We're going to be right on time with a sequel to one of our most popular sets from 2008!
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    Robb_eeie says:

    Gee I might be the first to response! WooHoo! I’m guessing one of your most popular sets from 2008 was “Boards & Beams” ~ however, that wasn’t released ’til June ’08 so I’m kinda at a loss for a guess.
    H E L P !

  • 2
    Gina says:

    Hmm, if right on time means it’s a release from March of last year, maybe It’s a Celebration? But if the time reference is to the theme of a particular stamp set, I’m at a loss!

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    Joan B says:

    I’m guessing that one of your most popular sets last year was polka dot basics. Combined with the other clues, I’ve concluded……absolutely nothing!! LOL I love when the clues are hard. BTW, love the bunny!

  • 4
    Jewels says:

    Bunny=easter, easter was Just Hatched….hmmm sequel to that set perhaps?

  • 5
    Alice Roushia says:

    An Easter Set!!!???

  • 6
    Sonja says:


  • 7
    Heather says:

    Alice in Wonderland sure comes to mind here.
    I’m stumped but oh-so-eager to hear more!

  • 8
    Joan B says:

    Yes, I went back to sleep and woke up and the first thing I thought of was Just Hatched! Hmm is a baby on the way? Is PTI your baby? Be My Guest, a shopping Bag, a bunny or Just Hatched, easter…. too much fun! You are offering a trip as your guest to …. your new store?….the cruise… Bloomingdales?? I still have no clue!!

  • 9
    Sara Paschal says:

    You sure have my wheels turning, Can’t wait to see what you are up to!

  • 10
    PAT(mspfd) says:

    No clue either! Can’t wait to find out.

  • 11
    Kim Leach says:

    Hmmmmm….a set for stamping on bags instead of boxes….sequel to everyday blessings…out at spring time….for my guests…..sigh….I’m no good at this obviously…but how fun to try!!!
    Keep up the clues!
    Kim Marie

  • 12
    Steph R says:

    Ooooh, is it Alice in Wonderland?!

  • 13
    Joanne says:

    I am even more unsure now – but it sure gets you on the excitement bandwagon doesn’t it?

  • 14
    Helen says:

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on two fabulous years.
    Second, my guess: Last year for your First Anniversary, you gave away “A Year of FREE Stamps” to one very very lucky lady!
    OHHHH MY, could you possibly be doing the same WONDERFUL ‘give away’ for your Second Anniversary?????
    What a fun site, whatever you do is always so creative, inspirational and Classy~with a capital “C”.

  • 15
    ColleenM says:

    Not sure what it is but this is driving me crazy! I can’t wait to find out!

  • 16
    Marchelle says:

    This probably really far fetched – could it be an invitation set? I just don’t know what set it could match with – guidelines?

    Timing – shopping and be our guest??????

  • 17
    Elizabeth S. says:

    Oh, this is so exciting!! I would have to say that it is an ivitation sequel!!!

  • 18
    marla Howell says:

    How cute it that little bunny from Alice in Wonderland.

  • 19
    Cindy H. says:

    My guess is the *guest* is whoever wins. The *shopping bag* and *time* have to do with giving the winner a shopping bag and a set time to run through your factory and grab all the stamps, paper, ink, ribbon, etc. that they can carry in the bag:) Ooooh, pick me, pick me!!!

  • 20
    Marie Donnelly says:

    Yes, I think the “guest” will be brought out to PTI, and fill a “shopping bag” with PTI goodies!!! One of the new goodies being an Easter-themed set!

  • 21
    Marie Donnelly says:

    Yes, I think the “guest” will be brought out to PTI, and fill a “shopping bag” with PTI goodies!!! One of the new goodies being an Easter-themed set!

  • 22
    Martha says:

    I’m terrible at riddles and such. I have no guesses but I can’t wait to see what it is. Always exciting!

  • 23
    colleen says:

    Could it be a sequel to Little Lady???? That would be AWESOME:)

  • 24
    Beth Norman says:

    Alice in Wonderland? Please tell me it is!!

  • 25
    Heather says:

    I have no idea about this one, but you HAVE to be laughing at all these guesses! 🙂 I can’t wait to find out what it is. I just got my very first PTI stamp sets in the mail today and I am SO excited for what’s being released in February.

  • 26
    Yvonne S, says:

    I’m still going with a PTI retreat – maybe at Disneyworld????

  • 27
    Joan B says:

    Hmm….Nichole in in the storeroom with a ….no no no, that’s a different game! I am so confused and admit to being a tad obsessed with these riddles.

    Take pity on us and make Hint #4 a bit more obvious!!!

  • 28

    Here’s where I meant to put this one! :o)

    I would love to have more accessories for my house. :o) I bet it’s Boards & Beams! :o)

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

  • 29
    April G says:

    ouch! my head hurts now.

  • 30
    Monica Jantz says:

    Maybe a sequel to Pond Life or Honey Bees? Can’t wait to see! I love every set you guys come up with and wish I could have it all! Keep it up!

  • 31
    Kristyn Sinnott says:

    my quess is a an Easter set as a sequel to “everyday Blessings”. Or, maybe a sequel to the owl set.hmmmmmm.

    This is soooo fun.

  • 32
    Rhonda C says:

    Hmmm, let’s see…since the timing is close to Easter and you’ve shown a bunny…maybe, you’re introducing some kind of Easter basket stamp. Perhaps, it’s even a basket to decorate and stamp on. Oh, I don’t know but I’m looking forward to the reveal!

  • 33
    Renee (happystamper05) says:

    I’m thinking along the same lines as Jewels. I think it’s a sequel to Just Hatched.
    Yes, congratulations to a great two years!

  • 34
    Sarah says:

    Ok…. I am beyond stumped now.

    And reading the comments didn’t help much either!

    I’ll just wait anxiously for the answer! yay!

  • 35

    Time is moving on and fairytales of a life as a stamper..wonderful stamp by the way.
    Hugs from Confused but Happy

  • 36
    Charlene says:

    I’m late, I’m late for a very important date…no time to say hello…good-bye! I’m late, I’m late, I’m late…and lame as to a guess, but what fun!

  • 37
    Dana G says:

    I am terrible at riddles but love a surprise. Can’t wait to see…

  • 38
    Suzanne says:

    Ah the March Hare….What ever it is is going to happen on time and in MARCH! I certainly don’t want to be late for a very important date with PTI!

  • 39
    C. Hill says:

    I think it has to do with time – as in clocks. I just can’t figure out what it would be a sequel to.

  • 40
    Tammy says:

    I think it is a sequel to polka dot basics. I think that set is hands down the most frequently used set…at least I hope that is what it is. I’ll be happy with anything Nichole and Papertrey have cooked up for us!

  • 41
    Debbie Fisher says:

    I’m thinking it has to do with your egg box and “Just Hatched” set.

  • 42
    Melissa Nevills says:

    Hmmm – the rabbit is late for a tea party – so does it have to do with First Fruits which lent itself to all those wonderful place settings for a tea party or maybe Warm Happiness additions???? I can’t wait.

  • 43
    Isabel Z says:

    I can’t guess b/c I love all of my Papertrey stamp sets so I can’t imagine which one would be the most popular.

  • 44
    C Burke says:

    I hope it’s a new Easter set!

  • 45
    Carolyn Orgar says:

    A famous bunny stamp set. The white rabbit(Alice in Wonderland), Peter Rabbit, Mopsy, flopsy and Cottontail. Wouldn’t that be nice in time for Easter

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