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It has been ages since I’ve posted on here, huh?  I’ve been recharging myself, preparing for Papertrey’s next BIG release.  What’s that?  I haven’t told you how BIG the release is on September 15th?  FOUR holiday stamp sets will be revealed!  And the Avery Label stamp that you love so much from Spooky Sweets…there will be a couple holiday versions tucked in one of the new sets! (*wink*) It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!!!  The countdown that you will all be looking for begins on September 10th.  That’s just around the corner, I better get a move on!


So, many of you may be wondering what I’ve been up to.  Well, this past weekend I attended CKU-Nashville as a student, and it was SO much fun!  I got to rub elbows with my favorite scrapbooking celebrity, Ali Edwards.  I got the opportunity to take her "Week in the Life" album class, and it was INCREDIBLE!  I highly recommend it to anybody!  I also took some classes from Tim Holtz and learned SO much.  even a few things that you may see in some projects on here in the near future.  I saw a few familiar faces (Hi Denise, Hi Beverly!!!)  Overall, it was just a fabulous experience!

My sister, Jen, also came for a visit all the way from Oregon.  It was so nice to just hang out with her, get caught up and reminisce at the same time.  The kids were THRILLED to spend time with her as well!


So now I am getting back down to business!  First item on the agenda, the Nestabilities!  I have received many emails regarding these dies and when they might be shipping.  We really don’t have a firm date from the manufacturer as of late, but we are looking at a time frame of some time within the next two weeks.  As soon as we have received a shipping notice from them saying they are on their way, I will let you know!

Shipping Update:

Orders placed on the 15th of August are just about all out.  The only thing we are currently waiting to arrive are tea tins and paint cans.  They are due to arrive shortly and we will ship your order out as soon as they arrive.  If you haven’t received your package yet and are wondering what the status is, please don’t hesitate to contact Papertrey’s Customer Service.  They would be more than happy to let you know where your order is in the shipping process.

I’ve got a few other things to share, but that will have to be later today!  I’ve got to get the kids off to school!  Happy Friday!

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    Libby says:

    How fun! I had the pleasure of taking a class from Ali Edwards at a local scrapbook store last year – aren’t her classes the best? And she is just so much fun!! Now here’s hoping that YOU come and teach a class at a local store… *smile*

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    Aussie Kylie says:

    Aaahhh, we all need recharging every now and again and family is important especially when they live a distance away. Mine are in Australia so I don’t get to see them very often but we speak every week.
    The next BIG release sounds interesting and I will be glued to the PC on the 15th!
    I have received my Beautiful Blooms set and am so pleased I ordered them – they are ‘beautiful’ indeed. I am off to Scotland tomorrow for a hen weekend and they will be great to use for a gift for Sarah (the hen) to remember the weekend.
    Thanks Nichole for your wonderful ideas and inspirations.

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    Cheryl says:

    Great to see you back. I was getting worried. Happy to hear you were having fun.

    I’ve been busy making Halloween cards using your stamp set. I’d love to show you a few. How can I submit them?

    Can’t wait to see the new releases. Sounds like I better save some money until the 15th!

  • 4

    Glad to see a new post from you 🙂 I was wondering where you were! Thanks for the update on the nestabilities.

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve for this month!!! Looking forward to seeing those projects you mentioned! 🙂

    Thanks, Nichole! Great to have you back!

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    PS – am so envious of that photo with Ali! 🙂

  • 6
    Gina K says:

    Oh Nichole! How I envy you! I love Ali!! Wish I could have gone!
    Glad you had fun!
    Gina K.

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    Juanita says:

    I’m happy to hear that you were recharging. That is a true necessity!! I’m also happy that you had FUN…it’s so important!!!!

    Well, you’ve got me excited about the 9/15 release already and it’s still officially August, where, oh, where is the time going??

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend. TFS.

    Oh, Who is with you in the photo? I assume it’s Ali Edwards; however, she could be your sister.

  • 8
    Adelina says:

    Lucky girl! I’m a HUGE Ali Edwards fan and I’m right next door to her in WA. She is incredibly talented and even returns emails. Love her!!

  • 9
    Tracey says:

    It’s good to hear from you! I’m having a BLAST using my Spooky Sweets set…making my little tins right now! SOOOOO FUN!

    And your teaser…4 HOLIDAY SETS! OH MY!!! You better believe I’m going to be wishing the days away until the 15th!!! I’m already super excited!!! Can’t wait for the countdown!

  • 10
    Valeria says:

    it sure sounds like you had fun taking these classes !!

    im so looking forward to the next BIG release ,i got my other package yesterday and man did i love that stamps set + all the other jummy things in there

    only one thing , i wish the countdown would beging sooner 🙂

  • 11
    Sandy Kay says:

    Yes, I agree, the countdown should be started sooner – after all, you have 4 sets to showcase!
    I can hardly wait – your site will be jammed from the 10-15th!
    Sandy Kay

  • 12
    genevieve says:

    OMG! 4 new stamp sets? Are you kidding me? My kids may have to forego a few meals next month!

  • 13

    Yes, yes!!! I agree! Defiitely start the countdown sooner 🙂 Can’t stand all the excitement, HAHA!!

    Hey, I just got your september newsletter – I am missing your recipe feature 😀

  • 14
    Elizabeth says:

    Hi Nichole,

    I also went to CKU in Nashville with 2 of my friends and had a wonderful time! We did the album with Margie from Making Memories, and we loved it! I actually thought that I saw you walk by in the ballroom the night that the silent auction ended, and I almost said hello and wanted to tell you how much I love everything I’ve bought from you so far, but I didn’t see your name tag to make sure that it was you, so I didn’t! I also took Stacy’s class from Paper Crafts, so I was thinking that you may have been there for that. Funny how I never thought you were there as a student!

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