Tonight’s the night!  Could you possibly be as EXCITED as I am?  Well, really, there is no way that could possibly be so, because this month I get to introduce you to Papertrey’s very FIRST exclusive product.  Yup.  You heard it here first! The reason I am so excited is that we have been working on the concept & design of these for months.  Every detail has been thought about.  We just wanted to continue doing what we’ve done from the beginning.  Providing the BEST product with quality that you won’t find anywhere else!

Papertrey fans, meet heart tins.  Heart tins, meet Papertrey fans!

Large_heart_tins_photoThese are our exclusive large clear top heart tins.  They are quite large, holding a hefty 26oz.  The large clear top heart tins are big enough to hold cookies for teachers & neighbors for Valentine’s Day or house a special gift for wedding and anniversary celebrations. Our large heart tins measure about 6-inches wide and 2-inches deep.  They will be sold for $4 each. 

Small_heart_tins_photoThese are our exclusive small heart tins.  They are a much smaller version, holding only 4oz. They are a little less than 3-inches wide and 2-inches deep. The small heart tins are inexpensive enough to be used for classmates at school in honor of Valentine’s Day or wedding favors for all the special guests on your big day.  They will be selling 3 for $4.

011408_stamprs_box_top_closed I’ve whipped up a project showcasing our large clear top heart.  (I hope to have some additional large heart tin & small heart tin projects later this afternoon!).  First up, is a project I like to call Creative Candy.  On the top of the box I adhered buttons around the edge of the window using glue dots.  It was so fun to dig through my button stash and pick a nice variety of pink buttons.  I made the embellishment for the middle of the lid from glitter chipboard (ki memories) and a sentiment from our NEW Mixed Messages stamp set.

011408_stampers_box_sideNotice the edge of the lid of this tin.  I covered mine with ribbon.  We designed the width of the lid band to allow you to easily adhere most standard ribbon widths.  It adds such a nice detail to do this and super easy!

011408_stampers_box_openAnd here is why I called this project Creative Candy!  I used small candy cups inside my tin to put together a plethora of pink stamping embellishments for one of my stamping friends!  Think of how fun it would be to get a goodie like this in the mail!!!  Well, it could be YOURS!  We will be giving this tin away as part of tonight’s prize package at our release party tonight!  The party will take place on the Papertrey Forum via our website, beginning at 10pm EST.  I will be dropping a few more hints later on!  I will have more to share throughout the day today!  Be sure to stop by later!


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