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By December 6, 2007General

I am so darn excited about our upcoming stamp release that I just couldn’t wait to show you at least a little something before the official countdown starts on the 10th!  Do you remember how I gave you the hint that there would be a new candy to wrap for those of you who are tired of nuggets? 

120607_reesesWell how about my personal favorite, miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!

120607_stamped_labelsI stamped these specially designed circular labels onto white cardstock.

120607_forever_addedThen added two mini words to the blank centers of the labels (there are nine mini words total in this set!)

120607_punched_labelsNext I used a 1-1/8" circle punch (EK Success) to punch out the labels.

120607_bling_addedI then adhered them to the top of the Reese’s Cups.  I decided they needed a bit of glam, so I included mini rhinestones in appropriate areas.

120607_stamped_stripI knew I wanted to contain these in our 4oz. square clear top tin, but I felt that the inside needed a little pizazz to set the color of the labels off.  So I cut a strip of cardstock measuring 1.25 x 8.25 and stamped it with this fun flourish stamp from one of the new sets that will be revealed next week.

120607_strip_adheredI adhered the strip inside the tin.  It really adds a great detail to this piece.

120607_tin_filledThese tins fit four Reese’s Cups perfectly.

120607_kindred_spirits_tinOnce the inside is completed, you can add a quick box band to the tin created from white cardstock and ribbon.  The Kindred Spirits image is on behalf of my love affair with the spirit of friendship celebrated in Anne of Green Gables.

Now this will have to hold you over for a bit!  I still have quite a bit of work to do to prepare for our upcoming reveal, but who knows.  Perhaps I will be hit by another wave of creativity that just can’t wait till the 10th?!?!??


Ink- purely pomegranate classic ink (SU!)

stamps- Papertrey Ink

cardstock- Purely Pomegranate SU!, Stamper’s Select White from Papertrey

other- stitched pomegranate ribbon from SU, scalloped scissors from Hobby Lobby, large oval punch from SU!, foam dimensional.

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  • 1
    Karrie Baker says:

    OH… MY… GOSH!! This is WONDERFUL!!! You are constantly amazing me with your sets! My friend Dana is gonna FLIP!! LOL

  • 2
    Anne Lawrie says:

    Looks like another gorgeous set! Thanks for the pre-preview!


  • 3
    Elizebeth says:

    Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh Nichole…..you just dont stop! This is definately the CUTEST reeses cup I have ever seen! Thanks for the sneak peek!

  • 4

    Woo hoo! So cute! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  • 5
    Tracey aka cuccicoo1002 says:

    You never cease to amaze me…seriously. You can take something so ordinary and whip it up into something totally extraordinary!!! Thanks for the early sneak peek!!


  • 6
    Sara says:

    NICHOLE!!!!! Are you trying to tempt us to buy for ourselves instead of others???? Oh, who cares. I definitely want to see the rest of this set. 🙂

  • 7
    Becky says:

    SHUT. UP. You really know how to get under my skin don’t you!! Is this the half set?? UGH…SO cool.

  • 8
    Kimi says:

    OMG – this is definitely in my checkout basket!!! I can’t wait until 12/15.

  • 9
    Mint says:

    Oh come on! Yet another must have set? My husband is gonna kill me. Oh, well. It will just have to be my Christmas gift to myself. Course I have no excuses for the rest of the times I’ve bought your stamps. I LOVE this set! Thanks for the sneaky-peeky!

  • 10
    Victoria says:

    Oh my! I L-O-V-E this set already. This is a must set for me. Thank you for sharing with us early!!!

  • 11
    Dawn Thomas says:

    OMG you rock! Those are sweet (no pun intended) those little details only YOU think of are perfect! Can not wait to see what else you have in store for us! I love these sneak peeks to see what you have been creating!
    Dawn Thomas

  • 12
    Jana says:

    Ohhhhhhh Nichole!! You amaze me! I love this project and cannot wait to see what else you have in store for us.

  • 13
    yoorah says:

    How many days before we can purchase these? Oh the wait is killing me!

  • 14
    Shannon T says:

    Can’t wait to see the official release sneaks starting on the 10th! Love the friends stamps and the phrase kindred spirits.

  • 15
    Crafty Math Chick says:

    I LOVE these Nichole! RPB mini cups are my friend’s FAVORITE – she is going to LOVE getting these as gifts from me – now it is even harder to wait for your next release!

  • 16
    Jana Weaver says:

    WOW! I can see there will be at least one more PTI set I HAVE to add to my collection! At this rate, I’m going to need an entire CD rack JUST for my PTI sets in no time flat!!! 🙂 Thanks for continuing to create such amazing stamps for us all.

  • 17
    Sue B says:

    Sweet!!! I already know one person I’d like to give these to. Love your tutorials. They are always so helpful. Thank you!

  • 18
    Kirsten Smith says:

    I am so glad you could not wait. I am like that. If I buy gifts too early I either end up giving them before Christmas or telling the person, becuase I am so excited and childlike!

    I love the creations, I have bought so many tins and stamps but I am proud to say…
    My husband bought my Christmas present from here and I did not even peek in the box when it came!!!

  • 19
    Laurie We says:

    I can see I will be gifting myself this Christmas- you are so inspiring- I am having a love affair with your swirls!

  • 20
    Melissa Flieg says:

    Nichole you have done it again. These are great and Reeses Peanutbutter cups are my all time favorite candy. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  • 21
    Denise Rose says:

    Great! I can’t wait to see more.

    Question…what do you use to adhere the paper inside the tins? I tried doing this the other day with a round tin from the stationery set and made a huge mess with it! I used Modge Podge and ended up tearing it because it was too wet when I was trying to smooth out the bubbles. Any suggestions?

  • 22
    Christine Villacarlos says:

    that is simply divine, Nichole!!! oh oh i am just so glad you decided to give us a sneaky peeky just before the 10th!!!

  • 23
    Kelsey Forester says:

    LOVE IT! Thank you for the preview a few days early.

  • 24
    Mary Duffek says:

    I can’t wait!!!!!! till Dec. 15. Wow….lovey what I’ve seen of the stamp set.

  • 25
    Pesc says:

    Very lovely!!

  • 26
    Dianne says:

    Absolutely darling! I seriously cannot wait until the 15th. I was never a fan of acrylic stamps until I bought some of yours. You come up with the best ideas!!! Thanks for the peek!

  • 27

    Oh what a cute little cover for the Reese PB cups! So cute. Love the elegant flair these stamps have. I always love everything anyway-so no surprise there. Hope you find the hours you need in your day 😀

  • 28
    Liz N says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on those! I swear I almost pee’d my pants…okay, TMI, but I’m keeping in REAL! Love the new design! Don’t keep us waiting too long…

  • 29
    Winnie says:

    Great idea! I love Anne of Green Gables so much that I can speak the parts out loud at places…have dolls, books, and even a paperdoll house…Funny thing, I have no kids… Can’t wait to get this set with Kindred Spirits in it.

  • 30

    Awesome! Reese’s AND an early sneak peak! I’m in heaven…

  • 31
    Sara Paschal says:

    Yet another AMAZING idea for us, the fun never stops with you Nichole. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

  • 32
    Kerry J. says:

    I love that you were inspired by Anne of Green Gables – one of my all time fave books (a must read for Cdn girls!). I will have to buy the set just for that alone – and the fact that it looks beautiful!!

  • 33
    Jennifer Batchelor says:

    Absolutely adorable!!

  • 34
    Mendi M says:

    Don’t stop! Give us more! That was fantastic!

  • 35
    Carol says:

    what a darling little tin! You truly are a thinker – I’d never have thought of using peanutbutter cups, but this is too clever! Love it!!

  • 36
    Julie Brooks says:

    Oh my!!! I’m so excited about that “kindred spirits” stamp!!!! WOO HOO!!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on that thing!! I can’t imagine what else you have coming up.

  • 37
    Sonia says:

    I just love the “kindred spirits” reference to Anne of Green Gables! It’s one of my all-time favorite books. What a lovely idea, Nichole. I can’t wait to use that stamp to make special cards for my dearest friends.

  • 38
    Gail says:

    GOOD HEAVENS GIRL, YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN!!!!!!! Many thanks for the early peek, time to get more tins!!!!!

  • 39

    Love this!! The kindred spirits is sooo cool!! (I love Anne of Green Gables… took a trip to P.E.I. a couple of years ago, very cool.) I am going to need this one for sure!

  • 40
  • 41
    Sheryl says:

    I was SO excited to see this post and get a quick peek at some of the upcoming sets. Like many others, I have been buying up the sets and feeling guilty!! 🙂 You are extremely talented and creative. I look forward to your site everyday and have enjoyed working on some of the projects you have showed us. Keep up the good work and know that you are appreciated!!

  • 42
    Allison says:

    This is so freakin’ cute it’s killing me!

  • 43
    catlover6 says:

    REESE’S CUPS YYUUUUUMMMMMMMMM! I think we are kindred spirits (at least when it comes to reese’s). All my friends and family love these too, so I can see LOTS of uses for this set. Oh, and using the tin to boot…what a great way to showcase your creation!!! THANKS again Nichole. Keep up the good work, YOU help make US look good!!!

  • 44
    Starla (star) says:

    How clever!!! Thanks for the early sneak peek!!

  • 45
    Ami Carter says:

    OMG OMG I about wet my pants when I saw these. Definatelty on my TO GET LIST. You are amazing Nichole. I love you you’re my idol. LOL Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us. Keep those sneak peeks coming!!

  • 46

    Hmmmm…I’ve been a very good girl and your stamps sets will fit perfectly in a Christmas stocking! 🙂 Thanks for the sneak peek Nicole! You are absolutely brilliant! And if you want to whip up another sneak peek, I know that all of your fans will be thrilled!


  • 47
    Lan says:

    Beautiful, I would love to make and give this as a gift.

  • 48
    Elizabeth Smith says:

    WOW!! You cease to amaze me with all the stamp sets you come out with. This is such a cute set and can’t wait for it to be released. I love your tutorials and get compliments on things I make for family and friends with your products and ideas.
    Keep up the good work.
    Thanks for sharing an early sneak peak.

  • 49
    Jennifer says:

    Nichole I just LOVE your project and I just LOVE the fact your stamp set was inspried by the movie “Anne of Green Gables”. It happens to be one of my favorite movies and I have now got my 12 year old daughter hooked on it. Now that you have teased us with this sentiment and gorgeous project, I just can’t wait to see the whole set. Have a great weekend, Jennifer 🙂

  • 50
    Tessa (aka shastess on SCS) says:

    Reese’s PB cups????? Oh my goodness! Could it get any better? I am loving the looks of this stamp set! Can’t wait to see more!!!!

  • 51
    Carolyn King says:

    Seriously cute idea! I LOVE Reeses peanut butter cups (pretty much grew up having them for lunch in high school!)
    What a sweet gift and I love the sneak peek..cannot wait to see more!

  • 52
    Geny says:

    I know this is crazy but this totally made my day! I love when you post new creations! What a fabulous idea for the peanut butter cup (yummmmy) label! Have a great weekend!

  • 53
    Christi says:

    Ohmygosh!!! I cannot wait!!

  • 54
    alexandria says:

    I’ve been coveting your beautiful stamps for awhile now. I am so crazy about reeses that I cant wait to see the rest of this set. I am short of money right now ( both the husband and daughter have bdays in December & my niece too!)..but I hope sometime I might get some extra cash to finally buy one of your beautiful stamp sets. 🙂

  • 55
    Skye says:

    Before I read the post, I looked at the photos. When I saw “Kindred Spirits”, my heart skipped a beat. Anne of Green Gables is my all time favorite! I can’t wait for this set and to see the other saying in it!!! Would there be a “Bosom Friend” one by chance? 😉

  • 56
    Jewels says:

    I am already in love with the whole set!!LOL I dont need to see the rest to know I want it, because all your sets absolutely stunning!! Can’t wait to see more anyway!!

  • 57
    Rose Ann says:

    An early sneak peek…bring it on!! 😉 I LOVE Reese’s!! Awesome, Nichole!!

  • 58
    Bluett says:

    oh wow Nichole, its amazing, my heart can stop, your artwork and ideas make my adrenaline go up and want to create now! Those are so cute. My son will be so happy, he love reeses as well. Can I order this set now, please, please! Thanks for the early preview, it is Chrismas yet, I feel like chrismas morning!.


  • 59
    Karolyn says:

    Holy Cow! That is not just creative–IT IS FREAKIN’ GENIUS! Thanks for the early sneek peek and for sharing your BRILLIANCE!

  • 60
    Debbie Olson says:

    Oh, Wow! This is just fabulous, as always, Nichole!

  • 61
    Granna on the Go says:

    Oh, Nichole, you never cease to amaze!!!!!!!!!!! These are absolutely the sweetest and dearest! I love the friendship words and everything about this creation. I really like how you gave detail to the inside and then tied it all up with the band. Soooooooo very unique. Now you have me just waiting for the next post and release! Thank you again for taking the time to share this clever idea!!!!!!!!!

  • 62
    Anne says:



  • 63
    Michelle Wooderson says:

    Reeses????????? Now we’re talking baby!!!! Oh I can’t wait. Nichole, you are a genius honey!! I just love when I see a new post on your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 64
    Ruth says:

    Thanks for sharing with us Nichole! These look fabulous. I can’t wait for the countdown to start and the big reveal.
    Ruth A.

  • 65
    Amanda A. says:

    You’re killin’ me!!!! I LOVE these!!!

  • 66
    Janis L Ussery says:

    I love these. Cannot wait until Dec. 10th. I too am a big fan of Anne of Green Gables – have all CD’s.

  • 67

    oh my! i LOVE anne of green gables too, and the scene where she finds her kindred spirit in diana barry is one of my all-time favorites in literature!

    your style is so unique and wonderful…thanks for the early tease!

  • 68
    Nancy says:

    I love this sneak peek and can tell that this is another set I could easily purchase without even seeing any more!! Also, my daughter and I have loved Anne of Green Gables for quite some time now… so your ‘kindred spirits’ conjures up those sweet images for me, too… I am so glad I popped over to your blog tonight – even though, as I clicked, I realized it wasn’t the 10th yet! Thanks for the early preview.

  • 69
    Jennifer S says:

    just toooooooo precious! but the biggest question is how do I resist the lure of the Reese’s while I’m decorating them?!?! huh?! I’m afraid that the few that fit in the box will be all that’s left from an entire bag by the time I get done!! 😀

  • 70
    Joy Kennedy says:

    You are a Creative Genius!!!!! I can’t wait for the new sets! 🙂

  • 71
    Chris Muxlow says:

    This is such a cute idea. Please let us know when the sets will be released.

  • 72
    Jill says:

    Wow, Nicole – you have outdone yourself! We can count on a midnight site crash on the 15th! Everyone will want these!

  • 73
    Beth Silaika says:

    Peanut Butter CHOCOLATE and NICHOLE!


    That is to die for!

    You are a flippin Genius my BFF!

  • 74
    Valeria says:

    omg you just make the cutest things ,i love it

  • 75
    Susie says:

    WOW !! Thank you so much for the early preview! This is my favorite candy as well… can’t wait for the release!

  • 76

    How cool is that?! Can’t wait to see all of your new sets on the 15th, you rock!

  • 77
    Kris Tolman says:

    Thank you, THANK you, TAHNK YOU! I am so glad you showed us a sneak peek. I didn’t think I was going to make it to the 10th! I was just starting to think that I would not get anything this month because of Christmas and I have been spoiling myself too much lately and then you show us this!?! You are killin’ me. 🙂

  • 78
    Kris Tolman says:

    BTW I too LOVE Anne Of Green Gables and the term, “kindred spirits”. I use it frequently and sometimes I get the blank stare. Only a True Kindred spirit would understand…

  • 79
    NancyJones says:

    YOU HAD me at the reeses pb cups hahaha THIS IS SOOO CUTE

  • 80
    Kathleen says:

    LOVE THAT!!!It’s like you can read my mind! I LOVE to give, but don’t always have the money—I CAN, however, afford Reese’s cups! And this makes them personal! I LOVE IT!

  • 81
  • 82
    Elizabeth Glass says:

    Nope not tired of the nuggets……HOWEVER loving this wonderful idea with RBC’s…………Can’t wait until the 15th!!!!! Elizabeth

  • 83
    Tera says:

    Crazy cute as usual!!!!

  • 84
    Anonymous says:

    omg!!! that is just wayyyyyyyyyy too cute!! Love it!!

  • 85
    Laurel says:

    You had me at “Kindred Spirits”. I love Anne of Green Gables and even bought the CTMH set with that simply because of the name!

  • 86
    Bee says:

    Oh this is adorable, such a lovely attention for a loved one. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing all your creativity!♥

  • 87
    Stephanie says:

    You’ve really sparked my creativity. I’ll need to make some little gift items for my coworkers!

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