If you are familiar with my blog, then you know that I am almost as passionate about cooking as I am stamping.  I really enjoy being able to delight two senses at the same time, both in the visual presentation of the food and of course the taste.

121207_mini_fruit_pieToday’s project began with THIS super-easy recipe I found on the Pillsbury website.  I thought it was SO adorable, and I want to be able to make them for my children to give their teacher’s & friends at school for Valentine’s Day this year. I haven’t decided what type of fruit I will use yet, but I know they’ll be yummy!


I will be using disposable tin tartlet pans, rather than the custard cup used in the recipe, to save on expense.  I found these Nesting Heart Cookie Cutters that ought to be able to add the beautiful heart detail in the crust.  I think these cut-outs add the perfect finishing touch to the pie, similar to the way a brad can be a perfect compliment to a paper crafting project.  (See how similar these to hobbies are?!?!? *wink*)


I also found an incredible circular set that includes scalloped edged cutters.  They should be perfect for cutting out the dough for the upper crust.  (Once again, it’s all in the details!)

121207_small_gable_boxAfter I had established all these details about what I was going to use to make the pies, it occurred to me that I needed an equally impressive way to package them!  I did some measuring and found that the pies would fit perfectly in our small gable boxes (the boxes measure 4 x 3 inches).

121207_sweetie_pie_gable_boxI decided to use some of the images from our new punny valentine set.  What could be more appropriate than "Sweetie Pie"?  (This sentiment is courtesy of "karenannj" of SCS, another winner of our punny valentine contest!)The pie image is 2-step, with the pie separate from the plate.  I curved the "Sweetie Pie" sentiment slightly to follow the curve of the top of the pie (one of the many benefits of clear stamps!).  The tiny "xoxo" image underneath the pie is from the yet-to-be-released scrolled set used in my Reese’s project HERE.

121207_stamping_pie_plate_2I did something a little unique for the pie plate in the project.  I stamped the pie plate image with versamark onto a scrap of the patterned paper used for the background of the project. 

121207_embossed_pie_plateI then heat-embossed it with clear powder.  (It is a little hard to see in this photo).

121207_sweetie_pie_closeupI easily cut the plate out and adhered it under the pie on my label.  The glossiness of the embossing really adds a nice touch.  I think that these little projects will communicate so well how much we love the special people in our lives!  And in the end, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?!?!?

and today’s Papertrey Puzzler….

DAY 3: How many tutorials have I featured on this blog? (Not counting the ones presented during this countdown; just the ones linked on the left.)


INK- Creamy Caramel & Taken with Teal Classic Inks SU!, Versamark, Corduroy Distress Ink from Ranger

STAMPS- Papertrey Ink

PAPER- Memories Floral Stripe paper from Bon Jour Collection/ Tres Jolie by My Mind’s Eye

OTHER- Oval Nestabilities, Seam Binding Ribbon from Martha Stewart Crafts, silver brads from Paper Studio, small gable box from Papertrey Ink

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  • 1
    Alli Miles says:

    Oh this looks like such a sweet stamp set! Love your stories too Nichole and all the sharing you do.

  • 2
    Steph says:

    As always, what a cute idea! Thank you for sharing all of your *many* talents with us… whether it’s stamping or cooking! 🙂 I can’t wait for the 15th to see this Valentine’s set… I have a feeling it’s going to be my favorite! (P.S. I’m loving that font you used for “sweetie pie”!)

  • 3
    diane mcvey says:

    Wow, what a beautiful mini pie! And I LOVE how you decorated the box…can’t wait to see that stamp set!!! You are amazing, you just have creativity flowing out of your pores!!!
    Hope you have a great week!:)

  • 4
    Ketha says:

    Mercy…this is right up my alley. I just finished mini punkin’ loaves for my bible study ladies… and now this for valentines.. Nicole, you’re great. I absolutely love your ideas !!!

  • 5
    Elizebeth says:

    Oh gosh darn it Nichole! Why do you have to go and make such AWESOME stuff? I thought the squirel did me in but then you had to make a cute little pie too?


    I love it all

  • 6

    you are one naughty little minx tempting us like this right near Christmas time! All the previews I have seen are super dupper and I want them all! How could you do this to me!!! So many stamps, so little time!

  • 7
    Victoria says:

    L-O-V-E I-T!!!!!! This is fabulous. I love when I can combine my two favorite pastimes. You have out done yourself! I want MORE!!!!

  • 8
    Sue B says:

    Great set. Wonderful tutorial. Thoughtful gift. You are amazing. (How many times have I said that?)

  • 9
    Christine Villacarlos says:

    oh so pretty!!!

  • 10
    Melanie Muenchinger says:

    I HEART pie!!!!!!

  • 11
    Kathie Tice says:

    Just beautiful, Nichole. You never cease to amaze me! My wallet is begging for mercy and the release isn’t even here yet!

  • 12
    Bluett says:

    love it, so cute

  • 13
    Molly B says:

    Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is PIT gift certificates. Nichole’s stuff is so cute. Thank you, Molly B

    I hope he gets my letter. I love that little pie!

  • 14
    Karen (karenannj) says:

    I’m so excited you used the sweetie pie idea. I thought it would be too cute for valentine’s day. Love the pie gift you made with it and the packaging of course really finishes it off. Love all your ideas Nichole!

  • 15
    Michelle Wooderson says:

    Ohhhhhh Nichole, you have warmed my heart today! I love to combine baked goods with stamped packaging. Come to Kansas and we can bake and stamp!!!!!!!

  • 16
    Elizabeth says:

    Ok, seriously, *everything* you do is so beautiful! And your attention to detail is absolutely wonderful! This is yet another wonderful project. Thank you *so* much for sharing with the creatively challenged like myself 😉 !

  • 17
    Carolyn King says:

    This is the cutest project! (Maybe I can have someone cook for me so I can make it!!!)

    AWESOME..this set looks “sweet!”

  • 18

    Can I tell you I am DYING to see the punny set. It seems cutesy and I LOVE that!! Love the pie image-its so darling.

  • 19

    ADORABLE pie image and sentiment – LOVE that one! FYI: at the Dollar Tree there are disposable foil tartlet containers in either heart and star shapes (package of 24 for $1).

  • 20
    michelle endris says:

    You’re right! It is an adorable gift. One I want to use for my kids teacher’s gifts if you don’t mind? I love all of the creative ideas you come up with. I feel inspired. I just loved your nuts box and it inspired me to create a bigger template for a larger gift I’m making. You’re so great! Can’t wait for what’s to come.

  • 21
    Lesa Rapp says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! This is too stinking cute! I love your ideas! They absolutely rock and so do you. Thanks you for sharing your incrdible talent with us!
    Dang is Christmas over so I can go back to my bad spending habits? The kids really won’t notice if they get nothing right? Maybe we could just make them pies!

  • 22
    Geny says:

    Love this project and especially the little pie you shared. I might have to make some of these as well!! Can’t wait for the reveal…2 more days!

  • 23
    liannallama says:

    ohmigosh! you are AMAZING! This is an outstanding project! I want to have everything you make, LOL, and now I’m hungry for pie too! I am sure ready to start buying some of your stamps–I’m so glad I found your blog!

  • 24
    Diane Lapointe says:

    OMG!!! You are sooo talented!! Those are amazing!!

  • 25
    Krystie says:

    They are similiar hobbies! Except that my crafts make people happy and my cooking makes them ill. Hmmm. 😉

    These are super cute and look easy enough even for me, thanks for sharing!

  • 26
    Bee says:

    Those cookie cutters sure look like nestabilities to me!! 🙂
    And those new stamps sure are adorable! 😛

  • 27
    DeniseLynn says:

    Oh my! since Valentines day is my favorite holiday I am thinking I need this stuff (yes all of it). Oh and you might be happy to know that my darling husband is aware of papertreyink.com – yeehaaa Me thinks I might get a certificate for Christmas!!!

  • 28
    Samantha says:

    This is beautiful! Makes a very wonderful personal gift!

  • 29
    Cynthia Hodges says:

    Nicole, this is awesome! I love to give handmade goods and handmade items. What a wonderful idea!!! Can’t wait to see the complete stamp sets.

  • 30
    Bee says:

    This blog is new to me, so trying to count your tutorials I decided to check them all out in the process!!
    It took me more than an hour but -waow!- I am speechless!! Everything is so beautiful, elegant but never overdone. Your ideas are wonderful and you can really see that your designs come from the heart!

    Thank You so much for sharing!! For beginners like me this is a treasure chest of ideas and techniques!!! 🙂 ♥

  • 31
    Victoria Copper says:

    You have 42 techniques.

  • 32
    Victoria Copper says:

    opps. I’m a day behind. Didn’t realize that we don’t post answers.

  • 33
    Debbie Olson says:

    Another gorgeous project! Nichole, I don’t think that your creative well will *ever* run dry!

  • 34
    Wendy says:

    Hi Nicole – for the answer to your tutorial question – do we include the ones UP to the party and NOT just the others that are ‘bookmarked’?

  • 35
    Wendy says:

    Darn it – I keep forgetting the ‘h’ in your name – I like spelling it like my daughter’s middle name!! LOL sorrY!

  • 36

    I”M a TEACHER…can I come be your kid’s teacher? Thanks for carrying that much about the teachers. I think they are underappreciated anyway but this is such a nice gesture. I know they will love it.
    Love the tutorials keep them up……can’t wait until the set comes out because I also love cooking and baking.

  • 37
    b says:

    Valentines already? You amaze me; your brain is working overtime all the time! The tartlets are a wonderful idea, and the box is perfect. Thanks for the link. I’m just getting into baking, once again, and am learning that there is so much out there to enhance our products. In speaking with a baker at the grocery store, she opened my eyes to so many products. I was busy looking for premade fondant for one of my tutorials and learned there is such a thing as powder colours to prevent the colour from running. Good luck with your baking. How fun.

  • 38
    peggysue says:

    That pie and holder are too cute! Thanks for posting such a yummy idea!

  • 39

    This post is a winner! Love the tips and everything you suggest.. Thanks

  • 40
    AlexJones says:

    The boxes are gorgeous, I like the style for the gable boxes. Everything sounds pretty! Thanks for the wonderful post!!]

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