30 Years, 30 Birthday Blessings

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I met the most amazing woman while at CHA last month.  Her name is Janelle Hayes (with a fabulous blog might I add!)  She had some of the nicest things to say to both Dawn & I as we greeted her in line during the first day of the show.  She handed me an envelope at one point and I promised to read it later.  Well… admittedly, the card she gave me didn't get read until the following week when I was getting settled in back at home.  As soon as I opened it to peek at what was written, I knew it was something special.

You see, Janelle was celebrating her 50th birthday.  A monumental occasion for anyone!  The inside of the front cover had an excerpt that Janelle had printed from the computer that literally made me cry at the shear thoughtfulness and love behind her gesture…

"I guess turning 50 makes one reflective.

Many people have asked me how I want to celebrate this milestone.  And after weeks of consideration, I've decided that what I really want to do is thank 50 of the people who have been influential in my life and helped to make me who I am.

So- today is my day to honor and celebrate you!  You're important to me.  You've had an impact on me and I'm grateful to the Lord for bringing you into my life."

Wow.  What an amazing, uplifting thing to have written to you.  Janelle went on to say many other kind things in that card.  A card that is prominently displayed on the bulletin board above my desk where I work each day.  Hanging there as a reminder of how special Janelle is and how the work I do touches peoples lives in ways I don't always know.

Like Janelle, I was recently left with the question of what to do in celebration of my 30th birthday.  Yes.  That's right.  Today, August 20th, is a pretty big milestone for me.  I've been reflecting a lot on…. well, everything.  I feel as though I've done a lot of living in the last decade.  I've had so many experiences, made so many friends.  Had so many *firsts*.  Conquered so many challenges.  Achieved so many dreams.  Pushed myself in ways I didn't think I could.  I really feel as though I have lived life to the fullest.

So, following in Janelle's footsteps, I want to spend the next week celebrating the 30 most influential people in my life, sending them each a handmade card, thanking them….. celebrating them and what they mean to me.  Because I wouldn't be where I am today without the guidance, influence, advice and most importantly love, that I have received from these important people. 

Some of the celebrated may be obvious, such as David, my parents & grandparents.  Others a bit more abstract (and difficult to get mailing information for!) like an old elementary school art teacher and co-workers from long ago.

Join me on my journey this week, as I celebrate turning 30.  Come along as I get to reminisce about the moments, people & events that make up my past.  I'm looking forward to sharing all of this with you as I enter the next chapter of my life.


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    Wishing you warm hugs & bright smiles! You deserve the best because you always GIVE your best! Thanks for sharing your life’s journey with us!


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    Happy Birthday to you! May your day be wonderful, may your creations always be as inspiring and wonderful as they are now and may your birthday wishes come true!

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    Denise in Oz says:

    Happiest of Birthdays Nicole from Down Under – Australia…oh to be 30 again!!! Well just so you know you have touched my life all the way over here too! THANKS. I hope I can visit you when I finally get over the the States 🙂 Anyway had a thought, why don’t you search for those special people (you don’t know where they are) on Facebook or such?? I haven’t used it much, but I believe that nearly everyone in the world has joined and a super way to find people. Who knows you will probably find someone, who know someone…..etc.

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    Helen F. says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NICOLE! Wishing you every wonderful life experience for the many years ahead!

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    Emma says:

    Wishing you a very happy birthday Nichole! This is just a great idea – that Janelle is a genius! I am sure each and every recipient of your cards will be so thrilled to receive it, and be so proud of you and what you have achieved in your first 30 years.

    Now I just have to wait until I reach a milestone birthday and I can do the same!

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    SueB says:

    Birthday Blessings, Nichole! You are so young and yet you have accomplished so very much. We, in this craft world, applaud you. I love this idea of thanking people. I will be 66 next month – I’d better get busy on my list and cards. Thanks for always sharing from your heart. You are my FAVORITE online vendor.

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    Bekka says:

    Happy Birhtday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Nicole
    Happy Birthday to you

    What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday!

    Its my birthday today too and I love the idea of giving something to others to celebrate. I better get cracking on doing some more of that!

    Nicole I hope you have a truely amazing day



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    Diane M says:

    Happy Birthday, Nicole! We share a birthday (but I’m well past 30..and 50..

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful creations with us, each one of them is very inspiring.

    I hope it’s the start of a wonderful year for you!!

  • 9
    Lee Cockrum says:

    Happy Birthday! What a nice way to celebrate!

  • 10
    Angela Marry says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a great day and a year filled with happiness. LOVE all that you do at PTI and am incredulous at how much you’ve achieved in your 30 years!
    Love, Angela:)

  • 11
    Leslie Caponey says:

    Happy Birthday! What a great way to celebrate and thank the people that have contributed in making you the wonderful person you have become.

  • 12
    Renee S. says:

    Have a wonderful birthday now and always. Congratulations on everything you have achieved so far. You certainly have made every minute count!

  • 13
    Dana F. says:

    Happy Birthday, Nichole! What a wonderful way to thank people that had (and still have) such a great influence on who you are. I’m whising you an amazing day from across the pond! Hugs, Dana

  • 14
    Meg C says:

    Happy Birthday, Nicole! I am looking forward to read about your journey. I am so glad that I stopped by your blog this morning. Reading this entry put my mind in the right place as I begin my day. Thanks!

  • 15
    Vivian says:

    Wow. What an awesome post today. The happiest of birthday wishes for you today.

  • 16
    Kathy says:

    Happy Birthday Nichole! Wishing you much happiness and good health as you continue on your incredible journey.

  • 17

    Happy, happy birthday!! What a wonderful post! And I know I am going to enjoy reading about your influential people in your life. Thank you for letting us in on the journey! It’s a great idea…one that would be great for someone at any age (which for me happens to be 34!!)

  • 18
    Janelle says:

    Happy Birthday, Nichole! You can’t imagine my surprise when I found out you had mentioned me and the card I gave you on your blog today. Total shock. I’m humbled and honored to have in turn inspired you. I hope you receive at least as many blessings as I did through my journey of celebrating the lives of those who helped to make me who I am today. Lots of birthday hugs coming your way!!

  • 19

    Happy 30th, from a 40-something-year old! Nichole, you inspire many, many people. Thank you for sharing your talents, and those of your team. LOVE your products too!

  • 20
    Linda B says:

    Happy Birthday fellow Leo! My 48th was two days before yours. I remember my 30th quite well. And I’d have to say, you are going to LOVE the next decade!

  • 21
    liz says:

    Happy 30th Nichole! I just turned 30 in July! You amaze me with all you’ve done thus far in life…and to think, you’re MY age! Wow. I can’t wait to see what your next 30 years bring! Happy Birthday!!!!

  • 22
    Bonnie says:

    Only 30 and you’ve done so much! You and the people who influenced/supported you can certainly be proud. Happy Birthday. B

  • 23

    Happy Birthday Nicole! You are amazingly talented and I’m so proud to use your products on my “creations”. You are a savvy and brilliant buisness woman and have inspired me more times than I can count. My you have many more years of success.

  • 24

    what a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday… thank you so much for sharing..

  • 25
    melissa says:

    Happy Birthday Nichole! I hope your birthday is full of joy and happiness!!

    What a great idea to thank 30 influencial people in your life! I just turned 30 on Monday also and I will work on the same idea…thank you for all your inspiration–in papercrafting and in life! You have are a true embodiment of turning your dreams into reality!

  • 26
    laurie hunt says:

    Happy Birthday!

  • 27
    Isabel Z says:

    Happy birthday, Nichole. I wish for you a continued lifetime of happiness, good times, shared laughter, and love. What a wonderful idea and I look forward to reading about your 30 thank you’s. Thank you for touching my life with your words and creations. I look forward to each blog entry as if waiting for a dear friend to show up on my doorstep.

  • 28
    Alyssa says:

    Can’t wait to see your entire list ;o) Have a wonderful birthday!

  • 29
    Carol R says:

    Have a wonderful birthday. Thank you for touching my life in a positive way.

  • 30
    Kathy W says:

    Happy Birthday, Nichole! I think it is wonderful that you are honoring, reflecting, and remembering those who have been influential in your life. It is amazing what little things people do that impact us. I know that you are an inspiration for me; have a great day and wonderful week!

  • 31
    Sara says:

    Happy Birthday Nichole! I know you will hae a blessed day. You savor the good things in life and are grateful for your blessings. Enjoy the journey!

  • 32
    Kim says:

    Ah, 30…I can’t belive you’re only 30! LOL! I just passed 43…sigh…30 was a great year for me and I wish you all the best! Happy birthday!! (I’ve enjoyed reading your posts about the important people in your life, what a great idea to send cards thanking people…)

  • 33
    D@nielle says:

    happy birthday ! I’ve been following your blog for a while and have been very inspired by your work. This is such a lovely thing to do, I’m sure all the people you give a card will be as touched as you were by janelle.

  • 34
    antjeegypt says:

    Happy Birthday to you, hope you have a great birthday, full of laughter and happiness! Thanks for sharing your birthday journey with us, I think this is a wonderful idea, to celebrate those people, who had an important influence on your life.

  • 35

    Happy Birthday Nichole! WOW – what a moving post. How wonderful how Janelle has touched your life, and has moved you to also do something so great. Hope the next 10 years brings you more happiness and good fortune! {{{HUGS}}} 🙂

  • 36
  • 37
    jaime aldridge says:

    Happy birthday , Nichole! Hope this day is as great as you are! I would like to thank you for sharing your paper crafting gift and inspiring everyone along the way! Have a wonderful birthday!!

  • 38
    Rick says:

    Happy Birthday Nichole!!!!

  • 39
    Deb Zaremba says:

    Happy Birthday Nichole!!

    Wishing you love and happiness for your birthday and always. I love the idea of thanking the people that have influenced our lives. I look forward to reading about the people in your life and thank you for sharing. You are so talented and creative. Thanks again.

  • 40
    Katie says:

    Happy birthday, Nichole! You are truly one of the most creative, inspirational and thoughtful people I’ve ever come across. Thank you for sharing your many talents with us – we are better off because of you!

  • 41
    Rhonda H says:

    Have a great day. Your choice of how to celebrate is wonderful. I am 45, and I hope I can REMEMBER 45 people’s names. Check back with me when you turn 45. Of course, I had my first child at 38, which does interesting things to the brain cells. LOL!

    I am so enjoying PTI, now that I found you. And I’m spreading the word like wildfire! Keep up the good work!

  • 42
    Toni Storie says:

    What a fabulous idea! I will be popping by for sure! Happy Birthday to you!

  • 43
    Mindy says:

    Happy Birthday! What a wonderful way to celebrate by thanking the people that have had an impact on your life. You certainly have had a positive influence and been such an inspiration to many people. Wishing you many more years of happiness!

  • 44

    Happy Birthday Nichole – I hope you have the best birthday ever!
    You are such an inspiration that I am sure that you would be on all crafters 30, 40 or 50 inspiration lists! I know you would be on mine.
    Thank you for everything that you do and for bringing us such fantastic products to play with.

  • 45
    April says:

    Happy Birthday! You have achieved many more things than most people your age and you should be so proud of yourself. I personally am some years younger than you and share the passion for creating things with my brain and my two hands just as you do and you are someone I definately look up to! Have a great day!

  • 46
    Shannon says:

    Happy Birthday Nicole! What a completely touching and inspiring post today. You are a lucky woman to have both touched and been touched by Janelle. Have a wonderful day!

  • 47
    Allison Cope says:

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays today Nichole! May the next 30 years bring much happiness, many wonderful memories but most of all, a feeling of knowing yourself and enjoying your life very day! Happy 30th Birthday!

  • 48
    Connie F. says:

    Happy, happy birthday, Nichole! What a wonderful idea Janelle had. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent and inspiration with us. I hope you have an awesome birthday.

    And, thanks to Janelle who is inspiring a lot of us to also thank the people who have helped along the way to make us who we are today.

  • 49
    Kelley says:

    Happy Birthday Nichole! What a great post! Janelle is a blog friend of mine and she is such a sweet lady! I am blessed to have her as a new friend! I have to tell you that I always forget that I am older than you (just a couple of years) because of all that you have accomplished. You have beautiful children, a gorgeous home, and one amazing company! You are so talented! You are an inspiration to many women and you should be so proud of all of your accomplishments! So many of us are still trying to figure out what we want to be when we grow up! 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful day Nichole! Love ya!

  • 50
    Jeni Barbas says:

    Happy Birthday Nichole! Wishing you a wonderful day and many more ahead!!

  • 51
    Angie Hamill says:


  • 52
    Susan MC says:

    Happy Birthday and what a wonderful way to celebrate! I hope you are able to find a way to contact the people from your past. Imagine how wonderful that will make them feel to hear from you and to be “thanked”!!

  • 53

    Happy Birthday Nichole!! Thirty was one of the best years of my life! I hope yours is too!

  • 54
    Amy says:

    Happy Birthday! What a fabulous way to celebrate a birthday. My next milestone will be 50, so I best start making a list. Did I say 50??? I’m just a kid! How can it be possible? Last fall, I asked my 96 year old grandmother how it felt to be her age. She told me that she didn’t feel or think differently from when she was 21, but it was getting harder to get around! Thanks for sharing all your special people with us.

  • 55
    Leora Henkin says:

    Happy Birthday Nichole! May you have a wonderful day, and a fabulous year ahead. Thank you for sharing yourself and your special day with all of us.


  • 56
    Lisa Kind says:

    What an amazing thing to do! I’m going to be 50 in April and may take on this challenge. TFS!

  • 57
    Lisa Kind says:

    I forgot to say Happy 30th Birthday, Nichole! Everything important began for me when I turned 30. I started dating my hubby and we got married two years later. It’s been a wonderful 20 years since! Have a great day!

  • 58
    Veronica says:

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday!

  • 59
    Christina says:

    What a lovely idea. May you have a wonderful 30th celebration & much more success in your future!

  • 60
    BethieJ says:


    Enjoy your day!!!!!!

  • 61
    AnitaRex says:

    What a great idea! I turn 30 in december and will have to do it too. I should get started now 30 cards with thoughtful things wirrten inside all during the Christmas season!

  • 62
    Banu H says:

    Many Many Happy Returns of the day!! Beautiful Idea 🙂

  • 63
    Dawn says:

    Happy Birthday Nicole!! Here is to many more wonderful, thoughtful and creative years ahead of you!!!

  • 64
    Shay says:

    Happy Birthday, Nichole! I hope your birthday is all you hope it to be and so much more! Have a wonderful day and I hope it is the beginning of a joyous year.

  • 65
    L@ure says:

    Happy Birthday from France! I wish you joy and happiness! ^_^

  • 66
    Anya says:

    Happy Birthday Nichole. I am celebrating my 30th birthday next week and love your idea of thanking those who have been a part of our lives. Best wishes for your 30th year!

  • 67
    Silke Ledlow says:

    First of all *HAPPY BIRTHDAY* Nicole!!! You will love being in your 30’s…!!!

    It was a milestone for me too…and I loved it!!! I think it validated everything I stood for!!! Now that I’m almost 41 I know that these year were just the beginning of my wonderful life!!! So embrace your new age and life it up – LOL!!!

    Enjoy your special day and make wonderful new memories with your friends & family!!!

    Big b-day hug ~S~

  • 68
    Chris B says:

    Today is my husband’s birthday as well, so I’ve celebrated your birthday every year since you were born! Hope you have a wonderful day – we should be the ones thanking you for sharing your talent and inspiring us to grow as humble artists. Happy Birthday!

  • 69
    Christine Rogus says:

    Happy Birthday!! I turned 30 as well this year, and I am envious of what you have accomplished in such a short time. You are so creative business oriented and such an inspiration!

    Thank You!

  • 70
    Zoe Pittman says:

    Miss Nicole, that was such a beautiful thing to share with us, truly an inspiration and one I would like to do at my next milestone birthday – although the question begs why wait? It was such an honor for me to meet you and Dawn at CHA…and your stall rocked! You are both angels, Big Hugs from Zoe (The British chic who lives in FL and needed her photo with you both 😉 xo

  • 71
    ChrisTea says:

    Love and light to you today!

  • 72
    Karen Milone says:

    Have a wonderful birthday, Nichole. You have done much with the first 30 years, and I can’t wait to see whats next. Enjoy your day and eat lots of cake.

  • 73
    Tami McBeain says:

    Happy Birthday Nichole! What a wonderful way to celebrate your special day. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  • 74
    Bee says:

    <3 ~Happy Birthday!!~ <3 And congrats on achieving so much in your life at that age because you are passionate and driven. :-D

  • 75
    JodyM says:

    Happy Birthday Nicole! Turning 30 is so much fun, you will never look back!

  • 76
    Shelly Kettell says:

    What a nice idea to “DO”…thank you for sharing with us. and Thank You for being someone I look up too and admire and am so proud of you and your journey with PTI!
    Enjoy your day…don’t cook!

  • 77
    Lori McAree says:

    A great big happy birthday to you Nichole!! I hope today is everything you want it to be!!

  • 78
    Andrea C says:

    Happy Birthday Nicole! I know what you mean about reflecting. I turned 30 last year (Aug 26) and found myself thinking back over everything that I had done in the past 29 years.
    Here’s to many more birthdays and inspirations!

  • 79
    Wendy Beck says:

    Have a great 30th birthday. Love the card you made to send to the people you are celebrating.

  • 80
    Taheerah says:

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays Nichole and thank you for sharing your special day with us! I can’t believe you’re only 30 and have accomplished so much already! I’m not too far off 30 now and haven’t achieved anywhere near 1/10th of what you have. I hope the next 30 years of your life are just as rewarding and that you are blessed with continued happiness.

  • 81
    paula says:

    happy birthday, nicole! from a 50 plus admirer…. i loved janelle’s idea of celebrating her milestone and admire you for following in her footsteps. enjoy the journey. pke

  • 82
    Rieca says:

    Happy Birthday!
    What a truly lovely card you rec’d, very inspirational words that we can all live by. We don’t need to be celebrating a milestone in order to Thank those who mean so much to us!
    Thanks for Sharing!

  • 83
    Ann Alyea says:

    Happy Birthday Nicole. It was so nice to meet you at CHA. I wanted to tell you then about a project I have to celebrate the 80th birthday of a very special aunt of mine. However, I didn’t want to take up your time. I am doing two weeks worth of 80 things each day for her. One of the things she enjoys the most is the Papertrey cards I make for her to send to her friends. So, I made her 80 cards using my Papertrey stamps as one of her gifts. I also used many of the stamps in the scrapbook I made for her with 80 memorable moments. Thank you for your part in designing these wonderful stamps.

  • 84
    Mindy Eggen says:

    That is an awesome idea for a birthday! Congrats and Happy Birthday! I also turn 30 this month, on Sunday actually, the 23rd. My facebook states I’m turning 29… again. You should proud of what you have accomplished by the age of 30 ! You have a wonderful business going and I”m so glad I found your store! You all have the most wonderful and creative ideas!

  • 85
    Catherine says:

    Happy Birthday, Nichole!! What a wonderful way to celebrate :0)

  • 86
    Lacey says:

    Nicole, I hope you have a very happy birthday! Thank YOU for all of the inspiration and encouragement you give all of us!! WE are the ones who get to celebrate on YOUR birthday!

  • 87
    Kristy says:

    Happy birthday Nichole! I am so impressed with your idea of what to do on your 30th birthday. I must say that you are one of the most influential people in my life in regards to papercrafting. I will never forget how happy I was to find your blog and website just a few months after your first release. I am so inspired by you and really appreciate that you are young and upcoming and it’s nice to be about the same age and see what you have been able to do. I know this is getting long but I just want you to realize how important you are. You wouldn’t believe the excitement I felt when I saw you and PTI at CHA and actually being able to talk with you for a bit. Thanks for everything that you do for us, your customers, every day.

  • 88
    Sue Kment says:

    Happy Birthday Nichole. Your wonderful post just reminds me of why I too love to stamp and share the joy of a personal message sent with love! Today is my parents 60th anniversary…now that is a real milestone too!

  • 89
    Traci says:

    Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing this wonderful idea.

  • 90
    Suzanne T says:


    Thanks for sharing – now I know how I will spend my 40th this year! What an amazing idea.

  • 91
    Meredith says:


    Hope your special day isfilled with things that make you happy.

  • 92

    Happy Birthday Nichole!!! I hope your day was fabulous… full of laughter, love and stamps!

  • 93
    Jilleen Hays says:

    Happy Birthday! What a wonderful blog entry, lovely card and great idea. Hope you enjoy your special day. Thank you for all that you share with us.

  • 94
    Sandra B. says:

    Happy Birthday, Nichole! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  • 95
    Terri Moore says:

    Today is my sisters b-day too. What a great way to celebrate. Hope you have a great one.

  • 96
    Alessandra Loiacono says:

    Happy Birthday Nichole!!!! You really do touch people lives in a way that you have no idea… With your kindness, creativity, devotion, love for what you do and so many other things that I would need many days to write them all!! I agree with Janelle. Well, I just wanted to wish you an amazing birthday full of love, health and happiness!! Happy 30th!! Take care!

  • 97
    Winter says:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing this journey with us! I will be 30 in October, and yes, it feels wierd to even say that! I feel like I just got out of High School! Where has the time went?! You have inspired me to make a list of 30 people who have touched my life and send them my love and appreciation! Thanks! 🙂

  • 98
    Mary Myers says:

    Happy, happy 30th birthday Nichole!!

    I know that today you will enjoy the love and best wishes from family, friends, and friends whom you haven’t personally met, but who feel they know you already!! (that’s us!) 🙂
    I just turned 55, and Janelle’s suggestion is wonderful and will become a personal project for me. In your short life, you have touched so many lives on so many levels!
    I wish you much happiness and contentment now and in your bright future! Blessings, dear Nichole!

  • 99
    ValerieC says:

    Happy Birthday, Nichole! Ironically tomorrow is my 40th Birthday. Janelle’s gift makes me cry. Not just tears that are in awe of selflessness but, in dissappointed in myself. You see, hours ago I was angry with my husband because he had not planned anything for what I deemed a milestone in my life. I suppose if we all thought as Janelle thinks this world would be a different place. Thank you so much for sharing Janelle’s card. I am also going to go to the people who made a difference in my life and tell them! And try to look at thinks differently! Take care!

  • 100
    April C. says:

    Happy Birthday, Nichole! May this coming year be full of amazing blessings! What a fabulous letter and way to celebrate a milestone birthday! Thank you for touching us in so many ways. And embrace being thirty – you’re going to LOVE your thirties!

  • 101
    Lou says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY…….and many more wonderful birthdays to come!

  • 102
    Deepa M. says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I’ll be turning 30 myself in 6 months (plus a day ;)) and I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to do to celebrate my entrance into a new decade. Janelle and your idea bout sending cards is amazing – the people who receive your cards are very fortunate indeed!!

  • 103
    Brooke says:

    Happy Birthday Nichole!!

    What an absolutely fabulous idea of celebrating you by thanking the ones you have helped you get to where you are today. You really have achieved so much in such a short time.

    I love this blog and Papertrey Ink and have been thinking that if there was only one place I could ever buy craft supplies from again that this would be the place.

    As mentioned by Denise in Oz, I hope that Facebook can help you reconnect with old friends to help you get those addresses you are after.

  • 104
    Jane says:

    God bless!

  • 105
    Alexandra says:

    Dear Nicole,
    as I can see loads of people already wished you a happy Birthday (30 is special!) but one more can’t hurt, can it?
    I love the idea of letting 30 people know how they influeced you and thank them for it. Truly special!
    Many thanks from me to you as well, as you and your style as well as your stamps have certainly influenced me a lot.

    Many happy returns!
    Alex in the UK (who still wishes you had an outlet here!

  • 106
    Quirky says:

    Happy Birthday Nicole 🙂 You’re so young and you’ve already accomplished so much!! I can only imagine if I can be a little like you as I turn 30 next year…

    God bless you & your family and here’s wishing you abundant blessings! 😀

  • 107
    Renee V. (happystamper05) says:

    ♪ ♫ ♪ “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, Dear Nichole, Happy Birthday to you!” ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

    Wishing you all the best today and always!

    I really love how you’re going to celebrate by celebrating others… Very cool idea!

    Birthday Hugs!

  • 108
    Nancy Profitt says:

    Happy birthday, Nichole. My little sister (and best friend) was also born on August 20. Must be a day for beautiful, creative women. 🙂 Congratulations!

  • 109
    Peggy Sue says:

    Happy Happy Birthday!!! The 30 people receiving your special card will be very honored. And you should be extremely proud of all your accomplishments in your short 30 Years. Wishing you continued sucess and happiness in the years ahead. OH THE PLACES YOU CAN GO!!!!!

  • 110
    Beth says:

    Happy Birthday Nichole!~ I feel blessed to have you in my life!

  • 111
    Robbie says:

    For some reason, I receive my Feedblitz a day late. My problem, I know…BUT I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday even if it is a belated one! I hope you have much success in all you do. And, btw, YOU are an inspiration to me!! Love ya!

  • 112
    Ashjoy says:

    Enjoy your 30th Birthday year! That was a very sweet thing to do for a Birhtday.

  • 113
    Mel says:

    Happy Birthday… 30 is great, just wait until you hit 40! Seriously, have a great one!

  • 114
    Charlene says:

    Happiest of Birthdays, Nicole. You are literally half my age…oh, my goodness…I’m giggling and about ready to pass out as that reality has just hit me…oh, Lord, help me.

    Anyway, she said, catching her breath, Happy, Happy Birthday. May the Lord bless, keep and protect and continue to prosper you.

  • 115
    Cindy says:

    What a wonderful way to celebrate Nichole! Congratulations to you. I used to send my parents a big bunch of balloons or flowers on my birthday thanking them for making my life so wonderful. It’s nice to be able to share in those ways that make others realize their place in your life.

  • 116
    Jannette E says:

    Happy, happy Birthday!! I hope it is full of blessings for you and your family, including all those people that have touch you on a special way. I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think you are, it it incredible all that you have accomplished in this years!! Congratulations!!!

  • 117
    diana says:

    happy birthday….
    Have a wonderful birthday now and always.

  • 118

    Do you agree that travel must one day revert to being a luxury

  • 119
    Ted says:

    You’re just a kid! 🙂 Happy birthday, Nichole! May it be filled with blessings from above. God bless!

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