The day after & a BIG thank you

Good morning, everyone!  Happy release day!  First and foremost I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you.  I know that there have been many ups and downs over the last few days as we attempted to fully launch the new website for this release.  Going into this big change was definitely a stressful challenge for all of us behind the scenes. 

 The fact that all of our loyal customers have stuck with us through this time of change and have been so positive and uplifting has truly been one of the biggest blessings to me.  It showed me that you think of us as more than just a company.  You value what we have to share with you, and you'll always be there, rain or shine.  I have such an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness and appreciation for each and every one of you this morning.  Thank you SO much… for everything.

As I stated last night, we will be temporarily be running our old site until we are certain that server issues are sorted out with the new one.  Julie usually spends a full week creating all of the pages & organizing all of the images and information for the new products.  Last night she put together the impromptu front page in less than an hour just so you were able to purchase the items you've been wanting.

Julie will be working all day today to bring all of the web views and such to the status that you are accustomed to, with images and all of the details.  We anticipate everything to be prepared late tonight.  We appreciate your patience with the current set-up as Julie finishes the preparations.  In the interim, I have prepared a special page here on the blog so you are able to view all of the new release items in one place.



Because of the switch back to the old site at the last minute, we were not able to get galleries prepared to display all of the design team's work with the latest release products.  That is something we will be tweaking throughout the coming days, however the team got together and posted many of their projects on their blogs last night.  I have linked to each of their posts below so that you can see all of the amazing goodies they have created, along with a featured personal favorite from each designer.


Betsy Veldman has several fabulous projects on her blog this morning, but my personal favorite is this one she did using the Year of Flowers: Lily of the Valley set.  I love how she made it look as though it was a seed packet through the frames opening.  And the coloring is just so soft and beautifully understated.  Just stunning


Dawn McVey wowed me with her take on Up, Up & Away.  I love how she did the whole card in shades of pink, even the clouds, and yet it looks so striking and put together.  I never would have tried that myself and Dawn is always so good about pushing me out of my color comfort zone when she does projects like this one!

Debbie Olson really embraced both the new Sunshine Impression Plate and Take Three: Summer stamp set.  With her refined simplicity, she really is able to allow the background take center stage.  And I have to nod to that beautiful bow & button treatment she created as well!

Erin Lincoln paired several of the sets from the Year of Flowers series to create this amazing project.  I love how she broke each flower into panels and did a soft coloring effect with colored pencils.  Reminds me of pages from old botanical books or something!  Love this!


Heather Nichols created a super bright and tropical card with the new Aloha stamp set.  The Raspberry Fizz paired up with the Kraft cardstock is just an awesome combination.  Especially with the way that Heather softened all of the edges with a few swipes of her white ink pad.  The muted coloring on the hibiscus ads just the right amount of color to maintain a vintage-like feel to the project.

Kim Hughes also used Aloha to create this festive card using both Dotty Biscotti patterned paper and the new Background Basics: Geometrics set.  I also love the rustic effect she was able to get with the Linen & Canvas Impression Plate.  Almost gives you the feeling of grasscloth that can be associated with all things tropical!


I simply adored Lisa Johnson's use of the new Get to the Point and Sentiments sets.  All of those arrows together paired with the bold sentiment choices from the companion sentiment set, combine to create a wonderfully unique card that will definitely catch anyone's eye.  The color scheme is just awesome as well.  Bright and super cheerful!


Maile Belles used the new Cloud Dies in a completely fabulous way on this card that also features the new balloon images from Up, Up & Away.  I love how she used the negative space with the dies in such a fun way.  It really accents the shapes of the clouds and just offers you even more versatility.


Melissa Phillips paired her classic feminine, vintage look with some of our felt, the new Eyelet Lace Border die and a heartfelt sentiment from Inside & Out: Thank You.  The stitching she added to the leaf with embroidery floss just made me swoon!  And I just adore the glittery border she was able to create with the eyelet lace!  Funny, but I hadn't thought to do that and it looks so fabulous!


Michelle Wooderson used images from both Up, Up & Away and Get to the Point stamp sets to create this amazingly vibrant card.  A few things that jumped right out at me was the way she added just a bit of glitter to the bottom of each cloud die-cut.  A little goes along way in this type of application and I think Michelle got it spot on!  I also love the way she used the tickets and arrow image along the side as a border.  It brings emphasis to the "Up" theme and I love that!

Niki Estes utilized her Copic coloring skills to create this amazing little masterpiece.  With Bitty Box patterned paper representing the hills and Spring Rain cardstock as the sky, she created the perfect backdrop for her colorful balloons.  I also love the way Niki nestled her sentiment in with the balloons.  Makes it look so much more at home and helps to connect everything together and make it cohesive to the eye.


Ashley Cannon Newell used the postcard image from Aloha to create this fabulous patterned paper for her background.  I love the way she paper pieced the floral element on the surfboard, showcasing you don't need to have coloring skills to make this set shine.  I also love the sparkle she added to the center of each hibiscus bloom, setting off the details.

Thank you once again for your patronage, support, patience, understanding and the love you have shared with us over the past few days.  We appreciate you more than I can express.  I hope you thoroughly enjoy the rest of your weekend and carve out some time to be creative!

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  • 1

    A big THANK YOU to you and all the others at PTI. I really appreciate all your hard work, time, energy and effort put into PTI. This release is another amazing one. Each month I think you can’t do any better, but then you and the other designers come up with even more beautiful stamp sets and products. You all do such a fab job!

    Greetz from the Netherlands.

  • 2
    Jary Riolo says:

    I just wanted to thank you for another amazingly wonderful release. It has become my very favorite time of each month-like Christmas only better.And if it means anything, I think the old site was just great! So that means the new site will be worth waiting for!

  • 3
    Joan B says:

    Switching servers and what not (all a mystery to me) must be a nightmare. Great release and I have many things on it to add to my wish list! hang in there!

  • 4
    Lauren says:

    Hopefully one day soon you will all be able to look back at the last few days and laugh. Technical issues aside, I still managed to place my much-anticipated order last night. So all is well with the world. 😉 Thanks Julie for making sure that all of us die-hard PTI addicts were able to get our “fix” at midnight. 🙂 Good luck to you girls as you continue to work on the new site.

  • 5
    Sue Lelli says:

    I’m HAPPY because even with all of the glitches, I was still able to place my order! Plus when the chartreuse paper is released, I’ll have another order to place! Thanks for putting these design team cards on your blog! Just FABULOUS!

  • 6
    BethieJ says:

    THANK YOU PTI!!! Another FABULOUS release!!! Thanks for all you do for US!!!!!

  • 7
    Elizabeth B says:

    Thank you for all of the hard work that went into this!!!! I can’t imagine the stress that you all were feeling last night! I think it is amazing that you were able to get the old site prepared in such a small amount of time!!

  • 8
    Taheerah says:

    Nichole, thank you for everything you and PTI do and continue to do. My heart goes out to you over all the recent issues and I just want to say that I fully empathise with your situation. Know that all of us will continue to support you no matter what and we love you all!

    Awesome DT projects as well by the way – so inspiring!!

  • 9

    Yes there were glitches and slow downs and things that I’m sure you would have rather have had not happen at all. But I still LOVE PTI and will always support you in this amazing endeavor. I stayed up late to check out everything from the DT…let’s just say my cart is already full again!

  • 10
    Ang says:

    Having worked in IT for years, I know how these things rarely go smoothly. I think you and your team handled everything fantastically. I was able to get everything I wanted with ease.
    Thank you for being so committed to your customers, we do think of PTI as more than just another place to buy stamps.
    Try and get some well deserved rest.

  • 11
    Helen F. says:

    You all did such a fabulous job on this release~no one would ever have know there were ‘hiccups’!
    BEAUTIFUL projects here, ladies~~I’m on my way to spend hours checking them all out in detail ;o)

  • 12
    Jackie Pedro says:

    I can’t imagine what it must be like on your end! Server issues or no server issues, I will continue to support you and your fantastic company!! Thank you for listening to your customers!!!

  • 13
    lorena b. says:

    Nichole, you and ALL your team are the BEST! Really appreciate all you do . . . WOW just WOW!!! P.S. Will there be a smaller/petite version of the Eyelet Lace Border Die? I would love something like that too!

  • 14
    Robin says:

    I thought of you many times last night and knew how stressful things must be for all of you. What a kafuffle!

    You did the best you could in a crummy situation and all the Papertrey girls absolutely rose to the occasion-kudos to all of you for grace under pressure!

  • 15
    snarflemarfle says:

    That is how friends treat friends. We hold you up when you’re feeling down…

    And we clamor to give you our hard-earned money in exchange for your tremendously talented designs!!

  • 16
    peggy lamb says:

    What a wonderful group of cards you showed us today- you all are so talented!
    No problem last night- at the time I kept thinking that this was a lot more stressful for you than for us! I loved the look of the new website when I tried it out yesterday afternoon, and really thought you folks made great improvements over the old site. Looking forward to using it in the future, but it really was no trouble using the old site this morning when I placed my order. Can’t wait to get my hands on Just For You stamp set, the linen/canvas impression plate(absolutely love it) and the other fun stuff I ordered! Keep up the good work- we love you!!

  • 17
    Sallie says:

    Nichole, you and your crew have all worked so hard….and I know that I for one appreciate it. I was afraid that I was not going to be able to enter my order last night…but, voila!… had a solution!

    I must say, this was the EASIEST time I have had by FAR for placing a 15th of the month order! If this is not going to be the format of the future….PLEASE consider it! I personally, like this straight-forward presentation rather than all the “logo” stuff. This was easy, FAST, and simple! I know the other format has a lot more artistic flair, but I truly like this “no frills” listing with the “add to cart” button RIGHT THERE!

    Looking forward to June 15th! : )

  • 18
    Cassandra says:

    When many would have given up and thought, do it tomorrow, you and your team soldiered on through a very tough time. A great credit to all of you. The products are gorgeous as usual and I was able to place an order in all the turmoil. Having experienced these kinds of changeovers, there is always some problem. Again, well done to all of you.

  • 19
    Kelly Schirmer says:

    Oh everyone’s projects throughout this release were over-the-top fabulous! Can’t wait to get this PTI box in the mail (but that happens everytime!!) Thanks so much for all of your hardwork, including the behind-the-scenes crew, as well!

  • 20
    Kelly Schirmer says:

    One more thing…special thanks to Debbie Olson! She came over to the party that got started at Splitcoast and answered tons of questions and joined in the fun! She also even went so far as to go and try the new envelope liner with a different-sized envelope when asked that question…AND posted a picture as soon as she was done!!!! Thanks so much, Debbie!!!!!

  • 21
    Laura.K says:

    Gorgeous cards. I love them all.

    Thanks for you hard work and amazing products.

  • 22
    nancy n says:

    I just wanted to say thank you to you and the whole Papertrey Team. Always going above and beyond in all your efforts. I hope you can get some rest.

  • 23
    Marie L says:

    Thanks so much for all your hard work and a special thank you to Julie for her fast work. It was great that all the designers jumped in and showed their beautiful work. Thanks again Debbie for answering my questions on your blog. Unfortunately, I did not find where the SCS “Party” was.
    I started shopping on the new site for already released items and then had to jump to the old site and do it again.

    I do have one worry. With all the mix up will I receive credit for the 5 sets that I ordered? 3 May releases and 2 older sets.

    We love our PTI and we will go through thick and thin with you. A BIG THANKS to EVERYBODY

  • 24
    GINA says:

    What a great job you guys did last night! I actually liked ordering that way, no searching through the website!

  • 25
    Kim Z says:

    I have to admit I liked shopping that way too! All one page right there for the pickins!! Good luck finishing re-building out community!

  • 26
    Dolly says:

    I am very grateful and appreciative of everyone behind the scenes at PTI that managed to get the site up and going for all of us PTI crack-heads LOL! I have never been more grateful to be on the west coast so I don’t have to stay up til midnight on a work night. Thanks again, I will be anxiously stalking, er I mean tracking my new PTI goodies!

  • 27
    Janet S says:

    I know that last night must have been your worst imagined nightmare come true but look on the sunny side, we all got to order and everyone on this comment section seems happy and satisfied. Growth and change are good but sometimes very stressful. I hope that the three of you Jane, Julie , Nichole can find a hammock somewhere and take a drink and have a most relaxing time, you all deserve it. You are a great company having some growing pains but we customers will be here thick and thin when there is so much talent being shared with us. Thank you.

  • 28
    anne says:

    After reading the comments it is obvious to me that PTI has a die hard group of followers, including me. I had some problems last night but this morning it was so easy to place my order. I believe the reason your company is successful because you are so willing to admit when somethings doesn’t go as planned. More importantly you always give credit to God and never fail to thank your team and your ardent followers. Good luck and I am sure everything will fall in place.

  • 29
    Lou says:

    None of the problems stopped me 🙂 It was fine…..and I went blog hopping and loved all the inspiration!
    Thanks for another great month of new products!

  • 30
    see mary stamp says:

    Hey PTI Gals – It’s easy to hang in there when we definitely are buying the best this business has to offer. You guys rock! Good luck with all of your updates and rolling out the new website!

  • 31

    You’ve been on my mind all of yesterday evening and most of today. I thought how stressed you might be feeling and I said a little prayer with the knowledge that it would all work out. I stayed up WAY past my bed time and loaded my cart as much as I dared and then waited for the stroke of midnight to finish adding the new items. My order went through without a hitch and I thank you.

  • 32
    Jen Carter says:

    I really enjoyed ordering that way last night too! Everything was right there and I didn’t have to hunt for it…so no worries here! Thank you so much for doing everything you could to get things up and going last night (Julie too). Can’t wait to get my new sets!!

  • 33
    Myrna Holstrom says:

    I admit I was frustrated last night when I could not get my order placed. However, this morning things were super easy when I logged on and there was not as much traffic, and I was pleasantly surprised that everything I had on my list was still available – and I ordered almost everything from this release. I understand that the ordering tabs by stamp name were just a quick fix, but I actually loved being able to order like that! It was so very easy, I would like it if that format was used for every release – or even just for the first 24 hours!!

    Thanks for all you do – I know that you were probably having panic moments last night, however, I want you to know that the products you provide are such great quality and so wonderful to work with that it will take more than some growing pains for you to ever have to worry about losing my business. You have a great team, and we really do appreciate PTI, even though there may be a bit of whining when we are afraid we might not get what we want when it is very first released. 🙂

  • 34
    Cathy Weber says:

    I am so sorry for your team as things didn’t work out so well last night, but I still got everything I wanted, actually more and I really appreciated the updates you gave us. It would take a whole lot more than this to deter me from buying nearly all my crafting products from PTI. Thanks for trying so hard to please us.

  • 35
    KimH says:

    Thank you all! I imagine everyone was stressed and busy last night trying to make the release happen and you DID! You could have said “forget it” come back next week but you found a way. We may not be the easiest bunch to put up with on release night but we love you all, sometimes we just let our extreme enthusiasm for the new stuff make us a little crazy. 🙂

  • 36
    Angela W says:

    Thank You! I love the PTI products! You will get through this glitch and have an even more amazing site than you already do! I was so happy to be able to place my order 1st thing this morning! I haven’t read any where about since we couldn’t order under our account if we still get credit towards the anniversary set?? I very much hope so!

  • 37
    Shay says:

    I can never thank you enough for Papertrey Ink’s excellent level of service, integrity, professionalism and inspiration. Of course your customers will remain patient, understanding, positive and loyal because Papertrey Ink deserves nothing less. I wanted to thank everyone at Papertrey Ink for all they do!

  • 38

    Congratulations with yet another great release. The cards shown here are gorgeous. Good luck with the new site.

  • 39
    diane mcvey says:

    First, I have to say I’m so sorry that you all had trouble with the launch of the new site! I know that had to be extremely disappointing, as well as frustrating beyond belief! I felt so bad for all of you, knowing how YOU must have felt! The cards here today are absolutely beautiful! I can’t get over all the versatility and gorgeousness of ALL the projects! AMAZING! I can’t wait to get my new “stuff”. I just LOVE this company! It feels like family. I’m so blown away every month with all the designs and creations. Thank you for making life FUN!!! 😀

  • 40
    Lori Winters says:

    You and your team pulled together nicely… The PTI design team dug in and msde sure that the release was a success by posting all of their new cards on their blogs. Great job done by the design team and the web designer for having a backup plan. Having been in software development I know how releases go, always expect the unexpected!!

  • 41
    eleftheria says:

    It must really stressfull for you Nichole,i hope everything works out for you. I love the new products and i m so jealus!!Great great great job!

  • 42
    Marcia Truslow says:

    Out here in Everywhereland, we love you more than you could ever know. Your attention to detail in everything you do is utterly spectacular. Your team is A-1, always willing to go the extra mile. Love, love, love PTI and all it stands for. You people are just “THE BEST”! You are “friends to the end” although we have never met. Perhaps someday…
    I, too, liked the one page shopping. Perhaps you could do that for every release?
    Great good luck on getting the switchover complete and glitch-free!

  • 43
    Vicki B says:

    Everyone is so great and so thoughtful – for me this was a no brainer – it’s called thru thick or thin! I placed my order yesterday morning and was able to get everything I wanted – well had enough money for! It’s really never enough! So Thank you to everyone!

  • 44
    Mary Ann Huntington says:

    I would have never known there were problems. All looks fine to me. Love your site and products.

  • 45
    Ketha says:

    Nicole…A “little” glitch isn’t going to chase me away…I love your products so much that I actually plan around release night. We had gone out to dinner with friends ONLY with the understanding that I would be home in time to place my order.

    With all new things comes small “fires” that have to be put out. I can be patient cause I know the end result will be good. Keep that chin up! I for one, appreciate all that you and your staff do… No complaints here…

  • 46
    Glee says:

    Thank you all for your hard work! I truly appreciate it! I so look forward to the middle of the month when I can see all the “yuumy projects” and stamps you have to offer. You all are so special!

  • 47
    Lee Anne says:

    What beautiful projects! I hope you are not too bummed about the website. Your projects and products are outstanding. The website will be perfect before you know it and all will be right in the world. It certainly didn’t stop me from ordering stuff! I love PTI…new website or not.

  • 48

    Hi PTI folks. I just wanted you to know that I DO appreciate all your hard work and effort. If we show disappointment, it’s only because we love your products so much. Can’t wait until all the tweaks are worked out!

  • 49
    Linda Beeson says:

    Oh wow, simply amazing creations and FUN new stamps.

  • 50
    Maria Thayer says:

    Ohhhhh everything is so so so beautiful…good job and thanks for sharing so nice and pretty things!

  • 51
    CoreyW says:

    fantastic work everyone! to say I’m inspired would be an understatement!!!

    any news on when the dies will all be back in stock?

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