Day 8: Introducing Papertrey Paint & Chicago CHA

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Welcome back for day eight of our ongoing anniversary celebration!  Are you enjoying yourself?  This is just WAY too much fun for me.  Customers from all over the world, coming together each day to join in on the fun.  I don’t know what could be better than this!

Oh wait, there actually IS something better… getting the opportunity to make another exciting product line announcement!


Another ongoing wish of mine will becoming a reality in just a few short months.  High-quality, THICK, luxurious acrylic paint in Papertrey’s exclusive colors!

Single-flower  Papertrey acrylic paint will begin being released in April of 2010 (just a few months away!)

Single-flower  Three words… MINIATURE PAINT CAN!  (Which was TOTALLY Jane’s idea by the way!)  This little guy is one of THE most adorable things I have ever laid eyes on!  SERIOUSLY!  It measures a little over 2-inches tall and features every detail of the full-size version, right down to the handle and the pry open lid!

Single-flower  The can contains 2 ounces of luxuriously thick acrylic paint.  The color density is out of this world and a huge benefit over generic paints.  The pigment content makes it easy to get great one-coat coverage when painting anything.

Single-flower  This paint is such a great quality, it rarely ever requires and stirring or shaking, which is time-saving and convenient.

Single-flower  The opening of the can is about 1-1/2 inches in diameter, which gives you plenty of access to get the paint directly from the can with a paint brush.  No messy squeezing or wasting paint when you squeeze out more than you can use.

Single-flower  The label on the cans will be coordinated with the paint color, so you will be able to tell at a glance what color you are grabbing.

Single-flower  We even have a small scale paint can opener that will be sold as coordinating item!  

Can you imagine collecting all of these and having a rainbow of colors smiling at you each day when you sit down to create?  *sigh* All this goodness is just so inspiring and puts me in such a happy place!

Now, some of you might be thinking right now, what in the world would I do with acrylic paint?  Trust me.  As soon as we start releasing these in April, myself and the team will have PLENTY of ideas for you! But here’s a few just to get you started!

Scattered Showers card

 Water down a bit of our new paint to use in fun resist techniques, like I did HERE.


Paint chipboard to coordinate with your projects without going to the trouble of covering it with paper, you can even do fun resist techniques like I did HERE with Spiral Bouquet.


You can add pizzazz to the spines of composition books in the perfect color to match the cover you altered, like I did HERE.  You could even paint wooden pencils to coordinate with your notepads!

Lisa painted frame

Wooden picture frames painted to coordinate with the decor that’s held inside.  Or wider oriented frames can be decorated and altered in your favorite Papertrey colors. like Lisa Johnson did HERE!


Stamp with paint, like Heather Nichols does  tutorial about HERE.

 Michelle Denim

You can embellish or stamp on fabric to create customized embellishments like Michelle Wooderson did HERE.

Heathers paint strokes
Add artistic strokes of paint to the edges of photos or focal points to accent a sentiment, like Heather did HERE on her blog.

Michelle clear cardstock

Embellish our clear cardstock, which has a stunning end result, just like Michelle Wooderson did HERE.

Heather canvas 1

Use it in conjunction with fun canvas based projects like Heather does HERE and HERE.

Painted tins

Heather Nichols tried her hand at painting some of our tins some time ago and they turned out SO cute. Can you imagine having the resource at your fingertips to paint the tins in any Papertrey color you desire?

So that’s just a few things to get you started!  We will be sure to provide you with LOTS more inspiration in April!

Before I sign off for the day, I wanted to make ONE more announcement that we are super excited about.  

We’re heading back to the CHA Summer Craft SuperShow, this time in Chicago!


That’s right!  We’re bringing back all of the goodness of Papertrey as a real live shopping experience.  You can see all of the colored products in person, touch them, see the quality first hand!  And we’ll get the opportunity to meet so many of you in person, which was one of my greatest joys last year!

There will be FREE make-n-takes and lots of other excitement that you will only be able to experience at the CHA SuperShow!

So mark your calendars for Friday, July 30th & Saturday July 31st and plan on being in Chicago for this spectacular event!  We hope to see you there!!!  More information will be shared in the coming months as final preparations are made!

Today we are giving you a fun “paint” by number challenge, just like the fun oil paintings you used to create as a kid.  We are providing you with a special sketch download…

 CLICK HERE to Download Paint by number sketch

You will want to print the download out to use as an organizational tool for yourself.  You will notice that each layer of the card is numbered, coordinating with a numerical list underneath the illustration. There are measurements provided for each letter layer as well. As a little note, the long skinny strip in the middle can be either ribbon or paper, the choice is yours.

You will need to fill-in a color for each letter.  To make things fun and interesting, we are assigning color palettes based on the first letter of your online username.  The colors in your palette do not have to be used with any particular letter on the sketch, you can mix them up however you like, but you HAVE to use ALL of the colors in your assigned palette!



1. Make a project using your assigned color palette & the sketch.

2. Upload a photo of your project to you blog or online gallery. If using a blog, feel free to add the appropriate color palette graphic from above to the top of your post.

3.  Add the link for your photo to the Mister Linky box below.

4.  Those that leave a comment about what types of applications they will use the new Papertrey Paint for, will also be eligible to win.  Those that create a project link in Mister Linky AND comment will have an extra entry. Only one comment per person please.

To give you a little jumpstart with this challenge, here’s what a few of our design team members came up with to meet this challenge!

One randomly selected winner will receive…



*You can use any products you like while creating your project, no restrictions, as long as you stick with your assigned color palette.

*Don’t have one of the Papertrey colors used in your assigned palette?  Feel free to substitute for something similar from another source.

* Don’t delay because you only have until Tuesday, February 9th, 7am EST to enter.  The randomly selected winner will be announced on our February Release Winners page by noon EST the same day.

I hope you will get a chance to participate!  Now GO GET INKY!!!! 

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  • 1
    Jo Eades says:

    WOW, PaperTrey paint. I would have never guessed this one. I like paint for covering chipboard, so I’m thinking that would be my main use, however I’m thinking that I may have to ‘share’ with my 3 yo son once he sees those super cute paint cans!

  • 2
    JeanFB says:

    Wow – LOVE the idea of paints. I already like to distress the edges of cards with paint, but I would love to try stamping, some resist techniques, and maybe even an art journal with these highly pigmented PTI paints. Fabulous idea.. can’t wait to see them!

  • 3

    Oh gosh – this sounds awesome – BUT, gonna really need your all’s help with this one. Like you said – I am thinking, WHAT am I going to do with paint?? If it comes in Papertrey colors, it’s going to be sooooo pretty…so I WANT to do something with it. Looking forward to all the great ideas to come!

  • 4
    Dawn Nikol says:

    Geez man! What else are you guys going to surprise us with at this point!? This is amazing!!!

    My latest craze is buying frames and having my husband spray paint them white with spray paint so I can then paint over them with acrylic paint. I love that I’ll be able to use my favorite PTI colors in the future for this!! HURRAY!

  • 5
    Elizabeth B says:

    I am so excited about the acrylic paint!!!! I like to paint chipboard, canvas, …, and I like a lot of the ideas you shared! I can’t wait til April. I better start looking for a 2nd job!!!!

  • 6
    Melissa Ladd says:

    Horray for PTI paint! That little paint can looks adorable–can’t wait!

  • 7
    Ngan Raskin says:

    PTI PAINT?!!! Incredible…I am amazed with each product reveal. I will most certainly be using PTI paint on my projects..including that chipboard house I still have sitting blank on my desk and I can’t wait to try stamping with paint!

  • 8
    Melissa Ladd says:

    Re-read your post to see the CHA info, but I couldn’t find it?

  • 9
    Melanie Bray says:

    WOW…PAINT…that is awesome!!!! I just can’t believe the amount of stuff that you are announcing every day!!! My jaw just keeps hitting the desk! All of it is absolutely fantastic!!! You are amazing!

  • 10
    Susan says:

    Do you guys ever sleep? Unbelievable, PTI paint. Let’s see, I will use the paint to alter cards maybe paint on rocks to make some paperweights. The possibilities are endless. Love the great start of ideas that you shared already. Thanks for the ability to win PTI $$$

  • 11
    Sara Spencer says:

    wow! the paint would have come in handy today as i was decorating a PTI egg box. how fun. PTI is really a progressive company. but what about chicago cha? now i’m really curious.

  • 12
    Rita says:

    I love journaling with acrylic paints. To have all the PTI colors in those adorable paint cans is amazing. WOW! So much fun!

  • 13

    I was not expecting this! Wow! I love to paint… like paint pictures that kind of thing… I have never used painting in conjunction with my card making, this might be a next step for me!

  • 14
    Stacy says:

    Paint is so much fun to use on buckets, chipboard and embellies. That will be so cool to coordinate giftcards and containers etc. Can it be used on onsies too, or only on things that won’t be washed? Love everything my wish list continues to grow.

  • 15
    Ange Kelly says:

    Hey Nichole,

    I really am not sure what to with the paint, it certainly sounds delicious. Maybe my kids can give me a few ideas LOL!

  • 16
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    I would buy some of those paint cans even if they had sand in them; they are that adorable!
    I like to do home decor things starting w/wood, which I usually paint. Now to have PTI matching colors would be fabulous!

  • 17
    Judy S says:

    Wow … this is a nice surprise! I have a ton of chipboard and definately would use the new paint for that!

  • 18
    Dawn says:

    Good lord. I can’t imagine what else you all are going to come up with next. This is pretty exciting. Those paint cans are so cute.!

  • 19
    Katie {choc0holic} says:

    Hooray!!! I, too, will have a hard time keeping little hands off of Mommy’s paints! Any chances that we’ll be able to get more than one color occasionally? I hate thinking about how long it would take to complete my collection at just one per month! Also…and chance you can do some comparisons to products that are already on the market? For example, Claudine Hellmuth’s paint? Thanks!!!

  • 20
    Tracy says:

    Wow, paint too! I would like to use in on boxes that I alter for gifts. This is quite a month of surprises!

  • 21
    elana k says:

    PTI paint…never saw it coming, but can’t believe I didn’t. Sounds like another fabulous innovation. I love to paint chipboard and things…but where to store it all??? That is the question! šŸ™‚

  • 22
    Kim says:

    I can’t wait until all te new stuff is available! PTI is going to be my one stop shop!!!!

  • 23
    Yvette F. says:

    Are you kidding me? I’m so in love with these little cans! You know we’ll need empty ones to decorate! I love paint and use it a lot when making altered projects and coloring chipboard!

  • 24
    JustLulu says:

    That is soooo adorable!!! I would love to paint up some chipboard with that šŸ™‚

  • 25
    Kim P says:

    I have plenty of chipboard that would be great painted. BTW, when will you be introducting PTI chipboard? šŸ˜‰ Oh, so many things for us crafters to do….I wish I had more time for all the projects floating around my head and on my “To Do” lists! I’m sure in the coming months, all the designers will have me adding to my list!

  • 26
    fiona yeoh says:

    Papertrey acylic paint?? OH MY GOD!!! i can paint on metal tins / boxes for gifts and co-ordinate that with cards made with papertreyink cardstock!! can you say ‘matching’ in a heart beat!?? šŸ™‚ yeay!

  • 27
    AnnElise R. says:

    I love it! I love it! I love it! I just want to put my hands in the paint and get ’em all messy. i can not WAIT to start creating with PTI coordinating colored acrylic paint. My mind is swirling with ideas already!!

  • 28
    Maureen P says:

    I think painting chipboard and wooden embellishments would be so easy and fun!! I’ll try to get to the sketch…eek!! My letter is a hard palette!! Tempted to change my username!! LOL

  • 29

    What a fabulous addition. I know exactly what I’d do if I had the paint in hand, I’d paint the walls in my daughters room. Can you imagine PTI colored polka dots or trees and birdies on a wall? I totally can šŸ™‚

  • 30
    Katie {choc0holic} says:

    Ack! I was too full of questions to mention what I’ll use it for!!! I’d love to use the PTI paint on sticky-back canvas…with the dies. šŸ˜‰ I see myself using it mostly for that as well as custom home decor items.

  • 31
    Andrea McCulley says:

    What a sweet surprise! I would love to try stamping with acrylic paint!

  • 32
    Maria M. says:

    The paint cans are so cute! Not sure I would open them but if I did, I would probably use them on chipboard and frames and composition books! God knows I have tons of those laying around in my stash

  • 33
    Tina says:

    At first I thought I wouldn’t have a use for the acrylic paint, but now that I’ve seen your spectacular samples and ideas, I can’t wait to get my hands on some! You continue to surprise me, PTI!

  • 34
    ChrisTea says:

    I love to use paint for altered books – it will be GREAT to have PTI colors and start to use it for my cardmaking too!

  • 35
    Mary A says:

    Hmmm… I am a little bit afraid of paint when it comes to crafting, but I am sure your gals will change my mind! šŸ™‚ I do have some alterables here that could be painted, though, that’s for sure! Fingers crossed!

    Did I miss the CHA Chicago info.?

  • 36
    Christine N says:

    You totally surprised me on this one! I haven’t used paint much in my papercrafting. Just on altered objects. The first thing I think I would try would be the resist project! This is definately something to go with the request for tutorials earlier this week. I can’t wait to see them.

    Now off to make that card!


  • 37
    Paula Laird says:

    Wow! I love how well the paint covered the notebook spine! AWESOME!!! And those paint cans are so adorable! i can’t wait to try this stuff. Can you paint metal with it, I wonder? Looking forward to trying!!

  • 38
    Wahinelei says:

    OMGosh that little tin of paint is too cute! And really clever to make the opening big enough to dip the brush in. I hate having either too much or too little paint squeezed out of the tube. I love to alter items and using paint just makes it fun! My last project was to alter wooden letters in my daughter’s name, TEIA. I could just imagine doing it again in Aqua Mist and Hibiscus Pink, or how about Sweet Blush and Dark Chocolate? Ooohhh, just think of the possibilities!!

  • 39
    Lee says:

    Those little paint cans are too cute. Definitely going to use it for painting chipboard and painting on canvas. Hope you will be selling PTI paintbrushes too!

  • 40
    Diane S. (momoffive) says:

    I love to paint my chipboard embellies and I am so excited to be able to have the paint in PTI colors. This is all way too much fun!!! Thanks!!!

  • 41
    Shelby says:

    I’ve been wanting to make canvas art like pine’s for a looooong time now, so that’s probably what I’ll use it for!

  • 42
    jen shears says:

    PTI paint! Perfect matches, once again! SO FUN! I’d use it on frames, chipboard, scrapbooks…the possibilities are endless! Thanks SO MUCH for the *chance* to give my wallet a tiny break from all the AMAZING things you’re showing us!!!

  • 43
    Hlee says:

    Wow! The paint can is adorable! I’m so glad I don’t have to go to the craft store searching for coordinating acrylic paint colors that match the PTI colors. Cannot wait to get my hands on these and use it for chipboards, clipboards, tin containers, etc… oh, the possibilities!

  • 44
    Karen H. says:

    No way! I am completely flabbergasted at the number of new color match products that are coming out. I love the idea of paint – your samples are so numerous – and the product container so adorable! Now all I need is color match brads šŸ˜‰

  • 45
    Marie L says:

    This is out of this world and there are 7 more days to go. This is over the top. Wow, I love paints. I am amazed about all the new products. I can’t wait. I better start a list of all the ‘have to have’ items.

  • 46
    Amy O. says:

    I love to do frames as gifts…these paints are going to be perfect for doing just that! Thanks PTI! šŸ™‚

  • 47
    C Burke says:

    I’ll probably use the new paints to cover embellishments with the color I need to accent my project. It will be a big help in creating Christmas ornaments too!

  • 48

    PTI paint…incredible. Can’t wait to get my hands on some. :o)

  • 49
    Diane M says:

    Wow, another awesome idea. I think one of the first things I would use the paint for is some sort of resist project, maybe tags. Secondly I would use it for coordinating chipboard and other elements as well as gift items to coordinate with cards.

    Diane M

  • 50
    LR says:

    I am looking forward to experimenting with the new PTI paint. I like the idea of using it on chipboard. Love the adorable miniature paint cans—so cute!!

  • 51
    Sunny Penn says:

    Wow… you never stop amaze us! This is so wonderful. I can’t wait to use PTI color paint on my project. Thank you for your hard work, Nichole. You guys are simply the best!!

  • 52
    AnitaRex says:

    This is so much fun reading all the new exciting things going on with PTI! What would i do with PTI paint? I love the picture frame idea! I think I would also paint some small things freehand on the wall with the colors since I love them! Now you need Vinyl for the wall in PTI colors that you can cut out with PTI downloads when you do that format that cna cut in the machines!

  • 53
    Kelly Marie says:

    Paint! very cool! I think I would want to paint just about everything. Mixing colors would be a blast!

  • 54
    haejin says:

    The paint looks so gorgeous~ I have been playing around with new techniques lately, but I haven’t done much with paint except use it to paint a stamped image (from behind) on acetate. I liked it, but I found that the paint I have is too thin, and I had to put multiple layers, but the layers weren’t even. šŸ™ The Papertrey ink looks much thicker, so I’m hoping that I won’t have this problem with it~ šŸ™‚
    I’m also excited for trying out the other suggestions on this post, especially the paint on the photos to accent the captions.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • 55
    Marge R. says:

    I plan to use your new luscious paints for metal accents cut with your new dies, chipboard (of course), tins, boxes and whatever fabulous ideas you & your DT present us with in the near future — can’t wait for that!!! What a fun ride this Anniversary fest has been — be sorry to see it end, but so thrilled to have all your new products/ideas to enjoy!

  • 56
    Opal A. says:

    Wow! So many new products this month! I am excited! I have a collection of acrylic paints that I use on my “super” crafty projects like decorating handmade jewelry boxes and elegant wrapping boxes. The problem I’ve encountered in the past is not being able to coordinate those color sets. With Papertrey Paints I will now be able to paint and stamp in coordinating hues!

  • 57
    PavlaH says:

    OMG! I’m so excited about these paints! I love to paint on canvas, creating backgrounds with acrylics.

  • 58
    Sharon D says:

    What cute little cans! Paint would be great for the spines of altered notebooks–to make them look totally finished and coordinated. I’d also like to try stamping with paint–I’ve never done that.

  • 59
    Tina Mayo says:

    I would use it for picture frames, cards, scrap booking, wall hangings you name it..looks like alot of fun.

  • 60
    Linda C. says:

    Goodness! You are full of anniversary surprises! I would use paint on chipboard.

  • 61
    Shirlann says:

    Get out!…paint! I love the container it will be coming in…will be so cute on the shelf. I have plenty of wood photo frames to alter, love the acrylic look on photos and have an idea in my head to paint paper mache boxes and use my stamps. I’m glad you are spreading out the availability of all the new goodies…I wouldn’t know which to order first!

  • 62
    Linda w says:

    Another new medium for me. Just have to step out of that comfortable box I put myself in.

    stamp on…

  • 63
    Shay says:

    Now paint?!? Have I mentioned how amazing I think Papertey Ink is? I would use the paint for painting my own paper, tags, ATC’s, using with the resist technique…the possibilities are endless. Paint is one of my favorite products. Just amazing!

  • 64

    I love this sketch and I love the color palette I was assigned šŸ˜‰

    While I’ve switched to digital for my scrapbooking, so I know I wouldn’t use the paints as much as I would have previously, I still think they are an awesome addition to your product line!

  • 65
    Linda R says:

    Didn’t see this one coming! The cans are soooo cute!!

  • 66
    Cari says:

    I’m thinking I’ll be painting some chipboard and acrylic accents with this great paint. Oh, and stamping with it, too! So many great projects!

  • 67
    Laura B. says:

    Wow, so many new products. I never would have guessed paint though!

  • 68
    Elizabeth Beasterfield says:

    oh. em. gee!!! Those paint cans are to die for cute!!!!! I hope you have a good supply of them on April release day cuz these are gonna go like hotcakes!! šŸ™‚ Awesome stuff PTI

  • 69
    lexi says:

    How cool! Definitely can’t wait to play with some paint!

  • 70
    Sue Lelli says:

    How FUN is this! Now I am glad it will be raining all day tomorrow so I can play with THIS Challenge! I love the colors I will have to work with. Nichole, this has been the most AWESOME and EXCITING countdown yet!

  • 71
    Cindy Holshouser says:

    Oh those little paint cans are so cute. I can see using the paint to give embellishments a little of color to coordinate with a card or other project. Can’t wait to try it.

  • 72
    Melissa Hungria says:

    I love the idea of PTI paint – because I love PTI’s colors. However, I’m really intimidated since I’m not a painter. Knowing how talented all of the PTI designers are and their fabulous blogs, I’m sure I’ll have no problem figuring out how to do it once you all show me how. Thanks!

  • 73

    Wow!!! I would use the paint to paint chipboard, to alter items and to paint the tiny drawers where I keep my supplies in the matching colors!

  • 74
    Valerie H. says:

    I would love to use the paint to decorate my favor boxes. I also have tons of chipboard so I hope you will show me some techniques for this as well.

  • 75

    This was so bizzare when I saw this post because just yesterday I was thing I had to go and try and match some paint with the pti colors….. and now you are doing it for me!!! And those paint can are so adorable!! Can’t wait to have all the colors.

  • 76
    Dana F. says:

    Wow, now that’s definitively something I would have NEVER EVER guessed!! …but I like it šŸ™‚ I have tried to paint beer coasters with acrylic paint last year but it was not thick enough to cover it perfectly even after the 2nd coat. So, I think I will LOVE this – even more so in PTI’s bright hues šŸ™‚ Oh, and maybe it will be possible to water it down and make spray mists from it? Oh my… :-))

  • 77

    I love to make “off the page” projects and your paints would be fantastic for this! how cute are the tins. I cant wait to see more of your offerings!!!

  • 78
    Donette B says:

    The paint cans are adorable…I’d get them for that alone, lol! I really like the resist technique cards you demonstrated and can see myself using it for that a lot.

  • 79

    I love to use paint to cover chipboard and I use it for stamping solid images too. I love the idea of covering the spine on a composition notebook.

  • 80
    Tammy says:

    Wow, PTI paint! That one was definitely a surprise. I would love to get my hands on those little cans. I see it being great for chipboard. I’ve never stamped with paint but I will be trying it once the colors come out. Oh, stamping the paint onto the new felt! That would be great.

  • 81
    Becs Attwood says:

    Awesome. I wish I had time to play along with this challenge. I love the effect of painting on clear cardstock. And painting chipboard would be great. And the raw wood gift box that I got something in years ago & kept to use one day…these paints would be amazing on that. And the little tins- adorable. Can’t wait!!

  • 82
    dette says:

    Those are the cutest little paint cans. Don’t know yet what I would do with acrylic paints, but I’m sure that the PTI design team will have me hooked on it in no time.

  • 83
    Kim B says:

    Ooooh I like the idea of using the paint with emboss resist, (hand up waving) and for chipboard too!

    Kim B

  • 84

    I love miniatures! And I like paint to play with.
    Great challenge, I have a free day today, I’ll see if I can make a card in time.

  • 85
    Jenink says:

    Definitely for quick chipboard alterations like everybody else! And re-using the cans would be so much fun. I’m already mentally filling them with jelly belly jellybeans šŸ™‚

  • 86
    Dana Klinkner says:

    Love the little paint can – so cute! I would use the paint for chipboard and distressing. What will you think of next? You guys are amazing!

  • 87
    Lee Cockrum says:

    Not really sure what I will find to do with paints, I will have to follow the design team lead!! But the cute little cans are the best!!!

  • 88
    Alyssa B says:

    Hooray!!! I am so excited to make a chipboard album like the one nicole made for Thanksgiving that time. I have attempted in the past but it was a disater. Once I get my hands on some PTI paint i’m sure that I can made a successful mini book. Yay for the new product lines PTI! You always know how to knock our socks off!

  • 89
    Kim says:

    I work in so many mediums cant wait for matching paint!!! I really want to try the stamping with paint technique what a great idea that is since the paint has such great coverage!

  • 90
    Margaret C says:

    Crikey – is there anything you haven’t thought of in this year ! GORGEOUS paints !! I would probably use them to base layer canvases for my wall art type stuff and then coordinate chipboard etc! COOL!

  • 91
    Debbie says:

    Just plain WOW!!! I have so many needs for this its unreal!! šŸ™‚

  • 92
    Mirabelka says:

    Thank you so much for inspiration and so many ideas how to use paint in my projects.

    what I plan to do with acrylic paint:
    – Emboss resist technique to make background paper
    – Paint chipboard
    – Paint stamping
    – I will try to stamp on fabric (Iā€™m very curious about the results)
    – I will try sth new to me – making embellishments on transparencies

    Love from Poland,

  • 93
    Lousette says:

    Paint as well …. yummy! Love using paint on canvas, stamping with foam, as a splash of colour on cardstock etc. Can’t wait to see what you girls come up with.

  • 94
    Lorraine N says:

    I don’t think I can take much more! AAAHHH! I thought the dies were off the charts, then the felt, now paint? At first I thought oh I don’t need that. But after seeing your creations (esp the painting of the chipboard cover and the book spine cover), I thought I NEED IT! LOL! Thank you for providing so much inspiration for us!

  • 95
    Jo R. says:

    I love using acrylic paint to paint chipboard and Kaisercraft wooden projects. Now I can paint them in yummy Papertrey colours – love that! And those paint cans are just adorable.

  • 96
    Amanda H says:

    Yay. I’ve been eyeing acrylics on craft sites for a while, but I never made a decision about colors. This will make it so much easier. I can’t wait to paint chipboard and cardboard that I can bind into mini albums. Thanks for the constant inspiration!

  • 97
    Cheri Howard says:

    Wow! To be honest, I haven’t used paint much. I would like to try, however, if given some instruction! I have a wooden box that’s been sitting in my craft room waiting to be altered – now’s the time!

  • 98
    Robbin Clements says:

    This is amazing…I am sooo excited to get my hands on this paint!!! I will be starting out with chipboard and wooden frames…and who knows where I will go from there!!

  • 99
    Leanne Oxley says:

    Well, I would probably love just looking at them lined up all in a row (like you said Nicole) but otherwise, definitely chipboard, and some wooden projects that I have stored away that I am busting to make and decorate!

  • 100
    Terri E. says:

    I really like the idea of painting on the sticky backed fabric. Also aking some cute home decor. This announcement about coming to CHA was what I have been waiting for all week! I am having my second baby June 4th and this is going to be the fun part of my summer.

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  • 101
    Colleen says:

    I use paint to cover chipboard embellishments, but I have to coat my chipboard at least 2 times if not 3 times with one of the “other” brands in order to get complete coverage. I also would love to try my hand at a canvas project like what Heather Nichols has done. I can just imagine its rich creamy smoothness!

  • 102
    emily cossins says:

    Love the idea of being able to paint and make the edges of my cards look vintage. The paint cans are adorable, looking forward to April.

  • 103
    Delorse Sword says:

    I love. love, love to paint with acrylics and now I’ll have some great colors with which to create!! My favorite — chipboard!

  • 104
    Liz in MO says:

    Oh, it’s like a new baby!!! Those little cans are so stinkin’ adorable! I think I would just line them up and look at them and go awwwwwwwwww! Then I would use them to paint paper, chipboard, canvas, anything at all!!!

  • 105
    Beverley says:

    Oh My Oh My! PTI paint! I am so excited! It means I can do the final year of my degree drawings etc with PTI colours! Just to add to my excitement is that you will be going to Summer CHA and that it is in Chicago as that is a ‘to go to place soon’ on my list and hubby will want to go to! HA! So I am already looking at flights from the UK! HOPE HOPE HOPE to meet you all! Fingers, toes and everything crossed!

  • 106
    Ann says:

    Well Nichole you are surely stretching our creative talents with all these new directions. Its great and I can’t wait to try out everything new.

  • 107
    Gail E says:

    This release is unbelievable!! Those little cans are adorable!! I would love to paint some chipboard with those paints –and that will be just the beginning.

  • 108
    Be(e) says:

    I absolutely love the papertrey colors. And now paint in those same colors!! What wouldn’t I paint in them?! I think I would make a lot of storage boxes on my crafttable mix and match.

  • 109
    Pat says:

    I might just have to buy the paint because the mini cans are just too stinkin’ cute! I’d love to have PTI color matching chipboard pieces and now I’ll be able to.

  • 110
    nadia says:

    I can go to Ikea and buy some chip square wood frames to paint with your great colors. Some green to go with my kitchen wall, some orange and light blue for my son’s bedroom, some ……!?!?!?!?

    Ciao, Nadia

  • 111
    Laura.K says:

    Wow. I love that paint. But those cans are sooooooooooo sweet. I have some idea for that paint. And April is my birth month, so thanks for this lovely present.

    I can’t wait to see the surprise from tomorrow.

  • 112
    Heidi S says:

    I’m so happy to have paint in PTI colors! No more mixing to get a close color. Thank you so much! What a fun challenge too!

  • 113
    Linda says:

    Yummm, the paint looks fab Nichole. I just love painting chipboard shapes with paint and then adding glitter on occasion so I would love to play with some in that way:)

  • 114
    Melissa McF says:

    Yeah, right. Working single mom (with pets) here – the card making deadlines are for you married SAHM/WAHM crafters.

  • 115
    Jilleen says:

    oh boy oh boy! Paints!! First I would use it to cover the front of notebooks. I give out a lot of notebooks and decorate the front cover. I would love it on chipboard. I prefer to paint my chipboard than ink it. What could be better than coordinating the chipboard with the project. I would also give it a try stenciling a room with the beautiful PTI colors.

    Thanks again!

  • 116
    Lynne says:

    I better get a second job – with all the new great products being released every month, I don’t know how I will stick to my budget! I love acrylic paint and use it quite often in my crafting, mostly for painting canvas or chipboard. Thanks for another thoughtful addition to the Papertrey line!

  • 117
    SueB says:

    I would use it to paint on chipboard or on altered wooden items. The paint cans are genius – can hardly wait to buy some.

  • 118
    june g. says:

    ohhh, stop it!! i can’t take anymore cuteness! i’d better budget nowm for all of the goodies i want. PAINT, wow, what’s next?!

  • 119
    KeeKee says:

    I mostly use acrylic paint with foam stamps on fabric. I have used it on acrylic albums and altered wood shapes with it. I can’t wait to see the samples from the DT!

  • 120
    Joan says:

    OK, this is too much!! I’m having anxious attacks just waiting for all this cool stuff to be available. I told my dh to hold my valentine gift…. I have a lot of uses in mind for the acrylic paint, I would love to paint chipboard frames for my card projects and try that resisting technique that looks so nice and fun to make.

    Thanks for another great product and another opportunity to win great prizes.

  • 121
    laura j says:

    PTI paint!!! What a fabulous idea! I would love to alter old book covers for some mini album projects!

  • 122
    Karen says:

    Truly, I thought you were done with the new product introductions, so I was shocked to see yet another one! My favorite application for paint is on chipboard, and I use it on almost all my altered projects. Having paint to match all the PTI papers will be great!

  • 123
    Lindsay says:

    I never saw that one coming! But I am sure glad it did! Those little cans are to cute! The best part? Those paints in ALL the PTI colors!

  • 124
    Angela H. says:

    So fun! And the cans themselves are super-cute — so many uses for another great new product.

  • 125
    Annette S says:

    I am thinking of home decor projects in papertreys awesome colors. I can not wait to try them!

  • 126
    Avril Tanner says:

    oh… this is so very very cool! however do you think of these amazing ideas! Matching paint and felt! two things I definately have to have!!!

  • 127
    Brooke says:

    WOW! I can’t believe just how often my mouth hits the floor every time I log into your blog lately!!

    I would love to try your resist technique. I’ve also been looking at some paper storage to sit on top of my drawers. I could go nuts with some paint on those!

  • 128
    angel says:

    I was a SAHM -i’ll be getting a part time job now to support the my monthly orders with all these FABULOUS new goodies!!

  • 129
    Maureen L. says:

    I love the idea of making frames customized with my favorite PTI colors. Also covering the cover, not just the spine of a composition notebook … saves on paper and woudl create a nice quick pallete to stamp.

  • 130
    Sandye Curry says:

    I love chipboard, but I don’t use it often. I think I will now that my paint for it can match my PTI cardstock!!!!! I went the CHA in Anaheim–and hated the fact that Papertrey was not there. I cannot go to Chicago, and now you are going:( The release sounds so wonderful this month!

  • 131
    Julie E says:

    The first thing on my list is an unfinished magnetic memo board that is sitting in my craft area! The next thing I want to try is using it on the clear cardstock, and stamping with it, and I could go on and on. Can’t wait!

  • 132
    Jeni says:

    I can’t wait for the paint colors to start to be released. My foam stamps have been neglected for quite some time & they would love to come out to play again.

  • 133

    This is truly a year of fantastic surprises… I haven’t been using paint but now that you have it will have to start….

  • 134
    Theresa Grdina says:

    OMGOSH! PAINT! I cannot believe it!! And the packaging is adorable!!! I have lately become addicted to paint – painting EVERYTHING that doesn’t move (except my living room!). I can’t wait to try it out.

  • 135
    Kim G says:

    That little paint can is adorable and also what is in it. Can’t wait to see the colors in person!!

  • 136
    Taheerah says:

    *squeal!!* Nichole, I’m *so* excited by the introduction of paints to the PTI line! How perfect!! I love all cute tiny things so those cans are an instant hit with me and I’ll definitely get the mini can opener to match!

    As for what I’ll use the paint for – I think definitely painting chipboard, and I’ll probably give it a go on clear cardstock, as well as ‘rough’ stamping for a more rustic look, maybe mixed with gesso? But I’m loving all the possibilities – I could even paint some things round the house!!

    So thrilled that you’ll be at CHA as well – now I just need to save up for the trip from the UK if I can!!

  • 137
    Jeni Barbas says:

    Those paint cans are the cutest ever!! I think the possibilities are endless with paint…I have tons of chipboard and love painting the edges of photos and having a painted “mat” for scrapbook pictures. can’t wait!!

  • 138
    Kelly Schirmer says:

    Oh what another fun idea, and those paint cans are super cute! I might rush through and use a lot of paint (hmmm, would could I paint that is BIG?) so I could then use the empty cans for little button holders, ha!

  • 139
    Sara Mac says:

    Wow PTI paint! This adds a new branch to my crafting. I’ve only worked a bit with white acrylic paint, but to have all PTI colors would be amazing. I guess I’d start using the paint with chipboard first.

  • 140
    Anne G says:

    Those paint cans are so darn cute! I’d use the paint on chipboard.

  • 141

    OMGosh, I can’t wait to see the paint and add a little crackle. I’m so into this technique right now, I’m just excited! I can’t believe we have to wait until April! Sigh…..


  • 142
    anne says:

    I have a project in mind but I don’t know if it will work until I try it out. I have been procrasting buying the paint to do it but now I will not have an excuse because I love your colors that I HAVE to buy them.

  • 143
    Renee S. says:

    The products just keep on getting better and better! The paint looks so gorgeous. I can just see stunning painted book covers, chipboard embellishments, decorative touches on pages – the list goes on and on. You’ve done it again!

  • 144
    Andrea says:

    PAINT TOO?!?!! You have been B.U.S.Y! I can’t wait to see all of those scruptious colors. I have a couple of frames that are in need of some lovin’ – a little paint would bring them back. Thanks so much for all of the opportunities to win great prizes and for all of the inspiration!

  • 145
    yvette says:

    I love the paint will now coordinate with my paper and buttons. I love to paint chipboard and to distress the edges of my cards with paint. The paint also will help make embellishments that dont match my card or layout match now just by adding paint. I can’t wait to see the previews.

  • 146
    Lennie says:

    I love the paint cans, so cute! I would use the paint on things in my girls rooms to help decorate, like wood letters to hang on the wall.

  • 147
    Shelly Shepherd says:

    I wouldn’t have thought of PTI coming out with paint, but now I have glorious visions of shopping trips to HomeSense without worrying about matching colours to my decor. If I like the item but not the colour – it will be PTI to the rescue! Oooooh, a lemon tart lamp for my daughter’s room, or coordinating colour tops for all my button jars. Stenciling… everything! What can’t we do now? lol

  • 148
    Anika B. says:

    I can see myself altering many picture frames and painting chipboard! How find is this! I suppose I would need too many 2 ounce cans to cover the walls in my craft room…oh well, I’m not even sure which color I would pick!

  • 149
    Carrie Croy says:

    I’m not as artsy as some people, so painting techniques will require me to see SEVERAL samples before I get it. It does seem interesting and could open up a whole array of new possibilities.

  • 150
    Sue D says:

    I have a lot of paper mache objects that need painting. I also would like to stamp with this paint.

  • 151
    Cammy Wall says:

    Oh Wow! Those little paint cans are just adorable. Can’t wait to try out the paint.

  • 152
    Sandy Kay says:

    I may get into painting chipboard. But I really would like to try the technique that Heather did a while back with Beautiful Blooms. I saved a picture of that card and haven’t tried it to this day, but that may all change soon! She painted the stamps and it’s a gorgeous card!

  • 153
    liz says:

    EEEK! I’m so excited for paint! Now, the colors I love so much can be used to decorate my home! I make homemade signs; these would be FABULOUS to paint my boards with before applying my vinyl letters! I can’t wait!

  • 154

    I usually DO paint my chipboard, because it’s honestly so much faster than covering it with paper. It will be great to have matching colors to my other papertrey products. What a banner year for you guys — and us!

  • 155
    Jennifer Delaurier says:

    Oh. My. God. Paint in PTI colors, I am going to swoon! How can I wait until April?!? I am itching to get my hands on these goodies, I just love stamping on canvas with paint to create special personalized gifts, so now they are going to be even better! Thanks so much!

  • 156
    Diane Anthony says:

    Paint sounds like fun. I never thought of using it on chipboard covers. That would be so much easier than working with YES glue. Love that idea and that they will coordinate with the PT palette. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • 157
    Megan LaBelle says:

    OMG – paint?!? Love, love, love!!

  • 158
    Ruth says:

    Nice color and layout for today’s challenge. I made a mistake in typing my name down, thats why i posted two times in Mister Linky… btw, i’m soooooo excited for these new products!!!

  • 159
    Mary K says:

    So far I’ve only used acrylic paint to stamp and to decorate chipboard and/or wooden items. I am interested to see how the emboss resist techniques work with it.

  • 160
    tammy says:

    WOWZA! Love paint not just for stamps but for so many other projects. My mind is reeling with ideas. Can’t wait.

  • 161
    Erin says:

    WHAT will you think of next?! You have this industry covered – one stop shopping! Truly amazing!! Can’t wait to try out all of the new products!

  • 162
    Regan says:

    OMGOSH..these are to die for….I love painting my chipboard to match my projects but I really want to stamp with paint more…

  • 163
    Melissa F. says:

    PTI paint – how fun. Those mini paint cans are adorable. I would love to use the paint on chipboard and try stamping with it.

  • 164
    Stephanie J says:

    Papertrey Paint – woo hoo!!! I really love to alter things, but don’t do much because I hate wasting paint (due to the reasons you mentioned) and because I often don’t wind up with the colours I want. I can hardly wait till April now!

  • 165
    Jennifer K says:

    Again, wow. I don’t know how many days in a row I’m going to say that. I hope to see you in Chicago – I live only 4 hours away so it’s a do-able drive for me. Yea!!

  • 166

    *Sigh of happiness* What will you guys think of next? I absolutely CANNOT believe the line up of new products that you have been announcing over the last few days. I’m over the moon with excitement. Of course the only hard part is waiting. I want it all NOW *LOL*!

  • 167
    Isabel Z says:

    One good thing after another:-) I will be using the paint to cover the edge of my composition notebooks like you did. I never thought of doing that and covering the black spine with paper was so time consuming. This will be more fun and it will match my PTI cardstock. I will also use it to paint all the wood photo frames that I had to buy at Ikea and that have been sitting neglected in my drawer. Thanks for the inspiration. PS The cute little paint can is wonderful. I love tiny things.

  • 168
    Sally says:

    Can’t wait to try the paint. I would use it on scrapbooks, chipboard, altered books, kid’s school projects, etc… Awesome idea! Thank you.

  • 169
    Kay S. says:

    FUN! FUN! FUN! I see myself creating some altered art with paper mache’. The PTI colors will be perfect for this!!!!

  • 170
    andie... says:

    oh my gosh…i love anything that is miniature by nature…so these little paint cans rock my world! they are sooo so cute! i can see myself using your new paints on canvas frames and around the edges of cards! your new products keep getting better and better! xoxo andie…

  • 171
    Marcy says:

    I have never used paints before with stamping so this will be a fun new technique to learn. I will need your ideas each month. Love the little can!

  • 172
    Jamie Greene says:

    I love the mini paint cans, so adorable! I think they will look fabulous lined up on my shelf! I will use the paint for chipboard, stamping, altering items, the list can go on and on. Needless to say I am very excited about this product!

  • 173
    julie says:

    I have started using paint on my stamps lately.

    I’m loving the little paint tins.

  • 174

    Nichole – you’ve done it again! Went somewhere I hadn’t dreamed that PTI would go. I love to use acrylic paint in my journals and with stencils.

  • 175
    jaime aldridge says:

    I live in Chicago!!! YEA!! I can’t wait to meet you pti girls at cha!

  • 176
    Theresa says:

    I am so excited about this product! They are going to be perfect for altering notebooks, tins, frames and so much more. I can’t wait for April!!

  • 177
    glorie says:

    Painting chipboard in PTI colors!! Woohoo!!

  • 178
    donna calamari says:

    I make clipboards and picture frames as gifts. The paint will be wonderful on these items. And, I love PTI’s luscious colors so I know the colors are just what I want.

  • 179
    Marilyn Bronson says:

    I luv using paint on chipboard and on the spines of composition books. I also love the little paint can — they would look great lined up on a shelf in my “play room” as my grandchildren call it!

  • 180

    Oh Good Grief, Nichole! Could that paint be any cuter?! I already have to beat my kids away from the buttons and they have never learned to stay out of the card stock and ink. Why, oh why, did you have to do this to me?!

  • 181
    Kendra H says:

    I love the cans! I think I would try it on tile with stencils.

  • 182

    No chance to create today as I am heading to Florida, but the acrylic paint in Papertrey colors is ingenious! I do crafts every so often where I use paint and it would be fabulous to have matching paint colors!!

  • 183
    Kris says:

    And just when I was going to try to hold back on spending! Those paint cans are soooo cute I just want to buy them to line them up on a shelf as decoration!! Ok, so I’d have to use them too cause wow the colors…
    I think I’d want to use them on chipboard for sure to maybe add a coordinated accent on a card or scrap page. I’d also love to try them to make my own background paper.

  • 184
    Staci Miserlian says:

    Sounds like another hit. I’m sure there will be MANY applications for these adorable paints. I’m thinking painting chipboard would be what I’d do the most.

  • 185

    I love the look of stamping with paint. Those little paint cans are to die for. I can’t wait to get my hands on some. See you in Chicago!

  • 186
    Lauren says:

    Well I guess I can now delete all the “favorites” I have bookmarked on my computer because PTI will have everything and it will all match!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE all the color-matched products!!! You girls are AMAZING!!!! PTI is now my #1.

  • 187
    Laura Pryor says:

    I never would have guessed this, but it really makes sense to have all your wonderful colors available in all kinds of different crafty ways. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on these. They will look so pretty all lined up on a shelf AND I do a lot of painting of wooden frames… it would be nice to have some luxuriously thick and beautifully colored paint to use for these projects! Yay!!

  • 188
    Jennifer S. says:

    Oh my word! I am just loving all of the new products you are coming out with. The first thing I plan on painting is the white recipe boxes.

  • 189

    Wow – just when I thought you offered everything you could possibly add to a color collection, you do it again! Paint – what a great idea! And the packaging is just TOO cute!

  • 190
    Michelle says:

    Oh my! I’m in heaven!
    I have a ton of chipboard shapes sitting in their nakedness all because I forget to bring paper samples to the craft store to try and make a match!
    I am so happy!
    Michelle Benoit

  • 191
    Alison Yarrish says:

    Wonderful idea! I will use the paint for doing my wood projects. Thanks again, PTI!

  • 192
    Mindy says:

    I love colors in any form! But my daughter will have too have these. She loves working with paint and all of my craft stuff! Looking forward to this new adventure.

  • 193
    Lindzie H says:

    Paint…yet another great idea. I like how you’ve put in a cute storage paint can. I can think of a few projects I would like to use these on including these fun notebooks I’ve been making. It would be a lot easier to just on color than trying to cover them in paper. šŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 194
    Alyssa S says:

    How fun! I would love to do a bunch of different picture frames for my daughter’s room! She would love all the bright, bold colors!

  • 195
    Crisanne says:

    I am thrilled and can’t wait to get my hands on all the beautiful colors! I have been having a fun time playing around with paint lately, and have a project I have just been sitting on, waiting for warmer weather. Now I’ll be waiting for the release of Aqua Mist paint… but it’s going to be fantastic!

  • 196
    Peg C. says:

    I love those cute little paint cans! but wondered what will I do with those…thanks for the samples. They were awesome and now I have tons of ideas.

  • 197
    Christine Rogus says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on those paints!! SOOOOOOOO glad you’ll all be in Chicago for CHA. I live close so hopefully will be able to meet my inspiration ladies!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  • 198
    Tracey says:

    Your new paint would be so PERFECT to custom colour my chipboard letters to match my cards and LO’s. It would also be fantastic to paint “Sticky Back Canvas”!!

  • 199
    Barbra says:

    I am so overwhelmed with complete joy! How many little paint can’s would it take to paint a whole room? LOL!!!!!! It is so much fun to check out your bog everyday!

  • 200
    Patti Cain says:

    Those little paint cans are so stinkin’ cute!!! I like to stamp with acrylic paint.

  • 201
    CrazyCurl says:

    I’d love to try the emboss resist technique like your first card!

  • 202
    Kelly Braund says:

    LOVE playing with paint and those little cans are so adorable! Thank you for going to Chicago!!! I am so excited about that, I was bummed when I missed out on Florida, but Chicago is only 6 hrs from me so I wouldn’t miss it!

  • 203
    pegg says:

    This is fabulous! I love this new product – the paint cans are really adorable!! I have so many alterable goods that I can’t wait to use with this paint. Albums and cute chipboard. This will be great to coordinate with the buttons and ribbons! I can’t wait!

  • 204
    Ted says:

    I’m eager to see what others do with this. šŸ™‚

  • 205
    Serendipity says:

    That little paint can looks adorable!! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the colors to jazz up some photo frames and chip board pieces! Such fun!

  • 206
    Mendi M says:

    I can’t wait to paint all of my naked chipboard with these new paints! How exciting!

  • 207
    Natlaie Winterstein says:

    The first idea that sprang to mind was to custom color clear/acrylic embellishments! There are so many things but that was just the first thing that popped into my head! This whole countdown has been so fun and exciting! I am trying to think of a way to talk my hubby unto a trip to Chicago for CHA! Meeting everyone would be SUCH a blast!!!

  • 208
    Cheryl Sims says:

    Man, oh man!!! Do I ever wish I had my PTI stamping “stash” with me to take part in this fun challenge. But I don’t, so will enjoy looking at everyone elses. Thanks for the great intros.
    Cheryl Sims

  • 209
    Jill H says:

    Wow! I love painting small boxes and wooden picture frames. I cannot wait to be able to do that with PTI paint!

  • 210
    Tracey McNeely says:

    It is becoming one stop shopping. Thanks for all the great new products PTI.

  • 211
    Tiffany N says:

    This is great! Paint in the papertrey spectrum-gotta love that. I can’t wait to have another medium to stamp with!

  • 212

    It will be wonderful to have matching paint for all kinds of projects ~ altered items, stamping, painting chipboard, etc. The possibilities are endless!!

  • 213
    Lacey says:

    Well this certainly was a big announcement! I love that the opening is large enough to dip a brush right in to prevent waste. I’d love to use this paint for stenciling!

  • 214

    How cute is that tiny can? I’ve never stamped with acrylic paint before, so I guess I’ll try that. I’ll also do more frames and chipboard with it, since that’s what I’ve mostly done up until now.

  • 215
    Jessica ML says:

    I think covering the chipboard with paint is a great idea and can’t wait to try it.

  • 216
    Monica L says:

    I love paint, what a great idea. I can’t wait to stamp with it and using it on home decor projects!

  • 217
    Marjorie Henseler says:

    Well, the paint cans are totally stinkin’ cute!
    I think I’d be using the paint most to cover chipboard – albums, pieces for embellishment, things like that. It will be so cool to have the PTI colors to do this with – not to mention that the cans will look great on a shelf in my scrap room!

  • 218
    StephG. says:

    Oh My Goodness…PAINT PAINT PAINT…Yay! I am very excited you are going to offer this soon! So Cute too!

  • 219
    Emm (meme) says:

    Yes! Another coordinating item. Those little paint cans are so cute. I can’t wait.

  • 220
    Elaine says:

    Wow, paint in the same colors as PTI ink; fantastic! The first thing that came to my mind is how great these colors would be to paint on canvas. Another hobby that I’m about to venture into!

  • 221

    PTI Paint? That was no where on my radar!! But I sure think it will be fun. Man, I better get in a few extra hours at work to be able to afford all the 2010 goodies!!

  • 222

    Wow, another fabulous addition! I have never used paint on cards but can’t wait to give it a try! All those yummy PTI colors in those adorable little paint cans–who could possibly resist!

  • 223
    Rachel Bosworth says:

    PTI paint! I would likely use it primarily for home decor projects, but is it thick enough to brayer on the texture plates to create a letterpress look? Thinking out loud here, but that would be AWESOME!!!

  • 224
    see mary stamp says:

    Woo-hoo! This is the announcement I’ve been waiting for… Yes – I’m excited about the acrylic paint, but the words I was really hoping for were Chicago CHA! The dates have been in my planner for months, hoping you’d be coming to Chicago this year. So looking forward to it. As for the acrylic paint – gorgeous! Love, love, love the little paint cans. You PTI gals are marketing geniuses – that’s all I have to say. I’m excited about trying out some of Heather’s acrylic paint techniques, and love the ability to be able to paint accessories (pencils and such) to match projects crafted with PTI papers. It just seems like there is nothing you don’t think of. How exciting for all of you to see all these new product lines coming to fruition!

  • 225
    Kris A says:

    WOW… sure do think of everything. Those little cans are too cute…..hope you will sell them empty as well! I gave up using chipboard beause I couldn’t get it covered well….looks like I will be using chipboard again. YEAH!

  • 226
    Cathy Peper says:

    Ohh, I love quality paints! And that little paint can must be the cutest thing ever. I mainly use paint for backgrounds, but sometimes I will stamp with it.

  • 227
    Lisa mosher says:

    I honestly have no idea what to do with the paint, but I’m sure I will be inspired as the design team shows their stuff!! Those cans are so cute! thanks for a chance to win.

  • 228
    Carrie T says:

    OMG! I wish that I had known you were planning this. I could have saved myself half an hour in Michaels trying to match up Delta paints to PTI colors!!! I wanted to paint chipboard and paper for scrapbooking so I ended up spending all of that time at Michaels!! I also want to try stamping with acrylic paints as I really liked Heather’s and Lisa’s projects using paints.

  • 229
    Lee Anne says:

    Can I paint my craft room with PTI colors? That would be AWESOME!!!! If I can’t do that, then I guess I’ll paint all my chipboard with it! Never have even thought of PTI paint! That’s why I’m sitting here – and you are sitting there!

  • 230
    Amy says:

    I will use Papertrey Ink paint for things like painting frames and tins. FUN!!

  • 231
    Kristina says:

    This announcement totally blew me away! You guys have been super busy coming up with some amazing products. I don’t know how you do it. Hmmm….let’s see. What would I do with the paint? The possibilites are endless. I instantly thought about decorating my girls’ bedroom. Now my wheels are turning…..

  • 232
    Kim says:

    PTI paint..what a great idea! I love the idea of painting the PTI tins. That would be great for the holidays.

  • 233
    bridgette says:

    I’ve got some empty baby formula cans that are just calling for some paint and stamping! šŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see what you announce tomorrow!

  • 234
    Charmaine says:

    So I am already making plans for painting some tins and stamping with the new paints…this is such an awesome addition to the PTI line!


  • 235
    Monika Davis says:

    Very exciting! I am sure these colors will be sooo delicious! I love the idea of using the paint on window sheets or on chipboard… and you are right, the can is just adorable! :o) TFS!

  • 236
    Krista says:

    Sweet. I love the little paint cans. They’re absolutely adorable. I’ve been painting on canvas lately, to make my own little embellishments. This stuff would be perfect!

  • 237
    Susan B says:

    WOW! Where do I start? The resist technique is terrific, painting chipboard, and painting the tin containers are high up there on my list of things to do with the PTI paint. Who would have guessed that this would be your next product. Not me!

  • 238

    I love paint and use it often…. I am so glad you are bringing a good quality paint to the market. I can’t wait to paint chipboard, stamp with paint, and maybe even do the emboss resist technique with paint. Ahhh my mind is going wild with ideas!

  • 239
    Dana says:

    As a canvas artist I can see myself switching from oils to acrylics just for the cuteness and matchability of PTI’s paint cans! very cool.

  • 240
    ER says:

    Wow! Seems like PTI’s growth is exponential. Paint will be so much fun – I can’t wait to paint wooden picture frames (can’t ever have enough of those) and coordinate with cards, bookmarks, and stationary sets. Just in time for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher’s gifts!!

  • 241
    Catherine says:

    Those little paint cans are the cutest thing I have ever seen! I love to use acrylic paint on all kinds of projects – can’t wait to have every PTI color! Wonderful idea šŸ™‚

  • 242
    lynn says:

    i would use the paints to color chipboard, edge my cards, and that pic frame that pine did-love that.

  • 243
    Carol R says:

    Oh My! This is Excellent! Paint to add to my craft area in PTI colors! I can hardly wait to try this out on frames and with stamping.

  • 244
    KathleenA says:

    I am a saver of almost any small container that I get that can be altered for a gift. I can’t wait to be able to paint them in the great PTI color palatte.

  • 245
    Elizabeth Burke says:

    Love the little paint cans…..

    Can’t wait to paint chipboard…sticky back canvas…..frames….and…and….Oh I am so excited !

  • 246
    Sallie says:

    I usually am overflowing with praise, but the new acrylic line has me a little concerned. I know how my regular wall paint can dry out in the can if it is not TIGHTLY closed. Also we have to use a screwdriver or paint can opener to open it…another tool to add to our work table. I personally would have liked to see a plastic container with a wider mouth and screw-on lid…if you didn’t want to go the squeeze bottle route! I’m sure I WON’T be winning THIS contest, but I wanted to add my honest opinion.

  • 247
    traci says:

    I love using paint for edges of photos and for home decor projects. The mini paint cans are SO CUTE!

  • 248
    Erika M says:

    I’m thinking that I’m going to use the paint on some canvases that I have been holding onto for some time now.

  • 249
    Toni Storie says:

    I would love to try altered frames and painting on chipboard. I might even dare to stamp on my walls with your new acrylic paint! I hope this anniversary celebration has been as fun for you as it has for me! Such great new product and fun challenges!

  • 250
    Sarah H. says:

    I really love Lisa’s painted frame. I think I would use the paints for altered notebooks with matching pencils. Great ideas!

  • 251
    melissa sibert says:

    Cool, PTI paint!! I am so excited. I would use them on chipboard, canvas, wood, fabric. It is so versatile. I am excited about the little paint cans too. So very cute.


  • 252
    Amy says:

    Those are the cutest acrylic paints I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to get my hands on these!

  • 253
    Donna de Peyster says:

    Be still my heart! I think I need at least two of each paint color! And the miniature paint cans… I love them! Can you see them recycled as gifts? Can we get them without the paint?

  • 254
    Mindy says:

    What cutie patooty cans! Hee hee. I love to do all kinds of crafting and Papertrey’s colors are my favorites, so I’m sure I can put some lovely acrylic paint to good use!

  • 255
    cindyb says:

    Yeah!!!! I am so excited, I get to go to CHA this summer!!!!!! I can’t wait to meet you and your DT!

  • 256
    Erin K says:

    Love the idea of the paint! I have a ton of chipboard and I’d be able to paint it in colors that perfectly match the papers I use. I also have a clipboard that I want to paint.

  • 257
    Karen Compas says:

    Rock On, you are AMAZING! so excited for this year, lots of super fun amazing products.

  • 258
    Cindy Vernon says:

    I need ideas! But I can’t wait to try it on chipboard, especially for mini books and chipboard pieces in my scrapbooks!

  • 259
    Kim Costello says:

    Fabulous paint and love the tins and great the colours co-ordinate… have made a card for the paint with numbers challenge Mr Linky isn’t working, find my card here
    Thanks for challenging, HuGs Kim šŸ™‚

  • 260

    Oh, I will definitely be painting my oodles of chip board that I’ve been hoarding and have no idea what to do with! LOL I would also love to try it on some sticky back canvas that I recently picked up. Love the texture of canvas, and coupled with paint will make some super fun projects, I’m thinkin’! Once again you all are thinking ahead of the game – will you ever cease to amaze me?!! I think not!!

  • 261
    Jeanne says:

    You all never cease to amaze me!!!!!! The paints will be a great new medium. CHA in Chicago! Do you ever sleep? Together, you all have had a lot of “brain storms” and you are seeing them come true. I’ll be off to work on the contest post!

  • 262
    Allison Cope says:

    PTI paint! Holy doodle! What an awesome addition to the PTI products!

  • 263
    Tammy W. says:

    PTI paint!! You all never stop – it’s amazing! Is it wrong to just want all the paint in every color just for the cute little cans? : ) They are adorable! I would love to try stamping with paint, color washing some backgrounds for cards, and paint some canvas/frames for some artwork. My head is spinning with all kinds of ideas! Can’t wait until April!

    PTI rocks!!!

  • 264
    BethieJ says:

    OHHHH MY OH MY!! I am over the moon with EXCITEMENT… what will I do with PTI paint… other then line up those cute cans just so I can look at them.. and PRAY my DD doesnt think she needs them! LOL!! I love to paint chipboard, stamp using paint, edge photos.. the list continues…it just keeps getting better and BETTER!!!!

  • 265
    Katie M says:

    Yippee!! I love to use the Papertrey egg boxes and cover them and decorate them for new babies. It works as a gift box that can be kept as a memory box for mom and baby. I would love to be able to paint these boxes in PTI colors prior to adding paper and other embellishments. It will be such a pretty base!!

  • 266
    Leigh Ann Routh says:

    This opens up a new avenue of crafts! I love that you are adding fabric and paint. The possibilities are endless. I’m thinking picture frames and cute gift packaging (tins and boxes). LOVE it.

  • 267
    Keisha H says:

    This is great!! I think painting chipboard sounds awesome. I’d love to do that with this paint! Also, stamping with paint is intriguing too. So excited!!

  • 268
    Cindy H. says:

    The only thing I have tried with acrylic paints is to paint chipboard. I’d like to try to make a picture frame some day. I love the one that Lisa Johnson did – very cool! I absolutely love those adorable little paint cans šŸ™‚

  • 269
    Lisa says:

    This is so amazing! Those little paint cans are just the most adorable things!! Presentation is everything (as they say) and I gotta tell you, the way you guys present things and package things are sooooo cute (wooden spools for rustic twine, lil’ paint cans, soooo cute)!!! Love it!

  • 270
    April Z says:

    I’m really amazed at all the new products you are coming out with! I love to see Papertrey growing so much since it’s my favorite stamp company. I like all the resist techniques that can be used with paint. That umbrella card is adorable!

  • 271
    Shawna says:

    Chipboard, wooden items, …… collecting those adorable little paint cans just to LOOK at! How incredibly cute they are!!!!

  • 272
    Luanne Morgado says:

    What a great idea! I just received some chipboard albums and will wait to work with them until the paint is available. I am becoming addicted to PTI!

  • 273
    Cindy says:

    Like others have said, I have lots of chipboard that would look great painted in complementary PTI colors!
    Thanks for this chance to win.

  • 274
    Mary in Chicago says:

    Love the mini cans – super cute! I have so many wooden frames crying for paint! Can you hear them?

  • 275
    Angy Hughes says:

    SWEET! Can’t wait for those darlin’ little cans. This is going to be fun to use. Chipboard, notebooks, clipboards and so much more! FUN FUN FUN!

  • 276
    Stephanie Perry says:

    I would use it on chipboard, tags, picture frames, probably things I can’t think of this moment!! I’ve seen some fantastic results from acrylic paints so I am thrilled that you are bringing out a quality product in PTI’s color line!

  • 277
    Betty says:

    wow!! paint to match all your gorgeous colors! will definitely need ideas for using it tho as i mostly do cards – stamping with acrylic is an option altho i’ve never tried it. more fun trying new things. hope i can find time to squeeze in making a card today too.

  • 278
    Regina M. says:

    I have always wanted to use paint, but who wants a huge jug of it? I love the little paint pots. What I love is that my little boy will love to use these paints with me!

  • 279
    Peyton Baldwin says:

    This is incredible and oh so cute. I love the mini paint cans. They make me want all of them just because they are so cute. I haven’t worked much with paint but I would love to try out everything the PTI team shows us. I can’t believe we have to wait until April, though….that will seem like an eternity! šŸ™‚

  • 280

    Woo Hoo! Thank you!! I have been asking for this! šŸ™‚ LOVE the paint can !!

  • 281
    Helen F. says:

    Great new concept here, Nicole! I am pretty much making “greeting cards” only these days and would love to try using your new paints for that. But, love the DT projects so much, I can see me venturing off into many of their samples with the grand kids, also, maybe just finishing up some “old” crafty things I started and never finished years ago :o?

  • 282
    Stacy S. says:

    I have LOTS of chipboard pieces that I HAD to have but haven’t used. I think with some PTI paint they will be put to good use!

  • 283
    Kris Lindsay says:

    I almost put into the garage sale stack a huge package of chipboard because I was tired of covering it with paper – now I can paint it to match my PTI projects – yeah! I’ll also be painting plenty of boxes.

  • 284
    Christy Q says:

    Super cute packaging and I will admit that as soon as I saw the paint can, I wondered if there would be a little key to open it. I shouldn’t have wondered since you think of everything! šŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see what one can do with acrylic paint as it’s new to me.

  • 285
    Theresa Tyree says:

    I LOVE using acrylic paint and those miniature paint cans are just darling!! I want to enter a card, but where is Mr. Linky? I saw him this morning and now he’s gone! Am I doing something wrong?

  • 286
    Beth Denny says:

    I love all the new releases and especially the paint. I would use it one chipboard. I love created my own embellishments and this paint would be perfect.

  • 287

    Don’t need a reason to buy the paint, the cans are so cute you could just use them for decoration above your stamping spot. I love the idea of painting the binding on journals.

  • 288
    Bee says:

    Nichole, where will you stop?? šŸ™‚ Do you even sleep at night or you spend nights lying awake thinking about all the new things you want to bring to PTI!? LOL šŸ˜‰

  • 289
    Kris says:

    I just love little copper framed pictures. PTI stamps and paints would make the most adorable copper framed necklace sliders!

  • 290
    Alyssa Clawson says:

    Uh Oh! Where’s Mr. Linky? He disappeared!

  • 291
    Valonda says:

    Oh my goodness!!! Those little paint cans are the cutest thing ever! Love it.
    I would use the paint to alter embellishments, do resist techniques, make jewelry pieces, create one-of-a-kind home decor. I love paint!

  • 292
    Penny J. says:

    PTI PAINT…….WAHOO!!!! In all those luxurious PTI colors!! Oh my, I am in heaven! I absolutely love to use paint and it is SO hard to match the PTI colors even when just trying to use the paint as a “compliment”. This is going to be so wonderful. Now maybe I will be pulling out my paints a little more often!! Oh and those little paint cans… adorable is that!!! Way to go Jane!!

  • 293
    B. Reisch says:

    I will have to work a little harder on finding Mr. Linky again. And I don’t blog. The paint I would use to repurpose some tins I already have. I would make coordinated card sets to give as gifts. Thank you for the give-aways!

  • 294
    charity says:

    i absolutely love the pink umbrella card and can’t wait to try that technique!!! it is gorgeous!!
    papertrey ink paint…wow what an awesome idea!!!!

  • 295
    Desiree says:

    Wow, acrylic paint in those adorable little cans, I love them! I would definitely use it to alter the paint can once it is empty. But to empty the paint can…Altering those journals would be so much easier with paint, what a great idea and all those wonderful colors, how exciting!

  • 296
    Allison Taylor says:

    I have to say that I am very excited about the paints — if nothing else, they will be too cute all lined up on a shelf in my studio!! AND THEN I’ll get a chance to use them too! Even better!

    Hope to see you in Chicago!

  • 297
    Diane Jaquay says:

    Those little paint cans are super CUTE! I have a lot of plain chipboard I could color with them. I also love some of the techniques you shared above and hope to try them šŸ™‚

  • 298
    Dana J says:

    WOW! This is super awesome! I can’t WAIT! This would be so awesome to paint projects, wood, chipboard, i mean seriously! This is amazing!

  • 299
    Susie N. says:

    Pti acrylic paints!!!! Yay!!!! I love to make board book albums and can’t wait to use these to paint the cardboard cover. Trimming out patterned paper and modge podging them are very time consuming and been limited to pp that I can find. Now I can paint my own covers!!!

  • 300
    Smahrty says:

    love, love, love the teeny paint cans! so dang cute! I would use it for tons of things. Recently I rec’d a box of white cardstock and envelopes from a business that changed their logo. I have been painting over the logo and stamping or embellishing that area and you cant even see the logo anymore. Your paints would be an awesome item to have to match other PTI items.

  • 301
    Vivian says:

    You are killing me! I am either going to have to get a job, or win the lottery.

  • 302
    Cheryl says:

    I think the paint will open up a whole new world for me of chipboard and boxes and things to cover. I am intrigued, and I am looking forward to seeing plenty of design team projects.

  • 303

    I haven’t used paint too much yet for my cards, although I have utilized it in my scrapbooks a time or two. So, really, as far as what I’d do with it…I guess it’s wide open! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with the product is released!

  • 304

    Oh my…PTI Paint! Can you imagine grabbing a pretty stencil and using PTI paint to accent a wall???? Oh man, makes me want to run right out and get my house in a fresh coat of paint and find some cute stencils! Yum!!

  • 305
    Gabriele says:

    I love altered art, such as books, canvas etc. Highly pigmented acrylic paint in colors that coordinate with card stock would be perfect – no more mixing colors to make everything match. Soo exciting.

  • 306
    laura rangel says:

    Paint?? My acrylic paints are almost gone and now this, I’m definitely not going to pass this cool!!

    Would love to participate on the contests but I don’t have internet(fianacial problems)so I take a peak at work or at my sis house.

    OMG you are coming to the Windy City – Ahhhh! I can’t wait to meet all you wonderful girls. I am so excited =) YAY!

  • 307
    Heather says:

    I, too, like to use paint on those wooden frames! These are adorable – I’ll just have to keep my kids away from them!

  • 308
    Lea Lawson says:

    Ummm….they would probably honestly sit there as pretty decoration! Those cans are so cute! Although…I have lots of chipboard that the paint would look fabulous on…so I would probably have to break them open for that purpose!


  • 309
    Farida says:

    Love the size of the paint can. It will be very helpful for storage. I will use for frames and chipboard. Can’t wait to have it all.

  • 310
    TishSch says:

    Wow, love the sounds of that paint and those little paint cans are adorable! I can just see a line of those on a shelf, tie a little strip of matching ribbon around the handle, ahhhhhh, how cute! If I had some of the paint, I think I’d do one project for each example you showed, they all look so fun! But, I KNOW I’d use them for the composition notebook bindings, those are my downfall!

  • 311
    Kerri Michaud says:

    I love to alter things like picture frames, etc. so that is definitely what I would use the paint for! How exciting!!!

  • 312

    I don’t often think of paint and papercrafting together but I really like the projects you posted. My favorite is the white paint on the corners of the photographs of the scrapbook page to make a canvas for the journaling.

  • 313

    How fun! I can’t wait to use it to color my cards and acetate!

  • 314
    Mary Claire says:

    I am in awe of the level of thought and detail in everything you do; truly inspiring!

    I think I’d paint the oodles of chipboard I have and don’t seem to use much and then maybe try the technique of painting on pictures!

  • 315
    Linda W says:

    First I’d just stare at the adorable paint cans. Then I’d like to try stamping with some and definitely painting on fabric!

  • 316
    Katerfly says:

    Mish posted a tutorial using the note pads and clip boards. I think that paint, in PTI colours, would help me create more scrapooking projects and gifts. I can now paint over spines of books, paint wooden picture frames, paint clipbaords. I am especially excited since they will be in PTI colours, now I don;t have to search for colours that are similar.

  • 317
    Tammie J. says:

    Oh, I think it will be fun to stamp with paint! If I can only find the time…. : -) Another awesome product!

  • 318
    Susan McRae says:

    Another fantastic new item from PTI! I’m gonna love doing some watercolour backgrounds with these paints and I’ll definitely be using them on stamps!

  • 319
    Martha says:

    Picture frames, Christmas gifts, chipboard, canvas, on and on and on and on…… Amazing!

  • 320
    Shari says:

    Could those little paint cans be any cuter?!!! I am very excited about the paints, I use pain on chipboard, canvas and fabric in a lot of my projects! So exciting! You all are amazing! Congratulations again on your Anniversary!!

  • 321
    Jennifer Bruce says:

    Every day I get excited to check out the blog to see what new awesome goodness will be revealed!!! The paint is going to be awesome! The possibilities are endless! Thanks for such a great blog!!

  • 322
    jean says:

    I LOVE using paint as background on scrapbook pages–adds texture and dimension. Can’t wait to try yours! What a great way to market it too!

  • 323
    Rebecca B. says:

    My heart just can’t take it any more! I feel like it’s MY birthday instead of Papertrey’s birthday!!!

    I have a TON of chipboard that I hate using in all of it’s icky brown nakedness. I plan to paint paint paint it with the new acrylic paints!

    Sheesh, Nichole, what will you think of next? I will be here to check it out!

  • 324
    Lori Hofferbert (loricabo) says:

    Oh my! Just when I think it can’t get any better, you toss out paint! I can’t wait to see all the beautiful PTI colors in this medium. Thanks!

  • 325
    Barb foster says:

    I’ll be covering tins, chipboard, acrylic, you name it! Love Love LOVE the cute packaging for these paints!

  • 326
    iheartart says:

    The first card is so fun. I definitely need to try that technique.

  • 327
    Sally says:

    Again, what a lovely birthday gift. the packaging the colors, the product all fantastic! We are only half way there. So much more to come, I hope!

  • 328
    Karen Rose says:

    Hi. I haven’t used paint for a few years now. I will be interested to see all the projects that get included with this new product. I love having everything coordinated!

  • 329
    Kathleen says:

    I love making journals with composition notebooks and I’d love to have paint that matches my PTI colors! SOOOO excited about this! AND, I hope you’ll sell those paint cans separately because I’m ALL OVER THOSE!!!

  • 330
    ArlaMo says:

    I LOVE paint. I use it all the time on my scrapbook layouts, altered projects, etc. Can’t wait to see all the PTI paint cans.

  • 331
    Michelle Michael says:

    I’m lovin’ the idea of painting clear cardstock-great idea for layering and giving a distressed look!

  • 332
    misse336 says:

    I’ve never used this type of paint, but I can’t wait to try it. I love to alter things so this should work perfectly. The mini paint cans are so cute too! I’ll have to alter them after I use up all of the paint.

  • 333
    Patty Chalas says:

    OMG!!! I wasn’t expecting this at all.

    this is amazing paint to coordinate with all the goodies…

    I can’t wait to have some!

  • 334
    Rieca says:

    I have never worked with paints. I am so super enthusiastic to be adding another tool, into my arsenol of craft s;upplies. I am hoping that you can water it down and put it in embossing folders to make some cool backgrounds. I thought I would use it to change the colours of buttons also, as I would love to make polka dot buttons.
    Brill item to add to PTI store!

  • 335
    Connie F. says:

    Those little paint cans are sooooo stinkin’ cute! I would definitely use them on chipboard and I like the resist idea on chipboard—–many, many ideas/uses come to minds. I definitely need a second job—or just win the lottery so I can afford to buy all the new products you are coming out with! I’m hoping for the lottery so I will have time to play with all the new stuff I could buy!

  • 336
    Julie says:

    Love love love those miniature PTI paint cans! They are going to look adorable in my scraproom!

  • 337

    Wow! Matching paint colors- what will you think of next? (my poor bank account- Ha!) I can’t wait to use these to paint chipboard, buttons, flowers, backgrounds, stamp with them, oh the possbilities!

  • 338
    Tonya Peters says:

    Wow, PTI paint!! I use a lot of maint in my crafting and it will be so fun to coordinate it in the amazing PTI colors.

  • 339
    michele h.. says:

    thank you for all of the great ideas, sketches etc with this release. I look forward to using the color palette chosen for me…mine is in the “n-s” palette. Your paints look great!

    michele h…

  • 340
    Steph W. says:

    wow paint! I am excited and nervous all at the same time =)

    I think the idea is great but I’m scared that I’ll mess it all up! LOL. Can I put in a side request for a technique video on paint usage? I love that way it looks on chipboard and altering tins and egg boxes sounds awesome. You have given us some great ideas and the mini cans are too cute. They would look great all lined up in my craft room.

  • 341
    Cindy S says:

    Oh I love using paint! It’s great on the back of printed transparencies on my scrapbook pages, and the resist technique and…..So much easier to have them in the pti colors rather than trying to have to mix my own up each time!!! Cool!

  • 342
    Michelle A. says:

    I have been wanting to try to incorporate acrylic paint into my paper crafting…I am looking forward to the inspiring projects you & the dt have in store for us! Great addition to the PTI product line.

  • 343
    Colleen says:

    Oh my goodness, this birthday celebration just keeps getting better and better!! PTI is my cardstock of choice for all my crafting needs, and I am SO EXCITED to see that coordinating paints will be coming soon!!!

  • 344
    Tanya says:

    How exciting! I think that is how I have started every comment I posted since this anniversary paty started but that’s how I feel. I love those tiny paint cans and use paint all the time. Can’t wait till April.

  • 345
    Tammie Koehnen says:

    Just when I was amazed by the last announcement… now PTI acrylic paints! I love to paint chipboard, canvas and wood with acrylic paints.

  • 346
    Kimberly Ann says:

    Those tiny paint cans are too CuTE!!

    Thinking right off the top of my head I would use the paint for resist projects, embellishments (chipboard, etc), stamping – and anything outside of stamping that would require paint šŸ™‚

  • 347

    I would use the new paints primarily to use with stamps. I love the look that gives! I would also use the paint to add detail around the edge of my cards to shabby them up, like Melissa Phillips does sometimes. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 348
    Carol says:

    Wow, paint how awesome!!!! I just can’t believe the release for February so much stuff that you are announcing every day!!! All of it is absolutely fantastic!!! You are amazing! I would love to do the project that Lisa did with the frame. I will place all my grandchildren in the frames. Since we did a re-do in the front room I need to find a new place for the pictures, so this will be a new project for me.

  • 349
    Darla says:

    Oh my, the little paint cans are too adorable! Can’t wait to see how the designers incorporate them into their designs! I am excited about trying stamping with the paint.

  • 350
    Becky P. says:

    I love the idea of paints. When I first saw the image of the can (before I had a chance to read the text) I thought you were doing paints for the home. I was so excited I yelled to my hubby that I will now be able to have an aqua mist accent wall in my craft space. Alas, that was a short lived thrill.

    However, now I will be able to have an aqua mist “canvas” in my craft space. yay!

  • 351
    teresa says:

    Wow! How cute is that acrylic paint package! With all the yummy PTI colors, I can use the paints on canvas, chipboard, wood frame….The possibility is endless.

  • 352
    irene says:

    I’m a big fan of using acrylic paint on my projects so I can’t wait for the new paints from Papertrey to arrive. Another great anouncement in this 14 days full of fun. Bye Irene from the Netherlands

  • 353
    janelle says:

    Yes, the mini paint cans are super cute. I think I would actually use more chipboard in my projects b/c of these paints. I might even try my hand at some canvas projects, too. The creative possibilities are endless!!

  • 354
    Kathy McDonald says:

    I have never gotten into using paint for crafting because I didn’t know what, exactly, I should buy. You’ve taken the guesswork out of it! If Papertrey sells it, it’s the right stuff to use! I look forward to seeing what great ideas you and the design team come up with, and then trying my hand at working with paint.

  • 355
    Kristin says:

    Application? Can we just buy the cans and hoard them :-)… those are AWESOME

  • 356
    Jen Vogt says:

    Oh my gosh, I cannot WAIT to get my hands on some PTI paint!! So freakin’ excited šŸ™‚

    Great color combos, Nichole. So many that I plan to use in the future, but I stuck to the one that was “assigned” to my name šŸ™‚

    I’m so excited about CHA in Chicago. I’ve already emailed a friend to let her know to expect me in town that weekend!

  • 357
    Perla R. says:

    yay! the paint can alone is adorable!!! haha

  • 358
    Stephanie S. says:

    This is great and look forward to using this on frames or canvas. I have been making frames with paper and this will be a nice addition with the paper.

  • 359
    Rhonda says:

    So much fun! Can’t wait to try the new paint. Frames anyone?

  • 360
    Amy O says:

    Oooohh! Paint! My scrapbook pages will look so pretty with coordinating painted chipboard. I could squeal with delight! And I’m sure that by the time the paint is released for sale, you’ll give me lots of other ideas of what to use it with. Fun!!

  • 361
    Miki says:

    paints?!?!? Wowee!! I’ve actually been pulling out my paints & stamping with it recently. I would do it more often but I have to squeeze out the paint onto a plate and then I’m worried about hitting it or making a mess. Plus the colors are harder to coordinate. This is going to be another wonderful addition to PTI! Easy to use, convenient & CUTE!

  • 362
    Sandra B. says:

    I’m excited about the new paint! How adorable are those little cans! Hoping to make it to CHA this summer!

  • 363
    Penny P. says:

    I will use it for painting chipboard and I also love how you painted the pencil so I will definitely be trying that as well!

  • 364
    Meghan Spaulding says:

    Paint!!! You ladies sure do know how to think of everything! Im loving the idea of Raspberry Fizz paint! I couldnt be more excited!

  • 365
    Dee says:

    I’m afraid I’m going to have to go back to work to support my PTI habit šŸ™‚

  • 366
    Troy Louise says:

    Wow, wow, wow!! Your new products are amazing & I’m really excited to try them all. I’m ready to go all Paper Trey & nothing else! Wool felt is my favorite, but very hard to find – can’t wait for all the colors. Thanks so much!

  • 367
    Denni Cook says:

    Love it! can’t wait for the release!

  • 368
    Ellie says:

    Wow, this is great… I loved the picture frame; it’s something I can see doing with my 4yr old son- he loves to paint.

  • 369
    Diana J. says:

    I love that paints will be available in PTI colors! There are so many techniques to do with this medium, and the PTI designers really do a great job providing inspiration for me.

    can’t wait until release night…

  • 370

    Oh how cool is PTI paint. WOw! I’ll use it to paint chipboard! I also like to paint the edges of my scrapbook pages now and then.

  • 371
    Linda E says:

    Love those little paint cans. I can see myself using these paints on scrap pages and altered projects. Can’t wait to see what the design team comes up with!

  • 372
    Heather Mills says:

    I have to say, I did wonder what in the world I would do with paint . . . UNTIL I saw your samples, then the options became unlimited!

  • 373
    Heather J. says:

    What a great birthday celebration! I would love to use the paint on some alterables that I have sitting waiting to be loved!!!

  • 374
    Shellie Hartsock says:

    Wow! Can’t wait to see all the gorgeous paint colors. I love painting chipboard and picture frames. I’m thinking I’ll need a second job to pay for all this great stuff.

  • 375
    Rachel VP says:

    This idea to make coordinating paint is ingenious! I will use the paint for stamping on cards or wall art. I love the color Raspberry Fizz-gives me another great use for this color! Whoo hoo! šŸ™‚

  • 376
    Cyndi Zeman says:

    Paint really caught me by suprise. Of course, so did embossing & cutting dies and felt. PTI will have it all! I use paint for chipboard, wood projects, and on acrylic. Sometimes on heavy cardstock too.

  • 377
    Lisa Swift says:

    I don’t think my bank balance can handle any more new PTI product lines! hehe I can’t wait to have a go with those new acrylic paints. I use acrylics all the time for painting letters, boxes, picture frames and so much more. I’m so inspired by the resist technique – I’ve got to try it. I’ve also left my link above for my paint by numbers card : )

  • 378
    Nita says:

    Never would have thought paint. And the cans are too cute! I mostly use paint on chipboard, but I’m looking forward to seeing all the ideas you come up with.

  • 379
    sarah says:

    love the idea of pti colored paint. i can see craft rooms across the world being repainted in colors like sweet blush and spring rain. and it’ll be great for wooden frames, plaques, etc. great idea!!

  • 380
    Madhvi says:

    There is more stuff? I can’t believe how many things PTI is releasing this month…and of course can’t wait to see the new website.

  • 381
    Diane Cramer says:

    I think I’ll have to expand the horizons with the paint…I’m not sure yet, what to do with it…but stamping with paint is surely in the running!

  • 382
    Karen N. says:

    My wish list just keeps getting longer! Can’t wait to see what you gals have up your sleeves next. The paint just looks incredible!

  • 383
    Bonnie says:

    Wow, Wow, Wow !!! I am so excited about Papertrey having their own ink palette in you amazing colors!!! Think of all the lonely chipboard that is now going to be soooooo very pretty!!! I can hardly wait for all these new releases…

  • 384
    Gail White says:

    Oh I just love minature items and those paint cans are so cute. I will use mostly on wood and chipboard items. You have made it so much easier to coordinate colors by bringing us this product. Thanks you rock! Oh I guess I will paint some rocks too.

  • 385
    Linda Minor (LindaM) says:

    I can hardly wait to get this paint–I’ve just started using chipboard and have lots of ideas for decorating using, you guessed it, your colors–LOVE them!

  • 386
    heidi says:

    How adorable, those cans made me swoon šŸ™‚
    I love painting chipboards.

  • 387
    syeda says:

    I will sure be using PTI acrylic paint for creating watercolor background effect in my cards. I really love the miniature paint cans. One day when I will have my own craft room or area I will surely want to dipslay PTI miniature paint cans in a small showcase. They will look soo supercute!!!

  • 388

    I thought it couldnt get any better than felt in the Papertrey colors, but paint too! I would definitely be painting chipboard in a rainbow of Papertrey colors šŸ™‚

  • 389
    sofia says:

    Wow guys!!! Every day something better than the last!!! I think I would use the paints on chipboard!!! And canvas…..and metal maybe….and….and…and…

  • 390
    roula says:

    Love your new idea!!! My bank account will be broke!! šŸ˜‰ And what cute cans!!! I think I will get ready to paint some canvasses and frames…

  • 391
    Tricia Dee says:

    I really love stamping with paint! I like to paint the background and stamp into it while the paint is still wet and adding glitter! Can’t wait for those little cans of paint!

  • 392
    Sammie says:

    Another great addition to PTI. I mostly use paint on chipboard elements.

  • 393
    kara says:

    I love the idea of being able to paint the pencils to match! What a great idea.

  • 394
    Amy says:

    I might use the paint on wooden shapes. I can see painting wooden hearts and adding sayings like the conversation hearts. I would paint blocks and add alphabet letters to make holiday and other sayings.

  • 395
    Nancy L says:

    i can’t believe all the great announcements! i really want to try to paint a frame with the awesome PTI colors!!

  • 396
    Nancy M says:

    Painting chipboard to be PTI color coordinated would be first on the list. Hope the paint cans are practical as well as cute.

  • 397
    Julie Masse says:

    Oh boy! Some beautiful framed artwork for baby or housewarmings . . . in PTI colored frames – gorgeous!! Love the adorable cans! Now can I get 2 gallons of Spring Moss for my room??? šŸ™‚

  • 398
    MaryK623 says:

    I’d use it to paint chipboard or little wooden boxes to make cute gifts.

  • 399
    Barbara Ax says:

    While this never would have occurred to me as the next step for PTI, I think it’s going to be great. I would love to try paint on some of my favorite stamps and see what new creations are born.

  • 400
    Alice Roushia says:

    This will solve most of my problems with plain chipboard. Can’t wait until I can get some paint to coordinate with all my paper. WooooooooooHooooooooooo!!!!!!

  • 401
    Barbara says:

    like so many others I am sure I have so many pieces of chipboard and other alterables at home that would be wonderful to paint. The little paint cans are darling

  • 402
    teresa kline says:

    wow, I think the paint would be awesome for 3D projects, chipboard, and frames…thanks so much PTI!

    enjoy *~*

  • 403
    Malyssa says:

    How would I use the new PTI paint???? My initial instinct is to just line up those adorable little paint cans on a shelf and look at them! However, I’m sure that’s not the intended use!!!!! I love the idea of painting the binding on the composition books! I’m a big fan of altering those for gifts, so that would be really cool to change out the black for matching/coordinating colors.

  • 404

    Wow! Love the paint!
    I would definitely use that on embellishments and for some fun techniques on cards!
    Great ‘paint cans’ too – Love them!

  • 405
    TinaH says:

    Wow – how do you gals come up with such creative and fun products and ideas? I would love to try the rubber cement resist technique with the new paint – matching your awesome PTI colors will make these cute cans very addictive! Thanks for a chance to win.

  • 406

    WOW – the excitement keeps building! Paint and felt in addition to what you already have!! Outstanding!

  • 407
    Kim Faucher says:

    I was so happy to do this challenge!!!
    I realized that my playlist first song is Paint me in your sunshine… kinda fitting for today!!!
    Great release ladies!!

  • 408
    Carol L says:

    I’ve never experimented with acrylic paints before, but I’d love to see you do a video using them!! I’m thinking picture frames would be a great item to paint!

  • 409
    Leslie says:

    Those cans are so cute! And itsounds like they are just the right size. I have some acrylic squares I’ve been wanting to use. Paint just might be the ticket.

  • 410
    Sarah M says:

    Wow! Looks like some pretty yummy paint! Can’t wait!

  • 411
    Sarah M says:

    LOVE the PTI colors and to think there will soon be PAINT in these fabulous colors is exciting! I would love to try it on CH’s Sticky Back Canvas.

  • 412
    Peggy Sue says:

    How clever. Those little paint cans are so cute. Even if you don’t use them, they would make cute decorations.
    I have followed Heather’s lead in the past and stamped with paint. Must say was surprised with the results. Looking forward for new ways to put these cute paint cans to use.

  • 413
    Janet S says:

    A big “HURRAH” for Jane, those paint cans are adorable and I bet they would look so cute all decorated with PTI goodies. And the paint in PTI colors is a great idea too. Come on April!!

  • 414

    Wow! What’s next???? I would love to use paint in PTI colors. It would be great for chipboard for one. I love paint and use it for lots of different things.

  • 415
    Carolyn G. says:

    LOVE those little cans!!! The colors will be beautiful for sure. Paint just seems to give a more distressed look than what you can get from ink. Can’t wait to try it for cards and layouts.

  • 416
    cy says:

    I think i’d like to paint an old beatup table that can use a pick-me-up. .. maybe heat emboss it with some polka dots too!

  • 417
    Stephanie Washburn says:

    OH! I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to make some PTI color frames for around the house and other awesome home decor type items. I also like how the stamped paint looks on the clear cardstock- very cool! Thanks so much!

  • 418
    Kelly says:

    Love the paint! Would use it to paint chipboard. Love the idea of painting album covers. I can’t get over the surprises that you unveil each day.

  • 419
    Natasha says:

    You had me at miniature paint can!! I cannot wait to cut some custom PTI die cuts from chipboard and paint them. I also really want to try that umbrella card you made!

    I’m so glad you’ll be at the Supershow, I am trying to make it out to Chicago this summer!

  • 420
    cynthia says:

    Paint cans how adorable. I love to paint chip board pieces for scrap booking. Now I can color coordinate with my pti card stock and ribbon for my cards.
    Another great day!

  • 421
    Lori says:

    I have been wanting to get into canvases so this paint will be perfect for it!!

  • 422
    Mindy says:

    I love to paint chipboard. Haven’t really branched out too much beyond that, but I’m sure after I see all of the design team’s samples, I’ll be painting other things!

  • 423
    veronica says:

    i loved the idea of watering down the paint, to do the embossing resist technique. very cool.

  • 424

    Paint?! Show me the way! I have no clue how I can use it on cards, but I know you will have lots of ideas to show us, Nichole! As a kid I used to paint ceramics with my sisters, so the little paint can brought back lots of sweet memories for me…thank you!

  • 425
    Natalie S says:

    I would paint chipboard, chipboard and more chipboard! Woo Hoo!

  • 426
    Peggy Allen says:

    Some of the things I would use the paint for are stamping, altered art and chipboard. It is great to have new mediums to use to keep the projects interesting and to keep from getting bored. Blessings.

  • 427
    Amber says:

    I will definitely be using the paint on picture frames!

  • 428
    Amber R. says:

    I’ve never used paint with any projects, so I will be looking forward to the teams ideas come April. Judging by the photos today, I think covering some of Papertrey’s cute boxes would be a great use of paint. I’m looking forward to seeing this one!

  • 429
    Renee says:

    Wow! Super excited! I know that my birthday list is getting longer by the moment! So exciting! Can’t wait to see what I can do with the paint!

  • 430
    k prakken says:

    I am planning on using stencils to decorate my grand-daughter’s room. PTI paint in Spring Moss is just what I need. I just hope Spring Moss is one of the first colors released. Have you thought about selling the little paint cans empty? They would be perfect for holding little treats.

  • 431
    Gail S. says:

    I am with the majority and would paint chipboard! I can just imagine all the little cans lined up waiting to be used šŸ™‚

  • 432
    nina says:

    Wow! I honestly have absolutely no clue as to what I would use the paint for. Sounds just lovely though! Guess I’ll have to wait for some ideas from your DT ladies…

  • 433

    FANTASTIC!! I love to paint wooden frames with acrylic paint and stamp them! They are wonderful Grandparent gifts! So awesome that I can get PTI colors!! I am so jazzed!

  • 434
    Deb Matovich says:

    I love the idea of using your paint on chipboard, but also doing some resist techniques to make up backgrounds for cards or scrapbook layouts. I really find those little cans charming and they hit the “I want it!” button inside of me because they’re so cute.

  • 435
    Danielle says:

    I love to paint chipboard and boxes, but I love the painted picture frames and stamping with paint too, which I have not done before. I am really excited about this new product!!

  • 436
    Kathy W says:

    Love the little paint cans!! There are so many altered items out there that high quality, matching paint is a very welcome addition….and so loving that they will be in PTI colors! Can’t wait until April.

  • 437
    dchan says:

    I like to use acrylic paint for covering chipboard. The mini paint can looks adorable — great idea Jane!!!

  • 438
    Alanna says:

    I cannot believe all the new product lines coming out. I’m SO excited. I will probably paint chipboard with the paint. I’ve got lots of dull chipboard needing something at home.

  • 439
    Diane Aubrey says:

    I can see it now…lots of altered decor items for my girls bedrooms. I just love the PTI color pallette.

  • 440
    Jen P says:

    Wow that was hard!!! The color palette for J was a tough one! Thanks for the challenge and a chance to win!! šŸ™‚

  • 441
    Betty Benton says:

    Those paint can are just the cutest things around! I love all things miniature and would probably just put them on display and look at them!!! lol

  • 442
    Deb says:

    love the new paint cans!! i’ve got plenty of chipboard to paint!! and i’ve got flowers i can embellish with paint, buttons that could be painted if they’re not the exact color i needed…lots of ideas!! ohhh can’t wait for april to get here!!

  • 443
    Deanne Sanchez says:

    Paint! paint! paint! … I would use them on chipboard! Can’t wait!

  • 444
    Marcie S. says:

    I love using paint to cover chipboard or brushing it thinly on transparency…such a neat effect! This is awesome!

  • 445
    Kelly says:

    I have goosebumps! You girls just keep coming up with great ideas! I would love to paint chipboard. And I love the composition notebook project. Just looking at the cans is almost enough for me!

  • 446
    Shirley K. says:

    Wow, how you’ve introduced so much neat stuff! I think the new paint will be great for altering projects (like photo frames) and for scrapbook pages!

  • 447
    Jolene S. says:

    OMGosh Nichole, all you new goodies coming out are absolutely fabulous!! I cannot wait to purchase. I am also stoked for CHA this summer, thanks for the deets! I just booked my hotel and flight!! I cannot wait to meet the fabulous Papertrey Team, you all are such an inspiration šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  • 448
    Yvette says:

    Heck–I would buy the paint just for the little can it comes in, LOL! It’s sooo cute. I love paint. It’s kind of a standing joke in my house that you better not sit still too long…or mom might paint you! Paint is the quickest way to make a drastic transformation–or just shake things up a little. A lot of bang for the buck!

  • 449
    Maria says:

    This is great. I will use the paint to decorate so many things like wooden frames and so much omore. Even the design of the paint can is so cute!

  • 450
    Lori W says:

    At first I wasn’t sure what I would do, but already you have inspired me in several ways! I can’t wait to see what else you do with the paint. And those tiny paint cans… adorable!

  • 451
    Paula says:

    I’d use it for chipboard, composition books, the top edges of note pads. I like the idea of painting pencils to match your project. Too cute! I am very excited about you all coming to CHA in Chicago. I’m very close to Rosemont and am looking forward to seeing you in July. I’m asking for the day off of work tomorrow!

  • 452
    Kerry says:

    I have a couple of board books that I will now maybe actually do something with! I’ve never been able to figure out how to cover them – the paint will be perfect. In fact, I may now make some more!

  • 453
    Maureen F says:

    OH MY GOODNESS – they are the cutest things I have ever seen !!!!! Can anyone go to the CHA supershow or is it just for business owners? You ladies ROCK

  • 454
    Jillisgram says:

    I would paint chipboard and wood projects — look forward to those cute little cans!

  • 455
    Chelle says:

    paint, eh? very coool. will be great for ikea frames & the like!

    (linked in Mr. Linky too – here

  • 456
    vicki dutcher says:

    This challenge was fun! I really love the colors in my palette – so much so I had to do something to the card! Either way – loved them both! Thanks!!

  • 457
    AnneSATX says:

    Papertrey Paint, how wonderful! I love the idea of painting boxes, etc to match my embellishments and designs done in PTI products. Brilliant!

  • 458
    Laura says:

    I could definitely see painting unfinished wood items or frames with these paints, since I already know the colors will be delectable. Very cool!! šŸ™‚

  • 459

    Yay for Papertrey. This is just out of this world. Now I will have paint to match all my cardstock. Way to go ladies!

  • 460
    Kathy Grimsdale says:

    My first thought was that I want the paint just so I can get the cute little cans. Then I saw Nichole’ umbrella card, and Heather’s heart tins. Now, I NEED the paint!!! I would love to use it for resist techniques. Looking forward for more ideas for the Papertrey team!

  • 461
    Julie Sokolowski says:

    Love, love, love the adorable little paint cans. I really like the swipe of paint on the photographs that Pine did. Can’t wait to see the creative, innovative stuff that you guys come up with.

  • 462
    Marcia Truslow says:

    Paint by PTI. WOWzers! Since I have often used ink pad refills for paint, I guess I will replace that idea with your new paint. I have lots of blank chipboard shapes that certainly need some really good color add to them in order to even think of using them. Maybe I could even paint my grandkids faces……… Will it wash off?

  • 463
    amber r. says:

    pti paint….oh my…i can’t wait to see those itty bitty paint cans! i’d love to paint some letters for my wall…either wood or paper mache. either way, i know that pti’s paints will make them fabulous!

  • 464

    You sure do know how to throw a party and show us how to get all of the fixin’s šŸ™‚
    I have a feeling that this month’s release buying will be a record for a lot of us…and we haven’t even seen the stamps previews yet!

  • 465
    Geri Freeman says:

    The matching colors of paint will be so handy! Especially for altering items…paper, adhesives and mod podge can become too bulky in certain areas of some projects. The perfect color of paint should solve some of those problems.
    Another fun day, Nicole!

  • 466
    Martha D. says:

    I’ll admit I have never used paint on any of my crafting projects. But I love some of the examples you gave, so I will give it a try. If nothing else I would buy a bunch of the paint in Raspberry Fizz and paint my daughter’s room. She’s been looking for a good color of pink for her room.

  • 467
    Kiera says:

    How cool! And how CUTE!! Of course I love to STAMP in paint, but also little projects (I’m imagining some cute little birdhouses, decorated PTI-style!)…so many possibilities!

  • 468
    Carol B says:

    Wow! Love to stamp with acrylic paint. And now! All the colors are going to match! Yeah, team! Thanks!

  • 469
    Amy G. says:

    I think paint is a great idea! I’ll admit I don’t use it much, but I’ll probably look for uses if PTI will have some to match the other PTI colors. I’m sure I won’t have to look far. Nicole and the design team always help us out as we looks for ways to use PTI products!

  • 470
    Carol H says:

    I love the idea of paints. I would use on chipboard or acetate. Love the look.

  • 471
    LeAnn says:

    I love it. At first, I didn’t think I would ever need it, but after it soaked in I realize how fun it will be. And painting chipboard to match!!!! There are not words!

  • 472
    Lynnette says:

    Wow, you have been busy. I cannot believe all the fun new things that you are releasing. And now paint!! The possibilities are endless. I am going to need a second job!

  • 473
    Anemone says:

    I think the paint would be very nice to use when decorating lunch tins.

  • 474
    Christy B. says:

    Very cool! I know there are things I’ve wanted to do with acrylic paint before, but I forget what exactly. I love the ideas you shared in your post, though, and I look forward to seeing more ideas in the future!!

  • 475
    Carmen says:

    Great idea! I still love that umbrella card!

  • 476
    Robyn W. says:

    Those paint cans are too cute! I love the idea of having paint to match all of my PTI goodies.

  • 477

    I’d probably use acrylic paint for chipboard. I’ve only used white paint once before, but now with great colors it will be hard to resist! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 478
    kcurry says:

    I have yet to experiment with acrylic paints. šŸ™‚ thanks for all the great samples and ideas! Can’t wait for all these new goodies!

  • 479
    Mary Kramer says:

    I will use the paint on any thing that doesn’t walk away from me, but mostly chipboard and I think to use it for some accents. I have to enter and try to win because if you don’t enter you don’t have a chance. You will for sure have all anyone needs to complete a job. I hope your staff is ready for the explosive orders that will be flowing in after the releases. Hugs to all

  • 480
    Liz G says:

    I can’t wait to use the new paints on stamps! I love that “vintage-y” feel paint gives some stamped images. But the possibilities are endless…I also want to paint some clothes pins pretty colors and use them in my organization. I can’t wait to try them!

  • 481
    Karie B says:

    I love anything miniature and minis in Papertrey colors…could there be anything cuter?! Can’t wait to see what you do with them.

  • 482
    Amber K says:

    I like the idea of paining notebook binding instead of having the black strip. I would also use the paint to paint chipboard, boxes, and frames. i look forward to the paint.

  • 483
    Necola says:

    I use a lot of thin chipboard. Never thought of painting. PTI paint would be perfect for that!!!

  • 484
    Amy s K. says:

    Paint in PTI colors, great! I’ll be able to use it on notebooks and repurposed containers, then make matching stamped embellishments. What fun! The little can is so fun too!

  • 485
    Jennifer S says:

    I cannot wait to have paint in PTI colors!! My kids and I love to paint picture frames and put special pictures or cards in them to decorate with. Just last month I made a name frame using PTI colors and would have loved to paint the frame to match! Thank you so much!!!

  • 486
    Jolene S says:

    Oh dear… I’ve only dabbled in paint here and there… love it really, but really??? MORE happy goodness from PTI?!?! I CAN’T STAND IT!!!

    This little paint cans are worth the purchase alone! LOL!

    Really, since I have rounded the corner to using almost only PTI products, anything that can make color coordinating my projects easier… I’LL TAKE IT!

    Love EVERYTHING Nichole and team!!!

  • 487
    peggysue says:

    Thanks for the fun challenge, what cute little paint cans!

  • 488
    corinna says:

    Thank goodness someone is FINALLY making a paint that will cover in one swipe! I just don’t like sitting and watching paint dry knowing that i have to apply another coat….and that’s just on chipboard! lol

    and all the colors matching….it just makes life soooo much easier! thanks so much!!!

  • 489

    The idea of a paint line to match the famous colors of Papertrey Ink is awesome! I love the cute little paint cans too! šŸ™‚ Thanks for the challenge…I just uploaded my card.

  • 490
    Marisa G says:

    Very cute little paint cans! Love it that there will be coordinating paint also.

  • 491
    Karli says:

    Honestly, I don’t know if this is a product I would use. But… I’m sure the DT will give me reasons to get it šŸ™‚

  • 492
    Lorrie says:

    I want to paint ugly recyled buttons and beads to make embellishments to match Papertrey papers and ribbons.

  • 493
    Crystal M. says:

    I have soooo much chipboard and soooo many wooden frames just waiting for PTI paint!! Love it!!

  • 494
    CeeCee says:

    alright first the felt, then the dies, then the paint… what other amazing goodies do you have for us?! I’m almost at the edge of my seat and I can’t wait to see what’s coming.
    Long live PTI !!!

  • 495
    Elena says:

    I love these ideas! I look forward to be able to paint any and everything with my favorite papertrey color, aqua mist! And definitely will be needing raspberry fizz to paint some wood letters for my daughter’s room!

  • 496
    Jeanne says:

    Oh, how I could use this prize!!!!!! Let me count the ways! We have a new family that moved into the neighborhood last week. I thought that I would take this card with some fresh baked cookies. Thanks!

  • 497
    Stacie says:

    Cute cute CUTE little paint cans! I love Heather’s idea painting the canvas for family pictures.

  • 498
    Karen G says:

    I absolutely LOVE acrylic paint!! Its in my TOP list of most NEEDED supplies!!! And ohhhh….Raspberry Fizz….sigh….purely delighted sighs. :>:>:> I won’t even talk about the cuteness of those sweet little cans…nope…can’t do it….won’t even begin to say just how adorable they are….uh-uh……not gonna say just how perfect they would look in any studio…not going to say anything about them being Cute, not at all! ;> :>

  • 499
    Cynde says:

    I Love Love Love the new Paint thats Coming in PtI Colors….Yahoooo! I can’t wait to be able to use it on Wooden frames, on Lettered signs and framed art. I like to make Last names up with the big wooden letters….How fun it will be to do them in the paint colors with PTI papers torn and decopagued on the letters, or reverse and paint the letters All PTI colors with the background being the PTI paper! Oh I can’t wait! To be able to coordinate all the different aspects of’s just Too Fun to even think about…my mind is just racing.

  • 500
    Sheila says:

    I love the paint!!!! It will be so wonderful in so many various crafts I do. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!

  • 501
    Voegelchen says:

    I like those little containers – they look so cute. I think of painting chipbord letters or distressing the edges of cards.

  • 502
    Nicole F, UK says:

    Wow – PTI paint! Whatever next?! I can’t keep up with all these fab new product lines! I think my credit card is going to suffer even more than usual this month!

  • 503
    Alexandra says:

    Oh, how great!!! I love using acrylic paints anyway in lots of projects, but being able to use them in PTI colours will be just the ticket for me! And knowing your usual quality this makes me really excited to try these out!
    Love, Alex

  • 504
    Sarah says:

    The total cuteness of those paint cans! I can’t stop thinking about them:-) I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

  • 505
    elise says:

    those paint cans are adorable!!! i can just see them lined up on my shelf and i might even open them to use on a project too!

  • 506
    Sandy Thelen says:

    Paint in PTI Colors-I’m so excited! I have a bunch of notebooks that I want to alter and these paints will be just the ticket for that! Also some wooden frames…stamping on cards…the ideas are just running around in my head!!

  • 507

    You never stop amazing me! Love the paints in PTI colors and the can is brilliant. Now I can give paint to may crafty friends!!!
    Happy Anniversary PTI!

  • 508
    Lori W. says:

    I would LOVE to use the new papertrey paints in Home decor projects! Also to paint chipboard!!!!!!!!

  • 509
    Mary B says:

    I’m not yet sure what I’d love to use PTI paint to make, but I’m sure you and the DT will give plenty of inspiration! Thanks for the chance to win this generous prize.

  • 510
    Dani (KWS) says:

    Eeek! The paint cans are too cute. I would love to paint some chipboard letters with it šŸ™‚

  • 511
    Jinny Newlin says:

    I don’t know if you take the time to read all these, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your great prizes and for randomly picking me as today’s winner! Oh, my goodness! I’m too excited for words! You have so many great products! I cannot wait to try out your new, acrylic paints, either. Thanks again! Be blessed!

  • 512
    Daniela says:

    I love paint and I am excited that you will have them in all your colors!

  • 513
    Linda L says:

    PTI Paint? Perfect for using on altered projects – metal lunchbox organizers are my first choice!

  • 514
    Jaycee says:

    I love altering projects, whether that be chipboard albums, picture frames or chipboard embellishments! This release is going to be awesome…how can it not be with all of the wonderful new things you are adding to PTI!

  • 515

    Brilliant! What a great read. That was a good post – informative but not too heavy. Thanks for taking the time out to write it! I think spirituality is really important too, we certainly agree on that point. A leader without spirituality is missing a key element.

  • 516
    Lori Holt says:

    I just came across your blog…love it!
    I am very interested in your new paint and especially the way it’s packaged in cute little cans…genius!
    Is it available now?
    Where can I purchase?
    Any info is appreciated:)
    Bee in my Bonnet Company

  • 517

    Nature is more and more be destroyed, we must self-inspection

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