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Papertrey's latest addition of Vintage Buttons has taken over by storm!  The feedback we have gotten has been amazing and we are looking forward to introducing more colors each and every month! There have been many questions regarding the USE of the buttons.  This month I have challenged the Senior  Design team gals to showcase some of their favorite button techniques.  To begin though, I thought I would share some links I discovered that use buttons in ways that don't necessarily involve paper!

From the Etsy shop P8 Button Art

White button bracelet

A beautiful cuff bracelet created with a bit of knotted string and pretty pearl buttons.

Tortoise button necklace

And here is a necklace she created with a single layer of buttons with a few seed beads mixed in.

Button bag

Cover the front of a small tote bag with a variety of buttons.  The colors and textures will be a good conversational piece!

Button hair clips

Stitch a button to the end of a hairpin to create color coordinating accessories for a special little girl in your life.  Would be a great project for a group of girls together or even party favors.

Button magnets

A little hot glue and you can make some magnets for the fridge of the side of your office file cabinet.

Embroidered napkins

Portions of images that are circular in shape can be replaced with buttons, like they did here with these embroidered napkins.  You could do the same thing with your favorite stamp images.

Button stamps

You can even use uniquely textured, shaped or patterned buttons as stamps. Just attach them to some kind of handle, such as corks shown HERE.

Button stitches

With four hole buttons, you don't always need to stitch them in place with a simple "x".  Try two horizontal lines or four french knots.  If you are applying a row off buttons to your project, you could use different types of stitches for each one.

So now that I have gotten you started, how about some direct project inspiration by our design team!  Not only have they compiled several ideas for how to use your buttons in your next paper crafting project, they also offer tips on their favorite ways to attach the buttons securely an neatly!  You won't want to miss a single word!

And last but not least, the amazing Maggie Holmes.  This will be her last presentation for us as a Distinguished Guest Designer!  We've all enjoyed her contributions so much!  Please be sure to stop by and let her know how she has inspired you during the last two months!

So what are you waiting for?  Get out those jars of buttons and try something new!  Break out of your mold and just have fun experimenting with new techniques and mediums.  Exploration & discovery are one of the most exciting and motivating parts of this craft!  Please feel free to link up in the comments section with any button projects you create so we can all see!

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