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Happy Friday, everyone!  I apologize for my long silence!  Right after the anniversary festivities ended, I had an unexpected health issue occur that required a short hospital stay.  I needed to take some time off to rest and recuperate which didn't allow me to be on the computer as much as I would have liked! 🙂

But, here I am back at it and in perfect heath!  My creativity is bursting with excitement and I can hardly wait for the March release to get here!  Have I mentioned that the March release is even BIGGER and BETTER than last month's release?  I know, you're probably wondering how that can be, but it's true!  Just you wait and see!

From feedback I have received from some of you, you really enjoy the "Day After" postings I do, which recap my favorite projects from the design team from the recent release.  While this month the post isn't exactly going up the "day after", I thought it would still be fun to showcase everything in one place.  I mean, who doesn't like a good eye candy post like this?  I know it sure has my creative juices flowing!

So sit back, enjoy and thank you for stopping by today!!!!

Betsy Veldman did the most CLEVER thing ever with Melissa Bickford's new Asian Fusion stamp set that just came out this month.  If you will notice, she used the long solid floral border stamp in several fruity colors to create her own AMAZING plaid paper.  I simply love the way this turned out and can hardly wait to try it myself!  

Dawn McVey created this pretty little number with Niki Estes' Butterfly Dreams set.  I love how she positioned the butterflies so that it appears they are gliding along a wisp of wind represented with the flourish from Fancy Flourishes.  The contrast between the True Black felt she cut with our new Medium Scallop Border die and the Raspberry Fizz Twill is just eye catching as well.

Debbie Olson made good use of both the new Polka Dot Basics Impression Plate and Luck of the Irish stamp set.  We have heard so much feedback from all of you about how much you enjoyed having a classy stamp set like this to purchase for so little money.  I love how Debbie allowed the tag image to hold it's own as the foal point for her project.  The polka-dot impressed layer she created is just stunning, with the way she added just a bit of white ink to it to highlight the texture.  The ribbon/button treatment is also a simple statement that can make such an impact!

Erin Lincoln more than exceeded my expectations with ALL of her projects this month, but this one in particular was especially wonderful!  Erin used the various button images from Dawn McVey's new Studio Style to create this amazing frame of buttons for her card front.  (She does a brief tutorial about how she created on her blog post HERE) I can just imagine all the beautiful color schemes you could recreate this in!

Heather Nichols took paper piecing to a whole new level with her use of the new Year of Flowers: Violets stamp set.  She stamped the floral images onto the Lavender Moon floral paper from her Pretty Pastels Paper Pad, then followed up with Copic markers.  I love how she was able to get a two toned effect by making the outer areas darker and leaving the center the natural paper.  Definitely a concept to explore more thoroughly!

Kim Hughes also utilized the new Violets set and achieved a very modern hip look by creating her own background paper.I loved her chosen color scheme of Lavender Moon & Spring Rain.  Following up with the sentiment stamped in Enchanted Evening rather than choosing the "usual" neutral of black or gray was especially impressive as well.

Maile Belles knocked my socks off with her first release projects for us.  This one in particular had me slapping my forehead and wondering why I hadn't thought of this!  Maile created a clever background with the frame image from Fillable Frames #1.  She simply stamped the frame repeatedly then filled in the notched corners with one of the flowers from Asian Fusion.  One of the things I love best is the way she was able to use the frame image both as a focal point and a background element and it totally *works*!

Lisa Johnson made good use of the new Tin Types Impression plate on her project.  Paired with the polka dot frame from Fillable Frames #1.  There are two "favorites" I have about this card.  One, the way she stamped the flower from Violets in a lighter color towards the corner of the frame and two, the way the center of that flower falls within the center of the letter "a" and is highlighted with a rhinestone.  It's little details like this that make me fall in love with stamping all over again!

Melissa Phillips had me at "hello" with this sweet little bunny card created with Alli Miles' new Take Three set!  The buttons, the lace!  And, oh my goodness, the little pom-poms on the bunny tails!  I also love the way she cut just the sides of the bunny blocks with her pinking shears.  It adds just a little detail without being "too much".  I just love it!

Michelle Wooderson used a bright & bold citrusy color combination for her project that embraces Butterfly Dreams.  Her combination of the butterflies and the Dot Spot background are just amazing.  The unexpected hint of Lemon Tart satin ribbon helps to keep the project warm but not too overwhelming or stark.  The small blocks of Raspberry Fizz Mix patterned paper at the bottom of the project are a welcoming surprise to the eye.  Just amazing!

Niki Estes created one of my favorite Copic colored projects using Year of Flowers: Violets.  Her violet is colored perfectly and looks so realistic, you almost think you can pick it!    She kept the background simple with Background Basics: Tin Types stamped in Ripe Avocado, which was perfect for letting the flower stand out on it's own.  The sentiment placement provides a nice balance to the project as well, which I totally love!

Kelly full
This month, I had the honor of introducing Kelly Purkey as our Distinguished Guest Designer.  She created several amazing projects for this release, which you can see HERE, but this one in particular totally stole my heart!  I love what she did with all those butterflies from Butterfly Dreams!  

Kelly closeup
So neat to stamp them on various colors of cardstock all in black ink!  And the multiple button colors used at their centers!  Just dreamy!  I can just imagine them all lined up along a card front like this too! Such a great concept!!!

So that's it!  I hope you enjoyed all of these projects and perhaps are inspired to go get a few of your neglected supplies out and create something fabulous! 

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  • 1
    Cari says:

    So glad to see you’re back, Nichole! I hope you’re feeling better!

  • 2
    Debbie S says:

    Welcome back, Nichole. You were missed. Wishing you the best of health.

  • 3
    Dana says:

    So sorry to hear of your hospitalization! All that anniversary stress was probably not helpful but we had such a wonderful time! Thanks again, PTI team!!!

  • 4
    Sue Ann says:

    Welcome back …….. so happy you are feeling 100%….. you were missed. Great post and thanks for all the “eye candy”. Have a great day.

  • 5
    Cathy Weber says:

    We’re missed you Nichole. I think we all enjoyed the February Anniversary so much. Most of us have received our orders and I think all your new products are great. I especially love that you are including scrapbooking into your products. Kelley Purkey’s pages were great along with the beautiful cards we all love to make so much. Glad you are feeling better.

  • 6
    Mary Ashby says:

    SO glad you are back and feeling better!!! Your design team is AMAZING! Thanks!

  • 7
    laura j says:

    You were missed Nichole. It’s great to see that you’re back and in good health! Thanks to you and the DT for providing so much inspiration for the February releases! Now I’m looking forward to March!

  • 8
    Janet S says:

    Take good care of yourself. NOTHING is more important than your health. To put it simply, your design team rocks! So thankful they share so much with us.

  • 9
    Barbara Ax says:

    We missed hearing from you but are glad you took care of yourself. The others are right that nothing is as important – you can’t take care of people if you’re down. I love the day after post. There’s so much going on during the release it’s overwhelming. Can’t wait for March.

  • 10
    Sarah Fisher says:

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better! That’s good that you took time for yourself. I look forward to your blog posts, so it’s great to have you back. And a bigger March release…OMG! I thought this month was HUGE!

  • 11
    Shay says:

    I am so glad you are feeling better! You always put so much heart, soul and energy into all you do and we so appreciate it! This month was incredible and I can’t believe March is going to top it, but then Papertrey Ink is always amazing in that it does get better and better!

  • 12
    Lisa says:

    So glad to see you back and on good health! Whew…how can Marchs release be bigger and better then Feb.??? Can’t wait to see!

  • 13
    Staci Miserlian says:

    So sorry to hear about your hospital stay. Hope you are a-ok now!

  • 14
    Kelly Schirmer says:

    Glad you’re feeling better! Love the samples you highlighted so much!

  • 15
    LJBean says:

    I must be honest…at first I was not thrilled with the ‘Asian Fusion’ set. Just not my style. But the plaid that Betsy Veldman made with it…Wow Wow Wow! I must try this! I will start looking at all my border stamps differently from now on…and I have a new affection for ‘Asian Fusion’

    Welcome back Nicole. We miss you much when your gone.

  • 16

    Was starting to worry about you! Glad you are back and feeling better. Be sure to take it easy and continue to rest!

  • 17
    Elizabeth S. says:

    So glad to hear you are feeling so much better!! This post was worth the wait! All of the projects are simple gorgeous!!! I am sure to give these ideas a try.

  • 18
    Shelly Guthrie says:

    So sorry to hear that you were ill. Glad you’re back and feeling so much better. You were missed 🙂

  • 19
    Dawn S says:

    Welcome back Nicole! So glad to hear that you are up and about again! All the projects for this anniversary were amazing (as they always are!!) You truly have the best design team in the business!! I just got my order today and mounted all five of the sets I bought and now I am so inspired to go and play!!! Take care of yourself!
    BTW, how can next month’s release top this month’s???? I guess I will be in trouble again next month, lol!!!

  • 20
    Peggy Sue says:

    You certainly have been missed. So glad to hear you are feeling better. Try to take some time for yourself and smell the flowers.

  • 21
    Barbara says:

    Welcome Back!. Thanks for the recap! always ready for eye candy!

  • 22
    Nancy L. says:

    glad to hear you are OK!
    wow, these girls are just AMAZING!!
    can’t wait to place my order 🙂

  • 23
    Laural-Lee says:

    All of your designing ladies did a fantastic job with the new materials Nichole! You have a wonderful team. Looking forward to the March release!

    Welcome back and here’s to your health! Cheers.

  • 24
    Jeanne says:

    We did miss you Nichole. Glad that you are feeling better and back into action. Wonderful post! I so enjoy all of the projects and oh, how it stimulates creativity. Can it be? The next release is bigger and better that the February? WOW…I am convinced that many of you do not sleep!!!!!!

  • 25

    So glad you are feeling better – you’ve been missed! The day after is always worth waiting for – now all I need is for the new goodies (so fantastic this release!) to make it over here and I will be away with all this inspiration.

  • 26
    Andi Sexton says:

    Sorry to hear about the hospital stay..but very glad to hear you are 100% better! Phew!

    Yes.. love the day/week after shots:)

  • 27
    Jeannine says:

    welcome back, so glad you are feeling better. when i didn’t see any posts i was hoping you weren’t sick. take care.

  • 28

    So glad you are back Nichole. So glad you are feeling better and what did you say…. March is going to be bigger & better??!!?? Yikes!!
    The design team did a fabulous job… can’t wait til March!!

  • 29
    see mary stamp says:

    After all of the amazing announcements during anniversary week, I just figured you were taking a much deserved break. Sorry to hear that you were having problems, but glad you are feeling better. Congratulations and thank you to you and the PTI team for all of the wonderful inspiration and products.

  • 30
    ChrisTea says:

    Welcome back! Thanks so much for taking the time for your favorites posts – I learn SO much from having you point out what not to miss in these beauties. xoxo!

  • 31
    nina says:

    Hooray, glad to hear you’re back on your feet again! The March release is going to be BIGGER than the anniversary one? Surely that’s not humanly possible. Methinks I will be swallowing that international shipping next month (or at least making a border run). Can’t wait!

  • 32
    Melissa Ladd says:

    So glad to see you back posting, Nichole! I so enjoy your recap of the release projects!

    I can’t even imagine how March will be bigger than February…we’d all better rest up and find more money now!!

  • 33
    Karen G says:

    Glad to see you back, glad you’re okay, and glad to see all this fantastic and inspiring play with the latest PTI stamps all in one place! Thanks for the post and stay healthy! :>

  • 34
    Diana Fisher says:

    Glad you are feeling better! Love these projects!!!

  • 35
    Renee V. (happystamper05) says:

    Sorry to hear about your illness along with the hospital stay. I’m so glad to hear that you’re doing better these days!
    It was a fun post to see all the wonderful and creative ideas!

  • 36

    So happy to hear you are better!

  • 37
    Cynthia says:

    Glad you’re feeling better. Thanks for all inspiration – beautiful stuff!!

  • 38
    Jilleen says:

    Wow – glad you are doing better. You were missed. Thanks for the post! You all rock.

  • 39
    Kriss says:

    So happy to hear you are back to your old self Nichole!

  • 40
    Sonia Holland says:

    Welcome back Nichole, and thank goodness for your speedy recovery! I definitely missed your day after blog, and figured your were busy trying to keep up with all the orders from the Fab Feb Release! I cannot wait for March!!!!
    I totally dig Maile’s use of the fillable frame as a background – how clever!
    I especially love all the incentive challenges for each release – it makes my creative juices flow 🙂 Bring it on!

  • 41
    Gina H. says:

    We missed you! So glad you are back and all fixed up! Love all the new releases!

  • 42
    Beverly BL says:

    Glad you’re back and hope you are recovered. Thanks for the beautiful recap.

  • 43

    Thanks for the “Day After”…they truly are remarkable projects. You’ve got an amazing design team behind you, that’s for sure! Take care of yourself Nichole!

  • 44
    Tracey McNeely says:

    So glad you are feeling better Nichole. The entire Papertrey team did a fantastic job on the 3rd Anniversary posts. So enjoyable.

  • 45
    Kalyna says:

    Hope you’re feeling better- great recap of all the wonderful sets that came out this past month! How on earth will the March release top this?….

  • 46
    Janet says:

    Nichole, so very glad to hear that you are better now. This was such a fun release…and a wonderful “day after” post. The PTI design team rocks! I’m eagerly awaiting receipt of the new dies, but in the meantime I’ve got lots of lovely new stamp sets to play with. 😀 Stay well!

  • 47

    Beautiful work. Can’t wait for my own order to arrive.

  • 48
    Heather J. says:

    Hi Nichole, I’m glad you are feeling better. It’s amazing that you picked my favorite projects as well. When I saw Erin and Maile’s projects – I knew I’d have to re-create those!!! Have a great weekend. Heather J.

  • 49
    Kim says:

    Wonderful projects!!! So glad you are OK!!!

  • 50
    Mary Harris says:

    Oh Nicole sorry to hear that you have been ill. But happy to hear you are back. I just got my order for the take three stamps (thank you) and love the card Melissa made using them. Very sweet thanks for the eye candy, good inspiration.

  • 51
    Margaret C says:

    I did wonder if you were just busy with life (cos it happens!) but I was very concerned at the start of this post. Please make looking after yourself a priority, we can go browse the rest of PTI while you get better !! Lots of love from Scotland !

  • 52
    Patsann says:

    Glad that you are back and feeling better Nicole.I so look forward to the day after postings. This months release was totally awesome. And now you tell us that the March release will be even bigger and better. The PTI team shines! Thank You all for sharing your inspirations with us. The March release is around the corner and I am still recieving packages from February. Oh I just love the eye candy! Try not to over do!

  • 53
    Lisa V. says:

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better. It is good to take the time to get back on your feet and have time with your family. You deserve it! February was an unbelievable month. Thanks again to you and the entire design team. We are very lucky.

  • 54
    Susan West says:

    Sorry to hear of your illness. Hope all is well now. We missed you. Thanks for this wonderful post! It started my morning off with tea and inspiration for the day.

  • 55
    Janelle says:

    Wow, Nichole. So sorry to hear you required a hospital stay — but glad to hear you are feeling better now. Please take care of yourself!!! Love all the favorite you showed… and can’t believe that March’s release could be better than February’s was! I’m having heart palpitations and my credit card is running to hide! Thanks so much for all you do to make PTI the best stamp company in the business!

  • 56
    Sue (suen) says:

    Glad to know you’re ok, Nichole! I love your day after postings! I’m looking forward to March as well–February was fantastic! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the felt in PTI colors!

  • 57
    Laura says:

    Glad you are back to good health again and thanks for highlighting all this gorgeous eye candy. I need to see *color* — all is white outside my window today. 🙂

  • 58
    Mariah says:

    Welcome back! Missed your blog and am so glad that you are feeling better!

  • 59
    shery says:

    nice cards, and lovely collection

  • 60
    Isabel zito says:

    Glad to see you back and I hope that you are fully recoverd and rested. We miss you when you are gone but your health and family come first.

  • 61
    Helen F. says:

    Welcome back, Nicole. Hope all is now well with you…we miss you when you are not hangin’ out with us! Thanks for this beautiful post my MoJo definitely needs a boost today.

  • 62

    I’m glad you’re back, Nichole. We’ve been battling illness after repeated illness at our home as well.
    We built a home in the woods a year ago. It was a long process but the rewards are great! Can’t way to see more of your journey.
    Please don’t tease us about March’s release! I can’t imagine it could be any better than February’s. It blows my mind to think it could be any better!!

  • 63
    Susan says:

    Missed you Nichole! So sorry to hear that you were in the hospital!

  • 64
    Cynde says:

    Glad your back with us, feeling better and full of fresh inspiration and have all your creative juices flowing! Hooray for Health!! Really wanted to Thank you,
    The anniversary party and release was fantastic! Loved all the samples and projects that you and the design team put out for us. I totally loved all the day after (week after) cards you presented with this post…All Fantastic!!

  • 65
    Rebecca B. says:

    I just knew something was up and having had my husband & baby in a car accident recently, I started fearing the worst. Nichole I am SO RELIEVED that everything is now okay. Thank God! Oh, and my family is now fine too.

  • 66
    Mary Ann T says:

    Just a note to say hope you are really feeling better and don’t try to do too much too fast…take care of yourself

  • 67
    Janice says:

    This was a wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing it. I’m glad to hear you are feeling better. I hope it was nothing too serious.

  • 68
    Jara says:

    Yaaaay! Nichole’s back!!

    Welcome back- missed you! I don’t know what your hospitalization was from, but if I had had anything to do with last month’s new releases and PTI fabulousness, I would’ve been admitted for exhaustion- I don’t know how y’all do it every month!

    Meanwhile, congrats on yet another great release, and we cannot wait to see what’s next! (deep cleansing breath..)

  • 69

    Hi Nichole, I am so glad you are feeling better! I love your blog, you are so talented. I have a Papertrey Ink order winging it’s way to me in the UK as I type this! It’s my very first order and I am so excited. I just want to say thank you to you and all your amazing designers – I am just amazed at all the beautiful creations on this blog!! Thank you for all your incredible inspiration! Paula xxxxxx

  • 70
    Carmen says:

    Glad to hear that you are doing better! And glad that you decided to still do the day after post. Specially because Maile Belles’ card caught my eye on the gallery, and I couldn’t see it any bigger than a thumbprint!

  • 71
    Sally says:

    Thanks for the recap. Not surprised you had some issues after that last release, I can’t imagine having to keep up with all the behind the scenes stuff going on to ensure release success. Hope you have a chance to do some relaxing and make sure you are back in A1, tip top shape. Thanks for all that you do!

  • 72
    Stephanie P says:

    Never a simple thing when you have to go to the hospital. Hope all is back to normal for you.

    I love these “after the release” posts, it seems so much more relaxed. Maile Belles has become a quick favorite of mine. Her card designs are wonderful and the card you’ve shown here is just one small example of her big talent. My favorite card in this group is Niki’s – I think it’s the graceful yet simple beauty of it – the lace, the tin type background stamp and the beautiful flower.

    Thanks so much for the wonderful eye candy and inspiration from all these amazing designers.

  • 73

    The beautiful and colorful birthday cards are so elegant and stylish wrapped and tied in wonderful ribbons. The designs are so good and eye catching. The card designing is an art and skill to make a lovely and colorful creative designing.

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