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By July 16, 2007General

Our newest release, Borders & Corners, has entered the stamping world with a bang!  Four of the five new sets we released sold out in the first day because of your overwhelming response!  Not to fear though!  We will have more in stock by the end of July.  Backorders will be shipped first, so if you want to be added to the list, backordering is the way to go.

With a new release comes a NEW Guest Star Stamper!  I am proud to announce this month’s winner is Sharon Harnist!  She really used the reverse images from Text Boxed in a new & fresh way that really caught my eye.  You can see her beautiful entry here.

And of course, there are always so mnay entries, I have to share a few of my other favorites as well!

July_gs_erika_hall_2Erika Hall made this breathtaking holiday card!  I love how simple it is, love the colors, love the horizontal orientation.  Love everything!!!

July_gs_julia_stainton Julia Stainton had several entries that were just stunning.  This was my favorite of her projects using Text Boxed.  The soft look of the vellum paired with the textural experience of the dry embossing is such an appealing combination.  Her colors compliment everything as well.  Can you say CASE?!?!?

July_gs_karen_hamon_2 I loved this entry from Karen Haman.  The colors are so fresh for a winter card.  I loved how she put a different spin on the images, making them into snowflakes.  The overall design had a beautiful execution.

July_gs_lauren_meader_3This project by Lauren Meader was hands down my favorite featuring the spiral flower.  I adore how she colored all of the spaces within the flower using a variety of colors.  The piercing was such a great finishing detail as well.

July_gs_julie_campbell Julie Campbell made this fun project by using the reverse image as a beach towel with fun flock.  I thought the sandpaper was a clever touch as well!

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  • 1

    Im so ecited to get an honorable mention!!!
    Congratulations to Sharon! A well deserved win.
    I have no idea how you are even able to decide amongst all the amazing samples I’m sure you get in 😀

  • 2
    Rose Ann says:

    All of these are amazing!! Congratulations to Sharon, and all of those who won honorable mention!

  • 3
    Monica Gale says:

    Hi Nicole sorry to have to post here,I ve had wee problem with my last order,and after several emails sent to the customer service I ve had no reply.Would you be able to help please?

  • 4

    Congrats to all the honorable mentions — fantastic projects!!

  • 5
    lexi says:

    congrats to sharon and all the honorable mentions–awesome work!

  • 6
    erika says:

    Thank you so much for the honorable mention!!! I love Paper Trey products!!! Congrats to Sharon!

  • 7

    Congrats Sharon on being the new guest star stamper!

    Thanks so much Nicole for choosing one of my designs for honorable mention! That was my favorite too and I’m so excited to have it shown on your fabulous blog!

  • 8
    Karen says:

    Congrats to everyone – super cards

  • 9

    Congrats to all those with the distinct honor of being honorably mentioned!

    All of the cards are beautiful…thanks so much for the inspiration :O)

  • 10
    Deidra says:

    Hi Nicole I love to see your work. I am going to purchase some stamps soon. Check out my blog at http://deidrabrown.blogspot.com

  • 11
    K Ostvig says:

    beautiful cards congrats Sharon.

  • 12
    Dee Trokey says:

    Thanks for that GREAT tip about the Nesties and making a scallop edge for cards. I went to try it right away and I made a discovery! If you don’t want that “slight” impression, just set up your sandwich at the end of the plates and only crank it through enough to cut the end – works perfectly every time – I just finished 24 card fronts! I am forever indebted to you!

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