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By December 15, 2007General

Limitless_labels_exampleSome of you have asked what the small rows of images are for in our new Limitless Labels set.  Here is a visual example, which should explain it all! 

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    Anne Lawrie says:

    Too cute! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

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    Leslie Elvert says:

    Oh, so clever! I just received an email and my order has already shipped! Woohoo, can’t wait to play with this set!

  • 3

    I love this set! I saw your previous post and it is a must have!!!! When will it be available????

  • 4
    Erin says:

    So cute, now I don’t want it, I need it.

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    Jana W says:

    I had been wondering if they would fit in that space! Such a wonderful idea, as always Nichole! Thanks!!

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    I was wondering what these were too. Then, my mathematician husband figured it out and had to tell me!! hahaha

  • 7
    Cara says:

    Ha, I was wondering the same thing.

  • 8
    Eva says:

    This set of stamps is AWESOME! I love this concept and kow what I will be spending my Christmas $$$ on!

  • 9
    polly pierce says:

    The first time I came across your blog I obviously didn’t realise what I had discovered; I glanced quickley and passed it by.

    Your stamps are lovely, original and the designers gallery is so professional it truly puts me to shame!

    Thank you for sharing your unique talents with the rest of the stamping world.
    Merry Christmas!

  • 10
    Thos. Angle says:

    Hello Nicole,
    Your Grandmother, Ann, told me about your venture here and I thought I would check it out. Very nice website and good looking products. I am your grandmother’s first cousin,(on the Creek side). I am assuming you are Wendyann’s daughter. It’s interesting that I also make a living with artistic endeavors.Mostly wood and leather but some regular art as well. You can see some of my work at Lumber I have a page there with a lot of my projects. Look for my avitar on line 2 of the “Jocks” page. We wish you all the luck in the workd with your new business. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Thos. Angle

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    Shivani says:

    Wow…I must say u r simply awsum..!!
    I love seeing ur work everyday…may be it a box making,candy wrapper,different card ideas..or say it how to use ur different scallop images..I simply love seeing each & evrything here in India..!!

    I dont get such things here in India…I dont know whether u’ll answer my question or not..I dont have much of dad had a recent trip to U.S…he got me beautiful square scallop,Oval shape,round shape…& few stamps..My frd from U.S thru SCS sent me many stamps as well..

    But Still Iam unable to make anything coz I dont have much idea..!!

    can u please include sumthing in ur blog where u can help pple get creative ideas..or answer questions relating to their problems..??Or if they dont have much of things..what can be used instead of that thing..!!

    Hope to see some reply from ur side..!!

  • 12
    Erica says:

    Hi Nicole, I stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say that I LOVE all your ideas! You’re such a creative person, I am deeply impressed and will start making some of your projects during my Christmas vacation next week! ;o)

    Greetings from Holland!

  • 13
    Joanne Boys says:

    I tried making a purse using the plastic outer wrap of the stamp sets and it works just like the one you demonstrate on this site.

    Only, it is a different size.

    I adore this idea – good job Nicole. Didn’t know you sent us an extra gift (material to make two purses) in the packaging you sent our stamps in. Thanks

  • 14
    Tanya Mendez says:

    I was wondering if that stamp set with the words from the Borders & Corners Monogram addition was coming out in a set since I already have all the Borders & Corners.

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