I am very excited to share today’s project with you.  I am an avid "giver", if there is such a thing.  I just love putting special gifts together for people.  I love the opportunity to make someone smile and brighten their day.  I love to make the presentation as special as the gift.  I think that it makes everything so much more personal.

And after all, what is more personal then monogramming???  I decided to compile a wonderful baby gift ensemble that you can turn to again and again.  My friend Cindy chatted with me the other day about this fabulous scrapbook concept she had done for a baby shower gift.  And I just loved it instantly.  In fact, I wish someone had made one for me with each of my babies!

111307_album_coverFirst, to make the actual album.  I stamped the monogram & border.  I found that the circle borders that are compiled in the new set all fit in the circle metal tag rims.  (For a tutorial on how to use these rims along with a few project ideas, see the post I did HERE)  I just LOVE the way that they add a professional and finished look to my projects.  I then simply tied my chosen ribbon around the album cover, and attached the tag with a small jump ring.

111307_opening_album_pageNow for the album pages.  Here is the introduction page that will also communicate to you the concept of this gift.  It reads…

"Here is a special scrapbook to preserve memories of your little one’s first year.  Leave the current month’s calendar on the clipboard in a convenient place so it is easy to jot down important milestones & events.  Once the month has passed, you can slide the calendar page into the scrapbook.  Then on the opposing page you can create a collage of photos involving the moments mentioned during the month.  When the year is complete, you will have documented all those special firsts!  May you enjoy all the blessings a baby brings!"

111307_clendar_page_clipboardThis is an example of one of the calendar pages along with the altered clipboard I created.  I used the monogram letters to spell out the month.  And a few images from Spiral Bouquet were layered down in the corner.

111307_calendar_blank_pageHere is the calendar page along with the "blank" page that opposes it.  Notice that the calendar page has no numbers.  This is so the new parents can use them no matter when the baby ends up arriving.  The "blank" pages to be used for photos, feature the numbers 1-12, one for each month of age.  The numbers were created with stamps that are included with one of the monogram alphabet sets!  Fun, isn’t it!

111307_plain_onesieI decided that little monogrammed onesies would be too cute to pass up as well!  First, I inserted a piece of cardstock inside the shirt.  This prevents the ink from seeping through to the back AND it provides a sturdier stamping surface.

111307_stamped_onesie_suppliesI used Belle Rose Palette Ink, which is permanent, so that the shirts can be washed over and over again, with no fading (This is a proven fact, because I sat on an open Reflection Blue Palette ink pad with my favorite pj pants on one morning, and I have tried EVERYTHING to get it out with no success!  We’ll just use the permanent characteristic of this ink to our ADVANTAGE from now on, shall we!?!?!?)

111307_baby_onesieHere is the finished shirt.  The little "Baby Girl" stamps are from the new Borders & Corners set. Isn’t it adorable!!!  (Many of you have asked if the words in this set will be sold separately for those of you that already have the original Borders & Corners.  We have taken steps to make them available, but they will not be completed until our release next month.)

111307_monogrammed_baby_basketLast but not least, it’s all about the packaging, right!  I put the album, clipboard, onesies and a card (you can see THIS POST from last month for more details on the card)  into a cute little basket from Wal-Mart.  You could also add scrapbook adhesive, a good-quality archival ink pen for writing on the calendar or even gift certificates for photo developing or printing.  Any new mother would surely be thrilled with such a gift!

So, you’re thinking that you just might want to make some of these yourself?  I’ve got a little surprise for you!  For your stamping pleasure, I have created both the calendar page and the introduction I used in a pdf document.  And I am providing it FREE for you to download and use in your own version of this project!  Enjoy!!!

EDITED TO ADD: There was a small spelling error in the content of the download (what can I say, spelling isn’t my strong suit?!?!?)  A corrected version has been posted below:

Download papertrey_first_year_baby_album_download.pdf

I will have some BIG news later on tonight about a special contest we will be holding at our release party tomorrow night!  I will have all the details later, so be sure to check back!!!


Ink- Belle Rose Palette ink, old olive classic ink SU!

Stamps- Papertrey Ink

Paper- Rose Red cardstock SU!, green from Bazzill, white Stamper’s Select from Papertrey

Other- Ribbon from American Crafts, 6×6 linen album from SU!, mini chipboard clipboard from Pinecone Press, Mainstays basket from Wal-Mart, silver brads from Creative Impressions, scalloped scissors from SU!

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  • 1
    Janet says:

    Nichole…..you are have the most amazing, creative mind. If you lived closer, I would load up the minivan and come over and give you a big, fat hug! These ideas are AMAZING and I will be using every single one of them to give to new mommy friends! Thanks so much for all the work you do to put these reveals together, because, frankly, they make my year!

  • 2
    Nicole S. says:

    You are so clever! I love the scrapbook!! Can’t wait for the release!! 🙂

  • 3
    Kathyc on SCS says:

    What a wonderful shower/baby gift this makes! I love it!

  • 4

    Sigh…I’m a happy girl now that I’ve got my Papertrey fix in for the day. I would have loved this gift for each of my two boys.


  • 5
    Melanie Muenchinger says:

    Heavenly, just heavenly!!

    Do both monogram sets contain numbers I hope???

  • 6
    Sue B says:

    Great idea and I have a grand-nephew arriving soon. Thank you Nichole for the caring manner in which you do EVERYTHING!

  • 7
    Anne Lawrie says:

    Thanks so much for making the words available for those of us who already own the Borders and Corners sets! You do such an incredible job of working to make us crazy, demanding stampers happy. Thanks so much!


    P.S. Of course everything is lovely!

  • 8
    Melanie Muenchinger says:

    PS hope you have a lot of Belle Rose pads in stock!!! (looks like I’m oging to have to break down and get a few of these in assorted colors) I’m wondering, did you use this same color for inking the calendar page? It looks VERY different on my computer from the Palette sample…was anyone ever able to find a resource that lists which Palette colors match SU’s? I have tried doing some searches, and feel like I saw one somewhere awhile back, but can’t find it now…thank you!

  • 9
    Dottie K says:

    Wow Nichole! This is just the most adorable album and gift set. Presentation is as important as the gift. I need a baby gift for January and I usually make a scrapbook. The grandmother scrapbooks and makes an album for the first year photos. I know this is different from hers so I’m going to make this one. I love the concept – thanks for sharing. Special thanks for making it easy for us to copy and print the calendar and poem. So sweet of you. 🙂

  • 10
    Melanie Muenchinger says:

    PPS!! What size is the album page and clipboard, please (6×6, 8×8)? When printing the pdf do I leave the original size or do I need to enlarge or reduce for the monogram letters to fit? THANKS!!

  • 11
    Cindi Fatzinger says:

    What a wonderful idea for a gift! And thank you so much for providing the pdf file. Can’t wait to hear about the contest!

  • 12
    Tracey Cuccia says:

    Nichole – this totally rocks! What a great gift set idea, and um, hello?? the calendar AND the intro page??? AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing with us 🙂

  • 13
    Tracey Andrews says:

    I love this! …now I just have to wait for someone to get pregnant!

  • 14

    oh oh oh!!!! that is just the cutest gift idea!!! thanks so much for sharing it, Nichole!

    Q: do you mean to say that with the exception of the ‘words’, the new borders and corners set contains borders which have already been included in the previous borders/corners sets?

    Thanks! 🙂

  • 15
    Debbie Olson says:

    Nichole, have I told you in the last few days that you are the BEST? Thanks for sharing your abundant creativity with us!

  • 16
    Leah says:

    I love your work…I just recently found your blog and paper trey and am now officially addicted and can’t wait for the new release so I can make my first order! I just wanted to say too that I SO appreciate that the website paper trey is clear on what shipping costs are, that is one thing that makes me order from one company and not another.

    Thank you so much for sharing the calander page and poem with us! I am expecting baby #2 and will probably make this for myself! Thank you again and all your work is just beautiful and inspiring.

  • 17
    Becky says:

    OMG!!!! WHA??? You blow me away. That’s all I have to say. Should I just give you my bank account number? Honestly!

  • 18

    Absolutely adorable gift package, Nichole — I’m a sucker for album ideas and this one is the best!

  • 19
    Ketha says:

    Ooooh… Can we rewind the clock about 30 years? I would have loved to received something like this… My “baby” is 29.

    I can hardly wait for the next couple of days…

  • 20
    Julie Brooks says:

    Oh my!!! Nichole this is AMAZING!!! You are soooo creative!!!

  • 21
    Cath Chapman says:

    Thanks for the download Nicole, you are very generous, just need to find an expectant Mom now !

  • 22
    Marci says:

    Your talent continues to AMAZE me!! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us! You put SO much thought into your stamp sets, products, and your FABULOUS samples. I, for one, greatly appreciate that!! Can’t wait for the release.

  • 23
    Jennifer says:

    Just gorgeous! I love this idea and the download is so generous!
    One dumb question,
    with monograms, do you use the person’s first name traditionally, or their last?

    I know Nichole doesn’t have time to answer EVERY question, so if someone else reading this wouldn’t mind sending me a quick answer, I’d REALLY appreciate it! :0)

    Jennifer Good

  • 24
    Jennifer says:

    Just gorgeous! I love this idea and the download is so generous!
    One dumb question,
    with monograms, do you use the person’s first name traditionally, or their last?

    I know Nichole doesn’t have time to answer EVERY question, so if someone else reading this wouldn’t mind sending me a quick answer, I’d REALLY appreciate it! :0)

    Jennifer Good

  • 25
    Paula Laird says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. I am SO making myself an album like that for the baby!!!! I cannot thank you enough for making a pdf of the calendar pages!!!!! How exciting! Can’t wait for the new release!

  • 26

    Oh, how beautiful! My go-to gift for a baby is a crocheted baby blanket, but I can certainly adapt this to include that blanket! I’m loving the monogrammed tag!

    And Jennifer, you can use either initial you want!

  • 27

    The perfect gift for my cousin who just had a baby girl…Leah Marie! Thanks Nichole, you’re the best!

  • 28
    Melanie Muenchinger says:

    Duh! I see NOW you listed in the supplies it’s a 6×6 album, please ignore my previous post!

  • 29

    SHUT UP! THis is so cute. And a contest?? Count me in, girl!

  • 30
    Jozzie says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL idea! I just had a friend who had a baby after many years of trying and disappointments. This would certainly cheer her up! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Now to find time to do it…..


  • 31
    Jozzie says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL idea! I just had a friend who had a baby after many years of trying and disappointments. This would certainly cheer her up! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Now to find time to do it…..


  • 32

    these are adorable! I have made similar albums for new moms in the past but i love the idea of adding the clipboard, poem, and coordinating onesies to make a complete gift set!

  • 33
    Alison says:

    I love this project and your pictures could be on magazines!

  • 34
    Lauren says:

    Thanks for sharing the pdf Nichole! It is going to get some use this weekend.

  • 35
    Heather J says:

    I was beginning to think that you monogrammed the onesie with an “H” because you were trying to tell us something! Wink, wink! Heather

  • 36

    Nichole!!! This gift set is DARLING! Seriously! I’ve GOT to make some of those onesies!! And how nice of you to share the pdf file with us for the scrapbook!

    Can’t wait to hear about this contest!


  • 37
    Courtney says:

    That’s just awesome. Thank you sooooo much for sharing!

  • 38
    Karen U says:

    Nichole – you rock! I love love love this gift set and can’t wait to make some. I’m also loving the new sets and midnight tomorrow can’t come fast enough for me!
    Karen U

  • 39

    Oh my gosh! This just screams cute! How do you come up with this stuff? Absolutely love it! Can’t wait to see more!

  • 40
    Linda Beeson says:

    Wow, is that set adorable! Can’t even imagine getting that for a gift! LOVING that you used such out of the box colors for a baby present.

  • 41
    Robb_eeie says:

    Geee how I wish there were some babies in our family right now, 🙁 Hopefully, in a few years, my neices and nephews will make me a Great Aunt.

    The onesie monogram outfit is beyond SWEET and thank you for sharing your little accident of sitting on a Palette Ink pad {snicker}; sounds like something I’m known for! I never knew that Palette Ink worked well for stamping on clothing ~~~ NOW however, I shall always remember that fact fondly, thanks to your PJ bottoms Nichole :0)

  • 42
    Jen says:

    Nicole you are so amazing! You continue to floor me with every idea! I love this, and so wish I had something like this for my daughter’s first year. I’m still trying to make her scrapbook, and trying to remember what she did 6 months ago is impossible! Thanks for sharing!

  • 43
    Erika H. says:

    Nichole…this is so sweet and wonderful! Love that you provided a pdf of the calendar pages…THANKS!

  • 44
    Niki says:

    What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing the template with us, too!

  • 45
    Allison says:

    HOLY COW!!!!!!!! You have to stop doing this. If I buy ONE MORE stamp set I’ll have to put an addition on my house. I absolutely LOVE this baby idea. Now I need to find a pregnant lady to make these for…

  • 46
    LeAnn says:

    This is by far one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time!! I really appreciate all you do in an effort to make your releases grand. Thank you!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

  • 47
    QueenPam says:

    Was just drying Onsies for new grandbaby. so I had to try this as I had some Palette Ink on hand. She (her mom) is going to love these since my grandchild’s name is Zairya. Thanks for the idea!

  • 48
    Jen says:

    This is such a cute baby gift I love the whole basket. And thanks for the tip on the Palette ink 😉

  • 49
    Diane Cooper says:

    What a fabulous idea! Thanks so much for sharing it! I will definitelybe doing this for some pregnant friends of mine! You will be getting FULL credit !

  • 50
    isabel says:

    Oh, to have an ounce of your creativity:) I always LOVE everything you share with us and count the days until the next release. My moms’ club is having a holiday bazaar featuring member crafters who have wares to sell with a portion of my sales going to a local women’s shelter. I would love to use your baby calendar idea, however, it is your creativity so I’m not sure how I would go about doing this without your permission. I will not make any for the bazaar until I hear from you as to what is the right way to proceed when using others’ ideas as I want to make sure the creator gets credit. Thank you.

  • 51
    elana says:

    I love this idea (especially as I have a bunch of pregnant friends right now)! Regarding the Pinecone Press clipboard – where can I find them online?

  • 52
    isabel says:

    I have been an exclusive SU addict for 9 years but when I saw your stamps I fell in love. I look forward to each release and already own three of your sets and many more are on my wish list. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your creativity with us. One of the many things I love about Papertrey is that you show us the many different way to use one stamp set–the possibilities are endless. To visually challenged folks like myself, the photos are priceless. I love this latest project and was wondering the etiquette of using this idea to make similar gifts like this to sell at my moms’ club Holiday Bazaar. We are donating a portion of our sales to a local women’s shelter and know this would go like hot cakes. I respect your artistic creativity and your ownership of this idea and don’t know how to go about copying it without your permission. I won’t do so until I get an answer. Thank you so much.

  • 53

    Very creative!! It is amazing how some persons can think of unique ideas such as this.

  • 54
    Melissa Europa says:

    I love your stuff. Do you have any idea for a mafia wedding invite?

  • 55

    Blogs are good for every one where we get lots of information for any topics nice job keep it up !!!

  • 56

    Thanks for sharing the steps… I’ll try this one at home.

  • 57
    Karen Buck says:

    Will the current inks withstand washing? My first grandbaby is on her way!!

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