Today is the day!  Tonight at 12am EST, all of the stamp sets that I have been dangling in front of you will be available for purchase!  And don’t forget our release party at 10pm EST on our SCS forum.  It is going to be a WILD night with an amazing contest too!  Be sure to stop by and say hi!

So, are you ready for the final sneak peek?  It is the grand finale, for sure!  So pull up your comfy chair and your favorite beverage (whether it be hot or cold) and settle in for a good read!

111407_plain_cigar_boxI have saved the best for last!  Let me introduce you to Plain Jane.  Plain Jane Cigar Box that is, from Cosmo Cricket, retailing for $6!  You will love the possibilities that this box holds inside & out.  Constructed of sturdy 1/8-inch chipboard, this box can be easily covered with your favorite designer papers or cardstock.  If altering isn’t your thing, painting the box or stamping directly on it’s surface is also an option.  The unique die-cut window in the lid really allows this box to stand-out in a crowd.  It is also perfect for containing our exclusive Stationery Kit.

Stationery_kitThe Papertrey Stationery Kit contains everything you need to create a fabulous set of personalized stationery!  Retails for $8:

(30) 5.5 x 8.5 quality stationery sheets

(15) elegant square flap envelopes

(2) 5.5 x 8.5 white adhesive paper sheets
(1) 2.5 oz. round clear top tin
111407_creating_stationery_templateThe stationery sheets are made from high-quality paper, similar to that found is fine stationery boutiques.  It is easy to customize them by adding small images or monogramming to the top of each sheet.  This paper takes ink beautifully!  I decided to do monograms on my set.  To make it easy to stamp the sheets with perfection each time, I created myself a template.  I cut a piece of cardstock 5.5 x 1 inch.  I drew gridlines through both centers and then punched a 1-3/8 inch circle from the exact center.
111407_stamping_through_templateI was then able to lay the template over the top of my stationery sheet and stamp through the opening. 
111407_stamped_sheetIt was very easy to place the template on each sheet as I went through stamping them all.  I decided to carry over my patterned paper into the sheets by adding a 3/4-inch strip at the bottom.  If you stuck to those dimensions you could add this detail to every one of the 30 stationery sheets with one 12×12 patterned sheet of patterned paper.
111407_envelope_flap_suppliesThe envelopes feature an elegant square flap that shows you have chosen nothing but the best.  (It is industry standard to include twice as many stationery sheets as envelopes, to allow for two-page letters and errors by the writer.)  I decide to customize the envelopes too.  I cut pieces of the paper about the size of the flap.
111407_trimming_flapI then adhered the patterned paper strips on and trimmed the edges from the back.  It allowed me to see a little better as to what I was doing.
111407_finished_flapHere is a finished envelope!  Super easy with stunning results! 
111407_lined_tinWhile I was playing around I came up  with the cutest idea EVER.  I lined the tin that is included with this kit, using the same patterned paper that I used throughout.  All I did was cut a strip of paper to adhere to the inside side and I cut a 2.75-inch circle to adhere to the inside bottom.  Think of how many ways you can use that concept.  I can hardly wait to use it in further applications!
111407_completed_envie_sheet_2 The adhesive paper sheets are perfect for creating your own envelope seals.  Stamp your chosen monogram or image onto the label paper.  Then punch them out with a coordinating scalloped punch.  The small tin, described above, will contain the seals you create with style!  The recipient will be able to just peel the backing from each label and adhere them in place on their envelopes!
111407_adhering_paper_to_topNow that you have all this beautiful stuff, you need a place to gather all of it together.  Here’s where Plain Jane comes back into play!  First cut a piece of patterned paper 6-1/8 x 7 inches.  Temporarily adhere in place so that there is some extra overhang over the back. 
111407_tracing_windowFlip the box over so that the patterned paper is face down on your table top.  Trace the opening of the lid with pencil.
111407_cutting_windowNext, you want remove the paper from the lid and cut along the pencil lines with a craft knife.
111407_sanding_windowFinally, adhere the paper back in place on lid, applying extra adhesive on the very back so that you are able to fold the overhang over and down the back of the box.  Use sanding tools in a downward motion around the inside edge of the window to form fit the paper to the box.
111407_adhering_sidesFor the sides, cut four 6 x 1-5/8 inch strips of cardstock or paper.  Adhere them in the center of each side.  They will not go all the way to the corner, we will be covering those in the next step.  You will need to sand the cardstock on the front slightly since it is a tad lower then the remaining sides, due to the gap allowed for the closing of the lid.
111407_taped_cornersCut pieces of binding tape to cover all four corners and reinforce the hinge at the back of the lid.  (Mine is from Heidi Swapp).
111407_finished_stationery_boxAs the finishing touch, I adhered clear transparency to the back of the opening in the lid and attached a scalloped monogram which appears to "float" in the window.
111407_filled_boxHere is a little peek of one of the many ways you could arrange the inside of your box with all the contents.  I just love this project because there are SO many different looks and styles you could achieve with such a customizable basis, such as the cigar box & Stationery Kit.  I am really excited to see what you come up with to!
I look forward to seeing many of you tonight at the release party!  Thanks for stopping by!
Supply list to come later today…

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