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By October 12, 2008General

Below, I have officially announced the new colors for October, Ocean Tides & Ripe Avocado.  Aren’t they GORGEOUS!  I can’t put down either color and have been dreaming up amazing color combinations with existing Papertrey colors!  As always, these color collections will include ink, cardstock and five ribbons.  We are looking forward to offering these amazing colors to you this month!  What color combinations come to mind when you see these new colors?

ETA: A Note About Color Comparisons…

Due to numerous customer requests each month, I began offering color comparisons of our new colors to a few SU! colors.  It is a pretty time consuming process to prepare the final labeled photo that you see, and I am glad that you find this helpful.  However, I do not plan on making it a point to keep full stock of their entire spectrum for this purpose, and hope that you understand the reasoning behind that.  The color comparison photos are intended to give you a better *visual* idea of what color family our new color falls into, not provide a direct color comparison to each individual color in their collection that you feel might be similar.  If there is a particular color comparison you feel a need to see, I am sure it could be found elesewhere online after our product has been released and people have begun using it in the blogoshere.  Thanks again for your understanding.

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  • 1
    Dawn Nikol says:

    Love the new colors!!! Can’t wait until the release!

  • 2
    Lilian says:

    Thank you for the color comparisons chart you always provide. I notice you *always* take extra care in your presentations (sneak peeks and charts etc) and I really admire this about you. You always make me *wow*. I honestly think I’ll still buy the colors you provide even without the color comparisons BUT that’s just me. 🙂 Have a great night!

  • 3
    Susan says:

    Your colors are always more beautiful than any out there. No comparisons needed for me. I know I’ll love each of them!

  • 4
    diane mcvey says:

    I agree with Susan! It’s nice to see the comparisons, but I’d buy them anyway! Your paper is AWESOME, and a stamper can NEVER have too many beautiful colors! 😀 (and you can NEVER please everyone…you know?) :p

  • 5
    April Z says:

    Beautiful colors! You can never have too many blues and greens in my opinion.

  • 6
    Margaret S. Romero says:

    Love both new colors!!! Don’t think you need to compare them to any other brand….they totally stand on their own!!!

    Please consider a navy blue for a new color some time in the future. Think it would look elegant with many of your other colors.

    Keep ’em coming………Margaret

  • 7
    Dana J says:

    Nichole – Do you havea comparison of the Aqua mist and Ocean Tides? To me they look the same but I am sure they are different.

  • 8
    Shay says:

    I couldn’t agree with Lilian more. I appreciate the time and effort you put into everything you do and it is all done with panache and style. You always show a great deal of thought and elegance in all elements and details of your projects, photographs, layouts and display of Papertrey Ink products.

    I enjoy the color comparions purely as a way to gauge the hue and intensity of the color as I am rarely personally familiar with the Stampin’ Up! colors being fairly new to their company. I would buy the new colors with or without a color comparison, but I am grateful to have a better grasp of the Perfect Match colors.

    Thank you for bringing such highly tempting and high quality products. I love the new colors! And I see them being used in all sorts of color combinations (I would love to see Ocean Tide with Aqua Mist and Purely Poppy for instance or Ripe Avocado with Spring Moss and Sweet Blush or a mixture of Aqua Mist and Spring Moss with the two deeper, darker new colors).

  • 9
    Granna on the Go says:

    What wonderful colors! Love the Avacado as it will be great with the Pure Poppy for Christmas projects. Love the depth of the Ocean Tides. I can see lots of unique combinations with these great colors. The patterned paper that includes many polka dots looks so fresh and perky. You always do such a great job of offering such fantastic finds that have such wonderful quality. Thank you.

  • 10
    Laraine R says:

    Love the new colors and can’t wait til the 15th!!

  • 11
    Laraine R says:

    Love the new colors and can’t wait til the 15th!!

  • 12
    Cynde says:

    Love both the new colors. You always have the most beautiful colors and the most fabulous quality!! Thanks again…

  • 13
    Diane says:

    Good for you…I don’t have a clue why people feel you have to give SU comparisons with your products!!…..your products are great and don’t feel as though you have to compare them with anything!!! go for you own standards..they’re great!!!!!

  • 14
    Wendy R says:

    Thanks Nichole, I’m sure that some of SU! hobby demos could help out with those color comparisons as well – we usually all have the SU! colors on hand and I know I, personally, have bought every color you have offered!

  • 15
    Justine says:

    Obviously we all love how much time and effort you put into the quality of everything you do. The comparison has been very helpful and I am sure that someone out there will decide to post it after your releases.
    These colors are gorgeous=o)

  • 16
    Stephanie Niavez says:

    I am so in love with the library pocket die. I love how it can be used for so many different things. I especially like the tea bag idea. I will have to try that one.

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