVED it and was much more interested in the paper than the end product! I’ve been scrapbooking and cardmaking ever since!

  • 153
    Beth Kimbler says:

    The first thing I can remember making was one of those folded chains out of gum wrappers. I am sure it is long gone.

  • 154
    scrapthat/dolly says:

    The first experiences I remember was when my Grandmother and Sister came home in the summer (my sis was going to Nursing school-15 yrs older) anyway my sister and I altered my toy box by cutting up old Christmas and Birthday cards and using flour glue we decoupaged them to the toy box. My Grandmother did a slightly fancier job in taking leftover wallpaper and covering coffee cans with it.
    No, I don’t have the items still but I wish I did.

  • 155
    Stacy Simpson says:

    My first experience paper crafting was a scrapbook party back in 1998! I still have the page layout (it’s pretty bad!)

  • 156
    Wanda says:

    It would have to be a card~no I don’t have it anymore, but I do have some layouts…All I can say is the world of papercrafting is always changing.

  • 157
    Jill says:

    My first experience was a papercrafted snowman in nursery school. And yes, I still have it. I’ve collected snowmen my whole life and this is my most precious one. πŸ™‚

  • 158
    Yvette Escobar says:

    My sister introduced me to scrapbooking when my niece was born and after that the addiction has just grown so I started with scrapbook pages as my first paper craft….

  • 159
    Ericka says:

    When my husband (than boyfriend) went on a study abroad trip during college I thought I would get bored without him around, so I went to Barnes and Noble looking for a good (non academic) book to read and found in their bargain bin a rubber stamp kit. It intrigued me. When I brought it home, my husband told me not to buy much more because I probably wasn’t going to stick with it…

    Ten year later I am still in love with my hobby; 99 percent because I love it and 1 percent out of spite to prove my husband wrong! πŸ™‚

  • 160
    Kris D. says:

    Not sure about the crafting part but I’ve always been way into paper and related supplies. I LOVED back to school shopping because all that stuff was BRAND NEW!!! And I still love office supplies stores…so my love for paper goes waaaay back.

  • 161
    JoAnn says:

    I remember cards I’ve made in grade school, my mom and aunt have kept alot..mostly construction paper stuff , but early cardmaking all the same…now I scrapbook and have just started on cards for my kids teachers , coaches etc…

  • 162
    Marge Sexton says:

    WOW, my first project that comes to mind was my first attempt at making my Christmas cards…I stamped a snowman image on a brown bag and tore it out; glued it on my card and ta-da…I was thrilled. Now, 10 years later, that would never be enough … oh, and yes, I still have one.

  • 163
    Erica J-W says:

    I just remember my mom getting out paper and making picture collages using stencils and stickers. We would do this whenever it was rainy or yucky out and make the kitchen table our studio.

  • 164
    Kathy W says:

    The first paper project I made was at a rubber stamp party that a friend was having. I think I used just white paper with bright pink ink (loooove pink) and I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever done. I don’t still have the card but I still get that lovin feeling when I stamp or work with paper.

  • 165
    janet mack says:

    My Dad recently passed away and we were cleaning out his house. I found a box of things my sister and I had made. Mine was a little book and yes I still have it.

  • 166
    kirsten says:

    I’ve always loved playing around with paper. I remember making some great collages and dioramas for primary school, I wish I still had some of those, I remember them so vividly. One was a little picture book where I had cut out so many different types of leaves from green card and made a collage jungle to hide a chocolate cake (complete with arms and legs) that was running away from people who wanted to eat him. Wish I still had imagination like that!

  • 167
    sano says:

    My first paper project was a stamped Easter card with bunnies and eggs and colored with markers. Wow it seems like such a long time ago. I do not have it as I sent it to some bunny special. I love anything to do with paper!

  • 168
    Avital says:

    My first experience was in kindergarten and I truly do not remember what it was or how it looks, but I’m pretty sure my father keeps it safe somewhere…

  • 169
    Mary H says:

    My best friend was involved in stamping for years and she sent me a beautiful embossed snowflake Christmas card…and that was it, I was so hooked! Although not technically made by me, I think of her card as my very first card, because it inspired me to start stamping.

  • 170
    ChrisE says:

    My first paper crafting was card making. I wanted to give stamping a try and had a neighbor who did a little card making. My first attempt involved some very brightly colored paper stamped with various colors of ink. Not very pretty, and no, I don’t still have any of those cards!

  • 171
    Luanne Ford says:

    I’m sure I made Mothers Day cards in Sunday School when I was little, but gave those to my Mom! I really started with scrapbooking about 12 years ago (which I don’t do much anymore)’ and yes, I still have those scrapbooks!

  • 172
    Lou says:

    My first experience was a scrapbooking ‘party’. My very first page and I was hooked. The next day I went shopping in a store and spent $100 on products……that was 9 years ago (nearly to the day). Haven’t stopped since πŸ™‚


  • 173
    Rachel V. says:

    My mother-in-law Carol introduced me to card making and stamps. I remember creating a coffee themed card with a paper woven accent on the spine of the card. It was time consuming and I think it’s the only one I’ve ever made! πŸ™‚ I also played with some embossing powder to create a cup of coffee. I do still have the card and will keep it as a momento for getting into this wonderful hobby. I love stamping!

  • 174
    Dee in N.H. says:

    My mom showed me her stamping stuff and let me try it about 10 years ago. As they say, the rest is history! LOL!
    I still have the first card I made and my mother still has the first one that I mailed to her. Fun question!

  • 175
    Amy Gutknecht says:

    My first experience paper crafting was when I made gift bags for my bridesmaids. I took large craft paper bags and stamped these pretty bouquets, sprinkled them with glittery embossing powder and then heat embossed them. I had never done anything like that before and they turned out great!

  • 176
    MA says:

    Anyone remember paper dolls? Betsy McCall? I used to try making my own paper dresses for Betsy..she’s long gone.

  • 177
    nina says:

    Wow, that’s a really tough question! I kind of remember doing some kind of simple paper weaving in school so I’ll go with that…

  • 178
    patty says:

    Many many years ago I helped with making fun paper crafts for art time during a vacation bible school for our church. I don’t recall all the specifics but I remember cutting out shapes of fruits and having the kids color them in as well as making signs for the vacation bible school.

  • 179
    jen shears says:

    I ‘made’ stationary for a gift for my mom- using gradient colors & tearing the edges… a lONG time ago- not sure if she still has it! πŸ˜€

  • 180
    Carla Grace says:

    I began keeping a scrapbook in my elementary school years. It was a large leather bound type of book with manila colored pages. I used clear tape and placed every award, ribbon, receipt, card or photo that I received that had special meaning to me. My mom even gave me a picture of my preschool graduation to begin the book. Somewhere along the way I quit keeping up with it, but I still have it and I am proud to say that it’s almost a complete album.

  • 181
    Laura says:

    I believe my first real paper project was a baby card using a teddy bear set and brilliant blue paper that I had purchased from a SU party about 5 years prior! One day I got the things out and decided to make something – I got hooked. I actually sent the card out – ugh it was probably hideous! LOL

  • 182
    Holly says:

    Oh gosh……… my first memory is of coloring with crayons in those big coloring books. Sadly I don’t have those coloring books anymore, but my grandparents might still have a page or two of things that I colored for them. πŸ™‚

  • 183
    Deepa Maas says:

    It was a box, the little drawers made out of several matchboxes. I believe I was four years old and it was at kindergarten… So long ago πŸ˜‰ luckily my mom kept it.

  • 184
    Tara says:

    My FIRST experiences were likely construction paper projects in preschool. I think I do actually have one or two that my mom saved and I inherited from her!!! On a more formal ‘papercrafting’ note, I attempted to make my own wedding invites 10 years ago, but lacking the tools and expertise, failed miserably at DIY and ended up buying them. I did however make my own thank you cards and christmas cards that year, and I haven’t looked back since!

  • 185
    DeniceM says:

    I believe my first project was a scrapbook about my daughter’s first 3 months. She was born 13 weeks premature and spent the 1st 3 months of her life in the hospital. I cut apart all the greeting cards we received and some cute childrens books to embellish all the pictures marking her progress…and yes, I still have it, though it is a little shabby…my daughter will turn 26 years old next week.

  • 186
    Anne G says:

    My first paper project was a birthday card I made for my mother using a stamp and embossing powder. She still has it and all the cards I have made for her in the past 15 years.

  • 187
    Connie Gregoire says:

    I remember making Christmas tree decorations out of paper when I was very young. Ornaments, paper chains, etc. And no, thankfully I don’t own them anymore!! What a fantastic release of amazing products!!!! Kudos to all at PTI!!!!! I LOVE IT ALL.

  • 188

    Definitely homemade Christmas cards. When I was a kid I always wanted to give everyone something special just from me, and since I couldn’t buy them all a gift, I made them cards.
    Since I gave them away, I don’t have them anymore….I wonder if anyone kept them. I should ask one of these days.

  • 189
    Kerry A says:

    I remember weaving a paper placemat which my parents may still have tucked away somewhere. πŸ™‚ My first project as an adult was 8 years ago when I created a baby’s first year album for my son (which of course we still have)!

  • 190
    Dotty says:

    My first papercrafting project was wrapping paper. I used white paper, stamped and gold embossed wedding images and colored them with colored pencils. That was 20 years ago.

  • 191
    Cheryl SD says:

    One year back in high school I made a scrapbook of all the events our youth group did. I loved capturing those fun times!

  • 192
    Terri Bills says:

    My first experience was at a stamp camp. A friend of mine brought me along. I have to say it really thrilled me and I was hooked. I kept the cards we made that night and the little bag they gave is to take them home in. The bags were premade for us but I have made several of them over the past few years.

  • 193
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    Well, if you count Kleenex as paper, my 1st paper-crafting project was to make clothes & bedding for my Troll doll when I was about 5 or 6. Tragically, my creations did not survive!

  • 194

    Oh gosh, probably the robot we made from paper in 1st grade. My mom still has it in her keepsake box!! I haven’t thought about that in years!

  • 195
    Cara B. says:

    I remember making paper chains for the Christmas tree out of bright red and green paper when I was in kindergarten. I remember I liked cutting the strips of paper but I was not so fond of gluing them together! This was also one of the first Christmas projects I did with my girls when they were little. We did it many, many times and some day…way in the future….I hope to do it with my grandchildren! πŸ™‚

  • 196
    Rosemarie Gerencser says:

    My first paper project was scrapbooking. My daughter became a CM consultantin 1996 and introduced me to the craft. I still have that first scrapbook and have added cardmaking, which I LOVE!!

  • 197
    Iris says:

    My first experience crafting with paper was actually only three years ago when a friend of mine took me to a local rubber stamp class…I have been addicted ever since! My first project was a Halloween card and I still have it!

  • 198
    Holly F says:

    My first experience with stamping was attending my friends Stamp Camp while stationed at Leavenworth. I had NO idea what a stamp camp was and had never”stamped” before. We worked on a mini scrapbook for our year at Leavenworth. I left Leavenworth totally addicted to stamping and soon fell in love with PTI. I still have that scrapbook!

  • 199
    Meagan says:

    My first experience was a store bought scrapbook kit. I put the kit together with pictures of my niece and nephew for my in-laws and I haven’t looked back since. However, I think I’ve graduated at bit from store bought kits : )

  • 200
    Beverly BL says:

    Think my first paper crafting project was a paper chain for a Christmas tree. Don’t still have it. I’ve always been a paperholic.

  • 201
    Susan O says:

    I’ve been crafting with paper since I was a child. One of my favorite playthings was specialty paper brought home from work by my father and by a neighbor’s grandmother! I can still remember what each type of paper looked like some 55 years later! No project remains, however.

  • 202
    Sue says:

    I have always been interested in crafting books. I made my first book to accompany an audio tape of my children and my nieces and nephews as they recited poems and acted them out on each page. Yes I still have the book, my sister does too and several years ago I re-made the book digitally so each of the “children” could have his or her own copy.

  • 203
    Angie Cortes says:

    My first crafty experience was making the invitations and decorations for my high school graduation party. At first, I was really upset that I could not get the fancy store bought ones I wanted, but money was tight so I had no choice. In the end, I LOVED what I had created and the every raved about the invites and decorations. I was hooked on paper crafting after that!!

  • 204
    patty thomas says:

    Leaving out my school years’ art classes, my first experience was due to my daughter. She began a scrapbook of her HS years and friends and it piqued my interest. She loaned me some supplies and showed me her examples. I was hooked and scrapbooked for many years before making the leap to cardmaking and general papercrafting. I’ve never looked back. I love it all.

  • 205
    Elaine G says:

    Two things come to mind – one of which was designed by my “enabler” who got me hooked on card making. But the one that stands out was the first card I designed and made myself – one layer card with Raggedy Ann in a tree swing that I colored with fine-tip markers. Boy have I come a long way baby! And yes – I do still have all 6 of them. I was too embarassed to send them out!

  • 206
    scrappeach says:

    Snowflakes! I can remember my first “fold and cut” project to make a snowflake. It was in school (over 50 years ago). We taped all of our snowflakes on our classroom window. Each was as different as we were and each was perfect! This reminds me of the crafts we do today. It always amazes me how we can use the same stamp and create so many different beautiful handmade cards. Just like the snowflakes made so many years ago, all different and all are perfect!

  • 207
    Maggie Wickersham says:

    I don’t know for sure, I have always been a crafter. Every year at Christmas I would pick out the largest activity box form the Sear’s Christmas catalog. I was always making something. All of my family members received what ever I was making that year. Some of my projects are still in my family’s homes.

  • 208
    Chris says:

    I had some time off between jobs and my daughter asked if she could learn to make cards during the Summer holidays. We took off to Blade Rubber Stamps in London for a beginners class and I made my first stamped card – a box of presents in blue for my brother’s birthday.

  • 209
    Linda W says:

    No, I don’t have them, but I remember making giant crepe paper flowers back in the mid sixties. I think it was the last time I worked with bright, primary colors. Guess they ruined me for years to come.

  • 210
    Leigh Penner says:

    In my childhood, I can remember our art teacher teaching us to colour in circles and not back in forth in lines…. more recently, in relation to scrapbooking/card making: in May 2003, I hosted a CM party and was hooked from day one!

  • 211
    Judi says:

    I can’t remember my first time, I have always loved paper, coloring objects and glue. I do have pictures and cards I made starting from when I was five years old.

  • 212
    Jamie Nania says:

    My first experience was really with scrapbooking about 10 years ago. My sister was doing a monthly crop and I was babysitting her son but decided to get in on the fun! I’ve been hooked ever since. My first scrapbook pages were of my nephew who is now 16.

  • 213
    Paula Laird says:

    My first, wow, I don’t know. We did crafts as kids all the time. I know I made a giant watercolor solar system that went all the way down the hall at my grandmother’s when I was about 9, but that wasn’t the first. I really have no idea what my first foray into paper crafting was! A homemade Mother’s or Father’s Day card maybe? I’ll have to ask my mom. πŸ™‚ The first thing I did as a teen/adult was decoupaged my closet door with vintage hollywood photos from books and magazines when I was in high school. I don’t live at that house anymore so I don’t still have it. πŸ˜‰ It was a lot of fun, though, and I really appreciated my mom letting me do something so large scale.

  • 214
    Cindy S. says:

    My first scrapbooking was in the mid 90s. And yes, I still have those pages. I’ve resisted the urge to “redo” them though I find them VERY embarrassing these days!

  • 215
    Tammy Fite says:

    My first crafting experience was at a workshop–we made a Christmas card with a place for a photo! We embossed snowflakes in white and sponged over them with blue ink! I loved it! and, yes, I do still have it!!

  • 216
    Karen P says:

    It is hard to say what my first papercrafting project was. I can remember when I started stamping and making cards. One of my friends had a party but I couldn’t go. Afterwards she showed me a few things she had learned and I thought there was no way I could ever do that. In a day or two she loaned me some stamps and there was no stopping me after that. It was probably 10 years ago!

  • 217
    Lauren M. says:

    Aside from doing things as a child, which I don’t remember anything specific, I first got into papercrafting when my firstborn was a newborn. I felt like it was my duty as a mom to scrapbook. So that’s what I did. I started making a baby album. My very first scrapbook page was of my ultrasound photos. (The Virgo perfectionist in me won’t allow me to go out of chronological order.) It is so funny to look back at now, but my heart and soul went into that layout, so I will NEVER redo it!! I had a total of about $100 in supplies and thought the only thing I’d need for a long while was more adhesive. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! That was 5 years (and I won’t say how many dollars) ago and I’ve gotten as far as his 4 month photos. Seriously, not kidding!!! I’ve moved into cardmaking and haven’t really looked back. I love it so much!!!! I’m sure I’ll get back to the scrapbooking one day, but right now I’m happy making lots of cards!

  • 218
    Eileen M says:

    As a child, I made many a card for my mother’s birthday. It is Nov. 1st, and I would tape my least favorite candies to it, and that wold be her present. She loves the cards I make, now!

  • 219
    katevdp says:

    I have loved paper since I was a child. I distinctly remember making a lot of collages with sticky backed paper – I’d save my pocket money just to buy packs of that stuff. I experimented with scenes, geometric designs, cards everything. I’m sure my mum still has some somewhere. I’d forgotten all about my love of paper until a few years ago when a friend introduced me to stamping. And my – that love just came flooding back!!

  • 220

    Hmmm… not sure what my actual first paper project was, but my parents still have the Christmas tree decorations we made out of egg cartons at school! They’re hideous!

  • 221
    Cat Darling says:

    My BFF became a consultant for a scrapbooking company, and she decided to have a party. I went reluctantly and was hooked! I began redoing photo albums and turning them into scrapbooks. I still have the page that I created on that first night. About three years ago my same friend introduced me to cardmaking and I became addicted to that too!

  • 222
    Donna says:

    I went to a creative memories party a co-worker had back in the 90’s. We did a scrapbook page and I ended up buying some stickers, a punch, page inserts and I don’t remember what else. I don’t have the page any more nor the stuff I got.

  • 223
    Diana says:

    My first paper craft item that I did as an adult was a decoupage picture that I mounted on wood. It was of a beautiful Victorian style angel holding out her gown to catch violets falling from the sky. I recv’d this picture on a card from a very good friend of mine. It meant alot to me and I wanted to keep it. It now hangs over my bedroom door. As it happens my little granddaughters name is Violet. It was meant to be.

  • 224
    Gabby says:

    OMGosh, that was decades ago! In 6th grade we had to make up a country and write a “book” about it. We could use media and construction paper to create everything about it. I remember drawing and paper-piecing artwork (for the Casequana (my country’s name!) art museum. My Mom still has the “book” and it’s been … well, a long, long time! πŸ™‚

  • 225
    Jeannine says:

    my very first paper project would have been in either kindergarten or first grade when we made those paper chains out of construction paper & paste. i don’t still have it although i’m sure my mom did keep it for many years.

  • 226

    when i was little, i would spend hours with my grandmother cutting out pictures from her jcpenney catalog. i would cut out beds from the home section and barbies and dolls from the toy section and create bedrooms for them and funny stuff like that. it’s kinda of weird, but i still had all of those little tiny magazine clippings in an old box and just had to recently get rid of them because my mom needed them out of her house. i guess i had tucked them away because it was such a fond memory spending time with my grammie! πŸ™‚ xxo andie librandi…

  • 227
    Meagan Boyce says:

    I was in Girl Scouts, and I remember we always made cards for the holidays. I have pictures of me around six years old with glue and glitter in my hair and everywhere! I am still a very messy crafter, but I love it!

  • 228

    Man, I have always loved using papers and crafty things. I do remember making a paper mache angel (in 2nd grade) that I still have-its like 25+ years old. Its not in great condition but I cannot seem to throw it away. Every year,the kids get so excited to see mommys angel on the piano for Christmastime.

  • 229
    Kathy H says:

    My very first paper craft project was making a stained glass window card with tissue paper and Elmer’s glue at VBS when I was 7 or 8. I loved making things and the crafts were my favorite part of VBS!

  • 230
    Mary (Happy Now) says:

    Oh wow, memories!!

    My love affair with crafting dates back YEARS but, as an adult, my college roommate got me started stampin,’ and I think we made a gift tag, a note card, a bookmark, and a greeting card… I don’t have any of those first “gems”… Wish I did! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the chance… This looks like an AWESOME release!!

  • 231
    Teresa says:

    When I was 1st married (almost 32 Yrs ago) I made flowers out of paper and floral wire wrapped around a medicine bottle. I don’t thing I have any of them. Back then it was all I could afford. It was fun though.

  • 232
    Kelly says:

    I did a “scrapbook” for my senior year of high school. Lots of memorabilia taped in the book with scraps of paper. I graduated to a real scrapbook 10 yrs later.

  • 233
    krissie says:

    When I was a young girl, I loved Hello Kitty things. My mom bought me a set of Hello Kitty rubber stamps and I remember making “stamp art” (i.e. stationery paper) with these fun little stamps.

  • 234
    Lorus says:

    My husband laughed when he read the question tonight! I have been crafting my entire life – my Mom always encouraged creativity and I remember making cards for my friends and family when I was very, very young. I don’t have many of my paper crafts from childhood, but I’d bet my Dad and Mom have a few tucked safely away.

  • 235
    Ola Jaggers says:

    My first ‘real’ paper project was a scrapbook page my first trip to Florida with my son! I still have it… he actually has it hanging up on the wall.


  • 236
    Karen Pilon says:

    I started scrapbooking in high school before scrapbooking was “in”. I still have those first books.

  • 237

    First papercrafting project would’ve been something made in Girl Scouts many moons ago….more than likely greeting cards. Got real serious about cardmaking & scrapbooking in 2004 & haven’t stopped since! Looking forward to this month’s release!

  • 238
    Carmen M. says:

    In middle school I had to make a poster, but I thought that it had to be big, so I made a “Strawberry Shortcake” out of cardstock and it was about 5’x3′!!! It was paper piecing in a large scale and I loved it! After that I started making cards still using that technique and Prismacolor pencils for shading, but I don’t have any of them.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 239
    Becky P says:

    My first project crafting with paper was a scrapbook for my brother and sister in law after they got married. I just wanted to share how much fun I had at their wedding, in a book. They tell me they still have it, but I have never seen it again. I am sure it was pretty pathetic, but I would love to see it again to see how much I progressed. I started making cards after I decided to make my own wedding invitations. I have been hooked ever since!

  • 240

    My first paper crafting item (besides all the stuff I made as a kid, lol!) was a scrapbook about 19 years ago, it was for my son who was one at the time. I don’t have it anymore, about a year after making it, I was not happy with it, it was plain and had cheap stickers, so I took it apart.

  • 241
    JenMarie T says:

    I got invited to a stamping workshop and went just to meet people…left addicted to stamping! Hmmm…nope, don’t think I have stuff still…

  • 242
    Karen B. says:

    My very first experience was my scrapbooking WEDDING ALBUM and yes, I do have it yet. I haven’t changed a thing, even though I really want to go back and update a few pages with my current style.

  • 243
    Erin Taylor says:

    I was invited to a Midnight Madness at a local scrapbook store. I had never done any papercrafting before, and I fell in love! Yes, I still have the four layouts I made that night!

  • 244
    DeanneR says:

    You asked for our first experience doing paper crafting and being in kindergarten popped into my head. We colored an object “dittoed” on white paper, cut it out with metal blunt edge scissors, and used paste to glue it onto a piece of colored construction paper. Now many cards and scrapbooks later, I can’t wait for the June release!

  • 245
    Rosemary D says:

    i don’t think this is the first papercrafting project i made, but it is one that i still have and remember working on it. it is a scrapbook i made of my oldest child’s first year.

  • 246
    Lynn D says:

    I was blessed to have a crafty mom too! I loved drawing, coloring and creating with paper since I was a kid so I don’t remember the first actual project. My first rubber-stamping project was creating a birthday invitation for my (then) 5 yr old son’s party. I can still remember the clown stamp. My son is soon to celebrate his 26th birthday and I’ve been hooked ever since.

  • 247
    karen q says:

    My first project was my Christmas cards about 20 years ago. I bought a Poinsettia stamp, gold embossing powder, a burgundy and a green marker. I was hooked after that and have continued to be enthralled with making cards 20 years later. I will never tire of this hobby.

  • 248
    ValerieC says:

    Like so many of us in this beloved hobby I have always loved paper. I collected stationary and stickers from the time I was really young. I made a mini album for my Dad when I was 8 or 9 for Christmas. My grandmother gave me a whole bunch of pictures of him when he was little. So it’s 33 years old and my mother saved it in my baby box.

  • 249
    Cassandra says:

    I have always loved paper related bits and pieces so it would have been a birthday or Christmas card for an interstate family member. Obviously, I don’t have it and I bet it no longer exists.

  • 250
    Nicki Scheck says:

    Thinking WAAAYYYY back to my childhood, I know I did some origami. It’s just amazing that you can create such intricate shapes just by folding paper, isn’t it?? Who knew I would STILL be ‘playing’ with paper so many years later…
    Oh, and no I don’t have it anymore!

  • 251
    mauie says:

    I didn’t have much tools when I first forayed into paper crafting. My first experience was when my sister asked me to make tags for gifts she wanted to give to her friends last year. Had to google samples and that was when I stumbled upon Papertrey (kismet, really). I have yet to purchase my first PTI product yet the wishlist is getting longer (well, blame Nichole’s and the DT’s creative..hehe)
    Thanks for yet another inspired release (my fave is the animal print impression plate..love love love) ^_^

  • 252
    Susan Mangum says:

    My son’s girlfriend took me along to a cardmaking workshop, and we made Halloween and Christmas cards. Four years later the girlfriend is gone, but the love of cardmaking is alive and well!

  • 253

    My first crafting experience was making a card. I had been invited to a stamping party and my love of making cards has blossomed from there. I do not have my first project, and I can’t even remember what it looked like. I do know though, that it was many years ago and since finding PTI have I enjoyed papercrafting more than ever.

  • 254
    Melissa P. says:

    I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have some sort of paper project going on – – but when I was in college a friend’s mother had an *amazing* rubber stamping room and I’ve been trying to recreate that room ever since!

  • 255
    Pam Young says:

    I went to a stamping up party and bought a stamp set and no paper or ink!! I didn’t know what I was doing and had never crafted. For my first project I made valentines and used mylar and “Stuff”. By the time I got them to work, all the “Stuff” had fallen off!!!They still like to remind me how far I’ve come.LOL!!!

  • 256
    Sonja says:

    My first project was a menu card for my Brothers wedding. I still have it but I don’t like it, it looks like a kindergarten project :-))

  • 257
    Lori Y says:

    I was invited to a Creative Memories party back in 2000. It was my first introduction to paper crafts and I was hooked. I still have all of those first scrapbooking albums and enjoy looking back. I still love to scrapbook, and find myself stamping on my pages, but cardmaking is much more enjoyable to me now. I like the smaller canvas and I’m a much quicker cardmaker than scrapbooker.

  • 258
    Meagan says:

    My first experience was a store bought scrapbook it. I put the kit together with pictures of my niece and nephew for my inlaws and haven’t looked back since. However, I think I’ve graduated a bit from store bought kits since then : )

  • 259
    Susan McRae says:

    My first serious project was making Christmas gift wrap out of brown postal paper. I stamped the papers and tied the presents with raffia. After that I was hooked!

  • 260
    Michelle says:

    I loved art class in 6th grade and my favorite things were magazine collages and illustrating poems. Yes, I still have the favorite few projects. They remind me of the joy of expressing creativity.

  • 261
    Jess says:

    My first experience was making a card for my dad. He was in the guards and would be gone when I was a kid for weeks at a time. I loved making cards for him, probably because he acted like they were the most beautiful things he had ever seen! He still gushes over my work 15 years later!

  • 262
    Judy Lenzini says:

    My first experience With paper crafting was probably at about 7 years old making cootie catchers. Hours of good clean fun!

  • 263
    Annie says:

    I have always had a love for paper. I believe my first project created with paper was when I was a child I “decorated” my Barbie doll house with wallpaper that I made using crayons and a roll of paper. I do not have the Barbie doll house.

  • 264

    My very first paper crafting project are the favors we gave away at our wedding. I made little boxes that held truffles and then I designed a label and matching tag for a glass bottle that held our “signature” drink for the guests to take home. I saved a couple of each for us to keep forever!

  • 265
    Jeani says:

    I have a scrapbook I made when I was in high school . . it was a memory book of my senior year. It’s hilarious – I still have the dried flower from my prom in there (from 1985)! I didn’t get started in scrapbooking & cardmaking until about 8 years ago . . . now I’m hopelessly (and happily) addicted! I love that my youngest son loves to work in my scraproom with me too and I hope he enjoys the things I create as much when he’s older as he does now!

  • 266
    lesa wolfe says:

    My first experience with using paper for a craft was a scrapbook page. When I went to the store to pick out the adhesive I needed, I found a bottle of acid free rubber cement, probably because when I was a kid I liked the way it smelled! I used it on the photos and on the the matching die cuts. The page is a wavy mess, but I will never redo it because it’s a reminder of my trial and error.

  • 267
    Karen Lazar says:

    When I was six, I made a little book out of construction paper. I have been paper crafting ever since. I could papercraft every day, if i could find the time…My mom may still have my little book in a box somewhere, I am not sure.

  • 268
    Jen Seth says:

    I remember making paper hats as a kid out of newspaper. As for the trend I’m into now, definately stamping and making cards(about 15 years ago) when I was high in the Colorado mountains with a great deal of time on my hands. Thank goodness I don’t have those cards… a scary sight!

  • 269
    julie coit says:

    I decided to make a scrapbook for my son’s high school graduation party. I did his 7,8 grade and all of his high school years in about 5 months, let me tell you i did nothing but scrapbook in all my spare time to finish his book. He loved it and to this day its been about 8 yrs now, he still will get out “his” scrapbook to show new friends!! Makes a mom proud that he appreiated all my hardwork!!!

  • 270
    Kristii says:

    I was in first grade and made my first card for my mom. I used a salmon crayon and matching yarn and decorated a large flower. Who knew all those years ago I would be as obsessed as I am today!!! PTI only adds to the addiction!!! I love you PTI!

  • 271
    Robbie Baker says:

    The first thing I remember making was a Mother’s Day card for my Mom. I was in kindergarten and I dipped my hands in paint and then stamped them on a big sheet of construction paper. The teacher then folded it into a card for me to give to my Mom. I hate to say how many years ago that was. My Mom still has it though.

  • 272
    Lisa Park says:

    My mom told me that my first project with papers was a small paper fan. When I was 4 years old, I put my hand on top of paper and traced it with a pencial. I cut them out, added a popsicle stick on it, and made a small fan for my dad. I do not have it with me, but my mom does. She thought that I was a genius like all moms does. It was very happy to remember my memory.. Thank you

  • 273
    Toia Stevenson says:

    My first crafting experience was putting together my senior book when I was in high school. A few years after that, I went to a party at a friends house where there were rubber stamps being demonstrated and I was hooked after that!!

  • 274
    Sherry says:

    I have been crafting with paper as long as I can remember. However, I most clearly remember going to our church Christmas fair where we made lots of homemade ornaments and craft projects with paper and other fun things. I loved that yearly excursion!

  • 275
    Amy says:

    Technically, I guess, my first experience with papercrafting was when I was two or three years old. I had just learned how to use scissors and (according to my mom) wanted to do nothing but make confetti to “decorate.” I don’t remember, myself, but as she tells the story, she’d give me a bunch of scrap paper and a pair of scissor and I’d entertain myself for hours. I guess not much has changed ;-). Oh and no, we didn’t hang on to the confetti…

  • 276
    Rhiannon Sherrard says:

    Aside from the elementary paper crafts with Elmers Glue and dried macaroni, my first paper crafts have been fairly recent. I have always enjoyed making things, especially gifts for people, but stuck with other hobbies like knitting and sewing. It wasn’t until this last winter when I was visiting my parents that I fell in love with all my mom’s handmade cards. She showed me some techniques and I made some Christmas cards and gift tags. They turned out so cute, that I was bitten by the paper crafting bug. I think I still have one of the cards that my mom and I made together….the rest were given as gifts.

  • 277
    Melissa Bove says:

    I remember doing my first scrapbook page when I was like 10 years old. It was a photo of me and my sister during our first trip to Disney World! And yes I still have it!!! I love to look at it every once in awhile to relive those fun memories!! I can’t wait to go shopping tomorrow!! Yippee!! I β™₯ PTI!!!

  • 278
    Suzanne says:

    The first paper craft that stands out was a middle school mobile. It’s one hint to have mom hang your artwork on the fridge. But, when your art teacher hangs it in the school foyer … That’s when creating became my passion.

  • 279
    Erin O says:

    I’m relatively new to paper crafting, so not counting projects in grade school, my first paper project was last year when I made my wedding invitations. Obviously I don’t start small and tend to jump right into things. They turned out exactly how I wanted and I even made coordinating thank you cards. I still have one of each. Since then, I’ve been addicted. When I found Papertrey Ink last fall it became more like an obsession of mine!

  • 280
    Denise E says:

    I’ve always loved everything paper-y, sticker-y, office-y (like Mish), ever since I was a small girl, but my first “scrapbook” was back when I was in college. It was one of those horrible magnetic binder books, and I decorated my pages with markers and stickers. I still have it now and look back on it and am very thankful that my tools, skills, and resources have come a LONG way since then! But, I still love anything paper – scrapbooking and now cardmaking, thanks to PTI!!

  • 281
    Christine says:

    The first projest that I remember was making cut out snowflakes and paper chains at Christmas. I don’t have the projects anymore, just memories. Thanks for the great inspiration and the chance to win! Love it all again this month.

  • 282
    laura j says:

    The first paper crafting experience that I recall is making origami cranes with my mother, aunts and cousins. According to legend, a thousand paper cranes will bring good luck. I honestly don’t remember how many we made as I was very young but I have vivid memories of a huge pile of folded birds in the centre of our kitchen table!

  • 283
    Linda w says:

    Most likely my first paper craft project that I can remember is making paper airplanes or paper chains to hang on the Christmas tree. Stamping on paper for me started over 16 years ago when I was invited to a d.o.t.s party now known as Close to my Heart. I still have the first card I created in my first stamping class that I took too. I also have the stamp. All we had was markers to color an image in. But it was still fun and of course addicting. And now I have a whole room that is filled to overflowing and spilling out into the guest room. And still we buy more……….

    stamping on…

  • 284
    JaniceB says:

    When I first walked into a scrapbooking store i felt like a kid again in a big toyshop filled with colorful toys and I wanted everything I see lol. I remember making a first layout for my bf and I had so much fun.

  • 285
    Teresa Brada says:

    A very basic scrapbook of my son playing baseball. I have since torn it apart and made it over!lol

  • 286
    Christinem says:

    I went to a Stampin Up! party at my cousins house five years ago. We made four cards and a 3-D project. This past weekend I sold my first stamp set that I bought at a rummage sale. Thanks for a great preview week!

  • 287
    :Linda Friend says:

    My first paper crafting project was a scrapbook I made my daughter. I still have it and should update it with more recent pictures.

  • 288
    Beth R says:

    Can’t really remember if this was my FIRST papercraft but I made a “Coolsville” Dictionary in the 4th grade ( which was a very very long time ago) it had a handmade binding and everything. Then in the 6th grade I started a gun wrapper chain. Worked on it off and on for years.I seem to remember that it was over 7 feet long. And YES ! I still have both of them. Glad I kept them .

  • 289
    nancy landauer says:

    My very first paper crafting experience was some 40 years ago in high school! I was a cheerleader and each year we had to make our own crepe paper pom poms. The streamers were longer then and a package of the old vintage crepe paper was only about a quarter. I always loved making them!

  • 290
    Hollie says:

    Believe it or not I wasn’t much into paper crafts as a kid, also I was horrible at scrapbooking as a teen ( Love making cards now though). My Junior year I had to make a book of family pictures. That is the first real paper crafting project I remember working hard on.

  • 291
    Deanna says:

    Wow, that is a tough one! I helped a lot of friends with their wedding invitations but mine were all me and I loved making every last one of them… of course I still have one! πŸ˜‰

  • 292
    Paula Touhey says:

    My first project with papercrafting was 12 years ago when I made a scrapbook and photo collage of a European vacation. My daughter and I travelled to England together when she was 16 and I saved every bit of memorabilia we collected from our trip. The scrapbook turned out beautiful with all our treasured photos and memorabilia. Yes, I still have the album and my daughter has the framed photo collage.

  • 293

    I officially started “scrapbooking” in high school as the Yearbook editor, but my first official scrapbook was my Wedding album–so, yes, I still have it! I made it 8 years ago, and I’ve grown so much as a papercrafter since then; so, I often wish I could re-do it. I didn’t get into card making seriously until 2 years ago when I was on maternity leave. I came across Dawn’s blog and joined one of her color challenges–it was the very first post on my blog!

  • 294
    Sara says:

    My first papercraft project was a book I made in grade school with drawings and writings about our garden project. I’m lucky to have a mom who saved it, and all my other crafts, and it’s in my cedar chest today. It’s amazing how far my papercrafting has come!

  • 295
    Joyce M. says:

    My very first paper crafting project was a scrapbook I made featuring my 2 daughters. After a couple of pages were finished, I realized I didn’t like the style of the company whose method I was using. I switched to a different style for the remainder of my scrapbooks, but I still have those first few Creative Memories scrapbook pages. They remind me of how far I’ve come, and I used some of my cutest photos on them. Now I make cards, and use PTI products almost exclusively.

  • 296
    pat from sd says:

    One of my first experiences with paper crafting was making simple origami things with my mom. She would help me with the folds and such; it was such fun.

  • 297

    Seems like I have always loved playing with paper! I remember a card I made for my grandmother (I was probably about 6) that had a pressed flower. Don’t know if it still exists but for years it was in a box of pictures that my mother had. When I was young it was common to make cards for grandparents and Valentines for friends!

  • 298
    Jamie Nania says:

    My first experience was really with scrapbooking about 10 years ago. My sister was doing a monthly crop and I was babysitting her son but decided to get in on the fun! I’ve been hooked ever since. My first scrapbook pages were of my nephew who is now 16.

  • 299
    Marisa says:

    My first paper crafting project was a card. I am not naturally gifted in the artistic arena but love working with my hands so my first crafty project was making a card with stamps. It was a small enough space that I figured I could come up with something. The rest, as they say, is history πŸ™‚

  • 300
    Linda R. says:

    Five or six years ago when one of my cats died a friend suggested I start a scrapbook of the cat and even bought me the book and let me use her supplies. I haven’t stopped since and have gotten heavily into card making. I still have the “Sophie the cat” scrap book.

  • 301
    Amy G. says:

    I started many (15+) years ago as, I guess, quite a few people did — at a Creative Memories party. I do still have those first scrapbook pages I did, but I can’t believe how much my pages have changed over the years — for the better, I’m pretty sure. πŸ™‚

  • 302
    Robyn says:

    In high school, my BFF and I made scrapbooks for each other to remember our senior year. And yes, I still have the one she made for me (and she BETTER have the one I made for her!).

  • 303
    Carolyn Yat says:

    My first project was scrapbooking our trip to Disney in Florida a couple of years ago. My friend had introduced my to Sizzix Big Kick and it was love at first sight. Die cuts galore. Now, I love to use my Papertrey stamps and make cards.

  • 304
    Valerie H. says:

    It was homemade Christmas cards. Very plain and simple with very little coloring. I made a whole bunch to give out to my relatives. I don’t have one, but I am sure my Grandmother does.

  • 305
    Carrie Burke says:

    Wow!! Now this will be a long jog down memory lane! πŸ™‚ I can’t remember my “first” experience with papercrafting but I also can’t remember a time that I didn’t….I can however remember that I first started rubber stamping at 10 years old, that’s been over 20 years now! and I still have the stamps and cards to proove it! πŸ™‚

  • 306
    Heather J. says:

    My first paper crafting project was a “coupon book” for my mom. Yes, I still have it! It makes me laugh…one of the coupons was for me to be good all day long!!! Not sure I ever accomplished that πŸ™‚

  • 307
    Loricabo says:

    I made a Mother’s Day card for my Mom. I remember being so proud of that card. While I no longer have that card, my Mom still has it (along with every single card I have made for her & my Dad since I started cardmaking about 8 years ago. After getting over the shock that she had saved every card, I had an opportunity to look through the card basket when I visited her last summer. I was amazed to see the progression of my art over the years. And yes, there were more than a few “cringe worthy” cards in the basket.

  • 308
    Nancy Batchelder says:

    When we were children we always made May Baskets to deliver to neighbors/friends. Usually were made with wallpaper samples and made into a cone shape, stuffed w/ candy and lilacs. They were all given away and therefore I no longer have any of them. Now – 50+ years later I am still delivering May Baskets made of all kinds of different medium, but still w/fond memories of those wallpaper samples.

  • 309
    Stacy says:

    Coloring books! I must have been about 2 or 3 years old when I got my first coloring book and crayons. Coloring with my Dad was my favorite thing to do as a little girl. That soon progressed to making book marks and handmade cards using notebook paper, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, and anything else my mom would let me have out of her “junk drawer” in the kitchen.

  • 310
    Sara G says:

    Oooohhhh, paper dolls for sure. I’d sit and cut chains of dolls and then cut and color clothes with tabs to fold around the bodies. Wow…had forgotten that!! Been sitting here since 9:30 CST trying to think back to my best first paper crafting experience as a child. And, no, I don’t have any, but perhaps my 92 year old grandmother has saved some of them with my other early art. She kept every card I ever sent. Thanks, PTI, for the chance to win! Love the release!

  • 311
    Ivette says:

    A friend invited me to a party where they were demonstrating and selling stamps. I bought a few sets, and was hooked. I don’t remeber the first thing I made, probably made some birthday cards for family. I’m sure they are still around somewhere!

  • 312
    Charmaine says:

    I’ve always loved paper…ever since I was little…I remember making a book of things I liked when I was 5…with a little help from an older girl in school…I have it somewhere, but I couldn’t tell you where!


  • 313

    I started paper crafting when my oldest, now 23, joined Cub Scouts. The annual Blue & Gold Banquet requires lots of decorations, invitations, place mats, etc. Stamping started out of necessity and became a love and eventually an obsession, especially for PTI! All 3 of my boys were in Cub Scouts, 2 became Eagle Scouts!
    I do have original projects in the boys boxes of saved projects!

  • 314
    Lesa W. says:

    I did some scrapbooking years ago when I was in Jr. High School. Sometimes when I look at them I think about completly re-doing them but then I decide to leave them just the way they are. They were special to me then and they are still special to me now. But boy how scrapbooking has changed in the many many years since.

  • 315
    Tiffany H says:

    I’m not quite sure it was the first project, but I remember making pop-up birthday cards in elementary school for my friends and family. I just loved trying to figure out a way to make different mechanisms work from paper and stickers! Love!

  • 316
    Ally V. says:

    It’s so hard to name a “first” experience crafting with paper. I’ve always loved working with paper and crafty supplies, all throughout school and into my married life. The first “recent” items I’ve crafted were the scrapbook pages I started for my son when he was born eight years ago, and I’ll keep those forever!!

  • 317
    diana says:

    My first paper craft project were Christmas cards made with foam stamps and acrylic paints. I’m not sure if anyone other than my parents kept their card. πŸ˜‰

  • 318
    Danielle says:

    My first real experience (besides little crafts as a kid) was my freshman year of college, I made a scrapbook of pictures and mementos I had collected. I still have it on a shelf with all my other scrapbooks and photo albums.

  • 319
    nancy nelson says:

    My earliest experience from grade school with Paper crafting has to be the famous paper chain made out of contruction paper for a Christmas tree decoration. Since that was well over 40 years ago I no longer have the paper chain…. One thing I know for sure is that I have always enjoyed crafting with paper in a wide variety of ways.

  • 320
    Jennifer G. says:

    When I was in college I wandered into a small store that was just off campus that had rubber-stamps mainly for business but in one corner it had a craft area and it had a few craft stamps. A cute angel stamp caught my eye and I bought it and went home and made my first card. I don’t have the card any more but I still have the stamp πŸ™‚

  • 321
    Lori B says:

    Oh boy, this takes me way back. I remember sitting at my Grandma’s kitchen table, I was probably 4 or 5, making paper chains for the Christmas tree. I do believe there was glitter involved, my poor Grandma, bless her crafty heart!!

  • 322
    Becs Attwood says:

    My first paper-craft projects were definitely through Sunday School. Mum had some of the Christmas dscorations we had made for a very long time but there’s not really any left now (paper does not make the most durable projects!). A great release, wish I could join the party but gotta get back to work…

  • 323
    Nancy Bailey says:

    My first project was a children’s book I had to write and illustrate for a Children’s Literature class in college. I do not think I saved it, but I guess it may be buried in a box somewhere in the house.

  • 324
    Janet S says:

    My Mother loved crafting so I was playing with paper, crayons and scissors very young. I remember we made chains for the Christmas tree every year. And as I grew we did ornaments and then valentines was the next paper craft we graduated to. Sorry I do not have any of these things as that was many years ago but the love of crafting that my Mother instilled in me is still with me. Thank you, Mom!

  • 325
    Heather says:

    I think the first experience was making some homemade Christmas cards one year, many years ago. I never sent them out, but spent hours working on them. It is so interesting to see how your style changes over time. I still have them. I should sent them out this year πŸ™‚

  • 326
    GINA says:

    It was about 7 years ago when I decided to make a wedding shower card for my friend. I had never made a card before, except in grade school!

  • 327
    Caren says:

    Gosh that is a hard one! I think it was a card at a Stampin’ Up party…after that I was hooked. I bought my first stamp set that night! πŸ™‚ I don’t have the card but I did keep the stamp set…even after it retired (Happy Winter) It is always my favorite go to for a winter card. This June release has been awesome….I havent even had a chance to see all the sneak peeks yet because I have been so busy!

  • 328
    Amy Kolling says:

    Mine is a scrapbook of my high school memories, awards, newspaper clippings, etc. And yes, I do still have it!

  • 329
    Alisa says:

    My first paper crafting experience was with creative memories working on photos. I still have those pages, although they are not my favorite. Years later I got into stamping and have loved stamping since.

  • 330
    kristi says:

    My 1st experience was with Creative Memories, I was invited to a get together over 10 years ago. I made a scrapbook layout. Looking back, wow have things changed! So yes, needless to say, I still have it! πŸ™‚

  • 331
    scrappyleigh says:

    My Mom took us girls to crafting/art classes as kids. The first paper craft that I remember was a paper bead project where you roll the paper strip into a bead to make jewelry. Then use white glue like Mod Podge to seal it. No, I don’t still have it, but thank you for the memory prompt! Love those memories of arts and crafts at the Community Center. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 332
    Ruby says:

    The first papercrafting project was using embossing powder… and I’ve been in love with the technique since! I recently found the card I made and if have the rubber stamp I used.

  • 333
    Pat says:

    My first experience with paper crafting was when my parents made their own Christmas cards. I don’t really remember specific cards, but once I left home and had my own apartment, I started making my own Christmas cards. Usually it involved some kind of printing method, mostly silk screen or linoleum block. I also used to find designs I liked and had rubber stamps made (at the local office supply store) to make xmas gift tags. Then I would buy several colors of card stock at the art supply store and cut the tags, then stamp with versamark and emboss with gold, silver or black. My Mom STILL has some of these tags, and they date back to the late 70’s and early 80’s! (…and I still have some of that embossing powder!) The last few years I have been helping my parents make their own holiday cards again – it is so much fun! (and I have KILLER collection of holiday stamps to draw from!)

  • 334
    Beth says:

    I’ve always loved paper and remember making lots of bulletin boards, ‘game’ folders and so on when I started teaching. But, the first real paper project that I remember was when I did my first scrapbook page about 13 years ago. Yes – I still have it (of course!). That’s when I first discovered the real magic of paper!

  • 335
    Renee Lynch says:

    Oh gosh…
    I can’t remember! πŸ™‚
    I’ve always been (ok…I try) crafty…but I can’t really remember the first paper project.
    But we’ll go with handmade Christmas crackers for my daughter(s) kindergarten class…sounds good!
    Saved tissue rolls for about a month…covered them in colored tissue and patterned paper…filled them with candy and small goodies.

  • 336
    Suzanne Russell says:

    As a child, my favorite part of Christmas was wrapping presents. We always had cards from the previous years that I loved to cut up and reuse as tags and embellishments. I enjoyed the challenge of making something beautiful out of what would have been otherwise thrown away! That was in the 60’s!!! Long before recycling was cool!

  • 337
    lainey says:

    I really don’t know what it was it was so long ago! But I do always remember making crafty things as a kid – both my mom and grandmother were always showing me how to make different things.

  • 338
    Ann Y says:

    Growing up we had a huge box of old Christmas cards, and I used them to make new Christmas cards and ornaments. As an adult, I first started scrapbooking 14 years ago when i got married and decided to make a wedding album.

  • 339
    Sheryl B. says:

    I started scrapbooking 12 years ago when my son was born. That’s when my love affair with paper began. I still have that album, although my skills were really lacking way back then!

  • 340
    Kelli J says:

    I had never had a hobby, and when I graduated from college years ago my cousin introduced me to Creative Memories. Scrapbooking was my first hobby…my first paper crafting experience!

  • 341
    Kathy Mc says:

    Besides doing arts and crafts throughout my school years and Christmas decorations at home, I didn’t really create anything worthwhile until I got started making cards. Was doing it on my own with products I picked up here and there until my neighbor invited me to a Stampin’ Up make & take. Still have one of those cards because it was too big for a normal A2 envelope. Have since become addicted to PTI and am slowly adding to my collection. Thanks for the chance to win June’s BIG prize!

  • 342
    Rebekah says:

    The first papercrafting project I remember making was a tissue-paper wreath that I made in 1st grade as a Christmas gift for my Mom. It turned out kind of pretty considering it was made from white tissue paper and a hanger πŸ™‚ That wreath held up for about 25 years and it was always a favorite Christmas decoration! If it hadn’t fallen apart I’d proudly display it every year, even though the white wreath slowly transformed into an orangey-brown wreath πŸ™‚

  • 343
    Kelly Braund says:

    When I was 12 I started working with my Mom in my cousin’s stamp store (paid in stammps). I loved using big fairytail stamps, heat embossing them with gold or silver and coloring them in. I have a pencil box full of them still!

  • 344
    Michelle T. says:

    My Mom loved doing craft projects when I was a kid. We made paper Christmas ornaments every year. When I got married she gave me all the ornaments I made. I place them on my tree every year and my kids laugh about the “quality” of my work!!

  • 345
    Dana says:

    My Great Grandma used to watch me when I was little and we always did crafts together. One of the first ones she showed me was to make beads out of magazine pages. She cut thin triangular strips of the paper and we rolled them tightly into little tube shaped beads and used a toothpick to apply glue to the edge and seal them. They were hard and shiny just like real beads. I loved it!

  • 346
    Mary says:

    Homemade Christmas and Valentine cards when I was a little girl, made with my mom and lots of paste, ribbon, glitter – so much fun – I remember that fondly. Don’t think I have any of the artwork around any more however –

  • 347
    esther says:

    Making paper lanterns in grade school. They are definitely not around cos I wouldn’t think to keep them and mom have too many kids and projects to worry about saving them.

  • 348
    Rita says:

    I created my own Barbie “houses” with shoeboxes and magazine cutouts! Lots of scrapbooks to celebrate my celebrity teen crushes, too! Fun Question!

  • 349
    Dyna says:

    My first serious paper crafting was making mini 3 dimensional stars with strips of recycled paper back in highschool. I stored them in small Coca Cola bottles. I don’t know if I still have them. I loved making them. I’ve been hooked with paper crafting since.

  • 350
    kelly says:

    I know through pre school and church, I had many paper crafting experiences at a young age. Many of the things I made were saved by my mother and I do still have them. I can’t say I remember my first experience but one that I always loved was the tissue paper squares that you wrapped around a pencil eraser before gluing the squares to a piece of paper…always a favorite of mine.

  • 351
    mrsci says:

    My SIL began scrapbooking in my dining room, I tried it with her and I’ve been hooked ever since. Yes, I still have those original pages I created. They’re in my craft room somewhere!

  • 352
    Melissa H says:

    I remember attending a stamping party where I attempted to heat emboss. For some reason I failed at it and didn’t try anything like it again for many years. I threw the project in the trash. I am so glad I tried again, now I love heat embossing! :o)

  • 353
    Sharon D says:

    I’m filling in for my wife who is out with some friends tonight. I was hoping for a question like what is the arcsin of 1, but it had to be tough one. Papercrafting…hmm…does drafting count? Being an engineer I first took drafting as a freshman in college. I loved drawing 3-D objects on 2-D paper so that someone could build it in real-life as a 3-D object. But this dates me a bit since drafting is now CAD, and CAD is now in virtual 3-D. Maybe I should take up stamping.

    My wife is going to hate me for this post. Hope you are all having fun. TD

  • 354
    Jenny J. says:

    It was a middle school history project – a scrapbook of world events. Looking back I put a lot of time and effort in the project, and not just because I was a hard worker; but I just loved putting the scrapbook together!

  • 355
    Kris says:

    When I was younger our family would make May Day baskets on May 1. My Mom showed us how to make different shaped baskets out of construction paper. We would fill them with popcorn and hard candies. Then we would run to the neighbors, ring their door bell, leave the basket on their doorknob and run away before they could see who made the delivery. I LOVED this family tradition and thought my Mom was so clever in making those baskets! This is the first paper project I remember making.

  • 356
    TracyTracy says:

    I started with birth Announcements for my daughter, and the rest is history. They were pretty simple, in retrospect, but it was the number of them that was surprising- 125 with a newborn!!! I have a few tucked away.

  • 357
    Nancy E says:

    My Mom introduced me to stamping back in the fall of 1996…. I was pregnant with my second son at the time… she showed me heat embossing and had me hooked. While visiting her, I used her stuff to create my own Christmas gift tags that year…. I got some stamping stuff for Christmas that year. And then my first big project was our son’s birth announcements. I didn’t originally keep one but after my Grama passed away, we found one in her box of special things… and I have it now.

  • 358
    Barbara says:

    My first papercrafting experience was a scrapbook page about the tumultuous yet loving relationship shared between my father and maternal grandmother. I still have it and I treasure it now that she’s passed on and my parents are divorced. Although their relationship wasn’t perfect Dad and Nana had an unconditional love and deep respect for one another. I will always have it.

  • 359
    Sammy says:

    I remember making a board game in sixth grade. The whole class made them and then we played each others’ games. I threw mine out before I got to the car to be picked up at the end of school.

  • 360
    Christie says:

    My firstborn’s baby book/scrapbook. And of course I still have it! It is a record of his first year, and also of how my scrapbooking has improved over the years.

  • 361

    My first “real” papercrafting project was a scrapbook album of my honeymoon photos. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but just went to a big box store and bought some things. Yes, I DO still have it! It’s fun to look at for the memories, but the deco-cut photo shapes and “sticker sneeze” do make me cringe a little bit now, lol!

  • 362
    Chris K says:

    Hard to remember but I think it was probably a greeting card. I took a class at a local night school about 12 years ago and fell in love with papercrafting. Haven’t stopped since. I am sure I no longer have the card but I still have the passion to create. Thanks for the opportunity to win and the inspiration from your designers.

  • 363
    Diane Jaquay says:

    I’ll never forget the day my cousin showed me the scrapbook she was making for her family, I was totally amazed and knew I had to make one too. That was in 1996, and since then I’ve made hundreds of layouts that fill many albums. I no longer make scrapbooks but it led me to my current passion for paper crafting πŸ™‚

  • 364
    Katy says:

    My first experience with paper crafting was when I went to Hobby Lobby in 2007. I bought some cardmaking supplies and when home to the computer browsing other people’s projects. Which, in turn led me to Lauren Meader’s blog and then of course here and the rest is history. πŸ™‚

  • 365

    I don’t remember making it, but it hangs on my Christmas tree every year so I know I did! – a construction paper angel, with my school picture (kindergarten) pasted where the angel face goes, decorated with glitter. I started in earnest in 1995 with scrapbooks and dabbled in cardmaking and stamping beginning in 2000.

  • 366
    Kimberli says:

    I definitely still have it! It was a scrapbook that I made not too long after I graduated nursing school, its with all my other scrapbooks I’ve made through the years – its fun to go back and look at them and see how much my scrapping style has changed! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 367
    Wendalyn says:

    My first experience was making cards for Birthdays and loved it. I don’t have any of my first ones that I did. It’s funny how you look at older stuff you do and how you advance over the years. I have pictures of everything I have ever made.

  • 368
    Cynthia B says:

    My first experience crafting with paper wasn’t exactly a paper craft project, it was a math project! I don’t remember the exact details, I was in the 4th or 5th grade and whatever we were studying we ended up making something that looked like a spirograph. I took it a step further and did the math assignment with embroidery thread and paper. It was so fun that I made several! My teacher liked it so much she asked to keep one or two. I’m pretty sure I kept one for myself but if I did have no idea where it is!

  • 369
    annheidel says:

    Gosh, I have no idea! I’ve been crafting since I can remember, because my mom had us doing stuff all the time. As a teenager, I made a lot of those nesting origami boxes and I still have a teeny one in my shadow box from that time. Does that count? πŸ™‚

  • 370
    Steph H says:

    The very first paper project I remember making was a paper ring chain for our Christmas tree with I was about five. No, did not keep it but am sure it would have disintegrated after almost 50 years! My very first stamped card was a tree-house shaped card which I hand-cut using a template from a Stampington magazine back in the early 90’s. Yes, I still have it and pull it out periodically to remind myself where how this obsession began and how far I’ve come!

  • 371
    Becs Attwood says:

    My first paper-craft projects were definitely through Sunday School. Mum had some of the Christmas decorations we had made for a very long time but there’s not really any left now (paper does not make the most durable projects!). A great release, wish I could join the party but gotta get back to work…

  • 372

    My first experience with working with paper was when I was a young child. I used to collect raisin boxes and color “pretty” pictures to glue onto the boxes. I would then use the pretty covered boxes as Barbie doll furniture. I didn’t keep any of them :0)

  • 373
    Mary B says:

    At a previous job, a lady who worked across the hall from me was a demo for another stamp company. She kept mentioning that I would enjoy cardmaking, but I didn’t want to start yet another hobby. One day she brought in supplies to make a couple of cards, and did a small demo during lunch. I made a huge first order, and have been going strong ever since. Of course, now most of my craft money goes to PTI! And yes, I probably still have those first 2 cards…somewhere!

  • 374
    Alicia E says:

    My first experience with papercrafting in my adult life was about 15 years ago. I had went to visit my sister and she taught me how to stamp and heat emboss. It was a few years after that before I tried it again. Don’t really have anything still left from that time. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 375
    Stephanie J says:

    I can’t remember the very first – I was always ‘crafting’ something – but one of my funniest memories involving paper is of how we’d all write notes to each other in high school, then fold said notes into origami pieces & sneak them into each other’s lockers… it got to a point where we all had a ‘signature’ – mine was folding the hoppable frogs!

  • 376
    Vicki S. says:

    As a child I always liked rubber stamps. When I was old enough to start sending birthday cards to my friends, I would always stamp my name and I had a paw print stamp that would be stamped either somewhere on the card or on the envelope. I really got hooked into my rubberstamping addiction by going to a home party. The major hook was using embossing powder to raise the ink and make it glossy, once I saw that demo I was HOOKED!!! Thousands of dollars later, my addiction is also my therapy!!! I could have a lot worse addictions!!!

  • 377
    Kendra says:

    I started paper crafting in college making scrapbooks. Because I was on a tight budget I would tear things out of magazines for backgrounds and embellishments- haha! I definitely still have them and it’s always so fun going back to look at them!

  • 378
    Meagan says:

    My first experience was a store bought scrapbook kit. I put the kit together with pictures of my niece and nephew for my inlaws and havne’t looked back since. However, I think I’ve graduated a bit from store bought kits : )

  • 379
    Angela says:

    For as long as I can remember I’ve loved all things paper. It started with school supplies, then stationery, office supplies, wrapping paper and when scrapbooking became popular, I was in paper heaven. The earliest thing I remember crafting from paper was a series of geometric art pieces using punched shapes more than 30 years ago, and I still have them. Thank you, PTI, for feeding my love of paper, not to mention all of the fun goodies that make it an art.

  • 380
    Becky K. says:

    I got into stamping in elementary school, so I think my first paper crafted project was some kind of card! I don’t have the exact first card, but I do have some of them from that era (and I’m glad that my skills have grown at least a bit from then! πŸ˜‰ ).

  • 381
    Laura says:

    Boy tough question I guess it would have to be scrapbook albums for all my siblings two years ago. I did crafts quite a bit through the years but not with paper. Now I have a great love for stamps especially PTI.

  • 382
    gladys says:

    oh that’s i see my sister collecting beautiful pattern paper. I love those beautiful stuff. My first project is a layout on myself πŸ™‚ Its so fun!

  • 383
    Caroline says:

    In Kindergarten in 1944 I made paper chains to decorate for Christmas. So long ago. I also kept scrapbooks of my early years with report cards, cards, memorable mementos. In fact I was just looking at my scrapbook on Sunday. Wish I had kept them in acid free albums. Such memories….

  • 384
    Sarah Doyle says:

    the first thought in my head is that I have loved to play with paper my entire life so probably something with those big colorful construction paper pads and the paste that had the flat messy stick! My first adult “i’m hooked forever” paper crafting project was a creative memories party and I made a page with Christmas photos..I still have it and it brings mixed emotions. Love that that is where this all started for me but cringe at the stickers and crazy cut photos. thanks for the chance!

  • 385
    Heather DG says:

    The first thing I remember making was paper ring garlands…but the first thing I made that started my current paper crafting fetish would be a fun scrapbook for a friend.

  • 386
    Beth says:

    I started stamping in 1997 – went to my first party the night before the big blizzard that started the huge flood of ’97. I’ll always have those tied together in my mind. I got off to a slow start, but after a year or so, I was hooked.

  • 387
    Shelly K says:

    I don’t even know if I can remember my first paper project!…probably a scrapbook of sorts in my youth. As a mother and adult…I made baby annoucements for my 3rd child…had just been hooked into stamping! Still have a card! Now every birthday they get paper/stamp/ink decorations! I love creating…it’s my therapy! Great release!

  • 388

    I began scrapbooking when I was just a girl, but got into it seriously after my first child was born. I’ve come a long way since then, but yes, I do still have my very first albums.

  • 389
    Lynne S in TC says:

    My mother taught kindergarten for many years and used papercrafts in her classroom to teach her students. Paper telephones (rotary dial!)and houses to help them learn their phone numbers and addresses. I looked forward to each August, when I would get to trace and cut them all out, creating little kits for each child. The multi colored construction paper, elmers glue, and round tip scissors still make me smile. Now my daughters help my sister each August do much the same. Phones are way cooler now……

    Thanks so much…..great question for great release!

  • 390
    MJ (good_day1214) says:

    My first experience was during an SU party in early 12/2007 at my family’s house. I thought this would be a fun oppty to announce my engagement, which occured a month prior. So I made a card using a You’re Invited sentiment and included the wedding date. It was a great surprise! I still do have it… somewhere in my stash.

  • 391
    Kimberly S says:

    I tried making an A to Z scrapbook for myself about 6 years ago. I bought the book and the paper and a cute metal alphabet, but I spent so much trying to decide what each letter should be that I only created one page. I found card-making shortly after that and am much happer with small projects that can (usually) be completed in a day. I do still have all the supplies though!

  • 392
    Susan P. says:

    I started scrapbooking when my first child was born. I still have his album and it’s so fun to look back and see how much my style has changed!

  • 393
    Eva says:

    Oh if we go back to the beginning as a child it was paper chains and snowflakes. I was so excited when the art teacher let me go to the 1st grade room when I was in 3rd grade to show the younger students how to make paper snowflakes. That and the “jacob’s coat” with the crayons. What an awesome question that brings back fabulous memories!! I dont have any of those things but I do have my first scrapbook I made as an adult.

  • 394
    Yuki says:

    It was a card that I made at an SU! Hostess party. Afterwards i bought the stamp set that was demoed on the card…. to this day I still have the card and the set.

  • 395
    Debbie says:

    I began crafting with paper about six years ago when my husband was attending a convention out of state and a friend invited me to a card making class. I was instantly hooked. My supplies rapidly increased and I ended up converting the guest bedroom into my studio. I no longer have the first card I made, however, I will never forget my first paper crafting experience.

  • 396
    Suependous says:

    The first paper crafting project that left an impression with me was…making a woven placemat. I still enjoy weaving. I wove a beautiful variety of white ribbons ring-bearers pillow for our daughter’s wedding.

    And no, I do not have the placemat.

  • 397

    when i was a girl i made paper flowers – like tissue paper pom poms.. dont still have them, but coming full circle, now i make paper flowers for my scrapbook pages!

  • 398
    Kim says:

    I attended a home party and made one card – loved it but didn’t keep it.

  • 399
    Anemone says:

    My first crafting experience with paper was when I was quite young. My mother tells me that when I was 3, while she was working on her lesson plans for teaching her classes, she would sit me beside her with construction paper, scissors & glue and I would work happily away.

  • 400
    Kathy R says:

    My Mom was very crafty, so I’m guessing I did crafts with her from a young age. One memory is of making flowers out of blown eggs and crepe paper. We used them as an Easter decoration for several years but they are gone now. I can remember making Valentines too in Elementary school…long, long time ago.

  • 401
    Bevyb says:

    I don’t remember exactly what my first paper crafting project was. I use to get together with friends when I was a girl to try different crafts. I do remember making a handmade card for my mother. After my Mom passed I found that she kept every card I ever made. From my very early attempts until years later when I started rubber stamping

  • 402
    Peggy says:

    They were Christmas cards with beads and wire. Cost me a fortune to mail them. Had to have padded envelopes and all hand processed. That was back in the days when the Post Office would do those things. It helped to have a friend in customer service! Yes, I still have it.

  • 403
    Vickie Johnson says:

    About 20 years ago, I was in St. Louis at a mall and run into a rubber stamp store, and they had beautiful cards with embossing. I bought a rabbit fishing stamp, and embossed him in gold. I stamped it on blue copy paper, and thought it was the prettiest card. Yes, I still have it, and laugh every time I look at it. I was so proud of myself, and sent them to everyone I knew at the time. That was the beginning of my love of stamping and paper.

  • 404
    Laura Boyd says:

    I have been crafting for so long, I don’t remember when I first started. My first stamping experience was seeing the stamps and embossing powder my sister had bought, many moons ago. I was so facinated. I didn’t start my own stamping until later, about 20 years ago. It started with Christmas cards and went on from there. Things have really come a long way in the stamping world. I do have some of my first stamped projects, and boy have I come a long way too!

  • 405
    Heather says:

    Oh my! I cannot remember! I’m sure I made paper cards as a kid. I think I still have some Christmas tree ornaments that involved recycled cards from the previous year.

  • 406

    I remember coloring in coloring books at a very young age, but the first paper craft was probably one of those folded hats made from a newspaper. When you turn it upside down, it’s a sailboat. I no longer have it, but I do still have the first stamped card I made about twenty years ago!

  • 407
    Alison Russo says:

    When I was a little girl we used to go to a restaurant where the owner would make folded origami swans. After that I had to try origami and I’ve been folding paper ever since! I hope I can win – thanks for the chance.

  • 408
    Jen Gall says:

    The first time I papercrafted outside of school art classes was at a stamping party with my sister-in-law. She introduced me to cardmaking shortly after I graduated from college. I have long since given those first cards to family and friends, but I still have the great gift Kimberly gave me – a love of getting my fingers inky!

  • 409
    Jessica says:

    First I remember was a Valentine’s card with a big heart for Mom & Dad when I was 5 yrs old πŸ™‚ They still have the card in their room and this Saturday they are going to celebrate 45 yrs wedding anniversary! Well, acid-free…my wedding album in 1998…yes, we still have this album!

  • 410
    lisa Garzona says:

    I’m sure I paper crafted as a kid…I always have had to obsession with paper. LOL but as an adult, I remember the day I go into card making. I was watching a craft show and they were talking about paper punches. I watched with my mouth open and I was hooked. I ordered a few (which turned into hundreds) and I started to then make my own greeting cards for birthdays, anniversaries, thank you’s and holidays.

  • 411
    Debbie says:

    I have been involved with papercrafting in one form or another since elementary school. With many moves, I am sure I don’t have my first project. Now I do have my first card I did many years ago and as a current cardmaking instructor, that first card is SO simple! LOL!!!

  • 412
    Steph Connor says:

    My crafty projects began in high school when I would make collages out of magazine pictures and phrases. I would make them to celebrate old friendships or new crushes, and I still have a few of them (including one I made for my husband when we briefly dated in high school!)

  • 413
    Jamie Ryan says:

    My first paper crafting project was a scrapbook… in high school I kept a traditional scrapbook, where I taped all my cards, movie ticket stubs, newspaper articles, etc. I cringe to think about what they look like now… I think they are at my parents’ house.

  • 414
    Michelle Caldera says:

    Besides paper-based projects in grade school (which I don’t really remember) I made a card at a stamping workshop, and fell in love! And since I discovered PTI, the passion has grown and evolved into something I am really proud of πŸ™‚

  • 415
    Karen says:

    Probably my first crafting project was decorating a shoe box for Valentine’s Day. I felt like mine was so plain and pathetic but I still received cards from everyone in my 2nd grade class so I guess it was ok. πŸ™‚ Today I love making cards for any occasion.

  • 416
    KimmieB says:

    GREAT question! This brings back memories!!!!! My first paper crafting project, or one of the earliest I can think of was paper dolls. I went to my grandmothers everyday when I was in elementry school and I use to sew some of my barbie clothes with my grandmother. I would sit down and draw them first on paper, sketch the design of the material I was using, cut them out and try them on the dolls before cutting the material. I did not keep any of that. I do have a couple of the dresses that we had made. They are somewhere packed away. But my first stamping project was my son’s birth announcements. I am sure I have them somewhere too. I just do not know where they are packed. They were winnie the pooh!!!!!

  • 417
    Paula says:

    My first stamp was purchased to make wrapping paper and a matching card for a gift for a friend’s baby shower. So I no longer have it because I gave it away!

  • 418
    Lisa S. says:

    I came across a pack of patterned paper at Michael’s about 3 years ago. I was immediately drawn by the patterns and colors in the paper and took it home and started a scrapbook just so I could use that paper. Scrapbooking gave way to card making and then I found wonderful Papertrey stamps and products. In just 7 weeks I’m moving to China with my family for my husband’s job. PTI is going with me!! Creativity is a great joy to me and I think it will help me in the transition to normalcy with life in China.

  • 419
    peg says:

    I was a little girl, maybe 10 or 12 when I made my first scrapbook with napkins and paper cut outs. I do still have it, and treasure it!

  • 420
    Melissa Hungria says:

    My most memorable paper craft that I made with my sister were shapes made out of paper, colored with crayons, and completely scotch-taped. We then put them in an empty kleenex box. Why we did this, I don’t know! But I remember all the shapes and all the tape we got to use!

  • 421
    stephanie says:

    I was at a stampin party and made a card which I no longer have but it certainly planted a seed!

  • 422
    Dawn says:

    My first experience with paper crafting was when I was getting married. I wanted to make my wedding programs and of course I chose a design that was quite hard for a beginner. I was really proud of those and I still do have one.

  • 423
    Kathy Archer says:

    My first paper craft was a birthday card, my friend Sandy got me hooked on card making and I’m still going strong lo these many years later and no I don’t still have it I mailed the card to a friend

  • 424
    Connie P. says:

    It was a stampin up workshop and we made gift card holders out of envelopes.

  • 425
    marilyn says:

    other than making cards for my parents (still have some of them!), my first papercrafting project that I can remember was making several papier tole plaques with Precious Moments wrapping paper…cutting out the layers and gluing them with a silicone glue…they were prizes for my sister’s bridal shower in 1973…I may still have one left in my parents’ treasures.

  • 426
    Carol says:

    When my kids were little, I wanted to make them some funky matching outfits….so I guess my love for crafting started there…but the one that has stuck with me, is scrap booking. I thought heat embossing was the coolest thing ever!

  • 427
    Nina R. says:

    My mother was quite a fabric crafter but not paper. I remember my first year at school folding a origami lotus with our arts teacher to be the first time I create something with paper, love it! I do not have the first one anymore but many current ones lol~

  • 428
    Jennifer D says:

    Hmmmm… I probably started crafting with paper long before Kindergarten! I bought some of my first wood mounted stamps when I was in middle and high school. I did a “scrapbook” with one of my Great Aunt’s old scrapbooks (the kind that have manilla paper bound in them and no page protectors) early in my college years, and I remember finding excuses to buy and use the pretty paper at the craft store back when scrapbooking as we know it today was just taking off. Now, I have a whole room stocked with pretty paper and all sorts of tools to manipulate it with! πŸ™‚

  • 429
    Amy Papale says:

    My first experience papercrafting that I can remember was making the tags for my sister’s baby shower favors. My friend helped me make the tags on her Cricut, they were safety-pin die cuts attached to a tag shape. They were so cute! At the time I thought I could really get addicted to this! That was a about two and a half years ago and boy have I grown in a creative sense. I thought I would never be able to make something on my own without any kind of directions, but I was wrong. By the way, I do not still have the tag, I wish I had kept it.

  • 430
    Marty B. says:

    Scrapbooking with Creative Memories & it escalated from there. What I love is how it keeps evolving, always new products & new techniques which keeps it interesting. I still have my first project & I’m glad to say my style has evolved from there also. πŸ™‚

  • 431
    Dana Gerdes says:

    I was introduced to scrapbooking in college and have been hooked ever since. I still have those scrapbooks and I have to laugh now at those pages I thought were so cute at the time. Boy have syles changed! I am thankful to have them and the memories they bring back.

  • 432
    Barbara says:

    I embossed a card front as a make and take at a convention and I was hooked!

  • 433
    Susan P says:

    Other than the normal children’s coloring and making things in school for their parents, I really didn’t get “into” papercrafting until about 1 1/2 years ago. I can remember fighting getting involved with actual paper – choosing instead to do my scrapbooking and cardmaking digitally, mostly because I already had a huge collection of fabric from quilting and didn’t want to “accumulate” any more. But the Christmas before last, my daughters gave me some rubber stamps, and it didn’t take long before I was hooked. Something about the actual cutting and pasting things together is so gratifying. Now I have a stamping collection about as big as my fabric collection! But I love it!

  • 434
    Deborah S says:

    Thirteen years ago I went to a friend’s Stamping Up home demo and purchased my very first stamps. I still have that Snowman stamp set but alas did not keep a sample of the Christmas cards that I sent out that year.

  • 435
    Sarah M. says:

    I made a thank you card for my daughter’s incredible teacher, which led to a congrats card, which led to a crazy addiction to card-making!

  • 436
    Dawn F. says:

    I made a scrapbook when I was in high school over 25 years ago. I still have it at the bottom of the hope chect my husband made for me when we were dating 18 years ago. I’ve made many scrapbooks and cards since that time. Thanks for the memory!

  • 437
    Terri E. says:

    I made some cards at an open house and not only do I still have that set of cards, but I also have all of the measurements, supplies and steps so I could recreate it πŸ™‚

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  • 438
    marybethL. says:

    My earliest paper craft would have to be at school , Halloween time. We got to make a Halloween picture . I cut out pumpkins , black cats, and a black picket fence. Most kids colored their picture, but for some reason I wanted to cut out and paste the items instead of coloring them. I just remember how much everyone liked it , myself included. To get such a happy response from Sister Mary James , was wonderful!

  • 439
    Amber says:

    I made a wedding card for a friend! I don’t have it anymore but they do. They even wrote me a sweet card thanking me for taking the time to make them a card for their special day.

  • 440
    Kim G says:

    I did a high school yearbook album with pictures and articles from the papers and writing about them, that would be one of my first crafting with paper and didn’t realize it at the time. I do still have it, and that was a long time ago!!! Graduated in 1974!!

  • 441
    Jennifer S says:

    My first try at stamping/card making was at a MOPS meeting a friend of mine talked me into attending. She was a demo for another company and was leading the craft that day. I actually still have all 3 cards we made that day, as I just couldn’t part with them. I never would have guessed that day that I would become so hooked!!! Although now I only buy from PTI!!

  • 442
    Andrea McCulley says:

    My mind goes back as far as making cards and ornaments in grade school and Sunday school. I am wondering if my mother remembers the exact first project and I will definitely be asking her! Hopefully one of us still has it!

  • 443
    Karen James says:

    It was a baby album. God awful shape cut pictures with deco scissor trimmings. Done pre digi with one and only prints. What was I thinking? Yup. I still have it sOmewhere.

  • 444
    Natasha says:

    That’s kind of a tough question, I’ve done all sorts of arts and crafts since I was a young child. One particular project that really stands out are the first batch of Christmas cards I made using rubber stamps. My mom had ordered us a small kit from one of those monthly book clubs. It came with an idea book and about 15 stamps (rubber mounted on black thick foam). I used those stamps SO much and made so many cards that I thought were fantastic at the time. I don’t have any of the projects left, as all the items I made were used as cards and tags on gifts.

  • 445
    Laura Isham says:

    A scrapbook page of my oldest son’s birth was what made me fall in love with papercrafting. Even though I don’t find too much time to scrapbook right now, I credit scrapbooking with helping me find my creative outlet.

  • 446

    I believe my very first project was making green and red paper chains for the Christmas tree in Kindergarten. My mom may still have these in here Christmas Decoration box.

  • 447
    margaret says:

    I began papercrafting because I wanted to make my son a scrapbook for his high school graduation. My baby sister introduced me to card making several years later and I have been hooked ever since.

  • 448
    Jen R says:

    My first project was making the table place cards for my wedding. I don’t think I have any of them left! I also made a little tag for each of my favors with a hand-carved stamp (I was ambitious for my first try at papercrafting!!), and I have a few of those saved.

  • 449
    Carrie says:

    Wow, talk about making a trip to the depths of my memory with that question. Being a child of the 70’s, my first paper crafting experience was designing clothes for my paper dolls. I would spend countless hours using my purchased paper doll clothes to mix and match to design my own outfits, then meticulously design patterns and color the outfits with my colored pencils. It was a blast! Say, thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  • 450
    Jenny-Lynn says:

    My first “real” paper crafting experience was in high school (in the early 90’s) when I was given an album to document my senior year. I included photos, price tags, memorabilia and journaling in what now seems like a very basic scrapbook. My life has changed SO much since then and I am so glad that I have that scrapbook to look back on!

  • 451
    elena says:

    Maybe not my first, but my friend recently uploaded a birthday card to facebook that she had kept since we were teens – so fun to see!

  • 452
    Melissa Sibert says:

    I have always loved all things crafty, so I am sure my first paper crafting projects were in my childhood days, but I don’t have any of those projects. My return to and love of making cards and gifts from paper, stamps, and ink came when I was expecting my first child 10 years ago and my aunt made my baby shower invitations, handstamped napkins and things like that. I made my own baby announcements and it is in my son’s baby scrapbook. I sure have come a long way from those early attempts.

  • 453
    Lynne Osborn says:

    My first project was a scrapbook I started for my daughter when she started her freshman year of high school. By the end of her senior year she had 7 scrapbooks. I was hooked and I have become more obsessed with paper and accessories. Of course she still has her books along with many more.

  • 454
    Zena B. says:

    My first crafting project was making birthday invitations for my son who was turning 10. I looked in every store I could think of to find ‘store bought’ invites that were age/sex appropriate but couldn’t find anything I (or he) liked. So I decided to make my own, and the rest is history. I still have one of the invitations; it’s in his scrapbook.

  • 455
    Janelle says:

    My first experience crafting with paper that I remember was at a card table with gift wrap scraps and construction paper when I was probably 4 or 5… my mom had me making birthday cards to give to my friends at their birthday parties. I’ve dabbled in many crafty endeavors in the nearly 50 year since, but always seems to come back to paper!

  • 456
    Meghan says:

    The first paper crafting project I remember was a set of Christmas cards with a door I hand drew on the front and a bag of simmering spices inside. And no I don’t have one any more! Great release!

  • 457
    Lin says:

    Crafting with paper would include the old art of scherenschnitte, wouldn’t it? One year, maybe in the 1980’s?? I found some patterns in a woman’s magazine for small paper ornaments: snowflakes, simple angels, reindeer, etc. and then I found books of patterns at JoAnn’s. And yes, these ornaments, made of parchment paper, still go on our tree every year; I store them flat in a box and they show no signs of aging. I really like how they stand out against the green of the branches, and are illuminated by the lights.
    Fun question! It will be fun to read everyone’s answers!

  • 458
    Paula says:

    I made an 8.5×11 scrapbook of my very first two cats that I owned as an adult; I still have the album. It is hilarious to look at and to see how scrapbooking has changed through the years. I was definitely an amateur!

  • 459
    Jocelyn says:

    I was a huge sticker fan when I was a kid, and I remember making calendars with stickers. Unfortunately, I don’t have the calendars, but I do still have the fabric-covered sticker book I made when I was 8.

  • 460
    Michelle Leone says:

    I think that I’ve been crafting with paper for as long as I can remember. I loved a new box of sharp crayons and would color my paper dolls for hours. I tried origami: ah, those beautiful papers….. nope, not so good at that. I had a scrapbook when I was a teen, all about figure skaters, competitions and ticket stubs. And now, my fabric-aholic days behind me, I just collect pretty papers (and stamps)!

  • 461
    Robyn W says:

    I did a make and take at a CTMH party. It was a fall card, and I took the main image off of the card and put it in my daughter’s scrapbook.

  • 462
    Karen U says:

    What a fun question! I remember looking into scrapbooking in 1999 and decided to give it a try. I looked and looked and finally found a package of primary colored paper, die cuts (circles and stars) and a couple of frames. I worked so hard on that first page and while I was unimpressed with the final product I knew I loved the craft. I started my search for better products and am amazed each time I think of how far this industry has come since then. I still have that page and while it’s not as bad as I thought it was – it’s not good either! What a fun memory – thanks for asking!

  • 463
    Diana says:

    I have been playing with paper since I was a kid. I always loved the smell of a new box of crayons, or a pretty notebook with a pretty new pen. I think my first real paper project was a scrapbook I made when I was in High School. It is just a simple album with black pages, photo corners and a white pen. Yes, I do still have it and it is filled with wonderful memories.

  • 464
    Karen Ramsey says:

    I’m quite sure the first paper project was a paper chain that I made for the Christmas tree as a child. And no, sadly my Mom didn’t have the room to hang onto everything. What got me started in paper crafting as an adult was when my aunt showed me how to emboss Christmas tags and I fell in love!! I may have a few of these hidden somewhere!

  • 465
    Lisa J says:

    I cannot remember my first project, but I wanted to post anyway… I just LOVE everything about this release!! Thanks for the chance!

  • 466
    Barbra says:

    I was introduced to stampin by a “Stampin Up” demo back in the mid 1990’s I think. So the 1st papercrafting I ever did was a card. I honestly do not remember the card I made but I’m sure it probably was a birthday card. I tried getting into scrapbooking also but just don’t seem to get the time. I love making cards or should I say it’s an addiction!

  • 467
    Tanya says:

    I have been crafting with paper for as long as I can remember. I am 36 years old and my mom just gave me a box of paper crafts that I made as a child – everything from a hand illustrated book about kittens to Christmas stockings. Thanks for all the inspiration this month.

  • 468
    Laura Fitzgerald says:

    I went to a card-making party over ten years ago, and I loved it so much, I bought my first stamp set the same day!

  • 469
    Leigh Ann R. says:

    I had a friend (co-teacher) who was a Stampin Up demonstrator as well. I offered to have a party for her – and fell in love with stamping. I don’t know where those early projects went – probably (proudly) sent to relatives. By today’s standards they were a little primitive…but they were made with heart. πŸ™‚

  • 470
    Anna says:

    When I was a little girl (around grade 3), my class made paper ornaments for the tree. It’s difficult to explain, but we cut circles out of paper, cut shapes into them and rolled them around pencils, then stacked the circles and pulled/pierced them with string, to make 3D ‘balls’. It was such great fun. I don’t have it anymore but it is a fond memory, and something I plan on doing with my daughter when she gets older.

  • 471
    Nica R. says:

    I’ve always been into paper crafting and have always had a thing for pretty papers. I have a lot of paper projects from my childhood but I can’t really remember what was first, and I’m sure I don’t have everything I’ve created. It wasn’t until my son was born that I got into scrapbooking and card making… and I’m loving it more and more with each project!

  • 472
    Julie E says:

    1995 My best friend gave me a couple stamps, ink pads, embossing powder and a heat gun as a Birthday gift. She is not the overly crafty type, but she knew that I enjoyed trying all types of crafting. I have been paper crafting ever since!

  • 473
    Meagan says:

    My first experience was with a store bought scrapbook kit. I put the kit together with picutes of my niece and nephew for my inlaws and haven’t looked back since. However, I’ve graduated a bit from store bought kits : )

  • 474
    Ivy says:

    I have always enjoyed working with paper and remember cutting stars out of gold foil from chocolate bar wrappers with my grandmother.I was at a stamping party about 23 years ago and got hooked into a world where I can create everyday with an industry that keeps getting better and better thanks to people like you.

  • 475
    Karin says:

    I have only been stamping and scrapbooking for three years and I am absolulely addicted. My very first project was a 12×12 page for my daughter;s wedding album. Yes, she still has it along with several others I have created for her.

  • 476
    Stephanie W. says:

    My first experience papercrafting was making a Hawai’i scrapbook when my friends and I went there in college. I do still have it, but I’ll be honest that my style is so different now that I wish I could redo it LOL. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful release.

  • 477

    Well, I won’t go back to childhood, because that was toooo long ago, but as an adult, I guess it must have been a card after seeing some SU! samples. I bought a bunch of inks and stamps and started playing around with them. It’s likely that I still have it sitting around somewhere.

  • 478
    Jamie Nania says:

    My first experience was really with scrapbooking about 10 years ago. My sister was doing a monthly crop and I was babysitting her son but decided to get in on the fun! I’ve been hooked ever since. My first scrapbook pages were of my nephew who is now 16.

  • 479

    Gosh I really can’t remember when it was, but I do remember as a child (many, many years ago)making hand-made Valentine cards for my friends in elementary school. Unfortunately I no longer have any of them. Years later I attempted to make a scrap book of my Senior Trip to New York City (on a bus, with my mother as a chaperon) I do still have the scrapbook, but it is a far cry from today’s creations, but I still treasure it.

  • 480
    Kathy says:

    My next door neighbor invited me to a card making party years ago. I made a few cards and was instantly hooked on paper crafting. I used the cards but now wish I had kept at least one of them!

  • 481
    1LuvnMama says:

    My first experience with paper crafting was as a little child. Being of Asian descent, we did a lot of “origami” paper crafting from balls, to animals, to boxes, etc. I haven’t saved them I suppose because I knew I could make more at any time! πŸ™‚ Thank you for a wonderful release and can’t wait to PURCHASE!!!

  • 482
    Lisa S. says:

    I have been scrapbooking with found objects for as long as I can remember. I made my first book in 3rd grade with constuction paper and glue. I always loved paper and glue.

  • 483
    Becki W says:

    When I was a kid I would use my mom’s stamps. I still have this one card. I used an Easter egg stamp all along the bottom and colored each one in and nothing else. To this day when I look at it, it makes me smile.

  • 484
    Kristy says:

    It’s hard to think of my first project! I know for paper crafting as an adult, my first project was my wedding invitations. I still have them and it’s been years and I can see how much I’ve grown as a paper crafter!

  • 485
    Sue Lelli says:

    My first paper experience was at a home party and we made scrapbook pages. Of course I have these pages and love looking at them ~ especially since I like seeing how far I have progressed. I LOVE learning new things and techniques and LOVE PTI’s Make It Mondays along with all of the Fabulous product! Thank you PTI for giving me such joy every month!

  • 486
    margaret says:

    I got into scrapbooking out of necessity about 10 years ago, but stayed in it because I love it!

  • 487
    Leslie Murphy says:

    My first scrapbook was given to me for a Christmas gift in 1998. I was a senior in high school and used it to document my senior year. Of course I still have it!

  • 488
    Dana says:

    I’m pretty sure that my first papercrafting project was a scrapbook page of my first child’s birth. It lay around half finished for a few years before I finally got the guts to try and finish it! I def still have it! πŸ˜‰

  • 489
    Banu H says:

    My First paper crafting project was a hand made greeting card that I did for my husband for valentine’s day. He still has it with him. πŸ™‚ My style and creativity has evolved quite a bit since then. πŸ™‚ But nothing like the first project you made yourself πŸ™‚

  • 490
    PatPW says:

    My mother introduced me to all things creative at a very young age. Paper was always abundant in our home for drawing, writing, coloring, etc so there was a lot of papercrafting. Not sure this was my first but at 9 years old, I made paper dolls and clothes with my Mom. It was awesome! This was before acid free paper so it did not withstand the test of time. I love paper and all you can do with it.

  • 491
    Priscilla Heistad says:

    I made a super cute scrapbook for my mom. It was Grandma’s ABCs with photos of her and my girls for every letter of the alphabet. I don’t have it, but she still does!

  • 492

    My first paper project was my wedding album, of course I still have it and treasure it deeply.

  • 493
    Elena says:

    The earliest memory of crafting are these Winnie the Pooh foam backed stamps I had. I treasured those stamps and still have them today to pass on to my kids :). I also made my own envelopes to go with the little cards I made πŸ™‚

  • 494
    Susan says:

    My very, very first crafting project with paper was a tissue paper flower. My aunt was babysitting us kids and showed me how to make a poufy pom pom type flower. I was instantly hooked. I loved working with my hands and creating something 3-D out of flat tissue paper. My love affair for creating 3-D objects out of flat paper continues 35+ years later. And I love it!!

  • 495
    TammyButz says:

    The first thing that came to mind was making tissue paper flowers at a “crafting for kids” event in my hometown. It was where you cut circles of tissue papers, crinkle them, stack them smallest to largest and stick a pipe cleaner in the middle to create the stem.

    I don’t have them anymore. But, I did share this with my daughters a few years ago.

  • 496
    Elizabeth S. says:

    Actually I am sure my first projects with paper would be in grade school. I wish I did have a few of them. Unfortunately with different moves they weren’t kept.

  • 497
    Denise says:

    I started stamping with my aunt when I was 14… we would make Christmas cards full of glitter and eyelets. Lol. I still have several of the cards she would make and send to me on special occasions. The memories we made stamping together at the kitchen table are priceless and have led me down such an incredible path!!

  • 498
    kimberli_proctor@hotmail.com says:

    I scraped my high school prom with my boyfriend at the time, turned out to be gay, imagine that. It’s still on my shelf!

  • 499
    Kim Faucher says:

    My first stamping experience was creating my sons birth announcements. I bought a stamp, and embossed it with pastel powder but didn’t realize I needed it to melt completely.
    Yes I still have it and some powder still loosely falls off it! LOL

  • 500

    My first serious papercrafting project was making my wedding invitations (nearly 8 years ago). I still have one, but I cringe at it! There are so many fantastic products around now, it would look very different if I did it again.

  • 501
    Laura :) says:

    Well, when I was a child, my sisters and I used to always make homemade cards for our parents. After I became an adult, it was when I started scrapbooking after I had my first child. I’ve always loved everything about papercrafting πŸ™‚

  • 502
    Janie C says:

    My first paper project was making a card for a co-worker’s birthday because I forgot to buy one. With some paper I had at home from a stationary kit that I never used, I made an awesome card. After seeing what I made and feeling excited about making more cards, I went to Michaels that weekend and purchased some patterned paper and my first stamp. When I gave the card to my co-worker, everyone ooohed and aawwwed and I knew I stumbled upon something really cool. Now I am the card-lady for all work related cards!

  • 503
    Rebecca says:

    If you dont count the cards I used to make my mum when I was a kid (which she still has – made with color pens) my next experience was going to a Scrapbooking Fair with a friend where I made a make and take at a stand, we stamped flowers on the background, a sentiment, and stamped a butterfly and cut it out. I was so excited to come home and show my husband. I still have it – it was what spurred me on to get addicted to the craft.

  • 504
    Kristy says:

    Mine was a scrapbook page of our vacation. I took a beginner class about 10 years ago and that’s what we made. I do still have it in our album.

  • 505
    Barbara says:

    I made a paper tole Christmas scene at least 30 years ago and I do still have it.

  • 506
    Nancy says:

    When I was growing up the crafts projects I remember making were with fabric rather than paper. The first paper crafting project I recall are Valentine’s Day cards that I made with my daughter about 19 or 20 years ago. Sadly, I didn’t save one… of Brianna’s or mine.

  • 507
    LouAnn V. says:

    My first crafting experience was trying to scrapbook my honeymoon pictures. I had no idea what I was doing and looking at those pages now makes me cringe.

  • 508
    Brenda says:

    My first experience with crafting was heat embossing. I was with my two friends who had been trying to get me to join them in making cards and I just wasn’t interested. I finally joined them one Sunday afternoon and when I saw that heat embossing I never looked back. I think I have become more of a craft nut than my friends ever were! I still have the card and I am still in love with heat embossing…and ever other tool used for crafting!!

  • 509
    Makalah says:

    Beyond things I made with my collection of stickers and crayons, it would be a card-making party that a friend invited me to. It’s where I learned about stamps, chalks, Versamark, heat embossing, and so much more in one day! I may have been the last to finish and didn’t have time to shop, but I was HOOKED!

  • 510

    I don’t remember my very first experience, but I do remember making Thanksgiving turkeys in Kindergarden by tracing my hand! I’m sure my mother has it somewhere as she can’t bear to throw anything away that her children have made!

  • 511
    Redhedly says:

    My first experience as an adult was making freezer paper stenciled onesies as an activity for my sister-in-law’s baby shower. I think that she still has them. I still have pictures!

  • 512
    Erica M. says:

    I can’t even remember what my first paper craft project was, but whatever it was, I bet I still have it somewhere! I do remember an early paper craft project that I made my senior year in high school. We had to write a poem and I made a collage to go along with the one I wrote. I still have it, too!

  • 513
    Cynde says:

    I made a funny little paper ornament for my mom to hang on our Christmas tree. I was 5, but still have it. She saved all our cute firsts , Love all the releases,,, Another month off the charts!

  • 514
    Misa says:

    I made my first birthday card by drawing a rootbeer float in a mug on the front with colored pencils. I was 10 yrs. old & gave it to a classmate for her birthday. Then I sold 5 more for $.35 each.

  • 515
    Stephanie O. says:

    I was sitting next to a demonstrator for a stamp company while our kids were at hockey practice and she invited me to a stamp camp the following weekend. I accepted and fell in love! That was 9 years ago, I made a congratulation card for my son for making the travel team, and yes I still have it. I just recently scrapped the pictures and the card along with it!

  • 516
    AllysonA. says:

    I was at a ladies’ group meeting for our local church, and they were making cards that night. This was about 8 or 9 years ago, so the cards were so very basic – a piece of patterned paper, a hand-drawn (or computer generated) sentiment on a small block of cardstock, not even a half sheet of cardstock folded for a card, more like a postcard – very plain and boring, now that I look back on it. And now that I see what the papercrafting world looks like nowadays! But that’s where I started, and it’s developed into my #1 hobby of choice today. πŸ˜‰ Thanks so much for a fun release, and for all the beautiful inspiration. Can’t wait to start playing with new product in a week or so!

  • 517
    Janet says:

    Gosh, I was endlessly presenting my parents and friends with drawings and little projects as a child. An early crafty project more typical of what I like to make now, was a photo collage of my high school chums. As well as the photos I included ticket stubs, postcards and other little mementos, along with my own doodling. I framed it and had it on my bedroom wall for years. At the time it was very hip and cool, but it does make me cringe a little now (and not just because of my 80’s hair!).

  • 518
    Tamara W says:

    I remember, as a little girl, sitting at my grandmothers kitchen table with a pack of colored construction paper and stick glue. She cut the strips of paper and I glued the rings together making garland for the Christmas tree. I would LOVE to have it now. . . πŸ™‚ Great Release!!

  • 519
    CindyC says:

    I made a scrapbook for my baby (who just turned 8!) It was such a labor of love…never finished it, but I still have it. It’s funny to look back now because that was during the “sticker” trend! So dated!

  • 520
    Melissa F says:

    My first project was a full album of my trip to Europe. It was overwhelming and took a couple of months but I loved it have been hooked since! It sits with my other 8 albums I’ve made since (not counting the 5 I’ve made as gifts).

  • 521
    charityc says:

    I’ve always liked making things! I don’t remember my very first project. I do remember my first major project was wedding programs for a friend. I really liked them, and had fun making them!!

  • 522

    I was invited by a friend to a creative memories get together and was hooked. The page is still in my scrapbook, but my tecnique has certainly changed.

  • 523
    Kristen Cohen says:

    My first project was a scrapbook I made for my mom. Looking back – its terrible! (think old-skool scrapping!) but my mom loved it and I am CERTAIN she still has it πŸ™‚

  • 524
    Renee says:

    I embossed everything! My early cards were simply folded one layer with an embossed (and usually colored in) image. Very different from my style now. For me the great part of this hobby (obsession!) is how it keeps evolving–there is always something new. Thank you for the opportunity and inspiration. love, r

  • 525
    Tanya says:

    My paper project was a doll house made from a box. I cut out windows and made paper curtains and a paper rug for the floor. There were also little paper circles for the plates that I decorated. I have no idea what happened to it.


  • 526
    Jennifer V says:

    My very first project was a scrapbook page of my sweet dog when he was a puppy. I still have it and who would’ve ever guessed that one page would lead me to a dedicated craft room and a major paper craft addiction!?! I wouldn’t change it. Thanks for the wonderful products and inspiration.

  • 527

    My very first paper crafting experience was making a card when I was in university. I met a lady who made cards, held classes in her home and sold cardstock and rubber stamps. I was hooked the moment I first folded that paper. I made a birthday card for a friend and I hope she still has it now to remember how very special she was and still is to me. I have been a card maker ever since, I love anything paper crafty–scrapbooks, altered items, books and cards. But, cards are hands down my favourite.

  • 528
    Kris Prokopec says:

    I think the first serious papercraft project would be a scrapbooking project I made out of college. I do have it buried somewhere in my crafting stash! I have loved papercrafting ever since.

  • 529
    Tara Boston says:

    Great question! My 1st paper crafting experience that I remember creating on my own was actually a scrapbook! I was 8 years old and I had been looking through my grandma’s scrapbook (my dad’s mom who had passed before I was born)and I was amazed that she glued in greeting cards, receipts, matchbooks, photos, and had even hand cut embellishments from paper and magazines to serve as embellishments. I was so thrilled to look at her book and “pieces of her”. My dad was one of 5 boys and I have been told that she always wanted a daughter or granddaughter- sadly she passed before I was born and never knew about me. I felt and instant connection to her through her scrapbooks. That day I asked my mom to take me to the store and I bought – with my allowance- a big, long black craft paper scrapbook – bound with twine and cardboard cover. I loved it and I actually still have packed away somewhere! I have been scrapbooking ever since!

  • 530
    Ang says:

    When I was a teenager I started my first scrapbook. This was long ago, well before the hobby we now know as acrapbooking started. I remember a few pages of items but I never stuck with it. I think that I felt my life was just not exciting enough to warrent a complete scrapbook?. I have no idea where that book is now.

  • 531
    Helen says:

    I remember making little accessories to go with my Sunshine Family (sort of like hippie Barbies!) out of paper. They would “travel” the country in their camper and “sell” the things they “made.” I still have some of the cards I made for them and the accessories I made, too. I also have some things I made for my parents when I was very small…and I am 46 now!

    Thank you again for the opportunity to win!

  • 532
    Wendy Gilbertson says:

    I guess we all played with paper in pre-school! However, the first time I actually did any “paper” work on my own was when I was 16. I went on a trip across Canada to visit an Uncle and Aunt. It was my first time on an airplane and pretty much the first time I had been out of my home town. I saved every little thing that wasn’t bolted down and made my first scrap book. I took a ton of photos and kept them all (after all, in those days, you had to pay for every print) Yes, I still have it, although I haven’t looked at it for years!!!!

  • 533
    Alice Lukasik says:

    My first crafting experience was in grammar school back in the 1960’s. The nuns in school thought I was such a gifted artist that they had me creating all the bulletin boards in the school. Now instead of doing bulletin boards, I make scrapbooks and cards. I kept some of my original artwork for many years, however, it eventually found its way into the trash.

  • 534
    Maria Dearmore says:

    It was many years ago. I have two children twelve years apart, boy and girl. So I made scrapbooks for each of them to get when they are older(very old) This way they each can see and remember each other when each was a child. I still have them, they are in my safety deposit box.

  • 535
    Cynthia Burke says:

    I designed and made paper doll clothes as a child. My paper dolls had beds, pets and wardrobes to hold their clothes too. What fun that was!

  • 536
    Maryanne Degiorgio says:

    I started cross stitching which lead to putting the cross stitch as a card front. I still have the first card I made. My crafting has snowballed since that time and I do all different types of craft now

  • 537
    Pam D. from MI says:

    I remember my dad and I making folded stars for our christmas tree. And no I didn’t keep one, nor do I remember how to make them, but it was a wonderful together time.

  • 538
    Jan L says:

    I’ve been paper crafting for years. I remember cutting up catalogs and magazines as a little girl and making wish books with the pictures.

  • 539
    Ann says:

    I first remember making scrapbook pages decorated with pictures cut from old calendars. No I don’t still have any of them as I always made things to give to someone as a gift.

  • 540
    Linda Suarez says:

    My first scrapbook page – September 1997. My daughter had dragged into a “sticker store.” The owners had some of their own scrapbook albums sitting on the counter. I was hooked right then and there. Yes, I still have it!

  • 541
    kathy says:

    That would have to be making the hand cut paper snowflakes, as a child. I don’t even know if I remember how to do it now, and I didn’t save any from the past.

  • 542
    Suzanne Mooney says:

    Many years ago I travelled to Rome with a friend as she was getting married over there. I kept every ticket,every tourist flyer, even down to the sugar packets. We kept everything could put our hands on. I had never heard of scrapbooking at the time, but I knew I wanted to create something with these keepsakes. I made two identical 12 x 12 pages, one for her and one for me. We both still have them framed and on our walls.

  • 543
    Joyce W. says:

    When I was about six or seven, I copied from my older sister and made a tiny frog with one-side-grossly-green paper. I remembered it was a sunny afternoon and there was a happy child with a jumping frog. Now, thirty years later, my older daughter is able to show my younger one how to make a jumping frog, of course, with mommy’s fancy designer papers.

  • 544
    Heather P. says:

    My first experience with paper crafting was back in 1994. A friend made me a thank you card with a cute rubber stamp and I was smitten! 1994 was a long (!) time ago and I do not remember what I first made.

  • 545
    Jen Carter says:

    I made scrapbooks way back in Junior High and I do still have them. Of course I cut out my pictures and used rubber cement to attach them, but I do still have them! LOL!!

  • 546
    Elle says:

    This isn’t a papercraft, but the earliest craft I remember creating was painting a ceramic Christmas ornament. Back then, ceramics were very “hip” and it was a hobby of my mom’s, so naturally I had to “help” her. I was so proud of this ornament and she has it with all of her Christmas ornaments to this day. I always love it at Christmas time when I get to go through her ornaments and find this one….it brings back such fond memories.

  • 547
    Cara B. says:

    The first one I remember was in kindergarten when we made paper chains for the Christmas tree. I loved cutting up the paper but was not so fond of gluing the strips together. This was also one of the first projects I did with both my girls. Unfortunately none of the chains survived but we have great pictures and wonderful memories. Maybe some day…waaaaayyyy…in the future I will make paper chains with my grandchildren…although they might be a little more fancy. πŸ˜‰

  • 548
    Breeonna Delaire says:

    Goodness, that’s a tough question! I’d have to think back to my childhood. My beautiful mother introduced me to the crafty-lifestyle when I was very young and I’ve been hooked ever since. My style and interests have undoubtably changed over the years but my love remains. My mom and I used to stamp and color our images with colored pencils. I’m sure she still has a few of my handmade cards (if she looked really hard). Wouldn’t that be a wonderful trip down memory lane?

  • 549

    A friend dragged me to a Stamping Up party that I went to reluctantly and here I am hundreds of stamp sets later! I’m sure we did a make and take card. I probably still have it!

  • 550
    Kathleen Pennington says:

    I took a card class and stamped for the first time. I was terrible –however, I was determined to eventually succeed. I don’t have the first disaster but have many memories of later successes.

  • 551
    jeanc says:

    I was around 12 or 13 and my grandpa was in the hospital. So I took some little paper nut cups and colored them with a yellow marker and cut out yellow construction paper petals and assembled them with a pipe cleaner stem to make daffodils. I was so pleased to see that they came home with him and my grandma kept them in a little vase in her china hutch for a long time. (long after everyone else’s real floral arrangements were gone and forgotten)

  • 552
    Tammy W. says:

    My first experience was with Close to My Heart products. I made Christmas tags and do not have them, but do still have the stamp! :o)

  • 553
    kathleena says:

    Wow interesting question. I remember pretty much all my life making paper based projects. Paper mache animals, christmas ornaments, and cards for my parents as a kid. My first recollection of a paper project as an adult would have to be handmade invitations for a holiday open house, the year I bought my first house. I used purchased cards, and stamped a santa stamp and a you’re invited stamp on the front and hand wrote the invitation inside. I still have one of the invitations, and the stamps I used. That was in 1990 – wow, how time flies! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  • 554

    Well, besides all the things you do in school, I guess the first thing I remember making on my own was a slumber party invitation. I made the invitation out of hand cut sleeping masks, with a pattern on one side & the information on the other side. Even punched holes on the sides & put some kind of elastic string through. I was pretty proud of myself! And no, I don’t still have it. Gave out all the invites. I’ve learned since then to keep a piece of my work.

  • 555
    Diana K says:

    I know for sure that my first “creative” paper project was handmade paper dolls. My sister and I made whole families of paper dolls and each doll came with an extensive wardrobe. Each family was stored in its own proper shoebox, but they are all long gone.

  • 556
    Anita says:

    I think my first cardmaking projects must have been handmade Christmas cards and birthday cards when I was 15 maybe….don’t have any of those still. My first real scrapbooking experience is when I tried to scrapbook my trip through Europe….about 10 years later. I was so scared to cut the photos or glue them down! Those albums I still have. Fun to look at and see the changes and what’s available now.

  • 557
    Jennifer M. says:

    I think my first was making my husband an anniversary card about 4 yrs ago. I did not know what I was doing or how to do anything LOL I stamped a fluffles stamp ad colored it in. It did not turn out very well, but my husband loved it anyway πŸ™‚

  • 558

    My first experience crafting was back in 2005 when I attempted to make special cards for foster children for a special camp that my church hosts. Let me tell you that they were not that pretty πŸ™‚ ha ha, but it was the meaning behind that mattered :). I still have some left over that I have kept in shoe box, every once in a while i looks at them and smile πŸ™‚

  • 559
    Julie fiehler says:

    I kept a scrapbook while I was in high school, but my first real project was at a Creative Memories party.

  • 560
    Melissa Ladd says:

    I’m not really sure…probably some type of book that I made as a child.

    So excited about the new goodies this month!

  • 561
    Kelly English says:

    Can’t remember if this was my first project, but I remember making paper houses during the summer break as a child. They would have doors that would open and close and when you opened them there would be a drawn person there.

  • 562
    Sheila says:

    My first paper project was making cards doing embossing. I do still have a few of the pieces that were embossed when making those. It’s so great to not have to do all that embossing by hand these days. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 563
    Kari D says:

    My first project was to make stationery for my mother. She went to Florida every winter and I made stationery for her with an embossed shell, very tone on tone. She no longer is able to go to Florida, but I bet if I looked hard enough in her house there would be a couple of those cards hidden away! πŸ˜‰

  • 564
    Elena Lin says:

    I remember making little origami shapes when I was in grade school – we would make little gifts to exchange with our friends. I don’t have them anymore. But I remember spending recess with a bunch of girls making cool things with paper!

  • 565
    Darlene L says:

    Well my first papercraft work used paper cone shaped drinking cups glued together in a ball shape and then Christmas balls were placed in the cup. Hard to describe, but I remember being really proud of it. I must have been in the mid teens. And yes, my Mom still has it, she doesn’t display it anymore but will no get rid of it.

  • 566
    Chasity says:

    My first paper crafting project was a scrapbook page for my daughter’s first day of kindergarten and I still have it. I have come a long way in 5 years.

  • 567
    Joni Kix says:

    I made a scrapbook of our family reunion… and yep! I still have it!

  • 568
    Michele says:

    The first papercraft project I remember creating was a western town out of construction paper. I contructed buildings and then glued down dime store plastic cowboys (being a child of the 70’s). I remember the saloon having swinging doors. My Mom thought it was so wonderful that I should bring it into school. I believe I gave it to my teacher.

  • 569
    Stacy says:

    Paper snowflakes in elementary school! I remember loving how easy it was to transform a simple piece of white paper. Unfortunately they are long gone though…. πŸ™‚

  • 570
    Sarah Jay says:

    I stamped bookmarks as a kid. The bookmarks are long gone after 25+ years, but I still have one of the stamps I used.

  • 571
    tina b says:

    Like every other little girl, I liked to color with Crayolas…always staying inside the lines, of course. The best coloring books were the ones with very detailed pictures. When I tired of my box of 64, I decided to use colored construction paper to paper-piece the pictures in my coloring books. Measuring and cutting paper was much more of a challenge than coloring with my Crayolas. It was probably close to the year 1970, I was five years old…and it was the beginning of my paper-crafting hobby and addiction to colorful papers!

  • 572
    Tessa says:

    I have crafted since I can remember! I was in 4-H and learned to cross stitch and cake decorate and have always loved art and drawing and photography! I can remember as early as 6th grade cutting up pictures and putting memorabilia with it and writing about it. I still have a few of those early projects, er my mom does! My first official scrapbook was 7 1/2 years ago and yes I still have it, It’s of my oldest son!

  • 573
    JoAnn Borella says:

    My very first paper project was when I was a child. I learned how to make paper carnations out of Klenex Tissue. I was 7 or eight and when I learned and I couldn’t
    stop making them. My sister and I would wear them in our hair and make believe
    they were broaches, pretend wedding bouquets. So much fun

  • 574
    Nancy L. says:

    Its been almost 14 yrs since my first scrapbook page. i was in high school & i made from a kit of all Kim Anderson goodies πŸ™‚ glad i made it!!

  • 575
    June C says:

    Five years ago I wanted an excuse to get together with my girlfriends so I started a craft club. Someone brought their stamping stash and I was instantly hooked. After that night I didn’t see my dining room table for weeks. Soon I took over my husband’s exercise room and made it into my craft room. I have to admit that I am obsessed with paper crafts.

  • 576
    Diana Ferralli says:

    My first experience with paper crafting was making a card. I have to admit that looking back, I’ve seen better, but I was pretty proud of that card anyway. I gave it to a relative and don’t know if they still have it.

  • 577
    Deb Else says:

    My first project was a scrapbook when I was in high school and yes I still have it. It was on basic kraft paper, nothing like what I scrapbook with today & I used plain tape. Looking back at it now, the tape is yellowed along with the papers and pictures saved, but it still holds together.

  • 578
    Ann says:

    Back when I was in 4-H I learned how to quill and made my mom a really pretty flower wall hanging. I don’t have it but she does!

  • 579
    Janell says:

    My first paper crafting project was a scrapbook for high school. I still have this scrapbook and it needs to be redone, because I used construction paper, scotch tape and all those other unsafe products that I had at home. This is before all the new archival safe products and before scrapbooking was cool. I have always loved paper crafting, well any crafting in general.

  • 580
    cassie says:

    I don’t remember my first crafting with paper experience – that would be back in kindergarten I imagine – but I DO remember the first time I saw heat embossing. I was in college and for a semester shared an apartment with an art magor. She heat embossed using our stove (which I worried about – fire and all you know) but was in awe of the whole process of little grains of “stuff” becoming a solid raised line. it was my first experience with stamping!

  • 581
    Lori Kistler says:

    A dear friend came to town and stayed with me. She brought her stamps to show me and that was all she wrote. I have been hooked ever since. It was so long ago they were just ‘Roll Arounds’ and plain rubber stamps were hard to come by. No such thing as a computer then. I do still have those stamps but the paper is probably dust by now. lol

  • 582
    Laurel S says:

    Oh gosh, I have always crafted with my mom and we used any medium. The ‘first’ paper crafted project that I can remember is probably a card.

  • 583
    Necola says:

    My first papercraft project was a scrapbook page. At my girlfriend’s bridal shower, we each created a layout. I documented the time she was driving us to work and ran a red light. She was telling me all about the great date she had the night before. (Now they are married) She treasures that scrapbook from her friends.

  • 584
    Linda Richmond says:

    I guess I’d be another one who did the paper chains for the Christmas tree. And no, it’s long gone. I’ve been scrapbooking for 12 years. I only began to make cards a little over two years ago. I was afraid of stamping until I started to visit Papertrey Ink. Nicole, thanks for all you’ve taught me!!

  • 585
    Stephanie W says:

    I’ve always been crafty. I loved making posters and projects in school, so I think that was where my papercrafting started. I began scrapbooking in high school, too.

  • 586
    Odette says:

    My mother used to sew at home when I was a little girl, I was like 7 years old by then. And while she was sewing on her Regina Sew Machine, I was making the new designs clothes for my dolls, on papers, so she made them when having some free time. Those were sweet times, and I always loved papers, cutting and designing. I still do it, that’s something that’s inside me, it’s part of me.
    I still have some of those designs I made, and makes me feel good, because it takes me to those times πŸ™‚

  • 587
    Katie Gehring says:

    I recall in grade school whenever someone was out of school ill for a few days, everyone in class would make a card for that person wishing him or her to feel better soon. The cards were gathered and sent to the sick person’s home in a large manila envelope. I broke my arm in second grade and missed a week of school because I was in traction. As a result, I was the lucky recipient of such an envelope. It amazed me how much love and joy could be contained on pieces of construction paper folded in half. I still have the set of cards from my classmates and years later, looking through those cards still makes me smile.

  • 588
    Jana Van Sistine says:

    Making bunny ears and whiskers out of the Sunday paper as a kid. πŸ™‚

    I did make “scrapbooks” in college for the pledging members of our sorority, I used construction paper and glue sticks.

  • 589
    Dianne Johnson says:

    I grew up in Japan and learned origami, the art of paper folding, there when I was in elementary school. I still like to do this, but I didn’t save any of those pieces from so long ago.

  • 590
    Suzi Foster says:

    I started painting and drawing in pre-school! I would make cards and crafts for my parents and siblings. My dad still has some on display in his home office. Hilarious! I stopped for years and started again when I discovered Papertrey a couple of years ago! Thank you so much for inspiring me to do it all over again!

  • 591
    Carol says:

    My grandma was very crafty and always had me involved in her crafts. I think I first remember doing decoupage followed by those 3-D effect pictures (can’t remember what they were called)with her. Fond memories of a very special lady in my life.

  • 592
    Angela Lemmons says:

    I remember making a box that looked like a watch out of a round grits box and construction paper when I was very young. It was cute, but I’d say my mom got rid of it a long time ago!

  • 593
    Marsha says:

    I was invited to a Stampin’ Up party in 1999 and have been hooked on stamping ever since. The first project was a winter scene of a snowman on the cover of a small notepad. Made them as gifts that Christmas. I still have it as a rememberance of my first experience of stamping!

  • 594
    Lori says:

    The first card I remember making was a baby card for a friend, I added heavy little tiles, good thing I didn’t have to mail it! πŸ™‚

  • 595
    Leanne Oxley says:

    My first ‘real’ experience with crafting was when I was studying at University 18 years ago. I went along to a stamping class with a good friend of mine and I LOVED every minute. It was one of those moments when I realised that stamping was ‘me’. It was everything that made me feel good, it inspired me and allowed me to get lost in the creativity and joy of making something for someone else. I still love every minute of it!

  • 596
    Laurie W. says:

    My first paper projects that I remember making were mother’s day cards years ago! My mom kept them and so its fun to see my first cards! Now I keep all of my dd’s cards! It will be fun to give them back to her one day!

  • 597
    LaurieJ says:

    If you don’t count paper crafts that I made WAY back in elementary school, my first project was the Easter cards that I made just 2 years ago. I sent all of those out, but I know that my parents still have theirs.

  • 598
    Susan Coan says:

    It was probably more than 15 years ago at a “home stamping party” and I have been hooked ever since. Things have definitely changed in the stamping world for the better and they continue to do so. Wish I still had the project so I could compare. So grateful for PTI.

  • 599
    Mel Tallman says:

    I have been obsessed with paper since I was a wee one. Mom would tell of stories of how I could keep myself entertained for hours with just a few pieces of paper in a corner (I think she might have been a little concerned). Then when I was a teenager I couldn’t get enough of office supplies and soon I had a job working at Office Depot. I would make invites and signs with little incentive. I had made my birth announcement for my first dog and my first born, but that they were digital. It wasn’t until I sat down to do my first scrapbooking page that all seemed to be right, not the page, it was terrible, but I finally found the perfect medium for my creative release and documentation of my emotions. I do still have that page and I am so grateful for the craft which allows me to express myself on such a deep level. Card making is right in the middle, I find that I have a level of creativity that needs to be released more often than I have time to scrapbook, card making is the perfect release. Not sure if I would be sane without it.
    As always thank you for the chance to win such amazing prizes.

  • 600
    Sara Parker says:

    My first experience was 6 years ago, our first Christmas as a married couple. I took the chance and made Christmas cards for the neighbors in our new neighborhood. I used my die cutting machine that I bought having no idea what I was getting into!

  • 601
    Carole E. says:

    A scrapbook page at a home party that a friend invited me to. I was hooked instantly and bought a ton of products. I still have the page and boy is is ugly!

  • 602
    Debbie Titus says:

    I was NOT going to get caught up in paper crafting. I had too many other hobbies I loved and spent hours at. But it just kept catching my eye….no no you CANNOT
    do one more thing. Then I took a class in card making…all the supplies were provided. You had nothing to lose. I was hooked. I loved the instant gratification of paper..and after all it was just paper..a do over was no problem. I have so enjoyed paper scissors glue etc., etc., etc. No I don’t have my original project…but I love my time spent in my paper room.

  • 603
    Suzy Girl says:

    Ok, now you are aging me. I believe my first scrapbook I did was in high school but I don’t remember what it was on. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • 604
    Ali says:

    I first started making cards when I was in college…my cousin introduced me to stamping…and I was hooked! I then started making encouragement cards for some of the girls that lived in my dorm. I do have a couple of them still, as a reminder, and when I look at them I realize how far I’ve come in my card-making abilities! πŸ™‚ I’m amazed that I thought some of them looked good at the time! ha! Thanks for making me take a walk down memory lane! πŸ™‚

  • 605
    Kathy Hering says:

    My first project was a card, nope I don’t have it any more. I make cards usually when needed and only have a few extra on hand.

  • 606
    Alyssa S says:

    Cards at a stampin up party…and no, I don’t think I still have them

  • 607
    Gina says:

    My first paper crafts were cards I made when I was a little kid. I made them with construction paper and crayons and markers. My dad encourage me by telling me they were good enough to sell, so I developed a name for my budding business that was a pun on my last name and started thinking of marketing plans πŸ™‚ It was a while until I paper crafted again with a friend as an adult, but I took immediately to card making when I did!

  • 608
    Noreen says:

    The first paper crafting project I made in recent years was a Squash Book. It was easy and fun and that pretty much hooked me.

  • 609
    Kirsty says:

    A group was together and one of the activities was making greeting cards. I made a Thanksgiving card & a Christmas card. Yep, I still have both of them.

  • 610
    Antoinette says:

    When I was in probably 3rd grade I made my own food journal for a project we were working on. I decorated each page, drew pictures, the whole thing. This wasn’t the first papercrafting project I made I am sure, but it is the first I have a memory of!

  • 611
    Kathyellen says:

    Mine was the paper chains from gum wrappers and of course origami in Girl Scouts. But didn’t start cardmaking until just 6 years ago.

  • 612
    Leilani says:

    I think the first time I made a paper craft was a Valentine Card I made for a friend of mine. She loathed Valentine’s Day (Can you believe that? How were we friends?). I made her a black valentine card….a large black heart. She actually got such a kick out of it. I probably said something like Happy Un-Valentine’s Day.

  • 613
    Janet says:

    I had been a red hatter and one of our members had a stamping event. I was hooked. Our demonstrator was stamping up and we made a number of red hat items. I haven’t stopped since then. It was January 2005.

  • 614
    Jennifer Delaurier says:

    My first papercrafting experience was going to a Creative Memories workshop to start scrapbooking a recent trip I had taken to Cuba. I remember being so excited at the possibilities of what I could do, and from then on I was hooked. And that was about 10 years ago now! My style has certainly changed!

  • 615
    Antoinette says:

    No I don’t have it anymore..sorry I forgot to answer that!

  • 616
    Helen F. says:

    My first crafting project with paper would have to be a Stamping Up party about 15 years ago. I still have the stamp set I purchased then and probably still have a card or two that I made because I SAVE EVERYTHING :o!

  • 617
    Nicole P. says:

    An old friend had a stamping party and invited me. The first time I heat embossed I was mesmerized. Watching the powder melt was like seeing magic happen. (I think I made a homely card but thought it was the most beautiful thing ever.)

  • 618
    BethieJ says:

    Well of course I always created when I was growing up and making things for my mom… but what I remember making was a BIG Black Card for my uncles 40th birthday.. I think it cost me about $10.. but I had so much fun creating it.. not sure he still has it.. it has been 22 years ago!!!

  • 619
    Meagan says:

    My first experience was a store bought scrapbook kit. I put the kit together with pictures of my niece and nephew for my inlaws and haven’t looked back since. However, I have graduated a bit from store bought kits : )

  • 620
    Taheerah says:

    I can remember making all sorts when I was a kid! Memories that stand out: a card that I made for an aunt’s birthday that I was scared of (I taped some money to it and left it in her room when she wasn’t there!), a complete series of increasingly smaller paper aeroplanes and boats (the smallest having to be folded using a pin – we’re talking truly tiny!!), and a giant lifelike drawing of a tarantula (used to scare my grandmother!). Sadly I don’t have any if them any more!!

  • 621
    Maria chillin' in Chicago says:

    My first crafting projects was a waterfall card with a BBQ theme. Had no idea what I was getting into and with such an advance technique you would think it would scare me away but it made me all the more fall in love with card making. I was hooked!!!

  • 622
    Laurie C says:

    My first paper crafting experiencing was cutting out pictures for my grandmother to decopage. I can’t remember how old I was but I do remember the joy it brought to me and my grandmother to be able to do something crafty together! πŸ™‚

  • 623
    Jamie Nania says:

    My first experience was really with scrapbooking about 10 years ago. My sister was doing a monthly crop and I was babysitting her son but decided to get in on the fun! I’ve been hooked ever since. My first scrapbook pages were of my nephew who is now 16.

  • 624
    JeanD says:

    My mother-in-law bought my son a frog stamp and gree inkpad. I started making very amateurish cards with them. No I don’t still have any (good thinh I suspect)

  • 625
    Katie B says:

    The first stamped/crafted project I did was about 15 years ago It was an elaborate wedding card where you pulled real cork out of a champagne bottle and the glass filled with golden champagne and the liquid coming out of the bottle read “Congratulations”. Wish I’d made a second one to keep.

  • 626
    Kay says:

    I took a card class with a friend. I had no tools and didn’t even know how to use a corner punch or paper cutter. I was the last one to finish my cards that night, but I was hooked!

  • 627
    Susie Nam says:

    My first experience with paper crafting was origami. My grandmother taught me How to fold paper balls u could blow up and paper cranes since I was 4-5 yrs old. It’s amazing what one could learn at such a young age with her kind of patience. I don’t have the original paper folds as it’s been over 30 years, but I still haven’t forgotten how to fold them after all these years!!!

  • 628
    Ginny Brown says:

    I started papercrafting with a Stampin Up demonstrator when I lived back East.
    I still have some of my “starter cards” which opened up a whole new world to me.
    The first card I made was a Halloween card with a cookie recipe on it and I still have it to this day!

  • 629
    Tammy W. says:

    Well the very first had to have been when I was much younger, I always loved paper, pens, and office supplies as a little girl. The adult addiction started when I went to a SU party about 9 years ago and made a card, and well the rest they say is history. And then along came PTI – a whole ‘nother level of addiction! : )

  • 630
    Sheila M Jones says:

    Don’t think my comment has shown up! Made a card with handmade paper roses which I was chuffed with! Still have it but it’s a bit worn.

  • 631
    Becky B. says:

    Of course I have a box of ‘paper crafts’ my mother saved that I made as a child but my first real adult paper crafting began when I moved East about 9 years ago and discovered my first local craft store. It was the place I bought my first ink pads and stamps…an alphabet set. Not sure what the first thing was but quite sure it wasn’t worth keeping! πŸ™‚

  • 632
    Pattie Brown says:

    My first craft project was for my daughter senior year if high school, I made a squash book for her and the other members of the girls soccer team. The project turned out so cute and my daughter still has it!!

  • 633
    Jovan says:

    A project in 11th grade for Greek Mythology, the teacher keep it. I wish I still had it! The first time stamping was 3 years ago.

  • 634
    Mary K says:

    I was lucky enough to attend an artsy preschool in the 1960s, and I have a vivid memory of painting outdoors on what seemed like a huge easel. My parents kept that work of art until the cheap newsprint paper just disintegrated. I’ve never stopped playing with paper and art supplies.

  • 635
    Marlene V. says:

    In fifth grade I was in a girls group at church and we made cards using the quilling technique. We gave them away to sick or elderly people, so I don’t have any of those cards. I remember finding it to be a difficult craft, and haven’t tried quilling again since.

  • 636

    Hmmm… hard question! I started a scrapbook when I was in middle school and kept one through high school. I guess that would be the first experience and I do still have them! Thanks for the chance to win! Awesome release as always!

  • 637
    Jeaneen says:

    My mom recently gave me some of my very early paper crafts – folded paper envelopes with notes to my mom and my dad which were written in pencil. I am sure these were from my elementary school days. I did keep one ‘envelope’ and note, just for fun!

  • 638
    Becky Carafa says:

    I remember making Christmas ornaments in elementary school, and I think my mom still hangs some of them on her tree every year!

  • 639

    My first experience was making(or should I say starting to make, since I never finished it!)a scrapbook for my oldest son’s baby pics. I did get quite a few pages done and even made some pages for my other two boys. Somehow though, I just didn’t stick with the scrapbooking, partly because we moved quite a few times and all the pictures became jumbled up in rubbermaid containers and the whole thing became too daunting- it would probably take me forever just to organize all the pictures. Once I discovered stamping and making cards I was hooked though and I can’t imagine not making cards.

  • 640
    Penny says:

    I had my first experience when I attended a home party. We made cards by stamping and die cutting. Yes, I still have my projects because I pull them out to get ideas for other cards, and I like to see where I started and how far I have come with my own creations. I really enjoy making cards!

  • 641
    Elizabeth K says:

    One of my first paper projects was making clothes for
    my paper dolls. I’ve always loved to color and design
    things. I don’t have them anymore but wish I did. They would be fun to show to my grandaughter.

  • 642
    Martha D says:

    Wow, not sure I can remember that far back. My neighbor showed me some of her stamped cards. I still have the lovely card she made. Then I went out and started buying stamps, not having a clue what I was doing or buying. I still have some of the really hideous cards I made when I first started. The craft and my abilities have come a long way.

  • 643
    chris says:

    My first memory of paper crafting was working with a homemade workbook that my mom made for me to work on when I was four. I was the youngest, and insanely envious of my older brothers who got to go to school. She made all kinds of pages for me to do, with glue, and yarn and paper and fabric scraps. And yes, I still have it. :). Both of them.

    I never lost that love of creating.

  • 644
    Sunny Penn says:

    It was a handmade birthday card and yes, I still I I have it!

  • 645
    Martha says:

    I made bookmarks to give away, and I also made one to keep. My love of paper crafting has only multiplied since then.

  • 646
    Jodeen says:

    My best friend “blessed” me with a scrapbook kit when my fourteen year old son was six months old. I had swore up and down for years that “I was not creative”. One scrapbook class later, I was hooked. Yes, I still have that first scrapbook page.

  • 647
    kerry davis says:

    I remember exactly what it was! I finally agreed to stamp w/ a friend of mine and I used a rainbow pad w/ a brayer and stamped black butterflies from SU! set (this was like 12 years ago, so I don’t remember the name of the set). I don’t have the card, but I was for sure hooked!

  • 648
    Katie Renz says:

    I honestly can’t remember a specific paper project that was a 1st. I remember doing paper types of projects in school for gifts and stuff, but that is about it.

  • 649
    Andrea says:

    My sister in law helped me make my little boy’s baby announcements. I loved it and was hooked! I saved it knowing it was going to go in his baby book, and I still love looking at it.

  • 650
    Suzie says:

    My first experience with paper crafting was when I was in elementary school… My mom bought me a rubber stamp of a penguin at a gift shop in a local museum. I made a ton of stamped stationary sheets and matching envelopes and wrote to a LOT of people.

    The rest is, as they say, history… πŸ˜‰