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One of the benefits of being involved in this industry is the ability to feed off of the creativity exuded by my peers.  I was speaking to Lisa Johnson the other day on the phone and she said, "Since the small heart tins have such a great height, I bet they would be great to bake mini loaves of bread in."  After her statement, I knew it was just something I had to try for myself!

013108_muffin_mix_2I found this Strawberry Muffin Mix at the grocery store yesterday.  I knew that the flavor would lend itself to the strawberry image contained in our My Punny Valentine stamp set.  I washed the small heart tins thoroughly with water and dried them with a soft towel.  I then greased the inside of the tin to allow the muffin to slide out easily after it was done baking.  I whipped up the mix quickly and filled each tin 2/3. 

013108_baked_muffinsTo bake the muffins, I simply arranged the tins on a cookie sheet so they would not tip over or fall in-between the spaces in my oven rack.  The baked for exactly 15 minutes and turned out perfectly!

013108_stamped_strawberryTo add a little something special, I decided to create a coordinating tag.  I started by stamping the strawberry image from My Punny Valentine

013108_punch_detailHere is a little trick I like to do sometimes.  I like to remind myself that I don’t always have to center my images within the boundaries of a punch.  I can also do them off-center, which can allow for more creative opportunities.  (I used the small tag punch from SU! for this particular project)

013108_sentimentAfter punching the tag, I added the sentiment.  It helped to finish the tag nicely.

013108_strawberry_muffin_tinsI placed the lid of the tins on the bottom, so the recipient can wash out the tin and re-use it.  I put a tiny piece of tacky tape down the length of the bottom point of the heart and tied the tin with red gingham ribbon.  The tape helps to keep the ribbon from sliding off the point.  I added the tags as a last step.  These are so adorable, and I know my friends & neighbors will appreciate the gesture so much!

Edited to Add:  A few of you have emailed me with the concern of chemicals transferring from the tin into a muffin during the baking process.  I don’t have any solid resources that can confirm whether or not this could be true.  In my opinion, if this is something that concerns you, one could easily line the tin with baking parchment paper.  The barrier you create should prevent anything from transferring into your food, if it is even a risk.  I hope this helps!

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